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SATURDAY, DEC. 18, 1920.
And supposing the coal miners went on strike
in this country. What would happen? England
and other countries would supply coal to tho&"
countries as well as for the r-hips that the United
States had been supplying heretofore.
You know what that means! It means that the
miners of England and of other coal exporting
countries would hav? to scab on you. You do not
want to have the English miners or the miners of
any other country scab on you. Nor do you wish
to scab on them. Pass a resolution refusing to
supply coal for any purpose that would in any
way endanger the success of any coal miners'
strike in any country. Also call upon the miners
of all other countries to do the same thing for
you, should you strike.
It is quite possible that in case the coal miners
form an alliance with workers in other industries
as well as with coal miners in other countries,
that you would nevertheless have to go on strike
to enforce your demands. It may happen for
example that, what at first is a small tsrike of one
industry in one country, or of the coal miners in
this country, may later have to be extended to
become a general stirke of all coal miners in
several countries, or even to include all other
strategically situated workers in many cuntries.
A multiple alliance of workers.
You have heard about the Triple Alliance of the
Coal Miners, the Railroad Workers and the Trans
portation Workers in England. Well, if you suc
ceed in forming with them and with workers in
other really essential industries, a greater alliance ,
you will have the most powerful, the most effi
cient and the most useful organization on earth.
Genuine Preparedness. Its meaning.
Preparedness is the demand of the day. Be
ready to meet the emergency when the employers
will refuse to meet you during a general strike,
as they refused to meet the steel workers before
and during the steel strike. In case a general
strike will fail to enforce your demands, don't say
that the rules of your union forbid you to take
more effective action. Don't say that the rules
of your union have bound you to inactivity, to
helplessness, to defeat.
Prepare for the emergency now! You will soon
have need of it. You an make your union as
powerful as you wish to.
Pass a resolution now. stating that should a
general strike be impotent to enforce your de
mands, and should the employers refuse to abdi
cate from the ownership of the mines, that you
consider yourselves entitled to take over the com
plete management of the mines, and to take and
hold the mines in trust for the benefit of society
as a whole.
To pass a resolution of this nature is the most
fonvard, the most beneficial step, any labor
union can take.
Coal Miners Delegate: Now is your opport
unity to take the correct stand.
The Worker And The "Public
v . 1 , ..
By Jos. Poor.
The venomous kept Press never misses an
opportunity to inform us that there are three
sections to present day Society, viz: the Rich, the
Poor and the "Pubilc." Stress is always laid on
the Holy Public. , When a railway strike occurs
it is the Public who suffers; when the packing
house workers refuse to pack rotten meat, the
Publi suffers some more; when the bakery work
ers refuse to make adulterated and dirty bread
in pe small hours of the morning, the Public
supposedly, demands they return to the ovens.
No sensible workers will say thai, rotten meat
is good for the body, that adulterated bread
spells health for his family or that any worker
should work like a slave. Therefore, every work
ingman and every workingwoman that downs his
tools in order to secure more bread for his family
and a little rest for his or her own weary boned
not only desewes the sympathy of all the workers
but should be given ACTIVE support by all his
fellow workers. Every victory of Labor against
the capitalist means better and more food for the
working class, better and cleaner homes, and
more education for the children. This is so self-

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