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WHOLE NO. 1:398.
Published evebv Thursday mokninq. '
George weaver, ""editor" and proprietor.
John II. Wright, Printer.
OFFICE Tallmulge Buildiiip Third. Xlour
M.in Street South Side.
, Teems $1,75 por annum in advance.
Thursday Evening, Suiy 1, 1HM
Supposed Fragments of the ill-fate"
Steamship President. The Banffshire
(Scotch) Journal, gives the following de
scriptions ofpiocesof the wreck of a large
vessel supposed to bo the President washed
ashore on the coast of Scotland. "The
wreck," says that Journal, "seems to have
formed a part of a largo steam vesHel, and
from its appearance it has been along time
In the water. The piece got on shore is n
bout twenty-five feet square, and cotitains
17 timbers. These timbers measure nt the
floor-heads 13 inchos by 12 inches. There
are three pieces of largchanging iron knees,
two of which are 7 feet in length, the other 5
feet; and two iron beds supposed to be for
the boilers, each bed 18 feet long, the knees
at the thickest part being four inches
by two inches. On one of the beds
the initials"L. W." are stamped. The floor
heads are bolted with iron bolts, and the
butt-ends with composition balls, above 8
inches. The wreck has been inspected by
seamen and shipbuilders, who unite in declar
ing it to be the wreck of some large steamer
this fact is said to bo ascertained almost
beyond a doubt. In these circumstances it
has been suggested that the wreck now ly
ing on our coast may possibly be a portion of
the ill-fated British steamer President."
Nohthand"South. Within a week after,
the nomination of Gen. Tierce, the Whigs
of Maine achieved a handsome victory; and
a few days afterward, the Whifrs of New
Orleans Bwept every thing before them!
"Straws show which way the wind blows."
These are but tributaries flowing into the
great ocean of Success, upon whoso bosom
the Ship orState will majestically ride, with
the hero of "Lundy'sLano" at the mast-head.
The North, the South, tho East, the West
all ioin in tho chorus; the people everywhere
decree it,, and here is pledged our mite to cur
ry out the people's wishes.
LouisirNA. We havo as yet but partial
returns of the election of delegates to tho
Constitutional Convetion of this State, but
these leave little doubt of a large Whig ma
jority. So far, we have returns of the elec
tion of 26 Whigs to 6 or 8 Democrats,
Liberality op a Railroad Company..
VVe loam from the Chicago Tribune T'lat
the Superintendent oftho Michigan Southern
Rnilroa-l has notified the ministers of the
Gospel in that city that until the 1st of Jan
uary, 1853, they will be charged only hair
fare on that road.
tisioN Convention Called in Georgia.
Tho Union party of Georgia have called a
State Convention, to be held at Miiieugcviiio
oh the 15th of July, for tho purpose of con
sidering the nominations for Hie Presidency
andVico Presidency of the United Suites,
that have been made by the Whig and Dom
estic parties; and for the purpose of taking
such action in Tclation thereto as shall by
them be deemed proper.
Scott's Trialby the Proi'lK. The elo
quent Ogdeu Huffman, in a speech to the
"acres of Whigs" who assembled in the city
,. .- ttwle ofgtiqucite. ; I
by mt ritrpEKrop, esq.- :..
is a oenaiouiito question wuomor a iwiy
1isf THotiu'iUt, nf Henry Vlny.
VriAny Evririn?,' July 2, lr.a
of New York lo ratify tic nomination x)!.or 8Hnian should speak .fir, cu tu.wt- j 'Wash., June S'J.-Th- attendant , gloom hung. , ;tl.e city. ;
' ii t i .i nS' uul "o ol huviii(,'tliu slightest pruU-li- upon Mr- lny yesterday afterno n caw that c!!ii,ri;;tl,e public bmldiiij'it,
Scott end liruuam, thuB alluded to tho f--gioii to common intelligence would, fcf a u change had t -kt-n plnc.i, indicating a break-, with bndgiW. mourning, 'j
rest of Oen. bcott In Jlexico, !y order of an i moment doubt, that in a caso v.-hero an im-
adiniiiistrution that shrunk from the task of patient creditor and delinquent debtor thiuic-
aftorwurds trying him. The issue is now 1 0l1 10 "ieot 1,10 form(-'r would at onco open
i . i i . f i . i proceedings by iireKsin'r lor that little lull,
made up, and tho scar-covered defendant , o of
"puts himself upon the country." would bo in sudden. retreut down the nearest
Many a time I thought that justice wquld , alley-way Porliaps, touching the lirst pro
be done to the venerable soldier, and, jiot-, position, a great deal will depend on who the
withstanding my woarliiess, I would upeak
for hours upon a subjuiit so pleasing to my
feelings. I remember, when I was a- mem
ber of Cuiigrcs, when he was about to leave
bis family for an inhospitable climate, it was
thero I first new Winfluld Scott. Ho was
whig all over, and his companions were Clay
and Crittenden, and other tnio Whigs.
Loud upplauso. He then went to the
war; and let American history blush for tho
fact Rome gave a triumph to tho -victorious
citizen England, for less than half the duty
Scott performed, has made a Duke. Scott
was recalled by the Administration. Ho
bowed to the edict, returned homo with but
one faithful servant, (and he was an Irish
man,) and the first place he entered was the
little village church, where, forgetting all his
victories, he fervently returned thanks to the
Divine Creator for his bounties. I sny, Scott
has been most unjustly treated; he w as ar
rested, but he never was tried. We will try
him in next November.
Whig Victory in New Orleans. The j
Whigs havo carried the Crescent city by the j
unprecedented majority of thirteen'humlred
votes! The Bee thus chroniclesuha result:.
A Tall Whig Victoky. A rainy day,
ahscencd of ull intense exciu ineiit, &ui a
thin vote, characterized yesterday's election
for members of the Convention. As tho con
tent was for honor and responsibility, and
not for profit, and as consequently no mon
ey wan expended, nor extraordinary induce
ments offered to bring up the unterified, the
attendance at the polls composod protty
much the stable and staid citizens of New
Orleans. As a matter of course, under tliepe
circumstances, tho city has gone Whig all
over. We hardly know of any Democrats
re-clcctcd There is only one out of the twen
ty four who has escaped the general route, but
the present aspect of the returns barely jus
tifies such a conclusion. The Whig Sgnuto
rial ticket goes in by an overwhelming vote.
Of the Reprer ent'itiv;- delegates, the Whigs
have chosen all (eleven; in the First district
all (eight) in the Second, and fourout. of the
five in the Third. This is about as clean a
sweep of Locofucoism as wc desire to make.
We have no wish to exterminate our ene
mies. They tight so well that it is a pleas
ure to meet and overthrow them. If we had
no foes to conquer v. e. might lake to quar
relling among ourselves, Franklin Pierce
begins the canvass in New Orleans under
decidedly melancholy auspice.'
"Fuss and Featufks." This is one of
tbe'nnn:es invented by patent, Pierce democ
racy, and applied to General Rcett. Mr.
TomliiiRuii, one of tho speakers i't the
Broadway House ratification meeting, thus
turned the enemy's favorite im ugainst
Some of our opponents havo been fond of
calliiigGen. Scott "Old Fuss and Feathers."
Well, tin' name is not entirely inappropriate.
There never has been fa fuss" since 1012 in
which the honor. of his country was at stake
where Wintield Scott was not a head and
shoulders taller, long arm's length further
fight than any other man. Cheers.
Funeral CljKWiui of tlrnry ;lay.
Wawunitoti. Julv M. Th funrr.
al of Henry Clay" took place to-day. A The SowinaTIors. There is no niistak-
,la4,y li(,uner,in- mg the public puUo. I he nomination f
wen, foHtooiu-d the WW? Cnvcnfioii havo been TinveA
'1'lie bells lolled' ,rfIl ,..,, ..... .
.... ... . , ,.i . , ., : . tr i.l --'- "ii'i riiii..-v : ui:i 1.1 iii.li.iuiib tin uvur
lug up oj ins s.U'.in. iiiii: ne nn rami, jia ai nan-masi. niiu iiiiuuit--.'uji. wt-rn; , . -., -
but his mind wandered, M1 in a low and din- fired. At li o'clock the procr-tsion moved if-" country, an., mo uw.rt of tie mas-
tini-t voice lie named bis wif.', sin and other from tho National ilotul; it wa headed by gtI "t'1 lu unuon with th j f-.-elings of that
relatives, in a ilisconnec.teil manner. 'two military coinpaiiir then ciimi- the run-
rinu b;.nd, followed by the con.ia.Ue9 on
Funeral (' rcnioiik.s.
The funeral car wo a bcsi'ti'i:! '.ork of art.
Tin- car wai ('rawn by si: .. .it.) h rsct,,cacb
uttendtd by a ('room cl'':: : n v. bite: St.n-
Rev. Dr. I'ntl.r ofi'cred bis pervi.-es to
wutch during the night, but it was deemed
unnecessary on his last Interview wivh Dr.
lliitier, the dying man expressed entire na-
tienrc, re.;i :nati-)n and coiifi'Icnoe m rus Re
deemer. This morning he continued nrr-
: body of men .vho-c lntors
I choice nf Scott and Onih im n the standard
bearers of tlit-Whig purty of the Un-on.
'i'his it at it should be. It was vi hut, way
anticipated by the frinid of General Hcott,
'oliowed by and it was for this that thev s- noblf and
ttie uuicers
lady is; if her beautious ' form is i nvolopod
within the aristocratic folds of a hundred
dollur shawl, and the stamp of Upper tenuom fectly tranquil,' though exceedingly feelle,
sticks out a"fot.t" in the sweeping majesty and liianiieuling a disposition lo shimber.
of her wulk along the street, the gentleman About hilf pact ten o'clock he .asked for
should suffer her to Indiih'oin nil those little some cool water, which be wa., in the habit
haughty whims so pleasing in memberp of , of taking through a rilvcr tube. On mov
"distinguished" society, but so unbearable lug the tuhe Irom Ins mouth lie K'-emeiJ to , and Cjty -ouncils ol aiiliingtoii, Alcxan- : c,,unry j.oint unerringly tothis result.
under the vulgarity of a cotton hood and ten - have more difficulty in cwn 1 lowing than pre. ,!ri.i uid Georgetown. At 20 minutes past -p., c iaH i,,t.u ,J t.Qn nt.,.;i,.,i ,,t 0i,iain
cent calico dress." If, however, the ladyis viouslv. He turned to his Bon and said, : $ o'clock, the President and memberi! of the
moroly aoonmion washerwornnit or anything "Don't R-ave me." Cabinot -ntcrcd the Senato Chamber. A t lue presence- of the people. Lpon the short-
of that low sort, tho Ercntlcj.'tnn may safely ' Soon after, he motioned tc have bis thirt large number of diplomatic corps were Uso est notice, they have come of their own ec-
A Gikl Lost. A young gi !, named Al
mira Augusta Cunningham, ap J G years, of
a delicate constitution, lefl her father'
house on the loth of June, and was last aeen
between Somerset and Marietta and had OB
when she left, a light blue calico dress, k
light colored shawl w ith'spols and flowers of
pnml j-t.ftn R r...l..J 1
faulted in the! - b---. """' Bu.(!a.u .uu-
eonnei. Any inlorination other wheroauouta
will bo thankfully received .by her father, C,
Cunningham, Rujhville, Tairfield county
The Weevil. Thio destructive insect 1
aid lo be making sad havoc with the wheat
crop in some parts of Delaware county, Pa,
It has attacked the white wheat, and in many
utorB and members oft1.
their officers; General S .
,.r !... .. ...i . . .
. . " a ; Ccn. Scott will bo the next President of
uniioiui, next ( mm i oi.
(.'oiincil ,,f ll.iltiip.orp. t
pointed bv the town mw-tiiig, and Mayors .' ings whi -.li have been held in all parts of the mitanr.es whole fields have beco destroyed.
1 he heanled variety his not, as yet, suffered
to any extent.
In the neighborhood of Columbus and fur
ther north, in this State, it has also made jta
:url up his nose with di 'uL'ied contempt collar op"tid. t-'id then added, "I r.m going in attendance. A few minutes alter, the corr! without any previous political excif- appearance and is doing considerable dam-
. K . I a . n . . r . ... .!,.... 1 i . . 1- 1 .. . . .1 II.,.,.... ' . . I . . I . : . . - ! .1 f' . ... I ' J ' ' . . . . - . .... '
the g.-nen.l feeling of joy ag- It has also ajipeareu in a lew localities
when tlie ;n t,"H county, but -e have not been advised
(even though he owes her a bill for bis
week's linen,) und tell' her to go to tho devil,
if she so far forgets her humble station, as
to importune for immedlatepny.
Respecting the precise amount of rever
ence a' gentleman ought to evince in his
obeisance, it will, of course in a great meac
ure, also depend on tho lady's claims to a
stand in circle' polite. If she is merely Mr6.
So-and-so, residing in a two-story brick, n nuei:ied in full possefsion ofnll his faculties
slight inclination of the bead, and an eleva- and apparently suffering but little. His
tioiioi one incn ot rne HiK-neaver, win sui- coiitenanco to the Ia4 imlical'i u lull
fice; if a three story brick is the mark, with , knowledge of bis condition. He had long
an occasional parade in a hired carriage, the ninCe made
hat must go correspondingly higher, and still given bis son lull instructions aa to tho
more lowly sink the reverent cranium; but I disposition of his body and the settlement of
when a mansion of four stories is the thing, his worldly affairs.
with stone front and real family carriage,; TI,..H,.ni. m.,r.iti. u-i!l mo-! tolmor.
tkn the gentlenian will insl.tntly double tt.;, ,..., ..; ...ill bn known
went, to join -in
BorTi," and serenely lr"athed his lust. ; procesnon arrived and enu-rmi the I hainher,
j in. lAni.i Lille: iiio u.iLim y ura i i iiii.i- , 1-,--ut 'J m- u-.iin.'. yu,iiiiii, lyi in- ... r . T
... f... , i . i. . . , . ... ...i... ... whicli sprtau over t,jo t.'iion,
tiirDUUU'l 1 u uiulk. I uiieeiiii-iiiM, n no a:- u nt, "uii'uuv iti. - . rpi . J.
Ho had been so low for the three pre. ; corpse to Kentucky. The corpse was encas- lightning carried the result ol the uehbera- -.
vious days as to bescarcely ableto converse jed in a patent metallic coffin, shrouded in tionsof the Convention into every State, age is pro.,ably not very senoug. .
with his son or Rev. Dr.. Butler. No one . crape. ! county and village. And they have tome in ! Fkace asu the Treaty of Vieha.
vas present at the time ; except .hia '- Storm on Luke Eric. . - their might. They have exhibited the ut- Lord Stanly announced In the BriUsb House
" , ' ,, , ,! Cleveland, July a. l,akeJ,ne more tur- most enthusiasm and have not felt a uoubtot
himself up, until his nose femes within a
mere shade ol saluting Ins tees, while Ins hat
describes a graceful sweep, high up, as far
as his arm will reach.
ars previous,
in consequence of whieh much damage hat
been done, and we have no doubt many lives
were lost. The Caspian, which wad lying
..i ,i, ,-,, ..,,.t ti.,. r r x- r 1? i.rr.tn
every preparation for death, ; frfj,n hef ,n!Jorlngj a,'ld wa3' thrown 'around
against the adjaceU piles, Lrtaking her in
two jut forward of the wheel house, A
number of passengers were on board nt the
time, who barely escaped before the i ccijent
occurred. She afterwards drifted ashore.
if Commons,' lately, as a fact 'of some im-
tho final result. Is not this the harbinger p)rtunce that France was a party to the
of success! protest of the great Powers of Europe in re
in this countrjvthe result con not be oth- -alj()li lh(j Mm which pnUEia ha(J to ccr.
erwise. The pirty leaders and party press . . , N-eufcl1,tel. as recopnized
may heap their delatnition upon tho. gallant jy th(. trea,y of ,315. an(I thltt th;g was the
soldier and triH patriot; they may not feel firt r.ulslic act bv which France, under her
ashamed of the course they racy deem prop
er tj purs!"-; it wil' only add to the strength
of our candidate and nerve the peoplo to
greater efforts in his behalf. The man who
has spent his life in the sen-ice of hi cotin-
presont ruler, had in anyway acknowledged
the settlement of Europe, as agreed to in
Dickinson and Scott. Ex-Senator Dick-
wiin r;;ird to arrangement:; for tho fen. ral, Damage probably 825,000.
further than that it will probably take place The' full particulars of the damage done,
on Thmvday. It is generally understood ; U hot kuown. ' - . .. in-on. on Thnrsdav niirht. made a speech in
from the beet possible conn e, that the re- j j try and has successfully p jrrormed-j cutj ' ' ...nriiin(r , the
mains und the committee of escort will leave From Caliloruia. ! eumlniu,d to his chaw, will not be forsak- ,n hieh- )
in the cars on Tlun-ky afternoon l.y the New Vohk, July 2m.-The f tenmer I cn lv. th, ..nmM citizens of this R,Puhlic i Ostego Republican, he declared that Scott
wry of Uallimoaeand philadeluhia for Louis- Northern Light from San Juan arrived, left .nf now tD reward distin-ui.h-' was lllttnt mWiw Bnd Wr',,y genlIe
vilK If they pass 'directly throu-rh, the 2., with 3o0 nassengers and S200.000 kno meil how to rw.rtdi.tin uimi hu ,lfuniaBa ,eadcr
, :i. i. i,i.:i...i' i: ...;.i ! ,. m, . : 1 ... ed niihlic services and en earnest and lolly: , ., ......
ihemhect of the iiiisnnderstandinir between i ' I in goj.i. 1 11c in. epennei ce umve, m - ... was wonu-wioe;-inai ne was me -grcaiesi.
1 ,,,,., V... i',r, IT,h Irrt.n l-'l,l-IK- n f Til ill J II fff UUTKU 1U WW v i l..",
The Austiitan Pnnss on Ameuioa. Wo I
have been very much amused by the perusal
of an article in a Vienna Jimrr.nl called the
I'rcsse, an organ of the Government upon j
Chevalier Hulsemnn and Mr. Webster, grow
ing out of the Kossuth banquet speech of the
latter, which is supposed to have led to the
return of the Austrian. We think our rea
ders will be amused, too, when we tell them
tlmttho Editor, in his blissful ignorance of
Young America, ppcaks of the present Pres
ident of the United States, Mr. Polk; of his
Secretary orState as an advocate of the Kos
suth nonsense, aolely in the hope of improve
in his chances for the Chief Magistracy as
soon nslhe aforesaid Prcsidpnt Polk was out
of office; and of the universal Yankey natien
generally money making, singularly siily
peop.e, who ratch up every stray Fiiircpeau
revolutionist that happens to come elang just
as they catch up Lola Montez or Jinny
Lind, for the ruku uf novelty, aui:.-inciit.o.-excitement.
After Uius summarily di.spcsing
of Brother Joniithnn.'he fr.icioiis'y
vaucli3avw the 1 -.oiuol-itory asfitrc.nee that,
notwithrttam'uitg toe w itli.'.i v. al of C lievali-Ji'
Ilulser.isn from V,'.ii!i;nj.ton, it is not co:i
t. uiplalod that the minim rcial relations of
the two countrieu shall ;.u!'.cr an rntraction.
"Diplomatij iiitercuurse is surper.di.d in
Wasliinglun," says the iViwv.'lilt the Con
suls of the two countries will con'inue, a;
usual, In th" discharge of their official func
tions'.' -V. Y. Exjayss.
Cubkast Dvsiras. Having notice 1 that
currant buslies' mav as well bn made trees
'a'lin FU!'a?AL.
pHtLAi,r.i.iniA, June 30 p. m. f-'ouncils
met this morning, and paused resolutions or
dering the Chamber to be tufpended with
mourning. Appointed a committee of five
from each
co, w ith 150 passengers. The S. S.
sailed on the 11th for Sen Francisco.
Captain of the age;" and that if the people
1 tit.. r 1 . ctrtir:tf rtf mir '
uu.u v . . were eoir.cr to o cct a Genera!, he
1 1:. :r.a:a..:..na in r.r(,tf.p'ini trip rpn til-
Cjiciuthnis in i'obacco. . I jtion of their most distinguished and devoted
New Oei.lass,' June C3. There linre Uupporters. Tsxas. While some laborers were dig-
bocn sales since M unlay last of 3,300 hbds , No honor or reward that can be bestowed gjng a ditch for a fence in Almo.m San An-
Presi- tonio, recently, they carr.e suddenly upon
ad. Tfifl ! .Aunp.l n'mntia i( itrrlnnnrp. n'tncj which.
an active feeling exists in the market. j 'IM ,',,, .hf,M. i ,!m ,nf.n MnnH bvft already been re-
I JJOL iJIC 13 B W g " W " " " ; Vt'V ' J
' . . . t C. I I l,U ' 1 t ,r n. n.nnn Tkl AfiO Tl rl
eh branch to mtpcn.i end wrange- ;TobacC0; o,Ters of $4 w made f. H-upontne pu,,ular candidate forth
fjrMr. Clay's tuneral. A dispatch tI e TaU..A in ,-narI;et end declined. Quite! , ' nmthvv besow(
reived from Jos. R. Chandler, an- : sn f,filin? cxi. in thc market. I llenc3r' bf
Wasihkqtoji, Jime 30. .SVni?;.
Mr. llutltr off, led an appropriate pray.
was rece
nounciiiff that thc remain" will start, from
Washington at 4 o'clock Thursday, and pass v iota Siuliuioro.
through Philadelphia about miimight on the j Baltumrs, June 30. A large meeting of aj,js will be religiously and sacredly gurd- nine iron pieces, from oneto twenty-four
way to New York, where they will take the , thc eUhoni wa9 h-ld this morning-Mayor , onlv'perrnrmed his duty, pounder, al! epikod, and the trunnions and
cars for Dunkirk via jjCio uanro.-id. ; Jerjine nrcsii inir. Cul ms Lre made an el-, , , 1 ,cr
, .- iSild-lr.-sM, reca..itulutin? the virtues of but ha. never attempted to exceed tie pow knobs of the cassahk-s broken off. An old
Fi-'.n-.i '.;.'?'::. ; ' ,,,,.,,! .,.,.1 i'.,fl!,1,io!,s were ndont- ' ers with which he hasbeen clothed. As a Mexican woman bays tuey were buried there
R?v. 0d, rjcommiidiii'r the closing of places of soldier, he has discharged bis duty, his whole ' by the brave men under the command of the
r a'" 1 luislne: s on th.- iir: of tho funeral tho citi- i ..... ., i. 1.:. ,tt,- u-tmenrr im. nr.i.u T,.,. Tt-.u-io and Crocket, at the
eg i,io K-i.liii.,'ii- t.) 1:1.; national to- .,.,, crane on the left arm for 30 , ' , ,...... -i.ii .,,... : ,e
! reav. mei.t. . Mr. Uud-.-rwoud thc-n ann-uuc- j am! fuilcri(1' proCe?Sion to be formed : perwil.it.le laurels lor n.m.eu an .u.utf vo 8t ,ge o, aM.i.,.OT. ..
..jdtheder.tii of Henry Clay, and pro.-u i.nced : Sii tho rwiinsptss through. Citizens' flags ! the greatness and reputation of his country; j rB0 THE Plai,,. Intelligence.
!an Intrrcrtiii' and feclii!;.' cl.itu.-.ry, and : arc .,, !,.lf.wust. Nearly all the public ' and whenever he has been called npon to cx- i . . reCeiyed from the Plains. commu
,""' """J - -i; ilu.i i!iij-iareci.;.ir.Mi 111 mouMiiiig. i ecute a trust in any other capacity, , ine rec-
! poinlnieiit oi a eomimt'ec of arraiinements , - 1 , . . , ,- ... -n .-... ,),,
' for thf funeral to-morrow, i.n-1 removal of his ; ItirsTnATiSG a Urnrcii. -The Hasten , ords in our national archu k i.l Jhat
ieil hv a ' f,',,-;. t!vs 1111 nrrotnit. of the first stnmn he hasbeen e'luallv niccesaful in accom-
1 ccnimitlce of six !-'enator.. Mr. Cass fol- spec
: lowed in ti ilm'e to his memory. Ii." was fol-! iuvt
lowed by
I marks.
I Wish
peecli iii favor of Gen. Scot;, by a young ; pjshing what was committed to bis" cure,
uvenite of .Sominei ville, who chose for his y . . nn Mar.g fuith in the
;,n1i.,Ii',i',.ir,-l. Al'tern liri . ' . . ..
virtue of the. psoplo
Mr. Hunter, in some ( lonuent re- : rostrum ti;e steps ol a church. Alter a brill
!iant review of the life and services of the
into t ie ligill t;ian any ouier 111:10. n-oeein. 1 i.i,i . , -!! , l,me
'Pi,... ,,... i r.n,l l.ane. aiidiassl.rubs.Iliave conc.l.i .ed to tuiyou how
Chepuitepec, and "Old l' lissaiTil t nalhers"
;.. I. .!. ,.1" L KT....,! I av luw lin
Protest of Db. Towosasd. Dr
ton S. Townsand, thc Locofoco Abolition
member of Congress from the 21st. district
of this State, has taken ground against the
Democratic Platform, though it yet remains
to be seen whether he will not swallow the
candidates after sweetening them with a
protest against their principles. On the
coming upof tho Deficiency Appropriation
bill, in Committee of the Whole on Wednes
day, the Dr. is reported to havo held fourth
as follows:
"Tho Convention endorsed tho comprom
, ..,,,.1 nf ihn Inst Cnnercss, a series ol
measures concocted by Mr. Clay, sustained middle,) to
h, Wnhstor. and nut through by tlie iono , rear.
of Fillmore's administration. Now, he pro
tested against this stealing of whig llmndev
this stealing of whig timber, which to
build a Democratic platform. He pretested
against the interpolation into the Democrat
ic creed of any thing which could make it the
ally of slavery and opposition. Tho Whig
party, if either, was the natural ally of sla
very; tho Democratic party had a much high
er and nobler mission to perform. The
resolution affirming tho compromise measures
was a fraud, and intended to humbug those
who chose to be humbugged by it.
was in both of them. Neeu I 8!.y how he
came out! Cheers. And as to tho"feath
ers," let 11111 tell the Democrats who cherish
this seemingly epprobrious term, that tho
wing of tho 'American Eagle never waved
over the field of victory without sending down
the proudest feather of his plume to grace
the brow of the "man who never lost a bat
tle." Well may the Whig party end "tho
whole nation be proud of such "Fuss und
Feathers" as this. LLheers.j
Look out i-on Fokukkies. There will be
a desperate effort made to get up r. little mil
itary glory for Fiiuikiiii Pierce, und as tho
imayhuiliwi will lie the principal source of
the acts-, it will be well enough to watch
them. Already has the game of deception
begun. Tho Richmond Whig exposes thc
following trick:
They report Oencral Scott as saying, in
his official report of tlie battles of Cuiitrcraa
and Churubusco, aa follows:
"Nevt I sent Pierce Host aide to keep the
attack tho enemy's right ami
- , . r .1 three nn"3 on tno course. 1 ne rue
(tt-A Washington correspondent of the rat,r art of last week, and
Baltimore Sun, says that news has reached , h!U) ueaten them nil. .'.-? tliat they
there from Vienna, (Austria) that Mr. Hub
soman has met with a cool reception by
Count Duel. Instead of returning to tho
United States, ho will probably be employed
as a clerk in tho Imperial Chancery, or re
sume his former vocation as sub-editor of tlie
"Austrian Observer." Great men, these,
that Europo sends as diplomatic agents to the
United States! '
O-Tha Democrats divide on men, but
narmonizeon principle. OA10 Statesman.
'Exactly;" says the Forest City. "They
''divide on Sam Mcdary, and 'harmonizo' on
four doUari a day."
fji7"The Iowa papers concur in the opin
ion that notwithstanding tho backwardness
of the season, tho wheat and other crops will
be abundant. Wo havo the same flattering
representations from Indiana, Illinois, and
the greater portion of Wisconsin and Michi
gan. .-' " ' "' ' ' ' ' '.
' fcj-The Chjlllcothe. GateMe says that Gen.
Rowe intends to have a ballot-box for oach
township in Ross county, made out of the
window-casings of the Old Constitigional
, Cotlrt House, so that some relic'B of the old
structure may be preserved to posterity.. -A
good idea.
The report is garbled, and an important
sentence omitted: Hero it id: -.
"Next I sent. Pierce (just able, to keep the
saddle,) with his (-.'.'c cow.KnirJtil by Caff.
hie, .&.C., to attack the enemy's right and
A Had Defeat. The Democracy of Lick
ing county have been holding a popular e
lection to agree upon a candidate for Con
gross in this district. Dr. Olds, Joung Wm.
Nf.il, and "James IlAinoniC Hmitii, Esq.,"
editor of the tititwium, !i fucto, were the
three nag3 on the course. The race came
the Dr
are in-
countinentlv ruled oil" the course. 'We
have not tho roturns from the entire county,
but learn enough to know that all the rest are
nmehcrt, when compared with Dr. Oliw In
tho city of Newark wc learn that the editor
of theo'Mc.iMKrt.Mr K.viiTit,gol the enormous
number ofoti," votes of out some 400. ThiB
demonstrates thc astonishing popularity of
the organ in that place, :
Wo regard the result as Retting tho ques
tion in favor of Dr Olds. Ho will probably
be able to get the support of the delegaU s
from his own, (Pickaway,) county' ' and this
secures his nomination. ' v
According to the SMerman, Dr Olds,
some years since, became Helunct.and the
editor of that paper wrote and published his.
epitaph which was' " Died for want of hon
est principles. The deep and loud resnrec
tion that dug up Pierce, and made him a
candidate for President, may also dig up iind
resurrect Dr. Olds, bo that he can get the
hearty support of eveu Sam. JIedary. Co
lurnlms Journal. . '
Scott at Vera Cruz. During tho bom
bardment of Vera Cruz, Scott while walk
ing along tho trenches one day, observed sev
eral of our troops rising up and looking over
tho parapet to wntcb, the effect of our shot
and shells." Tho'Gendral cried' out "Down
with your mcnl-don't cxposo yourselves."
"But General," said one, "you expose your
self!" "Oh!" replied Soott, " Generals now
a-days can be mado out of any body, bnt men
can't easily be had." ' "
I havo seen it doiie; in the f frhig of 1831,
my father commenced agardin, end Mining
other things set cnttings.-Jiul ar soon cstlu-y
grew, I pinched c'V all the lows' to about
half way up tho first year's rjov.th, co as
to leave the lowest limb about two feet from
the ground. It branched well and became
a nice little dwarf tree. Wh''.n it came to
bear fruit it was more productive than any
other bush in the gurden.and the Iriul larger
it was less infected with spiders and oth
er insects; liens could not pick oil the !ru,l
and grasa and weeds are more easily kept
from' about the roots and it. was an orna
ment instead of a blemish.- Now, I would
propose that currant cuttings be set in rows
about five feet each way; let them be lo:ig
and straight ones, and trained into treoj.
Michigan Farmer.
New Remedy for TciornAciiF.. 3Ir. Jus.
Ileatsnn, of Airdrie, 'says': Gum Copal, when
dissolved in chloroform, forms on excellent
compound' for stuffing the holes of decayed
teeth. I have need it very frequently, and
the benefit which my patients have derived
from it has been truly astoliifhing. Tho np
plic; tinn is simple and eacy. I clean out
the hole, and moisten a little cotton with the
solution:! introduce this into the decayed
and in every instance the rebel has
liUt, July 2. li'fi.'v. The bill ln;ro of Lumlv's Line, "the expected over-
S'rnnting Ohio all' tho unappropriated lands 1 whelii.ingiy brilliant" peroration was acci
remaiuin" un;;oL! in that State, reported and i dentally cut r-hort by the accidental stepping
. . . . .-'' ... . . . 1 .1 r, i .1.1 t ,.r . I., .c. I... Unnl
laid cn the t ".hie. iioiisoiiioit up mo l enu-1 over tne cage 01 111s piau ooi, ikw
svlvauh contt sted election case, and alter ; nuont yau'i ora'or, who roll
I did. ate wag laid on the table &7 yeas lo74
nays, fc'o 11. Fuller retains bis seat and
II. B. Wrijht goes home.
House went into committee of the whole
on tho State of the Union, and took np the
amendment to tho deficiency bill, and shortly
aft- r adjourned.
Senate engaged on private calender and
in executive session, afterwhich it adjourned
until Tuesday.
Hvcui Wiitj; ideation Eloetins
nt "cVas:-ji;:f".
Wasiukutoii, Juno 23 11, P. M. The
Whig Ratification meeting, which adjourned
last Wednesday night, owing to the rain, re-.-i.-.-.en.bleil
to-n'i:'ht ct the City Hail. The
assemblage was preceded by the firing of 31
(una in City Hal! square. The capacious
stand in front of tlie Ciiy Hall wae beautiful
ly adorned with flags, banner, and transpa
rencies, tin-mounted by lmigthy inscriptions
on linen of "Hcott, Graham, and the Com
promise." 1 he stand was lasen pocrMon
of by the officers chosen at the last meeting.
About 8 o'clock the Whigs ol'tlie difi'oren'.
wards with music, banners ami transparen
cies, arrived on the ground, and the mooting
was calied to order by Walter 1'iio.x, me
President, who opened the meeting with an
elomieiit uddress, and introduced a series ot
... . . 1: ... Will,,,..,... ,.,,,l
nicatingthe gratifying information, that the
ravages of the cholera had ceased, and that
no fears of attacks from hostile Indians ex
isted on the part of the emigrants.
.... 1. .. .--7- 1 , .. ,-nTK f-.i-.Kinvn-aann r r niff
nd wi h the luliestcon- o-v m . .u--" u.n.iug .
tidenco in the ability and patriotism of our quannoa ior matui
candidate. His enemies and the enemies of . prerne Court of Massachusetts, to which he
his country may nil on; they msy vent their 1 has been recently appointed.
heavily down i l'liasrlD al 11,3 uohiuiuuuii m c.u. v, , ..h jondon vv eeKiy iiispaicn eiawo
t'11 s'e'is and otuuanl.ment, nnt on neing 1 eu ouu uu.,ui. ."r" '- -j -j - mat upwarus 01 jtau.uou kmj.j
'. ". ... . , , . 1. ,. 1 t . ,- , l.l:.. . k:.. r.InW.l,.,!,,. . ,-
piched up Dv the two laus who nao aione 1 male nts leuors auu 'jimui 1 iiie..'j lost per week, ior Lltecn weeES, maKing do
been ins milliter.-', I.e dec
been sh.nving It ir -p.. I
in-P .' . ........ . ,
- take the ir.elal whirl, uuj been prereniea . ; r- r : - ,
Westkks New Yubk.-U is pretty early o thc dNtinr,uid soldier by thc gratitude 1 KTA Convention of "Spintua.ists, far
to make predictions in regard to th e elec- j Cl)Unt"riitill all avail notVmg.'and near, is announced to take place at
lion, but it has never been unsafe to rely up- 1118 V ' ,, j .,M Cleveland Ohio, on the 4th proximo,
on Western New York, in a hard contest, i The people will rally around and protect and , j r ,
for an overwhelming Whig mat irity. In I nut-port him, as ho basso nobly and laith.ully 1 Reasons hy. We have lots ol good
V , j , ru ,.l-k
'-ft.!. ..n, n 1 ,e r nn rm;rm will iwu oci-n -----
dared he had only mnyiin their desnnir, descend below the dig- jeBS than 2.262,500, by the recent strks of
'icrce ..' from his ; njty q UiiJ:iignt bber who scorned to EnWh engineers.
Lane and Mexico, than was rolled up in 1840
The enthusiasm already awak'iiod among
the people has sent nlarin into the camp 0!
the enemy. RorLst.r Dtm.
the Haruison Campaion of 1840, Locofoco- j nro.;,f t,,,! tn.j supported the stars und stripes documents to publish about Gen." Scott, as
ism v, an uiiiiuai iiiuiuiii.iie.i. , 1
tir-n ennti.lenee I h.-lf we f-ll.-lll fiVO tt larffCr
majority for the Hero of Chippewa, Lundy's j dolenu him irom wie iuu o, ui(, vcntion. ln these we shall present good
as in ins patriotism, ne so euci-oisiuuj ue- aj gufheient rmsms Khy every wmg jn
fended our common country. His last bat- Tennesseeshould promptly raliy to the stan
tlowith theencuiiea of law and order, of dard of the brave old veteran who has always
-.I ;tOrlA. ri'SJJaUPL TONIIUJIUU.ft.ll.
been almo.it instantaneous.. The chloroform
removes the pr-ini and the gum copal resists
the action gf the. saliva; and ns the applica
tion is so agreeable, those who m.iy labor
under this dreadful malady would do well to
make a trial of it. MnJical Tims ill Jour.
DstU. Sck-n'ee.
fjrJTwo women were looking at the snme
dress nnttern in a dry roods store on Lower
' , - , 1 ., 11 I liie 1 UOl'lH!r w i e 11 in en.:
f "ZZ : t was made' up-
1 111 .1 ' !..!. .uvn. lmM
Ttho Tiiln wlr alf S i.nt.y.h,minatod,n
1 iiev l ien on ui1 hi ut'i' " . . -
New Definitions.
filatiisinansliij: Making a speech against
the widow of Geri. Harrison.
(ienerosity. Giving a boy a cent's worth
of candy.
Tnrriorhip. Fainting ut thc sight of a
Xntiimalitij. Voting against the improve
ment ofour rivers and harbors.
Tlenitioii. Refusing Catholics the priv
ilege of holding office.
Equal Riyhts. Denying Anti-Slavery
men the right of petition.
Prnqrirs. Nominating a man for pres
ident whose life is on illustration of these
! definitions. Forest C'iy.
American honor and American interests, . . . vr,mftnta , f
will be the most glorious of them all, unless lne brighteoi pages of her historic glory.
indeed snme unforeseen exigency should jje wj be found W the language of a notable,
resolutions complimentary to r illmore and
Webster, and warmly endorsing the nomi
nations of Scott and Graham. The meeting
was then nddresr-ed by Hon. J. VV. Miller, of
New Jersey, Joseph R. Chandler, of Pa.,
Gov. Morehead, of Ky., and Gen. Cullom,
nfTenn.. in elonuent nnd haniiy remarks. 1
The ineelini' was still in progress ut the 1 The readers ol the journal w 111 romem-
nluno us into another War, v.-h .-n like the
great Washington he-would refiinie liissword
to vindicate his country and protect her peo
ple. The Whig firor. burn brigh'ly upon every
hill ton and in every vail v in our land.
Hut there is no time to be lost.
democrat of Ter.n., "ritrbt upon the journal
and in the papers," upon the vital questions
tion oidny. He was valiantly defending th
soil of his country against the invasion of
a foreign foe, when many of us were in our
swadling clothes and lot us not now dishoner
the first'draft ever drawn in his favor, upon
Immediate our popular approbation. Xashville Ban-
n,l iwniwt efforts should cl once be mado
The campabmis a short one; we must imi- fjrCan'tour friends of the "old Whig
. , r ,,.,'i.rt i.J,.r nrJ paper" inform us and the public where Gen.
tate the example of our gail .nt loader and thatlicy
proceed at once into the th'.ik."st or thchght naj (jite an interesting discussion on the
rallying our forces as v. o move along subject one contended he was from New
.;,", il.m ., deeds ofval.i.-bv thestirrinir Jersov another from New York and still
bcr the billingsgate with which the Statrs- tion nm tml3 achieve a complete and impor- t))0 lot)or
Aman assailed (ionrral II.VKr.is.iH in 18 J0 ttyidory. Whigs of Old Fairfield! Push Imliana 1
Kh eii'rth torn it in two. UiOV
.'. . . . . . . , r .1. el...
hold of each other's hair, aim iuii;,iu i.m.
Trojans, until the clerk interposed, and suc
ceeded in getting them out of tho store.
Gin. Com.
Another illustration of "Woman's Rights. .
fjAm.troLis, Jackson and Ciullitotiie
Railroad, The iimouiit of stock necessary
to secure the charter of tho Gallipolis, Jack
son and Chiliicothe Railroad Company, hnv
inir been subscribed, the stocklioliivrs uro to
meet in Gallipolis, on the loth of July- for
tho purpose of electing Directors and organ,
iaing tho Company. . . '
Retailing. "Do you retuil things," asked
a green-looking specimen of humanity as he
poked his head info a store on Main street,
the other dnv.
"Yes," was tho laconic reply. " VY el ,1 j Tl0 nrcivais f,.om Australia at Liverpool,
wish you would re-tail my dog he hud it bit brl,r w m nmu.PS f gold. '
oil about a week ago. lue, - Coru oww. wu(,t wi,i,e 6s id to fis 3d
notes of our candidates-driving the enemy ; Oh wTereXe. Gen!
bofore us-dislodging them trom every posi-; ,. . , , s hnil from, VVhat State has
of claiming him an its citizen!
tho latest ever cenvOl.ed here, and the la-1 mere' military men. 1 tiey were A Conspiracy is Tirs f mrn army j n in 6,ction(1 of the counlrV( the
dies an present in large numbers. Three i as statrsm-n. and bad spent the rn-eater part i Tho N,.w Yorli Times learns by a private 1 Norhi the Swuth, the Kast and tho West,
bands of music are in attendance, and perform ol their lives 111 service m the nvii uu.iirs 01 ct,nspiracV wn3 recently and in Mexico; and he is a citizen of thc Un-.
"! "ttu - . . t. . , x.. . it a .m.m. win MM
11 was ue- 1 ion. ji ou "i - --
.11 ir ...I T a
or some other weil-iniornieu iremucrai icu
hirinf the oroirress of the meeting. Hun-
fires are lighted in different parts of the city,
producing a fine effect. The greatest en
thu'iam prevails. '.
. Avrival.cf 3sp Afric;s.
New York, July 1. The Africa arrived
at 1 o'clock A.M., with dates of the l!Ub.
No news of interest, (ion. Lnmorcicr had
been impelled from Aix La Cliapelle, where
ho Imd gone for the benefit of his health.
Another' revolution hud broken out in Al
geria. The Council of State decided that
the- jndicial trituinois nave no juntuiu-uun
of their country.
side by side, in the same niche of fame by
the editor of the StoUsuuinU Journal.
05-Tliat Gen. Scott will de defeated wc
do not entertain the least doubt. Cin. Enq.
That's itist exactly what Santa Anna
thought at one time,, but upon a hotter sc
quuintanoO with thc General,- he altered his
mind.v-Mn;. Uax. .
(ryA wag Bomo time ago advertised a
carriage to perform without horses, with one
wheel, and invited all curious mechanics to
inver the nuestion of tho Orleans confines- i oo it. Many members of tho society of arts
. 1 1 r
attended, anu in ineir uruur oir,t-tiaiioii,
were shown a iclfmiirrow.
07A young man employed in a tobacco
ctory, became, ilerangen, a lew unys nf
rsev city, through the influence, as
supposed, of thc fumes of thut material.
Waswivoton. Jackson,. Harrison, placed i uiscovereu in 111errem.11 mmy
nounred l-y a sergeant iu u.o ",, ; . . . . , . citizenshiDt
joined the conspirators, but became fright-i W(i8 it on tjK, lights of Qwsenstown on
oned at the extent and boldnessor their ie jjth of October lSI2,or at Chippewson
Plans. He states that in tho regiment to I tho 5th of July 1814, or at Vera Cruz on
which he belonged an association had been
OCrSonie men devote themselves so ex
clusively to their business, as to almost en-
tire v net' ecttheir domestic ami social nun- -- , ,,., .., n,i,
tion, AVmlemah of this cla. having .ail-1 W V
ed.vvas asked what he interded to do. "I am , sc'irw, . ,ivn.,eo I nrd advanced
going . ,,ne," .aid he, "to get acquaint
with my wile and children. j rcftjM t0 n)ow , por fRnt on ,io)ofl.
Tyranry. Last' month, in tho' citjr of , it.' Ovcr21,P00,000 million, in tmnK. t.on
Paris,' nino men wore condemned to death, Uos 993 to 99: - American stocks in privn-to
for nobly resisting tho usurpption of Napo-1 demand. Advices from Liverpool of the 19th,
Icon nt thb time of the revolution, in Decern-1 quoto cotton as declined one-sixth since last
)or . - ' ' week, nnd In some Cases f on lower nunlity.
' - , 1 - r. 1 .
... ii..rv lernToe ilerangen. u lew tinva uru ui
Flour, western canal 20s to ays .-Jjfy, through the nfluence, as It is
delniin 30sto31s. . Com, white 20s fid to A... r .1....
30s; Yellow 30s Cd to 31s. Provisions ac
Wise, tho Balloon man, makes an
other ascension in Newark, O., on the
10th of July next.
(VrWhv is Gen'. Pierce the canly-Aa& for
the Presidency! Because ho will be lick(d
up in November.
(rTho Emperor of Austria has left !Vien
1 nn on his Hungarian tour. -
the 10th March 1847, or at Ccrro Gordo on
iih Anril 13i7. nrst Cheruhnsco on.
formed,' among whose members were n"" j lrie 20tll August 1847, or at MoHno del Rejr.
bered Borne eiglity or ninety non-commts- on ine lStli September 1847, or at Chapulte-.
sioned officers, who had agreed, in thc event 1 pec on the 1 Ith September 18471 ht.
. . nnnu n,,tl.ronli ii-hen ordered to lire I Jour.
a I'UJMIIU. w......n
upon the people, to aim their bullets attneir
own officers, and join the popular ranks.
The informer was unable to say whether the
orranizntion of the conspirators extended
beyond his own regiment. I heir move
ments .seemed to have been, planned and
prosecuted with great care and secrecy. .
Tremendous Hail .STor.at.Qn the 81st
inst.,an extraordinary hailstorm occured in
A Sign! We received an order for out
paper yesterday from a gentleman in a south
ern county who with two other voters in tho,
snme family, have always been democrat,
bnt now declare their purpose to oto for.
VVinfield Scott. Thousands who would have
voted for Marcv, had he been nominated.
Lwill now go fo tin great Dofcnder of hi
country., ioc. Pern. ' r
Wc have undergono a like experience Mr. .
Democrat only a little more so.- - Two gen-.
lliob'.uu fc.muv.i...j ...... . - . ju,IlV.-l III OU IJ U'l.c M... J w v. .
Mitllin county. Pa. It is said the hail stones ,imPn wlm Imvo nU-ivn voted be locofoco
were the size of hulled walnuts, and covered lieitet came in and subscribed for our paper
the ground to the. depth of fiCtoen or eighteen j nnrj expressed their determination to vota for
inches. Sad havoc was played with window 1 Qcn- Sctt. next full. Locijmrt Cow.
trlass.lhc crol's, and fruit trees.. The bark
was pooled off from the ;trees, and persons
who happened to bo out in. the storm had their
flesh so badly bruisVd thnt.it turned blnck.
fj5"Dvvring the past year 31,703 person
were committed to prison in New York city
19. 4M w-rre in'cmperntP.. , ;

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