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Tnwd.iy Ercninir, July 0, 143:1
Tribute to Ussbt CiAT.Tho diatio
fuUhed statesman anJ nobto patriot, Tor
whom a Nation now mourns, !iaJ tlio good
fortune to outlive the calumnies of his ene
mips. " I da not rise upon this mournful
occasion," said G on. Cuss during the pro
ceedings in the Senate following the death
of Mr. Clay, " to indulge in the languigc of
panegyri?. My regard fjr till memory of
the duad, anJ for the obligations of the liv
ing would equally rehuko such a course.
The severity of truth i3 at onco our proper
duty, and our best consolation. Born du
ring the revolutionary struggle, our deceased
associate was one of tho few remaining pub
lic men who connect the present generation
with the actors in tho trying :eues of that
eventful period, and .vhoae names and deeds
will loon be known only in tha history of
their country.
" He was cnother illustration, and a noble
one, ton, of the glorious equslUy of our in
stitutions, which freely offer all their rewards
to all who justly seek them, for ho was the
Architect of his own fortune, having made
his way in life by self-exertion : and he was
an early adven'urer in tho great forest of
the west, then a world of primitive vegeta
tion, but now tho abode of intelligence and
religion, of prosperity and civilization,
" But he possessed that intellectual supe
riority which overcomes surrounding obsta
cles, and which local seclusion cannot long
withhold from general kno-.vlcge and appre
ciation. It is almost half a century since he
passed through Chillicothc, then the sett of
government of Ohio, where I waa a mem
ber of the Legislature, on his way to take
his place in this very body, which i now
listening to this reminiscence, and to a fee
bla tribute of regard from one who then saw
him for tha fiist tinti, but who can never
forget tho impression ho produced by the
chirms of his conversation, tho frankness of
his manner, and the high qualities with
which he waa endowed.
" Since then he lias belonged to his coun
try, and has taken a pirt, and a prominent
part, both in peace and war, in all the great
questions directing her intercbts and her
honor J und though it has been often my
fertunt lo diller from bim, yet I believe he
was a pur a patriot as ever participated in
the councils of a nation anxious for the
public good, anJ sacking to attain it, during
all the vieisiiii'les of a long and active life.
Tint ho exercised a powerful influence with
in the sphere uf his action, through the whole
country, indeod wo all feel and know ; and
we know, loo, the eminent endowments
whijh gave him this high distinction.
" Frank anil fearless in tho expression of
his opinions, and in the performance of his ,
duties, with rare powers of eloquence, which
never fuiled to rivet the attention of his au
d'.tory, and which always commanded admi
ration, even whon they did nut carry con
viction ; prompt in decision, and firm in ac
tion, and with a vigorous intellect, trained
in the contests of a stirring life, and strength-
ed by enlarged experience and observation,
joined withnl to an ardent lovo of country
and to great purity of purposo : these were
tho elements of his power and success.
And we dwell upon them with mntirnfu'
gratification now when wo shall soon fol.
low him to tho cold an I silent tomb, where
wo shall commit earth to ofirth, aalica to
ashes, dust to dust, with the blessed convic
tion of tho truth of that divino revolution
which teaches us that thero la life and liopo
beyond tho narrow home where we shall
leave him alono to the mercy of his God and
-II- ha. passed b, yond tho reach of h-
man praise, or censure, but tho judgment of
his cotempjraries has preceded und pro
noiinccd tho judgment of history, and his
nnmo and fume will shed lustro upon his
country, and will bo proudly cherished in the
hearts of his countrymen for long ages to
rome. Yes, tiiey will bo .cherished and
freshly remembered when theso marble col
umns that surround us so often the witness
es of Ids triumph, but in a few brief hours,
when his mortal fr.nne, despoiled of iho Im
mortal spirit, shal rest under this domo fori
tho last time, M become tho witnesses of his
defeat in that final contest where thu might
iest fall before the great destroyer when
tltssn marblo columns shall themselves have
fallen liko all tho works of man leaving
their broken fragments to tell tho story of
former magnificence, an. id the very ruins
that antioumo docay and desolation." i
Shuiild this deserved euloglum upon one)
o( iIi j bi'st mn our country hns yet pro
duced, fall will, ei'ore weight upon the
partisans of the speaker, who pursued the
ulj:ct of the cuijjjy wili, vindietiveness
unparalleled In vlu lilliry ()f ?Mlefi nm
harrow up their feWing, toa.eno of shame
for tho wrong, i',,.y have eoinmiP(f tty
may maka a partlnl atonement by doing
justice to tho dead nnd nt the same time ex"
hibltlnj amnn rrd for Irmh when they
havo occuslon to speak of the living Vl0
iifilr from them in opinion. But"a full
atonement csn never he mad... ,i. ,
. . ...... n v Willi It; 1 Ci i
urn nf. . . .i r 1- r . of h ffrr.y eye, you tlinmibs every
who n L TJ . '",i;H l' .'"r """'P' "'tm.lmrrassmon. and enter t,t onee
Excite, iff , , Mir"" ,Wl"11' ,,",,.'"t'-nver.atio, a, with an old and famil
excitement of the hour led them to pursue. ; Wf ,,. , , ;r,md of . lhoimni,
(XrTho honor which Gen. Tierce )a8
been said by his friends to have won at the
bn tlo of Cliapult"pfc, spems, when we come
lo iho fact, tube liko his othor military hon
ors, without foundation. His friends must
try some uthcr trark, for it seems they have
totslly failed to "write him up" a great Gen
cral. In speaking of tho buttle of Chapul
tepee.Gf n. Worth, in his report, says:
"I have lo assert that the battle had been
won more than an hour befuro Ueti. Pierce's
brigade, or any other supports, reached the
Croundithat I hair been nearly that leiifrth
ofl!m engaged i j coeetln;"tbe wounded
sun a sdj that Pierce's brigade did nut ap-
that capitated work until two hours after it's
i'1"" '"ui.'io w r-jnace amuo occupy
arrival; that It was not in the sense nsed,
"interposed between Garland' brigade and
tho retreating enemy," U,n om.MV lvlntr
retreated three hours before."
At.L ro 8cotT..-. friend bronjeht us in
this morning list often subscribers, seven'
of whom ho declared from hi. own personal!
knowledge had been Locoloeos to tbe
nomination or Gen. Scott. That is the way
Iho ball rolls. -( m. Ath.
RiTinciTro Meitogs Immense GaMer
ings of the Masses. The people respond to
the nominations ot the Whig party with an
enthusiasm never before manifested in the
history of parties. They are rushing to the : express, dated Wague, June 3, says;
support of the nouiihees with atj unanimity I Families formally in easy circumstances
which will carry them through the caiivasaj are reduced tn beggary and to severe sufl'er
leaving no chunce for the opposition to inS, rom huuger. Bakers sell bread or rye
rally thur forces. We have no room for all
the responses; thfy come thick and fast upou
us from all parts of the Union and with
scarcely an exception aro like the follow
0( the ratification meeting In Loulsviile,
the Journal says:
It far exceeded in numbers, and it great
ly surpassed in enthusiasm, all tho vast
tfsihcrinfr, the mighty mass meetings, held
in Louisville during the memorable Presi-
dential campaigns of former year. There
was not one of the great Harrison meetings
of 18 10, not one of the great Clay meetings
of 184 1, not ono of the crcat Taylor meet
ings of 1818, that could compare in n agni
tude or lnspirit with this tremendous out
pouring of the people for the ratification of
tho nomination of Gen. Winfield Scott and
the Hon. V. A. Gniham for the two high
est rsfficcs of the Republic."
"W e should be glad to be able to give ab
stracts of the eloquent speeches made upon
the occasion, but we could not do them jus
tice, nor could we give any adequate Idea of
the shouts which they called forth from th?
gathered thousands. If thcrehave b en any
doubts heretofore as to the reception whic h
Kentucky, glorious old Kentucky, would
five to tho Wli'g nominntion.those doubts are
ispelled and annihilated forever and ever.
We do not forget the overwhelming majority
which Kentucky gave for Gen. Harrison in
1340, but we confidently believe that she
will give a heavier nnjority for Scott and
Graham than she has given lor any canilidute
within the last quarterof a century. A spir
it is uroused in the hearts of the Kcntuck
Ids that nothing can withstand."
The meeting in Cincinnati was equally
large and enthusiastic. Tho Times, a neu
tral pnper, says:-
-Upon the whole, the demonstration was
quite encouraging to the Whigs of this city.
It exceeded in numbers the ratification of
tho Democracy, held a few eveningssince in
Court street square, and was fur mure enthu
siastic. Ono feature in it was observed by
every boc'y. A large portion of tho crowd
was composed of Irishmen, who have here
tofore acted, almost to a man, with the Dem
ocratic party. They were not only present,
but were umo.ig the most enthusiastic in the
cheeiinif. This would seem to indicate that
a largo portion, at least, of the Irish voters
of thin city intend to 'bolt," and go it "(Scott
At this meeting, the Gazette says:
"Mr. Gibbons, an Irishman, and with all tin
Irishman's fervor In the cniiM he espouses,
was the next speaker. He proceeded lo
give his reasons for supporting Scott tne!
Graham in preference lothe nominees of
the Democratic party, so called. Scott,
though astiitineh I'rutestant, was a catliulic
man catholic, in Unit bin soul was largr
enough to tolerate every form of honestly
eiitertuined religious belief. A pplause, anii
cries of "sure, and aint we u 11 going for
bim!" When the corrupt and perjured En-
cowardice in crwhing a fallen fe, have shot
the Irish prisoners taken In the last War
with that country, Gen. Scott stood upon the
quarter of an English man-of-war tly'i
mi nd tfiat boy s ! on an English man-of-war
and told the eptiul.'tted hirelings of that
damnable Government, thator en Irish
man rhot, two British officers should bite the Just!
Enthusiastic and long continued cheers for
Scott. That dauntless bearing saved my
countrymen. And can I forget tho mag
nmim us actions of the conqueror of Mexi
co, who secured to a vanquished pcoplo all
thrights of property and more than this
all the rights and privileges nf free and un
restricted worship! N'evt r! Gentlemen, my
futher fought under Gen. Scott on tho bat
tle field, and, if it pleases God, I am going to
fight for him in this political campaign.
Mr. Gibbons allu led to tho clause in the
constitution of New Hampshire -that State
in which Gen. fierce is said to have been
tho loading politician disfranchising all of
his faith, and decl ired that tho arch enemies
of his dearly loved Ireland Lord Lyndhurst
" , f "
his vote as this sumo Franklin I'ierce."
This, in mercantile phrase, is only a sam
ple of the lot, and conveys a mere idea of the
people's enthusiasm and rejoicing.
If cup the ball rolling! OldCliip is in the field!
Tlii'n.kiVH, lui'inh lor WiwiriuMi Scott,
Whn Ictiti (lie ic'tt VVhit (limp,
Ami only takot whin dii' i-a In,
"A I Ia i T plalf ifmip
V ho nrvtr ci unti hi pn'iiilcft,
Aud iicvfr knuu f.-nr.
I Itut gives lif i Cues ikinii fire.
In lYuof ' d 'In Tlio riinr."
I llin nil! Ilnimli! Hurrah!
For Si' If, th I tve md trux.
Wliftn'vm- I'ftin'i nn ln'ttle fiVM,
lint lyl.t.liU Lmttlui dining!
A Noble Tribute! IKnvy Clay, in tho
Senate oflho United States in 1850, spoke
thus ol General Scott and the Mexican wtr:
"I must take this opportunity to say, that,
for skill for science for strategy for bold
and daring lighting for chivalry of individ
uals and masses, that portion of the Mexi
can wnr which was conducted by tho gallant
Scott as chiof commander, stands unrivalled
either by tho deeds of Carte himself or by
thosu of any other commander in ancient or
modern times."
Glh. Scott in Privati. A friend writes
ns a letter from Washington says the New
York Tribun: from which we tako tho fol
lowing account of the character and bearing
of tho People's candidate for President:
In his personal intercourse, lit is tho most
eusy and agreeable man in the world. He
makes no distinction in persons Senators,
Farmers, General, children and all faro alike
ut his hands. Tlio moment you hear hit-
.i.voite ami catch tlio kind and gentle cxpres-
: ' y ' Wl'id turn itisiin. tiveiy to lnm as
o many magnetic needles to tho pole. Of
all American (ienerals, living or dead, ho is
nndeubtedly the greutest, while those who
know him believe In their hearts that in all
tho qualities of a Breat, gen.-rous and good
man, he is second to no other. He is en
tirely nationul In all his views, and very fur
above that bitterness of party fueling which
so generully characterizes thoso who
only statesmen. He is not, and never bus
been, proscriptive, as thousand, of brave
Democrats who hovo idiuredu ith him the
hareiltt ith bim the
C . I. - I . L .1-..
.,,. ,uirerh of the battle-field will tcstifv.
! c. n. a.
The Cmst s or Khauce of 1351 irives one
curious result. The numher of women I
greater than that of men! Tiieilill'erence is
extraor Inary, being nearly a million and a
half. In Paris the difference is on the oth
er sido, there being '25,000' more men than
1 women..
A Hfavt morninq Laboh. The Grand
Jury of Philadelphia, on Monday morning,
acted upon and returned to the court, tne
largo number of one hundred and eight bills
of indictment. About ninety of these bills
1 WMP for M,mng u witn(ut fnw.
Tns Famine ix Germakt. The famine in Gej. Scott's Nativism. The falehoods
the mountain districtsof SouthernGermanyis j and forgeries that have been published a
yet unabated, and provisions scarce and pri. gainst General Scott are fast meeting their
ces exorbitant
A letter to the New York
uiiuvim liuu dl H'ii timet; Ii:upW ULULT
common grass along the public roads and
highways, and moss in the woods and eat it
to appease their hunger and prevent starva
tion. Such are a few ol tho many clarinsr
features uf the great famine, not in the l-ast
exaggerated, but authenticated by the official
report of the local authorities to their respec
tive Gjvernmeut. Truly ths wrath rfGodis
ufoh us
Foreicx Imports or 1852. the fiscal
year, which closed on the 30th ult., it in
thought, will exhibit an import trade less by
eleVett & a quarter millions of doll irs than
during the preceding year. There has bsen
a Tailing off in the importations of dry goods
at New York, tho receipts or which port
frtno the basis for this supposition, of more
than eleven per cent., compared with the
year before. Tlio fulling ulr in dry goods
was o vfng in part to tne t neapcning ot coi
ton fabrics, mid in part to the very poor r.'-
turns to importers and consigning manufac
turers the past fill. The general merchan
riizo column has been kept up, and slightly
increased by reason of the d.mnnd for for
eign migars, coffee, teas ortd railroad iron.
The total receipts nt the t'luLidelpma Cus
torn-house, however, fur the first hulf of the
current year sum up f$l,!J9j,33 08, againM
$1,959,439 no for the same period hst vear.
Increase 635,713 42. At tiiis rate of in
crease, the cash receipts for the year will
exceed, by $75,000, tho receipts of 1831.
The Nomination in New ITAMrsinnE.
Tho intelligence of Scott's nomination threw
the town of Nashua into a perfect blaze of
enthusiasm. The letter says: "The ut
most excitement prevailed tho whole of the
afternoon. Flags were run up nnd were
received with prolonged nnd deafening hur
rahs bv tlio crowds in the streets. 1'eo-
pie from the aiijjininj towns as they passeii
tho waving flags paused to pive three diet rs
lor tieott and victory ! Tho excitement
continued to increase until evening. Main
street was, for about half a mile, literally
crowded. Gen. Scott ill, from present ap
pearances, carry A'fic HampUrt beyond a
Rf.tt-r!( trom a Surveying Cri-ise
The U.S.brig.intiiu Dolphin, Lieut. Lee com
manding, arrived at. Now York on Thursdny.
in fifty duys from l'erunmbueo, having been
on a surveying cruise ubi.ut a year. In Boun
ding the ocean, tho greatest depth found
was about 4j miles. The currents were ob
served at the surface and nt tlio depth of 10
und SO fathoms; and the temperatures at va
rious depths from the gurlace,to500 fathoms.
The deepest cast, when bottom was obtain
ed, wus 3,300 fathoms. Tho results of thik
cruise will ho published by tho Bureau ol
Hydrography, it Is expected.
Ihoic A hrived. A largo lot of iron,
designed for tho Marietta & Cicinnati rail
road arrived in our city lust week. It will
lio placed on tho track "begining on the north
western border of this city and running
vventwa.-d, to fncilitntu the work of embank
ment and excavation inrhidlng tho Islam1
running beyond Purcoli's Summit. On tin
omnlntion of tho road from Wheelingand
Dulpre to Cincinnati, in 1854, it is the pur
pose of the Company to use tbrongliout tin
"Compound Rail," 73 pounds to trie yard
iOQO tons of which have ulroudy been pur
chased. Sci. Gaz.
Railroad Freioiit AnRAR&uir.iT. The
Pennsylvania Railroad Company and the
Ohio railroads have connected their freight
irraneements between Philadelphia and
M issillon, and Cleveland Ohio. Uti ler thii
irrangement, which took effect yesterday,
'ho rates Irom Philadelphia to "I.issiiloii or
Cleveland, are as follows : 1st class dry
roods, huts, boots, shoes, etc., SI 20 pe'i
100 lbs. !!d class brown muslin, h1 rJware.
tc, 90 cts. per 100 lbs. 3d snd 4;h clos
es coffee, queensware, fish, etc., 70 cent;
per 100 lbs. No commission charged foi
forwarding at Pittsburgh,
Scott at Vera Cruz. During tho bom
bardment of Ven Crux, Scott, while waik
ing along tho trenches one day, observed
several of our troops rising up und looking
iver to wi tch tho effect of our shot am.
shells. Tho General cried out, "Down with
you men! don't expose yourselves." "But
General," said one, "you expose yourself!"
"Oh !" replied Scott, 'Generals tinw-a-day -can
he made out of anybody, but men can'l
easily be had."
Gex. Pir.RCE ftiinlJ and fi ll from his
hirsejust beforo he got fairly into battle n
gainst the .Mexicans. He was trying an in
surance case in ono of tho New Hampshire
Courts a few months uifo, in u lin h a witness
nvoro thut he carried out of a li..uso a bu
reau, which was in fact heavy enough to re
quire two or three men to remove. The
General thought ho had him. "Sir," said
he, approaching tho witness menacingly,
"do ynti undertake to say that you curried
out that bureau r-lonei" "Yes, General,
ami didn't fuinteil'icr!" Worcester A'jis.
A Faintiso Iti'sisMs. Tho Louisville
Journal, which had expressed tho opinion
that it would be illiberal to cast imputations
on Gen. Pierce for having fainted at Churu
busco, now comes out and suys: "Wo were
not then aware of his having fainted in oil'
or two other battles. Wo might ex.-uso a
man, even a general, for fainting in osi:
lig.'it, but if ho f'uiiits in every ono ho jrots
into, we don't thii k we could vote for him
without fainting."
Western Poiik Trade. The Louisville
Courier notices contracts by tlio puckers of
thnt city, of some 20 000 hogs, to be 'uttencd
n Indiana, nl 3 and 3j Cents gross. Several
thousands huvo been enguned by Madison
packers for the next season at 4 and 4 J cents
net. Various contracts have also been made
in Kentucky ut 3 and 3.J cents gross, to be
delivered when fattened in the fall. A sale
if 1,000 bead has likewise been made, de
livered ut Louisville, ut 4$ cents net.
The Flax C'ropix Pulble Cocntv. The
Eaton Register says there is mo.'o than the
u.-ual quantity in cultivation this season in
ihat county and never saw flax look so well.
Somo fields aro just in bloom, and pre
sent a most magnificent appearance. Last
year Preblo county produced 80,000 bushels
of flaxseed, and tho crop this year will reach
100,000 bushels.
OCrThe Richmond Whig, speaking of the
coming election for the Presidency, says:
Tho Democrats have a holy horror of
,! . , t f m.
! uA?"
. . 7 " """7 LT.
Mexicans know it: tbe loeos know it. Tbe
knowing oii'M never bet against a winning
horse and on a stiimbliiii ono they never
will stake a dime. His success is as certain
as deulh or taxes.
"Send him to IIarnim.".
An exchange
J " ""'."oer 01 congress made a
speech theother day, In Coi,;niitte of the
Whole, in which ho confined himself to the
subject matter then under consideration, and
he was not called to order!
Blur Rinoic Tunnel.TIio work on the
Blue Rid''e Tunnol is coin? on favorably.
The mountain has been penetrated on one
side 650 feet, and on the other 900 feet. A
gang of ninety men arc kept at work night
and dsv.
deserved fate. One by one they are stamp-
ed with the infamy they so richly deserve
Ou h's return from Mexico.Gencral Scott
was met at New York with a magnificent
public reception. In his speech on that oc
casion, he used the following language:
"You have been pleased, sir, to allude to
our adopted citiztns. I cab say thut the
Irish, the Germans, the Swiss, tho French.
the Britons, and other adopted citizens.fought
in the same ranks, under the samo colors,
side by side, with the native-born Americans
exhibiting like courage and efliciency, and
uniting at every victory in the same enthu
siastic shouts in honor of our flag and coun
try. From Vera Cruz to the Capital of Mex
ico, there was one generous rivalry in heroic
daring aud brilliant achievements. Let
ihose who witnessed tho cureerof valor und
patriotism say, if they can, what race, ac
cording to numbers, contributed most to the
general success and glory of the campaign.
Cn the' many hard-fought battles, there was
no room for invidious distinction. AU prov
ed themselves the faithful .'mis ofourbelovcd coun
try, andnosy dntor could fail to dismiss any
imaginary prejudice he m'njht have enUrtaincd
is to tka comparative merits of Americans by
'i:th and Americans by adoption.
Brmiito Coxvictioss. Speaking of
.Scott's nomination, the Stahsman says:
'Wo make tho assertion from a burning
conviction of its truth, that the real fRd is,
that i he Prime Leaders of whiggery, backed
hy the millionaires of Wall street and the
bankers and monopolists of the country,
have become tired ot a government of the
people, and would prefer a military despo
And we make the assertion from a bum
ingcunviction of its truth, that the Statesman
hns published a falsehood, knowing it to b(
iuchj for -i ii the very same paper It publishes
letters from these same "millionaries of
Wall street" complaining bitterly of the
nomination. The fact is notorious that the
people nominated Scott against tho wishes of
these very men. Why will the editor of the
(Statesman, now approaching that Great
Judge who hates a falsehood, still persist in
bearing false witness againslhis neighbor)
A Row. During tho discussion in the
Cincinnati Communo Council, for the
payment of the bill made in entcrtuining
If ossuth at the Burnett House, one member
culled another a liur and a general row en
sued. Following the example set by Ohio
Locofocoism in ths Legislature, inkstun 't
were usd as weapons of attack, und white
vesta and pantaloons imflered some. The
boys outside hollowed "Goit boys," ''Thal'i
right," "Nigger in the pit,"4.c, &c. Thi
Commercial says the scene was surpassingly
musing as well as surpassing'y disgrace'
f&rThe Whigs seem to think that Gen
Scott onght to be elected President, because
no one is obliged to ask who he is, contend
iiiff every body litis heard of him. What
school buy has not heard of Gen. Arnold!
If he were ulive, would you elect him on th
same merit! J'laiiideakr.
1 be Cleveland Looofoco paner is the
meanest, most contemptibloond thoroughly
legrmled of them all. L:t the editor of that
paper link the names of Scott and Arnold in
presence of a LumVs L-ino soldier, und he
will fr.re considerably woreo lliati In th
handsof our obi friend Coon. Heoui'litto
bo sp'.t upon as a ihiiiif tinwurt! y the shape
of man.
OiyWhilo our e.vclnnges are notii Inj llie
various RatilU'fitioii Meetings, we 'runt th"y
inny not emit to nn'inien, thut one "of the
'amp sort" wits held, in old Chillicothc, on
the 2ti',!i of Jt;ne ultimo, ut which the camli
diit's and proceedings of the Whig F'residrn
tial Convention were endorsed, in whole and
in piirt.--4fci'oo (la:elic.
Of course ice will.
(Tho (Statesman is of the opinion that
Mr. Graham ought not to havo been nomi
nated for tho Vice Presidency, becnuse he
was Secretary of the A'aey. What a pity it
is, thuttlielVamersof tho Constitution didn't
think of this!
If iciM.r Disenr.riT.iiii.E-l'otiTicAL Fonut
ries. The Aurora of the previous week,
contained a call lor u meeting to be held on
Marietta. (Street, in the Thud Ward, lust
Friday ivt ning.
Amount the names attached to thatcull,
was that of William Ruth, Esq., a highly
intelligent GHrmanWhig. Wo aro requested
by Mr. Ruth, to say, thut he neither placed
hissignalurH to Ihat paper himself; nor mi
tborized any other person to do it. fie
further says, that, ho is entirely salis'ied
with tho Whig party, and expects to remain
with it.
One or two otlftrs, whose names appear
to the call for that meeting, huvo also, as
sured us thut, they had never authorized any
such use of their names.
The wire pullers of a party must bo hard
pressed, indeod, when they are compelled
to resort to little forgeries of this sort to In
duce tho people to meet together by TWEN
Tits or fortifs to listen to liarningues.
Desperate indeed, must their condition be.
Out, it will avail them nothing. On the
contrary; it must re-act upon them, and
leave them in even a still, worse situation.
Zanes, Courier.
0i7"Tlie New York Herald, a warm Pierce
paper, says: "General Scott will, liko Gen.
Taylor under the same circumstances, resign
his commission in the army." Gen. Taylor
resigned his commission alter lie was elected
President of the United States, and the
Herald is undoubtedly right in saying thut
Gen. Scott will resign under the saino cir
cumst iiices. Louisville Journal.
The Larder of an E.mVrkss. The Ger
man jou-nal states that, duringtho residence
of the Empress of Russia at Schlangenbad,
150 fowls, six hams, four joints of roast beef
of dt) pounds each, 00 pounds of fish, and
1,000 eggs havo been orderd tube delivered
every day for the supply of her table and that
of her court suite.
(XrOno of the speakers at the great rati
fication meeting in New York night before
last, said the democrats seemed to be hard
run for a candiduto. They ballottcd lor
every body they knew till they got tired, and
then they commenced balloting for men
they didn't know, and they soon agreed upon
Better Late than Never. At Haver-
I hill, Massachusetts, last week, Mr. Timothy
I George, a bachelor of the mature age of 74,
espoused Miss Anna Ordway, who had lived
in a state ot single blessedness for ol years.
03"ThcUostonHcrald records an instance
of a cat nursing a young rat, in that city, in
lieu of her kittens, which were drowned.
Yovaa Eaules. -On a small Island,
crowaed with ancient rock maples, in Whito
Hear Lake, ten miles north-east of St. faul,
Minnesota, there is a nest of young eagles,
two of them, about large onough to take
iiiRnion tne coming f ourth ot July.
A Fearful Peril TVo men Rescued from
Death in a vxllRemendcr the Remedy
Cold Water. Tho Fon du Lac Journal re
lates tho following wonderful preservation
of two lives by the application of water.
Tho remedy is something new j we may wel'
say "holy water," in view of what this, ele
ment seems capable of producing:
On the 19th, whilo driving a team on the
Sheboygatt road, about one-half mile east of
Little s tavern, Mr. Chapman s attention was
attracted by the hasty approach of a woman,
who iuformed him that a man had been
suffocated by the "dump" ia the bdttom of a
well close by. lie approached the place,
and saw the man, a German, apparently life
less ut the depth of some 38 tefct in a new
well. In a moment the owner of tho well,
Mr. H. Pierce, camo in from the field, and
prepured to descend and tie a rope around
he body, to haul it up. uctore lie couiu ue
it, he too, fell senseless. Hero was a trying
dilemma. No help near and two men perish
ing, while he hud the greatest difficulty in
keeping the distracted wife and a young lady
Irom (roi'i2 down also. Mr. C. then started
offfor help, but on passing into the road be
thought lumsellol trying the cnect ol inrp ing
water into iho well, which being continued,
soon had the effect of reviving the German,
so as to enable biln to put the rope around
the body of Mr. Pierce, a large fleshy man.
He was drawn up, but exhibiteu no signs oi
life, being black in the face and ubout the
limbs. By a constunt hard rubbing and
Irencliing with water, he was restored elow-
y, but painfully. To the energy and pres
jnce of mind of Mr. Chapman, these men
are indebted for their lives. We have been
thus particular in detail, to impress upon the
memory of the reader the remedy in such
cases water thrown into the well.
Importast Decision The Bank Taxa
tion Late Vectored Vnconstituliohal. In the
Commercial Court on Thursday last, a judg
ment was rendered bv Judge Key in favor of
the Lul'uyelto Bank against Henry Debolt,
lite Treasurer of Hamilton county, tor 812,
300,42, being ihe value of coin seized by
the dofendant as Treasurer, to satisfy
the taxes imposed by the law of 1851. The
causo was submitted to tho Court upon an
agreed statement of facts. Judge Key held
that the act establishing tho bank, and the
subsequent law of lb'37, fixed the rate of
taxation of which tlio bank was liuuio uu
ring the life of its charter that tho act of
1351, imposing a Higher rate, and uxing
new basis of taxation other then thut com
lemplatcd in tho charter, was unconstitu
lionul and void, and that tho Treasurer, al
though acting in strict pursuance bf (he
statute, was liuble, as an individual, for the
property seized. Cm. Atlas.
Costly Residences in New York. The
New York Ikruld contains an account of a
number of new buildings now going up in
the city of NewYork, chiefly for private resi
dences, iiioet of which that journal represents
as ol mognihcent and beuutiiul stylos ol
architecture. Among tho private residences
is one for Samuel Nicholson, estimated to
cost 0,000; another for J. Gihon, 835,000
Si a number for different individuals costing
from slightly beneath 40,000 to $20,000
each. M. O. Roberts is building two that
will cost SiSO.OoO. Forty-two of these mag
nificent mansions will cost an aggregate of
511.170,000, averaging 27,300 each. One
firm of two partners is building seven thut
aro to cost 270,000 (nearly 30,000 apiece,)
A lnch whon completed, might almost bo sty!
d a row of pu luces.
The Wat it Works. Whilo our oppo
nents are busy in gathering and purading in
ilu-ir columns tbe names uf a few centh'iiieu
111 tlio commercial cities w bo were desirous
of u nomination uf a different Presidential
candidate, and who have been fuolisheiiough
to evince their dissatisfaction through the
newspapers, facts like tho following mav not
he unworthy of uUentlon. A friend of ours,
and a glorious Whig and Scott mrin, who
employs sonv hundred hands about bis mills
in Saginuw Ci.uiity,beiiig on u visit there at
the time oftlie reception ot'tho nomination,
took the sense of the meeting at his saw
mill, and out of SO m n present, three-fourths
of whom were Democrats, Go freely and o
penlv declared their determination to vote
for Windi'ld Scott. Del. AJv.
North western Virginia Railroad.
The Purkersburg (luzetto states that the lo
cation of this mud is now complt ted, nnd that
it will be divided into 103 sections or about
one mile each. These are comprised in throe
division, averaging about 34 j miles, under
the cht.rge respectively, of the Assmtant tn
gineers who made the locations, nnd each
division will bo subdivided into residences of
about seven miles. The sections to be let
on the 24th of next month aro 55 in number,
a.-id embraceull tho houvy work on the route.
The remaining 43 sections of light work will
be let early enough to insure their comple
tion at the same time as the others, probably
next spring.
Movements of Si'ErtK. Stutisticsof Pro
duction and Coinage. Tho arrtvols as well
as the shipments of gold duringtho monte of
June havo been heavy, but as usual tho re
ceipts from l.ulifornia far exceeds the ex
porta to Europo. Tho Deposits at the Mint
up to June 30th, amount to $0,500,000. Tbe
exports of specie from N' w York to Europe,
including the amount ot $400,000 carried by
tho steamer on the 30til day of Juue, have
been $3,94 1,000; showing an excess of re
ceipts over exports, during tho month, of
Iron Paper. At the Prussian Industrie.!
Exhihition, Count Renartl, Inrge proprie
tor of iron-works, cxl ihits shoet-iron of such
a drgree of tenuity that the leaves csn be
used for pnper. One of the finest sort the
machinery rolls, is 7,040 square feet, of what
may he cnlletl leaf-Iron, from a cwt. of metal.
A hook hinder of Rresslnu has made au al
lium of nothing; else, the pagvB of which
turn ns flexibly as tho Uncut fabric of linen
F.ATE from Tiir; Mikes. Durinj the past
few cley there have been several persons in
from the mines, some of whom were residents
ofthis rity formerly, and upon whom we ran
ly . They all aree jn the statement that
the miners are doing remarkably well, pen
erally averaging about an ounce per day.
New discoveries, still nearer us, aro con
stantly beinsf made. Thus it will bo seen
that tho Willamette Valley is fast approxi-j
mating in tho center of a rich mining country, j
Oregnnian, May 15.
Extraordinary Calf. Warren Young,
Esq, of this place, is rnisinjr a bull calf, forcx
hibition at the next Fair, which exceeds any
thing of tho kind ever brought under our no
tice. On Saturday last it was eleven weeks
old and wtighed 380 jxiunds! During tho two
weeks preceding, it had gained 70 pounds
an average of 5 pounds per day. It Is a cross
of tho liskewell and Durham, who can
match it ! Warren Trans,
fjrThe Staunton Spectator thinks there
is some mistake about Gen. Pierce being a
descendant of the Dukes of Northumberland,
and would infer from his feats in Mexico,
that he belongs to the Somerset family.
. tttrJohn Oreiner, of Columbus, lato In
dian A irent in New Mexico.has been appoin-
ed Becrotary of that territory in place of
Win. A lien, resigned.
OirHon. G. W. Thompson, member of
Congress from the Wheeling district has re
signed his scat in the House of Representa
tives. Mr. Thompson, at tho late election
in Virginia, was elected a judge,
Sale of the Zaursville 4 Maysvllle
Taraplke Road.
pORROANT to a decre. of th. eourt of ,mrna
1 1 1. of Miiftlringuu, eounty, in th of A mm
Hentnnw. tha ancivllls anf Msyivilln Tunmili.
Ro.d ron.wnjr t Ihe April Torm. A. D. IKI thTnf
And by virtue nf in nrd r of wj, therein to me dl
reeled, by td court, 1 will on
PotunUy lhU h day f OrlnlMT, 18.V4,
bitweon ths hours of 10 o'clock A. M. nj 4 o'clock
P. M. nf Mid Hay. before th duor of tlio court. hcuw
in tho city of Cliillln,the.otriT for to tho hlcho,t
biilder therefur. tho Zm.ovillo and Mtviville T.ivn.
pike Roml. ind all Ihe prop-Tly franrldai-a and privi
leges hplnngipK 'o tlu)id Hn'd enmpanv.
Suihulu will brrundurtrd in 'II ronpects, In con
formity to the prnminnn of the Act of thn (Ji'iienl
AmPinMy nf thiS!'eof Ohio, entitled '-An Art for
li? mo lo oflho Zunekville nd Mnvuville Turnpike
mnl lo pmvidn for the payment of iii il"lt," ispj
March 2(hh, A. I). IKE!. A. n ASS EXT. ItcrtSrrr,
""' nf Ami Uetanrs the Zancitcille and
Maystill Turnpike ifrW company.
MhMir, tfuiy o, ioo. i td.
Notice to Creditors.
AGREEABLY to the proviiontlioof"Art"boe
mentioned, tho cnditir r ih. .. A c.,..i
piny in. hereby notiticd to piwent their cluiins lo
ihe MndeMljned within nix mnnthi titer the Torm of
the court ot common pl-s. of Mu!in.aim coutitv next
.ft'.r th a notice In dt famtthereof. all audi debts or
demands will be forever eveln.l r ....
of tho proceeds of the sale of mid Road.
i . r, . Al BASSE ,T, Ileceher.
Lancaster. July 3, 18K2 a
:lo.oi i.nc t,),, ,
THE OHIO HAR.!ONlST.H.t,.t Note., decid
etlly tho best and i most popular ..-l. ctinn. n
,.u i'.uiu i,iumc ever pmmsned ponsji.
unzmany crest ailvantinrea to tha le.m.A.
every ntlier Hook extant.
rhfjl rade, Agenta and Teachers, supplied on Rood
terms. I'lihlisheiland I'nrialo by J. II. HILEY t o
f,.l.. n.V..a . li.k.. fl IURII 1
vviuHiu.p- 'itB, iw4
!'V lto.fi H ,(.v i:i..U.
CJT' JOIlX'S.C.KOI.CKiV; Man ami Ids Migrations,
t J latluni: Clove Nook, by Alice C.iev;
(smith's Natuial llis'hry of Man;
Ffflt of Krench Siicl:s. bv Sir r". Ilesd;
Sorcery and Magic, by Wright;
Views Afoot, bv llaynrd Taylor;
The Old Guard, bv lleadlv;
OrHsni ol Life, by Ik .Marvel;
Nichols' Poem, new eilitinn;
1'pitodi'sof Inseit Life. 3 vols
t'or ule at tha new bonk aloro. J. H Itll.EY & CO
N. B.- Ail important Low books received as anori
is rublishod. Columbus Juno 3.
M. trianlial ajc lothe prnsent time.
Vron Ihe Pa.
with "introdiic-
ory chapters on the ifeocriphv and natural history,
indon tho ctihtiuris 1
anil inititul'ons of the Hebrews;
1 Kitts. D. D.
.llustmted by John Kitta, D. D.
Juat n-ceived at the new book store.
Cohim! u, June?
J. H. Itll.EY CO.
Mir1 it lioi.Ust Mir Hook.
jlTEMOIRS of Margaret ru'lerOsoll;Uncl Tom's
i-Tl. CMa, or, Life among the Lowly by Harriot
DeecherStovve; ' '
Judelalliliurlon'a Yankee storl, , it'ntntel;
Miss Fuller's Freidi leaves from Wosl'n Woods;
TaloaandTraditions of Hungary by T. Pulskev;
Iss; a Pilgrimnby CllroilleCliecsoboo
Thackeray's Ycllowpluh Papers;
Kssaya from the London Times;
Parts Sib and ffth Pn'iiam's Seml-Montlilv,
Just received at tha New Book Stnrn.
Columbn-i, Juno 2. J. H. HII.EY St CO.
I'lii- ami lhm( CJInori
ffJI.AHfiK si?ed Mirrors of the finest quality of
Fn-nrh Tbto, .ii hly fitted up just received and
olferl l'i,r aaio at low prices, ot th." new honk store.
June 2 J. II. HII.EY i. t'O.
rpo COl'NTY OKKlrEHS Every description ol
1. Illank Hnokson hand and madn to order wnr.
rantedlhn beat n'acerial and worninn'ihip -nt the new
l!ook 1 ore. J. II. RILEY St CO.
KW nOOKS. Brace's Utngsry iii 1851. with
an Ey perience ol tha Aji .ti ian Polier by charli
I.. Draco. Tho houjehold 01 Sir 1'homa. More hy
Margaret 'r.re The Book of llidtails bv Uon Chuf-
ter, new edition. Iavs of Ih"'' Scnttis'i chevallieri
by Wni. A. Aytaun.teditor of Ulackno..d's Maga..iue
Just reci'ived aU tlio New Hook Stnr.
Ji.ne 1 J. II. RILEY ami ro.
UOKSK Shoo Kiliiiisen--A Talo of the Tory
Ascendancy liy John P. Kennedy, author ol
"Swallow HHrr;'' rmihed edition.
Lectuvee en tne Progress nf civilisation and Cov.-rn-mut
I'V I 'tn c. l ord, I). !.
Mmli-I.'lr.e: A Tslo of Auverjrn" by Julia ICa
Vh'1',i;Ii. f 'alt- U'naileil bySari.1, E. Si yneire.
J11-I received at the new Looks st r .
1 1APIEU VA('IE.-'I'ab!, ,.i.l,:i.et
1 "olio .Je.v. l
e'.r: 1..1' sail
1 l! i, Odeur cao, writing d-.U.
t vi rv In
priies, at ihti nrw t-ook store.
J. 11 Itll.EY i CO.
June -1.
V!N'l;'WSil.nES-A geod steel; of nnw a! d
w f d siiabln pi;t.'riis, fur stile cliea;.. ot tint ne.v
biuiksti.ro. bliiide ma, e to order snv si:-e, j a'tori.
or sly!... J. II. LILLY i-CO.
Toilet lo;.)- . a I'm' vi
June f.
fur fcale at tlio r.e.v l no!t st,-,rn.
J II. lill EYi ( O.
WiSPW COHMfER A fjw I'atterm-, t ro
w duced prices, fur sale at the new book sture.
N. 1). Cornices and (jilt
made to order,
rolumbus, Jnuo 4, li52.
MoiildihL' lor Tsrlors.
i 11. lill.LYanl co.
1K KET HOOKS. Wallets. Card casi a snd Porte
A. JSInnstos every ktn.1 and size, tnr sale at the
iNcw Book !"toro nf
IVTEW WO k'-rsy the Amber of the Wide, Wide
4.1 World Cuei-cliy by l.liiab.th V.elheiell .stt
Ihorol the wiilf, w ide world in two volumes just
rereived at til? new book aloro of.
Juue 4. J. II. LIRI'.Y andco.
V ! F.W BO' IKS Curse
, 1 Hiiltw.phv.by M. Vie. or Cuiin, 1 voN.
Itii-lviidson j Ais tic exjM dition in sesrcliol' tdr Ju!m
Uiem Ijtnd bv Pay iiht. lv cnrol'iie cheescbor'h
A Hiiel in a Untile, bv B. 'I, cheoier.
Kerollivliom of a Literary Lifj, by ,Vis Miifoi J.
l.S'ia y h Ivom the l,ouJiu l imes,
'lillortplnsli Tapers, by Tha In rsy,
Eor safe at the now book store of '
J. 11. Ill l.l'Y i CO,
cutuin) us, June 4, U iVJ
TEW LAW IIOHKx Willis on circumstantial
1J Kvid ii ", illii-UdU-sl by iKiiuerous i i.u', third
Lon.l.'ii K 'ii i ii, t vn.
A pi-Hrti' il irojlise on the law of covenants for title'
by W. II. Rswle;oii ' vo.
Just ublished and lur sale at the new boo'i stnro
Juno '., 1-41'J J. H. KII.EY and co.
COOKS on Agriculture, llorii ulture, Cisi Jenin
and Ruml Art hiteclure, in threat varb ty.
Juue 4. Jn.t received by J. II. lllt.EY and ro.
I.1.Y?!;'! A Viry beautiful stsinun 'lit of New Tat
teinsat whole salo and retail, at the now book
.tore- Juue 4. J. II. I U.t.Y ami ro.
nit. a. r. Mii.Li:it,
GRADL'ATEor Cleveland Medical College, ten
d"rs his professional services to tho citixus ot
Plesssutvillii und vicinity.
MirKiiKNcK.; I r. M I) lliorli. New Salem: Or
G. W liivrstlcram) Dr. M. . Kivider. Lancaster; Oi
U. A. Eishur.UaUiinoie. Apul l. l6i 3w-W
NKWTOM SC III.I H li. I ss removed his Law
Oltire to the room occupied bv R. P. Kliirutrr, Esq ,
itioininr ai.vor Creed olbce, lu .no iaomao;e
The WiirmtU of Summer,
4 DMllNl slll'S the Oentlemen t) ma'te srloctions
V for their te;e, which can be don with advantage
!.y calling i
limfinat nK.yi.nfa.
Dr. Homer V. Mhaw,
'rM'.NnEUS his prolessional services to the citiens
L ot Lancaster and the public generally, snd hopes
by a diligent and careful atteu'ion to tho business ol
his profession, to merit a share of public p.itrnnnc.
When not absent on professional business, lie maybe
round at Dr. Wiiitu'b Orrin.
Lancaster, March 9, lt-W. FrrJf
JAMES OATES has just added to his stock, at U
old ntaml in the "Tallmadge House," s large i .d
splendid variety nf
WARB, JEWELUT, ke., o., CfAj
Which he will dispose of at as reason- SN . .
able pricea a. any other similar stock 85ia"
uf the same quality can be purchssed In the West
ern country.
His Watches art of thebestmako and of superior
quality. His Clocks are of tvery variety and of the
best manufacture. His lot of Silvei-Ware is ex
teusive and cannot fail to please. Hi. Jewelry iaol
ths most beautiful patterns and haa been .elected with
great care.
He keep, on hand, alio, Cutlery, Cane.. Looking
Glasses and Plates, Britannia Seta, Musiral Inatru
ments, Uirandoloa. Eans, Pocket Books, Brushes, .
lot of fine Stationery and. variety o' useful and or
namental ar.icles.
He ha. taken special care in selecting his stock to
suit this market and invito, the public to cs II and ex.
nine for themsolves. JAMES GATES.
Lancaster, Jne 13 6
A New snd desirable article recommended
economy, comfort and avoiding grease on Car
pets, ste. They only need being seen to indues any
one to purchase them. The public are invited to cal
nd see them at the city Drug Store.
LaiK-asler.itmetM, HOWARD L. fJLOCVM.
Willow and Moodea Ware.
A Dot. .Willow Wagons and cradles; 8 do clolnst aal
ma t-lrar kubnt. A I l r .
bucket, and half bushel., wssh-bosnis? butli? rinl."
L.n-.tter. June 11, Iboi .
T EW CALL OOOImIa large snTrnTrdTss
. mont nowopeninij.and banr'tn. to l hai) at tb
cheap .tore opposite Khtell'er'a Hotel. .
NoVf irberb.lhotl.
ovrirberH lKftil. tv T ici.-v
Just received at the Old Drugstore,
OUUtttajiloFlaxaeeddo 1 do Sweet do ,
I barrel lard dn 4 Ao Turpuntine
Cap.l, Coach and Japan Varnish.
Lancaster, July 31 O. KAUFFMAN i CO.
Marble, Sandstone and Freestone Factory".
Ot'R Machinery la now In successful operation, and
porson. wanting any of the followingnamed ar- .
tides, would consult tlmu- own interest aia confers
liivorbygivitigusa call.
MOSCMEXTS ol Marble, wo will furnish t
short notice. ,
HEAD AST) FOOTSTONKS oT the same; no
have of beautiful forms snd highly polished.
variety of lonni. Head and Footstonosof the samo
on'ol Freestone.
woik,('as and Si l,Cappiu for wr.lls or Chimneys,
r lumii'tt 'v. iuiii'u, r ipeiug iui n aia vr pi nig '
houses, Columns, Gate or t ence-posts, welt-top. andT
. L .. t , , r 1 sr a. '..t 1
uesriiiK. A.I1MU.1 B LO.'
Lancaster, May 19, 1S8J. 4w3
NEW ciooili
WE have now received a Urge and complete aa
ortmcnt of Mow & Fushionttble Uoods.
which we ara daily exhibiting and lolling at tho old
stand of ItuiMMUNn isn SoM.
All we ask or require, is, fiat persons viaitlng our
city in pursuit of goml bargains, will give us a call.
We detest humbnggcrti. and. bosidos. our goods, one
ttamiii'd, recominund themselves. Cur atock ia full
was bought in a cash msrket, and we are satisfied
iih small profit,. We csn .upply our customers
with almnjt every thing heart can wish for, Irom on
ounce ot Indigo to a htgahead of Sugar; or from a
yard' of Gj era Calico to atiU suit clothes for 4.
Of Shoes, Hats Bonnets. Hose, Ril.lK.ns, Parasols,
silks, lawns, bareg , A Linet, ginghams, calicoes,
cloths, rawitneroa, Satinits,tocd. &c , we are well
dnplied as ri spects b th qualities and prices. ,
We keep on hand tho best of Fmnily CJroceries
such as Teas, Coll'oe, Sutar, Molasaes, Syrup, Rico,
Spices, tie.
And we are alwav. supplied with a large and valu
able stock of Uendy Jliide Clothing, made hero
at home on special order, and therefore giestly pre
fumble to that imported Iron, eastern slop-shops.
!TJCash suit country Produce slways taken in ex
change fnrgnn l. UEINMUND & MARTIN.
A -n il 30, 186?. a89
REMOVAL. J. jr. Miller ha. removed hit'
Hoot and .ilioe Shop from his old stand to the room'
ry-i Shatrk's Row, opposite Slorum's
K I Drug Store, and formerly eccupied.
Sfttl3 by Springer & Trout, as a Tailor
Shop, where he will constsntly keep,
on hand and make to order Boots
snd Sums, of all kind?, manufactured from good stock,
by the best workmen, and sold at the lowest rates.
1 hankful for past favors, he solicits a continuance
of tho pujlic patronage. April 8, 186!2 Sm49
. T i V i ii iivCxi t,, am
WE HAVE J L'ST RECEIVED and opened at our.
old stand a. very large and well velccfod Stock
if Spring and Summer Goods.
WE can boast , that we have as nice a atoclt of dress
goods, bonnets, ribbons, parasols, glove., &e.. as can
be found in this city. Wo have also vory extensive
Stock of Gentlemen's M'ear
Of almost every price and description. Our stock of
Hoot", Shoes, Hntf, Cotton Yarn, Muslins,
Hatting, Ac. &c,
is very Urge and of ihe best quality.
As wo intend doinalmost an exclusive ready pay
business, we can oiler great inducements to buyers.
Call and exnuiineoursti ck. ,
Wanted, Wheat, corn, Rye, Oats, Wool, Flaxseed,
Se.,f r which the highest marUef price will be paid.
April i Julian & ulrick.
run j r.i.KtiitiiMi Lin r.
I.i 1 1 Jo it, Uretibachs
RK1T.CTKCLLY invite tlio .t'ter.tlon ortheci'l-'
uisnf Lan aster and vicinity, to their large
H1.I s)lcn;liJ
Stnek ofstirin:; aud Summer Roods,
just opened, comprising every variety of style s' pst.'
I tein and tna'.es in tbe Eastern markets, wMi haj ' '
I been s. lm ted ith great care as to priceafif! ';,
and wtn neaoi.i as low as any wivt c; lautiMimi'm.
can sell West of Ihe Alleghany n ountains. Wcwill
imkesildili' n to our atoi li tbrr.unh the season in or
iel- ti
! keep o-ir assortment full and complete. Tim
lie will .'.o well to call and examine our stock
ruii.lic '
i'Orore Inivinir elsewhere.
We i'n .-y to the Ladieathat our stock of
Dre Coid, Uil)boni,Doniietsdi Parasol
ted a'.l other articles for Iheir use, are very nice and'
I'.henp, snd w ill ho very happy to have you call and
iixniiiine our stock.
Tho ttcntl?mnn will as usual find a heavy stock of
Cloths, CussimereSf Vesting,
.nn! a great variety of other Goods suitable for their
vear. We havo also a largo stock of brown and
bleached muslins, disp'rs, checks, tickings, linens,
baeii.s, drillings, cottonsdes. &c. Panama, leghorn,
pedel straw and palm leaf HATS, boot, and ahoc.r
cotton yirus, baling, wic!iing, &c.
Also, a lar;;n ntoi.-k of wall paper, bordering snd
window blinds; Varpett and Matting.
(ilnsnwnrc aud Quccusware
of the bint quality and latest patterns. All'you that
want a nice sett oi ware, will do well to coma snd
buy of us.
Also, a full Stock or Groceries
and every thing usually kept in out line.
JTWANTED at all tunes all kinds of country jrro.
dure, lor which the highest price wil I be paid.
Lancaster. April 13, IBW2 60
IAV'jrtif.nrrw receiving and opening out a large
snd woU shotted
Stock of Spiiiiu nnd Snmmer GoWsJ
'vhich I am dolciiiiined to .ell a. low a. any othe
louse in Ohio.
who wiih to purchase w ilt find (he following articles,'
Press Silks, fanfy rti I plain; Silks do.; Failiy Iwns, '
ilk D'-reges, f'siij V Pelsnes. Calicoes, Ginghams,
White sml fancy Robes, cmbi'd; Parasol. sad'Eans,'
all kinds: tMiitndamsskrrspeshawls ,
Worked Culf", Sleevet and collars: Bonnet Ribbons;'
Er.-nihsnd fancv lowers; dress trimmings;
Drosa buttons, ut all soil.; silk and linen brades;
New Style Donncts,
E.lgiin;a and lace; black si k ffp;re style Wobm'er'
enmbs: stiiwrior Poll;.; Marseille. Tel'inis: '
fMotbs and cassimeres, Sattinets, Jesn. arn4 iWsedsy'
Muslins from i to 1 J yard wide, sheeting;
uleached muslins, cotton yams, tickings, bagging;
e;;".orn and Ialm Lcnf Hats, new styles.
Patting and Queensware, s vory large stock of
and prices to suit customers.
All those who will avor me w ith a ca'l before tliev
buy elsewhere, will bo saving money bv doing to.
Lancaster, Al'ro if JAIUB rXUUT.
WOOLLEN COOPS. 1 am now opening com
plete stock of cloths, caasimeres. sattinets. Pi
lot, beaver and mackinsw over coating., Tweed., flan
nels, kerseys, jean., fulled cloth., sheeps grey rassU
nets, UiiHeys.&c. W. T. WISE.'-.
Lancaster, noveinbei B. IbSU 97
LAW PA RTK E HSU IP.I hivclssoclated C ASLrr'
I). Maht(n with myself In the practice ql th'
Law, and will in future adopt the style of J. P i Q,
MAHTiN.intho mansgement of business entrusted
my care. JOHN D. MARTIN.
Lancaster, October 8,1860. AVge copy Iy23
Silks IIiireRes, Bareges, l)e Lnlties and '
IJ JI'LINS. .ellingat unusally low price, at .
April 8, IHTrt. UT.Nt&Y'Si;
I JURE White Lead in Oil Vermilion
do do do Dry Patent Black -Red
lad Lamp Black'
Venetian Reel I'mker.'.. .
I.i'hsrage IfoiePihk
Chrome Green Chroma Yellow
Just received and for sale by
Uuraster, July 31 G. KAUFFMAN ft CO."
J entire Stock of Drugs and Medieibes of
GeorgeG. Beck.now offers the aame for aale, together'
with large and well selected new stock st the' Old
Stand, known the City Drug Store, where imyy
be found a large and complete assortment of Drngs,Me
dicinessndChemicsIs, Paint., Oils, Dys Slufla, Glass
Ware and W indow Glass, Brushes, Groceries, Fsncy
Article., &c, which will be .old wholesale and retail, '
upon a. reasonable toi ms can be purchased in the
city EDWARD t. 6LOCUM.
Lancaater, April 34,1851 dftwSl
Fancy Articles,
JUST openings fresh lot of Brushes of every sea'
eription; Combs, Ivory, Dressing, Tuck snd 6id"
Note Parer. Cards, Envelopes, Drawing Paper,'BriS"
tie Boards, Perfumery, ac", at , ; '
July 31 tf. KAtFFMAN ft Ct

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