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FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 1920.
(Continued from page 7.)
of the leader of tlie opposition organization.
After this strike was instituted the leaders of
the new organization injected the wage question
for the sole purpose of deceiving yardmen
throughout the United States and promoting
the 'one big union' idea. There can be no set
tlement of pending wage questions while this
illegal actioii continues. We insist that every
member, of these brotherhoods do everything
within their power to preserve their existing
contracts. (Emphasis ours.) which if abrogated
may take years to rebuild. The laws of all of
these organizations provide for members en
gaging in illegal strikes and these will be en
forced. Telegram wired by Brotherhood of Loco
motive Engineers to all subordinate division
storing vardmen's strike:
"April 13th, 1920.
"To All Divisions and General Chairmen
in the United States:
"The present strike that is spreading to
ill parts of the country is not only illegal from
jtart to finish, but is an effort to destroy all
itegitimate labor unions. Back of it all is the
One Big Union idea. The Brotherhood of Rail
road Trainmen and Switchmen's Union organ
izations are bringing in their members from
outlying points in an effort to break the strike,
save the organizations and protect their con
tracts. Do everything possible to have our
members continue at work and carry out the
contract we have entered into in good faith.
Members going on strike, refusing call or re
fusing to work with new crews will forfeit
positions and laws of organization will be en
forced. Nothing can be gained by present
strike. Labor Board has been appointed and
everything possible is being done to expedite
hearing on wage requests. (Emphasis in each
instance ours.)
(Signed) "W. S. Stone."
(Continued from page 3.)
with petitions. Attorney General Palmer,
they considered, gave them the govern
ment's only answer in his letter, published
on November 26, commending a patriotic
society's efforts to run labor 'agitators'
out of Pennsylvania. 'It is a pity,' the At
torney General wrote, 'that more patriotic
organizations do not take action similar to
that of your order,' "
That the workers in the steel industry
realize what the forces were that broke the
strike and forced them back into the mills on
the terms of the bosses is one of the conclusions
of this report. The National Government and
its Department of Justice and Army, the state
and local government, the press and the pulpit
are held responsible by the workers.
Another factor in making the strike a
failure was the disunity among the 24 inter
national labor organizations which conduct
ed it.
While the workers in the steel industry
have been beaten the conditions undor which
they work will sooner or later force them into
another struggle
Tom Clifford.
Anothor confidential bulletin of the
Babaon Statistical Service has found
its way into the channeto of publicity.
In this document Big Business is warn
ed that its safety depends upon the
financial support and mnintatfco of
the church thnt religion is the bul
wark of investments. Here is a call to
the boodlers to get behind the preach
ers, who disponso the dope of futuro
rewards and aminlster soporific bal
icrdosh to the masses. How well Aoes'
th master close know the efficaey of
superstition In keepiag she wvrkore
on'ented! For senturies it dm prodee-
"I tic desired result with as unerring
certainty as a royal flush In a poker
gao. Is long as the masses can bo
mado tcbeliove that it is the will of an
overruling personality that there shall
bo mastcre and slates there is little
hope for a revolt of ths latter, no
matter how much they may suffer. But
there are signs of the dissipation t
this pall of Bupurstition. The people aro
becoming more enlightened and evinc
ing a diapositioa to demand something
here and now and take their chance;
on the sweet aftorwhilc. This is po
sitively alarming to the ruling class.
They realize that once ths hallelujah
id thrown into tlio garbage heap cf
outgrown superstitions the roqky road
begins for thorn. Tho bocloudcd minds
of the workers, reeking in superstition,
have hitherto made then easy and
complacent victims of exploitation and
suppressed whatever desire they might
bavo for social betterment. Tho church
has ever been the right bowor of the
ruling class, and onco it loses its pow
er to sway the public mind the
greatest handicap to social evolutioa
will have disappeared. Tho very pos
sibility of such an event is in iUolf
appalling to tho exploiting class. Heat
their perturbation.

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