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SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 1920
Hold A Toiler Benefit Thanksgiving Day
THANKSGIVING DAY is almost here, within
two weeks American workers will celebrate (more
or less) the national holiday commerative of the
old New England folk custom. As far as material
things were concerned the Plymouth Fathers and
Mothers didn't have much to be thankful for, but
then in another way they did. In the first place
they made the almost fatal mistake of settling
upon the most barren and inhospitable part of the
Atlantic coast. Prayers and piety are poor sub
stitutes for rich soil and a healthful climate when
it comes to scratching a living out of the earth.
Add to that condition their unhappy relations
with the savage Indians who were seldom given
time to get converted before the Puritans sent
their souls to perdition via the lead route. Be
tween the Indians and poor crops and disease, they
hoed a hard row. Naturally enough those who
were left alive 'at the time of the first harvest felt
they had something to be thankful for. The aver
age person will feel the same after committing a
series of blunders the penalty for which he has
escaped by the skin of his teeth.
But a lot of water has run under the bridge
since that day. Where the Puritans fought and
prayed and starved and hoed their corn American
Industry, American Capitalism has entrenched it
self in huge factories and these factories have
spread over the whole country. In short, the
factory system of production has supplanted the
old home-farm method. American workers earn
their living in factories not in cornfields.
And the holiday of thankfulness as far as
the worker is concerned has changed to. Somehow
or other, he no longer feels that either Divine Pro
vidence or any other power other than his own
brain and brawn are responsible for his being alive
and kicking. He has gotten the ideo (from working
in a factory) that unless he gets together with his
fellow shop workers and kicks good and strong,
and tactfully, and uses every method to beat the
organized owners of factories, that the boss will
be the only one to have anything to be 'thankfirl'
In spite of these past years of 'prosperity',
American workers have as little as ever over
which they may gloat in surfeiture this November
25th. These past few weeks have knocked into a
cocked hat any inclinations of American workers
in that direction. Hundreds of thousands of work
ers are now idle with no jobs in sight. If they
have anything to be thankful for it surely is not
the measure of prosperity they now possess.
But American workers have something to be
thankful for. They have a greater spirit of solid
arity in their ranks than ever before ; a spirit that
is developing tremenduously in all directions. This
is manifested by the recent large strikes and will
become more noticible from now on. American
labor is learning that "an injury to one is an in
jury to all", and it is breaking down the lines of
craft unionism that divide it when these stand in
the way of SOLIDARITY. American labor has
this development to be thankful for. And it should
do everything within its power to develop this
spirit and to make it serve labor in the struggle
against the exploiters.
Intelligent workers will take advantage of
every opportunity to do this. On all occassions
they will stimulate this spirit and cultivate it
among their fellows. The most potent factor and'
help in the workers toward solidarity is that por
tion of the workers' press which teaches class
solidarity at ali times and places. The Toiler is
one of these. It consistently teaches the folly of
craft consciousness as opposed to class-consciousness.
It teaches solidarity as opposed to disunity
and division of labor's forces. Such a paper is a
valuable asset to the workers. It keeps alive the
spirit of class solidarity that is beginning to be
felt in the mass. It deserves your support at all
times especially now.
To go back to the first paragraph. Thanks
giving day is almost here. Prosperous capital has
much to be thankful for. It will celebrate in its
way. Maybe it will go to church and pray for more.
Labor has something to be thankful for too for
success in Russia, for a shaking and trembling
capitalism the world over, for greater solidarity;
for a growing class-conscious press.
What would be more fitting than for class
conscious workers to hold a Toiler Benefit on
Thanksgiving Day? A Social affair that would re
flect this spirit of solidarity among workers? We
have told you of our need of funds for paper. We
have asked our readers who are in contact with
groups of comrades to hold a Toiler Benefit for
our Paper Fund this November. We want to em
phasize that Thanksgiving Day would be a most
appropriate date for these events. If you can't

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