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SATURDAY, NOV. 27th, 1920.
trolled production run before the workers' eyes
are opened to the only solution workers con
trol? The slogan for labor in this crisis must be:
The Community Chest- Why?
The annual Pharasitical gathering of alms in
all large cities is now on full blast. Every capital
istic publicity agency is tooting of the virtues of
giving. All charity organizations have combined
their forces for a huge drive for funds for the
"needy", that is, the workers, who, exploited of
the greater part of the product of their Jabor are
forced to rely upon the pitiful crumbs of charity
for an existence.
The best that can be said of these capitalistic
charity organizations is that they feed some in
nocent children. The worst is that they camouflage
the robbery of the workers by the wages system,
degrade both workers and parasites and cast over
the hideous, criminal features of capitalism a man
tel of so-called good deeds.
As capitalism has developed it has made more
bitterly necessary the establishment of these char
rity agencies. They may be likened to hospitals
upon the battle front, where the victims of war
may be cared for and made able to again enter
the carnage. So with the workers, exploited, de
nied the right to earn their livlihood, they seek
refuge at the door of these organizations where
they are prevented from wying in the streets
until the industrial system can again employ them.
Needless to say, the causes which produce
starvation and need in the midst of enormous pro
ductive ability are left undisturbed. That is one
purpose of charity organizations to prevent
dire necessity from driving the workers to revolt,
to pacify them with crumbs when the loaf is
snatched away.
Whether the workers realize it or not, the
present profit system does not and cannot keep
the workers well fed. clothed and housed. The
capitalists themselves realize this fact well enough,
therefore the establishment of charity organiza
tion, Community Chests. They willingly, even
anxiously foster them. They know that un
less some means are provided to care for the
wrecks which capitalist production is turning out
continually, they will eventually become object
lessons to all workers. Charity prevents this. It at
the same time gives many "good" people an op
portunity to Work off their sentimental emotions
and pacifies a distrubed sense that somewhere
there is injustice.
It would be too much to expect that the cap
italists are furnishing all the millions required to
fill these Community Chests. Capitalists are not
those kind of geese. They compel those who remain
employed to furnish the funds. This is accomplish
ed by a system of pressure which is brought to
bear upon every employee. If the Chest still re
mains unfilled at the end of the drive "generous"'
capitalists and exploiters make their donations
with a blare of trumpets. These too howevir, re
present the product of exploited labor. Labor pays
it all. -
It is a great game. The starved, the crippled,
the mangled, the decrepit, old and diseased are
kept out of public gaze. Capitalistic production for
profits, the cause of it all, gets the credit for be
nevolence. The workers pay the cost.
"The bourgeoisie will do everything for the
workers except get off their backs".
Who would be a lawyer?
St. John Chrysostom said of the law profession :
"to take a fee for making the worse appear better,
seemed to me to be bribed to a lie; to take Satan's
wages, to sin against one's own soul".
He could not see that the moral prostitution
involved in selling one's mental ability to a client
for money to commit an immoral act was in the
slightest degree less evil than to sell one's body
for the purpose of lust.
Bob Minor says that the laws of the workers'
government of Russia are so new and so strange
that the lawyers cannot understand them, so they
have become clerks in the government commissar
ies. Sam Sadlor, of Seattle, has been released at
Mc Neil Island by order of President Wilson, after
serving 17 months. He was arrested under the old
Dick military act for distributing anti-conscription
pamphlets before the draft bill was passed.
As an asylun. for political refuges, the Unit
ed States has ccisod to exist except for reac
tionaries and counter revolutionists.

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