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NO. 118.
.it Cleveland, Ohio.
Address all mail to
3207 Clark Ave., Cleveland, O.
$1.50 A YEAR
Grand Jury Indicts
Baker and Cannon
Enthusiastic Defense Meetings
Three Political Prisoners' Defense
meetings held by comrade Marguerite
Kansas City, Apr.VV" ? fl0? n tbe 24tb
r Qf. n 25th of April proved very success-
The Federal Grand Jury re-' . ,Tdins t0 reP0rt8 from there-
,i :JJt-i V Ma. K Arn.v' who ha9 n conducting
tamed indictments here today
against J. P. Gannon, editor
of the Workers' World, and
Charles Baker, National Or
ganizer of the Communist Lab
or Party charging them with a
violation of the Lever Act dur
ing the coal strike last Nov
ember. Bail in each case was
set at $15,000.00 which was
furnished bv both defendants.
Cannon and Baker are charged spe
cificallv with "conspiring to obstruct
hinder and delay the production of
bituminous coal' by speeches made in
support of the cause of the miners
in the Kansas coal fields and by the
publication of articles in the Workers'
World which, it is claimed, wore calcu
lated to "inflame the minds of the
miners against their officials" and
encourage them to disregard the or
dnr to return to work before a set
tlement of their demands was made.
The Workers' World, which had
gainod a large circulation and strong
influence in tho Kansas mining dis
trict was suppressed with the arrest of
Cannon and Baker last December. The
prosent remarkablo stand of the Kan
sas miners in opposition to the Allen
Industrial Court Bill is partly attrib
uted, by the corporation press, to the
effects of the communist propaganda
carried on amongst them by the two
men indicted.
eev. Q 4Q the purpoes of raising
funds L ae interest of the Prevey
Baker and Burke Defense, has had
phenomenal success with all her meet
ing which began at Akron on April
The meeting at Toledo on the 18th
at the Labor Temple was splendid. This
was tho first meeting which Toledo So
cialist have held for some time and it
proved that they have lost none of
their "pep" notwithstanding. The
collection amounted to $130.00.
Enthusiasm of a high degree marked
the Bellairo meeting writes comrade
Stidd. Many people, new attendants at
socialist meetings were present. Bel
mont County Locals are very active in
tho work of education among the min
ers and workers generally.
A meeting at Youngstown was held
on May 2nd. Two meetings at Ports
mouth will be held on the 9th of May.
The Strand Theatre has been rented
for these occassionsand they aro certain
to prove equally successful with previous
meetings. Other meetings in Ohio are
being arranged and also some in 11
All Ohio Locals are urged to make
arrangements for meetings for comrade
of the Prussian methods of Palmer
and the Department of Justice in their
nation wide raids rt the past 4 months
followed by the deportations of aliens
So incensed was judge Anderson at
the unlawful and savage activities of
Palmer's agents as revealed in the
.rial at Boston (fast he repeatedly ex
coriated tho DcpjJkmcnt for its illegal
and cruel persccffbns.
"I can hardly sit on the bench and
restrain my indignation at tho tyran
nous methods of the Department of
Justice" exclaimed Judge Anderson
after heading testimony in the trials
"More lawless proceedings are bard
to conceive."
The first move in the trial was for
Judgo Anderson to grant habeas cor
pus writs for tho 13 Communists
ordered deported, thus bringing them
under tho custody of tho court.
He then granted them bail of $500,
tho amount fixed by the Department
of Labor having neen from $5,000 to
"Hang First Try Later"
"This ens.? seems to have been con
ducted under the modern theory of
statesmanship hang first and try
afterwards," snid the court in
mcnting on one of the cases in which
one man was held 15 davs before a
warrant was obtnined.
"I wish you would show mo one
case in which the Department of
Justice has the authority to arrest
and hold men for two weeks without
"A more lawless proceeding is hard
to conceive. What wo need is the
Palmer's Sun is Setting
The Wilson administration scorns particularly unfortun
ate in the selection of the heads of government departments
By some ironic fate the administration that has held up before
the people the ideals of democracy and has led tho nation thru
a war for them has placed as the heads of powerful govern
ment departments two' of the most savage and Prussian lik
officials that ever sat in the seats of the mighty. We refer to
Attorney General Palmer and Mr Burlison of the post office
department. Tho administration that has boasted so highly of
its accotmplishinients in the field of applied democracy on a
world scale hats been a significant failure in bringing demo
cracy to the folks at home.
The trinls of the alleged Communists on such proceedings."
at Boston last week before Judgo A careful examination pf Palmer's
George W Anderson of the United evidence in his so-called "perfect cas-
States District Court were a revelation' es" revealed substantially the follow
ing matter and procedure:
Exhibit A. Telegraphic warrant for
arrest of John Smith.
Exhibit B. Warrant received by mail
for arrest of John Smith.
Exhibit C. Copy of Communist Party
constitution. Question: Whero did you
get this paper! Ansver: I picked it up
in tho street.
Decision: An order for immediate
In some cases prisoners have said
(according to Palmer's own "perfect
cases") that the so-called incriminat
ing literature used against them came
to them through tho mails in Depart
ment of Justice stationery! Others ex
plained that the literature was given
them by friends or acquaintances. The
record does not show in many in
stances, that the Department of Justice
made any effort to establish the crim
iuality of the original distributors.
The excoriation of tho Palmer Prus
sians by Judge Anderson innrks the
first gleam of reason that has been
able to shoot thru tho fog of crass
ignorance, fear and class hatred that
has been cultivated in America since
she becan the game of creating mult
itudes of millionaires under the guise
of war for democracy. Tho pendulum
is swinging the other way now, the
public mind is returning to some
semblance of sanity, the victims arc
beginning to question in no soft voiced
interrogations where this government
al repression will end I
Tho three loud mouthed apostles of
democracy, Wilson, Palmer and Bur
lison aro scheduled to receive the re-
Americanization of those who carry pudiation which they so justly deserve.
Refuse to Convict Dolson
Disagreement after deliberation of
7d hours in the case of James H. Dol
son, charged with violation of the
rtate Criminal Syndicalism law of
California was the outcome of tho
trial of Dolson which was concluded
at San Francisco last week.
The trial of comrade Dolson, whi.h
is but one of several members and of
ficials of the Communist Labor Party
of that state, consumed five full weeks,
ft contained many unusual features of
such trials, one of especial moment
being that comrade Dolson conducted
his own case entirely. The length of
; I line u'linuinni 111 i m- liini aim UIIM
L which the jury occupied in considering
its verdict arc the longest on record
of such cases tried in California courts.
That comrade Dolson conducted his
case in a masterly manner may bo
taken for granted judging by the r.
fiilts of the Jury's deliberations, six
jurymen stoutly holding ont for ac
quittal.' A retrial of the case is set for
June 1st at which time it may be dis
missed. All other California cases of
the Communist Labor Party have been
Comrade Person of Roekford, Illi
nois, one of several Communist Labor
Party members charged with violation
of state Criminal Suydicalism laws
was acquitted thero last week.
Tt has been later learned that S
in nil C. L. P. cases at Bockford wero
Slopping the Hogs!
Tbe Class War in Oregon
Casualties Jan. 1 Apr. 191920.
K. W. Oster; state secretary C. L. P.,
eontenced Apr. 16th to fivo years
in- the state penitentiary.
Clandc Hurst: sec. Local Portland, C.
L. P., sentenced Apr. 16th to two
years in the staste penitentiary.
Fred. W. Fry; member of Local Port
land C. L. P., sentenced to two
years in the state pententiary on
Apr. 16th and paroled.
Joseph Laundry; secretary of the
Workers) Soldiers and Sailors
Council and mombcr of the C. L.
P. and the t, W. W., was sentenced
todify Apr. 19th to two years in
the state penitentiary.
Note; This does not include the numer
ous vagrancy charges handed 90
days etc. where membership was
doubtful; nor docs it cover the
many aliens held here for depor
tation on which no returns have
yet been made.
brought in Tennyson's poems nnd other
pooms from which he read to our
"peers" as if Tennyson's pooms
hud anything to do with the Class
Mtnigglo. In short he sabotaged on
ns all the way throuch. His presence
. titutod a barrier so wo could not
a- i" i . ' - - - -
ypicnu ourselves.
"Guilty" said the iurv of our peers,
nnd our bail went up to $1,000.
A. date lor the sentence was set, and
which was later postponed until April
16th. I shall here quoted some of the
language of the Court.
L coudl not face the picture of
my father who died in service, or again
clasp the hands of mv two brothers
who are wearing the uniform of the
United States if I did less," declared
Robert G. Morrow as the passed sen.'
"The defendant Oster is not entitled
to any consideration from this Court.
From circumstances surrounding his
life and education, he apparently wont
into this organization understanding
jnt exactly what he was doing, know
ing that it advocated the destruction
of property, the taking of life and the
overthrow of our public institutions.
"If the opportunity was offered
Oster. Russia would have nothing on
the United States in terrorism and
crime. Unfortunately he has brains
which aro of material assistance in his
disloyal work. (This kind of "Amer
Palmer and his pals did not neglect
us here in Oregon, indeed thrv started ieanism" would make an American of
brtffht and cnrlv here. On the evening 1 ' .' ' 1,omp,m'k fnr penitentiary.)
of Nov. 11th 1919 a raid took place en
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iu mooting the expenses of printing.
If Yon have Renewed
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. Street
City bute
Ronewal New Which?
Sunday, May 0th, at 50 So. Howard St.
Akron. Ohio 2:30 V M.
Rev. D. R. Williams, of the
North Church Forum, Cleveland.
Subject: "Free Speoch and tho Fo
rum Movement".
the hall of the Worker's, Soldiers an J
Sailor's Council. Fifty-eight were ar
rested out of which number twentv-sis
alleged I. W. W. were held to answer
charges of having violated the Oregon
Criminal Syndicalism law bctfr
known as The Oregon Comical Sillyism
law. All of these are still awaiting
trial save for Joscpr Lanndy who lias
boon tried and "convicted," and who
was sentenced today.
On Jan. 2nd the hall of the Commun
ist Labor Party was raided as well n
the homes of all who were inipectod
ns being members. A total of some 03
or 30 wero made ont of which six were
indicted for Comical Sillyisin and about
a dozen received deportation warrants.
Of those held for deportation one took
sick and wns taken to a hospital. Frank
Cusak. the patient, did not choose to
go out the regular way, i. e. through
the door, nnd so he just walked out
through a hole in the wall, known as
a window, and "escaped". It is only
recently that the bail of these kftVfl
been lowered so as to make it possible
io get tho most of them out. Victor
Banllt (delegate to Ntl. Convention)
and his wife Julia Snulit are still held
on $10,000 bail.
Tho "trial" of Hurst, Fry and my
self was a one-sided fnrce inasmuch as
we had to take nn attorney whose name
appears in Wilson's "New Freedom"
--No others scorned to want anything
to do with ns.' This attorney specinlinvl
of the prosecution nnd instead no
trv to refute any of the neensations
our "peers" ho absolutely forgot to
io a jut O) vi-miniljn,, K!l "I 'el
when thero was something to object
made himself eonspicious by his silence
'Jfiter boasts of his connections
with the party. He sat on the witness
stand and. disregarding the record as
he must have known it, Stigmatized
as 'piracy' the action of the United
States in sending troops to Russia to
protect the interests of ourselves and
(.Hies in Siberia."
Throughout the trial T wondered it
tho Americanism of 177ti had nctuall;.
booontfl the criminal syndicalism of In
day. If this be true, and 1 think it is
the prosecution can not glory any
more then I in my conviction.
Put for the present all the brains in
jiils, nnd let the lowest scum that
cringes, crawls and " stools ", conti
nue still, to propagate their liellisli
k;nl Malted ignorance never can pre
vail. nor can it, even for a moment)
turn bnck the clock of evolution so ns
to retard the onrush of (lie blazing
dawn of Industrial Democracy -of
Mr.ns humanity to man",
K. W. Oster.
Mutlnomah County Jail: '
Portland, Oregon, April 19, '20.
In the occupation of Archangel th-
Polshcxiki took posession of the cor-
jespondencc of the former Russian gov
ernment, from which it is clear that
the government, made unheard of ex
ettions in order to obtnin the snpport
pf England, but in vain.
Among others, there was found n
telegram from General Miller to Sar.o-
nov, in which it wns stated that Bol
Lenin On Tactics
LONDON. The advice of Nicolai
Lenin to The English Labor move
ment on the question of joining tho
Thfrrf TnternaTttmar Iras -jtrsr "nceTr pub
lished here in the London Daily Herald
by Gearge Lansbury. its editor. Lans-
bury, whose recent trip to Russia has
made a profound impression on all clas
ses in England, talked over British
labor problems at length with Lenin.
Lansbu-y describes as a misconcep
tion tho prevalent belief that snbscrib
ing to the Third International wonid
mean the abandonment of tho trade
i.nion movement, and cooperative,
municipal and parliamentary work.
Lenin said very definitely on this
"All Socialists and Communists
should take the lead in trade union,
municipal, cooperative and parliamen
tary life, and thus use every means in
their power to obtain the triumph of
the cause."
Tho Labor nnd Socialist movements
of Great. Rritain and the rest of the
world are followed very closely in
Moscow by means of newspapers, said
Lansburv. Lenin declares that tho
method of destroying the capitalist sys
tern must vary in every country, but
that there is no means of avoiding
a violent revolution, no matter how
Well developed the educational end
evolutionary movements are.
Declaring that the division which
"xists between the various labor groups
in England on the question of tactics
is more apparent than real, Lansburv
decries the "labels of illusion".
"T am convinced that, if people gen
erally understood that Bolshevik means
mnrt, and soviet means council, and
that commissar only menns nn ex
ecutive officer, much foolish opposition
to the Russian revolution would have
been saved," be asserted. "There is
no roason to attach more violence to
those words thnn to any other words in
the Socialist vocabulary."
MILWACKKE "The authorities at
Alcr.trar have been releasing military
prisoners convicted or criminni an 1
degenernte acts, yet they still hold
five political prisoners who hnve com
mitted nn crime of any sort."
This stntoment wns made hero by
Leroy Horlneher, war objector, on his
way to his home in Philadelphia.
Horlneher served with Carl Haessler,
Milwaukee draft objector, both in
Iioavenworth ami In Aleatrnr. They
travelled to tho 'atter place togitlicr
Defense Contributions
Hero arc some recent remittances for
the defense of these three Ohio com
rades. Other than these aro numerous
smaller contributions from many com
rades in all parts of the country. Tho
defendants extend their appreciation
and gratitude for the loyalty to tho
cause of Socialism which is manifested
in these donations.
Comrades at Neffs Ohio
Comrades at Girard Kans
Fred Hohman list
L. Druesdow list
Cha8 Yolkman
Laura P. Brown
Frank J. Ludwig
Local Wadsworth (Ohio)
M. A. Mock
J. H. White
Mis A. Volotka li
J. F. Schwab
Alfred Tanner
A. Brooke Buckley
D. Thomas
A. Duncan
B. Li MuTphv
II. K. Bronkhar
F. Krcyzl
Bort Velzy
W. Enzenauer
W. Berry
Herman Musser
Henry Musser
L. Enzenauer
M. K. Hockstha
W. J. Rogers
J. S Ken worthy
S. M. Johnson '
Geo Motherwell
Mrs G. Motherw.dl
A. Friend
A. 0. Steffen
J. A. Wnddell
Otto Steffen
Geo. Henry
C. R. Heartleib
H. C. Schacffer
A. W. F. Steehel list
Frank Shodry
('. A. Parker ,
T. Smith list
T. B. Ilvland
Dayton. O. list
In your last issue, columa one page
two, yon credit tho Catholic Holy
Name Society with the definition of
Bolshevism as Socialism in a hurry.
This is incorrect. Tho definition eman
ates from tho clever pon of Israel
Znngwcll. It is he who characterized
Bolshevism as Socialism in a hurry
and Socialism while you wait, also
as Socialism applied in practice Honor
to whom honor is due.
TION' a lecture by
Roman Pn7deraki
nnder the anspicos of tho
Pythian Temple, 919 Huron Road, near
Prospect A v., and E. 9th St., Cleveland
Sunday evening May 8th, 1920 at 7:30.
Questions and disenssioa invited.
w it w Li..
rhovik propaganda and the many losses or tne inmous wt u y rri7
" r episode in which political prisoners
or tne population nnu awaKcneu icoi
injrs of hopelessness ns well ss the
viow that it wns idle to struggle
longer. Tho alteration in the attitude
of the troops came clear on Fobrunry
S. when three rcciments passed over to
know tbnt he conld not keep out nndl .
on objecting to everything which hoi1"" Rfll-
in Leavenworth succeeded in publishing
a radicnl magazine under the very
eyos of the authorities.
"Carl Haessler holds the universal
ropcct and confidence of his fellow
prisoners," aaid Ilorlacher. "He Is
n man whom the authorities cannot
cow, whose spirit thev ennnot break."
Horlneher stnted thnt Carl Haestilor
ii duo for relensc on Sept. 17, 1920
You bet it is and we waat no bet
ter proof that our readers are "cateh-
ing on to tho rartoons in fine ohapo.
If receipts arc a gago to measure onr
readers anprovnl of tham we will ad
mit that thev fill tho bill in ovory
Here's receipts aincc last accounting.
Proviously subscribed 447.50
L. A. Zitt 5.00
J. E. Filipowsky 1.50
O. W. Market 1.00
II. Filipowsky 1.50
Ralph Risdorph 1,00
J. A. Qoodhoart 50
O. Dekker 50
Oeo Sehuller so
Total njO
Expense $71.15

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