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II (Etojctte & democrat.
- -
' m, mm
Yallmaai; Blaok.Talrel Starr
jLell at tk Head ai ttaa Sialres
"THURSDAY, t : i JUNE 14, 1860.
At Lancaeteri-Br HaUlraaa.
Careeolng West. ......... II OU A
Cera sain Keel .
Accommodation going west .
. M.
1 13 P. M.
.7 IS P. M.
Thta Train, on Saturday night, laya ever at Lancas
ter, and resumes Us trip on Sunday Evening aaabovo.
Accommodation going Eaet t....So A. M.
Tbli Train, on Saturday night, laya over at Lancas
ter, and muoMi Its trip on Monday Morulog,aa above.
By Coaches.
To Columbus every day, except Subdsy si e A.M.
Arrives at Lancaster 6 P. M.
To Logan, every day .except Sunday at. A. M.
A rrlvee at Lancaster 6 P. M.
Accommodation each day, arrive! dt departsal IS U
OA Horaebaelc.
To Baltimore, arrlrca and departa every Tuesday
and Friday.
To Hew Salem, arrives and departa every Tuesday
and Friday.
To Clearport, every Thursday night, add return
Friday niel-1.
To Carroll, arrives and departa every Tuesday and
Friday nights, at 7 o'olock.
To Rushvllle. every Tuesday and Friday at IS M.
and returns same evening.
A scamp, 'colling himself Dr. Jayns,
of Philadelphia has been spending some
timo in Lancaster, with no hired bill
poster! and upon the whole, covering more
ground than his merits entitle him to.
We regard it as a duty we owe to
Printers atd Hotel keepers generally,
land everywhere, to Wp a good look out
fur tlio distinguished Doctor, and lake
the precaution to secure their bills in ad
vance, and then they will have no occa
sion to pen such an article as this.
Cricket Club. The Circlcville WaUh-
tn an, announces the organization in that
city, of a spirited Cricket Club, composed
of active men, to the number of 38, and
proposes, that if a similar association
from Lancaster will meot them at their
county fair in (he fall, that they will re
ciprocate the visit at the Fairfield county
fair. This woula perhaps be a mailer
worth? the attention of those fond of that
kind of sport, besides trading increased
interest to toe county fairs. We suggest
to those of our citizens in Lancaster, who
' feel inclined, that they make a move in
the mallet.
4th Ward Election.
The election in the 4th Ward of this
city, for Councilman, to fill the place of
I?. Doilf deceased, which took place on
Monday last, resulted in the choice of Mr
Kurtsmath. The notice of this special elec
tion, which, In common justice should
have been advertised to all tlio voters of
that Ward, because all were interested in
selecting the man whom they might think
best qualified to serve them, was yet so
bunglingly managed, that a large portion
of the Republicans of the ward did not so
ranch as know there was to bo an election.
Some uf them not until fate on Monday
evening, and otheis Dot until the next
day, tha notice having been published in
the Ohio Eagle alone. The Gazette has a
large circulation in that ward; and a large
portion of the heavy tux payers are Re
publicans.. We do not know who are
chargeable with the blunder, and for the
present make no accusations: the whole
thing may simply have been an oversight,
but it Is to bo hoped that our Republi
can citizens will hereafter be more ener
getic in claiming their rights.
Extension. The ware-house of J. C.
Weaver, has been extended along the al
ley some ?0 feet, giving larger space to
his already very extensive iron and hard
ware store. The whole structure has
by its owner, Mr. D. Tallmadge, been
tin-roofed, and rendered entirely fire proof.
The Tallmadge House has also been sla
ted, by Messrs R. Uayford, Geo. 0. VaU
& Co , ol Buffalo N. Y., who are now in
this oitv. prepared to do that kind of
work in superior style, being experienced
workmen in that line. This kind of roof
ing renders buildings invulnerable to the
attaok of firo from outsido conflagrations,
besides being, in the main, the cheapest
roofing. We would be glad to See more
of our citizens cever their buildings in
this manner.
jfcifTbsre has been seedy looking In
dividual peiambulaiing our streets lor
some days past) creating general fun and
amusement whenever be goes. There has
been various opinions expressed in regurd
to who and what he !b, some inoline to the
belief that he id one of the John Brown
fugitives; others say he is the "grny-cyed
man of destiny;" some of our political
frionds su ggest that be is a government
offioial incog, (or the purpose of election
eering for Douglas and Jim. Miller; and
again, others say he is an exiled prince
either from "La Itllt Franct" or the
"Fadtrland;", but, judging from the gen
eral . appearanoe of the gentleman, we
, rather think ho is the celebrated "white
hat man," about whom Brother Pearce
of the Washington Register; has been iu I
suoh oonstant agitation for a year or two
N. B. Ws have ill He must be one of
the Japanese Embassy,
Jtarln a few days, the Fourth of July
will again be on hand. This anniversary
of the birth-day of Amerioan independence
should pot be suffered to pass by, without
a demonstration of some kind. Our
Young America friends, we suppose will
he on hand, with any amount of fire-crackers,
patriotio feeling and enthusiasm gen
erally; but the older portion of the torn
uunity should not allow themselves to be
' outstripped in grateful feelings by their
young sorana. Come out everybody, and
let us nave as nig a . time, as avid our
''Fathers" io days ofyors.
PIC-NIC. : r
On Friday of last week, a party, con
sisting of 16 buggies and about 40 per
sons, named as follows:
A. MoVeigb and lady, B. M. Clarke
ant lady, A. W. Ebright and lady, J. M.
Sutphen and lady, J. F. Pepplt and lady,
Prof. W. E. Davis and lady, Dr. H. Scott
and lady, Perry Steinman and Lady, Miis
Kate Clarke, Mies Alice Church, Miss
Ann Starling, Miss Amanda Bull, Miss
McNeil, Miss Lucy Kinkeal, Miss Sarah
Scott, Miss Ida Caffey, Miss Ella Carpen
ter, Missus Fishpaw; Mrs. Joshua Clarke,
Mrs. Maria Caffee, Mrs. V.M. Qriswold,
Mrs. R. H. Galea; Dr. A. C. Barlow, Mr.
W. L. Rigby, Mr. J. A. Hunter, Mr. A.j
Perry, Mr. II. H. Giesey, Mr, Samuel
Dresbach, Mr. W. G. Clarke, Mr. A. J.
Dildine, Mr Howe, Mr. Wm. Carty,
Mr. Caffey, Mr. M. C. Scott, Mr.
Franohein, Mr. 11. Cannon, Mr. 0. II.
Little, and Mr. Samuel Bodeoheimer,
drove to tho "Kittle Hills," three miles
south of Lancaster, where some three
hours were spent in rambling through the
wild but sublime scenery of rocks, grot
toes, and shaded vales and dulls, which
to us, though ofien having visited the
"Kettle," presented beauties never before
notic ed. The company were enthusiastic
with delight bndenjovment; and after a few
songs, in which the whole company join
ed in sending their united voices through
the reverberating grove, t sumptuous re
past was spread upon mother earth by
the ladies, in which convivial feast all miu
gled in social cheer.
The company then resolved to hold a
business meeting, the proceedings of
which will be found in another column.
From thence, the procession, consist
ing oflS buggies, moved to the State
Faun. The nppoaranres there, aro much
improved since our last visit, and show at
once the care and piovidence of the man
agers of that institution. Mr. Howe, the
Acting Commissioner, was absont; but we
were kindly received by his excellent
lady. After some 20 minutes spent
there, the party returned to Lnncuster,
and drove through the principle streets iu
close proCfBsion, when each retired to
their respective Home. Uho visit was
upon the whule highly mlisfactory to all
concerned. A visit to the "Kettle," in
good weather, more than repays for the
timo and money. We say to our fellow
citizens, leave the dull monotony of your
daily routine, and go to the Kettle Hills;
allow yourselves to study nature in her
wild unbroken beauties. Let tho birds
and all nature's harmonies serenade you
you will return to your homos better In
heart, better in health; and belter chris
tians and philanthropists.
The fields in the region of the "Farm,
promise an abundant yiold; and peaches
through the hill oountry, are as abundant
as we have ever seen them.
Geaaral Coafereaca of the M. E. Caarea.
Ws subjoin a brief summary of the
principal acts of the late session of the
M. E. General Conference, held at Buffa
lo. The questionof slavery in the church,
occupied a large portion of their time;
and was disposed of by waiving the
main question, and the substitution of a
new chapter in place of the old, which
does not materially ohange the rule. The
law on that subject, as embodied iu the
discipline of the church, is, that)menibers
are prohibited from "buying or selling
o ec, Women or children, with the inten
tion of enslaving them." The new meas
ure sought to be added to the above, provi-
Cuuacii Notice. Tbe Rt. R. Bish
op Swell, is expected to preach and ad
minister the rites of coofirmstios in St.
John's (Epis ) Church, on Tuesday eve-
. ,1 . 1A.L f . . ft,, .
Ding next, iu ivin l net. me services
will commence at s quarter before 8 o'
The Belt.
By a letter which we notice in Wilke's
Spirit, it appears that Hocnan and Say re
have amicably adjusted their affairs, and
that after an eight weeks tour in England
and Ireland, exhibiting themselves in th
principal towns, they will then come to
America together, for the purpose of giv
ing stnilar exhibitions.
Heenan also publishes a letter, in which
he sajsthathe will challenge Morrissey
to meet him in a rope ring, for any sum
that may suit his (Morrissoy's) book
frpm 10 cents to $20,000. Ho says thai
he bears him no ill-will, hut desires to
punish him in "propria personae," for the
unmanly course he has pursued toward
him, both in this country and in England
and that if Mofi issey "crawls out," he
will follow him no further.
it See the sdveriUoment of Messrs
Sloueburner, Jeffries & Co., in another
column. Tbey are active, eneriretie
young men, and all thoroughly acquaint
ed with their business. Those who may
want anything in their line, will do well
to call on them, oa Ma n street, one door
went of the Exchange Bank,
And every description of blanks, all print
ed on eoperior paper, for sale at this office.
Kcu) Docrtiecmcnta.
Douglas Nominated at
RR aniline; belter Saddlss, flner hrnee, nicer
bridles, pretllui trunks, more finely nnWIiiid va
lises oeiier maue wmpviorse
collars, fly-nels.dro., AC., Ac..
&o., than have ever nel'oie
been shown to tho civilized
world of Falrlleld cootilyl
An appreiiliceiliip ol long
tlmeat Ibe bufiueii, several
yours of active emparlance
since, Ibe pr-tisosshowerod up
on them by cliirensofour town
and farmer ufonrcouiily, tbe
Intention of
to excel all othtrs, in the ualltr of their wjrk, and
untiring attention to nuginess, ana mo
selling of work of all fcimls.nl leist 'JO
ptr unl lower than any oilier audiile
iiu Harness ninnuiuciory in lueeonuiy
the pntrottugo and cash of the gentle
Msnmno oTall kinds done neallt, cheaply, and ox
pcdlllouslybv a per4Qnho has hud at tint ten yturt
steady eniDRvinoiil In the bu-iness. They will he
found at all limn at their shnp between the Exchange
Ban ul Murtin 01 li o, anil Juiin Lyoi a' urogery.
sTottKnrjitXEit sr.tt inns co.,
Invite all buyers of snrldlerv. harness, etc.. to call bo
fore purchasing elsewhere, lully assured that they tun
rentier satisiaiiion.
l.iKiisTta, June H, ISOO-lltf,
rfVIK noetcsl and nmt rellnl le
I exterminator In use. I-allu
ttiTQn yesterday morning, our g'reela
presented the appearance, somewhat of
besieged city. A-barricade composed of
drays, carts, store-boxes and divers oth
er things, was erected across Main stieet
Some of our "gay young ducks," we sup
pose, were on a bender, and being imbu
ed with a patriotio spirit, supposed tho
"Fourth of Juley? hid already arri), and
carried onacoordingly. Such manoeuvres
as this are certainly indirativo of a pro
gressive age and mag be indulged in "Mo' '
Often; it is all very well so long as it re
mains Concealed who were the perpetra
tors, but "marder will out," so boys be
ware, Nolks will not be asleep all the
ed, that the holding of slaves, as such,
should be made a test of membership.
This, upon the final vote, was lot by the
wo-thirds rule, wanting 6 voles of there
quired number.
Tbe question of pewed churches and
romiscuous sittings, remains as before
the meeting. The original rules of tbe
iscipline, requiring the sitting apart of
males and females, and free seats, was
changed by the action of a former Con
ference, and churches are now left to
adopt their owe rules in these respects.
The rule limiting preachers to two
years to one oircuit or station, was by tho
late session modified, so as to extend the
time to three years upon the petition of
the members of such circuit or station;
subject to the decision of the anual con
The supernumerary rehttion of prcach-
rs to the conferences, has been abolished.
The General Conference also author
ized the establishment of an anual con
ference in India. Heretofore, the onera-
rutions of the church have been carried
on in that country, on the missionary
system, deriving their organization and
upplies fiom the conferences of the Uui-
ted States. The establishment of an an
ual conference there, gives them the con
trol of their own affniis. under the author
.. run , - , , and at asoueap rules a any iu tue htate
Ity Ol the General UoniereilCe Ol lho they hope to rerleve their reward of
o, i i . i merit in tne siniiesoi me latitat sun in
oi'ilvs, uuuiiie miDKiunury uouru.
The question of lay delegation wa, by
rcsolu ion, referred to a vote of the male
members of the church, in regular stand
ing; the tho vo'.o to bo taken at a conve.
ofeiit timo between this and the next
General Conference. Tbe Bishops are al
so authorized to bring the subject before
the annual conferences, to be voted upon
n the year I8G2. A majority of all ihe
votes thus given, to aulhor'zo the next
anual conference to change the rule in fa
vor of lay delegation.
The sess'on of this body at Buffiilo,as
protracted over 4 weeks, but entirely bar
mouious.' They adjourned to meet at
1'liiliidulpliia, in May 1864; the motion to
put the next sessioneforward to 1856 be
ing lost.
For the Quelle dt lleuiocrat.
State voh rKanKE, )
joone, 11, A. d. ISGO.j
To der maun vanta briuts de labors in
lancashtcr, bublish mine letter. I bayi
I inwites de 40 ganderdates vats run
ningfor deovices des vail, und vats been
to zee me.
I means de Vons vot vants to go to co
loonipus to make der laws, all dcr vile.
JJe voqs vat vislies to rite In do pig
pooks in de Koorl Hous.
de dutsen vat el! says he is de ' beshtest
to keep de pad becbles in de ohai!.
de uutifon boobies und more &s dat, vat
vants to make out de tents, vat de varra
ers hash to bays und so weiter.
dem Fellers vat tells de schoouge von
de koort House, about de mens and de
vomens vat makes de pad monish und
sells de vishky, vat skcers dem Und lets
dem go, all to koom to mine blace on de
tird lay von juli, und holps me gutmiuo
vest und de tings aber net.
I isli boor, but a lust rate dihiokratt
und links mine wole iah vort all I asks.
Now I dells you, vonce, de vones vat
toosde most, und toos it de ' gooderest,
I'll wote fur at de brimeray lection.
Mine Varm is in goot-Hoop Down
schip, put I lives in Pearne Down schip
Every boehles in Logan can dells vere I
..... ..I. . . k - a
ah aer ganaiaates musiit phnc Uere
tinners Und vind dere own schnapps
I'll see who luvos de beebles.
rjc iltatkcts.
Corrtcttd weekly by Wygum d Lgm$.
Coffee 16o 8ugsi 10!lo
Eggs 6 Molasses CO
Lard 10 Salt l 75
Bacon 8l0o Butler 1Q
Wheat per bushel $1 15
Flour per barrel, 86 53 50.
Corn 300 OaU 3Un Barley 70o
Potatoes 60o Dry Apples tl 26
Fish per half barrel, While 96 70;
Pickerel, 10 25; Baas 6 00.
New Yoke lun 12, I860.
Flour dull, and lower. Sales at 5 10
6 205 30 for good State and Western
Hhipping brands. Choice family, as high
as 17 40
Wheat drorplnz. and saWg as follows
While, $'. 46&1 48, Red SI 40, and
closing heavy.
Corn io fair demand, and quoted at 64
65Jc for unsound, mix-id lots at 66c,
sound Yellow lor shipping 7lc.
Oats 3839Ji.
Wool in email lots at 3555lo.
Butter, I0l7c for Ohio; 1IM20 State.
Coffre in fair demand, at I3I4Jo tor
Rio. 16JlCc for Java.
Sugar, Brown, ogfg7je.
cincinnatV markets.
Cincinnati. June 12, 1890.
Flour 84 10 choice 86 706.
Wheat 81 10 for Red, 81 15 I 20 for
prime While.
liutier, prime UIiid. ll(r$lzc. Light
col rs 79. Egirs I In.
Corn steady, ai 405J for good sound.
Mil. WnrVlalAVAV.
eatrasaaa te tbe Hatal,
sHffi AID CliPSS
aarff nj vi
all of vales shela selllnt for cash .at kardtimes vrteee.
She la determined not to be riraled, either la style
or prices. iaaeaater, Maf 17, ISM-ln
afTer Career, LaaeaM r uaio.
WE tat ee bead , r sale, a akelM aid well e-leetedSUwkef
Brart Maatetaaat Paiasle, Cila, Bya
Stalfe, Pataat rH4Ule,rarfaaa- -rrretlaiartila,raiefeee1,.
aeleeted lie of - ,
i.t MAimcT o,ce jhoue,
Summer Dry Goods,
coNeivnxa or
A Sae aasortment of
(iallora, oalf 45 cmle a pair,
Th hirliest market price pair for Rntlerand Erts.
Ma 1;, leoo 7ir . jimmylyo.sk.
n.m qq. fiJDm :b:-
CIHARItY LODGE, So. 7, meets etery itonday
j Evfiiins1.
2d and 4iti Ttmrtdsy breniinri In each monlb.
Lancasler, nprll I'l, IHUO ill
l.OP(jh. No. 57 - SO
ENCAMPMENT, Nn. 2 July i
June II, IriOH. i. KTEI.NMAK, hecorder.
1 HAVE rocelred a large lotofibe
1IF.O Kt'CK. fully applied. It remains one year
a trnp ready sot for tkese noxious toriueulurs of oar
ati-AUy re.t.
thk I T-VRSTROVS Fill's Instantly.
I.IKIil l(3 IJlirery Micol will kill a
PL.Y K I LI. Kit . I Quurl. Ciiiniuonre early and
Die Iioumo may bo kept clear nf Kilos all Suintrer.
Hoih articles forMale by the urueeinu every ucri'.
Send for a sninple sheet to
I,. I,, in: i i Hf. it a mj.x.m. aiiisiis. vcrmoui.
Sold by McKBKSON At UOBBl.NS, New York.
June 11. law mi
An Ordinance
Uryitijr taxes for city and sehnul pilrposen, for Ibe
Jvnr ituu, lor me city ol Lancaster.
Sii tiok I. Bi U erdaintd by Ihe City Covnnl of Hi
City of LantanUr, Tbat alas Of three and one-half
mills on the dollar of valuation, be and the same is
bereby levied upon all properly aillijent to taxation for
Ktate ana county purposes wnnin me iiuuis oi me
LTJ or Lanrasierror vtiy-perposoar
Ytv. 12. Be it further ordtined by Iht authority afort
said, Tliat a lax of six thousand Are hundred and ilrtr
one uollart no nnu Mie sitme isnoreny isvien upon an
properly sitbjuct tolaxaUon,forSuto and county pur
poses, within lho corporate limits of the City of Lan
caster, to provide for the payment of tho bonds of laid
City, fulliiie due during Ilia yoar IHiO.
Hac. 3. He itjurtnererdainraey iss aursiririf ororf
said. That a tnx of seven hundred dollurs bi and the
same Is hereby levied upon all property subject to
taxation for State and Count) purposes, within the In
corporated limits of the (J II) ofLucoterfor the pur
pose or meeting; tne interest io urcrue uue on me
bonds or snid City during the year Ihoo.
Sic. 4. Be itftrther trdaitrd by the avlkarity afore
laid. That a lax of Ave thousand dollars be an tbe
asmo Is hereby levied upon all i roperty subject to tax
ation for ritale and County purposes wllnln me in-
For the Gaxette and Democratic.
Notice of Kxamloation.
Ro V alton. June 7th.
Messrs. Editors: Tho summer terra
of tho school No. 2, Amanda township,
willolose with an examination ou the 23d
a. a
of June. Daring the forenoon, an exami
nation of the school will be hold, enliven
ed with sprightly songs by the scholarh;
sod in the afternoon, addresses upon the
subject of education, by Pre f.'s Hill and
Ruttbr of Lancaster; and Dumm, Car
penter and Jones, of Lithopolis. The
ltoiures will be interspersed with vocal
musio hy the scholars. All persons fa
voring the cause of popular eduujiion, are
respectfully invited to attend.
Willtam Rekce, Teacher.
Tlmy ire oftlia YELLOW WARK, and will entirely
iiijurcela Ihe tin or stone Jurt, on accotiol of belief
alt-tlglii, a lid free from corrotion or rust.
General House Furnbhin? Establilimeut,
as licretofore. Also.
Stove-Pipe and Sheet-Iron Work
td onler.
attended to at short notice. JOHN: WOlfK.
Lancaster, May 31, KuUU-liu9
larAFlY ROBlXSON'.Jacob Hoblnson, Scoll Look
il or, Micbsel Looker, fialuda Looker. Durilas
Looker and Francis Ann Looker wilrtnke notice, that
a petition was filed against litem on Ihe Uutbof Janua
n, A. l. Idttu, in the Court of Common Pleas, within
and for tbe county of Falrlleld. Oblo, by Malachl sia
ley and Grace btaley, and Is no pending, wherein
said MaUrbl Staley and Grace Staley, demand parti
tion of the following Heal Kiule, to-wlt: Lying and
beinar in the Counlv of Fulrneld and Slate of Ohio. and
being the West bslf of the liast half Recllou.of Section
no. thirty (jo.) township numner sixiuen un-i m
Kanre number twenty (mi.) containing One Hundred
and Rflvnlne (1M Acres, more or least and that at
tbeaextlerm of said Court after the expiration of
Iblrir days Trent tne orst putiticaiion ortsts noii-e,tne
ald Mslsclil KUloy and Grace Staley will apply for
an order that partuiou may be luauft nr said premises.
Haled tills ?lb day of Juno, A. D. IHf.it.
RTinniroMB 4 fLsasa, Attorneys.
June 7. loiiu twlUpl$5 -Ji
friAKK this method to advlMtbe nubile that tbey
I will fooilnue 'at lbs Old Stand of Bickford 4
Davis,; tbe builnese of inanafaclorli'f?
Of all Varletels. Also,
Cnrdlt1rlinnins;sBa4l t'lotrj Drcaalnj
Will baveeonstsntly on bandafr-od aaorttnaatof
Cassimcrcsf Sallinels, Blankets,
riunneli, Jcaue.l tserde, Stocli lug
Varna, ax.
Lancaster, 51ayl7,lSC9-7lf
HAVING lUelT ma1 iarren1)i(i(Jni u my rstn
life atock of HarJar. I am now ofTnD rood
(u uif line at very bort prod f. lor prompt pay 1
hate ud hetu J a lare aod rotDplev aturrttaaat of
House Building
Hardware, arpenter' and M'chsnlcs' Tools, Viees,
Anvils, Mill and Cross Cut faws. Iron, Nain, Glass,
Hulty, Oil, While Lead. Aleo,a rf variety of
Buggy Trimmings and Saddlery
My stock of - H arvi'st Tools,
Also, on fcsad, Tubs, Buck'tt, Measures, Woodee
Bowls, Brlllaliia lVre. die., drc.
Haviny the lareeat and best stock of Gooit in the
Hardware line In this market, and havine; purcbaaed
wltb great care fron tbe manufacture rsund Importers,
lain enables to sell at LOW PlilCdS. And oa an
inducement, I wlss to reduce my stock, and will sell
some goods at cost. Now la tbe lime fr bargain, as
quick sales Is Ibe motto. J. V. WK VKrt,
VI. hIT 1D.'J1 ? Tnlltn.4M RlnV lji.n..t.r. O
EasbraelrMtBearlv weave aruefeawaenf kent la a ra
Ull Oroeery Establishment., To ell f bleb were
speatuHj la vi u uc alteatlo reak suelaaMrs. ,
H. 8 J.A. MC(rt.
iiaacaner, naraa i, mi nf
t. O. DA VIS. Ct. WATTS-
IS the rooms recently ocobpled be I. O. Ostls, Ma
tin's row, rwspecually InvKe ettoatsoa U tbali
Their Sleek oosnprlsea
A lea Wag-aa Plaw Has-aeee.
Tbev ere determined net to he an massed la Ike style
ana qttaiity 01 ineir gooie,
Tbey have alee a T rimming Shop, where
will he done on ebon notlee, and la saoerler style.
Lasxaater, cay 41, leou lys
thFwell knowm
One Door Wsit J the Haekinj TaUs Saak.
rilHK aadersigned respectfully Ufnrese the ettleetie
I end nubile. tbat fee bss saade arraogsaseat wur
W.R. kttOAUM.and thereby has uken possessloa of
bis OLU ROO.K.l, for tbe parpeeeef oarrrla( oa tbe
Plcuire kuaiiiees. la all of Ibe varices and
Latest Styles of Improvement.
Weave prepared to esskeal kinds of types the peblle
bas ovor bearo df: end from the smallest Soger ring,
tothe wb'desite Photograph. Oer eiilt e auotitlon
will be devoted to tbe badness, end we will str ao
pslus, but use every possible mesas In Improve tba
Art. Our production of pictures, eannotbeeieelled.
Our STOCK OP i'AMSX, and the variety ofsijlea, Uee
g.iod aslBaoytheretty. All arecerdlally Inv ted to
call at these Rooms. Bvary possible effort will h
insdn In orderte pleaae.
1 retarn my sincere thenVste those who have here
to ore patronised me. and e pe for a eeoiteiaoee nf
the same. I would especially asake my acbaewledg
ni' ins to tne nutans of KWssai t Ic Liberty towirshlpa,
for their liberal patronage, during asyaben etay with
ibent, end invite thea to call at aty rowans, when they
come to town. t. L. tELkCKB.
Laacaster.Apiil U, 1860 M
cornoruted limits of the City uf i.Atirasler for the
:t m
19, 1H4P, for tlie support and boiler regulation of com-
use of defraying Ihe expenses of tuition In the Pub-
i In said city lor tne current veur, pursuant
loan act passed by Ibe legislature of Ohio, February
mon schools. Passed June lilh. 1 h-Gfl
C HARLKS OKhnHACH, President U. V.
Attest VVimiam L. Kino, City Clerk.
June 14. 18(iu-3wll
Probate Court, Faiifielil rounty, (lil.
Ferdinand Gelt, Administrator or William Piedler,
deceased, Plaintiff,
Jacob Fiedler and olhi'rs.
ON the TWENTY-FIRST day of JULY, A. D. WO,
at 8 o'olock in the ariernonu on the premises
hereafter described, will be sold (ut nol less than
two-thirds Ihe appraised value) to the highest bidder,
the following liunl Estate. as Ihe property of Wllllain
Fiedler, deceased, lo-wll: "Lot No. Six Hundred
and Sixly-lour, In Wagenhals' addition to the City of
Lancaster." Appraised at (779.
Term) of Sns-One-thlrd In liaiul, er.e third in one.
and otie-luird In two years wltb InieMst fromduvof
sate; defered payments to be rocurcd by morireee on
Ihe premises. FKHIMNAIil) UETZ.
Administrator of William Fiedler, deceased.
June U, lboti wlprg3
Attachment Notice
nKFOKR James M. Work, a Justice of the Pesce
for Itushcrerk Townihlp, Pnlrtlelil county, Ohio,
on IheSth Jay of June A. II. lKCn, said Justice Issued
an order of attachment In tho above actldu, for tbe
sum nfOne Hundred Dollars, with Interest tbereon,
and Ten Dollars Ibe probable cost.
Ruskcroek Township, Juno 14, iSfiO 4wll
Personal. Tbo's U. Wiiiti, Jun., af
ter an abscenc of Iwo years has returned
to Lanoaslnr, to greet and be greeted by,
his numerous frionds. He showed his
good-humored faof in our sanotum a day
or two since, looking as fresh aud full, as
when h left. He proposes to return to
bis new home in Missouri, in a few wneks.
Chakob or Tun. See O. Ws 4 Z.
R. R., time-table. A change takes plaoo
on Monday, Juas 11.
Jty We neglected to say lat Waek, that
our young friend Samuel Bodenukimkr,
has rigged up his express-wagon in a new
style, and is now ready to accommodate
on the shortest notice, all Who may favor
him wilfa calls. SaJ says the "Railroad
Uxpies is just the plaee, and he is just
the man, where you can get the worth ol
your money a'l the time.
BSrWe are pleased to learn, that tho
Rer. Samuel P. Sphcciier, has acopt-d
the call extended to him by the English
Lutheran Cnuroh of this city, and that he
will enter upon his duties as pastor of that
Church next Sabbath, on which day, as
well as regularly thereafter, he will preach
morning and evening.
GoniT fob JtJLT. To say that every
succeeding Dumber of any magazine is
superior to the last, would be simply ab
surd, if the assertion was kept up. They
are like all other things, letter and worse
alternately. But we do say of Godey,
that it is beyond question a superior num
ber, in all its departments.
XarFiRDiNAND Gxtz, (administrator)
advertises to day in our columns, real es
tate for sale, in Lancaster. The sale is
worthy the attention of those ho wish to
Fairfield County,
THA YE Ihe agency for Ihe following machines which
needs no Imi2 ro Middles to bol'ltr up. they stand
on their on merits, and all have taken premiums, as
the best and most reliable Keeper and Mowet ; ana i
ciialli-nge every ma ibineio this county for trio).
BuckeyeState and theWorld Renowned
Prlcot L0YER tlian all other" Maehlnes.
Lancaster, May 3l , I860 49
mm miuii
Met-f SUGAR Mll.T-Sfroffl IMipto tWO.
Price of BVAPORATORS from t3ODnioU0.
I full denrriptioo orourMHii sod Kvtporaivrt; lo
reponi of lh moil iuccMful txperlnienuof ibe prt
6aod with tbe brt dirctiDS iako theiefrom ar
now in conrw of n-jtrllcftUoa ittd will toon Im roidr
for rrutullnuf dltlrlbuiion. Partiei wiiiilnuT tbain
sent f mail ple ocloe t p'.itspe tuiop.
wc inviiaonrruunmraaDd his rirmerf fenerai
t j to (ire ua call before purclu.nj tt.iewbera, and
Judge forthemselvei.
The nisi year, many of our customers wbo wanted
iigur Mills gave na tholr orders so lat.and so nearly
together, tbat we were imablcd lb supply alt nnill tbe
season fortbeir use was over, loavou a siinitar diffi
culty Ibis year, we offer to any oue IU per discount
from oar retail prices, wbero tne orders are sent ul be
fore tbe lUlu of July.
Adiireaa uuuulak jikuihkk
May 17, 18iT0 Suit Ziuesvllle, Ob 0.
Its Succeia rnparallfd its tits' Annals
ol Insurance,
COiYrXANtf .
Cnsh Capital,
Ciisk Assets,
vegetablelife pills
The high and envied celebrity which those pre-erri-inent
Medicines have acquired for their Invaluable
efllcacylnall the Dlseasos which they profess to cure,
bas rendered the nsuul practice ofpufflngnutonly uu
nocosssry, but anworlhy of them.-
ofAsllima, Acute and Clironlo Rhuctuatlsm, ABoo
lions of Bladder and Kidneys.
In the Soulh and West, where these disease prevail,
thev will be found invuluable. Hluiilera.fnrinersaiid
others, who once use Ihoto Modlclucl, will never af
terwards be without them.
Bilione Cholie, Serial Leeeeneie Piilt, Coitivcneei,
Coldelf C'ss,C'ii!,Ci,rr Rumere.Oropeirt.
HvsPlrsii. Nopertnn with this distressing discasO,
Should delay using these Medicines immediately.
Eruptions oflho Skin. Erysipelas, Flaiuleniy.
Favia and Ani't. For this scourge of the Western
country these Medicines will bo found a safe, speedy
and certain remedy. Other medicines leave the sys
tem subject in a return of ibe disease ; a cure by these
tuedlolnes Is permsuent.
Try there. Be saiii""d, and be cured.
Fot'LNtsa or t'OMrttii"
Oravel, Headache, nf every kind. Inward Feverln-
Bnmmatory Kbeumatlsm, Impure Blood, Jaundice,
Lose of Appeiile.
Mvaonii DiiiiSfa.-Never fails to eradicate en
tirely all the effects of Mercury, ioOnltely sooner Uud
tbe most poworful preparation or Sarsaparil la.
JfilM Siteale ,JVei-ous D'HtitY, fferreae CoMpiaMt
tf all kind; O'tanic AfecMt.
Pais -The original proprietor of these Medicines
was cured of Files, ol 34 years standing, by lho use of
these Life Medicines alone.
PAINS In li e Head, bide, Back, Limbs, Joints and
RbomtisI Those aflectf d with this terrible dls
ease.wlll be sore of tellef by lbs LUe Medicines.
Hnb of Blood totbe Hosd, foutvey,;Salt Kbeura,
Boaoroia or Kixe's Kru lo IU worst forms. Vlcefs
Of every description.
Worms of all kinds ore effectuslly expelled by these
Medicines. Perentswlll do well Krs.l minister tbom
whenever their existence ll suspeoled.
Rellof will beeerlatn.
The Life Pills & Phoenix Bitters
And thai remove ail disease from tbe system .
Prepared and sold hy
335 Broadway, corner of Aolbony Street, NsW Tark.
Tor Bale by ill Prngglrty.
Juae H,!W9-Iy!l
a a t their old stsnd, on tenter Alley, jr
near Mulberry street, continue their Tf
f "p business In ell llsbiancbesi sucb as edgoll II
tools, all klndaofwork belongiligto lhe 7
r.nolnv li,tresi; wapon.worki and estiociat atten
tion glvon to shoeing. Glvo us your work, we do all
ourJoson the shortest notice. Special attention
given to niaktng; end repairing mill picks.
Lancaster, May it.lBou- HI
Iu Probate Court, Fairfield CoOnty, OBIo.
Augustus L. Perrilt, AJmlnlslrelor df David Stluer,
Amos Itngland and Ann his Wlfo, el 41.
O John Slllter.Willlara Sillser.Jas.Slltier.Romdet
kilizAr.KsrfllilIiilL.aiid. Itule herllusbaud.M ary
Decker and Decker her Husband, Mrs. Dnnklo
and Dunklo her Hmband, who reside near Mlf
miihurghln theSiale of Fonnsylvanla. ...
You arehoreby nollfied Ihnt Augustus Perrlll, Ad
mlnlslraior of the Rstaie of David SHtior. decensod,
on the 3iuh dny of May A. D. HWU.IIIed his petllion In
snld t'ourt.alloging thai the porsnnal Estalo nfaaid
doci'dont IslnsiiiBninnl to pay hlsdeblsand charges of
administering hi. l-aiaiei ibat he iliod seised In fee
simple oflho following described Real Ksiale.situnie
In said Count) of Kalrllold, to Out-Lot Nn. Win Iu Hie
Town of Lithopolis. in lha County of Fairfield and
SlutonrObin.iifnresaiil! that Ann Knglind (formerly
Ann RMtier, Wife of said deceased.) ns Widow, iseit
tiilod ro dower in said premises, and that, tbey as his
heirs-sl-law hold the iios.tosialof Inheritance there
in. Tho pruyer of said petition is for lho assignment
of Dower to said Ann England and for sale of anld
premises, subject to said Dower Estate, for tho pay
ment of the debts and chargea aforesaid Raid Poll
lion will be for hearing on Ihe vih day of July, A. O.
lhdO, er as atfoo Iborealter ns innv bo.
Administrator of said Stiuor. decuated.
Vtintb E. Riuw, Attorney.
May 31, I860 4w9pf3 75
I bik ita It situate In Washlnatod Tnwnshln. '-'m maniitaciuring my improve. i cnain puiup, .u Tb rjipi.o.d A lln no eaae given to) aojGredoela
prck.8.',, r Ohio" ?.. T.dh . ?.'f mils,' ... ! JU o'.o short oii. " "" who 1. not comp.lcal to keep the book. J an, Dual-
A Va I liable Farm for Sfilc.
nB subscriber offers at private ssle a nURTHA
The Puairix CnxFAar. devoting Its entire time tnd
attention to ths bustueaa or
hue ixsikaxce ctci tsirtttt
A nd having a2ah Capital pledged solely for Ibat pur-
Snse, lsenanled to der sseirie- adrantsges to those
e.irlng reliable Indemnity, and for promptness In
the eotilemeLI of losses, the" Phucoix" has no rival
In America.
H. TELLOOO. BeereUrf.
8. L i.O.MIS. Presdeut.
BRANCH OFFICE, Sns. SI slid M West ThlrdKtreet
Clncinnstt, Ohio. M. MAOILL. General Agent
TO'Applicalious soliied,and Policies Issncd direct
oy o. o niin i , Aseaii
) j'iruii compliance wnn Mate laws. JJi
Lancaster, May 17, U60 "H
DissdlutioA of Partnership.
rlHR Partnerehinheretoforeexlsilhgbetwcen StJt
Laneester Woollen Factory, Lancaster Oblo, Is bv mo
tual consent, this dsy d'seidved. The books and ac
connUnfsald (nn are In tho nissesslon of said Sim
eon B. Blckford. who Is authorised to oollect and eel-
tie the accounts and business of said Arm. Ho will be
ft und ai all times at Ibe place of business, formerly
occupied by said firm. Allpersons Ibdebled to sale
Arm are req ested te come forward and make irnme
dlnte pavnient. KIM KON B. BICKFOKU,
May li, IbdO-Tlf JOHN C. DAVIS.
Notice of Partnership.
jttOTICE la hereby glvon. that 8. B. HtCKFORDot
U H. OLDS have this day associated themselves
together In tbe business of, and pertaining to a Wool
len Fstunrv.lfibe Styled the LANCASTER WOOL
LEN FACTOR V, Ldncastef, Ohio, under tbe firm
name of HICKPORIi A OLI1R. The buslress or said
Arm will be conducted at the Factory stand formerly
occupied by Blckford dr Davis, where the old etistom
ersof Blcnforder Davts and tbe public generallv aro
resnectfiillv Invited tocalli 8. B. BICKP3RD,
May lU.iedU 3wy L. II OLDS.
Pan stnlraa, Part osiere,Pecketnse Its
end a great variety of the
laract. almosieverytblngtebe foend teeny
All of which he Is determined te sell at the lowest
possible living prieee. H relsrnshis lhal.ks tn bla
old customers for ibelr liberal support, aud bopea to
meriiand receive a continuation an-l increase uf pa-
trojage, and that every body may rail and examine
h Isilotkl or istir o wo sallslailH'o .
ITP.S.Ban't forrethlselaeeofbasleess.GlesT's
Row, on Mali 8trwet,eae door West of the Hocking
Valley Bank. Lancaster, April S tWOllf.
Vegetable LltiX-!.
Indian CoinpoXind,
VegciaUu Pills,
Mngic Linimeni,
Formal atth- AttTrrftrrtrt
These foer remedies of DOCT. VHlTK. (oTCIatrl
natl.Jhave never been rivaled. Is the relief and cure
of Crnole Diseases. More espeelslly Female Weak
ness A ifectlone of the Cheat, attended with Coughs
debility from Imperfect action of tbe Liver, Ac. Tbe
Indian Compound alone, bas probably saved tbe Uvea
of more J'.ung girls; than any remedy ever wwnded,
as a patent medicine. Those wbo use Doct. White'
Pills snd Liniment, never use an other.
Lancaster, April J, lews i
TfcauiarJda are dilty speaklcg la the paise ef
it it. e ituvi
infantile Cordial.
sod why' because it asvsr foilt te aferf i,tcaraei
ou relief whi'n giv vn In IsJue. ll at l as tf by magic,
and sas trial areas Will csuvtiitse )ou Ulut tact we
say is true; it contains
of any kind, and therefore relieves by rnsislHy te
sajsri sgs oi jour cnno. instead oi oy aeaaemng trs
ssastltVi'tirs- For this reaeD. It ehmmends fiselfas
the ena reliable pleperallon now kbowu fbr Children
Teethinr. Diarrhea. Dwaemtrrm. Orimimwla lha Bate'
elt.Jleidtlaaf the Henoch, ,, Cold in Ihe Head,
and Oases also, for snrteuing tbe gums, reducing la
flamation, regulatlog the Bowels. and relieving- pale.
tl nas no equal being an antl-spaauodio it is used
with unfiling success Iu ell rises of Vanbuleien er
ether Fit. As yna value tbe life end health of yoor
rhildreu, and wish to savethem from those Sad and
flighting ennequonrea wbli-b are terlstr to result
from ibe use or narenilca of which the othi.-remedlee
fox Infantine t:omplalnta are composed, take none
can iny upon It is perfectly hsrmless, and cannot
Injure ihe most delicate Infant. Price. xS cents. p
directions accompany each bottle. Prepared only by
Ko. 409 BmadaaiNew Vork.
eittoej iedi
paaj poets enl jo 3i penotioj JiuiJis 0. tsein
tuoiteaiip en,) sjvsj ne n c -o eaei 'tjutvtduaj
jepeciS pui fsaaiv enejnfiwi 'sSi)0'JV -ssMyy
119 si j -siqi joj suutueJiptviJedeea sf
sesj4-vusissn;ssirijr;ns.fliaBis Jo; St r'OKToeX
-ntairii nui atsj nos ieq tvqt os -uoitsinoiie eit otu(
jtietetpemuit peJJn puesseri e stssv si i( eottdsos
-qe Jo peiedejdXpaoJie Jniog lededeiJ so 'c o)f
sjaivtfiaej sai7 JOJ 'S oiff -vsijejve rwpes.v pue
aiif sfj nsasrj een-jea qioAl h;:;js wwiedsse
siaejss na joj line eiiitedfre ete-j 'smiiTj fa m
.eojdirj joj Ojj eiri nea s asiq 'I -ej am 'aeuessae
.aej iunpuj i7 jo ireiX . J Jeieq iot
.3SUB in ta'tttiyna'S 'ef 10 ''3 Joj -seeesp
,uiej(p u poonr eqi jo eiuepgep eqtoj peidspe
eJi iien I. -esewns Saiqsiuoise.sri etweq f-ioetx let
aodu pepanojsinnod OO'Vlfl "IX 'liesi epvut eJj
nopue-so)4inpsnqi.rdilrj -pooig josetnqot
oi em ut SJiou iuLsD 'asuoj sJuvl'Ul iJe ei poa
eis pue 'aioioajs 'edrtstn 'insdtnon sears
uotidmntuo uiojj ii;iejTie eoejeu sjupoogeui
iaiu y -q h VflS VIS 51 (IH1 1 esJaoe jo seiJ sue
aiuetueia ivuujusj eniet eqiqiiasnrtueseaasnaiw
II li 7i , rl V S V
jiifjq oSdn peojg eaitryrftjj-
HAtt4ASV3Bi SE2'!.
OFFICE Tallmadge Block Second Story First
door tothe right at the head of the Stairs.
J. W.STIXCIICO.ttB. n.ii. cLAnKi
April 19; ISdO-Jif
t HAVE REMOVED Mt SHOP from my former
a 00,7 a opi a
Sold by CHL'fiCH ft DUPOKT, Druggists,
No. 410. Broadway, New York.
And all respectable Druggist UituughealUus eouatrj
January 19, Woo lj7 ,
iff... A's sXM :!.,
OF COI.U.T1BCS, onto,
Canaolidated December 1, ISSSs
TKi Trttilvtion it IAS Imreet. ot thartngk ant
practical i it soars, ef baeiaeftratatg of ajt
jweroawuo ionoge -.
TV A 1 1, V LECTUHEson theoretical and practical
oue and a nail niuo c isi oi town , oomc pise, wnera nrnfasaions.
Book-Keeping, Commercial Uw.Pnlltlce, Keen-
sund on Broadway lu Lancaster, to my rest.tence llc pcajaUlhlp,oio., by men of experteace Is their
terturnDlke. Said Fsrmeonta'.usvOOacros -Itoaerea
jenrwhichlslmnroved, aad the balance InjKsy
afeiaf OOO D TIMBER. Upon the improved pan ;;(
LINO HOUSS -and out-buildlnga also of brick, two
walls 6f good water.ayeung orchard of 110 tree of
ohnlce grafted frnlt,siidagnod Ftone ftuary.
For further particulars, address or esll on the anb
ssrlbar.at Lancaster, Ohio; or KZEKIEL MORRIS,
nearCirelevllle. JOHN TOOLE.
Lancaster, May 17, 1640 Smi7
Attachment Notice.
SAMUEL HBKR ) flBFORg Otto W. Krss
agatnat I mer, a Justice of the
JAMR8 W. BIOORR.J Peaee forHoeklngTownsblp,
FalrOeld eonnty, Oblo, en tbe 9.11b day of May. A. D.
l.am manufacturing my Improved chain pump, and
III onoruersoos
.May3,l60 tf
oiny. Commercial Ethics, Correspondent. Malhsma-
cs. renmausnip, i
The DIPLO.dA Kin no ease given to) eoy Graduate.
TRBuudersigned have purchased and put In eon '
plele repair theabnve mlle.eituatedoo tbe Csna
foolof Broadway, where tbey are prepared to do
end every variety nf Merchant and Cnstetn work.
They will warrant
7Vei.f sleds unlimited- Dsnallv takaa all anl pupil
from si tin nine weeks. Can enter ai any time, aa
there is no eaoalldu.
Total Csai Including Sehelarafelp, aooxa, Boaaa-
In A. At n ahitiil S?S
Scholarship good in the rear principal Cexomerctad
Coll. gas in the United Klaiea.
rot tail particulars, encioeiwosiaron .ini
March", TveOtSlf Colansboe Ob.
Dissolution of Partnership.
fnHK partnership formerly exhrHnghet wean OtlOX
I A SON. In the wiereamlle bueloa.s. et CBISAat
DILL. Falrlleld eonntv. Oblo. wee, en the Fire) dsvof
'.k-'i, hi .,,.! , iha Velt Jen.eW.lBiO. dissolved by mutual eonae.t Tb. bu
their work to be equal to the best (nM ,,,,, IUa4. by tew Linlef
IRM.aeldJoslloelesoedanorderofatUehmsntlntbe dene In Falrlleld oountj .and no peine epeired la oe- H. iro.611eli
.hnnaotlon.forthaaumaJEIahtT.SveM lOODollari. , commodateeveryboay. Tbey nope to mem aau re
SAXrEl HIFR. elaallbra! eljaraof pnblle patronaj;". Cain Hit!, Ftlrteld esuaty. JuaeT, 1M0,
Lancaster, Jene t,ipt 3wio- i "" - ,
OJ.Ii H.

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