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.' TTiT T Fi -p-Vr r-v ----- itoajuj. r' Tii-":i.irr7r-Tv;-::-.-iw,,it iu. - t"""" - " -' - - - ,, , ,' . .... .
' .i . . ,..--.- n f ria.
ytiiiijlii W. Wright, Ftt-tw.. ..
'Thursday fSvi.;'A"
-jqu.lifiUtoiB. . -Upon ttia poi th.y wenvw
iaent f ku evdenfef oi ww..7
"We'tifBrMthb lltorf bf' the otrjr-r4o
''tjii" Choro-e?:rifteulty,ho Canada febel-
jtaine boundarj question, h'w Mex
' lean :--Mr';.rI ..not hi. maigW,Xo
- 0 oxm 0n. K-ee Lei ue hare the er
Idenee cf, Wi1 ;atatraanshlp. Whathaa he
"done jl-fct entttlea ftiria'to, the distinctionT
; Apybody cap gie a vote in Cengreea. .But
. what great measure haa he initiated and car-.
' ried into efyeil What difficulty h he eot
'tledl ' What' Influence; haa he exertedl
" Wheiadoei the country history apeak of
hlmT and hia earer . aaOoa o( our-eqiinent
jiublle men? Gome, gentlemen, we want to
teet your, sincerity ': Give ua the specifica
' tions,. We repeat that any member,, how
. little ' qualified,.may vote ith his party in
' Oongreaa; 1 That will not constitute him :a
; Statesman.'1 WM H Gen. Pierce's ; speech
, against granfipg a mall sum to the widow
.of Gen..Harrison? Was U h uiMuccess
! ful effort to have bia party; friehds toU for
'the' abolition-of 'the Religious test in New
Hampshiref '' What la it, gentlemen, we re
peat, that constitutes' him a statesman! .We
want no general averments?; we want a bill
of parUcuiars;j ;Any;jolitlciari can say that
his candiditdlM -tatesmari, but in the ab
eioe ofall'evideno'ejU i difficult to prove
it. When j GlayJ ot Calhaun, or Cass, or
Benton is spoken - off any one acquainted
with their country's history,' can call to mind
some, evidence i which will show that these
' dlsUnffufahed men have made their mark and
are entitled to the fame they possess) but
not so ,witfcPierce. He has been jn the
f hirl-lature of his State, in the House of
Ecpresentatives, in the Senate, aye! in the
Mexican War, and now, after the lapse of a
sufficient time, we ask his iriends to point
put his claims upon the American people for
the' liighest office In their gift civil or mili-
' We will take the evidence of his Mends
that he is i gentleman, that he is an exem
'nlarv '. private citizen; we will take the eyi
Tux .TwTACra Capdidati. -The silly 1
charge of Oe; 8cott being ft two-faced
candidate! when It is known that he was In
favor pf the, compromise meaaures and urged
their adoption, is simply absurdbut how is it ,
witkGan. Pierce 1 . Last auuary at a pub.
He meeting In New Boston, New Hampshire,
in repljf 1 to a question from one of the audi,
eoce whether. he regarded, the fugitive- slave
law consistent with the common law,
Geti. Pierce said: ' ' .'-'; -'
'"I must answer the question, I say no, I
do not: I have been asked if I like this Fu
gitive Slave.Iaw, I answered no, I loathed
it. I have a most' ' revolted feeling of. the
flvtrtg up of a slave. . The law is opposed lo
umanity.'" , " . ' , ; .. ' ... -''
Here Mr'. Fobs inquired, if it was not op
posed to right as well, as humanity!" Gen.
Pierce replied: ' Ve'si It is opposed to mors
right ' "'
Just now, aud especially in the South, Gen.
Pierce is represented as the "beat friend of
the South" north of Mason and Dixon's line.
When Interrogated by Mr. 8cotfof Virgin
ia, whether ha would veto any bill repealing
the Fugitive slave law, he never replied, or
jf- he did, his reply was not published with
those of the other Locofoco candidates. Who
is the two-faced candidate!
(CTWe respectfully Inform "Vinde' that
we hold no correspondence with anonymous
writers.- If he is willing to sign his name
and is not ashamed to do so, we will take in
to consideration his proposition, and mottcer.
idtrdy reply to his article in the Eagle. An
onymous scribblers can blackguard the Gatfite
to their heart's content.;
(Tlt ."officially announced that Dr.
Kagay will not graut ua a "bow of recog
nition."'' We feel bad of course!, That
writer deserves "the thanks of the Doctor! If
he authorized the communication, that is
verdant. If he didn't the authorises r.
fan as , but no matter. "
. r "And Mlill They ('oiMv. ,
The following is a sample of the lot. i
Each day adds new recruits to the Scott art1
my and by the time th? 2d. of November
rolls arouud, it wiiUppear'at Uio polls o
overwhelmning members. ,Tiie. first .two
paragraphs are from the Cleveland IleroU, '
"27 Ball it Rollmtf On." The Detroit
Tribune says that a Scott Club formed last
week, not over twenty miles from Detroit,
TWENTY-THREE Democrats who had up
to that time voted the Democratic ticket,
came bolilly forward and registered their
names among its list of members, and de
clare their unalterable determination to vote
for the Hero of Lundy 's Lane, and to do all
ia their power 'to promot his election:
There are many more who will follow their
example. Amongst the officers of the De
troit Scott Qlub, are three of the most prom
inent Democrats In the State. We refer to
General Williams, Col. O'Calahan and
Major Keantley. .-.;. . ,
A, Scott Club haa been formed in Lysan
der, Onondaga county, N. Y., consisting of
95 members, all of whom voted against the
Whigs at the hat Presidential election.
Si(nt of iht Times More CftoJtow. The
Cleveland Uermmnia, a german paper, here
tofore a firm supporter of Pjebci Sl Kiao, ha
now come out for Scott Sl Guaram. Last
Saturday's Tri-Weekly of that paper we ob
serve contains the noble Old Hero's name
at its head. The -editor, is E. 8cHXUrrutB,
Esq., late of the Zu$chauer, or Erie Specta
tor, who has been all his ufe engaged in ed
iting and nublisVinff newspapers. He was
proscribed a few rears since in Europe, for
his libral ' principles, and condemned to
imprisonment, and his life endangered onan
accusation of treason against the Govern
ment, and he was obliged to flee for saelty
to this land of refuge. We believe his pa-
ner will be anion? the best ana soiesi -uer-
nun naDers in the Union, and do not doubt
it will have, as It deserves, a large circula
tionand patronage. . ,
The following- are extracted from the
Ohio State Journal:-
Push on the Column! A friend from one
of the Reserve counties, in a private letter,
asys,".lauy or our democratic menus repu
diHte I'lEBCB and Kuro,and a few of them
will vote for Soott." .
Another letter from the southeast part of
the BUte says "Our Whigs here are in
fine spirits. There is no division among us.
Every day we hear of Democrats coming out
for Soott. , Esq., ia out for
Scott and taking a good many with him."
Still Theu Come. We have just received
an order for fifteen copies of our campaign
Journal from Charleston, Kanawha county,
Virsrlnia. and an assurance of another list.
Our correspondent assures us that thous
ands of Democrats in Western Varginia will
A Bot Saved from Dxowrimo bt a Dog.
Aa- interesting scene occurred on Sunday
lastatHoboken. A boy- about ten years ot
age, while playing on the bank of the river,
fell in, and the current being very powerful,
he was carried along with great rapidity. Of
those who saw him fall in, not one would
risk his life in an attempt to save him.
When all hope appeared to be lost, a large
Newfoundland dog named Rolla, belonging
to Mr. Adams, of Courtland street,' New
York, leaped into the river, and seizing the
boy ; by the collar, held ' his head above the
....i.. .,n;1.li liMfuvltt him mmfa in uhnr.
The dog.it is said, had to swim a distance of support General Scott, , and his firm convic
. :i. ir k f . inin ni. tioo is that Viririnia will not spurn ber g&l
iwo nine. uc.. , ,.,.,..,.t v-, i.:- .., ,;ii ; ;m
vote in November next.
denceof Ex-Governor, Steele that he is
liberal man f we will believe -is biographer
dint he Is a social uiari,' that he conversed
with a young lady for two or three hours af
ter a lonff ride; wef will take for granted the
'averment of -a Coirespondent of the Bos
ton' that on' one ,'hot Sunday' hb listenO
to the entire Bermbn'of dull preacher, and
at Mother: time emptied his pockets into a
finndav r School oftntributlonbox;1 we ' ill
Ven'gO'ftitih:bf,;tf -necessary, and profess to
believe, icorrMtwniien
vHtnrisV'jthat'be oqceKo tm'! pok to
neiuhhofmnch loei in sUfion'J than hTm-
eff-knB- 'after all; .th'jti.a these , are thb
principal arguments urged jx his behalf, ad
mitting that he is a gentleman,' tifabffifa
en,' a social Wkn,vtf liberal ifiaiuyrelipu.
ipnj;we,vnly peply !tW W hoa in'9rcouni
try -iluoiF-inoo 'poasessliig .the same
quMitie' fri kH eida1, ff not greater degree,
ru;;,We;.Mre!'.bo: Wutiee
and admire Geni Piero the more if he pos;
esses 'hll bf them t' but, then', yoU Want a
gUitesniah for Pre'siddnt, and all this doek no
prove that your candidate possesses the qual
ifications' neceasdry to eonatitiite hlm one.
lt'Co:mprt the' tandldttes"
iliiiionsaJjcBcii n.d meaaur
tWr ' qukiiflWionfi 'q'.creaMMsa iy . their
country's histbryr bf whet they have done
by' What they 'hay achieved; dj tne nopie
deeds, performeu by .each one for his.qoun-
iryiby !$lwWeceii:of patriotism, by ,their
elf-saorilleieir'devotionr'laokvlf youpU'aso.
a't'the brlghV paes-of A'me'ricari history, and
Wjk' where Wars' 1,'lyepeep'f valiaptly.
fought and at other tmejs successfully, avoid.
ffdr: whose name stands recorded, as one of
America's moat valiant Heroes," mosf sue
eess'vul Pacificotorsl in i either auality..,atand.
ingproudiy.out aran otti&ment.the pride and
the glory of the'eurttry. We inbastire trien's
abliitieB5 bywnat (Kc''rWe donethia ia
the tr'ue test of 'Jltness, .V,e .sliqvld"oriewa.r,d
them who possess .the inoVmwit-r-tliiiis the!
and was then so tired that be sank exhaust
ed on the sand. " '
Boquet Business i New Yobx. The
Sun states that the bonuet season in New
York is now at its height, and the dailv sale
of flowers in the city amounts to upwards of
$1,600V Along Broadway, trora Widio's to
iha A atnr Hnnap. nt vnriniis Doints mav dailv
be seen men,' women and boys, peddling
splendid boquets.containinii flowers of every
variety. The prices range from I2J cents
toglSQ and as high even as ft3,50. ..One
if the Deddlars is said to have amassed a for
tune of 89.000 by the sale of boquets in the
course of the last few seasons. The boquet
trade on the Astor House steps Is brisk every
afternoon. " y
Treasure is New Jekset The Mt.
Holly Mirror tells an almost Incredible sto
ry, .hat some of Capt. Kidd's treasure has
been found among the Pines, . and that the
ocruoants of that region are in a state of in
tense excitement. A man dreamed for sev
eral niphts successively Miat he should : find
. i i J.....J i
this treasure, the Place to oe inaicaiea oy
four iron bars projecting from the earth.
He went and found his dream realited. Two
hqitdre and forty thousand dollars had been
!iliffnvered nn.to Monday nichL buried, in
. . r ... ' J -.
iron chests, and tne people nave xurnea ouv
with their pickaxes In further jeearch for the
fliMaiim. ! ." 1 '
ftr-Mr. Thomas Bruin, aged 109 years
applied to J. C; Sabin, Esqfor'the ncees
nrv naners to secure .bounty-land, to which
np IS fnHueu ;unueT,,uio hd .i-w u -a
hern ! in: l760Mwitnes'sed' the conflicts be
tween the United States and Great Britain
I 1 .. W. 11 wl.rt!MruOitAl fnt
Detoreapi snco inofiwiiwi -wu.ii
Washington, Johnl Adams. Jefferson, Mad
laon.Monroa. John Q. Adame,Clay, Harrison,
TBHor, andi if he lives until November next,
ill go for ueni aoouiJfunm wurr '
true guide to shape the opinions ef American
freemen;. ;Ow' ' Aih$iiitilF m'Mksif 'ftp?
nrobation 'bouU .fce iyfn.ti ihoee,"whbr'are
The Cry is Still They Cornel Another
letter, from the county mentioned, the other
dev. in which a list had been made ot NINE
TY-SEVEN Democrats who are going for
Scott, soys that the writer has still another
list, the number not stated, but it must ue a
large one, because he s ivs "AMONG THEM
Still More General ' Caving in. Since
writing the above we have conversed with a
respectable, intelligent man, heretofore vo
ting the Democratic ticket, who will vole lor
Scott, and says ho knows of at least two
hundred men in his county a county not
within fifty miles of either of those mention
ed above who have generally voted the
Locofoco ticket, but who will vote for ScoTf
next fall.--1 " ' - ' '" ' :
$1(11 Another: A letter received an Tues
day, from still another part of the State, says.
in a postscript: . ... . .
"Scott and Graham stock looks well here
and is rising. We hope to make a good
report this fall. Our friends are at work
and not a few Democrat have consented to go
with us." u : . - , ,, ;-vf.
And Yet More. The Lockport.N. Y
Courier, savs that among the officers of , the
Scott and Graham Club recently organized
at Albion, we notice the name or Hon. Ken
iamin L. Bessac, as one f; the Vice-Presi
dents. . Mr. Bessao has ions' been a umin
guishod member of the Loco-rocp partyi was
formerly First Judge ot Orleans county, ana
has occupied many oiner puuiic poBiuoiiH,
, . ATostrrMMiuL
House wnt into committee snd resumed the
eonsidWattou of th amendments to the gen
eral appropriation bilk The amendment In
creasing tlu salaries of th clerks In the ex
ecutive and legislative departments was' fi
nally agreed to, giving 20 per cent, addition-'
al to those - who salaries do not exceed
900 dollars, taking effect from Julv. ' The
bill, as amended, passed th committee and
was reported to the House. .' .
.Bixty amendments- addes In eomnuttee
wereeonear'd ln,ooe prohibiting constructive
mileage for any acssion called within Jen
days alter the adjournment of Congress. '
i Hill passed and the lloua adjourned. ' --Senate
resumed the consideration of' the
Indian sppioprlation bill.'. Various amend
ments were proposed, and some were adopt
ed. The amendment offered by Mr. Walk
er provides that money shall be paid to the
Indians In person and hot to agents and at
torneys; bill ordered to bo engrossed.'
Adjourned. . .-.-,.-.
Wasbiboton,' Aug. 11 aw The
House took up the bill declaring the bridjen '
uruM hib jnio rifer ai iiueuiig anu ,
Bridgeport lawful structures, to their pres
ent position,' and making them' post roads,
nd directing the officers of steamboats to
regulate the use of tbeir boats and vessels,
and any pipes and chimneys belonging there
to, spas not to interfere with the elevation
nd construction of bridges, pending its
consideration the morning boor expired. .
' The Mouse considered the bill for the re
lief ofThos. Ritchie, proposing to give him
haff the price established for executing the
printing of last scsssion. After n ineffec
tual motion to postpone. i
t he House went into committee , on the
army appropriation bill. The House here
took a recess until 7 o'clock.
Senate Indian appropriation bill was ta
ken up and passed. Fishery question ta-'
ken up and Soule ia now speaking.
Washiiiotos, August 13. vSltTiafc, Mr.
Houston rose to a question of privilege.
He said that the select committee to inquire
into the abuses, frauds and bribery in the
prosecution of . claims before the Depart
ments, summoned a ilncssjobn McGinnis,
who yesterday refused to be sworn. He
was instructed therefore to make a report
recommending the adoption of a resolution
directing the Sergeant-at-Arras to take Mc
Ginpis into custody and imprison him in jail
for contempt against the Senate. The sub
ject lies over.
Jfrivate bills were then taken up, and after
passing and postponing a large number o
them, the Senate adjourned. '
. louse resumed the consideration or tne
bill declaring the Wheeling bridge legal
structure and post route; which waa debated
up to the expiration of tbe morning hour.
The House then went into committee oi
the whole on the army bill, having resolved
to close debate on it in an hour. Amend,
ment passed appropriating $300,000 for ex
tra pay during the coming year, on officers
and enlisted men serving in uauiornia, new
Mexico and Oregon. An amendmei t.was
also adapted appropriating 6-0,000 for the
introduction of camels on the Plains.' '
The committee rose, when all the amend
ments were concurred in by the House, ex
cept the one for camels, pending which the
House adjourned.
Tat DEfTH or Mbabbub. About the
meanest electioneering trick we have yot
.-caro 01 w nm prmcucea i sosiu extent in
this city and Vicinity by somo unprincipled
Loeofees. 1 J Is that of going about and j
whispering In the ears of persons known to
possess strong antipvthy to Catholicism, that
Ceo. Scott Is S Cetholio. Not daring, for
well knows reasons, to arge this objection
publicly, they resort to the manner we have
named with the hope of drawing off a few i
vote from Scott. Tbe trick is too shallow
todemaeh harm; ami w only allude to it
to let them know that we are aware of what
they are doing. Piud tUgittrr. ;
' The same game la played la tLii county,
but if Is by no means the worst, , A iZswr
end gentleman, calling blas-wlf Mathbws
from New York, has been through this' end
perhaps other counties, lecturing against
Catholicism, and at the close of Ids Wctures
states that Gen. Scott is a Catholic and
therefore ought not to be supported. The
hat is then 'passed around and a collection
solicited to pay his expenses. We . are
pleased to learn that the Trustees of one of
the . Churches in 6alem very properly, re
fused to allow this Locofoco In disulie to
disgracie their church edifice, aud we have no
doubt 'that all other., protustant churches
would follow the example, did they know
beforehand what to expect.' If his closing
Soott AT OtB Poibt. A visitor at Point
Comfort, who called upon the People's can
didate for the Presidency, thus describes the
reception ball of tbaf'insunVrabk old snsto-
f at. Ws trust, if any sweet-scen'tiM Loco
should ace this, he may noX faint at the vul
gar picture. " The writer Bys: ' ". "
The Central's reception ball wts a plain
bedroom, furnished with a common. taWe, a
single bed, waslwtnnd, rocking chair and two
Other chairs, and a Urge travelling trunk.
The greet man was alone, and was seated st
the table with book in his hand, while the
Ublo iiSL-if was covered with books, ppera
and letters. Upon our entrance Us imme
diately arose and vhuuk bands in the nmtt
cordial manner, and rfnirning to me the old
rockinc-chair from ' which hs bad arisen,
was abuut to set himself on the trunk; but
this time I oot-geaeraJed the old cliff, and
took poBition upon the trunk myself.
"I had frequently seen the General be
fore, at intervals during the last ten years,
but my friond and myself both thought we
had aever seen him look . so well as upon
this occasion. His complexion look more
healthy, and a vivacity, I may say, that we
bad never observed befor.?. He was dressed
plain clothes, and wore crape Uwn his
"Bt PlBM, BolS, ABOSTtAPr, ABD WB'kf,
rsxt thiib rvLsEsoa the H-ights." Gou.
Scutt is remarkable for bis termj and lac on-,
ic style of giving expression to his thoughts
when addressing his soldiers. His despatch
es ar distint'iiiohed for tbe same thing
The Lock port Courier records an Illustration
of this truth. We quote from the Courier:
Conversing recently with one of our old
est subscribers in this county, who is one of
the veterans of Lundy 's Lane, be gave ua
some new ideas of Gen. Scott's ? a lor and,
energy in tbat desperate battle. The old
Sohlii r, while rehearsing the stirring scenes'
if that campaign, while bia bright eye flash-
led, and his tall form was drawn erect,
"Shouldered his cane
Aui fought his battle o'er again." ,
He accompaiiiud Miller iu bis desperate
aud succemful struggle U dislodge the ene
my's battery on the eminence; and while
darkness replied supreme, while the full orb
ed moon waa obscured by clouds, while th
booming of cannon, the clashing of arms, and
the never-dying rumbling of the mighty Cat
aract was heard, Scott piloted the patriotic
little band to a certain point, and as the
death dealing hail of the enemy was whist-
left arm in double mourning for the late dis- every direction, tne nero acou roo
tinguisbed dead his friend--Henry Clay !UP his aUrrups, and addressed the troops
an J Genera! Roger Jones.'
Taa Little (Jia;it oa - Scott. Senator
D Julias, of I!ijrvo!, rerentry made a spot-cb
in Richmond, Y- In . which he jeaks of
in these brief but emphatic word: Be firm,
bty, and tkady, and U'W fed their pulses on the
heuhU'. II words were as true as mcon-
Tat b-kocsAcv who Mlab it. -A pr-
1 sonai lrienu oi long standing si nocnesier,
asserwon is a sawpio oi tne jot. ii eareer Ceo. Settle t;.i;:
salculated tu injure that which he profusses, i have ort rW,,-. to nuk.s-aiu-i tluiwho atwavs hitherto acted with the sclf-
todphold.. ..W have been requested to call miliUry conduct, t'lC gUlantry sad heroism styled "Democracy" but who writes us thai
attention ' to this, as bad mew sometimes ! of the illustrious General whom lite Whigs he shall this time vote for Scott and Gra
creen into positions where thev mav do much l,ave presented to the people of the United ham, g.ves the following incidontal plimpso
creep Iirwpos.Uons wnerc they may do much Suuaa ie:r ..jj,, ,e PreiJen-jof the prospect in Western New kork:-mjury-
; .. , . . .. -jjr. I win nor depreciate his merits s a-.V. Y. Trib.
Owa ADOFTtD Germab Citizebb -We Mier, because truth and honor forbid it.- "''tLfJ ft llcU!i
jtAppiause.J 1 wtJl reirain, oecause, as mimmumuw
Aiarcn next, stun i a -jurt'gouccoiitjuniuu.
and 'the Democracy' might as well (as f.ns
are gl .d to note that a .pirit of inquiry is ffi' Z
rife among the Germans of our country and
that they are not willing to take the name fur
the f uhstanee. The Germans of New York
city' held another large and enthusiastic
meeting onThursday last, and were addres
sed forcibly and at great length by Mr. A.
Eickhoff, editor of the Algemeinn Jitung.
The resolutions were particularly good, of
which we publish the following:
to ran! ihp sliirlitff dlinfV rf flfxhnnfir tinun
those glorious deds which form a part of A- ff tl,e,n 'ts!;e "n,hing warmgo to bed
, ' aud dleep till the polls are closed in iNoveiu-
1. ... mi .ir
mericau history.
. Fortlie cliaracter of the nowspap r prc.a
uf the Uii'.u-J SUiUn, we regret, that there
ari some neu spapiT editors capable of do
ing w liat even tho Litll'! (jiant scorns to do.
They arj guilty of doin lint he ay"truth
and honor forbid." They not only depre
i am
Whereas, The Whig party.by proposing ' ciate his meriu as a soldier, but, in order to
The Montrbai,, FBEir-The result of the
Committee's investigations makes the total
loss by ihe fire at $.,000,000. It has been
determined to apply to the Government-for
o Unn if dtftnn linn. tn-ennMethr? nnornrnnri
etors of lots to' rebuild,' for the payment bi"
which the citr, in its corporate capacity; will
a P RuiiLiirioNARr VKT-BAK.-rThQ Clarke become responsible, the buildings to be ei-
bureh (Va.) Register states iut there- U a, Uberpf. Btono or,., brick. ... For. the present
iKi in ,n,t . tuin. . iwmed Stenhon use of those who have no homes, the commit-
,IIU .IMUIU ,, ,"T -i... l , l .l.i' ,.!., . i
1 . . , . .1 Tl-l : t ... !. l.niiit.1 .nrtftim a rt lliA API,.tlnn nl
Dicks, who- irearo mo. oriiriuai vciimrawa vcd v .""-. .w,.-.. v.
of Independence read from the State House
rnnft.'ln.. rlllluOclIIUItt.ilU. 1 I C, L4V
then 11 years old. and is now 90., He was in
C nrksburcb when were were rui iwo sum
glqd houser in it , He enjoys good health,
andis frequently. Been .WBjking. tho streets.
United States Fiharcm. It is stated
the reveniiq of tb .United... States Govern-
mnnt.for the fiscal year, endina on tne -uvn
of June last, amoun ts to between fortyrpinb
and fifty millions. of .dollars. -The custom
three shedi(to beof wood, filled in with brick,
each 840 feet lou:nui - : i
A Potential DoPGE.Those who happen
to live just this side of 4bo line, which for
miles , divides Massachusetts from' New
Hampshire, escape the rigorous operation of
the liquor law by1 stepping over, and thus
getting beyond its jurisdiction. tine inai
vidual has bought a - piece of lopd in that
State,' and put up pn it a buildittgiso con
trlvied that his bar stands cx.ctly up to the;iine
mpsi meritorifl'us-b's sJopo-. will isewwt ).
grtatnessj glofy and. perpetuity or our iree
institutions. We make no extra claims to
grtides,but y?e. do l?ye the obl ml,ghl
rkn nM nf Amerlcoi and at ' sill times- are
ready lo iiBe whatlittle inBuei.ee we'posseV
farewAfdin'ghel gallant ' achUvemenU.
i;slfioDi.th'en Immense advantages which
thevlriumpBof ths WWg efcndidateB would;
secure1 In1 the pobli policy of tSe country
we; could JoOkupon, the defeat of 'General.
Sep" in no other, light than a public calami:
ty. Ifwoold.be thet triumph of falsehood;
error, end defamation- over the gratitude of
Uie American peopU. Thank' God! the signs
of the times e proprtioue.' The gf atltude of
' the country cannot . be extinguished by ,ma.
licioun efforts destroy, ,th -roputaflon of
HerMiobleet soaj nor eanthe luBtreof his
gallant dssds be dimmed by the profanation
af his pollties-1 enemies- ','
. . .... .1 lit. in-new namnsi.Te. wnuu ma cue
have yielded toriy-pyen mions; , xne puou. ho,d - tQ, M th, drink
!anas oyer two t-W; --!?"r Massachusetts I This U a dodffe
about inree-qusjso. ... u.. h the ,k canliot touch..i0-Pf Cor-
plus oi ins ycur win u ui,uv I
halt mtllinn. of dollars. ..... i -ft
. . , . i Tr -' T.nt . - VTa hva infnv.
-CoLon.D People s CobyentioK. A callis I ,... t.i(lr, ,unt ,), comnanv who left
issued for a mass convention of the colored Tn-f-.M-iitn In.t snrimr. for Oregon, under
people of Ohio, to meet at Cleveland, on the theoirection of James NcwniBn, .werajajl
8th ahd,'tho September. ,-The object of the yftXaA withthe exception , of Mrs.' Marks
vunyeimoii is w ui'vioi ui-unuic-101 vo nd a little son ol Dir. wewmfn, pn ouruy
ucation and elevation of the .;freo. colored wjth-the Indians ' Some distance beyond
people, and to choose delegates to a Nation- port LBramie.they were attacked and over?
al Cpnvcnilori,' expected lo behold this foj), ....j B the sa vases. 'The Tate bl Mr.
1 1 . ' . ' ; ' r', : . ' .LMl'and child areunkhowp.. Mr. Marks and
IPT-opunous 4,naner rjigicn are in circu.
lation in New Orleans, and so wel) executed,
the True Delta States, as to have, been re
ceived and paid at pome of the Banks in tbat
city. , They are. made of steel and . covered
with gold, ring well, are of the right , super'
noes ', and. ttiicxnoss,, put. are; aenwent n
family we think, were from Sullivan county.
Vincennes iolte. ...t -.A
It is said that Hon. Wrn. M. Meredith,
So-rAt.r nf the Treasury under President
Taylor, has in his possession the. original
msnnsc.rintofa very strons message wnicn
Gen; Taylor had prepared to send to Con
FiRSt PEAeBEs1-lSome oAys ago 'Clrjctrt-j T1.!" ! i lJtri Mivnfn 1 ; ki wTJ-i-i
Mar New Orleans, hndthe- Buffalo Courier! compromises. , ,, . :, ;,,, ..... )
of the 7th notiees the- arrivl in thkt eity'Of fjJ-Mr. Knowltoo,- who was the Demo
the first peaches of the season, from Charles- cratic Speaker of the Maine House, of Rep-.
The courier says tne "price is a I resentati ves in 1M7, Bays, ri cannoi, an
Arrival ot the Af. ten.
New. Yobx, August 13. The Africa ar
rived here this morning. Demand has been
good for cotton; prices stiller, out quota
tions are unaltered. Flour- Western Ca
nal 19s; Ohio 19s 6d. Corn yellow 21s;
white 88s, Lard 58s. ;
The election returns all in close, and
impossible to tell whether tbe government is
in tbe minority or majority. . .
Report of crops satisfactory. . . '
Gen. Gourmand, Napoleon's attendant at
St. Helena, died at Paria on the 23d. . n :
Rogers' spinning mills, near Touri, burn
ed, .... ' ., '. !
The Spansh expedition to. tq the PhlUipine
Islands successful. . . - . ,i :'
, Count Ne88ehode, Premier of Russia,: su
perseded by Baron. Mayendorf ,
Cholera at Warsaw. . n : . . ! ..' V-
Importiintrrcui the Fibcilek. .
. Bostob, Ai;rust 11. The. "Gbmcenter"
has arrived from the Fisheries, and brings
information that the 6chooner"C. V. Rogr
ers," was. boardod . by. the , officer of tbe
steamer . ''Devastation,'?, and w ordered
out of the bay; together with about twen
ty other schooners, which were at tne nme
four or five miles from the land; the papers
were called for by the English officers, who
having lookodat them,. -crumpled them up,
aud threw, them with-.disdain on the -deck;
tbey also .ordered out a schooner which was
getting water n one 91 tne bays,' giving nor
outfifteeii minutes toloave, i.r ', -. .-
It is roportcd that an American! SCliooaer
was fired into, while escaping fiomthe cut
ter, and the man at the helm wounded. 1
. . , r-, 1 I I T(J-
FlreA Strainer, IPirccd. t n
Memphis. Auir.' 11. The town of Helena,
Arkansas, was almost, entirely consumed oq
Monday night only . two business nouses
left loss estimated at one hundred thousand
dollars. . . .,:. X st;
Steamer Emilv struck a snason Fnday
last, in White Riyr, and sunk in 20 feet wa,
ter, and broke In two no lives lost boat
tptal loss,, ( , J . ,;. ,-.7 .
WASHiNGTON.Au!r. 11. Jos. R. InctirBoH,
of Philadelphia, has been rtorcjiftatod to the
Senate as' Minister'. 'To" the "G'Onrt, of Bt;
James.''-' . ' " ' ', "
It Is rumored that Webster will resign
immediately. He intends, leafing Wash.
ington. Has shipped part of his goods
From1 'Iowa'.
St. Ijotrrs, -Abifust ' 13. Advice's from
Dubuque state that Cook's, Vhlj,. majority
for' Colt gres's is 1 000.' HI'"- u ' ' ,.
Thi ' Whiir Convention 'at Ann Arbor.
Michigan, , nomintted . Mr,(i;PeBmiBj,,,fpr.)
VongTess., ,,M ,.-..,. ,?. ,.
"'' From' Washtajrton. ''',
''WASSIBOTOri,1 August Jlr-Nstban ! .P,r
Hall waa to day nominate,, by the. President
for the vacant New York JudgeBfiip. '
NotrutkiBtrierajnpt:tbat;Mrt iWebster
Imi resigned.; , m .tj. , i .( i.uit
ton 8. C.
Utile high.n
, RBioASBOr- Cobswi. Ricx A letter da
ted Aeapulco,- July IV says that,"nolwith-i
standing every effort was .made by the' ao
thoritles ;to ideUin Mn ' Rice, the ' United
States Consul at that place, he left on the
8rir Jnly for the City of Mexico
shall not vote with the Democratic pvty at
the Presidential election. ,, "Things is work
l.T'. WW-. ' -"" 'V ,; l '
'Mr. Pafibeau, just elected to the Canadl
an Parlirimetlt, by a very large majority, de
clares he is in favor Of annexing Canada to
the United States.
wise measures represent the interests ol
the people of our adopted country, and the
Democratic party ia acting avainst the ob
ject which its name ' pretends to indicate;
whereas, the idea of a mere negative policy,
which the so-called Democratic party repre
sent, must necessari'y become an absolute
one, and has nearly become so; whereas,
furthermore, the Democratic psrty, iu Bpite
of its device, proves itself hostile towards;
the measure of genuine progress; There
fore,' ',,
ftoiW, That we recognize the cardinal
principles of the Whis party, the party of
intelligence and republican virtue, aa being
those principles which are most adapted tose
cure tlio common welfare of this country ,and
that we -will strive to realize those princi
ples which appear to contain genuine progress'."-
W. K. R mi.isoB .Speech on Nete Hamp
shire ll-mrrracy aiui Catholic Emancipation.
This energetic aud talented young Irishman
has been to Concord for some time, examin
ing the official records of that State. He
has returned to New York, and a short time
since made a speech of great power. He
has demonstrated from the records, beyond all
controversy, the following among other
propositions, viz:
I. That the Democratic party of New
Hampshire has not at any time manifested
any general or earnest desire to expunge the
odious and unjustifiable persecution of Cath
olics from their State Constitution. .
3. That the Whig party ef New Hamp
shire has not aa baa been falsely asserted
by Vice President Dallas among others
resisted and defeated the Constitutional a
mendment required.
. . Th:it : Franklin Pierce km not taken
any such decided and con'spicioiie part in
urging Catholic Emancipation as his friends
have represented. - " ' "
4. That the Whigs of New Hampshire
cast a greater proportionate : vote for that
Emancipation than the Democrats at each
of the elections when it was submitted to a
populnrvote; and "; ' ' ; ' - '
go. That the Democracy of New Hampshire
might and should (with the help freely ren
dered of the Whigs) have long since amend
ed theirCohsfitution so as to place-Catholics
oa-an equal footing with Protestants. '
Fbee Soil . Natiobal Cobvbstiob. On
Tuesday last, this body, which -is in session ;
at Pittsburgh, appointed committees on res
olutions and various other matters, and mole
and female mass moetings were held through
out the day. ' The trouble seems to be to get
a platforrq that all the various shades of . anti-slavery
men can'stand upon. The star
of the occasion teems to be Fred Douglass,
who was made one of the Secretaries -and
wasinvlted to be the general orator of the
day. ' The Convention is divided In re
gard to an ameobe party . favoring' "Free
Democracy,'?.;, another ','Fnends of , Free
dom," It was reported m the evening that
the committee on resolutions was ready' to
report;' No nominations ' had jpt been
made. , ,. . , rf..-.
accomplish the object more effectually, they
shamelessly join the BrilUb press in pro
claiming tbat some of the most glorious of
all the American victories iu '.h j last war
were British victories.
Geb Butlfb's Oci.iios or G-. Scott.--General
William O. Butler, of Kentucky,
at a recent Democratic ratification meeting
at Carrolton, in that State, spoke as follows
of Gen. Scott:
General Scott is known to the nation,and
to the world; and as it is not my province
to paint Whig portraits, I would be content
to examine his position before the world
without saying any tiling of him personally,
but for the known positions we relatively
occupied in the city of Mexico, and for the
purpose or saying publicly, tbat through
out out whole intercourse, though oelicate
and embarrassing, he acquitted nimselt in
such a manner as to win uiy esteem and ad
Iu 1318, Gen. Butler was the candidate for
the Vice Presidency. After hearing the effort
made by a few of the leaders In this city, on
last Saturday evening, to dofame not only
the civil, but military character of General
Scott, one is constrained to aa. what Gen.
Butler "knows about war!"
-J .
Rocb EstEiC Aug. i It-The Board., of.
Health report 12 eases of cholera during tho
last 34 hours.,,;! ,.,.,. ,?,o i-r..-.-. !
' Tb Mbce with' Wttich the steamer.Heriry
Clay struck the bauk'of the river,' iffust have
been tremendous. Bomeof tho heavy iron
work of which the machinery wae composed,
was twisted into contortions and rude shapes,
asifithad been mere wire. One pf the
connecting rods, as large rcmnd as a map's
leg, was -bent op like a fih-hook, and then
broken off.
Hosobaby Degrees-. At. the late Com
menccment ol tre unio university, ine
Ho'noraty Degree of Doctor of Divinity was
conferred on Rev. Edward R. Ames, of In-
dlttria.ohe of the late electedBfshobs of the M.
Etiiirch'and abso the Hke honor upon Rev,
yai. P., SxiCEtAKD of the Cinraniiati Con
ferenes::of the M. K.' Church. The' latter'
gentleman is well known and highly es
teemed in this 'OommBnity. '' ;
. y- i) 1 i 1 4- .-'-If,
: fjjrA , writer in lh Perry county Demo
crat - savs that Gen: Scott -is a . ty rant,'"
"deBporartd partiafist."''!Wliat Wf wilij
be made out ot mm, oy nis political oppon
ents, It Is hard to itiUJIrnt ono .thing is cer
tain, the people will oiake him President.no
matter what terms of reproach, may b cast
Upon him by desperate men', who in case of
another War would tremblingly implore bim
to defend - their country from the attacks of
forelgti'foee.',,'"' ';''.";'.; " ' . :'. "., , ...
rJirThOre were 19 deathsby cholera" ip'
New Orleans, during the week ending the
Bd instant! V
03The "Dempcr-cy". ore consulting a-
bout their dirficultios. The following is from
the Buffalo Republic, a warm supporter of
Pierce and King:
Pierce, Peree,Pearct, or Who? it becomes
highly necessary that a uniform spelling of
the name should be adopted. This should
be done, so that no rotes cast for the Dem
ocratic candidate shall be resuliated. as tbey
have been recently. In absence of other
means, the writer hereof would respectfully
recommend that all persons bearing this title,
meet in convention, eta time and place
hereafter to be designated, and adopt a uni
versal method1 of spoiling tbe name.
f3r(Jen. Scott .was burned. In effigy at ;
Dulphi on Thursday iifsht last. Wbat do
hia old soraVra think of th'itl It Is all right. ,
Go ahead, gentlemea.L-fij''Jr(.) Jour- j
nal. '
Yes, let them co -nhead. We have no
idea that Geii. Scott's effigy fainted, while
the flames were around it, any more than
the old General himself has fainted when en
veloped in the fierce1 flam? of battle.''
Let tho ' Democrats, jf they choose, burn
in every city and vlllarru of the Union the
effigy of the mi A, who, of all men upon the
earth, has dune the most fur the honor and
glory of his country.
we wonder h uie uemoerais, oi iieipni,
ia preparing their efiigy of Wiufiold Scott,
made it resemble tbe. old Hero aa much as
possible in nppearauco, by marking it with
imitations of the wouuds received by bim
upon his country's battle-fk-lda! Louisville
Journal. , . ...J:i .,,
' GkorgiA. A call signed by seventy-two
names for a whig meeting in Floyd county,
to send delegates to the Scotl Convention, on
the 17th of August, has been published.
The old feeling of 'Whig and Democrat ap
pears to be arousing niore.and more every
day, and efforts s?em to be not wanting to
harmonize the action of the Whig party, in
order to defeat l'icfrcc end King. Tho Uni
on, ticket is only' supported by three papers
in the whole 8t6te, -mid tbey are weeklies.
Notone of the- old Whig 'papers has shown
any favor to the tickets -Tar. Int.
' C'bom i "New Yoprf- The New York
Tribdne ayi( that Wheat in thn'- State will
bi an Berage crop; Ry.eas good s usual;
oats rather light; Indian corn a'louimu-
thirdsof acrop', potatoes fine; fiasnd eras?
very light on hccoiiht of 'tJitf drouth, and but
ter and vlieese ronTiently deficient. Pea
ches and apples will be scarce. ,
'Ttj taxes , .vYxTWoB.T.-The Cbieago
Democrat bears s. flaming cut.et the; head of
the Pierce and Kipg ticket,, in the back
irround of which appears a vessel and
dry on a sandbar: Hurrah, for Pierce and In
(ernalTmproVementl '. . .. , : ,
' ftrThe board of directors of the Scioto
and Hocking JValley Railroad have resol
ved to adopt the Wide guaeof tbe Sandus
ky and Newark Road. This will insure a
continuous route from Sandusky to Ports
mouth, without transhipment. ; -..
(Vy-J. S. Thrr'- r.theCuba flibustier, is
makiue Locofoc jieeches in his native
State.'ew Himhite.
ber, and listen to tbe Telegrams from the four
winds of heaven proclaiming tbe triumph of
"I understand .11 the blustering, lying
and betting on the head uf that forlorn Hun-
er and foe to all true- Ueruocracy, frank
eree; but mark mei tbe 'Democracy' Aer,
of both stripes, is hollow as a stove-pipe.
Ont-half of tbe Van Buren wing will vote for
Scott and Graham; one-fourth for the Pitts
burgh nominee; and the balance for Pierce,
impelled by faint hopes of keeping in the
line of promotion to office when 'the party'
shall triumph again. The Cass men will di
vide in the same proportion, except the Pitts
burgh quarter, who will save shoe-leather on
the day of election by staying at home. J. a."
Persobal Hobob or Geb. Scott. What
ever may be said of the bravery of the Whig
candidate for the Presidency, a qualification
wcich nearly every American, soldier pos
sesses in the highest degree, Gen. Jackson's
opinion of bis honor as a gentleman is fully.
justified by the fact that after having beeir
taken as s prisoner at llueenstown,and dis
charged on parol, he broke his parol and was
found under arms before beins exchanged
r discharged. We are assured that this can
be verified by the best evidence. Buffalo
Yesterday we copied from tbe News a
charee'ef Cowardice against Gen. Scott.
To-day we.have from the Buffalo Courier an
accusation of tj'uhonor. The one complains
that Gen. Scott "squatted on the ground" to
avoid an adversary 's fire. Tbe other asserts
that he "broke Ai's parol" in - bis haste to
serve again against hiscouutry's enemies.
The consistency of these accusations is no
less striking than the chivalrous, patriotic
spirit' which prompts them. It is such a
glorious service to rob an old Soldier of bia
laurels, and to impute Cowardice to a Hers
whose honorable scars bear mute but elo
quent witness to his gallant bearing. Shame,
shame upon the libellers'. Miheaukie Sent.
CoBOBtss. Both brancbea of Congress
have fixed on tbe 31st of August for adjourn
ment. Tbe aession will then have contin
ued nine months, and tbe cost to tli coun
try for per diem of members alone will ex
ceed fcoOO.OOO. TUB mileage and extras
will awell tbe amount to tbe neighborhood
of a million. Nine-tenths of the nine months
session has been devoted to doing nothing,
or wbat is worse, political speeches for Bun
combe. Tbe General Appropriation bills
now under consideration in the House, and
must go to the Senate ten days before the
close of the session. Not much else but
the passage of this, of importance, will prob
ably be done. Mr. Seymour, Chairman of
the Committee ou Commerce, baa concluded
not to report his Canadian Reciprocity Bill
this session. The Harbor and River Bill,
the Postage Bill, the Homestead BilT and
Bennett's Land Bill are all before the Sen-'
ate, and it is quite probable all will go by
tbe board. Cine. Herald,
ftJyA second- Sam Patch leap time off
on Monday last, from, the Suspension Bridge
below tbe Falls, into the middle of Niagara
River. Some five hundred persons were
present to witness the feat. In consequence
of the strong unexpected current of air un
der the bridge, the gentleman's back, instead
of the pedal extre"mKies, was first introduced
to the surface of the water. He was not so
badly injured, however, but that be com
menced swimming towards the shore, and
was soon taken into a small boat. Hs had
an appointment to descend the precipice af
the Falls, in a similar manner, but the result
of this experiment has determined him to look
to some other opening for notoriety and
fame. Wo can see neither dexterity wit
nor reason in this senseless mania for jum
ping from hi(.'h places. All the world knows
that any. donkey can q down the only dif
ficulty is i raising. Lockport Jour.
Tsxr abb Faiic8 Ib. The locofoco
papers have been very busy of late in pub
lishing the names of those who, as they say,
refuse to support Scott. Now, for variety,
we publish below a list of a portion of the
Democratic-journals which refuse to support
Pieree and King: -
Northern Democrat, published at Pulaski,)
N. Y: the True Democrat, la.; Knoska, Wis
consin, Telegraph; the Independent Democrat,'
Concord N.H.; the Lowell, Mass., Americon, '
the Wyoming, N. Y., JHirror; tbe Manches-'
ter, N.H., Democrat; the Southern Press,
Washington, i. v., ana we juncor, ua.,
The Citizen has heretofore been a strong
Democratic organ, bat it finds it impossible
to swallow the Kangaroo uc-ei, ann naj
therefore hoisted the names of Scott and
Gbahak. Zancs. C'our. ,,
A Kbowihq Mab. The young editor of
the Perry county Democrat says that he
"had heard of Franklin Pierce, both as a
statesman and soldier, long before he war
nominated fcr the Presidency."
fjyHcolt will pe ?iecteq,
; - K

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