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WHOLE NO. jjJirf.
. Sohn II. Wrisht, Printer.
( .
OFFICE Tallmidge Building Third Flour
' , . Main Streat South Side.
Terms $1,75 per annum in advance;
Thursday Evening, June 2 J, 1K.12
Whig- State Convention. We call the
alleritiori of the friends of the cause in this
County, to the call of the State Central Com
' mittee for a State Convention to be held on
the 21st july. The State Journal in noti
cing the call says:
There was a general wish to have it earlier,
but as the harvesting will not be finished be
fore that time, arid as the nomination ol
Scott has settled the question that we are
to have the largest and most enthusiastic
mast meeting on the 23d of July that Colum
bus has seen Bince 1840, it was thought ad
visable to arrange matters so that the far
mers, &c, could attend with the least incon
venience. The 3d of July is recommended
as the day for holding Ratification County
Meetings, but as this call will not reach
some of onr county papers in time to have
the county conventions announced till next
week, it will scarcely afford time enough be
fore the 3d. In such cases a different time
will be fixed by the County Committees.
The Campaign opens gloriously. Never
were Whigs In such confidence of success,
or, in better spirits. Locofocoism stands cow
ted and abashed. It has run riot of late, but
the day of judgment on their course has now
come. Ohio has suffered enough by the hands
of the demagogues and spoilsmen, that now
rule her ,and as she did in 1840, and 1844,shc
will again in 1852, rebuke them in a man
nor they will understand, and again take her
rank, high up among the glorious Whig
States of this Union.
Not Palatable. The Washington cor
respondence of the Charleston Mercury, in
a letter to'that Journal, says:
"It is idle to disguise the fact that the ac
tion of the Democratic Convention has not
inspired either confidence or enthusiasm.
Although there is a good deal of loud crow
ing over the nominations, yet there are un
mistakable symtoms of trouble in the camp.
The two extremes of the party nre both dis
satisfied, and the centre equally discontented
by the 'slaughter 'of its veteran loaders.
'ComiMO into Line. If every body ever
hud 'any idea that cither John Von Buren or
his pappy wero honest in their Freesoil
speeches and acts, four years since, we pre
sume they will find out the contrary about
these days. John made a speech at the rati
fication meeting in Tammany Hull, and a
mong other things said:
'"He was ready to stand with tlu'm on the
adoption of all laws of Congress, including
John further says that Tierce's, nomina
tion was a great triumph of "principles" o
ver "private intercuts." That is a dig at
C.ws, who beat John's dud in 1818.
Verily, he and his pa are a brace of beau
tins! O. S. Jour.
Large Sheep. The Now York Spirit of
the Times gives a portrait of a French me
rino buck, imported by S. W. Jewctt.of Mid-
tllebury, Vermont. The buck is only sev
enteen months old, and yet ho weighs 220
pounds. W. S. Wctmore, of New York,
purchased a buck of the same family, and an
ewe, from Col. Jewett's last importation.
The buck, shorn, weighs 205 pounds, and
the ewe, shorn, weighs 190 pounds, both are
in very ordinary condition. These two, in
high condition, with their flecres, would
weigh at least 500 pounds. Mr. W etmoro
will send theso, and some of his recently im
ported broad-tailed sheep, to his farm in
Stark county, Ohio.
The Telegraph and Mr. Pierce's Votes.
The St. Louis Times is a good deal exer
cisod because of tho telegraphic communi
cations to the westward of the substance of
an article in the Republic touching Mr.
Pierce's votes on the Hurbur and river bills.
It scolds through a wholo column on tho
subject, not that it has any objections to the
votes not it-but to the principle of tho
thing. We apprehend that our Democratic
contemporary finds that these votes of Mr.
Pierce are operating to dampen the Demo
cratic enlusmusy in the Ureat West, llicy
will be very ant to do so; and we apprehend,
if Mr. Piorce had not been crowded on the
convention in tho manner ho was by tho
Southern State Rights wing of tlio party
and the Western Democracy hud been made
acquainted with his votes on these matters,
' ho never would havo received tho nomina
tion. The Calhoun sect of the Democracy
got the start of tho Western friends of Har
bor and River improvements; and hence it is
that we find tho selection of Mr. Pierce so
peculiarly acceptable to South Carolina and
.. Mr. Orr. Washington Republic.
The U. S. Senate, on Monday last, adopt
ed a resolution directing the appointment of
a select committee to enquire into tho expe
diency of purchasing Cathn's collection of
Indiin scenos and portraits. Wo see it sta
tod that Mr. Catlin is now confined in pris
on, in London, for debt, and that ho petition
ed Congress to purchase the collections of
. Indian Bcenes, to prevent them being sold
in England under the sheriffs hammer.
Entitled to his paTenT; The Boston
Journal says thai General Pierce is "a lineal
descendont of tho family of tho Pierce's,
Duke of Northumberland," Charles Dick
ens say the true meaning of a great noblo
man in England is, tllaf iieithcr he nor his
ancestors have dono anything to distinguish
themselves for at least 500 years Taking the
definition of Dickens to be true, Pierco is as
. well entitled to his patent of nobility as the
most of them.
- Judos Douglas and Gen. Pierce. We
seeitstatodin the papers thaUudgo Douglas
proposes to address tho people in twen
'", (y-eighth of the States in advocacy of Gen.
' Pierce's claims to the Presidency. We
"hope ho will. Ho will thereby be killing
two birds with one stono himself and Get).
Pierce. Wtuh. Bcptipi
1 ' The weevil.---We regret to loarn that
Wheat in this vicinity is sufferirig from the
weevil. A friend has shown us sampcls
. taken from a doze5 different fields, all Of
which are more ar less injured by this insect
some of them very badly j but the m.oBtwill
! escape without essential injury, should the
weathor remain dry till harvest. Still there
' fs good cause for anexity ori this mater.
Voiumbus. Jon.-
To the Will km or Ohio
Tho people of Ohio will be called upon
this fall to elect one member of tile Supreme
Court, and one member of the Board of Pub
lic Works. And at the Presidential election
in November, twenty-three Electors for Pres
ident and Vice President will be chosen to
represent the voice of Ohio in the general
electoral college. It becomes the duty of
the Whig party of this Stute to select its can
didates for theso important posts., and fur this
purpose a State Whig Convention is neces
sary. '
The State Central Committee, in accor
dance with UBuge, and tho duty imposed up
on them by their brethren, hereby announce
that a Whig State Convention will asemblein
the Citiinf Columhus on Wednesday, tipe
21st day or Jolt next, for tho purposo of
selecting candidates for the foregoing ticket.
It is Tecohimcnded that it bo a Delegate
Convention, and that each conuty ho enti
tled to the number of votes assigned them
by the apportionment adopted at the last
State Convention.
For tho purpose of selecting these dele
gates, and for the transaction of such busi
ness as may bo found desirable, the State
Central Committee recommend that tho sev
eral County Committees call County Con
ventions to assemble at the respective coun
ty seats, on Saturday the 3d day of July that
at lcnEt olio delegate be appointed from each
township and ward, and un additional dele
gate for every 100 Whig voters in said town
ship or ward, which delegates, when assem
bled, shall bo empowered to cast the vote to
which tho county is entitled. Tho State
Committee wish to ho Understood as merely
recommending the time and place for County
Conventions, and trust tliattlie several Coun
ty Committees will make such arrangements
as shall to them seem best calculated to ad
vance the interests of the Whig party, trust
ing tliut prompt and vigorous action will
characterize their movements.
The Whig Stato Central Committee also
recommend that a Mass Ratification Conven
tion assemble in tibs citv on Tuesdav the 22
of July, being the Any following the Delegate
Mate Convention, to ratily, confirm and re
spond to tho nomination of Gen. Winfield
Scott as the candidate for President, and
William A. Graham, of North Carolina, as
Vice President of the United States.
The number of delegates to which each
county is entitled is the same as last year, viz:
Allen 1 Logan
Ashtabula 7 Lorain
Athens 3 Lawrence
Ashluud 3 Lake
Adams 3 Madison
Auglaize 1 Mahoning
liehnont C Marion
Drown 4 Medina
Uutler 4 Meigs
Carroll 3 Miami
Champaign 1 Monroe
Clark 6 Morrow
Clermont 4 Montgomery
Clinton 4 Morgan
Columbiana 5 Muskingum
Coshocton 3 Mercer
Crawford 2 Noblo
Cuyahoga 7 Ottawa .
Darko 3 Pmilding-
Dehiware 4 Perry
Defiance 1 Pickaway
Erie 3 Pike
Fairfield 6 Porta go
Fayette 2 Preble
Frunkliii 6 Putnam
Fulton 1 Richland
Gallia 3 Ross
Geauga 4 Sandusky
Greene 4 Scioto
Guernsey 5 Seneca
Hamilton 17 Shelby
Hancock 2 Stark
Hardin 1 Summit
Harrison 4 Trumbull
Henry 1 Tuscarawas
Highland 4 Union
Hocking 2 Van Wert
Holmos 2 Warren
Huron 1 Washington
Jackson 2 Wayne
Jefferson 6 Williams
Knox 6 Wood
Licking 6 Wyandot
Lucas 3 Vinton
Whigs of Ohio! Tho National Conven
tion has responded to your oft repeated de
sire, and has placed the hero of Lundy's
Line, and of Mexico, the great pacificator,
the peerless patriot, and honest citizen, as
standard bearer in tho coining fight. Fcr
furty years ho has stood by his country, in
war und in peace, ut tho cannon's mouth,
and as her chosen negotiator in the hour of
her troubles. Ho bus been tried mid has
ever been found able and true. Remember
Whigs, your leader never met Defeat, and
under his banner triumph is certain. Let us
of Ohio show tho rest of the Union that
when we askpd at their haiids,Gcneral Scott,
as our candidate; we did it with a resolute,
settled determination to give him tlt Electoral
vote of Hie Slate. Already tho responses to
his nomination come up to us from the four
quarters of this Union, and the men of the
great Whig party, with a loud, enthusiastic
and unanimous AYE, confirm this choice,
and pledge each to the other from this hour,
henceforth, their efforts to niako tho cam
paign of 1852 the most complete, triumph
ant, and glorious of all the splendid scries
which hsvo adorned the annals of our na
tion's history, under tho guidance of our il
lustrious chief.
Juno 22, 1852. Slate Cenlrvl Corn.
Mr. Buchanan. Tho papers in Penn
splvania favorable to tho Buchanan inter
est, are bitter and savage against the men
who, by their incessants lubors,caused his
defeat at tho Locofoco Convention. The
Lancaster Intelligencer, Harrisburgh Union,
Milllinton Sentinel, &c, aro filled with com
plaints at the course of Senator Cameron,
Judge Champncys, Col. Frazicr, &c, &c,
who labored incessantly to siay Buchanan.
It is his last chanco at tho Presidency, and
it is notsurprieifig that ho and his friends
should feel indignant at the treachery of
Pcnnsylvanians who have thus far & forover
nibbed all aspirations.
A Poet out west, speaking of a lato tor
nado, says, 'the frightoncd weathercocks,
alarmed the spires.' This is almost eaqucl to
Nat Lee's celebrated lino, 'A mad potatoo
went howling down the galo!' -
A dandy Lawyer remarked, one sum
mer dav. that tho weather wrb so excessively
hot, that when he put his head in a basin of
trniA. (lit inii-v hniiftn." " i non sir. was
ULCI , ...... J " ' .
tho reply, "you havo calf head soup at very
little expense.
Tug Balloon Ascension. We had the
gratification this afternoon, of witnessing Mr.
Wise make a grand and magnificent ascen
sion. He got off about 20 minutes past 4
o'clock, and sailed nearly a due East course.
Previous to his departure, be made a short
address, in which he expressed the most san
guine hope of being able at some future day
to succecd,in perfecting a system pf traveling
In the air, adapted to tho wants of man. He
also stated, that ho had Demoralized Con
gress, and hoped for a favorable action in re
gard to the matter. He believes, that travel
ling in tho air is conducive to health, and ex
pressed his firm conviction, that his health
had been improved by the frequent ascen
sions ho had made. We have not time to
say more. Such a crowd of persons we sel
dom see in this city, as we witnessed to-day.
A Good One. Ludicrous blunders will
occasionally occur in cases where ignorant
persons attempt the use of language ubout
which they know nothings The following
is a case in point;
"Not long since, while traveling from
Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, two rather verdant
specimens of the female sex Came on board
ofthe boat atone of the landings, who, for
the sake of distinction, we will call Mary
Trt XT... n.f I..J...II
auu tfajju. iiyn unify imu tuk livv eye icuui
or, in other words, was acquainted with the
rules uhd regulations which govern genteel
society. Jane, the younger, had never mix
ed to any great extent, and was therefore in
blissful ignorance as to any of tho rules
which govern more refined persons. Her
language, too, was only such as bIio heard
among her rustic associates. Mary was
aware Of this fact, and had therefore caution
ed her to observe how she (Mary) acted, and
to govern herself acaordingly. Jane prom
ised implicit obedience. Shortly after, while
scuted at the dinner table, the waiter asked
Mary what part of the fowl she would hnve.
She informed him in a very polite hianner,
that it was 'perfectly immaterial.' He accor
dingly gave her a piece, and then inquired
of Jane what part she would choose. The
simple minded girl replied, with all the self
assurance iniugiuablo
" I believe I'll take a piece of the imma
terial, too."
"The scene that followed this declaration
is beyond our pen to describe. The assem
bled company were compelled to give vent
to their surcharged feelings in peals of bois
terous luughter; whilst the poor girl, her lace
suffused with crimson blushes, left the table,
declaring as she fled to the ladies' cnbin,'they
won't ketch me aboard one of these pesky
steamboats soon agin'."
Remarkable Suicide. We learn that a
little girl, only four or five years of age,
2 j attempted to drown herself, on Sunday last
a ' in a pond near the depot.on the first section
, Ol UlU 1 aulilc rulirouo, uut w as 'revciiL:u uy
j ! a laborer. It is supposed
d that the after-
: warus succeeueu
iii the second attempt, as
j ; her clothes were foucd near the spot! This is I
j 'certainly a most remarkable suicide.
3 i What knowledge coe-ld her young mind have
j imbibed ol the battle-field upon which she
i, wus advancing, or what could her little heart '
have known of sorrow, that should luad her,
ere existence had sonrco begnn, thus to end i
it! From our cradlo to our gruves, physical-
ly and mentally, we are an unsolved enigma. !
St. Louis Signal,
OCrA rare curiosity has just been shown ,
nnlivTlr WnTiiIwi'inrli. of riur ril.v a hnrnrd ;
a 1 Jroy with a tuna lull, taken on the American j
a Desert: the head, which very mucm resem
bles thatof a quail,is crowned with four horns
near half nil inch long; the jaws, neck, sides
of the body, (which resembles tile body ofthe
common toad) tore and hind legs, and tail
(which is about two inches long) arc covered
with sharp projecting spines, lake it all
together it ia rather a formidable looking lit
tle animal. Cincinnati Awi.
OirThe citizens of Athens county residing
on tho Univarsity lugds, where they hold by
lease, have called a public meeting for tho
purposoof organizing a legal resistance td
the unconsaitutional and unjust tax imposee
upon them by the Legislature. They are
clearly in the right, and so the courts will
deside. Tho tax-payers of the State, how
ever, will have tho pleasures of footing a
large bill of costs.
SrniKG Space tor Coitirosmins. E. C.
Harmon, of Troy, Miami county, Ohio, has
taken measures to secure a patent for a
spring space, to be used by printers when
setting up typo. Tho inventor is a prin
ter, and he employs the spring space for
facilitating the operation ol forming spaces
between words and for"spacihg out," and
correcting proof. This is a subject for prin
ters. A n Editor in a Fix. Tho editor of the
Mercer (Pa.) Democrat says: "Rain rain
drizzle drizzle splendid weather for
ducks, geese, and umbrella makors, and
thunder-gust saw-mills. This time lust year
wo were hoeing our potatoes; now we have
not even got them planted,and what is worse,
wo have nono to plant, and worse yet, we
can't get any. Will some of our country
friends send us a bushel or two!"
The School Mistress at Home. "My
dear boy," said a kind-hen rted school mis
tress to nn unusually promising scholar,
whose quarter was about lip, ''My dear boy
docs your father wish you should tread the
intricate and thorny path ofthe profession,
the straight and narrow Way ofthe ministry
or revel amid the flowry fields of literature!"
"No marm," replied the juvenile prodigy,
"dad says he's going to set mo to work in
the tater patch."
A farmer of Liverpool, Medina county,
informs us that on the 3d of May, he planted
sixteen acres of corn, which is now. knee
high, and looks finely. He attributes its grow
th to tho fact, that he three times ridged it
north and south without cross plowing, thus
protecting it from being drowned out from
tho heavy rain. Craw. .Harold.
03My son, what did you bito your broth
er for! Now I shall havo to whip you.
Don't you remember the 'Golden Rule' I
taught you! If you would'nt like to have
your brother bite you, you shouldn't bite him.'
'Ho, mother, get out with your whippin.'
Remember the 'Golden Rule' yourself. If
you wouldn't like mo to lick you, tain't right
foryou to lick me.'
Sinoular. ThoIIarriBburgh Union says
there resides in that borough a lady, sixty
nino years of age, who has threo new teeth
growing in her mouth at the present timo.
The lady enjoys remarkably good health, and
has Been a great deal of trouble with in a
few years. ,
To make Bhort winter givo anoto in
mo iau. uuv auiv in inu nynnu. vu n
.. . ',, I
find that spring will he hero as soon as yen
I sre ready for it.
4 li ty(!i. i:ijj;ir:i.
New York, June 23. The Niagara sailed
from Liverpool at 3 j p. m. ou the 12th, and
arrived at Hulifux shortly after noon to-day.
SO through passengers but no specie.
I Cotton active, at full prices. The Atlan
; tic's advices gave it an active impulse. Home
i brokers quote an advance of one-sixth penny
un lUBiweeK s raief.
Trade in the manufacturing districts mod
erately good.
Money increasing in abundance. Ameri
can securities active, at full rates. Illinois
Central Rail Road bonds mostly takeu. Jtl 1,
000 in the bank of England.
Corn niarlict very dull.
Provisions active rising. Beef advanc
ed 4s per tierce; Pork 2s per bbl. Tallow
improving: . Oils unchanged. Rice inac
tive and unchanged. Sugar, good business
at full prices.
LivKRfook, June i2. Cotton market
closed find je'tcrday, with sales of 2(j',000
bales, fully half lor export and speculation.
To-day less iuquiry.and small attendance
of spinners; sales estimated at 10,000 bales,
oiie-liulf for speculation and export; prices
rather stifi'er. .
KNcLAND.-ParliumPiitary proceedings un
important. Wednesday was interrupted by
the disorderly conduct of Feurgus O'Connor,
who caused greut sensation by his absurd
I... I ; 1 1 .... l .
ueimviur. iie was commiueu 10 me custo
dy ol thesergeant-at-arms, to remain in con
finement till flip end nf tlin
since pronounced insane and will be remov
ed to the Asylum. Petitions were presented
on Thursday, from Jamaica and other British
India Islands, complaining of the distressed
condition of the colonies, and assigning the
isugar Actol I84t as the cause of the ruin.
Flour Western 20n; Ohio20s6d. Yel
low corn 30s fid; white 2'Js (id. Lard 52s.
From I'iltsburKli.
Pittsbi'Ro, June 23. A meeting was held
by the owners of steamers and others in
terested irl river navigation, relative to the
bill for the better protection of life, now pen
ding in Congress. The proceedings of the
Louisville Convention ofthe 7th were fully
endorsed. Mayor Guthrie presided.
The Democratic Convention to-day nom
inated 1'. C. Shannon for Congress from the
21st district, Col. Jas. Gibson for the 22d,
and Jus. Barton for the State Senate.
Officer Hague returned tordny from Holi
daysburg, having recovered 14,000 more
drafts stolen in the mail robbery.
June 24 Kivcr 5f. 2 inch.
From PltihidCipiiiu.
Philadelphia, June 24. New Orleans
papers of the 18th state that the cholera has
made its appearance in the interior of Louis
iana, and a number of deaths occurred.
Philadelphia, June 25. The Treasurer
of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, ut Balti
more, has given notice that in consideration
ofthe heavy expenditures caused by damages
to the cminl, the payment of interest on the
coupon bonds of 1844, due the lirt of July,
will be suspended.
From JWcw York.
New YeiiTT, June 25. The cornerstone
of the New Bible House, in 4th Avenue, was j
laid yesterday by the Hon. Theodore Fre-j
ungiiuy.ien, rresnienioi me American mule
Society, in the presence of a large concourse
of people. The new building will cost 80,
000. Tho ship John Ravcnl, of Charleston,
arrived at Liverpool Muy 28th. James Burn-
side, chief mate, made uu attempt, supported
as he sai l by the crew and passengers, to
put the t nptain in irons; when the Captain
rushed in to his state room, seized a pistol
and shot the mate through the heart. The
Captain states that ho cun assign no cause
for the mute's conduct
An immense Whig ratification meeting
was held at the Broadway House, last night,
Robt. Jones President, and 100 Vice Presi
dents. Resolutions were adopted affirming
the Whig platform and nominations. The
meeting was addressed by Col. Huffman,
delegate from Baltimore; Mr. Tomlinson,
from California; Joseph Richardson, of Os
wego county, the Fillmore delegate who con
tested Raymond's seat in Convention, and
others. The proceedings were marked with
enthusiasm. Tho names of tho nominees,
and of Fillmore, Webster and Clay were
greeted with deafening cheers. The crowd
outside was addressed by numerous speakers.
A Convention of Agriculturists met at the
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, yester
day and organized a National Agricultural
Memphis, Juno 23 The nomination of
Scottand Ornhum givesgenoral satisfaction.
Market quiet.
(5"Tom says that discipline will bo strict
ly enforced, that the Brigadier Generar will
be ordered to retreat and make room for the
Major General, and that the Brigadier must
oliey. Toledo Blade.
OiTOn the receipt ofthe news ofthe nom
ination of Gen. Scott, quitoa large number
of our fellow-citizens who had heretofore
acted with the Locofoco party declared their
determination to vote for the old hero, and
to do their utmost to secure his election.
Wo had tho pleasure of conversing with
several such, und of hearing from their lips
the evidence thiit there are many more of
the same opinion. Cm. Atlus.
OTlt is said Spirits of Turpentine will
effectually destroy caterpillars on apple and
peach trees, by applying it on the nest. If
they trouble your trees just try it.
The Wnio Platform. Tho declaration
of principles adopted by the Whig Notional
Convention is such as we havo anticipated
it would be and should receive the approval of
every man. ) North or South, East or West,
Whig or Democrat who dofiire to see tho
Union perpetuated.and the affairs of tho Un
ion conducted in harmony. It is the platform
of tho Constitution of tho country. Most
ably and eloquently was it sustained in the
convention bv the speeches lrom genuomon
of different sections; and it must have the
efi'ectto silence those noisy clamorers for
disunion who occasionally ipdulgoin treason
able declorationB at abolition meetings.
Baltimore Clipper.
A New Kind of Dry Goods. "Have you
nnvhrmrn Holland'" llHluired a lady of a
clerk on Filth street, the other day.
"Mo mnilnni ivn havn not. ' replied the
clerk "but wo have &'g teen gemum in the
store, shall 1 semi him to wan on you:
Tho lndw "RnakB no word." but turned
oreefl in tho face, and passed into a collapsed
state ol cholera, j nis is me nrsi upiucnuc
case wo have heard of. Cm, Com.
Vhat is the Reason! It is a strange
fact that the bodies of men, when drounded,
hlwav's flout face downward; tho bodies of
women always tace upwards! w nai is ine
reasonl Who enn explain the singular cir
I cumstanccs!
I'rUI.-iy I'r-n'n?, Juno 585, mr,t
Winfiei.ed Scott a Pacificator. The
only argument used against the nomination j
of Winfield Scott for the Presidency, is that ;
he is a Military Man, and as such will he
I kely to embroil us in foreign War, and to !
encourage the spirit of sgrandizemrnt and j
foreign conquest. Never was idea Dure ah- i
sured or more in contradiction ofthe records
of American history. I
The war of 1778 v.-asoneof th" principal ;
in whicli even . ' Peace Societies" would j
nave been volijflicera. Tliewirof 1812 1
was under the administartion of a civilian
The war which threatened the United States
ou account c f tile Maine Boundary question.
was prevented by the personal exertions ofj
Winfield Scott; ss was the threatened col
lision between the United States and Great j
Britain in the time of the Canadian cmute,
In Mexico, too, Scott acted as a pacilica-!
tor and his enemies blamed him because, be- j
fore the fight was all his own he listened to
overtures of peace. '
When the honor of his country has been
threatened; Winfield Hcotthas always been I
foremost in its defence, but he has never '
been the man to counsel war when Peace I
could wield an honorable sceptre.
Another National Convention. Wo!
notice that a circular has been issued, dated ;
at Washington, and signed by Samuel Lew-!
is, chairman, calling '"a National Conven- i
tion of the free democracy ,at the city of Pitts-!
burg, on Wednesday, the eleventh day o(
August, at noon, for the purpose of selecting
candidates fortho office of President and1
Vice President of the United States."'
Friends ofthe principles declared at BulTalo, I
at the memorable Convention of August,
1848, are requested to send delegates. In I
connection with this call, it is stated that I
the Hon. Mr. Durkee, representative from i
Wisconsin,, is determined to oppose the!
election of Pierce and King. Other demo,
cratic members of Congress, it is Baid, will
do the sumc.and amongst these is Dr. Town
send, of Ohio, and the Hon. S. P. Chase,
Senator from Ohio.
DestcctiveFike in DavTon. We iearu
from the Cincinnati Sun, that Dayton was
visited on Saturday night by a very destruc
tive fire. It broke olft about 12 o'clock in
a cooper tllop, dn tho South side of Second
street, between Mnin and Jefferson. This
building was destroyed with most of its con
tents, as was also the tin shop of F. Boyer,
and the watch and jewelry store of Mr. Mar
tin; the confectionary and restwaunt be
longing to George Nauerth wos partially de
stroyed, the roof and back pert df the build
ing having been bnmcd off. Th buildings
were all of frame and burned rapidly and
only a small portion of the contents of any
of them was saved. Mr. Nauerth was in
sured for an amount that will probably near
ly or quite cover his loss. The rest were
without any insurance. It is generally be-
ieved thnt the buildings were fired by an in
How it Takes. The enthusiasm for the
nominees ofthe Whig National Convention
is unbounded, und gives the greatest satis
faction in all parts of the country. Despatch
es from Maine to Louisiuna speak of the
high toned spirit of the gatherings of the peo-'
pie brought together, amid tho rattling of
drums and the sound of the cannon's thun
dering voice through the arir, to congratu
late each other on the joyful event. General
joy is everywhere manifested a sure pre
sage of the victory which awaits us in No
vember. Steamijoat Sunk. The Cincinnati Sun
says: Wo learn that a private despatch
was received here on Saturday morning, stat
ing that die fltermerCol. Dickinson was sunk
on Harpath's Shoals, in Cumberland river;
tho boat and cargo a total loss. The Dick
inson was a regular Cincinnati and Nashville
packet, and was owned by Messrs Cloon
Jack, of Cincinnati. She was valued 812,
000, and insured for $9,000.
Etherizing a Lion. On Monday last,
Francis Alger, Esq, who has a lion nt his
residence in South Boston, so ferocious that
it became necessary to clip his claws to pre
vent him from injuring those who came near
his cage, engnged Dr. Jackson to do it.
Taking a sponge dipped in ether, he held it
to the lion's nose. A fter about a pound and
a half of ether was administered to him, he
fell aSleep, and remained so for twenty min
utes. In the meanttme the iioctor mppeu
his claws with a pair ol pincers. Soon ufter
ho became as lively as ever, but it is proba
ble that his teeth also will have to bo cut off
before he ean be a nafe pet.
Forced to Shve. Harvey Bollmnn of
Pittsburgh, who in 1830 said he would not
shove until Scott was President, nnd has
stuck to his pledge, will visit tho barber's
shop this Vail. He is an "original Scott
O-Reports from Geauga county state
that wool buyers areas thick as locusts in
Egypt, and ore paying as high as 37jc per
pound. Grass is gond corn doubtful.
New York Canal Tolls. Tho receipts
from tolls on all the New York Stato canals
for the 2d week in June are $91,654; corres
ponding week last year, 88,223 increase
$5,431. tho total amount from tho opening
of navigation to the 14th June, 1851, is 8949
950; Bume time in 1852,$739,197 decrease
6210,399. -
frrThe Washinc'ton Union, like flic Lqu-
isvillo ratification meeting, boasts that tho
Democratic candidate ' for the Presidency
"knows no North, no East and no West."
We want a candidato who knows all foiir.v
07-A Yankoo Pedler with his cart, over
taking another of his clan, was addressed:
Hallo, what no yon carry v urugs ana
medicines,' was the reply. 'Good,' exclaim
ed the other, 'you con go ahead, I curry grave
First Cv n from the Reserve The I
Cleveland Forest City thus announces the !
reception of the news of General Scott's '
.Cleveland It is every thing ;
that ins mot ardent friends could wish. We
"uuuii!ii indicates the true foelin
of that former strong hold ofthe Whig party i
of Ohio. Let ui foriret mm dim .,,,.... .;. 1 1
1-1., ,r. ,1 ti "iter a meal; hall a glues at a meal is sum.
laborfor too triumph of Genera! Stt. Wojcicnt. From an hour and a half after
rejoice that we can now frork together iu meal until within half an hour before thej '
this glorious cause: j next one, you may drink as much water as
Rrption in Cleveland. The of ... ! yu 'i il ' however, to drink but
eral Kr.ot.t n-mi nat on r,ren,l ikt. i
echoed by un hundred booms from the gal-
Innt lads of our si-fr city. Bands filled the
city life li.-htHii.T. Every throat sent forth ' ' ?" a D"m;le or motv' otherwise jrou
its shout-vvery eye beamed with j .y, and , I T? bcfore
every heart beai 1 with ruth...!.... . Tl.. ".k""w lt mi? eating too fwt
firm, ,.r ifiir. . i i. il n too much ttuid is taken durinir meals it
air w no mimic, r mj's streamed lrom nuolic i .11111 1 1 uJ . ,
buildings, houses ; illuminat. d, and eve y "Ml b,adn"lo0i' Pro,lut:ln cording.to clr
demonstration of joy and euthu , were !?"t. ?af ;
manifested ei ing sensation in the throat, as do indiges.
: :.i . 1 , ...
At dark, Empire Hall was crowded to suf-1
focation, ami crowds filh d the street. Rock-1
eta bliized high in the heavens, tnd bonfires
lighted up the city. The liund discoursed
eloquent rnti-dc. Ere the sun of the 21t
went down, hundreds of beim.'e.-uU had vol
unteered under the flag ofthe ever-victorious
The duy is ours! Old ChippewS commences
his march upon the capital to-day.
Tut Right Kind or a Whio. Who can
butadmirethe political principles of Jame"
Jones, the Tennessee Senator! Hear ;
"Iseok no new alliance, no new affiliations.
I am still a Whig. The old Whig party is j
good enough for me. I want no third party,
composed of no new fra-ment torn from
other parties, bound together by no common
bond, United by no creed or code of princi -
plos.no principle of adhesion but that of a
name. I repeat that the Whig party is ood
enongh forme. I have ever thought it a
Union party. I believe in its principle
r r .
am content to alude its fortunes, am ready to
loliow it through gioom to glory or the
The ScoTcn Thistle. The origin of this
national badge is thus handed down by tra
dition: "When the Danes invaded Scotland, it
was deemed unwarlike to attack cn enemy
in the pitchy darkness of mVht, instead of a
pitched battle by day; but on one oecasion,
the invaders resolved to avail themselves of
this stratagem, and in order to prevent their
tramp from being heard, they marched bare
footed. They had thus neared the Scottish
forre unobserved, when a Dane nnlucklv
a: :z z :
.... - ki :..i.i.i .1 :. .1. j
covered the assailants to the Scotts, w ho ran j
to their arms and defeated the foe, with great
slaughter, i he thistle was immediately a
dopted as the insigna of Scotland."
Plaguing the Inventors. The Locofoco
papers have attempted to cast ridicule and
reproach upon Gen. Scott because, in one of
his letters, written in a hurry, he had used
tho term "hasty plate of soup." Like the
hard cider and log cabin charge ap:inst Gen.
Harrison, it is about to recoil and overthrow
the sncercrs. We notice in the Philadel
phia ratification meeting the appearance of a
iargo company of working Whigs calling
themselves "Soup Boys." This is but the
beginning of the retribution that is sure to
follow from locofoco abuse. Look out for
more Soup Boys. O. S.Jour.
Cavino In. The Locofocos here don't
know where they stand, nor to whom to
look for countenance. They gaze at each
other with looks of inquiry as if to .gay:
"Are you too for Scott!" The desertion
from their ranks has commenced, and we
shall be mistaken if a few weeks does not
witness a general stampede among the rank
aud file, each striving to be ahead cfhtB
neighbor in fleeing from the falling tower of
Locofocoism. Cin. Atlas.
Ants and Antillers. Willis, in a letter
from.Martinique, (why not A nt-iqi'e !) makes
mention ol the following announces:
"My date just written is a little illegible,
and I ake the opportunity to guard the prin
ter against the alterations made in my manu
script by the omtiiprescnt ants of this teem
ing climate. I called my friend's attention,
just now; while I counted to him thirteen
who were running up and down 011 the quill
with which I was writing. They tire all over
my table and paper. The pitrhcrs and wash
bowls are full of them. Y jii clean your
teeth with ants and water .-l.-i-p on ants
and mnttrasses all well en. uis il they are
not attracted by fresh ink as well as by other
moisture. They do not sip. either. They
first walk through the liquid of which they
intend to taste, nnd hence you pee my tribu
lation. They turn my periods into commas,
my semicolons into notes of admiration, my
quotation marks into sturs, etc. Perhaps it
never occurred to you before, why these Is
lands are called the "ANT-ilcs'' a corruption
of the plain English word ant-hills, if my
experience goes for any thing."
Currants, Gooseberrifs &c These,
if over crowded with new shoots, should be
pruned so as to give full air. The fruit ofthe
gooseberry shuuld be thinned to promote its
growth, and ripening in full perfection.
Where large quantities of either currants or
gooseberries are desired for ornament or use,
they may he increased hy tho application of
liquid manures even at this time, for although
the quantity "of fruit, so far as number is
concerned, is already dccided.jt size rany
he consideruhly augmented by supplying a
large nmount of manure in the fluid form.
The gooseberry and currant are runk feed
ers, and seldom or ever Buffer by even ex
travagant doses of manures. Working Far
mer. Tomatoes. Those who wish to hurry
their tomatoes for market, may do so hy prop
er shortning-in at this time. All must have
observed that !0 per cent, ofthe tomatoes
grows within 18 inches of the ground, and
that 90 per cent, ofthe vine, containing only
10 per cent of tho fruit, crows above this
point; therefore cut it oft" and remove it with
the small tomatoes. Tho vines will not bleed
and tho large tomatoes left will increaso in
size more than cnqucl the valno ol those re
moved bpsides getting thorn in market while
the prlco sufficiently high to compensate
for their culinre. Working Farmer.
.(r Scott $oup and, Graham bnailrre be
1 oming favorito articles of diet in. this, city.
They will cure the dyspepsia of this fall sure.
Forest City. .. ..
ftrA married man, who was out at a whist
party, when ho proposed going home, was
urced to stay a little loneer. "Well," here-
plied,"perhnp8 1 might ub wellj my wifeprob-
ably, is nireauy ass mud ansnrean txr -
PiiiLCsoi-ny ok Eatino. Use but twoor
three kinds of fiiod, besides bi cad and but
Ier' M Slnrle meitl ond nevcr Fat nytmug
1; t
vals of not less than five hours each, nor
more than six.
''dd water retards digestion, and so does
lilmi(1' ' .n'V.ch '. tukel1 durin? or o0.n
"""' ut on inter
dilutes the gastric jure, thus weakening the
,f,u(f V rewimngwe 1000
,onsW 'n t''? 8t,umacL ''"t11 18 "atu"'1; l1"
tioiu from other causes, whether from qual
ity or quantity of food.
A 11 errors. as to diet arise from quantity
or quality, and I suppose one safe rule to
each, applicable to all persons; and under
all circumstances.
As to quality, the general rule is to cat
that which you like best, and you will find
by close observation and experience, is fol
lowed by no uncomfortable feeling about tho
head, hands, feet or stomach. Astoquon
tity, take as much at one meal as will allow
mcuI tllUc;in , de&mind by
... Jn.:j...ll 1 , I k
coticutive observations, but remember:
never swallow an atom of food unless you
are hungry never force a particle of food
The brute creation cannot be induced td
ielllor drink if "Kgl'ty excited, guided only
! b? thcTC Poor 1'llnd inslnct, and we who are
; much higher than they, by the "reason" that
'u witl"n ought to feel ashamed to act
j ,t'"H ly . anu 7 nine-tenths of all our
a-lments, acute and chrome, enter here; and
"ine-tenOw ofthem might be cured thus, if
Itidrnn in ronanfv.li o time Ann nrnnor v n.a.
,7 r'-i"-- v i"
served in.
The finer all food is cut with a knife, be,
fore put into the mouth, the sooner and ea
sier it is digested, on the same principal that
a large pfece of ice placed in a vessel of wa
ter will require longer time to melt than if
it were fir6t broken into many small pieces..
I tie gastric juice dissolves solid food,
from without inwards; hence food, especial
ly alJ kinds of meat, should be cut n pieces
not larger than a pea before, it is taken in
the moutii, taking in as many piece ,t a
time as is convenient. This - precaution
would not be needed were persons to eat;
slowly and masticate their food properly;
but our national habits are otherwise, nor Is
w ory change in a
Where is the Shovel. "Nathan, where - .
is the shovel! . Here I've been hunting long
enough to do my work twice over, and can't
find tiie shovel."
The farmer was wroth.
"I don't know where 'tis, father; summers
about, I suppose."
The two joined in the search.
"Nathan, you have left the shovel where
you have worked, I know. Why don't you
j always put the tools in their places!"
" ' Here is the place for the shovel, I should '
like to know, father!"
He couldn't tell. It hal. place. Some
times it was laid in the wagon, and occa
sionally accompanied the, vehicle when
harnessed in a hurry. Sometimes it was
hung up with the harness, to fall down when
not wanted, or get covered cp when it was.
A great deal of shoe leather had come tm
nought by that shovel. It had at times more
than the obliviousness of Sir John Franklin,
and defied discovery. So it was with all the
other tools. They would seem to vanish at
times, and then come to light, rusty as old
The farmers barn was crowded. He hod
no "spare room" there. There were several
in his dwelling. But the barn was always
crammed it was a kind of mammoth sau
sage stuffed every year. So there was no
room for a special apartment for the tools. .
In his imagination he never saw his hoes
hung on a long cleat, his chains all regular
in a row, his rakes and his long forks over-,
head; certainly he was never anxious for
such a convenient room.
s fatlvrnecer had a tool-house, and his)
father was called a good farmer.
So he was, then in his days but there
are better husbandmen now, let me say, and
I uosire to sliocn no one s veneration. 1 :
Did they find the shovel! No! they might '
as well have searched for the philosopher's
stono, seemingly. Nathan started for Mr.
Goodman s to borrow one. Their work
must be done, and borrow he must. ,
"I don't know as you ennjind oneintnv
tool house," replied Mr. Goodman. ,
Nathan noticed that he bore down on
s'.me of hid words like a'man on a plowbeam.
Didn t he mean something! Nathan went
to the tool room thoughtfully. A door on
wheels opened with a slight push, and there
were uooumnd s tool? chough, Nathan
thought, to equip a company of sappers and.
miners! Hatchets, axea, saws, tree-scrapers,
grafting tools, hoes, digirers, shovels,
spades, pick-axes, crow-bars, plows, harrows,
cultivators, seed-sowers, sieves, trowels.
rakes, pitchforks, flails, chains, yokes, max-,
zles, ropes, crowtwine, baskets, measures-
all were there, neatly ana compoctly ar-,.
ranged. It was Goodman's ark to save
him from the deluge ot unthrift! Here every
night the tools were brought in and wiped
clean, and hung up in their places. The)
next morning a job could be commenced af
once. Goodman knew. He partitioned off.
a large room in his new barn for tools. It was.
ccntrul and easy of access. It was a pleas
ant place for a visitor; the tools were the
best of their kind. Every new shovel or;
rake, or lork, before used, was well ollei;
with linseed oil, which lift the wood smooth.
and impervious to water. Goodman fre.
queutly says, "I hud rather have the few,
hundred dollars I have spent for tools so in-,
vested than the same in railroad stock. It
pays better."
Now there is no patent on uoouman
plan, and I hope many will go into It the'
more "successful imitations'' the bettor.
West Jersey Pioneer.
At Sistebsville, Va., a few days since, a
child of Mr. Darling Long fell into the rWet,
on'the Ohio side. The father was on the op
posite shore, but re-cro&sed the rif er, and,
after diving tliroo times, finally succeeded Iny
securing the child. .emcal aid was spceoilf
secured, and the child was resuscitated.
Cin,. Empiirtr.
Three years agoa man in Mississippi cbea
ted lis out of twenty dollars, and now his son
has cheated us out of about the same-' Bfl .
young mnn's prosperity to cheat is probably
the only thing he.nrme htwutly hf.Vrpitir. "

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