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SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 1920.
1 year, $2.50
Address all mail and make all checks, payable to
3207 Clark Ave., Cleveland, Ohio.
Entered as Second Class Matter, February 21, 1917,
at the Post Office at Cleveland, 0., Under the Act
of March 3, 1879.
Bundle Order Prices
Five copies, payment in advance 3'2c each
Ten copies, payment in advance 3 Vic each
Twenty copies, payment in advance 3'ac each
One hundred copies 3.50
One thousand copies 35.00
Bills upon bundle orders of 100 or more rendered
monthly. Bills must be paid upon presentation.
Order a bundle of Toilers weekly and sell them to
yonr sliojunates.
Published weekly by the
Toiler Publishing Association
Telephone: Harvard 3039
Preserving the Unpreservable
Publishers are continually flooding the market
with the output of capitalist apologists and fake
economists. Numerous Saviors of Capitalism have
eome to the front with nostrums of all kinds for
saving the system of exploitation, of establishing
new relations between Labor and Capital to take
the place of the old ones which the world war and
Bolshevism have destroyed.
We are constrained to make the foregoing re
marks by opening one of these recent works at a
chapter entitled, "Preserving the Wage System".
To quote one paragraph : "We should be foolish to
try to get back to pre-war wages or prices. The ef
fort would only promote revolution. What we have
to get back to is some new relation Between labor
and capital not the old relation, but some new
relation" to preserve the wage system!
Some new relation! There's the rub. The
workers are on to the old relation the relation
cf master and slave, of exploiter and exploited, of
propertied profit taker and propertyless wage-
slave. They, the workers are next to this relation
and they are organizing to destroy it by elimin
ating the parasite profit taker. They have ac
complished this task in Russia and all Europe is on
the brink of following the example.
But instead of offering a "new relation", the
author only attempts to camouflage the old one
to cover it up with some more or less new fangled
system of co-operation in order to "increase pro
duction and guarantee profits".
There is only one relation possible between
wage-earner and employer. That is the relation of
antagonism. All the camouflages which semi
economists may concoct will not change that re
lation nor lessen its irreconcilable character. The
wages system must in the very nature of social
evolution pass away to give place to one of co
operation between workers only. '
Questionable Nourishment
That foxy crook and misleader of Labor, Sam
uel Gompers, with his usual oilynes attempts to
convince American labor that there are crumbs
of comfort to be found for them in the "victories"
of the recent elections. According to Gompers, p0
foes of labor were defeated and there will be in
the next congress a greater number of "union
Gompers claims that this is a tremendous
vindication of the non-partisian political policy of
the A. F. of L. Gompers cannot conceive of working-class
political action. His idea of working
class political action is on a par, to use the words
of Tom Clifford, with the practice of shooting off
a cannon a little at a time!
Gompers would never stamp a working-class
political action with class character. He would
never have the working-class ORGANIZED politi
cally for itself with its own candidates and its own
demands and programe. By no means. Gompers is
not that kind of a "labor leader". He would have
the working-class beg, plead and belly-crawl be
fore the picked candidates of the capitalist class,
first in the Republican camp and then in the De
mocrat camp, for the things it should, and must
in the end, organize and take.
Now that the Democratic Party has so trem
enduously lost, he has turned his coat and pledg
es "the American labor movement including my
self to the services of the Republicans. Gompers'

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