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SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 1920.
country a truely revolutionary working class or
ganization. We have been debating lately the question of
industrial unionism. I am very strongly in favor
of this as are those who are working with me. We
are in hopes that it can be brought about by re
volutionizing the trade unions from within and
we are going to do our work along that line. If
it can't be done that way, we are for it anyway
it comes. -
In spite of their as yet undeveloped class ex
pression, I believe that the workers of the trade
union movement in this country, as soon as they
are relieved of the backward leadership, and, as
soon as conditions force greater action, will be
able to make revolutionary vehicles of the trade
unions, some of them at least.
Already the Chamber of Commerce has ex
pressed its intention of crushing even craft organ
ization. This move must of necessity create a rebel
spirit that can not be held back by Gompers. And
as soon as this expression places leaders who re
present the true working class interests at the
helm Good-bye Capitalism!
A general strike, which began in Pressburg,
has extended throughout the whole of Slovakia,
and now embraces Ruthenia also.
The strike was precipitated three days ago,
when the Pressburg police carried off Pfiffering,
editor of the Communist "Volkestimme", every
ti'ace of whom they have since concealed. Twenty
thousand workers have downed their tools in
Pressburg alone, and thousands more, including
many peasants, have ceased work in the provinces.
Many towns are without light and are completely
A Dollar For "Lenin"
In spite of the capitalist press campaign of
lies, the world is gradually learning that instead
of being the butcher he has been depicted, he is
not only the greatest leader of the world revolu
tionary movement, but the foremost statesman of
the world.
In fact, workers are learning that the capitalist-militarists
of the world have carried on a
murderous campaign of butchery, that they still
are doing so and are preparing to continue to do
so as long as they have the power. White Guard
governments have gone out of their way to carry
on their butcher programs against Russia and
other working-class governments. In truth, wher
ever the workers seek to establish humanitarian
conditions of living, they are being butchered
without quarter by the very powers which have
been loudest in their hue and cry against Russia.
The White Guards' insane activities against the
spread of the truth about Lenin and the Bolshe
viks has been the cause of their own undoing. In
order to prevent the spread of the truth they have
resorted to the methods which they accuse Lenin
of practicing. They have used force, arrest, per
secution, jails, knock-downs, beatings and all man
ner and degrees of brutality to prevent the work
ers from learning the facts about Bolshevism.
To no avail. The facts are coming to the front
in spite of all. The same is true of "Nicolai Lenin,
"His Life and Work", by Zinovieff, which The
Toiler has published and is now shipping out to
eager purchasers in bundles large and small. This
work by the friend and co-worker of Lenins is
one of the best refutations of the capitalist lies
about Lenin that has been printed. And the
number of copies we are daily mailing out is
splendid proof that "force and violence" by Pal
mer's White Guards is poor munition against truth
and workingclass determination.
It is splendid proof that beating up a worker
does not delay for a moment the work of education
we are carrying on. By no means. Quite the con
trary. The workers are coming to the front with
their orders for more copies of "Lenin". We have
already shipped out several thousand copies, and
the orders are still coming. Our readers can
materially aid the circulation of this pamphlet by
sending us a dollar for four copies, one for them
selves and three to sell to others. If you want the
truth to reach the workers; if you resent the
brutal methods of capitalism and its agents in
keeping YOU and OTHERS from learning the
truth, you will do this. You will get on the job at
once and put your dollar to work for WORKING
Use the blank. Prove that you are a fighter.
I am enclosing herewith $ for
copies of "Lenin, His Life and
Work" in order to defeat the Czars and Kai
sers of America.
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