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The Lesson of Albany
(Continued from page 8.)
then be no liberal element eapable of
stfinming the weep of Capitalism
pone mad with its own excesses. Th.it
means a Ion;' siege of White Terror
ism for we must not blind ourselves
to the fnct that tho workers of this
country are far from being organized
lo take over control of industry, nnl
vet too imbued witn tne iaca inui
they are freemen to meekly subiri:
tD tie Tron Heel. Hence, they will re
volt, spasmodically and in small group",
and be as ruthlessly repressed as un
der the Czar in Russia or Noske in
So, returning again to the point
that there aro many thousands of good,
yal Socialists who cannot as yet
tare tho udvaneed stand that we do,
and to whom must come the bitter ex
periences of the proletariat of Rnuil
and Germany under false Socialists, it
is perhaps the better and less painful
method to give every aid and assist
snce to the political aspirations of the
Socialist Party that we are capable cf
giving. They will hang themselves in
due course of time, bnt in the mean
time we will have avoided the worst
features of While Terrorism.
There is another method we might j
Big Business Buys the Church
Bursoc which appeals to my sense of the "Spirit of Christianity can be do
lumor as well as strategy. In many ponded upon to snvc these institu
tions after thev have outlived their
states candidates are nominated by
primaries. Let us enter these prim
aries and nominate Communists on
he Socialists ticket. If Hillquit, Sted
man and Company do not like the
candidates we place on their tickets
let them take the fight to the courts
or nominate independent candidates of
their own. In either ease they pro
claim their colors to the workers.
Ii Capital is as sure of its ground
in this country as it now appears to
be, it will have no hesitancy in ruth
lessly suppressing even Socialist po
litical activity, but the passage of
time is agnim-t us, and we must stem
the tide of repression until we are
letter enabled to tench the workers
industrial solidarity, the lessons so
disastrously neglected by the Socialist
Party in their fear of hurting the
tender feeiin;s of Ooinper's A. P, of
The leaven of industrialism is fast
permeating Sammy's pet unions and it
men and such is their conception of tho
mission of the church! Such is the gall
and the frankness of Mammon and
such is the amazing frankness of the
Interchurch World Movement. It IS
a world movement, a movement to save
the world for US BUSINESSMEN and
the class-conscious element of socie:y
will treat it accordingly.
History has a habit of repeating it
self. In the final stages of Feudalism
the feudal lords used the church in an
nttempt to prolong their hold on the
feudal slaves. Out of the crash which
followed capitalism was born. Before
capitalism could emerge the power of
the church had to be broken and church
and state had to be separated. Now we
find the capitalists attempting the very
same tacti "s which proved a failure
when feu" (ism was tottering. Capital
ism is now tottering to its fall and no
power on earth, and no religion can
avert the crash.
The church through the Interchurch
World Movement has confessed its in
competence to tho world and its ad
vertisements merely show that it has
been bought with a price, by big busi
that there are some tilings which their
illgotten wealth cannot buy.
nessmen, but they will learn in time
The feudal barons lost all that they
possessed and passed into history. The
Capitalist Barons are treading the same
road, and the prostitute church cannot
save thern or tho value of ali that they
"Us businessmen'' can have the
hurch, while tho victorious hosts
of labor will go forward content with
the religion of the Brothcihood of Man.
"The world is my country and to
io good is my religion." Paine.
Communist Labor Party
Battle in Court.
(Continued from 1st pago.1
we ::ro working liarii witn me ". n
to word it so plainly that none nan U, which is now well under way and
escape the conclusions herin reached. J which will take en n landslide ar
Babson says, "For our own sakes, for perance in the next few days. It is
t lcu-t
(Continned from page 1.)
of the vexing problems which seem
more acute than ever since the end
of the World War, is the application
of the Golden Rule." I quite agree
with Mr. Daniels but for the sake of
consistency and that same golden rule
of doing unto others as we woold be
done bv, whv doesn't Air. Daniels
o'der the return of the Marines from
the republic of San Domingo! Or for
tho same reason why doesn't Mr.
Daniels give credit where credit is duel
The Golden Rule is not an integral
part of the Christian religion but is
basically a part of the religion of
Confuscius, it having originated
amongst the Chinese.
John Grieb Hibben, President Prince
ton University is quoted, "The spirit
of Christianity alone can successfully
cope with those influences in our
country which tend to destroy our
great institutions, both religious and
political." Our great religious insti
tution is the church, which has over
been a stumbling block in the path
way of human advancement. Our great
est political institution is the State,
which is a class institution, maintained
by one class for the purpose of keep
ing th.' other class in servitude. If
Ruminations of a Rebel.
By Tom Clifford.
economic usefulness then the spirit of
Christianity can be depended upon to
uphold and perpetuate slavery.
Hamilton Holt, Editor Tho In
dependent is quoted, "In these days of
reconstruction when the very foun
dations of society are rocking, wo need
to stress the great moral principles of
hristianity as they alone can save us."
Save us from what ? From being pried
loose from the ill-gotten gains? Save
us from losing our opportunity to rob
and cheat and despoil the toiler?
Four others are quoted but it took
Roger W. Babson, Business Analyst
He Gets The FisH.
In a manufacturing town
In the east
Is a large PLANT
Progressive, up-to-dato
i its ideas,
And growing more prosperous
Every year.
And the owner of it said:
"Wo are LUCKY
In having on our force
. ur children's sake, let US BUSIXKSS-', atchinc like wild fire so
MEN get behind the churches and their 'he economic part of our procram H
preachers! Let us from this day give being nicely fulfilled and the shoo
them more time, money and thought, steward system is being arranged for.
for upon them, the value of ALL WE.The Les Angeles local of the O. B,
OWN ultimately depends." There is,U. is in Ml swing also. The carman's
is only a question of time when the ( the cold raw, blunt, brutal truth. Labor pinion, 1800 strong joined en mass
A f " of L. will officially drop its has created all the values in the world, .last week. The local in San Francisco
lOth century attitude and take up its Ufl BUSINESSMEN by the legalized is keeping pace with the other two,
rightful place in 20th century union- robbery of the wages-system have come so you see things are moving on U.
This old wor'.d is certainly "topsy
turvy. " The spirit of uurest prevails
everywhere. The workers of Europe
are no longer docile and obedient and
ar in open rebellion against the
masters. Their refusal to return to
their pre-war industrial slavery and
produce wealth as of yore is the
despair of the bourgeoisie, for if their
erstwhile slaves persist in refusal to
again place their necks in the yoke it
it is good bye to capita'!,im. The liqui
dation of the vast debts incurred by
the nations participating in the World
War can only come from the wealth
produced by tho workers, and the latter
are manifesting no disposition tc
shoulder the burden. They seem to
have arrived at the conclusion that
the war was not of their making and
are determined that those responsible
shall suffer the consequences. What
will be the ultiraato result? Industrial
chaos, followed by the gradual building
up of a new society that will make An INVENTOR!
wars imposible. Russia is pointing the
way. The example is infenctions.
Even here in the United States signs
are not wanting of an approaching
crisis. In spite of the strenuous efforts
of the bourgeoisie to regulate industry
so as to secure a greater output tho
workers refuse to bo speeded up. In
fact, the.' are sabotaging on the job.
While tho mass of American workers
still remain unenlightened as to their
real condition, they seem to be averse
to piling up surplus wealth for the
benefit of their employers. The bour
geoisie are frantically clamoring for
increased production, yet the workers
give no heed to their doleful cries
just put in their time, draw their
wages, and spend ever' cent in secur
ing what they deem necessary or
their comfort and happiness. What
will the harvest bet Wait about a
vear and see.
ism. But they, too, like vheir proto
types in the Socialist Party, must go
through the fire of i.aptism before
they will lie purified and ready to
enter the new society properly equip
ped to manage it.
tho issue of March 2:"th we are ra
pidly adapting ourselves to the rhsng
ing conditions under Capitalist Tin
nerlaliim, and this is as true of tho
into possession of the wealth of the
world until now, one builds and another
inhabits, one sows and another reaps,
one produces and another consumes.
The VALUE of all that the business
men posses is a stolen value values
stolen from labor and labor is lenrn
ing tho truth about the robbery. The
.jails of the capitalist-controlled state
are full to overflowing with the teacher'-
of this great truth and still the
ittitudc we may from time to time state finds itself powerless to stop the
bt compellel to take with the Social- spread of the truth about the origin
. I a it iti a i xt :r 1 1. .
ist Parly and the A. r. ot I. as it ami uisirnmrion i values. .iw n im
is of our wn organization methods.
This article is written more for pur
poses of argument and comment than
for n decisive plan of action. Wo
must ::11 isit according to the plans
that seem best adapted to the needs
of the moment in a given locality or
district. But at the same time there
should be a well defined general plan
uround and into which all minor act
ion should fuse.
While the lessen of Albany is plain
to nil of us, it is particularly ap
plicable to New York City where all
five of the defendants were elected.
New York City Communists and Colu
mn. -ist Laboritcs, therefore, must met
State fails of its function, we must
get behind the churches and their
preachers, for upon them alone can we
depend to protect us and our stolen
hmt Such is the wail of the business
that particular situation as they think
best. The rest of us will watch In
terestedly the developments.
But whatever the outcome of the
Albany affair, one thing is assured,
reached its zenith, and the workers of
the United States are fare to face
with o foe that will neither ask nor
give quarter.
Dow will the workers nnswer?
oast New wouldn't a threat of a
general strike, in about six montiis
from now, make that "fi year sentence
look like the proverbial snow ball in
the hot placet??
Everything everywhere is ripening
up nicely; keep np the good work,
comrade, for about the time the plutes
think they have us nicely stowed away
they will have to do it all over again
nnd inst a little more beside.
Wishing vou every success in tho
work. T remain.
Very Fraternally Vouts
John C. Taylor.
"The Mediumship of Farmer Riley".
This is a book of sixty larpc mapnzinc pages, in which
is related in detail the observations of the author during a
two weeks' stay at the home of the medium, James Wesley
Riley, bettor known as "Fanner Riley," near Marcollus, Mich.
If you have ever asked youroslf the question, "Does man live
beyond the gTavet" n perusal of this hook may perhaps assist
you in the formulation of an intelligent answer. The book is
as interesting as a romance. In his investigations Mr. Flower
rigidly adheres to a program which absolutely precludes all
possibility of physical agency in the production of the man
ifestations. The following synopsis will convey a general idea
of tho manifestations occuring during this remarkable in
vestigation of psychic phenomena:
Jem Rllev. Tho Bcirinnimr of Things. The Cnmp. Tho Test. The Stnrt.
Early Recollections. A spirit Playmate. The Mother Love. Tho voice. The
MniortnliTnl Form, flottinir to Work. Homo Sittings Holes of the Oamc.
Some flood Advice. Tho First Fact. Happing. Slate Writing. John Benton. Atlanta "
Sittlnir for Materialization . First Phenomena. Methods of Conducting u r,0 on with the Work. Writ in Mm
Hrnneb. Conditions. One Point for Riley. Jem's Homo. His Family. Mrs. I mical , in,nptrin, Mi.onfT. oftpn "'"'or",' "w"
Riley, They Boys. Minnie Views of a Skeptic. Odd Phenomena. A W JT J . TT? pr'Rn " f,C"' that tho Ion suffering
With Riley. Tho Duk Circle. The Materialiring Seance. Good Condition! lh," o"' "sionally .th K J
at a RUcy Scsnce. The Squire's Story. John Dewey. Forms Appearing. Dr. which to purchaso things to help them,01 11,0 "rotnerhoo.ts m
The Black Sheep.
(Continued from page 2.)
walked along the track. Many a time
lie wished that he knew her name. He
would write and tell her of his ex
perience. Of all the wonderful country
be had seen, but above all would he
describe the inky blackness of this
At last as he slowly rounded a curve
he drew closer he noticed a tall form
down tho railroad embankment, and as
he drew olescr he noticed n toll form
throwing branches and chunks of wood
upon a fire. Evidently it was some
one camping for tho night by the side
of the railroad track. It did not take
the boy long to make his decision. II"
was going to mako himself an un
invited guest, even if he had to kill
the man that was now in possession of
the fire. With this resolution in mind
he slid down the embankment and
found a party of six who were jung
ling up.
(Continned next week)
What Political Prisoners
Think of Amnesty?
(Continued from 1st pnge.)
let it kindle the mobs and furnish
themes for the Morgans and Woods, wo
kr.ow whnt it is doing. Debs recently
nidi "I am learnini! something nt
Cattrell. The Qrett Test. Diving n Medium a Suggestivo Treatment. Story
of tho Cnmp Test. Tho Phenomena. The freckled woman, ur. Hhiinto. A
Spirit Photograph. Jem's Philosophy of the Hereafter. Tho Mission of the
Spirits. The Gospel of Development. Jem's Philosophy of Mediumship.
Vibrations. Sex Force. The Law of Mnterlsllratlon. Evil Manifestations.
John Benton's Philosophy. Limitations of Spirit Power. Reincarnation.
Okcptlclsm. Doubts, Explanations. Theories Autosomnnmbullsm. Effoct of an
Klectrie 8tone. Spiritualist's Explanations. Conclusions. A Small Seance.
Alcohol ind its Effects. The Logical Result. Old Account!. Adverse Influences.
Clyde Goodrich's Experience. Madame Blavatsky's Theory. Exploded Hypo
theses. Approach of an Adept. The Old Man. Abraham Lincoln. Materials for
Materialising. The Musie Box. Mischief. Queer Phenomena, spirit Incredulity.
Deductions. Summing Up. Conclusion. How to Form a Circle.
Sent, post-paid, for SOe.
TOM CLIFFORD, Publisher.
S617 Fulton Road, Cleveland. 0.
The signs of the dissolution of the
capitalist system are so abundant they
should be apparent to the most obtuse.
'J ho competition in production, in spite
of the fact that there is no market
n sight Tor the surplus, must, inevitably
'ventilate in an industrial depression.
When the storm breaks the inflation of
the currency will augment the con
teipicnt suffering and destitution of
the workers. Speculation has become
epidemic and profiteering is a univer
sal obsession. Even the manufacturers
have imbibed the fever of speculation,
end are largely producing for a pros
pective mnrket. The bankers and fi
nancier generally appear to sense the
coming cataclysm, for they are
curtailing their loans and otherwise
preparing to weather the storm. Our
inherently unsound financial system
is at the point of breaking down, and,
since all business is based upon it, tho
whole capitalist system will collapse
and the ruin will bo complete. Well, let
it come. Out of the debris will arise a
new social structure that will be sound
because scientific a social structure
that will guarantee industrial equity
and world peace. I am ready for it.
Are Yout
Among the multitude of profiteers
the landlord is bearing the brunt of
adverse eritlsm. He is held np for ex
ecration because, forsooth, he insists
upon enjoying tho sacred rights of
property. Ho contends, and rightly
too, that he is ;n perfect accord with
the right to collect in rent all tho traf
fic will bear. The excruciatingly
he ethics of capitalism, which give him
amusing feature of the whole proce
dure is the fnct that those who are
vociferously denouncing the poor
landlord for exercising his lawful pre
rogative nro staunch supporters of
the system that accords to him the in
contestable privilege to skin, floeco
or otherwise rob tho luckhss individual
who is compelled to dicker with him
for a place to sleep. Funnv world, isn't
Tie long threatened insurrection
against the arbitrary rule of union
officials seems to have nt last mr.terial
icd in the present railroad strike now
being conducted by a so-called " out
law " organization, which is condemn
ed iilike by the rnilroad managers and
officinls of the "safe and sane" rail
road Brotherhoods, The latter nro ap
pealing to tho membership to remnin
loyal an dnrge them to "scab" on tho
"outlnws," declnring tho strike is
"unauthorized." However, St appears
rnnk and filo
hnve decided to
Vou may be sure we
Why, every year we give him
A whole month's vacation
And his WAGES go on
t e
Inst the same.
lie wanders off somewhere
In the deep woods
And sits on a LOG
Overlooking a STREAM
Of daily work,
And torn chow
Every time that man gets back
He bringc with him
I guess they come to him
In those quiet moods
When he's UNWOKR1ED
And has a chance to think
Quite undisturbed!
Well, anyway, each fall
We can practically COUNT
On a NEW invention
That 's what keeps ns progressive
And up-to-date!
And we've made a lot of money
Lotting his mind relax
from the WORRIES
Out of it!"
Then somebody said:
Poos the inventor get
Out of that summer month
From which YOU get
"Why," said the owner
Of the factory,
" HE gets the FISH!"
An Aye Opener.
That is what "Two Minute Talks
on Today's Topics," published by
"The Toiler," in my humble
opinion, may without exageration
be fittingly designated. Elmer T.
Allison, the author, has certainly
made a unique contribution to Com
munist literature. The startling
events of the past two years and
their evolutionary significance are
vividly portrayed in the order of
their occurrence. The evident in
tent of the author in presenting
this retrospect is to keep these
events frosh in the minds of the
workers, whose besetting sin is
failure to retain an intelligent
grasp on world happenings and
their relation to the changing so
cial order. It is a pamphlet deserv
ing of a place in any worker's
library, for it be read again
and again with profit. Nothing has
beon recently printed of equal pro
paganda value, as it deals largely
with social events of recent date
and cannot fail to enlist the atten
tion of the reader. The illuminated
cover is an added attraction, but
the contents is the stuff that ' ' brings
home the bacon". Wide awake
Communists who know a good
thing when they see it will rot
rest satisfied until they have
placed a few copies in the hands
of the unenlightened. I cannot re
commend "Two Minute Talks" too
Tom Clifford.
Go To Kansas.
By Noah F. Whitaker.
If monstrosities you seek';
Go to KansasI
On that living fossil freak
Cast your glancesl
Yes, he's there, with legal whip,
Herding labor lest it slip
Loit it take a flying trip,
Where thought advances.
Think you old King Nero's deadf
Co to Kansas!
Pillage kept and profit fed,
There he prances:
Gone full long, but back tvo soon,
With his jig and rigadoon,
He's still fidding his old tuno
While labor dances.
Seek you rotton polities?
Go to Kansas!
There's where legislative sticks,
Turn to lances;
There 's where recent laws were made,
That belittled and betrayed,
And put labor in tho shade
lo dim its chances.
Get In Line
Get a Sub.
keep their bodies from smashing under
the strain. Their spirits aro stronger
than when they enme here. Tho remedy
which swoetens our days in jail. I hopn
you get the full force of my auggos
not the indictment, is tho inspiration
Hons. Allison, for many of the men
will not write so fully on tho fncts
I voice tho sentiments of every real
man in the prison, when I tell you that
wo are not crying for Amnesty. Write
me. Hopefully
William Madison Hicks, No. 1327d.
support the strike even though it bo
not sanctioned by the rospootnblo A. F.
of L., and It threatens to become nn
tionttl in Us scope. Now that, the Bro
therhood officials are forced to declare
themselves, they promptly line np with
tho rnilroad managers, nnd nro even
culling upon the federal government
lo enforce tho Cummlns-Esch act to
break tho strike. This latest movement
A PAMPHLET for the non
socialist 10c. Address
tnoy havo grown weary of the duplici
ty of their officials and will no longer
submit to their dictation. "One for
All and All for Ono" is the rallying
cry of tho rebels, which means Hint
they are at lart recognising the no
cessily of solidarity. It is about time.
Notwithstanding the columns of
of tho railway workers indlcatee thntpubllcltr given the Presidential aspir-
"Government Kidnapers
in Action"
a Lecture by
Marguerite Prevey
Toledo, April 18, 8 P. M.
Labor Temple
Marguerite Prevey will loll tho
story of her kidnaping from
I'oliimhns, Ohio, jail nnd illegal
IbdneatlOB to OfiltagO by gov
ernment ngents. Hear her.
nnts, who arc willing to sacrifioo
themselves to serve the country nt
Washington nt tho merely nominal
snlnry of 7ft,000 per annum, thcro is
a nolnblo lack of interets on tho port
o( tho public, most of whom don't enro
n damn who is to be tho noxt Pre
sident. The rcul issue in tho canpaign
will be whether this nation Is to re
mnin "dry" or shift beck to "wet."

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