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'AGE 8
SATURDAY, OCT. 30-th 1920
at th
The Path of Wrangel
MOSCOW, Via Christiania and London
The sad plight of that part of Russia ruled over
by General Baron Wrangel with the help of the
French government and the connivance of other
nations is revealed in Pravda, the Moscow daily,
which gives details of the Wrangel regime in
It is a ghastly picture. Public executions are
normal. Drunken debauches of officers of the
Wrangle forces and daylight robberies are visible
on every hand; according to Pravda.
Zemstvos, town councils are dissolved in ar
bitrary fashion or "reformed" and packed with
monarchist majorities. All protests are suppressed
with great cruelty.
"What strange power has Lenin? Why
does every adversary, one by one, fall before
him? Why do they all underguess him? Why
do all European governments falter and
waver between courses, losing their hold on
half "their" populations, till Lenin can say
to Lloyd George, "I command more men in
England than you command"? Why is he the
leader of the only nation that can dare to or
der its population into war?
"The answer is that Lenin is a scientist in
a scientific world. Capitalism by its nature
must follow its mad militarists into combat
with Soviet Russia, like months to a flame".
Robert Minor in The Liberator.
The pamphlet
Nioolai Lenin
by G. Zinovieff
which is a history of the life of Lenin an
swers many questions like the above. It is in
tensely interesting, instructive and education
al. All the world is asking what about Le
nin? This pamphlet helps to answer that
timely question in an understanding manner.
Now ready for delivery. 25c per copy.
15c each in lots of 25 or more.
Address The Toiler t
3207 Clark Ave. Cleveland, 0.
French papers, friendly to the Wrangel and
other anti-soviet enterprises, admit that the con
dition of Wrangel's army is deplorable, lacking
boots, clothing food and ammunition. Wrangel's
Paris representative also concedes that it is a
The London Daily Herald's Vienna correspon
dent r- orts that Horthy, ruler of Hungary, has
conclu $d an agreement with Wrangel's agent,
Marakoff, to send Hungarian troops and munitions
to aid Wrangel.
H. G. Wells, the British author, has just return
ed from Russia and says the reported disturbances
and insurrections are "just humbug."
The Third Communist International refused to
accept the application of the Socialist Labor Party
of Palestine (Poala Zion), stating it must purge
itself of some bourgeois nationalistic tendencies.
The Red Flag, Berlin's communist paper, says
that Soviet Russia has closed a contract for 6,000
German railway engines and a large number of
Sylvia Pankhurst has been arrested in London
on charges of sedition in connection with the publi
cation of the Workers Dreadnouirht. a Communist I
organ of which she is editor.
Protect Hungarian Communists
The Soviet Government of Russia has de-
termined to take drastic steps toward protecting '
the ten members of the former Soviet Government f
of Hungary now being tried in Budapest before' e
a court made up of reactionary supporters of Ad- V
miral Horthy for their activities during the brief
Bela Kun regime. A message sent to Paul Teleki,
the Hungarian Premier and Minister of Foreign
Affairs, by George Tchicherin, Russian Commis
sioner of Foreign Affairs, threatens reprisals in
case of a harsh sentence.
The trial of the ex-People's Commissioners
began early in the summer and has dragged along
without any result being reached which would give
the Russian Government occassions, to carry out
its threat. In the meantime the Austrian High
court has refused to extradite other members of
the Bela Kun Soviet Government demanded by the
Hungarian reactionaries

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