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now Drouth BeMcCu the Soil. 0f er luipplaeas; atracfe at. its base so as
Dry and "hot! ' Hot ami dry I How to make il lottur (Hid cruuib'.e. A dispatch
much everything suffers for the mt of from the ' Balize, received yesterday, in
tainl'' exclaims ibe tUriter, as ilie empty ' uounued the arrival of the, lonjr lost first
elouJs melt day by diy from his siht; (i,UsbttUil. Cliiijiiig to suiue piece of the
bntuiunncul tctcnoeoUows usual ar'mtuit :
are one of the ruatorwl causes w restore
th constituents of crops, and renovate
Inner Aul li.aiai soils. The "ly aud
wherefore" of this, we oisy .here re-pro- j
duee, condensed from a ppe r by Profes
sor Uijjgins, ckeuiiat ot the S Ate Agri
cultural Society at MaryUud:
The loss of mineral routicr from the
soil, result from the tact that it is takcu i
up by growing crops, ana aiso carriea a- j W(i,tii um oil Ins arrival Lome, wie teei
Wy by tbesorfice water flowing in'o ths ! jUgS 0f the twice wedded wife may he bet
atreams and thence into the 6ea. These ; (er imagined than d. scribed. -V. O.J'ic
two causes are always in operation, and aynne.'ilh.
were there no sources of supply, would iu
time render the tartli a barren waste. The ;r.grA man was brought into court on
diminution which arises from couiiuued tl() cm,gS () havinij Moleti some du ls
croppiug..is in part icstoicd by uiauur-s; j tlf)m s farill()r. "How do you know thny
And ihe eawe is true oi the constituents aie Vliur ju,.ks?" asked the defendant's
washed from the soil by surftoe diainage; couu3l. "Oh, I should know them
but this supulv u small , uncertain,
and cf limited anilioution, and - Prov-
tdenoe Las provided Daiurhl ineaijS to re
sttire lost mineral constituents to our ar
able land. At intervals, dioulls ojcnr
to bring up fioin the deeper undursoil.fjud
lor the4of the plauls when the rains
eball il Ifall to dissolve and trina H'eiu
into actrtm.
A drouth acts upon the moisture in Hie
earth as follows: During dry wuitther
continual evaporation takes place from
the surface of the soil, above that sup
plied by rani and dew, which creates a
vacum (so far as tho water in the sur
face is concerned) that it at once filled
by water rising from tio sub-soil in
tending deeper and deeper as the drouth
continues and the moisture is in
haled a circulation of water in the eanh
the reverse ol that which takes place in
wet weather. This progress to tho sur
face of the water iu ll.fii earth, manifibts
itself strikingly in the drying up of the
springs and wells, and slieauis which are
cupported by spiings.
Sot only is water thus brought to the
surface of tho earth, but also all ilml the
water holds in solution. There uie salt
of liuie sud magnesia, of potash and of
sods, in' indeed whatever the subsoil or top
strata of (lie eailh may contain. The
water m reaching the surfaco is evapora
ted, but leaves behind its limo and p'jtash
its phosphates, silicia'es, caiboiintrs and
salts all indispensable to tho growth of
vegetable pioducts of tho farm. Rain
water, as it falls, will dissolve but n very
email portion of some cf those suhstancos;
but when it sinks into the earth, it then
beeoines strongly imbued with carbonic
acid from the decomposition if vegetable
matter iu the Boil, nod thus aiiuuires the
property of readily dissolving minerals
on winch be. ore it could have littlo el
Uut.Scit)"tijic Artisan.
Hnuderlng Good fur IJvll.
A Manchester wnrcliomsnmuii publish
ed au exceediug scurrilous piimplilot
against the fit in Grant OrotliMs, holding
up tho older puituer to ridicules as "Hil
ly Button:
Williuii was informed by some oue o(
the uatuie of the pamphlet, and b'n ob
servation was that the man would live to
repent it.
"Oh!'' said the liboller, when informed
of the remark, "he thiaks that some time
or other 1 shall be in debt; but 1 will lake
good care of that."
Il happens, however, that m n in busi
ness do not always foresee who hIiiiII bit
their ctcdiioi ; and su it turned out that
the Grants, libeller became a bankrupt,
aud cuuld twit obtain bis ceililieste ard
begin buKiiieess again without ohiainiiig
their signature. It seemed in him a
hopeless cH) to call upon that fiuii for
any la vnr, hut the pressing claims of his
family fm end him to make the nppltuation.
He appeared ti.liuo the man he had
ridiculed ss "Billy liutlou" a eonliiigly.
Ho told his tale ai.d produced his certifi
cate. 'Yuit wr'ile u pamphlet against us uii'o!'
said Mr. tit. int.
The supplicant expected to set, his doe
mount thrown into the liie; iniead of
which Mr. (irant rhgneil the uutne of the
firm, and thus completed tho iiccesbiii y
"We uniko it aiule,'' saiil he 1 smiling
it back "never to refuse signing the cer
tificate c fan honest man, and we have
never heaid that you were anything el-e."
Ths t"iil'S Htal led to the m ui's eyed.
"Ahl" continued Mr. (irant, "yml see
that my saying was (ins that you wnuM
live to repent writing the pamphlet. I
did not mean it in a ilna.t 1 only meant
that some day yon would kno-v us Leitur,
and repent having tried t injiiio us.''
''1 do 1 dn iiniueil, lepent'it."
''Well, well, you know us now. Hut
li'jw do you gel on wli it are you going
to do';"'
The poor man had staled that he had
friends who would asuiit bun when his
celtiticilc was obtained.
Tho answer was that having given up
every farthing to his creditori, ho had
been compelled to stint bin family in oven
the common nejo isaries nf life, lb it he
wight b enabled to j ay lor his curlititMie,
"My Rood follow, tl i a wdl never do,
y.iur wil'i and faintly intt.it not sutler iu
this way, be kind enough to tako tbi ten
pound tloto to your wifo from uie; thero,
tlio.-e now don't cry, it will he all well
with you yet; keep up your Hpirils, set to
work like a man, ami you will raise yum
head aui ing tho bsl of us yet.''
The overpowered man endeavored with
rhoting utterance t,i expn-es his gratitude
but in vein; anil puling his hand to hi
face, he went out of lie, room nolihin
like child Srff Help Uj S,vnttl 6Wes
Itoiiiiiiue in lunl I. id-,
A gPiitlonmii fif tho Socitul OiHiiii t tr
tl.U city wad, or. loarJ of tlio ill '.tt,
tnnmiT Ari'tio, whon slid yni lust on il.o
Stthof SHipteittUr, 1 0 .0 1 . TU g.l 1(,WH
ic iclml horn that lu vv;,4 a'lioiii; tho him.
Bing. Hii I cmi hl,M), i lu ImuHcliol.l,
for do lni.l u f.unily -ft ynunj. nJ vM v
wife, uii.l cl..M. IU wa, Wll tl) ju j',,
th WOI 111 HI.J left ljprly BlllHciellt fur
- tlieir lOMiitDii.tiio. Tlin yoiin wi,w
mourouJ li-r lout husband mnoei jy, doiil.t
h, but sorrow in mn nvoiUuiinr. .,,,1 ..
tb lonrr yrftrg rc,itI pnsjt, lllu mouininc
wecuj tiijifeirtj., the rottan on ller
cbeeV.' bloonwJ ain, ami s mi leu playnd
on her rutty lips. bn ws yuunu nud
f roii, ana Buitorn woro not wantinj. t-l,c
married rtglil.
StTful yearn of tjuUt blfaa luvepasaeJ
'iocr thj day olio took a tiew companion
in )'tfn, ud now, luddonly, the eleotrlo
fVof th tlgrftph flying wuh the
. lhtnii., hat struck iho edifice
; ' ' - '.-(' j
wreck, he had floated t distant tihoMS,
where for six long years l.e lived with the
hnpe of meeting onco tiiore the beloved
onus ho had left lit burnt.', but was unable
to Rod a licmeward r.ound vessel.
We hope to obtain some particulars
concerning his Cruso-Iifo, and of the many
litnlnliips h must have suffered all of
which dwiuJlx into more iiothingiiflbs t
the thought of the disappointment that
where," replied the ftiiinwr, who proceed
ed to deseiibe their peculiarities. -'Why"
said the prisoner's council, "ihos ducks
can't be such a rare breed I have some
very like thein in my yaid."' "Thai's not
uultkely, sir," still the farmer: "they are
not the villi ducks I ve had stolen lately.
"Call the nest witness."
Amik A gentlcinnii wriiing to the
Ohio Farmer, nays: Some l'aniieis have
a very foolish notion of sidling their ash
es for a dime or a shilling per bushel,
when tl ey are wor'.h twieu ilinl amount
to spread "ii their land It don't pay. he
save, to sell ashes at this price, and then
buy lime to manure our land with.
Oue Door West ol the Hocking Valley Bank.
f1l!K umlnrniKiU'd rocc(full inform lliu citizens
I Hie! ntiblir . iiiHt hi' hn rnnde arm niri inuit t wkU
V 11 UJIitllW ..lll.,...,hil.u. lukan ........inh of
ln 01,1) ROOMS, forliie urntno of iirriiig un I bo
ricltire bUBini-a, lu nil Ml Hi) vurwiui ana
Latest Styles of Improvement.
w t urt frtpnrin to mitkf nil klndi of type i tit Miriir
h.tavnrltHMri f: mid from Ilia ftinullent t)nirr ring,
to tin whtilti nl.fl Phot"tfrnph. Our unttrtf Htlmttiiiii
will bo 'lovotifd lo thtf biiNliicna. find wo will sjuir un
pitltri, (nil ii)o pvery ponaitilu iiiemn to innvft the
Art. Our tirmlitcllori of picliirt,cnunothoixerllel.
OnrNTUCK OK I'AHKN.mnri the vnrli'ty of 1 ylci, Uai
fuofl ui in niij' olUr oily. At) ttru conllttll Inv'ted to
rull nl Hi (Mi' KiKMi, Krnry pos!tiblt effort will bo
in ml Iu nrderto plftnne.
1 rnlnrn my in(?ttr ttninkn to tltuo who ImveJiero
to'(r nulrtnil.utl inf.AMtl h lit) fur rontin'mncH of
ll njtnm. I wuiild aspui'lHlly make my ackanwli'dg-
tiiMitx l-i fhfl Cill.fnnl Hltittfuht Ai MbHrty to wiMh I
for lhilr lihiTHl i)lrniiHjrrt, durtntf my ftliort Uy n llti
LhBfii, and Invito lbm lu cull at my room, wlinti Umy
comwln lown. A. I.. FKLLI.Itb.
.aurMlflf, April 12, 1P0
Do i iIas No in i na t cd a t
.'5,0(10,000 HAILS SPLIT BY LIN
Grand Hull Splitting Mulch lo come iff on
on (lit Mh of Xuvemher ! I
sro.r.iii!iiLUji:it'itir.s & to,
VHP. nlhnie iitl;or naridUi, floor hnrneM, nU-er
bii(ti, prnukoi Irnnkt, uioro rinly llnlnhftd va-
liHHa neurr inaon wnMa,nora
rolluri, fly-rieti.Air.f v..,Ao ,
4c, thitn liava vur hnfuiH
IiAhii ih own (o thu rivllUod
world of Kolrfliild eonnl)t
An apprt'iiltceihip ol Ioiik
time ol I Ii u hnitneiB, uvftral
ytmra of arllvn expHrtniica
ilnr,Oio pr.iipnailiowwrnd up
on thrtm hy ckllzHiiRof our town
and fArmri nl our tounly, lUe
titlunlioti ui
to nxcal all olliom, in ttin quality of lltnlr wurk, ami
iiittirinc HtltHillon to IxininuM, and tlm
flltnir of woik of nil kindit.iil l"t Vil
ir tent lower than any other anddlfl
and hurnM mnnnfiutory In thi rnnnty
und at att hi-un rntcn an iiuv in Ut Kluto
thny hop to rorlHvo Oinlr rnrd or
muni In tli mllof ttm ludiii and In
UiH patronugoiuid iiiah of Iho g"nlla-
Mi wniv'1 (dull ktmiftdone neiilh , rhvnply, mid "x
pcditioiiHlv.Hy a pt'ri'Hi who lm h .el ntrn.i urnrs
1ad) vtnpl'tMnuM In Ihu hii iioim. Ihey will he
found l 'ttlhmr Hi lltelrnliopbt-lwoon th Kiliaiitn
lltiok if Martin A I'o.immI John l.ym ' liiocer) .
M l I Hi KM II Jilt It I IN A Co.,
Invito nil bill en of Haddlrrv.hitTntn, iMc. tur.-ill lm-
l-iti! niriliili'(r drituvUirt)( iiuly tiaurt.d that lint) tun
render iNlUljiilton.
I.ANCAiira, June H, Ifiltl-lllf.
(1'N'I I Ml hShor M I I.U IN Kit V eilHbllnl.uienl In lir
j former rooms, un tli corner ol Mam and Colum
bus Ntrm-l, l.aui'QHitr,lilo. Alnn recoi IukIIih
Finest and Most Fashionablo
mii,i,ini:iiv (i 01 1 1 IN
Sim will liirnlsli (iooils Ii. her line, :itth nioslari-oin
iii.mIhImic Iituis Mie einpluvs the l'sl workmen.-.
She would n Hull j Iny Un Ihe LudO'iul Ihu (.11)
and cuiiiitry, to rull r nd e vimlm hnr slutlc.
it now anil superior sl lei, nud vhop.
I.iim imler, iiil I-', Inju Jit
Pleasant Townsliip Seminary.
1MK A IIIHIlll I "Till oftltfl I'b'llSlHll'l owHtii
A. It. iMlii.rui'l .slid ol -it)weuk.i,divldediiauriircu
S'-ikiiniH. tii follow:
iimi or ShhsImii, triii A prit Ihu 01 Ii lo June lln mh
hM J Aolve wt'fki luition, an. V ;i"'a i ton it moiks,
l-i. 1 1 Sci4(iii,hom Septombi-r Urd to ,. trmbirJrd
IHou, 'I nrtlvi weeks iHHion, tit Vjm iiI ton,
And Winter Hi"i'iii, fiotn N i v it in Im r the -.'fUli, IHiHt,
to lun It Uu' Kith, IfiU. St xleen we whs lint Ions. $H.
) f 'llotird iii ft III te f ! r mmIumI v the I'mu tpal ul
I ! pir eek. KiSKI'll V h I'. M A .N , IVinclpal.
I.t.iejr, M.uctl itf, IHUU 1 17
H. L
anti:ii, OHIO.
V'Mll'.lt his prulesniiinnl si'rvlit's to the puhlie
I'lillliie. I'luiTLiii, and I'liito work done In the
mmi M soil must iliiriiMu in nun it.
II f llt'O'lllK . Opposite Aini l leun Hotel.
Lam a ler.nprll I J, leu" -
f VIKiii..rlir I wllloltei at prlvsi" salii TWO
l.siirainr.lliiiiliid ttearlue puhll' siii;ire,aud ktioi s
asihii (I M A ) 1.0 III i K l.l I X. "or lruis,prl.e.iki',
I ririrliililerstn Dr. M. I', "' .f k , Nnw Sulniui Join
M. i lulliiiidj.atiraslertor theuudirsliriieil. Lnlmuon
Ohio. II. M. SIOHl'.S,
rirnnil M .tslertjriind t.uilj;ii o roll in.
Jan arj !T, if iii ;ilut
IZi i v
Tallmadgo Block, Main Street,
ft l.W A VHon bund a heavy alock of OooiiN.riiiH
b it ifiialllies, wbit li bu lUHiturat'tunirn to mtler
by tprrienred workmen
Also, a larit-a tupply i
KHi'ty ,Mat I'loininc.
prn iittu -nif
viiicaii K SHAW
ADrICK T0a Malu Htraat, orer Hlornin't Druf
. siar o, ire i
OFFICE r1lmadffaRuildlnf.Malti8tret, "'
iaacaiutprii V4t laouwyir
The tropiietorn onu manufnetureraof IIOS
TtltS cau appeal with pci'feet cuuliJeno to
physicians unci oiluens geuerally of the United
Stutes, beeuuse tlie article hug ut mined a repu
tation heretofore unknown. A few facts upon
I his point will Bpeak more powerfully ihan
volumes of hare asseriion or blazoning puffery.
The consumption of llosletlur'n Stomach Kil
ters for the hit t year uiuouiitcd to over u half
million Lottie, ami from its manifest eteady
increase in times pasi, il is evident thai during
the coming year ihe consumption will reach
near one million hotllc. This immense araouut
couhl never have been Bold bnt for lite rare
medicinal propcrliei eoiilaincd in Ihe prepara
tion, and Ihe mmclion of tho most prominent
physicians iu those sccliouu of tho country
where Ihe article U best known, who not only
recommend the Hitters lo iheir palienln, hut
arc ready al nil times to give testimonials to its
efficacy in all cases of stomachic derangemeutg
auJ tlie uiseases resuiuug uicrcnuui,
This is uota icniporary popularity, obtained
by extraordinary ciiorts in the wuy of tniin
peling ihe ijualilics of the Hitlers, hut a solid
estimation of an invaluable medicine, which is
destined lo he as enduring as lime itself.
Hosteller's Klomuch ISittcrs have proved
a liodsend to regious where fever and nguo
aud various other bilious complaints have
counted their victims by hundreds. To be
able to slate confidently that the "Iiitlcrg"
are n certain cure for Ihe Dyspepsia and like
diseases, is to the proprietors a source of no
alloyed pleasure. It removes all morbid mutter
fiotu the stomach, purities the blood, and
iinpartsrciicwcd vitality to the nervous system,
giving it that lone and energy iudispcui-ublo
fur Ihe restoration of health. It operates upon
the si omach. liver, und other digestive organs,
mildly but powerfully, and toon restores them
loacoiidilion essential to Ihe hcallhy discharge
of Ihe fund ions of nature.
Elderly persons may uso IhcBitlers daily ns
per directions on the bolllo, and they will find
in it a stimulant peculiarly udapled to comfort
declining years, as it is pleasant to Ihe palate,
invigorating lo Ihe bowels, excellent as a tonic,
and rejuvenating geuerally. Ve have the cvi
denoe of thousands of aged men and women
who have experienced the benefit of using this
preparation while buttering from stomach de
rangements und general debility; acting under
the advice of physicians, they have abandoned
all deleterious drugs and fairly tested tho
mci'us of this article. A few words to Iho
gentler sex. There are certain periods when
their caves arc so harassing that many of them
sink under the trial. The relation of mother
and child is so absorbingly tender, that Iho
niolhcr, especially if the he young, is apt lo
forgot her own hallh in her extreme anxiety
for her infant. Should the period of maleriiily
in l ive during the summer season, Ihe wear of
body and miud is generally aggravated. Here,
Iheii, is a necessity for u stimulant to rccupo
rale Ihe energies of Ihe system, and enable Iho
mother to hear up under her exhausting trials
and responsibilities. Nursing mothers gene
rally prefer the Hitlers lo all other invigora
tors that receive Iho endorsement of physi
cians, becauso it. is iigrceablo to the laslo as
well as certain lo give a permanent increase
of bodily slrcnglh.
All those pciBons, to whom we havo particu
larly referred above, to wit: sull'crcrs from
lever and ague, caused by malaria, diarrhoea,
dysentery, indigestion, loss of appetite, and
all diseases or derangements of the stomach,
superannuated invalids, persons of sedentary
occupation, and nursing mothers, will consuls
Ihoir own physical welfare by giving to Hos
teller's Celebrated Stomach liillcis a trial.
CAUTION. We caution tho publio against
lining any of the many imitations or counter
foils, but ask for Hustkttkr's Cklkukatrd
SroMACii liiTTKits, aud sco that each bottle has
Ihe words " lr. J. llostottcr's Stomach Bitters"
blown on the side of tho bottle, and stumped
on Iho metallic cap covering tho cork, and
observe that our autograph siguature is on the
- Prepared and sold by HOSTETTEH &
SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa., and sold by all
druggists, grocers, and dealers generally
throughout ths United States, Boutb. Ame
rica, sud Germany.
A nd Mchino Shop,
Olid ruHolicitedlot llio fulluwiug Articles
l.'i.'i.'tnnd ftft Horse powr, wliirh in point of economy
oittioi A duratilit ol citiihtruction stands unrivalled
Superior Portable Slcani Knsines
of l.'i Horio power, made t order, at a uveal ri'ducltnii
If thu usinil prli o i harmed tor such hntsim's.
il Ilk horse power with rUturna, Hindu oupmssly ror
I anal iloiiH, ami plni ed lu old aud new lluitla aud
warranted loiva siillsliK'tion.
ror sluaiiiing corn, veKctuliles, Ai ., Made to order
one ami Iwo liorto power, improved, and tho best In
tine tn this ruiiulry. 'I ho one horn will press till loHU
gallons, und the two horse f nun lM.'i to t.'ib callous juii-u
per hour and warranted ailnsl hreakaKo,
fur hulling cuun Juice.
l.onK's and K.nli'P'r'a IMowsiilwnysnn haml and war
nulled to lm "fit I inuinrLiI ami to run well.
Tliroahliiu; Iflurlitiiun ,V llnmu l'o wcra,
mid all kinds of running itnvtomunls re tared ul short
notice und on reiisoniihlu terms.
mnde to order al prices.
I Move. Kettles, t'ols, fans, Smoothing Irons, Do
Irons, I'low I'oiul. c. Old Iron liiken In etehanno
for hu of the iilmvo arlietes, T, K, UA Its 1 ,
l.nm inter, Pobrunr) iHliO 4 Itf
AHOlIT Hi run Millions or Aerts uf l.nndwlll i
liriiiiKhlliilo market in Ihe Siuto of Ion a, In June
uou. Wn oxpeelto mnkuuxli'iisiveseliiellnualnthe
various liisirii Isthrouirhoutthu Slum, prior to tho "f
rerlnir olthe l.'iit'N.iitid front our exporieiice tn the
liiisltii'is.wo rvi'li'iiiiliduntlhitl we ,'un irlvn entire sa-
ttsraeliiiii loall whii ma yonlriinl tlml rhuslnosslo our
euro. 'I'neMulorpiiriiierurthe ririu will l In I. an
nsioraooiiltha uril or .s, prti, ami any uusrnesa let'
wllh J. V.fMn.'houir,r Hi nl eily, will he atteWtf
ul I hnl tl in" . fees, t III per Hunrier SeeUon .
I'orrespondeiiceiolU'lteil . Aildress
Land Agents, Klrksrlllelissoui1
March S.V83H "lt
i r. a. tSout,
Merchant Tailor and Clothier,
Opposito tlio Shit lii r llouso.
I.tnoail r, Nuvuniliorll, Nj',1 1)57
j I, ii n e.M.sriN. r.a.oviNn, r,i.iumin'
MJaasof JLaa. C:
iMulil Miret, Lunennlor, Ohio.
SIlMiI Ksehaiign on Ihu Must tor salo lute
allowed on llepostt:--
tiorDOdutaattiio rule or, per eoutpor ammar.
" Hinnuttta" " i ' " . "
i j.i ii " ) it il 'II
l.aneaster,Khrury7,ltiO lyfU
iv7t. jvise7
OF I'l t: K-l u roster llulldlne, vd door on the north,
January Hl,lthi0-1)37
i.AncASTr.n,oiiio. -
; Prompt atl.tillon lveii to Collaclloi.s. .
5TOVVU R wllhSUiKtuonih i VUttVe..,'. '"":.
iirch J'J.tW-V. . r . . : s . . I,
wm: it. sfiutt,
Wheeling Street, Lauvukier, Ohio,
Alto, s flue lot of
Which will tie disponed of at tliis tlm,t VERY LOW
n i cn, iur usn, iiorl time pupur, ur guuu
Horxea will bo luknn.
All work niatinfaruireil from th bstl of matnrlal,
and puiap in good worLiuuiihku luannor, aud war-
ratiiea i.ir ono your.
He would romrn his llianks for the liberal patron
ne extended m him by iln people ol this county
during Ihe past eiKhlncii vi-uri, and would moat ro,
apeclfully aolicil aconilnaiumn ol 'heir fuvora.
Lancaster, February S3, IWiO 2if
Tho higrh and anvlod celebrity which thoae pre-eminent
Mudlclnei hava ,-oiiired for Ibuir InvalilabtiJ
efficacy In all tho Dloui- winch thny prnfoM to cure,
has rendered the usual practice orputnngnoioniy uu
uecossary, but anwnrlhv of llmin.
IS a'i.i. casks
ofAslhms, Acnlo and Chronic Hhuomallsm, iffoo
tions of Hladdor and Kidneys.
Ill the Bouth and Wusl. where ihesodisoass prevail.
tli a v wlllbe found invuluublo. HlaDlen.furmoraand
nihors, who once use these Modiciues, will i.evur al
turwardsbe without Ihem.
Biliout CAoic,fierioNJ LoostHts PUts. Cntlineness,
Coiling CtiiglittCkolicCorrMpt Aurnor .Dropsies.
livsrapaiA. Nonorson with this dlstressmir disease,
snouin aulay using these Meuicinc iinmcuiaiuiy.
r.rupnons ol toe hstn, crysipnias, r inmmiic) .
Fbvkr and Ann. For Ibis scourge of tin Western
country thnsu Mediclnus will be founds safo, spoydy
and ca'rlain remedy. Olhor medicinos leav the sys
tuin suhjoct to a return ot the disease ; a cure by these
mudlcines is pnrrnanont.
't ry them. Re sallnllod. and becnrnd.
Foi-lskss or CoMPLtxioa
Gravel, Headncho, of every kind, Inward Fever, ln-
Oammatory Klieuniatlsui, Impure Blood, Jaundice,
Loss of A ppctite.
Mi.'rci'kul Pissast,. Xsrer falls to eradicate en
tirely all the effect of Moreury, intluiloly snouur then
the inoatpAwerlul ireparation ofSaraapurllla.
Night SMcnts.XcrntiHS Debility , Worrotis Complaints
of all kinds. Organic Jlffcctionr,
Pii.es. Thu original proprietor of these Modielnoa
was cured of Piles, of 35 years standing, by the use of
these Life Modlclnes alone.
PAI.VS intbe Head, hide, Uack, Limbs, Joints ana
Hun xattsh --Those atlocted with this terrible dis
ense, will he sure of lellef by the Lite Medicines.
Hush of Itlood to the Head, ricurvey, Salt Hheuio,
Kc on;i.orKiso'i Evil lu Its worst fjrins. Ulcers
of every doscriition.
WnaMS of all kinds are effectimtlycxpollod by these
Medicines. 1'arents will do wnll tu adiiiiuistor them
wlieneverthnlr exiftlence Is suspected.
Kollof will be certaiu.
The Life Pills & Phconix Bitters
rUttlt'Y THE HI.OOI),
And thus roniorn all dlsoiiao from Iho system.
I'ri'l'ared and sold liy
335 Ilroadwav. corner of Anthony Stroet, Now York.
'Vor Saluby all Urugsim.
Junu U , ll?U0 lyl I
Blood Purifier and Blood Pills,
YK7IIF.N DR. KORAf'K. tl.. celebrated Swedish
lV Phvslclun. Introduced his Hlood Purlller and
Hlnod Pills in Ilia United Htates.be set forth In plain
lanpjiiain their euratire proporliea. I hla was yonrs
ago. I he task of recommending them has sineo ueen
taktn out ot his liana's. Knliirhtened men whnsechar-
artur for sound judgment and phlfohnphy. trlvesthulr
nptniitns wntrul In the cominnulty, men wlinooservo
refloct, and uiaka "aasuranca douhly aura," before
they deeidoareeverywhere approving and urging
Ihe use or thnsn wouderrul I'rejiaratlona. All who
eontldotn the wisdom andliotiesty or this el ass, or who
rhose to Investlsrate ror Ihntnselvo, aro uow or ens
mind on this Important snhjert.
The evidence In-tho possession or Dr.KohnrJt.whlrh
Isatallllinesaccesslblutothe public, estubllshua tho
That the III.OOIl PU It I Kl KH and BLOOD PILLS,
haveboen proved hv aimlvsv tn
Tha thoy euro tho ul most mil vi'riil couiplullltj
wilh w n e.rr i ng; terrain! it, and lu n very short 11 mo, That
ul'lnr all other iuodicinus have proved useless, they
and restore the heall ha ml si ri-nulhiirtliesu Boror. That
win, have languished for ymirs In hi'lpless wenkness
und iiispnii'lntii'y,riiriiperaiu wllh grest rupldttyuniliir
llmlr liiMgornlh'igoperaiion. 'I hraallsoxual disubil
i ties it ri- riiiuiiruil by thuir cord inland gentle stliuulul.
inj proiertles. Tliat Ihcv rieriill
howeveriltiiy may have hemi trlltcd with and ahused;
Hint their ill reel luuiteiicy is to Itiuirttieu lile.liuo ran
derll miloyulilo. 'I liiit.ninratiiilirccll' lipiHilliciiii
son of disease in I hs hliimt,
TilKY OAL'sK TO 111! A!,,
mid dlsiharge from thu systmii, every tnint orScrofula
w liulliu r heredllnrv or otherwise. 'Mini they
IfKCKUl'T Till'. lll'.lill.lTAT Kl).
und Ihal therels no dlseasenfihe Stomach and tlow
nls,the l.ivor, the nervous s.stcin, the akin, gland or
muscles, In arising from impurities In the lllood ur
Secretions, which they do not give prompt relief, and,
(if itilmiuisiercd heforu Din very ritadutor life has
been III veiled,) ejfe.el a painter ami perfeel enre.
Ilcur In mill. I that thu SI'A Mil X A VIA N V K(j KTA
III, K lll.oon I'll, I, Snrooinl.ir.il. 1 hy tha evperleuoii
or Hi oiisii mis or living witnesses, who, In hitlers, a ill
diivllrt, medical works, and hy word or mouth, pro
claim them to ho Ihe very best preparation oltho
kind ei er offorod to Ihu lirokoii-down victims or III
health. They huntdlaeiisnthroiiirh every uveiiiieand
nrganor tho system, and to expel Itlhoroughly nnd
Nis mieciiii iloiilitthulrsiiiierlorlly attnr one single
trial- ihcv are not only holler hut, In ftiet. clieuper
llinniiiiy other Pills, ror It takus a leas number or
til em to prod ue o a better effect.
Priceol the Scandinavian Vecntntilo lllood Puritl
er, $1 per bottle. or U per hair doxen. orthoKcuu-
1 s si v lit ss Vegetable iiiooii rirs.'.'jeeius per uu, or
5 boxes ror 91.
Itend Hr. ItohacV'sSpecliilollcosanil roriiuciiies
puhllslicd In a eoiispliuous purl ol this Paper from
time to time.
Ur. Kobnik's Medical AliiiniiacandPumlly Advisor
containing n grout variety ol ilileiostluK end valuable
Modirnlltitoruiallon. can ho had giutis ot auy of his
Agiiiitsllirnilghoul the country.
lu dllllcullor complicated fuses. Dr. Itohack may
ho consulted personiilly or by letlor enclosing uno
slauii for the reply.
I'rl m l pul Ofltce und Soles ltooins,N"o.!0,Kasi Konrtli
Slrenl,:id lliillillngrrom MalnStreet,l'-lnoliiiiutl,Oliio,
Laboratory in Hammond Struet.
Forsiile'by tieorge hiiurfiiiau A; Co, T.ancastor: Ah
bolU- Son. iMearport; llowmandi ltahlenhaiigh,Koy
allniH Philip lliiue, I'leiisantvllle; Wililermiith, M II
lor.1t Mn. on, llnsil; (i. F. Mamlln. Oakland; llnrmon
di (liirtls.Plckorlugloii! I.S. Wets!, I.llhopolis; II. L.
Nicelv.lliiltlinoro; li. I'. Miller. Millorsporl! Heery
its .Mei'aiidliih, llreiuen; J. II. Sundoriiiaii, Aiiiiinda;
J, L. llnitlon.Niiw Salem: A ..I.Shrader.Suirarliroui,
nndhv tlriicgistand Merchants ceneriilty thriiuirhoiit
thoUiilou. JulydJ, IHIiO-IMi
mistics ci.u roito nonixsoi
nA'K removed Ihoir business to tlio Olesy llrlvk
Illllldlnir.lininedlatelV niosllO the Kry Good
More of Mrs. llei-k.amU doors West nfihn lloeklni:
Valley llauk. Their stock consist of nit styles of
fancy BONJsniyrs.
Also, a fonoral avtorlmeul of '
UIHHONS, i.uii:s r.tt'K, VI I IN,
llouil Ore.se. ,('ollur!s,:orart, Ac.
WttlWH VUlMi
reeelvossieeliilalleiillon. Orders Itlled on short uotlee
lnsiiriiissed,aiidehi iii for cash. Ladles respecirnlly
Invited to call before inskli.ff their nir Imse. else
where. rl.lKKiMID d. IIOBIMNOS.
I.anraster.aiiril 10, lhWI 11'
DR. X G. HAmiLL,
OK KICK, and residence the same
reeenilv occupied by Hr. II. Scot
on Rroailwoy, oue axiuarooulst of
MarkHt Ifoiisn.'
t.a.tr,Aprm,lii) uf ' "
tij.l' .1.1 If ULUUlbJl
II mann.rof KwailnallUasHs.--
.,..snni.iV,s jinaa1 n,iiwar.iS
..PalnMil ami 1 rimm.d, aitdalt klndsnf H.
Ii i n a- il.ii.f on short notice.
k.Jl.WJ.VUK. ,
April , ltK10-4U .
Manufactors Cabinet Ware of all
descriptions and styles.
U IS Wares are made of the best materials; and
manufactured with special reffureuee loduruhil
itv; aud after the most uiodoru patlerua. Also,
. r. .COFFINS of anv style, furiitihed on
fW-SS?nr usual notice; and will attend funeruls
in town and country, with or without a Hearse. He
will also attend to . '
tn the City, or In the country.
Iflr. DULLY, In the sauis establishment, man-
uraciures and keeps ror salo,
made hnnestlv, end to he worth the uioney they ask.
Lancaster, April 5, ll,u ltr
, Uiitupa rtc's Great Work
KEHRESEN'n NG ALL thisdis-
u.ienorihe genital orpaninf the in tile
mid feuialo, wilh tho UtttKi dixcdve
ries tn roi.roducilon. The MlHIrtetl
shoiiUI umh no remedies before leuru-
in from this valuable work Uie su
neriori.r of the utiilinr's Farii anil
London treatment of private disea
se: both inarrieilanilfitiKle,boulrl
consult it. litis book tell how to
cure the following Diseuses, and en
litrUttMis thoie wliaiprnne lii(lnrknpB.
Gonorrhis,Gl.!.'t, Cliordee.Strical. Svnhilis. Huhn.
Warts, lilotclis,. Sensualism.. Soinlnal Weakno8i,M as-
uirhation orsuir-aijiisejucorrliaorWIiitagupprus'
slon of the Mouses, Falling of thu Womb; how to pre
tent Pregnancy, MunstriiHiion, narrenness, Rheuma
tism, ir. It treats on MiitwlferT. Abortion. Mlrar
rineOfCuIebacy, with remarks to the y.nntf and old of
both sexui. It tells Iww to Uistiuguish pret(uancj and
now toujruid lt,tc,
Perfoot Sa.eirutrd asninst Qtifloliery.
HTFortteth edition lOft.OfH) copies sold annually.
This book sunt under seal, iiot oaid. t all narts of
thu world, on the receipt of 3 cents, or 5 copies for
Dr Bonaparte's" Celebrated Preventative.
Thiiiiinplo JmaHhful, and yet effectual i-reventho
Is bevonil a coiuparison with auythinjE ever ; ot disco
vered. It has been proved by vearsof otperlence.and
In no instance has ttlalled when applied according to
directions. Married people wh ) do not wish to increase
their families should be In possession of this instru
ment. Price re'iuoe.1 to 5s.
r, Bonaparte s trunrh Patent Male afe! This ar
ticle enaMus thoso whose health or circuinntanccs do
not ik' null an increase of fumlly. to raerulate or limit
tho number of thoir off ttprinfr without injuring the con
stitution. It is the only safe and sure preventive
against pregnancy and disease. The above article is
specially Intended torn I ill this desideratum; It Is per
fectly safe; no metallic substance enters into its com
position. Thepriceofthe French Patent Male JSafu.
91 the ulnglu oue. 94 per half dozen, 7 pttr dozen.
TTTMaiumx Lokikh's Female Monthly Pills is a safo
and reliable remedy for suppressions and all female
disease. Indie should not uso Hi cm during pregnan
cy, as they will prodiuo miscarriage. Price, $1 per
box extra tine $.1. Sent to any address by mail. No
letters will be answered unless tuny contain a remit
tance or n poitsge stamp.
YOUNG MKN -Iset no false modest deter ynii from
making your ruse known to one whobfroni education
and respectability, can alone befriek yon. fie who
placeshlmself under Dr. Bonaparte hm bis treatment,
may religiously confide In hi hont-r a gentleman,
and in whose bosom will be foruvvriockcd the secret
of his patient.
Alinrcinrs anorcssnn to ur. c. k. uu. a I'AH i K,o.
IP'J, SycamoroStrael.betweon Flft .d .Sixth Strcctn,
Ciucincinnntl, will bo punctually vltended to. Hr.
Ronnparto can be consulted upon at: secret diseases.
Ife isiinTiinitioiinlU acknowludgel to be the cham
idon aud king of Venereal Diseases, and onlr Physi
cian in the union wno nan irnvecju on tne ronitnontor
Kuroitn.nnd the only Doctor who has visited their
celebrated Hospitals, as woll as their medical institu
tions, and rei'iMvuig Uietr monthly reports, Mirers to nil
those who desire to consult a professional person, the
result offortv years ox pemMtce tn the Hospitals or K11-
rope and America, ( onnaeni'at couauitatlou dally
from (i A. M. until 10 P. M.
September I, i8.U 1 y If?
S A 17 FOR 7JV(3
IT is compound'"! ontlroly from Gums, and linn bo
conio au ostablishoil tat'l, a Standard Medicine,
known and approved by all that liav-a used It, and Is
now rosorlod to with conflduuco In all the diseases for
wlilch it is recommended.
It has cured thousands within the last two year wlio
had (riven up nil tioposol rullof, as thu numerous un
aolici toil corllflcntes in my posnosslon show.
The dofcu tun si be ndaptnd to the tomporamont of
luetnumuuai lamnjr u.ana usea 111 such tjuautmosus
lo nrt (TMnily on thu Bowels.
Iot tho dirtatosof vnurinl(pmntgulde you In the
osonflhe I.1VKK INVIOOKATOK, und il wilt euro
l.i vor com pi sin is, billions attack UTS(nsia, chronic
Diarrhoea, Nunimnr complaints', drsentory. dropsy
sour stomach, habitual costlveuess, chollc, Cholorn
morbus, t-hninra inraiuuin, natitionco, jaunolre, fa
male weakunsses, and may he used uccHisfiilly as an
ordinary faintly medicine. It will cure sick headache,
(as umusaii'ia can losuiy.i in twenty minutes, it two
or throo leaspoonfulsaro takou at cotnmeacomeut of
All who nsn Uaro trivlnir their tnstlmony In lis favor
Mix wator in tho mouth w.th the Iurigorator, aud
wallow noin tosreuier.
Trice Ouo Dollar per llottle.
A 1.80,
r A ,11 II K
im'ki: vi;;k r aiii,i; i:ikuts,
And pump lu GI.A.SS CA.skk, Air Tight, and will
keenln aurcllinnle.
Tho FAMII Y t'A'hiAIM IC PI l.l.S Is a eentlo but
active Cathartic which tin' proprietor has used in his
pritt tiott more mnn twenty years.
The constantly Iticreaainir demand from those who
lmveliHijf iHedthe PILLS and the antNfacttoii which
all vproM in regard (o their use, has luUticed mu to
nl me ihe m w it in n tne reiuli oral 1.
Tho ProteA-iLin well know tlio dllTeronl Calhartlcs
act on d i tie rout portions ofthe liwels.
The FA " 1 I V c a i ll A If I'll: PI 1,1. has, witli due ro
Terence to this well etahlidied fart, been compound
nd froni a vnrivly of tint pnrett Vegetable Kxlrurts
wliii h act alike on evert part oflhe ulimeiitnry canal
it nd are OOoDniiil S. KK in ull caseswhere ti Chatlmr
lie Is needed. uch us Herruij;eiiieiii of tho Stomach
sleeninesii.piiin lu Iho back nnd loins, coaLivciies
pnin and soreness over ihe wholo body, from s'idden
cold, which frequently, If nelerted, end lu a loin
course ol fever. lo n of uniHttite, a creep! ne sensntion
of cold over the h.tdy . reallosiitestf.headacbo.or weight
In the head, all iulliiiiiiuntory diseases, WorniM tn
children or adult, rhouinniWui, a (Treat purl Her of Ihe
bio. id and many dieat.e to which Heslt Is heir, loo
nu iperoix to mention in tin al vertbeim'nt.
THA KI'lC PI LL are retailed by Drurirints nenerally
and so hi whoiesaiu by tne I raite innti largo towns,
is. i . W.NAl. C tMUl, 1. II.,
Mnnnfaclurernnd Proprietor, Tt llrnailway.N. Vorlc
Forsalely;. KAUKKM.VN iV CO., Lauiulor,Chio
Oclolier-.'U, lcyj i )',-,
list Siiifcss I'nitiirallnd lu tlio Anuah
ol luMirunco.
rush Capital, - -Cask
Assets - -
- $100,000
The I'mrm f'oxriiv, devoting llsentiro tlmo and
ulti'lilloii to ilia htislnesa or
nut: isi iuM i, kxci.i siviii.v,
And havlne a Hah Capital iili'.lire.l solely for Hist pur
poo, is eiuililed to oirer superior ndranlaves to those
ili'sirlnff rutinhlo ludeliliiily. and for iroiuitntiss In
Ihe settle uiei. of losses, tlie "I'lio nix" has no rival
In Aiuuricu.
II. A'KLI.IXir,. Keerelnry
S. L Ltl.MIS, I'rs-.lmit.
llltAXl'H OFrlCK.Xos. Ill ami :U West I'liirdstreel
I luelnnati, limo. 11. jl At, 1 1. 1.. Iiciii'mi Aeni
lri'Aiiiillcalloiis sullied, and I'olltlos Issued direct
hy S. WHI.IIV, Agutil.
TlTPull Conpllance with Stule l.nus.U
I.aii.uster, May 17. IHUII 7lf
ii. u. Titotvr.
(JKLKllUATl'.n 11YG1KNIO .
am inpitovi:i
ratcu toil December 20, 1S50.
J (M'M) Inform Oi IsmHosnf l-tiOrttir nn.l Knlr-
llolti I'oiinljr, Unit iliu hnvo Umoiti ilia agt'ulK
furl lie iiuinufiu'turo mitt xnlti nf llio nlxtvo srtiilo, niul
ki ortimtniitly on hsml a full stliily of nil ilwi.
Ilusldfls holns; the immt cntvoulnt mi I oomfurtable
Rrllrlo rrtros of tria kind tnor lnveiiUI, It nU,
n Invaluable gn in Ihu cars vfrafs and Chrmnii
.'in,(aiiuil by tight luttrnfi,
ItRraRivrKK.-Tho iinilnrslirnoi, rhyttcilauR ftfl.nu
nsivr,)hln,lmvinfrexaiuind Hrown'a "Skirl 8up
portor, hate imi hoifUauoy in rooominoiullnR it to tlio
n.iblii'.ns a moans tn privul and aliovintv serious
Uisvnstis, to wliloh Ia.lU are constantly axposoU, at
tho msuitisf thfltr protcnl Jr3fB.
A. C. HA K LOW, M. 1). J, M. BIGKLOW, M. U.
O.K. T)AVI8, M.l). O.W. RiKltsTI.KH,M. H.
Call nt Uih Cloatlitof Kturo f H. TROUT, arn's
Hloik,I,ath astor.OhU. June 41, IHQ 3mW .
a. brennman& CO
Book and Stationary Dealers,
MainStrel,t.i-eenef Corner, nut tothe Court
W House , opposite the hhieoer House, In
ith I.. U.
Lancaster .March. Ill
8 T VE S
Copper, Tin $ Sheet IronWarc
One Door West of the Hocking Valley
I II AVE Just roeetved a larga assortment orsTOVKS I
whn li I will sell lower lliau ever, consist iu part.of
Champion Cupper &, Premium
srovr.s, run wood:
Victory, Salamander Jt Tiger
1UU tUAL, .. '
With an 6sortraent of Six & Reren Plite
. ind Coal and Wood
IPsnapacEicp tSao-rsea
Poraonsin wantol anythinir In the wnT or Stovej
Tin, Copper or Slieet-Iiou Ware, would save moncj
oy eaumic on me.
Harticelar attention la dltectod to ttiia Stove, as It
possesses more g-notl qualities than any other now In
use. I naiiRiai for past ra-'ors, 1 tleslre A. continuance
or the public patronage.
Water Spouting and Jobbinjj .
ofAt.fi KIKDS, ilone on shoitnotiea.
TrJ01u,CoiIter,Bras8,unii PowtertakenltieTehanffe
Lancaster, October SO, 1K9 25ir
For tlie speedy, radical, and p)Te tual eure or A IX
DISEASES arising from IMl'UlU rYoflUo BLOOD.
ThismoJtciuo hns wrouxhtthc most miraculous cures
in ucsperAto cases or
Scrofula. Cutaneous Jiiseasos. Pitnoles in the Pace.
old stubborn ulrers. tetters affections dyspepsia, jaun-
tiu o, niurgunaiuisuases. uver com pi inn, mw spirits,
cancerous formations, Frvslpclas, Bolls, sore eyes,
scald head, HheutuHtle disorders, contiveucss, salt
rlioum, eeneral debility, loss of appctite,foul stomach.
Female romplnints, and all Diseases having their
original in an impure stale of the Blood,
Tlie ahovo Is a portrait of David McCroory, of Xn
pieriownsiiip, wno,on nietstday of Avjtust
mnrlo allldav It be rore Justice G
rley, that he wastreat-
ed for tho cure of Cancer by three physicians of Huj.
ford cour.ly, and by Dr. Newton of the Kclectlo Col
logo In Cincinnati, for aperlod of nearly elj-ht months,
iiolwlthitandl'ijf which, his lip, nose and n portion of
nis leucnecK wore entirety einon away: ho hnti driv
en opnll hop, when he heard ofthe Hlorid hearch
er," nnd waslnducud to try It. Four bottles cured
mm, nnl although sally dlsflicure there, fa no ques
tion but what this Invariable medicine saved his life.
i ho full particulars of this romarknble ense m y le
seen in a circular. wnicn can oenad or any or tne agents,
u aim roiur .n iua cant? ui iiantiT nieaaner oi r.l-
derton, Artnstrtns; county, Pennsylvania, cured of
Scrofula afttrbeinjc unable loffolnulof bed fnrSyears
I o the rase or n ifwy in AiiKonville.t learileld Conn
t y. who ivas also atlllcted with Scrofula In Its worst
lothftcase ofuoorire Meisel. residlns In Tarroll
town, fain Ma county, Pennsylvania, who was so bad
ly atlllcted wilh Cancer th&tli eat his entire noso off,
nun ins rae was worst, n pnssioie man mcl roory 8.
i ne pariicuiarsoi incse cases, every one or which
wasmred by the uofihe Blood Searcher tuoy also
uv iuuiiu in a circular 10 or uno rnny aireni.
R. M. I. KM ON, Pronrletor.
Laboratory for the manufacture and sals, nonrthe
Pa. Ksllroad Depot, Hollidayabiirvh. Pennsvlvanln.
Jr. Geo.H. Keyser. W holosale airent, Plttsbtirr, Pa.
For salo by K AUFFM AN e CO., Lancaster: J. L.
Pwsln. Oroveport; K. Hchuller, Huberts Hsmuel,
i iiiummis; it, n. mutsoii, wen .lenerson; nr. A, w
Munson, Kenton. January 36, leCO 39
nickrouo aV OLIS,
rAo'K this method to advise the putdle that they
will eontlniic 'at the (I, I Stand of Uirkfonl .V
Uiivls,) the business of inaniifaetiirlii)r
Of all Varleteis. Also,
t'nrdiii)r,!piiiiiluraud Cloth DroHftlng
vV ill liaYeronstiintly on hand a good assortinoul of
Cas'si meres, Snttiucts, Blankets,
flannel , Jen n., TtvcrdH, Stock liiR
Varus, Ac.
I.anonster, May 17, 1860 ?tr
n AVISO lately made larireaddltions to my exten
sive stock of Hardwaro, I am now olTorinir noods
in my line tu very snort proiiis, lor prompt pay. 1
have onhuud alurnuaiul coniplolo assortment of
House Building
Hardware, rarpentcr" and Mochanlcs' Tools, Vlcos,
Anvils. Mill und t.'ross Cut Saws, Iron, Nails, Oluss,
i ii, i), ,,ii, tvuue i.eaa. aiso,:i laru variety or
Buggy Trimmings and Saddlery
My stock ol' Harvest Tools,
Also, on hand, Tubs, Duckets, Measures, Wooden
Howls, Krlltania Ware, ,Ve.. eu. '
HavlnR the largest and beat stock of Goods In thn
Hardware lino In this market, and having purchnaud
with ureal earn from the manufacturers aud Importers,
i am eiiuuios lo sen al l.uw r nil .Bn, Auil as an
liiilucemeiit, I wish to reducn my stock, and will sell
some iroods at oust. Now Is Ihe lime for bargain, as
quick sales is uie mottn. j. vvka V KK,
May 17, fOli-7 Tullniad;e Itluck, Lauuustcr,0,
or tti.uiniii n, ouio,
Consiol Mated Dncpmbcr I, mnn,
7'Ar's Institution is nolo tkt largest, most tkoranxh anil
practical in if sours e of onsmsss training oj ana
Mercantile Collegs in Ike Hints,
T"VA1LY Ll'XTUHKS on theoretical and practical
I w Ifook-rteppinB. t nininerciai imw.roiiticui r.con
ouiy. Commercial hlhics, Corresoondeneu, Mnthuina
tics, Penmanship, eke., by meu of experience In their
The lUl'LOMA Is In no easo given to any Graduute
who is not competent to keep tho books of any busi
ness Ifonso. -
Timffsindnnlinitti Usually tnltes an apt pupil
from six to nine weeks. Can entur nl an; time, as
morn is no vacation.
Tutal Cost lueludiiigScliolarahlp, Books, Board
lnr.e..Ac..about7ir Scholarship (rood in the four principal Common lad
Colli t-cs In tlm United Stales.
for full particulars, enclose two stamps nd address
mi vi? M..i..nv. iii
i)UKF.Met;oVa CO.
Culnmbnt Oh,
4k, Ttholr old stand, on Center Alley,
AfjA tl near Mulberry street, enntlnuethelrf
business in all Its blanches: such as edge II J
tools, ull klndsof work belonglngto tho v 7
rarmlnginlerosl: wafoe-work; and especial atten
tion given to shoeing. Glv us your work, wo do all
nurjohson the shortest notice. Special alio Dtlou
given to making and repairing mill picks.
Lancaster, May St.lfliO- etf
ft. It tfJKf.O WM OFFICE liathlsOt.t
Rusidenco.on Wheeling StrMnt. ne.rColuinhu
Klreet, where be will attend mall tha calls of ulsprof.
fessloiu Lucaster,Au.usl j,iaj6 Hf
rpiIK und.rsinnod.havlntscnln assumed Die man
M. Keuielilortlila w.ll known establishment, brir
e e to ssj to tho.a who visit Cincinnati, either lor
bu nest or pleasure. that th.y will nnd the Broadwwy
Hotel one of the most eoav.oienl ani d.slrable sloi,
plnarplaceslntheelt. . 1
ills convenient loth Rail Road Office and Depnla
and tlie public I.andliirt more so than anv other Unlet
in lUiicinuail and Is within rw mliiuluawalk ofths
Host Orlice, the principle busluosslctalitlos, and tho
places of Public Amusement.
An extensive range of llathlnf Rnomaind a Ear
ber'aMiop will be rund In the Hulldlna..
Thiahuttse basalt lue comforts and conveniences
that can be found In any Itrst class Hotel In the West.
The whole establishment hna just bean thoroughly
nverliaulod, renovated anil re-furnished, and Iho
Pronrletor feels assured that those who m.k
house theirhoino during their stay In the city, will
have uo reason o colupiuin either or his ar com mod,
tlonsorhlsehargea. JOSKFII H. CKOMWKI.I..
ciuclunall,Nep.emberr.l,ltl&s IB
. LOW P UlCliSl
Miscellaneous Boola
School Books .
Juvenile Books
Bitiles, Testament. .
Iljron Books, I'riiyer Books
Cap, Letter and Note Pipef
Dhj Books, Ladders
Memorandum and Copy Books
I'ort Monies, Wallets, l'ocket Books
Perfumery, Toilet Soaps
Tiolures, Picture Frames
and a great variety of
For sale al EXTKEM fcM.Y l,(IVV PKICKS.at
Main Streot, North Side, opposite the .Shairerllouss
Lancaster, April til, 1839 Silt
YOU will Hud at F.J BOVINO'S Hardwaro Storo
a large asanrtnieut of PLOWS and other A errlrii 1
tural inipleineuls, oftho rollovinsr celubruted makers;
J. L. Glllt Sou's oombluatiou Plowt, Points, Porta
and Land'Sfdus.
O. C. Sillier Go's Steel Plows.
A. Penroi-k & rion's Steel Plows.
W. Dnrst's Cast Plows, Look's Pattern.
All of which have been thorourhlv teslnd hv tlin
Farmers or this and Ihe adjacent counties, and arc ac
knowledged tn be the best in Ihla uiarkei. 1'slLer,
amineand mako your choice to suit your ground and
teams, aisu, constantly on naiiu. lull stock 01
House-building .Materials
. or ati KiKiNi.
Saddlery and Carriage XriniinlnBjsia
TOOLS nrall descriptions orthu best nualllT and
the lowest prices. F. J, B0V1N0.'
Laucaster, February S3, lSfiO 43tr
m".:bi b:. cs-jcjEHiTsr,;
TPPPromnt attention fldven to Cnlleetlons.JTr
Office in the deny Hiiildinga), Wesit o
Homing ValleTBunk.
OctcberST, lsoo 2i;f
Great Benefactor
Tlie Greatest Periodical Itemed j' ever
TDK lienefuctor Is infullililo for the immediate re
moval of Obsiiuctlons, lrroKiilarltles. Prolap
suj Vleri (fnlllnic of Iho Womb) Leuchorrhea, or
" hltes.and all the diseases peculiar In females.
This remedy bus never Vn rt single rase failed l.-t
pruducliiKthe .M''.i..es. I have received manv letter,
of reconunondatlon, which all siv: "Tl is Ihe'best re
incdy we hayo ever used." Sickness at the Stomneli,
Languor, Uifdllly. Pains in the Head, Side and Hack,
Loss of Appetite, Cosllveness, Ac., are son), of tho
systoms which attend irregular Mensturalivn.
This remedy may hehadhy addressing , N. 8IIRP
PAHD.Wnst Fourth Street, Cincinnati, nnd enelns.
lug tl, aud the Remedy will be sent hy return mall. .
N. H. Ladleswho are Pregnant ihould not use this
Remedy, as Kit sore to bring on Miscarriage, ihntih
no Injury lohenlth would folli w. One Hox $1, three
Boxes t'i. All letlnrsofiiiqulry must contain a post.
aKOalaind to Insure an answer.
J. S. SHKPPARD, Cincinnati.
Shepparil', Celebrated Oriental Pre."
Tenure to CoucerJtlan.
Vhlrh 1 vrarranl will never fail.
NOTICK. Ladies who do not wtih an Increase of
family may rely on this ma perfectly ssfeuiid eerialn
preventive. Ills very simple lulls use. and doc, not
injurethe system. .
Kent socuro from observnllon lo anv part of llii
United States, by mail, on receipt ofthe money. ,
.. inn,. ii,c..(cb nnn pacsnges isv; r.xiranne S3
perpai kuge. . Address J. 8. SH KPPA It l.
sept. v.i, ifj'j UoxH3,Cinriiinnti,Otalo.
THAN' TlIE - .
Worn by Kinga and Emperors;
H'hnt! Why n Uenutlltii Ilenil of Hair.
Recuiise it'it'llie ornainenl fjoif Himself provided
t all our race. Reader. althoie:h the rose may bloom
ever so brightly In th, glowing chuck, Ihe eve en.
overso surkllmr,th.e leet'i he those of (maris, II tlio
head Is bereft of lis covering, or the liair be snarled
and shriveled, kar.ih and dro, nr wnrsu sllll, if sprink
led with gray, nature will lose more. Ihan half her
charms. I'rr. Wood's ll,lr RcjlnrnUve, if used lw
or three times a week, will restore and per-nanently
secure to all such on ornament. Kend the following
and Judge. The writer of the Orsl is the telclrated
Pianist, Tai.ukkO! c i -w
IIH. WOOD-- Krw YoitK, April U, T.".' .
Ukak Sir Permit mo to express lo you Iho oblign v
lions 1 am under for the entire restoration of my hair
to itsorlglnal color: about the lime ofiny airlval tn
the United States it was repidly becoming gray, hut.
upon tho application of your '-Hair llestorullvu" It
soon recovered its original hue. 1 consider your Re
storative na very wonderful intention, quite ellica
tiousas well Is agreeable.
I ain.dearsir.yours Irnlv, S. TIIAI.BERG.
Welsh .Newspaper offlee. IS Knussaust.. April Id, !P5f,
Ptier. O..I, Wnon: llear sir. Some iiionth or six
woeksngo,! received a boltlo of your Hair Restore-,
live and gave II to my wife, who eoiicl.ded lo try It.'
on her hair, little thinking at tho time that II would
restore tho gray hair to Its original color, hut to her. as
well us my surprise, after few weeks' I. lal It has per
formed that wonderful ofTccl by turning ull tlm gray
halrsto a dark drown, at the same lime beautifying
and thickening the hair. I strongly recommend Iho
above Kesloraiivo 'o all persons in want of such a
change ofthelrliair. CHARLKS CARDiiVV.
Naw York, Julys., I Mil.
Paor. O. J. vorn With coultdcnco do 1 recom
mend your Hair Restorative, as being tha mnstefllca
clous article 1 evor saw. Since using jour ilulr Ra
stonitlvu my hair and whiskers which were, almost
while hare gradually grown dark; and I now leul
cm lldonl that a few more applications will resloro
them to tliolr natural color. It also has relieved mo
ofall dandruff nnd unpleasant itching, so common
among persons who pcrsplro feoely. J.o, KII.I1V.
Pror. IVonn-About two years ago my hiitr com
nii'iiccd fulling od end turning griiy, 1 was fust be
coming bald, and had tried many Remedies lo no
i ffi'i i. I commenced usingyotir Reslnrallvo In Jnnu
arc last. A few applications fastened my hair drinly.
Il begniito DM up, grow out, and turned bark tn lis
former color, (black.) At thiatlme It is fully restored
to its oiigiual color, health, and appearance, nud 1
cheerfully recommend Its use to all. J. 1). HODS.
Cliivagii, Illinois, May 1.1M7.
The Rosloralivels put In bottles of a sires, vlx:
largo inudiuin, and sinall-.lhe small holilvlialfa pint ,
and retails for one dollar perbotlleuhe medium holds
at least twenty percent, more in proportion than the
small, roiallsfortwodollars perbottleahe largo bot
tle holdsaquart, 40pereoDl.iuortnproportlon,uud
rctailsfortliree dellari.
o.j. wool! A i:i., Proprietors, 4U Rrnadwav
ew York, and IH Market Street, St. Louls.Misseu'r' ;
1L7 Audsoldbyullgood Urugglstsand I'nnrvGooO '
Duaier. Jun7,lIID 3mltr
lnfact,almosleverjthtiobe found In any
Allofwhlchhe la detormln""" Mil at the lowe,
Dossihlellringprlces. He retwfeittl, thank, in hi.
oldeuatomersforthelrliberal support, and hopeato
merlland receive a eontluuatlon and Inereaae of pa-'
troosge.andthatevery body may call aodexamlD.
Dissioc.ior inei row n satis) action.
TTr'P.S. Don't fnrgetlbls place. of buslnoa Glosejr
Row, on Mali SUeet,one door West of the Hocking
Valley llauk, Laucaster, April i UfJO l(j
L T7 Tf fr

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