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alette & JDemwat.
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Tallmadge BlockThird Slorj-to lt
Left at the Head af the Malr..
THURSDAY, : i : APRIL id, i860.
yRev. E. f. Strickland, of Baidn- ;puwimion or. sue report, no ono can ob
town, Ky., will preach ut the Baptist l" but because Tom Ford in his ntui
Church, an Friday evening, and on next (e7 10 elected, promised to divida the
Sunday, and during the evenings of. next
"week. I
M'bent crop.
Our exchangee, and farmers that we
liave seen from the country, speak encuur
bgoingly of the improved prospects ol the
vbeat Gelds, since tho lute wnrm rains.
jrEx-Gov. Mkdill has been spending
some lime in Lancaster, or. account of ,11
health. (Ve Uarn that he is improving
and that he will shortly return to Wash
ington, to resume his duties as Comp
troller. OH1 for fJatlHdrnlu.
Messrs. Ckisi & Sturgeon, of out city,
leave for California, on Mcnday the 30th
inst., by the overland route. They take
with them a large lot of horses, ami the
best withes of their numerous friends, for
their good health and ultimate Bticoeas.
FEUir. The prospects for an nbunriuiu
crop of apples, are fluid to be bet'.er than
the average at this season. Pcaubes,
though very much injured, still give hope
of a fair supply; and .in 6ome localities, if
late frosts do not cat them off, the crop
will be large. Cherries and plums will
probably te scarce.
Arthur's Homi Magazine, for May.
We have before us, Arthur's Home Maga
zine for May. We lrnve always had a
high regard for this periodical, on ac
count of the high moral tone of its litera
ture. We hinrtilv 'commnd it to the!
Jalroiage of every family tylio would do
Biro a good Monthly.
Military. It will be seen that our
.'excellent Miliiaiy Company is orcpred to
.parade on lo-uiorrow elterpoon. It is
known that tliia will be the last parado of
Capt. Cloud, whose resignation has been
forwarded to the proper superior officers;
Bnd that the 'parade of to-morrow is or
dered in his honor. This testimunid is
a delicate compliment to the high appre
ciation in which Capt. C. is hell by the
Company and is due to hia excellent qual
ities as a man and a soldier. We hope
to see ful 1 ranks to morrow.
Publication of General Laws, or Onto
"by Authority. We issue to-day, our
sup'p'emcnt, containing the whole of the
laws of a general nature passod by the
last sessions of tho Legislature We a
dopt this method because, though involv
ing much more expense on our part, it is
a convenient form for reference hereafter,
by those who wish to keep posted in re
gard to our laws; and also, because we
re enabled thereby te fill the columns of
our regular itsuc, with useful reading mat-
Mows OfHI?i
Mr. Bilunoiilrst, of the City News
Office at Greene's Corner, has laid on
our table tho last No. of Leslio'e Illus
trateJ Newspaper. Its illustrations nn
altogether me nnest ot any ol mat very
Interesting weekly, lhat we have seen.
That of Mr. Ten Crook's American sta
bles, located at New Market, EngUnd, is
said to bo well executed. Its literary ar
ticles are also very excellent.
Mr. B., has also fr sale the Weekly
Novelette: Codcy for May, and a great
Variety of monthly and weekly pamphlets,
and papers.
A Dramatio Company, from Wood's
Theatre, Cincinnati, have been playing in
the above hall lor the past week, to very
- " large, and appreciative Audiences. It has
been pronounced tho best company that
has betn traveling1 this State, an opin
ion in which we cordially joir. Evory
care is taken, to awko the entertainment
intellectual and. amusing, so lhat ladies
inay enjoy themselves, without the annoy
nnce that sometimes occurs at public
placos of amusement.
This evening will lie pforuied, INGO
MAR, the Baibarian, Irish Sang, and the
Roguries of Thomas. Let the hall be
filled to-night. We hope Mr. Donnelly
the gentlemanly manoger, will have no
occasion to regret his visit to Lancaster.
C. W. & Z. 11. Ita
In looking through the freight home
Itnd machine shops, we were pleased with
the healthy appearance of things. The
energy and care of the Company seem lo
have economized their expenditures to,
as to bring them within (ha income of the
earnings of the road. The financial af
fairs of the company are, corhD8. in a
sounder condition at the present time, than
at any period since the running commenc
ed. We learn that an unusually large
business has been doing this spring, in
the way of transporting stock, to tho en
tire satisfaction of tho parties concerned.
The running of trains is safely conducted
by experienced officers, and the connec
tions promptly met at both the eastern
and western termini.
There is reason to believe, that a grow-
log confidence In the ultimate success of
be road is folt in the community.
The editors of the Ohio ExjU, in their
lait weeks issue, publish ft part of the re
port of the lato printing ioveali-aiion
committee, Upon the late election of prin
ter to the Rouse.
The j pall the attention of their readers
to it, with the remark, that it it a speci
men of the manner in whjch the Itopuh
lican parly plunders the puhlis treasury,
for corrupt and party purposes. To the
J'ronw wuu outsiders, in oiuer to gut
their influence, it is no reason why the
Republican parly should he charged with
fraud and corruption. Whoa tho Repub
lican party pays Tom Ford the same pi ice
for printing that the Dcinocratio party
paid James B. Sieedman, then it will be
linio to cliargo it with corruption and
t .A. !.- 1 1 - . t 1. . Ml
",un lUBU"arSB wl" 0UJU31- iue8
wm um are careim
to keep it from their readers, '.hat the first
most prominent candiJate for Printer was
defeated because he proposed, if elected,
to give one half of his net-profits tojtho
Republican Executive Committee for elec
tioneering purposes; and they also know
thai Tom Ford could not have rec'i6vej
the support of his party, except with the
distinct understanding among all concern
ed, that the prices of printing should be
cut down to a fair standard, so that there
should be no profits to be used for cor
rupt and party purposes. The Republi
cans followed the example of their Demo
cratic predecessors and selected a Print
er unacquainted with the business; in this
lliey erred. Now that these gentlemen
have published the report showing how
tho Republicans clotted a Printor, nnd
have falsely charged fraud and corrup
tion upon them, let them also publish the
report showing how tho Democracy man
aged the printing; hero they can not only
charge fraud, but they can prove it.
They can show how James B Steed
man waseloctod Pi inter by tho Democrats
in Longress, ana wnat enormous prues
wore paid for the work, wlnlo they were in
power. Prices w enormous, that Wen
dell nnd practical primers could take the
job off of Stcedman's hands, pay him 20
per cent of the net profits, and pay over
to Demoer&iio presses and executive
committee, for corrupt and party purpose s
over 6100,000 as will be seen by refer
ence to the report. Why not give their
readers a history of the election of Gen'l.
Bowman as Senate Printei by the Te
mocracy. This Gen'l. Bowman, is the
present editor of the Washington Consti
tution or Union, the organ of the adminis
tration. While J. B. bteedmar. ot Wen
dell & Co., held the office, of House Print
er, tie was. superintendent ot 1 nolle
Printing and recieved for his services a
large salary from the Government; heat
the Bame time recieved from Wendell &
Co., a certain tlmro of )iis profits, or in
other words a bribe, tho recicving of
which is declared by law to be a peniten
liary affair. A. G. Brown, Senator
from Mississippi, declared in the Senate,
that Bowman was guilty of a penitentia
ry offence, and was therefore unfit forany
public office. Bowman was not prosecu
tea, tne Auministration loluod its arms
around him he was a Democrat. His
services for (he psrly wero appreciated,
and he was rewarded with the Senate
While upon the subject of puhlio print
ing, perhaps these gentleman ran also tell
what they recieved for iho little dab of
printing they lately did for tho govern
ment, and how they obtained it. Perhaps
they can also tell whftt advantage it was
to tho government to advertise for propo
sals to carry the mails, in n small oounty
paper, the circulation of which is confined
almost exclusively to (he county.
Ohio Cunnl.
J. V. Pefirso, Superintentlent, of ra
pairs on the Reservoir Division of the
Ohio Canal, has just been in our office,
and says, that there io no break ou the
cnnal or reservoir in his division; tho on
ly damage being at Licking dam, st Kir
kersvillo, where a wash has broke around
each abutment; Jirjd tho bulk-head some
injured, with a small break at Deweo's
From all that we can learn through our
exenanjres, me ruuiio Works have not
been so much damaged, as H as to bo fear
eo, irorn the Hoods ot wuter with which
tho country has been inundated; and that
the expense of repairing will bo less than
nas anticipated.
From tha Woilorn Star.
Mixecltapeoui Enigma,
I am composed of Iwenty-five letters.
My SO, 2. 16, 23, 6, is what God never
has seen.
My 25, 18, 1, is what God cannot do.
My 18, 12, 18, 19, 20, 9, is what grows
in tno winter ana dies in the eummor
with its roots up and top down.
My 4, 8, 6, m, is the name of a man that
never was born.
My 14, 3, 1G, 17, what God alone is.
My 11, 7, 7, 11, is a woman's bame spelt
backward or lor ward is ever ihe same.
My 21, 2, is a proposition.
My 13, 20, 10, 21, is what hvr ministers
stick close to.
My whola la a motto to A morlca was siren.
I n the old Kavolntlon H wus fouphi lor and gained;
But alnoe rrom hor borders Haver haa baan driven.
flow render aosr.'ej,aud for lull dLriy aa tell wlio'l
bv ultimo.
Answer next week. J. Thomas P.
Lebanon, O., April 18, 1360.
JCSrSee in to-days paper, notice of the
annual meeting of stockholders of the 0.
W. & Z. R. It. Company for the election
of officers.
Will the Coal Heidi Hold Outl
That one hundred' millions of tons
huvti beou taken annually from Hie minea,
with the oeruinty, judging from the past,
it... .u 'i, . j I, i . 1 1 j
that the amount will bedouhled or trebled
and still go on to increase, as time and
the world advanoe, is a startling fict to
contemplate Will the mines stand tha
immense diain? Will the coal fields
hold out T
Scientific men started this inquiry
about the beginning of this century, and
gave an unpropiiious and alarminganswer
to it. Eminent geologists, howeyer, gave
some comfort to mankind by gradually
postponing tho penod of exhaustion. Mr.
Bailey prcdioted (he supply of (he Dur
ham and Northumberland England coal
Golds would only last two yeas. Dr.
McNabnand, three hundrad and seventy
five years. Dr. BuckUnd conecdod four
hundred years. Dr. Thompson extended
tho period to ono thousand years. Mr.
Hugh Taybr granted sovontcen hundred
and twenty -seven years.
The scientific predictions and popular
fears about iho exhaustion of coal may
now be examined under wider explana
tions, more exact surreys, nnd better
knowledgo of the structure of the coal do
posits. The following is a table of the areas
and solid contents of the ' coal fields in
tae principal couutrics of the world, as
given by Prof. Rogers in his admirable
"Description of the coal fields of North
America and Great Britain:"
q. inlloi o'f
cuul area.
United Kttot I'JO.ll.'.ll I
BriiliU Prov.of N. Amorlca 7.J3U j
Great Britain. v S.KH) j
The ion! of tiurujiu 3,si)
Total q.
Dl, 130
fi.SC I
Tho estimated quantities of coal in the
principal countries aro as follows :
a'j.ouo.utm.ii' e
Briliali Inlands
Grout Appalachian coal Holds (this
iiama ivlveu to thu hitumitotiscoal
Hold wli Ich oxtcmia throuich partsof
Peuntylvaulu, Ohio, Kentucky. Ten-
llOHSOeand Vlririiilal I -.no linn nnn
Indiana, Illinois and Western Ken
tucky 1 jr. 7 .5(ifl.0uii miO
Missouri anil Arkansas Hnain TU'J.uuu.OuU.UOU
All the productive coal Holds of North
America 4.0lfl,U0O,IIO0,(lua
A Burvey of these figures will serve to
tranquilize any apprehensions of an im
i:.- i. - . i t. -i .
nieuiaiB quort supply Ol com. U Will Do
sodii that at the present rate of consump
tion, 100,000,000 of Ions per annum, the
coal fields of Pennsylvania alone would
meet the demand for 3, 16 J years. Il ihe
consumptioa were double J, viz; 200,000,
000, the groat Appalauliion field woul l
meet the strain for 0,937 years. And il
it worequalrtiplod, viz: 400,000,000, the
pioJuelive ooal fields of North America
would suffice for the worlds supply for
10,000 years to come. To this w must
a id the fact that new coal fields are
brought to our knowledge by extended
esplordtiuns and exaot surveys. From
distinguished travel lrs in Ihe arctic re
gions, wo lparn the faotof.th'i existence
ofextecsiye beds of anthracite coal. One
of the most reniarlable features of the
ooal system on our globe, is its equal nnd
abundant distribution over the northern
hemisphere, where it is most wanted.
This is another evidonos of tho bame di.
vino forethought and bent-licence which
proviJos so bouti tifully for our wants and
comforts. TToll may we cxvlniin oh
God -what is tnr.n that thou art bp mind
ful of him. Praised bo his nnir.o.
fi '
A Piffkrekck. The Ck vi-liiiid Herald
thus points out tho difference bet ween iho
courso of a member of President Taylor's
Cabinet and that of President Buchanan,
when charged with corruption:
When the Democratic parts', after the
election of Preuidont Taylor, charged cur
ruptionupon that administration, and pir
licularly upon Mr. Ewing, Mien in ihe
Cabinet, that fearless Rtatesman and hon
est man, lawrer thousrh he was. stonued
not to scrutinize the form of the com
plaint, rai-od no Constitutional objections,
but domanded that the investigating com
mittee, at whoso head was his bitterest
foo, ltiuhardson of Illinois, should be
thorough and prompt. He threw open
ihe doors uf his Department, clulleni;iiig
scrutiny into every act. History tell us
that Mr. Ewing oume out of that ordeal
with noi even the smell of corruption on
his garments.
A Christian Geutlemno,
The following sketch, eillud the por
trait of a true gentleman, was lound in an
old Manor-House in Gloucestershire, writ
ion and Iramod, and hung over tie man
llcpiuco of a tapestriod sitting-room:
The iruc geiitleman is God's servant,
and world's master, nnd his own man;
virtue is hit) Msim-us, study his recrea
tion, contentment his rest, nnd happiness
his toward: God hia father, the Church
iB his mother, the saints hia brethren, all
that need him his Irienda; devotion his
chaplain, chastity his chamberlain; sobii
ety hia butlor, temperance his cook, hos
pitality his housekeeper, Provicence his
Stewart, charity bis treasurer, piety his
mistress of the honso, anil discretion his
porter, to let him in or out as most fit.
This is the whole family, made up of vir
tues, and he is the true master of the
house. He is necessitated to take the
world orchis way to hflaven; but he walks
through it as fast as he can, and all his
business by (he way in to make himself
and others happy. Take him in two
Words-a Man and a Christian.''
3TThere is sbmothin? so tender ami
beautiful in ihe followi ig from the pen of
U. a. laylor, or thu Chicago Journal, that
It even throws tho sunset aronnd the
lomb. We commend it to the lovers of
the chaste and glowing id thought and
"there is but a breath of air nnd a
beat of ihe heart, betwixt this world snd
the next. When the good and lovely d;o,
then the memory of their deeds, like the
moon-beams on the stormy sea, light up
our darkened hearts and lend to the
surrounding gloom, a beauty bo sad, so
sweet, that we would not, il we could, dis
pel the darkness that environs it.
Makithex Father trcir own Bastujo.
The demwratiu ppi-rn ate derltrimr
that the Republican Sunreinn Court of the
iSlite have declared thai per-on wlw ar
i v'itV?, Wfc!k' "8t 'ntit1U"' 10
jvote. Now the Cuurt, a we nave bef.re
.tat-d. onlr r-.ffirm.l th. a
by a llemocra io Surneme Court of the
State, upon that question Home years .jo.
The deuiaon was nmdu, nnd upon its I eel
a Democratic Constitu'.ional Convention
affirmed ihe decision, by reenastin (lie
same clause, which was introduced into
that body and adi-oeaied by a Dmocriit.
Mulatto suffiagei no bantling of ours, but
belongs to the pure and unadulterated de
mocracy, who iraiped and ad-pt-rl ihe
new Constitution. Ilurdtn County Pt-
H hl.VKSlr motKucouwrully ot Hainrn'oitun, fre
from frotta. Home tony Vinvardittomthie ieroi,.
hoe iIaaiiooutouLauilt,buotliereoluniu.
male, rich toil. anJ secure from ;riiu. laa t'lmr.
mttiiuof llauiiuoutoii Lauds lu another column.
t oH HEALTH, eue ttdvertlaemautof limniaoa-
n.ii Latidt In anotUer column.
Sicra bucrtiscmcnts.
Railroad Election
fTVIE Stofkbotdere of iho Cincinnati, Wilmlntfnn
I and Zunusrllle Kutlrotid Comt.any, are bert-by
"HI l. to ini-i-i ut the Cl l' KT HOUMi In the CI I V
OK LA NOAM Kit, on the 17th day ut .MAY uol, to
olnct l)lrrtor for tho ensuing jear.
uruurui me uiiuro.
Lancaster. April it, lecu 34
rPTlHF. Mcmtiertef Company P. Firat Ksj.
I are heruby coiDinHiided lo report them-st-lres
at thu Company Armory, -u lly oni
fcrmod and equipped foi military duty ou ,
ri'iduy. April S, 160,
AT 3 C'CL'irK.P. M.
By order. N NCIIl.tlCII, 1st Sorg't
Uucasler, aprlUU, ItGU lw
JANGT ffilfflllflY
jiissps rLirroiTiJ &. uobiso
HAVE rumored thrlr business lo the Gii-y Hriek
liiiilriinir, lintnediatelr opposite the Dry Good
Morn or.Mrd. Beck, and 4 doors Wet of the Hoi-king
Valley Bunk. Their stock co:iiilolull atyk-s of
Also, a .tone ml assortment of
llcud Dreao,Collart Comclaj, Ac.
rscolvos speclnl attention. Orders filled on short notice
lninrpaooil, and cheap fnr cash. Ladles roapectfiilly
limited to cull hoforu iiiiiklnit tln-lr purchnaes i-lso-wlture.
l.auc.ulcr. aprll 12, lrW 'llf
former rooms, on tlm corner of Muln mi l Col'iiu
bus .Streets, Lancaster, Ohio, Alwujs roctiivinirtlia
Finest and Most Fashionable
Rho will lurnlsh Oroi.i Ii. Utr lino, nttli moit uccom
tnmJutliiij torm She eniil. lite bust workmen -
wotil.l rciporlfullj Invite thu l.a.H.iof llio City
atld country, local! ri.U oxumlim hnr itnclc.
of new and luparlnr tles. and i-hcap.
i.ancuLi:r,upil lu, teuti
Kktata of Jncob Greene.
NOT1CK Is hereby si von. Hint the suhsfrlbi-r has
Peon npiiointed nud n'tulifl.id, as Adinluiitrulor
outliu Ktale olJACOIl GULiKNi;, dccanied. lute or
l.iincu'tcr. KairDcld rouiity, Ohio. Ualud this 3rd
day of April. A. I). l.JiiO.
P. O. SCIIORV, Adm'tor.
Lancaster, April JO, 1RU0 34
Attorney! nnd Cqunicllorn ut l.uvr.
OKPICK-Sliitffer (louse, up iluin. Kntruuco West
of 111" Market limine.
Lal.cu,lur,a;ril 19, 1P00 3lf
EatKle of ICobert Held.
NOTIt E la hereby Riven that llm uiiderl;r.ed In I
lioeu appointed unit duly qtlalined ;is Ailinilllatra.
lor of tho Estate of KOBtitr Kato, ileceust-d. late of
Fulrile Id cuiily, Ohio. All p-ianns llurinir claims
arttinst salil Kute will pliM i pr.-s-nt litem for set-In-moot,
Icually u'llh'-nllcnlcd n l-liiu nut year and
nil those Indebted will unikn iiinneiliate pmn-ul.
J.U1ES 12. BUD, Adis'ior.
April 10, I860 3w3
I. A V,
1 tj
OFh'li'E-Tjllraniliro Blftck Secmid Klnry Flnt
door to Ilia rilit at the hi'aj ol tlie .Siuirs.
April I U. 1800- 3tf
T ASA WAY from lh aiibsprlbiT.on the nihilist.,
I V" Indantail upproiillrc, hy lli n.une of KI.1AS
KI'UAhliUK.NKK. One cent will hn pal.l by In. on
lliedullvery ni saiil boy al my ri-il.leno , but notlianka.
I cnuliiiii all persons from trusting orliarhnrlnglilm on
my Bociiuiit. JACOB GlIiSY.
Laucuslar, si-pHf Ii. 1800 3w!l
T II R partnership hcrolofnrs mlnllni: between Ihe
llnilurslicne'l. In tha praetli'n nf the l.uw, nndi-r
Uiu name of IIUNTrfH & IHIIGIIKCTV, was on tlio
Dm day nf April, lHn, dissolved hy iniilnnl rnnarnt.
The ihi(1iiIIii'(I linalness In the hHiiila nl the Inn at
lis dissolution, will receive thalolnt nltenll.ni ol the
member! until cloacd. II. II. IlIIM KR,
M. A. DAl'i-.HHlirY,
April la.ieoo 3wa jon.s a. uu.vieu.
joiiiv sr VRnr-s
PenlCalros, Port. tIohckk.I'ocKoi Hooka
and a trust variety ofthe
lnraet,alniosterorythlngtobe found In any
All of whlrh he la determined to sellat the lowi-st
possible llvinc prices, lie returlishis thniiks to h,is
old customers forihulrllheral support, nnd hopes io
meritunu receive a eununuiuion mm increase ei pa
tro laxe, and that ever) body may cull audexaiuliie
hi utock lor their own satisfaction.
TTyP.R. Don't forcotlilaplano oflinslnpss.llnay's
Row.on Mule Rlreet,one door Weatof tho Hncki'iiK
Valley Bank. l.nncaslor, April 4 I F0O lt(.
I Have removed myofllco to Ihe mom, recently net
eupicd hy 11 r. Bsniow, Tulluiadge Hiork, lef
bund at ihe hend o. ihuslulra. J. It. M.
April Jib ltGO-tf.
n.:Asri:ic, onto.
rflES'DER hit profeaalohal services In the publlo
I Pulllnc. Pauiriclna:. aul Plate work done la lb
Deat-l and most durable manner,
irpOf KICB Oppnilte Aihorlcan Hotel.
Lancaster, nprll IS, IKIU-Slf
OFFICE Tallmadice Buililln, Male Street,
Uncaiter, april 12, 1880 Slf
Sfic i1lailid3. ,
Corrs teJ weekly ly Wyjvm f Lyons.
ColTej iGfo Suhi lutgllo
El!gS 8 MolaiJ-I hi)
Lard 10 Salt 81 75
Bac hi 83 1 Do Bn'tcr 15
Wh-nl per htishel f 2;if 25
Flour per barrel, G 2S' li'i.
O.rn 4ijo OaU 35.t Hurley 70 1
Clover S. o I 84 25 P.rao--s 4'Jc
Dry Af ple 81 60 Dry Pracl.es S3
April 24 h, 1C6).
F'onr rather more active, witli giecu!a
live demand. Sonic bianna hie uilvano
ed S3 Stati nn I Wsirn q'iot-d at
S5 35?5 60; ex'ra. 8i 05. Wi.at
Millwaukce. 81 2.;?l 3D; Keu.t! y
and Michigan, 81 Tt 75 C .rrt in
goo I d. 'ii and at7'(3ao- (orsund i el
low; and O0SO1 fir white Sou'h-rn.
M'j aestrS goin at tal quotiiions. S'jt
holders are n:or aniioMS than buv'-ra ;
ih;j figures a e 6J and 1. 03 per grade.
Itr.(;UI.,tt HERTIM.'Sit
eHAPTK'l. So II 1 -
kncampjient. No.e
April W, IHttJ. G. srmSM A.S. Recorder.
i-1H ARlTV LODGE. So. 7, ineon every Jlnuday
I ) Ernin
llorKlim KING KXC4MP.MET. Xo.M, mocts
3d ami -411s Thur-day EreninKt lo eath month.
Lancaster, april 13, IHCO-.'ll
CHK.iT ilTJji.lUriONl
Fresh Supply of Groceries at
Old Stund,onc door Kant of Ihe llocli
Vullet Uunk, Luncttttcr, Ohio.
"S UST received a choice and well sc'.ucli-d Mock
,1 ol titapte l.rocerio , which I will .. IUI toe
either fjr CmIi or Country J'rodure. My Hue It Con
lists .u jirt.us fulluwj;
It'ce, Fruits, Spieea,
Wi.t.d and Willow V.'nre.
Xtk's Clioice Sugar Cured llnnis.
Rug'e' do., and Davit1 th lro UricJ Beef, in due
ttUiinoii tt arge Uii of
jjjfsLAKE FISH 5c5
TTyund Mackerel cxpeclca.JJI
BACON WASTED -The hljlti-si marVel price paid
In CASdor Urover.es, t'leaae Ivo uie tt cull.
II. A. ObtihLKIX.
Laneaitor, april 19, lSC0-3m3
GIBMB PHWICIAN, of Billt roiitaiu, QUW,
'.fonr.yrlyof ew rU City,) will all lis
Am-rican FIous-, Cirdevillf, Afajr 18
T.lnrHl ILU8". Lancister. May 10.
Nhw L xinron. Mn Jy. May 21.
Dr. Wallace will f lilt lbs aboya placet, profeaslon
ly evtry inouih.
Dr.Wullare hfif snared im pntnt norerpente In mak
Infr hi in eH familiar with Hie theories of a h and all
tin) ine'licul systdtO' now praclUflil; anj thu rout-Mi
why he tl te not prjiclicrt mu of lht tyurn imw ht
voimntiti T'tugd, U, Uoti:iUi no uu ljrUu'l thaio,attil
knows the m to te nij iriom in ihalr offtirti.
I)r Wallace tinut tint nae itru rfion'iiea or miy
Uiii'l. and yt he tro it miijceaifiiUy all illte.act will,
whichminkliid 1 a(TlcUnl DyspjiHa, the njiprohii
biutn of ihn rort-iin. and nil ilnojie nrliitir from
tiiiliiruftion. he hut nerer fulled to cure purnvtueuil .
In frmn una lo nwiiilit He niMkeit a apeolulity of
tlie dUeataai)d uarticulurl) solicit caiea of ibi
Ur. Wallace hat left a fw of hli clrcnlf.rt at our
poAtorUct) riirtcntutlnuadli'riti'ilioii. IM-aa c il I ant
f il o.io fnr further particulars regarding bis nu
sittdj ofp!racti''tt.
BtLLtrccRTiiRi Ohio, April 5. roo.
I hnd bert afflicted with Litr t oiri. Intnl. Kidnuy
Aftectidnt. I)i4tn);stu and .Nervous IMiilily farahoui
throe yeir; hud filled tutfrt tuiy p.jriiMneiu rell'ti y
tho use ni levnrui iiinfAnt t uy tii'inns7 tre.iiinciit
fort I apnlii'd to Dr. Wallace. I huve henn ilstiu Dr.
Wutliit'e't imw, or liyennic method of curing diseH
ae, tho piist Aire itmittln. and is y era at rutirli'alioii
at the result. Is. truly b yin.( iire4iou. I tun now
welll And f.irtlli bJii.'fllof liiTiili-U. Hfl w.-ll as f
eivrtetiiniiiy to Dr. Witllace'a ertiL-ifiit treniment
I di'slre to rucotnmand him an a Pb s ci.tn of mlraor
dinary skill ami capicltv; wlio can perm mently en re
all of the nbve named diseases, and ninny "liters
which h:irt Ciime under my porsmtai ohurv;tH'.n.
Por furiht r particular retrttr'Unir tuy cto, and Dr.
WalUco'stliijrulur success, ml-ireM
B-I lef-nttaine, tiiiln,
Mr. M-xirr U Vnawn In tblttHiauiuuilv. l-D.
April ltf. ifcUii 3
CJucl ii nn 1 1 1 tVi I tui n ;(on V nnril Ic
rfl'tfX;;rj AitcriTi'! tirjtt9M?S75
. .w -"--air; ',-b-
f and after Urn lay. M ty 1'1'h HV),th- cftodule
f a U injfr rrititii u tbtt to Ad. Ltiuvtiiz Lane as
tai will be at fnllowt:
C latwitrd Trains.
No. 1, Prteniur at II 37 V. M.arrlrlnr atZ innvllle
at 1 SO f . M.,ir.;iKina ilirectRoiinoi'tiiMis iir iho hunt.
Kruihl und Acinin.'l:iti(in Tnilii nt .t .t), A , M .
arVivuu at Z.inevllh atOVl . M. .Makh.ff dir-rl
coniiei'tioiislorthe Unfit and W t via. Uiu renlrnl
Ohio i;iilroud. I .itijrer fnr C.luiiihus will taae
thi Crin. The ahitve rruius-ttop .iX nil nut ion a.
Frt'tirlilnnd AL'Co.iimid ahn 1'r.iln Uiviiif Mtrrow
atHitil r. M. will on Sit ir l iy iiiifht rim to L.ition-rr
on cjrd lime, and from ihero resume Us trip on vlou
day luoroina.
WottwnrJ Train.
No. 9. P.ieii?or al lU3i A. M., arriving al Clnclo
nntl A Hi P. M.
freiirhiaul V'-o nTt-i l.itlon Train at 7 00 P. M
dcp'irlarout7 15 P. M arriving; at Cincinna'l attjhO
KmI'M and .IceonfiinoiUit'.n Truln laavlna Z ines
villa nt 3 P. will on Saturd-iy ii'irlil run to Laiifai
terand from there r jh n itiirlp on SiiHdif niht.
A M. KliY Ii 'lt. Heculver.
R. P. ABBOT, AilstantJ'uporlntt'Ddunt.
A,)rll ;0, !8oU-3lf
Ono DoorWost ot tha Hocking V-il.oj ?aul(.
f IHK uu'lerigiu-i rctporifully Inf'irint thu ciiiavnt
I and inibliiMlnit hi has inadu arnmt.-iiifiit will
V. N. KtiOAlis.and ihcrahy h.is laki-n pOi!H'sH)ii of
huoi.ii KiuiM. lortno piirput or rarrjiu ou lne
Picture busi;ies. In all ui" tha varLms mid
Latest Styles of Improvernsnt
We are propnred to make all hinds uf tps thit pnhlie
has evnr heurn H: utid frnn the tmalL ut finger rlns,
to the whole tltti rholoKraph. Our entt e attention
will be devutml to the biuiinttt. and wo will siarn no
pitlns. hut use evory ponsihlt mon'cp io lmprnvu the
A rt. Our nrrtd'HUlon f niclnroa, cannot he okrellud.
OurhTOfK OK I'ASKS.andthf varieu tif sUIhs. Uas
(joinl as In any other city. All ar oonllull tnv tud to
vnll at thi"u Hi). i in 5. Kvxy possible eilort will be
inudf In nrderlo ploafln.
1 rtnrn niy stiuH're thnnks to thoiio who have hero
to ore patronix -il in-, and U- pa lor tt coniin 'itneo of
insaiii'. i witimi ospi'ciuit) iimft ni) nt kun loiljr
ni' nls to the ntizttns ot P1o.ii.ih t tV LH'ony townships,
for their liberal patntn iftf, 'Itir.invt my short ntny will,
them, mid invite lUeiu lo cull at ru room, wtinn they
cmnuio town. a. i.. t Ci-Ubii.",
LancasUT, April 12, lfi0 Slf
Pleasant Township Seminary
f IMIK AiinnnlTfrm of tho PliMisnnl Tmvnuhtp Stjtni
1 tiiiry willeonimenco with M. D Y. A PU IL.hih,
A - I). iHijtl, and consist uNt weeks, divided hiloTiiree
Summer SukImi, fmrVi April the Cth lo June the Cfttb.
I Will Twelve wtu-k tuillon. f. v.ti'ailon 9 wetk.
PnlJ Si,iAion,from Si'ptunihi'rard to Ni. vor ilmr .3rd
IBiii. Twulvy wotk tnili in,$L o Vao-tilon,
And vvintl'r SumLiii, fro ii N iven.Snr thoI' th. tflriO,
to Miinh lite tllih, Hill. SU-en wba to tlm.a 9.
i-'T'liiiard.iii will ' rnriil-hcd lv tho Prlncitml a
$iDorwock. JOMiPII KKKMAN, Principal.
UiticJstor. March 'i'., l"Qll 147
fI1l)E If A NMONTOLt PA RMKR. A newnpaperde-
voti'd to Litornry nnd Aarrienltnre, a'so setltnr
forth full accnnntaofiheitew SeUleintritof Mammon
ton, In Now Jersey,ctto bo subscribed for at only V5
cents perannmn.
Inoloai pots;oUtnpsror the amount. Addrossld
Bdilorofllie Funnwr, Mammonton Post Office, JoTer
gon rounly. New Jersey. Those wntliliiir cheap laad
ofthe bostauality. iu "tie of tho heiilthiot nno rami
deHjilttftilcmnatot In the Union, and whore crops aro
nerercutdowo by frost, the terrible scours: of tbe
North, BfcudvertUeaieut of Ilammoutoa Lnnds.
ratr&Vd Couutf Prubiita Coort.
rerrrio.t'oxKLi.RKAi.KsT.tTB pat I'Ubts.
Ferdinand Gm, Ad:iulilrtor of VlllUm Pi.Jlor .
j . ejetaaed, PuiutllT.
I anlnit '
Jacob Fiedler. Qenrte H.ni.nin an4 Ca'liarlna Hnfr-
m.111 ai ji, n -nrj tlanand tlit.Ortu (l., his
Wife, Henry b,. Willi4ia l-hasfl.r. I.lii,bai
r.eJlr, Jmes I'nl.lUr. Auu Luis F.eilirr and
Franklin Picdlrr. Uefendanls.
HE.XHVHXFPilll. Willl.m Sl,ftr. f.l.t-.belh
Pie. Her. Jaiuns Kirller, Ann tin, Mlel.llrr and
Priibattn Kt.ller. 'lerrli-Unlii ati'.rs named, arr hMr.
, by nolid -d IU it on tb Wil l day of March A II . imi,
' a-id Ad'tilnitraior fliwl his IMiOn In the Proie
Ooilrt or ralrllnld l.oniil t. Olid. Ui ..ni.iin ti ordr to
i eult tb.j tollowti.: K.-al r Miit'-.tor m hi.'h tan -ax!
'ham riH.Jir 'iie.M'-if'-d.i to u: i.t iiuini'ir
v. i.if.ji.Lat's a.J ution t'i Hie fVy or Lairjtier
the tniuroireiit'-itt a.ii ai.i.irt ...tanrt'S lliffrunlo on
jlonril.gr Kald rnm ie set for hm.r nrf on the 3rd day
'of A.ril A. U- IHv'tud tinlrn4yAU ai.pvar and .lefend.
. said urdnr will 0 l4,uad 1 tl a-i:'r.lai'fe ' li -.raver
. ofia.d Plition. FKKUi.X t? II 6klZ.'
AdrnhiUlratnr ofVl'llipafa Fiedior, Hcceused.
M?rrb ti, s47 13 :j
Joiaaa DjUtij
s. V Oirorea-
Jol.a W. Ilohsrty. )
Jolia IV. Oohartc. It nilllsd tnat Jomiia Hoh.rtf
did on H.a Will layf V!ar:li. A. II. IKO. fil hr pr.
tilloii in th ui a ofilia Ol jr ofilnln,,.! (:,n.
at'm Pla. , arnia un arllis-oailf of Fairiald, BnJ I
' . -n- iaii! Jolm W. Il.ih.-nr wirh
d-ilur wi-a nun If ul.l ,h M. A l..-n, and al.o lor i04
j!o.:l l .! lor la ,t i;i ,j i', , , ., utll,
nnd aikinj at no .nr. an.l i!ml miv ba ilirorcad
fn.ni ilia l u l Jo. a W, I, ).,,, p.iin.m
ais.dlur htancj at His a i: t-m ' f ai l i-onrt.
J'14-.aA lioiuarr.
DvU.F iilE:-TK, I,., Auorns7.
Liaaaiter, Mirch U, leeo CirH.i,i0.
Cim.l of Cniii. Pirn-, F:urflcltl County, O.
J rctltlon orLltor n
f fflMRsbf.T Molina TliMfi.ir,n, fho It a ninrl
I lut'if hM county .) will hTfby tuke li'itliit.ifiiit
Skid JiACiti irHnpt"n ihi dj HUl In in id Ojart hit
rtrl.iin petition, prnyiitar to be umr.':.'l ,rom nf'l 'da
lin U'iiiiiiii(ti.; aii'l illr.t for i.'ante,a wllil
slice In the purl of said 11 j't.r.-U for rnfre than iiiro
jeart last j ast. JOHN KAlMiVtClrc K.C.P
V Vam I acMr. Attorney.
A; nl 12, I-Oj C.'plf 3 i3
Thu Stftte or' Uhii, f-nirAirl :uuuly9 .,
Court ol' Common If-.
Lou!i LeTer ii. Kxeinr of j-ifl ,it Will of JIannab
J-iTdring, deca)eJ, Puiuti1.
Lererli g and Mhert. Dafndautf.
VOTirEItbrehy t to Hei.ry trrlnt?t Wl!
t Ham Cwpt lttiid and fclilab-lh V Copelaud bis
Wife, H-i'.n K. lr-eriiiJt. lie i. if Ii -ifiiyln . ai.-i Hun
nail H. fluiolin?b s ife. tnat I, vfrinir
Ex cuior ifv!ie LH Will su l I sUmimi of tUnnaU
.nMiiiE.drTM'..Ml. riid. on 'h- llili (lay of A pril. A .
HiJ. file In Plitinn In the C'M.ri of ( omm'ii
I'le tt. wiutiti and for tin C.n:at) ( F:ri!ei.i ai:i
of Obln. ftZahi'i the .Id (Jury IrvurU'T. U illiaui
C.ij.eljiinl unl K'.Zrib.-'.ii P. (,'opehiii.t Hn Uifo.Heury
K lev fin, lien ) Huhylii and Jinnnti II, llnh)
iiiiznii nj anu uiner, .mnii; f.ir.u inning n'-mr
iiimgnj t!iai iiim redoubt r.tiie of na.u
iiisuttlvit-nl to pai h r tlcii. and that it w,l! ba
I fury UiT tttt fiurp'isi or psj i. iif'.tn, to v
whole or nr ui he r KcjI KkUU. aii'i iimt the t r
ii'-u l leuuotiUHii'I fvjjr$, are f.evneu (. i-,i :
i -al Knttie, and tr.iy:iit t)iut jii4 lie;il Huu. or i
such p irt tliureofin may br iiftccnary for ihal y ir-
Kia. up iirviru io ug Mji i o pay m i n uc uls; ait-i iua
ni tv nu'pcd D-fndaiits arj uutillej. th.it tiiey are
roq-nrro t apitar anu anitwer sani rriuioo on or te
lore the thir l Hrtturii.iv an-ff the Vlib dav of .Uy, a.
U. l!-00. Il-tjd Oiii IV'.h i .V of April IhJii.
ApriUS, lr0O-C'-v3r-fS135 AttraijW Pb!:
ttnlris. 1- a I fri.,.1 I'irr t-vll. sfO
on the LaiiCksler KoaJ, hat now
onh;tin. a it renter iiiintbr of
Ursa CKDAit 1 itfcK't, ibsn at
an tuiio h:rf lor.'-e, lutr.y of l!i-n uetu2 five, aix
and stftt u fevl hi.ru, buti.y and thriftT, nnd iritiun;d
m alt kliiiia oi' ttiaiUe nnfl form. He uut ato a toi.ti
deriihle quaiitiiy of otnnr i.rrereen Trfret, tucb at
iiMereiit liiiidfuf Fir. Pine. Juniper. ArWr VlU.oa
vln. Ac. &c. all of which he wiii t.-ll rery Ij as
utuat. 1 he (reft trill bo carefully liiken lip. pnt;.l
:md p, operdlieriionsK'ivi-n furplai.litiirthffu.bixJ iu-
ii red to jrrow ifduyirud. The Oeit ti :u frtratnol Hit
tiiy is in March, April and Huj. JOH.V LiiiiT.
Apr). lKu
Tallmattgo House Livery Stable,
sud stocked it with (reah and Scot Hoises, of all kind
aim sate,
Is im w prepared :o fu rnl.b the public with travel
ji".")iiiniiiiati.ins fur Ion Jourueys. uleasura fidtft.
otc, wuu toy iieaiet "rt.
"TPariionsilesirinf Imraea kept hr tha week. or.
lon-rur or shorter p rioc1. rau ldare tiiei nl tli:s fcla-
tlf. mere tli'V wlllrfCeive every a'.lenlioti lij ex
iicrltfiui.'d it 'ijtljra. al reuwnublv raid.
And Machine Shop,
l.lVc.tK'YttU. OttlO.
Ord r Solicited for Ihe lollowins Articlrs
lA.'innd 60 Hum piwcr. wh't-h In ph.t of uoti-'fti
ol I Jul sk tlara'jiUiy ol t.'nstrut:liou sluiitls uurivuilcl
w, Men in iisiiii's
of IS Horse pnwer, made io Ardor, n't a rreat r.Hlui'Uoij
Iroin the utual price ciidigcd nrsucli hrnirt.
rf I.1 horso pewor with futures, made expr'P'y for
C nml H i '14, anil pUred in old ui.d hew iijdit and
warruntud to five tutuructiou.
to' iluainin; corn, vefretulles. ic., i .adc to order
run) and twi t-r.e power, nf.prved. and the heit In
In this ii Mr y. The uiu nurt h ill pn-.s fi-i t "'i:
jrall'n.a. and tht trfifjre from li t" Iau gallons Juice
per hoiirand vvurruntd asaint hri.'utia-'.
for boiling cauc Juice.
lafiiiff ti 1 1 1 1 K.Mitr'r's I'l.twtal wavt on hai.d aud war
r.inlc -I hn of arn-id mulerl;il and to rui viv.
Tliri'tlaliig: Muclilneti V llorso rowrri
and all kindi of fir nln; Im Itmentt spared at short
iioLiceaitd on refHi..!!. t-rrns.
riASl lNn-J V IROX Oil DRASf
made to orflor al lnw prlv'et.
StoTr-. Keitl s. Poi. H.m. fitaoothlne Irons. loe
loiis. Pluw Hnlnlt. (kc Old Iron Ink tn in ox, Ji uigu
fnr n of the nhovo artlcl. V, Ft. IHI.'ST.
Latifustcr. Ptibmar ft. I .-till -4 It f
"TTF. tiito tt-'aure In dln'rllnc the nttenllnn of
lV Hiof li.lereUd,tiiho aum-xt'd Price Llwls of
oiirrhcap l'tiurrii,Nchi"t;ind Farm He.it. which, n
wlli hr- o mervod, are ollri'd Ai utt il one-third hm
iii'ii h uti u-ually charm. f.r thoso of eorrcapituif iijr
mi'Hii.t weight, by the ti-.uiiuf.tc'.urcM nt bruM-coni-
plHitlOll llflU.
Tin's- rldlHrd co uponed Af an firU;iim. In pari
Iron, which, wlnlo it 1s so much cfljup.'r il: in ttm
nit'luU liri)t"f"ru employed lir Ihe tamo purposi. e
immiin lo pokm' 0irahillt,v and siindrniit J ijlliios
li'iirci'iy nil rnr w mr i.nwr.
r'AKU, Sl'IIDnl,. IKliKl.. .N!I SHiP hRi.LS,
flltutl with Yoku, Hluiiiliirils uinl Crmik coutiilo
iniuch Bell, with H.mrlujs. IVeislmnilb n
In M D
ill Kll ...... H
J SH on
oiiiiHrn.ArAiiKMV. firr ai a'mi,ktk m-
IH T HEI.I.S. Mfiri'U with ViUe, Mau.lurJs, T-jllh,,;
Haininuraixl Whool.
?f Inch Bell, with Hangings. VVdshi ?no Ihi. J ss
3.) .. .. '.(l Js
:w .. .. , mil 7
tl, .. .. mil II'll .
.8 .. - Itltl - ' 175 '
All Rolls Varrantil. (now one, jlteu in case or;
breakuire b rintlnc) fortwelv. inotiths Tfotu 'nut. iif i
riurchase, a'nii slimiiuil freo oi rh irjre for . rayiine, on
raeeliiloriirlc.. H hlC k.3. r h f. K fl. ,
No. fl. Mull) SUvui, llioeiniiatl, Ohio
April IS, l-60'.'iu3
iiii i ill iiaa'J sa'caaacBCB
Dll. RKiElillW OFFICE Is at bis HIT
Kelnence,ini WheelliicSireei, nearL'olunjbu
6lretwbbre h will attend luall the rails of, upraf,
f,-sloi). t incasti'r.Aojusl,l.M 111-
TI B.&J. A.ilUITH ,
BhfTi rCorer, LBClfr, Ohio.
WK hsrefn Uud.fui sale, I cUolov and wall e
lecledKtoca ol
Drugs, .Uedfelnea, Psllcta, Oils, !
Kuiffa, fnlent .Wcdlclnca.l'arlninr
rjr, I oll-t trllclb,laayUoJs,A
In addition to tbeiibsia, w base also cuoic tad
t..l.l..l .if
Linb'Hfdi.r. i..,rly eri-rj ncllcle Usna'.lv k'.t la A ro
1..1I lirorrr) ' KsluMUh ni-nf. To all of bU h l fe
Siet.'tliill) invitrtluullentioii ofcdl nurrhnaera.
It. B v J. A. tllt.TP..
Lancittor.MarfhSMrtll STif
U Ueciiujr Htri'dif I.Hi:iiktr r Ubltt
AUo.a Cna lot cf
V.'i.! h will he difposMdof at this :im'!.at VPPV LOW
RlTK". forTah. uliyrl tin; puj.or. ot a ft 0u4
H.jfMJ ill b tkkrn.
Ail ftrk iniuiufairturd fmm the brat of tnnerlal,
tint pot up in rood workmanlike uiaiti.er, aud wkr-rant-'u
fnrouj )iar
lie wonl'l rut im hit lb inks for the liberal palmo.
C Vtflrdcd lo him by the people 'bit ci.hii
d irinir ihe ji'isi riifliiceii imr mid wpulO rml ftt,
apectfuli) S'jliill a conliiiuanrr of their f;.ors
L.in?aier, Pebruary 83, IMiiM-2if
W'if'iil.Itj lili.xrr,
V-wnl,Ji InVh,
FouSalk att:.(Ia2ktti:0jT'
Thee four ro:odlf of DOCT. WKITK. (ofCfudn
nil'.) htv nv jr hoeu rivaled . In ihe relief tod car
of CriMiic M ire f;ecially Fim.l Vt.ii
D''.V ifei'tlfi ni if the Chest attended w iili l ou-h
d 'Mi ty iriin i.eperfect action rf the Lifer, Are,. 7 h
lml. ttii l omRO'it I ilo iq, ha probnbly tared the )v4
of more joint afirl. thfii fny rfineily i-vpr e.1.Ml ,
in n fML -nt in 1'iit'iiic. TUoto who ue Uycl. Waile'e
1".", a:d Lii'1 n 'tit nT'-r uiu auy othar.
IaXtiCtttter, Apnl 5, l-i'J I
SOt 71. niLLER
iSVIIEJ public ultontloa to hli SEW
!ii;:lc of liovls and Ulior.t
Where he 1) r.lii nronared to aecominodat. C
publ vita 1, (mii ijisiid sulisianlia) Cuatoui
an 1 alio, over;' vurl 'ty of r.ahloriahlo and dure' i
r-a-.j rr.5jtC '5i4. S.ic.'s, Gaiters, etc., for L'd.i.,
H-nt.'.-in.'ii a id (V.l'iren.
I: j'm.-ifrAful ror naat fuVorl, ha allll iollcits
share ortiublli-pstronse.
ifIOr' f)n M :,1 a Street. South M. b.Um tt.
A-o-riransiiiI ( anal llu:l. J, M.MILLkB.
LlDCsjIe r, April U,I?1S Mvf
To Farmsrs ani Wool Gravers
friKDIiK Ihc.r liuiiikiW ibeir patron for tbe lil-i
I kl in i port uiitifTio rrtie.eJ , and take this w.rAh
o. to aiiritt- thtr pu'!,iaktalfhtrf ttill conttttitd (al the
OLD tf'f.NP) tae buiijirouf iui.u;ac-tariji;
Of sll Vuiletela.
Custom rardiii?, f lsih tr,inr
Thej have flmt rate ma.biiierr, ctn'ce norkeicti,
and warrant all their work. I heir
Blankrls. ' assiraeres. Sutlincls,
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JalluaiJ 18, 1-Cll--l)S7
K. F1H T T E R ,
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October 50, IfSO S3if E. J. C1LSV.
TA"LTj slough,
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Prompt rli.otlon nlven to Collertlo.s.
vTnKjl'.K wlili Mfuelicomu Clarke.
Murc i li-J, lj-6.) 4Ttf
JHUa"l iJjit-A tlUu 'VV1.
Tallmadgo Block, Main Street,
laimoastEk. OHIO.
AI.WAYSonhamlabeaTT atoclc or GO0r.il. n'lfe
best qualities, wbleb b mauifaeiiirers to onlvr
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