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1 year, $2.50
Address all mail and make all checks payable to
Entered as' Second Class Matter, February 21, 1917, at the Post
Office at Cleveland, Ohio, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Bundle orders in any quantity 3c. per copy.
Bills upon bundle orders of 100 or more rendered monthly. Bills
must be paid upon presentation.
Order a bundle of Toilers weekly and sell them to your shopmates.
Published weekly by the
The following letter has been sent to many business men,
together with literature describing the work of the American
Defense Society.
25 Pine Street, New York.
v February 16, 1921.
I have recently bfien elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the
American Defense Society and have taken time to Batisfy myself that the
Society has done a wonderfully important service not only betore ana curing
the war, but since the war.
The Society has before it, I am satisfied, as important constructive
work for the next few years as at any time in the past.
L enclose a summary statement of what the organization has heretofore
done, as well as what it intends to do in 1921. This you will see directly
concerns you and the interests you represent. For this reason I write to ask
you to share with others the financing of the work.
This letter goes to certain business men preminenl in their respective
localities who it seems to me will be glad to send $5Q.00 as their 1921 con
tribution. Please make your check payable to Benj. L. Allen, Treasurer and
mail it to the Society's National Headquarters, 116 East 24th Street, New
York City. Yours very truly,
Accompanying this letter is some interesting literature. In it
is given the work of the Society during 1921. Specimens of their
work are: They suppressed radical soap-boxing in many cities.
"The Society was the first agency to work towards the public
discrediting of L. C. A. K. Martens. It has taken nearly two year.--for
the Society's work to bear fruit. Martens is to be deported."
You will note they take all the credit ! Here is another one of the
Society's activities: 'To counteract the insidious propaganda of
the Reds in their efforts to establish One Big Union for the
violent overthrow of the government, the Society is now organiz
ing Home Defense Committees throughout the nation. These
cimittees are being organized to take up the active municipal
- ynf "pffdrnraiTTce rof Which are essential to human life in cases
of general strikes involving municipal , employees, and to replace
city employees called to more ac tive duty on the arising of such
a situation in given localities. Winnipeg, Seattle and Boston are
examples." Stripped of its cheap, humanitarian verbiage, this
means that the Society is enrolling potential scabs and is recruit
ing the White Guard of America.
A.s proof that its activities are needed, and to scare th-:
business men so thoroughly, we presume, that they will shell out
the fifty without a murmur, the Society prints the following
document with all the glare of red type and large capitals :
"The capitalist governments of the world arc fighting Soviet Russia!
The French and British governments are going to send troops to kill Rus
sian workers and peasants!
"The United States government is sending munitions to help Poland!
"The United States government is lending money to Poland and the
capitalist governments of Europe to shoot down Russian workers!
"Hungary and Roumania are to be armed by the Allies and sent against
Soviet Russia!
"But the class-conscious working class of Europe is standing by Soviet
"British, French, Italian, German and Austrian workers are refusing to
load munitions and move trains carrying war supplies against Soviet Russia!
"Down with all the capitalist governments of the world!
"Down with the capitalist government of the United States!
"Long live the Communist workers and peasants of Poland!
"Long live Soviet Russia!
Such is the exhibit being circulated widely throughout the
, country by the Society, in order to obtain the funds necessary to
organize its strike-breaking units. And in case the supply of mat
ter fall short, the Society issues an appeal to its members to send
to it copies of printed matter issued by agitators or radicals (when
is a radical not an agitator, or an agitator not a radical?) pro
claiming un-American principles. But the supreme jest of it all
is revealed when we read the motto of the Society, proudly em
blazoned appropriately across the blank contribution form. It
reads: "National Welfare Forbids Class Privilege." In this, The
Toiler heartily agree with the Society, and assure them we are
doing our utmost to abolish thectess privilege that their clients
enjoy. A classless society is our aim; and in a classless society
there can be no class privilege. We would, however, confer upon
many of the members of the Society the privilege of going to
work. And it is the dread apprehension of thut ever happening,
we are inclined to believe, which inspires t lie membership to con
tribute so readily to the Society's fund.
Z N A N .) E
South Slavic Weekly
For Rates Address
117 1 1 Weat 22 Street
Chicago. III.
For Workers of Irish Birth
262 West 23 SI n et
New York City
The Revolution at Kronstadt
The True Story of the Kronstadt Rebel
ton as Told in the "Petrograd Pravda".
What actually took place in Kron
stadt and Petrograd in the beginning
of March? I am in an advantageous
position to giil to the readers of
"The Toiler" the true story of the
situation. I have received the "Pet
rograd Pravda' of March 2, 3 and
4, 1921. So my tiuty now is: not. to
write the story but to translate and
connect the news, reports and de
crees in regards the "mutiny."
In the issue of March 2 there is
nothing in relation to the "uprising,"
so I have to begin with the issue of
March 3, where we find the first
A Leader in the "Petrograd Prav
da" of March 3, 1921, reads
"Revolution in Danger."
"Since the end of last month
among the toilers of Petrograd an
increased propaganda was carried
an for the Constituent Assembly by
the gentle Socialist-Revolutionists,
taking advantage of the increasing
iilliculues in supplying food and
"fuel. Behind the democrates stood
outspoken white guards, developing
open 'pogrom' (massacre) and black
hundred agitation.
"We always pointed out that the
agitation for 'the Constituent As
sembly hv the S. R-s. lays the
road to the rule by the reactionary
war clique and the Dictatorship of
the generals.
"That is how it happened.
"In Kronstadt, part of the marines
let themselves be led astrair by the
agitation of the S. R-s., and after
a day since the beginning of the
commotion, an exczaristic general
appeared on the scene, raising open
mutiny against the. Soviet rule.
"Let us remember, when in 1013
the S. R-s. overthrew the Soviet rule
in the Volga valey and in Siberia,
the rule of the Comtaittee of the
Constituent Assembly was npt of
long duration, the government of
the democrats was ended by their
ally, the Czar's general Kolchak.
"Similar experiments were done
by the S. R-s. on the North and
South in Russia, -and with this
same result.
However, our democrats have not
learnod the lessons yet of the last
years of the Russian Revolution,
they are still attempting to look for
luck anew, and this time ' they set
their hand on Red Petrograd.
"The S. R-s. gave an ex-general
the opportunity to get hold of Kron
stadt, the agitation of the S.-Rs.
became he gate, thru which directly
stepped in ( counter-revolution.
"Revolution in danger! Thru mis
leading and betrayal the enemy cap
tured one of the foreposts of the
revolution, from which the Red Ban
ner had never been lowered! The re
action of the S. R-s. and the gen
erals's have their hopes on the first
city of the Russian Revolution: Red
"Taking hold of it counter-vevolu-tionists
think to become the head of
the Soviet Republic and carry their
dirty work to triumphant conclu
sion. "Our enemies, however, are mis
taken in their rekonning. They for
got, that the workers of. the RcJ
Capital know how to defond their
achievements and finish with the
"Red Petrograd lias seen harder
days. In the Summer of 1919 Yude
nitch marched on Petrograd, when
Finlnnd threatened us with war. The
traitor succeeded in eapturing the
fort dominating Kronstadt-Krasnaya
Gorka, but it did not remain long i;i
their hands, the workers of Petro
grad smoked out the counter-revolutionists
from there.
"But at that time we had to fight
not only with traitors at our back,
but to beat back enemies on in
numerable fronts.
"Will not Soviet Russia now, de
feating its enemies, be able to render
impotent a gang of bandits, taking
advantage of our economic difficulties
to deliver a treacherous blow to the
workers republic?
"The Cry: "Revolution in Dang
er'" always gathered the working
masses under our glorious banner,
stained in the blood of jnrrtnnerable
sons of the toiling pulacc, dying
for the workers and peasants. 4
"The workers of Petrograd know
how to defend their city in incom
parably hurdcr moments, when thev
had to beat back on all sides the
attacking white guards, they will
not surrender their city to the ene
my now, after a triumphant terminn
Hon of the ftruggle with the white
"Tens of thousands of worker did
iot parish on tty fronts, fighting
against the white generals, to give
up the achievement
tion without struggle. No, this shall
not happen! The Aew adventure of
the nation's enem
as lamentably to
tacks of their pi
es will end just
them as the at
Wish LathereH the Thot.
The bourgeois uress made much
noise about the st
tion in Danger!" I
ing wish, that once
tion be put in dan
every word that hii
tion is taken for :
lying slogan, the cjall to arms, .used
by the Petrograd
taken as a cry in
This is why they tolp us: see, the Com
munists themselves
tion is in danger,
do we need? These silly bourgeois
scribes pick up anything to prove
their wish, and givtj it to the reading
I of the revolu-
itcment "Revolu
i their, all-obscur-Eor
all the revolu-
er and destroyed,
ted in that direc-
fcranted. The ral-
Communists, is
fear and agony.
say the revolu-
what other proof
public as a fact, a
Now, let us see
Jiow the "revolu
tion" happened, where it originated
and who were its promoters.
"The Governme nt's Communica
tion "A new white
surection of ex-gdneral Koslovsky
and the battleship
guard plot. "In-
("Petfograd Pravda, ' March 3, 21).
' "Already on the( IP. of February,
1921 in he Paris newspaper "Utro"
(The Morning) appeared a telegram
from Helsingfors of the 11 of Feb
ruary, stating that in Kronstadt had
broke out an insurection of Ine
marines against the Soviet rule. The
French counter-espionage went a lit
tle ahead of the tidings. A few days
after the certain, set, date the events
actually began, expected and, beyond
doubt, prepared by the French counter-espionage.
In Kronstadt and Pet
rograd appeared white guard leaf
lets. At the time of arrests the dir
ecting spies were caught. At the
same time the right S. R-s. began
intensified agitation among the work
ers, taking advantage of the diffi
cult food and fuel situation.
"On the 28 of February in Kron
stadt commenced a commotion on
the'- battleship ..rsyjaviovsk". A
black hundrcd-S.-R. resolution was
adopted. On the 1 ' of March com
motion on the "I'etropavlovsk" was
revived. In a joini assembly a similar
resolution was adopted. On the
morning of Mareli 2 openly appeared
on the scene a roup of the ex-.'jen-cral
Kozlovsky (the overseer of Ar
tillery). Ex-gencral Kozlovsky with
three officers, whose names are not
yet verified, came out in the role
of mutiners. Under thier leadership
were arrested Commisaire of the Bal
tic fleet comrade RHizmin, chairman
of the ronstadt Soviet, comrade Va
silyef, and a, line of other respon
sible individuals.
"In this way the latest events are
fully explained. Also this time behind
the S. R-s. stood a czar's general.
Taking all this into consideration
the Soviet of Labor and Defence- de
crees: 1) Ex-general Kozlovsky and his
supporters are declared outlaws.
2) - The city of Petrograd and the
province of I'etrograd are placed un
der a state of siege.
3) The entire civil and military
power, in the I'etrograd Fortified
Region, is turned over to the Com
mittee of Defence of Petrograd.
Chairman of the Soviet of La
bor and Defence. Ulijanof (Lenin).
Chairman of the Revolutionary
Soviet of War of the Republic.
The Kremlin, 2 of March, 1921."
"This declaration decree is fol
lowed by a decree of the Petrograd
Committee of Defense, putting the
above quoted decree in practice ami
is signed by Zinoviev, Lashevich and
"In the issue of, March 4 of the
"Petrograd Pravda" appears a lead
ing article whuh gives additional
facts of the preliminary preparation
and propaganda of the countor-revo-lution.
In all previous plots the black
hundreds canu' out with the slogan
'for the Constituent Assembly.' Now
knowing they will get no followers
on this slogan, anymore, the fol
lowing was invented: Hail the So
viet. Down with the Communists!
The den and was not the con
vening of the Assembly hut a 'free
re-election of tlHj Soviets."' The
same article point! out, that regard
less of what slogan the S. R-s. have
placed at the forefront, there is al
ways a czar's general behind the
scheme and the d-'reneh bourgeois
government financls them all. This
U verified by thj quotation of the
facts from previous insUrections,
they all began ia Remand for demo
cracy; all were fromotcd and sup
ported by the S. R-s. and in all a
czar's general was found. Knowing
all these things the great mass of
the Russian toilers refuse to take
them at their face value. The econ
omic situation in Russia is hard and
any promise of immediate relief finds
ready listeners, but as soon as the
question is submitted to general dis
cussion, the Communist argument al
ways proves to be the strongest and
most convincing, and the sailors and
soldiers turn against their mislead
ing officers and throw them over
board or behead thm."
In the "Petrograd Pravda" of
March 4, 1921, we find the following
news item from Kronstadt:
"According to the information
reaching the Committee of Defence
the picture in Kronstadt today is as
follows: First of all began the di
vision of butter and other supplies,
cn the boats.
"The leaders-in chief are general
Kozlovsky, captain Burkser and of
ficer Shirmanovsky. Besides this
there were occasions, when sailors
drew out officers from cabins and
occupied same themselves. The chief
tains of the insurection are encour
aging the wavering sailors with pro
misses that Finland is coming to
their assistance, and that in Petro
grad, if not today, then tomorrow,
will be an insurrection."
An interesting and informing brief
article is published in the "Petrograd
Pravda" of this same date. Trans
lated in full it reads:
"Provocation by the S. R-3. comes
out in greater and greater clearness.
Before us lies an 'extra edition' of
the S. R-s. newspaper "Narodnoje
Delo" (The National Affair) of the
28 of February, 1921. This news
paper is 'published by the S. R-s. in
Reval. It is the chief organ of the
S. R-s., in it are articles by the
"chairman of the Constituent As
sembly'' Chernof, printed side by
side with the productions of smaller
and greater dignitaries.
"The "extra edition" is devoted to
the "events" in Petrograd. With yard
size type is announced, that in all
Russia there is now transpiring an in
surection of the toiling populace
against its oppressors, that 'the
workers of Petrograd and Moscow
are aroused against the Soviet rule.'
That 'Vasilycv's Isle is in the hands
of the insurectionists,' that 'Com
munist collectives in Petrograd are
mysteriously cut up;' that 'Trotzky
flees from Moscow,' and 'on the
streets of Moscow and Petrograd be
tween workers and soldiers on one
side and Communists on the other,
are raging pitched battles' and si
milar nonsense.
"At the conclusion is printed ar;
article under the title "At the Op
portune Moment," which begins with
the words: 'Accor-iplished.' 'Before
our eyes commence to visualize in
all its glory and power the real sec
ond of March national revolution, the
vy 'hail the Constituent Assembly'
became the battle cry of the awaken
en revolutionary toiling mass.'
"Notice: all this was written be
fore the mutiny ii Kronstadt. Count-es-spies
of the French "Okhrana"
(Russian word for political police),
apparently, forestatcd their own pre
pared provocation.
"We can imagine, with what pleas
ure the merchants, bankers and pen
sioned generals and "Okhraniks" liv
ing on the mercy of the French
bourse, accepted the announcement
of the S. R-s., that 'the Communist
collectives in Petrograd are myste
i iously cut up.' Tears of joy mingled
with smiles of pleasure and content
run down the faces of the black
hundreds. "Provocateurs of the S. R-s. built
themselves a negt under the roof of
M10 Ruthonian bourgeoisie in Reval
and from there carry on bribery and
"Wbrkers, learn! Think, whose
uffnirs are promoted by the S. R-s.!
"Who for the revolution, is with
usl Who is for counter-revolution,
goes with the S. R-s. and the czar's
Having these facts and explana
tions before us. we can sum-up the
case of the aborted revolt as follows:
Schemed and orifriiatd in Paris;
worked out in detail in Reval; car
ried into practice by Soatalist-Revo-
lutionists and .the funerals f the
ex-czar, it met its just reward at the
hands of the true Communist soldiers
of the Red Army and the Proletariat
of Red Petrograd!
The difference between them is one of degree of h'tnger. When Seattle,
or any other large American City, becomes as hungry as London, the pic
ture presented of London in the letter below will be duplicated here eyea
tp the use of police clubs and more!
200. Also, a Millionaires Club is put
ting up a fair meal for five cents,
feeding about 700 per day.
Any one that wants to eat can get
it by playing all of the soup houses
regular and patrons are coming in
from all over the country.
London, March 24, 1921.
Dear Comrades:
Am writing you a few words about
what have I seen during one day in
London, England:
1. There was a great demonstra
tion of unemployed. I cannot toll you
how many thousands participaied.
More than one thousand various
signs were carried. The police, with
clubs, were beating women and young
girls upon their heads. I could not
look at such acts committed upon
hungry poor women who were look
ing for work.
2. In the evening a great mass
meeting was held. About 25,000 work
ers were present. Two flags were
displayed, Union Jack and ours (Red
Flag); workers removed the Union
Jack; fight began and thereby meet
ing was stopped.
3. Communist papers are being
sold at every store, and it is hard
to obtain one for they are immedi
ately sold.
4. Haye seen Krassin and asked
him whether Great Britain has es
tablished trade relations with Soviet
Russia; he said, "Yes" and that in
ten days a Soviet Envoy will come
to London, furthermore he said that
Poland has signed peace with Soviet
Your Comrade
Wasil Holyk.
The capitalist press does not keep
us informed about the real situation
in old Europe; about the discontent
which prevails in the capitalistic
countries. However, no ink or paper
is being spared to tell us stories and
lies about the downfall of Soviet
Russia. Great Britain, the castle of
world imperialism, is shaking. The
worm Unemployment, is eating the
very root of capitalist society the
world over. German uprisings and
the Miners strike in England may
bring the unexpected. The world
proletarian Revolution sweeps on its
What would our gentlement, Yel
low Socialists, Social Patriots and
Opportunists, advise the workers to
do in such unbearable conditions ?-r-
probably, "Wait four years till a new
election comes"!!!
M. Lojan.
In regards to the unemployment
in Seattle, Wash., it is a hard pro
position to figure out but will give
you what I have learned. Population
of Seattle is 315,000. It is estimated
that in normal times the employed
number 75,000. Present unemployed
approximately 30,000.
The capitalist paper estimates 18,-
000 1st- of March they apparently
would keep it as low as possible.
Labor Temple Unemployment Or
ganization is going to the farmers
Grange and gathering potatoes, car
rots, parsnips and cabbage and giv
ing it out to the married men and
women with children. 8,000 unem
ployed are registered.
A soup kitchen is giving one good
meal a day to single men, feeding
800 per day and from all indications
is supported by the Chamber of Com
Salvation Army is feeding 400 per
day. Home Mission feeding 500 per
These two Organizations are sup
ported by the well to do and the
business men.
There is also a Restaurant here
that gives a bowl of soup and bread
and butter between 2 and 4 in the
afternoon to its full seating capacity,
(Special Correspondence).
"The town where the sun always
shines" is a gloomy place for the
workers these days. 30,000 Mexican
cotton pickers were brought in here
from over the border some time ago.
The cotton growers have all gone
broke and the Mexicans in a number
of cases were not paid their last
months' fortnight's wages. Thou
sands of these Mexicans are living
in the open with their families and
literally starving to death. The Build
ing Trades Council here opened a
food kitchen at the Labor Temple
and fed them and forced into the
public eye a condition the plutes and
the press here were trying to cover
up. They are being gradually sent
The building trades here are at an
almost absolute standstill. Thousands
of building workers are idle. There
seems to be no immediate prospect
of even a little pick up in that line.
Stores and other distributive agen
cies are laying off help ; the tourists
are leaving; five banks in the county
"went flewie" these past few weeks.
Unless you can live on sand and sun
jthis is a good place to keep away
from. In the surrounding towns
things are even worse if that were
possible. The copper mines which are
the industrial base in this state are
closing down flat.
The World War Veterans organized
an Auxiliary here. The Organizer
was arrested before he was in tc?m-
six hours, at the instigation of an
Anti-Socialist stool who has been
operating here. Results, a large crowd
of unemployed attended trial. Or
ganizer was dismissed. The stool
squelched and warned by the judge
not to try to start anything. Five
others arrested charged with selling
Communist literature etc. some at the
complaint of the "Stool", others led
by a D. of J. agent. All cases thrown
out, D. of J. agent not to be found
at trials.
The story of the Russian Revolu
tion is being got to the workers here
and they assimilate it with avidity.
The releasing of those arrested
shows how the powers here are read
ing the barometer of workir:g clasa
discontent. The Workers here are
rapidly acknowledging that the Dic
tatorship of the Capitalist muse be
overthrown. An effecive literature
and mouth to ear educational cam
paign is being waged here bv the
X X SI X X S V nr3
Bohemian (Czechoslovak) Week
ly Organ of Uncompromising
$2 per Year; Six Months $1.
Single Copies 5c; Bundle Or
ders 50 to 100 copies 4o each;
100 copies or more 3c per copy.
1423 W. lth Str., Chicago, III.
S. Francisco & Oakland Workers!
WORKERS of the World, UNITE!
SUNDAY, MAY 1, 1921
Proceeds to "THE TOILER" and Defense Claw War Prisoners
Take S. 1'. Oikland boat, trai.i to Albanv. an Pnblo ve. car to Park

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