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SATURDAY. NOV. 13. 1920.
be in uniform against those who were not. The
Premier of Poland was another Socialist, and he
ted out the Polish workers to slaughter the Rus
sian workers.
So the American worker got what he voted
for and he ought to be content for the next four
years unless something happens !
But something may happen!
No matter how he has voted, a man with an
empty stomach; a man without a job and with a
wife and children to feed; with the landlord
pounding on the door for the rent and threatening
him with eviction ; a man who has lost his credit
at the store, whose clothes and shoes get so shab
by that he cannot even apply for a job; a man
who sees the rich drive past in limousines, who
knows there are beautiful palaces where there is
no want ; who has to look his children in the face
and know they must HUNGER, is a man who
will not care much whether he voted for Harding,
Cox or Debs. A man like that will begin to think
of something different from voting.
Of course, all the candidates told the Ameri
can worker how interested they were in his caus.
Didn't Harding represent Wall St. and isn't Wail
St the friend of labor? Didn't Cox stand for the
Democratic party, and haven't the Democrats in
the past four years done a lot for labor in the
form of Lever Acts, forced arbitration, espionage
laws etc? Didn't Debs tell of his love for the work
er, and didn't he stand for a party one of whose
spokesmen said that if the workers of another
country came to this country to help the American
worker establish a Workers' government here, he
and his party would fight them? They all asked
for votes but votes won't fill an empty stomach !
With industry sloving down, with wages drop
ping with a thud, while prices remain in in the
sir, with several men competling for ONE job,
And do you think the American government
and the State governments do not know that?
Why are they strengthening their National
Guards, providing them with tanks ? Are National
Guards used for foreign service? Why are they
providing their police with machine and riot guns ?
Are the police used for repelling the enemy? Why
are "best citizens" putting their trucks and motor
cars at the disposal of the police in case of
"emergency", "strikes" etc. ? Has the City become
se weak that it must appeal for help to private
citizens and always CITIZENS OF THE WELL-TO-DO
They have been doing the same thing in
Europe. In Germany, the workers kept their arms
when they returned from the war. According to
the treaty of Versailles, the whole German people
must be disarmed. The German "Socialist" govern
ment disarmed the workers but let the middle
and upper classes the bosses and their kind
keep their arms. In Italy, the soldiers had not
handed over their guns. The government tried to
get them away but it allowed the "best citizens",
bankers, lawyers, merchants, to form White
Guards to assist the State in "protecting pro
perty". In England, the House of Commons re
cently passed a bill empowering the government to
take "any steps" in case of a coal strike. And this
meant the use of force.
Governments are governments, and workers
are workers. One government is called a monarchy,
and the workers are in rebellion against it. An
other is called a democracy, and the workers are
forced to fight it. One worker is a Swede, another
an Italian, a third a Russian, a fourth an Irish
man, a fifth a Frenchman, a sixth an American
and they all fight when stomachs get empty and
jobs are not to be obtained.
They have fought in Germany and Italy but
they lost, because they were not well enough pre
pared. And now they are getting ready to fight
there again. British workmen are marking time
for the moment, till they really know what they
want and LEARN HOW TO GET IT! Russian
workers discovered three years ago that they
wanted a change a complete change and they
got it. v
American workers have fought in sections.
Thus, out in Montana, they have been ready at all
times to fight for their rights. In Washington,
they have lined up together against their bosses.
In Michigan, Galveston, and now in West Virginia
and Alabama, workers know that there is only one
certain way to win.
So, although the workers of America have
voted themselves into slavery for the next four
years, when trouble comes, they will forget about
the piece of paper on which they wrote the name
of some faker. They will know what they have to
do, taking an example from the workers of Eu
rope, and of Montana, West Virginia and Alabama!

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