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NEW SfeRlfeS VOL. X NO. 2.
WHOLE NO. 1390.
It l! .C . '
George weaver, jotfoT and proprietor.
John II. Wright, Printer.
VFFICE Tillmtdga Buildlngi Third Flour
Mk Slroet South Side.
Terms $1,'75 por annum in advance.
Thursday Evening, May 6, 1833
The Legislature Bogui Democracy.
Mr. McCall, a Whig member of the Legis
lature from Harrison county, moved on Sat
urday, to suspend the rules of the House to
enable him to offer the following resolution
Resolved, that the Auditor of State be, and
he is hereby required to furnish this House
immediately with
1st. A statement of the expenses of the
General Assembly from 1848 to the close of
1861, and, as far as practicable, the certain
or probable expenses of the present session
of the Legislature up to the 3d day of May,
2d. A statement of the amount paid for
the Legislative printing, including the laws
and Ohio Reports, of the two sessions pre
ceding the present, and, as far as practicable,
the anticipated expenses to be paid for such
printing during the present session of the
General Assembly up to the 3d of May, 1852;
and also the amount which hag been paid
for printing at this session.
3d. A statement of the payments made to
the clerks and sergeants-at-arms, and their
assistants, and messengers of the Senate
and House of Representatives annually,
from 1848 to the end of the present session
inclusive, stating the facts in relation to
each session under separate and distinct
heads; also the names of the clerks, sergeant-at-arms
and messenger-boys the amount
paid to each, and the amount to which each
will be entitled to up to the 3d day of May,
These resolutions were promptly voted
down, and the fact is worthy of considera
tion. . We find an article in the Zanesville
CoUrier upon this subject, a portion of which
we copy below.
"This is," says that paper, "so far as we
recollect, the first time that any party in
power has been bold enough to vote down a
call for an exhibit of their own expenses.
" It cannot fail to strike every right minded
man with astonishment, and to satisfy him,
that there is something rotten behind the
screen something which "the friend of the
Mew Constitution" were afraid or ashamed to
expose to the light of day. It is equivalent
to an admission it is in effect a public ac
knowledgement that they are unwilling to
submit their own doings to a comparison
with those of other Legislatures.
"We have heard it rumored all winter that
our present Legislators were permitting an
extravagant and shameful waste of the pub
lie money, that they had a corps of clerks,
and scrgeant-at-arms, and assistants, and
messengers, averaging about forty-five in
number and reaching sometimes as high as
fifty-four! quartered upon the State treasury
all, except the messengers, at four dollars
a day.
"If these things are true, no wonder thi
exposure should be unpleasant; but they
need not hope to escape detection always. ,
"They can only defend it for a season.
Nor can they reasonably hope to avert the
public vengeance, which is already in store
for them. No efforts at covering up, will
ever induce the people of Ohio, to again trust
their interests, into the hands of those who
constitute the present majority, in the Ohio
Legislature. No! after the adjourned ses
sion, its like will never be looked upon again.
The hand writing may already bo seen upon
tile wall. All that they can do, is to keep
the true state of facts concealed until after
the , Presidential election. The next
legislature to be chosen, will be one that
trill lay bare all theorosi corruptions practic
ed by the majority of the present one. And,
we will now venture a prediction, in refer
ence to those developoments and that is,
that the hire of clerks and sergeants-at-arms
Will be more than twice probably three
times as much as it was at the session of
1845-6 being the last year the Whigs had
a majority in both houses and we will fur
thcr predict that the legislative printing of the
present session,' will cost the State more than
twice as much as it did at that session. Upon
the truth of these predictions we are willing
to stake our reputation as "a prophet."
"Now, if these things are true and if they
were not, Mr. McCall's resolution of inquiry
would never have been strangled we ask
if the people of Ohio do not pay dearly for
.the privilege of being governed by this bogus
Democracy) And what, may we not ask, do
they get by way of remuneration for this
vast outlay! Why, simply the privilege of
being taxed upon "every thing tangilUe, which
is the tvtject of oumershp, whether animate or in
animate" and that, too, to pay higher sala
ries to all the State officers, and a higher per
diem to the members of the Legislature. Is
not this a glorious privilege! Are not the cit
izens of Ohio highly favored by being the
Hards of such considerate guardians!"
The Stor. The gale of last Friday
appears to have been pretty general through'
out the Western States, and in some plac
es, accompanied by hail, did considerable
execution upon sky-lights and windows.
The damage caused by it, in the agregate,
must have been immense.
Married. The daughter of Capt. Sutter,
upon whose premises the first California gold
discoveries were made, was married
March last to a Mr. Engler. If he had been
an Angler, he could not have done better,
They had a great time at the wedding, of
cours. . . .
The Dailt Toledo Blade This paper
come to us with a considerable addition to
its dimensions, and gives unmietakeable evi
dence of the prosperity of the growing city in
whjeh. it is published. Under the editorial
management of Mr.JIosmer, it has obtained
A wide popularity. ' " 1 '
Gabblers Cleveland. The Herald
says, "the gambling brigade has departed
from our city. The power of public opinion
properly directed, has forced them to leave,
and we feel sure that if they dare again pur
sue their disgraceful practices here, they will
suffer the severest penalties which the laws
inflict. Two or three yet remain, but they
are marked men, and the first attempt at
swindling will consign them to the Peniten
tiary." Senatorial Delegates. John Sherman,
Esq., of Mansfield, has been designated by
the District Delegates, as Senatorial Dele
gate. Hon. S. F. Vinton, it will be remem
bered, is the other delegate.
Sri; hk aid Politeness. A surgeon den
tist, who operates somewhere in Massachu
setts, relates in the Knickerbocker the follow
ing anecdote of the spunk and politeness of
Front Pninwylvuniu.
Harrisburoh, May 3. During the de-
Kato in t ll U M 11 tl u 1. 1 1 n ... . rw. I ..
an Ir.nh servant girl, under "trying circum- prialil)I1 Bil( an amenjlncnt appropriating
stances," which is altogether too good to be two thousand dollars to the Pa., Coloniza
lost: tion Society was agreed to. The section
I took, lately "he writes, "with a world ! authorizing the Governor and State Trea.
of wrenching, an immense molar from the urur to, negotiate a loan of 5,000,000 and
right lower jaw of a stout Irish 'help.' She lme l-'ir 6 Per cent Coupon bonds to liqui-
bore it all without seeming to be aware of UBlc 1,11 per cem iomiK uue iu 1033
what I was doing. After the tooth was out,
she said; looking up to me with an air ol con
fiding sincerity, 'I was sorry to trouble you,
doctlior,so much, me teeth always coom hard;
but I coodn'l help it. It was mighty hard
wurruck, so it was, for ye.'"
It was oiily a Suspicion. "Governor
Wood," says the Hamilton Telegraph,
"who was Suspected font fall, of being a Dem
ocrat, nominated Adams, a rampant Whig,
as State House Commissioner, but the Sen
ate refused to ratify the appointment. Mt.
Vernon Banner.
The compliment from two of his friends
will be duly appreciated by the Governor.
He desired to put the most competent man
in the Board, but the Senate overruled him
and his Democracy is impeached. We de
sire our Whig friends to remember this.
Resignation of Senator Rhett. A de
spatch from Columbia, South Carolina, an
nounces that the Hon. R. Barnwell Rhett
has resigned his seat in the United States
Senate. The Charleston Mercury, a warm
advocate o( Mr. Rhett's peculiar views, in
noticing the resignation, says:
"Mr. Rhett has certainly filled that place
with high ability and a single-hearted devo
tion to the State; but of so little account now
appears to us the value of our representation
at Washington, that we can neither much
rejoice at any one being elected to the office,
nor greatly grieve at any one leaving it. All
good men can hnd something to do at
& 3, was agreed to without division.
I From Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, May 5. The National
Friday Evening, Mtay 1, 1M
nrrwr.i. iiu. vr mn. i iitj utjw law m , ... , ,
for appropriating the lands of citizens of this .!,: , i'i ,. . ,; ,
u. . , i j -i. L mtum of lent neutrality, our neighborof
State for railroad or other purpose is pub- ,l. rr . ... ' ' . 6 - , .
. . . ' r. . r ' the Jvaufe has suddenly iwakonpil hut of I, it
lished. It provides for a trial by jury of i .,. . . ...
. . .... , i ,onH leeP d thinks be sees something in
welv. men The agent o the company . tfte of
to make out a description of the property to ber of Cmgt him
be appropriated and the names of the own- k,Min th. wi,; .rf: . i i-
.nisi. -I.k tk. Dwtka.A i h0l,hD' W ""' P""1'"-
ers and file the statement with the Probate
Judge. He then ha the Clerk and Sheriffto
select the jurors and these make actual view
Soil Convention is to be held in
Ion the 4th of Auinist.
i The steamer Susauehanna. receiving
Irritable Christian. The following is freight at this port for PittHburgh, took fire
cut from the Religious Magazine, and com- inthchold. After several unsuccessful at-
. (l.:..ti i.i" : ;....,,. . n.n..u ,A o.t nm.iuK it 1 1. n wa. run '.n
UILIIUCU W IBliailB VI I1IIIUU1D bllllVUra- .(.nil'." W liAllllKUloil lb. .lie uuoi tw i .u.i hm l .
o.. Pni,,mki. h.r M,.t,l..nH nmt inn hu. mJ w gooa reason shown, mnt I
ment. He need not feel alarmed. So far
as Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee
1 nflf.0rnMt RlatM wkurh .nrftllif nn
of the premises. After their return to Eourt, for lh, Wh!f cdidgtei the ,e,i0n of the
i i i i . 1 o
mi a j ue exiimaeo, out u over
three are called, the party calling them pay
the fee of the additional ones. The Jury
then assess the damages, and the coats' are
paid by the company. The Probate Judge
There was a i.lef gyhian whooften became of cotton and 100 hhds sugar were on board.
quite vexed at finding his little grand child- Two-thirds of her cargo was fortunately yet
ren in his study. One day one of these lit- on the wharf.
tie children was standing by his mother's; . . .
side, and she was speaking to him of Hcav-' Printer' National Convention,
en. Cincinnati, May 5. A resolution recom
"Ma," says he," I don't want to go to mending the abolishment of Sunday work
Heaven. 1 was discussed and adopted unanimously.
"Don't want to go to Heaven, my son!" ! The following was nnanimously adopted:
"No, ma, I'm sure I dont." j Resolved, That we will not admit any Prin
" Why not, my son !' ter to membership in our respective Unions,
"Why, grundpa will be there, won't he!" coming from any city or town in which may
"Why, yes, I hope he will." ' be an association of printers at the time of
"Well just as soon as he sees us, he will his departure, without producing his certifi
come scolding a long, and say, ' Whew, whew, cate of membership from his association, or
what are these boys here for?' I don't want to if there be no association, satisfactory evi
go to Heaven if grandpa is going to be dence of having served a regular apprentice
there." jhip-
Banks and Bank Doings. Since yestcr- From Virginiu.
day we have heard that the Trust Company I Richmond, May 4. The Democrats of the
also intend winding up. This may be, and 5th Virginia District have elected delegates
we hope is only a rumor. Certain it is,.hdw: to tie National Convention without instruc-
ever, that Bunks, doing only a fair business, tions. All but two favor Buchanan.
cannot pay the state l ax, and return a div
trial, or the ease can be taken up to the
Court of Common Plea. In this ease, the
party, at whose instance the writ of certiorari
wa issued, shall pay the costs, should the
poration pay the increased amount to the j
Wnid PaosrECTS. After brooding overl Ireland. The Gajway Mrcury Uto
the distraction in the Locofoco ranks, apd (bt so great is the anxiety felt Uy the poof
laboring classes in that part of Connaughtto
escape from the "land that bore them," that
such of them as have been fortunate enough,
to obtain employment on drainage 'works,
have adopted the following novel and extra
ordinary mode of enabling themselves to em
igrate; It appears they are paid fortnightly!
and when the pay night arrives, about 300
of them assemble and pay 06 each to a gen
eral fund. A number of tickets, corrmiu.nd.
ing with the number of persons present, are
mm piacea in a nai, anu on one of these the
word "America" is written, all the rest be
ing blank. A ballot then takes place, and
the lucky drawer of the prize ticket lias hi
passage to America paid for him, and re
ceive a small sum to subsist him for some
time after hi landing there. During the
week just closed, no less than six vessels
baveset sail for Queenstown, laden with em
igrants, bound respectively for Boston, Que
bee, New York, and St. John?s. The gros
number amounted to 877 souls.
The drought, now so long prevalent, be.
gins to excite no small alarm among the far
mers regarding its effect upon the crops.
They are beginning to feel the want of rain)
for the last 20 years no such continued
drought is recollected at this season. It i
much apprehended that a protracted contin-
men representing these State do not give
u any cause of alarm whatever. Their
men of influence and standing with the par
ty are with us, with the Whig party, for the
Whig candidate, and we can assure our
neighbor that he need not feel alarmed for
us, and can confine bis service towards con
ciliating his own party; and now that he has
for once discovered that bis friends are alien-
ated from one another, we hope he will let
iL-t L IV u
juogmeiii De e amrmea. in either case, i,:. ,j,. jrfJ1j r,., k, m f
should the assessment be increased, the cor- nme f,ith lre fi,ti inrt eMh ,.
er for the national spoils. Suppose, by the
cr ZiZZrj b fc 7 'r""iety. becopie. afewpagraph. uaneeofitwil. 1;;,.
creased, the owner pays back the difference ; frol0 the ieadillg o the Democracy.- In other respects f.rming prospect appew
Horrible Massacre in the Indian Ocean.
A Maulmain paper contains an account of
shocking Massacres, and the destruction of
vessels, at one ot the Nicobar Islands. A
crew of forty-five persons belonging to a
Coringee craft, had been seized by the na
tives, taken on shore, and all but one mas
sacred. An English barque had also been
boarded, the captain, mate and two English
passengers murdered, and a European lady
and her child, a little baby not two years
old, taken captive. For four days the lady
was the victim of their brutal abuse, when
death put an end to her sufferings; and she
was no sooner dead than they hacked the
child to pieces with their knives.
idend to their Stockholders. The conge
quence is, that tho business men must de
pend upon those who make the community pay
the Tax. Cm. Sun,
The London Money Market. A letter
from London, to the New York Commercial
Advertiser, states "that some vent for the
surplus capitul in England must speedily be
round, as the rate of interest will steadily de
cline until that event tukes place. The ut
most interest, he says, that cun now be ob
tained on short loans is lj or If per cent., so
that the margin for reduction is already bro't
within the narrowest limits."
ltlninc Law in Virginia.
Baltimore, May 4. A committee of the
Virginia House of Delegates to whom the
sulject Jiad been referred, have reported
against the Jnuine liquor law.
Fillmore in New York.
Buffalo, Mny 4.--Six towns in Erie coun-
to the company. These' are the main fea
-f.l , . i. 1
vuica ui uic iw, wnicn in some respects may
be superior to the old one; yet it seems to us
that in many instances unnecessary delay
will be created. Under the new Constitu
tion, the Courts, we thought, were framed to
facilitate justice,
A Newspaper. The Boston Time says
that a man eat up a pound of sugar, and the
pleasure he has enjoyed is ended; but the in
formation he gets from a newspaper is tress
ured up in the mind to be enjoyed anew, and
to be used whenever occasion or inclination
calls for it. A newspaper is not the wisdom
It will add interest to hi column.
the age and the past age too. A family
without a newspaper is always half an age
ty elected 18 Fillmore delegates to the Whig behind the tilnes in general information, be
sides they never nnd much to talk about.
And then there are little ones growing up in
Arrival of the Europa.
Quick Passage of an American Ship.
Quite a sensation has been created in ihe
English commercial world by the arrival o.r
the American clipper ship "Witch ot the
Wuve" at London, after a run of ninety
days from Canton to the Downs the short
est passage on record. Up to this period
the British huve retained a nominal advan
tage in the navigation of this route, one of
their traders having accomplished the dis
tance, in a few days shorter time than any
American or other craft; but by this recent
achievement of one of our clipper fleet, their
last dream or lancied superiority has been
ftThe Day Book intimates that New
York may be alllicted with another ForreBt
trial. It says that Mrs. Forrest, or rather
Miss Sinclair, having offended some of the
witnesses who swore her through tho perils
of the late trial, have turned aguinst her,and
accused her of more crimes than those sworn
to by Ann Flowers. They have been to
Mr. Van lluren and Mr. f orrest, and inform
ed them of the indiscretion and fumiliurities
of their lute patronesses,and stirred upOthel-
lo to a new trial.
Newspaper Improvement. The Lancas
ter Daily Guzutte comes to us much enlarg
ed and in a new dress. It is a capitul Whig
journal, and friend Weaver is an editor who
deserves abundant success.
The Zunesville Daily Courier has also
put on a new, becoming suit, an evidence of
appreciation we are glad to note in the Whig
dailies of Central Ohio. Cleve. Herald,
Effects of Delusion. In one of the
southern towns of Herkimer county, N. Y.,
there is a lamentable exhibition ol the in
fects of what is called Spiritualism, in the
person of a young man of fine talents and
heretofore of much promise. He believes
himself commissioned to cure disease by di
rection of spirits. He refuses to Bpeak or to
take food, and his friends fear he will not re
cover from the mental delusion.
Snow at the North. The snow isyet 4
feet deep in some of the hill towns on each
side of the Connecticut in the vicinity of
Windsor, Vermont, and Claremont, IN. 11.
A letter from Livermore, Me., states that the
snow now averages from one to two feet in
depth in the roads in that town. On tho
28th ult.thcre were three feet of snow on the
Catskill mountain, and travel was much impeded.
The Specie Movement. The amount of
gold deposited in the United States Mint
during the month of April has been $3,070,
000. The official statement will vary but
little from this amount. During this period
the entire shipments of specie from this
country to Europe have been only eight thou
sand dollars, while the receipts of coin a
mounted to probably a couple of hundred
thousand dollars.
OrMoney is becoming more abundant,
loans can be effected on hypothecation of
stock, at from 6 to 7 per cent, per annum.
In some instances brokers are refusing to o
pen new accounts and allow 6 per cent.
Cin. Gat.
Cass on CoFFiNs.-Some wicked wag, in a
Virginia paper, we see, publishes an adver
tisementof Raymond's Metallic Burial Case,
with a certificate from General Cass attach
ed, conveying his "impression that it is the
best article known for transporting the dead
to their final resting place."
Marine Disasters. In the gale of April
10, off Newfoundland, sailing vessels to the
number of 50 or 60 were wrocked in the ice,
with a loss of a number of lives. One hun
dred sailors who escaped, reached the island
in a starving condition. Upwards of a thou
sand shipwrecked sailors had reached Greens
ford. 0T"Miss Dubois says the first time a coat
sleeve encircled her waist, she felt as if she
was in a pavillion built of rainbows, the
window-sills of which were composed of a;o
liun harps. That young women should
have her feet soaked.
Question for Exercise. A baulky
horse being given, required the power neces
sary to make him budge. Multiply the num
ber of fools halloing at him by the square
root of the boy who is twisting his tail, the
quotient will be the answer.
ftTThe burnt district, in this city, pre
sents a lively scene. On tho 16 acres, of
the two principal squares, workmen are in
ilustriously employed, clearing away rubbish,
and starting new buildings. Uo on ! act.
Lancaster Gazette. This paper of A
pril 30th, comes to us much enlarged and in
a beautiful new dress. Glad to see such
evidences of prosperity in the Gazette, and
wish its proprietor immense pecuniary suc
cess. Portsmouth Despatch.
Maine Law in Indiana. Tho Indiana
Legislature have killed the Maino law by a
swoeping majority in both houses, and pass
ed a law appropriating $5000 to aid the col
onization of 1'ree negroes of that state.
Marking Newspapers. A circular from
the First Assistant Postmaster General de
cides that marking an advertisement in a
newspaper, sent by mail, docs not subject
the package to letter postage.
School of Design for Women. A num
ber of ladies and gentlemen, lovers of art,
have concerted to institute in New York city
a school of design for women, to be under
the churge of seven ladies and nine gentle
men as a joint advisory committee.
Missions. The Missionary society of the
M. E. Church has appropriated $200,000 for
the ensuing year, and a mission to India is
contemplated; also, enlargement of the Cal
ifornia mission.
Congress. We have but little to report
of the doing of this body. They are doing
scarcely anything. They occupy their time
in laboring to advance the pretension of
candidates for the Presidency, and for this
receive eight dollars per day. Upon this
subject we extract the following from a
Washington correspondent of the Baltimore
Sun, whose known proclivities towards the
I the majority party will save him from being
j charged with "slandering" the men who
' have control in that body:
I "Conirress is too much absorbed in Pre-
of one man or two men; it is the wisdom of idt nt making to make much progress in
any of their appropriate business. Of all
the measures that were brought to the notice
of Congress in the President's Message, on
proper subjects of legislation, not one has
New Yore, May 6 P. M. The Europa
arrived at 5 o'clock. She brings 63 pas
sengers. General news of little importance.
Cotton closed on Friday firm; but not buoy
ant. Breadstuff's in good demand. Money
plenty; rate of discount at Bank of England
2 per cent. Consols touching 99 j.
Ship Futtuh Sullan left Madras Decem
ber 3d, with 234 natives, emigrants for Mau
ritos, and during the gale of the 23d, the
hutches were battened down, and every one
perished of suffocation.
Western Uannl, 1'hiladelphia and Balti
more flour 20s Gd to 21s; Ohio 21s to 21s 6d.
White corn 21s 3d to 21s 9d; yellow 30s to
30s (id; which only advanced 3s: Gardner
quotes wheat advanced 1 penny; flour 6d;
corn 6d to Is. He also quotes new beef 2s
6d to 5s higher.
Peruviun Legation in London cautions all
vessels against proceeding to the Islands of
Laborile Tierra for Guano, without permis
sion of the Peruvians, under penalty of con
fiscation. Thursday, in the House of Com
mons, the subject of abolishing the stamp
on newspapers and duty on advertisements,'
came up. Milnor uilBon made a long speech
in favor of abolishing all taxes on knowl
edge, and introduced a resolution to that ef
fect. The I'liancellor.of the Exchequer
ooked upon the question as one of revenue.
We could not afford to lose a million and a
half per annum by this. At this suggestion
the question was postponed till Friday week.
J. Wntworth Mullen has written a letter
to the Ixndon Times, denying thutthc Guano
Islands of the Labordes belong to reru, as
they were not enumerated among her pos
sessions when she declared her independ
ence. Ship Brilliant arrived in Downs fromAus
trulia, with gold to the amount of 217,000.
She reports that the ship Statesman was to
sail in February with 8000 ounces. The
Orestes sloop of war captured a Spanish sla
ver in the Mozambique Channel, after a des
perate resistance.
A telegraphic despatch from Vienna says
the prosecutions against the mother and sis
ter of Kossuth were stopped. They are to
be allowed to come to America.
The cholera has again broke out in Per
sia. France The I'atrie announces official
ly thut the President has no intention of
proclaiming an Empire.
ignorance without any taste for reading.
Besides all these evils, there's the wife, who,
when her work is done, has to sit down with
her hands in her lap and nothing to amuse
her, or divert her mind from the trials and
cares of domestic life. Who, then, would be
without a newspaper!
The Homestead Bill. It is now stated,
upon reliable authority, that this bill cannot
become a law and will therefore be tabled
by me present congress, ii na served me
purpose of those member of Congress who
desired to make speeches to the people and
not for the people, and having thus satisfied
themselves and wasted a large portion of the
valuable time of Congress, the measure will
be permitted to rest in the hope that at some
future day it can be inscribed upon some
party banner and serve the purpose of catch
ing votes. As much as the people ridicule
the Ohio Legislature; we do not know that
the latter body greatly surpassed the former
in doing nothing.
Monument to Washington, in New York.
A bronze equestrian statue, in honor of
Washington, is about to be erected in the
city of New York. It is to be fourteen feet
in height, exclusive of the pedestal. Messrs.
Greenough and Brown, two distinguished
artists, are already engaged in preparing the
A Fugitive taken to England. Wil
liam II. Burnett, a corn dealer, of Gloster,
bngland, who committed forgeries to the a'
mount of 20,000, and fled to this country,
and was arrested in Indiana, was taken back
on Wednesday last in the steamer America,
from Boston. .
The Judges of Utah. Tho Washington
Telegraph learns from good authority that
Judge Brockus and Branderbury, now in
that city, have been informed by the Presi
dent that they must depart for the sphere of
Their duties or expect the Executive to adopt
the only alternative led him.
The two ice-bound Vessels. Mr. Wil
liam Duncan, in a letter to the New York
Herald, confirms the statement of Captain
Crawford in rtgird to having seen two ves
sels in an iceberg, supposed to be the ships
of Sir John Franklin. . ,
(rA large number of slaves were sold at
Aiken, Georgia, lust week, at prices ranging
from $700 to 1,400, averaging $905 each.
CirSince the 7th ultimo, Bishop Chase
has confirmed 419 persons in the Episcopal
churches of New York and Brooklyn.
Reduction of Tolls. Tho Pennsylva
nia Railroads have made an important re
duction in their rates of toll. Dry goods are
now carried at the rate of OOcts per hundred
poundB, which heretofore cost $ 1 ,12 J-
Governor of Missouri. We learn from
the St. Louis papers that Gen. Doniphan
had declined the nomination of Governor,
tendered him by the Missouri Whig State
Cholera. Tho St. Louis Signal learns
that there have been several cases of cholera
at St. Josephs, with Borne deaths. It has, as
yet, heard the name of but one victim, Mr.
James Roberts, of Ohio.
Trial of Bishop Doane. It is stated
that the Bishops of Virginio, Ohio and Maine,
have come to the conclusion to present for
trial Bishop Doane, of New Jersey.
Four times Better than Gold. Arkan
sas is said to be the only State where the
mineral called lapis lazuli is found, It is
worth four times its weight in gold.
OirThc amount of canal tolls received at
Albany for the first nine days of navigation
were $17,112 96 against $21,235 81 in the
corresponding days of 1851.
From Washington.
Washington, May 6. The House was
engaged to-day upon the homestead bill, and
the Senate upon the deficiency bill.
Several bills were reported, granting right
of way to Western and South-western State
for railroads.
The House will adjourn from the 13th to
tho 17th of May, to have the Hall 'put in
summer trim.
The Michigau railroad bill passed the
Washington, May 7. House. Mr. Stan
ton, of Kentucky, read a long report from
the committee on Printing. Report states
that Boyd Hamilton, the contractor for the
public printing, had in no instance complied
with the terms of his contract. That com
mittee had contracted with Donaldson &
Armstrong, of the Union, and Gideon and
Co., of the RiyuMic, for what work Hamil
ton could not execute. He explained the
grounds of the actiou of the committee. The
House having instructed the committee to
let out the printing to the lowest bidder, they
report that it is illegal, and that they can
not comply with the requirements of the in
Report of committee after long debate,
wus postponed until Wednesday.
Senate.. Private calender postponed for
the dnv in order to take up the deficiency
bill. Mr. Cass advocated increasing aid to
the Collins' line, and continued up to ad
From the Rio tirande.
New Orleans, May 3. Date have been
received from Brownsville to the 28th inst.
Great excitement prevailed at Rio Grande
city, in consequence of the murder of Mr.
Patton, a respectable merchant, by the Mex
icans. A number of citizens pursued and
overtook the murderers and lynched them.
AIbo, a party of six others belonging to an
organized band formed for robbing and mur
dering Americans. The murderers profes
sed to act uder Gen. Canalcs, and say Can
ales intends to capture Brownsville. The
settlers are preparing to receive him.
(feJ-Tho preparations for the Navy reli
gious anniversaries are going on rapidly in
New York.' The first meetings will take
place on Sunday, the 9tn wet - j -
Political Profligacy. To pas an ap
portionment law; disfranchising over one
half the Whig Voters, in Ohio', and give as
an excuse that the Whig party might have
done a similar thing, had they been in pow
er. See the last Eagle: If any honest man
in the Democratic party can stand this, when
he once looks at it with a desire to do right,
we must confess that we know nothing of
human nature. None but tyrants and des
pots are guilty of robbing the people of their
rights, and it is immaterial whether a king of
majority do this, it is equally unjust and
fXrWe are not at all surprised that the
Eagle fails to understand how the Whig par
ty can be united from principle and not from
spoils. The individual who never practices
charity, knows nothing of the feeling it cre
ates nor the happy results it produces.
Missouri. The Bentonitcs and Anti-
Bentonites are still carrying on their war
fare in this State, and it seems that a union
has become impossible. "All things work
together for good."
(jrThe Eagle says "the new Constitution
is still in the hands of its friends." If it
remains there much longer the money of the
people will be in the pockets of the same
individuals. "
Tax on Banks. The Eaton Democrat, a
strenuous Locofoco paper has its say about
the Banks and the Tax Law:
Rumors have been afloat in our communi
ty, that the Eaton Bank has determined to
go into liquidation. We can inform our read
ers that is not the case. The bank will do
business as usual, notwithstanding the ope
rations of the New Tax Law, under the pro
visions of which it does not intend to come.
If it is true, as is asserted, that Banks are
taxed more than individuals, we are glad that
they are determined to resist the law, for by
that proceeding, the true position of matters,
and the constitutionality of the law, will be
tested by the proper tribunal, the Supreme
Court. The bank at this place, has ex
pressed a willingness to pay taxes as indi
viduals, and we do not think it just that it
should be asked to pay any more. Banks
should be compelled "to bear an equal bur
then of taxation with other property;" no
Lancaster Dailt Gazette. This ex
cellent paper has been enlarged and much
improved in appearance. ' It is now one of
the best looking little dailies in the State,
edited, a usual, with much ability. If the
people of Lancaster understand their own
interests, they will give it a liberal sup
port. Portsmouth TrSnim and Clipper.
frt-Frlcnd Weavor of the Lancaster Ga
zette has enlarged and improved his Daily.
We take this a an evidence that the enter
prise i no longer an experiment, but a "fixed
fact" We wish the Gazette continued and
increased prosperity. Piqua Register.
yet been acted upon, or even noticed. The
committees, if they have done anything, have
not had an opportunity to make report of
what they have done. The evils of Con
gressional interference in President making,
is beginning to be felt as the great evil of
the day, and either it must be abolished or
the government itself must be destroyed."
The Appoetionment Bill. The Appor
tionment Bill has passed the House and will
no doubt go through the Senate on the fast
line. It is an abominable thing! a monster
of iniquity! Athens, Meigs, Vinton, Hock-
i ing, Fairfield and Perry compose Senator
i Smith's Congressional District. Whv did
he not take in Licking, Monroe and Guern
sey, and then stride over into the Northwest
and attach Allen Van, Wert and a few more
counties and thus make "assurance doubly
sure!" As it is it makes ours the largest
District in the State some sixteen or seven
teen thousand above the ratio, and thirty-five
thousand above one of the Hamilton Districts'.
But that makes no difference Smith must go
to Congress, or Government can t long sur
vive hence the county of his residence must
be attached to a lubberly, overgrown mon
The Bill makes four Whig Districts, in
which the average Whig majorities will be
about 2200 thus swallowing up all the Whig
counties possible. This infamous transac
tion will be heard of before the election.
Mark that! Athens Messrnger.
A Great Coal Mine On the steamer
Logan, that arrived here Thursday, there
were several specimens of coal taken from
the mines seven miles back of Cloverport,
Ky. Each of the pieces weighs about 600
pounds, and were taken from the surtace ol
the earth. The coal was in possession of J.
W. Johnson, one of a company from New
York, who recently purchased the ground
embracing the range of the coal.
- This coal district was first sold for five
dollars per acre, some years since, and it was
subsequently purchased by a speculator for
the sum of $ 1 0,000. He has since sold out to
the present owner for the handsome sum of
$100,000. The mines have been worked
but very little, and are almost inexhaustible.
The coal burns like gas, and imparts great
heat, and is accompanied by no dirt whatev
er. It will as readily ignite as a candle, and
the steamboatmen use it instead of pine
wood for torches. Louisville Courier.
most promising. There is a large comple
ment of land under potato planting, consid
erable more than that of the last year. Ia
some place it ha been found impossible to
continue lowing the oats, from the hardness
of the soil.
Mobtalitt in New Yore. It appears
from a statistical report by one of the muni
cipal officers of New York, recently made
public, that the deaths in that city during
the year 1852 reached the enormous aggre
gate of twenty thousand and twenty-four, an
increase of five thousand and forty-six, of
nearly thirty per cent, over the number in
1850. The increase mortality txk place
chiefly among children; the increase in adult
being l,2t4, and in children 3,782. The
number ol deaths from consumption during
the year was exceedingly large, but the.
greatest increase was in those classes of dis
ease which are propagated by contagionnd
have their causes in the impurity of the at
mosphere. J he deaths by typhus fever in
creased from 396 to 977; by scarlet fever
from 31 1 to 627; by dysentery from 792 to
1,213; by diarrhea from 473 to 743; and by
colvulsions from 1,288 to 1,792. Compared
with London, the mortality in New York is.
as one in thirty-one to one in forty eight
The New York Courier says there is some
thing startling in these facts, and adds:
"II there is any truth in official figures,-
the fact is incontrovertible that in spite of
increased wealth, improved medical skill,
and the introduction and almost universal,
use of that invaluable blessing the Croton
water, the active causes of disease and death,
are increasing among us; and that the ac
tual duration of life is yearly diminishing."
New Side-Saddle. We have seen a
capital article, the invention of Disbrow,
at his riding-school, No 20 Fourth Avenue..
It renders horsemanship pertectly sate to
the ladies, by an addition of a new support
to the outside of the near crutch, against
which the knee of the rider presses. At the
same time that part of the saddle which here
tofore rested upon the shoulders is cut out,
saving the animal from those painful excori
ations so frequently witnessed. ' This sad-,
die holds the lady firmly in her seat, and she
may safely trust herself to a restive horse,,
gallop, leap fences, and perform other feat
which would be attended with some risk to
an inexperienced rider occupying the com
mon side-saddle. We are glad to see thia
invention, and we doubt not the ladies will
hail it with much pleasure. A . Y. Courier.
Fulton and the M. L. Railroad. The
sovereigns of Fulton, that interesting sub
urb of the Queen city, have resolved, in'
town meeting assembled, to remove the oir
er end of the Little Miami railway out of town,'
if the company owning said road do not an
ticipate them in one month, taking cour
age from the Board of t'ublic works, they
propose coming the roup de bridge over the
"over-grown monopoly," without whose fos
tering care Fulton would, probably, be some
where in the capacious womb ofNo-Where!
Great country, this! and well fenced in a
bout Fulton! Scio. Gaz.
Land Waeiiants. A correspondent of
the Cincinnati Gazette asks what land war
rants can be bought for in that city, and the
answer is, "they are now very scarce in this
market and but few are offered at any price.
Those having warrants are unwilling to sell
160 acre certificates for $100, and purchas
ers refuse higher rates. Mr. Dye inform
From Rome. Some Americans had been
arrested in Rome, about the 10th ultimo.
Mr. Cass, the American charge d'affairs, us that a small advance will probably be of-
Yale College. The annual exercises of
the Junior Class took place on the 14th ult
Thfr prize for n7ltj composition M as a-
hvarded to Young Wing, a Chinese, "-i"
had taken the matter up. One of the per
sons (probably Park Godwin, of New York)
arrested was accused ol publicalty addressing
the inhabitants and abusing the Papal gov
ernment These matters would, however,
it was presumed, be easily adjusted, a the
Papal authorities were on good terms both
with the United States Government and
their representative resident in the Eternal
Emigrants tor Liberia. The emigra
tion to Liberia the present season under the
auspices ofthe American Colonization So
ciety will much exceed that of previous years.
This successful establishment ofthe Repub
lic of Liberia, the good government and good
country opened to the eujoymeiitof the free
colored race, and the good reports irom me
residents therein, are doing much to aid the
Colonization cause. .
The Baltimore American states that the
barque Ralph Ross will sail from that pert
for Liberia in a few days with some two hun
dred emigrants, the largest number that ha
sailed in one vessel since the origin of the
Colonization enterprise. .
Latest Streak from the Spirit World.
We learn that the party who constitute a
'spirit circle" in this city, had a very impor
tant revelation on Saturday night last.
They ascertained through the "medium,"
that a revolution had broken out in France,
and that at the time of makingthe announce
ment, the insurrectionists were cutting each
others throats in the streets of Paris.. The
arrival ofthe next steamer will of course be
looked for with considerable interest; and
in the mean time it would be well for the in
credulous to "stick a pin there." Dayton
Railroads. The Railroad Journal of
A pril 24th, quotes sale of 7 per cent bonds
ofthe Columbus and Cleveland road at $1-
04; on Cleveland and Pittsburgh at 97; on
Ohio and Pennsylvania at 99 J; on Ohio Cen
tral at 93.
Stock in the Columbus and Xenia road
can now be sold here at 96; and in the Co
lumbus and Cleveland at 98. It is worth
par really in both roads, and rnust soon come
to that. Volumbus Journal.
fered in a few days." Holders generally
regard them as being worth more than buy
ers are willing to pay, we believe.
Great Teleurafhic Invention. Prof.
J. Milton Sanders, of Cincinnati, write to
the editor of the Evansville Journal, that
Mr. David Baldwin, of New York, who is at
present in that city, ha quite perfected a
telegraph which he says will revolutionize
the system entirely. By it new can bo
I iranKiiiiuru uii uue lru opposite way a it
the same tunc, anu as rapidly as a person
can talk.
05"Col. Fremont, by advertisement in
the London Chronicle, notifies his readiness
to confirm all contracts and agreements for
leases on the Mariposa Estates, in Califor
nia, made by Hon. David Hoffman; at the
same time repudiating the conditional sale
alleged to have been made in January last,
by his father-in-law, Col. Thomas 11. Ben
ton, to Thomas Denny Sargent, Esq.
Man Drowned. The Columbus States
man of Wednesday says the body of a man
by the name of Otto Heiech, was discovered
to-day in the canal, near Buttles' & Corn
stock's warehouse. The deceased was sup
posed to have been drowned during the night,
lie was found with a rope tied around hi
legs, and there had evidently been a stone
attached to it
To Preserve Mirrors. Boil three or
four onions with a pint of water. Then
with a gilding brush, go over your glass and
frame and rest assured that the flies will
not light on the article washed. This may ,
be used without apprehension and it will not
do the least injury to the frames.
Specie from New Mexico. On the 36th
ult, about 20 merchants from New Mexico
arrived at St Louis, bringing with them
$300,000 in gold and stiver, with which to
purchase goods to be carried, across the
plains during summer. . ,
California Capacitt. Tho special re
port of the Surveyor General of that State,
submitted to Congress the other day, give
the extent of its mineral land at fifty-two
millions of acre, or nearly eighty-two thou
sand square miles.

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