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NEW SERIES VOL. 7. NO. : 12.
WHOLE NO. 1401.
If. --- 'T-f- - "tr
- I?
i .- x 1 III
4 11! " "'XX If " IT 1 "Fl' s
It in . vJ" U 1
WwltU) Gazette,
; John H. Wright, Printer.
t)FFlCfi Tallmadg. Bulldlngi Third Flour
Mam Street South Sid.
TllHf $1,75 per annum in advance. -
Thursday Evening, July 23, 1859
'Thi Spoils." Unlike Medary, the two
Locofoco papers at Washington are just now
anxious to obtain the public printing. Sev
eral days since, the Locofoco caucus agreed
Upon the plan, but it failed to meet with the
approbation, of the House. To pbtain the
consent of three wings of the party, it will
be necessary to make provisions for the
"Southern Press" as well as the "Union."
We can do no better than add what a prom
inent democrat says in the first-named pa
per: "The whole difficulty in settling this mat
ter, vital as it is to the democratic party, aris
es from a want of concert among the mem
bers of the party in Congress. In the face
of the enemy, on the eve of a great struggle,
the Democratic members of Congress have
no mutual understanding, and are perfectly
disorganized. I have hear d them compared
to two hundred fowls in a barn-yard, among
whom a handful of corn had just been thrown
every one picking up the grains for him
self. . Now, a public printer cannot be cho
sen, except by the nearly united voice of the
democratic party, and the mistake that Gen.
Armstrong has been making is, that he is
trying to force the printing through a single
taction ot the party. There are three wings
of the party in Congress the Compromise,
the Southern Rights, and the Freesoil.
These must be brought to agree, or there is
no printer. And I must be permitted to say
that it is highly discreditable to the party in
Congress that it thus exhibits its weakness.
While the Whigs are actively engaged in
printing and distributing documents, exhib
iting as usual, a -double face holding up
Scott to the North as a freesoiler through
the speeches of Gentry and Toombs, and
Pierce to the South as a free so i lor through
a contrary testimony the democrats are like
a flock of sheep disunited, disorganized and
quarreling among themselves, ana all for the
want of such an understanding as five min
utes of common sense conversation ought to
bring about.
If Gen. Armstrong will take the proper
steps, and exhibit a proper spirit of concilia
tion, Gorman's bill might pass, and an ar
rangement might be made by which both he
and the party would be gainers. If he does
not he. may hang up his fiddle, and tho party
must get along without an organ, and take
the consequences of meeting the disciplined
and regular forces of Whiggery in Novem
ber, with a militia rabble. Democrat.
Barring the compliments, it must be con
fessed that "A Democrat" knows his breth
ren well. This thing of abolishing the con
tract system, is '"vital" to tho Democratic
party, is It! Then a public printer with
double rates, or the party must die. Oh!
what a Bhame it is that this great party, the
Democracy, can only be held together when
the "spoils" are equally divided! And you
hear young orators, after seeing such con
fessions as this, prate upon the corners of
the streets about "principles" "Democratic
principles" and you hear such men as Dr.
Olds, who can't be happy unless they are
digging in the public treasury, talk about the
"five loaves andtwofishes",and all the while
it is acknowledged that the division of the
spoils is "vital" to the Democratic party!
Such a party, such leaders and such Inno
cent young orators but who pays for all
this) .........
Party papers must be supported, and if in
dividual enterprize can't accomplish this,the
public must pay. Citizen Medary, even at
the cost of a violation of the new Consti
tution, must have one more good dig at the
Treasury; and there at Washington while
the contract system is advocated in other
natters, it won't do at all for the printing
The price won't keep up the organ. And
descending to small matters, here at home,
the Eagle must be kept afloat by similar a.
eaults upon the people's pockets.
It was, only a short time since that Com'
missioner Reese, a sworn officer, a Smart
man. a talented man. a (rood looking indi
vidual, one after the fashion of good old Un
cle Ned, barring the "outside and inside"
"Who has no brain in ie top of his head,
"Jurt v heie de brain ought to grow "
Declared positively that the Whig office
should not get the County printing at full
pricfr.half price, quarter price or any other
price and yet half the salary that this man
pockets every year for doing worse than
nothing, comes out of the pockets of Whig
tax-payers. iAnd more than this, if this
same individual had a private job to do, and
a Whig office agreed to do it for half what
one of his own party would charge him, his
inate sense of Individual economy would in
duce him to do what under no circumstances,
as he says, would he do for the county.
. We thought while we were on tho ques
tion. that we would give our worthy Com'
missioner, a few ideas for evening meditation
ftef the labors of the day are over, and
should our kind offices prove acceptable, we
ahall occasionally take the pains ol recurring
to this and other subjects, connected with
Ills official duties, in order that in our hum
Me way we may relieve that dullness into
which himself and friends have Aeen tnrown
Iiv the nomination of Gen. Pierce. And we
ssure him that our attentions are not caused
W any particular .regard for himself, one
iu.tr or the other, but that we may . be of
eome little service to tho tax-payers of the
counts ! Already, If we are properly in
formed, a saving of over a hundred dollars
hat been wade, and this being accomplished
mainly through th instrumentality of that
"filthy Whig sheet," Its editor feels a iitti
more confidence in again directing the attea
tion of the v tax-payers to their county oflv
ers,alt of whom have taken an oath to dis
charge ' the duties of their office, : '"hOneMy'
faithfully and impartially," and to support the
Constitution of the United States and the
Nod Constitution of the State of Ohio
Nothing is said about "to the best of their
knowledge and ability," or a' few of them
might feel relieved.
Himiltoh Democract The ' harmoni
ous democracy of Hamilton county, are still
engaged . in the laudable occupation of ex
posing the doings and objects of the "Red
Lodge" of that county, and blackguarding
each other. The Statesman thinks, as they
have got through with that delectable sheet,
that they can't be quiet and must now turn
upon each other, and accuses Robinson of
putting on an "honest look," while Rob re
torts by saying that Sam can't even do that
In the muss, the . Enquirer expresses the
opinion . that the quarrel of the Hamilton
county Democracy will dofeat . Pierce.
Pshaw! the quarrel at Washington would do
that, even if the people had an idea of elect
ing him. As several late years have been
devoted to "purifying" the Democracy down
there, and as it is not yet accomplished ac
cording to their own acknowledgements, we
must confess that we have lost all hope of
witnessing that desirable result. : '
Newspaper Postaoe. An amendment to
the Postoffice Law has passed the House,
whicht In effect, raise the postage on city
newspapers, while it lowers it on country
papersl Surely the house would not have
passed this bill had it been aware of its ef
fects. It never could have been intended so
injuriously to affect the city Press. City
While the country papers paid as much
postage from hereto Dumontsville, four
miles, as the city papers did from Cincinnati
to this city, 120 miles, seldom indeed did we
soe any effort made by the city press to have
justice done, and we are not certain but the
"horrible" amendment is designed to accom
plish this. However, we will wait and see;
and should the fears of our city contempora
ry be realized, we shall return good for evil.
Vacaict Offices. There are at present
six vacant offices in the county of Shasta:
Sheriff, Assessor, County Surveyor, Publio
Administrator, Justice of the Peace and
Census Taker. This speaks well for the
county. Were no other employments more
profitable than office-holding, these offices
would not be suffered to remain vacant so
long. Shasta, Cat. Cour. '
Send to "Old Fairfield," Mr. Courier,
you will find plenty of patriotic gentlemen
here, ready and anxious to fill all such va
cancies. '
Gov. Campdell.of Tennessee. This gen
tleman was said by some of the Washington
telegraphers to be opposed to Gen. Scott.
The correspondent of the Courier and En
quirer says:
There is no truth whatever in the story
sent out from this city with others from the
some mint, that Gov. Campbell, of Ten
nessee, intends to oppose the nomination of
Gen. Scott. Letters were received from him
yesterday, giving a flat and unqualified
contradiction to these rumors, and announc-
ne his intention to co-operate earnestly
with that party of which he has so long been
an ornament and an honor.
So sinks another lie into the ground. '
The Whig Spirit in New Orleans.
The Whigs of New Orleans determined the
therdoy to form a Company to be called
the "Scott Rangers." Accordingly a meet
ing was held and the ball put in motion.
Within twenty-four hours instead of a Com
pany, u Balalon of 400 young men had en-
stcd, and at the expiration ot the 3d day
tho "Company" had swelled to a Regiment
oCover 800! all "Rangers" under.the ban
ner of Scott! Hurrah lor Louisiana!
Arrival of the America.
New York, July 918 a. m. Steamer
A merica just arrived, with sixty passengers.
The anniversary of the 4th of July was cele
brated on board the Baltic in patriotic seal,
during the passage out.
iiHQLAND. The elections are the all en
grossing subject of attention. Most of tho
English borouirh members of Parliament
have been returned. The result thus far is
unfavorable to the Ministry. The county e
lections, however, may make a change. The
election returns in the Daily News yester
day, classifies M. P's. as follows: Liberals
106, Uerbyites 80. The London Times
makes the returns 139 Liborals, 68 thorough
Ministry, and 38 Liberal Conservatives.
The Tories have succeeded in electing in
Liverpool Sir W. Clay, and L. Butler for
Tower Hamlets, where Geo. Thompson was
defeated, his constituents expressing much
disapprobation at his deserting his duties and
agitating the slavery question in America.
Mr. Strutt, a Liberal, has succeeded Feargus
O'Connor for Nottingham. ...
The Royal Agricultural Society of Eng
land offers a prise of 1,000 and a gold
medal for the discovery of a manure equal to
guano, to be furnished in England at 5 per
The weather was fine in . England, and
crops in all parts of Europe are said to be
remarkably prosperous.
France. There are rumors of ministerial
changes. The insurrection in Algeira ap
pears suppressed for the present. The Mon
iteur contradicts the statement that disaffec
tion had been discovered in one of the regi
ments of the line, as reported both at London
and Paris.
Louis Napoleon informed the British Go
vernment that he is prepared to admit cer
tain bnglisb staples into ranee on easy
terms, provided the British import duty on
French wines be replealed. The condition
of the vineyards is less unsatisfactory in the
Borgclais than on the Rhone. Prices of
wheat and flour had fallen in consequence of
the promised abundance.
Hungarv. Dembineki and Szeemere
write to the Journal des Debates, Paris, de
nying that they had offered the crown of
Hungary to Russia. Gorgey being the on-,
ly man who proposed it. .
Cape of Good Hope dates are to the 29th
May. With reference to the Kaffir war no
thing new no nearer termination. Cath
cart announced to the enemy that no terns
would be listened to but submission or defeat.
Liverpool. Cotton, Orleans fair Of, Mo
bile fair 6J, middling 5 J upland fair 5 j, mid
dling 6J. Wheat, white 35s3Cs 5d, red
6s5e 8d. Flour western canal, Phila
delphia, Baltimore, Ohio, 20s. Corn
white 28s Bd, mixed 30s. yellow 3Us bo.
Beef old 76880s, new 106 to 110. Lard
59s. Moncv eay at previous rates. Con
sols 100 1 lOf , U. S. sixes 62,103,ditto '68,
108, do stock '67 and '68) 107. Pennsylva
nia fives 89, Ohio sixes '70 and '75, 1 04 J.
'Washington, July 22. Houm. Pamed
the bill granting the right of way to all rail
plank, and macadamized roods through pub
lic lands; then went ifito consideration of
the fisheries question; -
Mr. Rantoul announced a resolution which
passed, requesting the President to commu
nicate all information relative to the right
of fishing vessels of the United States to
r? ."V1; J.lUr ' I Whig State CoNvsNTioN.-r-Of the Whig ) W1IIU STATE COflYILVriOtf.
Taxi this then.t-TI .JJoyie filLTiUcoV ! Ute Convention nell n Wednesday lost, i We condense from the Journal ao account
urons withaone-sided account of tho dim". tl,e Ohio Su,e JumnaX reroarlwi tl,tl " was f 'he doings oftho Whig State Contention,
culty between Genera.. Scot, and ,M;,blI4 'HStS "S&I:
and when we propose that the two paper. 4uUe fr which it was called with 4jrcat , liong were UIlunimougiy adopted:
' Krsolveti, That we cordially approve of the
of North America, and what measures have
been adopted to protect American rights.
Washington, July 23. Hmue spent ses
sion in debating the River and Harbor im
provements bill in committee, and adjourn
ed without acting finally, on the bill. The
evening session of the House yesterday was
taken up in debating the above bill.
Senate. Mr. Ma.on submitted a reaolu-
shall give a full accountofthe matter, the P""y " gooa leenng. . ino noioina
p; innwvntlv ! What d von tH,ni re of character that cannot fail to
---:r . -'j ..-v -. j ,
xpect to gain by that!" We simply reply i nmui .'" to the support of all. who
that we would get tUtruth for onceinto the "V" , ' , 01 e BUW " fteart
column.ofthefe,.ndif it didnot tWl as!W,e "'"ill have much to.ayonthe .ubject
favorable for Gen. J.ckn a. for General I bee the Mn,P''Kn u
Scott, nobody would be to blame but the In-1, floral ticket is a gloriou. one
discreet Wends of the Hereof New Orleans. The i.re wt. to secure the rvic. of such
The Eagle adds- ' ' person, a. would work during the campaign;
"Gen. Scott did not see fit to ch.lU-nge ind we think lhi h" '""mpli.h-4
Gen. Jackson ho was entirely too discreet , eminent degree. We have not time or
i C . 1 .. . 1) . I. ! 4 J ...... A a.n.i I ' nfwn (a.J.b tn jtAnM a., nx ,liA .nfin- tf ,t.a
tinn rflllinflr unnn tho I'roaiilnnt fnv Hit pftr. ... i '
" , " , . . ", .. , . C inton had taken an oath against duelling
troversy with tl.e English Government.
Air. M. made a speech condemning the
course of the English in suddenly despatch
ing a large naval force to the North Ameri
can coast, to enforce certain newly discov
ered rights under the treaty of 1818, allowed
to sleep for bo many years. He looked upon
and then challenged him! How do those
who laud Scott's bravery reconcile - these
things! He showed the white . leather in i
that operation." j
"During the Mexican War, at a public
Convention. It was fortunate in the selec
tion of its presiding officer, and in the re
sult of its nominations. The spirit of reso
lute, determined action wsb there manifest
ed. The members will go home with a fix-
it, not as a mere actoi national discourtesy, t uQei gcott WM aC0W8rU anu he had
oui one oi inaigniiy ana insuu 10 me wnoio i , , , .. ,, ,
American people. He was certain that the documents to show it." The orator
voice of the notion would demand that all the saved himself from an infuriated audience by
naval force of the borne squadron should be suddenly leaving. Then it was that Major
meeting in New Orleans, a soul somewhat 'ed resolution to work till Ohio is again
similar to that of the Eagle man's declared placed where .he once proudly stood, high
up on the list of Whig States of this glori
ous Union.'
ordered thither immediately, to protect the
American Fisheries.
Gen. Scott.
Baltimore, July 23. Gen. Scott arrived
here last night, and left this morning for
Old Point Comfort health improving.
The Bolting.
The Republican last evening, publishes an
address signed by some thirty-six "Demo
crats," who "w'o'n't gj Pierce and King no
how." This is the first regular demonstra
tion that has been made in this town by that
Hobbs' Lock. A correspondent of the
Philadelphia North American, under date of
London, June 25th, says:
Home mouths ago a reward oitttonunareai been, hostile to the best Interests of the
guineas was ollered by Mr. Hobos 10 any i gtate.
locksmith who succeeded in picking me cel
ebrated American Bank Lock, which is now
A Monster Show. The largest Travelling
Exhibition in the world, probably, is the
Museum and Menagerie of P. T. Barnum,
which is soon to make a tour of the princi
pal towns in this State. In getting up this
Museum, it was the object of the proprietor
to present something which should be essen
tially unlike any thing which had preceded
it, and at the same time eminently attrac
tive. His first step was to charter a ship
and send it to Ceylon, taking out a party for
the purpose of hunting elophants in their na
tive wilds. The expedition resulted in the
capture of a herd of these large animals, in
cluding a female with her calf, only a lew
months old, and they now accompany the
exhibition, having been trained to work in
harness. To carry out his design of fitting
up a Locomotive Museum, collections of wax
statuary and curiosities were brought to
gether, with a variety of the most rare and
interesting species of living animals, and to
all this was added various interesting per
formances which are fully described In the
advertisement. The far-famed original
General Ton Thumb is included among the
wonders of this establishment, and his per
formances alone have always drawn crowds
at the same price of admission as is charged
to the whole of the monster exhibition.
With such a variety of novel features, it is
not strange that this has proved one of the
most successful of Barnum's speculations.
Southern Politics. A letterfrom Wash
ington to the Boston Atlas says: "Old
Maryland is wheeling into line in the. right
way; not a crook, but a firm, solid wheel, and
no occasion to say 'rfrcw, there!' a perfect,
straight, firm and unwavering column. We
have good news from the 'Old North,Louisia-
ns, Tennessee, Kentucky, c."
Smart Bor, That. "Boy; how old ie
that dog you've got!" :-
"Please Bir, ne'soniy eignt days old."
"Is he a Democrat, or a Whig!"
"He is a Democrat, please sir." : :;: .
The next day the gentleman met the boy
again, and asked. " 1
"How is the Democrat dog to-day, my little
friend!" . ; ;i ' ": ' " "';
"Please, sir.he atnt a Democrat no more
he's got his eyes open now, and. turned
Whin ' ' ; ' ' ' ' ' ':
Exit gentleman whittling; ' . ' ( '
. (rThe man who smoked a Duch pipe to
keep up his Knowledge oi me uerman, re
cently had a diffeulty with the Frenchman
who drank ale an)J looked gnim to- keep up
his tngnsn. . ' '
From Boston.
Boston, July 20. Daniel Webster ar
rived here to-duy from Franklin is at Re
vere House, and is said to be closeted with
Crampton, British minister.
Boston, July 23. It is rumored that the
sloop-of-war Albany, at this port, was order
ed to Nova Scotia fishing grounds to protect
the fishermen, and it is believed true.
Arrival from California.
New York, July 22 P. M. Steamer U.
S. from Aspinwall with four hundred and
forty passengers and $250,000 specie, has
just arrived with dates from California to the
28th. She sailed from Aspinwall on tho
14th. Steamer Pampero from San Juan, ar
rived at Aspinwall on the 14th, and would
sail for New Orleans on the 15th. Among
the passengers are Lieut. Governor Purdy.of
talforma, Major A.H.Bibley, Vo. Huggins,
R. S. Nixton, of the Navy. The above
party were robbed of their baggage, treasure
and valuables, crossing the Isthmus. A fire
at Sonora on the 17th June destroyed two
millions dollars worth of property.
Business dull at Han Francisco, but good
fall business anticipated.
There are nourishing accounts from the
mines in the interior; discoveries of new
mines of uncommon richness. Tho Mexican
bandits are numerous on the Gila.
Tho Democrats have carried both branch
es of the Legislature.
Mountford, a veteran fellow soldier of Scott,
who fur some personal difference had been
at enmity with the General for many years,
took the stand and addressed the excited
crowd a follows:
'Fellow-citizens: I am no personal friend l,ock... The money was deposited in the
of Winfield Scott. I havn't spoken to him lBanK 0r England by Mr. Hobb's, and several
fortwenty yea rs; we quarrelled and scpa- ineffectual attempU have been made by En
rated. But I'll say to any man who dare to gluh ,xiumtii to pick the American lock,
charire him with cowardice that in his foul I al,.. ... j.,,na .rann nnlifH to Mr.
throat he lies he utters the biggest lie that ! nobbs ,jr one of his locks, for the avowed
ever nnssed mortal lips. I mvself saw him ! ... r - u -.p aHlir.J Pn. 1
at Fort George amid a tempest of fire the iiign mechanic, and he appeared to have a
crushing and falling of stones, timbers, and confidence in his ability to accomplish
nomination of Wir.Seld Scott and W. A.
Graham for President and Vice President
and pledgo to the Whig, of the Union our
beat effort, tu secure their election.
Rsdwd, That the distinguished public
ervicef of Gen. Scott, rendered with unva
rying success, give ample guarantee that the
interestsand rights of every section of this
great republic will be protected, while he
holds the helm of State.
Ri-siUveJ, That the Whigs of Ohio tender" 1
their friends in other States that they enter
the canvass united In the great principles
which distinguish the Whig party, with an
abiding confidence that under the veteran
chief who has so often led our countrymen
to victory, Ohio will contribute by her vote
to obtain a great and beneficent civic trl'
umph. .
HaotunT, That the Board of Public Works
of the State of Ohio, for its gronj and atf
dacious assumption of power and its reckless
administration of that branch of the public
services, deserves the condemnation of all
good citizens. .
Remlveit, That we llnito in denouncing"
the doings of the majority of the last Legis
lature, is furnishing evidence that the policy .
of the Locofoco party is still, as it always has
The following gentleman compose the
Whig State Central Committee: A. F.
Perry, Robert Neil, Jos. Ridgway, Lewis
Heyl, Wm. Dennison, of Columbus; J. D.
Caldwell, of Cincinnati; John Mills, of Day
ton; Edward Ball, of Muskingum, andL.
Dewey, of Portage.
D. A. Hatnes, Esq., was nominated as
the candidate for the Supreme Bench, and
D. II. Beardslcy for the Board ol Public
The electoral ticket nominated will be"
party, since the Baltimore Convention.
i no , jomif. nnm nppi nrc niinnnripn. in . . . ...... ... ...
..v wuuv.ubw ..v......... . . .,. ,.,,,, nrnrfiirpri v IhP fYnlnfiinil OI l: --e J -L . r I..
this section, with ''terrible unanimity;" if ', MW him ihcn and 'therc tear 1 " ?rZryZ?' (1 i if appropriate place in tc-d.y's p.
rJ Tea W UOrrtt' 80 nS"in' down the British flag. I have seen him, too, ?n CheaosidT.nd d w after day he labored ! per. The Convention adjourned with three
! .. . 1 .. - I,,.,., ...I.Dii V. i. u'fta ii tr ot in. In. i, ' . . . . . . . i . . i i f r. 1 r u.
Amnncrthn aicrners we spb tho namo of """ " incessantly. Alter ne nad worKeo one we ne , neany cneers lor ccou sua urau.m
.?". . .h . .. . thirltpHt of the battle where none butal.i,...i..Ji.:. .i, .i ..k,.,. , ltr-t.n.1 '
rnr.nllpr.tion ' ... , ... ....Nnuirc. " -. .v.u. ...... , .t. vi.
"Charles R. Miller," and if our recollection
serves us right, that gentleman once be-1
longed to the firm of "Myers, Riley & Co.,"
proprietors of the ToterO Rtwxib'kan. Talc-
do Blade. , I
; . (
For the Lancaster Gazette.
Mr. Editor: It much surprizes me, that
the sapAent editor of the Eagle should dis
credit the communication ol fcwiler, addres
sed to him, through your paper, a few days
since. How its authenticity should be ques
tioned by one so well acquainted with him,
requires some explanation. Perhaps Swi
ler's communication was a little below his
usual standard of excellence and for this rea
son the editor has judged proper to discredit
it; but he should bear in mind that Swiler
may have been unusually excited when he
wrote, or (what is not less probable) it may
have been read under a similar influence.
The editor and his associates have no just
brave man would be found.'
tho lock he remarked, ".Mr. Uobbs, your
American look cannot be picked." It may
now be said that America ean beat England
Arrests fur Counterfeiting. Several per-
the following advertisemenl in the Locofoco in thi, jmportantarticle of locks.
papers. X UID JTll . u n in 10 a ajvuu.vvw ii.- .
ator from California, and this Mr. Edgertou
is a Locofoco Representative from Ohio:
7 the Members of the several Democratic Slate
and County Committees.
The Democratic Resident Committee ap- i
The Oermans in the Field.
The subjoined resolutions, agreed to at a
Whig meeting of German citizens in New
York, merit an extended circulation. Con
sidered in connection with expressions of
opinion by German citizens of Wisconsin i ..
sons, residing in the vicinity of Baltimore ! on the eve of the last election in that State,
n this county, were arrested last evening,
on the charge of passing counterfeit money
one a female. Home ten-dollar Dills were
. . . - . ti . 1 1 n-n.l 'n .Ui iitir -nrl mnm in It a Itim.rpo
pointed by the national wcmocraiio r,xec-; pu -v -
utive Committee, under the authority of the j We can give no further particulars, but a-
of the examination. The
Inst Democratic National Convention, have
now in course of publication a number of
valuable documents for the coming cam
paign. In order to complete their list of
names, already large, but not as full as
should be desired, tHo resident Committee
respectfully ask the Chairman of the dif
ferent Democratic State and County Com-
wait the result
counterfeit was described by us in our daily
of Tuesday last, and yet the bills were so
well executed that they passed current, to
what amount remains to be known. We
give below a more particular description of
the bill, premising that some are on other
We copy from the Dayton Era-
crrnnnds for iealousv. for although, the coin- niittees. and all active Democrats through-
miuiication was very creditable, no one will out the Union, to forward at their earliest I branches.
pretend that it will at all compare with the ( convenience such lists or names in their re-; p)re:
uxa'tly productions of tho Eagle; yet I doubt ; spectivc localities or districts, with poBt of- j Dangerous Counterfeit. We alluded to
not, if Swiler were to practice the art of , fices attached, as may serve to promote the the fact on s8turday, that counterfeit notes
writing, he would in a short time bo able to j g0Ud ol the cause. WM. M. GWIN. Lf ,no denomination of 810, on the Miami
Compete Willi eilllr Ul mum, iui iiib i,nj
advantages and education have been fully
Later from Europe.
Boston, ' July 22. America arrived at
half past ten. Telegraph from Dublin says
a great election hght in that city; one po
lir.fi nfflrer killed. Teleffranh from Wiiran
says riot between Orangeman and Catholics
two troops of infantry despatched, a tew
shots quelled the riot.
Arab Chiefs, Abel Kader and Hamct ucn
Ruta, state prisoners in France, had quar
reled in prison former stabbed latter dead.
From Florida.
Charleston, S. C, July 32. At tho
Whig State Convention, at Tallahassee,
Florida, on the 15th inst., a majority ratified
the nomination.
Col. G. T. Ward was nominated for Gov
ernor, and E. C. Cabell, for Congress. Col.
Ward declined for 3 reasons: one of which
was, that he had received a letter from Mr.
Cabell of a character to make running on
the same ticket with him out of the question
Mr. Cabell's letter was read. He said un
der no circumstances would he support Gen.
Scott that Whigs ought to make no effort
to carry the State, except on Congressional
and State tickets.
The Convention afterwards sat an hour
with closed doors, and ro-nominated Col.
Ward. ' . .
' ' From New York. 1
' -New York, July 23. Sixteen deaths
from cholera occurred on board the steam
er United States, which arrived yesterday
Several persons sick with it were removed
to the Hospital. The disease, in a mild
form, is in tho city. Several deaths have
occurred. The Coroner yesterday held an
inquest on a case, and rendered a verdict of
death by cholera. - ' ' ; :
The Fisheries.
New York, July 23. A memorial to the
President, signed by numerous Influental
citizens, represents that the fisheries employ
2100 vessels, 30,000 seamen, 913,000,000.
Enforcement of the new construction of
the treaty, will ruin business.- Prays the
President to send a naval force to British
North American waters to protect our fisher
men. '
-'- . Fires. ' ;
St. Stephens, New Brunswick, July 22.
Great conflagration. The extensive saw
mills of Porter, McFail &. Co., 7 dwelling
houses and stores, snd 20 railway cars, and
an immense ouaiititv of lumber. The fire is
stilt-raging.' Loss already 850,000.
equal, if not superior to theirs, and his na
tural abilities have received an equal degree
of iostering care and at the same time the
most enobling traits (treats) were distilled in
to him.
Alas, poor Svtfi-er! If his past services
or talents can excite no veneration in the
Editor or his associates, I should think the
WiM-ing honors now heaped upon him, should
command in them some degree ot admiration,
if not of rivalry; for I understand, he is in
command of tho Still House Rangers and has
received diplomas from several swill tub so
cieties. Another remarkable quality ot
Swiler's, should induce the Editor, at least,
not to abandon him for the present, for it is
well known that Swiler acquired during the
Indian wars, seme medical skill, with which
he can cure snake bit sulijects, and like the
Kentuck doctor is h 11 on fts. Now if the
Editor be wise and keep an eye to the future,
his friends medical services may be secured,
when the occasion shall present the necessi
ty. As the Eagle is conducted with an abili
ty rarely equalled, certainly not surpassed
by any other paper mis biuo oi uiuenu, i
think he should not indulge at random in
attacking our private citizens, for it is quite
clear, under an authority like his, their re
putations must be forever blasted; this, it
is true, might not happen abroad, but here,
where all the parties orf known, they had bet
ter die with the fits,or Tun counter with some
den of snakes, than fall under his censure, lor
the obloquy that will rest upon their heads
will not be forgotten for the third or fourth
ot'n-eration. Bob Cobk-screw.
July 22, 1852.
05"It is curious to see how ridiculous
men will sometimes make themselves in
their support of a political candidate. In
the present case, the insignificance of the
Democratic nominee is such that editors,
who are wise.deal in generalities, and those
who are foolish, utter such tirades as the fol
lowing, From the Houston Telegraph:
The laurels that were won by Gen.
Pierce in the Mexican campaign are stain
ed by no dishonor. He was like tho chival
rous Bayard, a warrior without fear and
without reproach! His comrades in arms
admire him for his gallant deeds, and for
his manyjprivatc virtues! The sturdy sons
of New England hail him as a leader worthy
of the glorious days of the Revolution, and
they will class him with the Hancocks, the
WarrenB, the Adams', the Putnams of by
gone days! I ! The eternal mountains of
the old Granito State will ring with joyous
acclamations, as the poriod of the election
approaches; and louder and louder will the
peals of victorv ring, until he is duly in
augurated President of the United States!!!
To think of comparing Franklin Pierce
as a statesman, with the Hancocks and Ad
ams,' and as a warrior with Putnams of New
England. There will come a voice from
the Wolfs Den before the ides of Novem-ber-thatwill
give the lie to that assertion.--Hartford
CouranL :
Chairman of the Kes. torn. Vnllev K.nlt of this citv. had been out in
A. P. Eocerton, Sec. circulation. We were shown one of these
P. S. Democratic papers in all parts of noUB .i by Mr. Emley, Cashier of the
the country are requested to publish. Bank. It is a most dangerous counter-
This game must be promptly met. These ; fcjt, and one that would be likely to deceive
documents will be sent out under the tranKs
even the best judges, unless they took the
precaution to compare it with a genuine
bill. The bill shown us U dated November
15, 1851, letter A, and the engraving is re
markably well executed, and so are the sig
natures of Mr. Beckel.the President; Mr.
Emley the Cashier; and Mr. Adams, Regis
ter. The color of the counterfeit is a shade
lighter than the eenuine, and the paper a
trifle thinner. There arc two or three marks
by which the counterfeit may be detected,
when comnared with the genuine. TIip
former is still one-eigth of an inch longer
than the latter. In the word "demand," in
of members of Congress and spread broad
cast over the country at the expense of the
public. In their dying struggles, the lead
ers of this Locofoco party will become des
perate, but no matter. Let them be watch
edlet their efforts be met, and all will be
well. Whigs, be en your guard.
Exr-ATRiATiso Himself. In the Eagle of
yesterday, on the third page and first col
umn, the reader will note the following:
"But Gen. Scott has always been a re
markably discreet man, when his personal
safety was in danger. His discretion was e
vinced in keeping out of bullet range during
the entire Mexican Campaign. Taking ad
vantage of his position as Commander-in-chief,
to station himself in the rear!"
Same page, second column, and nearly op
posite, is the following:
"That Gen. Scott is a brave man, NO A
MERICAN will doubt."
That is just what we think, only the Ea
gle's declaration saves us the trouble of say
ing so. Soil must happen with these greas
ers. It is much better to tell the truth than
to lie, and these inconsistencies are una
voidable, for the. most inveterate falsifier
will sometimes tell the truth by mistake.
As an illustration, take the above.
A Slight" Mistake. The Eagle is still
harpine on the old tune and every attempt Gen WjnnVld Scott, nem. eon
only puts General Pierce worse in the mire. "2d. On the ground of ability, honesty,nml
Instance the following: f oH"T q"811"11011' l w."om BnB" "m
"The whig candidate for Vice president-- rep haf neveTshwn any
extraordinary capacity for civil or military
and with subsequent declarations in other
parts of the Union, they indicate the prog
ress of a chang" that is destined to tell se
verely on the fortunes of the Democracy.
The magic of a name must be of brief du'
ration in the presence of a policy which it
everlastingly belies: Repullic.
Resolved, That we hail the nomination of
Winfield Scott and William A. Graham, by
the Baltimore Whig Convention, as a hap
py one; and that we give it our hearty ap
proval, and will support it in the ensuing
Resolved, That we endorse the cardinal
principles of the Whig party, and will do
our best to sustain and realize them.
Resolved, That we, as American citizens'
of German birth, aim at realizing those ele
ments of progress which are obtained in the '
i rinciples ot the National W hig party.
Resolved, That we will use our efforts for
spreading with all possible means, at proper
time and proper places, the principles of
Liberty and Independence, upon which our
Union is based, and for which our heroie
leader, Major General Winfield Scott, has
risked his life in numerous battles.
Resolved, That we will strive'for the ad
vancement of our borne industry, not only by
a wise protective tanll, but also by the pro
tection of workingmen's associations by the
Resolved, That we recognize the principle
of advancing measures of internal improve
ments by the Federal Government as just
and right, and that particular consideration
ought to be paid to societies of workiagmen
in such instances.
Resolved, That the public domain, at the
nras.int statu nf nil, tlilMi. traadllt-V. mirtht
the genuine bill, the stem of the first letter, not ( f tQ be uged M a rcvenuei bQt grea
'D," touches the margin of the title line, up to a,lua .etlier8under favorable terms.
Kesolved, That we, as uerman-speaung
A New Drink. The last triumph in this
way, advertised at the shops in New York Is
Creamade, ' a most delicious mixture of ice
cream and lemonade cool, refreshing and
palatable, and, what is best of all, without a
particle of intoxication in it. In these hot
days, such a drink, is au acquisition. - . .
Mrs. LuciNDA.HAi.Li wife of Robert Hall,
formerly of Concord N. H ., but now of Wor-,
cester. Mass., who received the title ofM,
D. at the late anniversary of the Worcester
Medical Institute is the first female who has
received a medical degree in New Lnglnnd.
while in the counterfeit it does not touch
P. S. The accused have all been dis
charged. The Scott Flac The Atlanta Repub
lican, hitherto a constitutional Union paper,
I his run up the Scott flag. - It contains an
address to the Whigs or Georgia, signed by
sixty or seventy persons, urging them to
rally to the support of Scott, and calling a
Whig State Convention to be held in Ma
con, August 18th,to ratify his nomination and
chose an electoral ticket.
The Macon Citizen, one of the few Dem
ocratic papers of Georgia which supported
the Constitutional Union party, ba. come
out strongly in favor of Scott, in oppositi n
to Pierce. We give the concluding por
tion of an article in which it institutes a
comparison between the two candidates: -
"First, then on the score of personal service
to the country, who takes the nalmi An-
!:... t M...tk rStnlin. tuhipK State ha a
ll.cn ill iimm v hi v i . i . " -
Constitution, and in this Constitution, it is
provided, "that no person who shall deny
the being of God, or the truth of the trot
estant religion, or the Divine authority of
either the Old or New Test-intent, or who
hall hold religious principles incompatible
with the freedom and safety of the State,
shall bo Capable of holding, any office, or
place or trust or proht, in the civil govern
ment within this State." . ;
North Carolina i ertainly Jias a ConstKu-
tution, but no such clause. No Whig State
Yocno "Circumstances," Look Out!
We uotice in our harbor yesterday, the
schor. Heligoland, Capt. Cos-ick, of Cleve
land, with a beautiful flag at ber mast head,
with the following appropriate inscription
floating in the lake breeze:
Scott and Graham!
Tho men who "go down to sea in ships,
and do business on great waters,'! are bound
, ! to see to it, that they are not cut off by an
i Fvn.,itiiFi vain hv Vimi fur f,irr.iimfttji.nen&-"
in tho Union is in mat situation, now is Ellfie . hv Younir" Circumstances.'
New Hampshire! ,
C3rTho Hamilton Tdegraph says: "Let
the whole country be made drunk, for with
out it no Whig President ever has been, nor
ever can be elected!"
This is the opinion of the people by .the'
leaders of LocofocoiBm. The editor of this
paper is the individual who disgraced the
State by his outrageous conduct during the
last session of the Ohio Legislature "Char
ley Welter and the battle of the. sand-box
es." Just such oreatures as him would drag
others down to his own level ust such crea
tures endorsed, by the Statesman slander the
people of this country whenever (N-iy refuse
to vote money into their pockets. God
wave tyr from sucK DemocrkcyT : .' ' ' . ,.
(KrAn Irish gontl6mar lately fought a
duel with his intimate"frtend, because he jo
cosoly asserted that he wsi born without a
shirt to his back!" ' ' !" , ' "":'
from all participation in the benefits for
which Government was constituted.' This
large class of men want secure Harbors
Americans, do in no wise intend to separate
ourselves from our English speaking fellow
citizens, or aim to separate ends, but
wish to be cordially united with them in
irood harmony for a common cause the
j prosperity of the people, the advancement of
our country s well-being, and the principles
of Liberty and Independence upon which
this Union is founded.
We have heard or Him! Our Canadian
neighbors take some interest in politics on .
this side of the Lake. A captain of a Cana
dian vessel trading at this port, inquired of a
gentleman a few days since, with whom he
was doing some businesses to whom the two
parties had nominated for President. He
was told the "Democrats" had nominated
Pierce. The next question was Whoishe.
The gentleman gave him as good an account
of Young "Circumstances" as eircumstan
des would permit. Well, said our Canadian
neighbor, ho have the other party nomi
nated! General Winfield Scott was the re
ply. "Oh!" Baid he, We have heardofhim.-
Oswego Daily Times.
Cure for Hydrophobia, discovered by M.
Cossar, a distinguished French physician:
Take two tablespoonfuls of fresh chloride of
lime in powder, mix it with a half-pint of
water, and with this wash keep the wound
constantly bathed, and frequently renewed.
The chlorine gas possesses the power of de
composing the tremendous poison, and rend-
era mild and harmless that venom, agoinst
whose resistless attack the artillery of
science has been so long directed in vain. T
It is necessary to add, that tins wash should
be applied as soon ss possible after the in'
diction of the bite. The following are th
results of this treatment: from 1810 to 1819,
the number of persons admitted into Breslau . .
Hospital, was 184, of whom only two died
from 1783 to 1834, into the Hospital of
where they can take shelter in safety, I Zurich 2a3 pcrgons wore bitten by different
m it ii Liin Bull ills .1. i an i i if a ... t
also, to see the commerce of our great In
land Sea's , protected and fostered by
government, whose duty it is to encourage
the great interests upon which depends, in
a high degree, the. prosperity ot the peo-
PlTho sailors of the North and West, do
umA rircuinstances" and in No
vember next, they will show their dislike of
him by voting the men aim. mo menurc
floating from the. mast head of the "Heli
goland. " Oswego Tima; .
fjr-Old Zac'k was fresh from the. battle,
redolent with victory. Gen. Scotia laurels
are now a little stale.fVat Press. .
' Thai Uuaola nftlpn. Pierre s're.vminir aha
temtnf anniitrh in all conVtienco.tb'avjniT all i
sprouted slndethe. nomination. Tajsy will,
malt excellent "greens", for L'ocdToeo . gKhy
mon. Dclrint Ah" " '
animals, (132 by dogs,) of whom only font
died." ,'r. :
Important. An ardent Loco Focq desi- '
rous to make a spread at the election, engaged .
a painter to paint him a banner ,the device up- .
on which should be Gen.Pierceon horseback;
being advised that the work was complete
he called to inspect it, when the banner was
presented containing atirfrse but no rider.
"What does this mean!" said the astonished
Loco; "where is Gen Pierce!" Oh!" re
plied the wicked -artist, "he has just fallen
off!" Notwithstaading the hot weather the
Loco got mad. Buff. Ex. ' '
IftrWho is Pierce i Exchange. . 1 ' .
, He-was a Brigadiqr in the Mexican war,
and foiit ati j " ' and at i wa- don't
krroW where; hut be killed Cass, and Doug-'
'las, and Buchanar-and Marty ,nd a dozen.
prso OHiPjiiogies. suue'in ivyurrr:.. ; j-..

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