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Saturday Evening, May 1, 183
Stagb Pkoceiwkos. It wss men
tioned briefly in our Legislative report of
yesterday that s resolution authorizing the
Auditor of State to inquire into tlio condi
tion, tfcc, of the Banks of the State, was
voted down by the dominant party. It
pems thut the move was originally intend
ed to give a fat berth to one of tlief riends of
- the New Constitution, but it was subse-ruent-ly
amended so that no expense should accrue
to the Treasury of the State, and as this
could not possibly prove of any benefit in
the way of creating a now place for a hun
gsry partisan, the Locofocos did not any
longer see any propriety in . investigating
the affairs of the Banks. Thus ended that
streak of patriotic effort.
Emk.batio5. Mr. Kendall, writing to
the New Orleans Picayune from Paris, says:
"The emigration of Germans to the States
is now greater than it has evor been is im
mense. According to a statement in Gali
Rani, three vessels left Antwerp on Saturday
last with '844 passengers. Seven other
vessels have been taken up to carry out I,
600 additional emigrants, and will sail short
ly. In addition to these ten American ships
are looked for at the same port shortly, some
of them of large burthen, and they will all
go out alive with Germans. The emigra
tion from Havre, as well as from the Dutch
ports and Hamburg and Bremen, is also
"greater than ever.
Fot'B Doliabs .per Day. We believe
the raising of the salary of members of the
Legislature from three to four dollars per
day, was excused on the ground that the
postage and all perquisites of members were
cut off by the now Constitution. This, it
must bo confessed, was better than nothing.
But the same body has also raised the salary
of Clerks, Scrgeant-Ht-Arms and their As
sistants to the same high figure. So much
for the economical new Constitution, which
was to save annually such large sums to the
people. Verily, it is in the hands of its
" Vapob BathsApi'Likdto Cattle. A let
ter from Vienna states that for the last two
years an epidemic disease haB decimated the
horned cattle, and brought ruin to the breed
ers; that the veterinary art was powerless to
arrest the malady; hut a Dr. Godlnwtske, a
nutive of Gullaciu, has recently claimed two
premiums of 75,000f. each, offered by the
Austrian and Russian Governments, he hav
ing, it is said, discovered an invaluable rotn
cdy in the application of vapor baths.
A Novel Salute. It is stated that as
Kossuth was coming from Montgomery to
Charleston, the pcoplo at the dining station,
Opolioa, wished to salute him, but hud no
cannon. Determined to burn powder in
some way, an original genius conceived the
idea of placing percussion caps on tho ruil.
The plun was put in execution, and as the
cars ucured Opcliea, thero was such a snap
ping under the wheels of tho locomotive as
was never heard on that road bo lore.
Murder by Brandy. A little boy, named
Joseph White, about six yours old, died at
New York, on Friday lust, from the effects
of sn excessivo quantity of brunily that he
was Induced to drink by a man named Thom
as Kennedy. Tho case was thoroughly in
vestigated, and it appears thut Kennedy gut
tho unfortunate boy to drink the liquid out of
pure wantonness, and principally because
his parents were strong advocates of temper
anco principles. Kennedy Und escaped.
Gun Cotton. Experiments continue to
be made in tho fortifications at Menu, to
render gun cotton serviceublo for wur pur
poses, as well us for blasting operations.
An Austrian artillery officer, Baron Link, is
said to have arrived at the most Important
results, inasmuch as tho rungs to be procur
ed with it, prepared after his system, is much
greater than with powder, with a greater
certainty of the shot, and less danger of ex
plosion during manipulation.
Railroad Tunnel. Tho project of dig
ging a hugo tunnel through tho hill north of
Cincinnati, is griming ground daily. It will
be one mile aud two hundred feet in length,
twenty-six feet high and twenty-four feet
wide, with four railroud tracks running thro'
it. The project is a very important ono for
tho railroad interests of the city, and will
bo accomplished at no distant date,
HoI'seBvildinu in Cincinnati. TlieMun
states that since 1840, tlioro have been built
in Cincinnati 12,000 houses, or about 4000
per annum, and that at present the annual
number building is probably larger.
Canals op Ohio. The gross amount of
tolls, water rents, and flues, collected on tho
Ohio Cunuls during the mouth of Murch,
1852, was 811,451,18. Hume month lust
year $27,302,75.
False The report thut W. C. Marshall
had been killed at Augusta, Kentucky, turns
out to be hoax. The author of Urn report
is not known else he might meet with a
different fate. . I
Kossuth's Dkpabtube. The Cincinnati ,
TConpreil states Unit letters havo been re
ceived in thut city from Kossuth, requiring
an immediate rttlemeut of all business con
nected with the Hungarian funds, as ho is
expecting to sail immediately for Europe.
A letter ho also been received from Prof.
Kinkel, dated at London, who says that tho
crisis is close at hand, and before next fall
"all Kurupu will be in a Maze!" i
Bank Capital Withdraw', We hear
that several of the Bunks in the State are
making preparations to close business and
withdraw their capital, rather than contend
with tho State authorities. The Lafayette
Bunk is returning its capital to its owners as
fust as colloctiuiis can be made. The Di
rectors of tho Eaton branch of the State
Bank have called a meeting of the stock
holders, to determine the course to be pur
sued by that institution, and In the mean
time have stopped discounting. Cin. Oat.
Good Pay. The pay of Iuis Napoleon,
lis President of France, is twelve millions of
francs a year, ($2,130,000,) which is about
$192,500 per month, equal to fl,330 per
day. So Louis Napoleon gets In four davs
'more pay than our President gets In a whole
year; lus pay for one day is more than the
annual sttlnry of amy of the members of our
Cabinet." There is something sites all ia
Wing President of France. - -
tujj, sinrm. Last niirht, between nine-j
tea o'clock, the wind blew a perfect ! ""e" remameu 01 w asninon, uiai no one
. . ... .. . , iwaseverinhisDrcaencewithoatbeinp-stronir-
hurricane, accompanied witn rain, ana , .
in some portions of the county hail.
At times, we had intensely vivid lightning I
and loud rumbling thunder. The violence of j
thegalcdid not iostmuch more than ftteen j
" 1 T . .
minutes. To-day, the accounts of the dum-
age done comes upon us from every quarter,
The roof and a portion of the wall of the
new brick stable, lately erected by Gen. Mc-
Cracken in the north-east part of the city,
were blown down.
The balustrade 'upon the large brick edi
fice of Mr. Sifford was blown off.
The roof of Mr. Sharkey's house, west of
the canal basin, was also blown off.
The roof of the stable of Mrs. J. C. Mc
Cracken, lj miles south of Lancaster, was
blown off and carried by the violence of the
gale some two hundred yards.
The barn of Mr. Richard Dean, in Pleas
ant township, we learn, was blown down. It
haul been erectedbut a short time.
We notice two covered bridgos,one over the
run near Mr. Giesy 's south of the city, on the
ridgo road; the other over the canal about
two miles south-east of Lancaster on the Lo
gan road. Both of those were but recently
erected at considerable expense. The frame
work is destroyed, that of the latter having
been thrown into the canal.
But heavy as this loss is. it is more than I
equalled by the utmost universal destruction
of fences throughout the county. The loss
in this way will be heavy, not only on ac
count of tho fences themselves, but tho late
ness of the season, which will cause great
inconvenience in repairing them in time. A
largo number of fruit trees and other kinds
wero also blown down.
It has been the most destructive storm that
has been experienced in this neighborhood
for many years.
P. S. Since tho above was in type, we
learn that the covered bridge over Pluasunt
run, near John A. Collins' farm, was also
blown down.
The Roads. Scarcely ever huvo the roads
been as bad as at the present time. The mud
is deep and stiffand almost impassible in
many places. Wo understand thut ono of
our enterprising citizens is willing to pledge
himself to give 500 for every plunk road or
turnpiko that is constructed into the city. A
half dozen or more roads of this chnracter,
from 8 to 12 miles in length, extending in dif
ferent directions throuihnut the country, I
would add to the business of the place at least
100 per cent., and every property holder, fur
mer, business man and mechunic, in fact ev
ery citizen, would muke monoy by being e
qually as liberal according to his means,
which would insure at least that muny roads.
Progress: You will not have to ask the
"oldest inhabitant" to remember tho time
when tho weekly papers published in this
city were no larger than the Daily and con
tained no more rcuding matter. The fuct
is within the memory of those who have not
yet reached the meridian of life. The truth
is, a daily publication is needed in this city,
and wo are willing to try the experiment of
ono of which our citizens need not bo
inhumed. If they second our efforts, It will
improve as our Weekly papers have improv
ed and enjoy equal prosperity.
City Council City Officers. The newly
elected City Council was organized lust
evening. Daniel Harps was elected Mur
shal; Sosthenas McCube, Treasurer, andJ.
B. Reed, City Clerk. Wo were not present
and havo no regular report of their proceed
ings, but this is all of general interest that
was transacted.
Fire. The dwelling houso of Mr. James
Clcvelund, of Pleasant township, a two story
framo building, was destroyed by fire to-day.
It is supposed that it caught from tho stove
pipe. First of May. Barring tho wind, Muy
duy presents a beautiful and pleasant ap
pnarunce, and wc notice that our young folks
are as usual enjoying the season.
A Compliment to the Cbaft. The fol
lowing is from a letter written by John C.
Rives, of the firm of Illuir it Rives:
"I have seen tho manuscript writings of
most of the great men in this country during
tho last 20 years, and I think I may say, that
Iio20 of them could stund the test of the
scrutiny of one hall' of the journeymen prin
ters employed in my office."
Mobile Aim Ohio Railroad. The coun
ty court of Madison county, Tennessee, tins
..,! m u.. I. :..:.. ..c'dioM, mm ?:i. ......
fuiuu a viiiii., riiii.iiiii ui cidiiu,uvii, viiiiniui
county )ISO,000 Obion county r.O.t.OO, untl
McNuiry county M.000, towurds the con -
,. - f ,i - s...i,ii .i i :i i
bliiiv iiuii ,ii iiiu minim' niiu vuiu tvtiiiruuu
,1, ....... I. T....,,...a.. T,. ., !. .....
.iiiviii, a uiiiii iwiiui a iiu ,uvpiu iiarv vvv
to vote upon its ratification.
Bcaroitt or Seamen ron tit! Navy. It
Is suid thut owing to tlio dilhVulty of olitniuinp;
seamen, the expedition nttitigout Tor Japan
mny not sail at as early s iluy as was at lirst
anticipated. Tlio vessels for the Mediter
ranean squadron are to be first supplied.
Cohsectici't. The official vote for Gov
ernor stands as follows.- Seymour, dem.
31,(1J4; Kcnilrick, whig, 28,341; Gillette,
free soil, !1,000, scattering 23 showing a
majority uf 4li0 for Seymour.
fj"Ilut little short of a quarter of a mil
lion of dollars, it la officially stated, is the
amount of which theSufTolk Hank of Uos-
ton has linen defrauded by its two dishonest
j clerk., Rand am Brewer. The precise
sum stolen, as shown bv a careful Invent!.
gution of the books of the llunk, is ascer
tinned tube e'JH,4l5:2.V-und this enor
mous mini has been all abstracted within a
year, and all or nearly all of it sunk In stock
operations hy the guilty Fortu.
nately for the stockholders, tho Bunk hus a
large surplus fund on hand, and Bft,,r i,,,.
Ing good the amount of which it has thus
been defrauded, and payiiiir a scml-annnai
dividend of five per cunt, due to-day, It will
..!! I . 1 e. I r 1 . j, .
ii ii nave a surplus mini ui aooui (IIUU.OUQ
Bait. American,
A jocose advertisement appears in ono of
our exchanges, as follows:
"Gentleman who have boon cured by the
patent Itch Ointment are requested to leave
their names and places of residence with the
proprietor, as he Is desirous of making out
sevoral certificates for publication."
Matsvillkand Lexington Railboad.
The Muysville Eagle says nine hundred men
are engaged In grading the track between
Maysvillo and the Licking river j and that as
soon as the sections can be oreDared. seven
hundred men will bs put at work4M th track
oeyonn tne lacking.
KTTheXditor of the New Orleans Picw.
we tad mm of gresn corn on tho 20th
Anecdote or- Washihgtos. It has often
imDre8ged bv reverence to his dienitv.
But it seems by the following anecdote,
which is related by a correspondent of the
New York Courier and Enquirer, that at
le .tliere, one exception :
When the President was procuring the
d for the d, which wag to b the
geat of Government, he had but little difti
culty in obtaining the necessary releases,
except in one instance. Mr. James Byrnes
....... i. - . r - ...... u ... v. ; ,.u it
.dvi,.i., .hniH be included in the
plan. The General had various conferenc
es with Mr. B. who was especially obstinate,
and resisted all the great man had to say.
Washington turned upon him, with indigna
tion, and said with great severity:
Mr. James Byrnes, what would your land
have been worth if I had not placed the city
on the Potomac I"
Byrnes was undismayed, and cooly turn
ed to him and said, "George Washington,
what would you have been worth, if you
had not married tho widow Curtis!"
Another Revolutionary Solpieb Gone.
Abijuh Hurst, un old Revolutionary sol
dier, recently died at llelvidere, N. Y., aged
91 years, lie was born at Newton, and
when only 14 years old saw a revolutionary
battle, in which an elder brother was cn
agged. His spirit being roused, after first
ascertaining that his brother was uiihurmed,
he returned home und implored his mother,
who was a widow, to allow him to enlist.
i I.-.I ., ; ., : .1... ......... K... I...
j uui; uuu aiiiuiijr dia quua ill mc ni uijt , uui uc
ing one of the noble spirited women of that
.1 i.l
I uuie, Hue grunieu mm peruussiuii, pruviuuu a
...... ..,,!, i i, a I a .. u .....
uii buum " " vu.aiuvu. . . u .1 1 u munniv, nii.il
the lock tied on with a string was found, and
he went to the unny. The spirit of the boy
being noticed ho was enrolled & subsequent
ly with his own consent, transferred to the
Navy. His vessel was captured off the coast
of France, and he spent a yeur in an English
and Irish prison, acting as schoolmaster to
his companions, till exchanged. ' After the
close of the war, he engaged in the coasting
trade and other pursuits, and was hually
pensioned as a midshipman.
The Late Flood. Since tho subsiding of
the luto flood, accounts of duinuges caused
by it huve hourly poured Into this city, so
that an attempt to emimcrato them would be
utterly fruitless. Houses, barns, fences, sitw
mills, bridges, lumber, ikc.,&c, were swept
away by its resistless fury. Wo are sorry to
suy thut the full of wuter has not altogether
removed the inconvenience to which the
citizens residing in the lower parts of Pitts
burgh, Allegheny, und the neighboring vil
lages were subjected, inasmuch us ponds are
funned which render ull uttcmpts to drain
the cellars in muny places fruitless, and the
only wny to remedy the evil will be to ex
cavate drains, or to wait patiently until the
sun evaporates the wuter, in which cuso it is
to he feared thut much sickness will ensue.
Pittslmryh Gazette.
Jenny Linn. The
fTmnn Jmirnnl a.-iva.
that Jennv Lind left Europe. pfrdw-d (to her- 1
self,) to uive one hundred und fifty thousand
dollurs towards the endowment of bcIiooIs
in her country. In making this pledge, the ob
objocts nearest heart were, to ull'ord opportu
nities to girls of uciiirin thut knowledge
and those urts which nrepuru them to dis
charge efficiently tho duties of wives and
mothers, and. at tho same tune, to heroin
imbued with PliriHtinn nrincinlea. Mor '
pledge has been redeemed. The last Instal
ment of her munificent gift has been dis
patched; and she may now culmly rejoice in
the consciousness of having nobly uccuiu-
plislicu a noble endeavor.
An Oai'iian Boy.. A New York puper
states thut about nine years ago, one of the
orphuii boys of tho Protestant Asylum in thut
city, who bad been indentured to a farmer,
won so much upon the ull'ection of his em-
nln 1.., .l-.ul.....i.... 1.: .!..:.... r..:i.i-..n..
tu,ii,,Fji umi urn fiiiu; uio mmv n 111 urn u! 1 , (
anil conducting Inmsell according to the prin
ciples curly taught him, thut on tho death of
the latter, the whole of the estate, valued at
$5,000, was bequeathed to him.
Ait Exi'losive Lett. A letter wus
dropped into the Post-olfico on Tuesday,
which on being stamped, wus found to con
tain some combustible material, producing n
slight explosion. A small hole was burned
through the paper. It is detained by tho
rest-master, who lias written to Wanliing-
if -
ton lor authority to examine its contents
is directed to n lady in one of the New Eng
land Mtutes.-Mcoo.tyn jiajvr.
Tiik EniToR of tho Democrat asserts, or
intimates that u man must bo a great block
head to call him "an intelligent gentleman."
Thus it seems thut our deur neighbor has not
the independence to think dill'erently from
tho rest of tho community even in regard to
himself. l(u h the vausul of public opinion.
lAtnisville JiiurmU.
Stkanroat Disasters on the Western
Waters. Since the 1st of January Inst,
twenty-four steamboats havo been lost on
the W estern rivers. Ten of tho accidents
were caused by sinking, nino by explosion,
nine by burning, two by collapsing lines.
Six of the bouts have either been raised or
did not prove a total loss. The wholo num
ber of lives lost is estimated utono hundred
and lil'ty.
Ski.uni) Goons hy Sample. The New
York Legislature has passed a luw making
i i i i .. j. ...... .
I !l. Imll's'"l,l'u ''X ) non-rc
! i,'1"'.1 'V'1 K",M " '7 ",m,lu '".V" Stl,t';
1 mien u mw mis uisu unou pussou iu i euiisvi-
I S, I i rn
vuiuu uuu iiiiiry iiiim. i
vuma and Miiryluml. Tlio i,egisiuturu ol
Mussuchiisetts proposes to retuliute on thosu
States by passing u similar luw.
Rich Mkn in Boston. It appears from
the tax list of Huston, for 18.M, just publish
ed, that there uro iu that city 17 individ
uals and corporations taxed on null' a million
and upwards! nine on 300,1)00 and upwards;
nineteen on $:)t)0,000 and upwards; fifty on
i!00,000 and upwards, and one hundred and
eighty-sevon on $100,000 and upwards.
PHonAni.K Mukdkr. The "Forest City,"
published ut Cleveland, says thut two young
men of that city, while out gunning lust
week, in Newburg township, discovered in
n n unfrequented woods, the body of u man
in a state of decay, which from appearance
hud lain thero for some time.
Tiik Si'UBiot's California Ticket.
Geo. E. Iliimiltou, arrested recently in New
York, charged with selling spurious Califor
nia tickets, has been discharged from custo
dy, as have also Samuel II. Cook and Jno.
Hull, charged with similar olt'cnccs.
Somebody asks Diocienes if an Alderman
can be legally committed. With much re
luctance Diogenes answers, in the negutivo
the luw positively prohibits any person
from committing a nuisance. Of course
this settles this point, and the polico magis-
irnie. win uo governeu accordingly. n. i .
Cincinnati is celebrated for a pecular kind
oftrrnr, known us the "Cincinnati treat."
An individual Is asked to partake of wine,
ovsters,&c, and then loft to foot the bill.
This wss the "hospitality" extended tn ifnii.
euth. Loui.H'ik Joiimni.
Niagara. A paper states that a largo ho
tel is to be erected near Table Rock, at Ni
agara Falls. A tunnel, two hundred feet
long, Is to be constructed so as to permit
travelers to reach Termination Poiut with
out personal exposure.
Tut Duki or Weulhioton, it Is said, will
soon resign the command of tho British ar
my, and be succeeded hy the Duke of Cam
bridge. ;
Lateb from Havana Respect paid to Gen.
Concha. By advices from Havana to the
17th in t., we learn that Gen. Concha, on
taking his departure, was honored by every
demonstration of respect Thousands thron
ged the wharves, and two steamers, filled
with his admirers, accompanied him as far as
the mouth of the harbor. Before starting,
the Empire City entered the harbor, when
tho populace saluted her passengers with in
sult and derision, under the impression that
the Americans had been the cause of Gen.
Concha's removal. The principal Spanish
merchants in Havana hud subscribed $100,
000 to be sent to Madrid, as a present to the
three little daughters of the General.
It is stated that tho Crotiica, published in
New York, the stuunch supporter of Span
ish rule in Cuba, has by a decree of the Go
vernment at Madrid, been prohibited to cir
culute in the dominion of Spain, on account,
it is said, of the severity with which it has
treated the American liovernment in its ar
ticles about the iland,&c. The Dian'odela
Marina of Havana has been fined $5,000
for having committed the saino fault.
Of the sum collected for the benefit of the
military that Buttered in the late invasion,
$155 177 is to be distributed in the follow
insr manner, viz: $111,400 to the heirs of
the officers and soldiers slain in the differ
ent encounters. These wero 104, und the
gratuities to their relations uro in .sums va
rying from $700 to $10,000. The disabled,
15 in number, have $20,000 given them, in
sums from $1,500 to $3,000; and 23 severe
ly wounded receive $,650; fi Bully, 69
slightly wounded, $5,127, and $6,000 are
destined for the erection of two monuments,
one iu L is Pozas and the other in tho Paseo
of Havana.
Affecting Incident. During all the
summer of 1849, when the choleru was hur
rying multitudes to their lust rest, a highly
respectable and interesting tamny was seiz
ed by tho epidemic. Five of its members
were prostrated at one time, and such was
tho alurm of the neighbors that no one came
to their assistance at the critical moment.
When all seemed hopeless, there wus ono,
the youngest child, of scurce three summers,
who had been providentially spurod for the
occasion, who has ministered as an ungel.
Her eldest sister requiring the greatest at
tention, wus the special object of tho little
one's care. And while the patient wus
withering under the weight of disease, the
little creuture watching with intense inter
est the pullid countenance of her sister, an
unhidden tear traced her cheek, she seemed
striving to divine some remedy that would
alleviate tho puin of the prostrate form be
fore her, and suddenly quitting tho room, as
on tho wings of love, procured a glass of
cold water, returned, and climbing on a chair
near tho sick bed, presented the sparkling
draught, and in lisping accents said; "Drink
this, dear sister, it will cure you." She spoke
us one who know, for the putient recovered
though not until tho angel nurse hud puss
ed into the "world of spirits," from the same
diseuse; blither memory lingers as fresh ns
the violets that bloom around her resting
Amos and the Nails. Thero was a very
bad boy by the namn of Amos, who had a
verv good father. This father wub grieved
and troubled at the wickedness of his son,
and tried in vain to induce him to reform.
Ono day the father suid to Amos.
"Here is a hammer und a keg of nuils.
I wish you, every time you do a wrong action,
to drive (Me of these nails into this wall."
A trios said:
"Well, father, I will."
Ileforo long, Amos cuiiio to his futher and
"The keg is empty. I huvc used all the
nails. C'oino and see."
The father come to the spot and found tho
wall black with nails.
lie said to his son:
"Amoa, have you committed a wrong
action tor every one of these nuns!
"Yes, father," said Ainos.
The father snid, sorrowfully,
" Wlint a bud boy you must be, Amos.
Why will you not turn about und try and be
u good boy !"
Amos remained thoughtful for a few mo
ments, ami then suid,
"Father, 1 will try I have been ultogether
ton bud; und I will try und be a better boy."
Said his futher:
"Take the hummer, und for every good net
1 you do, draw out a nail and put it into the
III a few weeks the boy enme and said,
"Come, father, und see the nails in the keg
aguui. Lvury irood ut-t I have dune 1 have
pulled out a nail. See, the keg is full a
guin." "I urn glad of it, my son; but, Ainos, the
holes ure left!"
What did he mean, my little render!
OirTrunks nro being manufactured in
Knglund in such a shupu us to bo small or
lurge, ut the pleasure of tho traveler, and
the quantity of articles which he may wish
to curry with him. Tho principle is very
siinplo. The trunk is of two independent
parts, without hinges; one sliding over tho
other, and fastened with straps and padlocks.
Of course the size will depend entirely on
the quantity it contains.
Heavy Sai.es of Thiiacco. The sales of
tobacco at Louisville last week, amounted to
eiyht hundred and settenty-tifo hoysheads, which
exceeds any previous week's sulcs by seventy-live
Fkiuiitful Casualty. We learn from
the Juekson (Tenn.) Whig tlint Mr. Joseph
Wells, his wife, child, und mother, residing
in Deciitur county, wore killed on Sunday,
1 Ith inst., hy the falling of a limb of a tree
upon their dwelling house.
GiTNPowiiuK near St. Lotus. It is stutcd
thut the United States has in store at tho ar
senal, neur St. Louis, 3 13,4 l j pounds of gun
powder a larger quantity than is to bo
found at any other point iu iho United States.
The Maine Law in Maine. It is stated
thut 98 towns in Maine huve voted to sus
tain tho liquor luw, 7 arc divided, and 2!) vo
ted aguinst it.
fJ3Several French ladies, among them I
two of the noblesse, growing very corpulent, I
killed themselves by the excessive uso of i
vinegar to promote leanness. j
ftlrShadrack, the fup-itive sluve, who
brought un notion for $10,000 damages a
gainst Commissioner Morton, of Boston, wus
non-suited on Saturday last.
fjr"lt is stuted that moro snow fell during
th.; hiill nl tl... i.reU..,,t mth in m.rtio.w
' - "" i ' - r- '
of New Knglund, tlmn during the whole of
uny inontli of the pijst winter.
OCrTlie blot'k of native copper ,from the Cliff
mine, in the Luke Superior cupper district,
intended for the Wauhington Monument,
liaa heen completed.
CC5"The groat Western Railway in Eng
land now curries coal at the rate of one cent
per ton por mile.
07"An India rubber omnibus is about be
ing invented, which, when jum full, will hold
a couple more.
fjr"Twcnty persons have been indicted in
the U. 8. Circuit Court of Florida, for being
concerned in the late Cuban invasion.
(0"The last way of vending liquor in
Maine, is by saturating apongo with the
forbidden drink, and charging sixpence per
suck. .
3,300 Inmigkahts arrived at New York on
Friday last
OrLoui.iana has within her bounds 26,
000 free people of color. '
OtTNo leas than six steamboats leave Al
bany for New York daily. Fare 60 cents.
an act remilutinir the hours of Manual Labor
Sec. 1 . Be it enacted bv the General Asmw-
Wy of the Stale of Ohio, that In all manufacto
ries, workshops ana oiner places useu
mechanical or manufacturing purposes, in
the State of Ohio, where children under the
age of eighteen years, and women, arecm
ployed.the time of labor of the persons afore
said, shall not exceed ten hours for each day;
and any ow ner, stockholder, overseer, em
ployer clerk or foremun.who shall compel any
women or any child under 18 years of age, to
labor in any day exceediugtcn hours, or shall
permit any child under the age of fourteen,
to labor in any factory, workshop or other
place used for mechanical or manufacturing
purposes, for more than ten hours in any one
day, where such owner,stockholder, overseer,
employer, clerk or foreman has control, such
person so offending shull beliuble to a prose
cution, in the nume of the state of Ohio, be
fore any justice of the peace or court of com
petent jurisdiction, ol the county wherein
tho sumo shall occur, and upon conviction
thereof, be fined in any sum not less than
five, nor more than fiftv dollurs.
Sec. 2. Thut in all engagements to labor
in any mechanical or manufacturing bu
siness, a duy'B work, when the contract .of
lubor is silent upon tne sunjeci.or wnere i nere
is no express coiitruct, shull consist often
hours; und ull agreements, coutracts, or en
gagements in reference to such lubor, Bhall
be so construed.
Sec. 3. That whenever a fine shull be
collected, in accordance with the first section
.!.: .l. ... 1,11 K .;, I nvnr tr thn 1
UI L11ID UUls LtlC DUIIIU D1IU1I w r" " .
trustees of the township wherein the trial
may be hud, and the same shall be by them
disbursed for the benefit of common schools.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
March 11), 185:1. President of the ik-nate.
Madame Goldschmidt, late Jenny Lind,
announces thut she will give three concerts
in New York city, commencing on the 18th
of May. These will be her lust concerts in
(fJ-The bill which passed the Massachu
setts Senate, to oullifo the fugitive sluve
law, hus been rejected in the House.
ftThe citizens of Mononnahela city Pa.,
have subscribed for 500 shures of the capital
stock of the Heinpfield railroad.
(pj-Thc Democrats of Illinois have nom
inated Col. Mattison as their candidate for
mi run riiii:.:,
i 1) I
WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED and opened at our
old stum! a very large aniljwell .elected Stuck
of Spring and Suimiicr lioods.
WE can boast, that we have as nice a stock of dress
e;omis, bonnets, ribbons, parasols, gloves, &c aa can
be fouud In this city. We havo also a very oxtensive
Stock of Gentlemen's Wear
Of almost every price aud description. Our stock of
;kx i:itu:s, q.ui:enswaiik,
Boots, Shoes, lints, Cotton Ynrn, Muslins,
ItnttiiiS, Ac. Ac,
is very large and of I he best quality.
Aswoliuc.nu umng Simon an exriusive resuy pay
business, we can olEjr great Inducements to buyers.
Call and examine our at. ck.
Wanted, Wheat, coin, Rye, Oats, Wool, Flaxseed
ic.,f ir which the highest inarlmt price will he paid
April 1 JULIAN & VI. HICK.
IVH'TINUKH, WHITE and LATTA, at theslgn
Ili of the I'lld-I.och mid Mill-Maw, advertise
, ""I, TrN these goedeir-clsp,'-,-,
and w. constantly keep t p. v , fM
lunng the Summer, the , , 1.sr?1I1',' in of N,
this Spi ini!
" ,. s , . . ,' ,
largest and best assorted Stock ol
H A l I) V A H S ,
they have ever had. No ono who
,-on'ults his own interest should
ma'te bis purchase helore giving
thnni a in I. Their extensive anil
increasing t ad", is a certain guar
rantee thai they SELL Hardware
CHE I'Ell than auv nth r establishment.
Lancaster, March M, Hbi S3
'!'' llMIM'-iiCI'lWIS
rjKRSONS wishing to purchase flood, of this des
I rription, will lind it to their interest to call at V.V
l lMil'.lt, WlilTK II I.ATl'A'S and examine thul
Urge ami splendid assortment of
Oil. CAHI'I'.TS, from S-4 to 7-4 wide,
Kloor Malls, tlrass curtain Hands.
Ilrassan l (ilass curtain i'ins.Tshle Knives Sc Forks
Coll'ee Mills, Sin! Irons, Shovel and Tongs,
Candle Sticks, Lamps. Stair Hods,
Tubs, churns, Wash Hoards, &c. Jfcc. Hie.
Lancaster. October SO, IK5I ?fl
' Iiiim A liVil-lfiMi l':i-lr SCi-lilo VMl
f-1 KORfSK SMI I'll has removed his Choir and llid
N stcsd h'selorv from the corner of Wheeling and
.. .i i c,...,l.M..iu II .. :.!.-. . n .,
UlUlllllll SIH-l-l. i, I.,, -
'trret, tiro doors East of the Hoiking VulUy llunk
and directly opposite the Clterkcred Store. Hi' has on- '
sr4E larged hU business ami intend Iteoiiing on 1
Tjl hand I he largest and best assortment ol I
ever before kept in Ibis place ; consisting
; I in part, of Cnne sent, Cottage, Ilustl
w '"''each, Scroll top, 'illage, common and
" f'hihlren's Cnairs, Soeiabhw ami Settees.
All description ol HKDSTKAIIS mnnuucliived of!
oither Cherry. Wiilniit. Maple or Sugar.
His work u ill nil be madeofthe very best matnrirl,'
by good workuien and of the latest and most approved
patterns. It will he inlerior to mine manu actured j
elsewhere slid will be sold at the very lowest prices. I
A continuation of the very liberal patronage ot the ,
ouhlic is i-esnoi-trullv solicited. It is the intention ol i
the suhscrlner to keep a full and general assortment
at all limes, so that he will be
io enabled to acooinino
is with anvthin;; in his
Jtito both old and new customer
line. In connection with his cstshlishment is Mr. tl
L. Erkort'. I'lihinel Ware lloom.solhatrustemoiscai
1. .....,n....l.l...l u.l.h .11 .ril.l... ..i.l,n ... ,.,.
pioie a lllll assoriioeni Ol liouseniutl rurouure. vail
aiid.ee. (jIX)I(UE SMI TH.
Lanca.tor, November 1, 18oll. 'Jli
Ovci'H llellllinc 'IVst I IIIOII V.
Krnin Physicians the most
skilful and celebrated,
f ill 'rem vounriiiors lesineu
in Ihu la,u fiv,m Jii.Iim.. nf
i.l..l,iil ., ,k. U.nnh
-fa. - "" .. w . ..,
i .rmn Ministers of tho tkis-
ei, wnoso unnevisiing 111
25 sciiy nave insue mem
53 ff hining lights in the pat h
r, in'", 11 win .Minion
rsi riniussiiis. iuiiu ,niin
Merchants, from those
VSw ef every station, name
and d groe aiming manwnd all nf which, without;
one dissenting ohjwtion, pronounce this Ointment to
be (JOOO! '
As day by day It unobtrusively oxtends it. sphere
of action along the bordi rsof our vast country, nnd is
circulated throughout its extent, new evidences of in
power and new prnots of i s ctli cy are continually j
developed 77ircc millions of boxes, applied to dis-,
ease within thn las' four years have established the
astounding farl. bi yondlhe power of cavil or cont a-
dii tion, that it is inimu.iui.k in the cure of all Tu-
mors, Ulcers, Sores, Hurna, Tetter. Pile., Scrofula, ;
Erysipelas, rniiniaina, scaia iiesu, wis r.yrs. v"usy
rroiin. nheuinatism, llmken llreaat. Ague in the t ace,
corns, tic. It completely restores the Insensible pfr-
NKATioK. ' u ny . ucs me. ,p. ''"y
which nature intenueu to expei me inorinu ihbiut o
, tn . hodv-thua Is Ihe.ystem cleansed: the blood pu
nded to expel the morbid matter ol
Iho.ystein cleansed: tha blood pu
ril'ed: and the health restored
It hai power to cause all external sore., Scroful
ous Humors, o'irt roisnmiu miumls to ilisrliarge
their putrid mutter: and then heal them. It is rightly
terme' All Healing, for thero is scarcely . disease,;
external or inlernsl, that it will not benefit. I have,
usi d it forth last fourteen year, lor all the disease. '
of the chest; con-iuinption and liver; involving the ut-1
most danger and responsibility; and I declare before I
h..vnn and man. that llol in one Sllla-le caso ha. it tall
d to benefit when th patient wa. wilhin roach oflauieconaumpijon:-
innrlal meana. Ciik.tkr. Penn.ylvani., August 09, 184B.
J. McALISTER. 141 Ful'on-.t., Now Wk. Sole Pro-1 J. q Ayur.-Sin-I wss taken with t terrible rough,
s.,1.1 bu h'.. 1.. Slncutnand Olto W. Kraemer.L.nr.s-
A. S tlKXimV. ngeius lorunio,
tor; E. Kalb, Riishville; W. W.Reett, Carroll; M.t amp-
bell, Pickerington: Leonard and Brother, Uaail; A. E.
MitthotV, Uckville; Samuel Bartlot, W tnchesler; J
r.ndslOV, J.ltnopoiis; uwin-a.i., w.....i....r, .v ,my-
pool. New Salem; J. .nd 8. Henboe, Amanda; Daniel
Hawkin, Sugar tirove; A.noaugn .uu unery. uremeu.
OctoWr23. 1H61 2(1
rrillK undersigned will arrive In Columbus, Ohio
X by the l.st of March, where he will engaga in
th practice of hi. prolession. All those indoblad to
him in any way, and all having claim, again.! him are
respectfully requested to present th .am either by
letter or person for settlement.
Olhc on High .tree I, opposite the n wr Stat house.
March 18, 1869. 9m40
Mil. ..wr.il u fr Art or OonpivM, In tlx yw
ny- n ui'tiKirpia, m. u, ln!ltlrk(
Offloi of th ISHtrirt Conrt tur Uio Ewlcro
IHitrM of Pnijlnta. ,
Another Scientific Wonder!
Prepared (mm Rknhct, er the fourth Stomach or
Tut Ox, after direction! of Bjkom Litaio, the
froat Phy"otugical chemist, by J. 8. Houaui-oN M.
I. PhiUiJ Iphu, Pennsylvania
Thii isa tinlyVonilprlul remedy for Indigcst'on.Dys-
f cpsia, JuanJire, Hvur complaint, constipation, and
Miilitv, curing after Nature's own niethpd, by
Nature's own Agoiit the Gastric Juice.
TrHall'a tcasooonful ol I'kpsin, inl'usod in water.
wilt digust or dissolve, Five Pound of Roust Beef
in about two hours, out of the stomach.
PEPSIN is the chief element, or iiroat Digesting
Principle of the (Sastric Juice the svlnent of the
0(M, tne runjyug, rrescrmng, ana snmutatvm
Attrat of the stomach anil Intestines. It i extracted
from 111' dig-'stive stumsch of the Ox, thus lorming
an Artificial Digestive Kluia, precise!-, like the na
tural Gastric Juice in its chemical powers, and fur
nishing a complete and perfect substitute for it. By
the aid ol this preparation, the pains and .evils of indi
giwtionand ilyipcpniaaroremoved.just asthoy would
be by a healthy stomach It is doing wonders for Dys
peptics, curing canes of IX'bility, emaciation, nervous
decline anil dyspeptic consumption, supposed to be on
the verge of the grave. The Scientific evidence upon
which it ii based, is in the highest dce.roe curious and
BARON I IKBIG in his celebrated work on Animal
chemixtrv. savs: "An Artificial Digestive Fluid, ana
. " I . . . U C ik. f
logous to the Gastric Juice, may be readily prepared
from the mucous membrane of the stomach ol tha Calf,
ill wnii-ii v.inuu, suuies ui iuiiu mem ami t;i:B, . ... , . , . ,
will be softe st, charged and digested ju.t in the other out house., a cistern and well, upon the pre
ssme manonras thov would he in the human stomsch." : n""p:"- 1 "'i n.out;1? i
I)r COUUi;, in liis valuable writings on tho "I'hy- Port"1m oroiit-lfjt No. 9, situated at th. North end of
ioloey of Digestion." observe, that "a diminution of ! Bmad-street, either in whole or in part.
thedMH quaoMlv cf the Oast, ic Juice is a prominent 1 The above property will be sold low and terms
.ni sll prevailing cause ol Dyspepsia;" and he stntea j m , 8 reasonable. SAMULL SHLKRICK.
that "a distinguished professor of medicine in London. L."ter, April 31. 1853 3mM
.. v. i.. .in: i !.:., ..,...i.:ni r....i ""
imr everything else to fail, had ecoiirso to tho Gas-
trf- Juice, obtained from the stomachs ol livii
vina- am- I
r, ........ ... ..uuu. , ;.,.J,.......;I ....
Dr. UKAllA.M, author ol the famous works on"V"e.
getabl Vint," says: 'It is a remarkable tact in phy-
ui..ln,r., hnt l,c tf,ii ,'l . nf .ni.t.alu .nrtr.l'a ...
iii.i. ...i.'ii nwin.il rn.n niPTfitt .n.i'iiiriii "
water,' im part to the tluid the property of dissolving
various articles of food, snd of nlfccting a kind ol'or
tifirial digestion of them in no wise dilturent from the
natural iiigsove process.
II r- all on the An-nt, and jet a Doscriptivo circu. !
lar. Ki'stis. giving a largo amount ol scienuhc evidence, ,
. ,t .Y ." ." .. . . .
uar to tne aDove, tiwctner with reports ol remark-
able eurcis, from all parts of tho United State.
As a JJyxpepxia (Tircr,
Dr. HOUGHTON'S I'W'MN has produced the most
marvellous effects, in curing cases of Debility, Ema
ciation, Xrrrovs Veiiine and Vnspeptic constitnptio -i.
I' is Impossible to give tho details of casein the lim
its of this odvertisi.inenl:but authenticated certificates
have been given of more than Two Hundred retnark
able cures, in Philadclnhia.New York and Boston alone.
These were nearlvall desperate cases, and the cures '
were not only raeid und wonderful, but permanent.
It is a great S'enmus Antidote, and particularly
useful for teiKienry to bilious disorder, liver com
plaint, fever and ague, or badly treated fovcr and
ague, and the evil ell'eets of Quinine, Mercury, and
other drugs upon the Digestivo Organs, alter i long
sickness Aisu,tVii excess inesiing, and the too free
use of ardent spiriti. It almost reconcile. Health
with Intcmperanrr.
vitt utomnrn torn plaints.
There is no form of Old So mark complaints which
it d'les not s em to reach and remove at once No
matter how bad they mv be, it gircs instant relief.'
A single dose r-movet all the unpleasant symptoms;
and it niilv nei ds In be repeated tor a short time to
mancnt. rumynr mnoa
at once. It is particular-
i ly excellent in cases of iSausea, Vomiting, cramps,
, ;,. t,r,h(, pit f th,.stoina, h. distress after eat mn
i low. cold stale of the Blood, Heaviness, lowness of
: pirits,depiiiideiicy, emnciation, wcaliiioss, tendency
: """1'".'1 ?lV','i'!v.li'ovUiv! t u u in
,1,r- 1 01 .10 Sl '1N',i' s,n by ""rly all
t,1B dealers in lino drugs ft Popiilar.l.icin -,thn.iigh.
' ""' I".",1 .m,,"a s,!p' u ' prepared in Powder and
111 "U'u t'irin and Proscriplion vials lor the uso of
l PhViri;ms.
! Prints tlrct'lurs fertile uo el Physicians, may
' beoMiiinei of llr. Doug!-ton or hi Agents, describing
i nio wuiite process in prepnrntinn, and giving tne au
ij fSolJ by ''II IV'iyists unci Dcnlori in Mpdlcincii
Agents KDWAlil) I,. SLOCI'M. Lancastkk;
)h. J, M. Wh,on, Nownrlt;
I pirp & Kick hdt, l ircievillo;
MarcliW. G. Robkrti, C'oi uitBL-a.
For I he Care of
TN offering to the community this ju.tlv celebrated ,
X remedy lordiseases of tho throat and lungs, it i. '
not our wish to tril e with the live, or health of the
aliluteil, bin Iraukly to lay beloro them tho opinion.
nf i li.lin.i.l. nmul .niiin ..film oui.lnn.u. nl it.
sua. men hiihm im-y run Jung" oir uionisi.ivei.
We sincerely pledge nurselvn. to make no wild as-
' section, or fslse slutements of ilsellii scy, nor will wo
1 hold out any hope to still' t'n; humanity which fact.
will not warrant.
1 meilirine worthy their he, t confuleiire ami patronage.
vom theilistirguhhert l'rifm,r nf Chemistry and
Materia Medico, liovdoin Collets
siiien uiev ,,ili nun mem in-re-t-'iv rHiiauii-. biiu inu
i ij,.nr Mr: c.eiayeil answering the recriutol your
im'l. i .V.. :
!...., I-.... r". ..:i..'r :.. .1. 'r ti: - ..
us ,111 nil 111 my uwii i.iniiy, 01 m 1110 lam i.m. 01 ,uj
- 1 tins 1 have nntv ilnnn with hij-h degree ol salts-
taction, 111 cases both ot a Jults anil children.
I have found it, as its ingredients show, a powerful
remeiiy lor coius anil cnugns, anil piuinnnarv oiseases.
l Alttvr.H LI.l-.AV r.l.nlsll, M. U.
i Hronswiek. Mjiim. h'ebniarv 5. IS4).
From an Onersmrin the Hamilton Mills, in thiscitu.
I.0WK1.1. August 10, 1H49.
Dr. J. C. Ayev: I havo been i iirnd ef the worst
cough lever had in in v life, by your "L'iikrhv Pkc-
tokai.," and never fail when I have opportunity, of
roconimeudiiig it to others. Yours, respectfully,
n-pRoad tho Inllowlng, and see If this medicine 1.
nr th a trisl. This patient had become very feeble,
and the eir.-ct of tho medicine was unuiistakeably
Unitud Statk. Hotki.. Sakatooa SraiNos,
July 6, IH4.4. $
lit. J r Avor, sir-l nave been aniir.tea witn
painful affection of tho lungs, and all the s mptnms
settled consummion, for more thsn year. I could
und no medic no woui.i reacn my case, unui i
rommcm-o 1 Iho use of vour "CiiKimr Pkctobai.,'
- . which uavemeerailual relief, snd I have been steadl-
j y gainingslrnngth till missiealth is well nigh restored.
U'htle usinit oiir medicine, I hsd the gratification
of curing with it my reverend friend, Mr Truman, of
Suinpler District, w:ho had been .usi ended from his
parochial duties by a severe attack of bronchitis.
1 have pleasure in certifying these fsctstJ )ou,
And am, sir, vours respectfully,
J. F CALHOl N.ol South Carolin..
IfTThe following wa. ono of the wont of case.,
- u-lii. h hn nlivsiriinwaml IVlenils thiiueht to be inelir.
Iimnnl,! nn hv . rnl.l in lh Imiriiitiinir nflast Vebriia.
ru .nfi i-onenml tn mv lu.H more than 3 months.
j Coughing ineeasantlv night snd dsy, I became gha.tly
1 ,d ,e lny eyes were aunkon .nd glasay. and my
breath very short. Indeed. I was rapidly failing, and
; n 8Ul
I p.c0,
rh distress for bre.th, that but little hope ol my
recovery could be entertained. While In thi. .itua
tion. a friend of mine, (tho Rev. John Keller, of th
Methodist church) brought me a bottle of yourCiisii
T Pne-roRAt, which 1 tried more to gratily him.than
from any expectation of obtaining relief. It. good
etl'ect induced mo to conlinuo ita use, snd I won round
i i.i. ,nii imntswn,!. Now In three month.. I
am well and .trong, anil can attribute my cut on y to
y great meicin. With th.
Bold in Lancarterby E. L. Slocum and Dr.M.Z.ttrei
dr andbyDroggiat. generally throughout th Mat.
tUtch 11,1863 . 9m46
i iiu.i nnn iiliiiii . -in ii i ue i niiiiis oi mis ne.v iriiietiy e. i .: i
are based A- It is not . .ecret r-medy, no objection ! V ! p.r ,n min1 "m fter ,kU-
!..,im,.i.,..l.1..J.,-,l,.,,...i...Pv,...ii.-.inr,.:.,r... ;f"l physiri.ns had failed. ...
ble.i.ndh.g.imri.gul.ri.ra, 'ZZXT
TON. M I)., ole proprietor, I'liiUdeliihia, !.. Copy- ''!" . ?,,'"";'!,,B !?f?JiVe" Jsi2.",i-??sr
Si .
THna.Inturan.ee Compaar.
f1HE undersigned la local agent for the abore csnv
-at can for Lancaster alt vielnltv. ' Thk la tna
oldest company of Hartford, Connecticut, and Is as
solvent and responsible at any company In the United
States. . JOUft D. MARTIN.
Lancaster Norambor 13, 1861. tmW
Attnnhmnnt NAtlnsi.
A T my instance, an attachment was tills day Issued
field timnahip, Kalrfleld county, Ohio, against the
property and eti'ecta of W. J. B. Darwin, a aoa-rsai. .
dent of Fairfield county.
March 31, 1M63'4w4$
A New and deairabl article recommended
economy, comfort and aroiding grease on Car
pets, ic. They only need being aeon to Induce any
one to purchase them. The public are invited to cat
and see them at the city Drug Store. '
Lancaster, June 36, EDWARD L. 8LOCUM.
PAixrs: paints
T)URE White Lead in Oil TermiNc
do do
do Dry
Patent Black
Lamp BImIc i
Umber .
Rose Pink
Red Lead
Venetian Red
Chrome Green
Chrome Yellow
Just received and for sale by
Uucaiter, July 31 O. KAUFFMAN k CO. :
IN DOW GLASS. 20 hall boxes H by 10
and 8 half boxes IU by 13, McCully'i superior
Window Glass for aale by
Cash paid for broken Glass,
Lancanter, May 29. 1S6I 4
rpiIE Stockholders of Faiktiiii.d CorsTr Sav-
iNot Institute, are hereby notified that an
Election, for Skvxs Dirsctori to aery the ensuing
year, will be held at their Banking House, or- Mon
day, May 3, 1863. C. F. G A RAG HT Y, Cashier.
Lancaster, April 13, 1833. , 60
droi and Tampiro Morocco Skint, Red, Blue and
Yellow Linings; Bindings, Boot Webb- and Laces.
ShoeinuUer's Kit. F.mbracing all the latest pat
terns now in use, ran be fr und at the Hardware Store
Lancaster, October 30, 151 36
City Reiil Estate for Snle.
THE subscriber offers for sale the House and Lot,
aituatcdupon Wheeline street, a lew daa Eaat
of the residence of Dr. Bon-ntler, being a pari of Lot
No. 6. in Square No. 19. The llousels a two-story
i frame and the l-ot is 31 foet front. There la a atabli
Us Ho WB'S Congh Candy
SOLD wholesale and retail by E. L. SLOCUM,
Druggist, Lancaster, Ohio.
November 20, 1851 99
iTniiiirc, l ire Fire.
THE undersized as Agent of the CITY INSU.
nsrml to insure DriiDcrlv of anv dc.cripion aeainst
"" .r .d"n,6 J '".lne. ',w
",lu VVI"" j
Office- Main Street, Foster's Building.
JUIin UAttAUIl 1 I.
Lanraater.December31.1849 dl3tf
ing purchased the interest of Joseph Kurtzman,
will in luture carry on the foundry and Machine
Business, at the old stand West end of main-street,
under the firm nsme of GILBERT DEVOL. CO.
The new Ann w to settle and pay an tne debts oi ins
old firm
iill.rJK.nr utvut,
Lancaster, April 16, 1H61 1
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Nervous
Debility, Disease of the Kidney's,
A ND all diseases arising from a disordered Live!
XX and Stomach, such as constipation, fullness, ol
hlnod to the head, aciditv oUhcslonischJiausea, heart-
; burndisnust for food.l'ullness or weight in the stomach,
: sour eructation., sinking or fluttering at tho oh of ths
j stomach, swimming of the head, hurried ana difficult
' breathing, fluttering at the heart, cheating or .ulfoca.
ting sensations when in a lying posture.dimness of via-
inn, dots or webs bolore tne signt, lever, uuu pain in
' thn head, deliciencyof perspiration, vellowneas of tho
skin and eve., pain in the side, back, chest, limb., ate..
sudden Hushes of heat, burning in the Heth, constant
maginings of evil, sin) great depression ef spirit.,
Prepared by Dr. C. 91. Jackson,
t niP.t;r.uM.N .miodicim'.stokk
Mo. 1-tO Xicli Street. PhllaiUlphi
Their power over the above disease, i. not fclctllf-!,
(fiom uie"Hoston tire.-j
The editor .aid, December Slid "V. IlooJIasti'l
Celebrated Herman hitters for the cure of liver com
plaint, jaundice, dyspepsia. Chronic or nervou. deblli-
ty, is deservedly one of the most popular medicines
I of the day. These bitters have been used by thou
sands, .ml a Iriemi at our eioow aay. no na. nimseii
received an effectual and permanent cure of liver
complaint from the use ofthi. remedy. We are con
vinced that, in the use of these bitters, tho patient
constantly gain, strength and vigor a fact worthy of
great consideration. They .re pleasant in ta.te and
.moll, and can be used by persons with the most deli
cate stomach, with safely, under any circumstance..
We are speaking from experience (lid to the atllicled
wo advise th"ir u.e."
(TTThn Editor of ''Scott'. Weekly P.per," ona ol
the largest literary .nd family nowspspers published
in Philadelphia, .ays: "!r. Hoofland'. German Bit
ters, manufacture!! by Dr. Jackson, .re now recom
mended by some of the most prominent member, ol
the faculty, as an article of nit:ch ellir.cy in ease, ol
female weakness. A. such i. the case, we would ad
vise all mothers to obtain a bottle.. nd thus save them
selves much sieknes.. Person, of debili .ted ccn.ti
tutions will find these bitter, .dvantsgeou. to their
heslth, a. we know from experience the .alulary of.
tcct they have upon wean .y.tem..
t . ..lAiDl.nJ in tt.. 1'nlt.!
Tne Philadelphia aturo.y uazene, ono oi inevswy
d Jwe do J0 he,S,e t0 endorse every letter
,. . ,i,i.
, -" - -
seldom that we recommend what are termed
patent medicines, to the confidence and patronage rl
our readers; and therefore, when we recommend Dr.
Hoofland'. German Hitter., prepared only by Dr. C.
M. Jack on, wa w ish it to be distincly understood tha
wo are not speaking of the nostrum, of the day, tha
are noisi-d about fo a brief period and then lorgotton
after it has done its guilty race of mischief, but of a
medicine long established, uuivoraslly prized, lid
which has met tho hearty appn-val of the family itself.
J. OOK WELL to the M.t HAS ?" the OENIJIHE.
They have tho written signature 01 C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and the name blow n la the
buttle, withrmt whirh they are spuriov:
For sale, wholesale and retail, at th
No. 20 ARCH stroet.one door below aiith, Phllt
d Iphia, and hy respectable dealer, generally thrsugh
out the country. Also for sale by
Lancaster, Ohio, Febru.ry 27, 1861 43
Dissolution of Partnership.
TIIK Partnership heretofore existing between F.
A. ShteHor .nd.l.cobShieffer .under tho nmvnsajis)
ol SII.EKFER & SON, wa. dissolved by mutual con.
sent on thn lnth inst. The book, and not, are left
in my hands for settlement, to whom all claim, are
to be paid and by whom all debt, will be ettld.
Those indebted .re requested to call immediately and
aottlelheir arcounts, i it her by rash or note.
The TANNERY will be carried on in furor by the
undersigned, who respectfully solicits a continuance
of the former custom. Alwaya kept on hand larg
stnt-k of ljsthor. Cnoer. CalL Kin. Harneaa. Skirting,
of. Sole, Kc. Cash at .11 time, paid lor Hide., for which
the highest price will be paid
JACOB shj:ffer.
Lancaster, sept. 18,1851
w ri,i
OI'tniN. Ac. The undersigned respect
fully inform the public at larg. that they .till lot
to carry on the variou. branches of their business, at
the Old Stand in VrceJteia lownsntp, -one-jmnn
mile vest of theroadlcadingfromLancasttrto Bl
timore,near Wiest's 'J'srern, where they intend to
keep on hand and manufactur to order.
Carriages, Buggies aed n agontv
Qteaiswt, Carahsar andShoTtlPlough.,
j2vrair' Thev are always prepared
repair ail kind, of work in thir lin upoa th ahort
est notice and mot reasonable term.. n
All person, wishing to purchase are Invited to call
and examin lor themalvr, ad all work nwrrl
td to stand. R. J. HUNTER.
Fairfield county. Ohio, April 3, 1861- . s4fl
lientir Stock of Droits and audaeistes
George O. Beck, now offer, thoaame for sale, '''
with a larg and well selected new .lock at the Old
Stand, known a. the City Drug Store, wher "T
be found a l.rge and complete assortment of Druga,!!
dicine. and Chemit .1., Patau, OU, Dy Stuff., UlM
War and Window Glass, Brush., Orocerie. MT
Article., Sc., which will be .old whaaJ and retail,
noon a. reawnabto term. a. can b purchswd in us
cfty EDWARD Li 8a,OCTJM.
Lancaster, April 94,1861 . d" .
Dlsink Summon ,
ii Aiiiiiu ml. nv anv ninpr tirpnsraiion in ins I nie n

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