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....... ,, OFFICE
TallaaavaVro hnitum sarF
M afca H at ! Mi IMlw.
THURjIDAV : : : APRIL 19. I860.
tbs ruoou. -Oar
siohsnges brioff tslllfenet
from Tsrlott ssoiIobs, of dsmagss sttstsio
d froi tbs eiossstrs nio of lat wask
At Colombo:, by mi from th Journ
al, ths Boloto is laid 10 bars W at full
a at ths gnat flood of 1847; bat leu is-
lory in tho Tallejr. oa aoeoant of Increaa-
Bow Loaf Will A Coal Bsaks of Iks
WorM 1114 OaU . . , .
Tbla It a alartling question, in whW,
II art ittoraaUd. Iu solution coneerni
ewy bamaa being do od tba babiubla
globe; and nay atill more terionily affaot
oarclildran. Looking at the enormous
' New AovaatMBMHTa. oa Tima-Ta
We of iba 0. W. Z. R. B. Change
of time.
f Cuaia A Snuoaoom, bara removed
their office; tee tbir eard la another place
'Jw' and "Boa" are bulk reeponiible
od rastwortby men. , ,
Our old friend Huar Gmelbu. le oat
in oar, paper of this week, with a new an
nouncement of freah arrirala ia Lie line.
Henry it always right. Go and see
wbat h e baa got.
First page The "Moss Rose," ia a
chaaie moral little tale. Tbe "Morale of
Business" should be carefully studied.
Mr. Lev-euro do ploughs and plowing,
will interest the farmer. Our seleotions
of poems this week we think very fine.
Oo the fourth page, sea Agricultural
"A Nation' Death." aod en article oo
the coal beds of the world, from a contrib
utor, published oa our inside pages, are
papers of peculiar merit, as well as of high
internet. ; They should be carefully stud
ied. ' Please see aled the report oa bank
tax; and questioaa to bo answered ia ta
king the oeosua ot i860; and other mat
ters of general interest.
i' 1 1 aaa
t", ; . Oar rrsMSreet.
We bare been encouraged, by tbe fa
vorable reception which our new paper
has met with, for whi h we feel grateful.
It is oar ambition to make our weekly pa
per one of the best family nowapapere, in
dopeadeat of politics, that ia ieeued from
ay ooanty aeat in Ohio. Wo bare a rery
exteuaire range of exchangee, aad other
facilities for laying before our readers all
the important foreign and domeatio newe;
Uu markets at home and abroad, besides
the best seleotions of literary and misoel
laottoos reading.
' Ia politics, we shall be firm in oar aup
port of tbe Republican prinoiplea, and our
opposition to tbe misrule of tbe Demo
crats party: but we will treat every meas
ure with fairness aad candor.
Republioaas, and all other who want a
good family paper, we eay to yea, that it
is necessary that we ehould increase our
circulation, in order to enable vs to pub
u such a paper aa we hare aet out to
do. Oar eireulatioa is now large enough,
to make our paper a profitable rehicle for
basinets mea to advertise in, oa account
of uniting tba two lists, which we hare re
eeaily dne.
. We are well prepared to execate the
flaest specimens of job printing, oa short
notice, snd oa aocommodatiaif terms.
i ..
!, The Wheat Crop. '
The acooaais receired through our ex
chaages, of the prospeote for wheat in
Ohio and other 3uts, is too diverse to al
dow us to make up any very reliable state,
menu. Thrcugh Indiana, the ondiiion
f wheat lelda is said to be very anprom
ising The retorts fnm Minoit are much
more flattering. From Kentucky, also,
we have many discouraging accounts, at
well at flaturin?. In our own State, ws
hear of nun localities where the pros
pects for an abundant crop are said to be
at good as ever known; particularly ia
the Miami ralley, and aome of the Lake
abore diilriote.
. . From a little that we hare seen, and
much that we have hoard, we have no
heaitatiop in string, that with a fair sea-
eon, we shall hare bread, and a surplus
. for exportation.
i frail Crap-
Our exohmg -a Justify the conolui o.
that peach buda enough were alive preri
i one tJ the frost of Saturday night, tbe
14th lust.,' to produce a foireiop To
what extent this last freese ba damaged
l"themweare not yet adrised. ' The pros
pect for an abundant crop of apples, ia
7 said to.be as good at this time as erer
kaiwn. Cherries and plums are proba
bly ntj seriously injured.
ed protactloa from levees, Ae. Traioa amount of coal now consumed, and ee
could not pass erer tbs 0. 0. R. R. to peckllr at the rates in whioh that cob
Zanesrille, oa ae oual of several oulrerts sumptioa hat increaat d ia the last thirty
and bridge being washed oaf: pasten- yeare, and tbe certainty that, at ererv
geiahad to bo takes orer the Cleveland ttageofhum.n progret in population.arts,
route, and also by Lancaster, on the C. W msnufsoturers, and general culture, the
A Z. Road. From CircUr ille and Chil- increase inuxt go on at an equal to Ura
lioo'.he, and other poin's along the Scioto tion the abort) question will striks every
valley, the flood of waters was frightful, thinking mind with startling force. The
and muoh mischief done. lamonnt of cod taken from the American
The Mutkingam rirer is reported to hare fields during the year 1859 has b n t'om
been lAinrhea higher than ever known, puted at 0.000 OOO tons. This com pala
tine the first settlement. The lower lion fall sho rt of the aciu.l amount.
parte of the city of Zanesrille were lt.ua. Tbe produce of Great Bnttain during the
dated, and all along the ralley to Marietta, earn year was 68,000,000. The entire
damage baa been done, but account vary, produce of tho coal field of the world is
Ia the northern part of Ohio, as well aa Uaiimated at the same time at 100,000
through Indiana and Illinois, railroad! 000 tons: When we look at the rapidity
aod fenoing hare been awept away, or with which thia enormoua amount ha
more or leaa injured. The Hooking val- been reached from rery small beginning
ley baa not suffered much; the tise of wa- tbe question assumes a still more stardiug
ter not being quite equal to what it fro-1 aspect
quently attaina. The British coal-trade Laa heretofore
The fall of rain seems to bare ben doubled itself iu about twenty fire years
rather partiil; being more abundant north This howerer. is a slow rate of advance
than south. I com oared with that whioh has been made
. i r
Since writing tbe abore, we have fur-I j our own trade. We take the produce
tber accounts from tbe Ohio river. Tbe of ,h, tn,hraciie mines of Peonsylvsnia,
lower portions or Pittsburgh and Wheel- M exhibited in the tablea of PiofeMor
ing were entirely aubmergef, so thai tbe Rojrere. as an example. In thirty-two
oitisena ware driven out. The villages ,flars, from 1826 to 1853, itadvanoed 't
of BJlaire and Benwood were under wa- the rale of 184.000 tons each tear, and
ter, and deserted; but we leara that tbe from 1839 to 1849 tbe pioduce doubled
water has subsided, and repairs on the C. itself in eaoh fire yeara. The American
0. R. B. so far completed, that regular coal-trade began in 1820 with 350, tons,
trains from Columbus are pasalag through tndiu 1859 reached 9,000,000 When
to Bollaira W are not in poession of I will our col mines be exliaustvd? Grt
any figures to show the extent of damage i the abore incrtase, it is compare
at any point, but infer that it must hare tirey nothing to whi the oonsump' on
been const lerable. Ths water is said to w;n rMca u the next twenty five yeara.
bare approximated tha marks reached in Wiih the increase of population, aod the
the flood of 1132, whioh waa the greatest consequent inoreaae of wants, with the
erer witnessed since the earliest settls- oon,tntly multiplying applications an
ment of Ohio. 1 nsei of coal in our various nursuit. with
.v - t - r . i j
Oar taharhe I upeuiog ui oev vaiuo ui cupper, guiu,
Taaaimtl kmuixl tnmr. div or two silver, and beds of iron ore. all Of Wh'.Oll
inM. (ih firit for aereral momha.t we must be worked by the abundant con
were agreeably surprised to witness the wmptoinof coal; with the rapid exhaust
improremeots which our eitisens are be- o or what remains of our fores s; (im
stowioir opoo their dwellinw and premis- mense aa they are, if the eoal girea out,
s, in the way of repairing, building, re- our forests will not supply our wsnts
painUng and renovating generally. Mot- more inaa io year; wiw me progressive
withstanding the too commou and oft re exploratijn and civilisation of count, iee
peated complaint of hard times, the citi- were is nocoai, ana tue growiu
sens of Lancaster aeem to bare learned, "d consequnnt lo the introduction
that the way to improve the tim. is by of arts and manufactories, in such coun
domestic industry, and br fruifality. We tries; the growing demand lor oloser con-
were the more pleased with the brieht ap- neouou ana more.nequeni intercourse
oeeranee of thmira because, the imorove- between remote nations, in view of all those
' , . i- i. j:..
menU seem to be mors amonK the mall oocurrenoea u ia u.mcuu io premci or
prooertv holders. This i. tbe class of conoieve theexUnt which the use of coal
people after all. who do tho work, and to 7 twuntX )efcM- H0" raP,d
U- wa ar. indebted een.rattr. tor the iy h oo in thia generation been esub
rapid upgrowth'ol our towns and villages, lishing iuelf as tU univenal motur of
In view of the short orops. high taxe, " eooiid meohanism. It warms aod
and other draw backs, this deposition to I'gn' oar houses, oooks our food, spins,
improve, indk-aies i au internal atata of weaves, dyes, and washes r.d dries our
health in tbe business relations of Laa- olothes. illuminates out streets, ploughs
... our fields, grinds our grain, b kes our
im 1 1 I brratl, propyls our railroad oars from one
' coNUitESsioJi!.. end ol the continent to its opposite, our
Hocsi, April 1 6. Resolutions to ad- hips plough every river, sea and ouetn.
Ceaea for leOQaetlM(U be aatweree.
Oa tho first of J one the work of taking
ths ceoua ootnm-ooea. It ia oVsirabla
that it be taken with great aecura y, and
to enable the AttUient Marshals who will
be enagod in the performance f this da
tr to hare their work well d. it has
beoo auggeeted that the publi aiin el the
questions accessary for all hcada of fanii
lie to answer, would be of great benelu
With thia riew, we pailiah th following
list which w be'ierr to be correct.
Ia the first place it ia neeessiry to write
down the name o er-ry person whose
usual place ol abode on he firnt day of
Jane, I860, was in the family:
The ag- of eaoh, x and color, whether
white, black or mulatto.
Profession, ocouptin or tra'e of erb
mala person over fifti-en years of age.
Value of reel es ateowB"!.
Place of birth, naming th State, Tnito
ry or country.
Married witnin the year.
Attended school within the jer.
Person over twenty yeais of age that
cannot read or write.
Whether deaf aod union, blind, insane or
idotio, pauper or convict.
Nam- of owner, agent or manager of tbe
Number of improved a -res.
Number of unimproreJ acres.
Cash raluo of term.
Value of faim.ng implements and nachi
neiy. Live atock on baud June first, I860, ris:
number of hersen, mule snd ssses,
working oxen, milch cow, and other
cattle, swine and abeep.
Value of lire stock.
Value of aoinjal slaughtered during the
Pr-duoe during the yt ar ending -lune Int.
I860, vis: number bushel wneat, rye.
Indian corn, oat, beana and pea
ba kwhes , barley, Irish potatoes, sweet
potatoes, pounds of wool and pound
of lobacro
Ga lone of wine, valu-of produce of mar
ket garden, pound ol buuer, pounds
ofcheeoe, ton of bay, bushels ol clover
aecd, ani bushels of grass seeds, pounds
of flax, busheN of flax sued, pouuds of
Maple suar.galmnsof Uilass-, pounds
ol hooey and beeswax, value ot home
made manu t tare.
Nam of Corporation. Company or indi
vi 'Ujm producing article to ta annual
value of MOO.
Nirae ol buiues,manufacttir or product
(Japiial invested in real estate and purs m
al ests e in tbe business.
Raw material used, including fuel, viz
quaniitiea. km Is, value, kinds of mo
live p'Wer, msohincry, structure or re-
Average cumber of handa employ'!, vis:
male, lemale, average monthly cost ot
maie labor, average monthly eot of U
male labor.
Annual produot, vis; quantities, kinds,
Name of every person who died during
the yeir ending June 1, I86U, whoae
usual place of abode waa in the frmily,
the age, sex and color, whethsr whi,
black or mulatto, married or widowed,
place of birth, namioj the State, Terri
tory or country, th" month in which
the person died, profession, occupation
or trade, disease or oause of death. -Iu
addition to these theie ar- a num
ber of other questions, the answers to
which ean be chained even with
little trouble. It ia hoped that every per-
.mi ur .1.-
son wno tees ims requ wui, ueium nm
(Ct)e illatkcts.
hfABKBTS. Our market 'row abroad
will always be from the rery latest tele
grams. .......
ConifUd avriy oy t Lyon.
Coffeo 16 Jo . Sugai 10 Mc
E(gS 8 , MoTaase : fiO ;
Lard 10 8alt II 75 :
Bac m 8IOo Butler 15 '
Wb-al pr bushel tl 201 25
Flour per barrel, 96 S56 50.
Corn 40o Oate ibc Barley 70s
Clorer Seed $4 25 - Po'aioea 40o
Dry Apple ! 60 Dry Peaches 93
April 16. I860.
Prices qno'ed aa follows, 'or tie': '
Prim" 8Qfa)IO per ewt. Ordnare to
medium.78; the av-rage being 8. Most
el tbe sales t!(S9
Falrie Coaaiv Probate Coarl. I
rerdlau 0u, A4atlniMof V.UUaa IMIu,;
Jkr,Wl.r.O..rfH .,... nS Cuh.rle Hof-
a.n di, n.orj uMaia Kliu.hib (IUn kit
Wire, llcnry Mkai, Wiliua ehcShr, HUuketk
Flll.r, Js rieldiar. Aaa knu Piadlor auil
Vraeklia Piadlar, Oafaiulaata.
P1RVSHFF. Willi., .,. Khnb,,,
I PMeier.iaaM Mltr, Saa r.la Klaldl.r aal
,'raaklla r miliar. SefeadaeU auova
by aotlMS ikal oa Ma lata uj ol Marak A D. Itu.
aald ASialalauaiordaa kiafaUiWNi la Ua fcobaia
Oiuft ot KilrS- Id Coaal?, Ohio, to ol.ula a. orilar la
aall laa (nllowla Rral hU,(of eblrk Ikatal Wil
liam riamaraiaealiMl,)M all: lxl auiabar (M, la
Wafaatal'a al'lllion In Ua Cilr ot Li.ai.ui. wlo.
IkalafpruTamxau aa apnartsnanwa iharaaolo be-
ioiri. r nan rata la aai rr anai ua iba fiti 4ai
of April A. IK IhsiubS aalaaa ya appear and ilfnrt,
aal4irArwill ba iaaua4 iBKcnMipr, with ibr prayar
vi aaia raiiuoa. raituijiiru lifcrz,
Ailmliftamiar of William Pladler, Seaaaacd.
Mrek 39, IMv tarrp'Sl 7i
April 17th, I860.
F'our nof verv active, and prices un
changed. Pricee $6 30 to H6 15 for com-
nvn o extra, Siat- ad wa ern brands
Whiat-Kntuckv $1,75: Illinois 'and
Minliigaii white, $1 60; not mo h inqui-
rv Cr a had b -tter, ate -t 7374t
Coffee, l-of Jamaina at 13 J. tiugar,
Uuba, Muscovado. oj(gui.
' ' ; : April 18th 13C0.
Flour $5 60f5 75 for extra, and as
liihTh as SS 00 for o' oin. Wh at white
SI 36 91 38; 1W II K$ 33, rlosinir
dull. Butter, dull at 12 15. Eiet, 10
CHArrKH, Vo II " 1
KitrtAairMS.1T, No. ( 8 "
April II, IhSU. fi. STSIHMAB. Eaesrdar.
Urn HBm If
QHAB1TV LOPGE. o. 7, U ery Sondky
orKHiW KinO EHCAMPMBflT, Ko. W, meeU
td and 4ik Tbunday Knlnr Ik auk moaUi.
Iuculer.aprll u, IBu i
' War Klectiwa.
' A special election was held in the third
ward ot tbia city, on the 7th inat, to
elect one 0 nnoilmaa to fill the place of
Hury Blaire, deceased, which recalled in
theehoioeof Simeon Denton, Republican.
His predecessor wa a denooorat and was
elected by a majority of 95.
The Lata frert.
: There is reason to fear that the froat
s of Saturday night haa damaged the peach
buds that were ttill alive. Farmers will
confer especial faror, by oommunioating
with ns on that auhject.
' ' 1 i m a i
, We bare j'uat returned from our
i late rtsidenoe oa Broadway, where we
, found thing so much changed and im
, proved, by the taste snd skill of our suo
eeswr. Dr. Hamill, that it wa diffloult to
,r jeli" hl va nad "Ttr k'i M ffloity
with the premises.
-- ' Foobd. Tba body of Rouiir Lbvbb
y.rao, whose' drowning at CiroUrille we no-
v tioed in our bat weeks' paper, baa been
,' recovered, and wu intered in Hedgea1
' Cemetrr. near Lanouter. on Bunday laat.
-i T e nrooeeaion waa from the house ol
" ,, LouisLerering, two miles abore Lanoastsr.
lejuucimB bob, hare romored
their lw office to Shaffer's comer, see
their osid in to-dy paper,
journ three weeks, and also to adjourn and around the world, it prints our books
sine die on the 15th of June, hare been and our journals in a word, what dues it
gatired. I no! do for ns. What movement in th
Mr Eliot introduced bill to prohibit Last and complicated machinery of mod
the coolie trade by American vessels. ern society is not dependent on coal?
$36,000 have been anp'Oprtated to to I jn iew of tn foregom: facts, is the
damnify the Shawnee Indians, for depre- fw 0f the rapW wAouioa of the coal
dations commited by the whites. mi qftht world either unwarranted or
SO.000 have been appropriated to de- limj88 Should this mighty motive po
fray expenea of the Japan embassy. flr be now, or at a future period whhdnwn
A bill has been passed, appropriating whlU woum the effect oo the world?
85.000 for mail facilities in Kansas. Society in all its efforta would at once re
The report of the committee on the Pres. oed9 wb.t jt WM fift, yetr ,g0i Our
ideal's protest, has been postponed to the 0OM t0(j rjver tb.amer would speedily
1st of Hay. Iberottingat our whaves our railroad oara
A joint resolution has been passed, ap-Ltmi motionless and useless on th ir
propriati og $48,000 to defray expenses of Um.. Bosum and New Orleans would a
investigating committees. Uain be fortnight apart; England
Sssari, April I6th.-Wr. Wiiaon in- -jomnfrom America: California anJ Ore
troduoed bill to s uppresa the slave trade. ,jmort Ml ,aht 0 toj oewl
. .. i .I. ,.t ft.. I ... . . . ...
11 provwas lor vm vuaimna v. ' pgi WOUld Hue to " 081 Dyond the
screw sloops of war. to cruise on tbe ooast h of ,h, mimont. xiie extensive en-
of Afric n, and incresses the bounty from ifghb-Bod and benevolent effort to spread
W 10O; oners a rewaro 01 uw ior ,ha un f the Christian relieion
tbe delivery of slaves landed on the Amer- ,moDL,gt disUnt aod barbarous nation
loan coast, to the U. 8. Marshal; and wonJd reoeive a terrible relrogation. Not
punishes those who fit out vessels lor that 00,f the euw and eomforta of home
trade with imprisonment for life, instisd woul(j b, cbfloked, but the iadispensible
of death. neaeasitv of warmth would be wholly un
It also makes ita erime for vessels notLtl jnabi8 b th, resl magi f mankind
registered, lo display tbe Amsrioan flag md long beyond tht reach of a.
as a bsdgs of nationality. It ia the duty Ever jntt)real 0f society and humanity
of offleere of a ship, before gong to Al- wonj undergo a disastrous revolution.
rioa, lo report to U. 8. Attorney tor ex- The laek Qf cot woud paraiTM ,n hu
amination; and provldea that Anwioan man energy iU rAatMt'o be a far great-
vessels sold abroad, sbail return to tne u. etmitf than pestilence snd fsmino
8. for a new register, before going to the Further consideration of the subjeot next
Afrioan ooast. Wek
Mr. Latham nroeeeded to show, that
... . uinM..Mt flowrtid" ba. Tnn Woblo. We have before na
fi at day of June, make nt tbe anaweis,
and in snv case of absenc, leave it with
the family ready for the out er wh. n he
mak s his sppearanoe.
Bv the act of Congress "providing wr
th U ing of the seventh and subsequent
C-nsiis of the United Mates, ami to nx ne
num er of the members ot tbs lfoue of
Hooreseoutiven.' etc .approva l May 81,
1RRO. Dtovidea. aeolioo 17. "that the
Maishals and their asms anti are bereoy
uth'irixed io transmit ihrourb the p at
ffioe acv nan rs or documents relating
to tne oensus. by writing thereon 'offi ial
bullies census,' sod subsoiibing the
same with the addition to his n i e ol Mar
slial, or a8intan , a the case m iy be
That no unnecessary delay may happen
to communication ad liesse I to tneunitea
Slats Marshals in rereren eti taking he
oensus, tb prtt-s will do a servioe by the
publication ot these lacte, ior tne inioma
tion of po: matters throughout the State.
tween free and slave labor: that there was Kw numbers of a la'go, weslly paper.
bo eanital State without its beintr a labor published in Cincinnati, by B. F. Sabd
State: Slid that the 'irwruiHU coia" wan, devoted to liUrature. It ie printed
waa a aorthera abetreotion, nssd as a po- poi. Bne psper. and its ma. nsot- al sxeou
i:.t.ti.. that It na rioa ta tha tion is very superiot. SoUrMwebar
iaSN V V WW waawav " " "
south that tbe north should let alavery
alone. That if the Union was to be pre.
served, the irrepressible oufliot must bs
Our remark on this is, that there is
nothing the north desires sd muoh, as to
let slavery alone where it is; and that the
"irrtprtuiblt conflict" ia abandoned, as
soon as the south gires it np.
.Or 'Nobu" of tho Verandah it still
serving out eatables of all kind in every
style and shspe. Wire bio numerous
had time tosxamine its contents we thinl
it an exoellent family paper.
kKnt-ral'erarr,. l.iiastutrr, uia.
Wl karaan baad,fr aala, tholca tpd wall M
laaiadHuckol , . . ,K
rw(, iHaielaiaa ralali, !!, f-
Blwlla, Falawt mellea,Prfwaa
rv, allet rtlcla-,raaey UaaaW.AC.
la addiiloo to the atOTe. a alio eaolaa asd
aaWclad KlocR of -
Saihrarlnt aaarty nrt arflrta oinallf kapl Ik a ro
uil tirwary K.iaiillakmakt, f alt at ajklrk a ta-
ipmllully IBTIialkLallanllun ofaa.k pkrrhaaara.
- H. a a IwAi'IivmIMi
LaocaMtr, March m,lmii7vl . ,
' Dirarck-
JaaaW. Oaaarty, iaamitoS tkal Irmaa Oaharty
lid aa tka la aay nt Mak. A. O. SWi. la kar aa.
Jaaaaa Dokarty
Jaaa W. DaUily
tlliaa ia Uw aSIca aflka Cle,k mt tka liaart mt Coi
ana na., vuaia aa larlkaeaaaly af Valfiald, aad
lkauar-ikl,akarsia(ia.,ald ia aa W. bafcortr WMb
adallcy aiikaaaUaUakal.Allaa.aad alto for ra..
aa(tae al aar? ar am tk.a lk,a yaan Ian aa.l,
aad a,kia( aliaoay, aad ikat ,kt aar aa dinrraad
Uim tka ,aid iaka W. Ilaaany, akick aalilina lll
laad far aaariaf at tka aait lara of aid aaart.
jaaaaa Hahsitt.
BfO.f HjEI'I'KB.Im AlUraay.
LkaakiMr, Muak 14, ISte-af:i.
Coart af Cats. Flraa, Fairleld Coaaly, O
PeUUoo for Dlrarea
I IHRabord. Matins Tkoapaoa. (ao la Bnn-retl-denlof
aaid eoualT.I vlll hrrrtv t&ka a.rfia.Oi.1
aid Jacob Tkonaou Una day Sled la aud Coart kla
cenain irtfiiuua, ruylrir to tM dirwrc4 rvra .aid Si
Hilda Tsompain; and attrna for eauaa.a arllful ab'
aenea lalbe part of aaid Mallnda for nora Uu, ihraa
yeara raal rail. jiih.1 i:. KAlAKi, Clerk f.C.e
r vaa Tkoar, AUoraay.
A prll 12, IdStt r3 S
The State mf Oh la, Falriel Caaatv, :
Cwart af C'aaiRiaa Plraa.
LmIj Urarlnt. Eiaaolnr af Ua Urd Will ot Haaaab
lauroriDg, dauaaad, PUinui.
Beary Ldfdrti taad Mhen, DefdadkkU.
civil. Atr irn.
Fresh Supply of Groceries at
Ol Btaa,aae aar Kasl af tha Hack
Vallet UaaK, L,aacaler, whla.
ailIRT raeataad a ckoiee and well ai-tarled Mlack
aj at Staple Uracerie ,wblcb I will aatlaiiba
liner for Caah orCoanlry Produca. My stock eoa
uu ID part, aa isnowi:
Rice. Fruits, Spices,
Wood anU willow ware,
Nye's Choiff Sugar l ured Hams,
Rurfa', do., ana oatia- tsom uriou oaai,
. aaaaoa a larga lot of
llTa at viae karat expcted.Ui
BACOV WASTED -The hifhaal market price paid
. CASUor Groc,,,... !,.. g-. e..
Laneuur, april IS, ie60-3al
nans MRnirui. RRVOI.UTI l!tlRT aad HY
I GIKNIK PHYSICIAN, or BllefonlaBo, Oblo,
(forroarlyof Sow York City,) will IX at lbs
American Houso, CirclevtHf. May 18
IMInndir" Hous-. Lncter. Mv 19
New L xington. M nilv M iy 21.
Dr. WalliM will visit lhaabora plaeaa, proTaialoa.
ly arary nonio.
Br.Wallaco batuparad no palnanorexpa
i.. kim..ir ramiilar ailk tha lhaoriea of
the medical ayelama now pracliaad; and tha reaaon
hykadnsa not praouo an. or u .j..-. .
iniaiak youfo.li.nmaaaa ho aderetao4 Ihaukd
mT0TlrBlsfcrebTa.vk U Haarr Urarlnc WU
11 liara Opelaud aad Eliukatk P. Coplaod ki
Wife. Hear? K- Uranar. Haory Haa-kiliiis and Han-
nak B. HoitbTllark wira. ikat ia Urerlnr a
B aalornflba Laat Will aad Taauatesiof Uaaaah
Liberia, .Swaaaed, did.oa ka 14 Ik day of April, A.
D IraM SI kla Patitloa la tba Coart of Common
fit ... wittoia aad rorthaCanntyorPairSeldarid aaae
ol Ohio, aainrt tka aaid hei.ry Lrvarinc. WilWro
Copelaad aad Klltania r. lopeiaun ai, n ire. nenry
B. Ufrrlac. Haary Hojbjlli.f and Hakkak H. Murray
Mas Ui Wife and aikora, tviiiof forth (araouf oibar
ikmn) Dial tka Panosal ttauia or aaid TaaUlrii I.
iiiaoAciaiilto pay her dtrbta, and tkal it will be nee,-
aary ror the pnrpnaa or payiaf aaid aeina. hi eii taa
whole or part of kar Seal H.iata, aad that Iks abora
named O'-teiidanlaaad otbera. are deviaee ot wi.l
Heal Kitaia. and praylar tkal aaid Kal Eilale, itr
uek paru tbaraof a. aia) oo aaeeaaary for that pur-
Miae. vtf oruereu w ae JI1 va pay naia ueuw; any iu
.Dove BaraeQ ireienaania are win.... .uni wy are
reumred lo aipar and answer aaid retuioa oo or be
(ore tbe third Saturdaf after Ike Wlk day of May, A
U. IWU. UaUso IkU lata day or A pni iron.
April 19, Irvja-SwlpfSitt AUorn)rur PUiallS.
rBlHB nndenlnej liiiir 8
I miloa Kaal rrora I'lrrtaviTle,
oo Ibe Ijaueaater Koad, haa now
on hand, a krealer humher of
Urre CKUAK TKKKS, than at
an. tiiaa her.Uifnre. nDl of Ihe-n beina ftve. tx
aud arein feet hlrh, buthy and thrirty. and triramed
in kit kinds or ahabe and rom. He kaa aleoaeonsi.
.lerable nuaiillly or olner kvercreea Trees, suck as
different kinds or Kir. Pine. Juniper. Arunr Yila, Ha
rln.&e.. ate., all or wbiek ke will aell rery low a
uaual. The rrees will be carefully taken np. parke
and nioMrdlreetioosriren forplantinirlhen.aad In
,nred to trow h desired. Tbe beat time f.T iran.ulau
iuf Is In Marsh, April and May. JOHS LSIkr.
Apri. is, issv -sir
rallmadge House Livery Stable,
sod stocked it with freak and Seat Hoiaaa, of all kind
sad safe.
Is now prepared lofurulsh the public with trael'n
ar39inmodaUons ror Ions- Journeys, pleasure rides,
ore., with Ike neatest ris;s."
'y'reraonadeslrlnf horeesttpt by tne werc.ori
onrer or shorter Deriod.eaa leaie tben at thia Sta
bile, where they wlllreeelra every aUentloa by oa-
perteneed koatiera, at reaaonaoie raws.
Lsucaater, may, , imim u
And Machine Shop,
aVctmu, onto.
Oral r Solicited far the followiaff Articles
Rctalar Heetlot s af Ilocklaf Tawaskif)
The Trustees of Hooking Township
ill hold their regular meetings the ensu
ing Tear, as follows:
On the third Saturday of April, may,
June, July. August and September, and
oo the Erst and third Sa urdys or Uoto
b-r, November, December, January.Feb-
ruarv and March.
Tha Trusteaa have aonointed lit. tr. Al.
Waoihuals, Township Physioin.
Tuwnsh p Clerk.
mAsnsvehl VOIlM
ia.s a Sks iniu maih in inair boom
n. w.ii.M drM nntaM Drue remedies of anj
!.. m-A .mt ka trMStSi SUHSMMfullV all dlMMMft W.tb
a.i.k ..nkinH u fliAUid. UTauteula. Ute opproba
k.! .Slsea aHlfaisluB anil Sill TlMBiei KfiAlIlC
Bd IffeUlOK. De Oaf Iltjwor ibiiwii v i p.-.....-;.
naa ia at r mnni h.l Ha makes a specie I Itr or
these diseases end particularly solicits cases of this
Dr. Wallace has left a few of Ms clreoUra at our
uoatoSke for fralutloae distribution. Please call ami
el oja for further particulars reardlu his uew
OBLI.BrvUHT.ie.- ww.w, ..w...
i i..a h..-. .Hiieied wlih Liver omolalnt. Kidney
ASectlona. Dyspepsia and NervoBs Debility for about
three yean bad failed to tti any ar..i
Ike naa of aevaral different r-hysiciana- treairaen. to
ar.ii..l. nr Hveiaaie method ofcurtne disea'
es, tbs past Sre mouths, and ay reat graliaeation
.... i. mil. bevond esnreasioa. I am aow
relll And roriae oeaeoioi in.an.i.. . .
lee testimony lo Or. waliaca-s emcieni irrairaen.,
n..il him aa a Ph aiclso of eitranr
At .uu Mt..Ait.t who can nermanently euro
kit of tha above named diseases, and many ottaere
which hsve come unoer my per..n.i
Ra. riiriher nartlculars rekanilliw aj eaev, v..
VV.IIaca'a singular iaoeeas, add res.
Bellefimlalne, Ohio.
Nr. Mnary Is known inlhlsoomuiuullj. 1).
April IS. im-t
attaraevs aal Caaeiara a. a,atara
OPFICE-Shrffer House, up sulrt. Balranes Wast
of the Markel Moose.
Eat.te af Hakerl Raid.
mTOTU R Is tasrebr f Wen that llie anderslf nsd has
IAI i .u.. nd dnlv enaliBad aa Admiuislra-
C.7.rh. K.iaui of kobbbt Ram. deceased, lata of
Falrtalue iunty, Ohio. All persons bavinf claims
aninst said Kslata will please present mem !
tlemeot. leaally authenlieated within ona year and
all those Indebted will make Immediate payrneni.
JAMK8 R. BBI1), Adra'tor.
April 19,ieW-3w3
nnrlPK T.llmsdre Bloek Seeond Story First
door to tha rliht at tha head of the Btatra.
AprU It, 18SO-3tf
iGodey for May is on our table.
From a cursory siamina'ion of tha num
ber, wa think it ona of tba beat of that
always welcome Magasine. For those
looking after tba spring fsshions, it cer
tainly has high interest.
Tl AWA way rroottaa aooaenoer, oa ins 131a inn
Van Indented apprentice, oy me name 01 su.n
8I0iKBUKCIftn. wno eeni win oe paiu wy w
ik. ji.iia.e nt Mid dot at mv residenoe. but no thank
I caution ail persons from trusting or harhortnt him on
py aoeount.
LsDca,lsr, april IS. 180 3wt
THB ps rtr.srihip heretofore exlstlnir between tha
andersla-ned.ln tha practise of the Uw, under
, uilHTJB luitnUBDTV w.. tha
WkeeliasT lrel, baaMaatwr, fcla,
, . Alao.aluslotar. f ,,. , -,
EXPRESS W A (i Off 8,
Which will be disponed ef si tills Hart. at VERT LOW
HtTKK, fr Cash, short time paper, or a few good
Horses will be taken. . '
All wnrk manuf.pturrd from the lsf af material .
aud put ap In rixnl wortasuike auaaac, and was-,
rantu fur one year,
lie would return bis thanks for the liberal patron-,
ae eilelwlrd lohliu by the people ol this county
durln the iaat elsrhu ea yeara. aad woala most re,
spectfully solicil acomluuani-e of ibelr favora. .
' 1. 1 1 1 1 1 u 11 uunrv .
n luiiina ...otw.....
Lsucasu-r, February 31, WMOlt
Vosiable Elixer, . ; , .v - e 'i
Indian Compound, . - : -)
Vegeiablo IMIs,1
Mauic Liniment, . - ii:?
These four remedies of DOCT. WHITK. fafClaela-
natl.) have never been riraled. in the relief and earn
..ritmnie itiMaaea. kfure esneelallv Peesala Weak
aess Aa-eetioosurtheLbea attended with Coaghe
debilltj from imperfeel sclloa ef the Liver, e. Tha
inoiao compoon'i aione.aa. orwimiHr "
of more young alrls, thin any remedy ever vended,
as a patent medirtue. Those who See TtooX. While's
rills and bluiatens. never a bbj omr. ?
Lueaoler, April i. lim-l
8" AM
i 2SeDd CO Horse power, which Io fwilnt of economj
Claelaaatis -rilaalaglaaklaaeavllla
OS end after Monday, May 10th iwo.tne scneoui.
ol tlnaoforTralosoa Ult road, Leaving Uncas-
tai will ha as follows:
Eaatwart Tralaia.
al 1 SO P. M.,maklndlreeteonneeiionsior tne aaai.
Prelght and aeoommooaiion 1 r.,o , . .
. .. v.. ...111. .tk.tn A. at. Mak na direct
eonneclionsfortho Bast and West via. iba f;tral
Ohio Railroad, l-asaentera ior "'""-'" "
thlsTraln. ThaaboveTralnsslopatnllslallons.
Prels-btand Aeoommodailon Train leaving Morrow
at 1 00 P. M. wilt on Saturday nleht run to Uncasler
on eard time, and iron were r.i.. n. '"p
day morning.
Westward Trains.
Ho. , Passenger at 1015 A. M., arriving al Clncln
. . .. . An D U
" i-k. ..it s.enmm.idatlon Train at 7 M P. M.
4enartaral7 15 P. M. arriving at ClnclonaU at 8 0
Prelvhl and Aeeomiaodatloa Trala leaving Banes-
Vliloat 1 P. a. Will on nniuroey niyo, w
ter aad front there resume IU trip on snnaay ni(pi.
WM.RKYBOKO, Recelvar.
B. D. ABBOT, Assistant Superintendent.
April I, ISbS Itf
offuel di dunbtlity ot eonstructlun atnuda uurivalle
Superior Porlabie Sieam n ships
oflS Hone power.madeteorder.Blarreatreductloa
iroin tne Htumi price coirpo oriuco ou0in.
of U horse pewer with Hitorei, made aipreaaty for
Canal Boats, aud plarod in old aad naa Boats aud
warranted lo give satisfaction.
fo' steaming corn, vegetables, etc., uade to order
a..aa mnA taw r, haru bowtr. iranroveil. tnd the net Id
nMinthiteountr. Thene hortewtll preMfiUtortU
ICttlloBs, aud the iwo-hnrte from I, to ISO galloet jutce
per hour ana warrauwMi aw;in oic.aR.
for boiling cnae Julea.
Long's and Heewrar's Plows always oa hand aad war
ranted SO oe 01 gouv Material u - -
Tkrrahlar llsu;hiaca At Haras Parer
and nil kinds of terming IrelemenU re pa red at short
notice and oa reaaonaoie terma.
Bide to order at low prlees.
ui...! kmiii... mis. rana. nraooiniow ire... wi
Irona.Plow PolnU.Ae. Old Iron taken la exrhaiige
for any of the above articles. l.K.UAkbl
Lancaster, reoniarj v, i.
joii in. ninxEB
oja- IJIVITKA public attention la bit HBW
fQlonk of liools and Shoes
Where he la alwats prepared to acoommoaste tnw
nublvilb food, ebe.p and substantial l.ueuin. w,
md also, ever variety of fasliioiiabln aod durable
ready made lioote. Khooa, Gaiters, etc., ror uaiea,
tienlieineu a id I'hlldren.
hdiiiietbiiikful for ntl favors, ha still solicits a
''"'P,!'l?JMr""'t'.- Hi,.... ib.
SllOf Uil Waia 3iroi, ..in """V. a, , , tp
A nieriranali.l ( ansl Hol-U. J. A. MILLE.K.
Uoeasle r, April 14, IH59 50tf '
l'o Farmers and Wool Gr iwers
'fSEN DK H their tlimike 10 Ihelr patrnns for the liber
I al support hitherto received, and lake this meth
od 10 advise tbe public that they will continue (at the
OLD ST. "I D) the business of manufacturing
Or all Vsrielela.
Cantata Carolina, riolh Vreaalnr
They have Srat rate ma.hlner . choice workmea,
and warranialltbeirwork. 'I heir
BInkHs. assiuiprps. Saiunfls,
riassaela J.aas A itack insj Varna,
teaied. sml nronnunced soperior. Thx
will pay ibe higurstmaraei price m
Uncasler, MaylS,lr58-f
Araltty human Blood upon being
e Is Y 'afaV.U
Iwavs nresenu ns with the same essential elements,
and ti's of course ths TKU E STA N1)A h 0. Anelyie
the Blood of a person suSering from Consumption,
Liver Complaint, nyspepsus, .--Snd
in every in-uuee certain, dedclencies In tbe red
globuleaof Blood. Supply IhtsedeSclenctes. ana you
are made well, ihowuh r r
this Tbeury hence iu aaiouianinn sueccaa. . u..
aitanted tolhe drScleuclva of iba Blood la different
diseases. For On . C'ts,"-sBsailis,oraay atfec
tiou whatever of the TSraaf or tears inducing Can
.a,ii...naeNo.l.whick is also tha No for prss
srea a Spirt, less .!.ilr, end for all Csr.eis
C'B'lafs kri.inr tr"in uerr.e, I'm
and A-setHSM "''. frr Calaias,
o3, for llftprpiio nemirairrau, p.,..,...
sorptuin it is 7 Irwpsanisearrieu
into Ihe circulation, so that what you mn you retain.
1 he No. 4 is for isf, lrrerlrititt. Kiiloil.
..,. Ire. Hee spec! I .lirertinns for this. For
,...;'. Sfroa.w. A'.Wary and Blasier
C.m,M ftatto So. S. In all raws Ihe directions
innsl be strictly followed, frica irf the Mfi "
1 per bottle.
SJOA aas'iaaproiH Mr -1I
tq iuo pMsdsJd -inoi ! snadmosoa moitoalip
nd S1UJ8-WJ -liiejutJlnJuepisoaiesteJOlui
luuue pun -ssiuijeit .(Jejil tl uieln knt aw
noi mt " VlftHO.l M II IMVi VI H.NUJ.V)! nit
SUOU USVJ 'pjaoillUOJ OAS llll.dUIO,) euiucju ij
seuianiaj .--jqio n qaiqsa jo s.iiojjvu ;o nu wi,i uiw.,
tiusaj 01 Jtnuas m m m, a aeonaobeauoe SutaS
pua pis aeoiii uiojj mumaiss ui )'! put uajpM'
jnof iomia.iu put ji e.in not sv 'VJ
4 afaa3 jo sea a o bmhi 'ijuo mia.
pein 1J oii.ouissus-une ua .tiijimi .hub h.-m,,
uiadSiusiitiu piia-aiop, eqt n!tm,naj 'uoitaaag
-ui U4iipJ -.luni wit 3iualjui iaj -oe 'd'JO pua
'niH 1I W3 '".' f flrf
a f miitaidua -4i,ajS( 'aavjjHr''aiviX
Uiy;ilj joj uaous, SOS otliudld sjsniSJ Aa aqt
st je,-tpiiauinio3 11 'o-ietai siqt Jo J. e,ii(iyi
eri Jaiairasp to. jo pauian,
it I H ja.j lqwi0i uujejam put pan SntjO
axvuo ho aiiion'JHVci on
tuttna II bji si Ita
ea vtnja 1at not aaoAuoj ; jews a
jjaatn so jssai.isti -euiii ! ue.i- a-:i.-
.faaall fJif l !."! wt evoeaew sa r
8tKox a h a
j esitil em u) uj.t.ia ua tpttinexj,
Sold by CHURCH A DIIPONT, DniggtsU,
No. 4H0. Broadwsy, Hew York.
Anriall retnhl PriigglatUiroughoultaa eoaitrj
January it, lwHt-l)37
On Dn Wast el tha Hooking Tillsy Bank. !
rrViHK tnJerslgned respectfully Inform the cillient
I and public, that be has made arrangement witr
vv; R. KHOADS.and thereby ha taken possession of
his OLD BOOMS, forlhe purpose of carrying on tho
Picture business. In all of the various and
WE take pleasure ta d I reeling the alien Hon of
those latereated.tolheannesed Price Lists of
our cheap Church, Nehooiand Farm Bells, which, It
alii be observed, ar oAered at abonl one-third as
much est usually eaargei. for Ibosa of corresponding
else aod weight, by lb aaaulaclurcrt of brass-composition
Thes Bolls are eorepoaed of aa amalgam, la part
Iron, which, while It Is so much cheaper than the
metals heretofore era ployed or tha same purpose, yet
seem to posses durability aad eooorou qualities
scarcely Inferior to tha latter.
Sited with Yoke, Standards ana Crank oomple.
1 lack Bell, with Hangings. Weighs M Ib S
IS M 9
SO " " " W1 IS
S3 " " "
B0 T BKI.IJf. rigged with Voka, blaodsrJt, Tolling
Hamraerand Wheel.
Insurance and Co 1 1 eel In if Agent,
OppirK MainMrooi, In tuo Hlgord At Starguaa
BullUinir. . '
, Ijncasier. Msrch.lcW47tf ' -
- Dentists, Lancaster, Ohio.
U AVISO atsoclnted themselvesla th profasdon,
are prered to plate, Sll, axtraet feetk and
perform promptly all operation perUlnlng to thl
POFF"'-OIsy Building, Main Slreal, Wasl of laa
Hocking Valley Bank.
Lancaster, February , 16 dllf '
rflHKnndenlgnad have parchaMd and pat la eom
I plote repsir theabove rulil,. alluat -doe theCaoa
foot of Broad wav. where Ihey are priarcd to do
the nam of HUHTiR ItAUOHBRTV, was on th
Irsl day of April, 1M60, dissolved by mutual eonsenf.
The unSnlshed business la th hand 61 tha nrm at
II dissolution, will receive the joint attention of tho
members USUI loseo. n. n. nun 1 en.
April l,l86v-8irS
u a rtiltrialUDTT.
ISJ (i,(ii'onitii
1 male, rich soil. aad eaear from irosls. sea savor, en
asamente o( Uamraostoa Laads la another aolumn.
HIS Insttiatloa ba been ta yaara la operation
i f t.
mala.riohaoll.aad eeenr front iroeta.eea advar
Caeotenkiof Uamraostow Laads la another aolumn.
t ' I gr, adding all rsllsbl eursllrs agencies.
. cmuits Addrat,OrnvlllaJvV.ierCara, Uoklng Coonlr,
nsHBuriw " . . u ' Oblo." w. W. BANCROFT, Jt. o. rnytieian.
K FOB HJALTH. saa a4vsrtlasist of IttaWi" j, r.t. WM. B, LEWlS.Proprlator.
Ga Leads In nolbsr column. 11 ,
and gathers strength with Usaiparlanea and pro-
, a.i a tr a. 1
wak ae vv a an aar r a a vvi vtrnirHin Miaw. ... sa ... a au il . aw -
AaUbCOli OVJKO va. aiuji.viviuvuw 8 Inch Bell, wtta uaaging. v, eigne jeu ids. ja RPCKWIlt IT I'LIIIH, I'VHI inElli
U, tba whole alia Phob.grapb. Ou, eutl s allenllon " a r , , S - - ?' 'JT"'
t"-V All Bolts Warranted, ,..w ona. ..Jenin case'f ttry an-
Tru urn,od.icli;nofplctures.eannolb..eell.d. breakage by rln.ln.) for Iwelva month, from dale ..f celvfhr ' P" G,EgYi
OurSTOI'ROF CASBS.iindlbevartetyefslyles.lsas parehasa, and ahtppod free 01 charge for ruyago, on October SO. I"5 ti ".
S7?. 7 -V " ... i.- -ill Ha. a Mali, Slni.L I'lnelnasll. Ohio.
Call a. toeev nooma. B.ory posaiwie eera .111 - - '
made In order to please. .iii,iri-a,
1 return my tiaeera thank to thos who have hero- ;
to ora patronised me, and h. pa for a eoniln anre of 1LM f? cfflr.faf!l S2T CSOu9CS
lhaanma. I would especially mak my ackaowledg -k wia ew at-
ni'ats loth eillseat of Pleaaaiit di Liberty townships, . ain pa.it tw,s nrriCB Is al bis "I.T
for lb.lrltbr.lp.tron.g.. during my abort .ta, wltb T SJSf'?,
them, and Invite uaoj to callai my room.. wn.i .uey - - - . . . - be cjH,of vl ,.
coma to tows. - -
Lancaster , A prll IS, 1800-Stf
Ltt 11 castor, August S, W-141-
Prompt sttention given to t'ollectiott. i (.
VfoFI'lCK with Htliirbvnib Clarke
March ,!e-17tf - i v f.-'. ,'

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