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citi.i rest t jMi,.ri,Ti. r-, nji..m-j . . , , t , , ,w , , , i n , J T TIW i"ssj eAy ll ll ' L '
(Tljc IVrdiUj Gazelle.
Saturday IUvcuJsis,
a. usa
Db. Chas:hg o Scott. The following !
tributeto (ho worth of our candidate, ex- j
pressed in Dr.Channing's concise end clo-
qucnt style, is worth the more from the fact !
that it was drawn from a man who was not
in the habit of speaking in high terms of mil
itary men. It has been publishod before,
but it will bear republishing now, when ef
forts are made by "old soldiers" who would
run at the smell of gunpowder, to defame the
character of Gen. Scott. Wo tako it that
this exhibits our candidate, not only as a
great military man, but as well qualified as a
civilian to perform any other trust commit
ted to him, while his "nobleness" and "gen
erosity" of character and his sense ofpatri-
otism, justice and humanity" would prevent
him from doing a wrong act. Shame upon
the defamers of the defender of his country !
""Much also," says that distinguished di
vine, "U duo to tho beneficent influence of
Gen. Scott. To this distinguished man bo
longs the rare honor ol uniting with the
military energy and, daring the spirit of a phi
lanthropist. HIS EXPLOITS IN THE
MANKIND. In the whole history of the in
tercourse of civilized communities, we doubt
whether a brighter page can be found than
that winch records his agency in the remov
al of the Chcrokcos. As fur us tho wrongs
done to this race can be atoned for Gen.
Scott has made'the expiation. In his recent
mission to tho disturbed borders of our coun
try he has succeeded, not ho much by policy
as by tho nobleness and generosity of his
character, by moral influence, by the earnest
conviction with which he hits enforced on
nil, with whom he hud to do, tho obligations
of patriotism, justice, humanity and religion.
It would not ho easy to find among uh a man
who has won a purer fume; nnd I would do
something, no matter how little, to hasten
the time when the spirit of Christian human
ity shall bo counted an essential attribute
and the brightest ornumcnt. in a public man."
Iowa. Wo havo an interesting letter
from an old friend und " fellow soldier" in
the Whig ranks, who has moved to this State
and is now doing well und working, as a
natter of Course, for tho good old causo.
He sends us a cheering account from this
young Stnte,ind for good and sufficient reu
eons. Tho nomination of General Scott
will brighten the prospect.
Ho snyn that the State ciimo Into the
Union out of debt and has sinco been gov
erned by tho Locofocos. They have not
mado any Improvement, und yet the taxes
nre higher than they are even in Ohio. Still
the State is in debt, and continues to got
more and moro involved every year. A
body of men, with fetv exceptions of tho
Bame party, formed a new code of laws, und
it is tho most odious thing imaginable. As
a samplo, it allows tho officer (that is the
county officer) mnking a return of thu tnxoB
or revenue, for ubout double tho amount col
lected, from tho fact thut they arc paid mile
age at so high a rate.
Our readers must remember that a goodly
number of tho young lenders of tho Ohio
Democracy have inovod lo that State, nnd
they seem to havo learned well of their
fathers. Our friend odds that tho code und
It makers havo become no detestable, that
code, parly and all will bo swept from tho
Htato at the next election. Without this
causo, Iowa was set down for Scott j with
it, it only becomes a question as to the ma
jority. Scott's Justice and IIumanitv. Every
American will read with pride tho following
extracts from General Order, No. 287, issued
front the National l'alacu in the city of Mex
ico and intended for the government of that
city while iu tho hands of tho Amcrlcuus.
The 2d section was as follows:
"Assassination, murder, poisoning, rape,
ortlio attempt to commit either; malicious
stabbing or maiming; assault nnd battery,
robbery, theft ; thr wanton disrrniiion of church
cj and other rcliimis edifices, aid .fixtures; the
interrujilion of retiiious ccrenuniUsnui the de
struction, except by order of a superior offi
cer, of public or private property; nre such
Section 10, of the Ordei, was as follown;
"This splendid capital its churches and re
tijious trorshii; its rtmvenls und monaster i-s;
its inhabitants and property, are moreover
placed under the specinl safu-guard of the
faith and honor of tho American army."
Wo have no disposition to miiku any in
vidious contrasts, but the friends of tieiAra
Pierce bring it upon themselves, and wo nro
proud to refer to the above and compare it
to the illiberal course of tho majority in New
Hampshire, of whom it is claimed (ieneral
Pierco is an qIiL7ili,i! member.
Webster uton Scott. l uspeech in the
United Htates Senate, MurclrJl, in is, D,m.
lei Webtter spoke as follows, relative to the
character antl services oftieiu r.il Ncott, and
his base treutinent by the Polk mlinhiUirn-
"I understand sir, thut there is a report
from (ieneral Scott, a man who has per
formed tho most brilliant campaieii 011 re
cant military record, a lu.'in who
lias warred
ainst the enemy warred af inst the cli -
mutcwarrednKninst a thousand iinpropitiou,;
circuinstmices, und has earned thu ti of
bis country to tho capital ofthe enemy, hon
orably, proudly, human !;, to bis own per
inunont honor, and the freiit military credit
of his country. (ittntirul Ne.ott; ami where is
he At Puehl'af at Puehla, uuder(oiiij; an
inquiry before his inferiors in rank, and oth
er persons without military rank; while thu
Illiii powers ho has exercised, and exercised
I, .llutl....l., nr., I.,.C......I ...
with ho much distinction, nre trunsl'ereil to
another, 1 do not say unworthy of them, but
to one inferior in rank, station and experience
to himself."
fj.tr In scull for a HeoTT meotiujr nt In
diunnpolis tho names of two Democr.its up
reared. Tho
tiumcs appearc
tli.it they be etric
upon the Whijf paper says
"We nre authorized to nay that Thomas
yhoutly and Henry Hoffman, whoes names
uppei.r to the Whljf call, aro Democrats and
that they put their own UBiei to the call,
'and that Mr. Brewn, cf the Sentinel, la not
authorized to "strike their name from the
lift." Try utfuin, neighbor.
r . i -.-.. ... . . . t"i r y iiiiinii a sir ii turn nniiv n lien sin t, n ueiretiy i tnii.ty,
,t.o,oco p,.,, -r toeir . o, ym,r .,et, me! that tlieir presence is bwi which lviL, it8 r ..,'cd.t.ro'I to bail u. &U00, for
u in.-re ny iiimitiui, rcjuosicii , i ny win oe to he her "own dear Salllo." Marai: Lot his school.. . . -. .
b..i. fr.,. tl... 11 i l'l,..r... i more. M'tin t"W, add n.v. up the charoe.. ns ..i.ii.i..,., .,.,i...u i. ...... .. . .
- ' ' : ,1.,, , ,;,.,." VI...... ... I. I , t ... 't'... M..M nwilll WU UtTltCf UUIIUIUIOU. M ,
BaltiMobk aK'u .Ohio Railroad, --This
road was. opened a few days since. te Fair
mont, 8 town situated upon the Mononga
bcla river, uboul one mile and a lialf from
where its two sources unito. ' The Baltimore
f)...'..j .l.mii .p..-.. :,.t,,i.?.at ..l.turrint.f.n
of this magnificent work, from which we
take the following extract :
" Descending somewlnt from CnHsidy's i
Ridgr, and passing by high embankment
over the Brushy Fork of Pringlo's Run, the 1
line soon reaches tho Kmgwood tunnot ot
4,100 feet in length, the longest finished ,
tunnel in Amonca. It is througn a compact
slate rock, overluid in part by a good lime
stone road, and for tho rest of its length it
is being supported by timbering preliminary
to brick arching. There aro two long deep
cuts at each end of the tunnel. It was
worked from tho two ends, and forms three
shafts 15 and 20 feet square, .nnd 130 feet
deep. The greutest height of the ridge over
the tunnel is 220 feet. The time employed
on tho work was a'bout two years and eight
months, und the number o: cubic yars re
moved from the tunnel was about 1)0,000, to
gether with about 110,000 yards of earth
und rork outsido of the tunnel, making some
200,000 yards in all. The tunnel has been
named from Kingswooo, tne county sear, oi
Preston county,' Vn., which stands a few
miles oil" on the snnio rido-o. Tho tunnel
not bavin" been finished in tinio to permit
the transportation of the iron rails through ; .cress, to recommend or to approve of mca
it, a track was laid over tho top of tho hill !Hiire.i in regard to tho management of tho
at a grade of upwards of 6C0 feet per mile, j public domain so as to secure an early settle
over which the materials were taken by a i mont of the same favorable to actual settlors,
locomotive engine, which propelled a single j -ut consistent nevertheless with a due regard
car at a time, weighing, with its load, IS
tons, lit a speed ol ten miles per Hour, iinu i
upwards. When the truck was rendered ,
slippery, however, by moicturc, the ciigmo i
umrits load occasionally slid lincKwunis, iitki jested by my military experience, viz: giv
tiioro than once ran in this way, with locked i n to ull foreigners the right of citizenship
wheels, half a mile down to the bottonof the w),8 Hmll faithfully serve in time of war one
L'rade without dnmaee, however. This, we
believo is the most extraordinary feat of lo
comotive Htenm power on record."
In his speech at Cleveland, the other
day, John A. Footk, who for some time has
been a Free Boiler, said:
"A gooil old Democrat told mo to-day ho
should throw his vote for (Jen. Scott; and
what in more, said he, 'there ure fiflven
more good Democrats upon the tw) acm tt
ronnd me, that will do the same.' Fellow
citizens, let the sumis be said of every two
acres on the Western Reserve."
O5"0no littlo item from the Rochester
American is very good:
One of our citizens of New Hampshire birtli
on being told Pierce's nomination, exclaim
ed, "My god! how it will astonish his fam
ily!" The Lessees of the college lands, Athens
county, arc very indignant at the action of
the Into Lng'iHlatiiro tnxlng their lands for
State purposes. They have held meetings
and intend contesting tho right of that body
to violate a contract. A good many of them
helped to elect this same Legislature and
some other bodies also. We will unit and
son tho end.
Ct.ARK County. -Tho Whigs of this
stronghold of correct principles havo star
ted off right. They pledge fftrrn hundred
majority for Gen. Scott, and they havo the
ncrgy and spirit to redeem their word. Res
olutions of a fervent and patriotic character
were adopted at tho ratification meeting in
Springfield, on Saturday last. They breathe
tho true spirit of Whig freeman.
OirThe City Couucil of Cincinnati offi
cially noticed tho death of Henry Clay.
Resolutions to dress the Hull in mourning
for thirty days were unanimouHly passed.
Tim Scott Fkki.ino in Michigan. Gen.
John R. Williams, one of tho prominent
Opposition politicians, and for several
years Mayor of Detroit, supports the elec
tion ol Scott and l.riihiiui, slid is one nt tho
Vice Presidents ofthe Detroit Scott club.
.Major Jonathan Kearshy, id Detroit, who
was badly 1 rippled iu the defense of his coun
try, und a leader in the Opposition ranks, is
lor Ncott. These nre important accessions to
tho Hcolt phalanx, nnd nn indication of pub
lic sentiment in thu INortli-weut. ticn.
Williams signalized himself in tho liluck
Hawk Wur, and is mt old resident of Detroit,
possessed of much influence.
BltOTT ANII filtAIIAM. The eiilhusiiiBin
with which tho nominations of Scott and
(iriihiiiii nro received in this State and
throughout New England, exceeds our iniwt
Bimguiiio expectations. They have struck
a chord in the popular heart, which has not
been touched since the days of "Old Tippe-
.......e. .......,. '
eiiceu.and the same strong popular fueling-
and we may say tho same oppositlon-that
were then culled forth, are now waked up,
and will he lelt in the coming coolest. J i.u
and win near mom in iritiuipii 10 victory, as
tho waters of tho flood bore up the urk of
Wo continue to receive tho most cheer
ing accounts from the interior of our State.
A gentleman from Lowell assured 11s yester
day, that Scott and Graham will receive the
largest majority in that city that has ever
been given to a Whigcandiilitte. J he Whigs
ol Haverhill
nre to have a grand ratilicatio
Moiiil :y evening, and will ho ad -
meeting on
dressed by .Mr. Schooler, tho editor ofthe
Atlas, and others. Salem and Worcester
havo already held their ratification meetings,
at which Ihe greatest enthusiam was exhibit
ed. Huston speaks In Fanneuil Hall' next
Tuesduy night, and Fitohhurg mid other im
portant pluces aro making preparations for
grand ilriiioii.str.il ions. Aswas said in llul-
limore, the 'fo'ic have taken up these nomi
nations, and tuey ar.i detorminei to sustain
ami ill nielli toruueti. u ten our menus
t homo ami abroad, that Massachusetts and
the other New Knp;land States will stand by
tho nomitiiilions, and will gvo to them n
support which will astonish every one. -lion-ton
j NtabTinu RiiiliT. Falluw Copy! Vo ob
serve hy our exchanges from various (iiar-
ii'M.inat rscotl t'liilm, I'lnppewn Chilis, I,un
: dv I ..,,. n......i, .. ,m i. i
1 uZ &Z
j &c ure ,, rorim.d a ovor .,. ' '
Iho Whiu i 'Mortjiin ronnty held nn nn-
llllisiaslic meeliii!: nl McCnnnelsvlllo n f.-.u
eveniiifts ngo, formed a Chippewa Club', and
pituiilu.iil lii nttiiit ii.,i. ; ... i i
m..el, nftener a. ll... Pr...l .i" i?,.
should direc t, till the close of tho r.,ui,.,,.i 'r ,
We aj;ree with the Slate Journal, iu cordial -
ly recoiiinieiidiiii; to the Kelt men of everv
' )mv,ls, ,lllt viK,r0 n Ohio to "r?o and .h.
I ... . I ' ' . ' h -"1011111,
likewise." Ori'imize at once, und prepare
for the campaign. MeetitR'a for the purpose
. i i - . . .i ... '.. '.
... no .uiiitiiiir ueii'i;i:n'e to too county v. 01-
veniions will he a favorable time lor tl.i.
When orKani.ed out of your county seats,
iniiko it vour liructico to notlfv amiii) of the
j -
iu November next, the enemy will be driven
from the field'. friends nf Soott, rememlier
this! CLu'lund Herald.
Can't the Pierce Boys, by way bfUffset.
get up a. few candi associations, in honor of
"the most illustrious deed ' in Hit! hie of theli
candidate! Lou. Jour.
s itiuiters ui ine centre. 0 t 10 tlinn nnd n nrn i. i... . i " . , ,' . . i li. . ii
ti..-t.un.,i..i ..vtiuuiii ut, i.uHiiv i.ano. tn i r in"jrKson.
Gen. Si;oUsXtci'oArf ptatice.
Washington, Juno 24. 1852.-Sir: .1 have
haitlhe honor to receive from your hands tho
official notice ofmv "unanimous nomination
as the Whig candidate for .tho gtliceof Pres-! bene have recently been committed on the
ident of the U. States;" together with a copy I American sidocjf the Rio Grande, by a inix
of the resolutions passed 'by' the" conven-! ed band of Mexicans and Indians. , Tho
tion expressing their opinions upon pome of j r lag ot lliootn imhi., siaieo ma iu umsuui-v
the most prominont questions of national ! was received iu Brownsville, the day previ
policy." - ious, that an American named Remington,
Thissrreat dlStinction.'eohferedhv a hu-'had been murdered and .thrown into tho
mordus, intelligent and patriotic body, rop-
reScntiiig million of my countrymen, sinks ;
ntitig million! of my countrymen, sinks
j,.en :nto n)V ia,nrt. Bnd TemeinberinT the i
vory emmPnt nrtmt,s w,jc,- Wcre before Jhe j
. ,!; i,,Miai.i,-ii. h..B,rJT the
Convention in amidaLlo competition with my i
own, I am. made to feeL oppressively, the
weight of responsibility belonging to my i
rw.artinn , .. ' '
M... i, . u.nrd t nroi ure this I
distinction. 1 lost not a
moment, auer ll null '
been centered, in addressing a letter 10 one
of your members to signify what would be,
at the proper time, the substance uf my re
ply to the convention; and I now have the
honor to repeat, in a more formal manner, as
the occasion justly demands, that I accept
the nomination with the resolutions annexed.
Tho political principles and measures laid
down in these resolutions aro so broad that
but little is left for mo to add. I therefore
barely suggest, in this place, that, should I,
hv tlie nartialitv ofiny country men.be elevat
ed to the Chief Mamstrucy of tho Union, I
i.,ull be ready, in my connexion with Con-
to tho equal rights of the whole American
people in that vast national inheritance, anil
asu t recommend or approve of a single
ultfrutiun in our naturalization laws, sug-
year on board of our public, ships, or in our
laud lorccs, regular or voluntecr,on their re
ceiving an honorable discharge from the ser
vice. tl regard to tho general policy of the ad
ministration, if elected, 1 should ol course
look among those who may approve that po
licy for the agents to carry It into execution;
a.nd I should seek to cultivute harmony and
fraternal sentiments throughout the Whig
nurtv. without attemntin!r to reduce its mem
bers hv nroneriutioii to eact conformity to !
my own views. Hut I should ut the same I themselves down in front of his house. Mr.
time, be rigorous in regard to qtliililicntiuns ! Neale was under the greatest alarm for hitn
for office retaining and appointing no one j self nnd property.
either deficient in capacity or integrity, or in An extra of tho Flag, of the Hth instant,
devotion to Liberty, to the Constitution and says that great excilementexisted in lirowns
the Union. I viile in consequence of shooting two Alner-
Conviuced that harmony and good will j icans, by tho authorities' of Matuinoras, tho
between the different quarters of our broad : day previous. They had been taken priso
country is eKS.mtiul to the future and pr,'-1 hits during tho attack on thut city by Cur-
ent iutorests of tho Republic, anil with a
. ..... . I. . . .. ' ., .
devotion to tnosc interests mat can i.now no :
noillll and 110 iortn, 1 siiouiu iieiiutrr roiiu- 1
teiiunoe nor Uilerato any sedition, disorder,
. . .
.. . , ... 1 T 1 1 1. 1
faction or resistance to the law or the Union,
011 tiny pretext iu any part of the land ; and
I should carry into the eivil admini-straltou
this onu principle of military conduct obe
dience to the legislative and judicial depart
ments of government, each in its constitu
tional sphere saving only, in respect to the
Legislature, the possible resort to tho veto
power always to ho most cautiously exer
cised, and under the strictest restraints and
necessities. . '
Finully, for my strict adherunco to thu
principles of the Whig purty as expressed
in tho resolutions of the convention, and
herein suggestedwith a sincere and earnest
purpose to ndvancp the greatness and hup
piness of the Republic, and thus to cherish
and encourage the cause of constitutional
liberty throughout the world, avoiding every
act and thought' that might involve our
country in 1111 unjust or uimecesj 'iy wur, ot
impair the faith of treaties, and discounter
ant ing all political agitation injurious to the
interest ol society ami dangerous to the
Union, I can offer no other pledge or guar
antee than tho known incidents of a long
public life, now undergoing tho severest ex
amination. Feeling myself highly fortunate in my as
sociate on the ticket, and with a lively sense
of my obligations to tho convention, and to
ynur personal courtesies,
1 havu the honor to remain, sir, with great
esteem, your most obedient servant,
To the Hon. J. (J. Ciiai'Man. President of
the Whig National Convention.
J i';ih:i m's lMfc r ol' A't''iliiiM's
Washington, Juno 24, IMS.
Sir: I am gratified to acknowledge, the
receipt ol'the communication which you did
me the honor to deliver ill person yesterday,
aniu uni'ing my unanimous nomination, tin'
the Whig candidate for tho ollicc of Vice !
President uf the United States by the Na-
tiontil Convention which roecntly assembled
1 iu It.iltiiiiore; accompanied by a copy of the
I resolutions of tho convention, upon ques-
1 (ii)n( (jf m,-umd ,lri ml policy,
vuriM nplrovo tll(, declarations matle
I . 1(,Hl, r..so!ltt iotis. On matters of the
1 rll,(.nt .ir,1(,.nl Jntor.-t they do but
i , the conduct of an adminislratioi, of
portray the
tho (iovernmeiit of which for near two
yearn I have been a member. On nil oth
ers they but reiterate the doctrines nnd rec
commentlatioiis held by its chief in impor-
1.1:.. !.,..,t....u
, ,ol..rilu,8 ,iy ,e expected.
: j ,h,rofl)rP llCc,.fl tlll, .Unti.u-lion, so hon-
orahly lendered, with a grateful heart, but
.. J , .. -
Willi unatiocicdiiiiiidence. it is a piuibiiic-
lion, however, to know that tho place to
which I havo been nominated isbutsecoud
tiry, nud that for the first office tho conven
tion has proposed u citizen of tried patriot
ism nnd virtue, long and lamillurly uC'iiinin
ted wit!
safe nn
.....I.IIp t,lVir .....1 n.il.lle .no....
1 sagacious counsellor, who has ful-
. .....
mM vv ,rutit heretofore conimitted to his
i t. ,1 ...i, i,. !il.,utr,.i...l nr
hy eminent pulilie services.
wnt. ...e !, f.,r II... e,,.,rt,.e with
which you have honored me, iu the execu -
tion ol your olhce, and with the holiest per -
sonal respect, I am your obedient servnnt,
WII.1,. A. ti HA 11 A. VI.
Tho Hon. J. 0. Chapman, President Na
tional Whip; Convention. -
(ioi.n Mania i KniiLANii. The English
havo become as fjoltl mad ns tho Yankees,
nnd nro lliirkinir to the A ustriiliun diircillL's
hv thousands. The Londou correspondent
J . .... . .. ., . ...
ol tho North American writes mat, "oc -
tween thirty and.furty first-cmss packet ships
! Will leilVO the ports of I',OlltloH 1111(1 Liver
Poot within month for different porta ill
1 A,w,rtt"a; M 11 lca en atoti. Hint uptyarus
' "' twenty thousand Lnjj islimen will Jonyo
,,,,!lr livo land within six weeks, bound lor
, ... ... ,v . -,..,,1.,. f.
' " ni!W Ir&0' . Ihe applications tor
i h?r.)w lu "bipowners nro far beyond their
Itlilhtv tnminlt .Kvrv l.iirth m overv shin
. - i t v j J '.
i 18 'VcrnR-a, ntl huge premiums are tillered
1 10 11,8 lucly f tickets for passagt.,',
m . ... . ,
, , ... rH , , .rill v.. r w.A turn iv. nii.rinen
t5"Wo K-arn that several of tho go-boad
Whigs have ordered a lot of Iurjo soup dish,
cs, lo be labelled "Scott Sotipi" to- be pla.
ccd in the public collee houses llirourjhout
the city vhero the. Scott boys and other can
take a hasty plate of onpouevery day., nt
lunch. Cin. Alias.
LUlIb UUIMIl. ( 01. 1). ........ .IV.O.tn. - .
Should the people of the United StB&'aLDrB'CT,VB
give their sanction to the nominations of; Tlie districts ol Mulhausen an, He igenstad
your convention, so far as I shall bo invest-! ,nvP !''f visited by n great calamity. Tho
' 1. .,,i...:, .;,i,r.,i ,ii,. I bursting of 11 water spout caused such a sud-
important fYom the Rio Grmidc.
Border Strifes More Dtmyxlations.
From the papers received by the steamship
Yacht, wo learn that more murders and rob-
river by their band. After the murder, the
ruffians rode boldly up to tho ranks. one of
the party wearing me ciomes . ot uieir ic-
itim and boasted to an American there, Mr..
tim and hoatled
Rhodes, that they bad iust . killed one of his
brothers, and warned him that ho would
i m wi. " . i
the nature of his intercourse with the Amer-
It was also said that seven other
, .. . , , ,
mut iiau ull,. nuiuu yjr wu pbiih 'u , uuu
their bodies thrown mto a luKe near oy.
1 his nows caused most intense excitO'
mentin Brownsville, and a public meeting
of the citizens was held, at which resolutions
v.'efii.pnssed, requesting the Governor of the
Statu to give that protection to tho frontier
which the (ieneral (lovernincnt withholds.
It wok nlxo rennlveil to send out a nartv of i
men to recover and bury the bodies of the j
dead and cathcr such information as to the
perpetrators as they could.
A n...rtv of ten nnrsonsaccordinciv Btarted
out, under the command ofCapt. A. G. Por- j
ter, and proceeded to the Rancho Rosurio,
Hear which Mr. Remington had been killed, I been conjectured, but from the irregularity
where he was informed ofthetrnth of his ' of its stratification and dip, or inclination,
murder, and was urged to return, receiving j and being further below the surface than
the assurances both at this place and others, j was anticipated, it has hitherto eluded all cx
at which he hud stopped, that he would sure- j amination.
ly be attacked und his small force cut to I It is tho usual argillaceous ore, of such
pieces by superior numbers, if ho persisted 1 secondary formation as ours of this valley,
in proceeding to Agua Negra, tho place at 1 It 1'-"b much distended.in heavy quadrangular
which the othor murders was said to have ! blocks, which brcuk easily into more or
honn rm.in.itteil. From these ronresenta- I less irregular rhomboids whose nucleus, is
tions, and other suspicious circumstances,
Mr, 1. and party thought it prudent to ro
turn, and did so, taking with them from the
Rancho an American, by the name of Mr.
T. Rhodes, nnd a Mexican woman. Jn
their return they were three several times
fired' upon by a party supposed to number
near a hundred persons, from tho Mexican
hank of the river, andoiie of. the command
severely wounded.
Shortly alterwurils a letter was received in
Brownsville from Mr. Neale, whose farm is
a short distance uoovo inai piace, stating
that- tt camu of seventy Mexicans had set
vujiil. livery eflort was made by the lor-
.....,... . 1
eigu confute uuu. iiimw.ne
r . 11... .... ......... u.... .... ...
luruioiiu' 1111:11, uimi uiu oiurau u..u .uu.i;n ui .
Krownsvjllu und Mutiimoras joined in a peti-!
. . . ... . . fit I I
tlOtl to tllO authorities, bill 111 Vain. J no
. r. 1 1,.. r. M..vi.
j 1 1 1 Ti'.i lit in nt iu iutti 111 ()"' 1 1. v a j
cans and two Amorioiins. Tho names of
tha former were not ascertained, but the
Americans were called Robert McDonald j
and George WilHiuns. :
The King s'lys that these executions have
created a deep !'er ling among all classes in
Drownsville, who look upon their summary
death ns wholly unnecessary; the more so 11s
the disturbances in which they were engaged
have been entirely suppressed, n..d no ne
cessity could havo existed for such an cx
nmplo. A ' deep feeling pf revenge now
reigns where a course of inert y would have
planted those of gratitude.
(ien. Avalos wnrf shot and burned in ( fli
gy, on the American bunk of the river in fell
view of thu imrlla id M ttnmoras. AYw Or-
leans I'ieiiiiiine.
' j
Limoroco C!n..ANS. The Locofoco Organt ,
are out ol' tune, their notes that were wont I
, ., , . i" ..1.... 1
to DiMiionuoi narmony, are i.iac-inr'w, aim
thoir blowers evince evident signcufill tem- ;
per. They feel that, they rcepolid to a sink- j
ing cause, und their echoes are given only ;
in a minor key, lit iMrgo of their hopes nnd'j
aspirations. 1
The Pluindeulcr growls because thousands
of the .coy turned out on Thursdi y night to
ratify the nomination of Scott and (i kaiiaai
tt bile (i''i'i-iru', all told, responded to that
of Pii.nei: and Kims.
The Statesman is r.ihid because of the en
thusiasm ofthe Coliin. ties ruti'ie iition, and
the Harper who tunes the strings of the
I'itti'hur; h Post, is in a rage because the
Whigs of Allegheny wont "mind their own
Don't get excited gentleman ofthe bogus
Democracy. "There U 110 pressure which
any honest man should regret," nnd if it
"crowds tho nominees" who cluster round
tho graves of Cass, I'.uciianan, Douolash,
Houston and other men whose claims upon
tho Locofocn party yini rejected, it was your
. ' 3 J
Keep cool if you can, for your systems
will need all their vigor to resist thu hot
shot and cohl lead which the elections in
November will hail upon them.
Don't got excited yet, for tho enthusiasm
in tint Whig ranks now, great us it is, will
be tenfold as great before the ides of Novem
ber, and an hiiindied fold increased after
wards. Ole.ve. Herald.
! ,,',n ri"c 1,1 t,lu 7",er8 ,of U,'8lrul .n
! ,,lll"',r 8tr,;u",K' tlmt "ot ""'y. ,s, 11,0 ,W,,1,,11"
'"' l""" l ; ' "
! thpfio I. Hnre ei.vereil with stones mil sain to
such an extent that it will be impossible to
bring them into cultivation for years to come
In a quarter of un hour the Unstrut rose 18
feet, about its usual level. The loss of life
is not yet known; but. it is feared that it is
i.. ,i i... i. i 1....1:....
! coilHiocrnuio. iiuiiugeisiaiiii-iovei. .aniic.
bnve been found, nnd nineteen persons nre
... .,.,:... I., .1... .11tr...t nt It illiii. wi. n i.l.ovx
III the district of Fulhauseii above
twenty persons are repor'e.l as navinir ueen
rn.M.S I.ru IC nil , ll nn ....v.i.u is-vn
drowned, and between twenty nnd thirty
, - , . . . ......... .
more are susppcteit to nave suarei. tno sao.e
! ,'"1t"' . 'J "7 where destroyed, :
, " ".'..,. . n ' ,,,,
swept nway that scarcely a stono of them
! remains.
The lull extent ol tlie loss oi uie i
and .lama to property ha. not yet be,t as-
rite I'rovineinl tiovernment III
F.rfnrl has desnatched colliliiissioners to the
l...l.... i., tl,u nn,.,.ura inuKMticrn-
U.I....I, m ........f,.. -
linn. Annons nre n rem v main to tin
1 public for subscriptions in aid of tho popu
. . c .. l:. .-:.. V -
, - , --- - -
1 union ui mo uiainci. jiirajsjiao.
Revoi.tinu Murder. On Sunday last, a
man named. Henry Hughes, residinr; on
Portland avenue, Louisville, murdered his
own child', an infant ono year' and nine
months old, by beating it against tho house.
The wretch, who was drunk, took the help
lesi child by the lcs nnd clashed it three
times njruinst the wall with groat force, and
i .. .i i. .... l. i,.., i,
; then threw It upon the hearth.
' tar:i-L - -..i. I. l.. n
. w iihi.ii n Bunt.t.i iuut.iici ,u v...... nu. .w" .-
was on Monday, hold
whipping a child In
the American doer, has bea
ten Devett, ft celebrated runner in England,
dofnjjTen miles in 51 J minutes -the English
man half a.tliiio bolnna. .;;.'. .. . '
ftVTlie wbiirsxif Eichraond, Va., held a
lnrgo ratification hicet'uio; on; Saturday pyo
inrrrc ratitication meeting on. cinturoay eye- I tf - fc' -im, ilo"nbeo, Amantla; Panfol S.fld in UncasUtrby E. h. Rlocumand t.M..Krei
ning. Messrs BottS, Scott, McFarhnd and , YUw',in, SuearXirovoi Ashoaugh and Boary. Bremen, i der antl byDrujigiHU gencraUy throughout the State,
others, were the speakers. Octobe?23. 1H6I 'X March 11 IhoO am45
- - ' IMPROMPTU ' " - l'
On tho Death of Her.ry Clny.
Tfrrrp not ono tor upon tils tomb,
Nor o'er hu onlily bed:
1 e yprw cast in liwurnful gloom, ,
Hut ure) wroth bo ihoO . ., ,
Why shuulJyo wmhtlie earth with toarn? ..
' hy mourn for Henry Clayl
r Tho Ktateamau of a thousand yean
, ; l.t born! not dead, to-day. , .,.
Scan cIoho tho roll of coining timA,
til mturo ypara, and aoo.'
AinoUca v llloVr Iw Uiiua'
- A gr(r at that he! "" "
Tho Nation llvos in her dead 6onti! ! ! ' .
Aiul Wajhiiutco, lor ayo, . . ,
Will kpoaU through million living tonguae;
Than Shed no tear for Clay. l ;
Then drop no tear upon his tomb,
Nor o'er hia earthly bed, , . '
Let cypress cast ita mournful gloom.
Out : la.nr 1 nroaths be tthed
And o'er him swell triunbaiit song, ,
Nor raise one mourning lay,
For million voices dwell upon
The iinmoital naina ol'Clay. :.
Por the iMnratter Uatelto. .
I mmotise Deposit of Iron in HocK-
ing County. . -
We are informed by a gentleman conver-
sant in minerals, and who has examined the
location, that a vein of excellent iron ore,
from 2- t0 3 inches in depth, has. been ilis-
! covered about half a mile south-west of Lo-
ffan, and undoubtedly extends through a
largo portion of the county.
The existence of this deposit has long
kidney-shaped or nodular, enclosing very
pure argil or fire-clay. The usual yield of
such ore is 33 to 42 per cent. It lies about
30 feet below the vein which has been usu
ally worked in the vicinity, which last has a
thickness of five to six inches only. . There
in a six inch veiti of coal beneath it. .
There is now a furnace constructirig six
miles below Logan, which goes into blrfst
next October, and tho development of this
immense, deposit must bring capital into this
valley to a large extent, unless it snail still
piwurt u... pun .old 1.1 v,uugica luimpo. 1 uur
iron, our i.reail and our incut trom r.uropc,
instead of using our own. lying worthless
around us.
Such beds ef coitl and iron as these, within
15 to 20 miles south-east of Lancaster, would
double the value of any port of England
with ull its investmsnt of capital and perfect
Under a proper policy ther.o minerals
would long since have been developed, und
, 1 . .. .1 ' I. . .1 , , !..
I wo wouiti ere mis uavo niiiiie runroiui iron
lelionnor tlinn iniu cminliv nr. north A ml' I
' . J 1 "
v . w 11 . I ... ni.'ii iw ni mir v.'i'v r i nr. ii'.i nni
- , - - -j - ,
going 4000 miles for iron of n worse quality
.1. ..... I. ... 1. . ' ITft .1. I
""'I v.u nave i noiue. nininiouu uur 1
forests which ti1.ni.rd hnvn l.rnn used .
' -
smelf iron lie worthless, or are burned upon
tho ground. The loss to this valley alone
from t'lis single source is fur more annuMly
than tho whole tax of all Us real and per
sonal eatato.
Out our intention was merely to call the
attention ol capitalists nnd iron men to this
valuable discovery,, j Here is yet a large
extent of timbered land in the vicinity, sev
eral tracts of which we understand aro now
for sale.
It is estimated by a m'ner who has seen
the vein that j: will yield CCOO tons of oro to
I ne niTfi
'J'hiii would make say 2000 tons
, , , 1 .
nt 11. tt ir.ill I111 or, .cent lMlnr, ..I ti l,i,li
" r'. ... ......,
would be 50,000. Future generations, till-
l.'ss wo are Nupoleonized will read with !
nu,,;..,l,. I il... I,t,t. rtl.lr.-r,.'ltr
who, with such ineiiiis of wealth and ni'.tiori'.l
develoiuuetit. doseiided for half a centnrv on
I'ori'ii'n nations to 111. ike them ro:ids. i'ur-
tiier coiniiieul is nouulees
PlCTUItr. of (3 kn. Pif.hcf.. One of our
first engrnveru is now giving the liniidiiii;'
touch eg to a noble utoel plate ciigraviti'r of
(ion. Pierce. The Democratic candidate
sits upon a iinjostic war-horse, holding Ins
1 spy-glass. A'. 1'. Minor,
The picture would look more natural if
"thu (jleneral" were represented ill the act of
fainting and we think the ertist has undo
another niMtuko in the character of Ihe thiss
which the "Democratic candidate" is hold
ing. AVi.t llav n I'niladiuiii.
C'ak Load of lions Hijknt. As a train
for the ("tint approached Rome,( liu ida county,
on Sunday, 0110 of tho cars, freighted with
103 live hogs, was found to bo enveloped in
flumes. A spark bad communicated lo it
and before it was discovered thu lire had at
t.iincd such headway that the car was nearly
consumed and every hog on board perh'hed
in tho flames.
OTA n exchange paper says, Ole Bull is
j paying ti visit to Gen. Pierce ut Concord,
j N. II. , and adds; lledoubtlcss, needs fiddling
. to keep his courage up. Cut gut music is n
sovereign remedy lor asphyxia.
IVIei ..pll ltiill.ll,la(. iii..Nl.r Cotirl llonit...
AflKNUlAI, Asserlmeiil of Si'llOdl. MW)KS,
VMS , of superior oualitv, for sale t vei v low prices.
May 3. ' JOHN I.. tUTllllX.
(11 ST received, ('loveruonk, by Alice Carey; the
l.tirnett... Ilreiim O l.ife.l-'rehh Olcnniinis by lice
Marvel; Kirst linpressi.ins in K.nbud. tlld i.e.l Sand
stone, soot I'rints ol the Creator, by lluh Miller;
(Ihnce at Kurepe, hy II. tirely; a liuckeve Abroad,
or Ihe w in deriiiis iu I mope and the. Oriuiit, hy S. S
Co, and iiii.ii v other new and choice Hooks, together
with a line and general assortment cf Hitdcs, School
nnoirs, yc, which win oe sow vnrv low at tue hook
Sloreof fllliN'l.. Tl'Vllll.L,,
May3. Tle(;raph Huilding.'M'I'xto court-house.
OVI'I'H llfllUiHC 'I''Mlltlll!J'.
aTtiVKR HAlKa Millieiiol Testsmonislshavelieen
J received hy thu I'ruprletor ul mcAlistor s ALL
. .fif
From riiysirians the moat
skilful and celebrated,
I'..n... f,n...,..;ll..r. I... I
JJi?in the law, from Judges of. Dr. J. C. Aver: I have lioen cured of the worst
;i celebrity on the II e nc h, ; cough I ever had in my life, by yeur"Ciir.iiiiv Hkc
z! from Ministers of tho tjos- touai.," anil never fail when 1 have opportunity, ol
i Ttl..
l pel, whoso uuileviatiiig In-
.'fljtegritv have made them
' A -Aji
CCWahiiiinR lights in the pith
3 of Truth, hem enlighten.
u Ur n i
--r..i rroiussorn. nt u.eiii..,. liiu t;i..L u. .i.u ......... .nu nni, u.iui.:
Merchant", 'rem llioso
.VXfl .Wn? LVl K ",K
, " .. this Ointment to
1 1, ,,,w,m
. .t... i... Ii ..nnl.tni.lvnl v fxtends its sohero
, ..., j ....... .. - --f .,
! action along tne nor.ier.oi - .--
, . . , , ...:.. ..uis haw nviiiinrtR in nn
.,.. ,r .,,.1 ...,ur ..roots of its elH. acv aro ronliuually
developed. IVirce miHHoiw of boxes, applied to dis -
ease w ithin tho last four yoara havo established the
astonndin" fact, beyondthe power of cavil or cont a-
diction that it is inkallislk In tho curo.oi all iu-
mors Ulcers Soma, Burns, Tetter, nice, bcrotula,
Krvainnlas. chilblains, scsld Head, sore t.yea, Uuinsy ,
croup, Rheirmatiain, Broken llreast. Ague in thersco,
: . i. Mnn.nn.iw Miitnu the Insensible rua.
setRATtos, andhy this means opens those avenues by
which h iture Intended to expel tho moiniu manor oi w nn n tne pnyMci.nisnnu menus inuugm to oe inciir-
thebodv-thus is thosystwu cleansed: the blood pu-, a le consumption:-
rifled: and the health restored. , , ( Pennsyfanw. August 25, IWO.
It has power to cause all external soroa, Srroful-1 J. C. Ayer.-Sin-I was tak.m w ith a terrible rouh,
ou Humors, and 1'oisonon vxmnds to tlisrhsrgo brought on by a cold, in the beginning of laat Kebrua
thoir putrid matter: and then heal thera. It ia rightly i ry, snd was confined to my bed more than 'J months.
! ..... i . u,.n.l tl,.t it still not benefit., I have
terme- All neaung, mr istm -
- t tort he y - ; -
, wit.,,. ..... ... ...
nio(t danger'and responsibility snd I declare before
heaven and msn, that notinonesingiocase nas u isu
e.l to benefit whan I ho patient was within reach of
mortal means. . . . "
i. MeALlSTKR. 141 f ulton-st.,Now or!:. Solo Pro,
priehw. . A. S Hawnnv. Agents i for Ohio.
Hold bv B. L SIocum and Otto . hraemer.lancas
ter, K. Kalh, Kushville; W. W.Hoed, Carroll; M.Camp
bnll. J'ickin-imtlon; Leonard and Brother, Basil; A. E.
Milthoff, Lorkvillo; Samuel Bartlel, Winchester; J.
Kotlslev. Lithopolis; fi. Goohogan, BaUimore; J.Clay
Cntond awoMInu k Aat of (viL-r,. th nw v .
., . 141, byJ. B. UoiHIlrroN, M. I)., In Uu oImViT "
, Oltlm of tint lllntrlot Omirl tut the KunUru '
; . IMdet ot f euuvlvirf. ,,
'Another Scientiflo Wonder! -
Dr. J. 5. HOUCHTOrrQ
in- l"
OR. CiiiSTRic JiiBE.
Prepared trom Rrnnrt, or the fourth RromAOiror
Tiiie Ox; 'after dlrertions .f Hasom Likuio, tho
Croat Hhywolotiealclibiiuat.liyJ.S.llouuHTO.f U.
' , . , . ..
. !1T. T ''. T 1 . " ...y: . """f-r''".'": 'i
H i u,. , V J,Z nT ; " ' ,,S"I,','0IJ.
N .. ' Z'fi on. "f.l P."!0 n,0thoJ'
, en ir ,. . r..i i it. . . .. : r- i - ' i
J-' 11 tuuHpuonlul ol 1 F.iN, infuacil in water, 1
will dignat or tiisa.lve, r Ivc fvunat cHoaat Ileef
in abniU two hours, out of the stomach.
rKl'SlNi. Ihechiol nloment. or tir,.t n!,n.,l. '
Principlo. of tha Hastric, Juhe-the wlvct , he 1
Agent of tho atoraacli and Iiitoa inua. It 1. extrac ed
fromlhed.sotivo ;toina.;hof the Ox thu. fornt.ug
an Ar t.hcial l.g.t.yo Hu,, prcct.eh like the na-
turn t.astne Juice in it, ehen,K:,l wmm, ." f" -
m, lung a complete and pel fnct substitute for it. By
the aid ol this iriOTation. the paiiwand evils of in li-;
gnstionnml dyapcjiiia are removed, just as thev would '
do by a henhhy alontiieh. Itisdoini; wonders for Dys-
peptics, curing canes ol D.'bilily, t'maoialion, nervous
decline and dviiP'-ptic cop.suniutloii, inninnsrd to ho. n
the vcrtroof Ihcriivo. The Stidiijliceviiienfe upon dono in a fe.w niuiutes, with little trouble, before
which it is baHed, is in the highest degree curious and you pny one cent of your money. Notwithstanding
remarkable. some of our modest. uiiisHumiiig'neighbnrs will raise
SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! their voice and caution you, very piously, against
BAIION I llClilfl in hia celubratiid work on Animal the production of "Kostorn Slopshops!" Think of
chemistry, savt: "An Artificial Digestive Kluid, ana- it. Who would nupposo it such a brilliant sugges
logous U tlie Lrastric Juice. nav be readily prepared tion! Oh! v.-hat a beau your prannv war! Wonder
from tho mucous membrane of rtie stomach of ihj Calf, 1 why they did not warn you against domestic 8lopt
In which vnrious artic lea of foiid as meat and cgH, fry old patterns, and perforated cloths. TaneastroU
will ho softcral, changed avd iHestvi junt in the along Main street and see the figure wo cut. Ypu.
same manju ras they would ho in the humim stomach." will conclude oor OH Mother Uoose is iu such de-
I)r t'OMHK, in his valmlde writing t on the "Phy- mnd, hu will b.( compiled to hide hersell or every
siology of Oigestion," observes that "'a diminution 'n! 1 Culir.o hoy 011 the streets will certainly pluck her to
the due quantity of tho t.aslrie Juice is a .prominent , death. What 1'arinian Crooks we havo got ot late
an I all prevailing causa ol liyspcpaia;"and he ttates i" I be shape of old women and shop bous; pure char
that "a distill uished frofcuu'r f inedicine in London, ily tor the Irish friends, 1 suppose, has brought them
ing everything else to fail, hiul lecourse to tho (ins
trie Juice, obtained front the stomachs ot living ani
mal, which peered eoihjiletely sueres jul."
l)r. (.U1AI1AM, author ofthe famous worlison,,Vo
getabl IMel," says: 'It is a rem:.rUable fact in phy
siology, that tha -tomacha ot r.iiimalH, mncei-aled in
water,' iinparl to the lluiil tho property of dissolving
vaiiullH Al'lii-leu nf fnorl. ?uA of .,11 im I i;u' a kind ni'nr.
win. was Kovreiy cuucku w iin tnis coiupiaini, uuu-
tiieiai digestion ol'thcu. in no wisoriitiereiit from the
tiaiuiui e.gt'si.vo i tocphs, '
ITS', alien the Agent, and get a Descriplivo clrcu- j
4ii..iT.r to it,., above. uV ther with re,.rl. of remark- ,
able euros, Iron. ,11 earis l the I'niu-d Slates.
As a J)isvcnia Curcr.
W. H l bll 1 S i'r.l'SI l ha piiahlc
ri t rn,t !
mawlloiu'ellectt.. iu ravine c.o of Vcbllitv. Km
... . . . .. v..
cmnon, ttrero-js jteriie.e uyspepllc rmisumptio.
1 i, impossible to give the details of cases in the li-n-
i.u .if .1.1. l.r..v,iu..ntm . I 1. n .11 1. .1. i . -1 iwl i i C. . u.
a .ve been ;;ivcn ol mora than Urn ll.thcd remark-
I wil . u.ca, (.1 j iiiii m itii...,.itjvi . 01 1. anu uusiuu a.ui.H.
..;. ..-.. 111.0. ... v v .. i .... .. . .
1 'I'te v ere iu any nu tiespersie cases, aim lie cllles
wpro not o.ily njj.iJ and wouilerlul, but poruiauent-
It isaaroat Ncrtious Antidote, and particularly;
useful for tk-nd-ncy to bilious oisf.rder, liver com'-i
plaint, fever ai:d a:;u, or hadly treated fever and I
aiie, snd tho evil tdleels of tuinine, Mercury, and
uthel ihuf;s upc.u the I.'ieslivo t'rans, stu-r a lung
sicloicss Ah.o.l'er exci-ss in oa:ing, and the too fr-'o :
use nf avilent spirit.. It almost reconciles UetiUh
with Ldeveperchrc. j
Old gtithiach Conjdrjrts. ' j
Tln-re is no form ol' Old SomarhronidaiKts which '
it Hues not s em to ivnen an.i remove al once
e No
matter li.iw bad they may be, l gires instant relief! ;
A iu,'. !c I'nse r.imoves nil the uiuloa.s;iut sMii.i'oins:
-.. 1 ...,1 ' . . 1 1 r . 1 : .1
ttrike these iwd i ll' eti. - permanent. Vurilyof Itlund
1 .i 1 . . 1 .iL-riis n i.'i: t pein 'u 10. f niiint iimo 10
und vieor 'ir r.adu l'ull"W at mice, it is particular'
i .. . - . .
iv ..xiviient 111 cs.'os ol im.ii: es, voninn,, rraieps,
jnr. n.i:i el the pitr.fthes'unitrh.titttressaliercatiiii!.
'""'t tnJ'! '''" " l'"d. . Heavintwr, l..wiie .f
"I n'i.;i-:si.f.r.:ir.jcy. .m.iclatiui, weM.nms, telKl.licy
to III ;:i!iitv. silt; ii.' N.-C
It. li'il'till'iOK'SI'KPSIN. is sn'd by r.eaily all
the deal, rsin lin.idrujfs f-i l)opularMe.'iic.Mo.t!in'i:j!;h
otil lie- t:ni'ed Sl.itet;. It i:i prepare;! in ro'-wlj a'u.l
ii lluid f .1:11 nnd fret cription vials for the use of
I'iiysidar,-. ...
(V 7.i Cl-nlarf: fur thu use ol Vhysirisns, may
boc! fvuc.l of Dr. linujiMoii er his A.ii'tH.di'iirrii'iiiir
the whole procet.i; m pi-..par;tiim, and 'jiviic then..
thorities nj ..n w hich ihe claims ol this new reic-dy
ar.i bS'.-il A it is lint h hmtkI .-...iimiIv. ,10 .tlii.'x tii.n
can 'c i- iis"d .latins! its 11.10 by Piiysici.iiiVin respect a-
t.le stan lnij; and r.iilsr nn.cticu. I'i'ice,.?! per bottle.
: i tun -hvk this! r. very I'nttie ol t:ie tenuiue
I't.l'.iIN .'ici.r. the writ ten signature of J. ti. liOUlili
TO.N, M I)., sole proprii'lnr, I'liiladulphia, I'a. Copy
ritrlu r.ii'l 'I'rHi1... I 1 . rl; tfl.-uicd
,1 i's''!d hv ti T 1 !inie;ists rod IV-lors In Medicines.
AgrntxkrttK) I.. til.OlM'M. Laboastkhj
Jtn J. M. Kii.sev, Newsii;
Ti.io-e it l'irKAiiiiv, t'irclevillo;
Marches. (J. Roiikiits, Coir.iinis 47
For Ihe Cure of 1 tnu'i'iiei a wioni action oi ine r-ivur. , .uu ......
; beit'ncomi osed of hoots and pi ants furnished by
COVGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, nati.Te to (.al the sick: Namely. 1st. Ad Exfkcto-
BRorvcniTis, wiioopixg-ougu, ! c"
rnflllP t CTini I kJi I serf ted matt t 2d, An Ai.terativb, which chsn-
lUUir, asillillJa Allir , itl some uexp;ei,K manner the certain morbid'
CONSVlHPTIONa ' i action rf the svstem. 3rd, A Tonio, which givee
8., . , ,. .. .. . . , . . . 1 tone nndstrcPB'h to tlte nervous system, renowing
N "IT t in? to he .,, .mity this justly celebrated hl,.llh ,,, , M ofthe bdy. 4th, A ca
mnedy tonliseises ot tho tliroal and lunKs, it is XAHTIC. which acts in perfect harmonv with the oth
not our wish tolnlle with the lives or health ol tho . ;, ,.uii.., .,l ,..,!.i; ., n,u howels. and ex.
l.ul frankly to lay bolero thorn tho opinions
of tlieliiifuislii'it m4iHiid fcuitp ot 'ita evitl-'ntea nf'itN
suscess.iieei wiecn incy can juoo or inen.se ves.
P , I .1 . t K 1
anrtio.is n. fiilsi. Rtntixiicils rtl'l's ..llirap- nr.ru 111 u'n
.... sieceieiv rieirio ourselves io msse no v. nu as-
bold out any hope to soil' rioi humanity which facta
will not warrant.
Manv proofs srn Iiito given, and we solicit an tu
tpihy from the peiilic inlonll we publish, f.elinj as
sured they wil lin.l Ih.'m perfrctlv relin! l- anil the
medicinp v orthy their best confidence and natrons;;?.
Frota thediHtii'gnisftcd iV';j.vor q" Chemistry utid
Materia Mrdiea; 1'e.mtoin Ce.llepe '
IVsr Sir; I .bdayed answering tho rort-iptof your
fivep'ntiou. until 1 ha.! m opportunity ol witnessing
Is ell'ects in my ow n f. ihily, oi in thu families of my
This I have ntwv dnnu with a high decree of satis.
taction, in cases both of ndults and children.
I I uaveli iund it, as Itsingn dients snow, a powcrim
remedy for colds nnd couchs. and pulmonary disessos
i Brunswick, Maine, Kobruary 6, 1S4?. .
from an Oeersciri thr Hamilton Mills, !n thlseitu.
In,....,r A,i..u. 10 1H.10
recommending it to others. Yours, respectfully,
a'PHead tho following, and seed this medicine is
! worth a trial. This patient Ind become very feeble,
U",TKD .n ..-.
I Kr. J. C. Aver. Sirt-I havo heon nlldcted with a
! painful sllectionol tholnnvs, and
. . r
nd all the symptoms of
(ban a year. I cmil.i
! seitlecl consiiieeiiou, for Dit.ro tbsn
.!.,, ,,, ,,in , - :.
e" "'"
I which nvo me gr.ith.nl relief, and I have lf steadi-
rtnnnu itcnii inn iinn m v n r "i 11 vitii v i Frrn i..
' ... ,'.
e.'ti steadl-
, ly ganiiniistrengthtill mv hrallh is well nigh restored.
. l .... . ........... .
vtniio using your medicine, I nati the gratdicstion
of curing with it my reverend friend, Mr Truman, of
using your medicine 1 had the gratiitriitior 1
fuinptor district, w no nan been suspended uvm ins
parocniaiuuiiea oy a severe attack el nroncnitis,
rhave ple.uroin cortilS-ing these facts to you,
Ana am, sir, yours retpecuuuv.
J. V. CAI.IIOI'N.of South Carol
i TTThe fullowyur wasoiio of thq worst of casea,
......,,...,,6 ..... . ... ...
i antl pale rov eves were sunken and classy, and my
; ; " - r: ''K, " V;
, . ...
! recovery could .he ; enlerlaiiunl. While in this sitna,
- 1 uen. s ineno ui nuiit,, uni iter. -join, ive.ier, in ...e
M.i,!,n.!iv rSiirrl br....Tl,t . lmll 1 a vn.tc (t vu .
rt Pkctokaj which r?ried niero to gratify l:tm,lhah
from any xpectntion of oMaintng relief. Its pood
od'ect In'durctl mft toenntinim its use, and I soon found
my health much improved. Now in three months, I
am well and strong, and can aitrilutc my cinoonly to
your great medicine." With the divpest erstltudo,
yoursr&c. JAMKS flODKRKV.
rr!PAnEn nvi.'e. AVrit, ettr.Mtsr, ttwrtt., mass
: WHOti.lAJ.aI AND JitTAU. nsAUCR IX .
Every Variety or Juiuily (Jrocerles, Pro'
vision Fruit, (Jliif s and Ntose ware.
INVITES the attontien of tho cltlzena of Fairfield
and IJ.Jninn euuRlles to' hit- extaoalv stock
wnicncairioeaurpaHsrd. -
lie would v to the lariner, In due aaaon he will
be aupplied wvh nil koila of Ijtlte Fish, to supply
many aa may foul iliaposod to favor hitu wUh a call.
I.am i,tnr, February 'Jtl, 1S6'J 41
t'o-rurtuertthlp. ...
TlIKVindenlgned has taken Into partnernhlp lo
the t'ad lie, llmnesand Trunk maDufacturinz
buiuuu,JoiiN II. Mati.ack, and thq buainesa will
heri.-.iP.uv bitrnndiii-ted under the firm-name of LIT
TL.K Jii . T1.AC1C. The patronafio of the publi
ia rjeclfultyolhitcd.
'If All tho3e indobted to tlie aubsertber, areoarn
e-itlv requetteil to call aud aottle aa the old huaineal
must bvelojitidup. ... JOHN N. LITTLKj
March Kit, 1KM. - dSw48 ,
(plJ - INTIXMHK1, the gi .-at wonder and excitonier'i
Lru;,. ;
rich aailtlonjU- Cloi'uus 9 .you will laud wltl
ha pfoi'.totoMoi tho old teinaipatjie - ' 1 -
Can pnitiibly bodiri,npil of in dueseMon. unl m it
lit t m oiosiioct of a l.ri!.
of uur healthy and beautiful city. Ne doubt the
in era a ne loin.) popuiauoo
. :r..i tv- ai
riclm-.- of the .ummitduig country, combined y,M
ithomUuml imUistry o! our enterprising farmera,
iniulatod thoso n.rtim nt laying luauch moun-
,ia , nn,i. : lha' . of p. ,,III5i,At Cloth.
, f ! "pe"or manner in wnicotney are mao-um
.m. 1 j .L
L 'TTJ .U',ulr u, ""V?"!
, without hNttat lhat II 0 proprietor, muatbe
iirmg in their e,it and their ingonuity mom
t,,n Con,mon,tcollect anch a quantity of leautiful
arnu nta together. And the beat of all b, the
,. . ,
"nustml low Prices they nro Sold for,
Would almost mike you swear that you would never
buy a yard of sluiT In a store to havemadeup for
yourself or tho hoys. If you buy a'autt of clothes,
you see the lit tho quality of the goods-r&nd ail
i" ii; won. won:, , uus ta .no gu o. jnugiw.wv.i,
To be fhiuliii, those who vrant to bjivo u
the child hall a year's schooling would do well to
11. VI .......... ... - n b'.v
coll at th'i OLD CHKCKKHKD
KD STOHE w here you
can bo lilted out from head to foot, out o1 those pile
of clothing we have stored away. What we sell yotf
v.'e warmtlt in nvpvv nalticulajr. If ailVthillff hap-
ism to ba wrong in ymr purchase, return the goods,
and select Ir.nn our slock a fresh supply
11 is uo-
iirMiiMii.iiiii.ii mw vw.ci, v. wm
Sprinu' nnd Summer Stock of Clothing.
C P1'1; 'he n S'i'il J'f "'U-cf fi&wL -ol
"! patterns. PA N TALUONS and VfcSTSuj
SUIIiTai, imder nnVl over J)rwerSil& HanJker-
liUl-ia in mi Itoiiou.1111 a v iiir il I usroii 1 11 iiunO
uptrdcnt jSletalir Ovurt-otts. GIobkh, ttc.i rasb'
ionabl" Hats, Caps, Hoots and Shoes, Umbrellas, Trav
elling Bags of all kinds, Trunks, &c. Several do, of
Silk Under Shirts, and Kino Thibet Wool do, will
answer for either ladies or gentlemen. Many arti
cles in the tin lushing way. all of which will be dis
posed of on the 7iiost reasonable tervts mid lowest
prices. COULKHAN Hi CO.
May 28. W3 .
WHATEVER cencemB the health and happiness
of a people is at all times ofthe most valuable
importance. I tnlte it for granted that every person
will do nil in their power to save the lives of their
chihlren.nnd that every person will endeavor to pro
mote their own hesith al all sacrmces lit el 11 to
bp mv dutv to snlemnlv asat.ro vnu that wohms. ac-
cording to the opinion if the most celebrated ftysi-
ciniiH, nTc the primsry causes ot a lare majority of
dicaes to wnich children and adults aro liable; if
you Imvo r.n appetite continually changeable from
one lihulof find to nnether, bad breath, pain in the
stomach, picking st the nose, hardness and fullness of
lb. belly, dry eolith, slow fever, pulse irvtgular; re
inrmber that nil these denote WOKMS, and you
shoulil at once apply the remedy:
An article founde.l upon scientific principles, eW
poiindeil 'pur'dy veetablo substam 's, b'trg
perfectly sat,; when taken, snd determined in all its
etfi cts andiuit l.'avingthesystem in a (lis. aseit con
dition as tnot sdvertii-etl nostrums composed of TsU
omol for the renifivti. ol tvoitprs, such aa I.o'e..iii-s,
VVi iiiil'ii;jcs, etc., l ut has performed the moat i,m
1 him; cures, and saved tho lives of thousands, beta
old and young, who havo been pronounced hopele-s,
! incur.. Me hy Physicians. Hrtid the following andho.
. come satislieu ot its eincacy over all otners.
hibi Kivtin. nsit ji1
.1rr. iV, llohemark: This Is to certify that mv
child, 15 vara of aj;.', having; been sick for 5 years,
was attended by llrs. I oper, V hillissnd Phisler, for
a Inr.i; time without receiving any benefit! when after
Kivini; her up as incurable, I went to 1'hiladelphia
.n i consulted ono of the best Physicians? her disease'
still growing worse. It was at this time I was indue."
od to Iry Hoiivnsaok's Woum Rvri'I", and after tak
hit tivo bottles she entirely reclined her health.
Ilojiing that Ibis will provo'a benefit to parents whose
chiUr.'U are similarly all'ected.
I am yours, Jfcc, B. BOWMAN.
No part of the system is more liahlo to disease than
the I.ivkii, It serving as afiltererto purify the blood,
or iviiij! the pioper secretion to the bile; so that any
w rong action of the I, Ivor elfocts the other impor
tant parts of the system, and rosu t variously, ii
Liver complaint, Jmindice, Dyspepsia, etc. We
should therdore watch every symptom that mijiht
m ,vllolo of forrMP d vitiated mat.
' --r1 I'll
ter, am! pur'fyinu the Hlood, which destroys diseaae)
. .Imt t..tiU;m hlth.
ru health. 1'reparetl at iiouensatas ua
I'hiladolnphia. 1'rice 25 cents.
AlilH TS.
M. Z. Kreii'er. .. .
1!. n. Walter....
K. Ka!b..
Otto 11. Mieller..
J. It. Snnderroai:.
(i. K. Ilaiuliii. . . .
Juno I, It-ti'4
. t-ancastnr.
. .Woat Rushville.
. .Rushville.
. . Somerset
...Oakland. .
(TICK) J VM'.l MH.MTl'Kn
KOKGU I.. KC'KKHT still continues at his new
VJT stand nn jlri)i street, in Stavberry's JluiWitig
turn doors East of the Hocking Valley liank, where
will be found as usual a general assortment of CAUI
NKT KUIIMTI'ltK, w hich is admitted by all to be
tho largest and rhea est over before kept in this place
M', consisting of I
r";..SB,B0FAB. solid maJioeany-;
CilAIBS, TeteTa-tetes. llivans. TAIiLKS.StandTiBu-
resus and line Hedstes.ls. Ne. c.
nn hand a goneral assoitmcnt of Cincinnati Kurnilure,
which will lie soUata small advance upon city prices,
thus obviating the necessity of citi.ons going else-
,,,, i, "rr,.iiore. bvmakine it to theiradvan.
i . ,0 purd,asn a( u,e subscriber, otlerlnn them,
;.!,. i, ,.;, ..,,r.ri.,rn Al iuriiilure sold
by mo will be warranted to bo woll madeauj durable
A COOl) IIEAIiSK is always in readinoss to attend;
; I IIIKTHIS. , lit. sui.sil .u... iun nun b..u.....-- .. -
. ronilIltlv hm, Collins rr-atly made, jo that,
n9 b rmi,pA , furnisn ,,etn i few minntos'
c ... tr. ....I ..:uA k-o -nA Itom.ttpr will
notice. Ilewillrromr
lie will promptly attend tunorais any wnere
1 in the ft
.. . .
! ,.,., , , ,.,.,' i, r.,..ctfullv asks a con
i . , .. f . - .-. . i
, .!.. '. ... ,i oi,i,li0 mtronaco- I" the same bull
1 . '. c'i.,.,, lhtlt ,nd Bedstead Factory, a.'
that customers can be accommodated in either line atr
the same place. OKOUGK L. LCKtRT.
Lancaster.rtovemoor i -
Picture CJnllery.
THK undersigned is just receiving, af his roomey ,
beautiful lot of I'laU-a, I'raines and Cases, of ali
qualities, from 1-1(1 fo the 1-2 plate slsre, which he
will fill with fiagutrroiypc unsiirpaaed in tho beau
tiful art and at prices tliat cannot fail to please. .
All are cordially Invited to call and examine for
themselves. Doors open at all houri.
Ijuicaster, January 2B. A. L. rH.Lm.lt.
Htnble for Kent.
THE guhscrilier offers for rent the stable and fix
tures recently snd for sevoral years past occopi
etl by hhn aa a l.ivery Stnblu. The stsnd ia
lavorahle ono, and every thing in good order. Imme
diate possession will bo given. Kor further rr,.lc":
laracn-miro 01 ueorgo uor"-"Ti;"i r Tm
to act for him. . bAMUt-L CIUM.
riioMai:mr. i.imp. r
A "Now and desirable article recommonded
A economy, comfort and avoiding grease on car
pets, ftc. They only-need being seen to fajdiiM
one to purchase them. Tlie public are invited to cai
and see them at the city Drug Store. .
Lancaster, June 3G, KlfvVABD I fiLOCCM.

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