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35onS?T Svtinintr. JuJx1-1'9
Ohij Poumc. T .Vra u a
g?r,";yth3 MarL'Ut LilSiJtnxr, "iVft
theinrctfeltinlhe Presidential cl.-ction
tciy divert public altrniion from the proper
'consiJjration ofq'tcstwiu "of great imP'r
taneMo Oil The proceedings of lb last
Hut a.m OMonxifT. The Nsw York
Evening Put, one of the moet able and in
fluential Democratic journal In the country,
accord to Gen. Scott military fame sec
ond only to that enjoyed by Wellington a
place in the binary of the country next to
Washington nd regard hira as a most for-
midtlik' opponent. It ha also discovered
that the few note ofutsscnt heard from the
disappointed friends of Webster and Fill
more are not to be regarded, that the Whig
are thoroughly united, ani that they have
nothing to hone from cur dissension. The
Pay I)). We have to lay in (upply of
paper and any quantity of extra for the
campaign and to 'do thi must settle up old
core. Those indebted will, therefore, pay
up immediately, and thus not only gratify ua,
but please our creditor. : This invitation i
earnestly tod cordially extended to all who
are indebted to us, and we hope it will be
immediately accepted. Free from all care
pecuniarily, we can do battle with thrice the
will ond twice the effect.
Tuesday Evening, July 18, ISM
.. tncrnW in J increasiii2
nt .ver department of our Stata following are the remark, of tho Post on the
.. . ... - . L. -
Mnniit-the vioiatien ot tho eonsUtu.
- tion in the nutter of printing, and In souieof
ths proviso 01 uj mj i"ic.
tnd tyrannical conduct or the Board of Pub
lis Works, are til matter of grave concern
to tho p.ople of Ohio, and we hope t'he'Vv'hig
f res r.nJ the Whig apeaker will not fail to
trlie them the attention they merit. Cnfor-
tunatjry tha V'gislatare cannot bo reached
through the ballot box th' year, but the em
phatic condcmn&tionoftho official whoein
be readied, will ml b j without influence up
on th majority of the L?gislature when thoy
moct in extra aofj.cn. O02 member of the
Board of Public Works await a "verdict'
thisjen, and if it abil! bo a just one, it will
at leist detr lis associate from issuing any
further reccmmenJdtion for the repeal of
our criminal la.vt,.nd licenso to vicious men
to detrcy roa , burn depots, up'et ear,
fld pat at h imrd the live of thousand of1
passengers. Tie vote upon the State, Uis
trict and county oilers, will bo considered
as an etpreasian of publij sentiment upon
tho tax law, and other moaaure of the ma
jority of the last Legislature, and to effort
aiioulJ be spared to lay before the people
anrk fact will anable them tu form an In
telligent opinion upon these measures, and
a.vaku In them a determination to give that
opinion utterance through the ballot box."
Dtfinno THURpositnNS. The Nation
al Intel':,.:: ncer cer.Uln a letter from Hon.
A. II. StieriHon. R. Toombs, and II m.
J11. Johnson, of Cnirn: Hon. C.J. Faulk
ner, of Vir.t'nis, Hon. W. Brook.1, of Mi.,
and IT -n. Alexnnd-r White and Jas. Aber
eromble, of Alabama, ai'iiil7 their reasons
for tr. tlh'iuldintr their ruppml from General
S'ott. Hn. PI. P. Gentry am! II jn, C. H.
Wiliiirtu, of Tennuns a's.i anniun'e,thro'
thisime our;e, a niinUir di'teni.inatLn.and
cM tint thy will jive '.he rens n for thyir
cou59 l.vfti'fter, if riunM'ry. All of '.limv
. genJunien are meriiborooil'.ie prcout Con
gresj. S-jU Sun. , ,
TtiWs gentljmon commenced bolting
nominations several yeaw sincp, when Mr.
WinthrojJ vtsj ti.imcJ for Sentrr of the
Iloua?, and hive Leen cn.ijJ In tho same
occuutiin ever since and upon evvry occa
ian. Dr. OM now ought to follow In tin
11ms t train, as he also b'oltcd some ten or
tTfc.vf y Jltrs macr, aii'I h:i nmcli rijl:t to
bolt tha naroinitiim of Gen. Scott, a the
"Constitutional Union Party" pnilcmrn
named abjvo. It i.i nnfortuiiately the cas?
for th''ms?!vi-n,lftt f...rtMirte1y fur ''ie Wb'g
prty, that suv-M-il of t'unsc gentlemen have,
by districtai biliB, bon thrown Into
strun? D 't.tojMtio d-nrfssionai distrirtH,
and it :isy bo thut this tato if effiiirs b ,
;aa I'.tilj snfl'tcitco upon lltrin. Thi-y arc
eery fonJ of eiht dollars per day for doing
nothing, U;t mak;n;' very foclish spsechen
ani writing vary Too'ish letter.
Itlsho.v t behopjd Ihnt Mr. Gidi'.int;
will imitate thocximplo and tniko a lilt:-
Pasate or Ma. Ci at' , Rtviss up
Tfin Hcssjin Hivcu.- A tho uti unior Santa
tnmirialicn of Gi n. Scot'.
"Tho n-ime ofGeneM Scott is familiar to
the country, not as a politician or a tatea-
iinsn, pvrlupii, but a a military leadt-r.
Tiii te ittit one mnn living who enjoy a
enviable a military lume.il' such fame i ever
to b? envied, and Un-re is- no American sol
dier purhapa, save Washington, who hn a
more nibble place in In? biktury ot ourcoun
try. Del ore be wu tbirty year 01 age n
hdd earned iaieerL'luiblc honor 00 cur
tiorth.eiistern frontier. Throuah the merid
ian or hi lira he was steadily adding t-i their
number, and with'n the lurt decade, baa
crowoudral1tagr fame with a seric ol
the most memorable Victories Recorded In
history. . . . .
Acbicvfwicirt Hi ihrse are not the re
suit of accident, nor the fruita of common
place mindi neither are they regarded as
. . . . , m 1. a
such by tne peopuv 1 nereis no iru n-
iDi'riciiu who is notproud of tbwn; to one
who would not, if tierrteefy, hecom? the
pursnnal champion of their author's groat
uess, wherever and whenever such cham
pionship should be needed.
General Harrison and Taylor wero the
only two President the Whigs havo ever
elected. They have now nominated a third,
Gen. Sfott. who possesses the same nega
tive attribute, and witliel a more rornuiu
military fame. For both these reasons, we
regard him as a formidable antagonist. The
dloty which invests his name, as a military
hero, will go far to mitigate the hostility
which hl p-ilitlea! acS iciations are calcula
ted to awaken, and his comparative aeper
ition from the strife and bitter eotitrovcrev
by which his party ha been distracted, will
win for him the full and cordial support ol
!! It various factions.
We are awaro that threats against the
ticket are muttered in various quvter, indic
ative of'the hitter ilinanpaintnieiit which a por-
tiunofthe Whig pnrty ha sustained in the
Jjfeat of their favorites in tha Convention;
but it i Idle to look upon thoso threatu as o-
mensot permanent dis nstons or weakness
AH tSaWhie nreas f the country will sup.
purttlie Vhi candidate, commencing with
the Administration jiurnal at Washington;
the President hua already avowed Ins satis
faction with the nomination. Mr. Webstor
will ho active in promoting tho success nf the
cauuiuaie. Without the press, or any puo
iiu oruanism.to countenance their recusancy
the irKileontenta wilt speedily make frms
with the pr.rty, and Uelore the election ouy
arrive It will l)3)us b ird t'j find any Whig who
was nut a "Bmu mm from the start, as 10
And a dog without fleus.
We warn our Democratic friend, there.
forf. now Hut thvy will have to contend with
tho iin'iieidsil forces of the Whig party, they
can hopo fnr nothing from its rilaxcnHions.
We wnrn them olio that thry have an an
(agonicl wlio in nut to bo despised. We
deem it our duty not to dinfjuise our impres
rtloii upon thi point. We beg .no olie to
d 'hide himself with th" I lea that a candidate
wha h'is 20,000 recruiting serceant in the
9'. Id & an urmv of moro than 100,000 persons
scattered over the United States, who are, or
have been under liij command, and who i
supported by an Administration having fifty
mitlons of p.itronsgo iiivcBtcd in the political
armament of the country, can be readily I
overcome, evon by tha Democratia party,
without any of Vbaie material advantage.
Mb. BtjAToa WEixra tried the other
day to be acvore upon Mr. Elng, because
tins Utter gentluman h id tho temerity to
think and s iv tint Mr. Wellr' habits and
associations unfilled him for tho oflko of
Unitod Kute Boundary CommUslonr
Ilia attempts tipjn Mr. E.ving' reputation
wi,ro not a successful a his attempt upon
the surplus fund of Cutler county.
"The Union TaTr." Ii'thc Free Soilers
of the North and the Soecsslunlst of the
South, v. ho are disHatisfied with the regular
nominations, would only unite, Ihey conld
poll together a l.irgo vote. Having the
ania purpose in vl. v;, we cannot aeo any
imnronrietv In tho Lnion, anil singly or
1 w -
doubly they must at length run the length of
tho rono and bans themselves. Tha sooner
the butter.
Clnui, bearing the reuiclne of Henry Clay
from New Toik to Albrny, wa 1 aseend'ng
tho Iluilsia ' river on Monday, slie mot tlu
atoainerEi-ie.wln'ii tha hUer slopped, low.
red hur flags, tolled her bell, and commenc
ed ftrir.g Di'inutegun.t. A she entered the
Highland, tii'.1 beuUti'ul steamer buarlnj tb3
nr.mr of ll.-uiy C'hy hove in aihf. with all
Ij ;r pauiPijers utaiiding uncovered. Both
boits stopped tlmir engines, firod yiinuln
g'tiu, and tilled th 'ir bell until th.'y lad
ILa'jjJ past each ntlier, Tito bair. soni'
occur.-ud on meeting tho tiiirw Isnc C.
0:nith. On cr.mlng nearWcbt Point, bo m-
In j cannon reyjrbor.itej from Mil to hi 1; the
Amerkan fljgon Co:;en's It ittl wa low
ered atliuli'mist; an I a body of Cadets were
drawn lu lino and stood uncovered. At
Newburh, v'irrei s grand ccl.diriilon wja
taking place, the ruinsins wore honored by
13 mluut.' I'm "a.
Tue C. W. &.Z. Rtion.D. The grading!
and masonry upon this road is pru(,rressin.r
fint'.y and u Urgi' portion of it will be finUli
cd, r?u !y for the ironthe coming fall. We
barn that contract have been made.upou
liijfhly favorable terms, for eight heavy loco,
motives ttii J a hrgc niimbor of freight and
pauenger cars. Tho contract for the for
mer va in ula with 0 manufactory hi Boston,
nl for the litter with h hnuss in Coin nbin
In b jth cap, we are Informed, the bond of
tha com;itny ara t lV'u in pwt payment.
T"? Iron ft tlm road is expected to arrive in
December, hut tho rails will not he put djwn
before spring, thus giving the roid tho ad
vantage pf 4 "wint'-r's 1 ruling,"
loe-irxo Testimony V' wTuld Invite
the attention of our Demorratic friends, who
protn.l t j think that they wiy i'cat S ott, to tbit has been removed in this year '33 1
tVifmiinony oftho New York Evcnlnn r18"'"' " 1,01 ",,lrp mweupparent mat tno
Post, nn.l of those w.10 are of the npin'u n '
that G n. Scott I not much of i Geuaral f.
terallsndno civilian, to the testlni iry of
T:etrfto Ci'ncnnal. By the completion
of the railroad between Cincinnati and
Hillsborough, a new mode of travel i open
ed between thi city and Cincinnati.whicn
will prove highly advantageou in many in
stanee. Passengers can take the evening
coach here at 6 P. M., r.-ach Hillsborough
in lime for tho cars, and arrive at Cincinnati
at 10 A, M. Returning, they leave Cincin
nati at 3 P. M., and arrive here at about 8
A. M. The fare through, wo are Informed,
will be $4,W. There is no mail arrange
ment at pri sent over this route, bnt in caie
a contract is made with the Railroad -'om.
pany, we can get the mail some eight hour
quicker thin ey the Colombu route.
A Rour.-ThoqnictofouT city wa disturbed
yesterday, by a row at the crosaingof Main and
Second streets, w hich at one time threaten
ed to end seriously: but by the vigilance of
onrofiiccrs, it was quelled without any fight.
Ono individual wa arrested and looked up
for throwing a atone in tho crowd. The real
cause of tho difficulty wa whiskey, as usual,
and we are pretty confident that thoso place
which sell thi article on Sunday, will ba
nh'ut Up altogether, unleaa they rease to sell
to that class of person who cannot control
themselvc when under It influence. Wo
only express the universal determination of
our citizen, who regard the peace, quiet end
safety ef the city, as wf infinite more Impor
tance than the little profit which 1 made
from the aale of rum, one day in the week
at least; and it may be, 11 uch righta arc
atill averted in deflate of public opinion,
that even this will not be satisfactory. Wo
are informed that charges rest sgalnst tmly
two or three establishments and it is to be
hoped that the recent difficulties will induce
them to cease tho practice. It will be the
best for all partir s in tho end. Kvery man
has a right to do as ho pleases in thi couh
try, ficvided he dors not infringo upon tho
riffht of other and confines himself within
the laws of the land. In defending our rights,
we truflt the proviso wiil not be lorgotlcn
fcrPerhaus amo of our Democratic
friend may be glad to see whnt the veteran
Father Ritchie thinks of Win fluid Scott, a
a soldier and Civilian. The following extract
from one of his editorial commenting on the
bad taste of the Whigs in selecting General
Taylor as their Candidate in i318,epeak up
on both point. It I
From the Washington Union elf)4S.
"Gen. Scott is an older aoldier than Gen.
Taylor ono who is at Irml rqHiilh,ifnot wort
ron?JwArrf,aml wnn lias uiuiingiiis.'icu nun
ll' hv mote and at in illinnt battle during
the war ho copturcd Vera Car, nod the
Castle and the Capitol of Mexico and one
IAN, and u MUr Knovn as a nvj.
Negro SunitsE Twins. The Richmond
Enquirer give tho following verification of
the report of another pair of dupllcale chil
dren of African parentage, born InNor'Ji
We saw at tho Washington Hotel vestPr-
dny, a most singular specimen of a double
human being, much moro curious and in
teresting thin lar-lsmen Siamese twin.
Tho latti-r are unitod by a ligament in front
tho singular littb) rreatur. s wo saw yes
terday are firmly and indisaolubly connected
hv a common re'ar. In all other respects they
are seporlely and dlslinetly organized.
These negro children Were born in Columbus
county, North Carolina, and are uhutlt twelve
months old. They have happj' face, which
strongly resemble each other, and are healthy
and sprightly. The mother who accompa.
nies tliein, I a very largo woman.
A PiEtoi Atotrngnt. Gov. Steele
candy argument waa very good one; but
here ia another anecdote, related ey tne
Boston Pest, the leading Locofoeo paper in
Mamchustt. which i not far bcblnd it in
the vigorouness of its verdure: ".
"Gen. Pierce once spent a Sabbath in a
country Village in New Hampahire, and tho'
the preacher was very dull and the weather
warm, thought it hi duty to attend church.''
; Thi may be considered an extraordinary
exemplification of patience 'under diffirultie;
and most any person may now consider him
self qualified for tho Preaideney, for who
has nut given a boy a cent to buy candy!
and who his not nt time listened to a very
dull preacher in warm weather !
But the Pos aeeWS nut Je eatisfied and
appear determined to exhibit Gen. Pierce'
liberality in it strongest light. It says:
"Once on a Sabbath contribution In his
native town for Sunday school purposes, we
wero gratified to see General Pierce empty
bis pockets into the contribution box."
"Empty hi pocket into the eontribution
box!" That wa liberal and tho only ques
tion remaining 1 as to the contents of bis
pockets. Upon this delicate question, the
Post, we are sorry to say, has not enlighten
ed us, and in justice we must put the most
libera construction upon it. Each reader
will therefore please imsgine the contents
according to tho best of hit knowledge and
In conclusion we may add that the Post is
a funny paper and it may be tb it it ha found
n an "unknown" subject, a good opportuni
ty for indulging in its witticisms.
The ' Wiiio Rakoeb," a largo bo'yof
g illantaiidenthusiustic Now Orleans Whigs,
who did suv.li good service in the campaign
of) 343, under the style of tho "Fillmore Ran-
iters," lias heen reorgamxea unaer me ime 01
the Scott Rangors. At a meeting held on
the evening uf the 24th tho nominations wore
nlliusiastually received and heartily appro
ved. A serie ul resolutions, introduced by
Mr. Csrrell, approving of the nominations
nndculoglding the candidates, were passed
in a hurricane of "ayes "
Tho N. O. Crescent iv: Upon the
whole, we never have seen a moro vigorous
and enthusiastic expression of a determin
ation to open the campaign In a brilliant style,
or a in are cordial and thorough determination
to support the Wing nomineo. The W hig
party of New Orleans ia an unit, and it goes
the lull longth of principle and enthusiusm
for 8 jott and Graham.
OMartin Van Buren ha followed the
lead of hi hopeful son, John, and line given
in his adhesion to tho.nnmination nf Pierce
aiiil King, and also 'swears by the party
platform then and there adopted. The ques
tion nrUis, whit great national matter was
in tho way of his support of Caiwin 1843,
The Crops. We have met a number of
?.Mitlemcn from various part of Northern
Winconsin.wbotell butone story of the pros
pects oftho crops. They never have looked
better, and if nothing serious yet occurs to
prevent, our State will groan with her har
vest. Winter wheat, especially, is promising
abundance, and many farmers, who have
been by repeated failure frightened out of
its culture, now regret not having planted
more. vnru,oats, potatoes, in lact all kinds
of produce are doing well. Orcen Bay Adv.
ftrlt Is said tint IVnum has succeeded
in obtaining the identical cent which Gen.
Pierce paid for thi stick of candy, that ho
pnv to the boy who wa a total stronger to
him, and has deposited it in hi museum at
New York. He ha made very groat effort
toublain a fragmentof the atiekaf candy, but
the whole I believed to havo been sucked
away by tho boy who was a total stranger to
Gen. Pierce. Ian. Jour.
F.ithir Riidilc. Tlie witnesses will hardly
b-' Imp 1 'lied. The truth uf tlu niVler i.
t'nt Geai'rul Eeott i a g.iod man, snd tVi
people kniw it. Falsehood ubout h'm will
nr v.s h irml ss, il't'acy do not recoil upan
lit enemies.
The rotETii in New Y.mt The day I
wa prt'y ginerally ri lebMtod In New
York. Th; is the dark side of the picture.
. "During Run-lay and M mday them wero
unlet t:un tveuty II re 11 t'.io city, original
leailing mnn of that BufT.lo movement were
111 it. call d hy p.-Hon a I haired, ond actod on 1
it termination to be revenged on I 'ass, rath
r tlun from any regard lor principle. O.
-S. Jour tl d.
11 rWM K' Mumler in tho rrnje-
ment oftho D morratii! tii-kut Mr li.,
I wasn't placed bcfur n. i:..,. k.
hind. In such a r-l itivo po.Htton they might
possibly have ri.lden double preiu- -rll An,l
rperhap Gen. Pierce would have done toler
ably w ell even Hi Jlexic.i.lf he hid only hart
some one to ri l in front of him upnu that
ternlne hnrA ot hi. II lie had sat hohinil
tome Mir fellow, around whom ho could havi
thrown hia arms, and by whoso liiterpotiiiii
fram ho might havo felt himself protected
AwtnirAn Steamer rot the Darobe.
It is a slirnifi unt fact that engines are build
ing In New York for a steamer to navigate
tho water of ccutral E J rope. American
genius has not only been heard nf at that
remolo point, but 1 appreciated. The iiign
est speed attained by steamers navigating
ihoao water does not exceed fourteen or
liflocn miles an hour.
ftirThe Phi1aMi'ia Sun, the only so call
ed Nativo American paper in tho United
States, and Lewis C. Levis, the only Native
Amerlean representative in Congress, both
bitterly oppose He irr, and go for Pierce,
Why do they ao.if Scott ia the Nativa A
inerieon that the locofoco paper charge him
Car Hc.itt Carst Ohio! Yes; no ques
tion of it, if the Scott Whigs, Seott Demo
crats, Spirit Free Sailers, and Scott men
iienerally who are wiliinir and anxlou to
vote for him, will off coat and go to work,
work a work was dona for Harrison and for
Clay! Then "Up guard and at 'cm:"
Ckvdand Ihrald.
.The Fairtmo CAnniDATK. Pike,
merly of thi city, now in Kentucky, ha ta
ken it upon himself to excuse the fainting of
Gen. Pierce, and we accordingly, in justice
to that General, give the gist of the argu
ment, it being the only one that has yet fal
len under our observation. Tho Flay say
"In the first place, faikting is, according
to our best lexicographers, jailing into
twoon; failivg,or Imncr ttrength. It is, with
some persons, ciufu ujr excessive uomiy
pain; w ith other, It is caused by any sudden
emotion or the mind, wnicn may ue calcu
lated to shock the sensibilities of our nature
or overwhelm us with grief and angoieh;and
with a large portion of mankind, it is a sort ol
idtostKWtyi peculiar temper or disposition
or budy, nut common to outers.
After denying that Pierce was troubled
with a "sort of idioy ncracy ," tho Flag adds
"But, as "all tho world and tho rest o
mankind" are liable to faint from loss o
blood, excllislvo fstigue and excruciating
pain, s well as trom 'sudden emotions ot tlie
mind.' we ore led to believo that ki$ fainting,
about which Whiggory has had so much to
say, was caused by these latter reuse com
bined, to wit: Fatigue, great bodily pain,
and s rudileheHwticn of the mind, ony one
of whi b was sulbcint to produce the result
and more especially the lal'er."
"Especially tho latter" was the cauie tin
douhtedly. We hardly know to whit.h oUghl
to be given the most credit -tlie Boston
Pott on liberality, or tho Kentucky Flag on
fainting. The argument in both case, wi
submit to tbo consideration of our Democrat
io friends.
"Scott Sour Cowl." Tho publishers of
the Cleveland Ihrald are Umiing a campaign
paper, bearing thiautie. ui course, 11 win
be i!cy and Inforesting and will do e.Tei tiv
service. No better soldiers' em bo found
ban ihey who manage it.
Liability or Railroad CoairARiES.
Charles Zcdncr and cithrrs, a few day since
brought an action against the Central Rail
road Company of New Jer-cy, in tho New
York Superior Court, to recover the value ol
a box of clothing, placed in the freight cars
at Plaiufisld, N. J-, to bo dolivcred to plain
tiff at New York, taken to tho company'i
office there oil Saturday afternoon, In De
cffhbcf lust, placed in the freight room, ond
stolen away Sunday morning. Tho de
frhdaht contended that it was placed in the
freight-room by pluntifl'a direction, snd re
muihod there nt his risk. Verdict for plain
tiff, 831 1, befug (ho value of the content 0
tho box. .
New Loar ron Pfrrstlvaria. The
Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Penn
ylvania has artreftf&d fur a loan of five
millions of dollars, at a rate of interest not
exceeding five percent, and the principal re
deemable in pot more than thirty-five years.
The interest coupons, payable semi-annually
in speciiorits equivalent, at the Stale
"treasury, in Harrisburg, and to be subject to
no taxation whatever. The sums' borrdwed
are to be applied to the payment of tho six
percent loans, that are payable at the op
tion of the Commonwealth, after 1843 and
1847, and the cancellation of certificates.
CrMr. Csbct, tho French Communist, is
now in New York city, on his way from Eu
rope torejuin tho community at Nauvoo. A
body of hi friends, and of Democratic So
cialists, have Invited hlui to a publlo ban
quet at the Shakspcar Hole),
Hamiitor Cooitt Democracy. Whora-
ever the largest amount of spoils is to be
distributed, there It. seems the leaders of Lo
cofocolsni are; most corrupt ' We alluded a
few days since to the surpassingly disgrace,
ful scene which occurred in the meeting of
the Democratic committee ofHamilton coun
ty, growing out of a charge Vnade that a por
tion of the leaders had banded together jn a
secret association td control tha nomination
f the party akjp to the Red Lodge of Old
Fairfield. Bioco that time, the proceeding
have leake j out and become common prop
erty. A card, making the charge, na been
published over the signature of, prominent
Locofoco, and all in all, the party seems in
particular bad state of feelii g.
The statement made in tho card Having
been repeated in the meeting, a lively row
occurred; parties gave each other the lie, E.
C. Roll (hook his fist under the nose of Dr.
Fries and called him a dirty- scoundrel.
Judge Flinn offered the following preamble
and resolution:
Whereas. Tbe Executive Committee of
tfijj great Democratic party or Hamilton
county having iearhed with much alarm that
a large number of human bone aud man
gled remain! have been found on Sycamore
Hill, and learniqg tnaj tuey may ue tne rel
ics of departed Democrat who havo perish
ed for want of office, therefore ?
Resolved: That a committee of five, con-
itinc of'Georee Fries. Tim Day, W, M.
Myers, wm. Miller and jawbone , Kicnara,
proceed to the spot; send lor papers, swear
witnesses, and report.
At last the vote was taken and resulted in
19 aves and 13 nays. So the resolution of
Dr. Fries wa put under tbe table. . .
A motion to adjourn carriou and then be-
sran the fuse.
McLean l he gentiemon (,r no n spor
o- 1
ken ol a personal difficulty witn ua
dm ready toaettle the same in any way; at
the st. ni 3 time I believe tho poor devil Ua
fraid to go into a physical settlement. -. .
f ries i iranmy aumn me g uueman is
stronger than lam. But if he will Invite
me over the river I am ready.
McLean Hi t is your business. I nave
branded you; and invite if you dare.
K ill You are a dirty lying scoundrel: re
sent that if you dare.
Snyder ot the 8th' Ward stand bsex
here, thi is my ground.
I ries 1 dou't know you, ir.
Snvdcr Nor you won't if I can help it.
D n it, I don't like you sny how.
Fries jumped at Snyder, but they were (
operated and bo blood spilt. Other parties
clinched, tut no serious. injuries were In
dieted. This Is a state of affairs which sny
one might expect fom men who advised snd
counselled disobedience to the laws of the
State, one of the parties above having refus
ed to sign certificates of election under the
law. ' '
fjiTlt is gratifying to think how General
Scott has risen above all those who were in
any way connected with tbo most infamous
transaction, the court martial of his conduct
luring the Mexican war. It is glorious to
reflect upon his beating Marcv, the main in
strument of hi abuse. Gen. Butler who su
perceded Gun. Scott in command of the army
0 alio a candidate for nomination, but he
had not the hold in the aflections ol the
people sutliciont t secure the nomination.
lilt re was Benton, too, on whom thoy want
ed to put aoldlrf clothes, call him a Lieuten
ant ueneral, and send him down to M xieo
to strut about and direct such a man as Gen.
Seolt. Whero are all of those who had a
hand in that ignominious attempt to dis
grace the brave old General who had o of
ten carried the A merican J?lag triumphant
igaiust tho e'nemiei of our1 country! Ahd
where is tho object of their vengeance! the
honored candidate for the highest office of the
tiWl of the American people, with hundreds
of thousand of his fuHoW-cititPhs falljrlng
iround liint,eng"r toplaro him in the chair
that was once occupied by Washington.
in.... IT......
Death or thr Oldest Methodist Miris-
ter in the World. The. New York Cru-
tian Advocak contain tha following:
"Her. George Hiehfled. of the BritLb.
Wesleyan Conference, the oldest Itiethodiat
preacher In the world, ceased his lemrthviinH
pilgrimage, near Liverpool,' on the 8th ' of
December. ' He wa Called into the miulstry
by Mr. Weley,in 1785, fc continuoifto trav
el until 18J, when the state of his health
compelled him to become a supernumerary:
but he atill labored in the pulpit and on pas
toral workUatil Ins strength enlircly railed.1
During the last four years Infirmities grew
rapidly upon bint; bis memory failed him so
that secular thing were nearly obliterated
from It, but be could alway recall portions
of Scripture and hymn which bad long been
treasured up there. The forenoon of the
dsy before hsj died, he spent alone and wa
unusually happy. He wa ninety-one years
old, and has been In the ministry sixty-seven
years." -
, r
Pierce ard Kixo aoaisstthe Poor Set
tler. We call public attention to the votes
of Pierce & King; the Democratic candidate
for President and Vice l'residentof the Uni
ted States, upon tho following proposition
for tbe benefit ot the poor settler in the West.
upon which the rote stood aye 21 noe 23.
See Senate JournaMan.14, 183'J. j'And be it
further enacted, that when any of the pub
lie land of the United State have remain
ed unsold for the space of fifteen year after
the termination of the public sales, the same
may be entered and purchased by actual set
tlers, on the following terms, to-wit: If a set
tler is desirous to purchase for a residence
eighty, or less than eighty acres, be may en
ter aiid purchase the same at fifty cent per
aere." A'oFranUin Pierce, Wm. R.King'.
The vote of tha Senators from Ohio, Indi
ana, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Mississippi, Michigan, and Tennessee, witn
out regard to Dartv. were eiven for this hu
mane provision, which was defeated by the
votes of Picxce and. King, alid yet the poor
ihanof tho West is asked to vote for these
men. Indiana State Journal. -
A Good Stort roa Gt . a 1
. - -vutl. UVHII
lour years sgo, a man called it
subscribe for the Weekly Mirror. In the
course of conversation, he stated that he waa
a "returned voluntser from th Mo.;.
and instead ol loafing about Now York, and
begging ajm oftho Corporation df tha Cirs
Deeu off to Wisconsin, bought a farm, opn.
ea More nd was alr.,t. M V.,
JIa5'" 1 "l" bright erTer5' FhefgeUetaaooer!
trtd ojanlyJeterminsuon to fight hi. own
and on bidding him goud-byo as he left tha
iC!.W.e tWod; :'w"h t he.r frbri
' tk,"- m ' ine we''ture."
iui. morning we had a visit from ..,,.
ia W nose first anrihi mw.ai : "it
tioh ba. h,,'n f .lfiii" a ViT-J. r00' Prealc
K... .l. . been a 1
lug generally from fire craclar. T.o loss j lVom ,lt. fifu of lh clly M '.xicsn,' It I.
in my on" cs"e ws no; seriam, large
number or accidents also occurred. A boy
named William llonr.-, in dringnta fence,
ki.i. d u daughter of M 1. L tdwitli aged six
y-. arn. J ime II. Barclay , was shot in the
,arm, with waddinj, !iilo waikiqjr up Broad
way with his w',l. K lward Moere, a sailor.
up :oi ivvt.j injury, uy me expl)l.-l(in Ol a
camion, auu jj'.vu.i i.in
very likely indeed that the
wuuido't have fainted onco.-
Oranite hero
"Cleos Herald.
fjrSentt wa taken prlaoner by the ene
my, while Pierce whipped tho enemy and
look them prisoner. FUnndaer.
No lorec under the command of Pierce
ever tonka prisoner, and the Plaindealor
cannot show that Pierce wa engaged in any
action. 11 services in Mexico were con
fined to manouvers, principally ''MnU."
Cfcoa. War. 1 '
iVdsn i Piiilln t.nn. ! nfl'.l,!
ton.by ths diiJi.itga.yf pieUl. A yonnr' tion'of Central Amerles. illW be slave
-Tho Washington correspondent of the
IV 10 Yr,l Tiiiut says there is nood reasous to
bolievo that a very extensive plin of annexa
tion la under advaement with tho D Mno
rrati'c p'y. It eontemplate trre acquisition
Ricn.Bt. Dominno,CtiC;nVind apor-
man uaaii.l Joiie's liml ir.s arm torn from his
body, rndThotnas Warrington lost a hjnd
ty the lurr'ing of s pisio!. A large mimbor
orotner aetideots;, not nfa very serious na
ture, occarredfartd. several riots and rows
trs recorded amog the doing of the day."'
holdinir torrimries. Theonlv nir-nJnn.nnw
Is.whether the pinwhnll be anrmuncn." a' an
issue in the present catnpalgrr, or wltbheld
till PiERcr is elected. Douox afti hi
friendaare inXavoroj making.lt an lsau at
neo.- . . ,' '
Tomato Fios We have seen several re
clpea for putting tip tomato figs, bnt the
following from tho Royal ilatttle Bermuda
appears to rest upon very reliablo author
ity and is no doubt valuabb. Lot our lady
readers preserve it until the coming tomato
season, and then give it a trial.
It will bo noticed that Mr. J. B. Hey,
Chemist and Druggist of this town, obtulued
a prim at tho Show held at Mount Langton
last Wednesday, for Tomato Figs. A the
Tomatos prepared according to Mr. Heyl's
plan are very delicious and may bo made an
article of export, wo have obtained from him
a copy of hi rocepe, which we subjoin for
general Information:
"Take six pounds 0fsu2.tr to one peck
or sixteen p unds of the fruit, scald snd re
move the skin of the fruit in the usual wsy,
cook them over a Hie, their own juice being
sufficient without tho addition of water, un
til tbe sugar penetrates and they are clari
fied, thev are then taken out, spread on dish
es, flattened and dried in the sun. A small
quantity of the syrup should be occasionally
sprinkled over them whilst drying, after
which pack them down in boxes, treating
each layer with powdered sugar. The syrup
is afterwards concentrated and bottled lor
use. Thry keep well from year to year, and
retain their flavor surprisingly, which is
nearly that of the best quality of fresh figs.
Tho pear shaped or single tomatos answer
the purpose best. Ordinary brown sugsr
may be used, a Urge portion of which ia re
taincd in the syrup. .
Legislative. In the House of ftprPle!V
tatives, on tho 32d, Mr. Lilt deb, who is an
inveterate joker, as well as aaource of per
petual annoyance to the "Democracy," rose
and said ho had some information which
might be of Importance to the House, and
which he desired to communicate.
"Leave!" "Leave!" "Leave!" resounded
from all parts of the House.
Mr. Under resumed "The H'A'i Convcn
tion at Baltimore have nominated (Itn. Win-
Held S;ott for President of the United UtaUl!"
"Order!" "Order!" Order!" was heard
from at least twenty members.
Mr. Linder "I have said all I wish to.
Gentlemen, thoso who object should roduct
their objections ta writing."
Mr. Linder and a good many others re
tired to commenco tbo ratification. 1-CAicaoe
CtrPlerca fainted but never rurrettdW.
CMnnd Plain Dtakr.
N 1 he wss never ntar tnouaUtn ik.
eniy to make a surrender pos.iibl, though If
wo i im 111U1.-1, ua iiuo r iwir made a sin I
of it. Louisville Journal. ,
ftSrTho Democrat dosn't liks tho Whip
ratification meeting which wa bold the oth
er evening. '
"Darn "em." said a fellow at the battle of
Bunker' Hill,"thej,'r shooting bullets!'" thing mora than tht r artatura of a
juuoago ornai. ,, . eay. Aou. Journal.
ftrTiie New Hampshire Patriot begins
an article in favor oftho Democratic ticket
wilh tbe remark that "men are but the crea
lure of a day." That paper would be glad
to reduce all men to a level with ita own
nominee, but It will find that Wlnfitld Heott
1 regarded by tha American people a soraa-
Darker or Kreeliho to Laiiies. One of
the drollest occurrences in the annals of gal
lantry is related of Gibbon, the historian,
who was short in datura snd very fat. One
dsy being alone with the beautiful Madame
do Crouzas, he dropped on his knee before
her, and made a declaration of love in the
most passionate terms. Tho astonished lady
rejected the suit, and requested him to rise.
The abashed historian remained on his
knees. "Rise, Mr. Gibbon, I beseech you
rise." Mr. Gibbon still kept his posture.
"Mr. Gibbon will you have the goodness to
get up!" "A las. itiaHam," loitered the un
lucky lover,"! cannot." fie Wal too fat to
regain hi feet without assistance, Madame
de Crouzaa rang the hell; add said to the aer
rant, ''Lift up Mr. Gibbon."
The Lcmder Trade or the Northwest.
Tiio nunibi-r of saws running on the Wi
consin river and Its tributaries above Win
ncbago, Portage county, in 1851, was 77,
cuttiug 43,400,000 leel 01 lumber.
On Fox river, commencing at Depere.and
including Wolf river and its tributaries.there
sre MI saws in operation, producing about
30,000,000 feet. '
On thi Mississippi, above tho mouth of
tbe St. Croix, there aro 1 1 aawa running,
cutting 15,000,000 feet.
On the St. Croix, 17 saws, turning out 28,
000,000 feet.
The Chippawa river furnishes 20.000,000,
and tho Black river 14,000,000 feet
Thi i merely tho tawed lumber, and
doe not include laths, shingles, square tim
ber, die. '
SrssTiTi'Tion or Rosin ron Stern Ori
on Machinery. The running of machinery
Is attended with much expense for oil for pur
poses of lubrication. The railways in New
England alone consume annually nearly one
million of dollars worth of oil. Add the
annual expense of oil, in running machinery
in cotton and woolen mills, tanneries, saw
mills, flouring mills, and a thousand other
occupations, and we have a very considera
ble item ofexpenso. We see by a report of
the committee appointed by the agent of the
Lowell Mill, Mass., to test tho relative
merits of rosin and sperm oil, that on looms
and other machinery of heavy bearings, one-
half less power is required with a mixture of
rosin with its bulk or pure sperm on than
with sperm alone, and that ita substitution
will effect an annual saving of 3-8 of tha
quantity of sperm oil required in tha Lowell
Mills. Spinning machinery, or those with
light bcaringsequlre more power when roa-'
in ana sperm oil Is ttsd, Wan epernt alone.."
InrERRAL Idea. Same of the police 011
dutv befdre the nfeetinirat Enson. while
w'alkirii on the.- raoo-eround discovered a
piece of cork fixed on end upon the running
ground.which, op, being picked up, wa lound
to be pierced with a nail, about two inches
long, in such a manner . that when tho cork
was on the ground the nail would remain
ooint upwards: and could not fall. If lo3den
upon, to cause temporary, of permanent lame
ness to any unfortnnate horse whose luck.it
might be to find it in its path, , ..rue dicov.
ry of onesucH'fffernal machines" led to fur
Uer search when not less thsu ten or a do
zen wore picked up. English paper.
Sigsificakt. We noticed numerous ves
sel in the creek thi morning bearing aloft
handsome Bags with the inscriptions, "Scott
Sl uraham" "Kiver 6l Harbor improve
ments" "The Sailors Friend," Ac: - We
re informed that several hundreds of these
flags sre being made for ship owners and
captains, who take this method of testifying
to the world their determination to support
the candidates whose policy will be directed
to s wise prosecution of those Internal im
provements o essential to the prosperity and
safety of our lake marine. Bvjf. Com. Adv.
The Wheat Cnor. The county papers,
throughout Pennsylvania, sneaks of the des
truction the red wevilhas caused to the wheat
The Montgomery Ledger says that the rava
ge of the insect for miles around Pottetown
i very destructive, and is anticipated that
some fields wiil be entirely ruined by it. It
is found most abundant in the unbearded
variety, and fields of latest growth. The
Pittsburgh Journal saysthc crops in that vi
cinity will bo almost a total loss, from the
same caus.
Wealtii in Massaciiosi.tts Tbo book
published in Boston, entitled "The Richest
Men of Massachusetts," gives the reputed
wealth of sbout 2,000 in solid, who arc worth
'$100,000 or more, with briefsketche f the
live of nearly l.oOOof them. The ocgro
gate property of these men i put down at
8284,689,000. Oftho rich men, 28 are
wdrlh 91,000,000 or upwards. The leading
wealthy class appears to be the mercantile,
585 of whom have a place in this book. The
next wealthy class is the farmers, of whom
thefo afe 140.
Tits Native American Natmsal Con-
VESTinn. It sppesrs that previous to the
nomination of Messrs. Webster and Wash
ineton. bv this bodv. a portion of the mem
ber; hoaded bV Dr. Reynold Coates, who
opposed a change of the name of the party,
withdrew from the hall. Those who re
mained, it is stid; wero Under tlie lead of
Mr. Levin, who looks to a union with the
Southern party. Only 31 rotee were thrown
when the ballot took place, and ol titesejUr.
Webster received 27 votes.
A Thrilliro ApvehtI'IIe. Asa respect
able citizen of Albany, N. Y.,wa walking
along one cf the streets of Boston) a few
night ago, he was s 'ized by .a large man,
hi bat knocked off, a bag Slipped over his
face, snd his arms being seized, he was fflri
through an alley, several hundred feet front
the street, whero he wa carefully searched,
and robbed of 8 160 snd other articles. The
highmayman then proposed to kill him, bolt
after various promises snd entreaties, he was
spared, conducted out into the street, and
told to run for life.
jjviisiaiurir .nH iAt. r
Mis reply was: "I am n-
of gratitude for on. who tmy lifeTi
shall vote for Scott:" - 7
"How is that!" . .
"Why sir when I was lying on the stone
'"'i18 "Pif l.t J.fapa, parched witS
... covereo witu aores, with no one to
look after me, Geo. Scott came in and went
around among all the sick and wounded. He
csme to me and asked me if I was wounded,
cto d him I was not; but I was very sirk and
souhl not live many days. "Don't talk so,"
laid the General. I told him I had no alien
ion at all. He then stooped down.liftedup
my feeble arm, felt my pulse, examined my
..lV, , . " iior we Burgeon, and
ssked him why I was thus neglected. Tho
3n.lentcfor his Assistant whoin return
sent for the Steward of the Hospital. The
General charged them to take good care of
me; and, on leaving, told me if they did not to
report at once to him. So. von . iiK
saved my life by his kindness, as h'e aid hun,
dreds of others; and I should be a scoundrel
not to rote for him. They say he is proud.
So he i on hor.back on the battle field he
is Major General; but off, he is a kind hear
ted humane man." This is a true story and
. .o.j wj,cM. a. x. juvemno Mtrror.
Railroad lion. Tf. in rsmYtrfl Km .'
New York Times that the immense progress
of road building in this country, is having a
m-..01uieeueci on tne price or foreign rails.
They havo of late been rapidly advancing
until the last steamer brings quotations of
5 37s. 6d. to 7 sterling free on shipboard
S Wales, and many contracts ahead at
ese rates were declined. Our importations
it is well known have been settled for in a
large measure by Americsn bonds, and this
species of barter is said to be on the increase.
But for tin causeihe.rfae in the price might
ba vastly important to our Iron furnsres; and
even as it is we are not without hope that it
will give a 'new impetus to this important
branch of Home Manufacture. It Is quite'
certain that we turn out superior rails, in all
mai rcmu-a 10 strength and durability; sod
the experience of at least part of the old Rail
way Companies using American iron, and.
doinga large and heavy yasportfon',is,that
11. 10 iuucu cneaper in the end at higher price.
- - -
t The London Times has declared it'
preference for General Pierce, as a candi
date for the American Presidency not only
over Whigs but also over Messrs. Cass.
Bucha. an, Douglasand others, of the Loco
foco party: Thi was to be expected of the
Times; -That journal recommends the Irish
to flee their nnjtiyc land, and come to Ameri
ca, wnere under our free-trade tariffs, they
become customers of British manufoctures,
a business, says the Times, they will, seVer .
become able to follow if they remain atThpinc.,
It then recommends that old hunker Loco
foco, Frank Pierce.for the Presidency, know.,
ing that with tho veto power in his hands,'
there i no danger of American protective.
Tariffs British manufactures aro safe.' OY:
course lbs Times expects Patrick so soo'oi -
ho becomes a voter here, to support "Pierw
and Democracy" as the best means of play
ing into the hands of the manufacturers and
capitalists oftho "Mother Country!" Will
he do it! Aow Xenons. Sci. (iatetlc.
Death or Hon. T. M. T. McKehxa..
The Pittsburgh Commercial Journal of
Saturday contains an announcement of the
death of the Hon. Thomas M. T. McKe
an, of Washington county, Pa. He died ar
Reading, Pa.
The namo of Mr. Mclfenmn has long
l een familiar to the people of the Unitec?
States. He served his district with distinct
tion. many years in the congress of the Uni
ted Slates. He was a short period, Secre
tary of the Interior and has been since the
organization of the Hempfield Railroad Com
pany, its able, efficient and untiring Presi
dent. Few men have ever been so univer
sally popular as Mr. McK. has, smong those
who had an opportunity of knowing biro
best. Zones. Courier.
Evicnons in Galwat, Irelahd The
Galway papers are full of the most deplora
ble accounts of wholesale evictions , or rath
er exterminations in that miserable county.
The tenantry are turned out of the cottages
by scores at a time. As many as 203 men,
woman and children have been driven upon
the roads snd ditches by the way of one day '
work, and have now no resource but to beg
their bread In desolate places, or to bury
their griefs, in many instances forever, with
in the walls oftho Union Workhouse.
03rTho Democratic Banner informs us
that "WioQeld Scott was compelled for want
of brains to renounce the profession of the
law for that of. the camp." Well, didn't
Frank Pierce renounce the profession oftho
law for that of the camp, and before the close
of the war, renounced the profession of the
camp! And wasn't Frank's first renuncia
tion made for the want of brains, and tbe
second for the want of pluc'iLouisviUe
Apvarce in the Price ih the Boot Ann
Shoe Market. Large Prqfits.Tbe Boston
Traveller states that the advance in price on
boots and ahoea for the past two months has
been about twenty per Cent., snd conse-
3iiently the profRif to sTiine of the wholesale
ealers in thatcit,' who were fortunate e
nough to have large atocks on hand, has been
very great.. One house estimates that their
stock on sand and contracted for had in
creased in value, within the period men
tioned, $80,000. Another house estimates
I's profits on tho advance at 840,000.
OXyWhile Charley Anderson waa speak
ing st Hamilton on Monday, some Locofoco
men or boys just outside of the crowd got up
a cry of "fight" for the pWpoae of disturbing
the meeting; Mr. Anderson ttrlpfifit essl
his eyes over" where (he commotion appear
ed to be, and said: "Keep your1 places ahd
don't be alarmed, gentlemen, it'sonly some
fellow going through the Pierce manuel a
mere Uwt." The moeting waa not troubled
again. Dayton Oat. ' . -,
Growth or' Wisconsin. This thrifty
young State was first known (as a Territory)
to the United States eensus in 1840, w hen it
had 30,000 inhabitants; in 1850 they had
swelled to 300,000-a ton fold increase in ten
years. Now they do not fall short of 400,000,
and are increasing at tho rate of at least 60,
000 per annum. .'
Ger. IlAYRAU.the Austrian butcher, spent
the past winter at Graerenberg, where he
was cured of dropsy in'the feet, after taking
thirty cold wet sheets" a day in December,
without Bre In his room. He is said lobe
about 60 yeare of age,' quite feeble, with
white mftusUche ahd beard. ' He has pur
chased an estate ia Hungary st 100,000 nV
runt." " ":
A Fast Youso Lady. A member of
one of tho leading clubs in London, and a
mister of foji hounds, will back a young
lady for from J?lO00, to 5,000, to ride a
gainst any other Lndy in England as follows,
viz: to ride from Lon'dotf to Birmingham In
twelve hours, using two tosses ; to ride four
miles over New Market bourse; to a four
mile steeple-chase over Hertfordshire, or to
hunt tho Hursley foxhounds In October
next; ond kill a fox with them. BtU't Lift.
OSrYVe understand that st all future' mfcetr
tings of the Democracy of Louisville ecn
Democrat is tu appear wilh the Pierce
badge that is to say, with a stick of candy
in his mouth, in honor of the "most illustri
ous act" in the career of his candidate.
Louisville Journal. . .
Horrible. In a recent fight at St.
Lutiis between a party of butchers, a man
hid both of bis eyescnt out with a knife.
He died aoon afterwards. A man named
John Lambstone was arrested in New York
on Tuesday night, for biting oft fire nose of
JoSiBaner. 1
A Mok&ter Bell. Messrs. MeoeelyVdf
West Trov.haveiustcast a large bell for b'
city of Buffalo, to be used for the purpose of
a Fire A harm. It weighs upwards of Tm
Thousand Pounds. . -
InroRTAnT Lisst DEcYion!-We learif
from the Ohio State ourial, that S. F.'
Gilchrist, Probate Judge of QoX County
has decided that the anti-liqiior law now on
the statuet book, is unconstitutional.
(KT Frank Pierce is daily gaining strength.
Columbia Dim.
Letusknow when he gets' enough to
keep'hts saddle,--rVo. Tel. v ...
C3rA young" lady at school, engage In
the study of grammar, was ssked if a "kiss"
was a proper or common noun. After a lit
tle hesitation she replied, "It's both eommoh'
snd proper."
Mistake ih tre Sfelliro. Some eulo-a
gist of Pierce has pronounced him a
stares' hero! Those types!
The Nursery or' Freedom. A womsn
whoresidesin the fourth ward of Jersey cityir'
who baa been married thirty years, snd isV
now abont fifty years of age, .gave birth ur
her twenty-eighty child ' day or two einos.'

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