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gljg lltehh) Gazette.
Monday Evcftiaj,. Jnuc 14.1832
The Editor. The absenco of the euitor,
who is in attendance nt the Convention, will
eiplainend excuse the barrenness of ourj
editorial columns for tin coming week. But
we hope he will manufacture tin material
for totna' first rato telegraphic difpatches
from Baltimore. '
TiiECirrnBEor ibe WiuLtsair Groitci
HowtAso Bt Pirates. Wo mentioned
some time since that the whaleship George
Howland, Captain Cromwell of New Bedford,
Massachusetts, had been captured by pirates
t James' Island, in the Pacific. . Captain
C., who, with a portion of hia crew, waa
held upon the JJand aj prisoner, haa writ
ten a letter heme, iu which he ay : .
"We were left under a guard at the hut,
until the return of out Captors from the Hhip
abouttwc hours. A constitution was then
held on the outside of the building respecting
the manner in wbcih we (fere f. oe disposed
.,r. It wt'i strident from their, conversation
thir nrhrilldl illtl'lltion hid been to
murder W and indeed, ode plun hod been
to dig a bib in the sand large enough to hold
twenty-five bodies and to bury us all to-thr-
l ut thnks to an all-wise and over.
ruling Providence, our lives were spared.
Our D&gaU and w Editor.' Col. Vaa
Trump, the Delegate from this district and
tho Editor of the Gazette, act out on Friday
morning last, to attend the session of the
Whiff National Convention. We expect to
. Democracy of Science.
.. r josiah kowboox.
Ten mineral kave been called the "Gxo.
lobicaI AtFBABlT." They are quart, felU-
h"ar of their doings by Wednesday or Thurs- j spar, mica, hornblend, lime, slate, gypsum,
day .renin and we predict tn.ttW will j
nom.naw a candidate wnom xmueoay nu . . . T. - . deDolitorie, of
Sid Ouearrwcc-We are called upon to (ores, crystals, ana minerals, turniahuig ma-
record the death, by drowning, of Charles refinement, comfort, end
Vsnuyne.on Baiuraay evening imi. 11 1 progress,
appear1 that Jie in company with two other!
young men, wentothe canal below the 4th
lock, for the purpoae of bathing, and ventur
ing Into deep water, end being unable to
swim or taken with the cramp, before aasist-
their amuse-
Hewae thesonof Mr. E Van oii 23
Sugar Grove, lu this eounty, but has for jD the pupiis themselves, as
irfme time past been wording tor Mr. u.
I. Grubcr, in the Telegraph printing office.
Ho was much respected by ail who knew
him. ' " ' -
A Row Occurred yesterday between some
laborer's on the rail road at the foot of Main
street near the canal. Our Martha! was
promptly onthe spat, and endeavored to ar
rest '.he parties', who resisted the efforts of
that officer. Hi? was then compelled to call
for aid, and thaufiendlu? parties finding that
his call upjn the bystanders was unheeded,
Public Schools In tbe DUiriet of
ColatnbJa. ".
"Janet Vincennrt (Indiana,) Sentinel" of the
89th ult.,containa a. letter, bearing date the
2 rat May, front the eenior editor, John it.
Jones Esr, who Is hd a clerk in the House
of Representatives In Congreasj from wb ch
we take the following extract; and Wohld
commend it to the perusal of members of;
Congress and aliicltizeosjintercatea in the I
cause which it so zealously advocate.
After describing the recent public-school
procession in this -city, and the presentation
by the children of the petition of our citizens,
he says: : ' -
"It was, indeed, an imposing sight. Sir.
Hunter and Mr. Chandler reopoiided to the
address in appropriate and elegant language.
In the procession might be . seen the little
orphans, who, through the kindncas of Him
whose compassion aril mercy caused him to'
feed the young ravens when they cry, and
whoso watchfulness is ever so vigilant and
omnipresent pervading all space so that
annrrnur la nnt fven nermittcd to fall to
ment for that day. Thousands upon 1 tnou- the gf Qund without His notice, wero taken
sands of similar cases have occurred within a npDy the pbUc.School fund, fed, and clothed
The alnhahet at- OeoUrv Can be learot
by any child of six years in a day; many of
the specimen being collected by Aw own
hands, giving employment, instruction, a
musement, and materials br".r-tRSTBOc-
tiok" in hia future progress, tvery Vuy"
could be rendered the vital spark had ; in a New York school Bve hundred in all
. . - on returning home at night, took with him
Tveaday CvettlBFj, Janel.
After abjut an hour epeutin the most rj d j d Wif(lithc
JUrstiai ana pmceu mm unaer tne ueccsjuy
of making usj of knock down arguments. It
is tha du'y of every good" citizen, who loves
lew and order, when called upon by the prop
er o.Ticor to aid in arresting all oiTenders
against the peace end quiet of the city, and'
thereby encourage him in the dbihargo of
his duty.
1.1-.. ..'.. .1' .! II" 4.
UI8 uutciiilinj, ....v .. -
by the arrival of th'f Governor, who callfd
atide the priucipnl person of the gang, and
had a short conversation with him. AIL-r
this our ban.-is wore cu' and we were act at
liberty on a dusert li'nnd.
"The Governor, Don Martin, and his man
aorvmtwas left with us, uud were the only
persons bosides ourselves 011 the islanJ.
The robbers kit us about fifteen pounds of
bread, aud one trillion ol iiioUspb; they took
from the Guvemor the greaUT part of hit
clothing and furniture.
"We were kindly received by Ihs Cover
nnr at his houe, end rented thcro while oa
the Island. Here our lO'id cotisif ted almost
entirely of nu'ftt, and frequently we hud
nothing but a piece of he.1!- routed on the
coal. Wo .were obliged to hunt the wild
cattle for our fuod, and as we could only
tak." them at nig'U, and had no firearms the
tmranit was vr-rv dilSuult and sometimes
ilin-vrous. We wore nearly destitute, of
clothing, too, being only provided with one
suit ol working drees."
After abuiit twen'.y-three days, passed in
the nvt agonising susptnss, a sail as dis
covered approaching the Ishnd. It proved
to' bo the fch!p"CongarJC," Capt. Malory,
which took them on board und carried them
toTor-ibez, where they wero received on the
United States ship Portsmouth and convey
ed to Guayanuill, where they found the
Georgo Ilowland at anchor, nearly dUman
tied, a largo quantity of gooda and provisions
having been stolen, and sixteen of her crew
Biding. .
Quebv. Wo wonder if the editor of the
Eagle haa yet been relieved and breathes
easy since he penned the article so full of
triumphant achievements and magic won
ders, in his effort?-to inform his readers who
Franklin Pierce is! Wo would eu0'gcft tho
use of a condenser and ll-o thloi iJo ofe'm
plicity ho mny fiul partial rcllof. Mr.
Wise will be hero in a few dnys.and nodoubt
If he is reqiifstcd, viU give inatructians how
to wark the vaivs.
Suicirx. Wo lcern vtrbally Out a Mr.
MM.nn nf I.ullsna. wllilj atoPPlMLT lit tllO A-
rr.erican Ilot.d in Columbus, 011 lust Salur
day morning committed eulel .lo by cutting his
throat. Mr. Sliimp v. as formerly a resident
ofGreenflald township, In this county, end
was on his way to visit his friend. Ho has
Been considered a very worthy and respecta
ble mnn.
Wo have not heard of any cause for the
nsb act, but prelum.! itarono from iuaanity.
Clnce writing tho above we havo received
tho State J iulnil, from which we extract
t!ie following:
"Mr. Sliiinn has ben partially deranged
or soma weeks, aud by ilia advice of his
physician, wn on his way to visit friends
near Lancaster. Hia ifo ae.conipunled him.
jut as they were to f.titrt he went to h'u
room, opened his trunk, took out liis rnior,
wont to the mirror, mi takir.ir a fair view,
cut a tremendous gaiih.rencliing from ear to
ear, severing hi windpipe, but not quite
reaching his junior. When they went to
his room lor him be wus on the floor welter
ing in his blood an awful sight. He l.ved
about S3 hours, but was Inaenaiblu to tho
fj-Tho Vhilade'i-hkr Dmo'.rut, the lead,
ingd ii!y Gorman paper published in Penn
sylvania, which v. ith nearly all iu German
eonti mporaries hail ro the list hour ,h J Cos
flag flying from its mast head, after spooking
of the spirit in which tho n.miiiiulions were
roceived, says: "Lot us then receive the
nomination of Hen. Franklin Pierce, as a
holy and dour hgacy.orthc high, lianorable
Ltfwi Cass, tho Statesman most highly
revered by us all." Tliua it appears that
" General Cans has ma.1e hia will.'
"(ttplt is worthy of remark that ;hi!st tho
twenty-three millions of people in tho Unit
ed States use 150,000,000 pounds of coffee
annually ,thc twenty-seven millions in Great
Britain and Ireland only use 35.000,000 lbs.
The Hu-han Body akdthb Hovb or Day.
Seat yourself at a table. Attach a piece
of metal (fay a shilling) to a thread. Hav
ing placed your elbows on tho table, hold
the thread between the points of the thumb
and fore-finger, and allow the shilling to
hang in the centre of a glass tumbler; the
pulse will immediately causo tho shilling to
vibrate like a pendulum, and the vibration
will increoKn until the shilling strikes tho
side of the glass: and suppose the time of the
i experiment bo the hour of seven, or half-past
seven, the pendulum will strike the glas 7
times, auJ tlion loose its momentum, and re
turn to tho centre. If you hold the thread
a siiflbient length of tune, the effect will be
repeated, but not until a sufficient space of
time has elapsnd to convince you the experi
ment is complete. We need not add that
tho experime nt must be tried with a steady
hand: otherwise, the vibrating motion would
bo counteracted. At whatever hour of the
day or night tho experiment is tried, tho co
incidence will be the same
few years past in almost every section of the
country. This fact gives tho secret Of the
unparalleled progress recently made in geol
ogy, and for the immense developments of
our natural resources in all parts of the coun
try, alike for wealth ana lor science, nw
reduction in the price of chrome yellow, from
fifteen dollar to twenty-nve cenu a pounu,
within a short time, is amonng the results
of amusement In "Geological Excursions."
The work oi'Progreas" in the Democracy
of Science now proposed is to have the al
phabet, bettor, a'abinet Ot ueoiogy," col
lected bv the members of each of the hund
red thousand schools andsix millions of fam
ilies in our country, tlu work of tnetr own
h inds. Aided bv the progress already made
this great stop is as simple and easy as it is
important. It can oe commencea any mu
ment, anywhere, when a teacher or parent
shall request a pupil or child to step out of
tho door and pick up the first pebblo he can
find. That pebble, in nine cases out of ten,
will be quarts; furnishing probably a rich
nd farreorliinir a lesson of instruction as e-
ver was or ever can be given to any pupil.
A h!ghly distinguiBhen geologist nas writ
ten a volume on "Tbo Pebble' e book e
qually fraught with instruction end enter
tainment. .
To "Cubinets of Nature." both for schools
and families, numerous aids are at hand.
Such collections are already made, by hund
reds and thousands, all over the country.
By their aid they con be easily increased to
millions. Members of Congress and other
nulilin functionaries have taken to their re
spective districts very numerous cabinets of
labelled specimens, atsignea especially o.
guides to their young fiiends in collecting
and labelling specimens by their own honds
a process lndispensible for ony available
knowledge on this and many other subjects.
I fall tho functionaries of our government
would render similar aid to their young
friends, the "Dcniocrary of Science' would
soon Btnnd on an immovable basis; and
with it, perhaps, the perpetuity and harmony
of our Union; anU the success 01 our rcpnu
lican institutions, lie better secured than by
party discussions, hitherto, not entirely successful.
in their riifht minds plucked from the icy
embraces of the 'cold charities' of tho world,
and warmed into liberty and happiness by
tho insplringinllueuces of the great charity
fund, created by the humanity 01 me nine
teenth century. Here, too. michthave been
seen the children of the poor, honest, and
destitute citirens, robed in 'purple and fine
linen.' with their little faces wreathed in
smiles.and clapping their tiny hands for joy,
in view of their prom'.sed happiness. Here,
too, might have been seen teachers who
were engaged in one of the greatest of all
causes, devoting? thoir time and talents to
the cultivation and refinement of the immor
tal mind.
"It was a sublime spectacle! a pageant
more loftv and ennoblinif than all the dra
pery and brilliancy which attended the most
costly courts of foreign climes, or that the
blandishments ot weaitn couui imparu 11
was a scene that carried with it the soul's
sentiment, (if I may use the expression,) and
caused one to remember that honest, inuus'
trious novertv is a rube of merit end dis
tinction, which ignorant and unfeeling
wealth is alike insensible to uud destitute ot.
It was a scone in which the poor were the
principal actors, under the guidance of a fund
broucht into lively and profitable exercise by
that philanthropy which the Book of books
so eloquently teaches us, wnero 11 say
"Suffer little children to come unto mc
The public-school cause is a great one!
am glad to see our beloved Indiana paying
so much attention to it. That Congress
will do something in the way of a grant of
public lands for tho District, I have no doubt
arte' the demonstration 01 ycsieraay.
Amirkan T&jraph.
Ax EnTAin The American T'iph
recommonda tho fiill iwing quotation to Mr.
Robert G. Scott, of lUchunnd, an inscrip
tion appropriate tu be uuved by him upon
t'le Lca.UtJno of a certain dintingu!shed
aspirant for the nomination of th: Democ
racy: "il.TjlliD..n'.Kti, font tfh'trt sm11'ii',
tYus .-oajU-rad It Iml E"ilb !'' '. in co iir'J Inn!'
A.N'Evr I.ivejitiu.i. A gentleman near
Louisville, Kentucky, lias applied the Ulo-
grapli to an entirely novel and uni.uo ue.
He has nearly completed an invention for
writing music as It is played from the piano
forte, the notes upon the slioct being pro
duced as fust, and to ths exact liino, as the
keys are touched by the performer. Blrakotch
has offered him 810,000 for the patent right
whan the mold is finished.
Mutilated Bask Bills. -The Circuit
Court at Mobile has decided that holders of a
bank bill evidcutly mutilated with fraudu
lent intent, cannot recover its nominal value
at the Bank. An appeal was taken..
Yorno Hicxort. The Wellington Un
ion in speaking of General Pierce, says:
1 here U not a man throughout the Union
who possf-ssea moru of the npirit ol'Androw
jacKson Minn f ranklin fierce.
O, ye saints of Democracy! Didyoncver
hear of"Oid Hickory" fainting during u
' FofBTH Jolt, this year.comes on tho
Bdbbsth, and it is proposed on that duy to
tJwupacolloction-ior the WasldngUm Na
' tjonal Monument, at every Church and Sab
bath School 4n Ohio. -
AccirtKT and Rescue. On Wednesday
evning, shortly before the steamer Caspi
an lull Buffalo, a Cleveland lady with a child
In her arms, missed the plank and fell from
the dock into the river. Mr. James Stacy,
of thi cltv, was walking by her side and not
withstanding thu darkness und tempestuous
nessof tlin nigh', and the strength of the
current he immediately divested himself of
his overcoat and gallantly jumped into the
water, and succeeded In sustaining them un
til sufficient asiiibtauco arrived tJ extlcate
them ull from their perilous position. An
omnibus driver whone name we have not
learned also plunged into the river and ren
dered material assistance. C.'cw. IlcralJ.
fjrOur neighbors of tho Times, after de
scribing some of Gen. Pierce's doings in
Mexico, says:
Wo speak with enthusiasm of the plhnt
ry of Gen. Pierce, becauso attached to that
branch of services, we were an eyo-witness
of all that we rfpresent.
As our neL'hbers ol the Times were in the
Mexican war, nnd can, from tho testimony of
their own eyes, speak with "enthusiapm" of
the doing ot Utn. fierce, we sn:uia nae
to ask them iftliey saw anything or can con
scientioutlv snoak with a little "enthusiasm"
of anyothcr officer who i reported to have
served in that war ono Winflold Scott.
Loit. Jour.
The Mktiiodist Chcbch Cask. The N.
York Commercial stutc that tho United
Stutes CommisKioner, Mr. Nelson, has pro-
pared hi report in the Methodist Church
cas?, and that it will be submitted to the U.
States Circuit Court as soon as the attor
neys for tho partiea have agreed upon cer
tain stipulations now pending between them,
in reference tjsume of Ihe items In the ae.
count of clink of the Book Concern. It
will probably bo some dnys after the report
i rendered lieloretite court makes its linai
order in the premises.
. IicroRMATiox Wasted of Mrs. Dalpha
Johnson, hn formerly lived iu R iine.N.
Kite has a dniiL'liter Catharine, and a eon
Levi. She left Rome about .Oyearsago for
tlu West, and in 1842 resided In tnlen.i, 111.
Her son Austin, now residingin Clevelnnd,
is anxious to hesr from her or her children
Any information communicated to him will
ho tt1.-1nit.11ry recciv- u.
fjOliio and Western papers please
copy. dev.'. 'din Dialer.
lrW'o hive heard a characteristic anec
dote related a! tho I'rince ot barnburners.
When the Democratic Convention had boen
in sosskhi three d.iys, a friend met John in
the street, and obsorved "well, what think
tou of Cass' prospect now! I see ho is rU
' ...., , 1 ... 1
ijT7." "Yes. answered joiin.-acua ooaia oi-
wavs me on the thi'd day. Ho will havo to
be removed before decomposition coimnono
e." Uiiff. Cuml.
WblR DcW-gatcs fi rm tho South.
I The Montgomery (Alabama) Journal is
'piotea in the Mobile Advertiser as saying:
"Wo utr.inri is the ill-prevailing sentiment to
'MiKtain Mr. Fillmore in tho Convention,
'that even Mor. Humphrey Marshell.Gcn
try, Cubill, &c, cluiuied as the aeceders
from the Whigcaucu. are now writing to
'this aiM tion ami to (ieorga, in tho strong
est terms of entreaty and importunity, to
-send delegates to t'.io National Whig Con-'vention."
OrOneofthe most Important events of
tin lomrcss ts tne pamagu 01 1110 luiKwun
land bill. It grants alternate soctions ofa
larre portion o! the public domain 111 ainoi
the construction of certain railroads. Ihe
Senate had already sanctioned the principle
of the bill at this session, by passing the
Iowa land bilk It may be considered, there
fore, that Congress lus at length adopted a
fixed und" permanent policy in reference to
the public land. The land are to be ceded
In any practical extent, for the benefit of the
States iu which they lie. It is contended,
in favor of the scheuie, that it will not dimin
ish the aggregate interest of tho federul gov
ernment in the lands; that all theso grants
w ill enhaace the value of the lands retained
by the gjvernment, and that, by building up
the West, they will benefit the manufactures
and commerce of tho East. Lou. Journal.
Tnr. Jehsixcs Estate. This long litigat
ed case has, we learn, been this week settled
bv the Court of Chancery. The property
connected with the estate, lies, we believe,
principally in tho county of Suflolk, ond at
one period was climated at 7,000,000, but
one half or that amount has been divided iu
the l ite decision. Two claimants reside In
this town, and othera are scattered about this
and other countries, but the only fortunate
Ann lieinrr In thin fliatrict is a loUmCVman
painter named Langham, in the employ of
Mr. Howard of Maldon. . uy the recent ue
cision, we unaersiano, maims property
dividpd into seven Dortions. and that Lang-
bvm's slure will be UU,UOU vnunvjora
A Nakrow Escate from bu.no a Camdi
pate. Tho Trenton Stato Gazette says that
Commodore Stockton had a narrow escape
from bjlng the Pjmtieratic candidate for the
Presidency. On Friduy.a number of the
States, among which was Virginia, became
tired of voting fur the old candidates, and sat
isfied that it was necessary to go for some
new man, and thpy determined to vote for
any one whom the Virginia delegation might
agree upon. That delegation discussed the
question on Friday ni,'htand till an early
hour on Saturday moiling. They were near
ly eaqually divided between Stockton and
Pierco; but, on taking the vote among thorn
selet, Pierce obtained a small majority, and
the delegation therefore led off for him. It
adds, that a majority of tho Now Jersey del
egates were opposed to him, and two of thorn
steadily refused till the last to vote for him.
fcrThe Pittsburgh Post states that the
mail pouch which let Pittsburgh for tho East
last Tuesday, was stolen on t te route, ana
drafts and largo aums of money soiled by the
robbers. 01 theso i3'J0 and drafts, the
amount of which we have not Icarnod, belon
ff 'd to Messrs. S. Jones St Co., about 8G00,
with drafts. to Mr. W. A. Hill. 3400 in bank
notes and drafts to Uen. William Larimer,
and drafts to the amount of from 88,000 to
0.000 Messrs. N. Holmes & Son.
A Venerahle Matrox. Madame Rous-
in. ot Was iinirton county, Missouri, is vt
years of age, and in good health. She has
seen her lourtn generation, amoiinunir. 10
three hundred and thirty. She married in
1775, and, aa may readily bo supposoa, there
were but lew American resiucnt 111 mat
State within the remotest poriod of her re
collection. She has been a widow for thir
ty-nino years. By hor marrioge, she was
tne mother of five sons and nvo daughters.
WotLDifjiVE it. Yesterday morning,
country man and lately espoused rib, went
into a drugstore on the corner 01 csicrn
Row and Eighth streets, and called for a
glass of soda water. As usual the interro
gation of 'what kind of syrup will you have!'
was made. The man app .rentiy 01 tne nrBi
water replied 'syrup or squills." 'wo
not use that kind, replied the drugu'ist.
knowsevou don't bekaBe it costly. I wi
havo the syrup of squills' said the man. The
druggist remonstrated, but to flo purpose.
He would have it, remarking, that all othe
svruns were made of sujar, lemon drops, end
sasaparilla, and such things to humbug the
people.' The snuills were cot, and our he-
ro requested to pour out for himself, and he
did so, and a bountiful quantity to get the
worth of his money, filling one-third ofb
fflas. The heroine on beins asked how sli
would prefer her's, raised herself to the dig.
nity ol a supposed city hello In her opinion
anil ronlied, 'I reckon as how I will try mine
without the squills or any sweetning.' iter
wish was complied with, for thp druggist wns
nnu-plusscc at tho determined mnepenriance
of the apparently Inppy couple. They
touched their cliiwa, drank and ent down u
they remarked to 'lot it settle In passing
their opiniou on the drin s, they gavo any
thinirbuta fuvorablo decision. In alt-
minutes cur hero commenced getting sick
and vonutintr prodigiously. 1 he seen
which followed bcL'sara description. The
womaif cried and wrunir her hands. Tl
vounir man supposing luniseit to oe oyin
tell 011 his Knows in prayer, ana oucrea five
cent to a physician who was near by, if he
would cure him. The man alter two hours
severe sickness began to feci better, and
pouring any quantity ol epithets on all soda
water syrups, Aic, the unhappy couplo loft,
when the numerous person who had assem
bled in tho store sat down and enjoyed a
h-arly laugh. The physician received half a
dime for his trouble. Cincinnati Atlas.
Democracy. Now that the Locofocoa
have got their horses upon the track for the
Presidency' and Vice Presidency "and k the
race is soon to come off, we may expect to
hear heralded from one extremity of Ihe
States to the other, their charming word
That this word ha a peculiar charm will
readily be conceded; but that it is applied to
the right party is a matter of great doubt-
Foreigners, who have fled from oppression
and sought an asylum under our flag, are
naturally enough captivated by the sound,
and without for a moment doubting the jn-in-
ivle are led astray by tho name. Little
thinking that by acting with and helping to
carry out the principles of the ao-atyled De
mocracy, they are actually assisting, iudl-
rectly. to support the very government
whose tyrannical exaction forced them to
leave their native homes. Yet this is never.
theless so. The fact has been demonstrated
bevond the shadow of a doubt, that the loco-
, - i I.' 1
foco system of rree-iraueism, " -woys
has been, an auxiliary of Kings upon
their thrones and a vampyre upon the ener
gies of tho peopleof the United States.
With facts and figures to prove tne asser
tion, which have been so repeatedly eet be
fore the American people, but which it is not
our intention in the present article to dis
cuss but merely to call attention to the fact,
before them, will the American people be
captiv ated, dar-zlcd and led aatray by the
tinsel of tname, when a great and vitalirin
ciple of their national existence is placed in
jeopardy. No, never, never!
Tho past history of the locofoco party is
pregnant with too much corruption, the taint
of which has too long contaminated tho polit
ical atmosphere, too long breathed infection
and disease into the veins of our country, to
be endorsed by a free and enlightened peo
ple Too long has the great natural re
sources of our country been enervated, the
fires of too many furneccs have been annihi
lated, too many precious lives lost upon our
lakes and rivers consequent upon not free-
ng them of snags and improving their har
bours, for such an impolitic policy to go un-
repiidiated. The fact is, all the evils with
which our country has been cursed, in a po-
litical sense, have been born in the womb of
the locofoco party. The Compromise, a
measure which haa done more to distract and
shake tho permunency of the Union than any
other upon record, tho "finolity" of which
must be endorsed by every Congress and
Convention that assemble In order to keep
quiet, peace and safety among us, would nev
er have been heard of, had tho Whig press
aud the voice of Whig Statesmen been heed
The corruption and perfidy of locofocos in
our Legislature last winter will not soon
be forirottcn. The violation of our consti
tution will not go unrebuked.
So, gcntlr men, you can rub cown your
horses, cuiphasiso "Democracy," and "dear
people" as you will; but the mighty tide of
indignation that will swoep you breast-works:
coiiuot be stayed.
The Ci'RctiLto. It is comfortable to hear
of any plan for destroying the Curculio, and
t would boa complete remedy tor its depre-
ation. A correspondent of the Boston
ournal says: take cotton batting, put three
circle six to twelve inches apart around
your plum trees. He caught sixty in the
rat circle in twenty-four hours; in the sec
ond circle but few had been caught, in the
third circlo scarcely one trot so hich. He
found this a sure preventative, and got lots 01
ne plums lust year, lor the first timo for
many years, lie lurtiicr recommends Keep
ing the cround free from windfalls, as ttuy
contain the maggot which goes into the
ground to mature itself.
DnEAPftJL Deaw. We ere informed by
passenger who came down on the Mays-
illu packet, yesterday that a man named
Aaron B. Lambert was killed while aiding
others to check a wood boat on Tuesday Inst,
a tu 1 lo or two below New Richmond. He
made a turn of the hawser around a dead
boech treo, and was holding on to it when
tho treo broke and full upon him, literally
crushing him, and breaking his bones, A
branch passed entirely through his body,
and 01 course death wa almost instant, it
is said that Lambert has a family somewhere
in tho Interior of Ohio. Cincinnati Com.
That is very kind in Messrs. Humphrey
k m . .. 1 it a - 1 . . - '
Marshall, ueiury.tauen, aic.,uuiii such a
firm as this ever existed, tee ttvuk It Is now
dissolved by mutual conacnt
fjr-No man, except ho who is grossly lg.
norant, need as," Who is ranwiri ricrcc i'
But some men are grossly ignorantas t
"Who Is Franklin Pierce!'1 A old Boni
face would sny, however,"He is pretty well
known along this road" a a passable in
tclligent man, deeply bigoted on every ub
ject, illiberal and timid on many populur top
les, and only nominated because it wa
thought by his party that he waas a aheet
of blanx paper on wnieti imgnt be written
whatever that party wished to read! Amer
tea 'wcorapHk
(rThero is a lady down east so high.
minded that the disdain to own that she
has OMmnoft tent
iMfonTART. The New Orleans Bulletin
a very devoted Fillmore jjurnal.ormWy
owned by Mr. Hodge, of the Treasury ue
psrtmrnt feara that "Uen. Scott has been
altogether too fastidious in this matter of
The RirrtRs a no Ger. Cas. Not long
ago one ot the spirit rannera in Baltimore
t nnounced that Gen. Cass would receive the
nomination of the Baltimore Democratic
Convention. We are sorry to see poople in
tho other world, as well aa this, "so given
10 lying. inenmona jo-puMicon.
f7"One of our Democratic citizens of
New Hampshire birth, on being told of
Pierce's nomination exclaimed, "My God
how it will astonish' his family'." foe
UiGn-MBNiAL. yesterday morning, a
man in his shirt sleeves, rushed into the
Clerk's office and requested a marriage li-
acne. Tho ueputy iniormeu turn mat ne
must apply to the I'rohato judge. "Stran
ger," said he, "if you'llshow where that are
I'll give you a slulllngand I tn in a deuced
W hen next heard of ho was with his in
tended before a Justice, who inquired why
he did not go home, put on hia coat, and be
married like gentleman. "Shaw! bqnirc,"
said he, "it don't make a diffvf bittcrance.
and If I go to the boat a rtcr my coat. I may
looso my gall. There' two tellers wants
her, and sho don't care a cuss which she
The "silken cord that bound tws willing
hearts" was tied, and tho brido informing
tho Squire that he "needn't have said that
part about putting aasundcr, causo there
want no danger of that."
The Squire took his tee, and said "I nope
you v got a good wile."
"Wen ne nas,"responaea wieuriue.-ano
added the groom, "I calc'late I'm pooty well
to do in the world. I'm cartin of a coal
boat, and she Is going to be head cook; and
if you'll Come aboard, Squire, I'll astonish
you with a warn meal." uumana uer-
(t?rA correspondent of an Eastern paper,
writing from Ohio, says he drank some
whisky that oflly lacked six days of being a
week old. Another fellow tolls of some he
drank, that waa newer till. By holding
the Dottle to his ear, te could distinctly
Mr. Pierce ard tiie Presidency The
Democratic Stato Convention of New Hamp
shire, assembled at Concord In January last,
nominated him to the Prcaidency, but he do
clined tho nomination, in a letter which con
eluded thus: . ,
"To these my sincero and grateful ac
knowledgements I desire to add that the same
motives which iuduccd me several years a
go to retire from public life, ond which since
that time havo controlled my judgment in
this respect, now impel me to say that the
use of. my name in any event, before the
Democratic National Convention in Balti
more, to which you are a delegate, would be
ttr.rbj rrpvgnanl to my taste and wnne:."
Received We have received Goodcy's
Lady's Book for July. The publisher of this
work has spared no pains in this number to
ndeavor to plcaso hi numerous patrona.
The embellishments are fine. "The First
Tribute," bv Tucker, is a plate that will
command admiration. "A Summer Home"
and "Rustic Pavilion" are fine specimens of
the art ol printing. It contains a variety of
useful reading matter, au.i in all respect is
reditable to its publisher.
Tiie Volcaro at Hawii. In reference to
the volcanic eruption in Haw aii, tho Poly
nesian of tho 27th March says:
"We have rio detailed account of the fur
ther progress nf the eruption in Hawaii, but
from various allusions in letters recived from
that region, we learn that the activity of the
crater has greatly abated, and the river of
. - . . ...
ava ceased to How, alter reaching within
seven miles of Hilo.
"A gentleman from Honolulu visited the
seat 0! the eruption, and got within about
SO roils of the magnificent column where it
burst forth. He represents it as 400 feet in
diameter and 700 feet high. Other jets in
the vicinity, of less magnitude, were con
statlv playing, and the combined action waa
terrific beyond description.
Wecongraltuato our menus at tnio on
the cessation of the molten stream before
reaching that point, which for a time it
threatened to do; and we hope that beautiful
town and that splendid bay will both escape
tho devastation such an occurrence might
have caused."
ftfrIti a curioua fact,"ayaome eaton
ologUu."lbat Itlsonty the female muske-
toe that torment tie.' AbaVehdoi aysitlssarO corn thllit in opptr ation. Poy to
lanoiaieu-cunou. -- - 1 uxk,.
Mir. Pierce, K. Hampshire, ft Ihe
' . v Cathollca.
Pierce and the . New llampshin test excluding
, Catholics Bast atkmpt to lit him oulofths
nurt Falsehood nailed tx Ute counter
Pierce's sir tevmship voting mart thanour
to one in favor of titt test! '
The attempt bat already been made to
hold the Whig party responoiblo for the pol
itic of NeW Hampshire! in order o discon
nect Pierce from responsibility. His' friends
first attempt to show bim to be a distinguish
ed man by claiming that he ha long been
a leader of the Democracy of New Hamp
shire! Finding their .wagon mired in that
direction, they turn round and certify that
he haa next thing to no influence at ail
that some of thoir most overwhelming vote
are given in opposition to hi most strenu
ous exertions. The National Intelligencer,
that old "Imperial Guard," not only of the
Whig party, but of truth- itself, immediately
displays front, trains a battery . of long 24
pounder, and sends the mercenary cohorts
ofLocofocoism scampering from their new-
plateau, as follows. No matter what Pibrce
or bis friends may certify to now, or what
they professed then. Here is the vote of
hi own township, more than four to one in
favor of the test!
The Religious Test in New Hampshire.
The opening of tho presidential campaign
by the Democracy of Philadelphia, on Mon
day night, remind us, in one respect, of the
oneninffof that of 1844 in the same city,
wbon our political adversaries, in that ordor
to atart with as mucn capital as possiuie, in
utter disregard of facts, ascribed the enact-
mentor tho Xanaoi i43 to -roix, ivaiias
1, e.
At the Democratic Ratification Meeting
held in Philadeluhia on Monday night last,
over which Hon. Geo. M. Dallas presided
he opened the meeting with an address in
which we find the following paragraphs:
I havo beard it intimated to-duy, for. the
first time, that Franklin Pierce had hereto
fore, while the Constitution of New Hamp
shire was in process of amendment, joined
in detending anu retaining me luuKiipivc
feature it contained against Koman uuuiO'
lies. Now. irentleniuii, tins is a weak inven
tion of an already - frightened enemy; it de
serves to be nailed at once to the couuter, as
spurious and base; and I hope, by a simple
statement, to crush 11 at once ana lorever.
It i true that the constitution ol New
Hampshire was disgraced by an intolerant
and intolerably odious provision, commoniy
called "Tie Catholic Tst," which rendered
Catholics ineligible to the Legislature and to
the offieo ot governor, uut it w equauy
true that tho nioBt strenuous exertions were
reoeatedlv made bv the Democracy, pre
servingly led on by two of her brightest stars,
. . 1 T:
Levi YVoouDury ana x ranann i-ierce, iu
punge an exception to common right, so ut
terly inconsistent w ith the creed and charac
ter of sound republicanism. I wice did these
generous champions of civil and religious
liberty succeed in obtaining from a Conven
tion, called at their instance, and for that
verv purpose, the abolition ol thia "test,
and twbe (as the constitution permitted no
change of its provisions, unless sanctioned
by two-thirds of the votes of the people) were
thev defeated bv opposition of combined
Whigs and Abolitionists at the polls.
Wcrogretthat we have to correct an er
ror of fact coming from authority so eminent
a Mr, Dallas, who, in defending the candi
date of his own party from political asper
sion if the charge referred to bo such, for
we do not know what position Mr. Pierce oc
cupied on that question has been greatly
misled in casting upon the Whig party of
New llainpliaire the responsibility ofan odi
ous decUiou, made by tho popular voico ol
that State, in w hich it is notorious the w hig
have always becii in a minority.
The lactal this case aro very cinerent
from what is stated by Mr. Dallas. The
very day (in March, 1851,) when the people
of New Hampshire rejected the amendment
to this constitution, which proposed to abol
ish the property qualification and the reli
gious test, an election was held for Governor,
at wmcn tne wuig canuiuaiu rcceivuu umy
eighteen thousand votes out of a poll of fifty
seven thousand. The vote was as follows:
For Mr. Sawyer, Whig 18,434
For BIr. Dinamoor, Dem. 27,123
For Mr. Atwood, Free-Soil Dem. 12,086
frt-A lady tho wife of an "upper ten," In
Philadelphia last week, ran oil' with her
dancing-master. Her poor husband hod the
ircntleman bronght to her nouse to give "ies-
sons," and received cne in return w hich he
will never forget. Her lavonte dance wa
the polka; and her husband now thinks that
his wife Is the one who said that "the danc
ng part was'nt mucn, out mo nuggmg was
heavenly." '
Charor or Fortcre. A parlstaii" feuill-
ctonit recently stated that he saw a' female
scllinr candy bv tho stick before the door
of a theatre' who in 1823 drove in her carrl-
aire with four horacs, ana wastnoiuoi 01
Paris. ' .
A New Idea m Aoricuiture The
steward on hoard a United States steamer in
the Gulf, is stated, ha produced several
crops of excellent potatoea by filling a crock
ery crate with alternate layereofetrawotthe
ivp nt'the not 11 to commencing at the bottom
J. . . . - . . . . tlJ..L f
with a layer of about eix incnes in ucpui 01
straw, and then a layer 01 mo eyes me
eyes being placed about two inches apart o
ver tho surface of the straw then another
laver of straw on the top. He kept the straw
always moist, and in about two months had
about $14 worth of sound potatoes, of the
"first water." '
CALiroSsiA Gold. Since the annexation
of California to the United States, f 897,766,
093) ninety seven millions seven hundred
and eixtv-six thousand and mnety-tw dol
lara 1b value, of gold bullion, has been- re
ceived at tne fort 01 new xors,
Mr. A'tw'obd was the regularly nominated
Democratic candidate until within a tew
davs of the election, when, owing to his freo-
soil predilections,1 fie was thrust aside, and
Mr. Dinsmoor substituted in his place. It is
not probable, therclore, thot Mr. A. receiv
ed tho support of many Whigs; indeed, it is
rendered certain that he did not receive their
support, from the fact that on this occasion
Mr. Sawyer's vote was nearly tho same in
amount as the Whig candidate for Governor
bad received at the several annual elections
immcdia ely preceding that of 1851. -
Now, in contrast with the above vote, we
insert from our own columns ol the 3Ut
March. 1851. the returns of the vote on the
several constitutional amendments submit
ted to tho people. These returns w ere orig
inally copied from the new Hampshire Pa
triot, and professed to give the complete vote
of the State, with the exception of the town:
less. ny
On adopting the bill ot Kunu io. io
ui ..1.. . ,.. ka nn... . ii..n. a lia
UtUj W Mm ...... " if " " ' " "
Do no eiuw u.vio
la Coventor x Lt.uovemor. h.UlO
da liter uhl Klactioin, &c... 6,5 VJ
do l,lJi-tion ol' cuunty Judg'-
da Trill Ju.tl es uc 10,111
do si and property qualifi
cations 9,863
do Future AiwnJin.oti. .. . U0.'3
da J loctloOOl'JudB't, S. C 7,311)
da Subt. Iliblic Imru liun. . B,6o3
do Coininuiiou.r Agriculture 6,li
do f.!jctioiibyi'l.u.u.ty.... tMQI
do Abuluhii'g tne Cuuu.U... 8,!)iX
do (Jtheri.llJ'mlijni 7,1140
That tho Whigs were not accountable for
the dofcat of the amendment abolishing the,
religious test and property qualifications was
clearly demonstrated by the press of the State
at the time, which gave publicity to the fol
lowing facts, in contrasting the votes given in
the strongholds of both parties in favor of the
amendment. The comparison is mado be
tween fifteen townsof each party, as follows:
Larcaster Urior School. An exsmlna! :
tion of the Public Schools ofthlsclty, will"
commence on to-morrow, (Wednesday) and
close on Friday. The Parent and citizens'
interested in th promotion. of education will
notice accordingly. Upon the rising gens
ation of our land depend our existence a a
free people, and the triumph of liberal princi
pie. Individual responsibility should be
more deeply felt. Each' man and woman.'
however humble they may be, can exert an
influence, if they will to doso. When teach
ers have the hope that their" efforts are ap-
. . r
prvciuieo mey are stimulated to expand their
-r . fui ' , ' '' ' ' . . , . '"
opuco ui usciuiiicbs, sou mucn can be (tons
by a proper inclination to encourage them
by manifesting a pleasure in their school ex
aminations. I .; ; , ' J l -.
Tiiarks Hon. B. F. Wade has our thank
for interesting favor. . , .. .
OiTTlie Hon. S. P. Chase haa again plac ¬
ed us under obligations for favor.
A Romance ir real Life. We leant'
from a Missouri paper, the Savannah Sentu
tinel, the following painful story. ' :
A gentleman passed through tbi place'
the other day in search of hi wife and her
paramour, who bad started across the plain
a few daysin advance.
It appears that the parties are citizens of
St. LouU, and during the husband's protract
ed absence in California, a friend had suc
ceeded, by intercepting letter and forging
others, in inducing the wife to believe that
he had ncyer intended to return. A thou
sand dollars which he had sent to his wife had
also been intercepted, and a letter forged,
nlorming her of his desertion and marriage
n California. .
While under the frenzied sense of this con
viction, the most hellish arts were applied.
and she was induccdj in a rash moment, to
throw herself into the arms of the seducer,
and accompany him to California. . The feel
ings of the unhappy husband, on his return
to his desolate home but a few weeks after
bis wile, for whom he successfully toiled for
many years, had depar'ed forever, with a
nother, and that other his "faithful friend,"
may, perhaps, be imagined, but cannot be
We are glad to learn that the trail of tho
fugitives has been discovered, and we trust
this heartless destroyer of domestic happiness
may receive condign punishment.
A Pathetic Steech. The speech made
in the Florida Legislature, on the occasion
of a member's death, has been tbo round,
but is good enough to print again:
"Mr., Speaker Sir: Our follow citizen,
Mr, Silas Higgings, who was lately a mem
ber of this branch of the Legislature, and lie
died yesterday forenoon. He had the brown
creatures, (bronchitis) and was an uncom
mon individual. . His character waB good up
to the time of his death, and he never lost his
voice. He was fifty years old, and was ta
ken sick before he died at his boarding house,
where board can be had at a doFfar tnd seventy-five
cents ft week, washing and lights in
cluded. He was an ingenious creature, and
in the early part of his life had a father and
mother. His unclerTijnothy Higgins-serv-
eu unuer uenerut vvasiungton, who wa
buried soon alter his death with military
honors, and several. guns were burst in firing
salutes. Sir. Mr. Sneaker, General Wash
ington would have voted for the tarifl'of 1847,
it he had been alive, and badn't 'a died some
time'beforehan.!. Now, Mr. Speaker, such
being the character of General Washing
ton, i motion that we were adjourned until
to-morrow morning, as an emblem of our re
spect for the memory of S. Higgins, who M'
dead, ad died tf the brown creatures' yester
day in the afternoon." '
A GrakdCave ir. Senator Stanton, of
this State, in reference to the "coming to
gether" of the democracy on Franklin Pierce,
speaks of that event in the following forci
ble and truthful strain: "It was like thocae
ing in of a mighty sandbank!" The allu
sion was peculiarly happy, for a more decid
ed "cave in" than that with which the BaltL,
mo c proceedings closed, it would be difficult'
to imagine. Buffalo Commercial,
fJyA new method of making yeast is, to'
takes largo tea-cup full of split and dried
peas.put them in a pint of boiling water, co-"
ver them rlosely to exclude the air, place
them by the fire for 24 hours, when it
should have a fine froth on the top. A table
spoon full of the liquid will raise one pound
of Hour.
10., 63
Si, 3. J
IS, Ml
ai,i r;
V 'H. flAM.
Btmitetd M
Un'nl lUrbur 19
nilintntoa ....61
Lit' glum .... 1
O slpoe .l'J
TuUnboro' ...4?
Vtiktfl.ld 1
Wolf borough. .11
Bow 'i8
t hi, heater.... 1 1
Alexandria. ,
Lllwor a . .
.. I
6M Merrimack.
117 Nashua
494 Naahville
1S6 New Iixwicli.
S81 Dublin
149 Fit William.
313 Jell'roy
SK3 Kerne
160 Marlborough .
1.3 Trov
Siifl WinVheater. . .
lftl CUruinont....
l!Mi Bath
7'i Littleton
J 18 Lymo
Jul. rv.
. 91
. 91
. 94
, 74
, bl
, CI
300 3,130 3,613 674
This table shows that the above named
Democratic towns gave almost ten votes to
one against the ameudinent, whilst tho Whig
towns gave nearly four to omr in favor of it.
The town of Concord, in which Mr. Pierce
resides, gave 122 votes in favor of the amend
ment to 509 against it.
These facts contradict the statement at
tributed to Mr. Dallas, and exhibit the liber
ality of the Whigs of the GraniUtytetate in a
much more favorable light than that of the
Democrats. V. S. Journal.
The Warmth of Sammer, .
A DMONISliES tha Oontlamoa tomak seUctlou
i XX for thatr wa, which eaa be Hon wun aayanu.
Akother Rjilroab The Stark County
Democrat says that a Railroad south from
Canton to Canal Dover and N. Philadelphia,
is in contemplation. The company will be
organized ontheath of June. Alredy $40,000
has been subscribed by the citizens.
A Poor Endorser! "A worthy but poor
minister," writes a friend In tho country, re
quested a loan of fifty dollars from the cash
ier of our bank; and in the note requesting
the favor, he said he would , ny in ten days
on the faith of Abraham." The cashier re
turned word that by rules of the bank, the
endorser must reside in the State.
(' Miss Mory G.Willis of Concord, N.
B., lately advertised for a husband. In the
advertisement it was stated that the lady wa
in a "peculiar condition," rendering "early
proposals desirable." Subsequently tho
priuter had made a mistake inserting pe
culiar for pecuniary. The error was-cor-rccted,
proposals were sent In, and Mary ha
been married.
ifj How singular it is that everybody is
out of money at the same time, whoever un
dertook to borrow ten dollars without find
ing all his acquaintances had" a little note to
take up," which mado them just that amount
short themselves
W. R. Kino, thirty-six years ago, voted in
the House of Representatives for a bank
of the United States the identical mon
ster over which Nicholas Biddle for a long
time presided
(KP'Down East," somewhere 'a pious old
lady was summoned as a witness in an im
portant case. Doing told that she must swear
the poor woman was filled with horror at
the thought. After much persuasion she yiei
ded and exclaimed " Well if I must I must
dam!The court adjourned immediately.
Hempfielp Railroad. Ohio County
(Va.) Cou-t has unsnimously authorised the'
issue of county bonds to the Hempfield Rail-'
road to the amount of $150,000.
St Johr's, N. B. A boat was upset in the"
Bay of Funday on Tuesday and 7 person
drowned Mr Berg, Pastor of Baptist churchy
Portland parish; Prof. Chinman, 4studentty
of Acadia College and one boatman- '
' . . .
(r; Who was tho first man lo carry '
walking-Btick!" " "
- "Adam, for he had a Cain."
"Who was the moBt industrious man 1"'
'"Job."' " .. t .
"Who-was the most unfortunate specula'
"Jonsh, for he got 'sucked in.'"
"Who was the first singer I"
Solomon."' ' '
f Why was Isaacrin- hra-father's hand, Ilk
a piece of auction goods!"' ., . v
"Because he was ottered at a aacrance.
Who was the first gamester!", ,-
"Pharaoh (Faro.") , , . .
"Who waa the first to wear'rtockingaP"
"Ho-a." " T' - . '

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