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The Toiler
$1.50. I $1.00 Per Hundred I 75c.
Address aH mail and make all checks payable to
3207 Clark Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.
Entered as Second Class Matter, under the name of The Ohio
Socialist, February 21, 1917, at the Post Office at Cleveland, 0,
Under Act of March 3, 1879.
EDITOR , .Elmer T. Allison
Published weekly by the Toiler
Publishing Association
Telephone: Harvard 3639.
Propaganda Words, Deeds
While the capitalist propaganda against Eussia seems to be weaking in
some quarters, due largely to the necessities of commercialism, other quarters
are as virulent as ever in their denunciations of bolshevism. Eussia, it is
claimed is seeking to propagandize the world with the ideas of bolshevism; it
is establishing centers of propaganda in all parts, attempting to stir up the
masses against the masters of bread thru the means of agitators and literature.
At least one enterprising capitalist daily asserts thru its European reporter
that schools are maintained in Eussia which are turning out graduates whose
special field is the labor movements of other countries outside Eussia; under
ground routes are established whereby red literature, fresh from the centers
of the revolution and proselytes as well, make their way out of Eussia and
henceforth over all the world, scattering the virus of discontent and bolshe
vism broadcast, such is the claim.
Granting that all this is true, the convinction must be borne in upon
one that the governments of the great capitalist countries of the world must
be settled upon very shaky foundations indeed, if by such methods of pro
paganda they can be made to totter and fall. The capitalist world appears to
have a tremenduous fear of a few manifestos and declarations that it should
shudder so at their appearance.
If capitalism is the blessing which our masters claim it is, they owe
to the world a serious duty. They should at once establish a universal anti
bolshevik publicity covering its every phase and angle. Of course we know
that some plans have been worked ont somewhat to that end. The church,
school and public press are ever active in the work of propagandizing capital
ism. But their work is often course and very ineffective. It lacks system and
depth. It is far too shallow, too general in character. It should be more
Take for instance the question of wage payment of labor versus pay
ment according to the full social value of labor's product. Capitalism should
take up this question in a clear cut manner and set about at once to prove
that the worker is far better off with about half his earnings than he would
be with all of it. The question of houses should also be looked carefully into.
It should be seen to that the workers are at once convinced that they are
better off living in rotten, rented shaks in conjested cities that in real
houses surrounded with grass, shade trees fresh air and sunlight. A short
" fttfi"f thin kind by way ofexample would be the best mode of convincing
all doubtful tnement dwellers of our city slums.
The conditions of employment and control of the means of Il'e should
be gone into thouroughly. The landless serfs of all countries should be shown
how tremenduonsly better off they are in having their products taken from
them in the form of rent than they would be by tilling the soil and keeping
the product as their own, with no fear of losing that right. The industrial
workers should be convinced once for all that they are infinitely better off
under a system whereby the control of their right to work is in the hands
of the private owners of industrial machines than it would be under the con
trol of the workers themselves. It should be brought to their minds how full
of good things their lives are, how secure from the fear of want and lack
of work they are; with what ease of mind they pass to and fro abont tho
earth with never a gnawing agony of uncertainty. Innumerable circumstances
of the workers lives might be mentioned here which the capitalist oUu might
thus propagandise to their benefit and the undulng of bolshevism.
What the capitalist class is up against is facts. And the one big fact,
bigger than all others together, is the fact of Enssia under Soviet rule. Com
pared to the propaganda value of Eussia, considered as a fact, there is more
In it than in all the literature turned out of the bolshevist press in a year.
Soviet Eussia IS. If never a leaflet came out of Eussia that one fact alono,
would be enough to give capitaJsm a mortal scare. And as long as the fact
of Eussia exists capitalism is certain to be afflicted with chills and fever and
at last collapse.
The thing which capitalism is up against is the existence in fact of
two competing systems capitalism, decaying, capitalism, and Socialism, the
advent of workers' control, filled with youth and fire, sure of its victors-.
The world is choosing between the dying and the be coming. The propaganda
of the deeds of Socialism is conquering.
"we have the schools we have the pulpit" And he did not distinguish between
the protestant and the catholic pulpits either. The church indeed, will give
Justice to the workers. Its sole purpose is to keep intact the present capitalist
system of slaves and masters, of robbed and robbers. It is the tool of the
master class to make more suservient those whom it exploits all in the name
of Jesus, a carpenter agitator of Nazareth.
The Pope invites the wealthy to give liberally and to assume a spirit
of equity toward the workers. The Pope knows well how to safeguard the in
terests of the bourgeoisie, even better than they themselves but then that is
what be is paid for. What he says to the bourgeois in effect, is this: The
proletariat is getting sore. It thinks that it isn't getting a fair divvy. Of course
it is, your justice cannot be questioned, but at the same time, it is better to
assume the role of benefactor by charitable acts which may satisfy the mob
than to ignore its protest and allow it to come to a head. I advise you to
scatter a few sheckles among the multitude and thus quiet their ravings. This
will keep your graft intact from any assault on the part of the mob."
This is a pretty cheap method to win by. Considering that the gifts of
the bourgeoisie represent the blood stained products which have been withheld
from the workers, it is about the cheapest method we know of to prop up the
decaying system. Giving to the worker as "charity" a measley portion of
what he has been robbed of is perfectly in keeping with the general hypocritical
policy of the church. It is logical advice from an institution as rotten as is
that thru which the Pope functions.
The letter concludes with an admonition to the workers to remain faith
ful to the church and forbids the clergy participating in labor agitation. To
this we wish to answer that if the workers remain faithful to the church
which they won't they won't have any problems to solve, or any thing else,
And if the clergy are to ignore the labor problems how is the church to
solve "effectively" these same labor problems?
But who in hell is paying any attention to a Pope any way?
Moral Victories of Sovietism
While the capitalist press continues to prophesy the day after to-morrow
fall of the Russian Soviet government and to belittle such physical victories
as it has been able to gain against its counter-revolutionary enemies and the
hypocritical "democratic" Allf.cs no cause in the world today has to its credit
such a list of moral victories as has Sovietism.
The interdiction of freedom is in itself a moral victory of great portent
and force. Herein the law of compensation operates with signal success. The
loss in advantage gained thru actual participation in freedom of action is at
least equalled in the moral force gathered because of this interdiction.
The Soviet Constitution was not allowed publication in England. But
the moral force of Sovietism grew until the dock workers responded with a
refusal to load the "Jolly George" with munitions with which to kill bolshe
vists. Freedom of speech, assembly and the press are always opposed by
privileged ruling classes. Such opposition and refusal has always kindled the
fires of revolt and lent to such revolts a moral and righteous force which has
aided in firing the cause with the flames of intense, even religious fervency.
Thruout the capitalist world the opposition to Sovietism is paramount.
State, Church and School are united against it, all the forces which capitalism
can muster have been and are now being brought into play against the
principles and ideas which Sovietism has laid down for the salvation of tho
workers. Its literature has been burned and destroyed, its adherents jailed,
tortured and murdered. These persecutions have but added to the ranks of tho
adherents of Sovietism. A million inquiries about Sovietism are now asked
where none were asked before and are to be calculated among the moral gains
of Sovietism. Prosecution and denial consume themselves.
These moral victories of Sovietism are forming a basis for greater physical
victories and thus in the end will denial of human liberty be defeated.
sia to-day and this is precisely what
has made Soviet Russia the target of
all the reactionaries all over the world,
from the millionaire owners of in
dustry to the petty grafters who prey
on society. To-day, provided you are
a healthy man or woman, you eat
according to the work you do, ac
cording to the service you perform.
Everybody who is a useful member
of societv is allowed his share in the
food and elothing and pay in Russia.
But nobody any longer is free to
live off the labor of others or by the
exploitation of men and women in any
manner whatsoever.
The coming days may be rather dif
ficult for the social parasites who do
not understand the events of the
times. They do not realize' that CAP
ITALISM, or anarchy in production,
has failed, and is bound to succumb
in chaos and uttor rout because of
its own contradictions.
We are going to have world revolu
tion, not because of the aims of any
class, but because, through the failure
of the capitalist credit system, capital
ism is becoming unable to carry on
production. The same money is deposit
ed over and over again in the banks,
and the bank deposits are increasing
more than twenty times as fast as
tho gold supply. So that the banks
are in a constant state of insolvency
They arc no longer able to lend suf
ficient money to carry on busiuoss
enterprises, to maintain industry. They
are compelled to curtail credit when
the United States, for example, needs
hundreds of millions of dollars to
be expended in extending and re
building and improving the railroads
alone. They need either to print more
unbacked paper money or to hold
more and more money in tho banks to
partially protect their depositors.
Industry in being CHOKED OFF by
Capitalism, not by the revolutionists,
and every student of history knows
that when production ceases, the in
evitable result is revolution in self-
preservation for the mass of the people.
And when Anarchy, or Capitalism,
brings 01IAOS, nothing on earth will
lift societv out of the disaster but
SOCIALIZED production and SOCIAL
IZED PLANNING. When it actually
becomes impossible to produce for
PROFITS, men and women will either
have to starve to death or RESUME
PRODUCTION on the basis of HU
By Mary E. Marcy
From more than one source it has only thought was, NOT of the needs
The Pope Be Damned
Pope Benedict wrote a letter the other day to one of his pals in graft,
Cardinal LaFontaine at Venice. Tho Popo seems to have opened up quite a
bit upon the "agitator" in this epistle. Naturally enough, the Pope is against
all agitation that threatens his own power and the class of parasites whom lie
represents here on this earth. The Pope well knows that unless a method is
found whereby to stop the prevalent unrest in the world's industries, the
whole capitalist class is doomed and with it grafting, the hypocritical so-called
Christian church.
The Popo knows all this, would that the workers realized its truth as
clearly as he. Knowing it, ho ii zealous that the wool be kcept woll over tho
oyos of the workers and they bo lulled to Bleep with the anaesthetic of snch
religious dope as is administered by Popes, preachers, priests and tbe rest of
the sky steering fraternity.
The Pope is dreadfully opposed to "class hatred" and "violence."
That is, he is opposed to tho working class becoming imbned with any such
sentiments it might go very badly with the class of loafers for whom tho
Pope speaks If the workers got too restless hence his admonitions against class
harted. We quote paragraph from tho news article dealing with this latest
manifestation of the Pope's desire for justice to the workers.
"Only the church can effectively deal with present day evils with
Justice," the letter said. It further invitod the wealthy to give liberally and
act moro in accordance with the spirit of equity than cold Justice. He also said
that labor should not make unjust deinandr at the present time."
Black reaction was never more clearly depicted than in this first sent
eace. Roger W. Baboon, speaking of the power of the capitalist class, says,
reached our ears that Emma Goldman
is not at all satisfied with Soviet Rus
sia and that she yearns for the good
old dnys in America before tho war
when bored society ladies derived a
thrill from hearing her discuss sex
problems and advocato "Free love"
with tho lid off. Tn those affluent
times a lady who disliked to soil her
hands with tho drudgery of honest
toil could always be assured of a
group of gushing satellites who were
willing to pay for the privilege of
being entertained.
Wo knew perfectly well when
Emma was deported to Russia that
she was not going to liko it thcro.
For sho never did understand the
laws underlying historical progress,
nor the economic strncturo of society,
nor the evolutionary trend of society.
And she had about as much real use for
tho working class as John D. Rock
efeller or Judge Gary.
8hc does not understand what has
happened during the past five years
nor what is transpiring in tho world
today. She docs not really want a
workers' revolution and she says that
industrial communism is tyranny. The
conditions of ovcryhody are too level
led up, as it were. Tn fact .after scing
Soviet Russia during war-time, when
tho Russian people are compelled to
sacrifice personal comfort and leisure
and the Arts in order to protect
themselves from tho armies of the
capitalist countries of tho wholo world,
her thoughts turn back longingly to
tho "good old dnys" that are never
coining back anywhere, anymore.
Emma Goldman docs not know
that we have had ANARCHY in pro
duction for tho past seventy-five
yenrs and that all tho conditions of
hunger, war, despair, failures of tho
credit system financial disasters arc
but the full fruits and blossoms of
the sort of thing sho prefers to
For many years hi all the modern
of society but of whether industry
yielded a sufficient quota of profits
for their own personal appropriation
Shops opeied and closed; railroads
were built and operated or were per
mitted to fall into disuse, solely on
the basis of whether or not they
yielded sufficient profits to tho cap
And this anarchy in industry, in
production and distribution, brought
about the great war; killed, off ten
million young men and maimed ten
million more: ravaged whole nations,
and it is this anarchy, planlcssness,
individualism run mad that is to-day
causing tho collapse of tho world's
credit system; causing inflation and
rising prices, that is choking off in
dustry. It is nnarchy or capitalism
which is to-day unwillingly digging
its own gravo( destroying tho found
ation of the existing system and mak
ing rovolution ns inovitablo as the
stars in their courses.
It was nnarchy in production and
distribution nud in finnnco that caus
ed the eollapso of the Czar's regime'
and that is causing tho disintegration
of the civilized world to-day unbrid
elod, capitalist anarchy.
Rut Emma does not know that in
dustry and production nro anarchistic
in Europe and in tho United States,
nor that the credit system has failed
nor how the workers arc exploited.
She does not care that world Capital-
And so the socialism of Marx and
Engels is on its way. No matter whe
ther you are glad or sorry, no matter
whether you may be working for it,
or die trying to prevent its coming,
it is as certain as the approach of
the reasons.
We are bound to have a socialized
world,, socialized production and dis
tribution not because we do or
do net, want it, but because Capital
ism is going to leave tho whole world
high and drv in utter chaos. There is
WASHINGTON. "My policy with ro
spect to all the Socialist papers whoso
mailing privileges have been revoked
or restricted is this: So soon as the
war is legally and technical over, I
will instantly restore those privileges
but not until then."
Postmaster General Burleson in thoso
terms announced what he called his
final policy toward the Milwaukoe
Loader, Tho New York Call and other
newspapers and periodicals whose liber
ties ho has infringed under tho arbi
trary powers conferred on him by the
espionage act.
"They are now harmless, I believo.
and have a right to spread their
miserable doctrines," tho postmaster
general said "but it is not within my
discretion, once tho mailing privileges
nre withdrawn, to restore them beforo
the constituted authorities shall declaro
the war to be formally over."
"Does tho law provide in terms thnt
you must wait nntil the technical end
ing of the war?" Burleson was asked
"No, it may be even worso than
that," he responded. "For tho law
directs me, when I find a paper lias
broken it, to restrict its malliig pri
vilegesthat is all. Nothing is said
about rostoring them at all, or over.
"It might bo construed that they
ism is warring upon Russia and that,nrn fnrfcitPlI forcvrr. "But. he added,
''1 will not construo it that way, nut
will restore their full rights on the day
that peace is declared.
"I don't liko these miserablo
shoots," he continued. "I believe their
teachings aro nil pernicious, but I
have no rancor in my heart toward
thorn none at all, I have not acted
urbitrarily. The evidence simply piled
np against them, and I bad no other
lou.-so, I revoked the rights of every1
one of tho 8ocinlist papers complained j
of, except one some paper in Kansas
and in that case, although I thought
it one of the worst of the lot. I MNM
not soo that it hod actually violated
the law. So I let it go."
in the face of the eollapso or the
old system the Russian workers have
not hud time to rebuild in peaco but
arc forced to carry on their education -nl
work and their great plans for
socialized industry in the faco of the
combined capitalist nrmics of tho
All that sho seems to bo interested
in is tho fact thnt in Russia people
hnvo lost their old time liberty of
being ahlo to graft off tho ignorance
of the people and thnt sho is in a
anarchistic, or capitalistic, countries lnnd where it is necessary to become
wo have had production begin and a useful citizen or to go hungry,
production cease solely at tho dlctat- There aro several kinds of freedom
es of a few owners of industry whoso thnt nobody is able to enjoy in Rus
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