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Tallaaaelge Black.-Talra Staff "(a the
Left at taa Ilea at tha atalra.
THURSDAY, :' OdT.' 18.1880.
: At lmcMerf-tfr Hetllrwaa, 1
Oarageittg Weet i.ii.ll A-. '.
Care going eet ;.....(........ .! IS r. M.
Aoeomreodalloo going et 7 P. at.
- ThtaTraie.ee Saturday algbt. laye ntritLiDew
Ui,u4 reaumaetle trip oa Sunday Ktenlnraaabnve.
Accommodation going Bel W A. M.
Tbl Traln.ee Saturday nigbl. laye over at Lancaa-
ter,aad reeumeeltelrlpea Monday Morning ,aabora.
H Cwackaa. .
' to Colunibiie every day.eieeptSandnyete A.M.
, Arrival at Leneaater ...... P. M. '
To Logan,everydny,iiept Sunday al....S A. M.
Arrive at Untliltt
Aoeoramodationeachday,airlveacd. partialis M.
, , . Ob Horaeaaeeie .
To Baltimore, arrival and daparta evary Taeeday
ml Friday. .- ?
To No SaUm.arrtrea aad depart evary Taeeday
andPrtilay. ... .
To Cleerport.eTery Tkuradey Bight, aad return
Friday nlrhl ' ' .
To Carroll, arrlvee end daparta Tary Tueieaynnd
Frjdev algbl,at o'eloed ' , L .
To Reahvllle. atary Teoaday and Friday ail M.
and return aame eveatligi
ISP A lew bushels of good winter ap
ples will bs received at tms office on sub
scription. .., 'V' - -
' Taa RatlbeaUon. ' .I'v-.',
tb enttuisiasm manifested b the mas
ses, in our city, on Tuesday Yenlnfr, was
.; legitimate to the triumph of Republican
' principle! in (3 hid, Indiana, and Pennsyl
vania, on the second fueaday, as well as
to Ibe glorittna Victory of the parly in the
1 1th Congressional . iSietriot bf Ohio', to
the eleotioh bf Mr. HoMoir, by so deoisive
a majority. 'Th. overwhelming Republi
can majorities returned from trery eleo
(ion that has been held since the Chicago
Convention, indicates, that the choice of
the people for their next. President, will
fall on Mr. Lincoln, of Illinois, and his
election by the people is now conceded by
men oil all parties. ( A word of osution
tl !fl .hIiIaaI' ii at ttwa
time, not out or place land to Republicans,
we say respectfully, let no man stay away
from the ballot box on the sixth day of
November next. Let every one who de
sires that the people should choose tbnir
Own President, be at the polls. All those
bpposCil to the election of Mf. Lincoln'
ore as anxious and determined as ever, to
defeat a choice by the people, and to
ihrow the election into tho bouse of Rep
reseijtayvfcs, whfoV contingency, a
pro-slavery disunionUt or a President of
minority, will be forced upon ybii. '
v., At oh early hour, the'stieeta of our city
began to IBM u r with people from' Various
parts of tho county. The. Wide AwaVes
of our Viljr and the Wide Awakes of Cir
olevilla, met at (he depot at half past sev
6n,Tr0rn whloh plao the whole precession
'morSd tlirougn all the streets dt tktfctly,
Conl'muing their mardh near three hours,
under martial muslo, floating banners and
the insignia of the Republican organisa
tion. , ..' '
tile torch light procession was tho finest
and mOBt enthusiastio that We have seen.
The display of fire works, and the illumi
nation of houses, by citizens, was noble,
and truly imposing. It may be (aid at
once that the town was in a blaze of glory.
Good cheer everywhere prevailed, and the
ceremonies df the evening passed of pleas
antly, withdut a single incident to mar the
harmony of the docasidn.' TliS Democrats
looked on with becoming decorum, and no
doubt many of thesi were well pleased
with the turn things are taking.
The Ciroleville Wide Awakes, number
ing about ou hundred, were escorted tu
Lancaster in a special train. They Were,
Upon the whole, a noble looking, and wel)
deported setof fellows. Their regalia and
drill, ahdwed them off to a very gdod ad
vantage. After (pending the evening and
lnihglihg with our oitiieos, in iooial glee,
until a late hour, they returned . to their
uuoies, oarrvinir wiia idbih . iue iibui ty
thanks and good Wishes of the" citikvns of
. Lancaster, and, of Fairfield county gondr-
oily. This friendly visit from them will
be duly kpprediated abd reciprocated by
our Reputlicans. , -
.a.. :
8uodin Death. Mr. Joseph Work, Jr.
fell dod upon the floor, while at work
in his shop, tin Tuosday morning last.
We understand he was in good health np
id the minute of his death. He died of
heart disease. His remains were interred
to-day in the city burying ground. .
. - . i . ' . . ... - . .
Ttia Prinoi or Rail 8. A son of Hon.
Abraham Lincoln recently (pent a few
days at the Wbito Mountains. .While
there a very enthusiastio dimobattation
was mads giving him a reception as the
''Prince of Rails." A procession was
formed to escort the 'Prince,' and speech
es were made to wLicb he iuado a very
happy reply. ., , ... .. , I
1 a ' 1 '' '
jCrOfBolal returns from all the Organ.
iied end settled counties id Nebraska Ter
ritory give Daily, Republican, for Con.
gress, 163 majority. -. -
X3Tlo6 was formed in the northern part
ot Ntw Hampshire, the other morning
sufficiently thick to bear up a man.'. . 1
JtySeuators Fitch of Indiana and Big.
ler of Pennsylvania hsva gone under, by
the results in these two Slates. ' ..
1 Noticz Baptist CiitncH, Lancastxk.
Sabbath morning next service at half past
10Subjeot, "The Reaurreotion of the
Bible Class at 8, P. M.
Servioe in the evening at 7 Subject,
"Man's falsa Refuge God's oertain De
tection." All are respectfully Invited.
E. F. Strickland, Pr.
i s ,,- rairssi ctir rair.'
Our County Fair cams frff last week in
a manner qnite satisfactory to all ooocerg
ed. ' There was quits a profusion of e
erylhin'rt generally found at such exhibi
tions. . The prodigality of dame nature is
truly wooderftti th present ' year. The
Fair was s decided suocess, when iJoa.
sideted Is lb earnest Of tbs plenty, which
reigrik throughout oris cauuty and Stats
and bids famine and want "take a back
seat' or seek other quarters. -
Matters passed off quite pleasantly and
all seemed to eojejr themselves. We can
no; say much for the weather; true, It
might have been worse, but we hare seen
it better, aud it was particularly . unfair
for the lad its who cannot appear to good
advantage when cold winds pinCh their
features, give a llueish tinge to the coun
tenance and otherwise annoy litem. For a
more minute acoottnt of the Fair we copy
(below) the correspondence of the Cin
cinnati Commercial, and refer oUr readers
to the Premium List, published elsewhere;
Eos. Coat -In iriy straggling hither
aud thither, I find myself snugly fixed in
this beatltiful place, add am lucky enough
to be able to attend the Ninth Annual
Fair of Fairfield county,' . '
The Fair grounds comprising about
twenty acres, are very appropriately situ-
ted about a milo and a half northeast
from the business centre of the city. The
area of the enclosure is a grasxy levcl.but
to the north, and east hills two and three
hundred feet high form a lofiy senti-cirols
Immediately to the Cast rises Ml. Pleas
ant, presenting I leaning wall of gray sand
stona, moss covered in place, and .ter
raced occasionally with bushes Add trees.
It has a genuiue mountainUh look, and
is a noble intruder into the young prairie
at its feet. As ydu gaze npward it Media
almost advancing to crush . yoU, and Vou
fancy it is some hugs orgd stalking about
in search bf miachieft and having coma
with giant strides td the threshold of the
valley, suddenly stops as it ashamed or
afraid of its utter lonelineis in the con
trast of sueb a dead level aa.if (to be ex
cessively facetious) it felt al! at once, "like
a est in a itrange garret."
However,! need not to bolster the fame
of Mount Pleasant; It has its place in ro
mance, sinco Emerson Bennet lays the
scene ol his 'Forest Rose" here. X .
But, I had a view after olimbini; to its
summit I shall not toon forget nnoblonir
prairie of ten square mile, stretched far
below, comprising some of the richest
laud in the State. .Beautiful Lancaster,
with its white hoases, . Iduked still mote
beautiful, as Queen of the valley, crown
ed With the blue mists of Autumn, and
necklaced with the silvery surface of the
Hooking; while, on the hi lis beyond the
trees were keeping nature's carnival in
rainbow-hoed dresses. The scece had
all the effect of a picture when I laid at
lull length Upon my aide, and put my eye
cldse to the edge of. the summit I am
told thai do a clear day, the view with a
good telescope embraces a range of twenty-five
to tbirty miles. The Reformed
School, at five miles disUnoe, is plainly
seen with the naked eye, and has a pio-
turesque appearance, v , ' . -To-dav
has been proD'.tious, arid deci
dedly balmy, a little too much of the bal
my in the way of breeses for the comfort
of the ladies; but let us be thankful for the
sunny skies. " ' '
I notice that the three buildings, Man
ufacturer's Hall, Wgetable ' Hall, and
Floral Hall is a model of its kind; it is lat
ticed on boih sides: and terminates in an
oolagon atone end, which is set apart as
Fine Art Hall, and Is also Uinced. Ev
ery one agrees that ,Ue prospects for a
good lair ard uousually fine, and the en
tries to-day, up to 4 o clock, almost equal
in number the total number of those made
last ycM; ;
the SeoreHary kindly furbiabed me with
tho entires made to. day up to the hour
mentioned, The total number is 709, of
which there have been, Horses, 198; Jacks
rind Mules, 13; Cuttle, 66, Sheep, 47, and
Hog, i. . -
Over four hundred nloreen'rie safe ex
pected to I e made on to-morrow, as the
books will be kept open , until 10 A. M.
As yet the finest thoroughbred horses are
rjoi on the ground.7 In this Conileotion I
may Bay that the stables for hot see are far
the neatest and most Snug ef any I have
seen at shy Fair. The ring is about One
third bf a mile itt circumference. '
In my next report I shall be better able
td give the Order of prrjccedidgS, as to
day is altogether a preliminary one.
Among the entries td Floral Hall has
held the chief attraction, and 1 particular
ly noticed I large display df plants and
flowers, from the well kuown nursery of
X. Uunter, oi this plaoe. Among nis
Collection were some fine spSuimbs ef
English holly, of his own importation.
There was a fine display bf photographs
by M. M. G-riswold, Of this plade, and also
some beautiful crayon sketches by artist
unknown to ue. The exhibition" of veg
etables and fruits la alioady worthy of
mention but the display will be fuller to
morrow, ; wb6D ' I will' notice particular
ly. : .: jr. K s a f '' ' J - i .' , '
I clotd this letter witb the name's of the
principaiofiioersigenilemen in every sense,
and efficient. ' -
President John A. Fetters: Viee Pres
ident, John N. Litile; Trensdreh I. C.
Kinkead; Secretary, 0". Uj L Wiseman.
' More anon. 'I , . , , EGOMET.
Saturday, Oot.,lllh, I860. ' ;
Eds.' Com : I send you now a report of
the seoond day ot toe i air. -.....
Last night wi had a slight showsr.and
this morning opened odd and damp, but
before noon the sun came out, but did not
succeed ia thawing the chills out of the
air, and So we have shivered all day, even
in overcoats. - But there was no postpone
ment of the crowd on account of the weath
er. All the world and the rest of man
kind, rushed along until it was estimated
that 12.-0OO people were present, and the
ory was "stiU they come." So far, the
fair has been an unprecedented suocesb,
and it has been the greatest of oounty
fairs I sver attended.
Aa I before stated, the buildings are
tastily arranged, but from the rush to-day
they have proved inoonveniently small.
The Society will oertainly need to enlarge
them by next year.' I think it would be well
too to enlarge tbe are! r the groosds
The taoiliiia for , dloiog. the multitude
are ssoreover absurdly limited. Dinner,
lbs posters aanoaaoed to come' off from
10 A. M. to 4 P. M. at tS cents a head.
When 1 entered the luon at about lit
P. Id. the long labia was piled bigh'wiih
dirty dishes: chicken bones, pieces of
ham. crackers, rush, pie, te. Ao., in
strange confusion blended, while on the
benches both sides crowds sat eleee to
gether, men women ind ehildren eagerly
endeavoring to exlraol litbist from tbe
greasy mass. Some were fortunate enough
to ugnt on a dish or oysters, but your
humble reporter had to put up with Die
and crackers, and be thankful There
was evidently an intention on tbe part of
me proprietor to plan liberally, but sys
tem wis lacking. - .
It I were to find Unit elsewhere. I should
say that there ought to be more encour
agement given to the manufacturing in
terests. I think, too among the classes
of entry there ought io have been one ter
med Household Department as I noticed
a variety of articles of great utility, na
turally coming under that head, whioli
oould find no class in which to compete
tor a premium, it is all very well to Ret
up big horse shows, but at the same time
let not the mecbaoios of the ooantrv be
overlooked, especially siuoe macninery is
now indispensable in agriculture.
Amoug the incidents of tbs - day the
drilling of boyl front the State Reform
School, formed a pleasing variety in the
ring. There were about 130. A few of
the Lancaster Guards also paraded in tho
afternoon. ' ' . .
Six or seven female equestrians appear
ed, and pleased all eyes with their grace
ful riding; but they are not allowed to
compete for tbe premium until to morrow.
Speaking of tbe ladles reminds your sen
sitive reporter how he was comprejsed al
most td nothingness by the fair ones in
Floral Hall. - Being diminutive, -1 was
soared. One entry I saw which was not
bargained for, a fellow dead drunk. stretch
ed on his back upon a box. - - Some wag
had elily tacked a card to him, reading
"1st Pvmium." 'Xoaray. i , Eoomet.
. . Bonnet, . , ,
8uggeilad by the udderi death or Joaara Work,
Ja., from htarl dlataaa, while employed at Ibe
counter ot all Boot sad Shoe 'eiUttlliBieeBl la tktt
City. '
Taou art bbtt Xiaa end Base,, Protean Piitiil
EntbronM, with frceplre re athlnr. eT'ry laud,
Thine eajluarlei By at lay oomfcand ;
Te Matter death and ruin In (net r onward pith t -.
The moil triumphant oa the Seld of atrife,
Where thouaanda bleated link at toe ta dint,
Or la the peitlleoce, whoae poleoa'd breath accartl
Both wltber hrlnhlni batloni oat ot life I "
Aad thea deeoendlnt from thy throne thy part
li r tbs meaner' (rada,bb( not lesa mlghtf Sway:.
A Tory akaeia bVjglng pr'eelobt Urea away,
By alow diaeaaea, ending with a bu rating aeart I
So Won bat died with faeultlea In full employ,
A enddea entrance into eterlaitliif Joy I -
;"--:t . ' B. t.U.l.umtnm.
I.iiK.,tor,Ohlo. .... . . '
&WVf iegret, yet are not surprised to
find in the Ohio Eagle of last week
a paragraph, purporting to be'a fair quo
tation from a speech delivered last winter,
at Springfield, Massachusetts, by the eel
ebrated orator Carl Sehurz.
' The intelligent reader of any party,
needs no proof to oonviiice hint that Mr.
Schurs could never have been guilty of
committing so stupid as atrocity as that
obarged upon him.
Many copies of, this speedh bdth in En
glish and German, have been circulated
in this community. And we would ask
bur readers to refer to the speech itself,
and see for themselves how fraudulent
snd contemptible are the quotations and
remarks of the Eagle.
We know of no difereuct, morally, I-
tween a direct falsehood, and a deliberate
and -willful nut-quotation, end therefore
feel no hesitancy in calling the misquo
tation referred to, a mean, pitiful, cow
ardly lie! " ; ; - " . .
- i e i e i i i, .
X9We invite tbe attention of our
readers to the new stook of Dry Goods
just receivsd by Lyous St Son. That
Jimmy knows how to pleasd the ladies
in his line, bo one can dispute). See ad
vertisement. ' " .. .-" :
A Short Lrairj. The following brief
pootio effusion is to bo filing to the tune
01 "Blow the winds of morning:"
There was a man in our town;
Jlis namd was Stehhss A;, , '
He scaroh-ed for his mothi er
In Pentlsyl-Va-ni-a.
i .e. ,
For tbe Oaeette aad Democrat.
Mksirs. Editors: Please allow the
thtough the columns bf your paper, to
thank the officer of the Agticiiltural So
ciety of Fairfield coiihty, for the" douriesy
extended to tbe boys of the Ohio Reform
School, ih allowing them a free admit
tance to the Fair Grounds on Thursday
last. It was a glorious day for the boys,
the kindness and interest manifested by
the Officers of the Society, and the citi
zens generally mads an elevating and last
ing impression upon their minds. By a
iinsnimous vdte df .the Sdbdol, I hereby
fresbnt their . grateful itektiowledgmeiltt.
'; G. E HOWE, ,
; :AcVg Com'r 0. R. f.
PIctdrs GlLLiar. Ws ittvile tbe at.
tendon ot our readers 111 tbe vicinity of
Baltimore;, to the foot that bttr friend I. R
SmOrk, has pertbanBrltly located hil Gal
lery in that plaoe, where he is prepared
to accommodate his friends at all times
With Ambrotype, Ferrdtype, Mud Photo,
graph pioturfcs. Mr. 8. pride himself oh
being able to furnisher date picture as
low as they oau bo had elsewhere.'- We
have seen s few of his specimens and have
no hesitancy in pronouncing them No- 1.
We invite your attention to the ad
vertisement of D. Giesy in another column
Mr. Gieaoy has sold out to Mr. Willard
and is now acting as his agent in the boot
and shoe business.
OHAPTEH.No. 11. ......." SW
BWCAMPMBRT, Ho. ..... 30
Oct.ll, 1880. O. STfflSafAH, Recorder. ,
The Age wfTirtaa.
The fjrlt pumber' of i Semi-mdofhlj p.
riddles!, bearing ihl above title, has bees
laid oa our labia. It ia a oeal aad hand
somely executed journal of 16 pigs octa
vo; aua does maeb sredit to the elty of
LaneuUr, as well SI tbs enterprising gen.
iieroan who is Its editor aad preprieior.
In reviewing lu' contenU, we ud It
paper of excellent merit. Unlike many
oi tbe journals before the publlc.it ad
dreeeee itself to tho thoiigbts.aod attempts
to give an elevated tone to the morals and
hulleotual faculties, . Ws are pleased
with its various departments, as it eon
tains mueh information on important sub
jects. that may be referred te hereafter.
Tbe production of such a paper as thi
promises t) be, is suited to the taste and
ability of Dr. 8cott, who is its editor.
We hope that his enterprise may be as
successful, as his merits as s literary gen
tleman deserve.
State faraa Boys,
the boys froth the Ohio Stale Farm,
commanded by Capt.Irving Lion, it under
tbe supervision of Mr. Howe, the Acting
Commissioner, and tbe elder brothers,
made a visit to Lancaster on the second
day of the Fair. The boys were in hand
some uniform, snd th larger class of them
appeared under United Stales muskets
They moved in procession through the
principal etreets of the city, and thence to
tbe Fair Grouods, where they acquitted
themselves handsomely .and reflected much
credit upon the officers of the Reform
Farm, by their gentlemanly deportment
and military drill. The smaller elass in
tbs meanwhile amusing themselves and
the oitizens, by varied athletic eiereises
and sports, in the circle. It is a matter
of great gratification td witness the fioely
improved condition of the boys, bilh io
appearance sod deportment
HoiUtBLt Railroad " AcciDtirr.O n
Monday evening theWestward bound ex
press train on the Central Ohio Railroad
ran off the track about eight miles west
of Cambridge killing the engineer, James
Free, snd the fireman, Charles Rusle.
The cause of the disaster was the break
ingof a wheel and the consequent tering
up of the track for a space of about three
hundred yards. The engine and tender
were pitched over the embankment and
broken in pieces. The train was going at
jrreat speed, and ya Twimdin a curve1
when the accident happened. The tire'
man was instantly killed, but the death
of the engineer was appalling, ( A portoo
of the wreck caught bitn by the legs aad
held him down, while the boiliag water
from the engine trickled upon him, fatal
ly scalding hirxi. His Sufferings were so
ihteuao that he begged the passengers to
kill hint and end his misery. This they
eould not do, neither weie they able for
some time to extricate Dim from the frag
ments by which he was partially buried.
Ibe Columbus, J1 act, from whionwe con
dense these details, state that several of
the passengers were injured, but not sen.
iHljc Jttarkct0.
Corrected weekly by Wygum tt tgont.
Coffeo 16al8o Sugar 10llc
Eggs : 8 Molasses 60 ,
Lard 10 Salt 82 00
Bacon 10 lie Butter ' i '
Wheat per bushel 890 95 .
Flour per barrel, 84 7S5 00.
Corn 3So Oats 18c Barley 50(355e
Potatoes 25a30o.
Fish per half barrel, White $5 73;
Pickerel, $3 00; Bass S 00.
Cincinnati" markets.
Cincinnati, Oct. i7, 186(3i
FLOUR The demand continues limi
ted end chiefly local, and the sales few and
Unimportant. Buyers contend for de-
oline. PriocS are nominally unchanged,
Mid we bontinud to quote Superfine at 95
S 10, fittra at 5 IS (Si 3 30. and Ultra
Family and Fancy at $5 406 ih.
Provisions Small sales of Mess Pork
st $17 7518 40. Bacon was offered
more freely, and 170 bhds Shoulders sold
at 8jo. 22 do. at Oo. and 35 hhds Clear
Sides at 13o.
Wheat The market continues anil,
and prime Red declined to 81 08. White
is unchanged. We quote prims at 81 14
1 16; sales or 375 bu. prime tied at
8 1 08: 600 do. do. White at 81 16: 150
do. do. at 81 14; 700 do. fair White at
II od.
Corn We quote old at 40 43u in
bulk, aud 3033o for new.
' OAts The demand ia fair and the mar
ket steady at 30o in bulk; sales of 050
bush id bulk at sue. .
Rrt The market Cdtitindtjs dull, but
without any change in prices. We qUdte
prime at 68o. sales of 300 bit at B8o.
BiLTIatORB, Oct. 17.
Flour, active and firra;-Howsrd Street
and Ohio at $5 75; City. Mill held at
$5 S05 62$.
Grain Wheat firm; Rod at $1 30
i 40; Whim at 81 45 1,63. Corn is
firm; yellow 7Uo7o.
Prbvislonsj Sre steady abd linpbtngBd.
Coffee) firm. Whisky aotive at 22o.
Pbiladilfbia. Oot. 17. Flour Fir
Grain, Wheat active 4 advanoed Sojsales
of 10,000 bdsh white at St 40.1,60, - and
red 1,351,40. COM -a .declining ten
dency; yellow 78j. Provisions Quiet.
Whiskey Steady at 23a 4d. -
Lnoutr, Jane T, iiwo mil
nnHR underalgned oSera hie larra al prirato aale.
Ka drnrmliiltuaieain rieaaani lownab o. Fatt-
jeaOeid uouoty, unio.o oinee noruean or
aeijanoaiier. ana eonuRie vi v Aeree,ar a
X erei In ealUvatlua and tea tore, of ileiber-
The ImDroTemenu are: an exoellenl Dwelling Houte
a good Barn, and othor out houwit a good Orehard
and a nater fclliM SdiUix of Water, oob,eolul to
the booee,aaVrdlag pleat; of water foritook.Ae. For
particular appiy to toe lUDHnviim toe pramm.
UOt IV 4W, JAnAAIAO tli.LtX.n.
New vtitismmte.
H wlll aenafWf ke MmiMUe I. . m. i
woldkweerglTe aotlee M air , fttorfa. that
, vilJillVt OljUI.iltL
nam tveno
kdsled Xat !E3erjry
Dig Stock of Goods.
TM7T a ftisl
B0Y8 8H0ES,
Fashionable Cloaka, all Prices,
HOOP SKIRTS all sizes snd prices. Par
ticular attentioi paid to County Produce.
tealr.October leeo tf -
are retpeetruily larked to call aad xainiae mr
Stock of Dress Silks,
OfMlssea ClltTord Tc RoblnsoaSi
' Qiist BtrrLDiM
myuooaiaareoeea enieciee wita ue greateat aare
front tbe mott faahlonable boutee in New York, and
eannot tall to pleae tbe .noit InaUdioat. A ahare ol
your patroaaire win ne tnanaiuuy receif d.
UoCMler,Oa.ll,:t)-Stllf M. J. MEJSOJS.
The Bank Exchange
iJutterfielO it siifcnltick "
IJIVE Bttel a Billiard Room In the Sd Mtnry of
j I toe pirruxu oi ni uittYbu Buibiiinu.
The Hoom contelnt three Tablet of tbe Sneat loan a -faemro.enabllflC
them to aeeommmlMte all who ma
deiire to while away their leleurd Umo, In eolatitlfle
amnaement. They iwapxptrnliy reqoeet all toealland
Lancaeler,OeL 11, lese.-etf.
OP the Order ld1Hsj,ChTjrvHoln(f,Falr-ttorlirig,
JWelrT'Weariitr. Tlma-obtenrlnc. Law abiiilns?
oUicaoi aad the reii of wotnaQ k Ind , to bit Iraprored
Pens. Spectacles, dec, &c, 4ce.
And in addition, he cenity hinU thel tonality and
prioa eoniidered) be rather Intake he ean fan tbe
market. Laoemewr, October II, lee SSlf
Pleasant Township Seminary.
THE AnnoalTeriDofthe PleaAsnlTown.rilp "erhl
nary wllledmmeneewlth MONDAY. APUIf..ath.
A. D. isee, and crtnsltt at 40 waeka, dlyldedliltothree
Seeilona, ae Tollowa: , .
Summer SbmIoo, front April the Sth to Jade the 1Hh
1PBU. Twelve week, tuition, Sb. Vaeatloa S week,,
Fall Semloo, front September Ird to Nc rem bar tin
1BS0. Twelreweekatnltion.tS. No Vacation.
and WlniarSeaaictn.rrAm Norenlber tHeSlilH. 1W0.
to March the ISth, 1861. Sixteen week tnltiona.SS.
TTfBoarJlaf will be furnished by tbe Principal at
taper week. JOSEPH fFEMAIC, Prlaclpal.
Lauoaaaer. Maroh S9, IS 80- J 47
SALE OF 073.
TqEonileralgnerl willoferat prirstalale TWC
BEAUTIFUL rtUILDIlfO 1.0T8, In the elty 01
bancatter.iituated nearlhe publloauare,and knowi
aathe GRARDLOOQB LOTS. For lonn,.jrlce,4e.
I refer bidden In Or. M. H. Brock, New Salemt Join
toClelland,Laneseterrlheaaderiltned, Leoadba
Umo. n. n.niuivnn.
- OrandMaatetOrandLodgeorOhle.
Tallmadge Block, Main Street,
IWA YSon Hand a heavy dock of GOODS, df the
Del, qilBIIMoa, w ait w m.H.i..t.i.i. mv .iu.i
by experienced workman, Alto, a large eupply of
Keady Made Clothing. aprll 14, leeo If
K to 1 yar( tilt.; Hf Itrong ieiUhy prrovih, prleo froia
Viuwf ii par jw. Atito
Peach, Pear, Cherry,
aBdaUklndaofantall Prutufn Urea uaatitlea. aad
f real qaanu tie i
Deolataeiaa . HrvrfTttima, Skrafeber,
KeMea, Daatliea.riawartaa; Plaat
Bulba, Sta. Ail of large eite and
All ara ratpeotfully loiriled U eall aad examine my
tock before parcaaung uiaawaere.
LaaeaaUr NuraeryUnoaeter.O., Sept. 87, 1T60-SS
Merchant Tailr and Clothier,
' Opposite the Shatter Hons.
Laaeaiter, HoramberS, lSSSlytT
- ICaTerji't;jaleD40w ' , t
ra-arf' nubile are hereby notlSed. ANNA1 MAPitAH
I FRUDNAIIBR.wlfeof Joeeph Frlednauer baa
aoaadooed herkueband without Oaule. Pereonakar-
iw.rlnvnv iruatlar her. will do ao at their own rlair.
aa BO Will noi oe rvaponaivia ror nor coiiirwcie.
Sep, 17j ieo jwwj, juaarn rauunauiit,
V 1T0NTER & S0N:K'
v At
ttb4lr oMaund. en Center Alle.
.aw f near Mulberry afreet, eootiaua
,5"bu7kiMlO all itabiancbeat inch ae edge
W tnoU.all kindaof work belonging to the w v
rarralnr Intereat: waaon.work: anaeeoeeial alien
tloa given to ahoelng. Give na roar work, we do all
onrloMoa the eborteat aotlaa. Special altaaUon
given to making au4 repairing mill plcka.
unoMter, nay m, tesO'
2 Sl.teOXAt
A uwreellMaaSaaatn(alhX4il0Ar
ia nrmmmr aaeaaimaBt or
iria orrtRiD 1 fats stARstsf . '
a fact every variety, of every artlele ta eovaetete a
Ueatiemaa'a Wardrobe, rrooj the Stteat down teaae
meat eabeteaUal aad aeeamoaeaaerel foe
Tbet alee have a areet varutv nt r.i a
SyV'S":1 "f-"ackllee. Jewelry. Umbvellee,
FieteUtkat newer bum Sre. la tratb. tbey have eve
rytkiag la ean averybody aad pledge theeaaelTaa I
Bhea ever atvatlaranlelee weva ogered (a thte market.
They rMera tfcelr taanka te the rood wui L.
eeewr aad vletBhy.forlkerlbereipatraoace they bare
hitherto received, end moeteovdially Inviuallloglva
theme emll. ezaaala their Ooode and If they dont
Soy, II ahent be the faalt of their Ooode. nor their
pvteea. averytaody knewe yU Sfwt, ed twy leal
wayaaaaaad. Oetoawr 4, IBOS .S7tf
from (his del t iH elerote mraelf prin-
cipaiij to ins
mOeK!U lO?arXAcL9s
; ad WILL. sEXaL
AT RETAIL, at vholbsau pricbs, -
FOll CiSU,
. ' - riuto itu,i& '
Second Door above Cook Souse,
Uncaater.Oct. 4, maf) JOKhPH XeCREA.'
TP )o want a a rrt rete article bf atetoW tj
CM .1 m r M m tm V ...J .h affMb
Out 4
LAR at - MeCRBA'Si
Pail.l. M t mmikmM Ar aakni W.
gar for Oaa Illaru Afet'KIA'S
rpTN A Q the BEST In mi
1 C.ifa.C5ei per pooud at
market from 50 renta to
Six Pounds of Itio Coflce al 1
at MeCREA8
Where too can bay Oyetera. eelocud, Hr Clgkly
avai,ef nw. i a Bevvaif a.aa. pertyAnai
IJiURlliA. htaeJroha, Flavoring ltraeii Splaea,
Ceintte'a Toilet ndapi.Flcklei, Plod Apple.Wal.
rhoelaie, aad In fhet every thing la the (Grocery I fee'
Will be foond cheap ead good at - - AfeCKEA'S
TIDRRE'N OROCND SPICES, i, euajplete Una,
I f warradUd pure (and the only Rpteee la the mar
ket perfectly free frouiadultaratioa) can be friend at
HR ieat Clgard aael Taiaatccaa la the
eity,oaaberoaiMlat AlcCRCA'S
RY LINK, and yoa will dad It the eheapo.1 aad the
beet. We Sell tot QASH ar COUXTAT HODUCA
at . MoCBEA'S
Ltwhe.arehaAMrdiSaf will ijrt Mok'lT
bv mine Id ateCRKA'B
bager Rtflldlnctwodoove abdr Csdtt Hedaei
Laoeaeter, Oetoawr 4, Wta-7t
Me GrRISOlit),
AND -,.
Ambi'dtpyc Artist,
In Till.
bftpolita Tallinag b IloUae,
where there ta evea aa attempt made td prodaca
A First Class Picture
The ackaowledrad merit of the Artlat M atteeted
by acTaral klLVf.k MCDJLS, (td be eeen at hia
room,) preeented b the Ohio litala Fair for Pleturea
aznioitea oy nira. i noee woo reaiiy oeaira aoae oat we
It. Bl.Pdal lively 50 Ptcturee taken ander SO Ceota.
NiftTorel aai 8taireea Block, ,
Third Floor back, oppnette the Tallmadge Koate.
Lahcaatrr.Oaiobar 11, ISee SStf
JYow is the Time
T-NXPKHlKNCR.th bent of all nroof has mothi
fi October la the beet lime la plarlt treea In tbie
latiuide.lf dona properly. To thoee wantiog large
Treea for the Immediate erabellUbmeht of their real
deneee, Ihie le agoodopporinnily, ei we here Ever
greeaa, and other, 3 la III feet high. To each aa
want FRUIT TREES, for early fruiting of the beat
deairahie qaantiea, a rare cnanca li preienteo, tneee
of all deeirable aiaea, and ara of our awn ralaiag, and
tbe aorta eaoetiy proven on onreneeimen ireet.
Ftmriwf Jferaee aad Reel of every kind.
We ultivata abd ai" a nioal every dealra
ble thing la nnr line, although iatereitpd ageeta
aad athera have aiaeeminatea that our nnraerjr naa
'raa eel." In reply. We would aay to onr friend and
the oublie. we Rave acfetofrvewa (reae, (not bound
up la ealaMgaae only.) )et to dlapoea af. ae geed, aad
eAwp fee, aathe eoeatry eaaboaalat. Come and See.
CaaTdll, umo, uoa. , ieu ewai a. iuraaL
' j i
JL efltitelBaUtatloabeglaaantbeletorOotoborud
will eontlnaa until April let. 1061.
THE COURSE OP STUDY embrace Single and
Dc nhle Entry Book Keening aa applied to ever Sfly
different branch ea of trade.
Plain and Ornament.il Wrltloar.
Cbmmerelal Calculation aad Arithmetle, and all the
yarloa reqnlette to a complete kuilneee edueevlon.
Teaa Tuition, S40. Board from asiotT. Total
eoet eboul STe. , ,
NO VAOATION the year mo ed. - , ' ,
Hegular Studenle review al plaaaara.
For full particular. addreee , MotiOTaOO.,
MaickS.lHSa 4atf Proprlelora.
ICara CCD-
alHARITT LODOI, No. T, meets every Monday
Sd aad 4lh Tharaday (eealag la aaeh months .
Laneaatar, aprll n, lsooiu
! aaVSUlal aarafaahta,e.tea.a snafe Ik, ama 1 1-
' 0 ALtFAatlLf a;PwlaV- 4
,JTa "r"" vW Minefeeterfaf- aeaaaaalbma.
Call aad eae. aiBnk via lUjCl Waa
wemataWehUg g.ilay S..k. " "
o. r. rixwBafAt, a
At THt rAtxtt ftWtlt mcWNB OrFW
mafw-aredta eweea te alt erdeve ewttitBitH Hi -We.
after ta latent etylea. ' 1U Cuuli
Af ANTll.LAB,aaiaadaMde aa ardat.
Ueeeetevi Aagaet IS, IHa af.
Jfeeaiay kaaaaa Klewd a paw hetag
K A IaT XT?l) '
alweyapraaaeteaewtth theaaine aeeaatfal alesavw
andjrlveeofeeareetkeTKUksfARCAKD. Aeal.ae)
Hieaioaaara pereoa eeeerrag rroaj caeaeptloiaa
BBBneiBa, rrvepwpeia. werwvaw. r a aaa v,
SndlaeVerv IkriayiaadarUia. iaa.kub. Ia lha aad
globeleof BIod. SnppUtheae dtSeteeetM.aedyod
are made well. Tfa BLOOD P0OUh)eadedeaa
an i aeory eeeee vu aeteaiaaiig anaaaae
n Beeenagrrave aeaeampueei.iaeipiaaa awanaa
Srmedt ar froen dawlHtf afaay Maxae fraaa maaiaa
r aervoea preeuetioa breotbt aa by aay aeeeal af
fram atrafelaaa eampratavat wr fveai dleeaaae af tad)
aaaaayai aaa ta leaveeeerta amp ar taavaaeaf die
traaatagaovapleiaietowhleh their e( are heble.aa4
Wklah eaaeedor eowevjmaim. the SUaed Fend at aa.
tared aa a eerteleeed reliable remcHy. nt faring ta
very aartlcalar fram the petaat madleiaaear Ike day,
ate a aaaavftal awmMaattem of Iron, ealpaar aaef
aheephoraai if very grvat Worth, aad meey beadraea
beaveuad e4 rrmufa' MetlBMave tkekeaaSte Hhaat
aaafened na them.
Wehavwaaangadlhadalar of the Wrapper bwat
Bed to Yellowi aad taa alaa wf taa RoMta an S a
Be earofal ta eae that the) fea-almlle af aar iliaalaaal
le en lha eetelde wrapper.
roaa aftfea stood Food, Si per aattle. U ky
tala nroprlatevd. 4eS Broadway, KVw Yeell.
ad JOHN u.PARK. a
Par aale by Kaugaan 4k Co- taaaaetar, Okie, armal
ay all raapaaubla KrwaiaUtkrwe cheat the reentry.
TTr-Br. Oellferd aaa aa aaaaaltad el eatr aaaa if.
40S araadwaJ ellber pvnanally or kf wtlaur.
ThooiandiareeUyipeekliit UtWpaaaaar .
aadwhyf beeasev H er atie te ePWd fa
aw vavlawhea gtvaa Iktlau It aeteaa byaaagtea.
and eae ariai ateae will eoavtaea yea that what ara
aay ta araa. i aemaaiaa
of aaa kind. aad therefore relieve by awa,,g si
aafeHegeafyoarablld. taauadef by aWeavag ere
eeaeiaifaXw. For tht raea. H aaamaade Heelf a
tbe eaft rabetl, praparaUaa aaa kaowa far CM'draa
relA,eg . JDieweae, Jeealerf. trr ia lee ateaa
afa.cieifee la Steeaeeh, ar(d, Oelef en t aa,
and Creep, alao. far aofvaalag vhe gema. radaatagta
tarnation, rerouting the aVitrala.aae raiierrteg pale,
itheeao eaoel being aa knU-aadamedlr II U aead
with onfalllre oaatn Ik ell caaaa af FttiaMM aw
ttktrlniM A yon value ibe Ufa lad kealther vaar
rbi Id re as a id wtah le aaVethaaa fram laoaa aad aad
blighting toaaeqeeeeee which ere eertelr to raawlt
from the eae Of nareptlea of wklah the atbey vaaawdta
for tnfanilkh Compialnta are aoarpftevd, take nana
eaaaaiyapoa 1(1 perfectly karmleaeaad aanaa
lejura the moat delicate infant. Price. e beta. p,it
direct load aaaempaayeaea ootlie. , rranarea only by
" lIIU but m v rv? i .
No. 0 Broadway, New Yerk.
. S4d by CHURCH m DOPONT, Iltwggtet.,
: No. at. Broadway. New York.
Aad all reepeetable Pnigglettaraaghaat las ooaBtry
iaaaary H, ISaa lyaT . . - .
r; ,'; ; ton the ;
Three doors west fatox
Tallmadge House,
. V
Where they Have made erWittlvo eddluovieve faetr
formeretock, aad wnnld ball the atteatlaa el all Beak
k uyera le their targe and exaeaatve leeartmeat al -
Books and St ationery,
Which they offer for aale at avtramely low nrleea
Tbe particulrratlentiou of COUSXKY MERCHANTS
la aalled W our large htock af
We will fnrntah them with Reboot etowka, Blank
Bdoki and rhiper ataaaati adveeaa e Kaaiava aad
Claatabatl waoLaaaLa raicaa. A. B. 4k CO.
LnaeaaMU, Setwamber io, loSO tf -
XHE anderelgned BieentnCa bftbe aetate of Reary
Arnold, deoeaied, will offer at public eale. (If aot
herore at private otlf) at Ike Court Heaaa, ta
Lanoaaiar, Ohio, the ,
94th Day of November Next,
at I o'clock P. it the Perm hwlonrinf la aatd eetalay
conautlng of about I ft I) A rree adjoining tbe Farm
of bainuel ShaeOerand S. Waat,ia Greeiileld tawa
abip. PairSald county, Ohio. - ..
The entire tract la choice farm land, eneloead la
good fenced. A boot 8S acrue of the aama I andar aol
livatloa; Ibe balance la very good timber lend. aUa
rttnnlnc; water throagb Um aaaiat the trenrovereeur
are a Largo lAg Dwelling Uouae, good Barn aad otk
erout building,;
Several Never Failing' Springs,
aWeelothebooeetagood APPLE ORCHARD aai
a umber of ether fmx treea are aalaa glaaa. . , .
fat further partieulan apply ta . ;.
O. B. ARNOL1I, Mi. Veraaa, O.I ... -
B. F. RINDMUNO. UnaaatM.O.l '"'
Laaeaa'er, Ohia, Sept. IStoaaW .
IatatRDIATRlT ramevee ar reveal laSaaiatloa
from the worn Barn Scald, Brulae, Fraeture. Cat
ar freak wound of any kind, and It healing Quality la
truly venderfur. For Neuralgia, Rheumeiiam, A rue
la the breaat, Raltrbeam, Frnated Faet,ChllblalDee.,
It I tbe beat appllcallon known. It prevent ewell
tng, pal a of IrrtlaMo from .'doequllo bite, bee Unge,
polaonoaa planta, o. II will certainly cur Croup,
wheu taken internally, alto Sore 'fbroat and hoaraa-
aeaa. OA MaU a bottle, for pale by trua-tfilW and
Rlorakeepere, IRV1N STORE, Sole Proprietor, No,
I. Spruoo street, now yora. ocpt.xv, tuou tyao
loaaa.wtane, e.a.avino. o.r.OiioTw
3rJBIav-ft3aTJL arjs2 ejjdrjk.' -
- .Halm Straat, Ijancaalai', M. i
Sight Eiahange or. Ibe bail for aallnia.
rorlWdayaattbaratt oft per eeatpurAienaT,,
moaU" " S . . - .
UaaaUr,Fahra4rjT,WJ-lrwl. '' -
12 an, W jev" . ,

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