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' .
OltY t?? . IASCA 811S.; ;
ocr.ii, J860
Republican Ticket,
l Illinois, v
. - .'"' OI Aatao.
FeUeit Electors for the State at targe.
FRED. HASSAURECK, of Hiroilton..
' JOSEPH M. ROOT,' of Erie.
lit DUtiict B. EggU-etoD : I
, id - Wi!lim M. Dickson .-.
3d ' " Frank Meffhinoey
,, 4th - John Rilej Knor i
5th . D, W. tl. How.rd
6h D. H. Murphy
' ! 7th Nelson Rush - '
9th ' Julia F; Hinkle .
lOih - ' H.8. Bandy i'
'llth Daniel B. Steward -
12th- R. P. L. Baber
- J 3th ; John Bcnttf
14tb Willaie? 6lucm
1 5th Joseph Aiik iy
161b, ' " Edward Ball '
17th John A. Davonport
"19th Samuel B. I'bilbrick '
Slst. 'Norman K. Mackenzie
The Election In Ohio.
Sufficient returns are tn lo indicate th
eieeuun of the State Ticket by near 20,
COO majority. - Judge Brinkerhoff runs
eovtidcrably behind the - ticket io some
oouoiies, but not sufficiently so to defeat
his election by haodeuute maj'iri'j ,
There is a largely increased vote all
over the State, which is a heaMiy sign
of interest on the part of the people, and
an earnit of a big m-jority for Lincoln in
Aha Republican gains, so far ashi'ard
from. (4 counties,) foot up tSnat 4,600, 1
against Domo rati gains of 750 .
The Cungrassioilal delegation will prol
ably stand U UepuwlUani to 1 DemouiaU
a loss o' on membar. Mr. VallanJig
tiam is re-e'eoted from the Third Disriof,
kul by the nie;rfl majority of 121 votes.
Kleotloa la ladlana., '
We hare raturut, si yet, from only 20
counties. These show heavy Rppublioun
gains in evert instance, and if the Vest of
tlx State doos correspondingly welt,' there
will be a majority close upon 10,00Q fur
Lam, and the whole State ticket. Eiglu
Republican representatives were elected
out of eleven a gain of one memUr to the
Republicans. A Republican legislature
is aNo chosen, which insures a United
States Senator to the Republicans for six
years, in plaoe of FiTcu-bogus Dumooritt,
- i Pennayvanm Klectlon. .
We'have returns Irom 23 out of 67
counties and estimates of others. The
counties reputed show majorities for Cur
tis. (Rep.1-) of 25,231. and Fusteb (Dem.)
10,743. If the remainder of the Sta e
itas gnneRibul as it did two years eiiwe,
at tlia geneml election, the Republican
majority U tl8tato will run np to 20,001'.
The Ropuhlreaus have elected 30 of ti e
16 Conj(reim-n sure, with a chance of
another. Thy lose one vote in the 8th
District, (B-rk County,) where Ancona,
( IJerti.) is elected in plat of J, Sohwam
deceosed. A iRspubliiian Legislature is
elected, which ifcutos Republican Sen
ator to eui'O'-ed Vr.fligh r.
Ve piiaUd .in our IabI week's paper
a IsUirroin the Hoq. John Boll to Mr.
TIioosm II. Wat: i, of Montgomery, Ala.,
in riply to an iniju'ry ae to the views of
the diiiiingiiinlicJ candidate of tl.e Union
party concerning the uroil qustions now
at is ue In fore tliu country. In that Ui-
t,.r Mr. Uoll rufeis his oorrespondent to
a culleetiuu of sx Irak's from his speeches
and Mier, with rrfnrtiiee to his votes,
latxly pnblinhed by the Central Union
Commitke f Triuii'stte. Mr. Watts
having carefully examined this oolloo
tion, publishes in the Montgomery Pott
the following summary of the views set
forth therein:
"Mr, Bell thus distinctly announces,
la my judgment, the following propsi
'1. A distioot repudiation of Wiliuut
PrsvUoism. ......
"t. A distinct repudiation of squatter
or-reignty ss long ago as 1 848.
"3. A distinct announoeinnt that the
Territories are the common property of
the Suttee composing the Union; and ilisl
the citiiensof each Slats have the right i
to go into such Territories, with tiieir
property of every description, and while
there to have protection, to property and
parsons. " .
"4 That Slavery, as it exists among
V i civilly, morally, and ri'lip-iourly
right; anniioned by the Constitution of
tu Un!td suites, ry the Jjible, and by
th praotjee cf men in all ages, and ll.t
(i ouglit it is skiendcd.
"like record of Mi', Bell, running thro'
a period oJ more than a quarter of a oon
tury, gives (he strongest assurance of his
fidelity to (he Institutlor.s of heSouth,
the lead, of tig birth; and of U 'pve lo
the Constitution aud :ho Union of pur
fathers. '
"Three opinions of Mr. Bell, so long
atertaiDl and acted on io publio lire,
afford to us ol the South a stronuerguar
anty against wrong thun the suddeu an-
Douaett&ent of loeottr h5or coDferte'
It is not noes8ary fur us to say, that
moat of the opinions ilere attributed lo
Mi Bell noera to usjo be pernicious, nor
that, iu'our judmenVtheir incoipora-
tii into 'the) permanent ! policy of our
conntry? would lend jio nothing but 'the
perpetuation of arrile and discord. Nor
hav(UieJiUhita..jiudsttood McBJl as
holding pro-elarery views of so extreme a
character; though we have now become
aware that iuch "views are set forth id va
rious passages in hit published apeeches
. But the points to which we desire to
call atteutiou are: 1.. That Mc Bell above
all holds a position of hostility to the
Squatter Sovereignty of Mr. Dougls.
2. That he is io favor of a Territorial
Slave Code; and 3. That be giveeno coun
tenance to the plan of some of his pre
tended friends who propose to support
him by voting for hie bitterest antago
iets, For thai sort of politic, we ven
turetotay no word of approbation' will
ever como from the lips of John Bell.
j. I, Trilunt..
Owr Special tVaablngion DUpntchea.
' Wasuinoton, Oct. 9.
Eveiybody.leels that the Presiilenlial
leotiuD wan virtually decided to-day, and
the most intense interest prevails to hear
(lie e ai lies t returns, sp, lully from Ten.-,
nsyhauiu. Before you pubiittb this, (hu
result will be known, and it id theiefore
idle,, lo indulge ia speculations.. 11 the
UopublioanB hitve triumphed in Pcnusyl
vanis, they have succeeded atrainut lthhi
i.dds; us they have had to contend against
; he. treaoliery ol the iiellttes, and agaumt
rowdies imported from .New York who
we.e brought on to control ibe election
in lhe city, of Philadelphia. . The Slur
ays it has received let'em from Priinsyl
vauia that leave no doubt of Curtiu's eleo
tiou. .;. , . . , , ';
Senator Wr (VII nudo a Itreokinridge
speech, Inet muht, belore the Ureukin
ridge Association. In the course of his
remarks he said that alter the recent eleo
tion io Taxs be fouud it unnecestiary lo
remain there, so far as canvasHipir was
concerned, me enemy were then oom-
pletly routed, and tlieie was nothing now
left ol litem except the dead and wounded.
Aud having no fanoy to ride over a lidd
that had already been plowed by artillery.
aud swept by cavalry, having no inclina-
tiuu to amuse lumsell in massacring the
wounded aid mutilating the dead, he
thought he would come to some country,
t it could be found, where the enemy
was standing in squure ready for the
charge. ...
In regard to the proMpectsin lhe vari
ous States through which he had (raveled,
Senator Wiirfall said lie would say thnt
Louisiana, (they expeoted lo carry ly a
sidhII majority. Mississippi and Ala,
haou, of ooaree,were safe. In Tenftcssou
all parties admitted that uuless Douglas
could oarry off ten thousand, ih'-y were
sure of that State. Arkannas aotl Texas
they would carry by overwhelming ma
jorities. As to the other States, be could
give thorn no uforinalion, tnaumuob as he
knew nothioj! perHonally nhout them.
. The result in Florida is a great . damper
upon the hopes of the Doughs aud Be
men, who were thorouuly unite, and hoped
to onrry the Slate, Floridu gave Taylor
a large majority in 1843, sil l upon this
bi' t the hopes ol the f usion is t were ba
Seualitr Hunter has piononaced Vir
ginia mre for Breckinridgid
The War Doparfment received a lnrt's
miil from the Military Departments of
New M-xinostil 'lexae. Active propara
lioim re in prugrcis hy our troorm for a
vignrotii campaign against the unlnndly
Indians v)ho sre constantly making in
curtioos upon the while settlers. Appli
cation linving bi'eo made to tho U. S.
Survey jr GbuhmI of New Mexico for the
recognition of mining claims founded up
on Ur'tiotineemont, the Conimimonr of
the General Land Office, Mr. Wilson, hna
liputehed instructions to the Surveyor
(toneral iu'ormititr him thnt no prenont
discovery or donounnenHnt of 'mines is
reoognisntl by lhe hiws ot the United
Statex, the system ot Spiiu nnd Mexico
in regaid to mines not having been inur
poratxd into our lund system. The du-
n a jf the surveyor (ienernl in regard to
filling elaimn areconiined to thoiceptlon
nf piivato hind titloi lawfully dt-rivod
from Spain and Mexi, o.
Nuiuoimus aud urgont, but ineiroottml
npp'ioatitin.s have huen made for further
tpi.ncme nl of the MiuooHola lund
sslea, nn Ilia ground that ih settlers are
uniihle to make payments for pre-empliou )
(daima h iihin the preei ribud time. Ac
cording to an oQiuial stalauiiiut of the Sec
retary of (hu Interior, the pre-emp'prs
will inevitably lose their IuihIh, if sold and
paid lor bv other parties, lint if not s dd
they aould, under the declaratory itoiieo
of settler, have the benelit of u year's
credit allowed by law, hy uavinjr for
lands thus Lecouis siibjool to private en
try. . !
Mr. Wendell, who hss returned from a
proira led lour North and West, gives but
faint enuouiaguiuant lo the oppouonts of
Mr. Lincoln, 'flu.ro is, however, somt
botiiug h,re upon lhe result in Pcnnsyl
The Tribune of to-day thus spunks of
tbe fusion meeting in INuw York last
night. '
"The ifttiGoation meeting of the II. S.
St 1. party; ut the Cooper Insiiiuto, last
evening, as noinplcte a sucorss as tho
dry goodn funds oonld ma ''e it.
"There was a great crowdfull 12,000
people , a great many apeeohss no less
than nine; and a great tornh-liht proces
sion St tho close, in which, ".lime were
mors than a thouaand (oruhea. Tho sneak
ers inside were Postmaster John A. Dix,
(who presided; eiimnel J. Tilden, Jamaa
W. Gerurd, Chas. O'Connor, Thomas K.
Tomlinson, Hirnm Walhridge, James
Brooks, Kll P. Norton, K. W. Andrews,
and Philip Meikle.
"The names of the speakers at tho out
siduMnde lrish, Know Nothings and
German history does, not chronicle; but
in all, through all, dry goods was liiutu-
Additioaal roreign NeWs.
Nbw Yobs:. Oct. 9. The City of Bal
timore arrived at 4 o'clock this morning.
1 A a official dispatch say ths Sardinians
after a abort eombat captured the suburbs
of the Perta Pia of Ancona. Ths enemy,
with four cannon, were defending tho
gales of the lowo of Ancona. ',. .
Orders had been reoeived at Toulon to
prepare a'eon'siderable'niimber of steamers
for the eonyeyanceyOf troops,' . . ' ; '
It is asserted that three steamers are
expected at Halts with reinforcements from
Epglsod. ' a .
'Letters from Alliens announce a dem
onstration by students in front of lhe K ings
Palace , with cries of "Dswn with King
Oiho," "Down with Austria," and some
cries of "Napoleon forever." J .
Two Turkish war vessels are at Jean
D'Acre, and the oommande'r declared that
he would open Gre on tl e town upon tho
slightest attempt to create disturbance
-' Great misery and mortality existed at
Constantinople. "
Tbe publio Treasurer had deferred pay
ment of the interest due on publio securi
ties. : ' ; - - '
Exchange on London had risen per
oent. '' i
Shanghai, Aug S3. The rebels have
tsken Nau'eing Ciy, in the Silk districts.
An American, named Wert, undertook
to recapture Sin Koo, but failed, and was
wonnded: The allies It ft for the Pieho
on the !oth of July, and were' to lake the
forts before treatipj. ' The Frenoh Divis
ion was landing at Pehtaud. .
, A eevete engagement had oocurrod with
pitaUa.'. Two hundrtd wore sls'n And
two European leaders captured.
Calcutta, Aug. 22. The Mahrajab of
IrevaueeiH died on tbe loth. j
' Paris, Thursday .The Sardinian Mio.
ibter had un audience of tho Emoeroryrs
tvrday, in order to take have. Ths letra
tiou is left in charge of the first Secretary,
Gen. Goyou had issued n order of the
day, declaring his resolution to defend
Ibe i oro to the last.
An envov from the Pono, it is said, had
arriived at Paris with the Pope's' ultima
tum, to the effect that if France does not
interfere lo prevent further progress of
the i'ieduioitcse,ho willleavo Uooie forth
with. ' . '
The King of Naples had executed Gen
eral faioraza at uaeta lei mgii treason.
Victor Emanuel wus about to go to Bo
. Ledru Rollin was at Maples.
, Forts Telago aud Terlilo, at ' Anoona
were taken by assault by the Sardinia us,
The Itnmorod Attempt 1 to Aesaislaato
' I.onia Napoleont
A story reachod us lately that a man at
Toulen had fired at Louis Nopoloon. It
s wall known that the Frenoh Emperor
Ucicoee tliut nothing which would seem
to indicate his unpopularity shall be giv
en to the public. Such precautions seem
to have led to the following extraordina
ry uUcmpt lo explain away the murder
ous assault above referred to, which we
find in the Paris correspondence of ilu
New Yolk. Commerolil Advertiser:
In paria this attempt was only heard
horn London, as are most of the spurious
attempts on his majesty's life. The facts
in the preseni oate are those: There is
a man at Toulon ol the name of Burle,
and who if not deranged, ia st least sligh
tly exalted in intellect, lhu man has
bcon from the Grat one of tho Emperor's
warmest supporters, and lis carries his
idolatry of his majesty to such an extreme
as to scarcely talk of anything else in his
everyday conversation, Ibis man think
iiiL' his idolatry ouuht to be remunerated
I as constantly importuned the Emperor
for favors of various kinds, and among
other tlnniTH had sought and 'obtain
the Imperial protection fur Iwo of his chil
Ono can readily imagine the increased
exultation' of this man whan he learned
that the lubjeot of his daily worship was
about to arrive at Toulon, and that ho was
goin to see hi in in propria jxrsona. He
sought but failed to ohtain an interview
with tho Lmporor nt tho prefects, but,
determined to attract his uian-sty s altoa
tion to himself, lis conceived tho bizzarre
and in this country dangerous expedient
of firing olf in the air a pistol, loaded
with blank cartridge, as the cortege pas
sed along the street. At first, it is truo
P'oplu believed that an attempt at iibsuss
i nation hail boon mude, an J Jiurle was
arrested. But ho was soon recognized,
Mill lhe tragedy was turned intoa farce, at
wmch every lady laughed, Burle was dig
muHod with an admuntiun from tho com
missary of police.
Always Room up Staiki. A young
man who was dunking ol studying law,
aid to Uuniel Witbster:
"Mr. Webster, I understand tho profes
sion ol law is quite full, and that there are
inoro lawyers than are nsedad. Do you
think there is any uhauoe for mo?"
'There ih always room up stairs, was
the reply, and ss (rus na it was ingenious.
Only a few persons result the high plauos,
nnd theaa are always in good demand.
"Theroja room enough up stairs."
First-class farmers, and mechanics, as
well as physieiaiig, lawyers, etc., always
find plenty of room, plenty of work,' and
goed pay. Whaiovf oalling you ohojae
aiid It matters little if it bo an honest one
resolve to go into an upper story; but
do not try to jump thoreby a single leap,
or you may fall dinablod. Rather being
at tho bottom of the ladder, aud patiently
step upou each round.
Remain ol ;v Wlllard.
Indianapolis. Oot. 8 The Committee
of oiii.eng from this city, with the remains
of Gov. Willaid arrived hers yestoiday
morning on a special train from Chicago,
accompanied by Gov.' Ramsey Kx-U. S.
Senator Rico, Major Cullen, Mr. Cochran
and Hon. Win. A. Bowles. They were
m( nt tho depot by the military compa
nies of the city, and a large number of
citizens, who received the remains, con
veyed (hem to the Executive Manson,
where they remained during yesterday,
and will bo taken to the Senate Chamber
this nfiernoon, where they will lie instate
in charge of the military until Wednen
day morning from whence the final funer
al ceremonies in this oity will take plaoe,
and th remains will bs taken to New Al
bany under an escort of military and cit
izens, for interment. Minute guns were
firod on the arrival of the cars ysstcrday
morning, and during tha procession to
the Executive Manaiun.
' e
Gtfermey's Balm.
Douglas in Scaurcb af Ills mother.
Tci "C Vi Ctmi (, ion't tltrmei.
Ht yon heard the now, from Boiling.
Wj dowu'ln Yaukaa loud,
Whera Utile gem W coining
' WUh big para J to grmil.
Ba'i (ana to buul lila uiuilior, I
Wbolifeaarouad aomawhira, ..
And ha uya with a liula bolliar
"I'll Sod bar orer Ihera." , V
Cbokdi Oh.catalonir.xat iloDS.tuke ma to my maw
Slia'a tha kludust, daareitparleat that evar
. . 1 WW. . , ,
Alatl ahi vaaantat the town.
' - Bha'd ffona to Proridenca, . .
So he bid the raithlul lead him on '
, And ha would travel bene. ;
.' Onse Uiara, ho culled the people out , ' ,
To help him Sud bUioulu,
And while the; narclied the town about
Ha woutto'-bakinf clam."
, J - - CnotBa Ob.gelilong, dio. '
Ite traveled up, he tratelod down, ' '
He peeped in every hole,
But aald to tell. in not a town
, Could ha nnd the dearoM aoult " ' '.
Bet atill he wonH (clveupthoehaao. ' ,
lla ruel'aau al'wul bad,
Me'a bound to (to every place ' ' '
. And tell hiaoaai aoaad
- ,i , i f ;Caou, Ob, gelaloDg, die. ,.
Now, Stephen Oug. yon careworn ton,
Wa'ro aorry fur your fate,
' You'd bettor atart lor Waililugtou,
For (ear you 'II be too late, ,
, Old Abo wltuhowvuur fortune quick
And tell you with a ibout,
Your inammy'a fouato cui a atick,
i , buo didu'l know you're out.
CiioKi't So t along, get along, taka me to my maw.
me klndea,auareav parient mat ever
Por the Gazotto aud Democrat.
: 1 Baltimore, Ohio, Oct. 8th,' '60.
EotroRs Gazette and Democrat :
Meeting of, the untoijified in Baltimore
Saturday evening Oct. Gth, '60, In ac
cordance with posters, postboys and post
men circulated all over the county, to call
forth the masses to appear in this last
grand effort to be 'held previous to the
election anil lo surpass' the Republican
demonstration held here on the evening
of the 3d inst. They rallied forth as
modern . Democracy does rally when they
are under the influence of Dotigla. spirits.
The first that made their appearance was
lhe " countrymen generally. Soma few
brought with tbem their lasses; next come
the delegation from Laucaster headod by
that great tlalcsman and orutor, J no. M.
Coone'l. 1
The first thing to ' bo done was the form
ing of tlie procession, and tharo was coo
siderablo trouble in doing it, but after
a great dealof pow-wowing,they were bro't
up in Indian file. ' Tbey numbered 153
including 15 children, and they started in
a dog trot to the tune of the dead march
played on a bass drum, without a file.
After thov prostrated tbe dog fennel in
the commons, all that could et-.nd and
walk made their appearance in front of
tbe Speaker's stand ibat was beautifully
decorated with flowers by some of the
laiicst ot the fair that knew not that it
would bo occupied principally by evil
Kpii ita, large carcasses and small patents,
or they would never huvo lent a helping
hand to the unclean thing. - Next come
tho sneeohes. The first that appeared
was the illustrious Oclaviuu Ecclesiasticus
whose pierinjj eye prominated rather
much to have a pood impression anion;?
thesober'und intelligent. The first impor
tant thing he said, was that be was a Dem
ocrat, and that he whs always a Democrat
(except when he was a Kuow Nothing
whicu he did nt tell tiiemj nnd Ins ti lend
knew him to bo a Democrat, aud hoped
they would support lira for Treasure
next fall, und that they should all vote
tho ticket, tho whole ticket, right or
wrong. lie hoped they would do it and
knew they would do it. He gave no rea
sons why they should do it. (I suppose
he hud none) except that Martin was in
favor of letting everybody do as they
pleased. After a few more performances
he closed by saying that he met a few
sucklings with capes on marching their
way toward Lancaster which hu supposed
to be Wide Awaken, mid iuquiied whether
their mothers knew they were out,
(which, of course, being original, cnuscd
the multitude to cheer.) Not knowing
anything et.o to say the Doctor squatted
in lavor of polygnmy, while slavery nnd
CD. Martin. Next como tint illustri
ous Btutesiuao, Jno. M. Connotl, the sme
boisterous young man wiih a hidden mys-
Iciy oa his laoe that declared a tew even
ings sines at Stotidertown, in Liberty
townalip, that if Abe Lincoln was elected
t'rcsidont, that lie would lmvo to take his
soat at i ho point of the bayonot; who after
a few curl j of the muetiche, in order lo
givo vent, ho declared himself in favor of
modern Democracy, and hoped that nil
present did the same thing. lie succeed
ed admirably in abusing and blackguard-
inji lhe Hon. V. 13. Horton and Republi
cans generally to the full satisfaction of
most present, that could only cboer Inn
when he ooul I say nigger, so ihoy under
stood him. The audience being very
tired after listening tor full half an hour
the insiifrifioant excused himself, after
which, the procession again formod
and calling on the ladies lo take up the
Douglas orois and bear the lamps, somo
thoughtless ones como and joined thorn in
tho procession, but the atmosphere being
impregnated on'aaoountof the evil s 1 its,
tho weukor vessel eould not endure long
and gave up the ghost, after whioh the
audienoe thanked the your.g Doctor and
stone cutter for their trouble as commit
too ofarrungoments for tho unterri lied ex
ertion thai they used in bringing about
such wonders the multitude vamose I
Tiioss who reprove us are more Valua
ble friends than thoss who fla ter us. Truo
progress acquires either faithful friends
or severe cni-nii s. .
XyTo euro poverty sit down ant)
growl about it. By go doing you'll be
sure to get rich, and make yourself par-
icuiuriy ngioeaoie to everybody.
tV A Lilt! boy boinsr asked "What
s the chief endof man?', answered. "The
end what's got the head on.
Merchant Tailor and Clothier,
Opposite tho Sha-tier House,
l.iooaitsr, (loreiuberq, 1850 ly9?
-IIIARiTY LODGE, No. 7, moeU avary Monday
.V Breiilnf.
9daad4lhThuraday Kvoulnrln eaoh aaontb.
Mneaiiar, aprit l,lM(iu atl . .
UK nhll are hereby notlSed. ARUA MARIAH
abandoned herhutband without eauae. Peraonahar
borln(rr truMlaf bee, win do ao at their owa rlak,
a he will not ba nepsnilbt for her coatracta.
8pt,7,ieil0 3wS0, JOSIirH FltlKUNATIKR. '
Fuits op Fusion. Ono hundrsd and
twenty-four townships -in . Connecticut
chose their municipal officers on Monday
last. . Eighty nine of tbem were carriod
by the Republicans, thirty-two by the Pu
siopists, elected without regard to
party and one is divided. - The Republi
cans gained tevtnteen towns, the Fusion
ists two. Among the Republican gaios
are several towns hithorto strongly against
US.- ; ; ' - . ; .
It is currently rumored that the Dry
Goods Committee do not purpose to spend
much money on Connecticut this fall. -'
The Ptnntylvawan says it is author
ized to state on undoubted authority that
''ths venerable and distinguiahed Chief
Justice of the Supreme Bench of the Uni
ted States, ' who pronounoed the opinion
in the Dred Scott case, denounces Mr.
Douglas's Squatter Sovereignty as the
worst heresy. Ths Chief Justioo will
support Breckinridge and Lane." -
As Mr. Douglas has repeatedly avowed
his respect for and acquiescence in Judge
Taney's Dred Scot opinion, snd all kindred
opinions which that venerable jurist may
hereafter put forth, tl is semis to us
rather an unhandsome return for the Lit
tle Giant's civilities. We presume, how
ever, that the real Opinion entertained by
Douglas of Taney's monstrous judgment
does not diner essentially from Taney s
opinion of Squatter Sovereignty. JV. Y.
Tribune - '
Gov. Johnson's . Disunion Sentiments at
The characteristics of Gov. Johnson's
first speeeh on Ohio soil were violent de
nuncialion of tho Breckinridgers, coupled
with the most revoluti. nary, secession
utterances. In a report of his speech in
the Summit Beacon, we find the following:
"John C. Breckinridge or one of his
stripe shall never be inaugurated Prcst
dent of this Republic" Then appealing
to his Demoora io tnonds, he said: "Will
yon a (he North permit th'e inauguration
of a seci:onal Southern Presidents
When tho Demoora!s answered " No.'
Then ho said: "If you at the North elect
a sectional Northern President, shall we
ot the South permit linn to t e inaiiguia
ted?'' The Democrat! answered "No."
Then said he: "As we oatinot inaugurate
a Northern or Southern sectional Presi
dent, our only safely in this great crisis
is to eloct Mr. Douglas, a National Dem
ocrat, so that we can inaugurate a Na
tional President!"
Ilit be not talking treason, to say that
either the North or the South will prevent
the inauguration of a Presi lent, constitu
tionally elected and to justify it we do
not know what treason is.
A flue Mortment of .
Juvenile Books;
Hymn Booka of all klnda, and til kindi of
fU: SlookM.
and Nolo, of the finest quality.
and Copybook! of all kiud. A line and new assort
ment oi I'ortmonlca., Wallcta, and locaet
Hooka, very ebeap.
of over y vnrloty, and cheaper than con bo bought elao
whero: '
moulding for Picture Frames,
of all ilzes cheap!
always on,hand,and WINDOW BLINDS, and a groat
vailety of
which will be fold very low for eaih.
IO"Tloae call aud examine for younolvoa.
TTTP. 3. Don't forccl Hie plaoe, r.lewr Kow, oil
Malt Nlruel, two dunra Weil or the Hocking Valley
Bank, aitd opposite Beery di Buruorry'a Grocery.,
Lauunitvr, Sopt. Ill, ldBO i3lf
A mvar falling Antidote Sir Siok Head
ache, Dyaprpala, fever and Ague,
Bllloiuntu, Neuralgia, Colla,
lurovrd Apiwtlte, Dlaor-
Y dcrod Stomach, Femaia
if Obitrurtlona, c.
wi I ao cia.
WILSON 8 FILLS are nnlvormlly
kunwledgud tube tho btfet now In nao. Ai a Pamlly
medlcltm they aru particularly recommandcd-iluiple
and harmleaa, but hlahly medicinal In their com
blnatloa. One Pill a dote, wUh mild but car
taincBtwta, The wbuitman and tha delicate child
uae theu, alike, with every aaeurauce of entire
afety. W Itb Wilson's PiUa, every Mother II
tho land btcomaa her own phyalclan. They hare
proved tlieaiMhei a aracim, and atand without a
rival Ibr the S41uwlug alfuctiona:
Coatlveneas, Billouaneaa, Neuralgia,
Costlveneaa, Billouaneaa, Neuralgia,
Sold by Druggist ft Dealers evory-whsrs.
Imporiors & Wholesale Druggists
Ho. 60, corner Wood and Itb. Sts.
. aoti noraiirou or
O B. L. Fahnestock'a Vermifuge.
Sold by K.I,. Rl.oniM, Lancaster; Kuudcrinan &
Knoii IT, Amanda; K Kail,, Kushvlllu, '
Lunca.ter, AUeTJil.y, irHiO Iyl8
OFFIOB Tallmadgo Building, Main Street,
Lancaster, aprll is, mtill gif
1 axS XaiL S3 C.f
Jtlulu streel, Lancfkaiier, Ohio.
VI" HWhlK, change oa the Ka.t for sale Int. -allowed
ou Deposit.:-,.
ForlKi days at the rate of 4 per cent per annuir.
" 6 moiitlis" "J ,
H " ' e f
Lansastor,F bmary 7,1910 ly4
T their old stand, ou center Alley,
near Mulberry stroet. continue the
il r
tools,. II klndaof work belonsinrto
ouswi.as in all itaoiancnes: aucnaa e
rarmlnglnleresl: wagon-work; aud esicl.l att.n
lion given to shoeing. Give ua your work, we do all
onrjobaon th. ihorteit notice. Bpecial att.Bllon
given to making and repairing mill pick..
Lancaster, May 84, IHtio- Bit . ... 4 .
Oas Door West of ths Hooking Valley Bask,
f HK nndaraigned raip-eclfullylnforrna the eitlsena
JL and public, that he haa made arrangement wltr
W. K. llHOAIIS,.ud thereby baa uken poateaalon of
uuu noD.ua, lortna purpoaa or carrying on uia
future kuaiueaa, to all of tha farloua aud
Latest Styles of Improvement.
Wears prepared tnmakeallkindauftTpeathe nubile
nscevnrnoaro of: and fom the amallost Snger ring,
,. " roiograpn. our eullre atlHiitiou
will be devotodto thebuiloesi.and wowlllapare no
paint, but naa overy. pnsalblo nwana lo Improve the
A . i;ur Prol"cHn of plclurea, cannot beoxcelled.
Our SfTOCk OF CASKS, and the variety of aiylea, l.aa
good aalnanyoiherclly. All are cordlallv Invited to
call at theae1 Hooraa. Every poaaibl effort will be
made in orderto pleaae.
I return mi aineere thauki to thoaa who h.l,ri.
tolore patroniaad me.andhrpe for a eontlntance of
tneaams, i would eapecialiy make my eekeowledir
nitntato the cltliena of Pleasant Llborty lownablps,
for their liberal patronage, during myahorl elaywhh
them, aud Invite them to callalmy rooms, wheuthey
coinetotown. A. L. KELLEKS.
Loucaster, April 12, leouStf
DouglasNominatcd at
Orand Rail Splitting Match to come off on
on the 4th of November ! ! '
a7jxt :: ' j '
4 "E ielllngbeUflr saddles, floor bsrns, nloor
4V UrlUitii, prtjitioilrunki, mora finely flntibud
ncet Deiu'r itmae wuijiaiorBe
collan,flj-fie.8tdco. tto., o..
Ao., Itiun bavs ovur hefoie
been shown to the clvilUo!
world of Kuirfleltl coantj!
Aa apprenticothip ol lonfr
time at the bmiuess, several
yours of arllve experience
hicPilhe prdUesihowwreU up
on them by cttixen ofour lowo
and riinuor of our county, tbe
iiitenlron of ,
to excel all others, to the quality of their Work, and
u nil ring aueniion io ousiness, auu ine
soiling of work of all kinds, at least '20
ptr tent lower than any other saddle
and harness manufactory In the county
and at as cheap rates ni any In the K late
they t,o4e to- recleve thlr reward of
merit tn the smilesorthe lanlos aud la
the patronage and cash of the gcutle-
Mkkdiko ofall kindsdone neatl, cheaply, anil ox
pndHteusly, by a person who hot had ntttn years
stemly employment In the business. They will be
found at all timet al llielrsbop between the Exchange
Bank of Martin A flu, and John Lyoi s' Grocery
f)T ( N U U t K IS I) IIJ E 1 1 It 1 1 ,H ik t o. ,
Invite all buyers of saddlery, harness, etc., to cull be
fore purchasing elsewhere, tolly assured that tbe)' can
r o n4 e t s a li a e vio .
Let NO ASTIR J u do 14, 1860 1 ltfa
former rootrra, on the corn or of Main and Colum,
bus Ntreota, Lancaster, Ohio. Alwu a reveiviugtho
Finest and Most Fashionable
She will furnish Goods ii, her line, at the most accom.
uiodullng terms She employs the best workmen. -
She would rcupoclfully luvlle the Ladlesof the Citj
and eouutry. to call r ad exftoilue her stock.
of new and superior stylos, and ohenp.
Luncaater, api 1.18; lH6Ustf
Pleasant Township Seminary;
r fTIII K AnnnalTermofthe Pleasant Township Koml-
nnry wlllcommoncowllh MONDAY, A PUIL.Olh,
A. I). IHCII.aud consist ofUwoeks, divided IntoThree
Sosslous, as follows:
bummer (iesaioii, from April tho SHuto June themh
THfitl, Twelve weotsliiHion, fb. Vacation 0 weeks,
Fall Session, from Kcpteinber3rd to Ncvomber23rti
18011. Twulve weeks tuition, SO. No Vacation.
And Winter Session, from November tbe26ib, IHiIO,
to Mnrrh the I'.lth, lHtll. Sixteen weeks tuliiona,$H.
liTr Hoarding will be furnished bv the Principal al
SUporweok. JOSEPH PKEM AN, Principal.
Laucaeaor. March 25, 1800 4y47
raiKNOER his nrofosslonal services to thennbllc
1 Pulllnz, PlueitliiE, and Plate work done lu thl
neatest nnd most durublo manner.
17"0FFICE Intho Glcsy llut.llnf.
Lancaster, nprll 12, 1800 Stf
rililKunilorsigned wlllofferat private sale
I 1IKAUTI pui. m ii.iji.-m; i.uts, la the
Itv oi
Laricaster.sttuulod neartne puuHnaanaro.aud unowi
asthe (i HAN DI.OIIOK LOTS. For terms.prlce.dic,
I refer blddurs to Dr. M. I. Hrock.Kow Faloiur Julia
Me('lelluiid,Laiiusler.or thoundorsigncd. LebnuoA
Ohio. H. M. STORKS,
Grand Master Orand Lodge of Ohio.
Jannry27,lHj9 30tf
Tallmadge Block, Main Street,
A I.WAYSonhandahonvy alock ofOOODS.ofthe
boat oualiltes. which he manufacturers to order
by experienced- workmen Also, a large supply of
itonoy Maue uioiuing. npcu iv, irou '.'il
Summer Dry Goods,
A flno assortment of
(nitor., only 43 cents n pnlr.
The highest market prlco pair for Riittarand Eirgs.
May K, loU-7lf , JIMMY LVONS.
4 T his OLD SHOP tn Martin's Kow, on the comer
or Main and Hroudwuy. where bo is preonretl to
mauiifai'ture to onleron tho shortost notice.
II. has
alsoouhaud a lare auu
His Stock comprlsoa
Also Wagou and Plow Harness
He Is determined not to be surpassed In the style
ana quality or in. goons. . v
no naa also a i runining nnop, wnore
will he done on short notice, and In superior stylo.
iaucasier, muy ji, icou jjji T , , . . , ,
Portable Steam Circular Saw Mill
Will be lu operation and Sawing Lumber at
I'hitcd States
At Cincinnati, Sept. 12th to SOth.
OHIO STATE FAtR, Dayton, Sopt. S.lth loBSth.
KENTUCKY KTATat FA1H, Bowling Gren,fiept.
INDIANA STATE FAIR, Indianapolis, October C3d
AugustSS, I860. JwSJ
SHOP ScofletdCorner.Mnln and Colurabusslrects.
- Lancaster, June 7, 10 lOtf
Special Notice.
. t w.wi,.,i,u,u uinairi more sur-
rarertrrom debility among the Americana, than cau
no ronaji .u,ong ,u, other elvlllaeo nation. Tha rea
f 'Xt0!?,- "koo little oxerciso, and f.,r
".'. 7 ?-n- bo'" !" lhe abaorblna; pursuit, of
tli eSoT" l5h !.""' ""'i"r medicine. "oun do lit
..nTrl'. lV,'ureq,,'n,d 'Ou-lauch a toule and
rd...?r ,h! "'"; The weak aad nervous de
m nl. ii ?S2."m" "l"' l" "hausted toller up
m"dXbY?.PmD Sl1'."rnl "!' I"0''""0'' ""danlof the
S P i , tuaaii "onuerful regenerator m
, ' "m 1110 """ pretentious but le.a
fh.t ie.,a.Z .0.T".,,1 Bu"l""""'l bJ fowtt."
oi fJJm? -iiJ th ''"J niIM"c, lB llli'oen. up
?fni i 7 . chi' m"rel0''llHated,lse,,u.ly poi.
e'ful In assisting nature to expel the mo.t terrlblo
forma of disease. Who ulu nott"o uSirla'f
JW by DruWlst and dualera generally e.ervihop
HP8eo advertisement lu anSthe, eoTumn. 1 jmW
lunnewell'a Vnlversal Couch na.
medyaud llspo.ltlon. The Introduction"",":
d.velopement or medical aaieaca, was tliroula a aw
the poor, and made more ao by their poor livln, -??
all be common compounds fo? Cough and LuZ i'oi
plaint, that rao.iratil of all lo good re.ilu (I fh . In"
hold IU position,. d you, system is being HlllTnl
ed, and Ihocomnleint becomea chtonm In the Ul
v.Rsit Coiou Pj.Mrnv none of those objection., xl.t
but with 'In one hand a weapon, 4 In h. other I tooV?
l.lllated conslltutlon Let our friend, endon.. our ,1.
n,,.b.y ';';L?" r"..., Broocbi.i Co".
.ult. perfect. Sco advertisement. - S'
Iufautile Cordial. "
tl,ml!!t0!Iiil!l,u,",, P""1"'" attention to tha adver
Jfc?.,a thT? c,"r' Du.nl, addressed to
M''r: The ..(,( Cordlaf of Dr. Ralan I. a roo
?',l!!6 f "ftl ,el8bfy. "1 "ia aland nVo lis manjl
n . i'J"" ,uffld".nl of ? wn taken
ICree advertisement. lml7
InpectlncTho Persian Fev.r Charm
For the prevention and euro of Fner aad Jr.. m.d
toh;Bknwt.d;.Tr',,l.WO,,,!8rrul 'y wMT,"hl
ii. S of lhe Pre""' proprietors bv a friend
Land "g""" lraVolor ln Pr" '" h Holy
ed .1Xd1Wn,t!ie "T" EPhrale.,h. experienc
ed a inert attack of Fever and Ague. On discover-'
n.?nin,,n;0ne1or,he Bot'n"' '"ok from W.
personal! Amulit, say ng, "Weir Hi, ,,J w..J.
and In., tin P t '"" P1,!'el Immediate relief,
m.1.riou,.cU'S,.f0n''d.1' " eff0CUoB "onl "
atWbu'lidtn'ii"'-l't,tlon 'i-8 """
attrimited lo it aiireco powers, and said Unit
could only be obtained from the Pr esti Tof Th2.Ha
S.t.H- . oo'amerl from hm the .ecret of it, , r0
w.rVf?u'nd ofwhui'!',611 "ore the medicinal her",
S?IUV "r,bi
.l?itu.eel',.'"'J,r" ! America, fh been tried will,
"iV .) ""voral Udlo. and Gentlem,.,,
offered to the American people '""-
It will be sent by mall, prepaid, with full direction.
foruso.on receiptor oue dollar. '""uirecuoiu
Princlial DeKt and Maaufactorv IPS Mu ki..
June, IttdU-ma JOHN WILCOX" CO.
Dr. Ilobackn ScandlnTii7lliooarill)
and Illood Purifier.
"The blood 1. It. .
nn.lr7nV"nefXltt,,,h"T'l,m- M Blood Pllia
noini"."' pe."j',r'n ,heir Wslt "lloclualiy. They" r"
c,u,a tllaV" ."l".!."'m ,mt""e bl00,1 ll"ply bo
tho II Z.r.8,W.0,,e lh" c,.I,1"!?n uae.of dl.ea.e from
iii Is Hnrf n M ir "'fin, swelling of tho '
il roadvortieuient, , ,
No. 60 West Second Street, Cincinnati, O.
Whoat Barley Malt Hnlln, w.,i,...
JJopa I'heose , Hemp
Hog Lard Tobacco
Bucor. Grease Dry Hides
iiulliMeat' Tallow Salt Hides
Uiickwheal Cotton ' GuunvHat-ka
Dav Fti-i,TiM0Tiir, Clovik, Vllx mo ll.nr Siiao,
Aud I'roduce in Ueneral.
ll,rAl... n..i . ....
Gr ;.. , V'"T ff.r.Tr. V1"0! I'ior, Tallow,
. ........ ,, ,,,,.,,, iowoji mnrcoi prices, every
,Sugurdt Molasses.
Ship yuur Prnduco
, w.h, uui.ji,4,IUu Dncuu.a
and Draw nt Sight.
October 4, lSOO-STtf
A snorBl InilitHlion l'tablitcd iy aarsiaf f.
dic,en(,.r lhe RelUt vf thl Sick anil Uielrteied
a fflicted ml h Virulent anil Epidemic Vmaiel, anil '
eepecialli fur tlit Care uf Liscatct oJ tkeStzaal Or
pant. MKDIC'AI, ADVICE given grails, by the Acting
Mirgeou, toall wlio upply hy letter, wilh a de
scription of thulrconditinn, (age, occupation, habits or
life, &c.,) and lu cases of extreme pevorly, Mudiciuua
fnrnl-li,.,! frenofrhnrgo.
VALUAULE HKPOKTR on Rupcnnnlorrhn a. nnd
"'J?,1, i,,','""eoril:ooiiual Orgaiis.andonllieNKW
KKMl'.liIliS eniilned in lhe Diapeuaury, suut lo tho '
iiflllclod In sealed loiter onvolopos. free of charge,
lwo or throe sumps for postage will be acceptable.
Address, Dr. J. NKILL1N HOUGHTON, Acting Sur
geon, Howard Association, No. S South Ninth Slrect,
Philadelphia, Pa. lly oiderorihe Directors.
.,. K. 1). HARTWKLL, Prtt't.
Aug. , ISUU 10-ly.
tttwrimmfifl SfiJHBja lAVKHItiHI ,TS
ON a ml after Mon Jay, June llth IHOO.the schedulo '
ot time for Train sou this road. Luvliiir Ln, .
tei wlllbe asfnllowsi
Kaslnoril Trains, ; j,
Nn. I.Passcnirer al 1 12 P. 1f.arilvlnirt7ane.vfnn
at 3 1.1 P. .M.,makingdlrcctennnectlouslor the Kast.
Freight and Accommodation Train at & so. A.M.
arriving at ZanesvilK aflUI5A.M. Making direct
conntiosl'nrllve East and West via. Ibe Ceutrul
Ohio Kallroad. Passenzorsfor Coluiubns will lake
thlsTrain. TheaboveTralBsslopat alhlaliona.
Freight and Accommodation Train leavini- Morrow
atf ou P. M. will on Saturday night run lo Lancaster
on card time, and from thero resume lis trip ou Moil- '
day morning.
Westward Tralna,
No. S, Passenger at 1100 A. M..arrlvlncat Clnclu
nail 4.0 P.M. .
Frolirhtand Accommodation Train at 7 no P.M.
departure at 7 1 P. M.arrlvlugul Cinciuiia1.! at 8 UU
Prelirht arid Accommodation Train teavlnir Kana..
villa nt 3 1.1 P.M. will onSalurday night run to Lnncns- '
leraud from the e resume its trip nn Sun, lay night.
w.i.n,cT uunii, itecotver.
B. I). ARnOT.AsslstantSuperliittndaiil.
June 14, IfBO Stf
Attorneys nnit Counsellors at Law.
yil E Khirner Uuso,un sluira. Eutrauco West
Market House.
Otter, uprll 10, 1800-3U
OFFICE lu Foster's Ruildlnr, Sd dooton the norcu. .
Jnnunry S, 1H41U ly37
Prompt attention given lo Collections. '
jrpOFFICR with Silnchcomb i, Clarke.
March !!,18GU-4tr ,
OFFICE T.llmadre Block deeond 8lorv.Flrst
door to the right at the head oi the Stairs.
OFFICE On Main Street, over Blocum's Drue
Store. - May a, If 53-1
a ro-
Hed i7r.t- ti.i1 Z, , . ,vn" niosl unnuali-
ptre'll foJhnn reTl1 hl""lf """ PCCiflcin

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