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The gazette and Democrat. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1860-1860, June 07, 1860, Image 4

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CI Q vi r xt If i trh: tu - 5
From iUpifc fffl .. it .
lirouh the FurnUf, fln&mil peUtties
givsu 10 hog. orth -oiir oants pound;
ud also, xlta telatftr' train M raw jJota
tovs, unif torttf this ar?"Wiit U'-,,
:,' : V -f-i , 2',!,'n(,'i-3,
tot want k rtiii.pla Jidtrnt baifocl, from
which, bo o ill ises tain" the object ofttis
inquiry, or '.est (1m '4rfotf)e4stf' our
Potatoes contain" tVotii- 70 to 00 per
r.. j.f. r j
wdlui wniurs yi ooursa poegngs onj zu
to 30 per cinf.,.bf'iiuiritjoi's ru attic '. 01
this Dvtritit.Os uYah'tj-. ,Wy"t about . 1 per
cent. i g'utort ainlaliuuieD ucl (be rest
is staruli bc j 't ti
Wheat haVboly frdm. ljto 14 percept,
ol water, and -tits gluiea- ind a bumf n
range. Iroiu 9 to-13 pi ont , B i thai w ile
potatoes lurnibh only 'row 20 to St) per
per cent, of meat-forming principles, wheat
la, therefore, -one to four; or . if potaiooe
fc.ro twenty five 'cciili . busUl, wb. at
should be f I ' ' ; " , ' '
. The nutriment value ol various articles
of food may beeipressed in' .equivalents
s follower Wheat 61; oiirn, 74o; barley,
G8c; oats. 50df pbuUtfcs;;.23c; '31 pounds
efeookad meal -wil 'form ono pound of
pork. We.luen gut at tins result. .
To futttiii pork on wheat at $1 a bush
el, Jr corn at 75 cente, bartoj 61 cents,
oats 60cnU. and potatoes at 25 cents a
usnei, tue pork tuouJJ unntr y .ceuia a
pOUnd. , ..' ' : r
If corn is 50 cents a bushel, or Us e
quira!onta at the. same ratio, pork uhould
be 61 ionis; ' if 2 worth 41 cents, pork
should bo 51 ceon; if woith 33 cents,
pork should be 4 cents; if worth 25 Jtcts
pork sliould.be; i otnia. , ,.
For lood, putaioes may bo st down in
ntilri m ntl vlui at one four h iliat o'
whom, tin .tin- t ird .h, t 'f f:ir Tn
fa't;n 'r. o it ' , ' ;h'- . -'.p n i ; f
Pird ill 'i ' irk 4 f fi b h 'i- I
bo aa low.! i'j'.li- in, iot L'j 4'. t.
w.j bo1!, v.i, trill ol I i'.t. t.r ti e ' v )
IW of l'P'..)!;) 16 a V llity fiv. . tl ellit . t- i
cout in llix txien: wilnsi wnt: r a oull
Le allowe l i) Uiu fc-il nl minn'ile If led
1 i n x au auuii liioil. it Mfill pru 'ncn kukiii-
id;; an i r.-ii'i r n iu. nmt ml ni in 'niiji
thm. Ki itn; p. ! anon i lucjos thH w.itcr
down i'j il , .hrt volume i- he-minl tnor
1 1 atn onu-hul f 'r I' o n 429 t 169; urn
Htil nil the mi . i'linu nl p iie.t e- renniin.
I'.ii.iioih itioiif. liownvt-r, aio 'ailier it
p T ruoi.. witii whii'.h 10 f'ulien liofx ;
iinl.'gi they ii well mixed wiiii nitruiHii.
oils tubi a hi ttn i ihiso posa-Hiii ol,
tliHy will tioi !y on Hi" ft to "dvantngu.
Tniy uro v. 'if- d. d whin mixed wiih
puitijjktni, biiultlioV, 1 and , and
boiled. With su. irc'i 'k d f ;oJ c.rri in y
be fi,l to tl-Hin in (tin e ir.
In OMiiinaiin f'juivloiit, wo o! o il 1
a!an taku inio iio touii', ilm ht,t o .if tin
artiiijia, Uini will lumi toniy i t o-iji.
in drying, I: will in.'ikH n.i --iiiih .JiUVr
euiin, tli'in, win thor wh fmnhz.i iIik i,ii.
triinont'il valuo of an aitiuhj wt.on wot i r
Aa tli" mason for mukitij.' hay np
pro'iohiiig, Wh will give a fow word ii
caution in advun . Don't dry pour hay
too math. Hay may be dried till it in ai
w.riiile'S at a!rw. A a good i'olioi-ina-ki
r would any, " lim't burn your ooller,
bui I'rown ii;" o we iny, ilon'l dry ymir
bay, but cura it. Our ood old uvilliers,
who relied iip.ni herb tea, inntend of "'pot.
ccary in diuine,' gmlnii'i i ihrir leiln
Hh 'ii in hloksoin, and cured Uetn in tht
thadt. Thin i the ili lo-uiliy of iimkiii);
ioou 1-ay, tut in the oIiimh.iid hihI ciiio
in th elm hi. The nuir nl ilia plunt,
whi'u it in in bloom, la in li atallc r n ly
lo form t lie seeds. II the p'aiil la cut cm
lier, the auar is not ihi ic; If;, lat-r, ilia
iur has bo:omu convuriOil to woody
: liny should b wull wiltud in Urn tun
O'iro 1 ih t'lti ruck. R itier iobi n litil
too green, than loo dry. If, on putting
it into tho bum, ilmrb is dnii.'er of "licit-
inK in (lie mow." put on noun milt. Cat
llo will like it none the leu
linat, lihl, and tlty wiuda, will soon
take the eturnh itnd niiw'ar, wliioli Ooiuti
tute the jfoo'ln'8S o' hay, out of it; mid,
with the .l liiioii .il a Nliower, tender u
(ilrnott worihleas,. Oraa curt d with the
loaat z .r.Mire t' thu drjiii',' wind ami
r. Iilij. niii!ii ., ie more iiiiti'iliiiuy
than if lungi-r expound, imworor good tho
Wentm-r may e. If urer l ured, it con
tains mole woo 'jr .jure, and !od nutriii.i
Tli-' trm urt n( l ay maUn tluin, coii
tiais in ou.iiiii; tiiograei when ilm a'ttr. h
andeuir ar moit. fully den lopeil, n, id
bt'lure tiny ara oonfi'rteil into sued' and
curing up lo the pwiai wl. n it will snxwar
lo putiu the barn lettho&t heat kj, and no
more. . .
Fatettl Une-IIIvra.
There liaa bi cn a grt do t! of money
spent in tho- pur haie of patont bea hivea,
and uuleaa the sitention n( tho jiuhlio it
dirertted lo the aiihj.ict, tins drain will Htill
eoniinua. , I always retf.irdad inniioy in
Tesiod i. patenl-riht bee hivoa ua th'own
awav, until Mr. Lnnusirotli'a imir.ible
com'y frame wat introduoa an it, in my
opinion, eXueoiU all previous in vi-ntmii
in this liiH, ll'uai-d akillft ly, it in ih
best for the rupid propagation ol ln-ca. or
rather itoroaae of swarms, and alio for
surplus honey, beveral invtntuM (?)
liars brought out and pa ent.nl uio liiin,.
tioiiaut hums intBiea.uiai, in my niun .11,
are mora infiinsmsati of Mr. L ' patent,
and impositions on the puhli.i Tim
iiliioest and most simple bee-hive i ilm
best, and the more squsio and straiiit
the combs the bolter, not linviiiir too
Wire or iinalla box. Don't bolicvu evo
rrtUiiiir you l.ear in retrartl to imiirove
monls in lives. Five dollars may be, and
olUn tn paid tor rirfhls that nri worthies
Hee-kpers have suffered enough ' from
this already. J. T. Merriiuan, llurton,
Oeau Oo., 0.
A I'aaaeea fur lbs Deraociaor. '
Senator Nich'.Non axaure I a circle ol
Almoin D'Tiooia'S to day ihal a nammea
bad l).eii f.iiirl fur all th malinliua of
piny, in tlv, 'pr bable '"iniovttt nf Ex
tJiT0i-n r 3-yinonrf New . York.VWii'.t h
the Svu h wot I a.nppt , Triilioty hi'a
tlon. t)ur riiiila are agreed L-4 ih
Penmrr u y l,y H.iwo . the platform,, a"d
open the ball.-f Wash. Cor, N..Y. Tri
bune. 28th,
-JtMjD J)iiAl.tH IS., w? r
.- -?. v. asp rfir. y. x-x y.i
7lH,D T.thth ti qow fllliDfr P "'oc f"
uieTSPK nu riiAUK. iiin raw oi win
ka prepr?ii to supply th T snrnin wilU flib bum Hie
onuorn lukui. nrmcon your uacun, wun-u
lakei ln(uicfortoo.lor 'h l(d;lTed.
J4!j.r,iIltrii.r L8SH.nu n0- - .
ih'auyiuM (lul do aneral credit balnet.
Bui 1 many m mi puo'4un pnjuut !"" "i
lkl I will funih I'um Book, niid run Ihelr nocuuou
fr ihlriy iliyi, nl Hioun or won:" ,,mT , ii'i
the nifnov; .KH LVOS.
H. 8. 1'unf.imK a SUHVSVIKU COJlPAS,
with nil, ho Imnlxmentf . AUo. a foil fl nfCA RI'K.I
TKK'S DKAFHSlV I KSTHUilE.NTS, .11 "f whif-fc I
lll.ill.rla. Joll.f LVO.Nbi
liioIWi,Aprt UjlPno--Sml " '. ; . .. ,
Wheeling Street, Luncuntcr, Ohio,
, AUo, a Bui! lot of .
EX I1 it ti S 8 VA O O N 8,
Whirh will he dt'pomd of l thin tline.at VERY LOW
Hi: list, forCutli, abort tlmu .apir, or a f'-W food
Mortim Mill bu liikmi. .
All work iiiiiMiifKciiirHri rmm tin b"it of malnrlnl,
andpntiipln (Kid ttorkmimllki! lounnur, Dod war
rtiiU'd for onn yniir. .
. Ilu woiil l r.'lurn hl llionks lor lot luiemi pairon
ue I'Xieoded to Uliii bv llm pioido of llilc ciiunty-
iliirlni: lh pant ulf:lile..'n youra. mid wimlii imt re,
pctlully olicU ucuiiUniMni'ti "f Uielr lnvorn.
- - U I I.I.I AM 11, BIIUTT
Lanrailer, Fubruar) 'JJ, loii(J-t3ll
And Mchino Shop,
Ord r Molicited for tlie following Articles
IS. tinttil 0') Hfiriu rnivor, whlcb In nninl of uronoiny
'tlnitil Ji -luratiiltiy ul coiiitrutHoiiilai.il. iiurlvnllod
"Superior Portable. Slram I ii'iiiPK
of I.) Homf' nownr.niiiili LAorlornt a irreul roduction
irou) klttt usumI price chnip-u oriucu uuinei.
ftf 15 horipflWAr will) (tluroi, nnlt epromt1y for
i;aiiui H'mis, hmi ih( ij in oiu una uevr ifouu nu
fof ileatnlng corn, vogotublei, Ac., r.iAdo lo order
Aim oiM ttrn bono pAwttr, 1111 pro vod. nrt'l tho hrsl In
ui tli tlila i'Dii ntr y , Tho onu iioriw will prow 6(1 lo HO
Ktillnm. nml twrft-hnrno from 135 to 1M1 khUoiih Julco
per hour a tni warrant) ustainst iiruKiit(Oi
for boiling can Julco,
fjiniciiiiiJ Kiuturur'n I'liwoilw urson Imnd aud war-
rNnlod to be of icr''d tnaturlul uml to ruii wull.
rhri'ahlu MncliliM Ac llor I'owrrn,
hihI nil kind of f irming IhiUiiuJiiH rcjrodl hort
nollcD Anil 011 reason i 1 0 forms.
made to nrder At Iaw prle.
Mfiri'. i6iii''a. rjia, ran., emooinina irona. uhk
Iruna. Pluw Ti.tnia, Xc. Old Iron takun to exrliHiirit
for any of the iiAmvh anloli-a. V, H, UAKlil,
l.arifn.l. r. eoomary . letiu w
men cxiitoTTd & ICOBIXSOX
f f AVK removad llirlr Imiliieaa tn I ho Glrir llrtvk
I I Ilm Id Itiir. Iinmeillatelv nnpnalia tho Dry Ound
Nt.iraorMra. H.ii'k,aiid4 dnnra Want nl ill 1 1 diking
Valley Bank. Thulr iloik ceuilatolall alylea of
llimtl lreaia,l'ullitrt C'oraeta,A:C,
rTrilv('ipocll attoi.llon. Onluri filled ontlmrt nollco
tniiirpaifle.l, und chnup for cnh. Tiitdim ri'Dpnctriilly
Itiilteil tn call bi loro innklnij ihulr inirrtii"(i 1au -hr.
f'l.ll l' JHU A KOULSl).N.
I,.incat"r, apitl Ii, 1fi0'ir .
Ufl!tiikol"aiiro In .lln.oiln the attention of
llHU" llilcr,lnil,l.l tin, nnnoind I'ricu I.I.K nf
mil ilieiip t Ii 11 nil, IM Ik.i.I 1111.I I' a nil Holla, Klilili, It
Hill he i,iiHorvo., an, nllorinl at aliont ono-tlilrd na
iniirli aa la iMiially nliarKai. for lliuae at cnrroapniiilina
auiiHiid wel'.-ltl, by Uie inamirrtctiircra nf bruna-uoni-IiikIIIiiii
H. II,.
Tlh.a. Holla are flnnipoii.d nf an nmitlflram. In e.irt
lr.in.wlili.il, wluli, It la an miuli elieunor that, tlm
molitla lierntiifnrDiinitiliiviol l,,r tho aiunu pnrim.,. ot
i"'ii In i.on.'i, ilnriiolllly and auiioruua u'i liloa
nn' ii'irm ,no iiiiiit.
HII II, hi num., tlllllil,, AND SHOP HtLLS,
nuuu aim 1 uaa, manuarua anu L rilliK oomlilo.
16 huh Bill, with llnnjrliiBt. Woliclia OMhi u
i" . ea
vo I'JU 12
H3 ui.i ifn
nO THl',l,I.K.riKir.dwllb Voko, Blaiidalda, TIlln(r
tiamiuaranu vtuuui.
B Inoll Bell, nllll lUllKlliII. W.lirhl 300 bl, 3!
n -tuo ,v
id mo j
' 1700 IU
All nnlla Warranted, nw nnea Iran In cntt of
iiri'niro ny ritmiiiirl turiwolv monttia troro Onto of
piirohasu, anu shi.i.d rroe clinrpe rnr rnyaire, on
r..oclil ofprlra. IIIUIOKS. PKKR 4 t'O.
no, n. Maia tiiruoi, Liooiiinatl. Ohio.
April I'J, luu..i.
iSGt 3, jj.a assail SfaDaac&j.
Oh. iiir.r.i tMVN orrirR la at in. nt,r
lol.lnni'ii,iin Wlii'iOinarNlroel. iiearColnnilu,
irol.hurnhe wlllaltand I.. all lha rail. of lirof.
Iu""". Uncaater.AncaalS. IH5H Ml-
Book and Stationary Doalors,
Ol Main Siroat.fl'enneV Horner, lie l to the Court
llMi.ii,.ipi,,ln the Nha-dor Huiho, tn with i,. n
liiinvaalor Mor.ii 10
tHTZrT vl'll'U and tealilenca Iboaame
o?Tr ' ri.c.niiyorciiplod by Dr. II. Kr,,t
"'"';. oiio a.iiar8outk of
.iKrkHi ll.tii,,,,
wifiiw ) mmrim
an.H mair;iir.f Pnrml. rl'lonls, .-wtlattia JaraTJk
LvtrflfJI i : Attn hi Mill .
l-i?.Palnld and Trimmed, and all kii,,,;,'i(:
pal rUi dune ll ahort uullce, . J. N. V I M Fll
April IM, Ifoo 4tf '.
Pleasant Township Seminary.
r I'll K annnalTiirm of the Pleaasnl Tnwnahln 8ml
a na'f will nommenc with MOM PAY, AfVlh.Wk,
A- n. lenu, and ranall4tiaka, divided InloThrca
UT' ?,"l"-"" April ihoPih leJnnethe?mh
u we..a lulllnn. . Va-ailnt, tweak..
'l,,T!'""'.'l'"'('"li')iil In Ncr.mbar sard
J8i.ll. J e.dv.irc.k.liihti.ii.sil. No Vacation,
, And ubtMrHaaainn.lrom Niv.mh.r ihajdlh, 1P0.
to '" tkl.. .Hk, t.alooa.si '
J 'rTHoardlos will be fnrnlahad by lha Principal at
aperweak. JOtFPH aifcEJlAS, PrtnolpI 1.
V.-lVi'ei'.Vl a
l GIEMK PHYSICIAN, of Bellafontatae, Ohio,
(forujorlyof . VoikCny.) wlllbeaiilio
American House, Cirulevillo, May 18.
' Tallmndg House, Lancaster, MuylS).
Now Lxiogton, Mondny, May 21. , ,
Dr. Wallane will vitU tba above places, profowion
fy evory immlli.
Dr.Wallare baispared no paliunorexpanaelu mak
ing blintvlf fmulliar witb Ihe tliuurloa of ca.h aud all
Hie medical ayatonia nuw pracllaod; and the reuaon
whyhedoea not practice any of lha ayleuia now In
coiunton voogo,!, because bo underaian.U lbeui,and
kunwathem to be lujurioo. In their .ffeeti.
Or Wallace dooanoluae Drui; reteedlot of any
kind, and ynl he Iroata auceessrully all dlouaca witb
wbtchmaakind la atHicled Oyapopaia.tho epproba
bluni oftbe profeastt.n, and alt diaoaaca arialujf from
indlKoatlon. he ha never railed to core purinuneotly.
In fromone toalx montha! He niakea a apeclatityof
theso ditooaoaaud parlitulurlj aolicili caiea of tul
Ur. Wnllacebai leftafow'of hla clrcultra at our
pnatoRlee tWaralolleuadiairlbntion. i'lue oall and
itet o.io for further purliculura regarding bia new
ayatoiu utpractl.-.e.
Di.ircciTiK, Onto, April i, I'M.
I bad oeen afflicted with Liver t nmpliiliit, Kldnoy
ABoctlona, l)ypria aud Sorvonn lability forabool
three year; bad fuiled li!Ct any porinanonl rnllof by
Hie u.e nfsiiveral different Phyaicluna' treatment be
fore I applied to Dr. Wulluce. I baveheon using Dr.
Wallace's new, or Hysrienic ntelliod of curln dlsea
aes.th. paat dro inenlhs, and ill groat gratification
nl the rcaoll. la, truly boyond ciprcajlon. I am now
welll And fortho hontillt nf Invalid, as well n. to
give lostliuuny to Or. Wallace's efficient treatment.
I d,.ire In recommuftd biin us a i'lijsician of extraor
dinary ok 111 and capacity; who l-au pormanontly euro
aliuf th. above named dinnHies, and many olhera
which Uuve come under my iiorsonal obsorvalinn.
Kor further parlicnlara reurdlng my ease, aud Dr.
VValiace'a iinzulur succuss, address
Uellnfnntaiiie, Ohio.
Mr. Mnury la known lo tela community. Do.
April IU. imiO 3
IiorrTs, JONES & CO.
Ulurketuml sixteenth Streets
nAVKon hand. fliidolTvr for mile, targe stockn nf
hwmlt) Iron. Nurway N;iil Hoila, l'louffh Stewl,
und gtUorartkletpuctaUv tuiteil tn llit Wonlcrn Mar
ket. .NovemltorlO lP.VJ-tiiuiJ'i
The proprietors nod mnnttfaclitrersof HOS
TEUS can appeal with perfect confidence lo
pliyricinna ami citizen pi ncr.illy of the United
bmies, because the nt ticlc hM attained a repu
tation heretofore unknown. A few incti upon
tliii ioint will spcuk inoto powerfully liiuu
Vdluinen of bare Ufisei iiou or bl .zoning pulTery.
The consumption, of lo.ilcttcr' Sloinuth Hit
ters for I lie la"t year iiinoiinleil to over a half
million hotilei, tint! from Its manifest steady
increase in tiniee pnt, it is evident that during
tho coming year I he consumption will reach
neurotic million hollies, 'i ltis immense amount
could never have been eohl but for the rare
medicinal properties contained in the prepara
tion, and lha unnrlion of Hie nioht prominent
physicians iu llioso acutiona of tho country
where the articln in best known, who not ouly
rucoiiintend tho Hitters to tlicir palienls, but
are ready at nil times to give tcntiutouiuU to ill
efficacy in till caea of stomachio dcrangeuicula
und I he diseases resulting lliereliom,
This la notft temporary popularity, obtained
hy extraordinary tflortu in Hie way of Irum
pcling the qiialilieH of the Hilton, but a uolid
estimation ol nn invulnaljlo medieine, wltich is
deblined lo bo nf enduring aa tinie itself.
lloHletler's Ulouiach liittors luivo proved
a UotUend to regions where fever and ague
and various other bilious complaints have
counted their victims by hundreds. To be
aide to tlate conli.lmilly tlint the "Diners"
are A certain cute for tho Dyspepsia and like
disrates, is lo (ho proprietors a source of un
alloyed pleasure. It removes nil morbid niullcr
from llto etoinnoli, purified the blood, and
imparls renewed vllalily lo the nervous system,
giving it that tone and energy intlixpetisalile
fur tho restoration of health. It operates upon
the stomach, liver, nod other digestive organs,
mildly but powerfully, und boon restores them
toticoudilioii essential to Hie healthy discharge
of I ho fttnvliouH of nature.
Khlerly persons may use Ibe Tillers daily as
per directions oil the bottle, nml they will Und
in it a stimulant peculiarly adapted lo comfort
(Ici'llning years, as it is pleasant to tho palate,
invigorating te the bowels, excellent as a tonio,
and rejuvenating generally. We have the evi
dence of thousands of ngml men and women
who liavo experienced the henctit of using this
preparation whilo siillering from stomach de
rangements and general dchilily ; ucting under
tho advice nf physicians, they have abandoned
all delete! ions drugs and fairly tested tho
merits of this article A few words. to the
gentler sex. Thero aro certain periods when
their cares are so harassing (lint many of Ihem
sink under the trial. The relation of mother
and child is so absorbingly tender, that Hie
motlior, cpeeially if slit be young, is npt lo
forget her own h mllh in her extreme anxiety
fur her infant. Should Ilm period of malernity
arrive during tho etiiumer season, the wear of
body aud mind Is generally aggravated. Here,
then, is a necessity lor a stimulant to recupe
rate lh energies of Hie system, and enable the
mother to bear up under hcr'exhuusliiig trials
and vcsponidliiliiies. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer the Hitlers In nil oilier iuvigora
t.u a that receive I lie endorsement of physi
cians, beenitne it is agreeable lo tho taste us
wi ll us certain to giro a permanent iuureuso
ol bodily strength.
All llioso persons, lo w hom wo have particu
larly rol'urrcd nbovo, lo wit : siillerers fiuni
fnier und ngite, caused by malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery, indigestion, loss of nppcllle, and
nil di.scakcs or derangements of the stomach,
. biiperiiiintuilcd invalids, pci sous of snlcnlury
occupation, mid iiurxing mothers, will consult
their own physical welluro by giving to Hos
teller's Celebrated Stomach lliliers a (rial.
CAUTION. Wo caution the public against
using any nf the many lmilalioiis or counter
foils, but ask for IIiistkttku's Cf:i.v.iinATt:o
Siomacii IliTTKits, ifhd sco Hint euch bottle has
the words " lr. J. Ilostettcr's Sloiaach Hitters"
blown on Hie side of tho holllc, nml stamped
nn the metallic cup covering the cork, und
observe that our autograph signal uro is ou Hie
- f Prepared and sold by HOSTKTTEB
DM ITU, I'ittsbiirgh, Pa., and sold by alt:
druKeista, grocers, and dealers generally
thioiiictunit tbe Unitod Gtatos, Uouth Ame
rica, and Uarinony. -
VUOll T Tltreo Millions nf Acroa of band will be
hrniurhttiitn niarkullnthe Male of low., In Jon.
next. Wa axperlto iniiko axtnn.lvo soloctlnnatn th.
various DlalriutMlirouithotiUhe Nlalo.prlorlolh. of.
forlogollb. bands, anil frrvni our oxporl.u. In th.
bit.lness.wn faclcniiOilfntllinl we can give . nttr. sa
tisfaction ll who inayenlrualthalrhoain.aato our
ear. Tin .aulor partner of tho rtrsu will be In ban
ci.lerolioiulh.aril.it April, and any business l.fl
wrth J. W.8,lnrhcomh,.if lhatclty, will ba atl.aSe
at that time. Ke.a.SIO per Quarter tnollon.
Corre.poudeneeiollctted . Addresa
Land Agonts,Klrksrille,Mluoui'
March H.i.'PSS.-SJlf
Merchant Tailor and Clothier,
Opposite the Hliirltnr House.
t.a mil ter, Novomborll, tn.,0 1)37
jottn m btin, v.a.twisa. r.r.axtiAniiii.
J : M.mu. CC C.f
.11 ii I il Mtreet, l.nnnnalert Ohio.
( -101.0 AMI KII.VF.lt BOUGHT A!0 80s
Klirhl Rvrhnnga on th. Kaat for a:,la-lnl.
allowi.il nn llnpn.lu:
l-orlto lnyat Iho rale of 4 por cont per nnnuar.
a mmiilia" " .1 ..
M . ,1 t( .1 g (I ,
baiicnster,Fotirnary7,lV.V IjtS
iv7'i WWe7
VtT O UN 11 Y 'V Ia ILAV ,
OPPlcRlu Poilm nmidlng, 3d door on the pores.
January W,IHtiO)37
Prnmpt attention rlvon to Collesilnr..:
' TTTO PP1CR with Silncbcomb d, Clark.. "
demand !
The reason why. Is that by Na.ur'a own proceaalt
realorna tbe natural color parmanontly arter th. hair
becomes gray; supplies the natural fluids, and thus
makes II grow on bald hoada. removes all dandruff.
Itching, and heat from thaaealp qulota and ton. up
tho nerves, and thus enreaall nervoua boadacha. and
may no relied upon locur. all dlaoaaoa of lha scalp
and hair: II will atop and keep II from falling off;
wal il"i,g !!. . and ii4V, and if used
by the young two or three II inc. a week, Il will never
fall or bccoiii. gray; then reader, toad tba following
.adjudge for youriolvest ...
NKW YORK,' Januarys, IMS..
Mcasrs. O. J.Wood V Co., (ionileineu! Having
heard a good deal about Professor Wnod'a Hair He
ilorallvo, ami my hair being quite fray. I made up
my mind to lay aside tne propjdlcus which I, in com
mon with a groat many persons hud against all uian
nerofputvnl medicines, and a short lliu. ago 1 coui
uienced using ynorarlloltt. te tet il fir myself. .
. Tho retail has lie. a sn satisfactory that I am very
glad I did so, and injustice to you, us well as for the
encouragement of others who nui be as gray as 1 was
nut who having my preludice without my roa.ous
mrsotung it asms, are unwilling mgive your nratora
tlvo atrial till they bav further proof, and the beat
proof b'ingneculaf demonstration. I writ, yon this
loiter, wbicb you imty show lo any aoch, and also di
rect Mom to mo for furlli.r proof, who am in and out
oflhe N. Y. Wire Ralliug Euiiiillslimenteveryday.
My hair is now Us natural color and much Improved
In appearance every way, being glossier and thicker
and much more healthy looking.
I am yours respectfully, HENRY JK.K1N8,
Coruor nft'oliimbta and Carroll airecla, Brooklyn.
LIVINGSTON, Alabama. Pubroary H.IBS8.
Frof. Wood Dear Sir: Yonr Hair Reslorallve has
don. mich good In this partof lha country. My hair
uua boon slightly diminishing forsevornl years.eaused,
I suppose, from .slight burn when I wasipiite an in
fant. I have been using your Hair Restorative fornix
weeksand I And tbal I have a lino bead nf hair nnw
growing, after having used all other remedies known,
lonoairccl. I think II the mosl valuable remedy now
extant, and ndvlae all ao are aftlioled that way to
use your remedy. You can puhli.h Ihls If yen Dilute
proper. Yours. Ac., 8. W. MlDDbP.TON.
PHILADELPHIA, Reptemnor9, IM7.
I'sor. Wood Dear Hir: Your Hair Restorative Is
proving lisclf bencttclal to mi. The ftont, and also
the back partof my bond almost Insi Its covering
was In fact bi.o. I have mcd bntS half pint bottles
of yonr Kostoratlte, and nnw Hi. top of my head is
well stubbed with a promising uropofyouoghair.and
the front Is also receiving its honest. I have tried
other preparations without any benefit whatever. 1
think from my own personal recommendation, lean
Induce many other to try It.
Yours, rospoctftilly, D. R. THOMAS, M. D.
K. 184 Vine Street.
Th. Restorallvels put In bntlle. of S sizes, vis:
large medium, and small', th. small holdslialf a pint,
and rotailafnr ono dollar per hollloithe inodlu in holds
at least twenty percent, mora In proportion than th.
small, retalltfortwodollarsper bottle; the large bot
tle hnldsa quart, tOporeenl.mor.lnproportion,and
relallsfortnre. dollars
O.J. WOOD CO . Proprietors, lit Broadway
New York, and 114 Market Htreet.Ht. Louis, Mlsson
irPAudsoldbyallsood DrugKistsand FancyGoo
Dealers. March 1, 1H60 Dm 4
d japans.
Try this remarkable and most Interesting remedy
Itlaeomposcd of the concentrated Juices oflhe most
powerlul aud Iho most soothing Plants and Roots In
nature, chemically combined and Insulated In wall
analad Klnsa Hntiles, and churned by a powerful Bat
tery. Thna possessiogln odilltiontolta superior mo
dlcal vlrlnos.lroiif iUagnellcuiid Kleotric properties,
profoundly pontrnting, and eminently quieting and
soothing. It relieves painnhd Inflammation alonce,
(whou rrnolynpplled,)relaxingthe strained muscles
and nerves. giving new life aud vitality by Us life giv
ing qualities, to paralllsed parts and chronic or long
stanulng cnmplninls, aud weaknosses, allaying ner
vous pain, Neuralgia.) Irritation, nml removing ob
striicllonsllke a charm. Indeed all whohavoused it,
spoak of lias truly a wondornil medicine and eateeni
It hy fur. superior tn any and all other oxterusl romo-
atesiu use. ir apptlea tu season II Is an unfailing
remedy for tho Croup, SoroThroal, Indentation of tho
Longs, llowera. Liver, Kidneys and other organs,
Rheumatism. Ktilnal l.rllnllon.Aguo In the llreuaf.
andatalltlmosciiresnnrvous Heatlae'le, Nuralgiar
""iu crva, niinrn., iiioin ircna, arais in tne rnco,
Plmplosand Kritpllons of all kinds, l'll.KS, Braised
and Hprnlued Limbs, Duma, Proxennarts,Chlllblnlus,
Indolent and long stun. Una Roros. Wounda. As.. A.,.
Italsn restores the Ifairto the Bald Head,.ndpruvent
iu. nan inini laniiig.
The MagoellcOlnlmenlhas been exlenalrelv used
upon Canal and Draught Hnrs.a for Galls, Wounds,
nprains anu nnmeness, ana issi stir, euro, when ap
plied hot for the rlorntohea nn horses, and th. Foot All
onKhoep. All the Proprietors ask for the Magnatlo
Ointment Is a fair trial, ooiifliliuit tbal all Ihey claim
for It will he found true to lh. letter. In tho neigh
borhood where It la mannfaclurad. tnanv nennie buv
It by the quantity, and It la kept and used by almost
ovory inanoitnnins a ranacna tor tne numerous pains
and nchosovorv fnmllyla more or less alilicted with.
We say strain TRY D It. TR A NK'8 MAGNETIC OlNr-
M KN'I . Nnnogonulne unless signed "8. HtJHhL."
with Pen. 8en Psmphlols containing full directions
i round eaeh Bntlle, and circulars loft with ugoots.
Priced shillings for small and 3 shillings for large
Pnrsala byO.KAUFFMAN 4 CO., Lancaster; F.J,
Mo llnr, Komcr.etl K. Knib, Kussvlllo; Abbott and
Son, f'lonrpiirti B. Kleferber, Oakland; Druggists and
Merchants generally through th. country,
ir PA II orders should bo addressed toWM . MUDOJJ
ii CO., Karlvlllo, Madison county, new York.
Tho snterprlslng prnprlotorof
(Tho Purest Modiclnul Agi.ntaverknown,)has furn
ished Ihoenniiuuully a Stimulant, Pure, Healthful and
Invigorating, at the aame limn a dahclona beverage.
It Is calculated lo do away with the vll. druggod stuff
that Is palmed off on tho community, and which la Its
Jiiriuiis tn body and mind. In addition lo Iho enrtifl
cal.s hcnealh, he hns rncelvo.l a Diploma from Iho
testlaiany from DR. JACKSON of Boston, wbo-tustt-Una
iiudaroath to llsabsolulo purity,
Piiii.AOit.rtiu, September S, 1M8.
Wo have carefully loatod lh. sample or Chesnut
ftrov. Whiskey which you sonlus.nnd tlo.l that It con
tains nono nf tho INlisonous KnhsliinnA known as Fu
sil Oil, which Is tho charactnrlslleaiid Injurious ingra
uivuiwi iiv wuiBKny ill general uso.
Analytical Chemists.
Naw Ynsa. Hflntomher 3. IK.Sa.
I have analysed asampla of Chesnut Orove Wkls
key.recelmd front Mr. Charles Wharton. Jr.. ofl'hll
adulphia.and having carefully tested II, I am pleased
lo slate that Ills entirely free from poiaonnus erdolo
terlonsaulislaneos. Ills an unusually pure and An.
. iu'i .j "i wiiisaey. j A.un.n n. uti 11,1 on,
Analytical Chemist.
BnaTori, starch 7, IMIi.
1 hava made a Chnmicnl analvalanr nninmvAlal in
Pies or Chnsuat Orove Whiskey, which proves to be
free from the heavy Fusil (Ills, ami perfectly pur. and
uiia.lnllnralod. The flue flavor of this Whiskey tade-
riveu rrnm Iho Grain nsod In manufacturing II.
Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D., Stale Aiayer,
Nn. IA. Rnvl.tnn Nltt.
For sale by C.WHARTON, Jr., Solo Prlnelral Agent,
SI., nd lu.i a ui . til. ii- 1. 1 '
... i" niu. n.r.m, riiiiai.ipui.
March l,1jino3iu44
Manufactora Cabinet Ware of all
descriptions and styles.
nl8 Wares are ma.lu of the best materials; and
insiiiiriii liir.il wiih special refferencetodttrablt-
nj, nun .nor mo most modern patterns.
C h - iCOFFlNS of any style, famished on
W4rctYmr. usual lletten, and will all-inil rnnl.
iii town., i, country, wilh or without a Hearse. He
will also attend to
in tne uity, or In Iho sountry.
Mr. IsliI.I.V, In the same sttbtlshmenl, man
uracturea and keeps for aalo,
mad. honestly, end to he worth the money they ask
Lancaster, April 3,lMo-llT
I OFFICK Oa Mnln Slrtet, av.r Slocnm'a Krng
Store. May a,. If 18 -
DR. J40RSE, th. Inventor nf MORSrJ'8 INDIAN
ROOT PILLS, hassncntlhe greater part offals life In
traveling, having vlslied Europe, Asia and Africa, as
well as norm America uaaapeni inee yoara among
lb. Indiana of our V.slern ounlr It waa la this
way thai lha Indian Kool Pill. war. flrst dlscoverod.
Dr. Morse waa in. drat man to estneli.h Hi fact that
all diseases arise from IM PURITY OF TH I! ULOOD
thalour strength, health and Ufa depended upoo Ibis
vital fluid.
Tbe reason way people are so distressed when sice,
and why so many die, is becausa thor do not gel a me
dicine which will pass to th. alilicted parts, ami which
will open the nuiurai passages tor Ihedisaso lo be ea.t
out; hence, .large quantity otfood and other mailer
la lodged, 4 the alomaoh or iutoatluca are literally over
flowing wilh tbe corrupted inns; thus undergoing dis
agreeable fermcutaUnn, constantly mixing wlili the
blood, which throws the corrupted matter through
evorv vain und arterv. nnlil life la taken tram the hodv
bydiseaso. Dr. Mat PILLS have added to them
selves victory upon victory, by restoring million, of
luesick to binomitig.neuun anu napptuess. ves,lliou
aandawho have been racked or tormented with sick
ness, naln and anguish, and whoso roeblu frames have
beenseorched by Iheburnlnceleiuentsofrflglngfever.
and who have been brougJil.asit were, within astep
of the silent grave, now stand r.ady to testify thai
Ihey would have been numbered with Ihodeud.had it
not been for this great and wonderful medicine,
Morse's Indian Knot pills. After one or two doses
hod been taken, tbey wore astoulahed, and absolutely
aurprlsed, In witnessing thoir charming effects. Not
only do tbey give immediate case and strength, and
lake away all sickness, pain and anguish, but tliey at
once go to workattbefeundallnn orihe dlsease.whicb
Ik the blood. Therefore, It will be shown, especially
by Ihose who uso the Pills, that they will so cleanse
aud purify, that disease that deadly enemy will
take Its Oighl, and tha flash of youth and beauty will
again re turn,. nd the prospect of a long and happy life
Wliictivripu lug uniEiiiun Tlluraill.
wu nun :-".orcuanis ana Traders w Ibe onth.lr
guard and notbe Imposed upon by . Counterfeit of
or. Morse', in. nan nooi ruts, signed A. u. Moors.
Allc.nulno Pills will hereafter have tho ...m.. ,i
signature of B. LAKK JUDiiON, (succeasor to A. J.
Wkll. .L Ca An,..AhkAw
Allordor.and loiters relating to said Pills mnitlm
addressed to B. LAKK JUIlso.,5u l.ooaar.l Ktreet,
now korg,anieprnprieiororor.Alors.'s Indian liooi
Pills, or WM. MUDGE or CO., Karlvlllo, Madison
county. New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold by ail dealers
In Modicines.
Agcntswauted In every town. vll!a?e and hnmlnt In
the laud. Parties deslrlngthe agency will a.lilross us
above for terms. Price 5 cents per box, llva boxes
will nosnnton receipt ot it, postage paid.
Bold by KAUFKMAN Ai CO.. Lnncaator: P. J. Mod
lev, Romorsol; K. Kulb, Rnshvllle; Ahhott and son
Clearport; B. Rleferhcr, Oakland; Druggists aud iler
cnanisgoonrniiy tumiigu mo country.
JUiy at , toau ijr
llonnpurte'. Great Work.
eases oflhe gooilal organs of the iniilo
and femalo, with the latest discove
ries in reproduction. Tho alilicted
should use nn remedies before loam
log from this valuable work the su
periority of Hie author's Paris and
London treatment of nrivat. ill-.ua.
ww.; uom marrieiiauasingienouiil
V ..nn ... I. I. Tkl. , U ...ll. ,. .
-.(,, ' i.. .III. UOIIfc ten. now Wl
ji ,t euro the following Diseases, aud en
lighlonathoaewhogropelndarkness. uonorrnres,uteol. Chord oe,Strlcal, Syph.iis.Hubo,
Warls, Blotches, Sensualism. Nominal IVnaknc. M,,..
Uirbatlnn oraolf-abiiscLeucorrheaorWhltos.Suppres-lon
oflhe Menses, Fulllitgnf the Womb; how to pre
vent Pregnancy, Menstruation. Barrenness. ltli,,,in,-
tlsm.cVc. Ittrontson Midwifery, Abortion, Miscar
riage, Celeliacy, wilh romurks to the vomit- nml ol.l ,,r
both sexes. Il tells how to distinguish nr.gnaucv and
bow lo avoid it, die,
Perfeot Safeguard arrtinst Quackery.
irj-'Forlloth oditlnn 100,000 cnplsssold annually.
This book sent under seal, post paid, t all parts of
tbe world, on the recoiplof25 cents, or S coplos for $i.
Dr Bonaparte's Celebrated Preventative.
Tblsslmplo, healthful, and yot effectual provonllvo
la beyond a comparison with anything ever ol disco
vered. Ithiisbeon proved hy yonrsof exporioneo.ntid
In noinstanenhns It tailed when applied aeenriling tn
tirections. Married people wh ido iiotwlshlo incrcaso
their families should ho In possession of this Instru
ment. Price reduced to $5.
. r. Bonaparte's Frouchj'atent Male Safe! This ar
ticle enables those whoso Tienlth or circumstances do
not permit nn Increase of family, to rtigiilulo or limit
tho numberofthotroff spring without Injuring Ihernn
stllullon. It Is the ouly safe and sure provonllvo
against pregnancy anitdlsoase. The above article Is
special ly intended In fulfil this dosl.luralum; It Is per
fectly safe; no metalllcsiihstnneo enters Into Its com
position. The price ofthe Fronch Patent Male Safe,
fl the single one. g4 porhalf dozen. J7 por ilnxen.
BTM.msi LosiKS'a Female .Unnllilv lull. I. . .-..
nnd rellnhle remedy for snnnresslnns and all r....,.i0
disease. Ladles should not use thorn during prognnu-
mo, win 1'iuuu.o uiiscurriage, rrice, SI por
box extra flue 85. Sent to anyaddross by mall. No
letlers will be nnawored unless they contain a remit
tance nr a postage stnmp.
YOUNG MEN Letnofulao modest doteryoufrom
making your rase known to ono win), from eilocatlou
and rosp.clablllty.can alone bfrlek you. He who
piaueahlinsotfunilor Or. Honapartok. his trostment,
may rullgloualy eouflde in his honor s genlloman
and iu whoso bosom will ho forever locked the socrel
of his pntleut.
Allnrdors addressed to Dr. E. H. BONA PARTE.No.
182, Sycamore Stract, between Flfu ad Sixth Siroels,
Clnolnclunatt, will be punctually llonded to. Dr.
Bnnaparlo can be consulted upon at: secret diseases.
He tsuoqiiestloiiallyacknnwloilged lo he the cham
pion und king of Vonerenl Diseases, and onlv Physi
cian lit the Union who has travehd on the cnntlncutnf
Europe. and the only Doctor who has visited their
celobrnlod Hospitals, an well as their modical Institu
tions, and receiving thoir monthly reports, offers to all
those who desire to consult a professional porsnnf tho
roan It of forty yearsexporionce In tho Hospitals of Eu
rope and America. Cnnlldontlal consultation daily
fromHA.M'.nnllliOP. M. '
Seplemhorr, IP.'i9 lylf
T is cnmpouniled enllroly from Gams, and hns l,e
eomo un established met, a Statniard Mudlclno,
known and approved liynll thathsvo used II, and Is
now resorted lo with connMunco In all tho dlsuuses for
whlrh It Is rucouimenilHd.
Il has en red thnusanda within tho last two years who
had given up nil hopnsol relief, as tho numerous tin
snlielteiliiertillcales In my possession show.
T he dose must h. ndnplnd lo tho louipernmciit nf
tlieinillvbliiul taking It, und used In such iiiiuutltlosas
to ael gently nn the llo wo Is'.
Lot tho dlrintosiifyniirliiilgmeiilgublo yon Iu tho
nsoof the LIVER IN V1G0HAT0II, and It will cure
Ltrorrnmpisliila. billioiianttacks, dyspepsia, chifliilc
lilarrhoea, Summer complaints, dysentery, dropsy,
sour stomach, hiililtusl eostlveno.s, cholie. Cholera
niorhiis, rholnra Infiintuiii, Oatiilenen, Juundlce, fo
malo weaknesses, and may be limit successfully as an
ordinary family medicine. It wllleiiroalck honilnelm,
(as lliousan isean tmilfv.) In twenlv iniuiitea. If twn
or Ihroo lea.poonfiilsaro taken at coiiimonconieut of
All who use ltarcgivin-;thelrtesllmnny In Its favor.
Mix water in the mouth w,lh iho Invtgoraior, and
wallow holh togother.
I'rlcc One Dollar por Ilottle,
Pi'iir. v i; s i m.i: i:i itc i s,
And pal up Iu GLASS CASES, Air Tight, and will
keepln snycllmato.
active Cnihanlc which thoproprlutor baa usod In his
practice mora than twouty ynurs.
The eonslanlly incrnaslngdomand from those who
have long used tho PILLS and Iho satisfaction which
all express In regard tn their usn, has Induced mo to
place liter, within the rcarhofall.
The Profession well know tho different Cathartics
scion different portions nf tho bowels
'I'k. DIUIIV I'lTUiutinum i i.
..,., ....,. n n i tu r i i,u lias, wnu una TO-
foronro to this well established fact, boon coin pound
ed frntn a variety of tho purest Vogotablo Kxlrucls,
which act alike on evory part of iho alimentary canal,
and are GOOD and SAFE InallcnaeawhereaChathnr
Ho Is needed, such as Derangements of tho Stomach,
sleeplnoss.palns In Iho hack and loins, cnstlveness,
pain and anroness ovorthe whole body, from sudden
cold, which frequently, If neglected, end In . Inrg
course offevor, loss of appetite, a creeping sensation
of cold over Iho body, resllessnesa.headnclie.nr weight
in inn nenu, an innammatnry nisensos, worms in
children or adults, rheumatism, a great pnrlflerof the
,'iim.ii .in, many tiisuasaa io wnicn itosti is nuir, loo
iiuineriMisiu muiuion in tnisaiirortlsemenl.
lloap, I to RI'rlre 3 Itliiioa.
THAKTIC PILLS ar. retailed bv Druggists generally,
and sold wholesale by the Trade luall large towns.
n. 1. . s.NPOItu,M. D..
Manufaclurorand Proprietor, 333 Broadway.
ForsalehyG. KAUFFMAN di 00., Lnncas
. N. York.
Lancaster, Olilu
wciooer ju, leoa iy
Presh Supply of Groceries at
Old Ktnml, ona door Knat of tho Hock
Valley Hunk, l.utiCHaler, Ohio.
JUST rocelred a choice and well toleclod Rfor k
ol Simple Urocorlos, which I will sell at the
either for Cash or Counlrysi'rodurs. My stock con
sists In pari, ss follows:
Rico, Fruits, Spioos,
Wood nad VTilrow Ware,
Nye's Choice Sugar Cured Hams,
Rustle's Jo.,, and Davis' choice Dried Be.f, Indue
season a large lot of
ILr-ias-i mackoral axteclesl.n;
1IACON WANTED -The highest market price n.ld
In CASH or I
Groceries. Pleas, give me a call.
D .
Lancaster, nprll IB, U60-3m3
Copper, Tin Sheet Ironware
One Door West or tbtf Mocking Vasllejr
. . .... . .,; .... Masjk. ; v .. . ..
' HAV'Klust received alartraasanrtmnntofRTOVKR
. which 1 will tell lower Uian ever, consist iu parl,of
Champion Clipper &,Premium
Brevis. fou ivood:
Victory y-Salammuii r ,&, Tiger
FOB co.il; . ,
With sn assortment of Six & Seven rlste
snd Coal and Wood -; "' .
Porsnns In wan; of anything In the way of Sieves
Tin, Copper or Suoet'lroa Waro, would save money
oy caning oo ine. . . . .
Particular attention' la dlieoted to this Kiev, at It
possesses more good qualities limn any other iinwln
use. Thankful for past favors, I desire a continuance
of the public patronage. . .
Water Spouting; and Jobbing
of ALL KINDS, done on shot t notice.
jrj'01dCopper,Urus,aiid Pewter token In excliango
Lancaster, October M, If M '.'it .
For the speedy, radical, and effcctnal rare of ALL
DISEASES arising from IMPURITY of tho BLOOD.
Tula mcdlclno has wrought the most miraculous cures
in desperate cases or
Scrofula, Cutaneous Diseases, Pimples In the Face.
old stubborn ulcers, tellers affections dyspepsia, Jaun-
oico, morciiriaiuiseasus. liver computus, low spirits,
cancerous formations, Frysipelas, Holh), aore eyos,
scald bead. Rheumatic dlsnr.icrs, contiveneser, salt
rhon m, general doelllty, lossof apnottlo, foul stomach.
Komiile Coinpluints, and all Diseases having their
original inanluipurestaleoflbo Blood.
Tlio nbovo is a portrnit of David Mt'Creory, of K
ior Lowiiahlp, who, on the 31 t drty ol At'usl, JH5H
Miftflonlllilavit bpforo Justice Gorley, that he wus treat
eJ ror me cure or Cancer by three rihylclansor JJed
ford cotirly, and bv Dr. Newton ortiio Eclectic Col
It-CP in Clnciiiimtt.ror anorlod of nearly elirht mniillii.
nntwitlmtandl'jjf which, his lip, nose ami a portion of
iu leu rneuK wero entirely eaion away: no had jttv
en up nil hono, when lie heard oflhe "Blond Huun-h
t!r,"and WAtlndueod to try It. .'our liottlei cured
tiiin , autl nlthontfh mlly dilljzured. there is no quei
tlnn hut what this invaluable medicine aavod hi a lifo,
I he full particulars of this reiiiarkiihle cq hi y bo
soon mi arireiiiar.wiiK-n can ue nau of any ni tuencentM.
wouif-ororwrio tue case 01 nancy HiuaKncy or El
dorton, Annstrcnf county. Pennsylvaiila. cured of
Scrofula at Lr betnir unutvt) lo got nut of buu for 3vonrs
To the caaoof a ladylu Auionville.Cloai'iii'ld Conn
ty. who was ulso aflHcteU with Scrofula In Ha worst
ror m.
To thftcaso ofOeoreo Moisel. rosldlnir In Carroll
town, rainb' a county, Poiiuiylvanln, who was so bud
ly alilicted with Cancer that It fat his entire nose off,
aim nta ease was worse, u pomiote than MeCreery'a,
Thu particulars of these cases, every one of which
waftcured hy the uwioriho Uloou Hourcher niay also
uv luunu iu a uiuuinr m wv nun i any ajeOtil.
It. M. LEMON. PronrUtnr
Laboratory forihe manufacture and said, it our the
ra. itauroao uopoi, nonioftysonrrrii, f ennnylvanla.
Jr. G?wt.M. Keyrier. WholoHalo ant, Plttfihiirir, Pa
Forsale by KAIjFFM AN . CO., Uiicatteri J. I,
Swain. Groveporl; ;K. Hcliullor, It oh oris Jf ftnmtinl
coiiimhitri; h. H.niuison, went JoiToraon; Mr. A. VV
Miinsoii, heutoii. January w, jhgo Ij.19
Blood Purifier and Blood Pills,
WHEN DR. HOBACK. tho celebrated Swedish
.., j ys'slaa.lBlroilucoa hla Hlood Purlller and
Hlond Pills In th. Unllcil Stales', ho set forth In plain
"ti "r """"'e properties. This was years
-p.-.. . .,1. i.i rocnm menu lug lliotn Has since licen
tUffen OHt Of kilt Aflur. l,'nl,-.l,lun..l n.an i.na. .1....
'"''"rfor"1 djiidgnionland philosophy, gives their
n,i,Ki(i in mo coiiimuntty, men waooiisorve
nmect, and make assurnnce doubly sure," before
iie.v uueiiionre over) where approving and urging
mouse of thus, wnnderrul Preparations. All who
tontidelri Ibo wlsilnm nml honeslv ofthis class, or who
hosololnvostlgalofor themselves aro now of eat
"ma on tuis important subject.
. wiinri.'iiii 1, e. 1 ir. 1,.,
rr.atiim-iuilior.oriho Medical Profession. Editors of
i"'""cj' iirnais, won known Merchants and Farmers,
nil names Of I IB h ir last rnminul i, 1,1 1 11 v . i.lvln nc
cnuuis of extranrillimry cures wrought by tho remo
nniiu curesinev inem. elves wore
W V If iVrrvirL. i.-o
i in so pnrllos may he con.iiliod personally nr hvlct
ter. brt in.n wlm l,n..nu.i ., .1... ...... .'..
' " -luu.ij ii.iuu, iit.ai inn nuiiiri ..
I lie evidence Iu the possession of Dr. Enback . which
isataii timesaeecsslblolo the public, establishes tho
l? .1 CTe.
'"1' prnvmi nv analysis In
i na they cure tho almost universal coniplnlnl;
an i r "T,"'""' "!r',"'.niid In a very short time. That
r Vll iv " proved useless, Ihey
and restore the hcslili nml strength of Ihcttiirorer.Tliat
who have languished for years In helpless weakness
ntiUiiospnnileney.reciiporaie with great rnpldllyunder
" "ii"niKiiporaiion. i nataiisoxiiai dlsa nil
ties are removed by Iholrcordlulnnd gonilo athuulat
e i'.",-. i nni uiey recruit
SHATTKHnn rfriYt'ri'rr-Tinva
hT?u (,,r"!"r ""' hMI b"'n tr1""'! with and abused
Ihal their direct tendency Is In lengihon llfo, and ran
dorlt oiijoyablo. Thnt, operating directly tipouthapat
TflKV fsllutr -r llo i r
and dlsclinrgo from the system, evervlalntorScrofiila
' iieroiiitnry nr othorwi.e. Thiillhny
REPIMrtT Tllw in.1,11 ,f .Tut.
and that thcru I. nn ,iun.,. nf,k. a. L !..i n
ols.tho Liver, the nervous system, the skin, glands nr
Hiuarles,ln arising from Impurities In the Hlond nr
lit "'"n'-hM "ley do not give -.ranr-il rsirf, and.
f ' ; -.. mu union, tne very citan.iot lire has
been Invaded.) ssrl a aaiacss oarf ,rrfcf ran.
ti, i'o,Hn,,n" ""' SCANDINAVIAN VEGRTA-
of thin. '. ,-'. -.l".'n
l.l.n LUiUUSr .LHIM..SHH.' k- Ik.
j- . ' ' .' """a iinessos,wno,in timers, am
davits, mad oa wo-.. .h k. .j ' ,k '
calm them to be lha vory heat preparation ofthe
tllltl Avh.aS.u' 1. . k. - , U . .. i ' . ., . ...
r; inn i.n.son-oown victima nr tn
health. They hunt disease through every avonueand
organ or the system, and looxp.l it thoroughly and
permanently. '
Noonocandoubttholrsnperlorlty sflor one single
run tncy are not only bolter but, In fact, cheaper
han any other Pills, for It takes a loss number of
...v, , prutiuce a nntter eneet.
Prlcool the Scandinavian Vegetable Blood Pnrlfl-
viper pome, nrf.i per hnlfdoion. Ofthe Scan
uinavian verotah H nml pip. os...i. .... k...
Read Dr. Uoback'sSpeclnlNnlleesand Cerlirleales
putillshcd in a conspicuous part of this Vapor from
tlmetollmo. '
Jlr. Kobuck's Medical A lmana.-indP!.,!!,' Adil.ar
'""'"'nlnra grenlviirlolyoflntniestlng and valuable
...-....,,,,,, cun naa gratia or any ol nis
Agents thronghnnt the country.
In iliflleull or cnninllfatatl !'..,. n. ut.i.
bo Con, lilted persnnallv nr hv Inn',.. 'n,.l.ln nn.
stamp fnr the reply.
From Rov..Mr.Mi Mt.n.an.l.astnrofRohorlsChspel,
Issil VAT.AI.IS. Ontnhar S. 'H.-17.
Dr. C..W . Ron irk D-arSir: I have usod your Hlood
Piirlflerfor a nervous nffnctlnn, from which I have suf
forci.' much at times. While it is pleasure to taste, II
cortslnly hus a luipiiy effect upon the nerves. Plense
accept my lltuuka for your. kind regards,, and believe
mo Vours. J. W. T. MoMULLEN.
Prl nelpniomva and Sales Boo ins, No .'0, East Fourth
Street, 3d Building from Main Street, Cinolonatl, Ohio,
.iiM,rniiiry in nnminonii Mreet.
For sale by George Ksnffinans Co, Lancaster: Ab
bott S Son. Clearport: Howmandt Bahlonbaugh,Rnv
slton: Philip Hane, Pleasantvllle; Wlld.rmnth, Mil
lor A Mason, Basil: G. F. Hamlin, Oakland: Harmon
A Curtis, Plckoringlnn; 1-8. Weiss, blthopolls; H.L,
Nicely, Baltimore; O. 0. Miller, Millsrsporli Be.ry
At McCandllsh. Hreineii; J. H. Snnderman, Amanda;
J. L. Brallnn.N.w Kal.m; A.J.Shrador, SugarOrov.,
and by Drugglttand Merchants generally thronghnnt
lh. Union. July 7,1859 ly 10
Woiehin)f from 700 to 1X00 pounds.
UiiCAsWrt February 17,180-48 J. C. W WAVES
22 k
TT1K undersigned, harVngngaln aasnm.d th. man
ageiaeptwrtbts wll know .atabllakmem, kega
lo to say to those who visit Cincinnati, either lor
!u nesa erplcaaUr.'.tli.Uli.y will find th. Broadway
Hotel on. of UiBiKu)Ji vsutl.nl aud desirable stop
plug places lo the nM,y -, v ,
, It la convenient to UterfnllTtoad Office and Dennta
rrndtho public Lairrflng; IHnre so tnairany other Hotel'
1',' c1u,'f'u'Vruwyiil,MTfw -nlpn'eawulk ofth.
PoslOI)lce,tl.rlnclplcl,u8lnesslocallties, and the
places of Pebllc Amusement.
An extensive range f Hutlilng Roomsaud a Bar
uvw ni'l n,n u. iuiiiiu III 1110 nUHUlllg, .
This house has all the comforts and conveniences
thatenn bs found. In any flrst class Dotal In tlie Went.
The whole establishment hns Jo at been thoroughly
overhauled, renovated and re-furnlshed, and tlisr
Prepri.tor fuels assnred: that those who, maks-his-bouse
llmlr homo during their stay In lb. city, wllH
Mt,o u,. ichuit i. win '". n fiinwroi Qlt nccnmuiodsr
lions or Ms charges. ..JOKEPH H. CROMWELL.
I Inelnnsll, September 13, leaa-H -. y .. .
China, Glass and ueenswarft. .
' WM.rsffvVAIlT
j lias reniovonii,oatablialiiiienl
To the New (ireene Jinildinr,
Opposite Iho Tiuiii-atlge llou.uf
WHRRKhelspreproto sell at Wholesale
Retail, the largest and fluostassortmeut of
, And queensware,
' Ever olerod In this market.
Do Juvl.es the Country merchant,
To whom he pledges hi inselr to give better bargaa
Uiau they cau possibly gella.-llie.-li.st.. freight an.
brakage taken Into the acconnt. Hs receives his
goods directly from Europe, by the way of Now Or
leans, via Hheraiiu Cauul lo Lancatter.
He Invttes all, who desire to patronise a homa
market and to purchase their goods at Lower prices
than can be bad st anyothor place In Ohio, Cincinnati
not excepted, to give bin) a Call and they abell nor
kS i dlsapointed. WILLIAM STEWABT.
Lancaslor, Oct 88 18S8 aatf. , . .,
Miscellaneous Book' ' .- .
School Books ' ! ' -
Juvonile Books.
Bibles, Testsments ' '
Ilynin Boots, Prayer Books
Cap, Letter end Note Paper
Day Books, Ledgers
.Memorandum and Copv Books .
Port Monies, Wallets, Pocket Books.
Perfumery, Tt Met Soaps
Pictures, Picture Frames
and a great variety of ;
Main Street. North Side, opposite the Shaffor House
Lancaster, yipri '!, Ifjuaitf
jrK. II. JAIHES, discovered, while tn thoEusU
J Indies, a certain euio for Consumption. Aslhmi.
Hronchills, Coughs, Colds and General Debility Th
remody wasdlscover.d bvhlm when hisonlyj
daughter waaglven upto die. Ilia child was cure .
aud ia row alive and well. Desirous of lionefmlngliis
fellow mortals, he will scud to those who wish ll.tbo'
roeelpe containing full directions for making andsnc
cessfuly using this remedy, froo, on rocelpt of their
names with stamp for return postage. Thor. la not a
single symptom of consumption that It does not ati
oiu e take hold of and dlsslpalo. Night sweats, pee'
vlshneaa. Irritation of tho nerves, failure of memory,.
dilllculloxpeetoiMlon, sharp pains In the lungs,
sore throat.f hilly sensuilons.nansoaattheatoinath, I
inaction ol tho bowels, wasting away of the mus-
clos. Address O. P. BROWN di GO. Not. 3gand
34 Jons SrarKT, New York.
Docembor 15, l9 Bni33 '
IPIoW! Plowsl
TOU will And at P. J BO VINft'S Hardwire Flora
JL a targe sssoriment or fLO ws and other Agricul
'"'at Implements, oflhe following celebrated makers::
J. L. Gill If Son's soinbination Flows, I'oluta.l'urta
nnd Land-sides.
O. C. Miller Co'sSlecl Plows- .
A. Peacock As Son's Steel Plows.
W. Darst's Cast Plows, Loog's Pattern;
All of which have bocn thoroughly tested by Hie'
Farmers of this aud theadjaoent countlea, and aro ac
knowledged to be the best in this market. Call, ex
aminoanil make your choice to suit your ground and'
teams. Also, constantly on band a full stock or
Ilousobuiiding iriaierlnla
. . OF 1,L Ktsns,
Saddlery and Carriage Trlrnmlng-s.
TOOLS of all descriptions of the best quality and all
the lowest prices. p. J, BOV1NG
Laiicaslor, February 23, teCO 48tf ...
ftTI'rompt nltontlon given to CoIloctlons..QI
Olllcoln the Gleay llnlldlnga, IVe.t off
n . , "Jlnir Valley Ilnalt.
OcU borSi, le60 SCtf
Great Benefactor,
Tho Greatest Periodical Iteiuedr ever
mHB llenofnrtor It infalllblo forihe Immediate re-
I tniival of Obatfiiotlona, Irregularlllea. Prolup--sua
Uteri (fulling of th. Womb) Lenchorrhoa, or
whites, and all the dlseasesp.cnllar to females.
This remedy has never In a single caso failed In
pro.lticlngtho Menses. I have recelvod many letter
of recomiiionilatlon.wlilehiill say: "Ills the best ro
inedy we have ever used." Sickness st'the Stomach,.
Languor, U.k.lllty, Pains In lh. Head, Side and Back,
Loss of Appetite, Cnstlveness, cVe are some oflhe
systems which attend Irregular MonslnrnMon,
This remody may be had by addressing J. S. RHRP
PARD.Wosl Fourth Street, Cincinnati, snd enclos
ing 1, anil tho Remedy will bo sunt by return mall.
N.B. Ladleswhn are Pregnant fhould not nse this
Remedy, as It Is sure to bring on Miscarriage, though,
no Injury tohealih would follow. One Box SI, threw
Boxes S'J, All letters oflnqnlry must contain a post'
agoatamd to insurean answer.
J.S. SHEPPARD, Cincinnati.
Shrppard'a Celebrated Oriental Pre
rent! ve to Conception.
Which 1 warrant will never fall.
NOTICE. Ladiot who do not nlsh an Increase of
family may rely on this as. perfectly safe and certain
preventive, it it very slnii.lo in Its u
Iii lis use, and docs not
iii.inru m, sy siem
Sent secure from observation tn im n..t nf ih
United Stales, by mail, on receiptofthe money.
Whole packtros SS.halfnacknccaS?: Extra fin. A
perpaekage. Address J. B. SHEPPARD,
eepuvj. own )Ti Hox VI43, Cincinnati, Ohio.
. IF ELI) Y,
OFFIOB Tallmadg. Building, Mala Street.
Lancaater,aprll 13, 1800 Stf
Aitnrnrys una s oanscnor. at liw,
OFFICE ShielTer UnusOiUn stairs. u trance West
ofthe Market Hons..
Lancaster, aprll 19, IP60 Stf ,.
' ysjffi. a
H. L. CRI DER, (
Is ANA$Ti:it, OHIO.
rflKNDER his professions! services to the publlo
I Pulling, Plugging, snd Plsts work don. la thai
neatest and ninat durable manner.
jno F F 1C K Oppetl to A merlcae Hotel.
Lancaster, aprll lit, IPtin 8tf
rONTINUEShor MILLINERY .sUtblULm.ntla her
V form, r rooms, oo thecoroor of Main and Colum
bus Streets, Lancaster, Ohio, A I was receiving th.
Finest and Most Fashionable
Sh. will farnlak Good. Iu her Una, at th mflit aceocs .
modeling Ureas. She employs the beat workmen.
Sh. would Napartrullylnvlt lh. Laillaaof the Cltj
snd country, tocall sua .x.mlQ.Jier stock. ,
of new nd superior styles, ao-1 cheap.
Aea.IICalV.ors aJl 1, J.COV iU

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