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T. -' " ' "c'lIY 01 LAHCASTEST
Locoroco , PmiT . Comvektio. I
Saturday next, comet off tha elect!
cofoco candidate for tha various
flee Jn "Old Pairfield." lrg
and for some year' past, ha been
Celebrated for tbe production
men, willing, at all time, to
"township, their county, thoir State
Jcountry.in any public capacity,
,J a place of honor and profit;
jrear,we think the Democracy
.y have been equally productive
tenals.and if all those are not rowa
their patriotic desire, it is quite
bur neighbor of the Eagle is bountliuiiy paid
n the way of "dollar fees." We are only
BoftV that our contemporary of the Tele
graph find It necessary to complain that the
various candidates, induced by some base
motive or constrained by wrong influences,
do not feel inclined to spend another dollar
for an announcement of their patriotic dispo
sition to serve the county in someone of
Dwoceatic Natiol ComiiTtojr. Th
proceeding ofthl Convention, in part, will
Drmnera'lc tf-stloml ConveatUit,
W re onder obligation to Mr. Btscom
Loal ktmatss.
I ' Srifitn .f,..na tr .1 j ' 1
j ' . .1 1 . . . C- Z Wiihiiot m, May 81. Mr. 1111 '7 """" ' " wi- .m. n, .n .icnceiart toifct. He delivered I IincaIer MurtL iJTv t u V?' """T ""
dent wu evidently frlgtstciMti M Ufn thU...-i lJ.:,n""7' "V1.!" lowi w Umuloiu nt.n-.K,..i;-I.i.J f "' : . - "J"1" t ., . V 'Y?.,.l. ,r.?.r?w '
Cha.,.ndlh,.doplonvfth..wo.th.rdu., mXXZZZ Bf,, ..-th, C-loJ' lf? ?'r
is. oniy another eviaence that tne iniwi im y mcn in- towa una and ratlro d Mil i w ociock, m., ni n can -a jo or-!.. 7 , , ' i'iry.i(.ur Uvui .:,er . 04r article mv ba nu.,tl .. r it , L .-...".. "tukk t:
On know but little and rare but litthr lor' the u ou .'Wr'y r-J-tcd, ...'en-tiz ns th e.Br '7 Halle". Mr. Haund.r of " " a. rrcoch troop., . Jl-ur 12.75338 25: Torn i7i'X. r. t .L: if
onofLo-Unulne principle ofDntocr.
county of- said to have declined in favor of Gen. Cut! tRfa a-yoU 1 10. nm 60.. from each 8-ate a. .nnolnted tOoVleet oer- M ZAV ".i J" P.ckcrrl;" -y'- "tA "7"
nia, now Houston' friend are active. , - W. Mr. O-r, from tae committee on Public mnontrffi ;or and fumlnn tha credential ' ' . . v. for Should--r a'd Side BfiTn,.. wJ'i !L"wl!FIMBrUvi'u,,w,
comewnai e suouiu iuhkb jrom mo tunc vi m "f- r;Ni eiwiui ig,uiu,vuu . l.r. Wn7 W ireiT kl 22(jaCR;'Sii.f kI. m : '
of aatriatl. anatehthatth ConvcnUon ha a week's cre "' '""d t FJoridc and A labuma, f.,r the 8w d:ffi:olty arl.ir.E nbut a drncienry fc T , Jf?' c?r. : Us" 8i: C.ffe liaillt tt;f.l f. T!''r'''''m-r lnhi.hihy.rii1.
r- I I , - mina mnr.rt.UA.. .....J, -a.. . I rtf nr. T, m.. . I .L. ' " ,v 'iT lit. 9liQTi:V nfi rY Ii 1 .ft I li , . - " "2' :t rl Un i trk. nftL . ....V.J ...L..
.erve their work befurethem; - ' A'k ZZ 'tS'T'lt whn "aT"'??. TA- S i.&0,,. faZ i W,:'"':"- EhouW- u.h,;
.1,.:. - .. .........:. n . r, 'A . .... ...u n u "f " " ' remain Hi I T'J'idjV. IIj V.'T v. Kr c; M juinp 40e: i wr. tiny mo. md tfl.Miid iw!r
""7" rm Piimtimo. We nn tha wrnnn i tuuutvuua reusMoi uay wiui ir.e ueorM wow w liuvs the accomo- .a, .. i. '.-"". " v-otie lSltv I5c: Bielirawr, V..I '"i!WirWii1)i th.t n r,.rMurr
. ..i -r p - k i u 1 1 i i ....... . it . , .... .r.L n ii . ijin uu iijurcii VT'rii n ' . . . 'w : t ...... - .
but of late H . r,, . J 'e'f"r r,,erat,(,np0,tpnedtiinv.day week. So ...on a the committee wa, appointed. , a"IV J'J; ZYV uSnUcV
out 01 late . Ace-gor'. Blanks. The nrim. Mr IT ,.n,t t .. ( f ir,ni;n i ..i..j .i,. ...... :h' .1 1. clalrr.in arr.vej v XLnt Onclick. P. M. 1 .o "i . 1 f ' r ijoirt;) ft di .eilir. AaJ the b.t of.il it, t
Of thiacoun- L.,,. lft0 nuire..tl,.en,n.r .... t, J ih" fl . M hd A.t" "m d.teV , " . WrMMwfei 'He a.-- . ",fCUI'r!,'nm,ur"t " Prl,..tMr -r. M.
,n t",h " I ftl :B0. ' Thi.i. iUstftl4.50lp...n 1,.. nov-d to amend by the 19tl, ol St.tew. entltl 'an ;ed a warm an 1 ex. r''W
t i j rf- - - - .. . t . i . I..:; i . ' mfifir'-a-j trirt r.voni .f D! .1. ..1 ) H'U'iiir unti ,.r t . .. ..u . J .1 w 1 num id kitt inn
,or hn formprl. n,i.l f, .mu. . '.. KiutioB and ,moiidmPiit p ..tpoo- utouio. no. pro2rMBs was wade in :n7.X"'. " - f "r'"' i-j. ' . ,. wrr' we nOTe r . li b,.v . Ml. of
.k. I r u, -j .. -j , m, .,.,. Lu'inoss . - . i .viu. .w.-cu. ur -j crjJj. and a ktn.rui unprovewnt ' A l.,.tt f.K va iim fit-U. auit r tha li
.. - ..u..., 1
Amwrmnit. Johnson & Co' Cirens, a
will bo noticed, is to be in this city'on the
18th inst. We are assured that msny Im
provements have been mado and that it is
onoofthe b'st in tha country.
IsniiNS. A delegation of Fox Inilinns ar.
rived ut 8t Lotl's, on M ndsy last,. Th"re
were fifteen of them, and they nresontodthe
the .public office "now seeking" for a new bes' appearance, as resp-cts their manliness
. . . , of nifure and show of drees, of nny dolf (t.
incumbent. , ,n which had visited the y for m-nihs...
.A .hrewd farmer in the State wo speak of, Tlr, BrP 0n hi nurtiruhr busin-. but it
supposed that their aim is to secure a supply
of legal tender.
Dastel WrBSTrKitsD the State Fib.
The pilitoror'h 'St!it"smin Ins.Tn Ict'cr
from M.iyor Case, of CI y "hind, statin? th'.t
the Hon. Daniel VVebcterhH. proniis-d to
stti nd th. next Ohio State Fiirat CIpvo
land, if possible. He has been invited to de
liver the address.
stated that, during a clearing, his farm was
o overrun with men who came to make
known to him that they were willing to de-
' Voto their time and talents in the service of
the country , that he wa compelled to stop fel
ling trees until, the campaign was over, for
- falling which way they would, theTe was
great danger of crushing beneath them some
. one or other of the candidate for office. In
ur own county it eems to us from the mul
tiplicity of candidates, that a like result
would be produced, were it not for the fact
; that clearings dp not take place at this sea
son of the year. As it is, we cannot but fear
that our Democratic county friends will have
a short crop of corn.
The prettiest fight appears to be for Sher
iff. We have four men who desire to exe
cute the law and the decisions of tho courts,
for a consideration, and after a careful ex
amination of tho present posture of affairs,
we are necessarily forced to the conclusion
. that three of theso gentlemen must be dis
appointed. At the present writing, we think
our old friend that used to help carry 'coons,'
drink 'hard cidor' and sing , 'songs,' stands
the best chance for a nomination. Thecan
didatefr are William J. Reed of Greenfield,
Aaron W. Ebright of Lancaster,Jesse Leoh
ner of Richlund, and fame Weaver of Lan
caster.' The next most hotly contested canvass is
" for the Auditorship of the county. In this
case, the fight is confined to Wm. L. Jeffries
andB. W. Carlisle. Mr. Jeffries has had
the office for two terms, but for various rea
" sons, he hs of tho opinion that ho can consent
to serve another term, notwithstanding the
generous rule of the party that no ono will
be required to serve for more than two tenrs.
In suc h case, it need surprise no ono that
L...:.l t . ,
lie wut uu jiuiii.uaiuu,
For Commissioner, we have HiMiry Bor
chers of Hocking, Daniel Tschopp of Pleas
i ant, and Thomas Smoot of Borne. The first
named constitutes one of tho sterl n'j De
mocracy of Hamburgh, but we fear lie will
find t!ie party willing to be satisfied with the
Vote of that region, without imposing upon
iny of them ttie duties of. acountv offi.-e
Indeed, it would bo wrong to require the ser
vice of men, who shout and vote so well, in
any additional capacity. The office was
promised the second nnmcd candidute, to
save Commissioner Reese, by men high in
kllthnritv. Ami nl.ln iyiiib. ha TnlRll...!
I J,-.....VJ..V6V I.1UBV UV I II 1 II 1 1 1 II .
We think Mr. T. will make a good officer.
For Infirmary Director, wo huvo John
Kemerer of Pleasant, and Michel Miller of
Berne. Both of these are clever rhen and
good Democrats,, but the former has been
iome trouble to the party in tho way of man
aging the Infirmary and has not always been
willing to countenance party corruption, and
may be excused from further service.
', For Coroner, we have George Harris and
William Mitchell both of them well qual
ified to fill tliat office and between them,
We think George will carry the day.
For Prosecuting Attorney, there is no op
position to tho present incumbent, V. E.
Shaw, Esq. Mr. Shaw has labored honest
ly and faithfully in the dischargo of his du
tiesarid of course will be nominated, not on
that account, however, but because there is
Ao opposition to him.
We have thus given all the candidates a
fair show in our columns, and shall not com
plain, like our neighbor of tho Tdegraph, be
cause they hove not seen proper to advertiso
their patriotism through our columns. The
oanyass ha been conducted with more har
mony than usual; but still we hear of agreat
many things which tell very unfavorably of
the character of tho different candidates.
The truth is, if tho reports are correct, they
have a much worse opinion of each othef",
than we have entertained of any of them.
In conclusion, we cannot refrain from pub
lishing tho very flattering compliment paid
them by our neighbor who didn't get a "dol
lar" a head:.
"The candidates, with tho exception of
jur. xschopp, lor Commissioner, huve not
announced, themselves In the Telegraph, al
though it is about twice as extensively cir
culated among'the Democracy as any oth r
paper. . We do not believe that the candi
dates are . such Picayune men aBto regard
the extra dollar which it would have cost
them. Some other mean was brought to
bear upon them. .Threats were made a year
ago that any man having his name announc
es in the Telegraph should be defeated, and
we suppose the same threat was used this
year. -We can stand all such malignant op
position. It savor strongly of the class in
terest and policy of Whiggery, hut can find
no response in the principles of Democracy,
which are not ao narrow contracted."
, After that, all the candidates ought to feel
better. They are not "picayune men," and
yet, through fear, they have allowed them
selves to bocomenarrow" and "contracted."
We might tell a "tale or two' in this con''
nection, but we wont interfere in the fight.
The insinuation against the Eagle and its
friends must be attended to in that' paper.
The attack ought not to have been mado in
the editor' absences
ed a resolution tha when it mracd tu
morrow, itstand alj:)trned till Friday.
8 Dale puesed a resolution to .''j..urn ov r
till Thursday, on account of th" Deui cratic
Convention, and then took up t!i d fli lency
bill. . Alter diouxtion tlio bill was puted
ana mo senate adjourned.
CuotrBA w LouiM!ti. The Midison,
(La.) j urnal states that there had been,
durin? the past week, several deaths 1 that
parish fromAsiatic cholera. Thp disease has
beenc nfined to one plantation thus fur.
I.NI.AJMl'MAlilNI A- r I It i: lSl - .
By the Prtcion Inurnn Cmnnny
Pnlic!f lurilt, rt'p of Pr niinm W dim.
of tny ritti'T rfipotible compn-. hv
'Vl,MAt P. r"tKr.n. At' P f i To..
tliw". r,.r f j7-Wrr i "f CilrWrumf,,
3 vooo
rilllF. OrtlO lURMON'IST.-Pat'nt N'nf, .Mil-
fdlv the hint mi mont poptilur i rlion nf
nnirrh sn;l Sacrrd Music evpr pu Khd .pngs
innniMiv trt mlvinugn to the li irot, ovr
nvry othir Book xtnt
Tlio Trp, Ajpnt ami Tohffr, m,t1oH on onoi
tnn PuMih I nd f..r lo by J II. HILK V ft Cn
Columtnu, Juno 2, mt aiart
Kew n a-t it w.it
MKMOIRgnf trgi.rct Ku'lprOolinclnTom
Chin, or. ,ilo among iho Lowly''y Htri i n
B!,pchpr Somp; ,
.Iiulno naMil iirlon's Yan'ioo ttorii s, 'llimtraicd:
Mi KiiMm'ii Vrnh 1-nvosfrnto W'exl'n WnoU:
Tilranii'l IViiliiions of Himmry hy T. Pulley;
Nn; Pi'f;r"'t-bv C.rolinc Chi.:M'uoroi .
Thac!mray' Y Uowp'ush Papera;
F.Hnavf. from IhH tendon TImim:
I'arta 6th and liih I'u'num'n 8-ml Monthly;
Jnat re'-eivpd at tho Now Boo'; Wtnrp
ColnniliasJvnpa. J. II HII.F.Y CO
fjnC'CKT IKOKS. Wt,., r,r rm and PotP
a. Mr.ni!p iyrv kind and
N'cw Boo'i htiiro of
for hIb at Mi;
J. II. Kii.r.Y&ca
Ecnpe of Mc Rht
New Y ri, May 29 Mr. Meagher ar-
r vod..n W'dnsday nig'it.tn th-brij,'Acorn,
irom r rn iniburo, u.iVin escaped to th.it
piuceir im Van Uiem n sLiu !, in an Amer
ican Wiiab-r. He siysh'i had partial libe;
ty on u lick'it ol'leave, ut tlio tiin' hs oscip
ed, but he did n t violate his cn iitiun. II.iV
ing made arrangements for h:n lliifht on a
fl et harse, wh'n h was saddled in his st tie,
ho uddresspd a h'tter to thj iiiur;Utrute. o:
Loss, SO mile. uixtant, in a distri t out of
winch he was n..t permitted to go, in whi. li
h returned his ticket of leuvo, and said hf
would r .mi n at hi. bouse Unit day until 12
o'oloi k.when his leave, expired, in ordnr to
give an onnortunity of arresting h'm; if th?y
could. Whi'n the magistrate road the 1. tter,
he ordered the chief of polive to arrost Mea
gher, but he refused. Magher waited 6
hour after the time, in order nut to give the
British authorities any excuse for saying he
had vi jlated h!s pledge. H was accompa
nied by the young English settlers, who su
plied him with horses and had burs" th m
seives. Tlie m nn nt h police entered the
house he passed out at another door, mount
ed . his horse, cam'' ruund to tho front, and
t ild them to arr.st hurt if they could. The
next moment he put spurs to his lurse, i nd
with his friends, was soon out of sight. lie
traveled ISO miles to the cout, embarked in
a whaler, and thence on a ship tho name of
which he k'-eps a secret. On his arrival at
N.w Y.irk he proceeded quietly t.i the house
of his friend Richard O'G jrmun, in Deun
street, Brooklyn, where hs Is n w jtuying,
and was but niht welcomed by a large num
ber of Irish societies. G'cat ex'itementa
mon the Irish nooul iti in. M.fun-her ud-
dressed the crowd in front of the house, and
said his only regret was in leuvini Smith O'-
llrien and Juhn Miti;holl behind him. He;
is a fine military-loukiniryoun!; man, and an
excellent orator.
Oil nflfl'lEI'I'SWill I'aprr. of tho lain.
wv(vuu tirnca, iiow jorl
W 11.1. PAl'KIt
kaud PhiUduluhit
Also, alarg liitortni'int of gold vplvt anj c. in
innn boi"d.Ts window pappr, lira ncrppiii, oic.
IVpluve made iTansP'"'it' with thtf fcailcra nini..
ufai'tiirp.-ilv W'hi- h e ar.' r-f;u!arl. snpp i.-4vi'
hi? ni.vr patnrn aa thoy appear, and whi-'h wo av
inahbd In apll at oastprn prii-'os.
Ciluuhiis Juiib i. . J, H. H!M.Yi CO.
.Iledicit! 4'o-l'nrtncr hip. ,
'pilr; iindiTii;nl haa asanWaUiJ with hin, in Ih
lah.nl I olmnhtirf.
Mr. P. is a gradu. ta of tho University of P'-iiim '.
vania, oi'thn'o yavi standing, ha ring sorv d hit U It
go In t!ip olliroof Lra. llo::ti i . h t.'mr. -na II
ju.it r tunii'd from an ad itional ait nli-ivi oi
trplvp ninnthi; in llvi P. niivlvnuin iloxpital.nnd fc.n.
the auporiur .dvaut.R a which he h. n'ovod, I to-1
ponlid.iiicn in otif anility to tTB.it, aklHuM",' any a.i :
iviry vai'U-ty of disnaae that mu v he entruhh, d to our
C..T'. ' '
t'prica At tnv old !and, atla'a rorn-r, Main
itnrot, uptNMtte thp Hugh . Mlci.
Kkpkhi:isci:-. Pii. rthite, KHinwr Kini Ipr and
BVlstlKi-. - 0. K PAVIS.
Lancaster, Juni I, K'i2. SmllU
IVoni it ut 'in
Baltim .be, Miy 21. Tho ViHnia Sn-
at" has r j"eted th-; II' u-e resolutions rela
t've t tho Wh'elinu Bri.lgi, and adopted
r "solutions sim tiy reqiie.Mng 8 natora and
ft 'jir s ntat:ves in Congrcsj tu uie ihcir ex
ertions to s 'Curespeedv lejrislation, to so ad
just the controversy, as to procu.v un cnaet
mntfortho reguhition of CJirmiurco on the
In the M iryljn-1 Ronite to-d:;y r.n unfavor
able r 'port was m ido on tho bill 1 1 tak tho
sense of th" people oa a law to prohibit the
sale ufiiitoxicat'iig liquors.
One branch of ill city council passed an
ordinance for Ioan'ii r a m'liion mi l a h :lf of of c."h Stato by itsolf.
The Pennfylvsnla tnemhorof the roin-
m:lt on offij'i rs i. H. B. WrigUt; the Njw
York ni mber is Z idoc Pratt. T i tw -ts
f claimant from G "orgia, each, claim the
ri .'ht jo appear, by a m' lnber of tho deh-!.i-timi,
before th . cummittee on credentials
and advocate their respective claims adopt
Not half tho delegate can be eated.
Hundreds ar on the floor not entitled t
seat-i, Virginia has 120 delegates, Sl'ssi.
sipjii 41, and jino other State imm ense
L ird Wirn'-lifTe, aeebmptniedby the Hon.
ILvordy Juhnnon,ison the stage.
. Second Despatch.
9 o't lock, P. M. The Committee on or
ganization reported the following offi xn:
i'rerultvtllon. J din fl. DavU o Indiana.
Vire I'rcrultnlf J.lin Erwln of Alabama,
S'iinu'1 C. R.mne of Ark .nsas, H-ny Ly..ns
ol Califi.rnij, James T. Pratt of Connecticut,
Chirls Wright of D laware, Jjhn Branch
of Florida, J iseph Gay of Georgia, Jame
B. Folle of L.uisiana, Doct. Charles John-
j-n .ain.inungour Lu;nes4 men and. the
trwe .ol the city w gridualiy, but aurr
-' ?i..K:-.'crirrTift."-i ,v'
BosToii.JT.y 20.:Jn the'SDtnodl! Con
ferep e the finnl-report of ihi Boy!: c un
mittee was pres. nted.'; It cnnjalnii a r'Salu
t;on approvingdoingtof the Xw y,.rk Book
Ag"nt.t, which waii adopted,' The report In
r Vrofun illdeOr-n !rnt oriaiii?ti,.n of a
Tract Society of the M th dist EpUcopat IW tu4,l3; Southern 4,i0. B
crBiAino- fn il.i. .i..4 .... . . , "jOir v.,ii;(. anj pautUivou, v.rv bioui
eroding, in this nver.tion, it is to tha Ja- jpm tuition of-taator'r. gup s'ho,.,!"
tcrcsf 0 OUT clt2Cll to le?p it; .'--.- i 't- W ' w.:uld auppna it auch brilli
- - - , ... t'orf Oh what b-iau ymir TannV wa
son of Illinois. Genren Gilllspie of Iowa, I ed nearly the whole building. We have
L.tvi Lyter of Kentucky, EmiU; Lasser of J learned the particulars. '
J 1h
inahip -th
mild Rmt
i up fo
-and aH
'( f' mim.tev 9vtk HtM 'lrou l.s bcf ina
to r-v wipci ntuf y.rnyn. Notwlthatandinil
Iv in. I 'l0'""" ' "u'S't. unna.iiningnoinhbori wilt rai
' , 'jpir v..'.: anj rautUoyou. v. ry piwi.ly, agaim
K,.a!" Ibliai ol
brilliant tugnt'-
vtmt arannV vaa V oudcf
ew York. Itluifcet. M"Ty7tt&1itm?
. , j ' Iliiril.1.1.l V.-IIW1.IDII III IU I.I..IIIVN
JlEWYoRl. June 1. P. M. Cottnn .ln-'lw .fsin vtiwt and a?" tlio Crura we tut. You
i "ned t- Hale if 14, 500 LM
irtaiulv pl
wa havtgotol' lat
op OoMr.put.ciiar..
i. haa brou,iht thrm
i la. - n ..... . --in.... Mrrn. ..mi. iiih iw. iq u. urnruakiun, cr
jt-J 14, pmr. 10, Z. bmettOO lard at 03. !t f.lv. 'i l .ramiij.tluwo wb. want to lave aa
650 hh' Orleans tU"r at Hi 700 boxe. ' "i Jw pur-.'iu.e vt auitriftIi th-,aa will fir
Porto Ri o at "4. 16U a ks R u r,ifT. ni 1 11,1 b" ! !
J' .fl-000Ja"i,n,PeJ 0,llltC2. COO tLdj..nl r,ttadoutfi-Slohdtof.t,oWoMhr pfl..
Kentucky lobacco at 6 to 8. lofclotl.in.' ws hav af .red away. Whit H you
. , i ; rerrairt in tvny particular. If anything hapi
f'incillliati 71'jrkl't. H 'tobmrw;i.-iyonrf.urrhaI rotura the goodf
r. . i . t. ind Jt l.tilrooiour aluria toali aupply. It it ttia-
t.lK'.'SilATf, June I. Rivernen 20 inch- luumcn'.iontlu vari.ly o'' oar
e sliiee lastevenin?. Weathprfine. Flour ' Hyrii.R nui Summer Hunk of Clathin.
unchan.'ed: 700 hblj old a.l.S fn im In... :.. .... : ... .
. ZAJtr-sviLtE, Miy 20. This afternoon a- and 3.30, fortjftra. Whiakr 700 hblssold ihkJaudpatiPToi. KiSTAUJOSian VESTS In
bout 5 o'clock, a fire broke out in the Female t 60 tlo. at 15J. v Provision dull co oK'' t'vry r!;,-K.f; lafEin...ntui of
Seminary, on 8rv. nth street.which wpsuin-re. Other article, unchanged. ' . '.Zt,
t !imr-. Ht,fo l'l-cllo P""r UU Muthir U ut t i la auch do-
a I r'T.,., T'- ''" wi" u 'O-nupUrd lo hid- hrapf orPTsry
hiiiennf ) fill'. r.... ...!.. - i .'
. - --- , ... -r -- - ; , r . , - wiV in,'. .irii. win ccnuiity piai-a wr .a
. iiuren nan uho i.een adapted, ana K j uo u'-ul wneai, poor quality, at 1.05. iu- n ut rrinan Vruult w
Ah 1 Stephens, ofBjiton.wuii elected eJitor of25,000bu corn mixed 87: yellw .' '! 'K'iV-'Ti '
!'T'-t.' . !3. Bye 7 too bb!s moss pork. plVXrfiJCL
timt rirr. ' '
Sa va x sah, May 2.t--A t.f ritle cofcfj tgri
ti.n uccur'r d h'-re to-day. jayinj in aslr a
blo'-k of buiMinjs bcumled by York and
South Georje streets on the one siJu and
Ab -r on and Lincoln on theothir, in all 20
dwellings. .
SurPr.ilera, MMalir f.v. p oaia, ( Ir.iki. lc: Faah
L.uis'una, Amos V. berts of Maine, R.
i.i .yu o' 11 -ryrm.1, Henry II. Child of
M .Hsa-'hiMi'tK Ef-;n Firn.'worth of Michi
gan, John B. Lcvilleof M'ssinsippi, B. A
fiOLDr'.V KTHl'P.
rpilK un'lpigni! baa jnt T'-reivi-i a W lot
a. r.i"-
PPWNC JXD fil'MMER EONETS.-Jutt reteiv-
f It rnr"KOtfiTwirjiro cmplnymeht to throe
i arppni'-ra.
Uncajter. May It. IBii.
' Bost, :Miy" 2S, C-iv.. Bou'twej" and
S'i&l I) iw tt-nr nnn'r in .ffi rrt i,n t rm.
Jimenof Mis .url, S.in'jcl Tilton of Ti- w 1 inon this morning. "" . ' ':'
HampKhire, P. H. Craie of N'cw -
Z id . Pratt oI N ;w V ,rk, W. .V. Kdwards !
f N'.rth Carolina, Win. M'dill of Ohio,
D ivid I,ynh of Pennsylvania, Welcome B.
Ssylcsof Rhode Island, Cave Jhneon of'
Tenneasee. Ahbell Smith of Texas, D. A. !
Sinalley of Vermont, Oharl"s Y mry of Vir
ginia, and Wils in Dewey of Wisconsin.
Sxretnriet -EJward 'C. West of New
York, E. P. Pr,,tt of Tennessee, E. B irks- j
d ik- of Mi sissippi, W. W. Start of Iirliani, t
Patri. k rritt.'nd. ii nf Pdnnpetl -.it V A I
Hooker of Tllilir.U. R Ki-nril Tt Tt irtL.tt ri
Kentucky, Lucius Y. Luck ot ly.uisi-inn. S.
H. Ayeroi New Hampshire, Samuel N. Pat
tersonof Pennsylvania, C. Pryor of Virgin
ia, and David Noble of Wisconsin.
Ruii.t of the. ConwitinnRttolval, That the
rules of the Houe ol Representatives, as far
aa applicable for the government of this Con-
ntion, be adopted as the rule of the Con
RroiW.'Tliat two-tli'rds of tho whole
number of votes giv n shall be necessary for
t nomination of candidates for President and
Vice President of tho United Stutes, by this
R W, Tint in votin-r on any question
which may arie in tli9 proceed inirs of this
fonvention, th.' vote shall ba taken by
Stales, at the request of any member of any
St ite, umi that each Statu be entitled to the
number of votes which it will bo entitled to
iu tlio next electoral college, without re
ward to tlio number of delesatv in atten
dant, j uo maimer in which said vote is
to bo cai"t, to bo decided by tho delegation
im moat ronliwy uitrmrpry in thm World ia thp ' '0",M ' I HK1 and Sttomi, t nbnllaa, Trav
tirfW Arsliian R-mnlv fop Ulan aok Bt- riling Haja of ail kiaia.Trunka. . hVveral do2. of
tt n ,. ., . :UkLitlrr S't.rtn. r. i Fin Thibet Vioolia. will
. w .rrcu.voHor.wi anmn on'maai .,mmtio,,nb MK,or ai,tlon.en. Many
r Tho bpnt'lMl and Urt'k vfgion' inVittinK t'nf ooart . in the turai,'.iaK way. oil of which will M oiti
(of Arabia., bnwda vtoh ra e plana, and o-Jo-oua 'f 'u-J of en the meat itatjimhtt trrtnt tni lwt$l
woou. v !iiw aro pro. lived tho c aroinoti.-ui.-m and pr'w . CUVttUAN ft CO.
1!. .nr. i
oaira1 oi i.ttti Una l.in.iu. a u cmaw d.
.lw.l4tu,r. wc.urr.t aul
li -a it i-,
nwa..iwi.4i.i.F, ur cU'.'.K. i p-oiratio Bri;r-
Kiin ajifimi. ui;:ii-ou uirouKn tr.a w' tip
iUv w, is a.
' n. Troii I-ttrn. : -avii. th- mcwlii t ne p.inina'
f 1 1- a. .7i in . . r. .
Kj.uTV.vrlr f t..rK c.. r . .i iiiiiiui-w i ry II. : en lo mil w r'Htnrru
tradp. fall and trv U. - . -OHN LYONS " "T.'0 V r"" .
Hubert l ieldiutr,
t Tkiln- w atand 4i thtTallmn 'r' It IklrA
ftaacton ia p.o.upt .! i i Vrf'.r W(7, of Hit T.UMiuia lioirau. at tha
.lrlnr ItaPtmea tho fl-ah t t la. nUxga Iff, -. ! th.s l.l i IU t, hi jii-t lal to hia lor net
fornoto I ' rcrd.,r"atnrin;n.p to limb, paralyiol br ' .UDi-lv.th Urfat andmutfnnti anoAnur.t oi
yar., tr4 vt'.i-.f tho ftVih haa ira.td av, Imv- .1 X aiU ' APS, -er ocounl in tlio city of'Uwaa.
in IMitt.ina b tauinand 'mi eclkj a irai(i,v ar ' n.r. Hi. .In. Hal. rnn.1..ti in oart nffinr. ,ilaU
- --, m Mn-oii.rnii iarRlnq Traw Donnit ( i juinu tww fan .o grow ou! an.i i.u up iw-i in. unit hVaver; Hir tvr, a aupcrior
Mun Tllai, kUli, Uonnc-t Bibbona, B!u TVninw hvnlhl pai'j. It rector-- tlvainnraiauMot jjiiit , ASarticU-. (Vrti aoj Viae Bto.1i;
ami raiin Mi Hat, t ,; ; . . HI.Mj; g. ' BU tm 11 the rpa.nn why it ha bn onaui. ' tJ nj MIX, bMttfkl ortlBat tt
-- SMak-, Uvor. Uts and kiduova. tna. Mtt ,mm f1? ,v.'" rfc..?1'?!.", V '"!r,.to"0"
Dirtk'tt Of TO HOl'SR CAllPKlSTHlfi, j.u.Mi.l.-iw-ar.yotrrTer pr-'ud. Kor ti w'n "7' H.r" '
raw or nurMii 01 rr,e fcuioeo. n .a a i,pr"-iiie. j - a. n " , W ,
a.:y int.-n.ol inHam....iion. ou- will t i !. rroat Imuran lini-h anl Tamjuro do .
.trfir r-Wii Ithaanoojual in thi worll for Itiu-umatm- ' nV,, T ' , . . '
1 atli'T itMm pt,,WJ.Uint.ii.,mhiMwa. wakfci..?;ue( W'-"' "A. aj k.au.. lor Mon and Boyaj
i auu .-.lira., uam.,wouui., cn,.uun.-uru4. aor imoat. T .. .
! 1 . ... ' i ... 1.1 . 1 k n..ui h .n.l llum..v,.n 11. .a
Iuw. o. .ihh-.i- as i r-ii'iM lain ineu.n, wra,f.rne. ' o
manijo, ar.. ind-vd nc.rlv a'.l dii.i which rii.ire Cblld.-flrt'. I" finer Summer II at,
an a p! irttyi. and manv MVr. aro al U alio krw on hand ood erk of kit own ml. '
, -.-nr.... u yy . i: i. u.r n.Brnany w.ui gitat i.artuTi- and ir.i tr.chr to order t:ia Aucnatim
i'K'w --.V.
.UCria. .n 1'i.itra.. r.r avi'..i.Ml bm-' a. rr.fuia ur l.'tr. II. . il'.m 7 .
It- -1 . . I- M,i. - .iir iiyu ntu't ur f.ra.rrn.
c... i..Tern.inpu.', oorrnua nxoaaro. ne. lor -fltsaa. .aafavf riDc.l ninao limi
lHrr-.anl raftle. h i. a..--u.l aa mdiwa.e.o. , ' ' '' CPS" C?'
Iims. Mill turoanvratoof arro-nt.iniwon,i,:l . V1 f.ita-r ould eiecialiv call
, al-u, ap.vin, .plint, rinabooo. big Iva.t, 1'imoU, fciey. ' 'J1" 't.'nti. ot th? piihlac to hi variwl and extetw
jpoii i-vu, minigaiia, atra.nt.Uui.e., cu-. : " ""' rr, prwr aua enraptr man
i y v-uc t,,i HfcNDTo uuurou -u iuo curxem OI wo
Lvck out or ConnfrrJeit$.'
Tliopul lic an. raaiion! again,! airjther ro-.u or-! - Th following achcd'.lo in-5-.atM but portina
i uwi,.'c,, h" l-'H'v n.ido iia a-pKraiK?, ci!!-7d , tho as-wrimen;, .if eu.k o.CTiption thoro axo laxgo
! tt H. f 'arreli'a Arabian UiiimmMlw matt danrou j ijn.i.tirM Bro-.n and bUi-lc pli;Ii CAPS,
I of all the couo erf"ifa, iru-e hia hani itirum. I tlobair brown do. Mpo". Ilunsrian and Alijomado.
:jof f amll.many will bny it io foni lann, without j tephu'. DiaminJ r'l'onta do UaciiaatdaJohaaoa do
I Hi? knowi.-.o that a coun'rrfo't eai'ta, nj th.i v wiill 8ur cloth and Tmvrtit'g io.
. prhapa onlir diarovpr liwii-.rnr when tho apuiiou j ,. Tt,. st . .i. p., ...
)rK'nMhaawroui!hljt.ilWM.et. , , e l10 IM lap.
Tho n wuio articlr iamanolactim'd only oy II. 0. ' ,vt band and Victori TuHmim, Mon'a Sand
, Farrcll, ,lc invm.'or an.t proi.ri. tor, and wholaale i w,c Ali""? "P.. K'ngsold aul Boojh and Heady
dm-'Ki't.o. IT.Uain .tret Ci-ori III noia, to w hmp ; , , ., .
p aw, an ainoa 01 ?i.k am common ou cCHn rapa.
i ity bondi u tho Parker.-.bur''li
Conniny. v
Rail Road j A "ter the reatlinjr of the report of the com-
uii ..r i r.i. .
, ...ivi.1 l-, a. i oi lb. nun mo t-xj.-iiiioil Ul Ilie
Uai.ti.ii inn, M iy 31. This his been ad iy portion relating t;i the two-thirds rule was,
of p jliii.'al -xoit. 'in 'nt, cauuslm; und spe- !on motion ot'2Ir. Alhurton, concurred in.
cul itin;'. . The friends ufCiu-i, D .u.'las an I j Mr. Pratt, of Ohio, said tho t wo-thirds
Bu-liiii.in are h ird utwork: but ths fiu li- rule was adopted. at Hu latt D macratic
ln.n.!., ,;. n., . ...1,1 1. n .. ....1 : i. P '
.... .... .. o - '(: uo "t-v- . un ii- w jrivi iiiiwn, aim n io now JrOHy.i io lorco .ti.or .tawiihiuuut no.r exUu:
ar.i .n nun an oiners. ia x liun.lred ir.enus i it on tins in doro-ratiuu of tho riht th-.t tha
' "' f f t's VU'.V ' . . ' ... a.c 1 i' ' " '
u.....,.v.., ' . tail anplii-afionalirt. AzpnriN muat hi a!, nwd
rt i .na..llilul.d a qttrairion. Dromnllr, I .ur.i vniut It wi'h th'Wttsra ll.bo Karro Ta, i And ft Bsaath'al Stylo ol CJotll Cap for ChiUrn.
..yinpl.' .H.l lti.t,i,,.,tc W.MM.M.. I thua- II O. uStt'.- and hia aigiuum s ti nfi irocf M for mr. xni of .
Uh-'ai,izlndpMft.ltMfoTthocntiiin-acail,unior I "'W,'!'' ,U eUr.,!?-'.'i;'r,:".-'?'u . I rioua atvU.ind rnido of cloth, Kah. Oil cloth,.
- . . UllooHr. . ' , J ''-1" , . urr i..iii liviwi - it ran'.aMy bsa.id tluxt t;.p asjortment, atyl and
E.1I IM KK CI Ki Vt : -Z l?AlTX'KZ: 'h'Tl"-J',1f.ou ' f" hr. oVvi-.r boon quailed to this city. Th.
. , 7 - . i. . TT . v . ' " too a-uniion ol tno auoacrioer id tiu particular boai-
. Medicai Notice. -The attention of .the
reader Is directed to the eo-partncirBlilr'' no
tice of Drs. Davis and Pears,
ito'h v niit.n'i'Ui
ITTIIA'rKVKB ruii'fm. tho health ail happinoa.
t ol'n p;-ople 1 at all tlini's ni'Hin mnt v.iua!
iiiiioilani-e. I i!ii it i'..r niiiiitwl that evnrv p-ri.ii'
willilo ail In tn. ir o.v. r Io am--tin. llvi.sol' th.dr
rhililrpn.nn.l that ovi.ry p.-r un will on Isav-w i-i pto
not." their own hnnltli i a' all rarriiicj 1 1 I it Ii.
bo mvduiy to loli-innlv inur vou t ia w mn, n.
cn ding to 'ho npiiii..n.f 'h nvi.t c lehratol P.yil
cian .:rthn M-iinarv c.-i.tu ot a lira, in iiritv n
di -as .1 W'li h :liiili-..i .n lalulla r iia!! i; ll
u hivo an app.-tile rontiimally rh. njra1 1 fr-m
on - kin. lot t.K.it to anoth 'r, had hrnath. pain in th
s'niuirl.. pirki'n at iij n ml. Iiunln- i an I lul'n-ti n
1 1.. h.ly, ,lry roiiih. lo r fey r, ri.1,0 iri-Pp'llln-:
m mW that all theae d -ni.to iV'ohM' , and
anouii ai once apply tie riimnay
An a. tit lo found"! unr.n tcieniifir or'n inlei. com
roun.let with urlv vogi tahlc huhihuucs. h ing;
p lioitly sal i wh n Ul. n, an l determlnH in ail ,t
i'lf.rti andnot I liwthoavat. m In a dia a.i- l con.
ilitiiinaa mo-t adv. rtU'tl nfl.tru'.u roinpoicd nf Cat
nme! f..ithe vcmova of woioia, au h a. I o cfr...
r rinuu'a, vie, uui ra. Mrior.n .".t in moat af.m.
Milne cur. a. ami -avn I' the Uvea of thnn.an.ia h.l
old ai.J vo.uiff, who Invabwn prnnnii ir .1 hoplp
in.ur bl In Phraictan.. Hna.1 the follnwin-j an I b.'
come jRliifu-d of iti o'H.-acy o.-i-r all nt'imi
Vo-h.a ft . v i:h. Ni w Ju ai-y
itfr. V. 'fuleninr,. Tl'ii I. to ceri'fv th .t lie
.hild, '8 voaiai.f ai;e, havinaho n ai. lt ferRy ar..
wo att -udd by l)r. I.opur. Wl.il I i-. and I hi-l. r. fn'
a Ion,' linn without rc.:i. inj any b. 'lit; wh a I t
Kivina h 'T up aa in. unl.le, I wort to Phita.i l hin
and cnn"iitr I nnn ol thnbnst i'h . -I-tani; h r,!:n-ai'
atill crowing wor '. It iti at this t;:nI win indu-.
wltotry lli.nKxa .cu'a oiimS.nkp, anl all 1 Ink
inir two ho tl. a vhn mtirely rocin. .I her h 'alth
llnrin(( that thii w II pri-i-a Iwui'Iit to p. rent, whose
chil.lr it aro bi'i.ilarly alfectoj.
Iamyoura.ikc, Ii. BO W.MAN.
Ko pnrt of tho y-t"ni ia mire lial.lo to loi thin
the I.ivko. it a.'rvinaa a Hit-ivrtn purify- th'I
or Riving tho pinner ai-er -tion to ih h I. ; n 'hat ny
wn.n arti.ui of tho I ivr plf.Tti tho nth r in D r
tant part, of tho aval -m, and reu t. vnrou-l . 1
Livor ronplaint, Jmndicn. Dvapoiaia. nbv W
hniild tli -r -ion witch t-vory ' .-mptom that n.l'it
iiw. imawiim: arnon oi ni i.iir TV, niiu
b"ini( compoiwl of ano-n and r.Avia furnish 4 hv
natur,, to h.-al thn ti.-k: Namolv. I.t An Kx:ikto
a aht which ni?mi'nti th ; irr.tinn from fh ) IHilino
nrv m.irui mrin'-rano or promiAm thu d'- liar.M ...
ai ir tin matt, r au. An Ai tkhtivk, wl.ich chm
. in om inoxplliV I mmn t tho coital-" mn'1. d
.itu.i n. ino v..o.n. ;irl. A Limn, which glv -f..
andttronij.htntho norvnu avat .n. r-n w n
h alih au l vUnrtnall pans of tin htuly. 4th, K e
THAHTic, wh!cha. tJ in porfrrt harmon v with the nth.
or iiuirpdi Wa. ,nJ npolatlna nn tno Bowl . and ox
ppll" gthowholnma. of enrrnpt and vlti t -H ma'
rr, and pnrnyinK thn Blood, whl. h drro dla,
nn n.aHirr. n.'aitn. Krrpaiwl at Hobonaack! Lab.
oratory, Philadelphia. Prim rant. - -AOKNTS.
... .
t. Kreiilor....
R. B. Walker.
K. Kalb.........
Otlo II. M.ollfr. . .
J. II. Sun.l.-ima ...
ti. K. Hamlin
Jon I, Wi
, I.ncatm
..Woat B.th'ille.
. . 8i.moTt '
...Oakland.- .
Cn-Pnrtnerhip Notice.
NOT!' E la hereby eKld that tho auharrfrfa"hvd
ilii. da nle olintn co-pirtnorahip, under Iho
ilrnoftVlilTEJr. anUJlll.KN. for tho purpose n(
conducting nrai atom and produce buainoar. -,:.
. LanJuiter, Mav 13, lnf3. 3dlOJ
., . , - ,' 1
HAVINfl pnrchaaod th largn and valuable attck
In trade of T U Wh th. tho nibacrihoni aw
ow prepared to offer to the public, ot tho old
atanfl, .firm aoor Jar oitnu tswan Motel, on the moat
raaaonwlo terna, very auperior aaaortmont of
lrr ooda, Oroerrlr oad (l..Mwar. ,
lnalltheh-Tarlatv. We Invite 'he Public tweall and
uanlno. , WiilTK. Jr. JULIAN.
Lancoetor, Hoy IS, I8W. dlOW
of Iiu han in, from Lancaster and adjo'ninn;
counties, li ;vo tak-n Carroll Hall, one of th?
lar-jost rooms in theci'y, l'..r their headqu ir
tors, and have arranged for a bountiful supply
of refreshments, to which several th .u-i.iiid
ti -k 'tsof admission will b" issued, good till
tho aili'iutimo.it. The Pennsylvania an l Vir
gini i delegates are called u;ion tamoet there
to-morrow night, when tho festival will be
opened, and plans adopted to further the in
terest of their favorite. Tho gorieral im
pression is, that the Cuss m n, on the second
ballot, will go over partly to Duelinn m and
f) .ugl is, giving l!u-hiin:ni 120, und Douglas
1 10. As to the third ballot, no ono utU'inpts
to make any guexs us to th it. but Cass is be
lieved to be out of the question, and that the
Now York delegation will hold the bslune
of power. Tho cars this ev"nin;r brought
in a large number of delegates Si strangers.
Arrival I it in llwiopc. .
New York, 51 ,y 3U. Tha Arctic brings
dat s from Liverpool to tho Utli. Cotton
had slightly a lv me.ed.
LtVEKi'o.L Market, Miy 19. The best
qualities of Wlioat advanced from I to 2 I.
r .our commands more att -ntion a 'vanced
3 to 6d. Lirgo operations on Tu.slay.
Wh -at-mix 'd r-'d 5sHd.jsl0d;white 6stofis4 1.
VV -stern Cun.il FlourUOs toi!0si)d; Phil id.-I-phiaunl
R iltimare 2Us to iiO-sOdi Ohio via
Orl;ans2ls22s, . Y dlow Corn 30sfid: white
23s'U to mil. SI in y abun lant.
England. Uiubatod activity in all tho
minu 'acturino; districts. A 'coi-nts from
Austria h ive caus-jd an unsulisfactory fe.'l-
Ingui tho woalen districts; pric -s h. vo an
advaiioiiig t-n .ency. At Uirinin rh un the
Hardware and Jron trade aro quite aetiv.
Tho Austrilian g..l I mines wero attracting
lar..") numbers uf miners end metal workers.
Tho weather is extremely favorable bith
in Ireland and England. The case of u Brit
ish Sulij ct,- n lined Murray, sentenced to
death in R une for political olVences, was be
foru tho llous ! o' L irds on Vondny. Also,
tin cuso of the protestunt missionaries ban
ished from Austria. - Th re was n warm dis
cussion, wilhou' d finite result. Tho dissen
ters' bi.l, requiring civil rojistration only of
dissenting chapels, was re id a second time.
Tau coloniul Secretary stated that gov
ernm 'lit was devising meuns for assisting the
starring Highlanders, and distressed hand
loom weavers of Scotland to emigrate. Th
militia bill was discussed, and adjjurned.
Tuesday, nuquirum; Lord Lieut.. Clevc
hind refused to counten nee. the petition in
favor til' tho liberation of Smith O'Brien.
' France. G .n rals Limoriciero, Bedear
and Lille refuse to take tho oath required by
the constitution. Tho two month' grace
allowed foreign holders' of ftvo per cent
bunds, had expired, and the te-paytnent of
the investment is demanded, to iho amount
of 35,600,000f.
TheEmperor of Russia has left. Vienna for
Berlin. It was understood th it Russia, Aus
tria and Prussia had definitely agreed, .vith
reference to French uffuirs, to uphold the
treaties. Premium on gold rising alarming
ly at Constantinople, u '.w coin of 100 pias
ter being turrent at 1 15.
The census of France ha been published
population thirty-five million seven hun
dred and eighty-one thousand six hundred
and twenty-eight. It wa rumored that the
minister of police wa Invested wiih discre
tionary power over foreigners in Paris. .
uorgey hook on Hiinsrary has been iup
pressed oy Austria; mpposed to be In con
majority sina ruie, as ion, n.) saiu.as we
h ivc the t vo-thirds rule, a minority can play
around until they force tho majority into
th'-ir views.. For this reason I move to re
j 'ct it.
A motion was mado and passed to lay the
motion of th gentlem m from Ohio on the
tuble, and tho two-thirds rule was then adopt
ed Tliis was succeeded by long continued
applause and deafening huzzas. -
It was then moved and carried that a com
mittee be appoint d to wait upon the Presi
dent elect of the Convention and inform him
of his el'etion. The chair appointed St p.
nh"ns of K-'nturky, Wise of Virginia, and
Tliompson of Mississippi, guid commitfe,
who quickly discharged thoir duty, und Mr.
Davis, having reached tlio platform, was r.-
ceivd with demonstrations of applause. Ho
spok? os follows:
"(Isytkmcnoflb Convention: I return my
s'neero und candid acknowledgements for
tho honor conferred by culling in ) to preside
over your deliberations. Although not alto
gether unused to Ihe duties of tho Chair, I
appro ich th m on this occasion with great
doubts as to my success in presiding over so
large un assembly; but in my attempt to dis
charge these arduous duties, I ask you to
bear in mind that good old mtxim,. "order
is h -uven shrst law." (Applause.). , .
"I shall call Liu Hy for your forbearance;
may I not say, I asic for the cxercis-J . of a
higher and purer christian virtue culled for
giveness, not only towards the chair, but to
wards oue another. I ask also, and con
jure you as fellow-democrats, embarked in
tho B.inio glorious cause, to be mindful of
the great ob.ig.tious that rest upon you,
as a party, to promote Harmony, conciliation
and compromise. "Every thing for prin.-.iple;
nothing lor men."
'I again think you, gentlemen.". (Im
menso applause, suecceded by an adjourn
ment to 10 o'clock to morrow morning. -.
S;con Dav.
June 2 The C invention met at j past 10
o'clock. Nothing, however, was done until
i pastil- -
It was then resolved to appoint a demo
crati: generul committee, to report a plat
form, to-morrow morning.
R 'solutions declaring that the compromise
measures, especially the fugitive slave law,
although unaccptable to certain pirtion
oi tno unjun, 411 democrats coincide in lor
tho sak ! of harmony and the permanency of
tnc union, wpre luiu on the table and order
ed to bo printed.- .-- -.- ....;
Mr. Chirlit k, of New York, declared it to
bo tho duty of the President, at all hazards,
to sustain the compromise acta.
S 'vcrul motions were matte to adjourn, on
account of tli? heat and tlm crowd and be
cause members were unablo to hear. Tho
mo- ions were voted down. . .
There aro not less than a thousand per
sons claiming seats asdelegafc.
Several resolutions, all in favor of tho fu
gitive law and t omprorhise acts, wero read
and laid on the table andordered to be print
ed. - . . . .
Tho Convention adjourned to 6 o'clock,
P. M.
n . a'wi rf.. ..w, ... oawe u-iiiHiu mi- ouvciiurr mj ui Ltmii jri
jr,r.sgx w A.ti mi in everv triia. vniu im . i :. . i
tump- ban let in the tnited 'ata. in whirl, one ia not al- !..,,,. in tho principal citwa ol tho L'niooi
rea. 11 i. r arreu as a ore, . h,v ,ij .,;, .,. ,k k.., alm.fi,
reference to character, ta- lhe n,ort rM mble rat. Tht tti tk it for tale, and
S.iperi-.r In blood, h auiy ana traminii lo thmoof anya . . !"?''" win nd .1 to pe.r auran.e to call and
wn-ji unuw ol JTiWHRII SflEXTtWr IvnMiPH' I. ! ., r. ". r . '
UTITII i double trmi)ie of purlWr.nora. -male and I
f.-inale, n;lM'd Iroin the cream of tho tump-
id ofj
I- "I
lean Amphiilieatroa; aa unrivaled lud of I r.-ady eUbliihod. Ad n
I'LIIKOIlMlNiT llUli-tl'S.. accemnanid wi;'. good ;
apuinici.HT, 611 ,
JJ-AWJIttc.". X-'Mnn aaldHjtlnnrico. noalitv. ..rietr and eleaoc.: IA.
S'J Tnv',;,X:,"r..!.? "-"I7?-? I Mock itnoi umutud ii Central Ohio. .
IVhn.o.rllu.mmhol. J.,.rM ... I w. ' rr-r"' ' .J ' rf Satire r nui,;T tranrjuirt , , ...... . ....... i -
)U,:VCma ; "-. ..-pp'yt
1 t u .r.nin i.itjTt. i iiia idiruivk troncriui rt mtav mp i uo.ci idt m hi ictrorn'oouiut iiarrnri sntt Murrhtnr .
l,ttncritr, Fridfiv, Jane in, i9H , ' J tiUitfeatlnn, DvspeiwU. Ja.in.iice. liv-r com.lint. i whoUale, upon vry rciaaoaile Urnn.
lUrill, Than !atJ.iHe 11; Sonmet, June 9. ' on-tlif atlon and debility, enrioy alter Nature' own ! May 19, IHS'JL " R. rTEl
fr-nliiclnj upih each ritprefntation a .ucrasiion of
l-jpifl-'riai., Acrnbitia. Dr.. nine anl r'.inlo-nir.iic I
".-b. f d'.eovrea " ii.lrfrlard.-d wi'h Mvvrunq (Joinj- j
I tt. anil uraM ralior.ui sptrtariit, with an en.
tire charig of prnram.ne at each p..rf.r.nanc- and
In which the whole T-iigfh of the varioua depart
mvu'.a will be bron tht Into reqvi.iiiou.
. THK STXttt
'V'ho 'ompoaeth'n n.nftand ebantic Troop aro of
... i u i.ii..k: .i !-.. :
Mntk.j w .. x. . - . . i. - i . - I
"smwijle'i'. containing S.-inul-evid:nceol iu value. Stt.Wur-nt of the oudltioo of FairfieK
famish d iol. (tri'.ii. See pttice auiong the ' loubty Sawi: I.itt1iite,
meJi'aiadvertUeieiili 47 , ... - - - Mo!tdat,M.v, 1859.
. .Sia;.wa m
... 8418 M
... 1,IU1
949 S3
... 1,713 08
... 21,308 61
jIT2.a 15
....... itf.OUO 09
4,059 r
...-.. 8524 79
1.HN0 91
133,383 10
I7S.8K3 13
OARACnTT. Cank er.
1 Note and Bill Diaeouered
. Aik oo a MjT.ir Snfforini from Jia-usea to ' frrn l'f P",'
which T,Te, are jerrallv ...lj-rt.ua. Dr. 8- D 1!;!:";.:
llow'a!inkerSraapariil-it will certainly cure yoo. ; fcVal Latata
Male or female, old or younj, Ati and mry t'aml- Caah
vori.l idcol.'hrity. prou.ineiit among the follon ire : '' -Oi'dhvethiacrlTt Firm'ly mtJiri'e hy thm. ! .
ran I pi-e-' miiM-n::, . . J Tall at nurd-pot, or on oec of our Agent, and e- a I - .
1adimi: IIkowks Tie R.unMeme P; imT)o- L.-n..hlr.f h, ... .ill .i ,.. a,-.., Capital ?'oi '
.e.l la.lerly firt M rid'r at (.'ran -oni', fari, ..' f L 1 V ! . f S . ! ""n'"' V -
. T kvh.i.b, Iho yourur Phonmnenon. aod groate.it !.'" that can M tahitantuted by thou-und ot , ta ,0 o,, ijanlca
trick and n. .r urial f "id -r in Annri -a- in witneeae in thi city am! country. tUit the ! Oivid.-mia unpai I.. ... ."
l. II Stoui, th jjr,at cuo.Sic Horaeinan -l.rer ) Sh.korSirwparilla, aa prepared bv Dr. K. U. IIOW K. I x Ufp"it0
ol manv "tm.di.an.1 In-st rear-h.rnl"fi4ffiie-.,e." . . ,. ' . , , .. ' r
tV.ATMR.the.Antinm.aof thneirpn.. ahin I hM w"? ,h? m"'" "' Permanently curins n.ore dia- J rrfT.VRT TritiJer.
p.eatrian. and living mod.il ol the Appolla Utfoulerc. ' r"e' to which the human family ar continually aus-, 3-.i9j ' c '.
u. JiocHt i.iin, the unaipialcJ liyinn.il, cxnuib.lt Jeer, than my oth?r prepintion of Sar.iparilla ever '
l.lr. and A.ti.I anmra.. Cfinrn niii-t i . i .....
'- - .r.-.-. vel Uloui'lil ..lorern- n.i h .r W...-M.iwnnm . . . .
1 St-.Moir.jrr, the greatest hvm; Pmtean and ; ' r : 1 ! z ""e now r.-co.vi d a Ur-. and complete aa
shalrap-areanKntiOstrian.- I , , t Ta"': I amiount of.Mrw V KHuliionuble Coods'
G Di'Niivi., founder ol tho Vionnlan achout of mo'.- K.t'ipH Inr IMMtene. whirl, we are .liilj- exhibiting and aelling at tao old
levacrobata . T - P. Mar.-hall 0,73, Georn-eW. Smith $1,73 , Son.
llBH.i'"l.vK,llie moJernSampaon. and prototype of' Joscnh Simnson I'D Il-nrv Fliker n 1 ' .".w " or "N11"". . t' t praoni visiting nor
Iroin-r'a Alhlaatie. - - ! n ,;7 1V1 . c 1 nn
J. KiiHrn. th-extraordinary ronrortioni'n, and ex-1 T V1U JJl'"'? Udli lleery l,.o, 1 1 dttr-t Aaoitvggery. and. hosidea,our good,or
jui it" p-rformer nn the cor.'.o volanto. . ,. . . , James Thomas 5,00. . , txomi. J, recomu. -nd thnmactve. I ur atock la full
A. Lnvi.ihogro.t pa-itoral riJ-ranl panlomimUt. I ' S,.w KnW,ih. ' f a U.ucht m caih maikei, anil wo aro atiafied
TI1T 1IOV IIKROPS ' ' ! c" ..I 'i' wL'h. mall prom,. We can aupply our ca.tooaerr
' ' ' "r-n,r..-i. . Saqiuel Musscr, Daniel Roam. . with almost every thing hfirt can ih for, Irom
Masters IIkh- t and tuousTr. Iho youthful delinet- i ouuf f l.tdigo to a Kvgxheaii nf tivrar; or from
ton. of tt.s hljh achiK.l of irt. i . ,..". : '. - lord of 6. ttit CuHeoto ftt eutt nt rUOhn lit.
Meaira. Uakkk.Cau Kry Morti.mokm, Onc.i,c. MA RrlltlJ, nn the 1st in it. by G. Stem-' OfiWa, llta, Bonn.'!. Hoae, Ki'bm. I'iraaoi-
I wri ri a,it i t.n.vs,
M aari. JrvxtNOi and Bnowtu, each famous for
oriinili-y, wit and honor. -..:
niin I.UNfi ntxts hand
I'lihei'atinitV'pronoiin- thoftr.t anl mit acrom
pliahed in America, led by the greaiuot bugler O' the
ajje, ii iv. i..iLX
31A KRItD, nn the 1st inst. bv C Stein. '
mill. Mr. DAVID KELLER and Miss MA.Ii"t.lwi.bareiia, d- lainea, ginghama.' colicoea!'
RY IIAIIXS both of Walnut township. . tlo!h,V '. tir.ou.twwds. ke ..wo.ro well
I- ' 9nP'..lLd atrrapertH b th .Hia .tie. and nnc-a.
Wo keep on hand the beat of Fnanily (iroc
And a general nutAt ol appointnnti. dcoralinna
and parjpiii.rniilin. w'ii.-h.nitt.er .a a"g.inl ta.t.i,a!dll,
or lai ijli expon-.e, im DKF Y TH WORLD!
KmietrUnDrrl"ftltT.durhevl," W. If. Ptot
Master ot tlio Arena (). Dunbar.
Manag-r. .Q B. Johnson
Ag'-ir ....G I. Ka'on.
A.IihUuo.., HJ ( cut only-o lUir-Hrlca.
.iiniu..-, .li.nuMoiit ii i.u r rceM.ine t actory. t 'urn aa teas, t oiiee, Mjar, jiuUsaca, bjrup, Rice,
0''R Marhinervia now in siu-.-es ful operation, and srire ' -
pi-rsona wanting anv of the Irdlnwlii nametl ar-l . wrUfy ai.ppliejwitlr i Targjamd talu-
hu. would i-nn.nll Ihtir ... i, ........ . . . till" ttOCX 01 KeUOV MUde Clnthln". m. lo hars
favor hv giving in a call ' homo. tpeeinl orirr, and tl.ereforo apeatly or.
' MutiUMEKT!) ot Marfclo, wo will fumuh at a lt!rao'''to that imported rrtnn e.atern alopiiop.
ahorr noiici,. , - T TCasn and country Produce al-iava taken in ex.
JiEADASD FOOTSTOSES i,r Ih tamo; we I lk,n ,'"r,8"'1'' KiJSML'ND 'jc MAHTIN.
have of -au'it'.il fonn-ian.lhiihli'pilishM. ViriloO.lt-.. WD
MQSUHEXTS OF SAXPStOXi: In "a ro.. t ' TT . .' ' ! '
viitvnffnrmH. U...J and V.i.tnn., r ,h...1. :ii:niirinilll till' Mlf,
an ol KrepHtnne.
i iTICK is her.'by given to Inhn Wonley f!ilmnn,
t iiinuitliinort.aai..-i ..iimor n.lliaralien
8lcam1oat acrtdent.
New York, M iy 31 The new ateamer
I)astern City, at the foot of Grand street,
while preparing for her trial trip, yesterday
afternoon, hurst one of ber boilers, and fatui
lv wounded W. H. Sterna, r.antjrin. ami tho
equence of his aprting that Hungartnn engineer, and eriouly injured several of the
were on legitimate ground in their declaration, hands; two aince dead, three others cannot
of independence. 'furvive. "
ryCil'nnve. Davil H". fiillmre,Anna McCnllumand
John Mct'.illum.non4B.i. nt ofOl.io.that .Marv Ann
Mnni, " i.lnw pf Dani.-H.ine , doc.-a-.-d hialile.lh.-r
p -titii.n fur dow.tr against thwn ami oUima,. in th - 1
court o' common pf s o Fair".. -Id countv. Ohio.
praying n have dow-r aisign-ri to her in the South
east Juarrr n:"Nicli.n No. Itl, in Townahip No Hi,
nf Kngo No. 10, in ealdcounty. S.id Defendants are
ther lorn notil'.id t appear in said court at the next
te- in th-rr-of, to ho holilen on. the 4th day of 0 -If br.
inoi, and nwr aaid poll Ion ot th same wiii be
taken a. -onft'ssed bv 'horn -
II lf.-Hir.NTKII,jlfro7ior Pcrito-er.
" MaylU,18J3. ;tj t3 . fi3
fGAEAGIITy.Vttheaign of tbe Oolim: Watch.
. most row. (fully infmnia the citiena of Lancas
ter and the pill lie g-n rll'; rtlat he haa np-ne.1, 3
d-nr Kit ofrhe tt irking Valloy Bnnlt In the build
big.oc. upied J. Frank, a. olotliing store, ; 4
..i. .. IHaKeg ond J.-tar try Kolobltrhoaen)
CiW d if aot -oily at all tinwa prepared to repair
Fa. watchvs and jewei.ry,,;
oi. tna. ahortest notice, but ha also fine let of new
Walrhei. lorka, Jewelrv. f ine.P'ickot Koit-ea. Port.
mohnai andmanyoth-r iioiionoon hand, which ho I
willing to oiapoMot oroalow rtoea aa any other oa
Uidikiimone weal of tho mountaina. .
My motto ia nwll profita and n,uiclr atlos, aa mv
naron i. "tiriOicr 6rAon, tmafnor Jacob" and
every article I aell, I ahal) waiTint.
Those wanting a fine Clock or W atch aro requaitod
to call hefor purchas'n i olae where, and I am sure
that vou will not leovo diaaatiaAed
. May 18. - dlOl JAMES GARAGHTY.-
u r uo'.iionei or incaama i TnrtrD t . . , . .
, I OrrLR mv farmot private ule, mmlsting of I6J,
S.l.Vlr.0.V FOJl BUILniVGS, ie . naego- LvT e,,c,w '.". hutl m Blo.in townsftip,
or, ai.ian,l Si U.Cappin for wrJI. or CliL.Ci f t ;rtll ooiinty, Ohin, , iwo m.Ui a ol Lithopolis,
Klooring fer P..rti, oa. hanging fot Wallci or S, in.. anu ojMroue auuth ol lettrrau!.- low acres improved
hnue. Lolumna. flato or fLZL.. -u..L. .i 1sna.il-oVr.oo4 fnco, well waf. raJ; running water
, ... .. ' ''-.'."..-.' -.r-' .mO.lt vw.,Ilna In 11 hA .'lalHil.
Ilt..InJ, A.J. LILLY 4, CO.. I7 .J TT. T . - ... "71
Un, uter, May 1.1. 1S5J.
Olilt KAII.ItOAl),
A aprio!.
at thnd.velling hiuJ that ra mint Im beat any whore.
! IbOappl" treea, bearing tae w n uit. o peacn free
beaidea a variaty of other fruit trees, cherry, plum,
Sc. Three dwellinajhou on thj farm and very
' large barb. I will (at ilW io hand and for tho
j roaWnol will give lire yeara crodit. inpayments.
rnm, ....... mnrnni. wi.int. iuiiwh ,u,in wit, oo
pIB energy with which tMa great wwa i heir. : well foc.ll and s,-e it, . J0113 CRITJSS.
ol push, d lorward. is eijuall -d uolvbvth iir.por-i ,Mav ' 4t.
tanceof it; -but in order that there mav ho no in,. : " -1 " J;- ' i' t-l-f
ldimcntinitarrgTw,niaaIl.importa'n'l!alfu...l. 'BOOT AX1 SHOE ESTAHMsnjIEJ.T.
be anpplied lu pay ihelahorer... Many of tho atoi-k-! afl TOKK, SON WORK would rearict
Uildi'r. in olJ t aii-fiuld bavo not paid aainiile in-tal-i ' ' T fullvlnftmnthecitienaof l-'airfteld
and lliey are oarn-s'ly r w . aawhr lnf the adjoining ronntie, that thoyareon
rc-si no arid fi.rni.h the neeJ-j . fja hand aa uaual, i their old aland ono doof
ni niL. i :' ' -1 , i et olSlocoma I'rug mom wltn a larg M
a .h in -.t ni-t.m 'nT o io ir?r ctmi. w. nun j.u.i-
.. . .... . . .. . ... , . . . ...
nicntupi.n their tnck,
quested to ccint- to the
tnl.AiA itsorme.-t of evor thine in their lit. -
rry t, tt: asulhy paying lito lnlmn' of 10 1 . Their ?prini purchase hare been aelected with
p.-rcen'. everviwoavatnen'iiter,in.a- i.mtaimitn. e,rs gn ,r i,n-tnan siii,' ' -t,-
ill fall due Sept I, lo".S. the ery day ujmn ivhn h I . tADIKS! Wo navotaken apecial eirek mailing oar
tapalt of ttotidnowunJerci)iili"cl.ilo bo com-1 pUrchacaao ato ploae yoo. ,
plj-ied. .' - - .,.,.-...;,.,.,'.'. : Wehtvo little of vt'rtMn, from t faux
, By ruuiie? . . .-vt-L BA''t3A.VV. t Trc,s'. illi'SKisdown to the inuillestcliildren'a shoe. .-
' MiyO. 1H?3 " j Vie hato alio oil land and aro prepared to nukta
order., , t -. . . "
Gtntlenien't JStitkin aM aearul&e Gutter, Con-.
llr a. I . He el I aw4 -oiry Pub lo.
OrriCF.-In tho Tallmadm Block, KCOStl floor
adWhlng M.vor Creed aoJlk-o. .. .
rcBsm,ioa hi
l.nivis Thompson's IMa'e.
OV tho ' ih v ft Miy, A. p. 1S52, Hw. IWateJ .pu Boot,, ie. Vit alto have on hand Ldl
Court oi 'inwld county, Ohio, dechred .
id l-Mato a-, prnuoliiy nnuVent.
C-ediror are
ihomfnio rejui.edto preaent their claim, anaiuat
thol.Jtai'.r-'he iinderaigned, for allowan o within
alx months from the time above meutioucd of they
will not be entitled tu payment. .! . ,
Dated thiaSUthdiy of May, ISM. ' .'
Aim'r.dt bnnit non, with will annexed. .. 6w.
Estate of John Ilaoaa. -
NOTICE la hereby given that th snheerlbcri have
bean appointed and qualified aaExecntn. of tfle
Lstale of Johk Haxis. deeeauod. lata of Greenfield
towwhip, rairlicla county, Ohio.
l ausrj-n UMiiA,
- - - to scats A.1
riNDISGS. c -W aro alto nieuirwl fo fnraiah.
Shoemaker and KirJin;8torwlthJ-rndlnt6f every
deorriptim., auch aa Kits, Pegs, Boot-wehbing, bhov
stiingkLare, Sc. i
' Nile Leather. Morocco binding', ke.y alwty oa
hand. - -
In ad.lition to tho wcrrk on hand, or, in prepaaoi
aa hevetnforo to manufaeturo overytl ing 1 our lino.
Our own work need no recommendation. We bop
hy proper attrnt ion to our buoinea. to secure a tahr
ahare of tho piiblic patronage, w will al ways bat
on hand to wL(tipooerir outtoaaon oadd ufuoitto
please therar, - . j . .
WANItlXTh nipeVthn will talc ooo or tww
good tnwidutrioua boy to learn tho jRoot mn4 .S
- icfc.-ay 1V.-1S03. . .

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