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ism. If to-day the Italian unions oppose the sending of arms
and munitions to Russian White generals; if the English
workers organize monster strikes and demand peace with
the Soviet Government and the recall of English troops
from Russia; if the French Trade Unionists openly declare
their solidarity with us the logic of the class war, rendered
acute hy the general ruin and ever-increasing misery, will
Compel them to morrow to make a decisive pronouncement
on the affairs of their own cuntry.
The general sympathy they display toward us, and
the material aid which they sometimes afford us, prove
their strength more than their weakness. In taking the
Russian workers under their protection they arc undergoing
an apprenticeship in the strngle, without yet attempting
to deliver a decisive attack ou their own enemies at home.
Our sympathy is with a school for the Trade Unions of
West European countries; it creates a line of demarcation
daily becoming more accentuated between red and yellow
Methods of Reactionary Leaders.
The defenders of the moribund forms of the Trade Union
movement are trying their utmost to galvanize the move
ment and to resuscitate methods which have long since been
abandoned. With this object in view, shortly after the
"Peace of Versailles," the yejjow lenders of various coun
tries made repeated, seperate attempts to bring back the
International into the fold of the old Trade Unionism. They
imagined that by reviving the Trade Union International
they would again dress the working masses in the armour
of fictitious solidarity, which in practice reduces itself
to an entente with capitalism and disguised hostility to the
workers of different nationality. The check suffered by the
miserable efforts of the Amsterdam Congress, where the
representatives of the Entente countries could not resist
tli' dubious pleasure of once again humbling the German
workers in the face of the capitalists, is generally re
cognized even by the defenders of yellow Trade Unionism.
These efforts were received without approval and without
enthusiasm. The attempts made by the Trade Unions to
come to an agreement with the employers and to establish
the foundations of a new International of Labour at Wash
ington, must also be regarded as a pitiable comedy. The pro
gress of the labours of the Conference at Washington, not
to mention the attitude adopted to the conquered, and
even to neutral, EOuDtriet, cannot but excite a smile of
pity even among the very organizers of this hypocritical
and unhealthy farce. The same unhealthy atmosphere sur
rounded the recent efforts of Loghien, formerly one of
the leaders of the German proletariat, and a "yellow" par
excellence, In the name of 12 million workers, organized
as he says, in a mythical organization, resident no one
knows where, he applied, if the newspaper are to be be
lieved, to the Trade Unions of Moscow, Petrograd, and
Odessa to furnish him with particulars as to their organi
zation and to enter into relationship, with the yellow
unions, in the name of which he promised material aid to
Soviet Russia. It is not known who authorised him to
make these declarations. Tt was certainly not the factory
and workshop committees of Germany, nor the revolutionary
unions of Italy, nor the French, nor the working masses of
England, for all these displav an ineradicable opposition to
the yellow leaders.
Wanted: A New International.
The only reply our workers can offer to the invita
tions of Amsterdam, Washington, and Leghien, all desirous
of again abusing the trust of the masses, is to organise tli3
true forces of revolution, in conjunction with the reds
of the Western countries, for the creation of a new Inter
national which shall be separated by an untraversible ditch
from the yellow organizations: to define the real position
of the two parties, ami in the international arena to pre
pare the way for the dictatorship of the proletariat.
We are satisfied that the creation of this Trade Union
International will not be long delnyed. Tin' international
conference of Transport Workers now being organised
proves without a shadow of doubt that the sympathy of the
majority of the workers is with the Third International.
Every day brings new evidence of closer union between
the organizations of the various countries, and of the com
mon aspirations of the workers in face of their new tasks.
The decay of the Second International and its capitula
tion to the Communist International furnishes the reds with
a powerful weapon for the political struggle.
The first aim to be achieved is to strengthen the spirit
of fraternity among the Trade Unions of all countries, aud
io unite ourselves, not merely iu ideas, but also in practice,
The first task of the Trade Unions of all countries is to
form in practice, as well as in theory, a powerful inter
national organisation, prepared to fight side by side with
the Communist International on all now for the
establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and
henceforward to inspire new forms of international prole
tarian relationship and of the organization of COttmunikl
TKe First International only demanded from its men
ben an exchange of information and of sympathy; what
is now necessary is to make the experience gained in or
ganization and technique available to all, and to co
ordinate acts of demonstration and of offence; a uniform
plan must be developed fur the control of the production
of the world, of food supply, and the division of the fruits
of production; o single centre must be created for calculat-

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