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sgmctlc & democrat;
Illgbly Important from Waeltlut.-
DatiocratkrMenhn of Congreat voting in
. aor ef -Polygamy. V .
TZc, I'Mom oiisiuutloiiiil JBove
- mcnt.
There aro confli. ts now engaging the
a tr-iition of the people of the Crutei
States. that must be deBiiiioly and finally
set:led. Ths issues musics met in the
conning Pregidiiuinl -clec'lon. In this
i-onteM, there can be bat two jurtipi '
T is, wC think, ly tins tirar. is clear to
thof4impieheDsuin ot all. .. . y.
This ihiid jjrty movement, can serve
no odior purpose, than to distract and
disturb . nvriucrn notion.' h is cot at all
' probable, that such an drgai.isutiori cm
change single electoral vote. But the
Southern'. Democracy havo no hope of
success, except i.i pushing foiwiiftl this
tuheni. . They will stand by the nominee
of the Charleston Convention. Their pol
icy Wi'J "be to produ-e distraction in the
North, su fir, as to male it poss-ble t
tbrnw"tl)(! choi' e of l'nsident it to th
'lions, where there is not the Constiu
ioaal-rc.ijriiy 10 decide the election; in
-.wiiiob evcui, the choice di vnlvi s upon s
J)mnrati Senate,
' .This idea,' of a " Constitutional Ui ion
v Tarty" i-cnv? to the pmcepti n osnjjaii.
. slide and righto (in movement, and has re
ceived the concurrence of many very j;oid
northern tnn; but its su;ess heretofore,
lias yemi luiNmiiii-; hs it wi I ns nm.
The fa; c:e id "ratinj the Un on ''has b on
. -played out, it i im longer avnilitble. The
plall'o, ni upon tv'.ih h R"iulili.:an par
ty s and-!, is fti.fli ionily coiisiitiiiional I"
mee rl o wevrs f a 1 w ho rcilly love tdo
Uni u. 'I lin s rdi of disr-oluiion will
wver g rminiite in the Nor l; and how
ev-r much b'ouii orni'rs mny bluster about
wiMii'MVMnx imm i lie emu. oi-rtiry, ve
have no f his in tlia'. (liivi t (Hi. Nmtlier
- do we think that ifoutli-me will biandiih
tlie-e thrca b bcyi tid a mere time bcivins
'll.o lli-publicon pnity, and those who
co-OjCiHtc wiihtlicni against the corrun
tium id tho pri-eont Southern adininistin
tion, know, now, ioo well, that all atl. nipts
to How into vitality this ihird paity. aie
indiioctly laying Into tho hands t-f their
The Union.
Here is a sample of tlie purposes of
Southern editors with regard to the Un
ion. Tho exuaots show the insane courts
advocated by southern mad caps in iholr
declared purpose lo dissolve the Union:
''Tho dissolution of iho Union will be
lbs act of a peoplo assailid und-r the
forms of tlo Cuiistitniiori, and ondiid in
to revolution. The bauorii-s of tho Con
stitution, i in c ii 'ltd (or tho dufiinuo will be
like tho insitluous liriifica;ionii iif Far-
is turnod inward upon the helplo.t and
.peaceful p?oplewho havertdicd upon their
' protcotioti. To resint this irrnclmrous
perversion of llin Government meditated
by Boward and his aiaoviatos, the people
of the S iuth millhaet o eyed tin lam of
"If proMion. They will uot bs obeying
tl.u behests of Democracy. They will be
acting in accordance uilh tin only law li'yh
er than iOiittitittion$iml of saving i ho
lives, pence and propoiiy of tl circounlry
men. Washington i'ttilct Union.
The following we clip from the Now
Orleans D ili It icfors to, and justiQes
tho present Glihustcr wat upon Mexico.
Hear it:
"!i is quite ai lngical to aruua lh.it the
Mercury ii condi-nutiug Ciijiliiiu Tuuifi's
nut berauSu it may lead to li e ncquisi
. tiou of iihw teniloi y, an tint w, and oth
ers who hpjirnvu that aoi. are influenced of bis?
by the hopo ami iIumid ol nctiuiriug new
territory. In that view of tho tuhj ot,
v ft-.jl even ni re nr. lent, and Zrah us
Atinexed. w give jhc ' rote -".in
Hous', on tb pasrae of s Bill abolishing
PoKgxmy in Ut'ih) wfiich we clip Irom
the Cincinnati Daily GowU.' It will be"
seen that all ibe Ohio Democrats voted
aginst the bill, thus indirectly voting fur
polygamy: .
Ykas Messrs Adams of Kentucky,
dams of Maesa:huetis, Admin, Aldrich,
A il y Andrrfon of Missouri, Anderson of
Kerjueky. Ashley. Barr,.B.ibbitt. Bealy,
Binzham, B!air, IJiake Boiejer.. Brabson,;
Brayion, Driggs, Hnsipw, DumniiinjiJua;
imgame, Burneil, Bmroughs, Bulieifield,
Campbell, Csrev,-Caner, Cas, Clark of
New j oi k, Ulark ol wisunn, uooo, u.
B. Cochrane, John . Cochrane,'.. Colfax,
CiiiklinK- Covodu, Cisig sf Missauii,Cur
tin, Davis nf Maryland, Dawes, DcWno,
Dimmick, Duoll, Dunn, Eilgarton, d-
wards, Elliot, Liy, Ethcridue, rums-
wonli. Fenhid,' Kerry, Foster, , Frank,
French. Gamelt, Gilmer,- Graham, Grow,
(iiirby. Hale, Fait, Harris, of Maryland,
,1 J .IT' . ! It 1 I. II. I
narris oi Virginia, ijcinnca, iiickiuhu,
Hill. Hoard, Hughes, Humphrey, Hutc!i-
ins. JeiiKiiis, Junkin, .tveitog ot sitcni
ean, Kclloi: Illinois, Keiiy"n,Kili"re,Kil-
linger, Lamar, Jjarr-bee, Leacb of MiChi
lian, Lee, Longneckcr, Loomtx, Lovejuy,
Malory, Marsmn,- Mnih' of .Virginia,
Maynaid, Mckean, McKinl.t, ' McPher
son, Millaon, Mdlward, Moore of Ken
lucky, Moorehead, Murrill.Moiris of Pen
ylvauia, Mnise of Pennbylvania, Morse,
Nelson, Nixon, Oltn. runner, t erry, Pet
ntt, Porter, Potior, Pryor.'Qu irles, Ilea
can, Hice. ltobinsoh of Ri ode Island,
Itoyce, Bidiwurts, t-irar.ton, Sherman,
Sirkh s, biinuin, Smith of North Carolina
ualdini;, Spinner, Stanton, Stevens, Ste
vonsiui, Stewart of IVnnsylvan'B, Stokes,
Stratian, Tappun, llnaker, TompkinR,
I rair, 1 riuilile, Unilrwood. Vai.oe.van
dever, VHnWyck, Vcrree, Waldron, Wl
t'-n, W shbiirn, f Wisconsin Washburn
of Illinois, Washburn of Maino, Webster,
Wells, V ilson. indoui, WsodrulT and
WuodHOn H9
Nays Messrs.' Al'pn, Ashmnre.Baik
dale. Iliiirelt Bocock, Boiili.im, Boulirny
'lloyei', B'anch, Bureh, Ciopton, Cooper
Cox, trrofd, Curry, U Jariietto, tlor
inco. F. like, Garticll, Hamilton, Ilarde
man, Holman, Houston, llowuid, Jack
son, Jones. Keitt, Logan, Love, MiRriif
of Ohio. McClernand; McQieen, MuKae
Miles, Montgomery, Moore of ftlabnms
Monis of lllim-is, Niblick, Noo'l, Pen
dleton, Phelps, Pugh, t'ggs, Robinson ol
Illinois, Rultin, b. ott.Niiuii of Virginia,
Sinllw. rih, Ftewart of Maryland, Hiout,
Tay'or. Thayer, 1 nomas, Vallaudir.gham
Wbitely and Wlnaora 60.
Tho aoiion of democratio members of
Congnss in favor of polygamy, and
against the admission of Kansas as a free
State, under tho Constitution which they
aro now presuming, which is tho express
ed will of the pe'iplo of that Territory, as
also their opposition to the passage of the
Hotnestesd Bill, by which fiee labor would
be favored above slavo labor, was, pur-
haps, in view of their former course to
be expected: but that the man who oi
tenaibly represents the Eleventh Cungrei'
ionnl Distiict of Ohio, (C. D. Mart!!,)
should deem it his duly to record his vote
in favur o' this withering blight of civil
ization, morality and religion, will, yvo
apprehend, be a damper, even to bis
most aident friends.
Voting sgainsi a measure to abolish
polygamy, is, certainly, indiiectly voting
for a meisuro In legalize the tame. It
& manor of regret, that almost the Gist
time we havo heard fiotn Hi. Mautin, is
the record of this volo. How will he re
turn to ins onanisms ana oxcuse his
act in this matter? Yill bis political
friends in ih!s distiict endorse litis course
Wo shall see.
General Rjifc&t n'Kjni ol
To tbe Vr4esraan whose ucililiea, ena
ble blm -to" fill oi'or'i. promp l'y. iii .bii
linej'ou ftlv'orsbls i term:-the'ittainment of
s'n adeqiiiU'pdbiiCity 'ia matter of "prU
maryVonrern." - If bisVircle of irado "lieii"
in tbe'toonty adjacent .to hie 'location!
then, he Bhodld take adequate measures
to let every' family -in' the "county knoiv
what' bo sells, and 6n wha terms.. It is
folly to.speak ofjcost.': as an impediment.
It would be as wiss tQ objoct to shelter,
ing hisgoed&v or his stook from bad weath
erj prot. cling them fro thieves, or deal-
ing th9m out to ins cnsiomers, on accuum,
of tl eexpense it. would involve. 'All the
oilier oosts of his. business are. iDcurrefl
withoiit adequate taotivo or return, if this
one essential element, (adrertiiing,) is left
out, or stlnUd.. . If he fully and thor
oughly inform every Tfamily J.wlihin the
sphere of his business, upon nil the essen
tial potntsof his trade, the r- tarn to him
must; inevitably; sooner or later, bo a
lnrgc per cent, il may not como speedily.
but it will eome, ;. The mau who refuses
or neglects to iueur the cxpensejof k'tting
the public know, what he te prepared W do
will neeeesanly lriCteaseTtts-expooses, in
ti e form of of light, fuef.'cleiVhire,' rents
Jto., from olie to ten - per cent,- on-bis g-
gtcgse sales;; tberetry rendering it irripos-
iible, that, he can. sell as fcheapj ' or on as
Kummnrr of I'lirnpean New.
Kb Youk, April Gib. News bv the
(.ami sui-n win im ti e uir.v.iraiHoniimoi.t ' nri ivnl of the Ksngnrnolrom Livorpool.
in the live part of the South) in b h:ilf ,
. ofihit wise and cscreiio nieusiiieof
Captain Tu'iicr. If ii is lo result in ac
quiring new territory in the souibwi-st, we
The annexation of Savoy to France, is
iea"ird'd us a fixed fact.
Tho appointments of officials for Savov,
nhull apiilaud it as an set of prof und bad beau completed in Paris.
II l . .1-1 '
aaicsmaiisiup, as wvii ai oi vioiouHmiu
tary rihtaml duty. Inaicad of cmhar
raiiHMg the South, in tho olir.inn of ''the
internal iiUfBtiniu" which nt present (lis
Hud the Status, we hold ii to be the Very
best mode of scU ing nil llose ilitliculiirs
lo mid to tho power of the S uth, by ar
quiiing moie lerrilory ai'ujiled to slave
Ghkat Biuttais. l'oth houiesof Par
liameni, have lejocted a proposition in fa
i vor o' the ballot box.
Tho reform bill attracts but little attrn
j Mrs. Jameson, the autho-ess, ia dead;
and Floronco Nightingale is seriously
"The people, and thrir representatives
in this valley, are determined no longt r to Tho Meditoinneao Telegraph Cable, is
do leu in leaning st.ings dj a lew ,ia ( 0 be BiJ wl,lIn tW3 mor,,ua; connecting
iiiiriua in inu mi inn in- iiu, p mv u-n on . i .i t
slope of i hn Allrihaiili-s, Wo w ant more
teniimy hciC'ibuiit, nrnl we iniond to
have it, whether it please Smith Caroli
na or not. Ti e Hid (l ands ihes i.ot
suit us ns a lioiinilarv line. Its iich val
ley eannot be cultivated by slave labor aa
long as llie Mexicans onciipv l ho other
bank. The oVcre of I'roviileiiKO inn!
the deeign of tho pe.ipln olthis vail y in
dicate a bnumlsry furiher South. as better
suited m our view, ii.ti iests and purpo
ses; and it is only a till stion of l iui ,
when wf ehall reilnim tor the purposes
ol' civilisation ami slav culture the in g
tiiliccnt country of the Sh ria Mulie."
The Hreaideui'a Prdli-kt.
We forbear to tiampl up hi u bil'.en ad
versuiy. Jumes Ihichanan and iU ad
it is nndeistoo I that tho relations of
Fiance with Eng'nnd, are not of the ttosl
siiti-laitnry kind.
It is sisted, that 60,000 mon in Tuscs
n y, and 75,000 in Amelia, era to be lev
ied, to increase tho Sardinian army to
The Pope's d'ro tor has gnno lo Brus
sels, to contiaut n loan, of 0,0o0,O0O
A mani'Vs'aiion has taken place nt the
vath-an, In favor of iho Pop.
I.ivxKPiioL Markits, Flour sod Bread
stulTs gen-rally, have advanced. Money
market active. Contu's 9 4 cCi 9 1 g .
:,;- -i: t :t,... .. .
in i ii.B ih'm.ii mil i i ii in nil 1 1 i n jiaNMilg I TUP DOU' I 4 W
under. I is p. lubli io see tlie rroMdci.t j The f. Hewing are the provisions of tho
f 'll0 I' J Stiles drivmi lo th, mce- d0g bill, as agreed to by boih branches
s'.t or becomin; a spec al plnader in his f the Legislature on the? lib;
, own ho a f, He probably relied too eon "That every pernon owning, harboring
Cdently upon ihe tidelny of bis fri-nds; or lo-p ng any dug. shall be liable to the
. lor it se-nis ha win nise under the party injured for all damages done by
rPr "lings ,.f the Invi stig ring (W sunlnlog; and it shall be lawful for any
. mitten ot M. sars. Haekuw and Covode, person to kill, or cause to b killod. any
until it reuehed a point wh-ie, ,a ,.om. Jo(( or d(lfft w))i( r, he Bi0y Brt run
. p'.icity in ih. pi eulsiioi.s fr-rn ths public (ning al larneon his premiss, without the
luuds, sad their spp.opna ions f..P .h-t- pumuce of He owner or keeper of such
. tioneeriii! uu poses, placed bim in an ,1,,., And it aliall furtlior bn UufuL fne
t uitenviablo po-iiion. when I e cornea for- ny person at aov liino to kill, or cause
ward with sprmo I. with whioli be thinks
trlopuietit of an uupleasani affiir. I ju'ina iu.J sheep or lambs."
.autleni attveiy to arret the furiher
inks iq bs killedny dotj which may be.or.msy
de- have been found kiilimr, woiryine, or in
W pat him liirhtlv. He will soon be
, I-i the ehsd. s. His farce of ssving tie
Union,' has b -en brief indeed. ''Sic (ran-!
t't gloria mnriili," !
This will give lawyers some work, for
plug musses and lawsuits will i undoubt
edly be of freqimnl eofiumnce. -
accommdda'.ing'tertiis as his more enter
prising rivals; who advertise extensively.
He virtually and voluntarily chooses, to
remain io the rear ranks of bis calling.
There are those', who thow the value of
advertising, but who yet confino tlit is no
tices to journals of their own creed or par
ty. This would be light, if thoy desired
only to trade with their faith: but ifthey
would like to have tbe . whole piibliq for
customers, then the case assumes n very
ilifferent. importance. ; Tlii selfishness
however, it 't to be hoped is vtry limited
Much vanitv is often displayed in the
column of newspapers, in ibu form of
dull wit; doggerel poems and extravagant
boasting, whioh, though il may s-rve to
exhibit ti e detects of ihe aspirant, will at
tho same dure be stnle and unattractive
to the public. Let buffoons joke and
plsy the clown for money, but let busi
ness men speak and act with directness
and di-cisioi,: The fowest words that will
convey the intelligenoe the advertiser in
tends lo give, ste the belter omi.
Those who are indifferent to the impor
tance of liberal adverlis Dg, do not per
haps refleot upon the universal diffusion1
of printed journiils in some, form, amongst
the inassosjandhat the mors people read,
the more they are incjincdjo read. Only
a few jeers since thu circulation of a few
thousand copies of a newspaper was re-
garned as Very large. Kcrw,- there is no
qity of 10,000 snd upwaid, but what has
j .-i; i L' i..i..t. i..
us uuiiies: aim uivro niu jvui u'ioi ""
daily issue is as hilt as; '60 to .80' .thous
and. Il would bo difficult" to find a fam
ily now, in whioh, is riot reud, IrOm ot.e
t hall a dozen newspspeis; so that the
compulation is fair that a nswtpaper ad
vertisement will reach Irom 8 to 10 times
as many eyes now, ns it would have done
twenty years ago. Sothatnovv, it would
be easy to p'ace a single advertisement
where, il would reach a hundred thous
and persons in a day or two; and by using
half a dozen papers, to attract the atten
tion rr millions. Another. trroT into
which business men sometimes allow
tin mselves to fall, is, that people do not
read advertisements.' This is paitially
true in cities, where peoplo road only that
which seems in their line; whilo the peo
ple of ihe country reac" evorythlng. Those
then, who negloot lo advertise their busi
ness adequately, will find ultimately, that
ihey simply rob themselves of lair ad
vantages, and beslow the spoils on their
more t ntt rprisicg rivals.
If we refer to the practical history of
ruoh names ss John Jacob Aator, Ste
phen Girard, the Roihchilds, in short, all
' .. .
millionaires, ns well ai men ot easy lor
lunes, which have been acquired by mer
cantile li!V; ihe vonding ol patent medi-
oines; manufacturing, kc, we shall find
that the key to their success, lies mainly
in making their business widely and gen
erally known.
We extend our remark on the art of
success in business, to the indispensable
necessity of the habitual and constant
practice cf true and unfeigned polilenoss
on the part of business men. . To loave a
I'avoisble impression on the minds of
strangers, is the peculiar peiogative of ihe
man of bciintss; on acoonnt of the large
number of persons with whom he is
brought into commerce. The an of pleas
ing, by the habitual exercise of true po
lile ness, boeomes a powerfnl lever, when
honestly and sincerely praoiicod. Genu
ine civility msy be defined to be, "the art
of thoteina men ly external t orn, the tn-
-0 w -
ttrmil regard haveor them.'' It indi
catea at once n good beau snd a wise head,
And while the honest outflow of o vility.
the legitimate offspring of good breoding.
will con'.intiiilly addto the number of ones
friends, tho tool, who by his blustering
vanity, for the purposo of making pecuni
ary gain, only drivos sensible peopre far
thet from Bint. ' . '
There is nothing so universally iHtiisble
sean utisopbietio'ncd,' unspoiled1 child,
Tt is a tine sy mboj. of genuine politeness.
It is'n'siamp of divinjij, telling the world
that suoh. are ot the family of man. -Politeness,
that deserves .the , name, goes
hand in hand with nature; and ."ia-often-r
fount! in Iwly shedith smoky: mft-
ers, than in-tapStri(TKan-and courts of
princes. It is; without doubt not one ol
the lee'sf of Xije-rrorsvf'.buBlDes men,
tbat.lbey.4t,Bjnd a closer 6bservnoa of
the forms of politeness than the true es
sence." Motives are more clearly discern
ible by the tnasses, than all are prepared
to spprcoiate, The man, therefore, whose
efforts to please aro tatural, and not arti
ficial, may generally be pretumedto liSve
some inltrnal regard for his customers.
And if business were considered with
sole reference to dollars, and cents, the
naturally polite mat. will far outstrip the
merely meroenary trader. Boorishness
in business has had' its day. The present
intelligenoe of 4he. woild demands; thai
the merchant of t'his and coming ages,
must be an. auBisguised gonttematn.
In well conducted business fliers aro
no trifles. ' LiUlo things thongh soms
limes considered bo. are nut trifles. Po
liteness is not a trifle. Littlo acts of riv
ility may. often be marked in thelites of
successful men. is the beginnings of as
tonishing changes Jn the road to success
True politeness ' isr in porfeot harmony
wttli firmnesi nn,rd,deciMon of oharacter; a
proper "degree" b(5piiil; and wilh true re
liS'P!- gentleman of business will
treat all hit callers with urbani'y, with
out betuiyiog theelfiibness of having a
speoiaeye.on tltejr purse, and without
any regard to whether tbey want to buy
or not.'- I cannot forbear to remark in
tliis connection, that I think thut a very
mistaken policy, which reserves a 1 1
business favors end all business smiles
for bona- fid e customerf. Suoh depot t-
nont says plainly, "we have customers
enough. " Kindness to non-purchasers
often becomes the means of bringing large
pecuniary gains from remote quarters;
while rudeness or neglect, may; and will
blockade the avenues to sn otherwise
healthy business!,
If then vou weuld fied the secret ol
success in your trade, be it what it may,
first let the public know what you do,
and whore and liow you do it: and sec
ondly, with perfe. t good-humor, make all
feel easy who come about you; and deal
bonestiy, fairly and firmly with them
0nn&arj HeaMng.
: Mot 9IlBO( Bat Thine.
Thj way , not mine 0 Lord,
However dark Mb; -1
.' oUadmobyTbloaowi rt(tilSd, '' -TbiMM
out Uapatli for me.
v ' Kmoolk let II be of roti,
" 11 wrll be Hill (be beet, ' "
Wladlnj or tralstat.H naUeneol,
It loads e to Tnj real.
-- ' ' t dare Btehooae bit lo , " "
I would not If t ntgbli - - -
Bal ebooao Thou for me, 0 my Cod, ' '
. ...... ,. .. Se I sball walk trigU. - .
The kingdom that I seek,
. ltThUoiso let the waj, A
" Tbal leadito U.O Lord.be Thine,
lie 1 mutt urelj ilrar.
" Take Thou my cop, and It, "
Vi lib Jo or sorrow I II,
As ever beat to Thee may teem,
ChooM Thou my good and 111.
Chboae Tboe for me my friend,
My tlckneaaor mr heelth;
CUooaeTboumy .Joya and caroafor me, ,
"My poverty orweeltb.
Not mino, not mine but ebolce,
i " In Iblngt or great er email;
Be Thou my Guide, my Guard, my Strength.
Hy Wisdom and my All.
in Lift' l ikadttet.
".'ure Religion."
The apostle James says: "Pure relig
ion, snd unclefiled, before God hd the
Father is this to visit the fatherless and
blows in their afflict ion, and to keep
Messrs EntTORsi rieaseannouiiceniy
resignation, as a member of tho Repub
lican Central Committee of Fairfield coun
i iarThe Oyster, business iagrentei
than many suppose. Baliimore ihe past
year, values Jiers, at 94,5000,000, and
Vi'ginia's Oyster trade is supposed to bo
double that amount.
. Preparations are making for the
raising of at least, a portion of the Atian
lio Telegraph. Cable, remedy inn .the de
fect if possible, and placing it again in
working order
Gives notice, thai he has removed bis
Shop, 10 the building Tieretofate lisoWn
as Mrs. Oseen'S io w, opposite tbf Shtcf-
ter Hotel. 4w. V V
flk.. CJtL.MX9 ... w
. Te my patrons, who have liberally sus
tnined me in oiv profession ss a Dentist.
for twmty years In this county, I tender
my grateful scknowb-dgments..-
I have sold my residence on Broadway,
to Dr. J. 0. Hamill, formerly of Xenia;
and hereby transfer to him ray gooil will.
and ask my friends to extend to him that
support in his pro'ession, which his long
praotice as a s-rgtcal and mechanical fen
list, and his worthy character as a gentle
man and citizen, merits. Ho will be found
in the office recently occupi' d by myself,
at inylaie residence. , II. SCOTT1.
' Eayle 'pleate topy.
P. 9 1 can be found at all times at
my new post, of condm tins' the publics-
himself unspotted from the world." This tton of the R'publioan county psper, at
is a very popular text "iili moralists, the tjraztie rooms, in ine iaiimaage ou'ia
who like the Scribe and Pharisees in the! ines; third story. II S.
Savur's dev. care only to "make clean
the outside ot the Cup and platier, whilo
within they are fall ot extortion and ex
cess" and ignore the necessity of that
spiritual renova ion which is the source
of outward purity; and good works, Tho
apostle James nover (nought ot Dutiumg
the fabtio above proposed upon the rotten
foundation of our lallon nature., it was
r .i . ;
the Olltwara expression oi me inner man,
D r A. C. Baelow has- removed bis
0(Hce,to rooms in the Giesey Building,on
South side of Main Street, up stairs.
Croiip. ? . N - w
Children are often seised Terr euadealf with tble
dltosse, which, ir not quietly rSlbtred. proves ratal.
Ila-enerallv altacka children Inlha iitrhl.arurhavtn
lii-un much exposed lo damp, cold wind through U
day. Damp heuses, wet feel, ihln shoes, wet eloUies,
On the 6th inst.j a scene occurred in
the House oi Representatives, at Wash-
a a, f It
iiiL'ton, which urn conservative men oi an
parties will condemn; but there are palia
ling oiroumstanoes. The patience and
forbearance1 with which Republicans have
listened io the vituperation and scurrilous
slang of the fire eatets of the routh, com
mendable as it lias been on their pai t,did,
At length, find vemllUiion through Mr
iiovejoy, member lrom Illinois..
Mr. Lovcioy ts represented as being a
ma.i of medium site, but firmly and com
pactly built ; possessing a sanguine bil
ious temporameut; a man of fine tiilonts
and wilh all a .scathing speaker. Of fear
less and indomitable chniaater, he was the
man for tns crisis. As he opened bis
batteries fairly upon bis foes, Democratic
members left their seats, ai.d rushed lo
conlror.l him with drawn fists and bully
ing threats, to beat him down, in their
accustomed mode: but his collos;iies
coining promptly to his relief, proclaim
ing vouiffetously that be should be beard
the fire-eaters were repelled. During this
war-dike demonstration. Mr. Lovejoy stood
firm and unmoved; and after ordei hail
been partially restored, he finished bis re
marks Irem tho platform of thu Clerk
Fot once at least, the bullying course
of that class of politicians has been effect
unity checkmated; and as the fiercely ra
gicg elements in a thunder-storm, by the
active play of thtf electric fluid, is known
generaly t) purify tho utraosphere, by
which pleasant culms snd improved I calih
are induced, so is it to be hoped, that
our national Legislature will, at least
for a season, . subside into a rational
mood ind find time and disposition to at
tend to the legitimate business for which
they have boon called to the capital by the
American people.
If Mr. Lovejoy has done no more, he
has maintained the liberty of speech,
which i guarantee to every American
citiscn, but which has very little favor in
the south. '
or any thliixihat obslreeU poraulratlnemay oeceotwsi
i roup. umrsi yon rcaildroOare liable IS retakes!
with this dred oouiplaUl, at Ume wbea via teMt
!lrtharn Lakes. Hrlntc on your Bacon, whleh he
takes In exclinnfftf ror (roods er paysumtn uaeslreu.
Rtmimitr, my (rests are CASH, and 1 can
thnn any house that does a general eredtt business
Hut 1 will say tn allpnnelual paying citizens or town,
thai I will rurnlih Pass Books, and run their accounts
for thirty days, at the end of which tlnte will expo-it
Ihenviiey. JOHN LVONS.
P. 8: I havefnrssle a SURVEYING COM PARS,
with all .he linrilementa. Alno.a full set of CAKPKN
TKK'S 11 K A r f I N G lST KUMEM'S, nil of which 1
will sell very low. JOii.1 LYOAS.
Laucaslei,Aprl 15,1800 2ml
joua LTOKS.
AHB rsolerlng and opening their spring atSck
goo its embracing all tho at styles of
Pmil do Chrvrcs.
And the most fashionable styles of Silks
Wo keep onbsnd constantly tho celebrated Amos'
keaq, Wemasulla and Arwrght Prlnu. Our stock o1
Ladttis Shoes are second to none and will be aeld
Ladies Gai'ert for &21cii Oentlemens Ox
ford Tiei 'fr $100.
Onr Bonnets arc the very latestnut. We enrillall?
Invite our cuiloinera and friends who waot goal
bargatna in can ana see us.
HAS reninved his ofllee to theNhnifer Block, two
Innra K6utS of H. H. Hunter's Unir Store.
Heslilence Scodold Building, Northwest corner of
Main Null ( .alumnus Ktreels.
Lsuctsler, April J, 18ll.-3inl
Are now being- Isjiued, to lltoee who
attend toimtklnfthe neceeaarjr Proa
THA VB received some, end am prepared to obtain
them wilAaatait.
Tha Keee'.ver's Duplicate, and ah adtahcS fee of
SHI la required. Balance of foe lo be paid upon tie
livery of Patent. Should no Patent be obtained, the
duplicate i.nd advauce will be ,-eluuilud, and no
chnrirua made. .
Delay Inthia matter Is dangerous, while promptness
seeu res success.
Tl haee rar sale, on hand, all the lime, Lands
In any locality, at Tory low prices. Title onqtiestlon'
ame. I. n. l ali.mauijk.
Real Estate Agent, Columbus, Ohio,
April 3, 1S60 lull
Wo will furnish our readors, from timo
to timo, aaitli what transpires in our na
tional Legialatare, that is of general in
Several important messnrcs are now
before that body fur their decision; among
which are, the admission of Kansas into
the Urion, an a sovereign State; the
Homestead Bill; ths Paeifio Rail Road,
Paolfio Telegraph Dill, and other matters
So far they have made very little pro
gress in the legitimate business of legis
latlon, and tho session is likely to be pro
IsftV'Well, what do Tou think of the
late decision of your Supreme Court,
which allows nogroes to voteT asked a
Demooralio ortioial of this oily, of a Re
publican or rax ton township, whom be
melon the street yesterday. I'm Op
posed to it," answered the Republii-ati"
"because just as soon aa the negroes are
permitted to vote, you Democrats will be
going arm in arm; with them to the polls
to gt them to. vote the Demooralio tick
et, just as you Aid in Liberty township
lsst fall." The Democrat very sudden
ly had business dov. n strtet, CaWiWAf
0a SO. .- . it ..:
-ixrorjl,!) say. thathe la now fllllng op Rlock for
., . . i,i.: i II tnenr-Kini tkaiib, aua in a lew aaa win
the pure Stream 01 a puie tOUIItain Within , bepropiired tosupplythe yarmerswlth Fish from the
which it was his obj-ct here to aeptct.
In subsequent language he presents the
same idea bv inculcating ihe duty of prov-
ing our luiin oy uur worse ouue mo
thy faith without thy works, and I will
show thee my faith by my works "The
truth is, those who rest upon their moral-
tv us their passpyrl to the lavur of God,
it will generally lie iouiiq nave very nine
f the thiiiL' they boast of io rest upon.
It were well ifthi-y even did "make clean
the outsid" of the cup and platter" and
their failure to do so only gives emphasis
io the Savior's teaching -'Ye must be
b urn ai'ain." While, on the contrary,
just in. proportion as men aTe disposed to
ignore their own pnsoiiai morality, as any
part ot the price m tneir redemption, win
they be found ' bringing furth ihe fruits
of righteousness." "God loukoth at the
heart, and not at the outward appearani-e
only" -'He requireth truth m ihe in
ward parts." Ana me apostio, Dy pure
ielijrioii, meant simply to describe sin
cere, inward piety, anil to s ato what it
would lead lis possessor to do ana tin1
without tlm disposition to do which his
rtligion is vain.
('iiB is a Man Rich Enough?
When a lad, an old man look the tr.ub-
e to teach mesnino little knowledge, of
the world. Wi.h this vihw. I remember
he one day asked me, "When is a roan
iich enough?" I replied, "When he has
a thousand p.nnds." He said "No."
"Two thousand 1" "No." Ten thousand?
'No.' "A buiidrnd ihousand?' which I
thought wi.uld sett'e the business; but
he still continued to say -o. 1 gave it
un. and ronfessed tbal 1 cou d not toll,
but be trued ihat he would inform me. H
urtavely said, 'when he has a little more
than he has, and thai is never! If he ac
quires ono thousand, he wishes to have
two thousand, then hve, then twenty.
ihen fifty) from thut his riches wou d
mount to one hundred thousand, and so
on till he had grasped the whole world, af
ter whi. h he would look about him, like
Alexander, fr other worlds to possess'
Many a proof have I had of the old gen.
tleiueu's remniks since hs made them to
me, and I am happy to say I have die
covered the reason. J till enjoyment
full satisfaction to the mind of man, can
only be found in possessing God, with all
His infinite perfections. It is only the
Creator, and not creature that can satis-
W snAix pb Chaxoid I. Cor 15:
51. gom men went to China once, and
Decausuthcy were fot bidden to carry the
silkworm out of tho country, they hid
some of ihe little creature's eggs in the
top of their staves; and so out of those
two dry staves came all the silkworms
and all the silks in Europe since. What
a wonderl A poor rag-picker takes a
short slick in his hand, and goes into the
dirty gmtors of the streets of the city,
and picks up little bits of rags and papor.
Those he nuts into his dirty Dae. cut
these ai e washed end mado over, and come
out, the pure, white shoet of paper, beau
tiful enouuh to havo Queen write oh it
Who can doubt that God can take these
poor bodies and out of thom raise up a
now and belter body? Out of the very
daikness and bones of the grave, he can
make something that will bo brighter than
the sun foi-rver.
A few more smiles, a few more terns,
some pleu'uro, mudh pain, a littlo longer
hurrying and worrying through iheworld,
some hasiy greetings, and abrupt farewells,
and our play will be "played out," and
the injuror and the injured will be led
away, and ere long forgotten. Is itwonh
while to ha'e each other? New York
There is dew in one flower, and not in
another, because one opens its cups and
takes It in, while the other closes itself
and the drop runs off. God rains good
ness and mercy as wide as the dew, and if
we rack them, it ts because we will not
open our hearts to receive them,
Thero are may fanes which have smiled
lovingly upon us, but we see them no
more; iliey aro numbered with: those who
have cone hence, in this uto, no moa to
beam,uptin us but ns wejoiniheinin their
orient home on hicr, tney win oeam
brightly with a heavenly radiance, and
will never again pass away,
Christians, the highway to comfort is to
mind comfof i less and duty more
H'iienever Christ takes the burden of
guilt from a sinner's shoulders, he then
lays a yoke of obedience upou his neck.
Soals rich in crace praotioe that them
selves which they prescribe toolbars.
- When God gives a mercy, he ds not
relinquish bis own tight tn that mercy
lti builllin.islwuj.adoctor cai be called or a re
medy found, and for this reason wa would advise you
now, end wiUitut a aaoinenl's delay, te Soy a kltla
cureerery ease of Croup, If taken In time: and also
all eomplulnisattondlngToeihlng,:onulsfon,Coorhe
colds, it is sold By all respectable druralata.
Messrs. CHUKCU A DuPOKT.Ne York, ". pro
prietors, and also sole areata for "BR. BKONHoVr
b 1,0 Oil FOOD." which for CouuinUn ,'ki.
diseases ta a sure remedy. Do not be put of with ear
other ortlcles. rite to ('ofaru OcroKT Jf ewTnrfe .
II vou cannot get them lo Jour town.' . ,
il rseeaureriieemenl. Jm S
Ing the extreme Southend Western oonntry, Is Ike
feiirthov bar oof the Carer sod Ague-rtheeaeet dire
ful ol al) disease's. - Btery day we hear of persons at
tacked by tills dlaeaae, end made helplne e a short
.iiiiv, wi.uuui any means oi anoruing roller, in eiewl
of Ihegraatdemand lor a remedy. Dr. Hoatetter bee
where curative powers for ell diseases of the stoaaSeh
hare buoi universally acknowledged. Tbe Hitters.
preiarec alter a long experience and deep etadi Aeve
received the encomiuips of the most emlaeat physi
cians, as woll aa ell classes from every parr of oar
country To those who doubt their many virtues, ell
we can say is to try tnam, and Judge for themselvee
respectfully. Sold by Druggists and dealers geerel
ly everywhere. . See ad reniseawDt. iuH
Olddlnene, IleadBcke, eVe. .
These pains and disagreeable feellngsare generally
symptomsof some othercomplalnti 'anon aedyspep,'
sla. apoplexy, and various others, kit' f which ere
euused by corrupt noxious matter, eldggliig tie va
rloutclrculatlon: hence, a stream Or rush of blood lo
the head, and by the excitement a great pressure oa
the brsin. Gli.dlness, headache, loss of memory .dim
uess of sight, and various other complaints are the re
sult. Thus it will be seen thst all the above painful
and dlslnslng n alarileaowe their origin to the blood.
Dr. MOKHK'H INDIAN KOOT PII.L8 ire acknowledg
ed to be the ouly medicine that will thoroughly partf
the hlnod. Tbey enter tba btoodnd follow Ihe stream
of life on its Journey through the system. 'I hey root
out ill fouhiHss and Impurity, and drive oat ever
unhenlthv obstructions, rhey should be taken eveiy
night In sulBcient auantlllee to ooeraie brisklv. he
commencing with two pills on going lo bed, three the
iiexi nigui, nnu lour me next, ir ine symptoms ere
not removed, commence sgaiu with two pills end.np
attain as bufore. Continue in like manner until th
blond is thoroughly purlfled,aud all pale end distress
Aittirolr Min.v.J
Ohtalnnne of our FREE ALMAHAC8. and read the
hi, lory of Dr. Morula father, end how this medtoiuj
RKWA HK of a counterfeit of these Pllla.VKM.rrW
WHAPPKHH. All genuine are In BLUK wrapiera,
with tne signature of B. Luke Judson, on each box.
l)r. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold hvalt Aoaiara
in Medicines. April I. ISSO lml
Dr. Hoback'n Yearlr BeswHla. '-
PlffCASI RxPXI.LCB rinVTH Rt.nnn a ha Sn.,..i,
KcsnrJiRaViAri KaHsotrs 1 know of fourteen hun
dred and Sfty one persons, some df bM have been
given over by phvsicians, who have been radically
cured by my Scandinavian medlclffel, and 1 do ant
hear of one tn k thousand df the cures that my Medi
cines siren. Atriftng them, as eooied from mv record
are Sin of Uyoapapsla; I .IS l.lverComplaluli 117 Rhe.
mutimn; -29 Scrofula in adults; 7 Hcrofuialn children;
i:i3 Oetieral Dedllltv: 47 Kern. I ni.at.iih.- w t...
r nd other diseases ol the f kin; 3 Pits; SIS Fever and
jikuo, a vannusoiseaaea. i save now over 4 MtO
Ageuts. Pee advertisement. lml
I Manufactors Cabinet Ware of all
dfBcriptions and styles.
TT1S Ware, are made of the bent materials; and
I 1 manufactured with siieclal resereneetoduraoil'
Uj; and after tho most uiodern patterns. Alio.
Jtar. the last California steamei; only
broucht 1893.000 in treasure? Tho small
. . " - - , , . .'reiinquiBU Ills UWII ritcu ua auvivvr
shipmenis of the same are accounted fori ..-.-6 t "r
ky Mtcnaivcinrestments Washoe U..I,i.pent of sin ifas gmta- work of
silver oiiiiod. . . i " -
Hrad Thlst
Vro".r,-I1'r"CeJ', I'1'0' ' "nislalnl cored br
inuotent ru mors and sol is en red by Tratk'e Mar-
oetlj Ointment. "
Cancer, cured SyTrs-lfs Magnetic Ointment.
Krislielaeenred by Trash's MagnetlS Oinlmekl.
Salt Hlieuro cured by Trask'sMsgnelle Ointment,
lti b cured by Trash's Msgnello Ointment. .
Eruptlonsciired bv Trash's Magnetic Ointment.
Hair restored by T fart's Magnetle Ointment:
Read advertisement in this paper. nprlmt
T?AV, ,'A!'DJFnR "ft S MILES from Phil-
...v. j n.niun'1, iii ine mate or ilia jersey.
Noll among the beat for agricultural purposes, belag a
good loam aoil. with a clay bottom. The lead Ian
.., ...i. uiTiuen iuio smsti rarras, end hundreda
from all parte of Ihe country are now settling and
building. Tbe crops produced are large and can be
seen growing. The climate la delightful and eeenrn
from frosts. Teriss from Slilo 0per acre, payable
, ' "-.Ji.-J invtaiinniua. to visit ine place
leave Vine Street Wharf at PhllsdelDhlsal7x A.M.,
by Railroad for Hammontnn.nraddress H.J.BYH.tKrl
by letter. Harmonton PostOSIce, Atlantic eonnayJtew
Jersey. See fulladvertltementln another solemn.
... i
nan xtrta tuaite ta Itlearm.
So ssld the Inimitable Barren Rnvna. mA .... .
exiont there la no doubt he nas right. Them is ne
season of the yrar" whli W perrona are more liable t
.......ni... iummn tnxn intrre spring, Ihe many end
den changes of temperament, the damp and si use of
t i, ,COFPISS of any style, fnrnished on
vaafrewasaTw usual notleet and will attend funerals
In town and con a try, wilh or wltbouta ilearae. He
will also attend te
tn the Olty, or In the country.
Itr. DUII.Y, In the same establishment, man
ufactures anil keops for ial,
made hrsiu'stly, end w no worth ibe money tbey ask.
UDeasler, Agrll 5,lHjO Uf
T Have removed my ofllee lo the loom, recently ne-
I cupled by Dr. BsaLow, Talluiadge Htork, left
bund at Ihe 'head oi theslatrs.
April Sih lkOo-lf.
J. R. M.
or cocu.tibi's, omo,
Conanlldnt'ed December I, 1830s
rai'j TntlitutUn is aa tht largai. etosl tkortug h end1
practical ia tit coarse t sasiaos irainia aan
Afrrcaalis Cclltf$ ta tht S't.
pVAIt.Y l.KOTtTHESon theoretical and practical
w uooa-Aceping, ..oiumiirciai baw,rotiiicai Rcon
oTny, Commercial Kthtca, Correspondenee, Malhama
ties. Penmanship, die., by men otaxperience In their
The DIPLOMA ts In no case given lo any Oradnate
who is not competent lo keep tne books of any bust
ness House.
Tieis s staffs aafiteilsi- Usuallv tskes an anl nnnll
from elxlo nine woeke. Csu euier at any time, aa
kuvrv is i,i, taiiun.
Tela! Cssilnclndlng Scholarship, Books, Board
Ing, rVe., die., about S?1.
Hcholarahli good In the four principal Commercial
Coll, geslntiie United Stales.
For full pirUoulars, enclose two atamps aad address
uurr, Mccov co
March S, 1P0O tstf Columbus, Ohio,
TVS and after Monday, Des. A, 1S5, the schedule
e. w ol t meror rra naou th a road. Leavint Laneaa.
tai wlllbeaifollows: -
nsivo vsit,
Ko, 9, Passenger al 1 1 SI A. M.. arriving at Clnctn-
natlS3.t P.M.
Freight aad Aecomm odaUon Train nt S 0 P. M.
dep-trture at 4 1(1 A. M.arrlvlugat Cincinnati at 9 ii
csosivn S, AST .
Re. 1, Passenger nt S tSP.M, arrlvlngatZaneavllle
at.tSS P. M.,muklnsdlrerteonnectlnnslnrthe Kaal.
Freight and Aeeommedatlon Train ill S3' P. M.
arriving at ZanessllU at 1030 A.M. Making dlreel
connections torvhe Kaat and West via. the Central
Ohio Railroad. Paaaengersfor Columbus will lake
this Train. The above Trains stop at allstatione. -
r , WM.KKY BOKU, Receiver.
B. t. ABROT, Assistant Saperintcndant,
tleeetnbore, IU49--UU , ,
dissolving snow, added to the follies of many fashions
,., unnum --iir. Liaosny's in-
proved Rliroil Searelter," end Ikeaaestlen It answ.r
ed. ReadihecertlScatesofiUeBcaey. Trynbottle,
if Bntlsfaclinn Is not given, mrnej refunded. Sold by
all lite principal Orngglsls in the Union.
JLree adrprUaemeut In another column.ts
rpo rosrMPJME!l.Th.idvertl.r hav
I lug been restored to health In a few weeks, by n
simple remedy, after having sufrd several yeare
with a severe Lung AJ,tUn, and that dreed die. nee,
l-oiisiimiitloii,--isanxiiiuslo make known tohlsfel
ow.siiSerarn the mesne or enre. To nil who desire
It. he will sond a copy of the prescription need rs a
ctargi ) with directions for proiianng and using the
siime. which they will Sud a sure Cure for Censame
iion.Jtikmi. Br,neHtit, The only object of the
mi S" a "e"',,nlf ,h presertpllonls to beneStthe
................ K.nupeseveryaasererwiu try blsreme-
rtx , as It will cost them nothing, and may prov a hies
sltig. Parllea wishing the prescription will please
"do",. .a..'. "HV. KIIWAK0 A.WlLSOll,
Feb.lS,IS60-3m43 WIlllamsburgh.Loaglslaod.
Ths great standard mtdieints o A prestnt
age, have acquired their great popularity only
threvjS years of trial Uiltvnitd satitfae
tion it rendered by them in all cues; and ths
people hafs pronounced them vortny.
liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jarfnttlee,'
Debility or the Nervous System, '
Diseases of tho KMaeys,
aas! cat eaMoses arUhy from a iimrderti '
aver or eaAnri of the stomach and iigeitm
organ, ttrs speedily and permanently smrtd by
The Balsamlo CorrUal hat acjuvti .
reputation surpatting that of any similar pre'
paration extant. It tcill cure, wirnocT rait, '
tkt most itven and hny-tlandiny 1
Coflg-a, Cold, of Hoarseness, Brenehltis, la
flaeaia; Croup, Pnsomoaia, Iacipteat
. r Consumption,
and hat performed tlie nuut attonithiny curu
ster known of ' '
Confliinod Ooturamption.
A fete dotes tctil alto at ones check and'
cms the most severs Diarrhoea praeasJin'
from Cold ix ths Bovats. .
Thus tntdidnss are prepared by Dr. C. HV ;
Jacksoh k Co., jVo. 418 Arch Street, rhit f
dclphia, ra., and are sold hg druggiets and
dealers' in medicines ereryttherc; al 76 cento
perboUU. Ths signature of C. H. jACKSoif'1
, tcill be on ths outtidt strapper of oath bottl. :
In tlie Almanac publithed tmnuoUg by bW
proprietors, sailed Evistbodt's Alhasac, ,
you tcill find iettimony and sommendalory
notices from all parts of the' country. Thut '
Almanaes ar fietn away by all our ogtnit.
SoldhyKAfFFMAR At CO., Lencastet, Ohio'.
August IS, ISSSlylS -
. ; j . , I . . , a
DR. J. c. HAr,irLLy
Vtffr.B mo.A MaMaaaa rlkaa
J rKQlly oeap.4 by Dr. H. ftcotV
on Broidwoy.dM Ktitrf Boulh of tit
Mir km nonao. , ., . 1

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