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jc tUtckb) 5aztltt,
ertiicsday Evc'nff, July 7, 183'J
Whio Coktebtiok We would invite the
attention of Whim's of the county to the call
of the Central Committee in to-dny' paper.
It waVnotihobght advisable at this time to
call a Mass meeting. This will be attended
to in fuo season, when the farmer of the
county have more leisure, and then a prand
rally will bo held for SCOTT; GRAHAM
AND VICTORY. It is to be hoped that
each township will attend to tho appoint
ment of delegate, and itU equally impor
tant that a large delegation attend tho Moss
meeting on the 22d. The enthusiasm there
'manifested by the Whig of Ohio will arouse
spirit, among the different delegations,
which will result in a signal victory. The
time is short and much work remains to bo
done; but we have every advantnge of our
adversaries and nothing but entire neglect
of duty could cause a defeat. "Up, then, and
at them" "Give them gun for gun and
"Gun for-Guh ahd More." The fol
lowing from the Cleveland Herald will be
read by every one with intense interest.
Say that paper, "since the days when the
"Boy Officer," Winfield Scott, upon the
field of battle won glories under which
were hid the disgrace of Hull's surrender
and other disastrous defeats, and when he
won from Madison by his valor, in spite of
his youth, grade after grade until the highest
was reached, Democratic administrations
have looked to him for reliof in time of tribu
lation. Jackson, the father of modern De
mocracy, sent him to Carolina to crush the
hydra of Disuulon, and ho succeeded in his
"In 1837-8, the Canadian outbreak occur
red. Along the entire frontier, the people
of the States inflamed by the fifes of patriot
ism which burned sotSrightly in '76, organ
ized for a cprdiAt sWp'orl of the peoplo in re
volt. The .spirit was good, but was misdi
rected; tillit gained a power which the dem
ocratic administration could not control.
'Alarmed at the demonstrations, the Brit
ish Minister had addressed a note to Mr. Van
Buren which told him that if tho Lnited
States could not preserve their treaty faith
tho British Government could do It for them.
"Trembling at the" significant hole which
boded war, Mr. Van Buren turned as to a
compass, to Scott; who, alwaysready. to serve
his country, was soon upon the frontier.
"He arrived at Cleveland, the head quar
ters of the "Patriot" moVemeht. Here he
found nine out of ten mch ' Patriots."
Lodges had bcrn organized, measure taken
for the invasion of Canada, men mustered
and cannon balls cast. Ho had the military
force of the Union at his control, but if he
called it into service, hundreds of his own
gallant, patriotic, well meaning countrymen
..mot Iia Mrrificpd: and here wherever the
alternative of Peace or War was presented,
he sought to bo the Great Pacificator. A
niliiig of the patriots was calleH at tho A
rK.'. The Hall was crowded" ali were
opposed to him, and jcnUa and even fierce
looks were cast upon him as ho entered the
hall, his tall, manly and commanding form
towering above the assemblage.
"Well do we remehibcr that night when, a
mere boy, we stood among tho assembly,
while the "Great Pacificator" poured oil up.
i the troubled waters which surged around
"He told them that in a just wat with
Great Britain it would be his pride, Ills pleas
ure, and his glory to lead the Armies of the
Union into Canada. That in times pas', to
sustain American honor and in defence of
American rights, he had fought and bled up
on that soil. But now, treaties of amity and
neutraltiy were interposed, which could not
be trampled upon without breach of National
faith. Should these be violated, no Nation
would dare to treat with us, and we should
!be dishonored amone the Powers of the
Earth. He was entrusted with the power of
the Union to prevent this disgrace.and if ne
cessary, he should use it; but he trusted that
a regard for justice aud honor, was too deep
ly iinplunted in the American heart to re
quire the exercise of that power.
"But while he would preventthe violation
of treaty faith by well meaning but rash citi
,.n. hn would as nromtitlv opdoso British as
sumption. Fellow-citizens, said he, as I
came up the Niagara River on uiy way hith
r, I found the American steamer Barcelona
on the American side ready to start. On
the Canadian side a battery was planted.and
a determination to fire into the steamer was
manifest. I wrote the Commander of that
battery a note, in which I told him that "my
gun were planted.my matches were lighted,
and, if he presumed to fire a gurt at an Amer
ican" steamer, in American waters,-under an
American Flag, I should return him ous fob
butt aud More!"
. "The Barcelona proceeded otf her trip un
molested. WisriELD Scot bj fit woTds,
fitly spoken, quelled a border warfare, prov
ing Himself a Great Pacificator, and it is fit
ting that wheii in . consequence of his cmi
rient services, he ia tenuered the compliment
of the Presidency" and hireling partisans as
sail him, that the people .shoold rally round !
the man, who, great alike ift Peace or War,
slistahred tfcfeif rfght and honor, and return
Ae guerrilla "Gus'forGuh and More!"
OirThe Locofoco papers are now engaged
in a very laudable effort to prove Gen. Scott
i "coward." If they will juBt intimate their
anxiety to. Lundy's Lane soldier, they will
soon'discover. that' there were no cowards
under him' In that battle. We suppose it
was cowardice that induced him to Btand up
on a British ' Man-of-War, In presence of
British officers, and threaten retaliation upon
them' for every one of hi hish comrade
whom they dared injure.
The America TracY Society, have
commissioned 91' new colporteur, 1 for New
York, 3in Ohio.Sin Illinois, lln I6wa,2in
tentucky, 7 in Tennessee, 9 In Georgia and
iin Virginia.1'
Tt the Whig of FulrflelU Cotaafr
Vnuarhirebv renuctlotl to meet 111 the
everal towiithlp of the county, at the plac
et ofholdingeleo'.ioM, on Suturiiny.the 17th
inat, at 4 r. M-, (or the purpose oi ppoiuunij
delegate to the State Conrentiuii, to bo
held in Culumbue, on the 21tint. The
county will bo entitled to five vote In uid
body, butechtownhipwillippointt leant
one dcli'tfuto and an additional dclepato for
every additional hundred of votcri or frac
tion above filly. The delegate, a appoint
ed, are thut distributed:
Clearc reek
The Whins of tho aoveral township are
earnestly requested to attend to this call, in
order that Fairfield may be fully represented
in the State Convention. On the 22d. a
mas3 Convention will be held, to which all
tile Scott men are cordially invited.
Let thi! word gj forth "Ohio can and
must bo redeemed."
By order of the Committee,
July 7, 1802. Geo. Weaver, &c.
The Voice of a Volihteer. A volun
teer ih the Mexican War, who is justly in
dignant ut a baso and miserable attack upon
General Scott, which appeared in last week's
Eagle, over the signaturo of a "Fourth In
lantry man," write Us as follows:
A Volunteer's OpinMi of an A 'tide in the
Ohio Eauk of the Ut juh. Thut Fourth In
fantry numskull must get more than si-vm
dallars per month for abusing Gen. Scott.
Wliiln in t , nrniv. ho (rot but that, if ho
ever was, which I doubt for this reason
that a man who can find it in his heart to ut
ter such baso and unscrupulous falsehoods,
of which the wholo article is full, save a few
words in the last paragraph, certainly never
had the moral courage to bo a soldier.
Every charge In it against Gen. Scott is
false, the only truth being the admission that
he is the best General in the United States.
That Infantry man starts off by saying
that it is not his design to defame General
Scott's merits, if he has any. Now, Mr. Edi
tor, if in reality there is such a being in ex
istence as that "Fourth Infantry man," it
would have been a blessing if he had been
in the place of Waegon-master Mecks, at
Julappa, (ask Gen. Patterson what become
of him.) But since he is still among us, I
wmild rospcctfully suggest to the Locofocos
to cage him, for they can have "un clacka"
)er sight for him after Pierce 1 . lection.
I deem it unnecessary to say wherein he
has stated falsehoods, for every man, woman
and child and the rest of mankind know it,
and I stand ready to prove it.
A Volunteer.
We need only add that the Eagle is ce n
sured by its own party for admitting such a
jJrGoh. Pierce is claimed to be a lineal
descendant of tho Percys. Statestnan.
The Lacofoco papers appear to take a pe
culiar pleasure in publishing this, whether
true or nut.' ( We had supposed that in this
country, it was no particular credit to a man
to trace hi pedigree b'acfe to sUch a source
an English Duke. At any rate, judging
from Pierce's military history, the stock
usual in such cases has sadly degenerated.
Military Despotism. The Statesman in
stances the Presidency of Lru;s Napoleon
rs an illustration of thatlii 11 r croft'lectitigmili-
ury men to tho Presidency. The argu
ment is a good one-"ovcr the left." The mili
tary exploits of tho nephew ol hiS uncle arc
on a par with these ol'thc"lineul descendant
of the Percys."
Mr. D. A; Barton, a passenger on tl e
.steamer St. Louis, bn l.iike Eritf.wa robbed
on Thursday last, of 0-r sovereigns, ami a
-'0 gold piece amounting to $281 8'j. The
thief is a young lad ubout 18 years of age,
named John Thompson, who nvesnear uui-
au lle nad tt itl, !lim a trunk and a box of
bunrlar instruments.. IIo was coniinitcd to
jail in default of bail, for 500.
fcrThe . sultan of turkey has made a
lurge donation of works in Turkit-h arid Ara
bic print to the Americun Oriental Society.
The Sultan make this donution partly in
consideration df tile generous manner in
which Amin Bey was received itl this coun
try. ;
fj-It is said that not less than eight tons
ofwiri? are manufactured into 'hooks and
oyes' in Birmingham, England, in tho course
of a week.
The CoRr-oRATios of Cambridge, has de
cided, by an unanimous vote, to subscribe ten
thousand dollars in tho Central Ohio Rail
Road. Mohumeht to Tom Moore. A subscrip
tion is eoing forward in England for a monu
ment to Tom Moore in bin nativo city,
Lost. The reader's attention is directed
to the advertisement of Patrick Howard.
Policiet i!ucd it Pt'ot of Premium tt low tt thou
of tny othnr reportibl rompinv. by
H 1 1, 1,1 AM P. CHtKIl, Agl. Pro. In. Co.,
July 8. or Lanrasttr and Fairfield rnnj
UI'laN. Will,
j. w. (oM.ir.u.
91 High-afreet, oppotlte the npitol house, Columhut.
KKKPS conMan'ly on hind or mtliet tn order.
Gcntlenu'n'a Ventilated, (iotiiinur tnd Diamond
l ies, Toupoea, ralpt, 4 c.
I .die.' teir ailhiMthir V iirn.htirWiM.Fronti. bnidt
ol lUir, fiizeHa, 1'ulU Hi glett. curl tnd colored
J. VV. T. tlto nwnurelure to order. Brnc.lcltt.
'irt, Ktr-drnpa, Ktr-ringt, Kinger-nngt. Betdii, cros
net Guardtand chtint.
ty-etrnt cleaned and .ntdo to look nut to new
lOvery kind of Hair IVorlt n-paired mil drented.
I Ung Hair bought or Inki n in exchtngn.
O-Pli-aiie copy thittddrett loi luturercleronco.
June':2,lH62. 0w
DiKSoliition Notice.
rpilK co-pnitni'rliip heretofore exiating between
I fioberl Fielding and John Kiel 'ing irn ler the
liwn.n.n.a of .'i.i iuwa and Sow. ia dRanted bv mu.
lual content. The book, tnd accou'utt ire left in the
htndi ol R. Kielding. tnd in immediate tettlement ol
all claimt ia etrnettly eolici'ed.
The bu.ineti will hnretl'ter be conducted bv the un-
dorniiihed. who roiiinjtfirll y toliciti t continuities ol
theptti'oniifce'of the ptibljc. H. KILLB1NO.
lincittef.A'pril 10, lW 60
rilHE Pirtnerttilp heretofoie exiating under the
firm.name of FRANK & CO.. Clothitii Merchahtt.
wit diatolved by mututl content, on the Ant day of
. :l nVlm.lnBH u-lll hereal'ter hAenndnered nn.
der the firm name ol O. SIMON it CO., ttuVOLD
STAND, third door Kiut of the Harking Valley
Bon.,- where mty ba found it in timet a lino,' large
and well telected tiocK oi
Ready' Made Clothln;,
For men ind boyt. it well it t Urge taiortment el
Shirtt, Driwert. Under-ihirtii, Cravtlt, Hand'fi. c
It mutt alto be remarked that the report, thtt
FRANK, who it io woll known for hit fine fitt tnd
ood btrgtint, Intended 10 leave town, it not interna
he would mure hit friend, hi cuiloniori and the
miblic nenenillY, tmi ne win do reaoy io nseire ti
I. .. r... l.im ui.l. . r.ll
Alto, it the tune pltce ind tt. ill timet, wlU be
found a fin lot of Jfwtlry.ffoHoru tnd Cutltrg.
UnctiW, April 4, If' O. SfMON TO;
CouRreftMonal. .
WiiHtiioTJ, July 3. The Senate i not
in session.
llutsn. inc House went into committee i
ul the deficiency bill. !
mr. looiiios niaiio a ipoecn aenouncintf , uino rea t 4 to 91. we continue ia,.t
the norniimtion of Gen. Scott, and when be j week's quotation follow, which are full,
concluded, the committee arose and thVriz: Broun ami irrerniah cunnian 3 fiord) 1
House adjourned,
WaShixgtoh, July 6-P. M. House-On
,,.,;,. tl.o ll.,jn .1U,I 1.. I f
motion, the House resolved to meet heruaf.
ter at 11 o'clock.
Un motion ot Houston;, it was resolved
that the debate on tho Senate' amendment
to th deficiency bill cease to-morrow at
The House proceded to the consideration
of the bill granting right of way and land to
Alabama, to aid in the construction of rail
roads in the State from Girard to the waters
of Mobile Bay.
Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, moved to lay tho
bill on the tuhlu. Carried yea 80, tiays(i7.
Senate. House bill to enable the Legisla
ture of Indiana to dispose of the unsold sa
line lands heretofore conveyed to said Slate,
was taken up and passed.
Fatal Accidtiit'.
New York, July 6, M. Yesterday, at
Staten Island, as the steamer Hunchback
was landing passengers, the ferry bridge
broke down lotting gtxty men, woman and
children into tho water. Twelve dead bod
ies were recovered up to midnight.
The Ui-iu.iius of lleury Clay.
of Henry Chy arrived here at half-pjst four
o'clock this afternoon, and will leuve here
for the west on Monday morning at nine
o'clock, via Albany unci Buffalo.
Trial ol' ItLvipiiix .Tl itliiiH S.
Springfield, July 3. The committee has
awarded tho. first premium to Dinsmori-'s
self-raking Reepcr, and the second to Hua-
Arrival of Hie Camidn.
NeW York, July 6 p. rri. The Canada
from Liverpool arrived at nine o'clock this
morning, with 83 passengers.
The proceedings of Parliament are unim
portant. 4 . .
The Legislature ol r runco continues to
rebel against the President's dictalioh-fUni'.s
affected thereby.
Cotton steady unchanged; soles averaged
about 6,000 bales. Wheat and corn slight
ly advanced. Flour rather dull. Provis
ions active and rising. Lard arid bacon is
dearer. Sugar firm. Iron active rails 3
in Wales.
English papers report the trial of libel
suit, brought by the celebrated Dr. Admit,
apostate Roman Priest,aguint Dr. Newman,
apostate from the Chun hof England. The
alleged libe l, charged Dr. Achiili with nu
merjus seductions and debaucheries, naming
limes, places uud parties. Copies from the
records of the Institution of Rome were in
troduced as evidence. The trial lasted three
days, and excited intense interest. The ju
ry returned a verdict ot guilty on one charge
only not guilty to numerous other extraor
dinary charges.
Negotiations between France and Eng
land, and the United States, on the reduction
of postage, were still pending. No answer
yet received.
The U. S. schooner Isabel, fitted out by
Lady Franklin, ill soon sail in search of
Sir John.
Lightning enst of New York prevented
the working of the wires.
ftativc AiniTle:.!!?.
TkksToN, July 0. The Native American
Convention d;6t night agreed to support Mr.
Wibster;and rcconimi-nd- d h:m as tho Ln-
ioii candidate, ami ueorgo i. w asu.ngion,
of Virgiul.1, as Vice Preside lit. The com
mittee on platl'unn wero in session all (light,
l ut cnuld not a;,rec;
AtMeliini'tit Notice.
VTth:; liii'aur.' of N: r.:alty: Snt for J. I'. Weii.
vi r ai d Kin'ii-od A rot','an aiiarbnt u'. wrs this
Jav isi.u.'d liv A. I.. Slniui-iti , n lice nt'lh- I' ace ol
hurt) tnwndiip, I tirli-. I li-ouu-y, ttmit th'pi-o;--r.
tv tnJ 11' t ol John A. H ads li 1'-'' aid lit ol a:d
county. U.it d tin. tin day ol Julv. A n. i nv.
;-i. ijr.A ill,
Ag. t J"r J. C IT'eilt-crtietl JtitiAroJ Vi 'u.
Julv f. 0!
)l S T rec-ivml t kupcv'u r irHrtn ofC:t;tW'b:l tnd
t h'-ri y VI in", cud lortalehv
l.tmasli-r, June Oi) I in til S & BRANDT
oax;is and ..i:.oNs;
t,WAY! on hand, forihii si avm, by
Juuo -i!) -Iih C1AM Si BI!ADT.
I JOmk llvNimKi) Riiliami: (.old between Shxf
I'.-v't r'ouiitaiii Inn an.l the city of Lnn -t-t-M'.-ir in the
i-ity. Anv p. riun n-turninir the tnms or h iving it at
the Cic-tte OlKce, will bu a'uitii!lv.rqorl d.
i:kfin-ji:k, hiiii i: a i.atta,
VtlK now riTi-ivine: hy rautl and riiilroud IIKI Ton.
of Hardware Oufatoclt is tho lorgut we have
everl oiiiiht. And at it hat boen purchased almott
entir lv lor cash Inun itnnulai-tiirern and Inipoiterii,
we have itin our power tootler Hardware at lower
i ricet tlian ever belore. Our torilitiea for buyingand
our lirg" trad, aivi-t ui tuperior aJvantagm over
a iy o'.taur ettablniiment.
Vnmt nnnmilll tat the .tun ef the otd-lock and mill-taw.
75do'e.i Wildron't. Darling's, Blick Sntke tnd
othi r l atti-rna Iti-aaa bcytnes. ,
40 do Otrlinit's, Ininau'a a ivamrnn t rorntcyinji:
S do Wnlf.ird't andothjr ma'te Griin cra.llea
10 (Jros Indian 1'inil ti ytho lionet tnd rillct
2i do M liei'n and l.ong't sjrkt-lt
60 d.i hty Fork-; IIU do Rikef, iteel hlti'o hoot;
Ihimet, Trice chains, etc. etc.
f..nr. will lind it tn their interett not tn make
ihi-ir purchase! before calling and looking through
our ttock. t-VV INr.b.u, ivuirr. & LM ia.
Uuctstcr, June II, lno'i.
Will Rnd at the Oreol Hardware Store, all kindt
of m -chani' tl tuolt, tuitod to every trtdu tnd wotl
approved make.
llL.S.III 1 llil.
Will find dm n.irn.la Gun I.nrkt tnd Mnunlint.
Oun ritis. n'pple, theet braiu, Gunnin tilver tnd
millet innuiiia.
u-A t,...aAljrim..b.. Urea, frinfet. Diitent lealh
er.Iip'd ird Enaml'd leither plush.cTuth.lrnBii.hind.,
stump joiii't, piaioa nuut auu.i-eivo, vu......
.pringj and axels
Will tlwav find In our warn houtn tho largft ttfick
tnd belt quality ol Iron, F.ulith tnd Ainenctn bin
ter, Gunnan i-aat ind their atevl.
We have Mtdra and Tamp'co Morocco aliin. .ed
and pink llneings, bluJingt, boot webb, thoo lacct
tnd aliod thread.
A great variety of Jiu'd. hrat and pitted mounting
laddPe treei, entml'd leather, hog tains, pad akm-,
tttge tricot, getting and wubbing.
Wi'lY find1 the best glue, min-r.il ml mthiyany
knobt, veietri.till Uckt.cistors, etc
W keep 1 C tnd I X Tin pltte, theet copper, tiu'd
cupper, theet Zink, ahot-t Iron and rivet.
All know fhW waalway Jtenp on hand the lirgetl
ttock and best quality of lll. l-oiki, Utchot, win
dow li.h, bull and hingot, white letu ind oil.
Our itock it complete and we are d-term&ed to
make it to tha interest of Un great m.jollty 61 me.
chanictopurc.hatefiom uk. r i TT i
Lancaiter, Juiu 11, 1H3. '
CLIFFORD vJi'.lgive employment tti tlirea gooi
UnrirtCTfMay II?, lBSig . , . dtflW-
Lewi Thompaon' Etate. ,
ONtho'Jrthdiy.ot May, A- D; lM.th P"1''
Cor.i1 ol Fairfield county, Ohio, declared tha
tiid Ktlatea probtbly intovent. . Craditore are
therefoao. raquiied to preaent their clauna againtt
the EtUW.to tha undersigned, for illowtn within
tij month from the time above mentioned or they
will not ba entitled to payment.
AdWr' it bonii non, with wl'l annned. w.
Tobacco and tVMl,
Dalt;no, July 2. Tobacco. Tliero U
an active feeling iu the tobacco market, and
considerable sale have taken place orMarv.
,n I and Ohio ut previous rate. Hale of
;ftt; giod aiul fair reds 4 50'$3 55 ; fine
757 ; wrappcry red, line, 8I0;
rtln do, ldfiM!!; rmnn.r.n nnn'rli.,1 i.fih
rxtra do 1011: common spanjled 4
$3 I good dp. 5ttft7 50 ; Che do 8(ij$s! ,' yel-
n.iryiana interior
!c4 60 ; c"'d common 44 10
J5? W 25; good 8fJ49; and very fi
The inspections of the week are
hlids., in out of which is Maryland
Wool. There continues a brisk demand
for wool, and receipts of new c.ip are in
creasing, which meetwiih ready sale. Prices
slightly improving.. , We note sales of 600
lbs. film fl.-ece at 32('3J clS. Also, 1,000
lb tub-washed at 27 to 31 cts
A Iso, 4,000
lbs. unwashed common at 10 to 21 cts., and
400 lbs. nulled at 21 cents per 16. Tbero
have been jps In all of about 10. COO lbs.
Fin-! Mi.rinn Ait!i II! rent. n Ih.
, v. r
TonAcco. The Covington Star of Satur
day gijs: The demand for the low grade
of recent manufacture ha become quite ac
tive, and our previous quotations are freely
paid, and in some instances a slight advance
bus been obtained. The siles which have
come under our observation embraces about!"1'" uno.,M kf-ind p.vfUieoi.ti
uuih . ,,o-r.. ir 1... 11.. c.-. tunrtiTol Bcticm .Nu. 9, tcmri.lup .o i', fiic.
Uv 1Um; nc ,.,r aciiiuLijr, iuf, lives 1
and eights; 2ril loc for common Virginia,
uo. do. do; 17(t?22c lor ,o. 1 to extra do.
fives and eights; 305150c for No 1 and extra
line Virginia, lbs, an-l 77jc for inferior to
No. 1 Kentucky (itwitt.
Cuttle ?I irkcta
BRlGnTott (7icr Boston) July 1 There
were otlered at market, to-day, U.'iO Beef Cat
tle; 112 Cows aiid Calves; 3700 Sheep and
Lambs; and 1300 Swine.
Prices Beef Cattle Extra 7; l.truali
ty $(i,50: 2d quality $5,&0(i.S,0 3d quality
Cows and Culves Sale at 19,21,23,24,
2?, 31$40.
iSheep and Lnnihe Sales at 2,75, 3, 3J59
Q-l; and extra
Swine Wholesale 6 J(?6 cent per lb.
St. Mollis .Tlm kct.
Ss. Louis, July 3. Sales of suprrfine at
$3,753,80. Wheat, Corn and Oats are
dull. There is nothing doing in Pork or
Lard. Sales 214 trcs and 121 hhds Bacon
Shoddier arid hams at 7335f. This morn
ing 9c was ofl'ered for ribbed sides, and re-
lused. Whiskey 16Jc. Yesterday 700
bales He in i sold at 74 to 35 pi r ton and to
day 500 do at 75(g 83. Load is dull, there are
no buyers at over 4,3j.
C'iiii'iiiiiati .llarkri.
CiitciNSATl.July 6 p. m. River station
ary, market no change, rlonr 3,20fd3,-
Ij, for common brands. Whisky 15a 15$.
In provision the only sale was (iO hhds. ba-
cup shoulders, at 8c packed. Other articles
Sew Yoik Market.
New Yobk, July 6. 200 Cotton Mer
chant a waiting the rrivulof their letter.
Flour Stute4a4,18; Southern 4,37n4,(i2;
Ohio S4,U(i, 4.1Sa45. Sales of 35,000 bu
Corn mixed GOaGJc. Sulc of 200 hbla
pork ut I3iI9,'J5 formess.and $lS,li-dl for
prune. Coffee -St. Doniing-o Bj Maracaibu
Ho. Uhio VV'lii.,ky 21c; Prison name price.
llt-'ceijits lor tho f:;uet'.e.
J. C. Grubb 1,75 Junes R. Pearse 1,75
John Brundon 1,75 Jeremiah Miller 3,50
Samuel Sturgeon 75 L. P. Alltn 1,75
Mow Subsenb i.
Simuel Sturgeon; L. P. Alleu; Amos
ri- ANOTni:!t SriENTII-'Ic" IVONDEH! Im
M..x r i" UvHi-i nirt. )r. J. S. IlOUiJIITON
PLPS1S, Thr Tnr Dig dire Fluid, r IJiufru Juict
;irppar.-H iVmn itl N'ET. or til', kouktii triiMAcii
--riu t'x. alter ..iirclions ! r.tron I.tKlil the
r.-.it I'hv.i.iltiiai i-iiiiii t, by J.S. ..oeoiiTON, M
II .Pfii!.--..! Ij'.'ra- This is truly t Mcndf-vful ri-mcdy fat
liiii'V'sii.in, llyspi.p.in, Jauml'ce, lii-i-r cc-mifa!iit.
rrtn.ilpatioii mid it tiilitv. ctiriiig aft.-r NkturoV own
in.ithoil, by Nh'uiv'h o n t-.ont, ihe Guslrie Juir
Pa.iiphl.it. L-onraininy R.-ii.uii'eo iili rci- ol ita ynluo.
furni: h-d hv a? in . itratu. Sje botite ainoni the
uitnlic.'ii tii-ei'tl iunie.it. 47
Are yoo A MjT.iici SulTjiinf: from d'ueaset to
which fi'in.ilfs ava j -uei-.llv tulj.-ct, ute Dr. 8. D.
How's ShdliL-r S.-irtnarilla-!t will cenaii.lv cure vou.
Mule or r.imali', old or ynun, ali. tnd rt-ery Faml-
.'. ih.iuld have th:t ccirlle.it Famitu me.tlrir.e bv thi-m.
Call at our Jeput, nr on one ol our Agunts, and gl t
painp!ilt.t, gratis, vvhuro you will find fart . far 'f '.'
fai ti!'.! that can be tu'jstintialed by thousand! ot liv
ing w'lnettetin thit city and country, vi.: that the
i laker Sirna-puilla, ns preparedby Dr. S. D. HOWF,
lias hj.in the inetnt uf pBi'intnenily curing more dis
jasoa to which I'm human family irscontiutially sub
ject, than any ,uher preparation of Strstparilla evel
yet brought before the public. Soo A.li erliseihent.
E. O. Farrell'' Celebrated Arabian !niment.
It w ell known to oii"s tho most won lerlu heal
ing, peti'Mint'ng ami stimulating, proprr-iet, tnd by
itt i romptueM int tl'eeting i-um. wfiirh previous y
had re. i t-ila.ll o'.!i-r iuidi. iiii.-s, sd ui.iialjrod by the
most ji-. utilii- physiiiaitt, hss plict-d t fur beyond
any a iiii'tr 11--'!' ever introduced to (he people ot
the U. Stat t. it -limulati'i tho absorbt-ntt lo in. rett
ed acti.m. tnd tl u i enab it nature to throw olf dia-ae
it penetrates lo thr Lo , tddiiu .trveglh ind tctiv-
ity bi ihj ii.ua.- cv-il it po-.i erfu y anod it? and there
b. alla-.it rernnii initntioni priirfueiifj a delightful
ly pleasing se eation through the xrlwlc frame. Ow
in lo itl r. mar.. able inticiiplic pmpcrti is, it puriHet
tnd n utraliut that poisonous, curr. tive piinihle
which rvndiitol.1 utcerout kont to d'lhcu to heal;
il thereloreis p m u'iir y adapteiHoth. ii-tpoedy cure.
I'liit l.iiiim lit finm itt pc-in ti-ating and ttr. ngihi ning
qU 'litii-a lits born I'.mnd to be a specific fur rWilysis
or Ctl.-y, White. welling! and diseased joints, tnd in
I'.ict til complaints involving III" muu-ul.r syalum
Il has cured cm ot Rh'-unnlisin of twenty to thir
t. vear's -tandiug. tndiH ciiont ol thoapin-' whore
in tlie ciitire l'ina' eoumnwn to crook d; ind dit
turted',' th t the patient coi dnot wt k or stand with
out artificial tuppoil. Nuin?rout i hps of Palsy hive
been cured whi ii t1 flesh hid wilhered. leaving no
thing but the dried skin and bone, ind the imbt Iota-
ly w it out use or feeling For Chillren with Croup
ii Is of inestimable value, ruhbidand bathed over tlie
throat and client. II app ied freely on the Mimt it
never fail to give relief in lhe-vei rougil attend
t g coreuviptwn, Ahthma and eoWa It h'eala woundt
speedi y will cure n-ildheid, .Man'g.', a'c. Planter,
and Firmer, wi find it t most vi utb'a medicine to
be applied to horti i and ctttln l.(ir tpi-ain., bruitei,
Uiih nest, still' jointi,iweeney,dry thoulders.wouiids.
burnt, fplint, chafe or galls,' hardened knot on the
lleth, uic.
Look out for CoMerfellt!
The pul lie tro cautioned against another coun'er
feil, which hn lately nude its appeirince, cilled
W M. Ftrridl'i Arabian Liniment, the most dingnrous
of til the coun erl'.-iit, benuse hii having H o name
of Fairi II, many will buy it in good laith, without
thi knowledge that a counterfeit exist, and they will
p -i lmps enlv disenver their cri-or when the ipiiriout
mix'ure ha wioUKht itt evil i Itectn.
The genuine article I minutti tured only hy II. G.
Firrell, sole inventor ind proprietor, tnd wholesale
diujgl-t. No. 17, Main street Peolit Illinois, to whom
all ipplicttinni for Agencies mii.t bo fldri tied, lie
sura jou set it within-lettan H.O before FirroU't,
thus- H G. FhHrLL'-and hit signture on tha
wrapper, all other are counterfeit.
Sold by G. KAUFFMAN 4 CO.,Ltncnter.
tnd bv r.-gularlv luthorized tgenti throimhout the
United State. Piu-eSh ind Wcentt.and l f bottle
AGI.NTS WANTKD in every town, villtgp tnd
himlct In the United Slitet, in whicli one it not tl
rotdv established. Ad ns II G. Firrell it above,
rcompintcd with good reference to character, ro
tponsibilily.etc. July 1 lm
NOTICE ii hereby given to John Wesley Gil more,
ThiiroitOiimore. Jtmet tiilmore, William Hen
ry Gilmove. David W. Gillmore.Annt McCollum ind
John .McCollum.iioa roiidentt of Ohio, thtt Mary Ann
Lines, W blow of Daniel Line., deceased hit filed her
petition fer dower againtt them tod other, in the
court o' common pHiti of Fairfield county. Ohio,
pnvinirtq ha've dower assigned to her in the South
etaf Quarter of Section No. 18, in Township No. 16,
of RtnreNo. 19, in,'iid county. StidDefondtntttre
therfifoie notified tr,- i'ptear in taid court it the. next
term thcuseof, to be holdeo on th 4th dty of October,
IK52, tnd tiiswer aaid Butitlon 01 th tima will ba
taken a ronfested by ilfem-
H H. lfUNTER,tWor'ifto' Ptlrttotier.
Myi0,1853. 3 w3
A Fin titortmeut oow unricklng a' WIS t'8
Unrattr.tT8ilf0. VI
Oreetrl, Vtrtiga 4 Domaati Via Liquors,
Ltncaiter; June 15. ft" J
A Ana lff of
a. aiumm,, uZ lL, ii -i j d
Pi-boUi4i cnca Vtl.iL"' Mr?-!
"". ur,w, ,...ih. '.1 i.,H..,. m ' ,
oOhuI,' Z3? ' '
!" - n Liabrr.,,,tu P.ui. n-,'T
Oeriiwea V Liu da viii.
Diiry, wi.m.I Lualura CllKtK.
furnlti.y (.I.tM
fjiw-tiT, J 11 tin ! H. In.'.?.
i) .. I.INf I'lK'liPI.
tPniriO AND SUM V:R BOM.Ti.-JuU rwiv.
d; whil colored Uro twi ,tn Uwin
AlmK'.vU til's. Hann?t RiiAon.. h'.,. Ti, n!m-.
1 f H't. IIK.M.KV'S.
I V'OTK K It hori'by lyrn to Vtrt'.n Rot MiJ of
T HkkawsytoantydMioof JsoA B"chtl, .Lc.iMMi,
Mi.. , 1. -.. -.. m.on
l. cl.u-l Mil K:n. in U-! .t, n . r tii 'ren cf j-,v(i
Bi-ciiM. d.Ti f j, fnl gri;-i .. IMr !i ol t!. m;
ioK,l) ii1 li,Mi ,.' i-. J minorj ui l
UalU ! Ui-i l.t I, VViJow e: ., , I- .,!, that Jo.i ji!)
RMbtlan I h.i'in tfrrh4-' ! M.'J ia th n.uit
nf rosnmou p t-a. 1 1 I ' -Q, ) t
lion a. .!..! lh.:m. nr. !r, , ,,,.,.,1.- k. m.ri t.f '
i.il'ti . ,,1,0. iiiair D.' 1.
l 1 1. '," " ;r: . : r !
hi j. wua a-, rriora uy renB ana oount
No. i,K ,oi,mnin)( W) n re more or )...-on T.f
name bung a pirt of tha t oriln ,t qm.t. r of tbi
ume tf-:iion No. 0 totrnship No. lit laiij-t !. '20,
c nuinirg 6i -to (no a-ri, m.irj or and the
uhi r bciiiR t part of tha aouili r .t uuirt.-r of vc'ion '
o .1, toHii.liio a lv. nma .No. ill ror.ia.i.ir, ill:
atrea, more or 1b, ,u-ij t 10 the ri-i vaticn t a I
.; iu iu water pnvl.-j( hi thi. polili n uamcl. ail ;
.itii.-.e in KairUe d county, OHin, an-l prt . inj; that '
Dower in laid l.n:!t be tiitiJ to .iiH ui,1,,.. ! I
u h manni rthatom -tliirdrt of th wloli,i,f uid '
itiRi, do a.ii(HiKl to aaia iUov L ialh.for hor ciovr
of laid 'and. bt-loneini' to lliH :UtB ot kail Lani1
,1'iui.i :i. kui.;. i. r'
ru'iuvt MIC.CII.. Vill Ullfl Illini f.KXT Ol fl M . ,
li' ltel, d ceaa'd, bo at Ijjiu-d t) t'.o tail tri.!ow j
I'atilJ, for hi r ilowi-r. and tul jirt to kotli t,i! at '
iliiiimenti f ,t d un, that aaid anda b divided an.1 .
giaitiiioni'd h t-'tvn aid p tiiionnrt aiului.1 cl i ur.-n (
i.f DavU Ilrhle ,de.-H.-d. in .u-h raann.t thit lour. I
nintn. ami our nan ol one-ninth part Ih root. I o m-t
apart to thi. aaid JtM-ph in aevoraitv ono-tt.ird w.t
8 I
thr-n of l the aaid tin i t an in aei eraltv jn-l i.n. -nin' h
tnd oue-ha.l ol or.e i inth tberenl to laid ir.or chil. I
dr. I) of aaijllau iu aeveialty to th mm t-nar,'. in 1
common or to be d:vid:il amongtt th,n. S d pntitian I
rharg'-t Ihtt th; aaid larob hVcl.t I in hi. n t-m d- !
yant. i U) taid d. finiantilait nac.-it.ju tuct ol land L
in Pnktiycouhty dwiib-d in Uic p-t:tior, whi. h
.aid Msrtin it reijulri-d to brinj into lioiehpof, or lo '
lio exc uded ia tha BLitti-ion. and if in .ij
advancomem, t!ial ptrlition be nia-jj ol the "whole it i
:iav of lawiui i-te. .
aid petilicn wil bohctrdtt the next t rra of uid j
iniit, lo beholdin on the 4th day of O ti.bf-r,
it tiio court-tiouae in taid rouuty at liich time tnd '
jilacetaid iWen.iinl.tre herilvuotifitsJtotppjtr ;
II. tl ItlNTKR, Mr'fw tU ptttiom
June 3(1, IHW iVa gwij j
- i ' i
IMiite of Jnroes S. Itiehv.
u.. ......j Ki., ma. wh, auoM;riua.r na.
I bei-n aopoitited and outlined Admi
rmirt i h.k- : H .i.-. l. .
dnni on on l!ie Kt'tte ol Jamei S. Hiaj'iv. dereatxd.
I.to of Kt'rlicld countv, Ohio, fitted thi. 2- th d iv of
lun. I8,V.'. Joa'.N K. MUilACOU.'tior.
July I; lb32. 4w8
Co-Part nerxhip Notice.
VOTr E it heri-by given Ihtt the lulicrihrrt have
1 (hi. dav 1ite ed into ,-o-Dartner.bin. urdj-r the
lliraiif VHITEJr, tnd JUI.IXX for tlw pnrp-.ta of
conautuug a uuu.-ti aiov,' ana prouuee ou.lliol.
mfir-.'... a. ...
I.- a . ir-r . . " '
1 IIUMA I'. 111 1" I
Unrtnter. Mtv 13, t iM.
n A VINO purrhaaed the largo tnd valuable 4't.ck
intrtdo of T. V tViin-.. the lub.cnlleti are
noir prepared to olP r to thj public, tt the old
. V r. , ... i... r.. .' .
.land, nrat aoor r-air ot tn wtn Hotel, on the most
ieatouablu termt, i very tuperior ataortinent ot
Drt- ;M,U. Griicriiri eud O.unlantH,
In all their variety. We Invite 'he public to cill tnd
ixamina. WHITE. Jr. S: JL'LIAV.
Lancaster, .Mav 13. im:.
oll't-s.N. I'lK-lil't iltllll l.'IIM'U-la I'
lit ('nlilllllll.lt.
L .1 .1 I A 9 1 I, IC .
. . .
fltPTtlNB PIHTfllAnn, will lene I.tn-istor
KJ evi.-rv Sundtv. I'uewltv in.l ThiinuUiveiveninei.
it 4 o'cloik P. M ," ind arrive tt f'olunil-.ut, in time to
take the Cincinnati or Cleveland train of nr.. Fire
tl,25. The l..ni ttjr i, t kplenjid boat, fitted up ex-
presalvfor t-.itline with t view io the comfort tnd
.ccrm'mudatiiin ot oaifne n.
Merchanit and others havinitgnodi to forward cither
way, can oi- accuninio -ated on reaaonalile lernn.
ITr ' PJse, apply on beanl to tlw Captain.
June 4, IhEi '
III 13
Proprietor and Asent-.
fJ CHASE Co...." 112411SPir Alhtnv.
'r 'li Si KV A N1 L'ulfalo.
s FUAA';A'x...Cfii South Wharvn, Philtdi-Khia
P B. Bl'RKE..., ...8fStite ttreet liotton.
JAMES II MLfJCS; 123 Broad -treat,
V. Q. STEDII1.NS. J New York.
And ShipbySwiltsuieTow Botti.l'l of Br'd-tt, daily
Alto, igenia lor New York tnd Erie Rail I?osd,
via Dunkirk; Grilfith't Witern Line, via Buffalo:
Sew York tnd Oawero Line, tnd Otwe::o Transoor.
tttioi. LhiA.yil Oswego. .
Keier ? lI.KUi-jll s KL rz. Lancaster; J- L. Collins
Co. J Ueehntter 1 Son; L'ogai.; Iluttlet, Coinstock
SID C-.llimriut.
J. F. WEST. General Agent. April 1" d3;
, -a
il. D. IIISTER & CO.,
Main.., oppo.li. the U..ekloV.ll.y B.sk.
CasiI QeALEni i
HAVE just received and tliall keep on hand a full
an I constant supply of Staplj G-nceries. Fmitt.
N'uts, Spices. Sauce., Picklet, CiUups, &c, together
with minyoth?rtrtii-lciueresiarv inkeeniug House
A l-o. a lain - and well telected ttock uf Paint. OiU
and nye-Stuff. Lancaster, Miy .-, Ib5J. 93
Cheese! Cheese!! Cheese!!!
JrST received, a fine lot of English Dairv, Pine
Apple aud Sip Sago Cheeie o be told low lor
cath by II. B. HUNTER 4 CO.
May f', WW. . . dl)3
Ti.bn.ceo and Cgr.
4 LARGE and tuperior lot of Cigars and Tohicro,
l.ft,raieit 11. 0. lll'NTEP, it CO.
May 5 d93
irLDrOov. Java ind Rio Coffee,
ew Orleans Su-
E"r, Philadelphia crushed do., New Orleans Mo
lasses, Silcar-housJ and Gold -n Svnin it
ld?n Svnip at
Way o.
Hhfltfrrne Lamps.
ANEW tnd betntil'ul ttv le of Phofcgeno Tmpt,
luittble lor Ladies' work stands just received it
May 18. H. B. HUNTER & CO.
1 ,. .' Ptilnla, nila. 4-r.
A LAR1E lot of White. Vead. Red .ilo , Ven. Ted.
f l.ithsrgo, i hrome Groon, Cbroir Yellow, Lin
teed Oil, Turpentine tnd til kinds of Varnish for salu
by 11. B. HUNTER ICO.
Ii-on VMriilali.
A NEW article, expretslv for Stove. Gratet, Iron
l. Fenrei. etc., juitre-eived it
Mav W H. K. HUNTER i CO.
Winilhtjv Glna-
ST f BOXES CityBnod,lutTeceived it
Plckrls Prnnr., Ilmuilj Pcaellea,
ND i viriety of nice thing, fm iilo low for
L ctsh tt H.B HUNTER it CO.
Kaitttlv Kluur.
A Prima irtlcle, Daniel Beim't best whits whett
XX Flour.foriileat
DOOR Matt, Brooms, Sugir Bucketi. covered
ftoxc, etc.. at H. B. HUNTER fc CO.
you wear thtt exceedingly old Hatl Do von nol
know that M. 8M ALLEY haa received the late! Fall
itulct (if Haiti Also, ill kinds ol CAPS. Kemem
V . -i. - ii j u B. -.11 :
bet ill pucejpposiwino laiuntiiga iiihms, i..i ,u.
Lancaster, aotpember 36, 1H6I. 2'
I'irc, I'iiT. litre, I'ire, Tire.
THEunderlrnd Agent of the CITY INSU
n.J tn insursa nrooertv of anv deacrinion acainal
loaa or damage by FIRE, in the town of Lancaster
isd vicinity. Office- Mam Street, roiler'i Building
- -1 lAtiaeiainn'rv
, . sunn v.ajiso. s.
Unrtttr,thKcmvrrSl.VM9 dlStt
to Ml by
t own t.oldra Hj rap, Hucar-houM. Jl.it.....
; middling rMtvtnm. ijiv.ri,.i ...i t . . . i
lie 6 1 1 60. f XK; in.l ,.ri.n, q.ulity A B lm I
in all 1.853 ' f' """f "y"1". Curiw.r 1 A: I fn.L 1
!47pltEAT WCNDFR! The alrrtigned
ini I would respectfully tanouere to the rift
unt oi J thTield ad ilnia n 'mintta-i, thtt he h
iilo opened tho OLI BJ TTKH Y, li miles Xtti
Of latrottT, HI Ms TunjHk. The U fori
imt na.rriy rvri:ald th pio pk', aiul h
t-ntrtl wousi'd. Hut notv h..vir mr-A rntfl
from w.ui,,l.. b mli.t i th uU Biu.l. n Hook
''" """'' mli.
KTi''"i'1!"' " ""
f '.. d"lorT''1"4'J
uifnomv: f'fe upon
bnotli of bu.i.i... u inn, Oh. u.!nUl, n.l '
bv.ooisnl tb btM vnr,mi w4oi ih. ro.i.t,:,. ' 1
Th wori Kilt all he varrMni, i, 1 .,,1,1 ,. ..,;,
ttmnT ntln.r tkbool ili nira .in.n,., , ...1.
Tinr.v iuv.vkf,m will h nr. f...i.l 1.. ..... ... 1.. - I
wfl n.v. iirfi . uu. tt l m.J bv : n iic. th. t
!"8yrna mu--r. wr '('li.r. ui.l u rS
I II 1 m: 4 tii, rfh. ririw.
1 l V. I 1 I H. tit'-A
4 Tl,li
I l'l lAUHIlKir 11. ...
Jinn of tho vm: lur. h... iL,t..,!j..i ,,,:. r" ... :
upplr.th? iaricit mid Wat. rarird iu.,r'mt..l ol
liATS and ( AHS. pi-i r o, f j in tun city m lnraH.
'it. Hi' .'vl 'Ha' tut nil in rart ol 1,-a bluli
an t Ii'ta- lii'.v-r! nhilo ''i't'.r. a .uoci-i .r
OJarli. k: r..tr.r ifl Kin,- tVj-h. f7
e..r ..." . . 1 1 1 .
' . . . . ' '' nlaiiT, ana IMfllnnn
th i'iT lustrMiCldl rfn'i Pi-arl an.! !!!.:
' Ml wn n.l m.xiph HA I .
Miicion H: l.h ?ut.T-n;.i'o c-
Cnaril Hit fj-. .:r '. ' to ir-.
WW A. II r, of iM i.in l. f.r M.n tni T...r:
Cl.ira Straw, l:rtiili.l, dim laf, Mii-.r, l.-in,
KiMiut1! nl ItoJijrl.ii i:.-,.
Children' Faney S:im3i-r IIiVa.
If a'.o Ilr-.-; i on '. acH 'm ' of ! ,,-ri
uiac tirrit and if 'II irr'.t lii.,2i.r orv d.ta sli
tr .. . l j , - J.-.' , -
CAPS! CAPS!! C.5'!! fT)
tho alrli"i 1 li'" f-'ii-ii to 1.. varU 1 it J ..t. n
I -ive as.-ir-m.-r.f cf CAI'S. vitrtijr :- krop'.r tln
jav 'o: ev'T Dcioia oitfiuj 'o j n:in. -!
'f h) I'.llow in; .htwli;'.' ir.JI' atit lut t fM'.i-o o
th 8'..ii-ti:n-n'; of rat b lincription lhr art, 1ati
jnanti'if: liror n sr.d l.lacV pluh CAl
Mohair brown da Mr-n't Cn-itar'an an-l AU-i m J.o
Si-to'iiVi iii.mnnj Pr.nM d.l.fjjchnd Ur)how.n lu
Stir c'-jth aui TrarrlJI, ,!n.
Xe'V Style Hat Ctp,
V'lvtt htn ! .! V-Vm'-t Turl if.a't
wU h and Allx-rt 'ati. Hinir-olJ and R tad It-a'v
i!o. Ftuama und P.'ih '
Almx. tit kiaUof .-ilk an! rrm:nrs oil tVh naa.
Anlt BMtitifnl i&ot floth C for CW Ui-t
3 1 1 Bty.eol CJ0W fcapi Br,ta .( JS.
I'1 C,P t!1 f,T n,"n " 1 ' ov'- L,f v"- I
riouii-tvlf i. anJtaad-ol club, Piudi, Oil clot '.. i;.
. fln ''"'l' ,ni;! '' "tjrtp.oit, j';lc. -rj
.:i:i.ii i.iiwuivwwh Fjn,iu ; i.i c:tv. I l'n
atfiitlMi of th u"ibr tothia tt tl. u'ar i ati.
'"1 his i-'m.ive triiuintar.-i! Ai. i ueal-ri and
""Ui-urta-er. iu thu princi.l rie-. ol llju l uu n.
htv tl-lcdliim o luaie tlw ha..! !- tcr.s t .J it
" eaon!.l ratM. Th ! lt ;' fur vtlt. am"
th pulJie will tli.-J it t.; '.ir td.-.n'to ta rad too .
:,pp, bufor prcbaiin? i-lpw!if-r. Jt i-n til' iy iv
"'A that in Price. qli'-y. varb-tv ti-l cl. guij -, the ''
To -tlerchniitt mid l!:it'er.
The- ttrge ttock on
hand ofT-r, .uperiar inducement, !
i.h to U inV .upplv. tnd the
tn tbn.e who mir w
aubaciiU-r will trcoairnojate Hatira aud Murclull,
at wholesale, upon verv naonablp Iitt...
may ra, t-vii. n. ni.i,i-i.ir.
Admiiaiiitrutor'n Sole or I.ar d-.
nY virtue of an order of aal, to n-.e direi-ttd from
thj couit of probata f .r Ka-rl'u-Id co;'utv, 1 will
i Dial' r i iviiin. n-i.uun iiijiiu,! i y, u"iuir iit r n ri'
t nnu,i nit nt laid i"nnnTi.- nn jiitiivi ft- - ojih i-it i
l - , . .
I r.rJu v i;x'. ibout th h'-.ur O I O vlocl P. M r.f -a I.I H
.1.1 j . . i. .- !. .. , - i .- : - .
I to wit tneaoutn etit iUarti-roi aect.on .mi. town-
... - - -
jhip 14, rtnfe 19. mi je' :. Jiowefi-r. to the ria'-t if
' Jowef heT.obr a.tig ned to hit wWojr. t.,d upon ihe
H-rm. foilowuig; to u- oue-b id in h.ud. one-third ,
; VT T . e yj V " lae
.lefr.rw.J ruvinentl tr.im Ilia rfa v ol.slr..
defum-d Dtvinenti. from tlie dav of tab
, .f;i:OItGKSAN()tIWO, .Mm', r.
ith the will tnuxed of Thnmat Fricl,nr der.
Juncl7ih IH6-'. t0;M
.-rfi-dlrKS UJJ.-.-?'...ny
flillE en-rgyl with whichthi preat woik it beuig
puthed forwtrd. ii e lutlled only bv th minor-
' ttnceol it; tut in order that there may be no itn
I pediment in itt progresa, it i, all-impona'n! tl-at lunja
i no aiiooiieo it, d,v iiu.' uiirora. ianv oi in. niw .--
tl l in ..1 1 I. .Irl'.l t r.,,,1 .'.;! .
ment upon their ttoclt, tnd they re nrn.:W
quenUd ta come to th rem uc-and furni.b the nuod-
The first initilmrnt ol in p.r rent. wt duo J-nu-
try I, 185J; tnJ bv paving a lie instilment of III
' perccn'. everv CO ilavs tlwr. u'ter,the last in. :!::, ei t
I will fill due Seot. li Ism. the verv d.v ueon wi.i. h
U1' f1"11 ol" the rutd tow under coutoctj it to Lo com-
J pieiej.
' By reque'( JUr-L, K.VI t-LALu.l, rr.aJ.
.nay -u, .'-.
VOTICE ii hnrebv given, to the SNiokUl Vr of
L the Cincinnati. t ilminion anJ Zancstille l!a:l
Rosd Comnanv. that an In.lalineut of ten r.ir rent..
upon etch shtro of the Capital Stock of .aid rr-mpanv,
it required to be paid to the undersk-ned, Treasurer
thereot. tt tils omee in unci -ter, cn or neiure the
FI1ST DAY OF MAR? 11 S FAT, and a lii.e iiutal-m'-n'
of ten per cen'. every siy days t!icreA;"ter un
til the whole amount Is eaid up.
By order ol tn ll .aidot iiir.-stnn.
t mcimia:i. . x .a:tesvi;le Katlruad (.ouipat.y .
Nuti . In-erest will he tlloived out'.l aal s-rip-tions
of sto'-k. Iroin the time paid in. until the road
it opeiud and in ep.-rstii.n.
And for the couveuien-e of tubtci-i'u-r-.. Joei. L.
Fhankuii., Ell-, oT Cirrlevill, lias l..tvn ap')'n'ed
to receive insttlmenJi froia tuhscril.ers residirg lu
Pirktwiv county.
Damivl MrLaav, E,.q ,of Washir.gon, for tl.ote
i.AWKt rci; r iT'nrc.-i. bs,i., or miui.njton.rioai
thote reaidinx in Clinton count.
" t..T-r n.ri. i
Cincinnati. W. ZiuesvUIe iUilivad co.T.p.ny.
jur.i. r.Aur.n.u i.ii. ireasiirer.
Felrutrv1! ISo-i 18
: rr.ni,.iu-,ntiin., i.anna h -ii na ..,
! ()Fp.'ritotr,in be found n-W
1 Jl 1
C.oths, t n-Mineres Rtul t-tiin,'-
'CRAVATS. Cellars, IhndVrvl.i I-
Koiiiuth nad Mayni- liitl'
STRAW, Palm tni Leghorn, bei.ui.M issn-'m.l,
latest styles, at Ui.SLE'i.
Spring with itiSuii-Shiue Here.
VND those lasdiea wishing an jHdo potertirg
-hem from itt rays, will find ti..-i -i tt"vleief V:t
tols at irKXLKVU.
Stern Old Vinter ha Departed.
Y0Y are respectfully solirile-t to rr.II ar.d ir.;np
the besulilul aud' viricd as... rturut oi tocdt
openingit IIKSLEi'S.
lll'y t, Couiisrllor at l.atvst auter- Palitlc.
OFFICE In the Talliindeo Cljc-;, se?t,nj fl. oi
tdjoiuing Mivor Creed's olKco. ;
lllirch 2G, iSJ Tl j
'k'iwTcivtVLV, CITY T1V SHOP. I
nfUlE suhsciiber having located him-i II iu the citv1 i'
l would most rr.pertlully inferro the rmei-i ui
ho time an t siinuur. ling country, tint ho is now
opening a Shop oa Otlumbu i street, ITrtl ni.1t, three
Doors Xorth .Vjiii, for lheir.uiificture aud tale
of til kinuW .
Tin. Copper mid Slicet-Iron AVnrr,
Where he intemlt keeping, it all timti. i full ind iieuj i
i oril assortment, which wi.l be told on the nior.l lil.er-
;altci:.u. Persons wanting artn let iu hit lino wouh'
do well and save money byrallint on Imo beloie. luaU
I int their purcliaiet,i he iidntermiu-d to '.ell c!-.ep.
! Alt work vtarrar.tcd. A. WHITE
JiUjlJINO, b,TUouse Spcmtlwr nd R.iof
illf .'pl-eparedaD'. pul upon the tS.ortf.it notice, in the
best manner, snd at tha very lo-.vesf rain. A.
Lancaster, Ohio, September 4, lt;5l 13
OAfk Keet Pure While Letd Brhbli Venetian Red,
rUV 10 do Red Leti!,
6 Kegt Dry White Lead,
10 do Lithirage
liltl ll.a t'bran.e lirnon.
1 do Yellow Oihre,
40 do Linseed Oi'.
& do api 'Purpr nt ine
y do Japan viruisn
160 do do Ai-ilow uoi-opsi ,:o
SKI do Americtn Vormillion 1 dosupcotchuo&c
iust received and for ale it the city Drug Store late
. (J. Beck. F-DWAKU L. SLOCI M.
Lanctster. JuneVtf, loci
2,000 lleward.
TVE VER incethe iclence o'Medirin dawned upon
the world, hit any tning Doen louna to gooa ioi
cough and coldt i how a coooH CANnT.-axaai pica
gtea recoived thii day by K. L. SLOCUM.
l)ruggit,Lanci ter, Ohio,
Sole Agent for ralrliold county. rsov. u
BonaeliS Ribbon and Fa&a,
OF the newettpitters, all on hind at
Aprils,.1! HEXLEX'37
i .nimv ii ;,r nil tht, rr.ip,r.T i: n f " " , "V T t. ' . : . . ' I
KUPLOYJil) in f MWVFiCTCUlSiI ,t-1 fwb'nwi-In ths t.ly. TheirvliMhini; i ntnuhMunl
ah n I At: ! ' :nn-i t'wr on su-n'mon li ri..o-i-.niiiily u.
'arlaccr Trout,
Vt rvmovJ Uipir r, rU .
UKWT la Ctv'i kit.;!.!:.. k..t...
llorlioK Vltr lUnk Bd T.'i'. T.M..,I'
UmI J1.' AJTlIUHt v
Read)' 3Iade (iottiln;,
re rI",l rM.wf -;r t orJt t.
''" r 1 '"" '"poy tho I .t n wHiiwi;l
n " ' jn r"4 t .! 1 1U tri in
,'!" ii'mt itjl.... AU 'Juir iroi .'. w.'.'l !j varrnrfrj.
Tni- i uM"- .re rawliulW mil. it.,! o nil nM n
p-fv..:ia a th-v I ivt u.juvi-J, tl'ny t- 'trn iheir ol'J
- ii-i. ui.rj in I til u'h.T, ihat lliey n it l.l oneitT
;j'it:-.l uiiti:i:Gn b,Lh in t qtiaU ai-t pri' S ct
t'.. ;. Knds r.l wo. Hi '-T.il .at.1 1 TCuLT.
; lah.-tilcr.Miy4.lje2 di I .
I jikw aivi:ktisi:.iii;t. "'
: I Ctr:ACIlTV,.thl!Rriuf IhcOoi.pitVVtTcpj
nw t rf-apnctl'ully iofcinut the citizirt of In'-tt
t.-r .tid th p'lldic ti-a r-llv. that tie hn opened,
d on t tvt of the II iclinj al!iy Itanlt In builJ
ing oc -c-Jin by J. 1'rtnlc. it a clothing ttore, t
Vlvli-Micr and Javr.lrx t-"tlbll.hmB!,
ai'd i not .-nly tt til liisot prrptrfd to reptli
on ii;-trti!it rolfcc, tut haa also a fins li t J ntw
I .loil.t. Je. !r. r i;ia i''ic!;ol Knivt-t. Poit
ar.diunv oihr uotiona en htnd. tldi h he It
.n' .u. it, iii.po of at a la-jj prur.t at any oth'-'i: at
; i', ni-'i'. tt-at of rVf? rrmi ittjrii.
My mt.-.r. It annil tr.ii'. rn.1 naick.ftlna, M
, Turin i ur.e.lhtr Alruhtim, X.anc nor Juji.i," tu4
lev. ry ui I., .e i a ;n, i oa n v, arrt r. ...
Tni: - -v.uiir.g a 1-oe ( l.u ;f vaUh are mq-:?rft
to i-all . ,f.r. i.t.rd.a'.'nt; t-!tewhei-e, tjid 1 am k u
'.: it voi wi.l r.ct I(aVO GUIMn-'l.
.V'ayll. dllH JAM1I3 GARiiGnTT.
JITS!! :.& rvVaed bti t.tiVhU-1 v,l-li him !b lul
1L it-1 ,, io bi"i'Lii.!:.1l.:ni-iii in the Sou hwo- t co.
n'-r c.t .:a Pu-.!';c S.,u-.ro. I.t in a-,tir, Cii:nnoe W.
'Viiur. . Tbo l-u-..i.4.j w. I kr.iSit he ron-lar'.
ti u-!--T ts.ttsr. .t i-itti ol 1. i 0.S f: irtLMW,
r hurt mtv b f.-fti tl all l!injt a Meli trlectr-i
Slir'i if Foir.l.r rreerifs.
T..0 (!': IU I nt.il hanr. t) o t!vanttfi of th
a-g.-. :.-ir.-l.sc.ijn;i aonior j ir'n--r,.-ii; p,.at lo ihera
'i i as lo-.va.an; ht-usi, in l-'airlii-ld rounty.
'a l-T-y i-.-'-h t c...it-.'i-tn"0 i.f i.astaroriag.auT.
'.it i.-'.ic ;'. eir o'.'oc: v. ii Le lo rrr.dvr ,t'i.r,c
tun. 4 JOHN 1.VOSS.
j Aj.il 13. Vi. IcdSliiHliJ
,M) SHOK E.VrAI!I.I::iJir:.S'i'.
V f fully i.'furm the cilivi r.t cf I'aiif ti l
! l';p ar.
ir.ir.gco ;rr.lt?.. th.t Ir.ey aroc tl
bii.d -it u. '.!, tl th2r old stand one i!o.
-jci.u.'i lii-ni Srorn wih a late ani
f-i.nli,' -jr'.T.ent ol eViTytliin iu t!u .J hr.o.
'llicir. srii'i; y"' 1 harbvi'.n v.lcctei with.
C3i:-:i'! ..-.-! i,r--.-r thtn usual.
LtDlKij! We htvetakt-ntpevUl care it. auLtrf wt
i;r- t..H. ag te i-U-i i y- -. i
' '.i nii-ea !':!" -i every!!.-;;, trim ilii't T.isu
n-'-K '.',it. to 'hi.. .iti'I ilt ci.lldi- D .
V,a bars '.: oildJ tro prt-rcd to ataUto
or'i r-
O'lr V.-mf.'t Jlut.'.t" '"' Sian.Utt (iaiUrt, for.
Buc-M, e. V. c a:io tvo tn hard Utile i' Cum
ty-v-t. ... , ,
1 INOIIj!-. u e ir. aio prpa.i-u 10 mrni.n
Shc'" ' VTlT?
d-m-ti-ii, u k.f. ' -6J. aot-.i,tUg. h-.-.
v.lc Lta'.bi r. Morocco Lir.dirg",
thvtyi ca
Jc ari'iiicn toi'-o wcilion Inn.), ne tretreptrcd
it hi-n-lo.-'ote 'o iri.-ri.l'ti turo e-.'( ryllii g in our line.
Our o-n work n"i tit nor&.rrnnii r.uaticn. Vie hof u
bv prc. tr t'.u a'i&r.to our Luaiumt. lonrur lair
sr'.-ieuf thonuu!is paln u.s-, tt e will tlmtvi ha
; r o . , , - .
vu u"nu v r, - vua .-.- -
u i i. iiii-ri i r iri ir:' . prp orii-w
I i ... ..... . la..... ihi. ltr,..t .Va.
-"j -: -
makv g liitunen. nu,.u..i.iyn.
An Ordinance
To sm-nd tr, Ordinance, entitled an Crdtntnce for lit
puuiiLiueut of certain oifrrw et therein turned,
piijed 0 toDir 13, InM I
trC. I t. BeiUr.W ed ly tie Cifn iW.c7 cf
3 the City t-f U-.raittr, 'I iM it thatl b UwfU fo
theMar.haio: -uidrity to arret any pi rsoneripi rtont,
tt auv tirr.a who .htll, between tun d' wn and iuii
riac. i ron the Saubath ,!ty, be lourid guilty uf ir. 'rart.
ing the i T'jvl-dont of tho -4th. Si'i :.nd U'.li tectior.t f
'he ord'.nar.ce afi resaiJ, Lnd h-ih-e him, her or thi in
font'? keeping in the co'jnty Juil, until ini-xaruina-tion
rau l-e l.n-1 i.y Iher'.-jpeVoirxi-r.v.hkli in uoca.9
s!all exceed f Iten huur. from srA titi t the llroe tf
cnnimiire-.-i:, unle-. .urn arreat at.a.1 t.vcf-tco on.
' the
tU.; t.i, tr.d tho k?-ppT ol i:d -lail it hi rcby au
' thorized tu.i rep.irrd to Kcrivo and .lutain tuch rer-
j 5-. " perkons, aonnigtu wi.a at ui.ci.a.u, uu-
o3'1',,:'?':r-f.'" , . n .
: . Sic. CI. A'. OrJ.ni.n.-c , tsj paf . Ordiasaer
ic-pr.j-jteiit with the pi-uviaiou of th:J ordinance, oe,
' tnd 'he tjins re hrr-by rvr-rruod. T.iis erJinsnco
" tt!tn Pir,:c ' '.Ir' nd fter the hgt
, put.icat on thcrj-.I.
raa'i! June 1 1. IV-4.
tVM P. nitEO-Tavf-
A't-tt Johx D. Rttn, ri'.y cUrk. June 13.
An Ordinnnrr,
Lavyisj Tatf- for the m-iitenann oft V'je Depart- .
i.ii r.t in the city of Lsiica.wr.
Cr.C. Ut. Veil ordir.il ly the City Co-ir.cH of
U Lairmtir, Ihu a spc-inl laxolaHAi v Jin.t.
oa the JolLr of vaUntr-n, be, and tho sf.me is hereby
, levied u per. all -rooc-rtv sui j..-rt to t-x-lion for fsta..,
and ce.entv piiio-.es, wi;h:ntiie lr.roruoratd linutiof
the citv of Liiua.lcr, lor !.? ruipua cf con-ributji
' ir, the -ii .in. :i. nee ul a I ? Il.'-- r'inetii wit.nn sa-.a
cit.-. raam d June I'. lfcC'3. W.M. P. CT.EF.D. .Ifoyo -.
; XfjzA Joi.s B. Held, city clerk. June '.-'.
An Ordiniiuco
L?? Tutcs fir city purposes for ths year lffi?.
tsV.r. I.t. I-..: trordJiiiM by t.ic tiiif itou-u Of
0 i.'.e Ctfy if La:.cii'!r, That a Tax el" Ox M:L6
1 nlhe dul'ur of valuation, be, and Ih-; t?m-;is herely
li vtssj upen all prop- rty suhj' ct to tixaiiou fur Htalt
anicr.uti'.v n-irr.js -s.wili.in lii-j incirfort-.d limit! cf
1,4 citv ho i.n.r, fur citv j-tirpo-,-.
Sn.-.'-d J.'c it Ont'vr r.rtaired by thr authcritj
; -- .T..n.-l.r..nf:;.rIl.i.M,lii
I "..'- "'. - - --
I -n thedol.ar il stluitiea, If. an.1 1.. taint it nereoy
. a..ulilr..ill ..i-.ir.. rt V ..I M.-.-t T . TsTl.:
nfjr Sin.,
,r' -- "i t-i .---j -. .
I . purfo, within the wcorroratfd lmi.u cf
tne ruy oi en.-a-u-r, i-ir me spt-iJi puipu-.e ui ...
juidatiiU th3 prjJen! iud-btedlieat ef said city.
i Pa.sod Ji n , 1 1 , lV-. WM H. CKEEl), ffago. .
Ails- Jons il- iicun, Hty clerk.
Jund 1J
An Ordinance,
'.-v!n;Ta.xefor Sc'..ool purrcies in tie :'.tj of
l.taot .iter f'-r th vear Jf-.2.
!!ne tnd half'CU'- lt- fc il crdmr.al tilheiity CVmnr.f Of
t 1V1
lAtteittr, 1 bat i aut-.-wl .
:wl fi x rf Tli-.ec ThouairJ-
i rive Hundred llnl'ars. le, i-tid the tame it hen-bv
h vied upon all properly subject to taxation fur Stat j-
j thl! c;ty c;- t.eni-a-ter. lurtlm purponeot" defray in j It a
' wmiia oi' luitir n is tlu? Pu'.-Ur Schools in taid city
uir ilie.-urrent ve-.r. pursuant to an Act r-assa.i of
i the Legislature of Chio, lelmsry IU, lii (or tha,
; sui pnit nd boi'i r r-'gu'.-.tion of cot.iiiou Schocla ic
, tliciitv of Lancaster. Passed lune 1 1 , 1S52.
I ' WM. V. CKELD Mayor. .
: Atlo-t J.?hx B. RirET), tily clerk. June U
. ,n Ordir.nncr '
: Lcrvim Ttnet for the rurpore'ef Unnidatuig th
j hJcUcdne of School llUinct No. 13, iu tlie-ita
Ward of the city of lam -aster.
SVC. 1st. re it ordair.cd by the Lily Co unfit' ft
th Citu if Lancif'.r, That fur the purpo e if
i lijiiiditing"tho ind'-'blc I es of ,-ic'iiool OittJitt No. 13,
i in tho-lih Ward of the city cf I so i-'-jr. Uia-e ihill
i I o levied i' d collect.-d upon ill p op. itv subject to
tsxation Itt said Ward, a Tax ol C'ua Hundred jed
I Nii i-iy-onn Dullai-s snd Sixty-two ct-ntt puruiant t
1 in Ait of the legislature 'J 'O'.w, r-i';cu , IhJS.
I'.sseJ Jin.? 11'. 1.-V.J V. M. I ( 'UiXD. Mayor.
A'teit- Joit.vE. Rttri, c.t t.Vrft. June i".
rplir. un.ie signed hat just received a nlot if
1 I'via K.-w' York Colin Sviuo fur iho city
liv.de. Call tnd try ii.
Lini tit.r, May ol.
Estate of rdnrgarct I Cieed. - ,i
f4T0TIC'E is-hercby given, that the lubscrH er hta
; biM-n sppoin-ed at-d qu'lilied t Adiuiaittittor
of luo Ks-ale of Mahuakkt V. Currtf, decetted,
lalo of Ftrrfii-ld cruntV. Ohio. Lted at Lancaster,
thi 13tl hy ol' .'.lie, A. I. 1S6.
Juno lb- -v ti JUH S 11. MfMAVGH AJ'tor.
X V:tln:tlIe i iu Itn fa!i'.
I OFFER my farm at private isle, ronsitting of 1C9
aoret ef choice land, silual'din Bloom trwusb r,
Fa l lield couuty, Uhio, two milei east ot l.ithopoiis
snd ono mile tuuth of lelVervcui- 1WI tcrcs improved
land, urder good fence, wi 11 wuh. red; running water
ill the year ronn.1 ir.neeily ill tho field. A iprin
It tlie UWeilltlg UOUS-lIiai . KIH.UI uo ueav ... wuwc,
llidippia trees, boning the besl Iruit.'iS poach treea
besid." a vtviety of otlu-r fruit Iron, i-hurry, plum, .
Ssc. Three dwelling hou es on the farm ind i very
lirgo htrn. 1 will take lf0.l in bind tnd frr the
residue I will give Cvj V"r credit, in paytncnU.-.
Anv ono within to purchase a good farm will do
welltorallaiidtteit: . 6jOUN CWTES.
May 86- " ; ' L
Stable for Rent.
THEjtftiicrilier effera for rent th atabl and
tuaVt recc ntly and for teverul ycir ptst ore u pi
i u-Tim a l.lverv Ktuble. Thw aUnd It at'
favorable ono, and every thing in jood order, lmtrf
diatepottettion will be given, lur further patina-
lara entire of Ocorge PandOTtoti, who w u'ho, 4
I te ict for him. Y . SAMt-K.1. tKlM. ;
i . . .

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