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SATURDAY, OCT. 23rd, 1920.
the majority 'of their caucus has previously
decided for.
"Leaders" who desert them are sum
marily dealt, with. The revolutionary organiza
tion, which maintains over all of its members
an iron discipline, quickly destroys the man
who fails to carry out its orders.
The experience of the left wing at Ro
chester will bo repeated every time as long as
we remain without definite organization and
trust to luck to carry us through. It is time
to make the beginning for the real battles
that lie ahead of us by forming in every local
union an organized group of conscious revolu
tionists for the purpose of winning the labor
movement of America for revolutionary princ
iples. 0
Fake Radicals
The article in this issue on the policies of the
Amalgamated Clothing Workers is a timely warn
ing of the danger that threatens the awakening
labor movement with the coming into power of the
new type of labor lieutenant of the capitalist class
the fake radical. Gompers and his gang, with
the ideas and the phraseology of a half a century
ago, get a scant hearing from the workers who
have heard the voices from Russia. They are be
ing pushed aside, but into their places steps a
smoother breed of labor skates who have master
ed the modem hngo.
These men have learned the art of serving
capitalism by mouthing socialist phrases. They
talk of the class struggle and then fix up long
term agreements which bind the workers not to
strike. They speak of worker's control of industry
while they actually strengthen the grip of the
bosses' in industry by their "impartial" chairman
and arbitration schemes. They make a parody of
the shop committees by taking the ultimate de
cision out of the hands of the rank and file in
the shops.
The rebel workers who have broken with the
old-line fakirs must take up the battle now and
see to it that they put at the head of the new in
dependent movement they are forming such men
as honestly represent the aspirations of militant
labor. Even more than that, ultimate control in
the new movement must not be allowed to rest
in the hands of salaried officials, but in the rank
and file through medium of the shop committees
and industrial councils.
Hurry Up The Shop Committees
The most important task that confronts
the revolutionary workers in America to
day is the organization, without one day's
needless delay, of unofficial shop committees
and industrial councils. This is the form of
organization that will win through when the
entire structure of antiquated craft unionism
falls to the ground before the onslaughts of the
organized capitalist class.
The shop committee system is not a new
form of unionism; neither is it a substitute for
unionism. It is a necessary supplement to the
union. The shop organization unites oven
worker in the shop into an unofficial organizn
tion, regardless of how many craft unions may
exist. It puts authority in the hands of commit
tees of actual workers in the shops who are
directly elected by the rank and file and sub
ject to recoil. It makes deals with the bosses
by paid officials impossible. It makes solidarity
and common action possible regardless of the
attitude of officials.
More important still, the unofficial shop
organizations constitute the basis of the work
ers' councils which, in the time of revolution
will spring up to take all power into their
hands. Upon them will ultimately rest the re
sponsibility of effecting workers' control over
industry. The building of unofficial shop organ
izations is also the natural and logical way to
lay the foundation for the structure of the new
industrial union movement without attempting
the impossible task of doing away with craft
unions a)t one blow.
Any person or gang abdicted to robbery must
be also abdicted to lying. Capitalism, founded on
an organized system by which the many are rob
bed by the few, could only le maintained by a
systematic lying propaganda by its press and
The One Big Uunion is the best hope in the
world for all who do honest labor: it is the greatest
menace in the world to profiteers, politicians and

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