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; 8 itard it Evealns, Mr .!
v ErrEcT or th Pbesbkt Tiir W
ra4, says the Tribnne, In the GaietteorUti
e letter from gentlemsn ' toteretrt! in
tue manufacture of woolen jroorfs, ho sUte
thtt of over 300 et of woolen Machinery
that three yer ago were at work making
;brorfUhronly 34 set tjre tow used for that
ur"; some are burned, ithe burst up,
and other at work on other fabrict. On the
whole, the writer ays that one-third of the
'wiolon machinery of the country now
Idle, 0 ., unless wool stnull .'deo1int-.il r
13 cent a potinl from tho price of hut yor,
one-third more will be Idle in leaa than
rom'Jis. The price of labor in the roillaia al
ready reduced to the lowest notch, economy
of every sort ha been carried to tho extreme
of m.'aTiocM, nd unless the f.irmers can be
mvle to auffL-r in tho valuo of thi- wool the
manufacture must atop. So grent fa the lm
- portifton of foreign cloth under the pre
' cnf tariff that American wool-grower apd
manufacturers mustsuccurcb.'
' pBXSBYTHll!l Gekeial Assembly, O. 8.
Tie proceeding of ibis body, whie.lt wc
fiul In the Charleston paper, are no far
-mostly of preliminary charactcK On Fri
day, the Treasurer's report was msde. sliow.
In;j a balance on band of 51,84', 05. A re
fort wss mide in favor pf establishinj; a
cheap newspaper. Rev. Mr. Humphries,
fr jro the committee on overtures, reported a
- gainst changing tho rules requiring thsteom
m'iiionors to take evidence should e con
stituted of member of tho judicature sitting
la trial. The petition on this subject was
from the Presbytery of New Jersey. The
.'report from the various Prcsbytcrie show
an encouraging state of things. The West
' ern Theological Seminary Is also flourishing.
PiCirio RailrojiI). Thi- St. Louis Intel
ligencer says that tho engineer of the Paci.
- fits Railroad Com puny Is making arrange
' mont to charter a steamer for conveyingthe
rails at present rocrlvod to a point on the
Mcrritnac, where thry will remain till the
' first of September, when It is designed to
ernnrprnce laying tho track. The work on
tho road Is rapidity progressing on nil the
sections where tho contractu have,, been
made, aud in rases where former contracts
were abandoned, the' work .las been re-let
to rcspona'blc men, so that uo delny may be
anticipated from the failure of contractors to
bids thwur agreements.
During the year IS9I the Importation of
brown sugars Into the United Stiti s amount-
ed to 3in,f,3"',18a pounds, value JI2,8a,
274; of white or refined siigirs, 17,000,000
' pounds, value $ 1,000,000. Of molasses there
were imported 38,370,772 gallons, valued at
r?3 "07,581; making tho total valuation of
the Importation of tlmso two arlh les$ 17,683,
535, or nearly one-twelfth of th value of
the entire imports for this year, wbU'h '
roounted to f2 10,224,032. The principal
Import of siigir Is fr'.m Cuba, 278,000,000
pjunils, valued at $10,000,000, coming from
' that island". - '
' IlPiircA5t. A severe hurricane passed
through Cl.iiati.ina eotinty, Kentucky, be
tween rrlnrcton and Hopklnxvllle, a few
days tttn. It extended forty mi lei wide,
l.ngth not known, prostrating the telegraph
posts-end1 wire, uprooting and twisting otT
n 'srly every tree In Its range. All the fen
ces ar 1. veled to the ground. A cotton mill
was also destroyed, and a number of barns
blo vn to pieces, killing number of horses,
stock, 4,0. Tho full extent of the damng
is not known.
Awtxtl AeciDERT.-A fearful accident or
eurred at Stroud'burg, Monroe, Pa., on Mon
day w:ck. Through carelessness in firing
ennnon, a premature explosion ocrurrad,
Injuring and ah itterlnj the arms of William
H'n'on s i severely, that they had both to be
sm; u' it'll, and one of the arms of George
W jnh'ngt'n, rendering sinputritlon also n-
'ess try. Hint n died s-ion after tho opera
tion. He was lorm-rly a resilient of Euston.
A xctv a iLD ddi .ah has been struck snd
fo'w.irJi d to the Department st Wasliiiiirtun
f r approval. It is about the siso of a dime
w'th an open eon're of nearly the sUe of the
p;j n'roin. On the one side Is the word
' DjlUr," ur.un1 which Is a wreath, and on
t'i othor siilo "Unltod States of Amorica,
UZi." '.', '
Ou o pLX!Ttsr'AT.- Several of the
guiriis of t!rs Institution' hnve been dls-thitj-ed
bemuse tliuy are Whigs and this is
on'y a beginning. The Journal says that,
in g n tuI is to ho the reform, it is rumored
th it all th; Whig ronviits are to be turned
cu', and th it the Institution Is tube purely
Fxakoc It wuulil seem that Louis Na
pl 'n p instates moro wit than his en-
rmii's g o him credit fur, Ramor, relative
U h'ra.is guilty of great msny fuUohoods.
Kjssi'Tir. At tho latest account, Kos-
-TBS WAJ--U,WlU'T ' ,K.
publk grounds, aad' who proposes to Insert
Kroi-be. esth. the turf and remove
.lJL.jr.tMmA. after srnaH wormtr.lo main-
tain's precarious ex'wtanee, or yield tip his
troubled ghost, hasopened his batteries pn
Khj enemies.- As has been the case for
yearn Ihe eternal -inmff-nuestioii is the
burden of hi song, snd his deprivation there-
of, the body-ot; his grot.
the language the Slatemum. of Weanw
day, that the first victim i tft be Auditor
Morgan. Strange as it may seem, it re
..r,Lj ffpnrttv believed, that the Aoc
ditor will not issue orders In liis behalf beyond
.-,, tK.rmA Uri for the past winter's
printing.till he has the bill of the said Meiu
r thsrerore, regularly' presented. And for
hi temerity in this behalf, ther U tobe
a war extarmi nation upon him.;--The
leader of Wednesdsy i the hrst gn. e
admits thcue Democratic enemies ot his have
Sot him in a "tight place," but he still hopes
te "stern and resolute Democracy" will
not permit hiia to flt before their assault.
Wo respectfully submit that it is this very
v-.h.t i' n.ir.n whi,.h is ww after him
...... . . ,- .
with such aharn sucks, lie nan huuhuk w
. ' - s a,, i ..
fear from nV utber ort.-r-
Wo hare board It intimated that the! old
war horse of Democracy, who has passed
with the party throv.gh so many campaigns,
bos become vtry pMjjyiicious since he was
turned out to fodder for himself. ' It was
tdded that ho thrtatuned to whip Auditor
Morgan, Kesuse thiit -dipnHury refused to
aUow furtlier supplies bcyoud the f20,000,
until' the regular bill of iti-ms was presented,
lias "seWUhness" mything to do with tuch
Democracy ' ' " ;
Flucx. fru Onio Included in tne
mouutot Susaeehamn Hour inspected this
etk,ru one tliwsinu uurren oi vino, .re
ceived by the Susquehanna Riilroad. -This
i : i. i..
u but a urucuror oi jargu ttniwMin, ui vuw
ill find a market here, in con
sequence of the law having been repealed
Ufhlc ll renuireu IBP noP u uarrci ui num
in urdur to pass inspection, showing conclu
sively that discriminating law relating to
I . 1 . . -
inspection sre opposeu w ur ocm imcrecu
Baltimore Patriot.
A Yacht Prize woBth Sailiso ron At
a recent meeting of one of the London yacht
clubs, the secretary read a communication
l rum the Russian Consul, announcing the
TUe Little Pauper
.The day was gloomy and chill. ..At the
n-Ashlv ODened trave atooH t little delicate
girlol five years, the onfy mourner for the
silent heart beneath. Friendless, hopeless,
homeless, she had went until ne naq po.
more tears to shed, and uow she stood with
bet . scanty. clothing fluttering 1n the chill
win !, pressing her little hand tightly over
her heart, as if to still ItsbesUng, .
'It'a no use fretting,' said the rough man,
as he stamped tb last shovel full of earth
over all the child had left to love; 'fretting
won't bring . dead folks to life; pity yo
hadn't got no ship's cousin somewheresto-
lake youj It's a tougn world, mis -ere, i h-
you; I don't see how ye're going to weather
it. Guess IU take ye round to Miss Fether-
bee'; she'sotsjoweroicniwren.auu w.u
a hand to help her, so come along. f you
i .1 LI.MAit nvnll na
cry enougn u noai we r " i ,,
good." Alii obeyed him mechanically,
turning her head every few minutes to take
another and yet another look where her
mother lay buried. ,
The morning sun shone in noon an under
ground kitchen in the crowded city. Mr.
Petliprlwu.. attired in a car colored calico
dress, with any quantity of tinsel jewelry, sat
sewing some showy cotton lace on a cheap
norkot handkerchief. A boy of five years
was disputing with little girl of three' about
an apple; irom big worn mey naa coma 10 1
hard blows; and peace was finally declared
at the price of an prange a-piece, and a stick
of candy each combatant putting in for the
biggest. w
Poor A llie with pale chseks and swollen
eyelids, waa staggering up and dwu the
froorunder the weight of a mammoth baby,
who was amusing himself by pulling out at
intervals little tianaruis ot ner nair.
Quid that child! can't yeV said Mrs. Fcth-
erbee, in no very gentle tone. 'I don't won
der the darling is cross to see sm'h a solemn
You must get a little lit into you, or
V -,i 4 S.1 A V -1- - 1 rMiimiMtlllli;L'nir Mill ..1,.a kaa
15V UlL KIDU tr.Illl(n Ut Olir Wt'W 1 Of .CUr m r.UIUir. i, r .. ivr ivi nu sniii...r"
JyinAon 4Af W V wm hftVO coivetj Wrti VWrtf l
" "v' r" r ; r . , ftrn KaiQrw luxkhtg iovm
. c r u a v r . . 1 1 ! nniinr j r i ru. . . . -
prWM Blip iI4UaiI JSJMMinjvssMis. -m- -
nil', whi n '. f
I ,,. , Wllinil nNiil ircniral MBulillil'DI of l-'Alll- V2
wtill tiJ America, as suni by her at tn-r last nkt Kl liMTl'Uthi,i i idsiiitnl M sll tH',:'fcs,
Concert -in Amerka, op MoBduy..i'i,a'BgJ Urgci ini fiIpifviH.i.TOk.-,,ii.ihi(.i--
e . r. r .-, ir . . .i .. . i . from the Blalttil In the ll- ir
Mnv 24th. at Castle Garden. Wean' tliu
enuuled togive it to our wadera In advance
fits publication in New York, nnJ before
it can be received by any other Western pa
per. Zanet. Courier. . .
F.ircwcJMa Aeaertca.
'; reiei owLUiffiiMiut. .
I Yesng lnailofhr.pi-fmir WViiorn ""tar! '
Vlwe lihi I I tilod from aJimm 'for
I limve 'h no,-l at twins fr tlwe
this parting wrptth of iniltMlv. "
O litke tliu oft" rhti i tS hxrt
, Kioin ons wholaM 'lit i'o prU : ,
Aid it hVtii.t tfrihi of mios '
1It jlite,t tram my Imrt l thine, . - -M
y vok hut the hr lit nwc pt .
Th npirit chords th-.t in th lppt. . .
Ttiemk ic ru aut lt nv own
Thou jv.il li:k the Hiwering tone.
" "Frewoll whm parted from thv thore,
lng kb t ci'uin n iui s oiu a aiorn,
Whr'i'r the waiulwi i' homo may lie,
Still, fill will mera v turn 'o Ih e!
Eright r'rvrdom's ilimo I I'enl thypi ll,
- Bat 1 muni uv tirewfil Ijriiwi-ll!
-w City, roeery Store.
"UAIRS. T' l-n. l)lvu. T ABLi, !fliiii. Bii-
tU lt'l HlM HlHtlMU, KP, SC. . -v
t'INt lNXATI H!HNrn'Hk: Ifn will tlo k
m l,ind t net"! nmilnint of Clnctnnitt f'nmittire
hirb H.tll lw tolil ! wall tdvanrv upon rtty prN'(
thuiobvuttnK lhi noreMilv ot rili-eos !
whi.ro in hi v furailnm. by inaliiiu II to iliplr advsn
tU tn piirrhti nl Hie' ln M,r. oHwtlnir lhm
ither hiworcitv maeiiftrtiir. All I'uTiiiKir unlil
. . in l. i i t .l .I....I.L.
inat'riaU , , Noir. rlnj; lulu . i.n ii.u. i Jiwtlv cnlobrated
A 1(K)I HKArttiM''lwVSra.r,iinti tnattrnd,; wrnii ih for.U-aoii I ihi throat, and liuijj", it
Hural. Thi. miburriU'r hai no and horfalte will not nur iah tolrhle with I'm- livtc or hiilih "I thi-
kwv ci.nantlv on ham! fnUm. ready ..d. ao that1 slflted, hut frankly 10 lav bi fori Ihwn.tti opinion
hn will tw wwlilwl to I'urniiih tlioni in alow miniiKV of diilinuiaji.-d mtaai d noniool thn Hrukncoa l lt
wntllv aui;i. iruin wniru Kiev run juii nir iiiwui- vv.
Par t'nr f
BuoxriMTis, wiioopixc-imcn;';
(ttOt P ASTUMl, , ASP ,. '.'
" W tO.Sl5IPTI05i.' , .
intico. Hp will mmnpily attond fun.irala.any
Inthe coontv without oxfa charge.
FBMALfi Nobiutt. A writer in Cham
bers' London Journal thus beautifully paiuta
trui female nobility
"The woman," says he, "poor and ill-cl id
as she may be. who balunces her . income
and expenditure, who toils una sweats in un
repining mood, among her well-trained
children, and presents them 'morning and
evening, us offerings of love, in rosy health
and cheerful elrnnliness-is tho m ist ejaltod
ol her sex. B fore her shall thi proudest
du'me bow her jeweled head, anil thi blUof j
a happy heart shall dwell with her forever. I
II th're is one prospect nearer mm anoiner
to bend the proud, and inspire the- brok-n-I
hearted it is for a smilinar wife ti meet
- We Ainoeri'lv t I'rhn mif.elit. a lu make no " iM ax
Thankful t-r pa4t lavow. he rep-nully aakt ron-. snitlon- nr lala. lli;in .ai, of I liii-ary, nor will we
linnance ol Ihj-puMir palitmago. In IU name Imild. loldouUny 1,-pe to .lift" t ng hunianity wliirh Uet
inn iiMr.H.ttiaith's t'hair and HiJjtoad l wtorv.no will Bui arr.nl. . ; ,f , .
thatciulcHiieriran bo ai-commodatod irt either KneM lanv pmnfn arc here given, and weaoluit an in
ihiameplare. - (iKOKUK L. KCKEUT. !.iiliy fr.,m th puljir Im.i all w pul.li.h. I olliia a
Uuraiter Jivemer t 1850. 3ti t "r-ii lhey wil itiul th..m pi-rf1;eK r. la' l., nd the
, t . r . . Jmvdl.ine v orthy tln-irhaw.1 rv,njiii.:ftrp and patronage.
Hi-iily IlliaiKtiillt. ' yrnmtte'luliig'il.ilifill'nir,iitiro'h iiiifryanJ
'VIK flib. fihn oIF-m-. oaollhiavaluaMc improv. , , ri,daUu.WHiii.1i Ih,-. r,.ipt of ur
1 ed II. n l BloeU lor Miw-MiltS sp ho ,., oti,.n. , , M , ooporVntv of "itnWng
lollownm t. im: II tnev U not wj-rk ''' ; igvtt ; my eKn ( mn'u, ( 'tlis'lainiU-aonuy
...I ..n ...til I... Mi.itiii.ml rhn 11,'ntOVi'lllnt eon ....
"Vi'v "- ": .L -r . i iliiomn,
TlfK nihlmiKmid rMpaetfnllv informa hit friawV
and Iho put.lic genorally, that he ha opemd
Nw Ounrr.HV KaTjisi miMaurr iinilor tho abort
name In thu tiutntttmrx iionrn ftj TAonuaa U. H'kiU,
n. arlv nppn.lte thu Utilndtlpkia ConuatiarfcM BtcrA
Unraat.'r, Ohiiy arhera he will ronalantly koef a
band a gwhcml 'variety of Orocerloa. turh as:
,. The very heat of Rio CntTea, New Orlaaas Sugar,
crti'hed, Pnwdi'tTd and Loaf Hunrat . .
new tjrleana k ruiar-honae Molatass; Sugar-mnsa
Si-rnp and a an per lor article of Oolika Svrupi
. Al.o a fine lot of Black, Impatial and Young tj-.
on Teaa, which I know can't be heaU , v
Itii e. pepper.Hpira.clovea.ihinamoa, nutmera jte.i'
rarendlnh and ai tUt tobacco, cut and airy tobaoca,
and a .largo aaaortimmt of aeaara! s Gno lot of I'niila,
am h at U irt.nt, Orangoa, f lgt, currant, Almonds
and Brazil Nutst v ...
In ronclu.ioii. any thing that ' can bo thought of b
tho (liwery line, you can tiad by calling at the cuV
Gtoci ty Store. . . , . - -
Von ill fini thero, al.o.a tuperior artlcU of braa
dy and iinportid wines which will not be aold in let
.iinntitli'a than: a quart, and s general aaaortmani
Jiniiinrs alwaya on hand. ' '
I voiil.l, tn-iri lore, moat repectfully requeat Bry
s ran, a I wilt
you won vcarninoaaii-.w jour ,.vi. ..?v,, - . ,
ere.. Thore, I declare, you've halt put n , T" - " ,,,, f. ,,
eyes out with those long curls oangung :- ;t7. - ""." ,,,. u' u.,u
....mH. m,.ww.A ttaA ttttrf hva ona enr itt. inev w."
don't look proper for t charity child;" (and fhe
glanced at the short stubby crop on the
heads of the little Fetherbses.)
Allie'slip quivered, as she said, 'mother
used to love to brush them smooth evory
morning; she said they wore like little dead
sister's; plea, don't said she beseechingly,
"Out I tell you I do please to cut 'em, so
there's sn end to that.' said she, as the sever
al ringlets fell in a shining heap upon the
it. in en ibling one man Ui ant betn enua oi a tog a.
ihe name iiiuim nt of tuna, and witn tlw groaioai i
illari'v.' KrrrKitNcrt
VSiiliaijir. Rk Columbus Ohio. '" - "
Diase. Heed and To. Xoliia.Ohio. ,
John Yoiiiii;, ('iiluml-us (Ihio.
' T. Willis t'olilint'iia. Ohio.
A mer Iteiue. f ',.lutiiliw, hio.
Michael tl! ivant. l olimdnia, Ohio.
Mi Sh ef , r, Ornvnpot. IHiio.
' K V. Mrl.mghlin. pilngliold, Uhlo. :
' , UillianiTTi. t'rl'Miia.OhiA. " ' ' '
lbrdv. and flirt. W ma OVio. .
H SIh l!ifl(. Hi'U'lu r. Ohio. . .
Jjines Piiioin. Ti'Mi, Ohio.
J. C. VWi mid Co., ToKaH.Oh'n. -William
11-. It.-r, ".spnleon, Ohio. . ' .
tteplieni and l' ,1'elianc Ohia.
Ju'in fon,n, I'lnifton, Indiana.
" WeM aii.l'U iWn i. HlooiHtield. Ohio.
The alive r.i p raum who hava piirchatod the lm.
nmvem ut nn I have it now in ne.
Ail ordera ul ineia.'d, post pat I. to tho subscriber, !
I at .a.-iiuWcr, t airjteu ctmvtji. nr.w.wui tie prompt-
This I hive now done whS s high dwr?o ofSaifi.
larlitin, in ln lin"i . 1 Ju'ta ami chililren.
frienm Irom the country In tlvs me i
furniah them with gned arnclea, and aa cheap kafhtf
)tn buy th-many place elae. Give ma a call, . Lootf
r the aurn citv ohoceht Itohk
April Si. . &0M --". II. A.OEBELEINj'
fin: tii, no at ni mm;
. i , Little k . UTOKbacUs. . . ,
RVSPF.CTKn.l.Y invite the atter.tlos of thorlti.
. I f.an aster and vicinity, to their hrgei
and aptttdid. . . ., . -v ' -a ' vi
y Stuck of Spring nnd Summer Ooodv,
lluvi.(ind It.jia H nwr -de n!s sho-, powi-rr.il , just opapml, rompriaing every variety ofalvjoa pat-
.lu.aintpulieniTary 'ilHPkta. tfrii and mald-a in the Kaslern marketa, which hava1
n-medv fur cold ami ooim'
i. ..i , . - 1 , . V, M 1
r.lim t. v ui-.o-vf .un.il', m. yA
BmnnvicU. Maine, Pi b-nar- 5, IM ..
From on Ot-cfciri (Ar lluiHiltnn Mills, fn th:fH'j.
- '., . I.0WKLK. Alhinal '.0, IW-
T- T r I I...-. k.,n ..K.i.l j.I ,lw u.na
uouil I ever naa lit ni me, oy yt-u, -itt.nu . i
tiiuai.," an t n vi-r ISil whi-u I have opportunity, ol
reciuiiin'ondiiig it to nthorai Vmira res rtfiillv.'
S. n KVfKON.
ff Hi'sd Ihe tollowlmr, and ace if thin niedii-ne ia
wot Ih a trial, I'M pti nt Ud bneetno very fi el li-,
and thn i lllcl ol' tliu inedJcino waa unuiiUlieably
. July IV. IS4I (
rr. J C Aver, Sh-? I have bi-nVaflliiti d with
been m lncjlud ith great care aa to price and quality,,
and will be wild aa low aa any other eatibliahroent1
co, sell IVeat of -no AilehanV mountaina. Wt will
iiuti' nddltii n, tn our atock through tha anaaon ia ma-.
d,r to !:pp oiiraaHovtment full and . completa.- Tha
ul lie will do well to call and examine our alack.'
o'ore buyineUpwhere. . . ; .v
ASe can' iv to th" Kadiea that our atock of 1 "
Pi-ens ftood ltibtii)tl,Donueta A Parasols
and all other artu-toa for tholr Use, are very nice and
cheap, and u ill he very happy to have you call ami
i'Xninine ourt-tock.
The Contl'-raeo will aa umtal find a haavy atock ot
Cloth. Cnssimerea. Vebtings,
' and a great variety of other Goods anitabla for" tneif
nh ofmanv feet uDoil the Staircase when !lv attended to. JOHN R SNVDKIi.
the crow and carol of their VOuntr voices mix ! TTN. . The abnvo Hnprnvement olrtaioed a dl
grout regatta of St. Petersburg for Juue 37, j
in whicn royal vacuus oi an uauous ore in
vited to contend for prize of 850 guineas,
the race to extend from Cronstadt round the
Neva Island. The letter was expressive of
the warmest desire from the St. Petersburg
Imperial Yacht Club that gentleman of the
Royal Thames YachtClub would honortheui
by entering the lists, rue uisiance w oe sail
ed is 100 nautical utiles. .. .
A Pitiable BtonT..- The Cincinnati A'on
par87 says that, on last Balurduy, a woman
was seen iu the township Trustees' ofrke,
soliciting a ooliin for her only deceased child,
buy four years of age. Taking the colli n
under her arm, she carried it to her lowly
place of residence deposited the romoius
of her son in it employed a laborer to car
ry It on a wheelbarrow to potter's field
then following behind tho principal mourner,
weeping as though her heart would break.
"There is a tear fur all that die,
A mourner o'er the humblest grave."
Eaotisii Army. The London Times, in
an article on tho proposed Militia Bill, soys,
on what it avers is good authority, that uo,-
000 regular troops including Id ,000 able bo
died pensioners, could actually be put at the
. i ..r - n.:.:.i. nr.A inn Al,l
llinpoani III . Airmail gciiui, win,
guns could bo turned out ready for service,
at three days' nonce, i neso u seem to
think would afford ample protection against
any invading lorce,
Macavlat'sIIistobi-, The London Athe-
ni'utn states, un the authority of tho Messrs.
Longman, thut the new edition of Macauiay's
England "will be verbatim the eeme a
that now on sale" and that the "calling in
of copies from thn bauds of booksellers.!
simply a trade arrangement, usual with them
when they print oti a now impression oi any
book.' ' liothm Journal,
Out AOR on as Ami'.RrcAii Vessel. Capt.
Clark, of brig Joseph Albion, arrived at New
York a day or twoauo,irom Kdiraa La uramie
reports that the brig Lucy Watts, of Me., had
been visited by officer of the Spanish Gov
ernment, who took away one of her sailors,
on the ground thut be was desertor from a
Snanish man-of-war. Un the day following,
two more of the cruw were taken away and
imprison 'id on the siime allcgutien,
Fruit We notice within the last few
days t at the brunches of the apple trees
are bligthing rupully, especially those laden
with truit. Many trees sre so severely suei
will yield o fruit at all. VV
a p:iper in continuation oi
tho presence of iodine in
the air, the water, the soils, and the products
of tho Alps of France. ;
" Penssvlvania JJmtez'tfwcn. The Ly
cominjf Gaxette denies that the three hun
dred und tiftv defaulters from whose exertions
Pennsylvania bus had to suffer, have ember.-1 t,m;
zii'il the niuuunt oi turee minion aim uj
wnrd The whole tingregate of stealings is
but three hundred thousand dollars uword
ing to the Gazette. , As tho original state
ment ! was copied into our columns from an
i'xchanije puper.we cheerluliy give place to
this correction. AVm Yorl, Tribune.
OirTwo-tliirdsof all the combs manuffic
turedin th'i United Rtutrs, ure munutrtclu'--cd
in Leom'nster, InWorcei-tercounty.M.iS:).,
som of thn munnfucturers employing up-
wards of City liua'ls.
' (ttA now cask manufacturing machino li
in operation In England. - A l ihorer, byils
meuiiK, is able to turn out 3,800 Ktavi-sa day,
infallibly correct in form and curve. '
ted that thov will y
huve heard aeveraf inentluu this fact within
a day or two, who seem to entertain foars
thut tho applo crop will be short. Somsrsef
Hea Monster A Iiujo marino monster,
having the tonn of a serpent, with spout holes
lika a whul , and swimming paws, hss been
captured in tho Pucilic oceun, by the whale-
hip Monuniruliela, of New lledlord. Its
immense size rendered It necossary to cut it
up, but it bead ami nones nave oeen pre
fjA Dutchmsn who had a brother hung
in this country, wrote to his relatives, in
forming them that his brother had been
placed in a public situation oy tne govern
ment, and at the time ol his death had aevoral
thousand ' people, including the sheriff
and grand jury under him.
True or Course. The Nashville Gazette
tells tough story ui a drum m who, being
on the roof of a Ihhij ', nnd tinJing all modes
of safety cut olf, slid down tlii xtreatn or wa
ter which was Usui n ft iVum the Engine, and
landed safely on the iii-u liiii.', to the infinite.
pride and gratification of tho boy. That
will do.
The Numerous friends of Gen. Mosely
uth was recruiting his cuerejes at Nlmsra
His Mum to the old continent Is post. b grlind to li arn that he has been
pri.'d.. "
Thr'-Nuv V'intc liiiMAR Festivals.
T'i '. M v i'esiival will not lake place in New
Y.ji'k lis year, by reason of the great pro
p iratl iis whUh ur being made by the lolut
tjinni1'!- es of all the German Glee Clubs of
N w Yerk, for the grnoral convvntlun to
t.lt- pUeounthe !ith,30thsud2lstofJun,
an I In order that too many public lestivaia
miht not. follow each other. AI) tho Uer-
nt it Gi.. Cluba in the United Stat form
pnierul Union, called littiger-Bund, and eon
yen rv-rr year In one of the principal cities,
h .re they perform their son? and cho-riw-s,
and give one or more puliliseoircerts.
T!iey are tlu Invited guests of German clti-
i ns of the place where the Convention is
.h id. The coming occasion In New York
wilt bo truly a grund nffiiir sorli-tlo from
Virhos cities throughout the country will be
. pr- s ui.
. OirTiie prudent msn forscrth danger, and
1?viJeth sjiiinstU. We learrt, from the
Lt.u-.ister Uus.-ttc. thatl.luut-Guv.' Modill
tho FAlrfl Id. dclei-iite to Baltimore, left, for
the M-jnumental City, on Thursdsv. accom.
pinled by the sheriff of ths county; and the
i'ditjr'ortheL'iUCastor Eaitlu. In view of the
rJ ,ttbi!L')Ooroeo Presidential Convention,
ntioipated by th "Journal of Commerce"
in j other Intelligent parties, It 1 well for
commissioned - otflcer . to take their "edg
ka-ngiV aXg wiU Vlio.atcs Has. . ,
... . "l ' ' ' -I....
. . At
-- r .,-,,- - '
honorably acquitted . ol th" ajrgrnvuting
charge lor vvliuli h- was held to bail a lew
duysugo. t'ni. tttin.
Not Had. The Sonthrrn Pr;sa, referring
to the change iu Hie mlitoriul d"partinent of
the Union, Intiin ,u tha ii ia clisiiga. of
head without any rliungo of heart.
(SrEjf-8 erntary Wulker liaa V far re
covered from his remit Illness In England
that he will return ta this country about Hie
first of July next.
ftfrThe friends of Gov. Dorr, In New York
city, hay called a meeting to nominate him
for the Presidency
(rThe Pennsylvania lw prohibiting the
circulation of note of less denomination
than tJJ is totslly dlsregsrdcd in Pblladcl
fjirThe wheat crop In ome portion of
Rfurylsndistaid to be moon injureu, y mo
.1 J...l... ..-,L llri..!.n Hi, ' -
ucprt'uaaiawa UI vuu ticeamia f '
Declised. A despatch fron) Washington
states that Gens. Butler U Lane hare with
drawn ineir name from the Presidential
Iodine. This substance, which a few
years since was thought to bo eonfined to a
few murine plants, has been gradually trnced
through tho mineral, vegetable und aniinnl
blii.r.lnmo. nnd its iri-nrr il flilTilrfinn thrulin-ll-
floor; aud do, for creation's sake stop tulkiug j outnatl,re rendered i xceedingly probable.'
about deao ioiks, ano now eat your oreasiiwi ut the Paris Academy ofScienc.es, M. I ha
H you want, it; i lorgot. you nun i nau any . t recently read
there's some of the ehildrens left; if you're (lig rCill,urc"Up8 on
hungry it will go down, snd if you am i you
can go without.' , . -
Poor Allie! The dantiestmorsei wouiun i
havo 'gone down;' her eyes rilled with tears
that wouldn't be forced back, und she sobbed
out, ' I must cry , if you beat me for itr-iny heart
pains ino so bad.
... . . ... . l II .L- - ! J
Mi-i-t-y, t-i-t-y: wnai ' an imci' aim u
broad rosy-faced milk-man.as he sathisshin
ing can down on the kitcken table -whut's all
this, Miu Fetherbee! I'd as lief eat pins snd
needles as hear child cry. Who ii she,
(pointing at Allie,) snd what the matter of
herl' .
'Why, the long and short of it is, she's a
poor pauper that we've taken in out of char,
it, and she' crying at hor good luck, that's
ail, said the lady, with vexed tgs of the
head. - That's the way benevolence is al
ways rewarded; nothing on earth to do here
but tend the baby, &. amuse the children, nnd
run to the door, and wash the dishes, and dut
the furniture, and tidy the kitchen, and go
of few errands; ungrateful little baggage!'
Jemmy' heart was as big a his tarm,
(and that covered considerable ground:)
glancing pitifully at the little weeper, nosmd
skillfully, 'that child's going to be sick, Miss
Fetherbee. and then what are vou comir to do
with her! besides, she's too young to bo of
much use to you; you'd better let me tunc
her.' .' .'-
'Well, I shouldn't wonder If you va half
right,' asid the frightened woman; 'she's
been trouble enough, already; j- givo ner a
'quit claim.'
Will you go Witn me, my nine mam."
ssid Jemmy with a bright, good-natured
'If yon please,' said Allie, laying her little
band confidingly into his rtugb palm.
Sit up closer,' said Jemmy, as he put one
arm around her, to steady her fragile figure,
they rattled over the stony pavements;
'we shall soon be out of this smoky old city.
(Conssrn it! I always ft nl as if I was poisoned
every time I come into ton;)and then we'll
see what sweet hay -fie Ids, and new milk,
snd clover blossoms and kind henrls will do
for you you poor little plucked chicken!
Where did you come from when yon came to
live with that old Joeabol!'
'From my mother's grave,' said Allie.
Poor thing! poor thing!' said Jemmy, wip
ingaway a toar with his coat slecvo, 'Well,
nevermind: I wish I hsdn't asked you; I am
alwavs runnintr mv head asm beam.' Do
you love to feed chickens, eh I Did you ever
milk cowl or ride on top nay cam or go
berrying! - Do yon love bouncing red ap
ples? snd peaches a big as your fist! It shall
go hard if you don't have 'cm all. What's
come ol your hair, cmiai nave you nau your
bead shaved)'
Miss Fetherbee cut it off,' said Allie.
'The old serpent! I wish I d coma in a
little quicker. W it your curls them young
'uns waa playing with! Well, never mind,'
said he, looking admirably at the sweet face
before him, 'you don't neat 'em; ana tney
might get you to looking In the gloss oftnor
than was good for you.
'Well, her we are, I declare; and there
stands my old womn In the door-way, elud
ing her eyes from th sun. I guess she
wonder wher I raised you.'
'Look here, Betsy! do you see this child!
The earth l fresh on her mother' grave.
She has neither kith nor kin. I've bro't
her from that old skinflint or Fetherbee's,
snd here she is; if you like her itawoll aud
good, and if you oWl she'll stay here just
the same; but 1 know you m, asm ne coux
ingly, as he passed his brawny aroi round
her capacious waiat. 'And now get hor
something that will bring the color to her
cheeks: for, mlud you, I'll have no white
tlave ou my farm!' '
How. sweotiy . Aino- hum reu
limbs rested in the fracrant lavendered
sheets! A tear lingered on her cheek, but
its birth was not of torrou. Jemmy pointed
it out to his wife, as they stood looking at her
before retiring to rest.
'Never foriret It. uotsey,' sua no, -nanm
words ain't for the molhtrUt. May God for
get mo, if she ever hear one from my lip.'
:yin Jjroni
; commi nco . thu u.?e ol Amir hkiihit 1 kctokai., j
( which save m ifaduil nliel, ami 1 have l-pi-n eadi-
, !.. ... ..U .III I 1.1. 1 It ntHl.
Ilia www ana cm ui wi i" i uu-p . ..v- : ."' , -, ... .,iili liainina r.Hix. i fcii, iin.niwivH i. i.,-umi.i .
inglsdeoiiluslon-and the sm illcist mounts !! "J ' "un of "K'ur ' ,,u oh' muJi,-i, , l.h.d th,t;n,-,.tin
or sinks into his arms amidst . mirthful P'.e jilurnalpuMi-h three month, and trTtr
thlao.iue. ' . ,., .n, I purm liial du'iea li a aflverea
l.an. iiiier. .-'pT"uii-r tn. ,-o. .in..,
nfMiili'itioti of l'Mtnershlp.
K PnrtnerH'up hiretnfr,r" ixi-tin-: order the
ameanil firm nfllOi'KtllKi If, ia r' idv ills-
o'-"d bv mutual con nt. tho Iuo'.h aixl acoii av
in I'lelun.l-. of P. IK iPL', who will wa all !;
in n'i.ntij bv whom all claims ajiaiiwt aal film will
he rai'l ' mW- '
MMch'.'fi,IH31. - J. KliKtK.
Nw A rr incemr-n'.
'HI IK und- ri-ir ed h lug bniip'.t the entire tnter
L cat n J vi!i R llrcii.. he II coii'iniehn Hard
ware Itl.-lli sj at hind. I Blan.lie pinil.llii' Tallmailne
llniHe, wlw-li- h-- ivill cni.alaiiil-' l .cpiin haiul a f-n-
nl rim- lof r I v.- re, wh'rh he will politico.
ly aril i-'iinirr 1'ian am houiie io Ih'- ity nn -H.
lie li.vlt. H SiLs nlil ifb ml-, and Ihe public j;en,-nlly
cation lorn lMnrn pnrcha-iiiw eiM-wnure, ai ne u ou
neil o L v 8 n-.-ml ss'latacth-n.
a; tni mseivea tn-iertea lotne
sainlol atli-cl onol ttielimi!,an(liiliienipioinoi I ..,- tl..B'.isn . i. -i hn.n
I ai.tih.dcon,ii!nLib n. for iHuro than a vear. I cotild ! ,.i i,n.i ... i;no ,i:. i.A.i. ii.;R. i:u.-.
Ami no msdicine that vo.iid Mth my faw-.'miiil I . iinm. driilines. cottoria'des fcc.'Panama. ieehora.
i-di-l -traw and ualm leaf HATS, boota and shoos.
cotMin ysrna, baliut;, wlckiae, Ite. j-
AIo, a larpc aiorR ol wall paper. bOTdotuf ana
window blinds: Varptb f Statti$. '
.liiKsw:ire and Quoeuswnre' ,
oflhcbeit (uality and latest paUrna. All you that
want a nice aott ot ward, will do well to corns ami
buy t,f us.. - . J.
. Also, a full Stock or Groceries. '
ard ev . f ins UhU lly ki pt in oui linn. .
U T - AN'' 1.0 at all lira.-, all kinda of eotifltVy ST0
.i ce, lur which the iiicbe-it price will be pjid.
linriister. April 13, 1853 (SO
rv-AII D'-rioiia iim-wn
mid ri'sned or 'ho bit.- fi'm of Rcpe Heel., are
Unraitor. March W. tM.
punn lual ilnm-a h a severe stiam ol i-nini-iiHia. .
i pave pi uiuv.io icpcm-. w tauw m v om...
And am. sir, eur,-rw.n.-ctfuliv.
' J. I" r'.'.l.llorN.nr'-'niithf'ariilina.
TT The fid hi iiw waa one ol Iho wornr of aaea,
' which ihe physician. and fn.-nda th-iulit to be incur
I a- li- i-iuiSllMii-liiili:
' t.'naa'ri:it. P.-iinnvlvania Aupu--f Rlfl.
I.C A-'i',-Sti-:-l waat'iki-n whh a I n-il le rough,
hrruh'lit on by a ri.l I. i'u tie- heinnln!! of lat I'eln un
f v, ail. I -.v4 r'onfiii-d tn mv h.., ronr.1 tluii 2 tnnntha.
Ci u.hinn ine' anllv iii't t ml day, I became lutly
andji"!.'. Ill evea -V-l l e pilli(en an.i :i4,..v. eiiu niv
l-ruuth very t'lert. Inlwd I waa rapidly lilinif, and
in -u. h di-tr -iBtur It i . tlwl I ut title iioim i.r my
!r covcty c.iulillni inli-r'aiied.. V Idle in lliia ailiia
I tien. a Iri-u ' el ii'ine. (the li,-v. J'dni K -b r, nf Ihe
1 M.-tl 'fldis: e'liin-h) ' r- iiLlit inea.beilloof your L'iikh-
av I ctiihaa. hicli li ii.d imnv to Kial'J v liim,lhn I
Ifriiinaiiv exi eclaliun i.f ol tainiiiR r.-iii l a neod '
ulliit indiiri-d in loconlintw- ita une, an 1 1 iwn ii.uml
mv !n alth much imnruved
a su- i i n
WK IIAVK Ji;sTRi;CKIVK11andopeoedatour
old Jtunda v..rv larveand well aaloctod Stock
Now in three months. 1' nftlBrii g and Summer (looili.
,,in wi-Uaud stronu. and can ai)ribit-my cuieonly to I . Ft)lt TIIK I. AD IKS: '--'
,.ll.,:..,. U i,h ,l.u .1. Ifr,tiiw!e .i .
srniMi'iv I'l-.nii-ated loriliiiul aoitle.aa tin oti.inosH i . - i imi-i f.'iir.l 0 ..V i i. can onaaj, mat wo nave aanice a aiocn aa aara-aa.
of the linn iniul be settled lip St as early a , .l.v a. j ;,,;;,,;, tt-fe -iTB. tnr'W, i.owei.i.'. m '? ,"'nn,;t" nWionspansols, gloves. 4 c a. .Mt
fcr amlbvl'incj-'lua i'-n railv rlirounhiu' Ihe Mate,
March II. lh."rti " . nin46
Kre -h Arrival of IJooka,
::.i . ii-vl-H-mt l':-ii 'a-r:i v'l
aTtKOH'JK SMITH baa ri-inoved his diulr Mid !'',!
V alead Kartnrv f'oin Ihe eornei- t,l W hsellnc and
I'olninl ua aliwlit. f S rhi'ry' Ihiihliig uv ilfrtio
frrW. tun li;m Knst (f Ihe JoW r .IVUru liauh ,
i'ijifirrjri.i"' "it t'herheml filore. Hr hao-i.
I.ireu n,a rii-iie-n. init dim mil- -.--;-,, fL w
li hauiinie larncai ami pea- aaierinii jii ,n
ijt t iiAiRs and ni'.isTi:iN
ir ''-, di.v l,i.f.i,M li.iit In lliia i-Kri. ! ciin.i.thli-
yV.1 'n I11' of fane si-l, t'otlle. liuittl,
r I l-'r-'ni htScriill top, Villaire. cniiniinii an.'
a Children'-. Cnairi. Sociables and Settees
Ml descriptions ol BKIWK.iD-i tnaniii'acliiri-d ol
-illu-r t le i r . Walnut. Mnpleor Sujjjr.
Ilia work w ill all he made of the v- rv heal inali-i h I.
;iy good wnrl.-men and nl Ihe latest an-! tnnsl apprevml
.-attorns. It will So inferior In mami actiirvii-
'laewhare snd will l e sold at I'm very loweal iricea
A continual ion of the very lilnTil 'atronae of Ihe
iiublie ia respectliilly aoli- ili-d. ll l Ihe Inlen'lun oi
he aitl srri ier In lo ei- a lull and en i-al maoilini-i I
it all limes, so that ho will ho i-nahh'dln acrolein.,
late bnlh old and now riisleniera with aavthiiiM in hi
'ine, In ciinnerlion with hiaeatalil'iiliiiu iit ia Mr.' li
(,. Kcki-rfa f'ahhinl I. are llm-in, an tli.il . u -li.inri .-oi
hi arcomiooibti-d wilh all arlirlea roi'idsiin t roin
;elea full aaaoiliiiijiil ol lioUM'hold KurnituiK. I al
,iidaoo. . (JUHHIB SMITH
l.aniatei,N',.vouiboi-1, 1HHI. 90
1CaV flrandy. "2 do I nndnn lUnwn lout, iVIne.
of all kinda, Old HyotS hiak,.v,c .just received al
July 31, . KAITV MAN SCO's
13 '"K VVK,', h,rr 14 r '-"f Wn,",
.alihla I am iond, rudii.i
"rMI'-'und-rsiunedl -a pis' opened at his Hook Moras
I apptititr fitvt-ftr fiic.an KxrrNa'VK Aasnur
mkxt, n n-istin;nr-vei-v v ri( tv of Wnlinpery nn.f
Sfhnnl llmitit. nd a very lare ,md exuelK-iit lot nl
Misrellairf-o-s i.d stand'-'-rd wiivka.
Hlivik llicj';-) of every description, su.l at thi
virv h-ive-t i.'i.'i. "
I5i!)!risa !"!' and splendid amorlmcnt and al ex-r-niel
low- prima. . ' . ,
The public inav roa' assured lliat th-y canohtlsin
it the shorn ten l.en-rv ttiinr nniially kept in a stun--I'
this l.lr.d am! at prlcei as lovi- as at uny olhi n a-laMia'-mei.l-in
lids r-yirin.
Tlaiel'ti! f,-r past f vi.rs.the tin terMim-d htis-sf.
imrila iooli'Hi-ii"" of I'm pu1 li-' palionan. by
faithful ilt-iiliim to hii'ln-Hi and a d;-p.wit:oi) t
i .pinnae sll who ii.av fiver him call. '
' ' JOHN earu:s.
lonrss'r-, Nevf inl'-r. SO.
hnl-tisl sTToolltnr te A'-t ef CnnaiiaJ, In il;o yi-as
'SM, I.)' .1. S. II Illilil'-lS, . II., in IherWrks
onic nf th.- Il'.-.lrrt ('nun for u l.Mltin
liislricl of l-uitns-IiiiiiIiu
Another Scientific Wonder!
an I -inal
lji.ca-.IT. April H, IbSJ
Vitriol just nx-oived.
Ijllcaaler. JIIIV -II
'oooeras and blu
f AW l'AitTM-'.HSTIll'-lhavi asoriti-,l('"iBi..:s
lil). Mkti.n with nlyself In the pracll.
nl th.
lt f
I aw. and will in future adopt the V id J
, Maiihw.IiHIiu inanaiixinent f Isiaiiwss ei,lriii,l
myrsro. - JOHN I). MAUTI.N.
I jncssU-r, Octoboi- 8, 1M60 .'off eipy I yM
Vnlunhln Troperty Tor Nule.
rpiIK Buhscriber offers at pvato sale, K.isjhtv A
I ereaof l.sd, holiy tho Southweal l-art of Ihe
Karmon which she now r"idos. and adj.iiniiin Ihe
lands of Isaac Hi.i-a, oB ' and a nuarter mil ";l
Lnc.-ator, on thn liovaltnii llnad stl'nidlnsnneof 'he
host sitin fer s rouotrv manslnn within Ih virliiiij
of Iho city, -ne-thinl pari wooit land, snd the rouiain-
uur in tour iieioii unuer i -ncn. iiavm,. .-.i-.i.,.
two amall Kraine Ihfeltings, Phed Bars, and Stabling
Iwa wells, one with a Pump, tho other s di-aw well.--
fDta.os.lon Xlen to ine I'lircnaii-r in man ,w mwv
wheat this fall llANMAll UVKPINO
March '.'9, 1H63 0"
tn"K((to pli ssecopy. '
Just So" No party ever - gain anything
in the long run, by the use of unfair "evosUB.-OAatesimin.-
' : - ' ' : ' '
The -competency of the Witness, and the
truth of the vsUuvaay, are odsniabl.-ia)s-
araU Rig? ' . -.
- e ' U-k :! fs--a,,
frVIn answer to tho numerous Inquiries,
we wmild ssy tht the Marietta and Cincin-
nal Ka road Is not yet tocaioa tnrouen uns
county, nor) it possible foru toay, at thi
tune, yiAic routs WiUM aMOiusoi i ueae mtia
have not vet been determined by tb Uoaru
of Directors, nor will they he until the trial
surveys between Byres' and Athens are eom
pletcd, which will be soon, we are Inform
ed. Vinton RcpuNicon. t
SrsciK.The steamer Clara, broutrht to
St. Louis on Friday, from the Missouri river.
between forty and liny thousand dollars in
specie, bolonging to the Messrs. Bach, San
ta Fe trader. . She also had on board teu
thowaand dollar to Page & Bacon, and amall
er lots to other persons.
'Titi VcmeIabli William Wilkinson. died
In Providence, (R. I.) on Saturday morning,
hi the D2d year of his sgor He waa the old
eat living graduate of Brown University,
having belonged to the class of 1783. He
served In the revolutionary Wat, nod ws en
gaged In 8ullian' expedlWD.n - ; ,
NKW A UV ICKTIS h.tl i-;nt.
IKHNOKR, WH1TB and I.ATTA, at thealin
!iol the 1'nd-l.oi'k ii ml 3lillSnw, advert!.-
thia Sprmaiid will constantly l-e-p
on hand during Ihn tiuiiunej. tie
largest anil uem aaaovieu :mo'-ii oi
rt. a n i v a n k ,
they liavo ever had. No one w ho
. nn-ults his own iulureal should
niako Ilia purchiisp belnre ii inn
th-m a ra'l. ' Their extetialve snd
iiii-ri-asinn t a.l', ia a certain yuar
vaiitpM, that thev SK1J. Ilai-dwai-e
CilK 1 1' Hit than anv oth r estaLliahmenh
Ulltaatur, Marcli -Jil. IboJ . ...
l-'Mi'VAt.. T. H. t'liit"" V t.a.s remi ved tea
-f'nhiu. t ai d f'hair Ki'i.p mm ' nun. 11 s 4ow, 'o
thr d'oi.ili en I ri 'i. Swt, Sintn or Juhl l.iei -a
'ji-flcirv.o Ml 'irmerv vrrup'e4 !! I h' H''i7.
wh'-r h "ill i n-it hum t, iiunuV1"'1-' slUftlfli-s In
his line as h'-r -lo'iiri,, '
Colfi'is on hand a all limes, with a kooj neane tn
attn.d:Hi t!s i" anv art ol tho count-, a1 " du ed
.at... T -sii'ilnl li,r nn-f favori. h" r sp-1 tf'illv n-
lb-its a conii inlin e of puMic ps'i-eniic He will
lidonoijlvetioii iiil uli lacli-in.bnlhas regard-price
li'V of in ' wnrv.
CJnOI'"'t 'Vril'ts ritirf:S.-Thel et Mil
i f-ns o i Tnmnlrn Mnmtfo Sl.hn, lied. Hlu ami
Yellow l.inirns: KimUug. Bool Webl and Nacns.
S'liH'iiiillier'-i lilt. Kiiihrnein all the Utn.t pat
terns now in us", cao ho t iud at the Mar Iwsre tnr
of 1-TrTn'lt V.HITKSi .ATfA.
Uncasler. Oefolier Ml. IM - ' '
i .v sr i u'm ArinxK ror xvn.
sf "I 11!' VOI. & t'O. ate pr.i;aie I to 'iirnih allkinHa
. nf ile un R-i riiies, in"n i'10'1 nutlet ami
at fin, intwl ae, I'itts! it'Tih prices.
Al." all inNnf Mill 'iaiiiK' lloislinrj Screws
n pilstlnu 'scniws. lacli saen-wss Kiillar'sSt-trawa and
CibiSir-ws . .
Mill -ipludles nf cast iron or wrought.
ll.ilea nnd "i-ivi-rs. . 1c.
Tin y will also furnish -tho I'llt Jier Vt'lieel to
suit aiiv luuol ol wa r. and w i'h e'uher hell or wwi
shall, AI.mi.IIk- At'ciiiKon "n-el I'd upaa dmi-e
The pat-nl en the l'ir'er W ' eel has eplied andron
selu n'l-. Ihi-v can he had much vhenper
Thev also i-nniilill'- to nse lUevnl'e Thr stlilltj
Hitl-hliK-x. and keep a tut constantly mi hand; war
rained lie- h -si in liVio.
All Ihe i!inv" irtli-liHi ,tUI he mi-ie with ospecia'
can- and bv the l est ww-linn n, and will ! warranted
All , iml. nl ri-parii,:; him-mnit I'u sli-irt-t notice
l'h. also keel ii la tlv mi hai.d. AM, MM)- Of
CASTN''iS, t.susllv ken' in a Fnumlrv. Thv have
rnniplnled 'heir Vinil shop, an that Ihnsn who call
an oxiiiuinv-thi'ir wnr '
Thev ave al.o at this lime msnufarttirin Ihe l.e-
fi ll Conk Move, nhi.-h r -c ived th lirn I'mnii
il. n at Ihe Ohio state Fair at fincin-ati last Vall.in.i
,vill keep ihi-m i sianilv on hswl.
The kimwii Miialily of ihe work done at this nstsh
liahmenl lormanv Mura past-is the la st nuarantne lbs'
in Intni-e, the siihsi-rllu-rs will lslor to desi-e ih pa-
trmuK ol the public. They Invite examination.
Laurastor, May i, isrn u, iimuuui
Fnucv Artieles,'
JOTopenlti)! a fioah tot nf I'liislu a of everv ifs
riiiiinni ''oin'is. lvnrv. I treason. Tuck and Sidj
Not - Paper ( ar ia, .nvlepes. Drawing Caper, ens
Ue Hoards, retliiHn ry
lnlv.1l '
uttiM ii;.m:
r m. m spa .'? 5 9. c 's !
,11 v .
Mtoek nt (Jentlemcn's Wear .
Of almost every price and description. Our atock ef
rtiiots Shoe, Iliit-s Cotton Yaru, Muslins,
Hutting, dc. 4e.
Is vnry lae and of he best quality. '
Asv.d iiuciul Uin.;ahivvst an exclusive ready pay
husineis, we can ol5-r great induceuiinta to hnyeis.
Cu'l and exniirin our stuck.
IVniUal, Wheat, cun, llye, Oats, Wool. FTaxssjrsl,
&.C., f r whiJh the hbhejt market prise will bo paid.
New Family (.rorery.
rUK undersigned baa just received snd ir now o
pfn injr ,,,, (fie Hni'theuxt enrntr of Vobmbmni
'hrcli. g sffteh. a well selected stoak of FasaHy
rnceri t'linf- ctinnaries, it., which will be aelil
In lies licit- a call. from his old frieiids and the
public in senersl. . ISAAC CHURCH.
jUn-astr September SS, 1851 .; , - 31
O'XOV N I.AIUKS. and takes lookthtwughalarg
and ipl'-ndid assortment of riresaGnsish.esahra
Inv' all (he lesdinu aud popular styles asm ist faahina
n-eiv oi ilium nnrm-iy nuiv auutniiy oiegaru.
Aoreinuer n. iuo.
W. f WISE.
I V)N'T FORflKT That thr place to buy Hit heal
I ,1 ioodu at the loweat prices, l at the' rheap mii-r
oppoaitoMhJiller a Hotel, . .- W. T lAINh
UUL-aster. Aovenioer o. i"o. s
ii. k.m'ivian . m
FtllllW 4at.ili.
1 ftft noes Mi-rully's Window OIas, lust re
JLU VF csived aud lor sale at she city Drug Store.
Lsnrestor, June . KDWARD L. tsLiK'UM.
lok Out! ...
McKLROYSHllXINfiHCRST have removed their
Woof nnd .faVif SAoptoOi.-sy's biiilditut, tiral
door east of tho Kxchenja and iinmrdlately opposite
Mr. Uainuel Beerv'a tlroserv1!, where they will kee--on
hand and nun'ulacture ti older. Bints and Shoes
ol the beat quality; all warranled and sold at low
turSs. VUat tntt at thf Halhnad Kigi. '
Lancaster, April 10, Wl. . W
LAR0K Lot ust ' i-eceivod embraclnu ove
kind of Fashionable aim nbwtn nse, fer lo
dies and Misses wosr. ALSO, a good slock ol Men s
Uootaand (iaiuirs. at -
Lancaator, nov H, 1HSU.
Jiwt Ilnceii ed nt the Old Drug Store,
K. Kl Oalloua Llnaeed Oil. of superior quality.
sj3ll ii. KAUKKMAN & CO.
Uncs.t.T, July SI, 1BBI
WOOLLEN GOOHS. I am now openltif k com
plate stock of cloths. caaaUneres. salttnela. It
lot, beaver sad mackinaw over seatlnge. Tweeds, flan
aels,kemva,jeaus,fulbdc)oths,,slieepe grey cass
nets. Unsays, kc. W.T.WIJiK.
Laaeatter. nevsjoke 9.UBW ' .... ' . . v 7 '
A1KS liA I'l'S has iist ad led to his stuck, at i s
si ittl if'i'it I" the"'l'iUliHH'lgi! Howe," i Israel id
siden-li'l variety of At.
WAUS, JEWISLBY, 0., to., ff'.j
Which he will dispose of st s mason- Jjfi
ahli- prices as anv Oilier .im.lar stock fc.'
nf the -same uility ian bo purchased in the Wi-at-
urn country . . ,
His iV'iitehea are oflhehest malie and of superior
.pialitv His ('I'M'! re nft-rery vr.-t sndj.l the
k ,',n,ilirii. His hit nl' -SilvUl-WilrB isex-
4l,-naiv,uii'..l'sim.tl.l'ail todeaw. Ilia Jowelrv isol
the u lit U-ailtiiul pilrteril '! "as ""en svi. ciru
He Wi on hin l.ilso. Mltry;' . . Iiilrintr
HUss'sanH'IsMMs Brilssuda. 'ts. Musical liislin
m nm, (iii-au.l.l-s. l-'sii.i, I'oc-.-t U-ok. Mnisho,. I
lot ol lino 'ststi.iu. ry and a "variety o usolul and or
I..I... '
Ilnh.s Iskos apoolal ,;ar beseliieiliur hk stiicb to
suit this market ana mviios mo r'''""
amiiw lor theiusnivej. JA.MKS tiAIMJ-
Lsncsster.Junw is r n . .
"ni.v iiikap. city. mmw
ritUKsiiluciilier bavins: hirated himself in Ihe eit.
I would moat rospeclliilly inmvm ino ciiwers oi
he same an.) swoitnlihi! country, thstj he, is now
oaeiii.i MaVis o Wiimnss sleesf, ft eat tide, thr-t
l,o$ orth of ilssfis. loi lhemsnufacure.sad ssle
of all kinds nf . r. . ... '
Tut, Cippetf nnd ShceMron ViHre,
Whw he Intends kiepbii!.t all timts.s fullsti.l l ,ji n
anil assortment, which will be sold on lh most lils-r-alMims
IVrsons -wanting art li-li-s in hialim wmHd
do well and sare money. bv calliun nn h in Iwli.remak.
inilheir purchases, as hodeliiruiined to sell eh.-ap.
U wo'- msrra.ii.erf, A. 1TI.
JOillilNO. &c. Il.me Spoutluir aiiiC Itoor
inif.'propsred and put upon the abort oat notice, in Ihe
best inminr, sn lt the very lowest rstes. A. VV..
Lancaster, uhlo, September 4, 1801. 18
Tnke Not lee.
ALL persons indebtwl to tho late Arm orFJMAK
S: CO., sr hereby notified to call and settle Ihe
ssmoat Ih,- olliceof O. !leloina. J. P.. Ijncartir,
Ohio, as no other person la authorised to give receipts
aii.cM. entus and duebills. have been ssaiine
to the sub criber. and left with the ssid O. Ptelno aa,
I P.fortollectloo,- - L II. 8PFINIK '
T ApiU 33 '-Swil . ' Ot elacluutij Ohioy-
OK, AMi r.lt .) itil.
I'li paruil Imm l-C n.ht, m i n- fourili S ojr.wii o
Tut Oi, ift'-r uii'is ti-'iia ol H.ion Li s ki, Tie
great I h . ai.dntiiil i Ii n.isl.bj I.S ili.UUi.Tus M.
?i. I'liilil India. I' .nm-. Iv mil
Th.s is a tralj- --lid-1 tul r nn d- fer In 'j-vst on.Pys-
r psia, .lii;iiiiUi-i , In-, r t-onieU.ui, . oiisiij ntion ami
I bdjtv. ciiiii u ai'.r K.ilur. ' own ui-.tli.ul, by
N-itur.-'so-vn 'c nt t!io lins'ric Juice.
-iiaij t as; .. i, mill nl I'k.sis, inMisnl in.AvsVr.
..Will - I' "ll- 'll S -IV -, l' l.-C I'll ' ' ill'IIJC ucy
in ab'wt tllli hnutl, out ol t n- stemacll. -PFl'SIN
is th v'.ii e ene'iit. or r -at I.licitinc
IVile-lele ol Hi 'l.i.'li.- '.luice slm v .( qf Ih.
Vtiiil, tho I'mif'ji v, l'ire'i"ig. and f ni:l,iti p
Aj-nl ol'thesii..in'i,-li'!;iel l:iiet?i:... Il i-. --Mimi-I d
Irmn the il'e stive st-.-na- h i f III 'h. I 'il' lormitu!
an I'lilic'.'l i uji shi-i Mu n, pr rus I -in; tin- ti.i.
tural liastrif Jiii-e :n iln-lr mic.l pn-.v. r-.. i-n I Mir-
nis'.inu a ciun.l.-te and .-it 1 1 s'J' -lirute fin- it ly
the ani el tin- pr avi tieii. fhe pi r-.Jan I .- iu nt in li
all man I ih-spep.ln sre r-,n live I il -t u s I fl -v wi.lil,)
bv a Lcaltht siiuiiacli I" In n : " eu rst u- i'a.
M-pllcs. curie; t-a-e.. nl IVbilit--, (nisi inf inn. ie-rvoiis
d.-cline a'ul i!y -p ptic ciii-un-i'li ii. pp-isi-d in he- n
Ihe verj!- el Ihei.rave Tie i n-ilic vi.- u up. n
ahlch it i- liaseil'. ia in thu iiihes' der. -n uriuiis ami
sm: m.'-7( k 17 e x '.';.
llfsON ' ltl:l i ill his vi-li-br.it- d w-nii, on Animal
eh inislrv, si.vs: An Arid-rial I 'i;i.--liv - I liii !,uii,
b.j. us ti.'l'i.- iii-tii. Juice, i, a, he" ren iiv nr. : ar d
fri.lii th-- ii u nil. lie In'- all ef f'e- -.iitina. h nf th Call,
ill which v.iiioua a ti-1- s el in id as ne ;il imj iys,
will Ite uifumd elut un i'iVm'i' ' jp -t in tre
s in-- iniuiie'r.is the- i.ld be in fl"- huniiiii -tuirach"
l)r t'Hdlil., in hi. raluobl wri'ing- on the ''.h-.
siol.-i! . ot lli.-atiini.' oliserv a thi.t -a diil.illlliiun nl
I' ed'ii- qu.ii.lit-. 1 1 Ih -(iastil.-Jui- e is a premiiiceit
m'a l pn-vailiii oau.o of l)ys"i.iii'r an.i ho states
thai "a (listiniushi il i rel.-si.r nl mi ilicin. iu t.nn .-n:i
wh.i waa aeve-r-'ly al! ii-teil wif this complaint, I'-nl--us
ev--rtiiltiK lin-ti fall, had , cour.-e tu. the Gas
tric Juice, obtained fioni the -ti. lim bs 01 living ai.i
mats, which proved mmpliti li .surivti.s ' V! "
l)r CIl.MlA M, ut-1 1 iiith. lanmii- works on" V-li-til.l
I i-'l," saj a: '!' ia a r--ui.iT ail- avl in phy
sio oe .that l ie lonails ol .inunsls, niacinii.
V.SI lulls
tliU-.ul .7 Bcs'fo.-. ol them in un tt iso ililt, relit lioin U,
ILitural ih-.tivo triines," "
Jl" alien flu- AK'-nt, nun iM a mcsit five ruvu-.
lav, uralis civlii! Ian;- amount ofscienlilleeviil n. e,
a-niilsTtniTie aliiiv.tuii' thel wi'hr. p.iHanf reuiaiU
aide cuii-s, from all part--' of the I'nit. d Males.
.Is e iry-wpsio I rrr,
lr JI'lt'llirillN'S l l.iVINhas lo-mhii-cd the most
marvellous plKurt. in rm iiii cusrs of OitiiUhj, V.tua
eintioii, A'ri fou IMiue and Itytp. ' rii-ns-'Mi Ho .
I' is impossible to kiv. the detai'sof eexes.iu tb lim
its uf thia sdverti.1 iiienlibul suihenti.-at, d ei I lilicat. s
hav- be,-n niv -o uI'iuiim titan Vitxi Hunlrcil rtmark
tlilrritm. in lie adi M is..Ne York and ilostnn nlnno
Tii--e were u- ail all dospeiate eases- ami ih.- ,-uii-s
eern iml Mil i rapid ind wund. ilul, 1 ul pinii.su. nl.
. II isanr.-ai .Vermes .irlk.'t.tr. ami p:.rtii-nvl
u-ilnl tor t' ud.sjiry In bilious ilksmsl r, nv.-r i
i num. lever sun sane, ,-r i-auiv irs a-,-w i
IMcttiro CJallnry.
'"p!l K nndersliineil Is Just rereivinir. st hla rooms,
I bsnlifill In' of Plains. Frames and Cases, of all
;iiil'u s Inun 1-ltitn the 1-3 plate a'zs, which he
e-ill I'll with T)aeirrro')e unsurpased in the beau
tiful art and ill prices that cannot fail to please.
All irncnrdi.i!lv invited to call and examine fat
th 'tits'-Tvcs. Imnrs open at all hours.
U icist ir Jinuary as i A L. SELLER.
To rnr.ie ilers nnd lliiusc-Diiildors.
WK would invite the especial attention of persona
about. Iiuil'line new 1 louses snd flsrns to our
l-,ne sdext nsive a-aortmentof HOVSK-BU1LD-
I.MI M.i'J h.HUhS. We hsvo now on hand,
2"ll IC-i;s Jueii'a Nails and apikea.
IIMSsl lights 8x10. and 10x14 Window-sash,
olldo; en Onor hn-ks snd latches.
J. li l.nv Hxlll. IDxl'i tnd IIK14 Window- Class,
III ill pounds Fll'd orap llinKs, e Ac.
, ltl'VK'l'ti KltSII I P.
fHini'.RT DKVOI. and A. C. LIVINGSrON hav
" T In-f purchland the intnnsst of Joseph Kurtman,
w ill in iiitiirncarrv on the Foundry nnd Machine
il'isinexi, at t!io old stand West end of main-atreat,
und r the firm naitie of fill.BKRT'DKVOL k CO.
'i'h n-.v lii iu is to sotlle andpsv all the debts of the
n',1 linn ' (ilt.HKRT DKVOl,
Lancaster, April IB, ISTit . . ,.-...,
2,'KIO Ueward. -. .
"siTEVKR since Iho science o'Medi' ine dawned upon
l 1 Ihn worlJ. haaanv tiling been found so Rood tor
cnuith ami colds as Howtt'a oouoii caidi. Sllullpack
ithis r u-oived Ibis day nv K. L. SLOClTfl.
v TlrnitRlat. Lam a tor, Ohio,
Sole Agent for Fairfield county. Nov. WO
I tlJTTVt II pouuds macbine made PuttT
I blailiiers. for ssle bv O'iTO W. KKtAMi-R.
Lnncaaler. May lBl . .
OiffM In us'Hitr To'lnmnf. ...
OVF.n HALF a Millb nof Teslanonlslahsvebeen
rec. i.wl by ihe Proprietor of McAllsler'i ALL
HF.AI.mu OmTWli NT!
. : --..fiS
X"l!FfU From Phaicians Ihe most
iii.it lo ihi lluid llie p-ii i'tlv ul ' illasul, im.
. sni -l, s nf foial, ' ii-l vf.-tf elli'H a Kind o lie- -,
Isl' -
skilful' a nd cclctrsied.
. slid the evil . His ts of (.uniinss Mercurv, and
ut hi d uL;a ui on Hit- ldt.esliv tr(sns. stu i' a Ioiik
aickneta Also,l'er exce.-s inea:ing, and the Ino-IV- e
use of aril-lit spirit-, ll almost reconciles lieuHh
wlth'Jsitt't!ijra-re. , . . . f v. -
via mimnrn inmpnt .
5yrfL trem Councillors lesrned
In the law. from .'uiitcs f
.S't'flf -ohbrily bn the Bench,
I't ttm iinii.ira of the Gos
jiei, w hose undi-v lain ( in-
Krity have made thi-m
tbiniiig li.li's in the path
of Truth, from enlij;htin
rd IVofestors. from scute
Merchants, from those
of everv station, name
sodd i;ro. snioiy mankind all of which,-without
inie di.aeniinit objection, pronounce this Ointment to
tie;ool)' ' -V" i
. A day Kv dsv it unn) trusivolv extends its sphere
ol aciinii a!ei.n the Issrderaol our vast country, ami u,
circulated throughout ila txtent, new evidences of ite
I power and new prints of i s elli sry are contlsuslly
i ,1,'veliipiil TArsr n illioi t i f I exe, sprlW to du
I es.o w itliin ih,' las lour eers have ealal-liahi o the
"in" .. . l ...L- ........r..,! arroni l.
,. Ssimin-tin ia i. oeji.inMn.- -r, ,-
i:...: .. .u. In Ibe rure Ol ail 1 ll-
ii n. ii II, I .HI ii .nr ---- - , .
rs, l lcurs, Son-s, liuios; Tetter. Pih s, ScrofuU,
I r- sip-las, chilblains, scald ll,-ad,aorel.,Wuinsy,
aeiusTiivat, and t
which nature intei
sip-las, chilblains, scald t(i-aa,aoret.",a"'"7t
mp, Rlieumsti.in, Hroken Bresat, Aue in the tace
rns. Ike. ll completely restores the Insensible r--
by this means open. ,..u..-.
teiidi i to expel the morbid matter ot
'fhsurn l nn l.,Pi. eJ J Hii XnnidCA CMUmlMfM Wllirn I
. ...... ... .... -- . .a i,..!,, . ... I- inn Hv HTrni riPsiiiirw. wo ww js-
,u.lter;h.;wbadtls.y.n.ylte, it.,',, iotaot rclie.rX .11 external sores. ScrflU
A siiiBle do reinoves.ll the unplisisaiit a viuii onis; " Junr, and J0MO,,t- trounrf to discherie
andilonlvnei-dsluhe r pealed lor -; short t,..m U 'Xuln alter: and then heal them,. It iamshtlv.
make these to.-d elf els D-isiam-nt. 1'urilunf Jib nd i l',u" ,u, .,. ; ,. r. .u i. .i-.n-. v. A aesse-..
...i . i lernie a nviini,. i-- ...... - . . ,
il ui parncuiai-i. : , ...... . ., uu it u I II nn, henetlt. I nsve
a u II1..IMIS.
exteensl or IiiM rn-r.Mhat it w ill rot benefit.
ad vigor or llodu follow st one
ly exc. II. ut In eases of iS.ua, s, Vomiiinir, cramps, , l , f,;ilr,wn Vesrs lor all the diseases
wireilt'Bi OI ,ne oil til inea:oilici.,ulsi,esn niv.i, i-Hiiua, ' . .. , .,
low, told stale nf tl, liloed. Hi avinooK, lunitesaolj
pir ii-.il sKin h nc .viiiacutiun, w-ra-mw,leuiL-in y
to Inssiiitv, suicidi. &c '
Dr. Ill)f 11UTONN PEPSIN. Ls sold hy nesrly all
the deal r. in lin-d4t-ft PopuUrM-'.lcin. s,t;irough
nut Ih" I njteil Sialeai- il is un pared. in I'owdi r and
in Ihild fiirin aud Prosciipiuu vials lot; the of
P)isiiiais. ' . i ,-
Print - Cirriifori for thi use ot Ph sn-lans, may
bi-obtained of Dr. Houghton or iiia At''iit.d' -avrUiuig'
bo wliule procMa.itfjiiepariilUin, and nlvin the au,
ihoiltiea upon which' the claims nl this now remi dy
are based A it is net s sveret renie-.y:,aio ol j slion
ran er.is-d agsinst ilsuso-hv Pliys lisn' in respects.
bh atanding and regular practice. Triea-.f 1 per Uittlo.
1 rOHsmvf this! Kv.'ry bottle of the genuine
I FPSINbear the w ritlen alanatuv.- of J 8. HOt till
TON, M D . oleiiropri- toO'hiiadoljdiia, Ha. fopv
rieht and Trade Mark secured ' ' ' ' .
rrflidd b DtuKlsts snd Deslera In Medicines.
MnlstDWARD L SLOCUM. LaKeaavcet
. ." - DiuJ. M. VViMoii.Newaria)- it i
Tkoos av Kickasot, Cirelsv.iUe; . .
' )rUrlV- U- BosrsTI, CoiVaJSWi. .... ,r-;:
ttj'. T ' ' . ,V " ' SOe-V.. '
a .i. ....... niiMi, .mi liver: luvoivin. uw hv
Ol 'n cnu-ciit'swr' ' : - . . -
most danger and reaponsibilitv; .d I declare before
heaven and man. that not in one single esse hss it tsil.
ci tobonetltwhi s the patient was wlihis sesoh. oil
"7 McTi.HTF.ti 14. Fult6nt.,Kew'ori.Sols Pre
orl ton .-A. ItS lUsmit. Aeenta for Ohio. f
P ;,...t- i ui...i iitie VV. Krsemer.Lsnrsa-
ter; K. Kalli.'llu.hville; W.W.Hr ed, Carroll; M.CimP"
b II Pirkerlniitom Ionard and -Brother. Bssil; av
M tthotT, 1-ockiHie: sn,uel oann-i, -K.ndslev
Llthopolls: K. GeoheKan, lialtltnore; J-ChJ-pool.Kew
P.lJ.mJ. andtt. Ilei.be., Amanda Danfcl
rTawbln. Sugar Crovoi A.hbaugh and Boery. Bremen.
. OstoberiU. Il ; " ; 88
' -.- . ' pr. II omer c; Sha w,
TV.NDFRS his pwteerionat servka. to tb'"''
o' Lancaster sad the publis n "Fj"';
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