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T Corrayondmb. The writer of the
communication of the 99th lnt., ought to be
aware that we cannot admit any ttatement
of. thi character into our columns without
June, far the Duroosrof advancing thin im- knowing the author,. Theirticlo referred
putant Int -rest of our country. - The call ia to was not designed te cut an imputation
igned by the Prcsidentof the various State
. . .. 1 1 rrrlonlMiml Hnrietipa. int-.luilin v Ohio.
. , , in.i r...7 TS, Marietta ""-- ' " ' "
these gentlemen ayi,
Convention are to
organize a national Agricultural society, 10
.which the various Agricultural aoclctio
I tho general good, and to establish, by; this
Society, or some other means as the Cn-
mail will Iran Baltimore T nlin J-' JjS'
I V CAICUUQ - IIMOI'UI W V- vw aruagi ivstwraM
mrt. y - i i rf I UroRTAM AeRictaTrfcAl Movement.
(ilK IVXIUII OAZUlf Delegate, from the various State and Di-
- 1 I uict Agricultural Sooietie are requested te
"" ' CTTY 0? LANCASTER: - :, I meet in Washington city, on the 34th day of
Ioa.lay Evening, Maf . 1S '
Import ast: Maii. Asningement Tk
ti . t j.-i ir.i nr.. .7 Thi Marietta
, latof Ju nest, the great and; west, "a"8- Ia their fall, th
4 f.l'Ll tL Cumberland over "The objret. of thi
nail) ' . ... organize a National Agri
- the National Road to .vnaeiing ana urracc
to Z luesvill-, wi.I be sent "vera- new and
very diCocat routs. Tho arrangement w oa
, follows:
1 The western
twice every day, ly Railroad to I lirco f or; in C0Mnlry nd j otnPr iannv, to create
thrnco liy sUgca litileover 8 ) miles to 8t. f additional facilities fur the acquisition and
My's, (Middle Hand,) thence by a team-'!diffufon of knowledge, by books, journals,
. Ktto Zanesville; th- nee west to Colum-1 V('ds . rother ol,-,ecU ,of 1,Uer?' t0. the
, . .. . . ! American farmer and gardner; anil to act on
bus, and si on, by Railroad. Only 40J hour puch oth;.r lnatt.:Ts porxaining to the advance
time will be occupied from Baltimore to Co-!mentof agricul'ure aa tho wisdom of the
luinhiii! ..' ' ! Convention mav iud?e appropriate.
- TJndor this arrangement, we sholl receive " purposes the undersigned ear-
.... 6 , , ' l , , i, A m I t"stly so licit delegations from the different
our mail from tho cast in about the tam, c l..!,.:,,!,,. r,,, th nro.
. or same 12 hour loss tuna than at prcs - nt. mo,n 0r apiculture in the several States
. Thn TnLllliirnntr eililiith.it thn contractor nnd Torrit.iriea: and where SUt'h organiza-
proposes to put four lightdraught.fast steam- tiens do not exist, delegations from such dis-
1 4 r r 3 ! a ... In ll .ans of siMrill ntim-
Tuesday Evening, Jane 1 19S9
Roiioin Ijviiitioi. A letter from Bal-j . A Moonuc.i-A eorrespondont of the
era bu the line from St. Mary's to Zsncs
ville carrying no freight, but timply the
: mail and pnraengers. Two of these boats
will leave St. Mary's daily for Zanesville,
ana two vvill leave Zanosvillc daily Tor St.
Mary's each boat stripping ns hour at Ma
'Viet'.a, forc!)HH'e of inuils.
TiBirr and RirnoADs-msorfcn Mme-
t mtit.A Washington correspondent of the
Bal'.iniiiro Sun, writing under dute of the
67th institutes that a raurw, ronaisting
of the iron masters of Pennsylvania, head
' ed by Ex-Governor Porter and the Buclian
, an members from Penniylvanl.i, with but
. ono exception, and thoao interested in alter-
n.tte suction grants for the construction of
SUte railroad, was held, and pronoiiitirjns
ber of persons as it may be deemed expedi
ent to appoint." .'.
Oheoos. A letter .from Washington to
the Philadelphal Ledger says it i not impro
bable that, before the expiration of a year,
Orpgon will apply for admission into the
Union; the northern portion having already
the reqnUite population to form a State; leav
ing the southern portion still a territory oi
the United St.itos. '
A late number of the Orcgonian saya that,
from numerous letters received there from
the States, there is ground to expect that
the immigration into Oregon this summer,
across the plains, will be larger than that of
any previous year. This territory is one of
the most valuable belonging to tho United
States, and possesses facilities for settle-
! mi nt and industrial enterprise not enjoyed
made and agreed to for rnrryjnj uil the lund I any oln(,r country. The operation of the
bills now heforo Convress. and sulistitutinir , kiid donations the Government giving
bumo valu ations for the prewnt system nf tracts of one mile square to each family of
, ... n,, . ,, . . settlers, before 1850, and half that amount
Wym?dutu-s Tin. would bXrrn 1850 and the end of 1853-has had
present tariff by about 25 per cent. J that Is,
it would add ten per rent, to th:rty per cent,
d valorem, and incri.-ap taxation by about
t'.vtlto millions of dollars per annum. As
" A consequence of this agreement the Slissnu-
ri Jlullroad bill passed this morninc:. Let
, us see whether Missi-nri will now pny pi-nn-cylvaniain
turn. Suppose to-morrow or the
d.iy after, one of the New Kndand mem-
bow, democrat, who had received notice
to attend tli o cairns, spurned tho proposi
tion with indignation!
Hero is another stop in progression, and
wo are now to see whether the ''bargain and
ale" will bo fully endorsed by tlio high can
' trading parties. ,
Thr Jamb Exi'Emtion It ia stated on
the authority of tho ollicers of tho Pl.t h
frlguto.Princo or Orange, that the emperor of
Japan has strongly fortified every part of
hiieoast, and lias a body of well equipped
soldiers ready to givo tho American expedi
tion nnder the command of Parry a warm
greeting. That don't look much as if the
friendly proflcrsof our government will re
clevo much consideration ut the hands of the
' Japanese ,
.Mrs. Ciav. A Washington lctter-writor
alluding to tho paragraph published some
dnvs since stiitinir that M'S. Cluy had never
been In Washington, says it is quite a mis.
late. She accompanied Mr. Clay to the
city nearly every winter, while he was in the
House When he was Secretary of Htato
sho rosldcd there. Hop noirees were the
niOHt agreeabUi given ill Washington. Mr,
Clav's rcjidvnco was then in tho Decatur
" A IlArry Bahkkim't. Our "cousin" of
' the Sdoto Onttlt one day last week bn-
eams bankrupt in all his line glowing senti
ments and rounded periods, A lady of Cliil
licuthe hud sent liim a btisket of flower find
strawberries, thn latter of the Ilovey variety
and measuring from three to four Inches in
Mahyland. The bill reported In the
House of Di'l'' gates, providing for the Con
gressional districts In Ibis Stnt?, glvs the
Lozufonoa four member and tho Wlilsbut
two. , It has not yet bocoino a law.
TrtE Steuhekvihb Hibald. -This dally
papt r comes to u eonhideralily enlarged and
altojjethor pr 'sen's a flnr' appearance. It Is
conducted with much ability.
A Good IUhlvk. Tho following is from
th New Vrk Slate Retftkri t.
Tlii Fillmnro dcletrstes go Into the Con
VPnti m in Wliign. Tii-dr llr.-t choice ia Mr.
Kiilmor,;, but II it m)i i It tu-n out that that
filth ful mid dint in gul :di. d Whig rannot be
n iniliiiiteil, thi y will heartily sust.iin M.
Webster, . n. Hn'itt, or any other Whig
who may be fairly chosen by the majority.
ImmrtantStuv. Mr. Bor.kel.tho D m.
ocratic member of lie"U.,usc, from Mont
gomery .county, ban written a letter to the
editor of thu Dayton Kinplre, whcr.ln he de
inonslrates the tax law, so far sail nppli i
to banks, Is unequal and prosily unjunt. He
closes, by atinounrlug his retolutinnti re
sign his seat, and thus givo the pcoplo a
chance to eloct sumo one who is in favor of
tho jirtvnt tax tam, as ho say plainly he
"Huvlhj differed In opinion with the miss
oftbo rupresentatives of t It a party with which
1 am as iclated, on the romlitutlonaliiy of
the tax law, 'in u lievin.r that it did not car
ry out the principle of unij'vmittf and'iir-
r.-qulroil l.y tliu Consiitutlon,) I propose
at an early d.iy revi;iriig my soat in the
1,-yialuttrei thus giving the voters of this
county un opportunity of selecting a person
to fill my place whose opinions may be in
accordance with tlio" who voted for tho tax
law and other measures that did not receive
my sup;ort of a perion whom opinions may
colniidi with the cow-He tint I hove pursued.
D. Bbckfl.
a remarkable effect uoon the country, secur
ing its rapid a ttlcment l.y a race of hardy
und enterprising men. The demands of Cali
fornia for lumber, grain, and stock, givo a
great impulse to production. The country
is rapidly filling up; labor is high, end this
has rpnrnsscd manufactures, but there is a
steady demand, and high price are paid for
the pruduets: so tnat inero is an nnpr-rvc-
ntent evn here. - '
Mk. Clat's Sicksess. The New York
Express makes this statementillustrating
the very frail tenure by which Mr. Clay now
retains his life. The editor derived the state-
ment from Dr. Jackson: ' ' '
"One feature of his feebleness is that ho
cannot support himhclf alone, and is not al
lowed to walk, even with the support of o
thrrs. Dr. Jackson told him recently that
if ho stood prect ha would faint, and that if
heshnild faint he would breathe no moro.
Whv is this!' asked Mr. Clay. 'Uecause
there is not enough of vitality in the heart
to give circulation to the blood.1 'Has It
then come to thisl' said Mr. Clay, and for a
moment, sorrowfully. And, seeing the ne-
cessitv he has Buffered himsclt to bo Dome
i!(? a child to and from bis bed. Mr. Clny,
throughout, has studied his disease, if disease
the. cr ticu v. thouctittuiiy, ami even niy-
slcallv. He lias watched the gradual wast
ing awav ot iiie.uniu mere is out mo iuiiii-
est pulsation left to t 11 htm that the spirit
still survives witnili Its emaciaicu icnumoni
of flesh. He will die calmly and beautifully,
as he his lived, and his spirit will depart full
of tho Christian hope of a blessed immortal
ity." .,
Vampire. Not long since, a young girl
eleven years of age, who lived in Paris, at
tempted to murder her mother, sister and
many of her plymates, fur the purpose of
drinking their blood. After a careful exam
ination by ascl ntific man, it waa declared
that she wns subject to tho strange, and ter
riLIu mania of cannibalism. . A she was
extremely young, this strange perversion of
natural instinct afforded a prospe.tof cure.
All will remember tho caso of tho sergeant
who Used at midnight to leave his quarters,
and dig up bodies In Pere le Chaise, which
ho subsequently devoured. This unfortu
lute man is now cured, end is but thlrtv-two
years of age. He preserves of tho episodes
of his pant life only a confused memory, like
tlio rocollection of a painful dream. In o
ther duys, science foaredto approach these
A Qtrr.sTioti. Some editor, down South,
cautions mothers not to allow black women
to smklu their children, because tho milk
Influ -nees more or lesstha formation of the
child's character, and negroes being inferior
to the whites, the suckling grows tip with
out talent, vicious or phlegmatic, and with
m.inv of the peculiarities of the nenro race.
Thii' h"s raised a question with the Pitts
burgh Commercial Journal a very impor
tant one, too (.a to whether it would be
possible for a child fed on "asses' milk" to
be talentedl Or. would the child grow up
an assl .Many children.tlm Journal obsorves,
aroralaoJ "n the-bottle," that ia, on cow
milk, bought from milk csrts and put in a bot
tlo. No'.v, does tho child thus fed grow up a
great cn'ft or doeshe have an inclination,
while conversing, to perpetrate bullit
Onto Bamm. At the late session of the
Board of Control, the application of the
I) yton Bank, to be permitted to wind up
was not nranted but the inatitution was
licensed to reduce Its capital. The atork of
tho X . nia Bank is to b reduced from160,'
Olio to ll 00 000. Already $75,000 of the
X nia notes have been carried to Columbus,
I to be burned according to law thus drawing
o much of a Bank of undoubtedsolvenry
I from the common circulation. Itia under
stood that tho Banks of the State will en-
s itt'uvor to kenn Ihxmintvna mi thn defensive.
if a decision adverse to the rightaunder their
charters, and utaiiiing the present Tax
law, bo made. ifcio. Oat,
upon either party, and the fact that no com'
plaint has been made, looks aa if no action
could be sustained. Sti II, if the author desires
the publication of his version of the affair,
we will cheerfully comply with his request,
provided we know whether he will stand
responsible for the statement, .
C Trarfc.wLast Saturday was the live
liest day our business men bave had for a
long while, and we. doubt vary much whetn
er any place in the State, first class cities
excepted, can exhibit a better account of
that day. The fair inducement which are
offered to the citizens of the surrounding
country by our Merchants, Grocera and Me
chanics, are beginning to attract the custom
or the country and largely add to tho busi
nes of the city. . ,
TaU Rye- Col. Hill sen us in this morn
ing a stock of Rye measuring eight feet three
inches. Ho has about three acres of the
same sort. . It is apparently well beaded,and
the field will produce a very heavy crop.
Pbooes of tb Railboad. We pub.
liah, in another column, the official report of
the proceedings of the meeling of Stock
holders of the Cincinnati, Wilmington and
Zanesville Railroad Company, at Circleville
on the 18th inst., for the election of a Board
of directors. Notwithstanding the rulopro
hibitine the representation of stock in the
election upon which the regular install
ments bad not been paid, there was over a
million of stock voted Ulion. -
. Tho mreat unanimitv of feeling towards
the old Board of Directors, as manifested in
their almost unanimous re-election, was a
most flatterinir evidence of tho approval by
the stockholders generally, ot its lormcr acts
in conducting the affairs of the Company.
There are. duuutlens, n mere always are
local icalousics and dissatisfactions existing
at various points along tho line of the road;
but these urc little annoyances mat never
have, and we presume never can De entirety
iiioi.li d whiie tho interests and views of men
mntinuo to be so devorsified. The Board
nf Tltrnitnrs mnv havR erred in iudtfment in
matter of minor importance, tliougu we ao
not know that they have; and tt woum oe
wonderful indeed if they should not, when
there wss so much to be done by them, in so
short a time. Whether they have or not, it
is most manifest that the stockholders of the
Oomiiaiiv irenerallv. are well pleased with
their labors thus far; and entirely willing to
trust them again.
There is no Company of equal age with
this, in the country, that has progressed so
rapidly with its work; or that promises so
speedy a completion of it. Already, many
miles of the rood.at various points along the
linn, aro irradud and ready for tho su
perstructure: whilst Mr. DeGraff and his
host of assistants are pushing the work for
ward as fast as "men and money ran make
it go." We learn that tliore are now cm'
uloved, nt the various points along the road
overliitoen nunureu men. uunion ncpuo,
03' Cine Inn ati papers please copy.
TkeFust o Jck This la an impor
tant day for the Democracy and we would
not be at all disappointed if we have to re
cord two "fizzles" one at tho' Baltimore
Convention, the other upon our Canals.
This, it must be remembered, is the day, da
ring which all the railroad bridge in our
State over the Canals, was to come down,
either voluntarily or Involuntarily. This
was the order of the Board of Publia Works,
but we are of the opinion that the Board
will "come down." Let them hereafter con
fi no themselves to abating those hridges
which seriously interfere with the navigation
of our canals, if any such there should be,
and instead of being compelled to depend u li
on the Stateman and its copyists for a very
lame defence, they will be sustained by the
people of all parties. So much for the
Board. - - ' '
In regard to the Baltimore Convention,
weknow of. no man, whom they can nomi
nate, that can the present year successfully
compete with the Whig candidate. We
take it for granted that the great body of
Whigs will fight side by sideand shoulder to
shoulder in the coming contest, and in this
cventthe party can win the field. It is prob
able that we will have some intelligence of
the preliminary action of the Convention
before we go to press, A nomination will
hardly be made to-day.
Steam Navy or Eugiard. The Com-
or i
Washington for some month past.- Heia jcityt
Tri Comet and Plahft Beaiaras. Ar
timore city to the Washington Telegraph New Albany (Ind.) Tribune, In giving aa I our .scientific frU nd In Harvard and
says that a "voung man named Force haa account of his trip to the E t. make the l;wher. carijting the planet,, and comet
been residing partly In thi. city and partly In i following notici " o gentleman of tl.i.i & 2 - Affi
a year will do very well;, outihla,. finding
planet every week, and a new comet daily,
is it not running the thing into the fffidihdl
We uspd to know the number, of the plnetsj
and bad some idea of the principal comets,
but they have gone a b"ad o our astronomy
long ago, and we think thp school-boys must
hnve a hard time of It. Mr. Boiin pi thS
Cambridge Obsarvutory, .haa.JtinWtf tamed
out eleven or twelve new comets, the tele
graph doe nut exactly know which: and the
rivalry among observers is so great that every
eountry and every. Institution with pretend
slons to science Is spttingupitsawn comets
auu some oi inepi ineir own p,lineu. int
be true, as som" vpry Wiie pcopfe have aug-;
A Cdbiosity. When Louisiana became
a State, a brass twelve-pound Spanish gun
was forwarded, among other trophies, to
Washington, as the property of the Federal
Government. ' When Lieut. Hunter took Al
vnrado, he captured a gun the exact counter
part of the former, even to the minutest
marks and ornaments, the date of each be
ing 1740. Tho two sisters, so long and
strangely parted, are now united again, In
tho UUth vcar of their age, at our National
Iron Ordered Tho order for a large
quantity of the Iron needed for tho track of
the Marietta at Cincinnati nanroau, com
prising seven thousand tons, went out to
England by tho last steamer. The pattern
preferred bv the Board and the Chief Engi
neer, is the patent compound T. rail, invent
ed by H. C. Seymour, Esq., and now coming
into use on the best lines in tho country.
The regular weight of the rail is 05 pounds'
to tho yard. Scio. tr.
Heroism akd Reward The gold box
which Opii. Jackson bemieathed to the city
of New York. In trust for the most heroic ef
tho American invaders in the late war with
Mexico, still remains undisposed of. A com
mittee of the common Council ha been ap
pointed to receive claims, and ascertain who
is entitlod to the testimonial of valor. Can
didates must make application within three
Large Claim. Tho Natchez Free Tra
der learns that Jefferson College, in Wash
ington, near Natchcs, has recently been dis
covered to be entitled to twenty acres of land
situated in tho centro of the business portion
of the city of Mobile a property worth, at
tho least estimate, halt a million oi dollars
fkjTTlic Cincinnati VattUt give currency
to a rumor that new Opposition press is to
be started in Columbus, and Charles iit-eme-lin.of
their city, installed as the editor. It
will expect its support from that large por
tion of tlio Locofoco party who are under
stood to be disaffected toward the Stuki-
Fit ix the Wiiea. In our exchange
from various portion of tbe country, we
have noticed complaints oftheravag-n of the
Hewlan Fly. Within the last few days we
. have heard lha same Coinpla'nta among the
firmer of our own county; and as we hap
pen to hnoit, from ail t xamlnatlnn of our na n
ivhvt ftaHih, there is too tuuvk foundation for
th.'te colnpluints;
Ta what extent the wheat cron of our own
county It likely to luttaln injury, we r not
ftt iireseot fully advised, but havaiwaaan. tr
fitwJUkvrr e.osidwabk. ZmtpnO
Wordervvl EscAm. A few day alncc,
a tho afternoon train of car was coming
to Wilmington, Dealware, and had reached
a point few mile this side or Marcus Hook,
tho enirinoer observed a little child ahut
three year old, lying on the track, the
whistle screamed, and the power of the In-
The Cholfra. The Louisville Journal 1
Informed by the clerk of the Compromise,
that that boat passed tho Falcon from New
Orleans, bound for Cincinnati with a barge
in tow, a short distance above Cairo. The
Falcon had a largo number of cinigrtntt on
board, among whom tho cholera and ship te
ver wa prevailing to an alarming extot.
Patriotic It has been recommended
by the Finance committee of the city Conncil
of Savannah that the Mayor be authurixed to
transmit annually 8100 to the Washington
National Monument Society, until th work
is finished.
Scott Delegates krosi Massachuett
A despatch from Boston of the 2(ith inst.
aav that the Fifth ConcresssionaJ District,
in Massachusetts, hat elected a delegate to
the National Convention, who is pledged to
vote for Gen. Scott,
Cholera ir CiRCiRMATi-ScVcral cases
or cholera have occurred at the hospital in
Cincinnati, and some in private practice, but
the disease is not deemed rpiuemie, nut rain
eras orbzinatinir ou the river. Two case
have proved fatal in the hospital
Death from the Bite or x Shake
William Wright, aged 9 yers, on of Jer
emiah (;. Wright, ot Cambridge, jnu., nieo
on Sunday last Irom the bite ot a biacE maxe
mercial team navy of great Britain, avail
able for the national defence In time of need,
amounted on the 1st of January last to twelve
hundred and eighteen vessels, and it is gtat
ed upon authentic information that there
were at least one hundred steamers in ad
vanced states of construction, or completed
since the beginning of the year, and not in
cluded in the official return. Tho vessels
constituting this greot steam-navy, vary in
size from two hundred tons burthen to three
thousand. The steamers of four companies
now employed in the ocean mail contract
service, and which were, under their con
tracts, available for war-like operations,
comprised seventy vessels, amounting in the
aggregate of tonnage to 93,481 tons, with
32,500 horse power.
Heidelberg College. The corner-Rtone
of thi institution wa laid at Tiffin city.
Ohio, on the 13th inst. It is estimated that
4,000 persons were in attendance. The ad
dress wa delivered by Gen. S. F. Cary, of
Cincinnati. Three distinct courses of study
can be pursued in this college, to wit: a
Farmer' course, a Scientific courso, and a
Collegiate or classical courso.
The Codaw Exi'emtios. A letter from
Now York says that the rumors respecting
another contemplated invasion of Cuba are tral Ohio.
duly gaining credence. There are prepar
ations being made in New York for the ex
pedition, on a mocb moro extensive scale
than many would imagine, and few would
suspect some of tho parties who are most ac
tive in those-preparations.
Left ix the Woods To Peximh On Sat
urday afternoon, two infants were found in
the woods of Mr. Thomas Allibone, near
Philadelphia, between the West Chester
road and tbo Baltimore turnpike. The babe
are supposed to have been left there to per
ish. One of them wa a boy apparently
throe weeks old, the other a girl, probably
ten duys or two weeks old.
Windfall. Mr. Benjamin O'Donnell, a
respectable citizen of Jamaica, New York,
who has been for the last eight years em
ployed a a blacksmith, by tho Long Island
Railroad Company, received the gratifying
intelligence on Wednesday last that proper
ty to tho amount of jt 100.000 had been be
queathed to him by a deceased relative in
Ireland. He tails for Ireland this week.
Death or a Child by Rath. A little
child died in Boston, a few days ago, in con
sequence of rats entering its cradle during
the night, eating off ono of its fingers, and
gnawing the llesh of it arm to the bone, in
a most frightful manner.
OrSome of tho merchants in New York
ity, doing business there, live forty or fifty
miles (Void their stores, yet such is the means
of travel that th 'y live at home and do bu
siness in the city during the regular hours.
Tub Citstal Palace at New York.
The stock for tho erection of this building,
$300,000, it Is said, has all been subscribed
for, and the palac will be opened in May,
1353. '
Railroad Irx. Nine car load of iron
for the railroad, were received at Hillsbor
ough, on Thursday morning. Thi will
bring it to the pike about four mile from
OJrlt la worthy of Inquiry, whether the
Treasurer suffered the draft of the Fund
oriirinally from St. Louis, bat more recently
from Texa. I learn, upon what' may be
deemed good authority, that he it about to
become distinguished a a mechanical genius.
He is aid to have invented and patented a
new motive power which bids fair tosupcr
sedo both tam and water. It is stated that
a model of thn machine is already in exist
ence, and that, it he been patented with an
injunction of secrocv for a certain time.. So
cautious has he been tq avoid infringement;
that he had one part of the machinery, ne
cessary to tlio completion of his engine.mode.
in New Orleans, another part in Baltimore,
another in Philadelphia, and another In N w
York. The seporate parts thus constructed
were, in due time, collected in Baltimore and
put together by the inventor himself in a
room Into which no person has been permit
ted to enter. It is said to bring the atmos
phere into use as a new and important agent
amounting aim t to independent self-action,
that this new momentum can be so increased
as to propel the largest ocean steamers or
adapted to tho delicate movement of a
watch. The inventor is about to leave for
Europe, to have it patented there, and until
be return the principle of the invention will
not be made public here. The correspon
dent referred to, says that "if the invention
proves to bo what is claimed for it, the world
up to this age has never seen iui equal."
Sale of Real Estate Progress. A tract of
land a mile Westof this city, consisting of
about 130 acres, was sold yesterday for
$10,000, or $76 per aero. A few year
since, this same, tract was offered for a
a much lees sum, about two-thirds its present
value. Thi is only one indication of the
very rapid progress which is now taking
place in this city and county. Evidence of
this are almost an every day occurrence,
Vie Commisrion Store. The agent of the
Philadelphia Commission Store, having
noticed the rapid increase of business in this
city, has, we are pleased to learn, given up
the idea of leaving for California. Ho start
ed east this morning to lay in a most excel
lent and large supply of Summer G ods, ond
will have them here in a very short time,
A Spicy Local. The Muncie, Ind., Cres-
set says:
'The Weekly Lancaster (O.) Gazette,'
comes to us much imnroved. Ills the best
conducted paper in Ohio, out of Cincinnati
and, the best nf it is, it is Whig all over.
We wih brother Weaver lots ol good luck
and we cannot doubt that his unwavering ex
ertions in behalf of so good a cause, will be
appreciated by every devoted Whig in Cen-
Oa Tuesday, about 13 Mwe Ipft Cincin
nati on the' Pittsburgh PV"ket, "Messenger,"
Captain Klinefelter. There wa a lar
crowd of pass"ngers on board, and an unu
sually large proportion of females. , Quite a
number of tho rooms in" Uto gpntlpman'
cabin had to be reserved for them, . There
was, ofcourae,as is always the cane on ste ro
boats, a variety of character; but on the
Whol'f.'I have never seen so agreeable a com
pany on anv boat. There' wss one passen-
gur who attracted considerable attention.
He is a resident of Cincinnati, and a man of
considerable wealth. .Buthe is a nionoma'
niac of the Btran?pt sort. He cla'ms to be
i j r 1 -
the son n'"tho fcTinir nf Kinira." and to be I tret ten, that this irlobe Is ultimately to ho it.
clothed with sunrmne authorty in this na- stroyed by an unturned comet, ii n Wlsei
lion, auu uiai mis naiion, mrougn mm i 10
subdue and goy -rn thi world. He denounc
es Democracy, .in which h1 includes, not the
democratic party alone, but all parties and
al&?n who differ from' him. There are, in
his estimation, but two par ies, the Demo
crats and the Thoocrats, - The world, thro' i business is reasonably safe so long as it i
,. !.; . ...lift.. 1- . I. I.., . l i. I ' - l .
our astronomers to be beating up new onel
and letting them loose 1 Is there not danger
that some un practiced hand may take op
the business nnd set them flying in wrong
directions! We have great confidence in
Mr. Bond, and we have no doubt that the
confined to regular professor, but every
ehoolmaster Is pointing hi telescope to the
sKy, and bnnTincr down a star witn the cer
tainty of Tapl. Scott aiming at a coon;. and
even the women who ought to be content
with knowin"that they are terrestrial star
are searching the heaven for planet and
comets. Providence Journal. .
bisinstrumi nUlity, is to be revolutionized,
and a Theocracy t be established a?uin. He
was on his way to Washington City,- to see
the President and Cbin. t, and to give them
instructions a to tho affairs of the nation.
Some time ago ho wa there whn a Senator
from Ohio ws making a speech before' the
S nate, in which , he conceived he did not
mm.., til hii viowii. 1ia bninir the nation:
and he very promptly called him to order I Thoihas Paine. The Bordentown (N. J.)
from the gallcrr. Ho has studied the Scrip-. 'Bister, in commenting upon the improve-
tures so that he can repeat whole chapters mems in inai place, mentions an old dwell-
by rote particularly from tl prophecies. 'g wmcn is to oeiornoown.tnat wa-former-all
of which are fulfi ling in the events that j ly owned by ThomasPaino. He did not re
are transpiring in this nation. Fillmore, for ; ""'P there, however, but. during his stay at
example, is the tenth toe of the im ige men- Bordentown, lived with Col. Kirkbride, on
tioned in Dani I. There have bei n but ten thfi hl now occupied by the F. male Insti-
"constitutional" Presidents. On any other 'ute. " l nere are several ol our citizens that
subject, this man is perfectly rational is in- stnrrememDer mm as ne trequently appear-
tellijent and gentl manly in hi mann' rs
He is, I learned, highly respected ah ut Cin
cinnati.' His case is unoth"r evidence of the
danger of allowing the mind to dwell too con
stantly on one subject. '' ,
. !-,..... I.. .
COIIIOUV9 lllBtaunj rwi-invu, um Mie I On
little one, unconscious ol danger, still re- He wss bitten about nine dayt previou to
mm a in on inv mi, mu uio wnwvt mi aeatn,
.( .1 A. ..J ...I . 4l. I1 I
over tne side oi me 1001, sou cui on mo m- !.,,., r, Ti,. t.
Democrat estimates the sum to be invested
In the erection of new buildings in that city
mr vno pmvni season at V S00, 000.
GCTKobcrt Swan, charged with the
Wlliui Diurucr oi Wil lam O. Hnr at
Cumberland, Maryland, will bo admitted to
bal, on obtaining security in $'J6,000.
ftrThlrty-four car, contalulna 387 beeves,
9'Jtt sheep, and 1,574 hogs, passed over the
Erie Railroad to Dunkirk, on the 35th inst.
Q3rOn the 1 4th inst hail atones four inch-
tie toe,
Death from TooTiucm The Pough-
keensle Pre, of Monday, give an account
of a lingular death in that place of a young
mannamod Webstir, apparently bdoui i
year or age. He earn to that village ui-
fpr nr under toothacne, swenoa ice, etc.
He had a tooth extracted, but got no relief,
and continued to uftVr most terribly until
death ensued. T "
GtORoiA Senator. Mr. Berrien, of Ga.,
has resigned hia eat la t)M United State
Senate, and the Governor ha appointed Mr.
Robert Charlton, to 611 the vacancy, until the
commencement oi in term lor-wmcn w,
Loma ha bp JCUd.
From the Rto Grande. The American
Flair, published at Brownsville, describes the
present condition o' the frontier as lamenta
ble in tho extreme, being ravaged by Indi-
aus, plundered by M 'xican robbers, and as a
consequence of this ate ot affairs, public
feeling has rendered the laws inoper itiv..;
and the Government force on tho frontier
has been so paralyzed by the parsimony of
Congress as to be entirely useless for any
purnoso of defence.
Two coin pan es luivo been formed in
Br wnsville, under command of Capts. Dun
lap and Mason, for the defence of that vicin
ity airainst threatened depredations by the
Two curious suits of armor were recently
discovered in possession of a M 'xican who
wu arrested on suspicion ot being a rono
and murderer. These armors are mice in
the shape of corsets, composed of an outer
and inner coat ot cowhide, tilled Willi wool
about an inch and a quarter in tmckncsa.am!
neately and elaborately stitched through
with cowhide thongs. Tlv y are in two parts
and tio closely, back and front, wijh leather
strings. When worn they torm a complete
panoply for the bor'y, and arc impervious to
a pistol shot, it not to antie.
Enormous rRoriT or patents. The
most enormous pn fit have born r u lined by
the assignees ol Wuodworth's planing ma
chino during the 24 years the patent has ex
isted. It is stated that James G. Wilson hus
received in sales, assignm nts, and taril's
fta, 131,761. John Gibson, of Albany, has
received nearly as large a si . Charles
Gould, of Albany, ha also received avery
large sum. Gibson it is further stated, is in
the receipt of III for every 1000 feet planed
in 100 milk each of which turn off 10,000
feet each day.
Corfu Chhisti Fair. The New Or
leans papers contain accounts of the great
Fair at Corpus Christi, Texas. It was at
tended by about 3,000 persons, principally
Americans. Among thoso present . wen
Governor Bell, Gen. Harney, Gov.Ujhazy
the Hunrariuii.Gen. Carvajal, Capt. Walk
er, and M.J. Jack Everett. Dr. Ashbell
Smith delivered tho address. Subsequ ntl,
a largo "fillibustor" meeting was held, whic
was addressed by Caryujal and G--n. M'Leod
whose remarks,!! is said, were received with
much enthusiasm. , i
es long, and which in some case killed cat
tle, fell near Parkeraburgh, va,
ftTlt 1 tald Ex-Sonator Nicholson, of1
Tennessee, who unowu wasmngion, is
to take th editorial charge of Yh Umon.
Commissioners, for the July interest on the
State Bonds, to go to froleat, in consoquence
of the practical difficulty of realizing, at sight,
from hi pet depositaries! Set. vat,
PnoonEt or Public Opihion. Mr. Dm-
tiocx has sold out his interest in the Holmt
Free Prest, to R. 8. McKwen, who will edit
it hereafter. . Of course, the new editor feels
indignant at the attacka which Weller,
Dunbar & Co., are making upon nt prede
cessor. 110 quote irom v sixers paper
what lie say of DimMock, and then replie
a follows. It is evident that the Democra
cy aro fast beginning to find each other out,
and when this is done, their opinion do not
vary o much from the rest of the community,
as some would suppose:
"The above shows on it face mo motive
that Indictd it, and needs not one word of
comment It comes with bad grace from
Charles L. Weller. the greatest demagogue
thst ever disgraced the House of Represen
tatives; one whose tqueasxng ana wntp-crac
intf voice drove the member from tne hall
whenever he attempted l peak; one wbo
killed almost every measure he advocated;
and finally, one who by hi hasty, ill-temper-
ed action, waa, by common consent, dubbed
"heranf the battle of the tand bom." Weller
of the Hamilton i ciegrapn, ano uunoar oi
the Mt. Vernon Banner, "Par A'oMfe Fro-
trum!" when they, together with their slan
ders, are buried and forgotten, or only re
membered aaiAinoi that were. A G. Dim-
mock (hall have woo for bimaelfan honeet
fame, which will live in the heart and affec
tion of hi fellow. men. Journal.
(rA down-east militia Captain, on re
ceiving a not from a lady rpquvsting the
"ploaaur of hi company,", nnderatood it a
a compliment to those under hi command,
and marched the whol qf them to th lady's
hou. '-
A New Article. Cotton felt mattresses
aro beginning to take tho place of the older
kinds In New York, because they are said to
retain their elasticity longer, to be proof a
gainst vermin, aro cleanlier, more healthy,
as well as easier to use, and almost fifty per
cent cheaper. '
Op'OhioLocofocoism, personified in the
concentrated ignorance at Columbus, his
placed the State in a pretty position."
8o says the Cleveland lleraltl, on learning
that the State Treasurer had refused to honor
the Fund Commissioners' draft for the July
interest. &. Oat.
Dangerous Experiment. Tho Cincin
nati Enquirer brings wurd that tho Treasur
er of State, (Mr. Breslln.) has a credit $1 13,
805 45, in the "Citv Bunk" of Cincinnati,
supposed to be funds belonging to the
State of Ohio, According to Major John
son' report, "the immudiato rash means" of
thi Bank, were but ij(ioy,88, to meet a
gross liability of ft225,(i02. Mr. Breslin's
fund are subject to sight draft. The Slates.
man say t .0 amount is now but small
"kept hi Cincinnati to meet the checks of
tho Acting Commissioner of the Board of
Public Works."-Scio. Oat.
Hard of Belief Joe R , who is
an incredulous dog, wa listening to a won
derful tory told by old B in
which hi daughter Mary bore a conspicuous
part. Joe looked wise and doubtul. "Iiyou
don't believe it, you may go to the house
and ask Mary, and ta t it from her oim Jim."
Joe took him at hi word; the; old man fol
lowed on to see the result and found Joe kis
sing Marv aweetly.
"What on earth are you about!"
"Ohtakingthat awful tough story from
her own lip!"
Hmffield Railroad Th work on all
the tectiona of thi road which were put Un
der contract recently, haa commenced, and
J will be ptosecuted with vigor, i ; i.-;? ' t
SiTDEN CouBTsmrs. About 3
last Wednesday afternoon, while Miss Ma
ry At n Coleman, plain and fan.y dress ma
le -r.sut in her little back room, with her ap
prentice, Miss J ane Thompson, both busily
engaged in muking up a watered silk-dress
with three flounces, a foot-Btep was heard
in tho front shop, and immediately a tall,
decently drpssod and bold faced young fel
low, entered the apartm lit where the ladies
were s -ated. Miss Coleman, though a la
dy of five and thirty (at which age single la
dies generally are not apt to bo frightened
at tho sight ola man,) was startled and dis
composed by bis abrupt visit; and in falter
ing accents, desired to know the stranger's
commands. Before he replied to this query,
the visiter drew U a chair to Miss Col man's
side, and with a very confident mimn'-r, en-1
tered into general conversation.. 'Nice snug
little pluce of yours, m idani: shop small but
pleasant. Wants but one fixture to make
your establishment complete.' 'What fix-
ture is that sir!' A nuanana, manam: j
see by your tin sign thutyou are Miss Cole
man, and if you have any other tin beside
your sign, I'd like to make you an offer."
R ally sir, tin behavior is outrageous, j
j' ver saw you Detore never na an ini.ro
luction.' Sure enough how coulu I be so
forgetful! An introduction bv all means!
You shall b.ivo ono instantly .Miss l.ol -man,
allow me to presi nt Mr. Cornelius M'Mun-
us.o gi ntlemun o' fine tub nts and agreeable
nmiiners, modest m nt, and so lonn; anu
ne that intends to bo your husband, it he
finds t very thing suitable.' What do you
m'.'ijn,siri llav -youcom-io ruu auu nmr-
lerme!' cried the terrifi d mantum ker.
At this exel in ition, Misis Jaiie, the appren-
t ce.was nr . used: she sti-rtea irom npr seBi,
and wilh all the al-Ttness of a young dress
maker, ran out for assistance. Fortunately,
she did not bunt more than half an hour, be
fore she found an (Be r rea'y for duty. lie
avrompmied her to Mis Coleman's shop,
which he entered softly, imd peeped thfou h
the glazed door into the little back room.
Has he murdered her." inqmred Jane, with
most distressing anxi' ty. 'Nj indeed,' an
swered the omeer: 'there ia no murder, going
on there see for yourself.' Miss Jane look
ed in and saw the mysteri us stranger, with
his arm around Miss Cob-man' neck, whis
pering something into her ear, to which she
appeared to be listening w'th perfect resign
ation and approval. Here it might be agree
ablo to the ladies and to novel readers
in general, if we should paus' and loav the
imagination to finish the story, but truth ob
liges us to spoil the romnncp of the thing, by
seating that Mr. Cornelius M' Manus proved
to be a harm lea lunatic, who had escaped
from th" custody of his friends, and whose pe
culiar mania it I to inak- I ve and propose
marriage to every women he meets with.
Mis Coleman'' establishment, th-'refore,
will want that one neeessary fixture a bus
band for some time longer. PeniunfvanPn.
General Rosa. A London paper thus
notices theroception in England of this Gen
eral: .
"GTeral Risas, who was so courteously
roc- ived by our official authorities on his
landing, the other day, at Plymouth, and who
is so cordially detested by vvery body w ho
knows his bloxl stained fiistory, will have
cause lorenvmber his coming to this coun
try, If only on account of the hearty abuse
lavished upon h'm. Besides the Times,
most of tho influential journals huve ex-
D'e-is'-d themselves as the onruns of honest
opinion should do concern-iigtho nmorso
less acts of which this deposed despot has
b " h' guilty , and even the aristocratic classes
will bo a .ii'npwhat shy of countenancing su 'h
a roan, and especially so if it be true, as was
stat d th1 oth r ' vening by the Earl of
Malm -sherry, that R .sas, so far from being
tho rich man he wu represented, is extreme
ly poor." ,
ed in the street; his awkward striding walk,
uncouth fitmre, and singularly ill-favored
visage, making him an object of curiosity
wherever he went. W.-- have been told that
in walking from the upper end of town down
to his home, with his head upon his breast,
he would cross the street backward and for
ward half a dozen time in meditative be
getfulness." Editors of Methodist Papers. At the'
G n-ral Conference of the Methodist Church,
at Boston, among other bus'n- ss, the follow-
ing elections for persons to take the editorial
control of the Methodist papers were made,
viz: R -v. Thos. E. B nd was elected editor
of the Church Advocate and Journal, New
York: Rev. Charles El iot, ei'itor of the
Western Advocate, Cincinnati; Rev. John
McClintock, editor of the Quarterly Re
view, N. Y.: Ti. P. Kidder," Sunday School
Advocate, N. Y.; Wm. Hosmer, North-'-m
Church Advocate, Auburn, N. Y.i Wm.
Nast, Christum A fologiet, Cincinnati: Leroy
Sworirsterit. Principal Book Agent, Cincin
nati; Rev. Wm. P. Strickland was plected
editor of the Ladies' Repository, Cincinnati.
OCTLamaRTine in hi "Restoration,"
thus epeaks of N apoleon' personal demean
or in one ot' his great battl e.
"Ho WW reppstedly teen spurring his horse
to a gallon against th
e enemy's cannon, and
re-appearing as if inaccessible to d uth, af
ter the sriv-.k" had evaporated. A live shell
having fallen in front of one of his young
battalions, whh h recoiled and wavered in
expectation of the rxplosion.Napoleon.to re
assure th -in, spurred hischarijertowards the
instrument of destruction, made him tmell
the burning match, waited unshaken for th"
pxnlosiun, and was blown up. Rolling in
tl tft'ust, with his mutilate dstecd, and rising
without a wound amid the plaudits of his
soldiers, he calmly commanded -another
horse and continued to bravo the grape sh it,
and to fly into tho thickest of the battle,"
More about Rifles. We' find the fol
lowing in the Hartford Courant.. .The trial
will be apt to excite tome interest when it
com1 off:
$1,000 R-tMrrf-Mf Challenge (o the World.
The undersigned, inv ritor and patentee
of"Sharp' Breech-Loading Rifle," propos
es to teat his rifle gaiustany other lailitary
arm in the world, not rxcoedlng B lb, in
weight, upon tho following term: A target,
fwii in ilinmeter. to be placed at a dis
tance of one-hoir mile. The gun mat pu
the (B-eatest number of balls-into the target,
in thirty minute, shall be declared victor
and be entitled to the reward. . -
The trial-to take place at Washington, ll
C, the first week in December, next
'..', v , . . ChwxiaiShap. '
HrtfowLMa Wth- Excelsior. :
Panama Railroad In the local column
of the Now York Express of the 2 1st inst.,
is the following paragraph:--- ' .
Mr. John L. Stevens stated, last night,
at the dinner giv- n to Mr. Law, that a con
tract had that day been entered into by Mf
ner C. Story, e Pi.ughkeepsie, for tho coin-
pleti-m of tho Panama Railroad within on'
year, and that George Law wa the pmtraa
tee for the' fulfillm -nt of the engagement.
The effect of the completion of this work on
the commerce of the wirld Is incalculable,
and can hardly be estimated, '
Immense Contract. A contract for
building the Tarre Haute and (Illinois)Rail-r-ad,
has been entered into by Messrs.
Willis Phelps, Wm.Mattoon and Jas. Barnes
of Springfield Mass. , This road extends 175
miles. Hourly across the Southern part of
IlPnois. These gentl -men havo contracted
to build tho road, furnish the iron, build tho
depots, caw, locomotive, &.C., putting the en
tire road in runn:m order, with three mil
lions of dollars. Therouteis comparitiv-ly
an easy one, and it is believed that the road
will be completed within two yeura. These
gentlemen are already heavily engaged in
diflt-rent parts of the. United State.1 , ;
Jamaica Scourged. At latest dates the
small-pox was Scourging the Island of Jama
ica at a terrible rate. In F-.ln.outh, with a
population under 4,000 it is supposed 150
are dead, and it is thought that nearly three
fourths of the inhabitants have had the dis
ease in some shape or other. There is not
an estate within a large district oi the parish,
which have not lost a number of 1 borers,
sometimes six, eight, twelve and even more.
At Punterpant estate, with a pipvlatitn cf
prehaps 140, 18 had died of small-pox up to
the 8 1st inst - ' '
High Manurino. The editor of the Mich ..
igan Farmer, in his foreign correspondence, .
states that Robert Graig, a successful culti
vator near Glasgow, applies manure at the
rute of one hundred dollar per acre! and '
finis it profitable. Although he makes much
on his pxceil. nt and fertile farm he draw
large additional quantities 5 milt alter pay
ing over two and a half dollars per ton w hin
applied. He give forty ton to each acre.
This keeps the soil in fine condition for sev
eral years, or till his five year rotation i
completed. . . ,
: A Man Drowned. An industrious i
worthy young German, by the name of John
I?v'TI who has been employed in driving the
mail coach between this city and McCon
nelsville, was accidentally drowned in the
Mugklngum river, near the Locks, in thi
city, on Saturday night.
In company with three or four others, he
went in to bathe, when getting beyond hi
depth and being unublc to sw im.ho sunk to
rise do more. Zancs. Cour. '
Salaries in New Orleans. The salary
of the Mayor ot' New Orlean has been re
duced from 4,000 ta $3,500, with an allow
ance of 84,500 for clerk hire; the salaries of
the Comptroller, Treasurer and Surveyor,
were reduced from 3,000 to $2,500 each; the
Recorders in two district to $3,400 each.
The salary of the Chief ol Police was incrco
pd from 2,000 to $2,500; the aalarie of the
Captain of the Watch were fixed at from lr
000 to ig 1 ,f 00 according to district.
NedBuntline. The St Loui Intelli
gencer of Tuesduy last says that Edward C
Z. Judson, who nas obtained considerable
notoriety under the soubriquet of "Ned Bunt,
line," wss committed to jail on 8aturdy
last on a capiat. He tand indicted for riot
on the day of the lato Municipal election.
Ho lubsequefltly gave eecurrty for hi ap
pearand) to answer ine cnargo auu w re
leased. ' -'.'''..
(frThe most striking illustration of the
O"' . . .l. :.u l.J... I..t,. I.iU
saving, "inai mo ywu w
- . . .. 1 L. . I. .... V. J T
postscript, WHICH J liarn ucaiv, ui, it
that of a young lady, who, having gone out
to Indiana, and writing home to her friendr
concluded in the following Words: "You
tnili tee by mil tignature that lam married."
Tni Mexican Slave Trade. The' prac
tice of purchasing Indian children forslavee-.
is trade carried on by the Mexican popula
tion of new Mexico and California. These
traders of late years have extendod! their
traffic into the limits el uwn iermuuy.
Lead. The Galena lead mine have not
been so productive thi year ' laij Ac
Cording to report from the upper mine, the
shipment in March and April, 1851, nou?
ed to 98-635 pigt for the month thi
year, 93,831 pigs-T-decreae, 46,306 pig. -1.

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