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The Toiler
$1.50. I SI. 00 Per Hundred I 75c.
Address all mail and make all checks payable to
3207 Clark Arc-, CleTeland, Ohio.
Entered as Second Class Matter, under the name of The Ohio
Socialist, February 21, 1917, at the Post Office at Cleveland, 0.,
Under Act of March 3, 1879.
EDITOR ElB,er Alliaoa
Published weekly by the Toiler
Publishing Association
Telephone: Harvard 3639.
Work that Counts Now to do it!
ers of all conn tries must overthrow the capitalist system, they most siexe an I
control the system of production and distribution. Until this is accomplished
the Shylocks of capitalism will continue to carve their pound of flesh from th-j
heart of Labor.
"Not Radical." A
When Judge Willis of Loss Angeles, released nine members of the I. W.
W. on suspended sentences under rigid discipline as to their association with
radicals and radical movements, they were allowed membership in the A. F. of
L., Judge Willis stating, "that is not a radical organization."
Certainly the Judge knew what he was talking about The recent con
vention at Montreal is ample proof ef that long outstanding fact If the Judge
had said, "that is a reactionary organization; I advise all workers who have
the best interests of the capitalist class at heart to join it," he would neither
have over stepped the truth nor unstated his wishes.
The Montreal convention refused to endorse the recognition of the
Bussian Soviet government, the lifting of the blockade and free intercourse
with the Bussian people. This act places the American Federation of Labor at
the bottom of the list of black reactionary labor bodies of the world.
In Striking contrast to the labor bodies of Europe, who are creating
havoc in the ranks of the reactionaries by their espousal of the cause of the
Soviets and their demands for Soviet recognition backed by threats of general
strikes, the action of the Montreal convention shows up in its true light the
enemity to international solidarity of the workers which rules in the detest
able Gompers controlled machine.
The resolution in question reads:
"Resolved, that the American Federation of Labor is not justified in
taking any action which can bo construed as assistance to or the approval
By Linn A E. Gale.
Each SUch individual must become a propagandist and a
booster for the Communist press.
For some time The Toiler has earned on a campaign
among its readers for funds to purchase a supply of print
paper. We are happy to announce that thru the co-operation
of its readers we have secured a supply sufficient for several
months. We believe that in future we shall be able to meet any
situation that will arise and that The Toiler will not again be
jeopardised on account of a paper shortage. We thank every
contributor to the paper fund for their loyal support.
But far better than donations are subscription s. A new
reader is to be preferred any time to a dollar given outright.
We must increase ouir power for our Movement among the
workers by extending our circulation. In this work there ifl a
place for every worker whether on the farm, in the shop, mill
or mine. Wherever workers are to be found, there must be
a booster for The Toiler. In this way our circulation can be
increased and our Movement built up.
We say frankly that the best support which you cin pos
sibly give to The Toiler is that of getting subscriptions. Sub
scription support the Toiler, The Toiler in return educates
1 another worker info a conimunist. Every communist is a brick
in the structure of the Revolution which is to bring about the
New Society.
Get on the job of subscription getting. Order a bundle of
Toilers at lc each and put them where they will be read.
It's easy to interest a worker in The Toiler after he has read
a copy it's equally easy to get his subscription. Try it, get in
the job every day with The Toiler and we will not only in
crease our subscription list but we will BUILD UP OUR COM
A New Belgian Apeal
Every class-conscious worker will admit that he is some
sort of a socialist. Perhaps he's red, maybe ne's oniy pmK
Maybe he's only just plain white, but if he is class-conscious,
if he realizes that between the workers and the capitalists
there can be no oeaco until the workers become the dominant
ruling class, then we have something to say to him whatever
the particular shade or tinge of crimson that may be his (or
Knowing this to be a fact realizing that the workers and
the capitalists are in a life and death struggle for control of
i i 1 1 l 1 L J , .. .. I -v Itm t-1 Vil r s t 1 1 h 1
tne world realizing tnat in inns BUTUgigie ouuwuTugc v i 1 0f the soviet government of Eussia so long as that government is based upon
class character of society, of the structure of the capitalist
authority not vested in it by a properly constituted national representative
State, of the historic mission of the workingclass IS necessary, assembly of the people, or so long as that government by constant propaganda
then it becomes the duty of every SUCll worker 10 SC?K to endeavors to start revolutions in the civilized nations of the world or so
spreed the knowledge of our Movement among his fellows, long as it militarizes the workers, opposes trade unions or exercises suppression
of freedom of speech and the press. "
What makes Gompers and his following sore is that the workers have
made a short cut to freedom by depriving the non-producers and parasites of
any power in the government. The A F. of L. is strong for 'democracy' tlio
democracy of the bourgeoisie class. What the A. F. of L. wishes for Russia
is a constituant assembly made up of sufficient bourgeois and labor skinners to
thwart every effort of labor to sever its chains. Its highest ideal is to keep
the workers enslaved to the kings and queens of finance. Its heart is broken at
the very thot of labor reaping the full social value of its toil. A "fair" day's
wage is all it ever asked for, all it ever demanded it has always been per
fectly satisfied to turn over the bulk of labor's products to the parasitic class
while labor took only sufficient to keep itself on the job.
The attempt of the resolution to make a case against the Soviet form of
government and the measures it has been forced to adopt during the transi
tion stage thru which it is passing, reveals the stupid bourgeis viewpoint which
is characteristic of the A. F. of L. Judge Willis spoke entirely from a know
ledge of the facts. No heavy taint of radicalism hangs about the A. F. of L.
The one redeeming feature of the act of the convention is that one fourth of
the delegates voted against it. Next year, after the whole world has opened
trade relations and the soviet government flag flies from its consulates in
dozens of American cities then the A. F. of L. wiU come along like a cows
tail at the end of the procession endorsing trade relations with Russia. This is
an example of the leadership' which functions in this fosszed labor union.
Communism is inevitable
in Mexico, Sooner or Later.
These long-enslaved, suffering and
exploited masses know in a dim way
that they want an end tf capital
ism. Clear vision is not their? yet
but they are acquiring it rapidly.
Many of them have acquired it al
ready. The increasing radicalism of
the unions, even those that are af
filiated with the Pan-American Feder
ation of Labor, is an unmistakable
sign. The cynism with which many
of the union? have regarded the pro
miscs of both Obrogon and Bonillas
in the campaign that now, since the
revolution, is starting all over again,
with Bonnillas eliminated, is evidence
of tho steady swing of Mexican pro
letarian sentiment toward direct action
But it would be a mistake to an
ticipate another outbreak, a class-conscious
revolution, soon. Miss Helen
Augur, writing in New York Call, inti
mates that when tho election comes
there mav be a real offort to elect
a labor government. Miss Augur
mistaken altho her articles aro render
ing a real service in putting squarely
on the shouMors of Wall St. the re
sponsibility for tho disorder, civil
war and crimes that have so long torn
Mexico in twain.
far that he will obey orders despite the
frantic assurance of his press bureau
in Washington that he is 100 pro-
Miss Augur thinks that Wall St.
would like to see Obregon start on a
radical poliey so it would have an
excuse for intervention, ivot at an.
Wall St. would much prefer to have
Obrearon play the game with it. It
Carranza "flopped" in the las fw
months of his administration, and at
the moment of the revolutionary up
rising, was spending millions of pesos
to elect as his successor, Ambassador
Ygnacio Bonnillas, the real choice of
Yankee capitalism. Carranza had per
mitted a suspension of the petroleum
tax law; had turned his back on the
Radicals with whom he formerly flirt-
will be far easier to dominate Mexico jed but for whom he never had any
indirectly and "diplomatically" than real sympathy; had agreed to pay the
to conquer it with guns. When the peon ! old Huerta debt that he had hitherto
sees a "rfngo" soldier coming for steadfastly repudiated; and would
probably have been allowed to get the
12,000,000 rounds of ammunition that
had been held in New York 6 years
because the American government
i would not allow the shipment of what
Workers with Obregon yet but
The vast majority of the Mexican
workers are with Obregon due to the ef
ficient eleetionoerincr of L.N. Morones,
close friend of Obregon and right-
hand man of Samuel Gompers. They
will stay with him for a while. They
are eminently satisfied with the out
come of the revolution to date and be
lieve that Obregon, on his accession to
office, will be a true friend of labor.
They also like de la Huerta, newly
elected provisional President, and have
heard much of what he did for labor
in Sonora as its Governor. They will
certainly stand by Obregon for a time.
Then, if exploitation and oppres
sion continue, as they must to a
greater or lesser degree, and if social
ization of industry is not begun in
apparent sincerity, they will prepare
for another uprising.
him, he gets mad and being able to
fight like hell and then some, he will
keep that soldier bnsy for quite a
while, despite the disparity in their
respective equipment. But pat tho
pon on tbe back, tell him you are go-1 he had actually bought.
5UHM. pun miq qii ojsxado-oo 01 3m
to "assist" him in developing his
country, and he grins good-naturedly,
gets friendly and puffs away at his
cigaret. ne can be kidded in this way
for a while for he is not by nature
suspicions. Wall St. would rather us?
this method, and take its chances on
being ablo to pnt down a later rebel
lion by the timo that the peon gets
his eyes open.
Obregon, tho he may really want to
right social wrongs and even lay the
bases of a new system in Mexico, will
not dare to. Perhaps ho will not want
to. Perhaps the prospect of American
co operation with plenty of money and
plenty of guns will bo too alluring for
Urn to retain any working-class sym
pathies. Whether it will be necessity
or choice that will impel him to his
probable course of action, is not of
serious moment. The big fact is that be
will undoubtedly toe tho mark indicat
ed by American Big Business and that
intervention will, therefore, not come
by military methods for tho present.
This can have no other effect than
to preparo the Mexican toilers for a
genuine, full-fledged Social Revolution
within a few years.
Playing "Both Ends Against Middle"
The only reason why the monied
men north of the Rio Grande dropped
Carranza so quickly when the revolt
came, was that they realized the popul
arity of Obregon and did not want to
waste further time with the losing
man! If Carranza had stood a show
of winning, they might have staid with
him. Nobody knows. Those who pretend
to know, don't and are only displaying
knowledge that is not knowledge but
guesswork. It was an opportunistic
game that Wall St. played all the time.
Carranza having sold out, would have
been "safe" if he had retined powor.
Obregon, who was also receiving aid
from Big Business, would probably be
safe, if he won, they figured. If the
revolution lasted, the American govern
ment could step in and grab the
country without further ado and with
out bothering to deal with either set
of politicians. And if one side or the
other definitely won and then refused
to do as it was told, it would be easy
to forment another outbreak and in
tervene just the same.
The Peon To Be Heard From
Comes to our desk a copy of "De Internationale", organ of the Com
munist Party of Belgium published at Antwerp, containing an appeal which
was adopted at a public meeting held by the Communist Party at Antwerp.
A comrade has also sent us an English translation of this appeal which aU
radical papers are requested to publish. The appeal follows.
"As we did not need to make an appeal to your sonso of justice and
philanthropy in 1914, of which you gave so much proof in supporting, helping
and encouraging us when we were attacked by tho Prussian invader, so wo
feel again obliged to make another appeal to your sense and sentiments to
kelp now to deliver us out of the claws of the American and English profit
eers, who, after all our privations, misery and sufferings which we endured
during the war, have set their claws deep in our economic Ufe.
"A splendid opportunity arises for your capitalists to show us that all
they did in the past was not mere hypocrisy and self-interest
"Now, more than ever before, as the pretended enemy had to leave the
country, you have an exceptional opportunity to exposo our common enemy,
capitalism, in your country.
"Indeed, wrong done by Prussian, American or an Englishman always
remains wrong and consequently the results of It always fall upon the tollers,
especially in this case.
"In the name of humanity, we again mako an appeal to your brotherly
and sisterly feelings, and wo hope that you will use all your power and influence
to help us to realize this just demand im order to get a more humane exist
ence." This is one of the most unique appeals that has come to our notice.
It contains a lesson of the class struggle of the deepest significance. The
Prussian invasion which laid Belgium in waste and spread death and dosol-
Our National Sport.
Is lynching to become America's national sport? Now that Duluth in
the North has forged ahead to a place vieing with most 'democratic' southern
state of the Black Belt in the lynch w, of our black citizens, it is only right
that we should givo to lynching the honors due it, and like true sportsmen
caU it by what it really is.
Duluth has set the example. When the evenings grow monotonous and lose
their tang, there is still much spice to be had in life. Confiscate a truck, parade
the streets calling for volunteers.Assemble all the hoodlums in town, make a
lot of noise; start something all down the line. Locate some bricks and assault
the police station. Tho officers wiU probably run. If they turn the sprinkling
hose on you, just hump your back and stick. Pretty soon they will get tired
and beat it. '
Then you have it all your own way. Break down the jail doors. Gather tho
negroes (or whites if no Negroes are inside) hold a mock trial. You are the
judge, jury and prosecution. When you get tired of this rig-ma-role, get some
rope from the nearest hardware store, The merchant will probably obligingly
and patriotically serve you free. Then the real fun can begin.
Telegraph poles are handy. Just pitch one rope end over a cross-arm
and make tho other secure to a black victim's neck. All grab hold and
swing on hard! Now you are enjoying the delights known ouly to 100 por cent
Americans, law, abiding citizens of a Godfearing nation which blushes with
shamo at the doath of a counter-revolutionary profiteer in Moscow.
Great sport! A whole lot might be said about this, but what's the use?
We have a public educated by the profiteer, venile, sensation mongerlng daily
press. Public offices are filled by a crew of hungry, job h nting politicians with
Another Revolution inevitable
When that timo comes it will not
matter whether there happens to be an
ambitious politician at hand who wants
to lead them or not. Tf there happens
Carranza Nationalist,
Not Radical
As to Carranza, while wo shuddei at
his murder, let us not be misled into
any mazo of hero-worship of tho slain
man. Let us not forget that his policy
or opposition to Wall St. was one of
Mexican nationalism, rather than In
ternationalism, and that while he tried
to keep tho nation's wealth for a local
bourgeoisie, he permitted tho excellent
labor laws of the country to go un
enforced against Mexican and Spanish
to be, they may follow him, but ho capitalists as well as against American
will be forced to do what thev want 'capitalists. Only a few weeks before
the revolution broke out, "Resurgi-
or his days will be numbered. And if
there is no such aspirant available,
the workers will pick their own leader
from their ranks, which will bo much
better, to be sure.
In any event, Communism is coming
in Mexico and nothing can stop it
On the other had, it is just as certain
that Wall St., having been thoroly ex
asperated by Carranza 's long and per
sistent resistance, will, to paraphrase
what the kaiser is said to have told
James W. Gerard, "stand for no non-
enso from Obregon." If he tries to
do much for the masses, American
capitalism will set rid of him in short
order. It is by no means convinced so
niiento", a brilliant little Spanish
weekly published by the Puebla syn
dicalists, contained an editorial saying
that the wretched wages, long hours
and entire absence of sanitary restric
tions that the Carranza government
winked at, were worse even than what
existed under Diaz.
Let us not forget, either, that while
Carranza was killed as the result of
the brutal determination of American
finance-capitalism to seize Mexico, many
a poor worker with a less provincial
and chauvinistic outlook than Car
ranza, has given his life for the samo
heartless reason
No matter which side had triumphed
in the revolution, the result would have
been much the same. Wall St. played
a game of "Heads I win, tails you
lose" with the Mexican people, and
Carranza, Obregon, Gonzalez and Bo
nillas all wore its pawns, consciously
or otherwise.
But the Mexican peon, like the
American people, cannot be "fooled
all of the' time."
The peon will be heard from again.
WASHINGTON. A request by for
mer Senator nardwicK or ueorgia,
counsel for Ludwig C A. K. Martens,
chief of tho Russian Soviet Bureau at
Now York, for the subpeona of Major
General Graves, former commander of
the American Epeditionary forces in
Siberia, and of Raymond Robins was
denied recently by Immigration In
spector Shell on tho ground that their
testimony would bo irrelevant.
The case of Martens before tho
Commissioner of Immigration was com
pleted last week. A bearing which was
scheduled to tako placo Juno 17, it is
thought, wiU be takon on tho deporta-
And let us above al! remember that tion warrant for Martens.
By C. A. Moseley,
Staff Writer. The Federated Press,
David R. Francis says that ho will
rsian as ambassador to Russia if wo
neither knowledge, vision or ideals. A combination of this sort Is certain to recognize the Soviet government. Even
at such a terrible cost, we arc in favor
of the recognition.
develop by-products such as the Duluth massacre.
la V ' V U V II UlUU 11 I I T 111 II II I I I I ' I 1
again. The Foles havo started war for
tho purpose of plundering tho Ukrain
ation broadcast has long since subsided. Tbe lnvandors whoso very name was -xtn peasants and securing their lands
anathama turnout tho entire world, has returned to his boundaries. But the .for Polish landowners. Poland li
or provisions to Poland; go out in
the streets and nrrango demonstrations
'and strikes with the slogan: 'No sup
port of the Polish White Guards.'
BERLIN A demonstration of pro
test against tho Polish attack on So
viet Russia was recently organized by
tho Communists and Independents of
Berlin. Crowds which filled the Lust
gartcn wcro addressed by prominent
regions aro being devastated by mill revolutionaries, nraong them Dawning,
tary operations. The working clusso of i Lodobour, and Eichorn. On one pro
Russia are compellod to take un arms cession a man carried a gallows on
which was written " For Manner-helm"
MOSCOW (via London) An appeal
from tho Soviet government to the
workers of all countries has heen
transmitted here by wireless which
"On our western frontior war has
started again. Onco moro enormous
miseries of the Belgian masses have not subsided. A new Invasion is now in
progress, an invasion as cruel, as destructive, ai merciless as that of the Ger
man hordes.
The American and English capitalist profiteers have their Shyloch hands
at the throat of Belgian men, women and children.
They are demanding their pound of flesh. The Belgians have discovered
that a new enemy has dlslaced the old. Tho Kaiser has gone but the proft
eer remains.
It now remains for the workors of Belgium to learn the lesson of their
An advertisement of the Intorchureh
World Movement made this statement:
Soviet Russia, already ruined by tho ...... .. , , . ...
, ,, world is bound up in the respect for
Allied capitalists, a tinge indemnity. I, .... . . . .. ,, .
"Those who aro gu'lty of this ncwi
we not ask, whose property? That of tho
war aro the government, of tho allied 2 eMt wh) own of M
eonntnes. All of them :.ro supporting ,t tho . Qf fc ehuwh tft
bo tho policemen of property rights!
the action of Poland to a Breator or
less degTce. It depends upon you
t M it - iL-l 1L .
wornmcn ni an couninon mm ir.o HERE'S HOW MANY EVADED WAR
war shall end in the shortest possible FOR DEMOCRACY
time with a crushing defeat of tho
sufferings. As long as Belgium's economic life Is under the control of prlvato capitalist and tho landowners,
capital so long will they be subject to the exploitation and mlsory which prl- uWorkers of France, England, lUly
vate capital sees fit to Inflict upon them. Between the Riser and profiteer, an(j America's transport workers, roll-
Tbe decision of a board of arbitra
tion, favorable to tho motormen and
conductors of the Des Moines stroot
railway system, was set aside in Fed
eral court by Judge Martin J. Wado.
This is the same judge who sentenced
Kate Richards O'Hare.
Senator Lodge advocates the tempor
ary modification of the immigration
laws, to permit an influx of needed
labor. An efficiency idea worthy of
Taylor: load up, for tho uturn trip,
the "arks" that are deporting thorn.
When they strike, ship 'em back.
The Wrr Department, it is report-
id, has issued a eall for the organis
ation of tank corps in nil industrial
centers We should imagine that tho
Kaiser had taken a job as a stonl
worker, did we not know bettor.
i i
Now the Mikndo is sick.
Wilnon shows no improvement, un
less it is in henlth.
Lenin is sble to do considerable
n rownrrt or .r0 for tho arrest and
rnnvietinn of on.-b fiutnr! ant hnriliit
wnatevcr nis nationality, tuore ip utt o cdoico. oviginn wvrKPrn, um uio wwrn waympn, sievruorc" ami .iiuih: ""unid.
T)m mi .-nimctit utmrfl,. , ! 1 1 T,iliKult
a list of 170 000 men alWed to have '""O than take nourishment.
evaded the Selective Service law. I Burleson's liver complaint is no
This will be equivalent to offering botter.
Palmer's eyei still j,ivo him trouble; hv J, M Comrade,
ovorything looks red. SUNDAY, JULY 11th: "Production
Hoover no lonsc-r tceo double, and
has deeided that ho is a Republican
Wood is getting over his military
Senator Harding is getting cold
Louis F. Post has strong heart action.
Tnft, who may be remembered as a
former president, wrote recently in
defense of the present system and
thinks tho relation betwoen the wage-
earner and the rich man is a happy
one, "because tho former is quite as
likely to en joy real happiness in life ah
the latter." Aside from tho fact that
few rich men aro willing to try tho
experiment, wc might romark that
because Epietctns, tho slave, may have
been as happy as Marcus Aurelius, tho
emperor, we are perfectly satisfied
that slavery ceased to cxiit. Besides,
Taft, being to fat to work, has lo
write something to meet the II. C.
L Ho should be treated with indulg
ence. Otherwise, we might adequately
criticize this recent utterance.
A defpatch from the Elysinn Fields
quotes the original Rothschild as sav
ing: "I was a more slouch at collect
ing money; I didn't know a thing
about 'drives' and 'tap days'."
at Pythian Temple, 919 Huron Road
nonr East 9th Street
overv 2nd and 4th Sunday of the
month nt 8 P. M.
SUNDAY, JUNE 27: "Professional
Hocialogy vs. Socialist Social Science,
In these palmy days of Palmerism
and Wilsonian Democracy, when to
bo a rndical is to court a jail sentence
and persecution at tho hands of onr
beloved domocratic officialdom, it is
well to recall to mind tho names of
a few of thoso whom tho world ones
derided, persecuted, chainod and damn
ed. Wo name a few of thorn below.
Jesus Christ,
Christopher Columbus,
Patrick Honry,
Thomas Jefferson,
Wendell Thillipi,
Abraham Lincoln,
Charles Darwin,
Louis Pasteur.
Who is ashamed of these names to
day! It is a list that engages the
veneration of every sincere and right
thinking man and woman. When the
namo "radical" is bandied about in
derision by tho capitalist press and
other litk spittles of the profiteers,
just recall these names to mind and
remember that they were equally de
rided by tho profiteers of their days
and for the same reasons they were
dangerous to profits. Measured by their
service for tho Common Oood they
stand as high abovo the "respectables,"
as Heaven is abovo Hell,
Under Capitalism," by Frank Ka-
8UNDAY, JULY 88: "Production on
the r'arm," by D. B. Washburn.

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