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Saturday Cvrnint;, Juno I. 1939-
C5'Tht monrrntou period, so long a
waited, ha at length arrived, fraught with
the moat astonishing- results. Ea.
Vea! the mighty mind and yalorous patri
ot sold, of thia most blessed land f :irtn'
Tast'orKin A?aln!iiif conclave eat, witliili
the city' crowded mart; when well, earned
tweeds of endleaa fame with conscioiia worth
combined; w hen heroes' doffed their nodding
plume and legislator grave, the carea of
State laid by ; when too the patient tillerofthe
oil and him well skilled in arts mechanical.
resolved some mind more gifted than the rest
to choose,, tha highest councils of the State
ts fill. The thunders roared and Androscog"
gin' froien bed grew hot and Rio Grande did
hiT.'. S'ylli screamed and Cliurybdis mute,
did, horrid grin. .. , r '
Democracy, God-like, sat enthroned, furi
ous a JIurs, as Hector bravo. The game
Olympic were again restored and races rnn;
then fiirimiai worda rata hirh. and bloodless
s-,vcrds were drawn and deeds before unseen, ! limited powers, derived suit 'ly from the con-
- Th JLoeofoca PatttTornsv r y j
The following la ,the,Locofoco Platform,'
manufactured byhe Baltimore- Convention,
on last Saturday evening
RewtW, That the American Democracy
place their trust in the intelligence, the-pa-triotism,
and the discriminating justice of the
American people; 1 r : : '' -
Resolved, That wo tegard thia aa dis
tinctive feature of pur political creed, which
we are proud to maintain before the world,
a the great moral ekuienl In a form of gov-
ernmcnt, springing troni ana upneia oy me
popular will; and we contrast it with the
creed and practice of federalism, under what
ever name or form, which seek to palsy the
will of the constituent, and which conceives
no imposture too monstrous for the popular
credulity., - I- . '
Risoliud. therefore. That, entertaining these
views, the democratic party-of thi-Unhm,
through their dek'gates assi'mbleU in gen
eral convention of the States, coming to
pether in aspiritof concord, of. devotion to
thn durh-inp and faith of a free 'renresenta-
live govornment, and appealing to their fel
low citijens for the rectitude ot tneir inten
tions, renw and re-assert, before the Amer
ican peoplethe declarations of principles
avowed by them when, on lormen vtuiwiuuo,
in general convention, theyjireserttcd, their
nji!iiiu r.,r (tin mmular suffraec: "
That thaWileral governniejii is one oi
unheard performed, 'till the Quixotic hero
of unnumbered wars, the banner bore awjy
upon whose waving folds, in golden letter3
"Tho mountain LiboreJ ttul brought forth mouse."
, , I ! . I. ill.. -
T. 0. Q. F AJodgeof the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, was instituted nt Bal
timore, in this county, Inst evening, by P.
G. 31. Alex. E.Glenn of Columbus, acting
as special Deputy Grand Master, assisted by
Grand Treasurer Slater of Urbana, and P.
0s Reed, Reinmund, Rainny, Weaver Jand
Cook of Lancaster, and P. G.Cupp of Pleas
antville, and a large number of Brothers from
Lancaster, Columbus, Pleasantvillo and
i Thornville. We understand the ceremonies
were very interesting, and that all enjoyed
themselves in the highest degree. The
Lodge commences under the most fnvorable
auspices, and promises to be a good auxiliary
in the promotion of Friendship, Lovo and
Truth, the chief motto of the Order.
The Lodge is uamed Baltimore Lodge, No.
202. The officers are Rev. Jesse Sehloiser,
N. G., A. L. Simmons, V. ()., V. J. Smart,
Secretary, Wm. Schopp, Treasurer. The
regular meetings are to bo Tuesday night of
each week.
- FwmiUAt Settlement ia Vihgima. A j
colony of sixty persens. gathered from North
ampton, Miiis., Brooklyn and Auburn, N.ew
York, all firm believers in what i termed
the Spiritual Philosophy, (announced by A.
J. Davis.rtnJ.) have purchased 9,000 acres
of land, in a splendid location, about forty
mile from the head of steamboat navigation
on the Kanawha, and fifty mile from
Charleston, Va., upon which they havo set
tled. Thry do not lisvo a comriiunity of
property, but each man is steward of his own
substance "maintaining unity of faith in
the bonds of peace." Soma of them are
Buid tn In' men of weultli and education, and
all pretend to receive spiritual and temporal
advice from the spirit world, although they
do not consider directions from this source
infallible, but submit every 'communication'
to the test of reason. One of their number,
Rev. T. Harris, is about to Issuo a newspa
per. Wonder if the prcsont editor pro tern
of the Eafe couldn't gut a sit a local ho
loom Philosophically inclined.
Threatened Hostilities is St. Domtwoo.
By an arrival at New York, we learn that
t io Island of St. Domingo was in n very un
settled condition. Tho commissioners ap
pointed by tho Dominicans to effect an ex
change of prisoners, hod returned Irom Port
au Prince without succeeding in their object,
th Emperor Solouquo refusing to acknowl
edge tho independence of the Dominican
Rcpublic,nnd threstening, unless tliell.iyticii
flag was hoisted at Port an Piatt, ho would
march against It in October next. , Arrange
ments aro being madu by thn Dominicans to
meet tho emergenry by placng a forcn of
6,000 men under the command of Gen. Santa
Anna on tho frontiers, Thn Dominicans
wcro bunily engaged in repairing tho fortifi
cation on the frontiers, and preparing other
wise to give tho Emperor a warm rwcptlon,
should ho attempt to put his threat in execu
tion. Tbo Dominican government is encour
aging settlor by granting fifty acres of land
to each eminigrant intending to settle in the
country. Five tiumlrod German settlers
were daily expected to arrivo at Capo Isa
bella. TiieGrowikb Cnors. Letters from New
Orleans, itntc that tho cotton bloom have
already been aeen in that vicinity, and that
account from the Red River country (peak
oftho cotton crop in that region as having
obtained a most promising stand. The crops
in thi vicinity, with tho exeption of corn,
n?yer lookeil more promising; tho wheat,
rye and barley stand thick upon tho ground,
aro well headed ami bidfnir to be wull filled.
KrTho Sultan of Turkey has decreed a
large donation of works in Arabic and Tur
kish print to the American Oriential Socio
ty. The Sultnii makes this donation partly
Id consideration of thn generous winner in
which Amin Bey was recoived in America.
Death tj Rat. An ingenious instru
ment nas Dccn lovenu'fl uy Air. yaowanl, a
printer, at Indianapolis, Indiana, which will
bo death on rats. To the treadle on which
the bait i placed, is attached an iron lever,
communicating with a wire spring, to which
i fastened a sharp instrument, which re
volves rapidly when the treadlo I touched,
hitting tho rat between tho peeper and
knocking it ixor eight feet from tho trap,
which reset Itself Instantly for another rat.
OSTA new machine for splitting tho tim
ber used in making mulches has been lately
introduced In Augusta.Ga., by Mr. Alder of
Philadelphia. It split with ease 20.000
minute.oT ono million an hour, and turn
them out ready to be dipped.
." OCTl-asalle, whore the cholera is said to
be so bad now, U usually one of the most
hMitny village (n the Wetern Stato. It
i delightfully eltuutad.onthe Illiuois river,
about ninety mile from Chicago.
; . (CHI I tated that all tha Uer of
flong Kong believe in the safety of Sir John
franklin. The Esquimaux go from ths As
siaii continent ana oacK onnuitiy.
stitution, and the grants oi power maae
therein ought to be strictly construed by all
the departments ana agents oi me govern
ment; and that it i inexpedient and dan
gerous to exercise doubtlul constitutional
powers. i " . '
2. That the constitution doe not confer
nnon the general government the power to
commence and carry on a general system of
internul Improvements. -3.
That the constitution doea not confer
authoritv unon tho federal government, dl
rect v or m rect v. to assuino me ueuw oi
tho several States, contracted for local in
ternal improvements, or other Stato purpos.
es;nor would such assumption bo just and ex
4. That justice and sound -policy forbid
the federal L'overnment to foster ono branch
of industry to the detriment of any other, or
to cherish the interest oi one portion io me
injury of another portion of our common
country; that every citizen, and every -sec
tion of t ie country, nasarient to aemann
and insist upon an, equality of ripjit and
privileges, and to complete an amplo pro
tection of persons and property from domes
tic violence or foreign amrression.
8. Thutit is the duty of every branch of
the government to enforce and practice tne
most rigid economy in conducting our pub
lic affairs, and that no more revenue ought
to be raised than is required to delray tho
necessary exnenscs of tho crovernmcnt, and
for tho graduul but mtoin extinction of the
public debt.
6. That Consrress ha no power to char
tur a national bank: that we believe such an
institution ono of deadly hostility to the bost
interests of tho country, danjerous to our
republican institutions and the liberties of
the people, and caleulutcd to place tho busi
nes ol'thu cuuntrv within the control of a
concentrated money nower, and abovo the
laws and the will of the neonlo; and that the
results of democratic legislation, in this and
all other finunciul moasures upon which is
sue havo been made between tho two po
litical parties of the country, havo demon
strated to candid and practical men ol all par
ties, their soundness, safety and utility in all
business pursuits.
7. That tho separation of the monoy of
the trovcrnment from bnnkinz institutions is
Indispensable for tho sufety ol tho funds of
the government and the rights ol the peo
pie. .
8. That the liberal principles embodied
by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independ
ence, and sanctioned in tho constitution,
which makes our tho land of liberty, and
tho nnylum of tha oppressed of every nation,
have ever been cardinal principles in the
democratic faith ;and cvory attempt to ahridgo
the present privilege of becoming citizens
and the owners of soil among us, ought to be
resisted with the same spirit which swept
the alien and sedition luw from our statute
9. That Congress has no power undor
tho constitution to interfero with or control
tho domostic institutions of tho nevoral
States, and thatsilrh Mtatns aro tho sole and
proper judges of evory thing appertaining to
their own affairs, not. prohibited by the con
stitution; that all effort oftho abolitionists
or others made to induce Congress to inter
fere with questions ol slavery, or to tuke In
ci pent steps in relation thereto, are caleu
lutcd to lead to the most alarming and dan
serous consequences; ami that all such ef
forts havo an inevitable tendency to dimin
ish the happiness of tho people, and cndiin
iror the stability and permanency of the Un
ion, and ougtit not to no counicnunceu uy
any friend ol our political instlutionSi
lltolvctl, That thn foregoing proposition
covers and. was intended to emhruco tho
whole subject of (lavery agitation in (Jon
gross, ami therefore the Democratic party of
the Union, standing upon this natiotiul plat
form, will abido byund adhere to a faithful
execution of the acts known as the comprom
ise measure, settled by tho last Congress-
the act for tho reclaiming of fugitives from
service or labor included, which act, being
designed to carry out an exprens provMon of
the constitution, cannot, with fidelity thereto,
bo repeulcd or so changed as to destroy or
impair its efficiency.
kemlwd. That the Democratic party will
resist all attempts at renewing, In Congress
or out of it, tho agitution of thn Slavery
qtication, under whatever shapo or color the
attempt inuy ho mr.de.
Ruolwd, That tho proceeds of tho public
lands ought to bo sacredly applied to tho na
tional object specified in the constitution;
and that wo are oppoaed to any law for tho
distribution of such proceed among the
States, as alike inxpedient in policy, and ro
pugnant to the conutitution.
Iterolved, That wo re decidedly opposed
to tuking from thn president the qualified
veto power, by which ho in enabled, under
restrictions and responsibilities, amply suf
ficient to guard the public interest, to sus
pend tho pass.ige of a bill whoso merits can
not secure the approval of two-third ol the
Suiiute and House of Representatives until
the judgment of the people can bo obtained
therein, and which has saved tho American
people from tho corrupt and tyrannical domi
nation of thn Hank of tho United States, and
from a corrupting system of general internal
RnAved, That tho Demoeratio party will
faithfully abido by and uphold tho principles
laid down in tho Kentucky and Virginia res
olution of 17iS, and in tho report of Mr.
Madison to tho Virginia Legislature in 1709;
that it adopts those principles as constituting
ono of tho main foundations of it political
creed, and is resolved to carry them out in
thelrobvious meaning and Import.
Rerttlvei, That the War with Mexico, up
on all the principle of patriotism and the
laws of nations, w its a just and necessary war
on our part, In which every American citUen
should havo shown himself on the side of his
country, and neither morally or physically,
uy woru orueeu, nave gtveu aid and comfort
to tho enemy.
Ritdnrd, That we rejoice at the restnra-
States "indemnity for tho past and security
tnt tha future ' ' , . ' ..
Retained. That in view of tha condition of
popular institutions in the old world, a nigh
and cacred duty i devolved with Increased
responsibility upon the Democratic party of
thia country . as tne party oi tue people, to
unhold and-maintain the right of every
State, and thereby the Union of the States,
and to sustain and advance among us const!
tu tion si liberty, by continuing to resist all
monopolies and exclusive legislation for the
benefit of the few at the-expeuse of the many,
and by a vigilant and conatant.adherence to
those principles and compromises of the con
stitution, which are broad enough and strong
enough to embrace and uphold tne union
it in. anil the limnti u snail oe, in uio i"
wikknalAi. f ,t.a AfiArmpii iiid ceDacitiee of
this great and progressive peopio. .
Kossuth's Family iEclahd We an
nounced yesterday that Kossnth momer
and sisters had arrived in England. It isajd
the venerable lady wa much exhausted by
her long journey, and was not released from
direct Austrian official supervision umuner
arrival iu Dusseldorf upon. the Rhine, Her
two- daughters, tho Baroness Ruttkay and
the widowed Madame Von Wetilenyi, who,
came from the Austrian state Prison were
also eadlv fatigued. Tne.jtnira aaugntcr,
Madame Von Zsnlazky, accompanied by her
husband, formerly Lieut. Colonel in -the
Hungarian. service and subsequently., an
Austrian prisoner of State enjoyed admirable
health. Madame Kossuth will probably re
main in England.
'I''WH Gatctte. . J
S.TuhoW PIvwTtiot snow his wlfcbty .im; 3
1 hui ramv a scribbler iY m truth f xtuup,
Th Uit not lesst, within the JEo' Mn'-., ; - '-
worth prgvh, ! less Usa l.atm
-Karat Notut, (,orgoui lector glow, ; : . ..
With m1u:b Mr, Olyniphtsi Naxlroj . . , ,(
And indrotcroggis joint with Meant tnin( .
While lostotoaie Pylon grini in ghMtly view,- i
.OolUh iIutb with ennqu i-ring Day id too; : .
Hhoio wind fncy will tnomtelves consume,
Just for tho reason t W thoy wnt motf room;
Met! Ink t twmv W ifxom bbul frirn would talis.
In chsijo this rilw, at least for pity's stlte;
. Lrit running rord ilia asvliunmay cootain, . . -;
Tbi last poor rvmnant of his morbid brain; ' '
When wo true heroes thrlr. just claims sssert,
We scarce would gi pwl In the common dirt; '.' "
JHor dare on him tlat title to- bestow,
W ho led no arinioa, nor who met t foi ;
Tha gmeral he, who luads his conquering hosts,
Who victory wins nor runsfrona battles post;
Who presses on. his standard bearing high, . -,
Andleads todosth nr.elneto victory;
'INhoshilled in arms.'s daring courses joins,
And noble deeds with manly thought combines; -
' All else hut these idmit of no def. nee, ---And
violate the rules o!' common kw ; V
Then l it your Pierce his civil bonort wear,
A chieftsih's (Joriet quite unfit to besr. '
' Surh y'urlle nonsenfeSsn lit ill supply, -
Or food for thought, or truth to hUtorv; , '.
, As w.-ll dub hero, Mam-ha's wayward Knigh',
"W bo dared the windmills to unouual fight. ,
v Time ws e'lTmaddrnpai-ty striftn arose.
Anil classed opponents in the rsnlt of fooa;
' W hen love of country and of kind Impressed, ('
One generous fe ling in each manly broa t; .
' The stoling-virtues.nf the wise and grest, " ' " 1
Secured the crowning honors of the State?
Hit- nnur Blast tlkASn nonnra mm ronferM. .' ?
On m n whose deeds, tha world nor cared nor
h-sr'cl. , X.
'--' Daguerreotypes.' i. J..-"
PTKRRON8 wishing Daguerreotyp pleruret, !
Tailed is sesuly. utility, learnes.and depth ol
ImpresMnn, can h vlhe aaaie by railing at y roe an,
inbiesv's frsmA buildim. third Hoor. entnnceuvxl
doat Wesrnf the Hocliina- Valla Hank "' - - '"1
WOOLLEN GOODS 1 am now opening t enm
Uinta Stock of fllfttha. aaaal.nolva. titunnts. Pi '
lot, beavu and mackiiiaw oreroalings,Tweds, dsn
nels, kerseys, jcant, fulled cletht, sheeps rrev csssi
ntts.linseys.ac. , .W. T. H'lHK
Lancaster. ooretniier B, 106O .-- . U7
'?";1.7f' BOOTS 'AND SHOEfs.' " "
V LA ROE Lot just ' received embracing' evert
kind of Fashionable shoo now in use, for Ij
dinssnd Misses wear, ALSO, t good slock of Men's
Hoottandaaitert, at : ,v..- i l;. WISK'-H
TAW PAIlTSKIiSHIPl have associated Cm vslii
JD. NUnnn with myself iothe prsctlck el thi.
Lsw, snd will in future sdopt the srl ol J D.lt 0.
. MAKTiu.idthe management nf business entrusted
my care. Jiiit- u. aiabii.
Lsncaster. October R.lfttO.-Kfljerflru. IjySTI '
1 1 i:i
' . ' Co-Partncrsblpi'
TUT. undersigned has fsken Into psrtnersnip in
fhe SsiMte, Hsrne4s snd Trunk nrsinifsctiiriiie
hiiins, John H. Mati.aok, snd the basinrtt whl
hereafter heronducteu iin.ler mt nrm name 01 1.1 1 -
TLK Sc MATI'Al .' Wf wronageos ino pumir
is resnoetlully soli,itl. .
rnaii h. inbteil tn the tiibscrlber. sre esm-
estly requested to call and settle ss the old businoss
must heclosertup. ;
March 3. InoJ,
Mock AfOTios. A resident of the Buck
eye State, named Peter Divine, was "done"
out ol'8l8 yesterday, at i mock auction svyin-
ilhn? shop, in Chatham street, near 1 amma-
ny Hall, by the purchase of a gulvanized
watch, not worth 60 cents. The victimiicd
Ohloan annlied at the Chief's ofllce for re
dress, and by the prompt action of officer
Wasterson, the ill-gotten lunu were recov
ered. N. Y. Times. -
tr- At a military parade in St. Louis, on
the 17th., a gunner, named Lawrence Spei
gel, had both his hands blown off by the pre
mature discharge of tho cannon he was load
ing. To save his life.amputation was resort
ed to, and his right arm waa cut off imme
diately above tho elbow, and the lofu arm
just below.
A Cemest. If you wish tore-fasten the
loose handles of knives and forks, make your
cement of common brick dust and rosin.mclt
cd together. Seal engravers understand
this receipt. Ex. paper.
03Gen. Pierco was a member of the
Convention of 1800, wdich revised the Con
stitution of Now Hampshire. The consti
tution of that State docs not allow Catholics
to hold office, and of course carries out tho
Democratic doctrine of" equal and, exact
justice to all men." m ' .
Dr Johnson oneo dined with a Scottish
lady who had a hotch for dinner. After the
doctor hod tasted it she asked if It was good.
" It is good for hogs, ma'm," said the doctor,
" Then pray," saidtlio lauy, "let mo ncip
you to a little more,"
(7- The Cincinnati Atlns says that
Franklin Pierco. durina his term or Con
gressional service, wus a supporter of tho
inl'uiiious measure known oh Atherton's Gag
Law. The facta aro beguung to leak out.
fctrCiilomel I said to bo an infallible
remedy for tho bite of a mad dog. Cleanse
tho wound as soon as possible with soft wa
ter and cnstilesoap, then apply a plaster of
mercurial ointment. - '
I'eleg-rnpli Hnllfllirg. opposite CriniH llonse
KRY.of superior quality, for salo at vei v low prices.
slay a.. juu.i u. tuiuiia
TOST received, rioverneo!:, hy Alice Carey: We
Lorgnette, Dream O l.ife.e'reah Gleanings by lk
Msrvel; First Impressions in Kngland. Old Red Sand
stone. Foot Prints ol the Crctsfir. hv lluuh Miller.
(lance st Kurope, hy H. Crely; s Buckeye Abrosd,
orlhe wsrderings in Kurope and the Orient, by S. S
Cos. and msnv other new snd choice Books, together
with a fine and .general ssortment f f Hiblei, School
llonla, 4c., which will be told very low si tne hook
Storonl JUlin ij. lUiiiiLL,
MyD. Telegraph Building, opposite court-house. '
Every Variety of Family Groceries, Pro'
' vision, Fruit, Glnss and Stoneware,
INVlTK.Sthotttcntion of the citizens of Fairfield
u. snd adinininz cnuntiot to hit exlentive stock
irhirh can't be HiirnSMsed.
Ho would sav to the farmer, In due sesson he will
be supplied with sll knds nf Lake Fish, tn supply ss
many as may ieei aispnsea iivur miu win. wii
Lancaster, February 2(. 1W3 43
RF.Mi iVAL. T. J. Ponson has removed 111a
r.l.lno, r,t Ph.le Shnn mm Connr-ll's Row, to
tht Room en Uroad Slrtet, South 0,t John J.yrmt'
UrouTJ,Md formerly occupied 6y l. K. Vishcl,
whnre he will continue t manufacture all trticlet h)
hit linn ss herotolore. - 1 1 ' ' -'
r'ollins on hsnd st all times, wilti a itooq nesrse rn
attend ;un-rals in any part of tlio county, at reduced
rates Thaiulul lor pant lavnrs, lie ri'sp-ciiuiiy so.
licits t conti uance of public patronage, fie will
labor to etve seni-rsl ssti taction, both st regards price
sna utisiiiy " '"
AsncBsior. Apr,, iuj , .
6m 19
Cautjok. Tho Lexington, Ky.,SWatjtflft
says no ono dollar note ol tho Northern
If j ok of Kentucky, signed John lillord,
Pres't. and bearing date subsequent to tho
year 1849, is genuine, . '
plotn a full asuortinont of Household V urniture.
and see. - UKOKOIO SMIT
t niiiint;! tnn iint;!
(1F.NTI.EMKN, thi erf st womlnrtn l exrltemnl
Hot he iluv now is now sucli t uusnt'ty of to
rich snd splendid f.'lotlilna ts ynii will find with
the uroniU'tortnf llm old remtikable
ciincitEUF.i) stohf.
rn pntsibly br dipoar, nf in duo u ssnn, nnl st il
is thn pwpect of a Urge InrretH toth pupiilslinn
iifoiiv Iii sMiv mid beautiful city. No doubt thn
rii'hms of i!m surroundine rniintrv, eomhined with
the spirit nd industry nt our oeterprising farmers,
has sumul'iteu thmo parties in isying luaiicn inoun
rm 01 goods in inn wsy 01 r asiiionabi.k llhtii
Tlio superior ftisnner In which thev ire insde the
frit ionsl le style of (heir ru snd wnrknmnsliiii t!ii
U-lity nt tho inateilsl, ami Ihn vnvietv ni snsnes sun
olnri Ihevars rnmnnsed nt.' would liidii"n yoii to
sty ilhunl lii'kitsliiin that thn pr 'prirtnri must bo
untiring In their ortbvtt trd their Injenuiiy nimn
Iban ciiiiininn,tu colle, t such a qunntitv of besit'ilul
lrneiits ingriuer. Aim me ioi 01 an is, inn
l'niii,uitl lnv Prlrcstlioy nre Hold for,"
Mould almost rndco you swear that you would never
buy a s,tvd of at 11 IT In s Hove tn havo made up for
yniirse.ll or tha lnys. If yen buys suit of clothes,
vou sou tha fit I'm duality nf the mods-snd til
V'h" in 1 fnw mlnntei, wild little trouble, beforn
you pi.y one cent of your mon,,y. IWw Itbstandm
itomn ot nui u-ndi'&t..unisuniiiig neighbors will rsiMe
their voire and rsi lii n vou. vi rv uiouslv, asainat
tbo proitifliiMi of ''astern Slop Shops!" ''I'hitik of
it Who wimld Hiippnan il such t brilliant auiri;es.
tiu! (li! what a besu your jri-anny was! bonder
hv th"y did not wini ynu ainlrf(imfjr.Siii
very nlil pnllernt, snd perliirsted rlotnt laseaatrnll
alnnii Msin it roe I and see thn figure we cut. You
will conclude poor Oil Mother lloon U in such de
mand, tho will bn romp lied to hid, hortelf oreverv
ftiltro wy on Mie Htreetr win ceriainty pium ner to
di-flth. What l'ar!icin (VooAs wo have pot ol Isle
in llioshape of ol I Ipomen niid ahop 6oi: puiechsr.
iv for the dish frii'nl, I suppose, has urniifdit them
flit; well, well! this is the suf progression, cer
tainly. 1 0 ho cs ml Id. those who wsnt tn ssrn as
much" In the purclum of a suit of clothes, ss will give
the child ball a year's srlmolinu would do well Io
call Bt the OLD I'M Kt'K F.RK.D STORK where nu
an he lilted out from hisd to foot, out o those piles
nftlothiiw wo havo stored sway. What weaell you
wn warrant ill overy particular. If snything lisp
p.'ns tn he wreiij; in your purchase, return the goods,
and teleci Imm our stock a freah supply. It is use
I jsa to mention tha variety of our ,
NpriiiK mid Summer Ntoek nf Clothing.
Hut tn part: Tho greatest variety of fOA S ot
all kinds and patterns. PANTALOON'S snd VESTS ii,
then sndi, of every description: large qusntitins ol
SHIRTS, under and over Drawers, Silk llandker-
I'liief's In sn abundance: Cravsti, ofthebest,llali.loie,
Suspendi'rs, Melslir llven os's, I losks, sc.: rssh'
innsble lists, Csps, llnotssnd Shoes, (Ttnbrollts.Ti'av
idling KsgmJ'all kinds, Trunks, ftc. Kevcrsl dnA. of
Silk Under Shirft.'nA Fine Thibet Wool do, will
answer lor wither Itdies or gentlemen. Many aril
clot in t h lutnlsliing way sll nf which will lie dis
posed of on the moti tevtonahl trrmt and towetl
priest. lui kniAn s iu.
ftlay vti, i.iTj. 1
Chitif ItCflMs'iMl Fnitlor) Ui'iiiovcil
sfl FfinrtK SMITH hss removed his Chsir snd Bed-
.Jf slesd Fsctory from the cornor of Wheeling snd
Columbus streets, to Stanhery' BuihlivK on Main
utrcet, two doort Kuxt of the Hoch-ing I alley Bank
nnd directly opposite the Checkered Store, lie bas on-
largeil HIS iiuiuiu.a mm iiiLniiun ni-n',,,K uu
hand (he largest mil best assortment of
ever before kept in this place s consisting
in nirt. nf fane seat. Cottsuo. Illisll
French, Scroll top. Village, common snd
f'hililren's Cnsirs. Soclshles snd Settees.
All desrriidlons ol IlKDSTKADS msnufaotured ol
uithnr f 'Imrrv. W'slnut. Manleor Siurar.
Ilia work will all he made nf the vrvbest malerlfl,
bv good workmen and nf the latest and most approved
pslterns. It will bo inferior tn none mfinuiactiired
elxowhere snd will bo sold st the very lowest prices
Arnntiniiation of the very liboral ptirnntgo of the
nubile is resnnctfullv solicited. Il Is the Intention 01
llin siibscrlnor to keep a full and general tssnrtmort
al all limes, sn that ho will be enahlodto secomme
doto both old and new customers with snything in hl
linn. In connection with his e.t'ihliahiuent is Mr. fl
L. Kckert's Ctblnet IVsre Room, sothat customers ell
be accommodated with all articles rnuuislte to com
Lancaster, N'oranilier 1, 1RSU. . 2S
Highly Importnuts
fllHRstilmrlho offers to soil his vnlmbli, improv
1. ed 1 1 end Hloclis lor Knw-Milln, upon the
billowing terms: lfthnydonot work ss represent
ed, no pay will bo ro i'iii ed. The iinpi-nvemaiit con
nst in enabling ono nnn to set both ends of a log l
tho same moment of time, and willi the greatest re
ularilv. 1 BKKKKrwrKs.
William V. Prerk Columbus Ohirt.
flisM, Reed and Co . Xenis. Ohio.
John Vniing, (.'nlumbiH, Ohio
C T. Solii, I'nluinhiis, Ohio.
Aiiii'i Ui'e.ie. CnliinibtlK. Ohio.
Michael Sulilvant. Colinnbiis, Oliie. '
Mnsos ShtPifnr, flrovcpoit: Ohio.
K. F. McljiugMlin. Springfield, Ohio.
William T.-rl, Urbans, Onin.
Ilsr.lv and Clark, Piiiua O'lio.
II. F. Shadlii-k, Fletcher, Ohio.
Jsnins Durliln. Texas, Ohio.
J. O. Fisk snd Cn., Texas, Ohio.
William llsller, Napoleon, Ohio.
Stephens snd Co .Melisne", Ohio.
John Morgan, Hlufflcin, ludisns.
West and Wilklna, lllnomtielil, Ohio
Tho sbnVB sre persons who have purchssed the lin.
provement and have it now in nse.
All orik rt addiiissed, post paid, to thn subscriber,
at l.anrotcr, Fairfield count 11, ()hio, bo prompt-Ivsltend-dto.
(IT N.iI. The shove improvement obtained 1 ill-
("i Dl' VOL 8t CO. sre propsred tn lurnlah sll kinda
JT. of Stoitm Enxinex, upon thort notice snd
at Cincinnsti slid Pittsburgh prices.
Also, sll kin.isot Mill (iesnmr. noistmg screws,
ItHgulatingScrowt.Jack Screwi;Fuller'tScrewt tnd
Ulder cvews.
Mill Spindles of cast iron orwrougnl. .
Bsles snd Drivers, &c. &e. '
Thrv will also furnish the PnrUer Wheel to
suit any head nf water, and wlih either Iron or wooC
shaft. Also, the Atkinson W heel fit up st above.
The patent on tho Parker Wheel hts expired and con-
.1 .. .1 L . U.,1 V. -knina, - '
se'li,'llii limy r.,, un iibu i,,, ', ,- -
They also combine to make Hevol's Threshlns
Mncliine", and knep a lot conattntly on hsnd; war
rtnted the best in Ohio.
All the above articles will bo maJft with especial
csrnand by thn best workmen, and will be warranted
All kinds of reparing done upon the shorte-it notice.
Thev alto keep constantly on hand. ALL KIND OK
CASTINOS, usually kept In a Foundry. Thy have
computed their front shop, to that those who call,
ran examine thoir work
They sre also at this time manufacturing the l,e
foil C'ook Ntove, which received thn- first Premi
um at the Ohio Stato Fair at Cincinnati last Fall, and
will keep Ibemcnnstanilyonhaiid.
The known quality of tho work done at this estab
lishment lor many years psst.is the best guarantee thtl
in future, the tubacribers will labor tQ.ilesire the pa
trnnsgr of tho public. They invito examination.
, Lancaster, May 4i. Ib5t Q. DKVOL CO. '
Fancy Articles.
tie Boards, Puifumery, &c",at
rniiur sin.,,-;.,
'ST opening a fresh lot of Brushes of evory dot
riptinn: Combs-, Ivory, Drossing, Tuck tnd Side
1 Paper Cards, Knrelbpns, Drawing Paper, Bris-
toiens, COLDS. UOARSENESS, 1 1,
' cRorp; ASTHMA, nos V
r ' consimptios.
INonVrlnj toth,; rutuiiUHit. this justlv celebrsted
remadv fordisesses of 'kiv thmsj, snd Uinjrs, It it
not our wish to trilln with' the livos or hitllh of the
all ic ted, but frankly to lay before them the opinions
j: ..1 a J , r. : I . .c t.u
ui uiBiuieuninea mvnsnn some 01 me wiuic-r , ...
suscest, from which they can JudaS for Iheimolves.
Wf suacerely pledge tiurnelvetto. intke. no wild as
sertion, or falsa statements of Itt ellii try, nor will we
. I 1 - , . . ... r . . 1 I ..
hum um sjit nope ip sua.r.ng oumtnuy wnicii isvi.
will not warrant.' , .i- . . .... .
Msnv proof are hern given, snd we solicit an In
quiry from the public into all we publish, feeling as
sured they wl find them perfi'rtly reliable, and the
medicine worthy their best confidence tnd patronage. '
Ftom the rftoMi gutthed Prof 1 nor of Chcmulry and
. Materia Medico, howjloin College .
Dear Sir; 1 delayed answoring the receipt of your
firepa ation, until 1 had sn opportunity ef witnessing
ts effects in my awri family, 01 iff the families of my
friends. . - ,i . : - iT
This I hive now done with t high degree of tatis
taction, in cases both nf adults slid children. .
I have found it. tt itt ingredient! show, t powerful
remedy for colds tnd coughs.and pulmonary diseases.
; . PA RK til CI .F A V tLAN't), M. D
Briinawick, Maine, rebruarv o, 14'.
From on Qvernccr i the Hamilton Mittt, In th't rlty.
- ' I.owkll. Autust -,0. 1H49 ,
- Dr. J. C. Ayer: 1 have hecu cured of the worst
muoh 1 uver bail in mv life, bv vnur "CllktRHT Pxc.
turaIm" tnd never fail when 1 have opportunity, ol
recommending it to othert. Tours, respecttunv.
. .- . " 8. D. KMERSON.
J3Resil the lollowing, tnd tee if this medicine la
wor tn a trial, i nis patient nsa neenme very iiwic,
snd 1 be elfuct of the medicine waa unmiatakeably
distinct:- ' .
L'hitsd Statki IIotil. Sahatooa Srssnst,
July 6. 1849. S
Dr. J C, Aver.v-Sir. I hsve been sfliicied with 1
painful tlfeclion nf the liuigs, tnd all the symptoms of
srtt'.eo con.iimpnen, inr more man a year. 1 coum
find no me Heine that would retch my case, until I
commence I the use of your "t jiEBr kkctohai.,"
hich gave me gradual relief, and I hsve hoen steam
gsimngstreni'tli till mv health is well nigh re ttored
While using our medicine, nsd the yratiticstion
f ouriim with it mv reverend friend. Mr Tniiiisn.of
Sumpter DiHlrict, who had been tuai endrd from his
parochial duties b a severe attack 01 oroncmiit.
1 nave pleasure in cerlitving inese lacis tj you,
' And am, sir, yours resppctfullv,
- J. F CALHOUN. of South Carolina.
TTThe foUowins: wstone of the worst -of. esses,
Lie consumption:
uiiKti'RS. fennsvivanit. aucusi inso.
I. C. AverSir.-l wst taken with a terrible coueh,
brought 011 by t cold, 10 the beginning 01 laat r eorua.
rv. and waa confined to mv bed more than 0 months
Coughing incessantly nightand day, I became gbsstly
and Dale mv eves were sunken and glaaay. and mv
brcalh very short. Indeed I was rspidlv tailing, tnd
11 such distress tor Dream, mat nut lime nope 01 my
covery could be i nterlined. While in tins alius
on. a friend of mine, (the Rev. John Keller, of the
Methodist chirrrh) brr ught mo a hnltle nf your Ci:kk
rv r'KC-rouAL. which 1 tried more to urst.fv him,thar
from any expectation ol obtaining relief, lit good
ellecl induced mn ro com inue IT! use, sn 1 1 soon louno
mv lieslth much imorovod. . Now In three months. I
im well snd strong, tnd ran a'iriiiiiie my cuiooniy 10
vour great medicine. VWth the deepest gratitude.
voun,&c. JAMES CODHlbV.
PKEPAnr.n sy . 0" avfh, ciiksiist, lowki.o, mass
bold in LsncaatHi'by s.. I.. Slorutnsnd Ur..M.C.hrHi
ler snd hyin-nggists genersuy iniougnou' me ruate
Marrn 1 1
Uarble, landttone a4 Freestone ractorrs
OIIU Machinery is aott In aucces-ful tpersUoh, tiuf ,
ptirsont wanting any of Iho followiiif nasntd ar"
tlclea, would coasult their owa inUrasM sou . aooftr a .
fWJ,.i?.nJS'!" "I1:. i it
MO.yu.vi.it m ol (usruio, we win turnian si e
sliort notice. , . ,
Ji'IJiiiV7-FOOTSTOiVASor1h tune; wo
bavenf beautiful ftvrms and highly polisheH. -,
. MOSUMEXTS OF aASnSTONX la a' groat
arl,-y of forms. Hood anal Footttenet of IbStmns
sn ol 'Wslone.,. . . -
orW,(4,t and til ls,Canpiil for walls r t'hlmneya,
Flooring for Porlk-oa, FlaifHing for Walks ot Spiing
housea, Columns, Uato or Fence-posts, well-tops sad 1
ifrsMhs, A.J. ULLt at'O,, .
LasMaster, May I!), Iro'. dw3 -1
rlKsiihscriber having located himselflii the cit,'
would most reapertlullv inform the rltlzert ol
ho same an I siirrouivling eniimry, tnai n is now
opening a Shop on Columbiuittreet, Wentide, three
fWr North q" Main, for lliuinamifacturc tnd tale
of all kinds of
Tin, Copper unit Nlierl-lron nro,
WlK.ro 1, !nioi,,i keenimr. st sll times, t full snd gen
av.1 .mi.inni ,vl,irh will hn .old on th most liber
al tiirmsv Persons wanting articles in his lino would
do well and save money by calling on nun uenire mak
ing their purchases, as ho is determined to sell cheap.
au troz-v tt'orro'iicrt. ,w,ii.-.
JOIIHINO. Sic. Honso Xonntitii; nnd It oof-
iilir.'prenaredand nut nnon the shortest notice, inthe
best manner, ami al the very lowest rates. A.
Lancaster, Ohio, September -1,1001 10
p'oma end s preminm of s silver cup at the Ohio
Si. In Fair. ISM.
Oliin Stale Journal publish thrco months tnd charge
tills ellire.
I jneaster, Re,,temher 2,1, l1.- Bmnl
Vnlnnblp Property lor nhIo.
'pilE sabsrrihor offers it p-ivate tsle, Eighty A
I crea ol l.an I, Uomg iiie.Muinwesi ran n
.'arm on w!in:lr she now . vaid'.'s. and adi'dinii
nmU of Nanc lli'es, on and a niiarter mfl-'S w
art of th,
ining th-
,1 nt
Lane .iter, on the llovalton Road affimilng one of ill
Ivst si'es i'urt coniitrv manslmi- within th" vicinit;
of the city! 1 n i-third part wnodlaml. and Ihe remain
derln four fields under Two. The improvn; -nt an
two small Frame Dwellings. Sh"d ITarn, and Stabling'
two wells, one with a Pump, the oth -r t draw well.-
Possslon given to the cunT.tsi-r in "mo to teoi
wheat Ibis Fall 11A.NNAII LfcVOtNti
T1UTTV. If pounds- machine made Putly n
SL bladuers, lor sum uy unu ,. ra.nnit.n.
LancaMer, May .'J, IH8I
li llMI i Ki:; I I KM I t IC 1.1
"H'OltflKL. ECKK.RT ttlll continues at hit nets
al Hand en ilfoin ntrert. in Slnnlnrrit'l ltmUivt
twdoora Kail nf the Hocking Valley Hank, where
w II he inline: as usual a general assortment 0 l A Ill
's KT Fl'IIMTliRK.which la tdniitted hv ill to be
tho ltrgeat slid rhospesi over before kept In this plsce
f f Ff-V Mf,!-onsistlng of
HJ-" ...snjSOFAa, solid Mahogany-
CIIAlRH.Tste.t.totet. Dlvtnt.TAOLKS.Sttndt,
retus tnd line lledsteads. he. &c, v -.
on nanuagenorai assoninenr ni i-incinnaii rurniunrv
which will bo told at 1 small advanrn upon city prices
tnut onvisiing tno necessity 01 ruieoa going eiso
where to buy furniture, bv making it to their advan
lagn in purchase 01 tne tuuacriuer, onerine mem
either borne or city manufacture- All furniture anld
hy me will bo warranted to bs well made and durable
A OOOD nF-ATlSfc ts always In reailinest tn attend
funerals.- Tho subscriber has bow and hereafter will
keep constantly en hand Collins ready trade, to tint
he will he euatded to furnish them la t few minutes'
nntlro. He will promptly attend funerals any whore
in kic couinvwiiiirnii oxirt cnargtv
Thankful for past favors, ho respectfully a tins ton.
tinuance of the public patronage. In the same build
ing Is Mr. fl. Smith's Chair tndtledstetd Factory, to
that customer! can bs accommodated In either line at
the same place GF.OltUU U IX'KtltT.
Lancaster.Novemher 1 1HUI. IM
tion of frientllv rnliitlnna with n- !., n
nubile of Mexleo. nd a.,aa.n. .u.i.c r. - . . IMctursj Callery. ;
ue -II il. klui.. 1 ' i. ...Li.i. I rTHEiindarsluned it lutt recslvlns. it hit roomt.
. .. r .s.Tn... prtBsPCTiiy wnicn 1 h,,.u,u.1lltofPl.tet.FrameindCaa... uf ill
h enjoy nnuer nepuuiican institutions, ana q.iitietirom t-lto tho 1-9 pln.s e, which he
" s-s,i,g, nvuaiaiw snu iiuiurican peopis upon I will nu wun tjagutrroiypvm wnsurpsseu mine oeau
tho .roatilta nf tk.t n.k:k u... - i ilful art snd at orlcea that cannot fall to olease. -i
taatW iustiflfed lha Dallcir..nd enndnet ofh. . """T iayltrt .all an sjamtaa
Ts-;".r T r a , ' , ", tnemeeivea. uoort open n su noun. -
Dwnosratlc party, analiwurtvl to tb Unlte'-WairJtiryK. , 4.t.rEUIB.
T7"H ATI'VI'R concerns tho lieslth snd happiness
W of a people is st all times of tbo most vsltiabln
Importance. I t ike II for granted thst every person
will do til in thoir power to aave thn I ires of (heir
children, snd that overy person will endeavor to pro.
inotn their own health al all sacrifices I leel it to
be mv duty to solemnly assur ' you tha woh.ws, ac
cording te tho opinion oftho most- celebrated Physi
cians, are thn primary caiisoa ol s largo majority of
diseams to wnb h children and adults are liabli-; II
you havo an appetite continually chingealde from
onn kind of food to another, had breath, pain In the
stomach, picking st thn nose, hardne t ind fullness of
tbo holly, dry cough, slow fovor, pule In-puhr: re.
n-mner mat an tnesn denote iwniin., snu you
ihould st once apply tho remedy
An article founded limn tcionliflc principles, rnih-
pniinde,) with purely vegetable substtnres, being
K-rlM'tly ssio wnen Uken, ami ucierminen in tu 111
Ifncts and not leavingthe aystem in a dia asod rnn-
ition as most advertised nostrums roinposed of Cal--
ninelforthe rotnova. of womms, such as Lozenges,
rmifugea. etc., but has perlormrd the most aston-
hing cures, tnd aived the livet of fhoussnds, both
old tnd young, who have been pronounced hopele.t,
incurable hy Physicians. Itetd the lollowing and oe
come satisfied of its etHcacy ovrr all others.
. sins si is iwvkh. isi:w .mi IKY---
Mr. V. iroftenjarfc This is to certify that my
child. '5 veavs of age. having been sick for 5 vesri.
waa attended ny its. l.nncr, nnimsana rnisier, mr
lung timo without receiving any brneliti whes alter
giving h"r up at incuraoin, 1 went 10 rnutin'ipnia ,
and cnniultml onn of the best Phvsirltnt: her disuse
still growing worse. It wis it this time I was Indue,
ed to try HcinrntAci'l Wohm Svhup, sn.l sftr tak
ing two ho'tlei she entiivly regained her lieilth.
Ilniiing tntt thit w 11 pmveaneneiii topxrenis wnoaa
children aro similarly tlfectod.
I tin yours, ac, 11, iiuiy.iia.i,
iiohfnsack's uivi:n I'lLi.S..
No mrt of thesvitem It more liable to dlsest 'thin
the I.IVKH-. it serving is t filtorerto puilfy thn blood,
or giving the proper tecretion to the nde; to thit tny
wrong srtinn 01 tno l.lver Client tno omer impnr
taut psrts of the tvatem, tnd retu ts variously, in
Liver tomplaint, Jaundice. Dyspepsis, pto. We
should then-lore watch every avmptom that might
Indicate a wronj srtinn or rno Liver. 1 nose puis
being composed of nnon and n aists furnished hy
nature to heal the alek: Namely. 1st. An Expkcto-
aisr. w'lich auffinenbi theao cretion from Ihe Pulmo-
nury mucus membrane or protnotos tho discharge of
secreted mttror. i, an ai.tkrativk, wnicn tn
gos tn some inexplicsblo manner ths) certain morbid
action ef ths a v item. 3rd, A Tonio, which give!
Ion and strength to the nervous tyttom, renowmg
health tnd vigor to til nana 01 tno bony, un, i ca
TiisaTir. which aits in nnrfect hsrraonv with tho nth.
er uiimllcnta. and oooratinsr on tile Dowels, and ox
oaiiii 0 uio wnnieniasa ni rorriioi anil viuhutu (i,.s-
ter, ind purifying th Blood, which dnttvoyi dlteaae
and reatxims health. Propared at Hobensick 1 Lb
oratory, l'luladelanhit. Print 5 cents. . . . ... 1
. i Avails, .
M 9. 1TMl,1e. Lancaster.
R. B. Walker. West Riiahvtlle,
E. Kalb Ruahvill". .
Otto II. Mcellur. . . ,v Somerset.
J. H. Sunderman. , . . Amanda.
U. F. Hamlin.... ............. .:0akUnd.
June!, Vm
Fro-h Arrival of Itooks,
Til F. undesigned has jus' opened at bis Book St "re
opposite SlutHr's Ilotel.nn Kx ikjisivk assoiii
si f: mt, consisting nf every variety of Stationery an
School Book). .,nd a very large and excellent lot n
Miscellaneous and standard wonts.
lilunk Iloik, nf evory description, ami at th
veru loiauhtl-stua. . -
llinleo, a largo and splendid assortment and at ex
trnmnlv low nriros. ' - .'1 '
The public insy rest issureil that they einohttaii
at the iimvo sunn, every ininmisiiuiiy sepi in s tier
i.f this kind tnd st prices 11 low it at tny other e
ishlislinieiit in Ihn region.
Tbsnkliil lor iast I vors-ine undersigned nopes 1
merit a continuance nf the public patronage, by
faithful attention to business tnd a disposition t.
please all who may lavor 111m with 1 call.
luu.a Dan uur..-s.
Ltnctstnr, N'ovembor 20, IBM '59
ovt'rM lit'iititnir t 'i'ii. ),
jTkVKR IIALFt Milllilicf Testamenials bsve been
received by Iho Proprietor of McAlister's ALL
From Physicians the most
ilful snd ci li I rated.
' Itabert Fieldinr. .' - i-
AT hit new wind. isttAe Tullmadge Building, third
door Wntofthe Tallmadoi: Hocib. st the'
Sign ol the HIO HAT. hat just tdd(4 to hit lonuer.
supply.the larrcut snd imisl varied attortmeut of
ATS tnd I AP5, ever opened In the city ol Unoat' ,
mis tines 01 nais.consistt in ptrt 01 un niacar.
nil wbit Unsvert white flttor a auoerihf . '.
trtirle; Ctator thd Fine Brush: . 1
FIRB BUS, a bsaattfnl aisortmrat .at
Spring ttvlct, rich and Slegantt tnd tmrronfrtl(ffitT
tain their lustre; Chil ten's Posrl snd Silk Hats)
Cali'm-nit and Mexican MAIS)-; , ;i
Mexican RrUsh and Tamplco dd , , , , .
Panama Hits (roml to $S: V. " 3
WOOOL HATS, of all kinds, for Men tnd Boyaj
China Straw. Braidid, Palm Leaf, Strawi Leghorri,'
Kotsuth tnd Hungtritn Httt. .- - .'
' Children's Fancy Summer Hats. ..'-,
, 1 . , J .,r-l. r.f V I. awm m.,1.
'. lie siso Keop on iiaiio p aw
uiscture and will make to order any dctcription qf
Hate thai maybe desirea. " 1
4k Thtt ...hac. ibAr would etneciallv ctll
the tttentinn of the public to hit vtried snd exten-.'
sive tssortraenr ot lArs, isstrivr aau rnrojiw u".
any s'ock ever before offered to the citizen! of ths
county. ' ' ' '-' ' -;j
. I ho lollownrg scneouie inuicaiet vvn a pon"' "
thn isBortmenl; of esch description there ire ltrgs
quantities: Brow n andblack pluah CAPS, .
1 . . . . 1 1 . 1 1.1, : . A 1 An
Oionair Drown uo men a uunr.(i .u
Stephen's Dismond Front! do.liuchand SJohnson do
Star cloth tnd Trsrwitis; do,
. ' ' s' . .; New Btvlo Hat Can. -
iiV.lvet hands and Victoria Turbans, Men'! Randy
wit h and Albert caps, Ringgold tnd Rough tnd Retdy
do;, Ptnsmt ind Polish do ; ,.,
Also, all kindaof -ilk and refnmon oil cloth raps, t
And a Beautiful Style of Clertk. Caps fttrJCbildrsn.'
The csus arenf all sizes for men tnd bovi. of yaJ
riout sty lea. and made of cloth, Plush, Oil cloth, Sc. ,
It can safely lie aaid thai tue assortment, afjff and1
finish have never been equalled in thit city. The.
long tttenlion of the tubscriber tonus pirtiruitr Busi
ness and hit extensive acquaintance with dealer! and
manufacturers in the princiutl citiet ol tho Uuion,,
have e' tblodhim to make the best selections tnd at
the most reasonable rttet. Tht ftock it for tale. M4
the public will find it to their advantage to call and'
sen, before purchasing elewhere. It can safely be'
said thst In nrlcev qutlity, vtriely tnd elegince, tha
Stock iiwi twrpajsed tti Ccnlroi Ohio-
To DIerchnnts and II utters.
The lsree slock on hsnd often tuoerior inducements
to those who may wish to lay In t tupply, and ths
subscriber will accommodate Htttert tnd Merchtnta,
at wholesale, upon very reasonable termt. '
May la, inoa. n. r icuninvx.
r.ntcrisj according to AiH of Congrps, 111 lb yit
I8.il, by J. S. IMWIIITUN, H. I)., In Ihe cliTk'l
Otnca of thn Ulslrict Court for the hazcm
Mstrict of Pennsylvtuain, '
Another Scientific Wonder! .
- - Springer A Trout,
nAVK removed their Clothiho Establish'
mknt to Giesv's building,- between tho
Mocking Vtllev Bank tnd T. W Ttllmadge's
Ollice. where thev have lust oDened a large
and extensive assortment of ... 1 n
Heady Matin Clothing:, .1
Vt'hlch they will sell ts low at the same quality of
goods and work ran be purchaied tt tny other estab
lishment In the city. Their clothing it manufactured
under their own supervision and it consequently tu
periol to that which it bmught from otoes plsceas
Thoy have also on hand, a beautiful variety of ,
Cloths, Cassiinorcus Vesting, &c.
Which thoy ire prepared to msnuftrturo to order.
They have' In their employ the best of workmen ind
are at all t mi l reran d to make (lie best fit, and ia
the latost styles. All their work will bt warranted,
The public are respectfully solicited to nil snd ex
amine their ttock, tnd while thankful for the liberal
patronsge they I sve enjoyed, they tssuro their old
customers tnd all others that they will labor to give
general sitisftction both in the quality ind priro of
their goods ind work. BPRlNGKIt TROUT. ,
umcasior, may 4, 100. uuj .
fTirOIlK.SON & WORK wrowMrmpect
2,000 Reward.
NEVER tlncethe teleneo o"Mdtelno dtwned upon
the world, hit tny thing keen found so good lor
cough tnd coldt as nown't couuh 0 asdi. psc
taet received this day oy F.. L. SI.OCUNI. ,
- . - irruggisr, banca-ser, viiuo,
- Sols Agent fot rtlrfiold county. ' Noy, 0
5 Barrel Calcined Plaster, 50 do Water Lime, SO ia
ground Platter, for sals by t. D. KLOCUM.
LancaMtsr, Juae 96,
ri tki
SsJi Irom Councillors learned
'" " ',w' rom '"''ifet of
'elebritv on thn llenrh
rnm .Minister! of the Got
...I !,., ,.,io;.i;. u.
iegrity htve made Hum
S- f ahinin'g lighta in tho path
.slj -3T "f Truth, from enlighten
&r -ir ed Professors, from tcute
,VV'. .p Merchsnts, from those
'efeverv ttttlon. nsme
and d gran tmong tntnulnd all of which, without
ono dissent ing object ion, pronounce thit Ointment to
bo (iOOD! ' ,
At day bv day It unobtrusively extendi itt sphere
of action tfung Ihe borders of our vast country, and ia
circulated throughout Itt extent, new evidences ofils
power ind new proott nf l-t etfi icy ire continually
dnvelnoed Three millioi t of boxes, ippliid to dis-
sse within the lss' four years luvn catahliahed tbe
astounding facl, beyondtho power of cavil or cont t
diction, thit it It isrAM.mi.: In the cure of til Tu-
mors,Ulrors, Mores, uuriis, lotHT. rues, M-roliua,
trvtipelss, chiiiiisins,sriid netn, sore r,yri. quinsy,
croup. Rheumatism, Broken Bret.t.Ague in the Face,
corns, ftc. It completely restores the Insensible :r.
aeinATtoM, mil hy tnls means opens inoietveiiues by
which nature intended to expel the moilid msltirof
the body -thus la lliesytti m cleanard: Ihe blood pu-
rifiil: and tho health re lores
It BAl power tn cause all txterntl aires, Srrqna-
out tlumort, and rouovavt vounilt tn discharge
thoir putrid milter: and then hetl thi ui. It is rightly
termil' nil lietnna;, iur inei i..r.r.y m ui.vase
extemil or intern'l. Ihtt it will not benefit. I hue
used it fortbe last foul toon yesrs for sll the disesaes
of the chest; consumption slid liver: i ivolving Ihe ut
most dinger and rosponsiciiuv; and 1 declare roinre
heaven and man. that not in onoainJeca.e has it tail
ed to benefit when the patient wit wilhiu reach of
mortal means.
J. McALlSTER 141 Fulon-at.,ieworuulerro
prietor. A. SS Mknpat, Agents lorunio.
Sold by E. L.SIocum tnd Otto W. Krac mer.I.an.-as
tor:K. Kilh.Hushville; W.W.Reed.CaiToll; M.l'smp.
bell. Pirkeriiigton: Leonard snd Brother, Bsiil: A. E.
Mitlhott, Lorkville; Samuel Darllet, inchetter: i
Kndaley, Lithopolis; E. Geohegsn, lliltimore; J Clay.
pool, INew httlem; J, inn p.. nenwe, araanu,; I'inipi
lltwkln, Rugtr Ornvo; Ashbiugh tnd Beery. Bremen.
October s, loi - '.
QO K. " r Log Wood 10 birrels Chip loft Wood
OritJtibls Cain Wooil, Fustic, Copperss tnd Blu
Vitriol ate., just reeoiyed. O. aaur r man a hj.
, Lanctater, July SI ' , ' 13
aflATES In the Tillmadge House, hat rota frnih
VH" supply of every description of goods in hit line
' . .
or, (.Astkic ji iti:.
Prepared Irom Rsnjikt, or the fourth -Srom.voit or
Tint Ux, alter diniftloni ol Hisok lyitBin, the
great Phvtiolngical cheniitt, by J.S. IIouuuton M.
I). Pbilad Ipbia. Pennsylvania
This iss ti-uly'wnnderlul remedy for In tlgost'en.Dyi-
pepua, Juandice, lirer complaint, rnnslipstion, and
bebilitv, curing tiler Nalure's nun method, by
Nature's own Agent, the Gastric Juice.
J r-Ilill'i teaspoonful ol I'lepsm, infused In water,
will digest or dissolve, rme roanataj noast ueej
in about two hourt, out ol the ttomacn.
PI'.PSIN it tho chief element, or lirett Digostiug
Principle of Iho Oastrir Juice the mlvent of the
Food, the Purtfyhg, Pmerving, and ftiinuUititig
Agent nf the stomach ulld Intestine!. It ii extracted
from, the digestive, stomach of tho Ox, thus loriuing
i...ic.:.T 1,: . ...:.. - I.. I. 1:1... .u
sn milllclBI iiig -siivo ril,:,i, pr,-Ms. i' unu iiiu lis
lural (iastrie Juice in ita rhrniiol powers, and fur
nishing a enitiulete and perfect substitute for it lly
the aid ol Ibis pn paration, lh'.psinsand evils of bull
gestionsnd dyspepsis tre removed, just is thi would
be by t healthy I'ouiich It is doing wanderi for Uy-
S optics, curing eases ol Debilit v, emaciation, nervnua
ecline and dyspiptic consumption, supposed to been
the verge of thegrsvo. TbeScii nt ilk evidence upon
which it is based, it in the highest degreecuriousand
remarkable. - -
BARCN ' 1EBIO in hia celebrab d work on Animal
rh miatry. ns: "An Artificial Digestive Fluid, ana
logous to the Gastric Juice, rrav be readily umpared
from the U'Ucous membrane of Ihctlomtch of III,, Calf,
in which virions aiiiclet tf food ts meat tnd eggs,
will be toftened. chaigrd and dlgtMtrd just In the
nmeininneris they would be intbehumsHstomich."
llr CdMIIK, in bis valuable writings en the "Phy
siology of Digestion," observes Ibsf't diminution of
the due qtiani ity el thelitstitc Juice Is s prominent
sn I tll-pnviiling cause of Dyspepsia;" ihd ho states
that "1 matin, uisnid rnfessor nf medicine In lindon,
who was soy rely all icteil v, ith thii complaint, find,
ing everything eUo to fail, had eciurseiti the Uas.
trie Juice, obtained from the stomtths ol living tni
mals, which proved completely sum 1.1, A1."
Dr. tiRAJIA.M, author ot the limousworkion"Ve
gcttl l Diet," says: 'It it a r"markal 1 lu-t in phy
siology, lull mo toniacns ol siiunaia, macrrifo.l in
fullv inform thecitions of Fsrrfielil
ndthe adjoining counties, that thev are on
hind ti usual, tt their old atind one door
West of Slocum't Drug Store with t large and
tplendid amortmeitt of everything in Iheir line.
Their Spring purcbtsei have been lelectttj with
cue and ire larger thin usual. , .
LAD1F.S1 We havetaken special ctrc It mtkii g ty.i
purchases so ss to pleaae you. '. -
We havo a little ol everything, from a Jennt Lirn
Busk in down to the smallest children's ahoot.
Wo have also on hand and aro prepared to make to
Gentlemen'! Buskin and Seamless Oaitfrs, Con
grets Boots, Sc. Wt also hive on hand Ladiut' Gum
FINDINGS. Sic We are also prepared to furnish
Shoemakers and Finding Stores with V indingt of every
description, such 11 kits, Pegs, Boot-webbing, Shoe
strings, I ires, tc.
Nile Leather. Morocco' bindings, 4c, always on
In addition to tho work on hand, we ire prepared
as heretofore Id msnufactnre everytl ing in our line.
Our own work needs no recommendation. Vie hope
by proper attention to our business. Insecure s fsir
share of the public pafronagn, aa we will always be
on hand to wait upon our customers and do ourbestto
please them
WAN TF.D. The subscribers will take one or two
good and industrious boys to lesm the Boot and Shoe
mamng uiuinesf. . vtuntt, oviysl tiuna.
Lancaster. .May iti, ino-i a
tupply of every dWription of g
" too tpuious to mention. j . .
Lanctater. May 89, IHJ1,
. . New Family Grosery. ;
rlljt uadenlgnod has just received and It now h
peningon the Southet earner qf Columbvt and
'heeling street, twell selected stock of Family
metrics, Confectiontrtets e., which will be told
tow. Hetollciti a call from hll eld friends tnd the
public in general. ISAAC CUUBCH.
Lancaster, Septembs 35, 1861 II
water, impart Io the fluid the property of dissolving
various articlea 01 lood. andot etleciing a kind 01 or.
tifclal digestion of them in no wuodilliirunt from the
natural tiigoauve irocess,
fty all on the Agent, and get 1 Descriptive circu
lsr,grtlis. giving a larps. amount ol scientific evidence
similar to the above, Uig, ther with rc pints of remark
able cures, from all parts ol tho I'nited Statet.
' As a JhisveaslB Cvrer, '
Pr. HOUGHTON'S -! i'MN hat produced the most
marvellous ellects. In curing cites of Itebilitu. Kma-
eiation, Serrous Decline tnd Vyspepiic eonsumptio t.
I' la inipossilde to give the details of cases In the Jim.
Its of thit idvertisement:biit mthentlcsted cerlificites
have been given of more than 'J'leo Hundred remorfc.
cole cure, in l'liHBd-iphia.pw torn and noslon alone.
These were nearly ill desperate eases tnd Ihe cures
.were not only sapid and wonderful, but permanent.
It ia a great Nervous Antidote, tail particularly
useful tin- tendency tn bilinut disorder, liver com
plaint, lever tnd tguo, or htdiv fretted lever imi
ague, and thn evil edicts of Quinine, Mercury, tnd
oilier diugi upon the Digestive Organs, sllsra long
airknesa Alse,fer excosa in ealing, and the loo free
use of anient spirits. It almost reconciles Health
with Intemperance.
Old Stonvch Conplairts.
There it lie mrm ol Old Somackemnplninls which
It doet not seem to retch tnd remove at mice No
matter how l td they may be, it giert instant relief!
A single dote removot all tho uiinleattnt tvanpfems:
tnd it onl needs to be repeated for a thort timo to
make theae good eff ctapernitnent. Purity of Blood
and rigor of Hotly follow it once, it it particular
ly oxu'lhnt in caset or Ntutet, Vomiting, erampa,
soreness of the pit oftho ttomirh.diatresi tftoreslinr
low, cold stale of the Wood, Heavineaa, lownesa of
apirits,ui.sponilcncy, emaciation, weakness, tendency
to Inasnilv, suicide, ac. .:-' -
Dr. HOl GllTON'S PEPSIN. It sold by nearly all
the dealers in fine drugs & Popular Medicinna,tlirough
out thn I'nited Stales. It ii prepared in Powder snd
in fluid form tnd Prescription villi for the use of
i'rtrdjn Cireulari Cur the use ol Physicians, may
be obtained of Dr. Houghton or his Agenti, describing
me wnoie process 01 preptrition, and giving U10 au
theriliee upon which, tho tUuntel Uiia new xeiswdy
tre btsed A it it not 1 tecret remedy, ho objection,
csn lie T ilted tgalnat iti use hy Physicians in respecta
ble standing and regular practice, l'rice.tl per bottls-
It7'0!v this! Every bottle of the genuine
PFPSIN besr- the written tlgntture of J. 8. liOUtiti
TON, M f).,aole proprietor, Philadelphia, Pa. Copy
right ind Trtde Mark secured. . . -
ITSold by sll Drugglitt tnd Detlen In Medicines.
-2gTi(l--F.DWAHlTL SI.OCTM. LaMetsnM
, ' Da. 1. M. Wilton, Newark; ' O
n ' " . x ' Tkorrp 4 Fiosamot, Clrcleville;, '
MarchSft. Gs. Roskbts, CoLmtavt
UEMOVAI J. M. Miller has removed his
Hoot and Shoe Shop from his old stand to the room
in Shawk't Row, opposite Slocum't
Drug Store, and formerly ecmpied
by Springer & Trout, as a Tailor
Shop, where he will constantly keep
on band tnd mike to order Boots
tnd Sttnais, of ill kinds, manufactured from good stock,
by Ihe best uorkmrn, and sold tl tne lowest rates.
Thankful for past favors, he solicits continuance
of the public patronsge. April 8, IMS 3m49
DROP !N LADIES, and take a look through a targe
and splendid issortment of Dress Goods, embrac
ing ill the blading tnd populir sty lea now in fashion
many of them entirely aew and truly elegant.
riovemocr 11, 10011. . . 1 nisi..
Fire, Fire, Eire, Fir. Fire.
T II E undersigned st Agent of the CITY INS!'.
psred tn insure property of tny descripion tgtintt
loss or dsmsge bv VI RK, in the town of Ltnrsster
ind vicinity, Oliicc- Main Street, Foster's Building.
Lsncister. December 31. 1849 d!2tf
qtrnrisw,Rn. "Z
VEine assortment now unpacking at WIS K'fT ;
Lancaster, nov K, 1HAII. VI
OrksTk Krgs Pure White Lead 5 hbls Venetian Red.
rwllU III do Red lsd, 1 do Yellow Ochre,
5 Kegs Dry White Lead, 40 do Linseed Oil,
111 do Lith'nragn 6 do api Turpentine)
100 Ibt Chrome tlrenn. 9 do Jsptn Varniihi
150 do do Yellow 4 do Copsl da
ilHI do American Vermillion 1 do sup coach dofto
just received snd for sale tt the city Drug More lite
U. U. Heck J-.UWAKU Is. ,
Lancaster. June Sfl, ISB1 S
Dissolution or Partnership. - ,
THE Partnership heretofore existing under ths
name and firm of BOPE a: BECK, ialbh day dis
solved bv mutual consent, the hooka and accou tt aro
in the handi of P. BOPE, who will make all settle
m nts.tnd by whom ill claim! against asi firm will
bo raid. ' ' V. BOPF., '
March 26, 1859. - J.l' bUK.
New ArrMiiBPrnrnt.
flIIK nndrraig.'ed hiving bought' the entire fateis
A est ol Jacos F. BaTCS.hewlllcontinuethr Htrd
ware business tt his old stand orpotite the Tillntdge'
Hi use, where he will constantly keep on hsnd ig n,
iral atsortmont of Hardware, which he will positive
ly trli cheaper than inv boute In the city can tell.
He Invites his old friends tnd the public gem rally to
till on him before purrbssing elsewhere, at he it de
termined 0 give gitneul til lafaction,
llTo" perioni knowing theoiselvet Indebted fothst
undorsigned. or the late fm of Bope tt Berk, irer
etrnettly requeatrd to rail tnd settle, is the business
ef the firm must be sett led up tt it early a d.y tt
possible. - P.BOPI.
Ltncttter, Mtrcti S9. IBM. ' , ' ,
Just Received at the Old Drug Store, ;
fi prt Gallon! Llasetd OIL ef tupcr'or qutlity.
uuu u. a-AurnuAPi a v.
Lanctater, July SI, 1861
'. , - WAIT A MOMEUT! '
MY name Ii neither Abraham, fsaar nor Jtcok nd'
I toll tn trtlcle for whit it is) gWesses csll.
Uattrter, Mt-,. "fl. JAME8 OATE8. :
iCtna Insurance Company, c
fflHE undersigned is.local agent for the above com--A.panyfor
Lancaster and vicinity Thit II tha'
oldeit eompany of Haitferd, Conneeticut, tad it l
solvnt and retpootihlets say company ia the United
Statas. T- ' ' JOlift D. MAKT1N..,
Lancaster NovetstorH, 186. .

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