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. : ; ClgvicitltnraU -:
The Kef to Profitable Fiuoilug. :
At first principal in proCuble farroipg
it to cultiii onlj so many scrss you
cH male bettor. It may b yonirrtisfor
tup to own Urgn tar ai, and b.wiUuiu,
ny other capital. It is your ruin and the
rain of the lni, to continue running
over t Urge eurtsue, and secure crops that
bareley pay tlieexpeDbeiorUbor-.lt were
good polioy, in soon. oase,- to sr'J half
of the Und to jret capit.il to work tlio oth
er half. Iftliu nnot kt (tone, rnek to
cultivate only bo muoh an you em tako
retnunetative. It is not improving' Und
to plow it ami take off a crop. . It slmuld
lav man nr enough to raiso seventy-five
bushels of ooro, 'and throe tuns of liny
to 1'ie acre, when it is laid down to grass.
Crops 1-6S than tli'S- ought not,' to Jiti coo
aidered giod farming inH is, whore ih
natural anil ia not decitlidly bd. Al
most any ol'onr exlis.us.ed soils Umt now
yield but twenty bushels of corn to th
acre, or a tu i of hay, require from fifiv to
seventy five loads or half loads of ftrm
Yard manure tocive tliem as'art. and put
them udii a course of improvement. If
a farmer has only manure enough lor one
or two acres, let him attempt to culiivnti
no more. As id the rest of the farm? let
it take rare of itself until you Lave the
m-ana "(' i iihrovoment, s " '. "V . . ,
Another ntinctple in Ttriiuliiblr- farming
is to keep only so much stock a yon can
kep in a thriving condition. The profit
of an anbittl rearad. fur liii 11 sh orates
whan he slops growing He slio'd b
well fed until ho reaches maturity and
then be ulanghterod or sold. Thi pork
ers will pay us long as you can make them
gtin a pound or two a day. Lean squal
ling hogs ore ns unprofitable tu they are
dixgraoeful.. Many farmers starve their
sheep so tvst hey are unable, to bring
for h hiltliy la nbs utaiva thir cowa, ro
tliar I'li-y , owe out in tliO Biniiii; looking
m.r- li h skeletons than milkers. It
tikes h wli l n of good pasiuratgo t
retrieve till" ill triMtmont of the wintr r.
Erxrv anitrul kept upon the farm should
liavo a 1 tlia food he can digest, and as a
ruin, the more l digests, tit moro prof
itable he will b'. whether you take your
pay in labor or flesh. And in this item
lt i b! reinemhei-. d that good quarter
fir your animals, warm, dry stalls, nd
sties, will save twenty-five per cout.aud
upward in fodder.
Eablt Tom i ron's. The fd'owing is
vouched for by a gentlemen w'io says he
knows it "all right" Cut item and save
it, and at the proper t'nne,ry the experi
ment. "About the first Anil take a f-w large
turnips and cutout tie hearts of them to
form a cup. Fill Ifta cavii'ma with mrUi,
and plant two or three tomato 'cdsin
ech. Wlieu tie feeds have woll spiout
ed, pu'l up nil b the healthiest plant in
(ach turuip, and let those thnt mid .tin
aiand wl.er timy will have the benefit
of thi.- sup, tho plant will ir-w vory thirfty
tlie tliii ny.njf turnip I'urnidhii.ff it food.
Wlii-u tlio wilier bucoin-s sulliuiootly
warm. km tlii turnips in a w. II prepare I
anil, ni( l-nsf than three fust apart,
mtk) lath frames to keep the vines from
llit urouuil, an I ko -p the anil w-H hilled
tip around them ami you will hava a crop
tint will into n mil the natives. Tim ad
vantages consist in getting tlia plan's
s'arted early, without sot'iiiv' thum book
by transplanting -
StTTINO FfNCB roSTd. Sotting fi-ntt"
poata in an inverti-d puaitinn, has been
frequaii'ly ri-oornmaiidt) I in oui uolumns,
And t'-e lullowtnu rrom the UiMiOia'-e I1 ar
mer, widomns our views on tins
i sfktjxi't:
,hr thti
About thirty vo irs auo, 1 to
thini', plit two h:ir nus i, M lo by Ridn
out tf a ul CBintit ). tf . They wore fiuhi
(cet lonir. eitrUt itichei whIh and t aec
thiolt. One I si-t butt down, the otlmr
top down At tho end of Uu years, ihi
ons s-t in butt down M roitml nil, and I
ranet it in the same hide. A l the end o
sit yaii it was ru.tem-d oiriiain, and 1
put in a now ono. The other lasted lour
years lonL"r, ohoD it trot split in two
and I took it out and it was abuut two-
thirds rottud oil. Sixteen years ago,
sot six pairs of piiwts, nil split out of ih
but cut of the saint white oak loj. On
ptir I sit nuns down, anotlmr intir. one
LuUdiiwn tho other lop down, oilnns t
tlown.--Fjur years, S'i, thoss scl bun
down wore rutted otT, and hid to be re
Clacod by now or.ee, This summer I
ad ooossiou to rs set i0ft that were
t ip dawn. I found thaui all sound cikhiIi
le-set. My experience hs convinird nu
that h boat way is to set them lops
down. fito rurmtr.
Ltd on Cattlc Never mind half
what the newspaper say about killing lie
on Otttla- Sauff, and sind, and tjbauoo
jmoe, and twenty othor nrtinh'i whose
names none can remember, are rcuoru
tuonded in various nuM iort t,ibi!l ! ce.
All may bo go-jd all may have a pood
tendency nut at tins soason we want to
le aura that ws are usiiij; tliu l iylit kind
vi mmunitiun,
( il of any kind is an effootnal fxtrr
minaior 01 u a. iney ritnnut live in 01
or in ti e viuinity of it. Jir.p oil ol any
kind. Soap grease. Any (rreasy mallei
is latal to tneni. Atw&niLmil tanner.
IinrnRB. Rhuburdbeds klio'u le
ma in Mar h or tin ary pari nf Api il
iujvuuio last yaara srsa ai the must
vigorDUs, but iho rinlt has to be rnn it
(i!.'inj an iuf.iri-ir article, at the sd
..... , i- i 1 1
iiij uiuui us iitn, i no surest wav
is to taks old roots separata vheni inio as
niany tdanu a tbsy wil admit of und
retain a portion of ths lop to c.-tuli; plant in
uep, non sou, ma tops ai, moliuiulf r tho
surface, about two 'et each way, C'.vn
over in. amumu with luunuru. T'iej
should Dt Iv par milled to run toscoJ.
EaIT Curh A faot . Worthy of tint
to farmers speuially in thi latitude, in
ths r daing of 0'ipn. has of lata been lully
d'-monstrated ir ths . orn-gr wing diatriot
of Jb . Wrsiern Sisios via; that sosd ta
ken (rum tn '-utt end of the sr will ri-
fibn evenly and at last thri waaks ear
ir than if taken from (hs top or smaller
nd of the samp ear, '
.'.The but, il k bo om, ia etrtainly im
poriant, as It will render early corn a ro
liabla crop in thi latitude. Lah Sttpt
tior M'wtr. , . .
&n Ann.To ir ri? of thsss pests,
trasti your aiiolve clean, and while damp
gab 60s salt oa theoa quite thioLly; let it
rsmalo on for tiro, and thj will en
liralj- disappear,
tsnardtian Passancers.
A 'V . I.
iinti rot ths olio riKxii, it jou j. vutt.
.' The twilight elowly breathed away
Her golden shadows to Hit night j
And, through the window of Ihe ear,
.. Jloipcr caine, fluttering, large aud bright. ,
The mighty train nabrd oa and roared, .
Fie-ling Mllk among the snows,
At, IIwukU ihu wiuiiy wu.i er lifK.
A urj.ot,Hi)rj-bertoJ,(loin. ,
The darknoat srew aronml lh rata .
' ' Ot eVery Iruvolsr, for llin tilglit,
, Till a awiit iemudl'illll,
Aadororfiow ilia car Willi lifUt. -
Djr aTnrr leal, with folded wIdk,
l.oval; mill ailunl, Hju'IihiciIith,
A light of anp'U Sllud Ilia gliom
A otla ailMion ul lUu air I
Bondinj arstiDd t'- trlri all
A lew ware guarded lUore l.y none !-
TU t uaiintod aver j fare Willi liitlit,
'IIi jujIi I, II Mia; tie,auw aloiio.
Though YaniAlusfmm my dreamy gr.o,
1 anew iliev were lb wailera, enme
From aeam llialnned ilieir diuatit door;
Wiui aueU from fat duora of boiue t
And every time Ibo whlitln blew.
And ever) 1,1 """ would part,
I taw ioiiiu ftiti;el go with him
A light of Willis within uiy hoar. 1
Uncle Sinn's harm.
The r mount ol lai.d the United States
Government' has for salt) is almost ideal
cuUble. All the people of fuurt-oo Suites
and five Territories derive their title lo
their land from the Federal Government,
and the records and filed evincing the in
ception of their righii are preserved in
the General Land Office at Wahington.
The public (OQi;tin now covers a sur
face, exclusive of water, of 1,450,000,000
M-reK. The Govenmint has sold about
12 ).000. 000 acres of land during ib )wt
liiarti'r of a century, tor less than 8lo0,-
000,000. It will . thus le been, Uuule
am a farm is htill suuiuientiy lar-'O for
practical purposes, and though he bhould
aell of lands for centum b to come he
would have an abundance still, even if he
Iuc4 nut enlarge his bordois by the an
nexation or Cub, Mexico, and half the
iet ol the world.
joinsr lyons,
js tx. n z: mh jic
f roUI.D ny, iNalhfl li now flllln up Hlock for
IV UivMHKlMU TKADK. and 111 ft few d) will
lit irui:irrl to supply Itio raruiurswIUi t-ub from thtf
?('rlh'irn lnke. lUlnffoii juur Hacnn, whlrb bo
iakft tn icrlm nfee for G"OfUor ntV,ni If doiirod.
Remember t my ttrmt ri tMii, mill 1 cui
thtm any houae that dnoa a general credit business
ilnl I will say to nil nunrtiial paying cltlseue ol town.
that I will furnish Pass Hooks, und run their accounts
for thirty days, al the eud of which tlma will nxpeut
111,, in-ney. JOHN LVO.NS.
i. k. I have forstiio a rukvky inu t.uirti,
wlih all .heiinpleinoiits. Alan. a fell set of CARP KN
TKK'H IIKAPtlNI) lSbTIIUMKtirH.nll of which I
will .(.II very In w. JOHN LYOMs.
l,ancaslsi,Apri 13, IBOU snil
WbenllnaT Htrttols Luncaatur, Olilo,
Also, a Una lot of
11 X r R E S S WAGON S,
Whirl, will be illtpoMH. of at (hl tlroo.it VKRV LOW
H 1 tiH, for Carb, aliorl iiiuo paper, ur a few good
mirauai win dm iBKfin,
All wnrk maiiiirmeuiruil from Ui a bttt of tnatahal.
ihi put up in fl;rou woraiuaiiiiKu inannar, au4 war
nnt"l Utr una ynan
no won mi ruttirn nuinttnimr tut unarm patrnn
HK axloitdfd to lil in by tho pflnpltj nl this cuitn'.y
lurlnr lha pail altilemi ynnri, and would moil ro,
ptolfulljr loliclt acuntliiuanci oftliulr ftivom,
I.ancniLcr, Fobruory S3, .mw-Cif
And Mchine Shop,
OrJ r Holicitetl for the fulluivliig Arliclca
1.1, t." mhiI tn Hnrsw mwer. wlilcli In pnlnt of ornnoniy
ui lu ul r durnuiiity ul ciiiistriKtliiii slanus uitrivallotl
Superior Portable Steam Lupines
of tt Ifurwa power, nia'lr tnnrdnr.at a trrant reilucllou
fro hi tlm iitnul prlcy charcdiuriueh Knglurt.
of hrtrnv pflvrAr with flxtnrei, m1a evproiil)- for
(Until limit, ami plaroil In old mid uw tjoutt and
warruntud tolve tntlifu Kon.
fo iluainlns corn, veirclolilus, An., i.isilo to onlcr
ftua Mii tw borw pnwnr irnprovetl. and tho boil in
un in tint pitunlry. Tito ono Ikimo will prfit 60 t"N0
Kulloim, and tli Iwo-htirio from I'V-Mn IMiKaUonsJuico
par tti.tir atui wurninuMi ntcaiuai i.rpaKafft,
fur hillln( cane Juice.
Uuf's anil Kuaturnr's Hlnwsalwavann hand an 0 war-
rauteilluueof soen material audio run well.
Threshing Kluchlues eV lloree l'owpra,
ami all Minis nf farmln Imylsmonts rcjiared at ibort
nuiire ami an rrasuuauie terms.
maile to nnler al Inw prlrna,
Niuvaa, Kmllrs. fms, I'ans. Si:iontliliir Irmia. Una
trAna. flnw I'oliiU, o. Old Uou tftken In exchnnte
fur anyof the elmvo arllcli-a. T. R. tlAltST,
Um aaler, February t, IH00-4llf
I tfE take pleasure In directing the attention of
f V turns Interested, to Ihe annexed Price Lists nf
our cheap rhurrh, Kchool and Farm Bella, which, II
-,, vi ii iBerveu, are nnereu at abuut one-lhlrd as
'il'lek an Is usually rhariret, for those nr eorresnAiidinw
weigm, o tue uiaauiaciureraor braaa-eom
inose Hlls are rnmpossd of ta amalgam, In part
irnii, which, while It is so much cheaper thnn the
metiilsberetorure employed tor the same purpose, vet
..,., ,lm soiiorous qua 1 les
scarcely Inferior to the latter.
Hied with Yoke, Htauderds aud Ciauk comple. ' '
IQInch Bell, With Hangings. Weighs SMbs....!'!ad
I" ; M- 'e
vo " tvo tu
'iS " " - 915 So
BOAT BBI.LH. rigged with Yoke, Standards, Tolling
lramineraad Wheel,
t Inch Dell, with Hangings. Weight 3P0 lbs. a 35
M . oao M
til '.. .. ana, ,. 100
te . ., 171m. ,.
All Belle Warranted, (new nnei given In rase of
t.Bge oy ringing) mr twelve muutlis from date of
purrnase, sua smppea Iree ol charge for rayage, oa
iii.iiiuiincr. nr.uor.rt.FKKE 1:0,
. ... No.. Main street, Clneinuall, Ohio.
SXIscaQacQonH e9aD0&(SCb
nn. niaetowVorriCE u at nu olt
Raildsnra.ea Whssllnt Street. neatCalnmt..
STreet,hr he will attend tusll the cslls "f 1 Ispr.f.
ibssiub. . iiancaster,angitsia, is- Hv
fllHB MROlrAI, HEVOI.l! i mamr ana n i
I GIEME PHYSICIAS, of BllefinUlne,-Obto,-(frmerlyofewyorliCltf,)wlllleatlUe
American House, Circlevillo, May 18.
Tallmadge Ilouse, Lancaster, May 19.
New L-xington, Moinlny, May 21.
Dr. tVallaea will vitit the above ilauea, urofoMlon-
ly every month.
nr. Wallace nnsi,tiar,-u ii" ', .
Inchiniielffainiliur with the theorloanf ea h and all
Hie medical eyeiBojt now practiaed; and the reaaou
whyhodoee not practice any 01 me ayieuia n"
common vonr,e,la, tnicauae no unoerHianu vuoiu
knnwa them In be Injurioua In their enocw.
nr Wallace uoeanotuse iirna; rtiiuunB " -
kind. and ynlhelreataaiK-ceasfiilly all dlwaaea with
whieh mankind la alWioted. tiyapepaia, the opproba
nrtk n,Ai...t..n. md all dneaaoa arlalnff fr(,nl
liidlgealion. he haa err failed to cure permanently,
iufrironnetoaiinoutlid Itomakeaa aperlality or
I hee diseaMaaad particularly aonciu caaea ui ui
l)r. Wallace haa leftafnw of hla olmiltra at our
i.oitofflco for (ratuttoua diatrlbutioa. i'leaae call aud
iret o.ie for fnrthor parliculara regarding bia new
BiLLarcMTiiin, Ohio, April 1, ISBO.
I had been afflicted wlih Liver f'nniplnlnt, Kidney
Alfiiiona, nvapepeia end Kervoui Debilily for about
lUreo jean had failed toiet any permanent relier by
the one of several different fbyalclana' treatment be
fore I applied to Dr. Wallace. 1 iiavoieeniiainjrir.
VVallace'a new, or llyaieuie metliod of curing dliea
, the pant Ave ninntht, and ay great grntirlcntloii
al I he result. Is. truly beyond eipreailon. lam now
well! A nd for the benefit of Invalid, as well a to
Cive testimony to Ur. Wallace's efficient treatment.
I desire to recounuoml him as a Fhslclaa ofeKtruor
dinarvskllland capacity: who can perioononlly eure
nlluf'the above nuined diseanes. and many libera
which have come under my poraonal observation.
For runner particulars regarding my case, anu vi.
Wallace's singular tuccoai, address
Rellefnnlalne, Ohio.
Mr. Moury ia known Intlits community. llo.
April 111. 18tji) 3
Klarketnnd Sixteenth Stree,
IVKon hand. andoffsr for sale, largo slocks of
Swede Iron, Norway Null Hods. Plough bleel,
aiidolherartlclessiiocluiiyiUHMioiue western mar
ket. .NovomberlO ie50-0mi9
The proprietor and manufacturers of HOS
TKHS can appeal villi perfect confidence to
till vsicinoa nml citizens generally of the United
(states, because the article 1ms al I ahicd a repu
tation heretofore unknown. A few facta upon
tlii.-i point trill apeak more powerfully than
volumes of bare asueriion or blajoning puffery.
The consumption of lloslctter'a Stomitclt lilt
tcra for tlte last year amounted to over a half
million bottles, and from its manifest steady
increase in times past, it ia evident that during
the coming year the consumption will reach
near one milljon bottles. This immense amount
eould never huve been sold but for tho rara
niediciual properlies couUtioed in the prepara
tion, and the snnction of the moi-t proiniurnt
plijnii:iuiis in those tedious of the country
where the article ia bent known, who not only
recommend the Hitters lo their patients, but
are ready at all times to give Icsliinouiuld toils
efficacy in nil cases of stomachic derangements
and Hie diseases resulting therefrom.
This is not a temporary popularity, obtained
by extraordinary efTorta in the way of trum
peting the qualities of the Bitters, but a solid
estimation of nn invaluable medicine, which is
destined to be as enduring as time ilaclf.
Hosteller's Stomach Itinera have proved
a Godsend to regions where fover and ague
and various other bilious complaints have
counted their victims by buudreds. To be
able to slate confidently Hint the Bitters"
are a oertnin cure for the Dyspepsia and like
diseases, is lo the proprietors a source of un
alloyed pleasure. It removes nil morbid matter
from tho stonmoli, purifies the blood, and
imparts renewed vitality to tho nervous system,
giving it that tone and energy Indispensable
for ths restoration of health. It operates upon
the stomach, liver, mid oilier digestive organs,
mildly but powerfully, aud soon restores them
In aconditlou essential to the healthy discharge
of the fuuelions of nature.
Kldurly persons may use tlielMlters daily as
fier directions on the bnlilo, and they will find
u It a stimulant peculiarly adapted lo comfort
declining years, as it is pleasant to the pain to,
lnvigonitiug te the bowels, eieoiient as a tonio,
and rejuvenating generally. We have the evi
dence of thousands of aged men and women
who have experienced the benefit of lining this
preparation while sufl'uring from stoinuch de
rangements and general debilily; acting under
the advice of physicians, they havo nhundoncd
alt deleterious drugs and fairly tested the
morlts of this article. A few words to His
gonllur sex. There are certain periods when
tlioir cares are so harassing thai many of them
sink under the trial. Tho rvlalion of inollier
and child is so absorbingly Ivndor, that the
mother, expecinlly if "he be young, is npt to
forgul her own health in her extreme anxiety
for Iter Infant. Should the period of maternity,
nrrivo during the summer season, the wear of
body and mind is genorally aggravated. Here,
I him, is s neeesMty fur a stimulant lo recupe
rate the energies of the system, aud euuhle the
mother lo brtir up under liar exlmusllug trials
aud vespiinslliililioa. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer Ihe Hitlers to all oilier in viola
tors I but receive tlio endorsement of physi
cians, bsonuse it ia agreeable to the tnste as
well na earlnin to give s permanent increuso
of bodily strength.
All those persons, lo whom we have particu
larly referred above, to wit: eiillireis from
fover and ague, cau'ed by malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery, indigestion, loss of appetite, and
nil diseases or derangements of the stomach,
superannuated invalids, perilous of sedentary
occupation, and nursing motliors, will consult
their own physical welfare by giving to Hos
teller's Celebrated citoinncli Hitters a trial.
CAUTION. We caution (lie public ngniust
using any of tho ninny imitations o; counter
feits, but ask for IIostbttku'b Cklkbhatki)
Stomach IIittmis, aud tee that each battle lias
llic words "Dr.J. Hosteller's Stomach Hitters"
blown on the aide of the bottle, and stamped
ou the metallic cap covering the cork, and
observe that our sinograph signature is on ths
Prepared and sold by H08TETTER A
BMITH. Pittsburgh, Pa., anil sold by all
druggists, grocera, aud dealers generally
throughout ths United States, Ooulh Ame
rica, and Germany.
HOtl T Three Millions of Acres of Latidwill be
brought Into inarkellnlhe State of Iowa, In June
next. We expertlo niakeexteiislvosuloctlnnslnlhe
various Dlstrlclsthrniighoullhn State, prlortotbe of-
mrina ui tue i,aiius,aiiu irum our oxperienee in tne
business, wn fseloonlhl.nl Ihsl we rnn live entire s-
tlifactinntotll who msyentriialthelrbuslnesslo out
ours, intseaiorpartiierntine nnn will be in nan
casterahounhetttlrtf April, and any business left
wiui j, w. a,ineaeonin,ni innicity, will lie alloaaer
aitnaitima. rees, sin per yuartcr Nectlou.
Corrusiiondeuceiulkiti'd . Address
Land Ageuts,Klrksrllle,Mlssoui'
March S5,'M8 !tl
Merchant Tailor and Clothier.
Opposite Ihe Shrrller House.
La 101 tor, November:!, ISJU lj'i?
John e.M.aria. r.s.swiNo. r.r.aaasvHig
OP i
Main Street, Lancaeler, Uhlo.
"iTKIghtRxrhange an Ihe East for sale lute
allowed en IHno.il.:
ForDU daysal Ihe rale of 4 per rent per annuty.
" months" 5 ,1 '
9 11 ii .1 a ti i
Uiicasler.Fbrnarj7,t1S9 ly
fF. T. WISE.
fremrd alteattoa gits n to Colleellor.a.
JtTOFPlctt with Sitncheumh & Clarke.
Tliereaaou why, latha'.by a,urr'a own process it
restores iu natural ceior; parmeiieimy ter tae a r , -
- -v. . - . L.i.t.
becomes grey; supplies ii natural fluids, and thus
umkris It grow on bald hinds, removes all dandruff,
licliing, and beat from llij scalp, quiets aud tune ui
il. a nerves, and thus eurik all nervous headache, and
may be rolled unontoeuie all dlseaana or tee acain
and hair; tt will alup aid keep It from falling off;
mnlri it aofl.rlsMu. aajise aarf sraatiaf . snd if used
by tlie vouuglwo or thro limoa a woea. It will never
fail or become grey) tbei reader, lead Ike following
and Judge for you reel vei: c '
PKW VOKR, January o, iron.
Messrs. O. J. Wood Si Co., Wenilemop: Having
beard a good deal aboiif ProfeMoi Wood's Hair He
aluraliie.itiiit my hair being quite gray. I made up
my mind lo lay aside tne prejudices whu h I, in com
mon wlih a great many persons, hsd against all man
ner of patent medicines, and a short II roe ago I cum
ui'oired ualng your article, to teat il for inynelf.
The roauli haa been so saltafattory Hint 1 am Very
glad I did so, aud injustice to ;ou, as well as for the
encouragement of others wb may be as gray as I wa
but who Having my prejudice wiinom mj reasons
for selling It aside, are auirillingto give yunj Restore-
;ivo atrial till tliey bav) turmer prooi, an.i mo ni
roor bring occular demonstration. I write you this
etter. which you mavshow to any such, and also di-
rAPlthftm lo mn rnr ruriher urooi. who am In and out
oflhe S. Y. Wire Hulling Etabllhineuleveryday.
My hair is now Hs natural color ano issosimp
in appearance every way, belag glossier aud ililcaer
and much more healthy looking.
I atu yoars respectfully, HFRV JKSKOS,
Comer of Columbia and Carroll tre". Brooslyn.
1.1V1SUSTOB, Alal.ama, rooru.r, it. .c,o.
fiof. Wnr,-Oear Hln Vnr Hair Restorative has
ii... mini. .,aH tn thw nsrt of the country. My hair
has been slightly dlininlshlngfnrseveral years,osuod,
I suppose, rrom asiignt Durn wnii i w i,o -
fanl. 1 have been using your Hair Restorative foralx
weaVnaud I And that I have a Due head of hair now
.rowlnir. after havlnsr used all other remediea known.
lo no effect. I think II Ihemosi valuable remedy now
exlsnl.nna aavise an wao are amieieo mat mny tu
use your remedy. You can publUh ibis If yon think
proper. Yours. etc., n. n.eiiiuiiiiui,,
PHILADELPHIA, Septemeer9, P57.
I'aor. 'Wood Dear Sir: Your Hair Restorative is
proving Itself bonollclnl torn. Tho fi out, and also
the back part of my bead almost lost Its covering
was In fact mi.o. I have used but 3 half pint buttles
or your Itestorativo.and now ibe top of my head Is
well stubbed with a prnroistnf crop nfyonnr hair, nml
the front is also receiving lis benefit. 1 have tried
otherproparailons without any beneflt whatever. I
Itilnk from my own personal reeouimendalion, lean
Induce many other tu try It.
Yoars, respoclfully, D. R. THOMAS, M. D.
No. 6( Vino Klreet.
The Resloratlveis put In bottles of J sizes, y f.
large medium, and small; the small holdshalfa pint,
ana retallafor one dollar per boule-.tbu medium holds
at least twonly percent, siore In proportion than the
mall, retailsfor two dolls rs per bottle; the largo bot
tle holrlsa quart, 40 percent, moro in proportion, und
retaitsforlliree dollars
O.J. WOOD di CO , Proprietors, 444 Broadway
New York, end 114 Market Kltcol, St. Louis. Mixou-
iTT'.tndsoldbyallgoud oriargiaiaanu Kancyiwy
Dealers. March 1. loot) 3in4
Try this remarkable aud most Interesting remedy
tlscompoaed of the concojiraled Juices ofthe mosi
powerful audihe most sodbing Plants and Roots In
nature. cheinlcullv eouibined and insulatod In well
sealed glass Hollies, and hnrged by a powerful flat
tery. Thus possessing lnadditiontolts suporlor me
dical virtues, strong Mugtotlcand Electric properties.
profoundly peulrnling
nd eminently quieting und
southing. It relieves pal
nana liinainmation aionce,
(when Irecly applied, r
iixlnathe strained musoles
and nerves, giving new
fe and vitality by its life giv
ing qtialltloa, to purellls.a1 parts and chronle or long
standing complaints, snd weaknesses, allaying ner
vous pain, nouraigia.i irritation, aim removing ou
strur.linnsllke a charm. Indued all who have used it,
apeak of It aa truly a wonderful medicine mid esteem
it by far. superior to an; and all other external reme
dial In uso. If applied In season It Is an unfailing
remedy for the Croup, Ssre Throat, Inllamation ofthe
Lungs, Hewers. Liner, Kidneys and oilier organs,
Klinuninllsm,riliial l-rliatlon, Ague In the Iiressl)
andalalltlmescuresnerrous Heudaohe, Nenrxlgla,
Noro I'.yes, Ear Acne, lontn acne, aaueiu too race.
Pimples and Kriiplinnso allklnds, I'll.F.K, Bruised
and Npralned Limbs. Durps, Pro tun parts. OhlllOlalnl,
Inilolontandlnngatnndlig Korea, wounds, die,, Ac.
Ilalsnrestnresthe tialrto the Uuld Head,andprevent
the Hslr from falling.
Tho Magnetic Olnlraenlhas been extensively used
upon Canal and Draught Horses for Gulls, Wounds,
Sprains and Lameness, snd Is a sure cure, when ap
plied hot for Ihe Mcralclm on horses. and the Fool All
ouKlieep. All the Proprietors ask for tho Magnetic
Ointment Is a falrtrlal,sonldentu.at all they claim
fnrlt will be found tree to tho letter. In the neigh
borhood where It is manufactured, ninny people buy
it by Ihe quantlty,and Ills kepi and used by almost
ever) Inhabitant us a Panacea for tho numerous pains
nnd rt'-hespverv fsmtlyl more nrless afflicted with.
W'esny again TKY DK.TRANK'K M Alt NET 10 OINT-
MK.NT. None genuine uiiieaa aigneii "N. liutil-l.."
wlih Pen. Hue Pemnhltta containing full directions
round each llollle, an circulars left with agents.
Price J shillings for snmU and 3 shillings fur large
lollies. - ' -
Knrsule by G.K A l K VU A a (V I'll., l.anonitc r; f. J.
Mnlliir. fioinersel; E. Kalb, KiiHavlllet' Abbott and
lnn,rienrport; R Kli.fiwbur.OaVlnii.l; Druggislsand
Mi-rrhniiln KOUOrail) inru'iRI, inn i-nuinry.
It VA II orders should he addressed toWM MtlioS
t ro., KiirlvllH,Madiuiountj, New York.
July,'.'!, jn.ia-iji-J j
Tbe enterprising proprietor of
(Tun Purest Mudlclnal Aannl ever known. 1 has fuin-
lulind thecommiiiilty a Rtlinitlant, Pure, Healthful and
Invigorating, at Ihe same time n delicious beverage.
1 1 is calculated tn do away with the vile drugged stuff
that Is palmed on on the eonuu unity, and which II In
jurious lo body sni mind. In addition In the rerlllt-
csissneneniii, ne lias receive,! a iniuoina iron. i,e
teslluieiiy frent DR. JACKSON or Boston, who lo'll
flusuudor uath to ilsabtolule purity.
PuiLtotLPHik, HenWmber 9, IB.VI.
We have carefully tested the sample of I liesuut
Il rove Wliiskoy which you sent us, and flud I hat It con
tains none ofthe Poisonous Hubstauoe known as Fu
sil Oil, which Is the characteristic audliijurloualngro
dleutuf tbe whiskey in general nse,
. Analytical Cheinlstl.
Nitv'Vosk. September 3, IMH.
I have analysed asnmnlo of Chesnul Drove Whis
key, received from Mr. Charles Wharlon, Jr., of Phil
adelphia, nml having carefully tested It, 1 am pleased
tn statu that It Is entirely free front poisonous ordule
terlona substances. It is an unusually pure and due
flavored iiu-l ly of whilkcv. JAM eiS R.CIIILiON,
Analytical Chemist.
Boston, March 7, le."i.
1 have made a rlieinlral analvalsnf commercial sum-
plea of Chesnul lirove Wblakay, which proves lo be
Iree rrom the heavy Km I Oils, and perfectly pure and
unadulterated. Tbe Sue flavor of tale Whiskey Isde
rlved from tbe Grain usnd In manufacturing II.
Respectfully, A. A.IUYKS, M. D Suite Arijer,
Ma. le. Rnvlstnn Street.
Put aula by C, WHARTON, Jr., Sole Princlr al A gent,
No. 1 in Wulnal Street, Phila .elphla.
March l.ldnU Smlt
Manufactors Cabinet Ware of all
df BCriDtions nnrl stvlca
II IS Wares are made of the best materials) and
I tuannractured with special reSerence to ouraell'
II); and oner the most modern patterns. Also,
f, -,COFFINS of any alyla, furnished on
wsoii u "U Hlw usual notice; and will attend funerals
In town and country, with or without a ilrarae. He
will also attend to
la the City, or In ths country.
Ptr. IOI,I,Y, In ths same eslsbllsbiacnl, man-,
ufaclurea and keopa ftir salu,
road honestly, end to he worth the money the aslt,
Uncaeter, Agrll j, lajo j(r
OFFICE Oa Main Street, nver Slncnm'e ErnV
Store. r . May, lM-
m if m 1
UK. MORSB, the tnfeater of MORBK'S INDIAN
ROOT FH. I,hasapeut the greater Deri of Biilife tn
traveling, having vlalted Europe, Asia and Africa, aa
w.n North America baaapent tboe years among
the ludiauaof our '.Veslern counlry-dt was In this
way that the Indian Hoot Pills were Srst discovered.
Dr Morse waillie tint man le ealabllnh the lact that
. . I 1. IIT! m.'U U U L 1, 1 . H
t imitflir H mm inrunn I vr inaui,uMii
,,.,.. BottlUl aod hlt denouded uuon this
.u..i a, ,i.i.
The reason why people are so distressed when sick,
and why so many die, Is because they do not get a me
dietas which will paaa to the mulcted parte, aud which
will open the natural passages for the disuse le bo cast
out; bunco, a large quantity offood and other matter
ia lodged. at the stomach Ac iiitestinesareliterallyover-
Suwiug with the eorrupleu was) thus undergoing dls-
agreeauie lenneuvatioii, euusiantiy uiAiiia; wiiu i,u
blood, which throws the corrupted matter through
everv vein end artery, until life is taken trom the body
li disease. Dr. norasTs PILLS bave added to Ibem-
selves victory upon victory, by restoring millions of
theslck to blooming iieaiia ana nappiness, yes.mnn
aandawho have boeu racked or tormented with aiek-
uess, pain end anaulsh, and whose feeble frames have
been scorched by ibe burning elements of rsging fever,
and who here been brought, asit were, wllliln a step
oflhe silent grave, now aland ready lo testify that
Ihey would have been numbered with the dead, had it
not beon for this groat eud wonderful raedlelue,
Morse's innian nooi rius, alter one or two doses
had been taken, they were astonished, and absolutely
surprised. In witnessing their chsnnlng effects. Not
oniy do they give Immediate case aud strongth, and
takeaway all sickpeaa, pain and anguish, but thev at
once go to work atlhe foundation of the diaeaso.wiiirii
Ik the blood. Therefore, tt will be showh, especially
by those who use the Fills, that Uiey will so oleanse
and purify, that disease that deadly enemy will
Ukells flight, and lbs flush of youth and beauty will
ufcuiu rumrn, auutiic prospect 01 a longaouaappy lue
will cherieh aad brighten yourdata.
guard and uotbe Imposed upon by a Counterfeit of
Dr. Morse's Indian Knot Pills, signed A. U. Moose.
A II genuine Pills will hereafter bevethe name and
signature of B. LAKK JUDSO.f, (successor to A.J.
White Co.,) on each bo. 1 -
Allorderssnd letters relating to said Pills must he
andressedlo B. LAKE JIIDNO.V.SO Leonard Street,
New York, rolu proprietor of Dr. Morse's Indian Kooi
Pills, or WM. MUilGU dt CO., KarlviMe, Madison
county. New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Hoot Pills aresold by ail deilors
In Medicines.
Agents wanted In every town, village ami hamlet In
Ihe laud. Parlies desiring the agency will address as
above for terms. Price 5.1 cents per box, live boxes
will besom on receipt oi ti, postage paid,
Rnld by K A UK F.MAN CO., Lancaster; P. J. MrM
lor, Somerset; P.. Kelb, Hnshville; Abbott and son,
t;iearport; o. rtieierner.unKinnu; iirnggisis and'Mor'
chants generally through the country.
juiy yi,icju i j iv
U onaparte'a Great' Work.
M. ne.rnannn 1 mu ali misdii
cssesofthe genitalorgnnsof Ihe tnalo
and female, with Ihe latest discove
ries In reproduction. The afflicted
should use no remedies before learn
ing from this valuable work the su
periority of the author's Paris and
Londou treatment of Iirivale disea1
es : both married and sinrle. should
consult it. This book lulls how to
euro the following Diseases, and en
lightens those who srruiwBiiHlnrknAM.
fionurrlitci.GLiet, Cbordee.Rlrlcal. Rviihills.Riilm.
Warts, UItches,Kenaiiallsra,SemliuilWeaknesa.Mas-
Oirbalion oranir-abiin,LcucnrrleaorWhitea,Suppres-sionoftha
Menses, Falling of the womb; how to pre-
vvuti i.Knsntj, mnniuuiiuiiii. oarrennuss, itneuma
tisin.Ac. Iltroatson .Midwifery, Abortion, Miscar
riage, Cclobacy, with remarks to the young and old of
both sexvs. It tells how lo distinguish pregnancy and
how to avoid It, 4tc.
Perfect Safeguard agiinst Quackery.
irpForllethodltion l(Kl,fttlO copies sold annually.
This book sent under seal, post paid, t all parts of
the world-,011 tho receipt ofaj cents, or 5 copies for 2.
Dr Bonaparte's Celebrated Preventative.
This jlmple, healthful, nfiil vol effectual prerenllte
Is beyond a comparison with anything over ;et dlsco
ve:ud. II hasboun proved by yearsof experlenccand
In no Instance has tt failed when applied according lo
Hrectious. Married people whido not wish to Increase
their families should be In possession of this instru
ment. Price reduced to .V
. r. Bonaparte's French Patent Male Rafe!' This ar
ticle onables those whose health or circumstances do
not permit an Incre.ian'of famliv. to regulate or limit
the nunibernribeiroff aprlngwllhoiittnjnrlng the con
stitution. It Is Ihe only safe and sure prerentlve
against pregnancy and dlsesso. The above article la
specially Intended tofuldl this desideratum; It is per
fectly safe; no metallicsubslunce enters into llscom
position. The price ofthe French Patent Male Safe,
aji mo biuk'o uo. bb ,,wr nun uuen. 9f per aozon,
Tr?.VIsn(ia lioniva's Female Monthly PHI Is a salt
and reliable remedy for suppressions and all female
disease. Ladles should notuso them during pregnan
cy, as tbey will produce miscarriage. Price, SI per
box oxlra line SI. riant to any address by mall. No
loiters will be answered unless they contain a remit
tance or n p-tsge stamp.
YOUNU M EftLet no false modest deter joufrora
making your rase known lo one whs. from education
and respectability, can alone bo f Met., ,,u. He who
placeshimself under Dr. Bonnpartea bis treatment,
may religiously confide In hi. hone a erentlentoii.
and in whose bosom will bo forovei totted tbe secret
01 nis patient.
1 1 1 .'..I .... .1 . n. d n ... .. -n
n iiuiurr. .iiiubmf,! w vt. c. n,ou.,,rSKIa,aO
IBS, SyeamoreHtrael.botweon Flfu d Sixth Streets.
Clncincinnatl, will be puncluslly vtlended to. Dr.
nonapnrte can oe consuiteu upon ai: aecrot diseases.
Ho is unquositonsily acknowledged to be the chain
nlon and klna of Venereal Diseases, and onlv Phv.i
clan In the Union who has trniehd on the contlnertof
Europe, ann tne only Doctor wno nas visited their
colcbrntod Hospitals, as well as their medical Institu
tions, and receiving their monthly reports, offors to all
thine who desire to consult a professional person, the
result 01 rorty years experience in tne Hospitals of Ku
rope and America. Confidential consultation daily
from 8 A.M. antlllO P. M.
beptembcr I, itfj 1)18
"I T Is compounded entirely from Ouma. and has he
I come an established lact. a Standard Modlclnc.
known and approvod bynll that have uned II. and is
now resorted to with conflJouco lu all Ibe diseases for
which H Is rernmmended.
II has cu red thousands within the last two years who
had given up nil hopes ol relief, aa Ihe numerous un
solicited uerlinrates In my possession show.
The dose mint lie adapled lo Ihe temperament of
the Individual taking It, and used In such quaulltlesas
to act gently nn the Howols.
Let the dlnaicsnf vourliidirmentrntde son In tho
usoof the LIVhR INVIOORAT JH, and it will cure
l.ivercompialnts.bllllousntlscks, dyspepsia, chronic
Diarrhoea, Hummer complaints, dysentery, drupir,
sour stomach, habitual cosliveness, chnlic. Cholera
morbus, ciiolnra Infantum, Aatiilenee, Jaundice, fe
malo weaknesses, and may hs used successfully ns an
ordinary family medicine. It will cure sick headache,
(a. thousands can testify,) In twenty minutes, If two
or three leaspoonfuls are taken al cuiuuieiicemeuluf
All who use it are giving their testimony In III favor.
Mlv waterln the mouth w.th the luvlgorator, and
wallow both logollier.
Price One Dollar per Uottle.
jANrns d's
PUIIK Vi:C I'Alll f. EXi Rtl'TN,
Aud put up In GLASS CAHKS, Air l ight, and will
keepln any climate.
active Cathartic which Die proprietor has used in his
pnicllru more than Iwontj years.
The conslantry Increesiegdeinand from those who
have long used lha PI-LI.1 aud the sattsfncOun which
all eipresa in regard to their use, has Induced luu lo
place them wllhln the reach ofall.
The Profession well know the dllTarenl Cathartics
ant nn different portions ofthe bowels.
The FAMILY CATHARTIC PILL has, with due re
ference to this well eitabllihod fact, been compound
ed from a variety of the purest Vegetable Extracts,
which artallkenn every part oflhe alimentary canal,
and aro GOOD and SA FK tu all cuaoawhere a Chattier
ttc Is noeded.such as Derangements nf Ihe Stomach,
sloeplnesdpalns in the back and loins, costlreaeas,
pain and soreness over the whole body, from S'ldden
cold, which frequently, if neglected, end la a lorg
course offever,loss of appetite, acroeplng sensstlou
or cold over the body, reallessBesi.headache.or weight
In Ihe head, all Inflammatory diseases, Worms in
children ur adults, rheumatism, a great purlflerof the
blood and mnny illaeases towhi.ch flesh is heir, too
numeroiislOHtenin,u inlhisadve'rtisement.
Jtnae, its lrlro 3 Oiuiea.
I'll 1 U'l- I 1,1 I 1 S ..a ..I.II.J I... II -.. 1 . .
i nn , i , - riMKimu , uriiKKir.s arneraiiy,
nil anlil whnlHBBln hv IkA T.bHm i,,nll I.bm tnmnm
Msnufactarerand Proprietor, IM Rroadway.N. York.
For sale by G. KAUFFMAN di CO., Lancasler.Ohia
Oitober'.tl, ie.' I yai
This limtituti is sse lk$ erssf, etssf tktwffk and
pructntl in its towews nf tasiasss trains a Bag
Mircanlilt Ctll'f in ! MM.
DAILY t.F.CTTJKKSnn Iheoretlcal and practical
Book-Keupinr, Cnmmarrial Law.Puliticul Kcon
onry, Commercial Kthlcs, Correspondence. Mnthama
llrs, Peuinaiiahlp, fie, by men ofexperlence In their
The DIPLOMA le In ao case given to any Graduate
who is not competent to keep the books of any busi
ness House.
Tim nf itndy BNiwiss- Usually tnkes an apt pupil
from sis. to nine weeks. Can enter at any time, aa
there Is no vacation.
Tttnl Cp Including Scholarship, Rooks, Board
ing, eke., die., about ITS.
Scholarship good In the four principal Cemmereial
Coin geslnthe United States.
For full parliculara, enclose two stamps and address
- , .iUFrs,McCOir at CO,.
M-arrhS,lft60-Mtr Columbus. Ohio.
. .'i . i .ii i.
X lo Hainmc-utou Lands. . ,.
D .
Coiiaolldrtted December 1, 1830,
Copper, TinAf Sheet IronWare
Utte Door West f that UeyoklMf Tattler
Banks ; 4. .-
T HAVE Just received a lares usortmentorHTOYIS
JL which i will sell lower than ever, ooastst la partner
Champion Clipper ScPrtmiutn
stoves, roB wood; "; :
Victory, Salamander & Tiger
FOR coal;
Willi an assortment of Six St Setep Piste
1 and Coal aod Wood ' 1
Persons In wan: of anything In the way of Stoves
Tln.Copperor Sheet-Iron Ware, would save money
by railing on me.
Harlicular attention la dhecled to thlsRtove, as It
possesses more good qualities llisn any other now in
nse. Thankful for past favors, 1 desire a coutloaance
of ihe public patronage. , .
- Water Spoatlng- and Jobbing;
ofAl.f. KlNDR.done on slioitnotke.
ITPOIdCopper,Urass,aud Pewter taken in exchange
James mc.mana.ny.
Lancaster, October BO, 1P58 SiStf
For the speedy, radical, ant effectual cure of ALL
UlSBAMSS arising from IMPUKITY of the BLOOD.
Thlamedlclne haawronghtthe most miraculous cures
in aespurate cases of
Scrofula, Cutaneous Diseases. Pimnles tn tho Face.
old stubborn ulcors, tellers affections dyspepsia, Jaon-
uii.n, niDivurmi uibobsus. UTor coiupitlli,, low Spirits,
cancerons formstlons, Frysipelas, Boils, aoro eyes,
scald bead, Kheumatle disorders, eonllvoness, salt
rheum, general debility, loss of appetite, foul stoiosch.
Femalo Coraplsiuta. and all Diseases having their
original luau iuipureataleoflhe Blood.
The almve Is a portrait of David McCroerv. of Na
pier township, who, on the 31st day ol A i gust. 1H5H,
inaoeam'iavitoeiorojuBtioeooriey.tUkt he wastreat
ed for tlio cureof t'sncer by tliree phyaiciansof Hed'
ford countv. end by Dr. Newton ofthe Eclectlo Cot
tea-olii Cincinnati. for anertndofnoarlvelahloionilia.
nntwithstandi'ig which, bis lip, nose and a portion of'
his left cheek wero entirely eaten awty! He had giv
en epnii nope,wnen ne nearu onne "iiiona March
er," and was induced to try It, Pour bottles cured
hlin, and although Badly disfigured, there Is no ques
tion bul what Ibis invaluable medicine saved his life.
Ibe full particulars of tills remnrkable case nty be
socii in acircuiar.wuica can no nau oi any 01 tne agents
We alsoroferto the case of Nancy Kleaknev of Kl
dertnn, Armstrong eonnty, Pennsylvania, cured of
Kcroruia ansr neing unauie to gel out or bed ror 3yoars.
To the oasoof a lady in Anaonville.Clearflold Conn
ty. who was also afflicted with Scrofula In Its worsl
To the case of Ceora-e Meisel. residlne- in rtarrnlt.
town. Csmb-la county, Pennsylvania, who was so had
ly afflicted with Cancer thntlt eat his entire nose off,
and hla case wae wnrae. If possible than McCreory's.
J lie pariicuiarsui louse cases, every one or Wlllcb
wascurod by the uso ofthe Blood Rearcher may also
ue iouuu in a circular to ue oao niany agent.
R. M. LEMON, Proprietor.
Laborolbry forth mnunfaeture and salo. neanim
Pa. Kallroad Depot, Ilnllldaysbhrgh, Pennsylvania.
nr. uen.ri. neyser. v nniesaie agnnt.Plttsburg, Pa,
tor sale by KAIPFM AN &.CO., Lancaster: J. I..
Swain. Groveporl; IE. Schnller, Roberts Haninel,
vumik'uiik, u r. o.uvBi,,,, ,, aionursnn, IT. A. W
Munsoa, Kenton, January SC, ItfrO 1)39
Brood Purifier and Blood Pills,
"KN DR, RORACK, Ihe celebrated Swedish
nyaician.lntioduied Ills lllond Puriflerand
Blood Pills in the United States.he set forth in plal
""in tneir curative properties. Thia wjts years
itu. i ue task or recommending them baa since been
' j ais nnnii. bulightened men whose char
ncturforsoundjudgmentand phtlosnphv. glvcslheli
opinlous weti-nt inlh. nAmn,.,l, h..l. . .....
, oo uiaao '-aaaursBce doubly sure," bernre
ney decide areevery where approving and urging
iiicnae ur those wonderful Preparations. All who
rniitldo in the wisdom and honesty of this class, o r who
" ' invnsiigato ror tneuisolvet are now of ea
aiiea ou tuis Im poriant sutilect.
from members or the MahIp.i p,Ar.,.iAn t?iin i
public Journals, well known Merchants and Farmers.
..,i ..nu i us ur tne highest respectability, giving ac
counts of extraordinary cures wrought by tho feme
.ib, ui wuicu cureatner tnemselrns wero
These parlies may bo consulted nersonallv or hv let'
Jer, bylhose who haveanydoubt upon the Bubject.
1 be evidence In the possession of Dr. Enback . which
'"' "mesaocessibletolhe public, establishes Ih
uBTnuDsjo proveo nv analysis to
lha they eurotbe almost universal complaint;
ilVfiiilruwi a
with unerring crig,and lu a very abort time. That
urier all other raodlclnos have proved useless, Ihey
and restore tbe health and strength oflhesuJerer.Tnnt
who have languished fur yeara in helpless wenknesi
and duspondoncy.reeunerate with great rapldltvunder
,,..i M,.iKoiauugoporaiiun, I natailaexnal dlsabll
Ilea are removed by Iheir cordial and gentle stlmulat
I'.vj.oiovB. i nm ,nwy recrnii
RHATTFHEli r!t)NTi ritTinKa
howaverihny mav have henn trlAna wlih mnA h,,.
that Iheir direeltendei.rv I. i l.n.ih... nr. .h ...
der it enjoyable. Thal.nperallndlrocllv upon the pffV-
THRV nsiiBtn ta nvit.
and discharge from the ayslem, every lalnlofKcroful
""ii uerooiisrv or otherwise. That they
and that there Is no diseaseofthegtnmach and Bow
eis.tno b ver, lha nervous system, the skin, glands or
n,, .rising iroui impnriiiea in tne mood o
eeretlons, which they do not give pry" rri.r, and,
(if administered beftire Itte very citadel nf Ufa has
ocn uTuueu,isjreC geiafrss nniftrfttt eers.
Bear In mindihBifi,MRriAiviiiMsii.w v unVT,
BLK BLOOD PILLS are endorsed by tho experience
or . housands of living wil nessns, who, In tetters, afll
davits, medical worke, and by word of mouth, pro
claim them to be the very beat preparation el the
kind ever offered lo tha broken-down vtcllroa of 111
neaitn. i ney huel disease thronfli every avenue an
urganor the system, and lo expel tt thoroughly an
No one can donhtthotrsnperiorlly after one single
trial Ihey are not only belter bul, In fact, cheaper
nan any other rilla, for It takes a less number of
luvui uiprouuce aoettereaect.
Prlcoof tbe Scandinavian Vegetable Blood PurlB
er, ai per bottle, or as ner hair dnaan. nriha a...
'""avian Veguiable Blood Pllla.SSoentt per boxrer
Head fr. Koback's Rneeial?Intl.aaanJ' Tenia.. i.s
published in a couspicuoui part of thia Pacer from
llmetotlme. '
Dr. Hoback'a Medical AlmsnB.,IR.ii Avi..r
containlngagreatvurielyoflnteiestlng and valuable
Medical information, can be had gratia of any of bra
la dihlcull or complicated Cases, Dr. Jtbbsek may
ba consulted personally or hv letter auelosing one
stamp tor tne reply.
From Rev.Mr.lrfcHrLtiN.PaitorefRoherlaChipel,
iwDtaRiroue,ctooarS,7iT. i
Dr. C.W. Rosc-U-ar Sir: 1 have a sod your Blood
Pnrlfler for a nervous a aoctlon, rrom which I bavesur
forei' mnchattlmea. While ills pleasure to tasle.lt
cortalnly has a happy effect upon Ihe nerves. Plxeee
accept my thanks for your kind regards, and believe
me Youra. , J. VV. T. MeMUliHtS.:
Principal Office and Rales Rooms, No.8,Kaat Fonrlh
Street, 3d Hiilldingfrom MalnStreel.Clnolonatl.Ohio,
Mhoratoryln Hammond Street.
For sale by George Kauffman n) Ue, Lancaslarf Ah
hollaj Son, Clearport: Bowman i Hahlenbaugh,Rny
alien: Philip Han, Pleasanlville; Wildermuth, Ml'l
Isrdt afaeon, Rastl; O. P. Hamlin, Oakland; Harmon
Curtis. Plokartnglon: I. R. Wolat, Llthopollst H. L.
Nicely, Balllmeret C. 0. Miller, MIIIerspOTtl Beery
Mcf'andllsh, Bromeu; J. H. Rundermaa, Amanda;
J. L. Hralton.New Salem: A .. Shrader.SugarOrove,
and by Dragg island Merchants generally throughout
IheUnlim. Jaly 7, IMglylO
! Weighing from 700to 1500 ponnda,
Lancaster, February 17, 1hs- J.C.WKAVBI
Id) n
- 11 1 lLllllll"jm'LJ"L'l
BttOmv X v llOTEli,
THE undersigned, hsrlngsgalnassnmsd'lhe mSB
agement orthla well known tstsbllshoient. bege
'A- aay to those who lslt Clnclnnstt, either lor
bft bsss or pleasnre.thatlhey will Snd the Broadway
Hotel one oftbe mosteooveoleht sad desirable slop-plngplseesiaikeeMr.--
-J,.Keo"'i5?,V,1'f.- Depots'
and thepobl e Lsedlog; mere sa llisnauj other Jloiet
In ClnrlnnaMi-imlH wlthlna few mlnuliawalk oftloi
Post 0M,UMiBilpirutiMaialUla, and the
places of Public Arousomont. '
An extensive rsnge of Bslhlrrg Itoorasand a Bar
ber's Shop will be fou.d Is the ull(Hng .
Tills house has all the comforts and conveniences
thai caw be found In any Drst class Hotel In the West;
The whole establishment haa tost keen thoroughly
overhauled, renovated and re-furnished, and the"
Proprietor feels assured that those who make his
house their home daring luelrstej la the ally, villi
have no reaaoh to complain either of bis accowirooda
II... ..Wl..,.... - S.nM A W nr....... ....
, uriiisi-OHrfci-B. uu.ir.rn 11. UUUM V febli.
Cincinnati, Kep'.embern. IH55 iff
China, Glass and Qneensvrare..
Tla reruovsThis establishment
To the New Greene Bnildin&
Oppoeltsj tue Tatllmadge Hesr
WHRRK hrUprepared to tell at Wholesale
Ketall.meUrguatasdaaestassortmenlof .
Kverogeredlq this market. .
lie Inwl.ea tu Countrr norcUanla,
To wham he pledgeahlmselrto gtre better barenS
than they can possibly gelin the TSa'st, frolghti anr
brakage taken into the acconnt. He reeelvea hls
trooded rccllyfrom Knrope, by Ike way ofNewOr
leaua.vla Rherand Caual lo I.anraslor.
lie Invitee all; who desire to pstronlse a hom
market and to purchase their e-omw i r.w.
thmi can be had at any other place tu Ohio. Cincinnati-
,,, ,, s call and they shall not
be 1 dlsapoluted. WILLIAM KTEWAUT.
uauceaior, uct.se isjrv sotf . m . ' .
Miscellaneous Booka . . i
School Books
Juvenile Boohs ' 1
Bibles, Testaments-:-
. Hj-mn Books, Prsyrr . BooU
Csp, Letter snd Note Paper
Day Bookt, Ledger
Memorandum and Codv Books-
Port Monies.Wsllets, Pocket Booke .
I'erfuraery, Toilet Soups
Pictures, Pioture Frames'
sod a creat'TsrietT of
QPOQCEICSSP JCh,0paa3snc3fi3
ror saie at cai kkmely low pint KS. at
Main Street. North Side, opposite Ihe fiheffcr House
Lancaster, April 81, l&5 51lf
TK,, JAMES, discovered, while la iheKaat'
MJ Indies, a cerUin cine for Consumpllcn. Asthmu
Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds and General Debilily . Th
remedy was discovered by him when his only t I d ,
daughter was given up lo die. His ehlld was cure .
aud Is row alive and well. Desirous of benefltllng hlv
follow mortals, he will send to those ho wish II, the
0vc,po vuinaiuingiuir oirectionsior making and sue
cessfuly using this remedy, free, on receipt of Jhoir
names with slkrop for return poslsgo. Theroianota
single symptom of consumption that II does not at
oncetake hold of and dissipate. Night awoats. pee-
visuiioss. irniation oi tne nerves, failure of meraorv,.
difflcnltaxpectointlon, sharp pains In the lungs, I
Borelhroal.chillysensuilons.iiuasoaaltliealomath, I
Inaction ol the bowels, uiini.w,.nr , i.. f
cles. Address O. P. BROWN & CO, Nos. 3 and
34 John STariT. New York. ,
December la, IMP Bm33 X
Plows! Plows!
YOU will Snd nt P. ) BOVING'S Hardwvcfttore
a large assortment or PLOWS and other Agricul
tuial implemenls, ofthe following celebrated makers:
J. L. Gill A) Son's combination Plows, Points, Purls
and Land-sides. .
O. C. Miller Jf Co's Steel Plows.
A. Peacock At Son's Steel Plows,
W. Darsl's Cast Plows, Long's Pattern.
All of which have been tlinronalv ....ik.t l.. ,1...
Farmera of Ibis and the odjocent counllea, and are ac
knowledged to be the best in Ibis market. Call, ex--amino
ami make your choice to Bull your ground uud:
teams. Also,conslanllv ou hand a full aioclr of
Housebuilding Iflalcrinls -
.Saddlery and Carriage Trlmmlnga.
TOOLS' ofall deserlntlnna r,rih.l,..i ....II,. a ...
tho lowest prices. FiJi BOVINO. '
Lancaster, robrnary 53, 1SC0 43tf
TTTPrompt attention glvon to Cotloctlons'.J U
Office In the .! v Hutldlntni. Wear oft
lIocklnBT valler Bank.
Ootchorai, lsiusdif , ...
Great ltcncfac(o)
The Greatest Periodical llemcdr ever
TIIK Benofarlor Is Infallible for the immediate re
moval or ObsltiictloiiB, IrrogularltlcB. Prolap
sus Uleri (falling of tho Womb) Leuchorrl.es, lit
Vt hltca,nnd all the dlaeasespoculiar to females.
This remedy lies never In a single ease failed In
producing the Mennea. : I have resolved many letiere
of rocnnimondallon.whichall sey: "11 Is Ihe best re
medy we have ever used.!' Nlckuosant the Stomach,
Languor, D'V.IIII . Pains In tho Head, Side end Bark,
Loss of Appetite, Cnstlvenosa, Ac., are some of ths
systoms whlrhnltend irregular Monstu ration.
This remed may be bad hy addrcaslng J. S. RHKP
PAhn,Vest Fourlli Street, Cincinnati, and euclos.
Ing gt, and the Remedy will be sent bv return mall.
N. II, Ladleswhe arePregiiantrhould not use tbi
Remedy, as it Is sure to bring on Miscarriage, tbouth
no Injury lu health wonld follow. One Box al, three
Boxes an,- All letters orinrjulry mast contain a post
B(ioslamd to Insure aa answer.
T. S. SftKPPARD, Cincinnati.
Sbrppard'a Celekrated Oriental Pre
entire to Conception.
, Which T Warrant will never fall.
NOT1CK. Eeefies who do not alth an lacrease of
family may roly On Ihlaaaa perfectly safe and cerUin
preventive. It Is very slraplu in iu use, aud docs not
Injure the sjstem. i
Sent securo from obsoTvatlnn to any part of the
United Stales, by mall, on receipt of tho tnnncv.
- Whole packages 3, halTpackages S9; Kxtrn'flne tt
perpuikuge. AddLcis J. S. RIIEPPARI),
Bept.Ws IH59 Jj-SS Box t)43, Cincinnati, Ohio,
1,NV'TES public sttentlos to his SEW
f (JiSocfc of ISools and Shoes.
Where he la always prepav" to accommodate tho
pnblwlth good , rheap and tistantlal Custom work'
and also, every variety of fasilonable and durable
ready made Roots, Shoes, CeUrj, 4c, for Lsdlos,
Centleineu a id Children.
Being thankful ror past favo.., he still solicits a
hare of puhllr palroaage.
SHOP Oa Mala street. South side, between thi
Amerieaaand Canat Hotels. J, M. MtLLEK.
LancaBte r, April 14, 1B59 Sfltf
OFPICIt Tallraadga Building, Mala Street.
. Lancastor,,ril l3, IHGP 'Jtf
J. A. HVNTJirr
H.- If,' HUNTER & SON,
Attorneys nnat Connsellore sit Law.
OFFICK-Sha'ffer House, up sUirl. Jin trance West
Of the Market House.
Lancaster, aprtl IS, 1860 3lf
TBNDER hla profataloaal services to thepablle
Pulling, Plugging, aad Plate work done la the
neatest and moat durablvnanner.
JtyOFFICB-Opposlts Americas HotaW -Uaoaiter,
aprtl 13, lBbfe-SU
Zil nm iTsT' T?
c 1

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