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,' .1.. John If. WrlshW PHiter. - ;
WFICE Tllm.!g BuHdin-.ThlrJ' Flouri-
, ' Mln Sliwt South SUo. -rv
' (';. V r.. . ;
Terms-$..76 per annum in' advance;
Thursday Eve-nlnn;, June 10, 1832
UflPOBTCKATE Occcrrerce Two. Mm
Horribly Mangled.-rrTba: Steuben vjle Her
aid says that "on the receipt of the new by
telegraph on Saturday evening r lout, that
yen. Pierce wag the nominee of the Dmo
cratic party for the Presidency his' political
friends brought Out the cannon in honor of
the result. ; In preparing it for the fourth
round,' it discharged prematurely, taking
off both of. the arms of James Curnaham,
above the elbow and one of -the arms, of
Ephirm Lashley, offabove, and the other be
low the elbow breast mutilated head
bruised," and both eyes probably destroyed.
Hopes are entertained of his recovery. The
unfortunate men were engaged in loading at
the time the ramrod doing the execution.
Others close by were stunned and knocked
down. The horriblo accident, is the sub
ject of general regret. Tho young men pos
sess good characters, and were of tempe
rate" and industrious habits. In tho use 'of
fire arms, when will the public learn to be
cautious.'" . , ... -a . .,..'.. ,
Who is Gen. PierceI The young ora
tors of the Democracy, who expanded upon
the moral and patriotic spectacle of a United
S'ates Senator, leaving tho carpeted halls
of the Senate Chumber and resigning eight
dollars per day, for the purpose of fighting in
Mexico, ought to have waited until they had
learned something of their "great leader."
It would seem from the most authentic sourc
es, that the. gentleman In question was not
in the United States Senate after 1843. We
are sorry for it, but the fact spikes one
chance for rhetoric, and our young friends
will have to hunt up another,
Obn. Pierce. A Washington correspon
dent of the Baltimore Sun says that Gen.
Pierce was born 1804. The Ohio Slate-man
says that he was an officer in the War of
1812. He was therefore only eightyearsof
age, and we take it that that beats the infant
drummer.. The Democracy, by their lame
attempts to make a military hero out of their
Candidate,'' may run the thing into the
ground. . . , ., .
Important Discovert. The Lake Su
perior Journal informs us that jthe greatest
excitement prevails in tho vicinity of the
ti'Anse Bay, on account of tho recent dis
covery of an extensive coal bed in that re
gion. "As it is well known that a large tract
of iron land is near that locality, there can
be no calculation made of tho extent to
which tliis discovery will add to tho wealth
and business of that community. ,
Ocean Penny Postage. Elihu Burritt
"writes to tho Journal of Commerce, a very
'encouraging letter of the progress made in
the agitation for the establishment of. penny
postage across tho ocean.. .The proposition
is received with great favor by large numbers
of ull classes, and is to be introduced into
Parliament under very favorable auspicos.
currently rumored in London that her Majes
ty contemplates conferring upon Mr. Chas.
Kean, of the Princess's Theatre, tho order
of Knighthood. It is stated also that . Mr.
ondMrs. Koan will, therefore, retire from the
stage, and take up their abode in, tho palace
ss teachers of elocution to the royal children.
r Old Pooib Platform. It was supposed,
astlio telegraph did not herald tho fact, that
the Baltimore Convention had not mado a
platform. It appears, however, that one
was pushed through' with lightning speed,
the previous question cutting 6flT all debate.
It has tho. appearapce of "fogyism," and in
this instance, thre is no evidence of prog
ress. We shall speak of it hereafter..
v Counterfeits. Twenty dollar notes of
the Bank of Kentucky, of the genuine plate,
SO's on the Bank of South Carolina, genu
ine plate, and SO's on the Louisiana State
Bank, genuine plate, with forged signatures
bave been put in circulation. ..
tJ. S. Treasury. The net amount de
posited 'to the credit of the .United States,
and subject to the. draft of tho Treasurer, in
the various depositories, on the 24th of May,
1852, was $15,099,169 83. The amount in
the depository of Cincinnati was 3,301 37.
... The Art-Union Question. We under
standi says the N. Y, Herald, that tho dccis
Ion of the Supremo, Court on tho constitu
tionality of this concern, is postponed until
(he middle of this month when the court next
-; Fish. The official returnsof tho Ameri
can Consulate at Halifax, state the amount
of pickled fish exported from that port to the
United States in 1851, to be 61,496 barrels;
34,994 of which were mackerel."
" . " i ii i ii i in .
OirJpe Barker, Ex-Mayor of Pittsburgh,
was fined $15 and costs, on Monday last, for
Using filthy and obscene language at a public
meeting in Allegheny City. Served him
fights- fa.:'-. ' - .' - )-'
New Potatoes New Irish potatoes.from
New Orleans, are retailing at St. Louis, at
$1,25, 1,60 per bushel. ...'
Hoos. The Madison Courier, thinks the
Hooslers,' this year, will double their last
year's production of hogs; ; . ::
. Limb Alton, 111., export upwards of
80,000 barrels of lime annually! ;'The .bylk
of if goes to New Orleans. ' ' -lf .
-,r -
- District : jtiwr. The
hare made 'the.i'foIlolng,
county undortbe hw tax-law,' in which to
elect Distrlot Assessors for (ho appraisement
offtxa!. Estate h -; ;., .! ;;.. ;,, . j.
; ;.lst. District, Clearereek, Amanda, Bloom
and Madison. .: .' ,. v,;'f ......
2d; Greenfield, .PUasanV Rlcbtaftd nd
Rushcreek. ... )'. .' .. ,;
I K Violet, Liberty and Walnut, t "
4th,Horklng and Berne.; - i v i
These are all Locofoco of course, and eoJn
pactnss of territory was scarcely consider
ed.' Howovomui tho Deputy Auditor re
marked, the Commissioners- would be foolish'
to make Whig district,, .when they eould
mako them all Locofoco. We' notice that
candidates are already in tho field for a nom
ination: Wb h'opo they' wilt ; not forget to
pay. a dollar a heaj to 'the Telegraph:)'. ,',:
, Hyw does this course correspond .with the
romafksofsotneof the Democrucy that it I
nonsense to talk about politics In a corpora
tion or Hocking townaiiip clectionl ,'. . ';'
Thos. P. Meagher. Tho New fork
Mirror contains the following' description of
jii. jut-Anittt which H pruoaoiy. a correct
tf f .. ...I . '.L t'' 11,
one: . .. :.. . .'; . m ...
"His appeors uce would Indicate a man a
bout twenty-five years of nee. hot cornulent.
as has been sttited,: but of medium height,
sirong, compact irame.a iargA, Avell-fonned
head, finely sot, it sparkling, mild eye, and a
cbunteance alternating in colors between
the rose sndsun-browfted. " In shdi t.a nian
with strong Hibernian bodily characteristics,
though his features and voice is soft 'and
full, rather of the tone railed "aflected"
though there is no affectation in Mr." Mesg
her's speech or manner. He speaks with
deliberation, but clearly, fluently, and to the
the point. ,; ' . i'
"Mr. M. isnocsotlst vnnitv and conceit
have no part with him. He 'has -escaped
from bondage, and is proud to stand upon
our free soil under the folds of our star
ry flag and tho protection of our laws, He
come amonjr us from his captivity not a
beggar, but to dwell in our tent, to oractird
his profession, tho law,' in our midst and to
share our independence and hospitality.
His lather is a man of largo wealth. '
Mr. Meajjhcr married in. Van Die mnn
Land, and his wife will, no doubt.-soon
join him here. He speaks highly of the
suil and climute ho has just left, and ex
presses deep sympathy With tho free English
colonists there, who, he says are -full- of the
spirit" of liberty, preparing in ' duo time to
tuKe tlieir place'amonsrnatlons.'"
It is settled that Mr. Meagher is to be
welcomed by a grand demonstration in New
Wkrnd has telegraphed to Cincinnati
that he cannot definitely answer tho invita
tion to visit that city until afjtcf the New
York greeting.,
AN:Tiinn "fn.iiuusTrR" Exoitemcst.'-'
The Now York Run has again born seized
with the "fillilmster" fever, and its isud of
Saturday contains what purports to bo exci
ting' news from Hcvanai annou. tin? The
expectation of another Invasion, n i fhe
arrest of fourteen youh men oa snsjilciou
of bein concerned in a revolutionary move
ment. The Ka'nio steaniur, however,' wliieh
brought th Sun's news, also brought a. let
ter to the Journal of Commerce, cautioning
the public against statements manufactured
at Havana and sent to Now .York to rscite
sympathy. . The young men who were ar
rested; it is said, are relatives of some of
thi.so who were shot at Puerto Pririclpo, du
ring thq late rebellion", and through revenge
havii been commitjiig acts which Induced
the authorities' to arrest them'. ' Gr'n. Carto
do, it is alleged, does not expect another in
vasion: l)Ut in ess there should be.he has is
sued orders to give ho quarters and to immC'
diately junish all who harbor or aid tho in
vaders." All 6itizehs of 16'years and upwards
are, ordered to be ready, on the Instant, tg
repel invasion and W burn any homlet, vil
lage or dwelling which may Impede the prog
ress of the troops. Bali.., Sun: '
' Destrdctive Hurricane. A violent
hurricane passed over a portion- of. Camden
county, Mo., on the" 1.1th ult.i prostrating
neuses, fences, trees, cic. The dwelling
house, grist mill anu carding muchme ol Mr.
Thos. R. Line, wer- all blown down, and
tho carding machine was carried to the dis
tance of fifty yards. A wheat fan upon the
premises was torn into small peices. Four
teen persons were in tho dwelling at the
time, but all escaped. Passing on, the dwell
ing houses of FicldingClark, Edward Yonng,
Win. Winds and John Hobos, were destroy
ed; and upon Mr. Young's premises a large
wagon was completely tarn into peices. Mr,
Hobhs was seriously, though not dangerous
!y, injured. ' ' . ; ' - -
Gen. 0. Hinton Again. It appears lhat
this noted mail robber- who has been so lor.g
hunted, has finally made his cscapo frmn
California. Mr. Ithiel Mills, thq Deputy U
S. Marshal who has bee n in pursuit of Gen
H. fur several months, is now in this city,
intendingto leaveon tho next steamer for
tho Atlantic mates, lie lias spent several
weeks in this country, during wbich timo -he
has traversed the. State in various directions,
crossed over Sierra Nevada to Utah Territo
ry, and visited tho most remote places, in
pursuit ol tho object ol his search. It is UU
ly ascertained that Gen. Hinton was in , the
State when . Mr. Mills arrived, but this fact
had previously found its way into Atlantic
papcrs,which probably re.uhou there, in time
to put the uencral on his guard. Tho U. S
Marshal, however, has found several gentle
men who wero formerly acquainted with
Gen. II., who have been cognizant of some
of his movements since his arrival In Cali
forniaand who are fully .aware that he
aomo timo sinco left for some other quarter
or the World probably for South America.
The truth is, this accomplished black-leg has
nnu inunua in mo country, who have not
been backward in aiding his escape.' We
cannot, however, but adrmro the energy
which the Post OHloe Department has man
ifested in trying to brinar the old offender to
justice;. I or nearly two years, he has been
pursued by active, untiring officers, at an ex
pense, oouducss, oi inoussnds of dollars.
The costof , the trip to California must ; be
quite large, as the Marshal has spared no ef
fort which the facilities of government or his
own untiring vigilance could command, to
accomplish his object:" While it is a matter
of regret that this last attempt should have
tailed, it must De evident that there is very
little channel under ordinary circumstance.
for a mart robbcrto escape the emissaries of
government.-Sacrartiento Time.-
ffcTThe Dunkirk JoorriaT states tfiaftKi
population of that village, by a fecent count
was 4,018, being ha Increase of nearly Ao
Pt ent withlnlhe last year J '
"Franklin Picfce is
s ft man nf fulr hftrHfinnr
cnaracter.tnoderate abilities atid the bitterest
partisan reelings.:- He cvhlentlr considers,
mibi una tuuuvry was creaieu on purpose to
be rulcd by lhe party styJingitself.'Dvmocra.
tic, and never harbored a suspicion that that
party ever was or ever would bo In error. ' If
asked what was the occasion of Adam's Fall,
na woniu instinctively answer Federalism!,
He never had one progressive idea, but is in
all things a modi llunker. '.
"Gen. Pierce was repeatedly choae'n to the
New 'Hampshire Legislature ; (House' of
wnicn newas unaiiy msdeBpeaker. He was
first elocted to Congres in ' 1833,- (March,)
took his seat the .following December, and
sorved through two terms, when he was cho
sen Into the Senate, Where he served from
1837 to 1842, when ho resigned. Ho won
no position .in either:. House,, and , was not
qualified to win anv. . lie is MHontMillu ..
ordinary man in every thing but partisan
ship, but hlslocofoibinls of a vindictive and
malignant typo1 peculiar to New Hampshire:
Ohio alone vainly attempting to equal it. V :
Scow And Gen. Pierce. Tht edi
tor of the Wilmington (Delaware) Ropub.
lican, (Whig,) who served In Mexico under
the command of General Pierce, says: 1
"Ho saw some service in ' the valley, but
openly avowing himself, after hi arrival in
the city of Mexico, incompetent and insuffi
cient for the responsibilities of tho impor
tant appointment of Brigadier General, he
resigned and returned to tho United States.
Howes always a great favorite of Gen.
Scott's, and we have every reason to be
lieve the feeling was reciprocal." ,
Moscow. This veteran horse was in the
city yesterdoy.' He had been attending ths
races at Detroit, and gets the following 'n-;
lice in the Advertiser: Herald.
The Venerable Moscow took tho prise.
We call him venerable, for he must be near
ly twenty years old., YVe reccolkxt seeing
him win tho puree on the Albany course, on
the 4th of July, 1844,'previous to his purchase
by Geo. Dunham, of Wect Troy. He was
then represented to bo some 1 1 or 12 years
old. .It must be admitted that be wears well
and he looks as though he might go a mile
in 2.40 for the next five years. Ilis short
est time was never much below' 2.33 '.ve be
lieve, though it may huvo been a little less. :
Franklin Pierce, the, Hero of York!
The Statesman Outdone'. We are daily ad
monished that the.foola are not all dead, and
that knaves are using their utmost efforts to
deceive and humbug them. We have ox'
posed tho Stutt sman .in one attempt, and
held it up to ridicule so .effectually that the
editor has been compelled to make diaracc
ful 'retraction. ' -, -
We have just found the following gf m in
the Daily DetputcK, a Locofoco. paper print
ed in . Portsmouth, intliU Stute. ,.It rather,
beats the Stmarmitix
"We had on our talle. a short time R-nro'.
a biographical sketch of Mr. IV-rciy which,
we are sorry to say, from some cause, is not
now to be found. ' We may say, however,
that he is nut so ob.-JcUro aninmnii thn
Whigs would have the nw,nl bolii vo. : Ilia
lather was an oflicer of the revolution, r.n,'
If. himtdf, if us are Pot mi.'ta'.cn, loo . command
of V,.m-ral Pi'c's aim;, After that t;,:iknt
offtcr wa! mmlclbj xtoirtM, at the Utile of
Yor!." . ' " ' , ' '
The Utile of York 'was Iftthe war of lai1?.
and young l'ierco (vho, it is now conceded,
was born in 1801,) wa th?n fhout tight or
nine ycaraof .agr! Rather young to" take
eommund of a blown up army! . What a
pity it is that thin editor has lust this', sketch
of Mr. Pierco's life,: We presume ho would
have been oble to demonstrate tliatthis new
csudidatq coniinandedllie Amer.icansatLun
dy's Lanu, and pointed out to.. Jackson the
way to whip the British' at New Orleans.' "
well' go ahead, cent emen! ' Thoro ft
somo need attiibcllufonent$t to make a j?reat
hero of Mr. Pierce. -: But isn't it a rich busi
ness! O- 8. Journal,
South Africa". Tha Graham' Town
Journal, of March 27, contains the followlng
nean-rcnuing details: 'iur. .llartung, tlio
band-master of the 71th Highlanders, it has
been-admitted by tlio-Jfafllr woman taken
prisoner by Col. ilyrn's column, was cut in
to pioces"vtth"ass'eg'ais, whilst living, being
kept under torture forthrec days.'the process
o which was that of cutting off his fingers
and toes inch by inch, at Intervals, tind when
ot, the close .of tho third day the wretched
man asked for food, a piece af his own flesh
was cut from his body and given to hurt. A
low' hours alter death terminated his Buffer
ings. ". , The paragraph then goes on tosav:
"Uut this ntrocity has been excecdod in the
case ol Sergeant Lange.who fell into the en
emy's hands on tlie occasion ofColonel Y'ar-
borough's lute disastrous patrol, and who was
lounu, at the end ol three days from his cap
ture, expiring under tho horrors of crucifix
ion being extended : upon his back on tho
ground to which ha was fixed by slakes of
wood, driven through tho palms of his hands,
tho ankles, and a fifth through his body." ...
German Mcsrot Festival Tho. first
German MusicoJ Festiyal ever held in odr
State commenced Its ceremonies in Colum
bus on Saturday last and closed on Monday.
Our Columbus papers speak in tho highest
terms of the excellent music, speeches and
tho exercises throughout. q'he Journal
states that Saturday was principally occu
pied in parades ond exercises, which passed
off highly satisfactory. .'But Monday .."was
the galndny, and most heartily did we enjoy
its festivities. The different -delegations,
after parading the principal streets, march
ed to Stewart's G rove, where a wholesome
collation was served up, of which most pres
ent partook." . Speeches . wefo then made
by Messrs. Rcinhart, (tho President of tho
day,)GalloW, Dcnnison, Neil and,. the Hyn.
C. Recme)in,'of Cincinnati. The' gymnas
tic exercises during tho day astonished all
who witnessed them. Tho different bands
of music .which performed on tho occasion,
are noticed by the press in the MoRt compli
mentary manner. Tho delegates returned
to thw respective hoinos on -Tuesday .'r-Me-tropoli).
- j ' - ' n.u
... ' .'
One or the Dark Places or the Earth.
Mr. Hunt, a Wesloyan Missionary among
the. Feejoes, who are cannibals of the . worst
description, he stated 500 persons had, been
eaten in five years within 15, mitrs of his res
idence. .Some of them eat raw human flesh,
and chew it as ai ors do tobacco. Thev
sometimes eat their .best friends, -.When
parents grow old, they were killed by -their
children. Sometimes they are buried -alive
or thrown to tho sharks. Women on th
death of their husbands were killed.
' (KrThe City Gov'ernment.iof Near Bed-
ford has knnrnnri At aH 20- itt for thA niipnnBA
of eeJebraUng ijhe.4tb ofiujy. 4
(Cj'When iji a man b'art of a steamboat!
When heleeVVoardnfber.:? :'iii
011IO,;TllUliSl).VY M0HN1X0, JCXK 17, lS;-.
Arrival of the America.
1 xpRmJuns 8, Tlie. America arriv
this afu-ruoon at Halifax. Mvney abun-
dant. Consols, closed on Frldair at nr fi.r
account. Wheat in fair demand, without'
reduction.:. Little . doing 'in flour rates of
lust week. Good 'demand for Indian Corn,
at Is 6d advance'. The .market closing with
an upwaru. tendency. Block of American
parativly hglit. Hales
uonrnnd grain is comparatively li
I 3000 tierces of .bed. at fu-ther advance
of fislOs; stock limited, Pork advanced
5s, barreled, with aq upward, tendency.. But
little lard on tun )v No demand for choose.
Tallow , decliilod.". 800 tierces of Carolina
rice taken at full rates. ..Tea holders ask
high rutes for good qualities, in demand.
l.iriflPPri III in ft..m
iZiLnfn v Bht 8l Piu,,cn';r, 37
S ! Chan ,l( er, R.,ilroad delegates
from Canada and Nw Brunswick. -
Tho Imperial Government refused to aid
in the construction of the Valley St. John's
Railroad on military grounds.
Eminent English capitalists made advan
tageous offers for the construction of a Eu
ropean Railroad from Halifax to the Maine
frontier, and from Quebec to Hamilton,
Upper Canada.,, , ' , . . (
;. CJen. Fierce.
New York, Juno 7th. Tho New . York
Evening Post. (Barnburner,) .asjs that the
nomination of Gen. Pierce gives general sat
isfaction toi the democratic party, andinti
n.at;s that tho 'Van Buren wing, will give
him a warm support. , "
The Post regards tlie Platform as i f n
binding cSect, and under the ('irc-nrimt iiTir. M
a mere farce. Politicians generally ron, t-i'e
that Gen. Pierce will unite the whole par y
in this State and throughout the Union .
" ' Arrival ofihe America.
New York, June 8 Business in Parlia
ment utiimportunt. . Lord Stanly officially
disclaimed on the part of Britain any claim
to Guano Island. The Admiral, however,
sent a ship to protect British Interest. It is
expected Parliament will ba prorogued -or
dissolved about the 20th of June.
Bullion in the Bank of England exceeds
20,000,000 sterling. Rothschild agnin offers I
Uimsoll arcprcientattve in Parliament. .
A Galway packet denies the rumor that
the potutoe disease hasre-appearpd.
.The Madrid journals deny that it was the
int ntion of government to curtail tha con
stitution. Spanish government appoioted a
commissioner to revise the tariff upon the
free trade principle. A fusion between . the
older and younger branches of the Bourbons
is again spoken or.. Refusals to take oath
multiply. Tho Monitrur denies that Napo
1 on Is exerting an influence at Madrid hos
tile to Spain. . Th i deniaU refer to Lord
Paliuerston's recent statement in the House
ol'Commons, that foreign powers were in
trigueing. in Sjiaiiish allairs. : Napoleon's
cuniidcntiul envoy had an inteiviuw with
tho Czar and other Northern monarch.
The precise object of the mission not trans
pired. , , ,
. Italy. Marqui.i D iciih succeeded in con
structing a Cabinet on a liberal basis.
Jou'ii-ils of Southern Gerinapjr contain
lam.-ntahlc accounts of famine in many dis
tricts. - ' . .
A, 3-ifc on Iic fnke.
.Buffalo, Juni JO.-A heavy squall swept
over the Luke this morning. Schooner Ma
rion, owned ly L. H. Pratt, was driven on
the bre'akwati r and dashed to pieces. In
sured. Four of the crew, McDonald and
two brothers, McFaddeii, and another nam
ed BteClarc, were drowned.
Steauior.Charter reported ashore, on Long
Point, Cunada.
,: ' ' C'ho'uCi'.i. ' r "
CiScinnati, June 10 p. m,." Seven Choi-.
era patients at quarantine. Weather dis
agreeably cool. , Cloaks and fires necessary
at night. . .' "
Little Miami Railroad declared semi-an
nual dividend five dullars per share. -r-
Matsvills, June 10 p. m. Two Jeatlis
and four new cases of Cholera since Monday.
A Blow AtJoiKlod with Lm ofLlfo.
Aldakv, June; II. Yesterdoy morning
the south ga blc wall of a building just erected
on North Ferry street for a planing mill,
over 150 feet by 1 18 feet and 13 Wet high,
was blown in by tha wind, carrying away all
tho timbers and the north and west walls.
Thirty men were at work in and about the
building at the time, but must oftiem suc
ceeded in effecting their escape uninjured.
Several, however, we less fortunate.. Mar
tin Wilson, a boy in tho employ: of .Mr
VVhlto, tlie master masonrwas killed; two
other -masons were, injured. -;Wm,: UeflVr
man, carpenter, was badly crushed and will
probably die. John Dowd, carpenter, had
his legs broken and is in a critical' state
three others wero aovcrely injured. -
From jjauitfloifi , ''
: Baltimore, June 1 1." - Webster stock ris
ing rapidly. Delegates arriving. Calcula
tions by tho M iry land Central Committee
that on the first ballot Fillmore will receive
one hundred and thirty-three votes; Scott one
hundred and twenty; Webster forty-four. , A
number of Scott delogatps will prefer Web
ster to Fillmore, and a number of Fillmore
delegates will prefer Webster to Scott. Hon.
Edward Everett has been mentioned as Pres
ident of the Convention, but ill health will
prevent hi attendance. ;;'
. Pittsburgh, Junel 1. River 1-1 fort 6
inches and rising.. . Weather cluat and pleas
ant. '""-:.
A Precocious Youm. The Ohio States
man, in noticing the nomination of Pierce.
says:. ."He was an officer in the war of 1812,
and was tendered the office of Attorney Gen
eral by Mr.. Polk but ho doclined." : "Ho is
abnutEQvears of agel" .
Uno d these statements is probably false.
The war of iS 12 was declared 40 years ago,
and Pierre wss.thea 10 years old. ''He put
in Ills thumb and pulled out a plumb whew!
wha'tja bravo boy am J.'V-Cn. Gat.
"A Man tits own Victim. We know a
good story of an old-fashioned wealthy cod
ger.' "Ho was 'never known to. have, any?
thing in thn lino-ofnow apparel but once.
Then. he was going on a journey, and had to
buy a npw pair 'of. Ijoots. " The stage jn
which he was to travel left before dawn, so
ho got ready and went to the hotcf to tarry
lor tne mgnt. . Among a whole row ot boots
in the morning, ho could riot find tho 'old
family pair. He bad forgotten the new ones.
Ho bunted and hunted in -vain, his pld "ea
siest could not be -found. The stage was
ready he looked carefully round to see if
be was observed put on. a nice pare . they
fitted him tjo a T, called the waiter, and told
the circumstance giving him V to keep
dark.Ih pice- of it was the ,old man
nan nougnt nis own ooots: ..); nij j
WASittrros, June 10 Great utifi-.tLL
last night.- General L. Cm. llmu,n R1)
Jodif Douglas spoke. Oreu fn'huHiasm.
RatificatiiFii at , New-York last night also.
Tamwany Ilslierowdtd, and a large space
in front of the building also. 'Addresses- by
Geo. Pillow, George Bancroft, Joho A. Dix,
John Van Burorj and others. .
The Georgia VVhlg Convention was held
i Milledgvillo .on Monday. Hon. Seaton
j Grantland, President.. The d.-l. jrs to the
National Convention ?ov fr Filiinore sod
will make thecomproro's a lel rote before i ,ion of th0 llW8 hereby the wife may in
commencing balloting,. , - - - . . berit tha estate of her husband, as he inherits
a vtofve,!Vh,,-,TH',, H,rf ',tjr hl'"- and 8 TPS'M B--'n of'uer
a.voie ol 98 yeassnfl & i n"y,relued to lv Li ;i i , , .. .
on tho tables motion KruUni rizht of V I ldren' ,nJ Jemaindinjr lhat. remuneration
and land to Florada and Alabama, fur cor -
rk ..
. "then voted on the motion to recon-
ing motUm to lay tbe uble went info
committe on ti,.f.i:. a " i...:.. i
I nnrnk
air. Uantoul inalca speech spoke of be-
would do his own thinking. He said there
.,.. , u,ic ,,.. wno woum uo
,1 .fnrT-J"9 '"J"51 if lhero Wi "e
vention. Committee here rose, and House
ivr,le'' '
- Washington, June 11 Appoinlm. nUby
toVMnyi??'17' VbrV
oeChiefJusticoofthe Supreme Court of U-
tah,' John H. Adamsiol' Mossachuaetts, j
be Consul it Singapore.
ii't'm. vl,.7r. T"rP IT r
past day or two, the "deuiocracie
..,,,..,1, u.tnnunL. turK
l,.v l.,.n
feniieuting, and to an outsider, it has been
amusing to witness the political tlleriilo'iutter
of Locolbcoisin.
As balloting after ballot'ng lias come to
uana.nopes auu learBliave tailed or preuomi
nated. . One flutter of the liL'htnin" and
, - .t b . ..? .
"Douglas is the cry" another and like the
dim fabric of a Vision, it has faded.
A considerable number of the liege tub'
jocts of Locofocoism doubtless, have made
up their minds to take the nomination "lor
better or for worse" -.while others seo the
"nodding w hite plljiuc" of the Hero of Chippewa,-
iji despatches which do not indicate
their favorite's proferment.. '
. The friend of the "little giant" seom san
guine out-hour another and old Hunker-
ism cracks the whip as its favorite shoots
Another report comes and "preMo
change" "we ncverthought either Cass or
Douglas could be nominated."
The next, and "old fogyism" is in extacies,
for Cass is on the gain. Then he falls off,
and "Young America forever," is tho rally
ing cry. - - - - .
Ndw a "new man" is to be born and t of
all others, whatever may ho his name, is tho
very embodiment of the "Democracy"-tthen
theso clsims fade as still another ballot is
received : . , .
"And thus from hour to hourthey ripe and
And thus from hour to hour they rot and rot,
Anil tlprehy hangs a Mfc" ...
Tho question appears to hinge itself with
the "Democracy" somewhat in this way:
One picks up a chip and says it is "white
Another snys it i"red oak."
'I say it is white."
" "I say It Is red." "
' "I say it is." ' '" ...
I say it .isn't." ' '. '
"It is." .
"It Isn't." ,- ' '
"You I" and alter coats are off, a paci
ficator sMpi in and soothes the belligerents
with "never mind gentlemen, let it rip"
all chips are da1; thLi year! Chicago Jour.
' . We learn that onu of the Whig guards
at the Penitentiary, and who was marked for
dismiss) this week, happenod to havo an in
fluential Locnfoed relative who wanted him
retained, When this relative heard lhat his
protege was to be beheaded, he mado
straight track for the prison, arid told the man
in charge thereof rtlat his friend shou'd not
be discharged; and if they attempted it hi
would spend a thoilsdndjiollars in warrihw up
on them and blowing them up. Hesuccecd-
d in alarming thpm so hiuch that they prom
ised to fusvend tho execution till the Warden
returned from his vlijit at Cincinnati. ' We
have not heard the result but there is a pen-
eral muss on hand) and the efld is no, yet.
Journal: . - 1
TnAT 84 a Dat. They tell a story of an
old Pennsylvania member of the Legisla
ture, who, when he was -asked "what thev
did in tho Assembly' replied, t don't know
what the others did, but I brought home two
hundred dollars!" - . . ;
There are not a few of our present $4 a
day men in our Own L?gislature, who refer to
the proceedings of that body, with feelings
equally disinterested. Dayton Jour.
Tub State Levt for the present year is
3i mills, being one tenth of a mill les than
lust year.: From this fact it will be claimed
by locofocos that the public burdens are al
ready becoming lighter under "Democratic
rule," but the statoment of a single fact will
dispel the illusion. . '
Under the old law, shout 230,000 of the
State debt was paid annually, yet, with an
increase, as locofocos claim, of $70,000,000
on the grand duplicate by their uew law,
they provide for the payment of but 8100,-
000 of the State debt, while their levy is but
one poor tenth of a mill less than last year's.
wiiat other conclusion can be drawn Irnm
the fact than that the public expenditures for
sontinircneies are vastly increased!
Railroad Iron The .St. Louis News
says an immense amount will be broucht
from New Orleans the present season. The
Patrick Henry, J.- Morisette, and St. Louis
will bring nearly 1000 tons, all of which
goes to Altofl, and is intended for tho Alton
and Springfield Road.. ' . -
;TiiB Homestead Bill, In tho. United
States Senate, op Thursday hist, there were
at least, thirty or forty petitions presented in
favor of tho Homestead bill, and none against
it. Itls very probablp that it will pass the
Senate. " ' ' -. '.
KrAmong tho latest discoveries at NinoJ
veh( one qolfin waa found- containing the
body of a lady of the. royal house many of
her garments wew entire. also the gold
studs which fastened tier vest. The most
singular discovery t-however, was a mask of
thin gold pressed upon the face, sti as to as
sume and retain the' features of the deceas
ed. ,. i i
'"TJA western editor, in commenting upon
the statement that disease may be communi
cated by bank notes, remarks very coolly that
his subscribers , need npt neglect to "pay
up' on that account, aa he is. willing.to run
his risk of "catching" anv thingin that way.
inir thruvt out w tku p.,.i. r- .- . mt . . I
i i .uuiuii; vuurtuu, ! mil ouorcsws ci lurin inul women uc-101 ncie oam f itena
He hid Si il lt: befr ! "iiiiy ; that the ; th..h. not
or he wU ... :Z T,.'" .TT. 1 proportrof the husband shouhl des.c-d . I "c. " "' '8.n'"
Friday Evening; Jane it, 14$
; Woiei's Rights CoavENTiQN.-Tbislju.'y
winbled in VwtcUeter, Penrisylvani
on Fridiy list." The, Jmsines committee'
reported a aeries of resolutions, congrtu
lating the world on the advance Blade in the
doe'rihes bthlbyU convention; denying
thSrigfitfrf lgiltures to endow institu
tion whose advtDtages women wer pre
cluded from j'.yir,g; asking for u alu.-ra-
. r e(,lal ger'ctlmay be the same to women
as mon. 1 ho consideration of these resolu
tions was postponed to hear a
letter read
from Mary Mutt, bf Indiana and to allow
Ann Preston to give an exponition of the
'views of the Cunveulion
i lhu wife.as his only heir; that women should
ue pcrmuiea 10 uoiu ouiccs ot wust and prof-
U'in,J trained to unfold her nature that
l,rlMe P'' re, wherever duty pointed. These
views were ably maintained by Airs. Nichols,
Mrs. Gage, Mrs. Rase, Luretia Mott, and
?U"Ue the sentiments of the conven-
,. ,
i ' Mr. Nichols maintained tuat tne
! slow advancement of all reforms heretofore,
jwas owing to the want of women's personal
, ......... ..
couperaiion, and pracicieu mat in loss Uan
i- -
... jrca,.wu,L-nouiu ue iruc.
A -
committee was appointed to advance
the legal end political rights of women, by
" preparing and circulating petitions, and act-
in sflch other' way as might be deemed
. . ... ...
necessary. After appointing a committee
on publication, the convention adjourned,
sine die. .
WHn. William Tfi,r,w Vinrr th nrx.
vw -- . ... r ;
cut democratic candidate, for the Vice Prcs-
idency, wai a member of Congress from
North Carolina; of which State he is a na -
live, as far hack as tSl I, 41 years ago.
After the admission of Alabama into the
Unidnbe was elected from that State to the
United States Senate, where he served from
1819 to 194 1, a period of 25 years. In 1314
he was appointed Minister to France, andon
his return to the United States, in 13-I7,was
re-eleciedto the Senate from Alubama. He
presided ever the Senate during the 24th
and 25th Congress, and was again elected
its presiding officer on the accession of Mr.
Fillmore to the Presidency. He is a States
Rights manj but in favor of the compromise,
and about Go years of age.
A Tbagedt. A
young farm
named Diory.of Fressancourt, department
the Aishc, France, and a servant girl
namea oeiesiine raiour, long entertained a
violent passion for each other, but the par
enUofthe latter resolved to prevent their
union: This plunged the loving couple
into despair; and they resolved to die." The
mart accordingly, a few weeks ago, procur
ed a double-barrelled gun, which he heavily
loaded. . He. and the girl then went to the
cemetry at some distance from the village.
She placed one of the muzzles in her month,
1 niched Iriggef with her foot, and fell dead,
The man then seized the gun, and, bv means
..... a 3
.1- , , -, ... . , ,, . . ....
dischsrged iti and he, too, fell dead, with his
skull shattered to pieces. ' ) at a short distance. With hasty steps, and a
v Tt : .r -' mind overfl-jwing with pleasant anticipationa
NEwYoBLEGisLATURE.-Gov.Hunt.ofjor . cooi sprin I reached the spofrljudg.
Nw York, has declined to call an extra sen- j of my surprise, when I found nothing but a
sionof the legislature, for the purpose of de- j"' empiUd larrel cf ichistccy! With due
vising measures for the completion of tt,e ; thanks for what under olh?r circumstances,
..i-' ix. ' , . ,, , would have been a great favor, I ventured to
canals. . He says such a step would not hast-j ask fl,r ,vater, 0h! water, is it," ..id she.
on a resumption of the public works. He j with a bewildered look,"ll'.j can't afford to
also declines to call a convention to amend rfiytref-fi her'., vh'.n iciyt uhissey at ten cents a
the Constitution, on the ground that the re- I"'"'1'" Looking back after getting away.
form contrmI aed can be as Speedily attain- t?Vhe hoU,,!' 1 b.V 1 T'i b" "80rmed;'.if
j ,.,,.,, . . the boy wasn't vatermg the horn at Ouuhu
ed through the course pointed out in that in-1 Uy barrel!"
strument aa it now stands. ! ' - .
i ExoLisn Travelers. The English toiir-"
Distressing. Accident. A distressing ; i'sts who visit this country, are frequently ex-'
accident occurred ata trainingat "Strouds-i posed to a certain class of American travel
burg, Pennsylvania.on Manday week, caus-1 ers, who delight in stuffing them with all
ed by the premature discharge of a cannon,
V illiain F . Hinton, engaged in ramming a
cartridge, was so shockingly mangled that
he died the same evening. George Wash-
ingtonj another of the
cannoneers, had his
left arm carried
away, and was severely
M,.., .1. . -ii- T ,
isic ix the W arERKESs.-Among the
articles sent over tho Erie Railroad, a few
days rgi, was a piano for Salt Lake, Utah
Territory. The distance is about 4,000
miles. The place w here it is destined to go
a few years ago was inhabited only by the
lhdinus, and a wilderness peopled bv the
rod race and a few trappers only has to he
crossed before it is reached. '
Extorts of Sri-eiE.- Durinir last week.
tho sum of i SI, 2 1 7,937 in specie wis shipped
from New nrk to Europe.'. At this rate, the
exports forJuna will excefd any previous
month this year. . In June, 1851. the shin-
ments . amounted to nearly six and a half; "Oood gracious:'" exclaimed the cockne
millions ol dollars. . , "vot nnw yon don't mean to say " and he
' n r r, ' ; , 'stretched forward hi head to get a look at
. Rothschild the Head of Israel The the scafl0u. f .
Paris correspoifdeittoTtho Evangelist wiftes ; "I mean to say, sir " continued the other,
as follows? - . i mournfully, "that capital punjshment is not
"Strange news reaches us fr-m Contan- !)'cl "bolihedin this unhappy country." . .
tinople. I should not mention these rumors,
er he assumes the title of King or
is certain that ho proposes to rubuild Jeru
salem anJ the Temple of Solomon; there arc
to be chapels for all religions, a lino of
steamers from Ceyrout to Marseilles, and a
railway from Alexsidtia to Constantinople.
The new state's Of M. Rothschild abound, in
iron ore and forests of valuable timber. He
will appeal.it is said, to his co-religionists to
return to the land of their fathers, to possess
the tents of Abraham and Jacob.'"
fcVOne thousand fat hogs was sold at
Cleveland, a day or two ago, at 4,25. This
ia a slight decline, but stock bpgs are worth
more, and will bring 4- 4 ,. w;
ir something similar had not been announc-! '"u"', "" - .uu
edlhree years a;rn. Iqu-w the reports C1-, "That is the uix, spose!
without gGarantving their truth. 'Syria has '"t to fall r said the Amencan.
becrf ce'cledto M- n'oUischild for 500 mil- . "And I not there!" cried the victim, jump
i;n..i . rt not vnt known u-bml. mgup;"I would not lose that note or.fcalr
I'jir nn it j
i ' Iliti lirilhAtal
WHOLE NO. 1395.
The Xominfttion.,
, The Intelligencer truly jnd wisely re.,
ra 'rk in regard to the Holiuu Aon of Pierce;
"This result confirms what we have morat
than once uggested,.tha,t all the d.djates la
Congress, and especially In the House pf
Eeirresentutives, in relation to the claims of
particular individuals to the honor of tha
Democratic nomination for tlie Preidency(
was an idle consumption of time, which, UPt
on every considiration of public duty, ought
W hae been differently employed."
It says the debate was principally with th
view of urging the claims of the West and
of "Young America," and gives what It r- '
gardsssthe-upshotofhiithis," as follow!!- '
' "The making choice of one an estimable)
snd acceptable person, bating his political
i cr'-ed whose namo had not been pressed id
tne deoates referred to; who is not a 'Young
A inerica ; who is uol a 'I'rozressive' that
is to say, not 'a fast men;' who is not a Wes
tern man, but as far from it as. tile territory
tniticaniy from tba
to be reckoned among
: to entirely youthlul
the wisdom, the old principles: and the re-
;ii'ii.us UhUiU ot his lore-fathers
"h ' n manifest that the 'two-thlrde
! fur the Presidency all prominent or distin-
g"'"hd members of the party 'all at lealt
' whosn eminence is such as to bring" their"
ic!ai.'"; a'"1 quaUfication. naturally into gen,
p' discussion, and to enlist the suriportof
jrj..esive divisions of zesloUs adherenU:
i These partisan feelings being carried into
i'ho Convention, and engendering rival ani-
nnmil n. mini, i
--- - .. .....,1;, rcuu ia
.the choice of some person before unthoueht
!f.or,0;ttU lr,i .... ak.l
. uvi vj; Hail Villi
jlend any rival enmities. This being thi
icose, the choice at which the Convention
u.'tinintely arrived was not only as good as
-oiild have been expected, but, In the hap
hazard to w hich th- Convention' Vas reduc
ed, a better one than might bave been made.,
"We can v -ry well imagine what will b
the general surprise of the unsophisticated
1 npmrtcrarv ntl l.-nrinnr tlir.f nil tl.,.! Kink.
, -..-.l u.. ' A .. . u
nimcu iiujjca uno Buiijuiueexpeciauons nava
j ben crusht-d to earth by the two-thirds rue,
jani 8 candidate presenud to them ofwliosa.
! H"""' " mny iour-u:th3 ot them bad
! never before heard a v. hisitr."
Uf the eminent gentleman (the Hon.
William R. King) who was selected by the'
convention for tho Vice Presidency, itsays":
"Xoone who knows hiui can sny aught
,.tiiian; ill ins i;ii.-bib. Hill leSS Can W6i
j who have kuo n him from the beginning of
I his public career. We wonder, indeed,
j thinking of.him as we do, that the conven
I ticn did not seek relief from Its dilemma by
j selecting one io able, experienced, and nn
exceptionable, for the principal office; la
stead of for the second. Without at all de
signing to disparage the reirrectable gentle-.'
man who became the choice of the conven-
; tion for the first office, we should have tho
it more accordant with the fitness of things.
. as politic, to have reversed the
1 n3me W(juld hvc . .. r.tnA,
; to the parly of which he is an ornament, or
ny other. But tho convention decided oth-v
erwise, and it is not for us to murmur."
Lire in Illinois. A correspondent of the
Alton .Telegraph, writing from JIacoupin
county, gives th: following account of life in
that region: . ,
"Weary and athirst, about sunset on a
hot May day, I found myself before a small
cabin, at the head of Macoupin creek. At
the door stood a tall, gaunt, chills and fever
stricken v.-nm.m. of nrhmn I nn1itil, nnnat.
jed wherewith to quench my thirst, which.
! s'nce n,on oil but driven me to imbibe
ltUn mi. v.. .1 li r.-ir f-L -
rciumtu uo answer, out wun a iremuioua
lnlld nointp,. t0 . L, , whl,h .tmid nn en A
. j ,., . . - ... . .
j they can be prevailed upon to swallow:
I A cockney who cuma over in the Cambria
l'lR ln9t tiirt, says the Bee has been taking"
notes uftoii peculiarities. He puU a
r,t is aom0,;me, ffroMiT imnnMJ lln.
j on by his informants.
A day or two ago he got into the cars ts
p to Providence. In sight of the depot, the
wikJrim. wn , 0Ser,,tinn. JLLnJU
i ed by a crowd of idlers, who enjoyed the fall
! f the heavy mass of iron as it descended
tchackl every now and then upon the post,'
which it was driving Into the mud.
"VotlS thai; my friend!" enquired the
Englishman noto book in hand of a Yan
kee, whom he had already bothered a great
deal. ,
"Melancholy spertacls, is it not?" roplieir
I 'Tint i-nl iu ifl a.M iKa T.n ryTUhmn1l iJ
curiosity much excite J. " , . ,
I "The auiliotin.!" answered the Yankee. '
j withimnerturbablo cravity. Another exe-
r,,i.,n ir "
. "c,m sua' goingup so siowr said
Shall I hire time to run thore
bolore the ears is .k-tT." ' ""-
- "Oceans!" replied tlie Yankee. .
"Time worry muc,h .svbligcd to youV
cried tho Englishman, and bolted.
He had hardly reached the scaffold, when'
ofTwent the train, leaving Jiim to make a
new note on American duplicity.
i .. , i j
CCrA returned Cnlifomian who was mar
ried in Boston the other day presented the'
clergyman with si lump of gold weighing twV
ounces and valued at 36 dollars, - ' "
ftiTNature make us pnoj. only when, wef
lack necessaries; but custom gives the name
of porerty to the rant of tuperfuftie.. .

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