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The gazette and Democrat. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1860-1860, October 18, 1860, Image 2

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wt- ; yi :-ajeia vrr i re-." -
THURSDAY, t : : : - 9CT. 18, 360
TJf B : jgjTorFfCAPE RACE.'
iSt, Johns, li'. F.,T)cL l4:wTheteim-
ft Arabia, front Liverpool, on the Stb infit
pasreu Cap raoo t coon to e, ana win
be due oJtfoitoR on Monday snorainjr..
"Naplm It is elated (hat Garibaldi had
Went sTde'spatch to" Naples announcing a
1 victory along tha whole line; and, that the
I Royal troopa were being purbued. ,
The Lneto orinrnepuDiiBoee uespnicii
ee dated at Naplo Sd, stating that the Roy-
I troopa were repulsed Irom aaeuu.aoa
were surrounded.
Tbe Garibaldi made two thousand pris-
IZepublican Ticket
- r i FOR PBESIDENiT, " " , '
1, i'fORlhcB-PRlbENT.
Yrie4w jhi JHaie at (arp.
- FBKDABASSAyRKCK, f Hamilton.
JOPSPfl JL HOOT ft Erisvrt.'.r
let Diti ic-B. Eggtcatob
? Mr
8th .; ...
,9th '
llth .
12th J
. J 7th
tut. .
Witliam M-Dinkier, :
Frank MovHinnejr i
Jobs Rile; Knox 1 it'
- , ; Deaden W. H. Howard
John M. Kellum; ;
j r . Nelson Rush ". - . ,, 3 .,
" ' Abraham. Thompson.
! JohnF. Hinkle. ...
: Hetekfah 8. Bandy '
' : Paoiel BY Stewart
Richard P. L. Baber
- John Beatty
. ; Willaid Slocum ' '
" . Joseph Aukeiy
- Edward Ball',
. John A. Davenport
, William K. Up am.
: 8smne B. Philbriok
" Oforge W. Brooke.
Jfortnan K. Mackeoiie "
;''" Keep the FseieV
The Presidential victor; ii substantially
won, but we mutt not lay down our armor,
or qnit the field, until the 6in of Njvem
br. The enemy is praiyxet and pow
erl, but this will avail ua little unteel
we keep vlJt tmnlu. and nuke - good bio
l our advantagn. Let as be lure that all
oiirfctoea are is goo I ttim for (he final
charge, which it all that remains to ren
der'triumph complete. Inaoticn or In
diffifremie nw giving our adveraariet .an
op'porinirilj o rallyancl to "aurpiiae' an
cll ijiiard, i the only poei le .danger
Suoi. fatal negJigenfle will of courne be a
ridded. It raaijere not tlit we hae gin-
ed,. erytMag, ibui (ar, and liave the
omy pronrate at oar feet, U we fail to
enike the deeirt blow. , . '
Lei B-"pub lteni uie ell dillienoe da
ring ti.e three weeke that nruain. Wf
mi'iBt give to L'mnolu and llainllu double
our OS oLer majoritiua. - R member that,
nd work earnoklly aotil U U done. ,. ' .
' The reaniylvaala Cleetle.
Whateyej the effect of Republican Vio'
jtarie way t)'u id filer Stuiei.iu Pebni) !
tai'iia, the eflect i gr'aod.' .F01 yeya ihe
Suiehaa been . mif-ruled. T'' UW1"
'millions there Uavo iimo a'cl again been
do?ei by the leaders of the Democracy
iFt die last tixteen years lhy have 6n
the eve of every imporiant elopiion rrpre
-suited that they were ibo friends of lbs
"proieotWo Tariff, . 4. ,lhs pfopla,bve
at, Ian turned a def ear to suob idle tales.
Tbey have given the slam Democracy a
final veto. The eonuty f Allegheny with
whli'fc we are familiar,' gives the Repub
lican candidate for Governor about 7,000
majority; three or four hundred pf these
we have no doubt were given by tbespeeuh
of Iletschvl V. Jobaeou. 1 A majerity ie
claimed for Curtin In the State of 33.000,
and' tne Legila(ute will aland as follows;
Senate, (6 R-publicane to 9 Demoorats,
and ihu House 67 Republicans to 33 Dem
oerats. Bally, Demoorat, ie elected to
Congress in the I6ib District, iusiead of
Jenkins, Republican. Stewart, Rttpubli
can, i prolably eleoud Congressiunn in
the tUlb Diatriot, InaUad of Laieur, Dem
uwat. ZamtviUt Courier.
Prow th OlBclukttl GuUt,
The Enquirer and Mr llurton.
ClKOlUKATI, Oot. 13. I860.
. Udi. Oahtt; In the Enquirer of ibis
morning, I uuiioe (be following charctr
utic tuumeiit:
We have lost the Eleventh (Fnirfi'ld)
Die'riot, owing, to the great personal pop.
uUritj and wealth whioli waa Muted
and anerupl)uily used by (be Republi
can candidate, Mr. Hoi ton "
. JS'ow, as la the great 'pursonal popu
larity" of Mr. Horion, itis unquislionable
ae evidenoea oj ine luijoruy 01 over tinr
levn hundred rhtoh bit own oounty
(Meigs) gave him and which is a Ro
publioan gaiu of quite six hundred voti-a.
Thai he ie weal.by is also 11 ua. But aa
1 the baaa olargn that be bae made use of
a single dollar of bia meana in suouring
Ilia eUotioa outside of the regular neces
sary aod legitimate expenditures of the
campaign, from my knowledgo or the
eli Mao tar, history, and inteoedenls of Mi.
Horion. I leel warranted in pronouuuing
it a willful, malignant, unmitigated ana
"tolidlU" I have the honor of a per
sonal aoqlotunoe with thsgentlrmin.and
all who know aim will bear me witoeie
that bt is a man of lofty and ' ttnlmpeaoh
alia miegrity, who would aoorp to resort
to disbouorable mtada to laoitre tho high,
eel office ia (be gift ol his Mlow ciiitens.
' Mir.' Bortoa acoepted the nomination
onlvat the urgent solioltaliooofhli friend
( who believed hini to be the only man in
the District wb3 eonld redeem .) and tl
greet aaonfioe lo liimeelf. 1 be shares,
therfuie," that he has '."mde we of the
Drmocrttie weapon oi bribery and car
rutlon will Wl i tba ground barmleH.ae
all tb other abaft .of aavenoeoad nalice
which tbe Ksqairer ia Its impoUnt rage,
hirU at the head of aS tboee who darejto
differ U cplnlon wlih the idol of iu tio
ration, tbe dlmiautlve giant of IHieoa.
onera. ' . '
Tbe above victories lacked conurma-
It ia snorted that Gaiioaldi had invi
ted Victor Emauuvl to go to .Naplea and
asume ibe authority, and be would te-
ir to bis home. ... v . ;
Bomb amd Saboima A. summary ot
he Pope's allocution at the Consistory of
the 28tbt Is published. He reproves and
condemns in thetstioogeit terms, the de
testable and aacreligiout attack of (he
King aud Government ot riedmunl. .116
protested, and would not cease lo protest,
against iheeo acts; which be declared null
and of no effect. He eulogised and bles
sed Lia defenders, and called on tbo Euro-
I eau powers for aasiaiance. He deplored
Rie amaetroue poiiny pt noD-iuiervenuoo
and called on the powers to examine sen
ouslr tnto.its usnuerous euects. lie con-
oluded bv expressing ins conviciiou mat
the Catholio Pnnces snd people would
yet come to the assiatsnce of the Father
ol me laitniui wno isauacKou uj iuo yni
ricidal arm of adeaeoeraie eon.
. . ' ... . T 1 ' ,
it is repoitea mat iiauoieon, .0 repiy
to tho Pope, maiutaios tne noo intervene
lion principles, and while promising 10
maintain order in tbe Holy See, bis desire
was to consign Rome to tbe protection of
a genuine Italian power.
Victor Emanuel issued an address to bis
soldiers st Ancoaa, extolling their bravery
and the rigliluousnesa of their oourse. He
concluded by say ing be assnmes tbo com
mand as hs desires to be furemost when
there ia danger.
In the Sardinian Chamber of Deputies,
Cadullo demanded thu produclion of ull
dooumentf relating to lbs entry of the
Sardinian into Unibria snd tbe marches.
Count Cavour refused to. comply. He
also declared Unit there existed ooither
publio documents, nor private treaty: that
so convcrsttions or negotiations had tuken
place, and that no power had. made any
proportion, involving the cession of s
single inch of Italian territory. He pro
qounccd stKiemi-nts to the Cunlrary fulse.
The Pspl Government is making fiesb
enrollments snd promising large rewsrda
10 the remaining 1'upal troops ooncenirs
t-d at Tivoli.
The Spanish government lias demand
ed a Congress of the Catholic powers', with
the view of guaranteeing the integrity of
ti e Stales of the Holy Slate. ,
Tho Fronub Cabinet admitted tbe ex
pediency of such a Congress but says
iluii territorial ohanges donaana a genei
al European Congress.' .. . ' . .
The Frenoh submarine leiegropu irom
Algiers was beings successfully lunded at
swi nurni. . . .
Tho funeral servio for tbo f apal troops
Utalv slain waa celebrated t.y tuo Arch
biihoD of Paris, at Noire Dum!, on the
t ... - -
3th met. . ,
Sovctttl Fienob Bishops have issued,
pastorl letters, protesting agiintt tbo sets
takintf plnee.
Aubtku The wivts and families cf
Austrian offioers have been ordeied to
quit that territory luimedm'ely: , s (
AUdlttouBl br thu Amblu.
HaUrAx, Oot. 16. The Arabia arrived
tl two o'clock, this .morning, wiih 171
Boston paisangers. ' . v
T.rtxnns. Saturday, 3 P.' M. A letter
fmm llomd sbts that the Piedmontese
Lanoers galloped tfoM to thi gates of
Rome n ousso 01 me .roniiuusi mm
J' Armes. '
' Naplis Bertanl. late Secretary Gen
eral of the Diotator, wriiors to contra
diet the statement that be given orders to
oppose, by force, the entry of tho Pied
moniete troops into me pesponun ter
ritory. He aloo stales that neither him
self nor Garibaldi ewr thought of coun
selling the immtdiMo occupation of Rome
at tho risk of a conflict with France.
' IIukoakt. In the Synod. recently bcid
at Grow a Cardinal Prunate declared that
he had 00 oljkotion to the clergy wearing
(be national Huni;arin costume.
HmiA. The Monitcur 6ayi the affairs
of Siria have entered on a new phase.
Military action will now be exorcised by
our troops. Some other chiefs have been
aireied and tried at Belrout. The Cui
mnken of Druses is now among the priso
ner. These measures lutvs produced a
kind of pun'o among tho DruBca of lbs
mountaius, and their attitude is more tira
de ided. Measures have been taken Ibr
the protection of the Frenoli manufac
turers. Aucona has oiptulnted and Lamoriniere
surrendered lo Admiral Psriaud. A great
vleiory Is reporlcd at Gazrts, where t,
000 prittoners were taken.
Garibaldi is saidk I ave scot tbe follow
ing telegram. 1
Gbsha, Oot. 1."Vlotory iilong the
L 1 I, - . ,1.1 . 1
wmiie una. 1 us royal troops are being
Ihe Strdmian chambers hfcve resolved
that King Victory Emanuel l autboristd
to annex to bardintan those provinces of
Central aud Southern Italy, ia which
ih population by direot universal suffrage
vote to neooine an lniegrai port 01 theSr
dinian Consi'iniionsl Monarchy.
1 he Sardinian army lias nut. vet enter
ed the NenpoliUo Territory, but Garihsl-
aiannounoes that 11 will soon do o. The
bead quarters will be at Aqtiilla and Vio-
tor r.mnnuiti win commaud in p(ton.
Mssslns still holds out.
Garibaldi has made Boms modifications
in bis ministry is meet the vltws of the
Aeepohtans. '
lieotani. nloknsmcd "(Janbaldi's svil
genie has been dismissed, snd a belter
feeling now exists between Viotor Em an
uel and Garibaldi. The latter has writ
ten to the Klng.invlting him to permit him
10 retire 10 nia israna nome,
' A new manifesto of Masxlni declares
Ibat no King of Italy should bs proclaim-
en Miore tne kingdon or Italy is organised
1 twine. - -
Uew Will ihe 8eae staaa after Ue 4th
& i of March eiU ,.
rr'romifl)tial'a WMhlnt Cerraapenieeee of
; ; U Philadelphia Pmm.1
Tbe next interesting question ts how
will the Senate stand after the Fourth of
March next. Kentucky has elected Jno.
C. Breckinridge. Seoession Democrat, id
place of John J. Crittenden, American;
Jamea,.A. Pearce, Seoession Demoorat,
bas been re elected from Maryland; Sal
won P. Chase, Republican, elected from
Ohio, in place of Georare Jfi. Push, Doug
las Democrat; and from recent elections
we' may confidently calculate that a Re
publican will succeed Hannibal Humlin
from Maine: a Rjoublican will succeed
Mr. Peward from New lerk, (probab'y
himself) a Republican will succeed Mr.
Bigler, Secession iemocri, irom ru
avlvanin: a Renublican will succeed Gra
hum N Piljih. Secession Democrat, from
Indians; a Republican will suoceea a. u,
Rl,.n J pnnskion Democrat, from Minneso
ta; leaving a vacancy in California, and
to Semilors in Orecon in doubt, Willi ine
chsnoe in favor of a Secession Demoorat
from California, in place of Dr. Gwin, and
Douglas Demoorat and a Republican
from Oregon. . It is also piobable that an
opposition Democratic Senator, probably
Pitirie Soule. will be elected from Louis
isna, in place of John Slidvll. Secession
Democrat. With those ensnges ana cal
culations, tbe Senate will stand as follows:
Eeces. Dem. nop.
List mt rreaalwsae Awsrtit sis te
ntBtk Aasituat rl lllei
Caualr AcrlcaUMrlBltr tOeteber
10th, lISk mm 18th, I860,
CL4.SS A Thobouoh-Bbid Horsxi.
Bait as' Ulllon, Ink pninlua, Rebar Si
FacasU baat. John Van Paana -
Baal 1 I1 union. Kabar ana
Raeoiid baat, KaU
Baal iprln kora eoll, Ksber at a.uu
. ...
I Will Unuon
hut Aara Whaat Thauaa Barf
CLASS Q Domssae Maonfaotures.
t oa
8 (0
Baatafaa nan, .
Secona ooai,
s 00
s 00 1
CLASS Ii: Hobsxs all Wobk
R..1 ued Ulllon. it J. nr.mlum J. W. Poaraa, 13 00
- 1 t. . i . . IB U
MWAI. BNL JOHU I ttnifi ,H. -w
Baal auuion, ngni ntrnaaa, Jonn
Secoad beat, K. O, Suit. "
Baitdra(laulllon,loba A- Fstlera
Second beat J. J. Stuunan --
Beat three year old eullloo, J. Urimu
Second beat, D. W. Browu
HeU two year old etalUoa.J. H. Pickering..
Sacood btt, Jena Hanna
Heal one year old atalllon, J. J- Ptckerln j. .
Secant ben, AWah Perry
Beat ireltllns, all work. Thomaa Aiooa
Second beet, J. C. Hile
Beet ireldlna;, ll(ht haraeie. Joka Woollard..
Second bed. H. 1). Piiuford
Beat draft eolrtlnr. Perry Bank..... 1
Heeona aeit, u. r. Heller
J us
s ue
3 se
i oo
Maine ,
New Hampshire , ,..
Rhode Island .
Maseacbusetis ; - ...
Connecticut , , ,
New York .
New Jereey 1
Delawsie , 2
Maryland... . I
Virginia , 2
North Carolina x
South Carolina . 2 .
Georgia . . 2
Alabama , , x
Mississippi t 2
Louisiana , 1
Ohio , :. '
Kentucky t . 2
Tennessee ; 2
Indians ,. .1
Mifsouri 2
Arkanea ., 2-
Florida , 2
Texas ..... ,2
Iowa . ...
Wisconsin -
California . 2
Minnesota . 1
Secestion Dsmoorals
Republicans .
Seat 1 year old Keldtng, Win. H. Finkbona. . .
Second belt, Jacob Ulrick ;
Seat two Tear nll reldlur. woa.n. nuoer....
Second bait, J. Hill
Beit I yearold sWlnr. L. ficnering
Bett iprin(koria coll, Samuel Kuihon ,
Second bait. Jeremiah Miller
Beet aadd la horae, mare or gelding-, John W ol
lard -.
Fsstest TroUing Horse, Marc or Geldibg.
K. (5. SUIITlma 1 10 SO 00
CLASS D. Matched k Blooded Horses,
Beat pair matched hone. Wm. H. Pinkbon
Second bail. SuuSael Wldeuer
ileal at-ed itallloo, Solomon Beery
HaceuJ beat. Air drew Pavldnon
Bil three year old ilalllon, V. Cupp
Second beat, L. Colllne
Hon s year old eullrnn, Henry Kckort. ..... -.
HMnna h.il. JaIiu Kama. .....
Beat one yuar old atallMin, George Beery
Secoad bvil,. Solomon Beery-
Ben 9 year old gelding, Sol. Beery
Second . ' :
Heiti rear old geldlng.L. Pickering
Second belt, K. Werk
Beit ipring horae coll, H. S. Mannon
Second beat. B. P. Winter
Ben S year old SIly.T. K. Baring
Keooadbait.Sol. Beery
Beits rear old filly, Peter Hay
Saeoad bail, Alvah Perry
Beat one year old Ally. Geo. A. Kwlng
Second bait, John Ksarua..
CLASS E. Brood Mares.
Beil brood mare, John Baker-..
Second beit.S. Hlle.......-
Butt mare light haraeai, 1 . J. need.
Second bait, L. Pickering
Ben mare all work. w. u. rioaoona. .......
Second beil.T. Aldon....
BaM-3 year old Slly, 8.. Taylor. ..
Necondbait, John Wollard....
Beits yearoin any, jonn v. boi
Second ben, B. P. Aih brook
Beit yearling Slly, J. W, Paaraa
Secoad beat, A. Pearae...'.
Beat iing mare coll. Kami. Hlle, Jr.
Second beat. John Gill
Boil matched marei, Joieph Beard... ,
IUnBd bail, fiflarl, Uherriok- .... .'
H.i" rld'ng horae Dv nay, a. it luuer. ,
BeM len yardi eloth Blgford Olda.
do ten oo aasnei 1 . -- -
Second do d Blgford m Olda. ..
15 4 beat do do Bag Carpet ' "A"0
WW nun oo ""."", . AlJti
t lao do . iibii ubhi i,
da do , UniyMriSHralumbar.... .
Second do do Mlai D. cummoor....
beat plaid Linen Mlta Oiwold.....
do pair Biaoaeu " "
Second do Blgford di Olda.....
econd do Mn Hanhberger
baat Lam; Mai lira Ulrica .
aecond do hire J C Wearer
heal Wool hoaa Mre p larie .....
econd do Mre H H Hunter
beat pair wool hair aoae JH ra m a ,"
aecond do do Mra McBlroy
bett doable Qoyerlet Mn S J Petaia
aaeoad do , . Joan P Cromly.... ......
beilelngle do Miaauiwaio
CLASS R-Fruit. . ,
beat alxkinda winter Applei Mli D Columber
econd "o do J H Wllllamaoa ....
S OS beat lia. klndi Pall Applea loel Huaey.... . ...
3 00 aecond oo oo Mmi'vuiumur.
S 00 beatineolnen Fall Applet C Crumly.... .... .
3 0d eeoead do do MliiBuih
S DO IbertiDeotmen Peara Tbomai narr
3 00 moid do do . John N tlllle
3 00 beitapaalmeaQuiacaa MnNanry Alias
Stmieeoonu no oo mranauio
beet Catawba Qrapea M H tali lifer .-
aecond ben do Mra J A Peltera
bert Isabella Grapoe Jaba C Ralney
Den una Appwe aary a i
econd bed do M n S B Pavla
boallindded Peachaa John O Katney .....
13 00
IS 00
13 W
7 00
3 00
1 00
'3 00
3 (
a oo
l os
1 00
9 n
s oo
1 00
I 00
1 00
! 00
1 oo
:. JO
1 00
' 30
1 00
1 00
I 00
3 00
1 00
S 00
1 00
S 00
1 00
t OS
1 00
1 00
I 00
S ou
1 00
1 00
t oo
1 00
. 3 00
The 8euat consisU of QS membors.
The I not included as above are Stephen
Douchis. Dem. fill.;) A. P. Kennedy,
Am. Md. ,: the St aator to b elected from
Louisiana, who may be Mr. Soule, and the
two undecided BeDnlori rrm Uregon in
all, jive. . If Kansas is admiiied, this will
probubly increase vie tiepuouuan ogiumn
o 29. Muub will uepeiid upon ins course
of Douglas and Kennedy, afcd tha i esull
of llie Oregon electioo., , . ,
13 so
10 00
13 00
10 00
7 00
3 OU
8 00
3 00
S 00
. 300
3 00
3 00
3 00
' 3 00
3 OO
. 3 00
3 00
3 IM.
3 OS
y n
Sieond beat, J. H. Toiauao. ,
CLASS F. Jacks and Mules,
Bealaged Jack, John Rill....'...'.
Second beat, Tboniae Trimble..
Beat aged Jennel, John Gill
Second beat, John GUI....
Beit pair mulea Jolin GUI
Beillhree yeai old mnlo Thomaa Trimble....
Bait yearling mule John 6111..
Second beil John Gill .
Beit mckltng colt John Gill
neeoad beiljuhn Giii-..
10 00
8 OS
7 00
4 on
; oo
' t on
8 no
3 00
4 00
' t S
3 00
S 00
3 00
s oo
10 OS
8 00
3 00
3 00
CLASS S Vegetables.
beat Keafcannoelu Smllb Wilaoo
aecond do W Petan
belt Blue PotaloeiJoei uauagaer
econd ben oo J P Aabbrook
belt Pink cyei George b Keber. .............
econd ben do B W Carllile ;
beat Prince Alberta joaepn nekenng
econd bt do J C Klnkead
belt Tarlety Poutoea Jacob Pickering. .......
aecondbeit do- ATrinklay ........... v
beat Sweet rolaloea n Y uctnei
aocnndbeal do Mlai U CulnmbM .......
bell Turnip! A Trlnliloy.. ,
beat Been P Bannan.Jr
aacond bal - do Mra B W Garliela :
beil Oninoa Mr OCuluraber
econd but do Mn C Baylor
belt Carroll Hoa T Swing :
econd beat do John Gravett ;
bail Tomaioea v illlan Walker. "...
lecond ben do Hon I Bwlng
ben Caiilltower John Graf oil ".
bn Celery H Braeley '-
eroudcait do H Branley.
bait Lima Beam Martin Toman ' ;
leeoixl boil do TEwlcg., -
bcit While Beana ClaWln -
econd beil do w J Darli
Hubbard Saoaah Smith wtlaoa.. .......... ,
lecond Beit Co John Graretl
beat any wtoly nqaain u uiuingourit..
aeeondbeal do Uanlel llaloug. .........
beil Pie Putopklnjohn Bair
acond beat do Mn M Dodge.....".... v
ben Waler Melon Joieph Pickering
ben Nnt Mg Melon Samnel Ban,. .e. .......
Jnpan Pie Melon Mra Podion ...... ;
beat Dliplay Painpklni H H Huntar,
econd ban do Van Burloq
beat cabbage B W Carllala
econd beat do Joieph Wlnegardoer....
beataarapla common table uae Uanlel llelong
lecoud beat do C YV L Wlaamao.
CLASS T Flour, Butter, dtc.
Iilacola Pyramid.
The Republican 'pyramid looms right
up in graceful proportions to 176 eleotoral
Totes for Lincoln and Hamlin, aa follows:
- ire
; - ohio
. ,.. .. ILLINOIS
, . . .MICHIGAN , .
Will the editors of tho ObioEagln . .
furnish the DOUGLErASS pyramid?
fecial Noticcg.
, n Hiettia) Bltlere.
B Ii a eomeioii Sbaeryatloa that (bare are Siora luf
reran (row debility among the Amerioane, than can
ha foaad among any other oWlllieo naUoa. The rea
aMlaobTioua. , ukeloo inn. ....... ,j ,
gel Ihe waiiteorihe body In the abeorMng punulu of
Buataaaa. In all wee., ordinary mcdlclnu aan do lit
tle tooa. ..u.u. ,.,,uir..i laln.iausa Lnni. ..h
InTlgorator aa Dr. Hoiletter ha.glrn lo tho world.
ln hraC.I.r.dBii(. Theieakaid ieryooa do:
Dlien of the eounting-honaa, the eahauited toller up
on Nm ehop-board, and tba proetrated Undent of the
mldalghl lamp bar found a wonderful regenerator In
the SiHiri.end prefer Itlo mora nr.u.nL. ....
eSlcaoioua medlclnea. Buttlahould not be forgollen
lhal thaagenl which laao magical In llalnSueuao no
on a frame which ll merely debllltated.la equally bow-
lul in auiuing nilure to aipel the mon terrible
form of dlaeaaa. Who warn I a notgira tValrmll
Sold by DrugglM and dealtn genorally very where.
juoo, u.iiiaaiBHt m anouier column.
bied y and Itinotillon.
deeelopemenl of medtrwt aclii
avwirerra,! Cams;
The luirodnctlon of I
bail Flour L Morebart
econd ben do Elijah Rnndlo.
ban bnckwhaal Plosr Bl'iah Rundlo.
econd ben - do L Morehart...,.
boat corn meal J H WIHiamaon
aecond beat do L Horaharl
bun butter Mill O Culamber
econd beat do Bmeilne- Webb
bait M oik melon bulterMra Ihim
9? ben ten pounda Honey DrTuruer. ..
u.,h..l An Imm Aniarui
.1 UU
S 00
8 00
10 00
10 00
3 00
CLASS G.Tborough Brtd Caltle. .
... Coagreasmea In Ohio,
In our last issue, we conceded the re"
sleoliou of Allen; but later information ren
ders this doubtful. There is still a chance
for Hart, the Republican oandfdte, aliho'
st Ihe hour we write, tne pronuotnties
rather favor Allon's succres. Ihe 6th
(Ashley's,) the 3lh (Sherman's,) tbe
10th ("Elffortou's, l the IDtli (Riddle's,)
and the SOth fllutobiu's) show largely
increased Republican majorities, lo ths
1 1th (Martin's District,) we gain a mem
ber; iu the 15th ( Hrlmick's.) (Theaker's.)
acd tbe 9th (Carey's,) we lose members.
Tbe 4th District, as above stated, is still
ia doubt.
Aooording to tlio returns at hand, tho
delegation stands as follows :
21 pist. John A. Guiley, re-eleo-od.
5lh ' J tines ftl. Ashley, ro-eiocted.
Thom2 vorwin, re-eieeiea.
S. Slielobsr(,f . vice Stnnlon.
Carey A. TrlmMei te-eleoted.
V. B. Horion, gain.
John Sherman, re-elected.
Harrison G. Blake, ro-elccted.
Wm. P. Cutter, vice Tompkins.
Sidney Edgorton, re-olealed.
A. O. Riddle, vice Wade.
John Hutchlns, ro-electcd.
John A. Bingham, re-elected.
Beitaged bull Darld Haber.......... IV 00
Second bail John Maion...... 00
Ren two year old ball Samuel Birr 8 00
Mtdknl OMaaaWaaavw .... .. 3 00
Rett yearling U. Keller .3 00
BenbullealfO. Huber.. '00
Beil ii id cow O. Hubtt . 8 00
Racond beet Tl Huber ' 00
Sb3 year old heifer Keber 4 Kula.. 00
Second ben Jacob Lamb 3 00
Ben two year old heifer Hebar d Knlg S W
Second ben D. Keller.. ,- SI
Betlhelfir ealf U. Huber.., 3 00
Saeoudeeil D. Ruber 0
Real ana yoar old heifer P Huber.. . Joo
Second beat J. Lamb 00
CLSS II. ' ' . ''
Beit two year old Bull, Jacob Meyer ....... 3 00
n.,.1 na vat nl.l bnlt. D. Tallmad. .... 3 00
B..l hut. VrndSltaa SWI
Beil bull calf. Darld Huber. . V 00
HaaABd beat. H Chunn .v., 1 W
R.il,.ul mm. Ilavld ilnbnr.... . 4 SO
Second teat do J
Baal two Tear old heifer, Dald Hubor. . ...... . 3 00
u.t.i.i.il ha.,. Than., Trhuhla S 00
Boat ona year old heifer, Oarid Hubor 00
Second ben, H. Cbuep 00
n.il hMirM.nalf. David Hubor V 00
Second ben, H. Chupp - 00
Bad two yoke oxen, ona lowuihlp, John Gill . 8 00
Uotlatnfla yoke oxen. J. A. Wllllaimon.... 3
Secoad beat, Andrew Wcler... i J 0g
U..I rk. tmn nttriild bkmii. J. Carna. 3 On
Heilfat bullook or hotfer, John 6111 Oo'
Seaond ben do . S o0
CLASS I.Fine Wool Sheep.
econd bell do Joiee Auderaon.....,
beat cbeeae J H Wllllamion.... -
aecondbeit do John Mason
beet Maple augar Allan Walker AW...
econd beil do ' A Bear
beatdomenie bread Mtie M A Hugh
acood beat do MUiLKboemakar...
ben doDie.Uc hard eoapC Hanhberger....
eecood beat do
beitdamoiuaaoft . . eoaj
eoond ben oo airi
beat Muluaaee O Rugb
p Mra c r Huragbly
V O Kulter
1 00
i oo
1 on
1 00
1 OS
I no
1 00
,1 to
1 00
' 80
1 00
I 00
1 OS
- SO
1 00
. 80
1 nfl
1 Ul
1 00
. 50
1 00
. so
1 00
1 00
1 OO
-. 511
a oo
I 00
t 00
: I 00
' t on
. 1 so
s oo
1 00
e oo
1 00
t 00
I 00
1 OU
t 00
l ue
1 00
' SO
1 no
; i 50
el si
Srt aged bmk, Jacob Stoolftre.....
-2nd bail P. Huber
Beityenrttnff rmrk, J. Slnolfera...
iud bod It Hubor
Ben buck lamb Jacob Klonl fere
nd heal d
Hen pair e wee do
Dud beil " do
Beit pr awa lambe do
Second bert 1) Huber
Five beat laraba, 1. Huber
lied ben V, l!up
But Caahmere goala, S. 8. Wlillame
CLASS J, Long Wool or Mutton Sheep
3 no
4 oe
t on
a oo
t oo
4 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
3 00
HW'Democraoy's grave is Doug," is
one of or the most oonoiso, as it it one . of
me truest mottoes we have noticed during
tu u(gsui campaign.
1st Diet. Geo. Pendleton, re elected.
3d " C. L. Vallandmitham.
Gtb ' C. A. White, prob.viee Howard.
Uth " W. P. Noble, (gain.)
1 2ih " Sam'l S. Cox, re-elected.
16th 11. C. Nugun, (gin.) .
17th ! Morris, (gain.)
The doWstton stands IS Republicans
to 7 Democrats, wilb the 4th district still
10 be heard from the probabilities favor-
ng Allau s (Dem.) re-eleolion.
In this (Ihe Uth) District, the Bell.
Everett men, with tcaroely an exception,
voted for Cox against Mr. Galloway. '' In
Theater's diet not, tbe 17th, they run a
eopsrnte candidate thus drawing off 900
to 100U votes winch ineaker received two
years ago, and ensuring his detest. In
'.he 9th, Carey's district, the majority
against us Inst year was over 1600. Ca
rey trained nearly 1800 upon this; but the
odds were too heavy against him, and he
was beaten by about 4UU. In tbe lOtb
district, there was a complete fusion be
tween tho Demooraev and the Bell-Ever-
etts the latter voting with the former for
Congress, ind receiving iu return the sup
port of the former for a fat share ol the
county offiaca, but ths Republicans fought
a callaut fight, and heat the combination
hsutlsomely. SMe Journal.
jEsrThe Albany Journal lately offered
the fallowing bet:
(100 that Lincoln will oarry New York.
9100 that he will carry Pennsylvania.
9100 that he will oarry Indiana.
9100 that be will oarry Illinois.
tlOOihnthe will be sleeted President.
The bets to be tsksa together.
' ItrThe New York Tribune tiury says:
No greater calamity eonld befnl the Un
ion than the defeat of an election by the
people. In tba present heated state of
the public mind, no election could be ef
fected by tbe lions of Representatives
without the greatest peril ol commotion,
personal collision md civil revolution. 1
3 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
3 00
s oo
4 on
3 0
4 00
3 OS
3 OO
3 OO
Bert aged buck, Henry Hlle
2nd bmt, Thomaa Trimble
Ben yearling buck Thomaa Trimble....
Snd boat, Robert Work
Heal buck lamb, J A Fink
!ind bett Thomaa Trimble
Bret pair ewaj do
'Jndboit ' da
Ueil pair awa Iambi, H Hlle
Snd beil, Thomaa Trimble
u , a - - I.,,,!,, rin ............
ButJvo mu ttod Uep Thomii Trimble......
CLASS K.Swina. .
Beit boar over eitb year, A B Jlllolt..
(Ind boil George Wllblle ' V "i
IImI boar leea than one year K P Aihbrook..
Vndben Henry Harrle .
Boil boar nig under al monthi J. nelbllng.,
end beat Samuel Barr
Hon aow oror one year J. neiuung
Slid ben Geo Wllfilto .................
Huliowundor ona year n.r. Aenuno....
Hen low pig under ill moulhi, T Trimble....
Ulid butt Tho Trimble
CLASS L.-Poultry. .
beat palrdjrklnl, Morrll Rralth
ben pair polandi, Wm. thult
Ind ben J Piper
buil nalr game cnieiena George rrice
Slid beat V Meyer...........
Iieilpalr banlaina, thaa niniey
Und beit Cliarlaa Radobaugh
boil patrgeeie.J. Yonngliana
Had bail, Tboinaa Fattnn .........
ben pair tame durki, Jaraea Jtltcblo.
Snd beil George Broom....
ben pair Muacoyy ducka, J Youughana
Undbeit J. Youughani.. ......
ban pair Braaiar pootra, W H Bhutl......
Slid beat JohnSuiulley
Leal pair tnraeyi, r-ompay oraeew
Snd boil Thomaa Fallen.
bin pair common chlokeua.
CLASS M. Farm Implements,
heel Reaping Machine, Joilah Wrlgbl
Snd bail Cooner di Brother
ben Wheal llrlll, Cooaer dt nrotnar
tuid baat Joatah Wright V'ilj'u""
bennrawand aa) culler, jonau nnnu.....
beet alda hill plow, J, F, Boylng.
ben aorn and cob aruihar Joalah wngni....
ben two hone farm wagon, A Blak. r
ben poutoa plow F.J. BoYlng-.-.------;
ban plow for ganeral purpoe, r Holing,
Had bail F J liovlng i
beat tub aoll iilow F 1 Boring
CLASS N. Manufactured Articles.
HaM bum. Wm OUar. 3 00
ind beat do "
ben half doa corn brooraa A Deufortb
8ud beit U Deloog
beiteoal oook ilore John Work.
Slid beat Jainaa .McManamy
belt wood cook alora Jamaa
nd ben do '
belt parlor aloTe ao
and ben John Work
ben Tin Ware George W Kdgar
ben Connor Ware I McMauainy
CLASR 0,-8addlery and Leather,
-i.i. ...i.n n u ni,i 9 00
do bridle and martlagal k'' ! ?
do Sna boow Ollly CoAlar..." ,
Snd baat do , Jj
bail pair eoMaabnota Upteld di Ortaa .'." J 9"
do ladlaa Moroaoe boot Mra B Bmlth...... 1 J
doladleaallnnor Jenala Rbrigbl...l 0
CLASS P-Grain and.Fb.ld Crops
- v CLASS UFlo were.
boat green home planli T M Hunter. ,' .'. t M
eeenndboft do J 1) Clarke - 100
beil basket Flowers John Gravett I 00
ucoodbee do Mill Anna Clark 80
ben hand booquoi John (.ravelt - 1 w
Mntnit beat do uVr ' 80
bancnt Flowara J 11 Clarke..,. r....... 1 Ue
aecondbeit do A Freed........ - 30
heal Oak FraihaMlaa A Murphy ....... ....... - an
bait cut dahllaa JohnGrayotl.... ' 00
aecond best do do 1 00
beat not Koaei T .w Hnnier- a uu
hw.tcnt VerbonaiJ DClarke - 1
bail Floral Ornamant Mtu Pollard.... 1 ou
ui,dbeH do Joan uravill...., aw
ben Geraniumi J D Clarke 1 00
econd bill do Mr H 0 Whitman...... 50
baat Kuachlaa T M Hauler ... i on
aecond ben do J 0 Clarke 50
ban PhloxorJ I Clarke.... ..v.-.a SO
CLASS V Preserved Fruits, Ao.
belt lirpeach proierrcl Mri C FGaraghty..,.
ia Quince do MraG Weakley.
aocond do . M.i II C Wbltinan. ....... .
beil Jar pear " da Mn 0 F Garaghly.....
belt variety pickell Mn ilodioa n.
econd do MnN Allen
bert Jar apple belter Mra J tralagher....,...
acond do1 n Mn P B Jwlng.. '...-
boil peach butter Mn It J Petera
ben Quince Jo By Mn S A Bodaor).
econd do do do
boat Currant Ally MnH C Whitman
ken Blackbarry da Mn S A Dedian. ........
be I GraiM telly Mn Lull
beil Catawba Wine John C Ralney...
beet Fancy piekloa MrrGaraghty... ........
heir variety Julllua Mn Lull...
ben Culnce Marmalade.. .. .I.
bn apple) lly Mn Ulrleh.. .-.....
econd do MnJohn A Feitara.. ......
beat peach marnmlada MnP BSwiug..K. .
boil plum Jolly M n A W Kbrighl. ..........
econd do MnSA Uodion
boil Walermuion Jelly do - d. .....
bealonodpeachei Mra Kbrlglil-..
nennd do do Mn HA Wolion.
beat cand Whortleberry -do,, do ....
boat oand Hlark berry do do ...
bait oond Tomaioea rl ' do ...
bail aplead peacheiAlra N Allan ..
bclCucuindorplckleiC Bailor
eoond do . do Mra B Gloay.....
I 00
I 00
1 00
S 00
I On
I On
' 511
1 oo
I on
I go
t oo
1 Oil'
1 on
1 00
. 80
' 30
1 oo
I l
3 00
a oo
S 00
3 00
8 00
3 SO
8 00
3 10
8 00
1 00
1 00
1 (10
1 00
1 00
1 OS
1 no
1 oo
1 oo
1 00
3 00
8 00
3 OO
S 00
1 00
8 00
3 00
1 00
t OS
1 w
I 00
8 00
1 SO
8 OU
1 00
t 00
1 00
8 00
1 oo
8 00
1 (10
. 50
3 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 o
Bert White Wheal W K Tbompaoa..,
nd ban do J K Wllllamaoa.
beil Red d Thomaa Bart.....
and beat do B Wllaon
beat Ky David Hugh
andbott John Roadi
beitOateC Swanaandroner
and beat J 1 Slalaman,
bert oarley Thomaa Trimble
Ind boat J J Stuliman
ben cor la ear J K Wllllamaoa....
and ban George L Reber....
bn buckwheat H Chriny..., '
do clove eeed John He
anttboal J Gallger ...,.
t 00
1 SO
1 00
1 00
8 OO
1 oo
S 00
1 00
s oe
8 00
a oo
I oo
a oo
1 no
1 (10
1 on
beninleod Qulnres Mn UnSeld.
boat Hair. Work MlaiS Mumaugl
aaaond do MIm C Dum. ....... .........
beat cand Plume do do
CLASS W Painting.
beil OrnamontalNeudleWork M leiBvll Jallror
locond do do do Mra Fleldlug
beil Wonted Kuibrolilery In UO Whtimaa
aocond do do Mra Hovelling.,
beat Silk do da Miaa LliiteOldi
aaconil - do do MraU.UIeiy....
bed allk chdliella Kinbrotdary Mlaa RTong-..
beat orotoh! work M In Utile Olda. ..........
eoond do do MnH Carter....
ben Chair Tidy Llzile Oldi
aacond do MnH Carter
baat crotchet Tidy Mlu Llzii Olda
acond do Mm Mary SlivrJer
baat Ull Painting Mlu R Toug
aecond do do do
beil Photograph M M OrUwold....
ben Nholl Work Mn Perilling
ecoud do do do
ban Olloinane Sarah Work
aaaond do Mn Fritter
beat Cake Cover Sarah Kill
econd do Mn H Carter
ben Leather Work Kate Rutier
econd do Klla Boarlee....
CLASS H Sweepstakes.
beat Stallion all agea W H Flnkbone IS 00
do Mar do uo ao - io w
da Geldlm da S Wtdoner. .... 15 00
da Hull da do John Maenn 10 00
do Cow do do Hebardr. Katt S 00
5 beil one year olda of oua bora J w Paaraa 10 oo
no t'Oita ao o, . w
Thafollowlug named Ladiea appeared iu lb ring
OU hor.back and received eacn a uoiu mug;
Mra, H. f. runer, at jteyuoiuaeurgu
Mlu Mary K. Pellll do
do Clara Torrance do
do Clementine Brock - do
do Maria Weaver, Pleaaaot Townihlp
do l.vdla Benihaw do
do Clara Kellen . do
d Kltuna A. buff do
Mr. S. N. Fawett had nn exhibition a tn Piano
Porta. Irom Lla-ht 4k Bndbarrv'a Factory. Hew York
and a Melodeoa from Uiihop ck Co., from Ilia rooiua
in i..nMH, h
Floe ineclinena orcaihmere lioala, war exnibited
by 8. H . Wllll-nu or Licking aouuly, and ware high
comannndad hv the Commtltea. .
neuderion or uncaaier, naa on exuioiuon a very
one milling nuggy, wuicn waa macn aamirau.
Mra. Kttlimr. Coff.e, Weakly. Kinkead. Poad.
C. Hlle, Mlia Cupp, Kwlng, Mra. Connell, Mill Con
nail, Barallar, Peter and OoflM, daaarva partleala
mention for the vary haada me niauour tn which Flo
rai hiii wit aacoraieo, ana ror weir eaoria to mat
their dauarlment beautiful and alnaaant, Maay 4hr
Later from California.
St. Joseph-, Oot. 15th. The Pony Ex
press from California, reached ' here this
noon, twenty-four hours behind time,wiih
dates to Oct; 34. ' , ".
The Douglas primary election held in
San FranoiscoSepiember 29thJdemonstra
ted the faot that the Irish , voters are al
most unanimously in favor of that divis
ion of the Democracy. . ,
Both wings of the Democracy are con
fident of carrying the State. There is uo
difficulty to cot backers on even bets .ei
ther for or against Douglas, Heavy bets
arc always supposed to exercise, ao im
portant influence in California elections,
the Republicans are accordingly not un
mindful of suoh , taolics, Eugene ' Sulli
van, a prominent - meinour oi mat party
having already bet 925,000 against 5000
that Lincoln will be elected by the peo-
a mm aavioea irom uregon explain me
progress of tbe Legislature Both houses
were in session duly organized, ine six
absent Senators had returned, and ratifi
ed , the informal proceedings had in their
absence. -. , -v
The Governor's message lakes strong
reckinrido-e grounds. ' The governor al
so protest that he will call an extra ses
sion, if the Legislature adjoorns without
electing aU. a. senator, whioh Would
nostoone tbd election two years.
Tne isi oi vciooeris aseignsiea as me
ay for the electron, but there is no cer
tainty of its taking place.
Nineteen thousand dollars bad been re
ceived at San Francisco from Fremont'i
Mariposa mines . being the result of eight
days operations. , ' ...
The ship Lotus from Hong King Aug.
13th, brings the Hong Kong Press of the
tOthand Uth, , which bas advices from
Peeheeioo Gulf to Julr 28ih,on whioh day
the allied fleet sailed lor tbe scene of so
lion, tbe French in sixty -fourjreesels large
and small, the British in upwards of two
una rod vessels, , it - was believed tne
1st of August had been agreed upon for a
combined attack upon Takes Forte, 1 It is
said that much jealousy bad sprang up
between tbe fienob -and Briusb. Vibe
British were indignant and disgusteeV at
the pretension of the 1 reach, .;
' 'Dlnna Yc Hear tbe Slo.an.''.
The Republicans throueheut the eoun
try are reioiclnjr over the result of the
eleotions in' Pennsylvania, Indiana and
Ohio, heralding as it does the termination
of the corrupt Administration at Wash
ington, and the inauguration pf aa honest
Administration ir) us stead. - ' . ..
At Cincinnati, on Saturday night, the
Wide Awakos bad a grand display; nearly
one thousand were lu procession, many
houses' were illuminated along the line of
march, and it was a time of general re
joicing.' There was a moeting at the Fifth
street Market space, at which Hon. Kent.
llosta presided; W. M. Dickson, Eea.,
addressed tbe crowd, who said :
"The people, in their majesty, now
apeak; (peak for the right, and we have a
Unaliti). The irrepressible conflict is end
ed in the right, What is Ibis finality!
It Is but recurrence to the polioy ot the
Fathers of tile Constitution'. There is
nothing novel' in H. It is as simple as it
i. ? i i a. . t. .ti .
is luei ana complete, it emorsce luieo
principles: non-intervention, by Congtess
with slavery in tho States Where It exists;
no more slnTes from abioad", do silread of
slavery over the Territory withiii. This
was lbs polioy or the fathers, miiy aeier
mined upon Ry them whert' they formed
the CiinHtllntiiitt."
Hon. John A. OurTey nd olasrif also
spoke. ,
At Toledo on Friday nigjit, the effy was
ablaze with enthusiasm. The JSfoiir stales
that the illumination seemed to be gener
si, and on Summit street alone, 112 pla
ces of business were illuminated for the
occasion, ihe .Mounted lungers turned
out by hundreds, aleo a large number of
Wide-Awakes. Several abort addresses
were made at the Wigwam. It is said
to have been the grandest display ever
made in Toledo. f. o. Journal.,
yean'trtal la aiott obnlnal eaaea uiflall y found among
the neor, and made more an by their poor living. - tn
all tbe common eompoundefbrCooghaud Long Com -
pi.ii., k noniatai or ail to good reaulra.la the la
trodaellon ofthre perfoat 7pntltea, uA a, Oiaat.
IT"- " ad a Hmulmnt a, batra, proouelng
aifeediairl. To give lo Ihe world a preparation
which yon Are obliged lo camion nallente to abiu In
from, whan naaaea or proatratlon fbllowa, Ii not only
unnatural aa a aura, but ia agatnat alt maihamatlcal
Uwa f aadletea, it yoe uaoil make a aommon
enomt of your oomplalnl, and uae a eonatant waanon
warivanoniiryieoaatentappllcallnn, without fear
or naneea or pronratloni then your complaint will
hold IU poiIUJhl, and yoar ayetom ia being aVbilltai-
ea, ao ineaompiaint beoomai chronic. In tba Uni
vaaaAL Corjaa Raaant none ufthoae ohjeclloui axial,
but wlUi 'In ona hand a weapon, dr. In Ilia othnr a loot,'
"' "i oiaona anu nun. no, or auataio, a de
illltated aonultutloh. Let onr friend, anH. ... .. .
marka by trial on all Throat, Lung or Bronchial Cora-
,iui,..ii,iur, "P"n ao, procure and read the
pamphlet, 'o be foand with dur agehll or dealen, and
buying only they call rely apon, to get the genuine,
then the endorsement will be found ri. ..In,.
lulu perfect. See advertlaemehi;
Ladlaa contributed more or leaalo the genera
lay at
I dtip
for which they are entitled to the Ihauka of tee loci
ly. ,
Joieph Snyder, exhibited lojne Sne ipectmeni of
Seedling Apalea, bhtrh weroeommendeaby la, aem
ulU. . JOHN A. PKTTURS.Fmaldeat.
v. ia. u. niaxaaa,rieeretary.
Lauaaawr.Ohlo, October 18, ise.
lairUon. V. B. Horion aud the Hod
C. D. Martin have met and held consul
tation, and have eome to the conclusion
the cheapest and best stock of goods
the District. Oo in and see- him.. ..
JtyRead the advertisement of ' valua
ble farm for sale," in another column.
Guernsey's .'Balm,
Infemtile Cordial.
Wa would requeit pirllcularatlentloa to the adter
tlaement of Meaan CAarcA Onaaai, addreaaed III
Mttktr: The aaalifa C.iea Dr. F.tton la a me
dicine of groat eclebrliy. and the ateadlngaf ite eaanh
facturartwlll a auSlelesi guarantee of ibe care taken
ia Ite preparation, and ita unvarying parity. The
BIM feed ie Ibr a claae of dlaeuee uufortunatuly vary
prwvalen. In thla -vicinity, and tta high repuuitoi
ahonld aaanr a ready aal. rii;iaa,l icealjw
aaJ. HySe adTeitiaamarit. . ; m37
-fc 1 ' i, A .
paetlstewrTtta Paralaat Fawar Charm
For Ihe prevention and enra M wi a-u- j
ilieae rntn. Thla wonderful remedy; waa brought
knowledge of th pre eent prbprleton by a Mend
www IM, .rarcier in rerira ana in Holy
Land. ...
WSn rMnr down the rltwr Rohivu, t.
ad a aieircattaefe of Pevarand Agn. On dticover-
d( ...,nni.i.Mi,onor ua ooalniii look from hlr
Deraotian jmltt. aavlnw. wi.. 11.1 ..j a-..-.'
atilf teaeA yea.M Altaougb lacradhilou aa to Ita tir-
woa ae aorapilodad axparleneed Immediate relief,
aid baiaine alwaya found It aa affeciiou from air
melarloeiioaiptalale, ......
On further invenlgalloa ha found that the boatman:
attributed lo II anrweafeiw aowera, and aaid lhal it
wwiuumr ww oDmnoa irom tn rnenaof tb Sun.-
Sometime aflerwardi, the gentleman tn convening
with a Prion obtained from biin the leeret of Ite J re
paration, and aacerUlned where the medicinal harbe
were tonna, or wnich it waa compounded. The won
derful vlnvea of Ihlaarttcle have Inuuced a full be
lief la the mlnda ofllie ualfvealn tha mlrannlou, h.l .
S powera of Ihelr Prloili.
Blnee bia return to America. It ha, haan triad lil.
Ihe hapoleil effeol by aereraj Ladlei and Geullomen
of hlgn character, who have given it iha moat unouali-
nedpralM, Thla remedy having been a apeclScin
ParalafornuAdfedtofyeara, for tha prevention anot
euro of Fever and A gu and Bitlona Fevera la now
offered to the American reopr'.
Il will bb aan( by mall, prepaid, Willi full'dlrtellona
for nae, on receipt of one dollar. -
rrincipai uepol and Afaau factory, 1S Main Rtroot,
Rlohmond, Virginia. Brancl, Offlca. Bank of Cou
menoe Building, New York. Addreu r
juaaxa.iBou iyn JOHN WILCOX COT
M:. . ; nd aMoad Pariner. ., i ;
"Tbo blond la tha lira." ..v. n.i..,,.-. . -a
Science aleo. Expel corruption Irom lb blood and
a dlieaae can eilit In the eyitem. My Blood Pllli
and PenSerpeiform their UakeSeoluafty. Thy a
powerlul vegetable delargenta, and car all formi ot
diaeaie, whicarlia from Impure blood, limply be-'
cauae Ihey remove tbe common cauiei of diaeaee front'
Iha llfe-iunalning Said. Hence their apparently
miraculous CUrua of acrhrnla. arxnllnn. In.,... A
pepila.llvareomplalnli, rheumilliie. iwelllngof ibo
Jolnta, and all alfeolloiii of the Internal orgaui, which
rr-, 1 i"iu uiaiiviioaiiun.
il rceeaiiTerllaenieiiU - . Jm 10
gOffifflfflON HOtllE
,'tBAmt,. SKISNER- cV c6T'.:,. t
No. 8ft West Second Street, Ciacioaati, O.
Dry Hides'
Salt Hldee
Gunny Sacka'
Wheat . Barley Malt ;, Butter . . Feather
Ryo Hopa . Cheert ' Hemp
Cora- Hoga : , Lard .. Tobacco'
iau Hanoi. Srenao'
Barley : n Bulk Mr ; '' Tallow
Heaaa Buckwheat Cotton
Dxr FauiriTmoTM r, Clovh, Ftax ui Baar Sain,-
Aid I'roduce lo Geperal. '
Pnrchaae on Order, at lowan market rirlcea. dvnrV
deaorlpllon of Mereha. die. Whiiky, Floor, Tallow,'
uraaae, uira, ouixMoaiauu uacon.nugardxoiaaies.
Ship yoar Produce anil Draw at Sight
OotobeM,lS80 87tf '
XL. A"
. 1 .
LT va. " .
1 ,1 -.v-- r a a an -To..
w n w mmw m m rm m -
a ache, Dyxpila, Fever and Ago, A
15. Liver Complaint, muveocae, g
j BlUouioeie, Naaralgla.Colla,
"viX Depraved Appall la, Dlaar- a ,
, V dwvd Stomach, Femaia 3 ,
f oiKtnirtioni, c 4
TD-TT.BCIB 8 FILLS are anlvereally ac
Iwhm lb, b4 now hi naa. AaaFaiaUy
tnediotiM tbey era partlcilail; raeommiKVd-aiaijl,
and karalaaa, bat highly madid nal la their oor
Unatloa. One FUla aoae, witamiia au.cw
ialnMSheia. Tha roboaVetaa aad thi delloate oalM
thaw aUka, with every aaaraaee of aotlre
fity. With WUaon's PUla.evory MoUer u.
Um land booMnoo her wa phjaklon. Tbey have
proved thenawlvea a araono, and alaal wlthoot a
rival fcr tta SAIoaring asVanona;
Ooetlvenaaa, BUiousaeaa, Nauralgfa.
Oosttveneaa, BUlooantaa, Nouraiga.
loll ty SroggtsU Dealer ererywhsre.
B. l2 PAHNE3T0CK & CO.
Importers 4 Wholasal Druggith
' 1 KreO,0niar'w"o4sjUwthits. :
. ana raranuwas or
B. L. Fihneatook'a Vertniruge.
A liaivafiaf fntlilutitn tttuwHthti by ibhM -'
doVMiar.or rAi Mtlitt (Al Sic aad llialriaild
wjtitttimitt Virulent ki Kfidtnic Dittn, and
eieen'ejlyar the Can 0 XJioaio A Or-aai.
MfKDICAT. APV1CB given gratia, by the Acting
lYISargenu, loall whd apply by loiter, with a de
scription of their condition, (age, occupation, hablti 'of
life, ore. , and In eaaea oroxiramb poverty, Madlcinei
furetvbed free of charge.
VALUABLE RKPOKTS on SnbermalorrHma. ahl;
oilret Blieaeea office Sexual Orgoa,and oatbeNBW
HBMEOIBS employed in tho Ulipeniary, aent lo Ui
amictad In lealed letter envelope!', free of eharge.
rwo or three atarape for postage will b aeeeptable.
Addreu, Dr. J. SKILL1N HODOHTON.AclliigSur
gent, Howard Aaaodlation, Ro. 8 South Mnlh Street,
Philadelphia, Pa, By order of ihe Ulrcctora.
K. 1). HARTWELL, Pr't.
ORrJ.FAIRCHll.n, 8,i.
Aug. e.ieen-ltt-ly.
yWWMialwTi aa
O '!TirJaanbr Monday, Jonelllb lX),thaerhedele"
'ol time for Tralniou thla road, Leaving Lancaa
lat willbeaifollowi:
' raaCvVaVd' Tralri'a.
No.f,PairiahgeTtri!?P. M.arrlvlngalZaneavilld
at 3 13 P. M., making dlraclconneellona for tha Bat.
Fralghl aud AarMma'odallon Train at. ISO, A.M.
arriving at SaanertlU alldl9A.M. Making dlaacl.
oonnaillonaforlhe Kaat and Waal via. the Central
Ohio Railroad. Paeeengerafor Coltirnbue will lake
IhliTreln. TheabveTralaiitopalallalalloni,
Fretghtand Accommodation Train leaving Morrow
at SOU P. M. writ on Saturday nlghl ran ibl.lncaiter'
oa sard tlme.and from bkera reiitme Ua trip vuMa-
day moralug. . , ,
VTeatwardi Train,
No.9, Pnwrjgoral 1100 A. M.,arrivlngat CladrK
aatUtOP.M. ' '' '1 . '
Frelghtand Accomin jdallon Trala at TOO P.M.
departurat7 13 P. M. arriving at Cincinnati el SOU
Fretghtand Accommodation Train leaving Zinei-'
villa all 13 P.M.will onSaturday nlghl rnn to laiaeai
lerand from there reim Hi trip oa Sunday nlghl.
WN.KKr BONIl, Reoelver.
B. D. A BBOT, A aalalaat Supariutendaal.
June 14, ISbS 3lf
Atlaraere aad Caaoaellar at Law.
FICK-shpger Houae.op italn. Kiilrance Wetl
Market Hone. . 1 ' .-
Biter, aprtl IS, lSOO-Slf .
Sold by K... SLOCUM, Uncaiter, Saudarmaa at
Knouff, Amanda; K Kalb, Ruahvllle,,
Lancaatar, AugaiLK, ledO IjlS
w: T. wise;.
OPFICR In Potter 'a Building, Id door on the porch.
Jaauaryl,ie0 lyW
Prompt atteviUoa given to.Colleetlou.
jrpOFPICK with Ktlnchcomb dr Clark. -March
it Aw Aflfatiia aiiti9
OFFIOB-Tallvnadw Block Seenad Blery Flnl
door both right al lb head arth Swire.
oar Blocnm'iBruf
OPPlCR-0a Mala Street

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