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SATURDAY, OCT. 30-th 1920
outside delegates, who were mostly officials of the
anion, resolutions were passed to divide local 25
into several parts. The purpose behind this is to
segregate the radicals into a smaller body and
thus keep them away from the large mass of
Local Split Up By Eexecutive Board.
The whole thing came to a climax about four
weeks ago when, one bright morning, the G. E.
B. of the I. L. G. W. decided that the shop delegate
system is unconstitutional, undemocratic, null and
void, etc. A receiver, sent by the G. E. B., came
into the office, the local was split up and a joint
board, framed to function safely for the officials,
was instituted with full power. The shop delegate
body was told that only their suggestion are wel
come. Now again remember that the G. E. B., the
editors of the union organ, "Justice", and all the
rest of the official crew are members of the
Socialist Party.
v. But you may ask, "How could one lone man
come into an office with the title of receiver and
virtually tell an intelligent membership to go to
hell!" Well, there is an economic crisis coming
on and the clothing industry is the first to suffer.
And the officials have the treasury of the union,
nickeh and pennies of the workers, accumulated
for years and years, until it amounts to nearly $2.
00,000. Besides, the rank and file out of town have yet
to be throughly convinced to favor the shop
delegate system of control and administration.
A Big Fight Coming.
So, you see, we are merely getting ready for
the fight. When we get the support of the rank
and file throughout the countiy, then we will
proceed to establish democracy in the union for,
by, and of the workers. Meanwhile we have got
to submit to the despotism of the fake "socialist"
In the next article I will make a more detailed
comparison of the workings of the present union
system of control and that of the shop delegate
system. If we will all take up the fight for rank
and file Control in the unions we can soon get the
workers united into one solid body. And when the
workers of the world get really united they will
be able to get real democracy and real freedom.
Quick Comment
The fact that hundreds of workers are in
prison for their loyalty to the labor causes should
bring together labor organization in the land for
united defense.
Some of the prisons of America rival the
bastiles of Europe during the last century, and
as large a per cent of the prisoners are going in
sane from inhuman treatment.
The mining companies in West Virginia are
importing men who are ignorant of the concert
ed effort to break up the unions. Once arrived at
the mines, these men are guarded like convicts,
by Baldwin-Feltz gunman, and have no alternative
but to become strikebreakers. A boy in the teens,
from the Kentucky side of the river, succeeded in
liberating seventeen men from the bunk house,
one night. He conducted them to th' river by a
trail unknown to the gunman, and therefore un
guarded. A boat was in waiting, by which they
reached the Kentucky side, and their fare was
paid back to their homes.
The principal thing needed by the workers, in
their effort to establish an industrial democracy,
is enough daily and twice-a-week newspapers to
conteract the poison put out by the capitalist
The action of the New York legislature in
again expelling the five Socialists who had been
elected over collusion candidates, gives one more
valuable object lesson to the people as to just what
kind of government we have in this country.
Capitalism has its spies, its police, its hired
labor leaders, its thugs and militia, and the in
tricate working of a powerful government. Labor
has one tactic that can defeat them all, the
One Big Union.
J. C. C.
Troops of Blacks and Tans, British troops
carrying on the reign of terror in Ireland, in an
armored car raided a shop in Talbot street,
Dublin. Jeered by the crowd which soon gathered,
the troops fired, killing two and wounding six.
One of the dead is a boy of sixteen.

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