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"American labor (as expressed, at the A. F.
ef L. convention) is opposed to class govern
ment" Editorial in Cleveland Press. Yep, it's
opposed to government of the laboring class,
bnt not to government of the capitalist class.
NO. 125.
Published weekly
at Cleveland, Ohio.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiitiiiiiiiiiititf iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini
From Our Petrograd Correspondent. 1
I Petrograd, April 15, 1920. E
I My Dear Friends: E
I could write you now about five volumes of 700 I
pages each, If it only be possible to deliver them to you. I
5 In Russia indeed is a workers' and peasants' government, 1
but the long war is teiTible destroying the national wealth
6 and tiring out the nation. The only thing that can save
1 Russia is the Soviet form of government and the necessary 5
means of production granted to it, regardless of where
they come from. The Soviet government, as yet, is not the
exponent and the apparatus to realize the Communist a
principle if it is not led and controlled by a Communist 1
Party. The Communist Party and the Soviet government
I are two different things in the same space and time. More
1 yet: the Soviet government will not beaCommunistS
government if the International prole- I
I tarian movement will not grow and force its governments
to bacik down eoonomically as they were forced to back
i down militarily. Unless this takes place there will be not 1
only no Communism in Russia, but there will be nothing.
People will die out thru starvation and the complete I
collapse of civilization will follow not only in Russia but
in all capitalistic countries. The capitalist class would de-
I grade the workers in a state of slavery. Therefore work
with united forces for International Communism.
S In Petrograd I met comrade Sinovyev, who recently
S went through an operation for appendicitis, but is re-
covering fast. The Lett, Peters, who was branded by the
American bourgeoisie press as the Bolshevik butcher, be- 1
E cause he was the extraordinary commissaire to combat
counterrevolution, was not killed by a bomb, as reported, I
'but occupies a high post in Caucasus. I have also met I
I other loaders of the revolution, for instance, Radek, I
a Bucharin and Maxim Gorky. Radek is a very active and S
s attractive individual. Bucharin is very absent minded and
usually forgets his own comfort. If someone will not put
5 him on his coat, he will leave it and go without. So once
I I am told, going from Moscow to Petrograd he lost his 5
overcoat in this manner and was supplied another. I heard I
Maxim Gorky in the Petrograd Soviet session. That great
author is a poor speaker. Concerning the views of Bol-
shevism held by you and I, I wish to say that we were
the best Bolshewiks, our views conform" with those of 1
I Lenin. S
Yours for the triumph of the working class I
AB C 5
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiii m iiiimmimin
Slow Progress in Communist Trial.
"Once more red murder nini riot in Kiev. Once
more the miserable city clivers wider the lash of Jie
master? (Bolrheriki) who know no mercy. The imagin
ation falters before the contemplation of what must
be happening in Kier today." From editorial in
Cleveland Plain Dealer. Nothing the matter with
YOUR imagination old scout
Address all mail to
3207 Clark Ave., Cleveland, O.
$1.50 A YEAR
CHICAGO. Of six hundred men thus-
far questioned as prospective jurors
in the trial of twonty-four members
of the Communist Labor Party, charged
with criminal syndicalism and conspi
racy to advocate the overthrow of the
government by force, only eight have
proven acceptable to both sides, and
have been sworn in. The state has ex
hausted 63 of its 200 peremptory
challenges; the defense sixty-four.
The trial began on May 10th and is
completing its sixth week.
CHICAGO. Charles Ashleigh, poet
of the working-class, is at liberty
again, after having esrved eighteen
months in the Federal Penitentiary
at Leavenworth, to which ho was con
victed with ninety-five other I. W. W.
His release on bail was obtained by
the American Freedom Foundation
which is working for immediate re
lease of all political prisoners and for
restoration of American political and
civil liberty.
Whether Ashleigh will remain free,
or whether he will go back k serve
out the rest of his ten-year sentence,
will depend upon whether or not the
appeal of the I. W. W. will be sustain
ed. Argument took place here June 15,
Attorney Otto Christensen acting as
counsel for defense. It may bo soveral
months before the decision is handed
Ashleigh loft behind him at Leaven
worth about 150 political prisoners.
Somo fifty of theso are L W. W. con
victed in Chicago; thirty-seven, I. W.
W. convicted at Sacramento; twenty
seven, I. W. W. imprisoned as a result
of the faomus "Wichita indictment'.
Four moro I. W. W. from San Fran
cisco are in the number. The others
are members of the Working Class
Union of Oklahoma; Kansas City Com
munists; the Magon brothers; Brent
Down Allinson and Jaeger, conscienti
ous objectors. All of these men are
political prisoners still in jail as a re
sult of war timo emergency legislation.
Judge and Jury Establish Mob
Rule in Cincinnati
The tolew
Playing HMffVte Part.
ROCKFORD, III. Upon motion of
State's Attorney William Johnson in
the local circuit court, the indictments
against Mrs. Christine Person and
Peter Anderson, alias Martell, were
nolle prosscd and by agreement Karl
Lind was released from the county
jail on his own recognizance.
They were three of 13 who were in
dicted by the county grand jury here
on the charge of violating the Illinois
anti-sedition statute. Mrs. Person, Lind
and Anderson wore members of the
Communist Labor Party of America and
were among the nearly 200 persons who
were scooped up here in tho federal
raid on Jan. 2.
Mrs. Person is in a critical condi
tio suffering from tuberculosis. The
Persons have three children.
Peter Anderson and Karl Lind have
been in the county jail sinco Jan. 2.
$ .$ I $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ I f $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
The United States Chamber
of Profiteers.
By O. Ruchtaeschel
The case of the Communist Labor
Party of Cincinnati against the Robert
Bently Post of the American Legion
for damage done to its headquarters
last November, was concluded in
court there last week. The jury's ver
dict was in favor of the defendants.
The case will not be appealed. Jos. W.
Sharts was the attorney for the plain
t-tiff. The Tost was represented by 22
Out of the immense material dev
eloped from this trial, we can quote
only a very smell part of it.
The defendants admitted guilt, but
made as excuse for their crimes, that
tli c i r patriotic fervor was avansed,
which prompted them, to destroy the
literature, which they claimed was
The examination of the witnesses
brought forth the fact, that the de
fendants had only a superficial knowl
edge of the cantents of tho literature
destroyed aid that the ring leader
Cooper, had a conversation "over the
telephone" with the federal authorities,
who stated, there was no law which
the "Junkers" in the gcrman Reichs
tag. Sharts, as counsel for the plaintiff
had the opening speech.-In a quite and
logical manner he drew the parallel in
history between the abolitionists and
the Communist Labor Party.
Colston for the defense followed with
a boisterous talk for "democracy"
which culminated in the remark: Ah,
Kar Marx is a back number!
These ignoramusses had the audacity
to declare economic science as "bunk."
Colston was followed by Graydon for
the defense. He tried to appear to be
accentuated by a love for th law of
the land. His first statement was, that
the literature destroyed had no value
as property, because it was outlawed.
(Dear reader mark well, the federal
authorities declared that literaturo
legal, then counsel for the defense
admits, that the American Legion is
above tho federal government.)
He continued to talk about con
spiracy, violence, dictatorship by a
minority, burglars tools, gambling de
vices, eonfisrntion of "nil" tlm nm.
prohibited the printing and distribu- perty a man or woman p08seg8e8) indug.
trial production abolished, general strike
unlawful, the prison ship of Dorset,
England, the decree of six hours work
in Russia, whilst tho workers are forced
to work 16 hours and abusive state
ments about the communist party.
Comrade Jos. Sharts made the finish
ing speeeh, which was a marvelous,
eloquent end logical one. We would do
in injustice to it, to cite only fragments.
W w a m
Lillian make
Plcaso send your address to
Tho Toilori Wo havo a com
munication for you. Editor
Bill Smith.
$ $ $
Do you remember whin Mitch Pal
mer, after getting some millions of
dollars from a subservient Congress,
organized his "Flying Squadrons" to
chase down tho profiteers and thus
kick the lining out of the ol II. C. L.,
do you remember that, boyst Sure.
Do you remember how these profiteers
thon loft tho country in ship loads to
dodgo Mitch and how he fillod jails
with those that fell into his remorse
less clutches and how the H. C. L.
dropped so rapidely that ono grew
dizzy watching it do you remember
that, too, boysf Neither do we.
But one must not be to hard on
Mitch for theso profiteers are very
elusive thoy keep under cover. It
is as hard to find ono as it is to find
tho elephant at a circus. But if Pal
mer really wanted to get at tho bottom
of this profiteering, what a golden
opportunity he lost just recently I
Hero assembled at Atlantic City in
April an aggregation which calls it
self tho U. S. Chamber of Commerce.
Now if he had followed tho tactics ho
pursued in tho East, of raiding night
We communists say to tho workers. "Many thorns
lie in onr path, but we must, without losing our couirairr,
go forward. The great Revolution which has turned the
entire old world upside down, ennnot run altogether
smoothly, ono cannot accomplish it with kid gloves on:
it is being born in pain. These pains must be endured,
patiently, its purgatory must be endured, in order, fin
ally, to get free of the iron vise of capitalistic slavery".
The Menshevik, Social Revolutionaries, Social Dem
ocrats stand aloof and look on, crticisc the mistakes and
failures, and draw from them this conclusion: let us
turn back, Ictus give everything back to the bourgeoisie,
and let us modestly demand reasonable portions in cur
capitalist stable!
Soti held down the Pharao job in
Egypt. Some "lean years" occured in
his reign and the grand forefathers
of our present profiteers got busy snd
"manipulated" the markets until
conditions were very sore indeed. Seti's
grand steward snooped around and tok
a census of these fine gentlemen and
they wero all invited to ono of these
little "informal suppers." History is
silent aa to the details of that supper,
but it is supposed that they damned
labor in goneral, were agin the
unions etc. etc. We know though that
8oti waa a rough old scout and that
tho name of not one who was around
that festal board could be found in the
next years city directory I
$ $ I
What is this Chamber of Commerce
schools, where foreigners wero trying of tho United Stalest
to improvo their caucation,-ana navoj It is tho ,ogicB, flQCcesBor to the nld
thrown a cordon of his sleuths around Manufacturers and Merchants Assotia
this Atlnntic City assombly and then tion, of infamous memory, whose head
arrested the wholo bunch, without quartern woro at Indianopolis, and was
warrant or explanation and slammed captained by the late D. M. Tarry,
them into widely separated jails with It punished strike breakers nnd did all
out privilogo of bail, and then started' n ts power to throttlo labor wl.cn
an investigation, just ono half aa,ovcr tho PPrtunity oeeured.
drastic as ho did with tho foreigners, ' Standing practically in tbo lame po
as to what and who wore back of "'tion is this new born ogro of eapital-
these people ;-holy gee! boys, wouldn't, W"B Mn nng name.
It is a self created institution, hav
ing had its aceouchment In Washing
ton, D. C, in April 1012. It now claims
Commerce means " Barter, Trado a membeship of 660,000, with Joseph
and Traffic." H. Defreee of Chicago as its executive
Thus tho most stupid person can head,
readily see where to look for tho pro-' ,. , , .
... . , , r It is interesting to note the "Pur-
fiteer. After the production of a com- wh,cl ,t lmfm mado crfla
modity, no matter whether mechanical tioB nocCMSrv. Remember that Ita per-
or ngrlculture.-lt then enters tho do- mnncnt headquarter are in that great
main of Commcrce-tho Kingdom of m.nnfnrturing city of Washington, D.
the Profiteers. Then tho Public com- C. Chief amoif Iti pn.ee", it eav
mences to got it in the neck! It is in 'Whnn debatable policies affoeting
this Kingdom of tho Profiteers, that our National Commerce" they must
.100 percent from farmer to consumer butt in, and "confer alike with tie
is filched the 600 per cont from cattle executive and Legislative branches of
percent from miner to consumer is em
bezzledand so on down the long line
of these protected thieves!
What could be more appropriate let
us ask, than that Mercury, god of
Commerce, is also patron deity of all
tho Thieves of the World!
This ancient deity stuff takes us
back to remote ages and it recalls wont to launch nt servile kings the
events in the grey centuries wben i excommunication and tho interdict.
Woe unto that congressman that docs
not pay heed to the " whispers from the
throno"! Ho may as well dig his little
the government etc." in order to
"make all business legislation con
structive." All of which means, in plain lan
guage, that they have squatted there to
intimidate and coerce legislation. Tliey
hold over these timid congressmen that
power of terror that tho Popes vierc
hole in the ground and climb in!
$ $ $
To show how well this combination
has succeeded in throttling free legisla
tion wo present the following letter
from Ex-Senator Robert F. Tettigrcw
of South Dakota.
Carl D. Thompson, author and secre
tary of the Public Ownership League
tion of that literature.
In the proceedings of the trial the
counsel for the defense tried in Vfttn
to prove that the platform of the C.
L. P. preaches violence.
The counsel for the defense read that
"into" the platform and claimed
their interpretation of the platform
was absolutely correct. To prove their
contention, they brought in everything
and anything under the sun.
If attorney Jos. Sharts for the plain
tiff made the attempt to go to the
bottom of it, Colston, counsel for the
defense objected to it. Tho manner
in which he objected and was sustain
ed by the presiding judge showed the
ono sideness of the proceedings. We
cite here only two cases: Gragdon for
the defence brought in the. history of
the prison ship of Dorset, England.
About two hundred years age, seven
agriculturo workers, acting as a com
mittee to ask for higher wages, were
charged with conspiracy, found guilty
and sentenced to deportation.
A "defective" photograph of a Rus
sian newspaper was admitted as evid
ence. But as Sharts for the plaintiff talked
about tbo history of Cincinnati to
prove his side, objections were sus
tained. A photograph, showing tho destruc
tion in our office, made on th 19th
of November, the very morning after
the raid, was declared "as arrangod".
After long and tedious proceedings
tho hearing of the witnesses was
One conspicuous fact impressed itseif
to the audience.
Tho counsel, ignorant of econo
mic science, tried to hide this fact
by boisterous language and cheap, silly
remarks alleged to be witty. The an
tics of the members of the American
The weight of his arguments im
pressed the audience and was propa
ganda of great value.
Sharts finished with the words to the
jury, that the issue is: if the laws of
the land are to be vindicated, or a
group of unscrupulous men shaU de
cide what we are allowed to write and
On the 16th of June tho court re
convened to hear the charge of the
judge to the jury.
To do justice to the readers of The
Toiler, this charge ought to bo in full
here. But the crux of the nuestion
is this: While judge Gusweiler stated
plainly that according to law the mem
bers of the American Legion had no
right to enter the plaee, he came
around this point by saying, that
they could destroy the literaturo, if
they deemed it seditious.
By doing this, he transferrod the
responsibility and power to act from
the constituted federal authorities to
any irresponsible, unscrupulous person
or mob.
As a matter of course, we did not
expect justice before a capitalist court,
but how about the anarchists of the
John Most type, ain't they ashamed
of their new increaset
The fourth and fifth amendments of
the constitution are thrown on the
Legion reminded us of the behavior of """P eap.
Soviet Troops are Lenient.
thero be a sroellf
Russian Soviet troops engaged in re
sisting tho Polish invnsion. The ordern
which is dated May 13, and signed by
Minister of War Trotzky, reads as
"Under all circumstaccs are prison
ers and" wounded men to bo treated
ns opponents who arc entitled to pro
tection. "If tho Polish White Guards com-
BERLIN, May 20. (By Mail). In
today's "Frciheit" is prominently dis-
with office in Chicago, wroto United P,aycd armv 0lAeT 'sucd to all the
8tates Senator R. F. Pettigrow, re
garding the advisability of petitioning
Congress at Washington, nnd received
the following interesting reply:
Your petition should not run to tho
government. Your petition should be
presented, if yon want tho fun of
gotting up a petition, to tho real gov
ernment, no longer invisible locatod
in Washington City. Tho heads of tho
great industrial and financial institu
tions have organized tho United States
Chamber of Commeree. It is a corpo
ration; they are all corporations; we
nro a government of, for and by tho
corporations. Our feudal lords aro arti
ficial persons without, human sym
pathy. Their attorneys aro in Washing
ton in tho Houso and Senate; 76
senators out of 06 nro lawers; 310 out
of '440 members of Congross nro law
yers. Theao lawyers aro tho attorneys
for the grcnt financial nnd industrial
combinations which aro tho real govern
ment of the Unitod Stntes, and, of
course, you know how useless it would
bo to appeal to tho real government
nnd how silly it is to present anything
to their attorneys.
This U. S. Chamber of Peddlers have
yearly gab fest, their laet orgy being
(Continued on page 4.)
mit massacres and oxecute not only
communists, but every Russian who
falls into their hands, Soviet Russia
will hold the ruling classes and not tho
Polish workers responsible for this.
"All tho Polish crimes deserve bnt
ono answer: Vigorous attacks upon tho
Polish Whito Guards."
The Frciheit comments upon the
order by saying that "Russia foels
strong enough not to retaliate npon
misguided Polish workers for tho
crimes of adventurers."
International Labor Picnic
under auspices of
SUNDAY, JUNE 27-th, 1920
Frank's Farm Sherbody Hill
Speaker: Jacob Morgolis
Attorney for U. S. Steel Workers. A man with a
message for the Workers.
Bring your family and enjoy tho day.

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