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WII0LE.N0. 1389.;
$I)C toeckln alette.
. John H. Wright, Printer.
OFTICE Tallmdge Jlaildingi Thud Flour
. .' Miin Street South Sid.
'Terms 81,75 per annum in advance. .
Thursday Evening, April 90, 1853
- The Apportionment Bat. We trust the
reader will preserve the apportionment bill
which we have published, for future refer
ence.. During the discussion upon the bill,
several Democrats declared that it was une
qual and unjust, that it could not be defend
ed before the people, and aether were unwil
ling to shoulder the responsibility, they voted
against it. We find in the Ohio State Jour
nal an article exposing its injustice and ine
quality, which we copy below, promising to
recur to the subject more in detail when we
find time and space. Says that paper, "the
bill has'ninc districts with a population ex
ceeding 100,000 and one of them exceeds the
ratio 16,394; and the average population in
those 9 districts is 105,256. The result of this
is that it gives to the other twelve districts
a representative for every 86,969 people
which makes a deficit in each district of 7,362
and 88,344 in the twelve equal to one Con
gressional district. For the purpose of giv
ing to 156,878 two representatives in Hamil
ton or one to 78,439, and to the Cuyahoga
district a representative to 80,583, and a few
other light districts these advantages, they
have been compelled to throw away in other
districts one entire ratio, and rob them of a
member of Congress. That some such ine
quality is unavoidable, is perfectly manifest.
But a districting which will give to 75,538
people in Hamilton county the same repre
sentation which is given to 110,680, as in
the 11th district, cannot be justified. The
difference in population is 35,142, and in
territory as twelve to ono. They may take
out of the 11th district, either Vinton or
Kocking, and It will still be over the ratio,
and may take out the largest county in it and
etil leave it ten thousand above the small
districts of the bill. Look also at the Ross
'district with its 106,783; the Franklin dis
trict with it 106,781; the Ashland district
with its H)7,395; the Knox district with its
The lowest vote relatively ever cast by the
Whig party in Ohio entitles it to nine Con
gressmen in the State upon a fuir apportion
ment. The bill gives it four without the
probability of another. If thpy district so
as to pile up the same democratic majorities
in the 17 democratic Districts of tho bill
which they accumulate in tho four Whig dis
tricts of the bill, tbey would have about 40,
000 clear Democratic majority in the State.
Then tho majority bill disregards all affin
ities in many instances, and such as have
been observed in this State from the begin
ning. As examples, it puts Erie with Rich
land, and Lorain with Wayne.
Kentucky Feelino. The Louisville Cour
' (er speaks plainly and pointedly in disapprov
al of the sectional course pursued by Mar
shall, the Whig member of Congress from
that district, in regard to General Scott, and
'thrusting Compromise resolutions upon tho
Whig Congressional caucus. It says:
"Col. Marshall's course meets with the almost
unanimous disapproval of his constituents.
They deprecate the agitation of tho slavery
question, and they arc grieved to see their rep
resentative doing as much as the veriest abo
litionist or Secessionist to create bad feeling
by renewing the discussion of a question al
ready settled, and which should be allowed to
rest It may be that Col. Marshall is right,
but if he is, every other Whig Congressman
from Kentucky, together with Senator Un
derwood, aro wrong, as they oppose his
11 New Penny Paper. We have received
the third number of a penny paper recently
established in Cincinnati, called the Daily
Sun, and resembling in energy and ability
its namesake of the Monumental city. It is
published every morning by Messrs. Stewart
Si McCormick. It is mailed to subscribers
at four dollars per year.
, OirThe Scioto Gazette very truly says that
the Whigs of Washington can find better
business than in fixing up platforms for the
Whig party. When they are asked to un
dertake the job it will be proper, but till that
time comes, their officiousness is very ob
noxious, and Is universally repudiated in
' ,,. Capital Punishment. In the Massachu
setts Senate on Monday, the Boston Courier
says, a bill was adopted virtually abolishing
capital punishment for murder, and actually
abolishing it on all othor crimes now punish
, -able by death, by such a vote that there can
' ' be no doubt that the bill will pass that branch
by a very largo majority. . .
' Whig Extravagancb The present Whig
Administration, since it came into power, has
paid off of the national debt a fraction under
tevenkm millions of dollars. The items" are
given from official sources in a lute admira
ble speech of Mr. Brooks, of New York, on
the Deficiency bill.
OirWhat will our honest democratic far
mers now say about the Chicken Tax? . Un
der the present, locofoco tax law, they will
be guilty of perjury, in a moral if not a legal
sense, if they do not return every fowl that
struts in their barn-yards. Cock-adoo-dMoo!
pSfThe Senate and House have hot yet
arrived at an agreement about paying the ex-
pensesof Kossuth and his suite at the Neil
; House. .
fJT"A new daily, a penny paper, has re
cently been started in Cleveland. . .
03rA treat meeting of the friends of Mr.
Fillmore It to take place in Castle Garden,
Mew York in a few days.
Population . or California. Hussey,
Bond & Hale's circular contains the follow
ing: "We have no reliable official returns on
which to base an estimate of our present
population, but we believe it to be from 200,
000 to 220,000, and that of Oregon, 22 000 to
25,000. Advices from Europe, from China,
and from Southern ports of this coast, speak
of a large prospective immigration hither
ward, and official reports state, that 5000 may
be expected from Frunce during the coming
six months. There are now about 22,000
French residents in the country, and 8 to
10,000 Chinese. A statement of immigra
tion for four months, ending March 10th,
shows a balance of arrivals over departures,
(without counting the ovcrlande migrants
from New Mexico,) of 6,051, one half of
which arrivals reached the country during
the last five weeks of tho term.
The Dying Wife.
The wife over whom your love broods, is
..I: t , 4. t jl ... . .
m A , , i ridayEvcniuir, April 80, : CosoREssThu National Legislature
Tti rtnum v Anvil 0(1 II n n,.,...L.. L- - :
From Wavkington. I , ., mA ' ... . Casdid Ace-, rfV.rVr "in". .,V;. Ueas possesses more talent than that of
fading. Not beauty fading ; that, now that Washington, April 26. Mr. Dean's Clerks, Sergeants and their Assistants are ! cle upon the cours of the Democratic Rr- ' owe own 8tat". but at tho same time, they
your heart is wrapped up in her beingwould speech, delivered in the House on Friday, is to get four dollars per day. tieir towards the Wofocu candidates for the are "I""? at f"'t as regards the public
benothine. regarded as a manifesto of the democracy of T-nW th. N.t. .,...A ...,!., 1 arUB u,e i-ocotoco candidates for the , . .,..., ... ,1..,,,
She see. with ouickeye your dawnin ao- New York against Lewi.C.ss. ' ' a V'' 'a TU Uiltt."'r cnry, the Eag say,:- " - s
prehension, and she tries hard to make that An ominous handbill, showing why he freights unon railroads which finailv ! "Would it not look better were the editor f . . correspondent oi tne
step of her's elastic. should not be elected, as well as bringing We aro not advised of tho Durticular urovis- ofthe 'koinr 'to drop the shop' while he WevelamHeraM will explain what they are
Your trials and your loves together have certain charges against him, has been circu- ions of the hill ; occupies his present position! Wethiukso. dome a well as what tlicy are not doine:
centered your affections. They are not now Jated here the past week. Its authorship has ' A resolution instructing the Auditor to ' The 'race ground' and not the columns of "The River and Harbor bill, the Home-
as wnen you were a lone man, widespread , iraceu io juuge i,yncn, oi ruisburgti, inquire into the condition of the Hanks of lne ' eiumeu to such x- tead bill, the various other projects ofdis-
.iiurajjciiiuai. liavu uauglll iruill uu- -" -6-"- v uu.iiiuinii. UfllO Was VOted dOWD. I'icn.iuiio ami huiii bijic ui jaiigimr. 411c
Oregon Weather. The weather ."over
yonder" seems to be regulated this season by
the same clerk as down this way. The Or
egonian of March 3d says:
"The weather for the last week has aston
ished even that celebrated personage, the
"oldest inhabitant," by its unusual freaks of
rain, hail and snow, which has lullen at in
tervals, until the ground has become cover
ed with the "hoary appearance of winter,"
while the atmosphere continues moderate
and comfortable. The quantity of Bnow
that has fallen was quite unexpected, after
the fine spring weather which preceded it.
"The darkest hour preceduth day," so even
spring is "knocking at the door, albeit muf
fled in the icy storm."
Death of Prince Schwarzenberg. We
have already recorded the sudden decease, by
apoplexy, of Prime Schwarzenberg, the
celebrated Austrian Prince Minister, which
occurred on the 5th of A pril at Vienna. He
was the most eminent man in tho empire,
and has done more to strengthen it than any
other man living. Since Metternich's re
tirement, Schwarzenberg has been the soul
of the imperial government. Bold, courage
ous, and devoted to absolutism, he has been
the most efficient instrument in the destruc
tion of liberty on the continent of Europe.
He was the leader of the reactionary move
ment that commenced in 1848, and it is to
his counsels, backed, as they were, by Rus
sia, that the defeat of Hungary is to be at
tributed. His death wUl provo a terrible
blow to the House of Hupsburg. The fol
lowing not very complimentary record is
made of his life:
'"Prince Felix Schwarzenberg was born
on the 2d of October, 1800. In early life
he evinced in social life the unscrupulous
libertinism that was afterwards evinced in
his political career. In London he seduced
and eloped with a lady of rank, for which he
was prosecuted, and, failing to pny the dam
ages decreed, was declared an outlaw. Af
terwards, in Naples, he continued his career
of criminal galuntry, for which, in ono in
stance, he was severely chastised by an in
jured husband. He served under Radetzky
in 1818, and was in November of that year
made Prime Minister, an office he filled till
his death. In every relation private and
public, he has been a man of intrigue, with
the boldness to venture every thing in pur
suit of an object, and the skill to accomplish
all he undertook. He will live long in the
memory of all, for his vices, and his cruel
ties, and the bold, energetic courago which
he displayed ill their exercise.
Isthmus Railroad Stock. The New
York Express says:
"We observe a demand for Panama Rail
road stock for which 104 is offered and whicll
was not to he had at that price. This stock,
not a very long time since, was heavy at 70
per cent, and could hardly be sold. The
stocks of these companies owning the routes
between the two oceans and leading towards
California improved and are improving in
price. Nicaragua, which sold in February
last at $-0 per share now readily commands
44, and has sold as high as 50 dollars."
The Use of TonAcco. Tobacco has
spoiled and utterly ruined thousand of boys,
inducing a dangerous precocity, developing
the passons, softening and weakening the
bones, and injuring tho spinal marrow, the
whole nervous fluid. A boy who early and
freoly smokes, or otherwise largely uses to
bacco, never is known to make a man of
much energy. To people oldor, who are
naturally nervous, ttiid particular to the
phlegmatic, tobacco may be comparitively
harmless, but even to these it is worse than
Minnesota Weather. The past winter
was a severe one up about St. Pauls, and
March had a few stingers. A record of the
weather for March kept at St. Pauls shows
that the morning of the 17th tho mercury
was 2 below 0, tho 18th, 8 below 0, and
the 1 0th, at 0. The Mississippi closed with
ice Nov. 27th, and broko up March 27th,
furnishing a safe and sound ice bridge for
four months. Ice iirLako Pepin obstructed
navigation of the river up to April 15th when
boats worked through.
Narrow Escape. A family consisting of
thirteen persons, living near Mr. ilewey's
Wire Factory, seeinsr the stack of that fac
tory leaning from tho effects of the flood,
left their house on Wednesday in a skill.
They had but just got seated in the skiff
when the stack fell and struck within about
three feet of them, upsetting the skiff, and
leaving them to the mercy of the waters.
They were all rescued in an exhausted state
oven to tho babe which the mother's
arm had instinctively clung to through the
whole trial. Wheeling Times.
Deaths Doinub. Gen. Solomon Van
Rensselear is reported to have died at Al
bany, Now York on Friday, He won some
distinction In tho lust war, and for many
years was Postmaster at Albany.
A Hard Hit. Mr. , a newly elected
township assessor, was summoned to attend
court as a petit juror. Being anxious to com
mence the discharge of the duties of his of
fice, he applied-to tho court to be excused
from serving on the jury. "Certainly," re
plied judge 11., "we will excuse vou. Anv
man who would accept the office of assessor
under the new tux law is unfit to serve upon
a jury. You can go." Xenia Torek Light.
. 07-Chevalicr Hulsemann, the .Charge
d' Affairs of Austria, has, it iB stated, received
leave oi absence Irom Washington tor an
indefinite period, and will shortly leave this
country for Europe. It is added, too, that the
chevalier , will probably not return, his per
sonal feeling towards Mr. Webster being
such as to make a longer . official residence
at Washington . anything but agreeable to
him, ''...;.,.,. : .... , ...j,
mestic attachments a finer tone and touch.
They cannot shoot out tendrils into barren
world soil and suck up thence strengthen
ing nutriment They have grown under
the forcing glass of the home roof, they will
not bear exposure.
You do not now look men in the face as if
a heart bond was linking you as if a com
munity of feeling lay between. There is a
heart bond that absorbs all other; there is a
community that monopolizes your feeling.
When the heart luy wide open, before it had
grown upon and closed around particular ob
jects, it could take strength ond cheer, from
a hundred connections that now seem colder
than ice.
And now those particular objects alas
for you ! are fading.
What anxiety pursues you ! How you
struggle to fancy there is no danger !
How it grates now on your ear the toil
and the turmoil of the city ! It was music
when you were alone ; it was pleasant even
when from the din you were elaborating
comforts for tho cherished objects when
you had such sweet escape when evening
drew near.
How it maddens you to see the world care
less while you are steeped in care. They
hustle you in the. street; they smile at you
across the table ; they bow carelessly over
the way ; they do not know what canker is
at your heart.
The undertaker comes with his bill for
the dead boy's funeral. He knows your
grief; he is respectful. You bless him in
your soul. You wish the laughing street go
ers were all undertakers.
Your eye follows the physician as he leaves
your house; is he wise, you ask yourself;
is he prudentl is ho the best! Did he ever
fail! Is he never foraetful!
You are early home mid afternoon.
Your step is not light; it is heavy, terrible.
lhey have sent tor you; her eyes half
closed; her breathing long and interrupted.
one hears you; her eyes are open; you
put your hand in her's; your's tremble
tier's does not. Her lips move; it is your
"Be strong," she says, "God will help
She presses harder your hand. "Adieu!"
A long breath another; you are alone a
gain. No tears now; poor mun you can
not find them!
Again homo early. There is a smell of
varnish in your house. A coffin is there;
they have clothed the body in decent grave
clothes, and the undertaker is screwing
down the lid, slipping round on tiptoe. Does
he fear to waken her!
He asks you a single question about the
inscription upon tho plate, rubbing it with
his coat cuff. You look him straight in the
eye; you motion to the door; you dare not
He takes up his hat and glides out stealth
ily like a cat.
The man has done his work well for all
that. It is a nice coffin a very nice coffin!
Pass your handover it how smooth!
Some sprigs of mignionette arc lying
carelessly in a little gilt-edged saucer. Sho
loved mignionette.
It is a good staunch table the coffin rests
on it is your table; you are a housekeeper,
a man of family!
Ay, of family keep down outcry, or the
nurse will be in. Look over at the pinched
features; it is all that is left of her! And
where is your heart nowl No, don't thrust
your hands, nor mangle your lips, nor grate
your teeth together. If you could only weep.
Another day. The comn is gone out.
The stupid mourners have wept what idle
tears! She, with your cherished heart, has
Will you have pleasant evenings at your
home now !
Go into your parlor that your prim-housekeeper
has made comfortable with clean
hearth and blazing sticks.
Sit down in your chair; there is another
velvet cushioned one over against yours
empty. You press your hngers on your eye
balls, as if you would press out something
that hurt the brain; but you cannot. Your
head leans upon your hand; your eyes rest
upon the flashing blaze.
Ashes always come after blaze. 1
Go now into your room whero she was
sick softly, lest the prim house-keeper
come after.
They have put new dimity upon her chair;
they have hung new curtains upon the bed.
They have removed from the stand its phi
als and silver bell; the perfume will not of
fend the sick sense now. They have half
opened the window, that the room, so long
closed, may have air. It will not bo too
cold. She is not there!
The Committee from New York called up-' n,,,h li. ... ... i...':k. A I Review should aspire to a tone and style far r ., ;,!,. ,t nil ,,',. n,! .n.i ..m
on Mr. Clay on baturday evening, and pre- j Friday, April 30 Sifc.-The bill to u.- ' bove tbat r, flHh oporUinen on a race hUf,,,,, has been delayed and neglected,
sented him with a duplicate medal ofthe ono pt.,I( t)e collection of tolls on the Zanesville 1 eo"rp- If the editor cannot overcome his (,y this Locofoco Congress, and will continue
which was lost. The venerable Statesman and Maysville road until the bridging of ! enry !d'",ation, vdo hope he trill turn it too-- to be, until after the Baltimore Convention,
made a short speech oh the occasion. Jonathan's creek, was passed. emtnt ayahut t)r. Whip, and not apply it to anj very lik. ly till after the Presidential e-
Tha Intelligencer, this morning, contains , The bill to allow notary publics to use ! tne oiuw of 0,(1 "J tried Derno- , ,..ction. The subject of the Congressional
a letter from the Judgo of Utah, contradict-; their old seals was passed. craU- We t,lillk h purging that course the 1 printing has been a fruitful subject of wordy
ing the extravagant reports of the difficulties The bill to regulate the "rates of freight of editor will improve tlie nputulion ofthe Rc-.,, angrv debate, and is still the order of
in tbat territory, and says that he is in favor rajroad companies, was finally passed " view nd nul wrV ntia!lytt(! distinguished the dav. The "anterior" democrats are de
of upholding the Constitution and Laws of ( The Governor sent in several nominations ' individual he wishes to see President." ti rmiu'ed to b-tov their 'plunder' upon their
the United States, but complains ofthe inef- for the State Institutions. i The Eaylr. must have a poor opinion of the organ, the WaMngtm Vnitm; as yet they
.,c..iicuuonoiiiiBA.sw.. , The bill prescribing county clerk's fees people of this country, when it intimate that have been unable lor the want ol co-opera-
Gov. Young had not clandestinely called wa paH1M,d. I' 1 " u . tion from "Young America" and the propo-
me legislature togeiner asreporteo. , OTMe.Senate amendmentsto theincor- "; " r '. . . , .
Washington, April 29. House, went into poration bill were agreed to. j reputation" of a periodical and 'aid very es-
committee ofthe Whole on the homestead. The general appropriation bill was passed, ' sentially" the cause of a. Locofoco candi
bill, and Mr. Walsh, of Maryland, spoke in the House agreeing to pay Kossuth's ex- ' date for the Presidency. We would be sor-
silioii ot the joint Loinmitiep, even, to ai
vide it between the Union and Republic has
been successfully resisted by the union of
the Northern anil Southern political fillibw-
nontutfl. ..... , , i i b-r. i .ontrress nas ueen in session neanv
Whigs, and endorsed the sentiments therein ,r Th 8f.t nfW- ..i l.in l . . r? eed to inane tny sucn a. kQo leue- - , President's Message
contained. When he had concluded, the j pgud. (ment. 1 and accompanying Documents are not yet
House adjourned. j The bill regulating tarifTs of freights of i CtrThe llaylr. need not flatter itself that ' printid the nominal Democrats have a ma-
Smate. Mr .Walker moved to take up the rtiroad companies, permits bridges to be the Whit's of this city, who for so many j'rity in both Houses, of some sixty, and yet
bill granting land to Wisconsin to aid in constructed ten feet above high water mark, ' ,. : ,!,. ,:,). of I ocofocoism llltTC "hey are unable to give the printing to the
constructing a railroad in that State, from i M wu M draw bridges when they do not .ytV'' .'" ,f " . 0 . ' Union, the central organ of 'the party; fcthe
tho Hundulac to Johnsville. The bill was 0bgtruct navigation. maintained their integrity, wi,l at tins late unior 0f n,jlmlia Whigs and Democrats can
taken up, amended by including a grant for - ! date divide and be conquered. We have a nt divide the. printing between the central
another road from Milwaukic to the Missis- Steamboat Explosion. 'bttler opinion of them, and do not suppose I organs of the respective parties, because
sippi, aud then postponed until to-morrow. bT- i-"uis, April 2,. Ihe steamboat' ' , those of a different xirpe are "not agreed."
Deficiency bill was taken up. Mr. Pierce Pk Slate, when rounding from Pekin, on ( tbat the "spoils of office are need -d to hold TheVtee D,.lnorra and Barnburners,
spoke In reply to Messrs. Gwin and Hunter, , the Illinois, between nine and ten o'clock , them together. It is the pride and glory of j(.rP) Hrt!yn uw" just now, but they are
defending the Administration from charges yesterday morning, collapsed the Hue of her tjie Whiff party that it has been held togeth- silent'v and revt-nirefully plotting mischief.
preferred against it, of extravagance, ; larboard boiler. Both ends of the boiler; . cohesive power of frrand and en- .They ire tmt upon running a candidate on
Washington, April 28. The Republic of .were blown out, and but for a lot of hay
this A. M. contains an address to the South-, which was stowed away in the engine-room
em seceding Whigs three and a half columns the loss of life would have been larger.
in length. It IS high toned and calm, but .l "t iny were eiun-r hiiivu or uauiy scaioeu,
positive for sustaining the compromise meas. mostIy hands and deck passengers,
ures. It has
harmony of th
any candidate
obling principle, and not until this bond of
istaiuing the compromise meos-: motlv hands and deck passengers. TheieD u Lut not com:ucn
i no disposition to disturb the , econi engineer was instantly killed and the ' ,u'tiin wr. u. ..j
he party, but it cannot sustain . slightly wounded. After the explosion , h a 8t2 before u".'
of the nartv who is' unpledged the boat took fire, but with the assistance gallant leader, the A higs of this ci
their own hook, and their candidates are
,i,..u ).,.', u.rtTi, first: Dix second:
union is broken, will the party be rent asun- , y j,.RES third; Chase fourth, and
der. There is yet work for us to do. The ; so ,, a Bl'ulin-' downward scale till some ono
enemy is divided, but not conquered; we is found who will "2nA.-!:"
d with a ; The Abolition Excitement in Grayson
upon the finality of the Compromise, and the
mauitainence ol the Constitution.
It breathes a spirit of conciliation, and the
Republic editorially thinks that all will yet
be right.
The address concluded by saying that if
both parties failed to shape the future organ
ization on enlarged and fair principles, that
there is but one resort, and that is that the
people organize an Independent.
Georgia Union Convention.
ed on Friday. A resolution
authorising the President to
convention after the democratic and
conventions huve been held, to take
actions as may be deemed proper.
of the crew of the Avalanrhe, itwasextin
guished before it had done much damage.
ty will Cocntt.Va. A Court Dispersed by a Mob.
lay aside all personal preferences and fight, i We mentioned a few days ago that much ex
with an unbroken front, for the cause of the ; dtement existed in Grayson county, Va.(
Anti-Slavery Con volition. icountry. Itisonly such men ascando this, ag-aint certain parties suspected of being
Cincinnati, April2. Last evening were . that we desire in our ranks. 'abolitionists, and that Judge Brown was un-
presented resolutions from the committee, I ! .. . . ... . . .'..
declaring that this is not less the native land j Expedition to Japan Various rumors . "Me to hold the county court, in consequence
ofthe negro than the white man, and that a : hBve been put afleat by persons not ac- of the resignation of the clerk, and his ina
proposition to remove; the former to any f intej w jth the factSi rejative to the ob-: bility to secure another. It now appear
other country, is in every way as unjust and : " sedition to Ja- the court was dissolved by mob violence, the
impudent as would be a proposition re. jeet of the Lmted bUtes expedition to Ja- . ..... ' , ... , ,
mo've the latter; that when the friends of . pan. This has caused the publication of ' particulars of which are thurdeUiled in a
r-..i:, ...:.. ,...;, ,i. A,;ra ,,. o. .. iv.i...... i ,.f ;....,:,.. : letter from Carroll county to the Lynchburg
, nun 111111111.01 puuiv uioiiu vv , outre laij it I'unicj aiil;i ui lunu ubuuiiB vu -
Charleston, April 15th. Tho Constitu- promote the intcrest8 0fnegros at home that th Commodore of the expedition The Virginian:
nal Union Convention of Georgia adjourn- thev d0 abroad, it may be time for colored .. " . , 1 ..... , i "After the execution ofthe negroes in that
was auopteu pCOpe t0 consider Colonization schemes;!""1""1-1'" -v.,.p.....Cu, county, some time ago, who bad been excit-
call another ; illlf rr .h nrosent. colored nponln should ' obtuin a treaty of commerce and friendship ! eA rebellion bv a certain Methodist nreach-
wn'? j turn a deaf ear to all Colonization agents. ! with the Japanese Government, which for ! er bv the name of Bacon, of which you have
The resolutions were supported warmly by about two ccuturje9 has refused to have any ; heard, the citizens held a meeting and insti
apvnml. and nnnnsed hv none: and were fin- .. .... : tuted a sort of inquisition, to find out, if pos
it was also resolved to support anyman aily unanimousIy adopted. j connection with any otner loreign power : iiWe whQ wefe the aC;0,nplices of said Ba-
a candidate for the Presidency who does I .. .. than the Netherlands. If this cannot be'con. Suspicion soon rested upon a man by
Davton Ua.nk Closed. Ihe Btockhold- I .. , , ,u, ,,: im;. f ,l,.nnrr,M,it nJnn hpinr ehmn-A
.l.bUlllUllOlltUl II1I.IU VWVU.U M .i.J...tav V. HIV ........ 1 ' ' - 1 .
1 .... I L l I - J J
such i
dot regard tho compromise as
a finality :
ers of the Day ton Hank have determined by; r. , , . . , ..l i...im, ..mmnliri. hp acknowledged
Steamboat Collision. a unani.nousUe to "wind up" affairs. The j protection to such of our cuzens as may be . XcXlecZi intenUon of tr-
Evansville, April 27, P. M. About ten' '; exactions of the tax law arc assigned tor the shipwrecked upon tnat coast; anu aiso to 8everinr in the MUM. upon which he WM
P. M., last night, the Chickasaw and Clifton reason of this course. We understand that j nike some arrangements to have our ves- j severeiv lynched. Cornut then instituted
came in collision at French Island. The ! some 8311,000 of the circulation now i sei,j eunplied with mineral coal from that Is-! unit at int the parties, who afterwards held
bow of the Clifton struck the Chickasaw a ; hand will be returned to the Auditor of State J meeting and passed resolutions, notifying
little forward of the wheel house, when the forthwith, and bonds to that amount be re-; 'and- lh'318 the noie 01 ine mauir, a court and lawvera not to imdertake the
latter boat commenced sinking, and in a few I cieved in return. The amount of circula- j bout which so much has been said, and it is of featherSi
moments the cabin parted from the hull and ! tionnotes still outstamlingis about $1 13,000. obe hoped that our squadron will be " The court, however, convened at the ap
floated off; and she having on board a loco- j These will be redeemed and returned asjcegBrui. It is to us a matter of high impor-; pointed time, and true to their promise, a
motive ano a large quantity oi neavy gas soon ,oomuii.-.
pipe, caused her to sink immediately. pEACHES.A friend, says the Steuhenville
Many of the passengers and officers jump- , Mc8senc, exhibited to us yesterday a small
eu on board trie uiiiwn, and oners were twi wnich he ha(i broken off one ofthe
s:ivcd on the cabin; but of those below, it is ! n . ,rpM in nill ..rd(,n. The Mossoms
thought fifteen or twenty are lost, as they ' .Preill8t b C!rinnin a to expand most bcauti-
had no time to get up on the upper deck, so - . cvidonce 0f an ai,Undunt sup.
no n nor trndp is u-idelv extending itself band of armed men marched around the court
' J i i . i . i . A j:.
uouse, nreu mcir guus uy piatuun, biiu uio-
in that quarter of the globe.
Our New Tvpe.-
rapidly did the boat go down; fewer would niv'rtbi8 delicious fruit, notwithstanding the , be acknowledged upon all hands that it pre
i. ...... i. i .... ; r i. r ' i : r r j - -u i . ...... n
nave ucl.1 iui, nuwL.rr, n uic v.1111011 uwiu linlwllI1i .pvpritv ofUie nast w uter.
nersed the court iu confusion. There was no
We obtained the new i blood shed'. This county and the county of
type which we now use for our paper, from : ytne nave ne.u me,ngs nu passeu reso
i . . ... . Unions sustaining the movement of the ciu-
tno Cincinnati iype r ouuury, miu u must : f Grayson."
He in- seiits a clear aud beautiful appearance. Re
. , formed us that Uie lower brandies were kin-, ceut improvements have greatly improve
in u utnlrimr pr.nililinn. nml hn.l tn run niihnrp .... ... I J 1
whWe she was only saved from sinkin i UPPCr "" i tl,e appearance of the type man.
uiscuargiug a large ioruoii 01 ucr cargo.
, Buchauau, has tlie following:
Arrival of the i:iKnra.
I iirnrtiirnif in that establishment, and it mu?t
Another Tbagedt m KE5TrcKT.-Wc re . generou9 support from the West
learn from the Louisville Times that a bloo-1 6 "
Halifax, April 23. The Niagara arrived dv trawedv took place in Danville, Kv., on l!rn Prtss'
this morning with Liverpool dates of the lost Friday morning. Dr. Frank Cowan i Teupera.ve. It is difficult from what in
17nhu t,, , ,,n-u , u 'nd the family of the Shelby's having some ' formaticin wc havc to guess with anv degree
The market for breadstufts showed better difficulty, they mot, drew pistols, knives, &c. ( ' 6 .... , ' . f
feeling and in some cases a slight advance , Nine shots were firod, Dr. Cowan receiving , of exactness as to what will be the action or
had been paid. i a severe wound in the leg and Joseph Shelby , the present Legislature upon the Temper-
In London money was more abundant being killed. The affair was uudergoingju-! ance bills before them. We notice that the
than for many years, and for the first time ' dicial investigation. ! uouse rcfU3l.j to postpone the consideration
" SrsecuriS :eeree in good demand. ! p Statistics op the New York j f the subject by a small majority. At the
b Post Office. It appears from an official 3ainp tim0j the Maine Law was rejected and
;oI,l Discoveries oil tl.eCjiila statement that during tho quarter ending ; bm introducca scarcuiy k-ss strin
St. Louis, April- !lo. Mr. Ncsbit, who March 31st, there were received by sea ut i
Pnmn in u itl. the Mrch mail from Santa Fe. th Now York nost-office G43.179 letters and nt. The tunc is so short that it is not
states that tho excitement there respecting 310,812 nuwspapers. Of the letters receiv- likely that uny bill can now meet the sane
the rich gold discoveries on the Gila was al-; ed 183,342 were by the Chagres steamers; ; tjon 0f otH Houses.
t.fatl.nr in.lurirrihfililn nnrl hp nlnnn hml in 140 Qili l.ir th Rri-mpn Atpntners: 9K785 bv 1
a short time, lost nearly two-thirds of its A- the Collins line; 202,882 by the Cunarders, Pennsylvania Canal.-A Despatch in the l,im for a brief comparison of rival hopes:
mcrican population. The deposits of gold and 21,224 by private ships. During the ' Zancsville Courier, dated April 27, to N. ' '-Well Genera!!" said Sam, "I suppose.
were discovered bya Doily ot emigrants, same period mere were sent i ".o"- y 1 yv. Graham 4: Co., states that the Pennsvl- you are prepared to start on me roaa toward
who had taken that route to California, and Chagres steamers; 127,044 by the Bremen; ! '. . . , . . . "... the White House!" . .
who, after losing all their moans of trans- 109,743 by the Collins; 206,108 by the Cun-: van,a t anal is an ns.ni again, mis General Cass. "WeU, really, I must con
port, had indured incalculable sufferinffs. ard steamers, and 7,388 by private ships , be good news to such of our merchants and fcgg jt ,I)oks M til0n,,h j 8honld be compelled
The End of Fanaticism and Folly.
The wife of Michael Catt.a resident of Deck
er township, in Indiana, was shot on Mon
day of last week by her son-in-law, a Mr.
Young, to whom she approached disguised as
an apparition. Mr. Young had been previ
ously conversing about the spiritual rappings,
ghosts, &c, and it is probable was much ex
cited on supernatural subjects at the time.
Mrs. C, in a mood of merriment, showed
herself to him, when ho seized his gun and
fired at her. The ball passed through her
neck, and occasioned death in a short time.
The Election in Ireland. On Saturday
evening a meeting was held at the Shak
spere Hotel, in New York, to devise meas
ures and means to secure the election of
Charles Gavan Dully, editor of the Dublin
Nation, as a member of the British Parlia
ment from New Ross, in Ireland.
Nullification of the Fugitive Slave
Law The Senate of Massachusetts has
passed a bill which practically nullifies the
fugitive slave law, by taking from the Unit
ed States authorities the jurisdiction of a
class of questions arising exclusively under
a raw of the United States, by means of the
process of habeas corpus.
OCrPersonswhogo to New York to attond
the Anniversaries, will be taken from Cleve
land to New York and back, for twelve dol
lars, on the Erie road and the steamboats
running in connection with it This is half
fare on the road and one-third on the boats.
Half-fare tickets will be furnished on the
line of the road, from Elmiraand other points,
good from the 10th to the 24th mj.Koch.
03"It is rumored that the whole family of
Mr. Daniel JJiehl, ol Littiestown, fa... 8 or
10 in number, were bit by one of the late
western steamboat explosions. , . ,
discovery and the situation of the country. 17,115,954 letters and circulars that have't;onf)j that ho is a raving maniac and has rentionorof the nomination on me, I shan't
passed through the office during the quarter, 1
i .1.. .V r ,.. wji nnn TL. Decn
Gold Coming. ! or a daily average of nearly 80,000. The
New York, April 28. Letters from San-' gross amount of domestic and foreign letters
francisco, annoumethe coining of largo a- sent and received for the quarter ending June
A Vrw Move. A conmanv of men coin- banner."
mounts of gold by tlie next two steamers. 30, 1851, being the last quarter under the j p0SI,,j 0f mechanics, merchants, farmers and I ' Sam. ' Ah! Yes! yes! General! You re
The Cherokee will bring $1,600,000, and tho old law, was 4,491,430, showing an increase ' professional men, with their families, form- j mind me very forcibly of a boy down your
following arrival over $2,000,000. Gold in favor of the quarter ending March 31st, i jn pnrt Df the Western Farm and Village way, who went homo" one night awfully corn
dust is arriving in San Francisco in uupre-1 1852, of 1,1 19,0o'3 letters or about 25 per ! Association of New York, passed through ed. His doting mother, poor soul! was much
ccdented quantities, and that tho rains had cent., independent ofthe vast increase of our cjty yPsterday for Cincinnati and St. grievedat his conditioned, in tones of deep-
benclittcd older diggings, and made them as 1 circulars. ' i Louis, on their wny to form a city (already est concern, enquired "how on alrtb, he had
rich as any new ones. I f .- 71 twammwr ,Mfm ' located) on the Mississippi river in Minnesn- fallen in so bad a habit!" " v - .
The HTiL bX esTon .Mexico' to the'ird i e tn. Tlie principle of their organiEaUon is .-..o
Detroit, April The block of native thnttheMoni RepubHc.no con ! new originated with .hem, Jn atcoer, and the poli-flUc).
copper which was ordered by the Leg.sla- wmic n .. r . . ' - j a tmvn llH of four nrr08 in hi!) own right. This was not sulficicntly clear to Bill's
ture of Michigan as the contribution ol this American M in si er, n an si. "-a t"L urincinlo of gociatjon is based on the mother, who, urging her son not to add false-
riiiniiir inm. nil in iriuuiaii ii iriiwiiier; in i ... . .
Geneeal Cass. The New York Sunday . .
I Atlas, which advocates tho election of Mr.
uYhatiidhe Mean? General Casa in his
letter accepting the nomination in 1848 said
that 'no circumstances can possibly arise
which will induce me a?ain to be a candidate
for the Presidency.' Whatdid he mean!"'
That is a hard question to answer.' Per
haps some li-jht may be thrown upon it by an
anecdote which we find in the X. Y. Times,
retailed to General Cass by Sam Houston, du
ring th exciting week preceding the Balti
more Convention of '48.
Sam, it will be remembered, then stood a
pretty fair chance of being "Polk-ed" into
the nomination under the operation of the
two-third rule. Meeting the Senator from
Michigan on Pennsylvania Avenue one fine
morninjr, the horo of Sim Jacinto 'button'd"
Manv companies of emierants, well provided total b"87,282. Newspapers sent, 435,136. 'others who have shipped goods by this to turn face in that direction. I am heartily
with mining implements, had Binco gone The whole number of sea letters received ; jjne tired of public life, and have no aspirations
thither. The Indians are represented os ex- and sent was 1,332, 4G1. To this add the do-1 " - - for the Presidency. And, besides, you know
ceedingly hostile. The mail brings official mestic correspondence of the quarter, 5,603- j ftCTAn individual in Maiisticld hns be- mv w i(o i a momber of the church, and she
dispatches to the irovernmcnt, touching the 463, and 180,000 circulars, and it will give - come such a believer in spiritual manifesta- dreads of the White House! But if the Con-
necessarily confined in the county , WcK out and cescn uie pariy, mucn aa i
J would prefer the selection of any body else
who can 6uccessiuuy upnoia tne iemocrauc
tween the United States and Mexico would securing, to taeniae greuiesi goon, wiiuoui noon io imnHcreuon, repcau- uer question,
be suspended, if the Congress of tho latter ! encroaching on the person aud right of uny. ; "Wa-alnow, ,J Bill ns a rav of penitence
State to the National Monument, was ship
ped this morning to Buffalo. The block is
three feet long by twenty-one inches broad,
and nine inches thick, and weighs 2)00 lbs. !
The designs on this block are in Michigan
native silver, and consist of tho arms of the
State, with her motto, "Her trust is In the
Boston, April 28. KoBsuth arrived here m..ntpd formerlv to D. Jose Garv. and also I !,. . . r F"
to-day, and was received by both Houses of gainst the legality of the transfer of said ' " tu,,
nt ri..:i . a : - I
I Iruth is, mo-(hic)-ther. Dick Jo-(hic)Jonea
nnnl.lin AiA not rntifv bv the 8th of Anril. i Devi. aU(l.
. ffiKhmntoMr 1 Notaries' Comm.iom.-A gentleman f;(rccn tht! cs-(hic)-sed ,tfidown my (hie)
the Isthmus of Tehiiantepcc. , ! who had iust received a commssion' from ,i.. 1 1 ;.' rt,! A A '
.. j - - uiiuui, nuui luuniiiini u nuoj.
Just then tieneralc ass started down street.
the Legislature. In the Senate, President
Wilson welcomed him with expressions ot
sympathy, to which Kossuth eloquently re
sponded. Afterwards he was received in the
House and made a speech in reply to one of
welcome irom the speaker.
Expected Outbreak in Mexico.
New. Orleans, April 25. Advices from
Tampicoto April 3d state , that a revolution-
Tho iVloiuteur iiepuuiicano puoiisnes a , ,..,- j. . i. nuj
series of articles, emanating, no doubt, from yesterday to s.iv that it frrrw that
an official source, against the propriety ol J GovrJrnor-8 private S,rretary practices
recognising the valnl.tr of the privilege . d .. he havinil h,d l0 pav
his commission, r rom live
d commissions!, it is estimat-
leaving his button and Sam Houston behind
the hitter s mouth spreading the while In
to a most indescribable grin. . ..
privilege to an American company. ed. will be issued this year under the new
i'he citv council ot v era inn have neen u . t j f no 0ipr re
K.t llm antral nn.ravnmnnf lA.n. . r II.
J 6-'v","","-
Privatceriso Expedition. A letter re-
ceived from Buenos Ayres, dated March 28,
says that the Brazilian Admiral has sent a.
noto to Commodore McKeevor, of the A met
' .Imu CZt.vnmmrd Ham. linnja ICan snuadron. informiuit him tbst the Amer
quantity of flour equal to that which was. mke g.,ecuUtion to thc tune 0f as many . ic schooner Draco, which had started on
lost during the late shipwrecks j doillirg) wjthout a particle of legal authority an expedition to rapture vessels on the Bra.
n-A nw ffAni tl.A rnnntrv vim rprentlv for the charire. ln coast, undf r a pretence of having a
ter free of tho ordinary custom duties,
! ently, than to afford tho gentleman who
taken into a gentleman's family.. One evon-
lii c. after havinir been called up to tne uraw-
ary outbreak was momentarily anticipated, ; ing-room, he came down into the kitchen,
in consequence .of the non-payment of the i laughing immoderately. "What's the mat-
troops ana tne oDjecaonai port regulations.
Th latter has bad a disastrous effect upon
we commerce oi l ampico, and there -were
no vessels in that port. m.-. -v
with the party of which he spoke. . He says,
ter!" cried the cook, "Whyidang it," said "After the Coup dt Bridge, it la only need
he "there are twelve on tem up. there, who ed that the democratic party should have
couldn't snuff the jcandle, and they had to j ihe responsibility of such a petty swindle as
ring for me to do it.'. .-. I ; this, to damn it tetotally.'.Scmdusfty Reg." '
We rnfrain from anv comment, cxreht to letter ol inarquc, had really no Slum letter 7
quote an observation made by the gentleman , an'l would be treated as a pirate. -, .
alluded to, and wnonas noretoiore acted) T fjcrhe rortsinouui ucrpnttb si tea that,
on Wednesday morning the New York Com
pany's bridge across the Scioto river at that
place, gave way and fell with a tremendous
crash, the only part remaining beinit the nret
! section on the end this way, ' '

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