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NO. 6.
VOL. 1,
cqcttc & IDcmocvat.
. o fVio e
Tallmadse Uloclt TUird Story. -to the
Left at the Head of the Stair..
ineGaietto will bo puMlstied ove'ry Thursday, ol
1Kb faltnavlno tflrmt!
On. year In advance JJ
After the explriilloo of 0 months H J
For loss time than ono yenr, t III. rat. of. . I 50
Tier annum, but Invariable In advance.
inMo aijcontlnuaiico until arrearage! aro paid.
a .-...,- Af in iit.n'i. n tn onft t.icrL-on SO 50
TU..0n...ptlnm 1 U
l'or each atltlitlo.ie. l.uorlloii 0 85
All wlvertUeinenU running leulban Ihreo monlUi,
.. HI HO
.. 13 U0
,. 15 00
.. sit no
.. S3 00
.. W 110
.. 40 00
One square.
One-fourth column.
One column
.. 7 00...
.. 9 00...
..ll oo...
..15 00...
..17 00...
..ID 00 ..
..5 00...
From Mr. Coruin't Speech in the House of
iitpresentaitvtt on Jan. a ant zi.
T l.iinlr l.iuf wlw.n t.hn hnnvnnmn TTit.
gar left Abraham, with her master's con-
.$3 oo.
. 5 oo .
,. 7 oo.
. 8 00.
,.lt 00.
..1 Ml.
,..14 (HI.
..1H 00.
TT-FrtiisIiiesB curila ofabotitO llnas.by the year, 15 mi
frp.-ilvorlisuinonlviiot marked on the manuscript,
Will bo continued at our loruis until forbid.
TTTLezal advertisements, Administrator a notice",
Aovnustba paid for li.a.Wauce, for reasons whlh,
we will eaplan at the time.
JljTlie abovo torrai strictly observed In all cases.
We are prepared to execute all doecrlnllnni i ?" Oj
BAM riCh.KTS, and every otb.r variety of PLAIN
AND FANCY J.oaUlNG, with now and superiorly,
and on start notice. ....
Jmfrs of Fairfield Common Pleat Court HE.NI-Y
C.. WHITMAN, residence Lancaster, Ohio.
. Vrikan Judge- JJSSK LEOHNKK, Onlce iu Public
Mating Att.rnil-JSm W. STISCIICOMB,
SH.r.I-AAKOS W. KIlKIOHT.OBIc l at Jail.
ClertefCaurt-JOHX C. HALMS Y, Onlce Public
"liul'ilor A. J. Dir.lllSE.Onlce Public nnlldlni.
TremurirY. 0. IlKNADU M.Ofllce public Building
Recorder P- S Y KK RT, OiHco Public Building.
Sur.n.or K. S. IIANNUM.OIllce, TallinadgoUloclt,
Vetoed Story. , ,
Coroner I.. fiH.HPFF.rt. inaldence, Madison tp.
C.a.i.Mr-JOMPH SHAKP.of Bern Town
ship, UANIKL COLLINS of Amanda Township,
School F.iamiuere-WM. W, W H IT?i KY, JOHil
W'lLLlAMSaiulKer.J. F. RE1SMUN1).
tilt Down, Sad Soul.
Sit down, sad soil, and court
The moments Hying; ,
Come tell the sweet amount
That'alost by sighing! -
Flow many smiles? a score?
Then laujrh and count no mors,
Ll. down, sad ton1, and sleep,
And no more measure
The Aiicht of Time, nor weep
The loss of luisur. :
But here, by this lone stream,
Ll. down with us and dream
Of starry treasur. I
We droam do thnn the same;
Wo love forever!
Wo laugh, yet few we shame
The goutlo, never.
Stay, then, till Morrow dies;
Then hope and happy skies
Aro thine forever I
nufisuTiD max ths rumen by o. v. DttTOx.
tho Two White Itoes.
iaris U a rich city, ami proud of its
riches. It has heaps of gold, and a great
abundanoe of rubies and diamonds. lis
teooauraa urn onuntlesg. ilB luxuries
KAtinrlloaa. Ttfl wi du BDread mantle wants
but one ihinif to complete its splendor,
..... 'ti . ,J
and that is nowers. xi wouiu naiuij
bo belimod that, there is i Blrcity of &W
tsrs in Paris; but it is true, neverthuless
It tin tuwer flowers than nrecious stones
That qneea of the world cou'd more eas
ily encircle her trow wun DriiuaniB uu
mrlJH than with daisies add orange-
blossoms. To be sure, there id a flower
market in this opulent city, where the
UHi,-. nf tho nobilitv Diouure their elesan
caaielias. Tho botanist gees there fur
lila rare tulip, and ihe gnittto to pluck
. swoet-iireiited cillvflower. But these
rWAra. litin manv othorParsian Droduo
nnni linvo Vint a ficlhious existence: thev
nre temporarily supported By ihe arliiicial
hriat Introduced iiito the pots, but soon
ilrnrtn And fide awitv. The Durchaser
who thought ho possessed a lively and
liBnlt.liv liloom. finds. UDon his return
home, that he is the owner of a sickly
faded flower a fit emblem of tho fleeting
Measures of the world. It Bhould be ad
.tnrl fnr ilia credit of Paris, that ther
aro also lovdral magnificent temples dodi
retail to Flora. Id some of the most
rnaKiiiucont streiia of tho city, niy be
seen splendid s'.oros, kept by beautitnl
nnd bewitching young ladies, (n which
there are handsome minature alters erect
ed to this goddess. There you will find
the budding rose, whose lints rOBcmbte
the first blush of a modest maiden; thi)
lilly cmllem of purity with its golden
potals and alabaster pups; the moss rose,
tho favorite flower of Lli6 peels ; in a
word, a representative of the whole veg-
Xl.Ua liincrilnm. TllCfft VOII Will llnd I
BWV, ..0-. J
cloud of incense, from which the gaflafid
nf t.ha nnfiHii of flowers fathers its per-
rm still, tho snnnlv of flowers is
orpntlv d'uni'dtiortionato to tho other lux-
of iha French tnotroDolis. Winter
lnwara. esnpciullv. are verv rare, and
bdtanists alone know the great labor which
their production cost. They require a
nont.iiD heat, of even temperature, and
the most unwearied watchfulness and at
M'lla Pasuallne Benoit was one of the
rriost renowned florists in Piis. She was
an eulhasisst in her profession. She was
quite poor, but she cultivated her flowers
with a poetio seal which excited the ad
miration of all who knew her. Her little
nnrrton. situated at the outskirts of the
city, always contained some prodigy of
the vegetable kingdom
It was mid-winter. A fine equipKge
drew up and stopped in front of Paica
lino's door. A fine looking matron nd
: 1 rl . .lirrYitAii f r ATn tli.
onsiumjj juuujj .......
carrice. It was tho Marohionesa de
tArnifll nnA Vi.e rlsncrViter.
Varlamniaalla " laid tllA MarchlOnCSS.
mw il.n.rhtne is in be married the day
mCtar In.mnrfnw anrt W Wish a whit
w. w v. .v.., .
rnai fnr liflf wed din 2 dreSS. I BIB told
wmi Tis. nflA
"Yes, I have two," replied Pasoaline.
u&n i see mem: saia ine duui.
" Certainly," was the response; and the
two visitors were bonduoted to a beautiful
rnn, tin ali hnarmcr Iwn half-blown Toses.
which shed a moat delicious perfume.
Lan 1 1 nare doiu oi inemt trjquirou
the Marchioness.
No, madame," answered Fascalme,
with a sigh; "one of them is aliuady
promined. .
"Then l will taKe tins one. nuai i
the price?"
Two louis.-
ITr is the mouev. Send the rose to
my hotel, Rue Saint Honore."
Pascaline bowed politely, and re-conducted
hor wealthy customers to the door
of her humble abode.
How fortunate!" thought she. "Ifor-
ty francs! With this sum I can pay my
rent, and save myself from b ing turned
, ., m -i i
out. utifcmy uear motnei i sue exc:uu
o,l "frnm thv liftnnv nlace in heaven. thou
ktill guardest and protect'osl thy daugli-
fa. I"
That night was One of sadness to Pases-' not
line. It was the eve of the anniversary and
of the doath of her mother, a good and becom
pious woman, who had cultivated in her
duujrliter two cnaato aneciions iovo oi
(inrl ami lova.of flowers. She went as
she reflected upon the last moments of
that adored mother, wuom uou nau carcu
t; Himself. It was a cold niht. Death
had a'.roaJy Beized upon its victim. The
weeping daughter sat by the bedside. The
dying mother called in a faint, but sweet
Pascaline, are your white roses still
"Yes, mother, was the reply.
"Then bring them to me, that I may
e'nioy them once mon,"
Tim iinmrhtnr rjrou'rni tnem. i lev
...v " o -
were two beautiful, full blown roses upon
one branch.
The doctor said thtt the odor of these
flowers might injure tho patient.
..T i ii .v. n.i....
ron. nHvar minu. bus baiu. tuuou
roces, like my child, will live long after
me. Paicaline, give me one ot them.
Rurv tliis otiis with me." A few minutes
afterwards she breathed her last.
While she lay a oorpse, the rpserwas
placed by her hand'; but, is trie dead body
was plAccd in th coffin, tho leaves of
the Uower leu on. one was uurieu, ami
.1.. ...... k.J iAnJ n 1 A o ii rl ' ojllinn tl,0
IHO lTlttVU IIO .1IV.IJ Vivau) ...jvu
daugliter mad. a sbletn Vomt, as chaste
and tender as the neart tnac inspirea it.
The night was thus passed in prayer
and filial remembrance. Neit morning,
1.a .aaiimml hat. duilir tflnlr in tlifl fnrden.
OlIO i l Junmn mw. .i.j ... o
She recollected that she had engaged to
r I -. -
send a rose to the maronioness, aim
went to pluck it, but, said to relate, one
of the flowers had withered away. But
a .ingle rose now remained.
The proprietor came and uemacueu
the payment of his rent. 1
Sir, said rascanne, "i am unaoie w
WX' .. , ! J
"How is tuatr iou nave money, buiu
the landlord, reminding her the two louis
which he had learned she hud recbived
from the Marchioness.
"That is no lonirer mine. Tho while
rose has withered and died. The money
'But there is another rose remaining;
why notsond it?"
"That is already promised; all tho gold
i , . i .1
in the world woulq not purcnana u.
"Then." responded the uniaieu pro
nilctor. "vou must prepare to leave at
r .. . .
once. 1 can't allow tenants to occupy
nvnnnrtv f, r nothinir."
"You shall be obeyed," answered the
girl, calmly. .
" ,a A rr noneas. ur.on Teceivin? me
money which she left wih Pascalltle's the
day hastened to the garden ior tne pur
r.f lnnmiiKP wliv the roso had not
been sent, one was iniormeo mot iui:o.
R-oit had iustffone out with a whilo
roso in her hand. The Marchioness turn
and ptayod over them for he was a
praying man, as all enthusiasts arc ho
was a brave nun as all it:rn cnihuMasis
are: and it wis bi-oaiise lie', tlioiwht this!
T6 the Uedbreast.
ar sriLLuai earaaoaau
Kweelblrd! thalrlng'tsawsy the .arly boors
. .- .. . . -a-. ur wtntnrs past nr seining, vol. oi car.
unierpi isa, uie vuiyf in;-,ui un muuuiy im- Well pleased
SL'inution. was cousocraieu oy the ounru
sent, there oning somo disturbance in his button of Jeffurson and Washington, that,
Tlio AiUansas Traveler.
There are few of our reader"
!hav not heard
wv..., - J " -
domcatio relations, much laughter, the
boy Ishm&il, not botog the child of prom
ise, and being in tho habit of making im-
poriinent roinarits aoout tne cqnouct oi
family atTairs, laughter) was sent off with
l.!n mn.l.AK ittf ilia iiiLlitfnnaa uritli a
II IB Ilium VI isiwv est n nuwi uua;a w ' -
loaf of bread and a bottle of water. Wo flict between Slave and r rei laborC
aro told that Hsgar, being exhausted and 'peal to gonilcmen, if they could true
famished bv himKer, laid the boy down : back Browu's conduct at Harper's F.rry
to die, and that the Angol of the Lord, to any source out of his own solitary
i.-.. T i T ...., i ..i r;,,i,t Ii ; . mfiiliinti.iiiH. whatever other miirlit have
UilllJt? bllUIU. il A ICUIUUll l.llill., . o ' - O
so written in the Took. And what ad- stated of ihoir opinions, Whuilierit is not
iih Aflilht whlcb brff.nt ar..
Fair seasons, budding sprata swMt,smirng lowers,
To rocks, to tuiings.lo rills from beauty bowers
Daiion oi rftmumuti sun i .snuigion, uiai, r.Ma..w ..- -- -i
. :.l I., u: i . . Thou thv Creator' roodness dost declar..
., And what dear B-lfu on Ike. fl. did not soar..
n tha A mio l V Would linllul.l Lim La . . .
a r I A stain to human sens, to sis In at owcra
- tahII. 1 ,, Unrtt kit tL.. A 1 P
was cucouipai.i.ei uu.ui uj iub ivngcis oi
the Lord.
Is all this to be attributed to a declara
tion of Mr. Sewa'd, in reforenve to acon-
I ap
V. bat soul can b. so sick wblcb by thy songs.
Alllrea In sweetness) sweetly is not driven
Oulle Ln forrel earth tjir-noO.. inltea and wronra.
And left a reverent eye sod thought to bear.o !
Hwe.t artless song.t-ri tnou my raina aost rait.
To sirs oi sphere yes, ana to anguls laya.
The ValUe of Wife.
n ; :..i. il.. :,
few of our reader- who tl8 house of one pi pur prominent olergy
the '..rk ansae I raveler p j Vi a 0,,U "
(on ihe violin. Iu coinpo. r orrainer ej theiiMelves at candidates for matrimo. '
jits improvisa ricc, is Col. 8. C t,y, but the gentleman had neglectod W
ner, of Little Rick, who relaiet thi fol- pfCUI8 the cus'omary certificate, being
lawing mory as the foundation i,f hi bur- p.,MelH,t w;:h il,9 idr.a that ihe minister
loaque in. piMtion: jooU c out xitcr some delay, the
, in ti:e early duys of the terriiory of ; llfi2Mgr j0Climent WM r,rooure4 from
Arkansas, when the Sfttt. menis wre f'w,ha t,)Wn vV nt)l ,he bsndj WfT, oon.
and far boiween. an silreniuroua travtlcr I ,umlul,teU( xh happy bride in orange
from the pld Btatis, While travera ng ti e wrHxh 1(l blunlies, turn-1 to the gla
mr.. ,f that nurtinn of counirv. voM.. - v i i . .i.:i. .'.
. , - - . n- ii) uujust uer uunnoi, wiino tue u.wij-
, lost on a cold and rainy day in ih i nm.. I1(ubaiid drew forth his wallet td
I meet Tfanaformalions.
I tuuin of t! e v tr.
..... ..., evening, an I d.apainhg ot Ondin' a
mere u nincu mai is exumeiy inter- i,a(i,jU) w,iB gtarchintf f.r a planw
sting iu UiO habiti of the thousand
,ir1'' !to oiv?" ono h the bridirroom. ''We
. l0il.'HVe tho.. niat'ers to the discretion of the
inv i tamo, sirikes a trtil wmcii HeciiM io iaa .,,;. ., ,i;. ,.!,,.-,, Uat
I forma n( lifi tlmi tl'.t itirnii'rf. ilia nip e i somewhere', and alxo lioarO tlic Siiund of a ' l... A.. ,. .,,,,11,, ,,V'"-i V r,vt
vice did ho givo to t na bondwoman and i more la.ionm to vr..- m. 8ui i , k.ml in thai direction AccoMlinil V le ..ti i ' f .i :
her son? li Angel told thiswoman thatco.idct to those writings, .peechc a.d ru.1. among the giass a,d weed, dur- "J J iLad " itZZ 1
the was in verv . bad circumstanoee. but .letters of your own grout men of the ing the sunny auromer time; thoce gorge- , . . .... ti,bM, - - ,,,,, ."lr"-".,' , "J" ' T" " . . . S "
0bdiM..:t.pi.k.ph.b.,i&athr y;;f"j a-'--jeolUmnofs1nokwhi,l,heknow.conleJ0mii;;'
ho'd him in her hands, for ho would We.. Ihcy wero the g.eat men of the . , ... , , , b- f ,qUattrr. . . . . ,. .
o a .-roat filibuster. Lloars of United y ales, and the great 'eu ol the , . ' I . , , 0ndii it to b- a 1 f, ""'.T' . ' 3- .7i.A
laUL'htor.l worm; auu, notwu.ista.iuing jou imv,,- . ' . . ; n., .V,; ilk lna Inland about tnn "t.. t. .u. ...... ..I
" chund your opioion on the ub eCt,monarcbs of men cannoi vie. ho would "
very able man who was Ihe father of Slavery, and made it contrary to their.. J think, at the first glanco, that the little I ,i ,.Lr vltt!f ,.nftra i tviih b,.ards. .i . . L. '.t."- jT
. - l i ..it . i .t . i .l- , . w v . w ., . , - - - i iu ir il il uim i l n ut i uii.rti biiau m uui-
at boy, tiad another lamuy, ai.u ivol tneil names, anu ineir iamo, anu.tntir , nuitarin amnno. tha hrannhei of lf, .U .1,. nmnri.tdr ai a'cil on an 1 1
. in a canora:ioh or two after this, Opinions will ho engraved upon the pnt'OSLu., ., , " i.. ;,,. .a.or.il Lm .l:l !,, ,lr,,,p Ut-.'.
I .1 - !.-
At niatnrv wnpn lmohb oi us oi me
of th
mora anlil into Sluvnrv. and so the V re
mained, we are told, for four hundred and
seventy years. At the end ol that time,
God abolished that sot vitude and repealed
the Fugitive Slavo Law, very mu.h to the
iIIiiiiip anrl nnfnnixhmant of the ncrsuiiif
J r- . o
masters, and greatly to the graiifiuation
oi tnoso owing laoor anu service to mem.
Then ho allowed them to go home lo
their Africa, or to speak without fisurc,
to tho homo of their father. The repeal
of the Egyptian Fugitive Slave bi'l, on
the Bhore of the Hid Sea, with all its in
cidentals worthy of some notice now and
at all times. Wo hear much said of wo.
men taking, part in politics now a-days.
Something very iiko it occurreu on mo
occasion to which 1 reicr.
hnhhlincr death-crroan of
host had risen to tho surface of the sea,
and was borne away upon the hot breath
of tho winds, a woman, a notable woman,
, , .'
then and there Drone lortn in a very re
markable triumphant song. Miriam, the
sistei of Aaron, with all the dark-eyed
daughters of the Hebrew slaves, shouted
out, "Sing ye to the Lord, for gloriously
hath he t iumphed; the horse and his ri
der hath he oust into the sea." Thst
was their "Hail Columbia." Sir, that
song of the prophetess has rung iu my
.1 I n ... , t , fin!. inn
ears in uuy, hum vucu m uijju, ,.11110, iu,
In mv dreams of t he ultimate uestinv ot
man, I have supposed it would ring in
the ears and agitate the souls of men, till
tlm words "kin and subieots, rulers arid
ruled." should be lost in two words,
"brothers sisters."
that finnln traA hug it. witi'.a Pnverpll
Pros- ... T. .1 j . i .
J, ; , . , . , , . iwnn scales 01 goiu, silver anu, psari, aou
ent date shall be buried in profound ab.jh(mb,e u J ,0 i All-wine
Providence has seen t to tlius clothe it
in garments so sp'endid. See that rater-
pillar, ciawung upou too leuv.-s or a car
rot, on whose b'ossorus it feeds. In a
short time it will change its form, and
from an active voracious boing.it will be-
1 m a mummy
burnt its bonds
and emerge an active thing of life, whose
broad expanded wings, sludded with pre-
cious metais and pami?u witn rainuu
livion. Applauso upon tha floor and
in tho galleries. It is wonuerlul llitt
the talent, ingenuity, and eloquence of
this discussion should have come to such
conclusions!. Shall our minds be fas le li
ed upon those flimsy pretenses, when we
know there was matter enough in ihejoomo dortnant pd up ;
writings and speeches of the formest men : ike covftrin g00I1 Hfler t0
ot the world to stimulates mind like John ,,i . ..: ,i,: ,
Brown's into frantic fu.iiticism?
Mr. Clork, I wish to look for ono mo-
mini nt mml nlliur fucts tnitnd iu the
historical ponion of the Bibli, huving
.1 IL ! .
I want all mon to bn happy, all people
to be happv men, Women and childien,
804 ihat thev arc happy. For instance, if
tho trentluincn from Georgia (Mr. Cravt-
l" . 1 . 1 1 : I" ! 1
Just as the 'TK w" 0 s"e" , 77 T -
tho Eevntlan 11,0 4,9Br?.cJr 01 , A,um "
Val'andigham) a verse fioin the elegies of
CI . .
"Peurrcg'ono silence and shade,"
In reference to the Democratic party
laughter: and then Mr. Vsllandigham,
in his sofie.t notes of affection, would take
up the strain:
"Rnftscenos of contentment and ease.
Where 1 have so bappllyatrayed.
Since naught Iu Iby absence could please."
Now, it is pleasant to see them thus
dwelling together; for it is impossi le for
such a man as I am. much is 1 m op
posed to their doctrines, to fail to sym
pathize with mun, when I see they are
perfectly happy. Long may tncy live;
long, may they live; for if they were to die
suddenly they might die it their Bins.
Great laughter.J
colors, enables it to float on the ambient
a'u, or whorl in rapid chae in puisuit ol jtoeat to diy. Will yuulet me have somo
us mate or rival, instead oi powciiu, , ihme t eat:
..- .1.. 1 ...i .tr
o .- -
ar U git man led, I Wouldn't have come.
i'T.. ..... .,.,, o,.,ll.t " m.u ,...nltnliil1
tercl by a frW boards whuh projected J Xlio new husband very ob-dieotly pasd
Trom IU.; eaves, playing a tune, or m'n'r-y,,,,,,,,, to bettcr-Lalf, when
the first soatches ol a tune, on an old fid-, .i, .u,l , a..w . l,i!1 nf a larcer
die., . i denomination, and laid it with the other.
Traveler 'Good evening, sir. ("There," she cotitii.uc 1, if it isn't worlh
Squatter' Howr ?'ye do, sir libit. t in't worth anything," and pajied
T-'Can I get to stay vl night with ; bwi the wact anU procCedod t. fli.ishher
you?' 'toilet But John was not disposed lo sane-
S 'o, sir. Iiii.nsucli wholefale tx ia2ance on the
Can't you give me a gmas ol e ' pMtofi.r1cVKpou,',nd nosuonerhadshe
t. drink? I'm very wet and cold. ; . . . lie hastily snatched
the last d op this mjrn-t1(, hiilm.d plar-ed it in his wllet again.
I Tl. ........ - - . - 1 n.,;. Lc.vji nf fli
I ain't had a thing ccr2ymn,theon gratified that she had
i mg.
I'm very hungry.
lawn, fitted to masticate the leaves of
I v . ......
plants, it now has a long, flexible tube,
coiled like a watch-spring benea.h its
head, with which it can sip the nectar of
The nlow that broke uo yonder mead
ow, has thrown upon the surface of the
ropiessi-d her husband s mggardness. and
the other chuckling mat na haa not oeea
' T,irf ail in!n nrrulipn lii v. That Lrideerooai
" f C 4 . ' '
'may be set down as a line specimen of a
my Lorse , .,, rm. Ann AAvertiter.
Haven't a duro'd
T'Then can't ,j ou give
S. -Got nothing to 'cod him ! A C-allaat Vouos Lady.
-How far is it to th. next home?' I A beautiful young lady, of Mobile, bad
S 'Sanger, 1 don't know 1 have; qU;te an adventure in one of the St.Cbar'.rs
i street omoirmsses. . it snpears, that in
yj j uaq in, ,, ujv " - v. - - , fcj o m i ,
a,l a miiliiliirla .f rrrllhof infflA with Soft. ! .ai Kipn tltiir.'
white bodies, and dark flipped abdomen I T 'Well, where does this road go?' jcomp.ny with a young lady friend, she
curled up, and brown head and legs, bave S 'It's never been anywhere sin: I've had ken pa) ing a vis:t up in the city.and
fed on the roots of grasses and other been bere. It's always here when I git; was coming down Canal street again.
t . . : I . I . k..nM. r. i nnJ .1 . : T . . i.. I I I . ,i.. nA . .
Up ID ine morning. o ua sue ii.u ifuij.u iijo ou hik; uu
T 'As .1 in . not iixeiy lo get w nj i m tno act oi getting out oi tne Dus,a man
other house to-night, can I you let me fitting near the dour, snatched her purse
plants., until they have become fat and
laiy. Should they succeed m burrowing
beneath the surface again, they will soon
change into brownit.li. almost motionless
heiniri.. with lcirs laid flit on the body.
and apparently glued there. They will
cast on tiiis envelope, sua emerge c.iaa in
.. . .. ' !. ,. : ..1.1-
A vety curious question is this thing
'. ... . . J . i:
ol lit., and what a roan nay uo in a me
tima ln 1843. the Democratio party.
i.:.t. iU..;. ...alalia KLiiilahrit anrl tha nor.
- r . iwnii iiii.i, Gv uniio wiw ,uu..v . ...w -
curious boaring, at least, on this qui-siion droDnim? off their soses. like
. , . r .ii:.i.. r
of negro Slavery. Wro are told in that
same Book (hat the' people of the
globe, except eight, were destroyed in a
deluge. Noah and hib family only were
preserved. That old palriirch seems to
l.oi.A .man romartf a.ilfl fur flntllinrr. SO far
as I can find out. except for his strong
e ,., ., j .p n 4 i l.:. . 1,
laitu in me worn ut oiw, nnu uis i.maia
able nautical adventure. Noah had threo
sons, from whom have sprung all the pen-
, p .,. il i.r
pie now upon me iace oi tne gioos. u
ure told by sacred, and I think pretty fully
too, by prolans historians, mat japnet is
tha father of our race. We, then are
all children of that man. We .have, it is
true, to go far hack to get at it. He is
our original propositus. Shem is tho fa
ther of tho mitrratory, wandming Assiatio
family. Ham, it is said, wiis the father
o ,
,,,e anati'hpil her nuraa
sleep in youi's, a.id I'll tie my hcree to a'and runoff with it.
tree, and do without anything to eat or The young Udy with great presence of
drink?'.. i mind, pprangqut.of he 'bus and ran after
.ii i I . I , 1 ' An. An. , h i ,, :r ! ... ' A A .
,,ar nn ti.ih anva una ani. eniHrtrH v uu u -,t nnna. eaKB--iiiim a i"iir mm. . i nn u iii in aLLtmijiii-r vJ uiiun
glittering mail some with that of sable dry spot in it, and me and Sal lay on thai?' into the crowd, slipped and fell, when the
.nnb.a., n.rl Alho.a llh srtllnr fi, milrl. i 'I1 IVVhtr rti.n'r vnll tl fl Iftll P.OVBri n I? '
UIU,.A llOO, UI1U Ulll.lO ... I hi ... ... i
.... , J .. - ..-: l!J -1 .
liver tne nona aarts mo Hiiieuuiu urnir-i
on-fly, with wings of fine lace, and body
of burnished metal. He seems to move
without an (ffort iu every direction,
Ury apOl in ll, auu me mm oni iuj uu n. ; into vne crowu, supjjcu anu wueu m-,
T 'Why don't you finish covering; young lady, stooping down gracefully,
your house?' 1 caught hold of him by the collar, and said;
S 'It' raining.' j in the sweeiejt excited tone imaginable;
Thiq. T think it will l.A
man in lr llHnil. l IIH luUt uiliuiicoa mni i n tiws www. - - - -
ed and saw her walking down the street found, is shown by our accredited histor
t. ..j ... .k.uilia sou innl hnriTra. Some have wondered how it
I'rmnnLHU uuriuaitv w do- ,,oiwd.w ,.
going to, she reiolvcd to follow her.
Pa.nalinn nntnrid a cemetery. She
knelt at the grave of bet mother; and af
ter planting the ro.e-upon it, ehe exclaim
.,1. Dh mv mntheit accent this pledtre
ofmv remembrance! lleuoive this flower
which thou lovedst so much, nna wnicn
.-n narn hnlla hftVA Cultivated for thCS.
Intercede for thy poor child, who i this
day without protection or hope?" And
with her tears she bedewed tlio wooden
cross, which was the only monument that
marked the resting-place of that beloved
The Marchioness, moved to tears, re
tired! unperceived. . t
Neit day, Pascalirio was . preparing to
leave. . .
Where are you going? inquired he
"I must leave you," was the teply;
"Why?" .
'Becausel cin'tpay my rent."
But your rent is paid for two yoars."
"Is it possible?"
"Yes here is the receipt."
PaspuHna was astounded: but she soon
J.. .' ',, mi-
enmni a handed the n easanl trutu. mat
evening, a well-dressed servant delivered
her the following note, inolosing two hun
itrorl louis:
Morljiiiniar,lln' T klOW all. I know
you have given to your moihor the flower
with whioh I wished to adorn my weu
ding robe. I have a mother whom I adore,
and can appreciate your maternal aevouun.
I tfir!i.-ia intn ill in nnnnrtunltv of 6X-
. ii .
pressing my sympathy with ycu in such
hoartlelt proot oi nnai sneouon. i teaeo
ononnt nf the anolosbd as a plbdcra of mv
r . . .mi . .
remembranoe. l nope you win nov r-
f ,U!. n'.inM.rr.' nf AnmmAinff mV
lUBO 11 U MHO Jjlivwrw u uuttoti-uv,.,
married life by honoring filial. Your
sincere friend Amknaips pk Reoihiil.
Godey'i Lady Book.
Faun Fran IN rni North. The Tim8
Hivrf th iliinmonia nf the fresh fiah from
k Ami -.fT.1. nitiA rAtnhfl frfim
thirty to forty tons daily. The yield never
before was so large and the quality is in
Iraanlnir with tha nr.rnnUHamOUntoaUght,
-r-o --- a i
mrsnrra in atav ins namana is bqusi 10
'-. - j , i
the supply insomuch that the quantity
.. "i; i . l i j
put in silt aoes not reaoa dsjouu um
... A-V
eighth 01 .De gross tmonub vaxou.
happened that Japhet, born of the same
mother, son ot the same lather, should
be a gentleman with lectures and com
plexion like you i.hd myscit, bhem, a yel
low fellow with high choek bones; arid
Ham, a negro, with A b'ack face, and
crisp, cuiled hair. This difficulty is sur
mounted bv one cIbbs of ethnologists,
bv attributing the difference to climatic
inflnenRpa in which I think , there is a
great plausibility. Be this as it mriy, the
rclaiion&hip is the same Japhet, it is
said, had Urge acquUiiiveness, andhenco
his superiority, and it may be said with
erfurtl truth, that his childien are not de-
.. . a.
fioientin this caplnl virtue, lor such it is
held to be in our times by us in this mod
el lU'puuno. iney also, n is suiu, nave
quick and powerful faculties for mime-
rais; ana regard, in mcory as wen as
nraotioe, the multiplication table
aa ihe acme of human knowledge. But
let us look at this family imbroglio. We
are the sons of Japhet, and the negro is
tho son ot llam; wo nto, the sons, re
spectively, of theii two brothers, and
coiibequently we, the sons oi jnpi.ee. are
nntlullia rr HufTpo. lie beinir tha son of our
nncla Ham. I liavG olteu thou.ht that it
the negro, as seems from this account of
us to be probable, had really that rela
tionship to us, that we oeitainly had not
treated our cousin like a gentleman!
Renewed laughter. , . ., .
jsow do they suppose nifti Jonu Drown
had not read JolTersou's notos on Virgin
ia and all other things which, Jefferson
had written about slavery? Do they sup-
pose he naa not scon me aeuiarauon oi
Washington, that if there was any way
by whioh Slavery could be abolished, he
would render to its oortiiai co-operation i
Do you suppose he had not seen that?
Do you suppose he had not seen the de-
, . V . ri .... : , -. .L 1.1, ala ffdvl
DBieS IU llio VUUVSIIUUII, IU uiugmi;
is denounced as an enormous evil, leading
. , j:i..
step by stop, as oeriainiy ana as sieauuy
a the step ot lame, to a consummation as
fatal as death? Do you suppose John
Brown had not read all these things in
Wim .nlitiiHa mnn.T tha mountains of New
..... a
Vnrlr. vliaro. twantv Tears affO. be BSVS.
. ? J..J! 1
be brst concoivea the iaea ot invuuini
one of tbe Southern atates, na
l,.re.inir nffita alftVes? Do VOU SDDPOSS
.'be had not pondered upon these things
one of our sugar-trees in Febraary on ihe
. ... k-. ' , , . -i . .i.
south side ol a hill I loua laugntori, witn
. . . . . i .ij.i. . i.
their resolution in one nanu ana me lorvu
of ebolitiou philosophy in the other,
mar.,1iail throuirh the country, proclaim
inre nnivaraal liberty and Ihu final advent
of"that day when Slavery should be no
longer recognized in the land. That is
what they (lid in eight short years, be
tween 1048 and 1856. That is but a
short time in the annals of our country.
Suppose any man had been gifted as it
was supposed tno wanoorinK ew who
suppose Adam had been cursed with a
continual existence up to tins uny, nnu
had started off with this dectine in the
beginning, and had changed every eight
years, how many limes would he have
nl.nnrra,!? f LauL'hter.l Th.tescore and
...HU.U. , J .
ten years soem to be tho allotted peiiod ol
. . . e 1 J ,1...
man, in this age oi cue wortu, anu m m
t , ma ha miirht chancre seven or eiirht
limes. Now, my Republican friends, do
nnt b discouraeed. My Democratic
fi-idnds on the other side of the house, do
i.,t mi, n,Hka vou unliannv. 1 Ins is
nut .i,. J . , , 1
the year beloro tne rrcsianuai eiecnuu,
Do not flatter youisclves thatyour church
Is well founded, and that you can go
through another Presidential election as
you went through the last. Bcs:.de3, man
is Civen to change; mutability is stamped
r. . . . . . . ? p - i .. 1
on all things, "'"an ir oi icw tij u
s-i . -it .i. r.ii.
full of sorrow Llaugnicrj ne ooineiu lorm
like a flower,is cut down, and flccth away
a shadow" every eight years. Roars ol
T 'Well, why don't you do it when Ah! ybu bad man; aint you aslumed lo
it's not raining?' I tale my purse; give it back to me direct-
S 'It don't leak then jy
T Well, as vou have nothing lo eat ori The thief was perfectly subdued, and
that lias but newly alighted on the reeds,' dtitik in your house, and nothing alive i banded over the rurse to the young lady.
in your bouse tut cuuuren, now uo juuW 0 not until men reieasea ner tiny, jew
do here anyhow?' ebd hand front b collar. The rascal wai
S 'Putty well, I thank you. How probably actuated to the hasty deliverance
d'ye do yourself?' j by the approach of a crowd of gentlemen
T I A lior trvinir in Tain all SOrtS of 1 nt. motart t.v iha ain,-.lllar Snpne and WSS
y..,.. --j-'-a ' - .
. -.. .n. ,,,! mmi unt ia'ait.fir v lntorma- 1 r.1.,1 anmicli in at. ill it awav isttlinut lieiDP
. ...... j o
A gentleman upon tho other Bide of
the House, called out to us tue oiner u :
"Disband your Republican party; disband
it you tbreathen the peaco of the Union."
Sir, I am not afraid ol this Union. I eee
.nnn-ii that I can save it in the
r -.. . .... i...: n ...
last extremity, just oy luumg a imo-i...
be olected fresident. iurei iauaiiiui.j
Hver since I found that out, I have cared
little what you sty about the danger of
tho Union. The gentleman Irom Missis
sippi Mr. Barksdale declared, also, that
his State woull go right out of tho Union,
s.. ..ant nf tlm election of Mr. Sew-
111 bU V V ' - - .
ard. The people of the bmte ot Missis
sippi may walk out, hut tho Stat never
will. Why, Sir, l navo no-iu i mi.
thin" ever since I have heard anything in
public affairs. In 1033, t outh Carolina
. i nlurmliinn miTOHULOl HI- W'l'wiii
hfloiuso of what she deemed an excessive
duty on foreign goods. Pennsylvania was
coins out bccauEB we mxeu "
P . . ... , ... ..... ...-. ik.l
in 1794; and jviassacouseuD iuuuSu. ..,
the Union was endangered when Louisi
ana was purohasod. JSaoti ana an oi vnese
ct. ..miiin and are. I trust, loyal
to the Union. I have lived through three
dissolutions of ihe Union myself, great
i i.,.. i .ml ina Union is ttroneer to
litoi IIIOI , I um "
. s ... J ..nli;nn firat
dsy tnan wnen . us Uidov..." ,
beginning. , The State of Mississippi is a
glorious little State, covereu auovor
cotton; and, in my judgment, ehe will be
"cotton to" the Unionio tho last. Laugh-
t-An extreme rigfr is sure to arm
everything against it. Burl. '
Rlraisrht forward or lateral, is all the same
He dashes on some unsuspecting insect
... ... rf a , t , -
and tears in pieces and devours it without
remorse. Ut ft tew aays ago, tne ongni
A mrrn flv vm o. viraHnir .thine nt the
bottcm of ihe very pond over which it
nnw skims, and its ranine was confined to
the denizens of the waier. Tbe flutiering
moth that burnt its wings at the candle,
was a short time ago, tho nasty, greasy
cutworm that destroyed your nice, young
. . . .. i e r
orhbage plants; wuu us cuange oi ionn,
has enmo also that oi us manner ui me;
it can no longer eat cabbages, but passes
its nights in search of a mate, nl iis
dat a in sleep. The srreat. creen tomalo
. -- 4 t .
worm will next yer be aumueo as me
humming bird moih During the winter
it remains deep buried in the ground, a
mahogany colored pupa with its tougue
hunt down to its abdomen, trivintr it
ihe appearance of a jug with a handle. II
you irritate it, tne rings oi me aouomeu
will im larked violently. You may trace
the wings and legs still wrapped up the
former ate spread down the sides; the lat
ter folded on the brfasi. The grape-vino
caterpillar will undergo like changes, out
tha tnmrna pai la not iarre.
.... .. .
If people would pay more nuenuon to
tho examination of these works of the Cre
ator, thay would find much that is both
interesting and instructive. The small
noss of ihe objects is no reason why ihy
alinuM ha ilannioad. for it it often by the
. f ii . . ,t,.,
most apparently insigniueani ouing. toi
the greaiest results are brought about.
The little polypi have covered the great
1 J t . . , , i .. .r I.-...
I'moiuo ocean witn lsianus aim reeis, anms
il,. h.inotad micht of mun is impotent a
gainst inroads of tho surging waves. Tlm
little wheal fly ot our own country, is oue
of the greatest evils with which the farmer
has to conienu. me iocuois ur b1""'
hoppers, desolate the most fertile lands,
and eating up every green thing, leave
L.I.. a. , t uiun urp IH
me lanu uinu-ru-u . ---
the polvpi is soft and delicate, without
stron'nrms with which to build up
. . .. . -i l. r il,.
mi'Miiy walls ngainst tne niruaus ui mv
Ti,n ivtiaat flv whs first an eirs, too
with the naked eve, nd
oiiim. -
mora in artrnpt nnie Katis'actorv lnf'orma-
lion from , him) 'My friend, why don't
you play the whole ot that tunc?'
S 'Stops plaving and looks up for tho
Ari n'm.l 'I did no', know there was
any more to it. Can you play the fiddle,
T '1 play a little sometimes.
S -You don't lock muoh like a fiddler,
(handing him the fid I.e.) Will you play
the bal mco of that tune?'
The traveller gets down and plays a
,une- . I.
t? "Sirnnirpr coma in. Take half a doz-
jen chairs and sn oown. obi. jvu
round into the holler, where i Kinea ihhi
buck this morning. Cut off some of the
beet pieces, and fetch and ci.ok it for me
and this genilcman directly. R"ie up
the bosrJ under ihe head of the b-d before
vcu go, and get the jog I hid from Dick,
an A rriva iia fli.nrtt whiskey; I km.w'.hre'8
some left yet. Dick, carry the gentleman's
horse around to tno f-uea, anu jou a ""
some fodder and corn ihre. Ciive him
as ruuehas he can eat.. Duin mc, stran
ger, if you can't stay aslongasjou
.u.r,. nrL I'll ,rien vou tileniv to eat and
drink. Hurry, old woman, o '
find the butcher knife, lake the cob-handle
or granny's kni'e. TUy away, stan-
gcr. iousiia:i s;eep on iuo uij w
light. , ,,. , ;
O . . . . l.li: .r.,. ,rt
After about two rours uciuun -"-
versation in which the squatter bhowet his
characteristics, the stranger retires lo the
dry f-pot.
The young lady blushed considerably
after ihe exeitemtnt o: ti e chas, and the
craze of the vouna centlemen who came
too late, rejoining her companion, ana
walked away as if nothing had occurred;
. . General Jackson aud tbe Unity. .
On his return from legislating, Jackfon
u-ai elected a Judse of the Supreme Court
. , i
oftheSia'e, and his conduct in that c-
Ipaciiygave rise to various rnyths, know
apparently in the State as tho "Russet
Bean anecdote," under the name ol the
hero.J has assumed after many variations,
the following shape, whioh is amusing
enough to deserve to hs authentic:
One day during court, a great hulky
looking fellow, armed with pistol and
bowie-kiii e, took it upon himself to pa
T .i Onpb Yoi-nq. It is an excel
lent thing, for nil who are engaged in
giving instructions to younj people, fre
quency lo call, to mind what they were
thomselvca, when young. This practice
; r.a !,;,. Ii ij must likclv lo impart pa-
tience and foibeitiance, en I to eoivectun
At nno period in
W, "-MM I -
" " - 1.1. . . 1 . .
. ., . . ...u ,..i... . i rponriu 11111. cau.i:ii-ii9.
oven when tu IV crown, n womu tu.u r.
great many flies to nuke a body ns largo
as tl at of the ctmmon uuuso uj.
the dreaded locusts were iust winter a
cluster of eggs, d-pos'uod in the ground by
Tho heat of the sun hatch
ed thum out, and they bogan to hop about
and eat the delicate leaves. ioiningi
hanatli our uoiioe. tliat exists in nature,
and they are wisest who prove all things.
lade before the hant) court Vouse, and
cursed the judge, jury, and all mere as
sembled, insattei ms. "Shei iff," sang
out the iuSm. ''arrest that wan for con-
lempt of court and confine him." Slier-
lit found il impossible. "Bummon apoa
6e," paid tQa juilg. The posse did not
like the job, as the fellow threatened to
"sohot the firr,t skunk that came within
ion laat of him." "Mr. Sheriff." cried
the judge, "summon me.'' "Very well,
judge," wid tho sheriff, "I suppose I
must " . Jackson waited np wun uis pis
toll., and said, "Now sunender you in
fernal villain tl.is.very instant, or I'll
, I !..! "
Uiow you iiiro . '
Tin' man put up his p'.s'ols, with the
words, "There, judge, it no vse, I
.... a . P .1 . mJ
o-ive in." A lew days nuerwatua, iwiiij,
asked his reason, he -.aid. 'Why, when
he came up, 1 looked him in the eye, and
I saw shoot, and tlt?re wasn't shoot in
nary oilier eye in ihe crowd; and so I
, in mvp F. Suva I r.oss. il l aoou.
. m i ....i. i ... . i v I li mil
my lile, wncn instructing i" jxavi w i;-.'i, - -
vouii" people to write, I found ib-tn. nSt;,n9 to sing smnll. and 60 I did. far
V . 3 . r ii :.l T hunnan- ...... T.i. 7...
I thought, tinu-iuaiij B'lipio, i i itois a m; w -i-..
d. about this time, 10 look ovr -
tents of nn old copy book, written by me The N. i . rosi pmn.sii.
when I was a boy. Ti e thick upstrokes ' ig which we give for w i y li
A oii6eeni:er on tne nouv., v.-,
rWhv is it imnnSBible for a W.ttoh
that indicates the smaller division of time
ever to be new? Beoause it must alway
be a second-handed one.
-Tn Iraan vour friends, treat them
. ... . ... A ...
kindly ; to kill them, treat tnem otwu
ff-Why Is a eat like a Swan' bosom?
Beotuse it grows dojn.
tjt Courace is as oontacious as fear,
Friends in .ouuou
v3vThA Stnhe.nvil Haiald says pu-
fr-U ' .
t.XA .n.a ihvnat ia varv vtrovalent there,
I children dying in a few hour! after atiaolr.
the crooked down'-siwkes. the uwkward
joining of lettors, and llio blots .n the booU
mn eomnl. ti.lv ashamed of myself,
and I could. t the momout, have hurled
.1.. W .nl. In ,a tUa ftra. Till WOTSO. llOW-
ever, I thought of myself, the botltr 1
thought of bikwara scnoiara, "
cured of my unreasonable expectations,
and became in future doubly patient, and
forbearing. In teaninngyouiu. rem.-u.-
ber lhat you once were young, aim
proving youthful errors, endeavor to oall
to mind your own.
jterlt takes lour ihingatomake whole
Ma-,.., You must 0 k Eenuouiau in
rour principles.a gentleman in your tast s,
1 3 .1 .. n.rimi and a crpnlte-
a geotieman m ... , -----
. ... .....a Nn man who does
nuniayuai uia-,. ,
not combine these qualiiies can be justly
termed a gentleman.
witnessed ihe fight, gives the tollowuig
acconut of the closing scenes:
-On tho last call of time, Heenan came
promptly, and thercfereeleft; Sayeis was
hot up to lime, but was sitting ou in.
i . . . , .r... w.tft.-
knee of his seconu. netnan, stisr-.-inii
for him, walked up to him, with hi
.eoond behind him. and said: "Give m(
this 6ghtl' To this there was no opiy.
Give me this fight, I say repeatea
is i mml th
nan; butstHl mere was no npij, -
apon.e was not thrown up. neon..
drew ba-kanasiappeu .uje.. . ..- -r-with
the palm of his band, knocking him
,r -...., ....1 .i 1. anrl anrl.
down, when onwiaera ru.uv ,
ed the fight."
The Chillicotbe Cras-iw sye: "At
present the prospect is excellent for i
good wbat crop."

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