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WHOLE NO. 1202.
- John II. Wright,. Printer.
OFFICE Tillrowlga Building! third Flour
4 (;-, Main Street South Sid.
Terms $1,75 per annum in advance-
Thursday Evening, May 90. lM
flow is theTimb. We care but littlo,
ays the Toledo Blade, , in what form the
Whigs perfect their party" organisation for
the approaching campaign in Ohid. ' It is
quite evident, whoever is the candidate,
Fillmore, Scott or Webster, it will be an
.active; one. The timo has come when the
pent up spirit, which has been prematurely
enkindled by the imbecility and party knave
Vy of the Legislature, should asiumo a tan
gible shape. Whigs least, should begin
to understand each othor to rally to con
Vert to preach the truth. There never was
a time . in Ohio when materials were more
numorous-r-when tho abominations of Loco
focoism were more glaring when its per.
nicious influences were more severely felt
or when its interests were confided to the
keeping of leaders at once, so weak and cor
rupt. " The people are anxious to join in an :
enthusiastic campaign.' Public sentiment is
ready for an insurrection among the honest,
sober minded Democracy. They feel they
have been gulled, and are moro eager, if pos
sible, than the Whigs to show it. We need
nothing stronger to rally upon than the
broad and open ground of opposition to tho
legislation of the past session. It is enough.
. It exhibits at a glance, corruption and knave
ry enough to destroy any party which prom
ises to perpetuate such evils. Let us at once
: begin the work. -
.' The Depth, of Meanness. Tho Ports
mouth Tribune y Clipper says: "At o re
- cent visit to the Infirmary of this county, we
learned that an aged and infirm old gentle
man was one of its inmates, who has a wife
' and two sons living In this city. These two
Sons are able bodied men, and aro amply a
, ble to provide for their father's Wants and
- place him in comfortable circumstances, and
every consideration of jusiice and humanity
calls upon them loudly to take him to their
homes, aud not permit him to live out his last
days at a place where ho cannot receive that
attention an Infirm old man should receive,"
A Huge Animal. The Washington (Tex
as) Star says tho tnskf a tooth and a portion
of the leg bone of a huge animal, were dis
covered embedded in the sand at Hidalgo
Falls.by some gentlemen on a fishing ex-
cursion, a few days sinco. The tusk is ten
feet long, ana measures at its greatest cir
cumferance twenty-three inches.
' Railroad Materials. The steamer Pat
rickplenry.on her recent trip from New Or
leans, brought up and landed in Alton, 1,500
nieces railroad irort, seventy-six pair of car
wheels, and one hundred and eight packages
of material for railroad cars, xney aro
. tended for the Alton and Springfield Rail
road. '- ' ' , t. ''
Carpets aro now manufactured in large
quantities, both in England and the United
Statesthe figure of which aro stamped, not
' woven." These are produced by a pressure of
five hundred tons on each block or stamp.
' The carpets are very beautiful, but do not
wear well. '.
The Corn. The nrookvillo, (Ind.) Dem
ocrat says, that many of the farmers in that
vuinity are complaining that their corn does
- not come up well. Some say they will have
to replant two-thirds of their ground. Tho
, cause of this is difficult to tell. .
Mobmoss A party of fifty Mormons nr-
rived at Bf. , Louis on the 10th inst., bound
for the Salt Lake. They brought with them
. from England several hydraulic presses with
which they intend working the salt springs
in that locality. " , .
A Long Train The Buffalo Commercial
.Advertiser says'that tho longest train of
passenger cars that ever passed over tne
Rochester and Buffalo railroad, reached that
' city a day or two since. It consisted of thirty-six
cars, filled with emigrant passengers.
The McDonocgh Estate. Tho Supreme
Court has determined, so says a despatch
from New Orleans, to render, judgment iu
this case, in favor of tho cities of Now Or-1
leans and Baltimore and against the States
of Louisiana and Maryland.
'' A Fumy Shower. The Pittsburgh Dis
patch ay that during therecct parade of
the "City Blues'" of Steubenville,,,eggs fell
as large bb hail-stones." What a stampede
there must have.becn among the soldiers.
A Cabqo of Powoeb. Some 3,458 kegs,
811 half kegs, 634 quarter kegs, and 134
boxes 6f powder, were received at St. Louis,
on the 10th inst., by tho steamer John Mor
rlsett, from New Orleans., . .
The FRViT.--The Steubenvllle Herald ia
- Informed by farmers in that vicinity thattne
prospects for fruit, apples in particular, were
never better. -' 1 -- '
:CALiroBRU Emiobabts. The St. Joseph
Adventure has the following item:
"A gentleman writing to us from Salt
Lake City, says: 'you will confer a favor on
California emigrants, by advising them to
procure all the tobacco they may want, be
fore leaving the States, as it is iinposiible
to procure any at this place' .
Wirb Measure. Three spoonsful of bran
dy make one cocktail three cocktails one
go three goes one spree three sprees a
muss with tho night police three muBses
with the night police one visit to the peniten
tiary one visit to the penitentiary a step to
the gallows,. - Cut this out and, .paste, it jn
your hat.
So Like Ohio Locofocihbii. In an ankle
upon the decision of the New York Court or
Appeals, declaring the Canal Enlargement
Law unconstitutional, the New York VVi
bune has the following: '
"Far be it from us to impugn a decision of
the highest Court of our Statu as dinhouest;
. . I-.;.. -e .!
but we nave a rigm iu cuiiijhuiu oi uik um
honorablu duplicity and hypocrixy by whii'li
the people wore dupod into tho election of
our present Canal Board, supposing that the
Canal Enlargement under tue act oi jbsi
was already secured. If that act Is Jiow un
constitutional, it was so in 1851 as much as
It is now. If there was arty reason for con
testing it on this ground, that reason existed
before the last election as fully as it now
does. But the Locofoco State Convention
of last Fall recoenizedthe Canal law as viilid
and to be carried into effect; they asked tho
people to entrust them with its execution on
tho assurance that they would do it mofr. ef
ficiently and economically than the Whigs;
end their candidates placarded the whole
line of the Canal with their pledges that they
would fcithfully uphold and execute tho Law.
By the influence of these pledges they were
elocted, carryingwith them ono oftho Judges
who now unites in annulling the law!" ,
How much that sounds like Ohio Loeofo
coism in the same year. Entrust tlie leudcrs
of that party with putting the new Constitu
tion into operation, and they would do it more
efficiently than the Whigs. And how like
the results. The people of New York are
for tho present deprived of tho benefits of
the law; the provisions of the new Constitu
tion "in Ohio, whorover they interfered with
tho desires or profits of its "friends," , have
been practically nullified. Wo think, by
this time, tho people of theso two: great
States ought to appreciate the promises of
the leaders of these two parties and pndct
stand the motives which induce them to ex
press so much sympathy arid affection for
the mnssos.
"It is a long lane that has no turu," nnd
we think tlie people of Ohio have learned
wisdom from tho proceedings of the past win
.ter. "The new Constitution in the hands
of its friends" has provod a farce, and the
tax-payers of Ohio so understand it. We
can scarcely find an honest Democrat of our
acquaintance vhoadoes no condemn the nets
of their leaders. They have been unwilling
witnesses of their frequent violations of the
Constitution; they can boo not necessity for
tho increased salaries of the ollice-holdersj
and.th'y will hesitato for somo time before
they again, trust the finances and prosperity
of tho State in the hands of such men. What
was promised, they know well, has not been
performed -and hereafter they will pay less
regard to thoso expressions of love and sym
pathy, which are made oDly to get power
and the spoils of office. Men like these, ac
tuated almost altogether by selfish motives,
are not the persons who ought to be entrust
ed with the management of Stute afl'uirs,
and wo predict that the voters if Ohio, as
well as New York, will not so readily apiin
placo coufidenco . in promises mado to be
broken. ' -
Touomxo Im:mERT. The Louisville j' TELLG2APHIC INTELLIGENCE.
Democrat of Friday, relates the following i ": - -- i
touching incident: I ' Vvont W;i-liinsi.u. -
An aged mother-, wom.n of . seventy I J.rT' Uiy JT'
years-left her homo in the limcral.l I.lV ,,f"n,Vf ?!"''' "L.L"J.
New Uut, M ,y S0.-Th Sfnmer Africa ! ' "
arrived this mornm? from I.ii.,,u-.i i..: , A. 1: Mii.i.cr iintn Pr.,
ln!atPstothc 8th int. ' " learn that Mr. ConiiiiisMinr A. IV Miller ' now -l"k of the House of Representatives
cotton stculy witliout ( hng'
15' Ma. Cut. Mr. Forney, formerly edi
M11.LGB Axon E,r.,, W i wr ",e ""uie.pni. rennsyivani.n, ana
in price, has had his Engiinwr, Mr. Wallace, arrested i in a letter frour Washington, pablithcd In
viile A fter a tedious P.sag. and tl. ; KiSg" W JJ . " ' 1 't" XT W 'Z olst"
night, on L,,d the A.x. Scott, .d so,, .h'e ZZ tZlT !"1 lU T"k 'X SlfS
inform his sister of their mother's arrivl- 2, ' r V m T U' UVt'rn' 1 P-nylv.nU Fiv-s, 84 to 8; Jh.o Siv.V, Dt-ninark," and K is believedtlt theprol iTiJllhn.E
They met-(U.Bmothnr. and the daughter) " ) I '"'T. "TrT 80 1 ,8i"' ''0,t" 02 Af- t UU loth "P'". Pr.iUy at hJi . thr . f2llS-
i.;.un,li,,. -i.:..i. ,.i .n.ifi ui -Moriof the Legislature. After some d-x M irvln,l fill t,. Vi;:. u;-,.. Irws condiuon of alTairM .' Tl. .'.ii . nomeanfl o tinnide were toLe prufcrred.
hVlnnrmVotb " ; lo 1 ()lno fcnZyton S ; tonndingdevelopenuoneof daysin Zm XZTUZ
the floor. She had swooned away in the "'f ' ' il h,d on the table to be reported f 92 to 93. Freights declining; German .-.n- which sonvl.ody will be shown up in an ,,. 'tJlSAU But
.;..m.t f l.l.l,li,, ,.,. totliellus.!. i i,ratfn friim .j i,. i-,,,. v..-, enviable Ihrht. We have our (minim.. P . . m ..T1 C,ml r"on,llK' . Btt
v.,.., ....... ..v. Th() C0urniltl!0 ,-s(, HI1, i.in v .,; ,...,",,..,., r - now ueisioaow come, cue couio noi
more a linuffllier SO lonff llSl U irT. one , ,. . . ; uuw ..,un iiwn uivm r b. urthe toiUnno innmnir fr.,m I r-Tlnirtnn
pronounooil a blessingVn ho, children l ft " " , E?u"?.n-"A P-j-xt is aglUted in Lon- wi-h to avoid doing the lt inju-tie. to any VsTwTreSeffpr
and then fainted away.. VVhenevor rcstor-, ' m H?, . ' ,, lIo" to build a towor one thmrsand feet high ; I due tune our readers shall know all tbo faul new. .
cd to conseiousncss,the eight efherchildren, '" . m'31,4',:0- the material of tho Crystal PUaco. about tlle i A few days avo he sent him a bonnet of
and the pleasing recollection of their pr the slTX nun ainM f- Fr-mont, ! We take the above from the Pi,,ua Btght-r. fluwers; hot when they revhed here they
encevoiild overcome her with emotions and tha c;urt of Escha. ! The Public Works in the NorUiern portion,' ere fade(-a melancholy evidence thnt
again and again, the would faint in thuir ; V 'vor. ' nomtBti aa bin. iho bill q.Jor rc-Uu-d tu LiIIh or exchaug-, for up- ' ,rth. Jtt i n i 1 both the eiver and the receiver were fist
afms, Phyichns were Clbd to her W.rle fontf " T L JW" Wning
but could afford her no relief. For two days Teo"",Lu,,tlIn "f rf"lroad. ff" 8j"' ; ol. Fremont. Tho court t'onsidorcd Frl e been Ire.,, and long contm- fHurn8 KTlje M mBn eloquent held it to
she. continued in this condition until worn i 1 .,HPas. pw',1' lti" a" . mont responBiblc.but referred tlm whole mat- ;ued,cauting heavy om to the State and to ! his tins fur a lew second, and said with
out with fatigue and excitement, exhausted ;- 1 ' "uw.r ' tenor an amenuutent before giiiiigd'-ciMon. .shippers. The above affords an inkline of ', mournful pathos,-"the perfume is almost
nature ;gnye way.and the mother now "s.eeps , " Wasiiikotox M iv " 1 S-Took im'i " ""U"'- f (.oiiiinoin, on Wednes- ;th90ld time reviving. The people of Ohio '8"ne'" Bl" ot so with his fame. That
well" in the green earth ol her new made ., .T? y . r Z u P 1 .y' J"r,n tl,e an at the militia bill, . . ,. . . . ' luilllive forever preen in the memory of
home. How stranZe, how sorrowful and . 'I b! 1 f"r ,ho '"'Pavement of the Kavan-. I,)rd Russell, in reply to a direct question Pl Constitution ,n th llis nhvsicHl frame will decavTbut
i . .i ' . . it.- uuii nvur. uiiu urucrt'o ii lo ui pnirrnMH(n. a auwi tiw..A t . . - h..r.Hu r it r;,.ni. .n,i thu ,,.,i.r.A ...... . . . " ...
vnow loucmnff aro itu nc a cnia oi me. . ' . . . - o - - mic nam 1
- - ... . - - ...... f i UI'IIU UJrllHI
Fruit. Tho McCotinelbVille, Morgan , committee on private hills, bixtecn were pas- tho part
county, Ohio, Chrouicle, of the 13tli ult,, " "' mesi aojourneu mi weuncs- proviso to i
g!!y: . ,,. . j0y- . - negatived
"The prospect for a good crop ol apples, " m nuo cummmeu auu re- : Xapier propc
in this county is vory utterimr. vyo also . 7 "'8 Intelligence from the seat of war satisfae- Trt.sur.-r of l'envlvar.ia has offiei.Hr re- it -till."
learn that oar -neighbors, ol Washington - u.iicits oi we ivrrnonta ,tory. The Caffre. avoided a ireneral baUle. n.,,! ,n ,h. I.,il r :..-t -W,, . V . -
Mt. Johnson ollereu , but in a skirmish nn tl....iiK mi. r-i ..i. ' r.:7;.T" , ,,AJ , .7 V 1 state istkrest. l he Constitution,
uu reason wnav.ver III anore. v. ........ , m ui...n w.m OTP., ,. .ti.rtr a 1 ncvpr 1.0 l(,r(rfill..tl.
0 intentions towards F.n"lun.l n with it. will iiIpbsa wateh tha nrocrras of nf- (If him n.l i liu .turn in tho rpunrA of
ol France. Mr... Bright moved a fairs and fniiim. dpi-elnnHim-ntii. We khill men, in the dim future, it mav well be said.
bolish (loffirinz in tho miirtia . . .. , .. ... "You mnv breiik. v.,u mn niin thevaaelf
K ... ,,. , entieavor 10 seep inem iuiiv ponieu up. .' .
by 100 majority, h.r Charles: . r '1 v yi.uwill.
unded a plan lor nural niiiilii. . P....v. ... , r).,., ! But the Krent nf the rnoea nill ,tnrr round
learn nitit our - iiiuuuio v. ,,..011..... . 10.
county will havo a lull supply of this fruit of the United States
. 1. .. M u a 1 ' . . . ' , vi inrtx uunarzu anu iiiv nuuiic ueiauurrB, no : - i.n
the present year." . ...,unB.uaMUOlwU!U j : oorougli, and Sergeant Huggin and France, fwhich is the mild term for oublic robbers . IS' , ' , L m "m u mu"cJ
The UUcrus, Crawford county, 0., Fo- prevent the payment of the .alarie. of the with four priv.te.rf the 43d regiment, werj a hn ve in the aat rob eS that hear 1 be ""t" t,ie T"'"ury. c"ept .'. pur
rum. of tho 14th inst, says; nml heeretenr of Utah, who liave,kied. Sergeant Lanjt wm e.pton-d br the if UhXdlfUxTncvU 4 m""'"! TuT f
"From present appearances, we arc going w.t .Jr.iwu rant t!t T jrr.tory.an.! proceed- CaCres.. Colouiaf generally deplored tho LtZ 'dl ' .'roUWi l '"ff"?1'0" " m,d Ut
tohavoan abundant supply of apples this ! f to jus ,ly he course of those officers. Af- removal of Sir Henry Smith. . i cent on hTdolla ti. ,'.
season. The trees are very full of blossoms, i W-r debate the smendment passed together Frahce. The anniv ersary of N.poleon'e : Th, mora, howev is worh some h n2 ' (. 1 he h t levator says that the
The cherry and plum tree bid fair for a lux-i w' ' that nr. officer of the Temtones death was commemorated in Paris, on the and mTbe ?el7rwd tbiVh" n W'TH" "A"
urinnt yield. Peaches are oil killed." )Be his pay .absent not over 60 days, 1 5th, wth great pomp, closingwitha banquet. -X TnutUrt! J 'If ","!V,"",W T T,"f "A,""
We learn tho prospect for an abundant provided tho President is .nUsH -d ,ueh ah-1 Pari8 U croW(1(,'d JltU ttltr i'ctcj TZSImCJ ''1 i,Ukl" .tho 'stofJulv.
yield of apples was never better in Franklin , f-r good causa Bill l,.d aside ; thither to witness the fete on the . 10th of Moafer r TZm , It
iountr. Of cherries there will be a medium i -rci to lie reported to the House. May. Te lll0H8nt of . . . - . JZlT'ffit'JLTE . ' 'PKl'r",,"jU ! tvery U,a,t
. .... i r- I'.U tn Outf.KI w-h tli l.anti. Ui l,o,rnnii ! . .. .. . . ' mm m , umni iiliiiiuuicu, . thw intfrPHt miWt hi ftlll! f ItlllOJi JOUrWfll.
Inni hna it'll iflficnff nni Ol Plilirrtl'. " wu mvuiriiii niv. uwvuiuu. ucvnu'.n W I npii hil unrunmior ,1 I.. , . a . . . - " I '
11-. . QLCt. OklC,. UOD L VUll IH'fin IO H(J It.. TUI DIUlIlO I ..A ... tha I nniulnt.oa AlA
in demand. Journal. ! T. xas and the Territorh's, was taken up, ; Eagles to troops had been
. . . . . - ufirojnut.eo iur i:oiiiiiiein injj ine
OCrThe steamer brought largo orders for; same, and it was ordered to bo reported tn
American Securities, principally tlin best! tho House. The committee then rose and
descriptions of Rnilroad Bonds. We hear .the House aiijourne 1 without acting on them
iwueo. IlUmuriS ,'nn a hniirtv vnte m.mt him. If hw ntir. ' . .1:. ..1: . j...
.('II -:r.. l . .1. . . . . . 1 j ... p. ' noi aoii.uril jiic , uu auuuriit-u iu ft uay
still nfo that tha troops will make a formal i .om(,t i , WOrtby and tit man, vote for aim; iflrh.Mthtovwnor cnHtft.itionnllv ..
lHL fl inu Kr.ui.lMnff ,- an... .ma l.a . a .L. :. . ....-r. - . I .... ....
of Emperor. ,
of purchuses of about 85U0.000 of these
Bonds to-day of which Messrs. vvmslow,
Lanier & Co., sold $300,000, including two
'JTlie ?Iihis:ui Bim-li.
Wasiu.noton, May 19. Mr. Harvev.State
oarcels ot'SIOO.OOO and SIOO.000 rDspec-; Senator oi'Micliian.at noon to-day, present-
tivelyl There were also some sales of State J ed to the National Momimnnt Society the
Stocks to go abroad. Tho private letters by j block of coppor prepared by that State for in
the steamer speak of an active miirket for j sertion in tbo Washington Monument. The
American Stocks. The market h id been 1 ceremony took place in the rotunda of the
cleared of Virginia tis, ut 100, which is an ; t .apitol. 1 lie hloclt was revived by Mr
advance. A'. Y. Tri'mne.
Lonax,Miiyor of Washington; A large crowd
;c.tuOoat Arctrtenf.
PravR, Pi.,M:iy 19. St;aui.!r Onvernnr
QirtstroNS fob Coi.i.toE Students. If
20 "rains iftnko a Biruplb, how' many will
make a ilouW
II H. miles maki)
makf a tfioi't nn.
1(1 duvs m
niiike onucrCT? - - I caiicingtlio latter (0 ink iniinediutely in wa
If three milfS ninke a" le'igiln, how many 1 ter up to ner Cabin noor. li.mt arnl ca;'go
ik, a fur-long, how m.ny will ' Meigs, on her way down tlii, morning, run i Je, fron AUechenv eountr
n in-J linll ... ! into Steamboat Hail Columbia, two miles -v -I s. f F . X
ike orie week, how mi.ny will j below this-, at a place railed Beaver Shoals, .onl one "' f"vor 01 tcutt-
'he IS not. VOte tor Some One Wno tJ. thorinrf ti. innvcn. hf hnilr in i.rtr u,.
! Thnrn uha nttt.r iHiro fif Itifl nn.1r.lpnr.a of':.... w .1 u t:t. ... 1 .1.
111 ' t - . , , . . . .. Y' LT ' iMUH! tT M1UUJU IIKU IU IlilVC IUO VU1UIUII
1'lans for a crystal palace at Pans had been . n..-i.r.iu in l.i.ri. 1,1. nr. V. Tribune. . 1 . r r .i. 1 . . .1.1 r
-,1.,.., j 1 - ', ., , v r- ..... , .uidmiiiuui me nuuu ir.g uues vu mis quen-
adopted and tho work won Id. shortly com-, The above advice, if followed bv the peo-1 tin.
meuce. the escape of the Lubuu prisoners.; 1 r . ,, ,. ', . I d u ( -ii .u r
from Africa is confirmed. The statement ,Pie of l1"8 country, would rewlt in a large Be it Jh ed as it may, it is rather unfc!--
that Meagher, the Irish Patriot, had made ,deerease of National. State and County ex- "" creu'1 . ,
his escape, was not confirmed. ! penditures, and M a matter of course, the ! hWl
Iiir land V big Conveullon. ; x-fayeTs of the State would be vaftly the ! rmtnft$n, the fl.w remaining Whig Notaries
Baltimore, May 20,-At the afternoon 'e"i"t'ra- lU" TVV,intT 11 happen, Public andDire, tors0f the Asylums who still
session the delegates were elected to the 1 that manage ment of public affairs is en- ? remained, t the advent ol the 'new tonstittl
Whig National Convention. .. Elector trusted to those men, who spend tbeir time ' n' "f8 U fT'1 t,u.1 marknW a"em-
Clav and comn imentarv to Mr. Pillmore. worK MinK their Uvingby the "sweat , upon those btate Bonds which they had tsx
the Convention adjourned tine die. The , eir brow. ' 1 he above, as well as hun-
were the 1 dreds of other instances, affords a practical
argument which ought to h ve great weight.
will malttf VLConj.Mrar.il!
(b feet niak one'Fler.'.Wi ElIJiow many
fer-t will make 'an Knglish Q!
. If one li'irtiet rati make a linwe run, how
itriiiy hornets would it t ike to m ik.) a-horie
mpjio.fed to b
she is brok
a total loss.
11 in two.
Report auys
. Who M'ii-l it be! In ten days, Juno 1st,
the Democratic National Ccnvenliun will
assemble in Baltimore, to nominate for tiie
Presidency and Vico Presidency. A II is
still doubt us to who will be jiuined, for belli
offices. Should Cass get the nominatTon,for
President, which is hardly probable under the
two-thirds rulo, Gen. Bctler will ho on tho
ticket for Vice. The Washington corres
pondent of the Pittsburgh Gazette thus spec
ulates; Tho intrigues among tho Democratic as
pirants deepens and thickens as tho day of
decision approaches. It is understood that
Gen. Cnss has one hundred nnd ten delegates
secured in his favor as their choice, and
Buchanan about eighty. This leaves one
hundred and six who aro divided between
Judge Douglas, Gen. Butler, Gen. -Houston,
Gov. Marcy, &c, Stc. The uuchuiinn
strength Will go over to Houston soon after
tho first ballot; Gen: Cass will be dropped
on the fourth or fifth ballot.' Most of his
supporters will gn over to Douglas, but some
to Rusk. Then will commence the scram
ble among the outsiders, Dickinson, Wool,
Lane, Bill Allen, and a host ot tried and
true soldiers but who havo not hitherto
shone in the first rank; will enter the ring.
There will be intense and indescribable noise
and confusion, tho end of which no mnn can
fortell. - ' -
Awfl't Death. A , most heart-rending
casualty occurred at Canhlcn, N. J., on Sat-
unlay week. A young mnn named John
Malonp, "ngaged in tho distillery of a Mr.
Woodruff, was sent to clean something in a
vat or cistern which was -.nearly or quite
liulf full of boiling water. He had placed a
board'across the cistern, and was busily cm-'
ployed at his task, . when a colored man,
named folk, stepped upon the board, which
under the pressure of his weight, gave way,
and precipitated both into tho reservoir' of
boiling water. Tho colored man caught hold
of tho top of the vt and escaped without
serious injury; put Mr. Malone sunk into A
noarly to his arms, and belbro he could be
extricated, was literally cooked, so that when
they stripped him of his pantaloons and
drawers, his flesh pealed from the bones. He
lingered in great agony and pain until be
tween 9 and 10 o'clock on the same. evening,
when death put an end to his misery. The
young mon wa about twenty-ono years ol
age, and, was formerly from Eastoii,Pa
The Rev. Ephkaim Jtoson, a clergyman
in Norwich City, Conn., in 1771, was an ex
ceedingly quaint and original preacher.'
Remarking at one time upon the excuses
mado by the guests invited to the wedding
feast, he " observed that tho- one who had
bouirhtSvoke of oxen simnlv entreated to
be excused, while tho ono who married a' wifo,
absolutely declared that he could not com'.
"Hence learn," said the preacher, "that one
woman con pull harder thanjiw.yoleof oxen.''
Among 'ho fancies oflht) Emperor Nich
olas i.r. these two regiw nts, stationed at
St. Petersburg. Kvery man and officer , of
the first named has a pu,'-noso, blue eyes,
and san ly huir and whiskers. Tiie hook
noses havo each a nan li k a hawk, with
eyes, huir -and beard black as arnveu's w ilt':.
Tho men, too, all match in height, nnd, with
their splendid umlorins, make a sbowy pp
p?aranec.i .V. U. Pie.
f;!i:i KoSzc.l.
j Ai.riAXY, May li) The ship Fanny, from
I New O.'lcuns, was seized by the Collector at
I Savannah, for liuving an excess of passen
igers. ! C'oiili'J.
j Cammuhg?., May ID. Telescopic Comet
; iliscover-il this m )rninp', by J. P. Bond, of
the Observatory.
Deuthw at Washington.
Congress. This body has been month
inewiieoi the late lion. John Ituincy in session, and can any mortal tell n hat thpy
Adams, formerly President of the United have done! Really the manner in which
States, died at Washington,' on Saturday I Congress wastes its time in President tnak
last, aged 77 years. I ing is shameful. - It is not merely neglecting
Win. S. Derrick, Chief Clerk of tho De- ;the people's business, it is a positive dis
partincnt of Slate, died on .Saturday, in the-' grace to the common sense of members of
SOth year of bis age. He entered the State i Congress. They should be more careful
Department in 1827, and was an accomplish- of their reputation, ifnot careful of anything
ed and faithful officer. jelse.- Even the speeches of members of
Stephen lien sin ton, late Auditor of the Congress are becoming wearisome to their
Treasury, is also dead. 1 friends, alike dull and senseless. C in. Hun.
A Sensible Landlord. The Frankfort:
Thus speaks a neutral of the doings and
rrr.iii- Ronton.
rosT:iN, May .19. Liquor bill vetoed by
the Governor. Great ti juicing on the part
i of .the citizens j00 gnus to be lired.
I 1. .., .m ni, .1 r n
Louisiana Sitoar Crop. It appears from :ird Gibbs, in Hath, Maine, was destroyed by
tbo. aniiuul statement of lli vLouisiana sugar i lire lust ni'ht. His two sons and their
crop, for the past season, that the whole num-j grandmother perished in tho flumes. Th"
ber of hiiirshaads produced, in tho twen'y- i liquor bill pussed thu Ilouso to-day, with
three parishes, was 2'.ld,5-l7; the estimated Ihe clause rulernug it to the peopli stricken
weight of which whs 257,138,000 jiounds. 't. Semite subsequently passed it by one
The season is represented as having been ; majority. A motion was made to reconsid-
most1 unfavorahlu in niany respects; nnd 1 er, and is still pending.
owin? to the greennrts ol' the cane, which Tho House refused, by 13 majority, to re-
contfiiuod growing until much beyond tha. cede from tho amendment, and the Senate
ordinary period, theyield of M.ilasses wos 1111- j subsequently com urr, d, by 17 majority, and
usually large. There are 1471 sugur hous- j sent tho bill to Ilia Goverernor, who will
esinthc slate, being ono for each plnnta-: probably veto it, and insist on its reference
tion, 914 of which are worked by steam, and 1 to tlie penplc.
the remainder by horse power.- I I'Km liaKimoro.
Trades-for Bovs. olio half of the i Baltimore, May 20.-The Maryland Whig
miseries among menr in civilized society, Siste Conveniion ass-mblcd this morning,
arise from the wunt of a plotsant uml and iippointed Gen. John G. Chapman, of
prolitablu employment. Persons without j Chai b s county, President. A committee of
some reputable and profitable ti adooroccupa- i one from each county was appointed to draft
tion, are h it at the mercy of circumstances resolutions, and the Convention took a ro
and wliile, tiny rerusin uncontumiiiuled by (cuss till 12j. On reassembling, the follow.
t..nii,t.iiwina in vir-n.ani.i at best a precarious ; ing resolutions were reported: 1st, in favor
subsistence. The slightest change in aliuirs , of the compromise measures; 2nd, endorses
around Hum, tliro'sthim cutol tmph.ym nt, ! the administration of Millard Fillmore, and
unci leave s them expose d to evil tnd selfish ; declures him their first choice for Presidont;
pnssione.nnd makes them 'mi ent-y prey to 1 3rd, pledges the support of tho Maryland
the seductions of vicious and unprincipled , " '"K" l" tt"f """"" nauuuui von-
luni iKvor 01 uiu coinprouiise; nil, lie-
in favor nt Washington s.for;i
character of the present Congress, and tlie
picture is only too true. With a great deal
A Jester in tho Court of Francis I. coin
pluinod that a great lord threatened to mur
der him it lia did uot cease joking uuoul nun.
dares in lavor nt Washington s.tor;ign po
licy. A resolution was also presented that
dehimtoa to tho National Convention be
I elected by the whole vote of the Convention,
Seed Corh. The exessivo cold of' the
past winter has iujurcd tho vitality of the
corn of last year's irrowth in many instan
ces. The Lebanon (O.,) Star of tho 12thJ
sayg: ''Many of our tanners had .ascertained,-
by actual trial, that much of the seed
corn was killed by tlje aoverity , of tho late
weather.. .Whole fields have been re-planted.'
. It is a difficult matter to procure seed
in many neighborhoods, but wo presume
the the supply of old corn, which wa, gen
erally not affected, will be found sufficient."
"If ho does so'.said tiie King, "I will hang 1 uri(i pxropHivo of sympathy lor Henry Clay.
11:111 in nvo minutes aner. -iwiMiuur
majesty would hung him live nijnutcs before '
replied tho jester. - ; '
PotTRY. A wishoy-wiishy kind of food
that young people live 011 while troubled
with the palpitation of the heart. Mixed
with moonlight, it is very apt to-make your
young ladies leel as it they would lean a
gainst a white vest.1 ..'.
' Doors says thnt the difference between
old bachelors and uiurdereni is rather imag
inary than real. . In his opinion, the guilt of
keeping people out of tho world is just as
great acrimy as thrusting tlioiu outalterthey
got in. Sinners will please notice.
D3-TI10 work on tho new Cathedral at
Pittsburgh, has been suspended for tho pres
ent. The late desustrous flood destroyed a
largo number of unburnt brick designed, for
the Cathedral, which causes this temporary
fJrAn audience, gathered w ithin the tent
of a caravan, at Derby, Ct., a few days since,
became dissatisfied' with the exhibition, tore
down the tent, & threw the greater part of it
into tho II uusa tonic River.
'"The- Schoolmaster Abboao. Tho Troy
Times says that a bill against the, city, pre
sented to tho City Commissioner the other
day, opens thus: "The Onibel Coprashion
pr." We hope he "Onibol'! will I'fnrk o
ver" instanterj ,
: . (iMrvHeiiry White, of Hartford, Con-
noQticut, formerly conductor on the Railroad,
has traveled during the lust twenty-five years
biJU.uuu mnos, equal to a i umea rounti wo
Discussion going on upon an additional re
solution, declaring that the Whigs of Mary
land will not support any mnn who is not
known to bo in favor of tho compromise,
The resolution regarding Mr.Clay was adopt
ed unanimously, all the members' rising at
tho mention of his name, and manifesting
great emotion. .-
I-'roni Belco.
Baltimore, May 21. Mail through from
New Orleans. Brig Tehuuntepcc, at Now
Orleans from Vera Cruz, brings dates to the
7th inst. Tho Picayune has tho following
On the Gth hut. a Mexican brig of war
aud three cutters loft Vera Cruz, with troops,
bound lorl oatza, Loalcos river and th
Isthmus. Mexican steamship State of Mex
ico was taking in powder and guns for the
sumo destination. ' " . ,
The crest bone of contention, tho Te-
liuantepec rond, we learn from passengers
by this arrival, whs still beinff d'scusscd by
Congress. They demanded 4(2,000,000 for
the nehtof way across the Isthmus
We are also informed, by a passenger who
conversed on the subject with the American
Consul at Vera Cruz, on the 7th. inst., 'hat
the mass of tho lower Orders of Mexican peo
ple are opposed to the confirmation of the
Tehusntepee treaty, iu any form.
ed, in violation of the plighted faith of the
State. And also, to neglect the revisal of
the School laws, so generally called for by
the people, to say nothing about the various
other important subjects, upon which the
public interests demanded early attention.
-This Legislature of ours is emphatically
orrnt on rmatl things and trnall on great things.
If the people of Ohio do not soon become
tired of both tlie "new constitution" and "its
friends," we shall acknowledge ourselves
disappointed. Zvn?t. Cour,
' A sOlp School Printer. Gen. Ceobge
Sa.vdersok, of Lancaster, dropped into our
tanrtum, this morning, drawn hitherward,
by those cords of the sympathy which once
formed, never grow rusty with a true printer.
We put into his bunds the number of the
Chillicothe Fridiinian, for August 19, 1808,
which identical paper, Gen. S. informs us,
he assisted to print. The Supporter, of May
and June, 1815, we were also able to furnish
him; and the venerable typo appeared to
take as much interest in these Time-faded
"old documents" as the most greedy quid
nunc would in a late telegraph dispatch.
Father Sanderson Is one of the last of the
old-school printers. Ixmg subsequentjiow
everf to resigning his "situation" on the
Supiirrtcr .Scioto dinette, he became a
"boss editor," a soldier, a statesman, a
'Well," said the child, "father spends his ! will make a baloon nscension at Lancaster, '; township squire. Age sits lightly upon him;
money hero for rum, and wo have nothing to ' Ohio, about the 24th or 25th inst." J and, though wc would not desire to doom
est to-day. , Mother wants to buy a loaf of! This is news to us; but we understood last him to "live a thousand years," we most
'Tf'r , 1 l u ' summer that Mr. Kinney intended to vi.it 1 5??rtiy ccho.lti hi-bYV1'' Hoiicr toast.
A loafer remarked to the tavern keeper. .. . "Mav he not die. till Ions alter something
to "kick out the brat." . ; thisplaco with his exhibition, we Deheve ils hi,n!" .Sc-i. Gat.
"No," said the keeper, "I will give her the J he commences at Portsmouth and will viit
money, and if the father comes hiire again, ' those places only which have canal or rail
I'llkick him out." roa( raeilitle v. It is something rare, and
Illinois Banks. Two bonks havo start-'! 'H b liberally patronized.'
cd in Illinois under the N"-v Dunking law,
Herald is responsible for the following:
agout oncofoiir Frankfort hotel, which, !more tnlent, they do not appear to poess
under the present temperance excitement I ""J mre business capacity than the late
is not unworthy of notice. The names of Ohio Legislature. If the people desire a ;
the parties wo shall withhold from the public thnge for the better, they must select oth
lor shame sake. ( , . . . ., ., , ,
A girl entered the tavern, and In a pitiful ! er nn ("T S-lators than those who have
tone told the keeper that her mother had ;sPent thoir ,ife in Playinf? the demagogue.
...,.. U. ... ..: ..1. . . . I ' : ' ' '-
bi-iiv ii,7i uii-iu n kvi rji;iiL cuius. n . .... c I e ti ;. ' : '
"liignt cents," said the tavern keeper. ' 0
"What does your mother Want with eight:'" one of our exchanges:
cents! I dont owe her anything." 1 "Mr. John Wise, the celebrated Aeronaut,
Tur Pmtbii R . n n On M.ilifli.c Inf
to wit: "the Marine Bunk." in Chicago, and '
"Clarke's Exchang.- Dnk "In Springfield. lU c""r-ft8 "9 "wrdeJ for the F'g
Others are preparing to start. The cirrula-' anl masonry of the Central Ohio Railroad
tion of these bunks is secured by a deposite from Zanesville east, 31 miles. The Zanes-
of public stocks with the State Treasurer;
and all notes are signed by a register appoint
ed for the purpose.
villo Courier says that the prices are consid-
! ercd fuir, both for contractors and tho com
pany, ranging generally very near the esti-
Feargcs O'Connor, M. P. The London mates of .the Engineer. The same paper
JsrASTrrrrB in China. Rev. 8. Jolinscn,
an American missionary, at Fub-Chau,
wrote thus in 1848:
"3fy Chim-se teacher, en intelligent, and
apparently credible individual, informs mo
that female infanticide is very prevalent.
He states, that within this city and its sub
urbs, oue-thirdorthe infant female children
are destroyed by drowning at their birth.
Some parents spare only one out of four or
five of their daughters. , This inhuman prac
tice prevails more generally among the poor,
but is not confined to thrm, the rich notun-
freouently committing the same crime. The
' j c ... ..llJIIll.LJI - Mill. M. UU
Dispatch oi the 2;-th tilt, S-nys that prelimi- a,fl at the work will be pushed with en- . civil law seems to take no notice of it. One
nary steps nave
Chancellor's offii
beeu taken ill the Lord
for issuing a commission
reason that my informant assigned for this
practice, Is the expense of giving the daugh
ters a respectable mnrriage outfit;' .
Rrt.Es fi r Health. Punch says, never
drink any thing but. water. Never eat any
thins- but oatmeal. Wear tho thickest
ergy until its completion, and that it is hoped
of lunacy upon this unfortunate gentleman, , to.ve 'n,s P000 ot 11,0 "nn rea"' Ior ,ne
whoso eccentricities hnve, for some time rail within one year.
past, been known to the public, with a view j g " Fa.r ArnRESS.-The State Board of
tn his confinement. Mr. O'Connor, it will . . , . . . ... ,, ... .
bo remembered, arrived In this counter re. Agriculture have invited the Hon. Mr. W eb-
ccntly , and is now in New York. ster to deliver the address at the State Fair toots. Walk fifteen miles every day. Avoid
. ', ,: in Cleveland. It is to he hoped that he will all excitementr consequently it is best to re-
LOLA M.IKTEZ ON THE I.KJtlOR QUESTION. I ...... , 1 -....! n.ni .innl fi.r lien unn dill he frefi from
While Lola was in Albany, a few davs ro. '".eP1- - il nQ aoe8 our ' ,r,e,,u,, ! 'C'.JL7i a""" L ,.l,l..
sho put up st the D iavanHousn.whcre a-1 bettor erect tents to bold the "vast sea
ter is used instead of wine. Writing to a j . .
friend In New York, she says; "I will nev- 1 . DAar Hillsrorovgit Gazette. We
erstop at a 'Temperance H.mse' again. It have alreatly noted the establishment of a
contains nothing but bed-bugs nd Bibles." . ,. . .... ., ,
- . I pspcr in the shire town of Highland county,
Extensive Stage Bi'siness. Messrs. j by Judge Emrie. A copy before us looks
Fink & W alter, oi Chicago, ho are well wt)lj anj reaJg wcu, with ,u iu LocofocUm.
anown mrougnoui tilt- west and at wasn
ington, us extensive stage proprietors, em
ploy for their couches throughout tho ' West :
and South, 4,fi00 horseB -an investment in
horst'llesh alone, of at least a quarter of a
million of dollars.
all household cares and matrimonial troubles,
and you will have no children to worry you.
The same rulo applies to smoking, taking
snuff, playing cards, ond arguing with an
Irishman. They are all strong excitements,
which must be rigidly avoided, if you value
in tho least vour health. By carefully at
tending to tfic above rules, there is every
probability that you may live to a hund-ed
Iu mottok"Up with the progress of the age ( years, and that you will enjoy your hundreth
-Excelsior Keep In Step." Success to it. 1 year fully ncb as you did your twenty-
hrst. . .-
Indiana Salaries. A bill is now before !
n .. A nmnnnv lina
.... . ... , . , rt .. ... nr. I'.i'.- ...... ...... -
the Indiana igisiaturc-wmcn nxes the sai-; d jB Woshington City, with a capital
anes bf State oflleers as lollows: Gover-f , ... ,.nn , flip;al, ,i,.t .j o-enre.
nor 111300; Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary ol ; in,xh8UB.iuk) BUDI,lr of
nd IhO " ' ' " . '
I btate, Supreme anil circuit judges, n"u"f ! .m wholesome water, having reservoirs so
fjirTho editor of one of our exchanges
says he would not mind gcttinc drunk occa
sionally, if while in that delightful state, ' Superintendents ot the insane, ana , e,evated thfl nnturai flow will be above
some cussed scamp didu't go and steal the Lnl Dumb Asylums each 81000: if " I the domeof thoCapitol. All portions of tho
keyhole ofhis Front door, and thus mako it j tendent of the Blind Asylum 80O: fcuper- ( watcr may be degire() wUt
nniipaanrp Inrli m irnbd im hi a u- hfnTa i inLfnUPIH ill VUIlllimii
r , J... r ' 1 1 ik-:.. r,nn. IV.ntrn of the Penitetlti-
. Albant, Miy 20.-Kpsuth 'received nu
merous calls, Sue, this morning, and is in
better health, jle addressed about 1 100 cit
izens in Dr. Huntington's Church, this . af
ternoon.'. Receipts abontf 1000.'- He starts
for Niagara to-morrow. '
be supplied at $10 per annum, for houses of
t.u...nu .. pa,K.,:. 80 leet rront,s tor inose 01 xv leci, io o
arv StiOOi Physician tome rfn.niir, -
Melancholy Accident. Three children S200: Chaolaio l50i Prosecuting Attor-I ' ,i..finmer -.
ho could get in.
of Mr. Seairrist. of Selkirk foWnshin Penn-1 n. finnn: fiovemor's Private Secretary j ru urrJll c"
sylvania, wcro killed a few days ago by an j 10, ; j Singular Death. Mr. Jtn F. Eurha, a,
explosion of gunpowder with which they; A irtter from Havre de Grace,! grocer in Baltimore, died a few dsyaago.
were playing.; An infant In the cradle was '" in ,,m n.itimore Sun. atates! from ptison commumeated to his syttem by
a horse sfflictcd w th the glanders. About .
two week since, it appears that the deceas
ed during an administration of. medicine. '
1 1 ryi.gY "r' n.lne Cra,Ile w", Mn published in tl Baltimore Sun, -states
also .0 badly injured that it i. tot expected I JJ. ht o( M herrings, put up
. ' . - ,. ... jon tlie Susquehanna and Chesapeake fishe-
' ' ... 1 . . .. 1 i rni
inthe animar. meuth hi. hand, Uie
" .ul Z-r.r'irLl-ulV'. former years. - But few of I he fishe middle finger otk wh.cn nao oeen previously
""j. .:.. -.:ii .v t monev larffs msioritv of cut, and flesh laid open.. , 1 hrougn una
.. Ml I . it'U
e.Annnt vet mnra fKnn three feet for
The Lantern must be Put out. ! them will lose.
j wound the poisonous virus was tbeoibed.

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