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NEW .;SEHlg-V0L:! 7. NO. 17.
t 'H- . JoUa II. Wrifhti pVliiter. "
OflTICE Tallmdg buildings Third Hour
Mftla Streat-rSouth Side.
Teih $1,78 por annum in advance
C. IV. 4 Z. Railroad Cheering News
We learn from Mr. Woodward, who lias just
returned from Zanosville, thut a meeting of
the Board of Directors of the Cincinnati,
Wilmington and Zanrxvillu Ruilroad Com
pany, was held there on yestcrsduy. Lttst
evening:, a railroad supper wag given by the
citizens of that dry. The utmoBt enthusi
asm, and our friend of tho Scioto flu,. it,, to
I the contrary notwithstanding, the uUnost
harmony prevailed. In a very short time,
. Thursday Evcuiiitf Sopt., , thirty-four thousand dollars was subscribed
to imc capital etock of tho company and no
subscription less than one thousand dollarr.
Thirty citizens subscribed thirty thousand
dollars. It is expected that, in a few duvs.
.ti'ii 1848, complimentary dinner was given
to" Gen. Scott, and Gen. Shields was pros-
ent. Ho holds a high pomtibn in the ranks
anu wo i;umiut:nu itioiu-
cfthe opposition
marks and opinion American Patriots,
' not to men who would sender tho best aud
bravest of the sons of America. Tho fol-.
t lowing toast was given:
. (the Brigadier General of the some now pres
, ent:),: A worthy, chieftain of that heroic
tana whohAve conspicuously carried out tho
" heroic oounsol of the Spartivo mothers, to
'return cither with or upon their "Shields."
'i . . General Shields rose and said: "Mr. Pres.
ildeut, with your permisBion and the .consent
"of the company, I wish, as a subordinate of
ficerof the 'American army, to give the
, health of that distinguished commander un
" jfler whom my honorablo and gallant friend
' and myself have had the honor to serve. I
feel it due from me to Gen. Scott applause
first as one of the officers haviug returned
, from the head-quarters of the army which he
rso nobly and successfully ..commanded. I
think it still further due, returning as I do
J with a conviction that that army has been
ieommanded in such a manner by Gen. Scott
' as to call forth tho applause, and admiration,
and high regard, not only of his country
f men. but of the whole world. It would be a
"useless and foolish undertaking on my part
to.'attempt adequately to describe before
this intelligent assembly the skill and high
military knowledge displayed by Gen. Scott
in the conduct of that Army, from its land
ing at Vera Cruz until it entered the garita
(at Mexico. If I should attempt tho task I
should fail. I could not portray with just
ness the conduct of that distinguished com
mander in the hazzardous enterprise in which
he has been engaged. But I will say this,
that in the history of the world in the
annals of all military afluirs and enterprises
that I have ever read, I find no entorp'riso
comparuhlo with the capture or Vera Cruz.
One of tnc strongest positions in the world-
so strong, indeed, tlmt it was deemed olmost
impregnable by tho military minds of tho
'world, and yet on a roast the inost difficult of
jiccoxs in the work, it fell before a" army o1
. . ... - i . e ... l.. ...
twelve thousand men wun a iow u. umy i
score. (Applause.) And. the same skill
which enabled him to accomplish this under
taking, marked every myvemcntof his pro
gress until ho entered the gates of Mexico"
In the remarks of Mnj. General Jessup, rc-
. specting the bruvery and gallantry nndintel
gence of the officers of our army, I heurtly
concur. Neither England, France, or any
' other country in the world has such a body
of intelligent young officers in iiie Bold as
those who accompanied Gen. Scott into the
city of Mexico, and if ever I entertained a
thought against West Point,! now-make tho
amende honorable, and recall any thing to the
prejudice of that institution that I muy have
thomrht or uttered. (Great applause.) So,
it is with regard to Gcn; Scott. . If I ever
harbored aught against him, politically or
otherwise for a "hasty plate of soup'(laugh
iter) or slow plate ofsoup I reca.l it all, and
make the amende to him also, and soy that I
should be very unwilling to see any other
man take ail army of ten thousand men into
tho valley of Mexico, and attempt to lead
them in safety. . Such an undertaking re
quires not' only unquestionable bravery of
the soldier and gallantry of the officer, but a
great superintending military mind, that had
conquered arid mado himself master of his
profession, and thus fitted him&clf to accom
plish such an almost miraculous enterprise.
With yoffr permission, Mr. President, and
that of the company, Igiveyou tho health
of - Major General .Winfiuld .Scott." (Ap
plause.) ,
- Where is Wood & Kagay 1 What does
- Brigadier Genistal Shields know about War?
Rascally akdTybahiiioat.. On Thurs
Uut, Mrr Corwin. Secretary of tho Treas-
lir, was informftd that "the Committee had
postponed the investigation of his case, till
next session" that is, next winter. In the
mean time, though earnestly desiring an in
vestigation, the high-souled Secretary is
doomed, by a clique of party tyrants, to re
inain till next winter under the. groundless
Imputations of the viper Olds. 0ould pet
ty, tyranny do worsel Scid. Oat, ".
. ', : Yes it ii mean and contemptible.. The
committee ould have done the work in less
than fivodays,butthecryof"Oralphaiiism
would have been stopped by on investiga
tion, and would ljave been of no further uso
to Locofocoism in this campaign. . This
ia Locofoco generosity! What do they care
about the reputntion of a man, if party' fur-
poses, can be subserveu oy '""'""B
' reputation? - ' " ' ' " ' ;
' North OkoUKA. We have the State
paper of each party from Raleigh "of Tawdny
fast, d they agree that therejis a Whig ma
jority of four iu the House, balanced by an
'S Opposition majority of four in the Senate
i (chosen by free-holders only,) which will be
Increased to if the Camden and Currituck
- District is decided for the Opposition. I he
two Sheriffs are at variance, but , we think
.. the Whigs will ultimately lose the seat by a
; majority o(mvote. And that vote decides
i the chaiacter of the new Legislature, and
. may choose a U. S. Senator; for jears.!
, ' .WbigsJ take car of one vok'.rN.. Y. Irt-
' J ' KrThe Mormons are as fashionable as
.'..,.ku The Deseret News contains ad-
voTtisements oi miunier".-jwi A'"
:u tnAff. Pnria fflRhlnnH., &C
the city alone will raise one hundred tjiou
sand dollars. This, in addition to the citv
and county subscription already voted, will
mnko, if we remember rightly, about two
hundred und fifty thousand dollars, and will
enable tho Directors to put the re mainder of
the road under contract immediately. .'- '
We expect that the Directors will return
to-dy, und we shall probably receive st!l
WHOLE NO. 1107
further and good news. Mr. WoodwurJ It: If
before they had quit taking stock for. the
evening. r
, Dissolution or the Union Party i s G pji
gja. We nnnounoed yesterday thutthe ex
ecutive committee of tho Union party of Ga.
had withdrawn the Pierce electoral ticket,
nominated ut Milleilccville, and declared the
party dissolved. The address of the com';
mittce has since come to hum!, and we learn
from it that this step hus been taken in con
sequence of the fact that all piirtiesin Geor
gia now advocate the compromise, und that
the Union whifs, to a considerable extent,
have shown a determination nut to adhere to
tho ticket, but to support either Webster or
Scott. The committee was composed of
seven, and five of them have published t n
address 'o tho Union Democrats and Whigr,
who muy be for Pierce and Kinp, urging
theur to meet at Atlautu, on the 18th of
Sept., to determine on their future course,
They uvow their readiness to support tho
regular Pierce and King electors, provided
the original friends of the hitter ticket are
willing to conciliate and compromise with
them. There are still three electoral tick
ets in tho field in Georgia one for Scott
and Graham, the second for Webster and
Jenkins, and tho third for Pierce and Kinf.
Tho law requires the successful ticket to
have a clear majority of all the votes cast.
The Sacs and 1 ox Indians, now on a
visit to Washington, visited the Department
of the Commissoners of Indians all'nirs, on
Thursday, when Major Mix, the chief clerk,
in the uhseeuce of Col. Leu, asrtirod them
that their Great Father would give luc-m a
form a I interview ufter the adjournment of
congress, and in the meantime every atten
tion would be paid to their comfort and
pleasure. The Indians expressed them
selves highly gratified at Major Mix's re
marks. Among tl o delegation, consisting
of eight, is a son of the celebrated Keokuk,
who visited Washington in 1S37. Ihe
Sacs miiiib?r lit this time about thirteen
hundred souls: the Poxes about seveii hund
red. The tribe still retains its love of sav
age life and manners beyond almost all oth
ers of the removed Indians on our borders.
They dislike schools, missionaries, und even
dwellings and many of thein yearn to go
further West, that they may be still more
distant from civilization, as well as nearer
the buffalo und other garni?. Their efforts
at cultivation have been very feeble, though
they inhabit a line oountry, well adapted to
successful agriculture. The tribe has a
fund ot thirty thousand dollars.
The Henry Clay Disaster. An appli
cation for a discharge of tho writ of habeas
corpus, in tho case of tho parties implicated
in the Ilenrv Clay disaster, was ' made in
tho Supreme Court of New York, on Thurs
day, and Tuesday next set apart tor its Hear
ing. The .principal points of tho applica
tion are, that tho case does not come with
in tho meaning of the State law defining
murder, there having been no intention to
take life, and the nurties not in the perpe
tration of, any felony or misdemeanor, at the
time, from which death ensued; Uiat tne
boiler was not overcharged so as to burst, as
it did not burst, and tho allegation that an
undue heat had been caused for an unlawful
purpose not being sufficient; they also claim
that the United States nave exclusive con
trol, whore a law of Congress exiwts, over all
transactions connected with navigation, m
tide-waters, as well as at sea, and that they
are already under arrest on process from the
U. S. court.
Americans in Euhopb. A true-hearted
American, writing us from Southern Italy
in rr-nrohr-nsinn of the esoiouasTO ana an
noyanco to which Americans are "exposed
In Hint reoiun. bv reason of the hatred and
dread of Republicanism there current, says
"I hope that you will nucceod in electing
r.-n. Se.oTT. not that I care much about
vour Home Politics, hut because I know
tliat ins name wouiu uo a terror weyuwn
in this drsnot-ridden remon. Gen. Scott a
elevation to tho Presidency would cau3e
America to be respected throughout Europe-,
where his heroic archievements and great
abilities are very widely known, especially
nmnncr those who hate and dread the conta-
oinn of American influence." IV. Y. Trib,
An Extensive Case of Swindling. Mr,
Honrv Billiard, livinir near Now Orloans
recently received the"untxpected news from
a noiihuw in Francei thut Hie sum of twenty
thousand francs was about to be remitted
to him, but heard no moro about it until a
few davsaL'o. when a nerson in New urioan
representing' himself us the Swiss Consu
sent tor nun, .anu toiu mm mat. no onu r-
ceived tho draft from Pans for tho sum
named, nuvablo to his order. , Mr. B... at
the pretended Consul s.. request,- endorse
tho draft, and was told .to call In eight days,!
when it would be payable.. '.. He did call,
after tho expiration of the eight days, .but
to. his astonishment found . tho "supposed
Consul, with the draft among the missing.
It is supposed the draft was obtained in Pa-,
ris, and that the swindler Drougnt it to New
Orleans to got it cashed.' v
From MaMttucliiikclts.
WoarwiTEB, September 2. Tho Massa
chusetts Whig Convention was well attend
ed horeto-day. J. A. Clifford wn humiliat
ed or Governor; Eljsha Hunting, fur Lieut.
The following Electoral Ticket was cho
sen: Robert C. Winthrop and George Bliss,
Electors atlargt'j J. II. W. Page, George A.
Crocker, John Gardner, Amos Lawrence,
Rob or t (i. Shaw, Duniel C. Raker, George
Cogswell, Jacob Coggins, H. E. Torrv, Ru
fus Bullock, and Ezekial Colt, District Electors.-..
. ...'-.'
A resolution was adopted complimentary
to President Fillmore's administration, de
claring thut as Gen. Scott was fairly nomin
ated by the National Convention, the Whig
party was bound in honor to sustain the nom
ination. -
The Son oriYiniternucr.
PiTrsouRcn, Sept. 3. A most enthusias
tic demonstratioi was made by the Hons of
Temperance to-day. About 1,600, from all
parts of tho country, marched in procession
to the Masonic Hull, where tho Convention
organized. Wilson McCandles, President,
opened the'proceedings by a masterly speech.
An oratiou was delivered by Judge McClure,
followed by several'cloquenl speeches. A
platform was then adopted, disclaiming all
intentiou of mingling in strifo with either of
the great political parties, but expressing
their determination to vote at the con-iiii" e-
Ipction for no State Senator or Reproscnta-
Arrival of the WafcuiiiKiou.
New Youi.Sept. I. The Washington,
from Southampton, arrived this morning, and
brings dittos to tho 17th ult. . For Cotton
thtsru is an niiimled dwimiid. Market much
excited. - In London Corn Market there is a
general advance. English and American
Wheat 3s firm. Oats I to 2s.' Corn held
higher; floating cargoes a to 3s.
Markets in France and Beurium. imtirov-
ed; trade in provinces satisfactory.
Utueen Victoria lias returned to i'iiiglunu.
Fishery question excited no further uneasi
ness. Ministerial paper announces the mat
ter in process of amicable settlement.
, Grund letc, iu Paris, on the 10th. passed
bteamer Mai:dilcnu arrived at Southamp
ton from tho West Indies, with 8110,000.'-, -
Advices from Australia upto the middle of
May, state the yield of gold to be immense,
fur outstripping California.
Wright and Gaudy's Circular of Tuesday,
quotes less activity in grain market. In
consequence of the return of tine weather
less virulence in potato disuaso. Sales tol
erably firm. Large transactions could not
bo mado without concession, which holders
seem reluctant to accept. Larkiuson's Cir
cular substantially the same as Wright's,
except the former quotes flourdeclined threo
pence, Corn firm floating curgues last
week's quotations. ' ' '
. a . u.rtnn...i.;.. :., i..,;i ... TV....!....... t..m
Cunard lino or30UO tous; - 60 foet longer v0 "''o docsnot pledge himself in favor of
than Groat Britain, and costs upwards of thf "ctment law prohibiting, totally, tho
8100 000 ' ' , sale or manufacture of intoxicating liquors.
', ' .-. T.-. . - ... - ' ! A resolution was also passed unanimously
Foreign Kctvs. jrecoiiniii nding Thomas Steele fur election
New Yoi:k, September 1. By the Ame- 08 Grand Worthy Patriarch. City prcrcnt
rica, ministerial journals announce their con-, pJ T'it? galu-day appearance; the proccs-
hdoncc.inthe termination of the fishery Uis- !n oeg one ot me most tastiui k eneciivc
ptite on terms ot uOsolute reciprocity, so lar
as the right of fishing is concerned. Tho
Americans have liberty to fish in British wa
ters, and British in American waters, within
three miles of hore, without distinction of
bar or open sta. It is reported that the screw
triguto Termagant is fitting out at Ports
mouth to join the fishery squadron.
Leeds Chamber of Commerce adjourned
without taking any steps in roference to the
dispute .vith the United States.
Coroner's inquest on the bodies shot at
the election riot, at the six mile bridge iu Ire
land, returned verdict of willful murder a
gainst John C. Delmadge, Justice of the
Peace, and eight soldiers of tho thirty-first
Tho potato crop improving; it is estimat
ed that one-half of the crop in the infected
districts will be saved.
Fbance. The American Minister did not
dine with the corps diplomatique ut the an
niversary of Emperor Napolei n at St. Elien
ne. The religious services advertised by the
French Consul to take pUceon the occasion
were stopped by the police.
' Louis Napoleon was not present nt the
ball ut Marchardes on Innocents Tuesday
night. It was rumored that a conspiracy
was detected to assassinate him had he been
lYcin Seiv York.
Svkacush, N. Y., August 31. The Dm-
iiTutic.Stutc Convention met here to-day.
Lartrelv attended, irood temper, anil entliu-
shui prevails. At 12 o'clock. Mr. Rico, of
Brooklyn, nominated Mr. Bristol, Tioga,
Hunker, as temporary Chairman, and ut 'he
same moment Mr. Laphain, a llaruburner, of
Ontario, was nominated by Mr. Stetson. A
scene'of confusion followed, -in the midst of
which the nominations were put to vote.-
Roth parties claimed th? victory. ' It was
then proposed to appoint two Secretaries,
who should call the roll, in order to uscer-
ain which of tho nominees for the Chair re
ceived a majority of the votes. This propo
sition carried. " Much time was consumed in
regard to contested seats, alter which the
lunUcr nominee was declared clioscn. lie
appointed a committee oi one irom eacn dis
trict to noniinato permanent officers. Con
siderable difficulty ensued in regard to con
tested seats, utter wltluli, the Convention
September l.-Hora!io Seymour was nom
nutod for Governor of New York on the
second ballot.
,r7-;iB PI . J IW ,t Won,-WWe commend Scott aid Whio PajsciPtr. , Eor.
B.t;ii Svjhmthv for this Whigs. xct from an article iu the The New York Courier mJ Enquint pub
Thd Londou 'IWo.ouu t,t the roininrat Tf'uu,,e headed "Who pays the Iu- j lishes the following extract from the private
organs of the Euglinh Aristocracy, iu a rt- 17'" the candid consideration of both pro- ,' letter of a friend, dated Naples, ( Italy 5 July
f?'!f "l'!:l0.r.4:l"tivc 10 t,,c r"1Uical r""tic and consumer: ! I. .Bm.,r, ,w Whi ftrin,iw,.
T. . . . I B I r - - -
TUWi llnrA 1 ho nnA nr Pnilr..n ! ir,.u
in the United States, says
"Uur own sympathies n,l opinions n.ii.l in Wale. w ftoVoM ; p7i7 7 . . .i 1 v"''u'" mmvnS me oc.pots ot
ever ln to the uu,re moder..d ,,,11,,- j duty whteby K:; ' K"ro
ened of these partes, who are L'urdiau of 184H, when the tariff of that Jar was nas'sed Tl,e eivTon ' Gen. Scott, much as you
federal tradition, tho friends of p-uce, and it had been about 1 per ton Uud. r the nuo,,'C" mtJ h desired tb nomination
the opponents of slavery." circumsUuces. auLlicat'um . .i of Webster or Fillmore, will. I can assure
a!h Alines beloHtrs to the Greelev iicIkhiI 'rrrt-sn t firths ittov .t -i.. i. i vou. have a salutary effect in Hurnne. wkra
of politics. Iu sympathies and preferences !lhr present revenue system, or t ieat lti " regarded as a person of great energy
are with the whig, hut it execrates aud add six or eight dellars to the amount l. vi-! nd ffrco of corcte, and likely to give
spits upon the Whig platform. Mt. Vnnon ed, raising it to thirteen or fourteen dollars ' B,m tone our fcrffn relations. Ills co
Banner. im.rt,n f..nn..u. .1 ...i t ..u . i. ..-nous to observa with what earnestnu tLn
j, - ---l.'V -a WW IUVII WMi kJH UH1JI - " '
Oh! hoi Mr. Banner, that is vour lotHc. " domestic competition is maintained, we i"',lu' Times, La Crontca, of New York,
is it! Where sro all your pretensions? A
'shall be
iri..,pr,l ,.,-; t i. j ciunerj
to much, and we must acknowledge that the price; but il the English iron masters be
Times des not fully appreciate the charae- peniiilted to destroy our compotilion, the
terof its "valuable practical ally" in this Pric0 r 'r,"" w i" f" up, ana the money that
Country. But let US come down tn n.rt;.- " 'mo mcir
enabled sU-adilv to Improve our ma- . olI,cr.mreign journals, of des
. .n.l ;,.. .... ..i !... uencies, ilepreciate his election.
potic ten
He seems
to Im: rtsarded by the anti-liberal foreign
press as the most formidable enemy of Eu
pean tyranny that could bo elevated to the
IVesidency of the American Union.
The hostile clamor of the Cerberuses of
!... it .ii . t I r.nronean rctrotrrauism. i trust, win not nrni.
i it . f uuvm. a v. uii inese reurrseuiauons ' ..... . . , i
lars and see, if we can, for what party the ' Conoren lumt-d a dVnf o- ....I .1,- J ud,ce i,m " the estimalion of our liberty
Times expresses iu sympathy. The follow- sequence has been step by rtcp our iron ! ,in? c"unUy'u The military genius
iug is from Uie first louder of that new Lo- --ten have been ruined, ...d their works ""a . fPt- of Genml Scott n Europe.
;navc passed into tlie hands or the Sheriff. i , X. . " " l"vv- "k "D
!Eei County, bt httelv the seat of a thrlv- i f ,m"r''- A Sl""Iar reputation gave to.
ing manufacture, is now almost entirely si-: " . I cmnIn' . BOU"' Koiviw,
lei.U BootoDhas been sold, for we think ! hnbcrg, U.e direction of tho lead-
one-fifth if iU cost, and thissAer h.vin,, " 01 n w OTW.
cofoco campaign paper:
"The triumphof the candidate, of Ute Denny
erotic party, brought forward bg the men of tilt
Sjuih, trill secure, probaldi forever, (lie ascend'
ancy oftilierat commercial principles, and if
uura ucroy snouid next year be disposed to
take the American tariff for his model, we
have little doubt thut it will serve to remove
im .... ... . ... - . . .
distributed 3 million, of dollars inwes.i 1 no "."'K ooctnnce ot protection to A-
! t: :J ..v . i
A rmatrnnrr an) nM.n r.nnl am no r '.
newted the, lov fall of for h ,t of fortu-t, T '"' "ide ofthe '.
r...... r ;t.:.u ...:n i".l.u. i oouui, vast sums oi monc
.k :n....: -.l i,i.iw wi.itu am muiui unci. . , , . . . . . , .
... . . ...nn.un. oiuio protective system , been sold bv the Sheriff within a
. a 1 J
point, we take General Pierce to be a fair j.lmo., evm ,,' f ll; v..m. : dependent upon British,
where I have no
money can, if tbey will
period of Bol-''e' raised to aid in the campaign a-aiust
' ! the Conqueror of Mexieo, and to keep you
le case in t j. . , .
York, with the latest Paris fashions,.
Jiiiffhnm I
fourth wiW
JJxigham Yong''htsv married., his twenty
I'rom riii!utc!iUi:i.
Philadelphia, Sept. 2. An assembly of
over 6000 whigs convened in independence
Square last eveuing to receive the members
of. Congress returning home Irom wasiting
ton. It was very enthusiastic. Clubs
from various districts marched in procession
to tho Square, with music, banners and
lights. The meeting was addressed by
Messrs. Parker and Thompsou of Indiana,
and Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, and others, from
two different stands. A stirring series of
resolutions was adopted. Frederick Fraley
The southern papers snow tne Btorm litis
been very severe at the South. In South
Carolina treat freshets occurred on Broad
. .V . I.!. ..!.!.
rivor; uriuge swept ttway; ioiuwuiu unugu
also damaged; Savannah river, at Augusta,
very high, obstructing railroad travel, and
delaying mails upper bridge swept away,
und lower bridgo dumaged. Largo amount
of property destroyed.
Thehton,.N. J., Sept. lTWhig -Convention
here to-duy chose tho following e
lectoral ticket; Senatorial delegates, D. S.
Gregory and Andrew K. Hay; Congression
al electors, Jno.S. Nixon.Jas.L. Lawrence,
J. S. Nnvins. C. G. Garrison, and Jas. Mc-
Quinby. The best of feeling prevailed.
Convention adjourned with three cheers for
Scott and Graham. .
ever got up in tins city. 1 he ceremonies
end this evening by a grand banquet attend
ed iy the beuuty und tastitunoi the city.
Tliti Mionu South.
Charleston, Sept. 3. Tho Railroad
from Columbia is repaired and mail commu
nication resumed. Water on the river at a
stand. On Wednesday evening it was
thought the bridges would stand. The
Bridgo over tho Columbia is slijrhtly injured.
Plantations boluw Augusta sufFered severe
ly. All minor crops ruined, an I a number
of negroes drowned. Brown, chief engin
eer of the Greensville Ruilroad, in coinpuny
with three others, was ups.'t in a car mid
drowned. Crops op tho water utterly des
troyed. River at Camden higher thun for
80 years.
F.roiu Havana.
New York, Sop. 3, Empire City, from
Havana on the 20th, arrived with 70 passen
gers. Freights have improved. Passengers
by the Empire City say that the authorities
of Havana have seized the press Voice of the
People and arrested the publishers. Other
arrests occur daily. Cholera and small
pox have abated. 'Yellow fever raging.
Dhownkd. Sad and Ditreiii(.'lT.
Thomas Clutk, with three children, went to
Junction on Thursday, to attend the funeral
orhis-brothcr-in-law, Mr. Griffith. On their
return, after night, as id supposed, the buggy
was backed or upset into the canal, justo-
lo'vV Hudsou's Lock, one mile south oft iwn,
und'all were drowned. Yesterday n orning
the bodies were recovered oml brought down.
The children were: Minerva, aged about
13: Mary Ann, aired II ; and Joseph, aged
7 years. Mr. Clark wos an upright, indus
trious and esteemed citizen. Hi loss will
much felt. He was a native of England,
has resided hero about 15 yeurs; aged 42.
The widow, then mourning the decease of a
brother, so suddenly bereft of husbund und
chil lren.has the warmest sympathies of all.
Dtjiance Democrat.
fcT-Thc Journal of Commerce - says the
Collins line of steamships has thus fur mudc
fifty voyagos, or crossed the Ocean one hun
dred times. They have averaged ubotit 00
passengers a trip, making in ull 0,000,umong
whom no loss of life or injury to person has
The Orleans Family have resinned, it is
said, tho hope of ever returning toFrunce,
With the exception of the Duchess ot Or
leans. The . Prince do Joinville is exceed
ingly depressed; his hearing is afiected, and
he suffers from u disouse of the liver. The
Dukcd'Aumale spends his lime in literary
..r.i... ... i. . .. .. , bnov. aud ..iirli tins rert;nnlv lipen tin miu. i
ui turn paper, wtio is a --tuir representative i , ",' . : " ' , , " I ' discourage
r . r ..i .t . . "ut 10 w iiuiii : i o tne peoniu oi tut; Ki titoii : i . . -
uf the free-trade ODinions of the 'nrominent 1 ..... r ', . . .. . lhone.convi
,... ' enainiy nor, iur tneir production or iron is ;
inrnna nf 1,.. P.irrliul. tn.l,.n ...! :!. ' - . .. stand VOUT
.e ......w-v,. nun j iar less now man ii wa lour years since, ai-
roin ins nunc. In this resnect. and on this o .t.- u...i. i... t. .u ,the connuerer ot Jlexieo, and to keep v
French and Ger-
representative of the opinions of Mr. Cal- wh. a. L o.. a : .,.k 1 man manufacturer.
houn, and, as such, a valuable poetical ally to ' iD)jing competition for ihe suppy of the 1 The velopment of your power and vast
the commercial policy of this country." j worUs wiUl iron hsve been , Bnd tbe . resources, by facihtaung through mternal
We have other extracts, Mr. Banner, but1 domestic make of iron has now fallen from pro"". " e7 miercourse oe-
that will do. Greclv don't bclonir to that ' 850,000 to about 450,000 tuns, when it might 1 1..... .. "H. 1 L . . . ! "J"
rhn.il IT.. I,.nn il..fhm;n-. have risen to a million and a half of tonsind 1 " "7 "." '"K""
.thool. tie lias no idea of becoming "aval- .. . , . r n.-.-.kr. ;rop, The general opinion with Emperor
uablc practical ally of Great Britain or any lru(iu i Nicholas, King Ferdinand Si Co., is that
other despotism. The Times don't think so Such va.-a detraction of property should ':'" "e ia. to Un J- "dAUi
cither. It is Mr. Pierce, in the estimation ' have been lollowed with benefit to some- ., 1 . . .,',,;, .u.m
- -
a. The November vote will, l
nee the world that ycfti under-
own interesU too well to listen to
. tmn..n ...nn.ul .li.-tfA it llV a 0 1 fi Vt -
To whom then!
'P.. il.u 1t.'....l. ....n r.:.L-..r u.-K. iirirpH i f.rff. Sr-riTT i a 1r .Tmr. Tho A'inr
, -"-- r -i
.have risen precisely as our furnaces and ofthe Lowell Journal, who was an officer,
mills have been closed, and who now put , und(.r Gen. Sco,..s C(.lnmaB1, in Mcx!c0.
. ; xJiJciT jjijcsiztz tnt vno9 wum wui was, twv ywr ;
etab- Mmh . i, ti,a Ts,. T..r ' sovs:
years since the price was, as we have stated, ''ltisnot an uiif uiimum tiling for Gen.
j4 16s in Wales. A year since, it had rais- J S:tt to make a brief, terse and eloquent
ed to X'5 5s, being an addition of 2. 40. f address to men on th battle-field. On such
Now, it is Jt"6 5s, being a further addition of j occasions he is extremely happy, and the
$4 80 and thus the foreign price has ristrn j earnestness and feeling with which he
to the whole extent of the seven dollars that speaks shows his whole heart is in what he
was then asked to be added. says. Many of these addresses in Mexico
In I860 the British iron masters paid the j might, be cited. After the full of Cbepulte
costof getting to market, but as competition i pec he rjde up tbe hill, where our soldiers
has diminished, their prices have increased, j where shooting down the Mexicans, after
and now it is the consumer who pavs the they were taken prisoners or bad surren-
duty. With another year prices will rise a- ; dered. He closed a feeling address, in wMaft
gain, and it must be regarded as quite extra
ordinary if we do not see iron go up to seven
or eight pounds, the foreign producer poek
eling the whole difference between that and
tbe i 15s, at which it stood when Congress
was urged to interpose and prevent them
from destroying all our own furnaces, forges
and rolling mills.
the Liverpool Times says: ' As regards Eny. though in the interim we have
land, public smuvalliu, it is needless to sau. is en- '""" lo our population
listed on the side of the Democratic candidate
Who is the British party, Mr. Banner!
CiaciKRATi Gazette. This old
lishcd and valuable newspaper is still gain
ing in tho pulrohuge of the public. As a
commercial paper it is highly esteemed. We
publish below its terms:
Daily, payable half-yearly 8
Tri-'WceUy, payable after six months of
each year 6
Weekly, $2 in advance, $2,50 during the
year, or at the end ofthe year 3
The Uaztlte to Clu!. For the cash i n ad
vance we send the following number of
Weeklies, to be stopped in all cases when
the time is out:
3 copies for $5, and for each other, from 3 to
8 - $1,66
8 do $10, do 8 to 20 1,25
20 . do 20, do 20 & upwards 1,00
Clult Additions. New subscribers to a
club can be made at tbe proportional rates
and bo that the time expires with the others
ot the club.
OCrScott will be elected. inn. Oaz.
Rather a )iaxl conclusion, Mr. Gazette.
You should have added, providing he zeU
votes enough. Hocking Sentinel.
Pshaw! Central Scott never mukes any
such provisions. The country never did.
At Chippewa, at Lundy's Lane, throughout
the Mexican campaign, it was not said that
Gen. Scott would whip the British and Mex
icans, provided he had troops enough; it was
simply necessary to hear the cheering cry
the country knew, his soldiers knew, that
victory would perch upon the American banner.
he dissuaded themn the moment of triumph,
from doing any act that bad the appearance
of inhumanity, with these words : 'Deeds
like yours are recorded in history. Be hu
mane and generous, ray boys, as yon are
victorious. I will get down on my bended.
knees to liooToryou to-night- borne of bis
answers to the Mexican Commander-in-Chief
were brief and to the point. The
night before the battle of Chepultepec San
ta Anna sent word to Scott that unless he
surrendered in four hours be should show
Blace Hack's Opisios of Geberal Scott.
To the Editor of the Washington RepMic:
Sib : I beg leave to transcribe from the
Life of Black Hawk, dictated by himself, and
-r g(J rar ver. g00d an(j tbat ne gnooW Ke pos.
Gen. iscott. He says: session of the rest of them without asking
"I have a good opinon of the American 'him to show them to him! Again when
war-chiefs generally with whom I am ac- j the troops were ubout entering the Capi
quainted; and my people, who had an oppor- tal, Santa Anna sent to Scott for bis
tunity of seeing und becoming well acquaint- terms. The UtterVreply was 'I have no
ed with the crcat war-chief, (General Win- answer to irive and no questions to ask.' It
field Scott) who made the last treaty with
them, in conjunction with the great chief of
Illinois, (Governor Reynolds) all tell me
that he is the grealerl brave tbey ever saw,
and a good man, one who fulfils all his prom-
Our braves speak more highly ot lum
than any chief that has ever been among us
" ,, , Whatever he says umy be depended upon, j
j , uo BU ueen 0r tjreat rattier, e ncer
was a time for actionaud not for parley.
"Gen. Scott was educated to the bar, and.
on ordinary tccaions (olT tbe field,) be
speaks rather slowly, and with great deliber
ation, as well as with great eloquence.
His different speeches before the Court of
Inquiry in the National Palace in Mex'co,
were admirable tpecimens of bis oratory
nd his eloquence.. Indeed there was some-
ization is one of the most neglected, aud yet j would have been compelled to join the British J thing ukiu to moral sublimity in that scene-'
ono of the most important, tn a political in the late war with America. And I have a prisoner as it were, in the capital ofthe
Mioujlil tnai, as our ureal r outer is ciiangt-u ; country ne naa conqMerea, ana on me very
every few years, that his children would do ! theater of his brilliant victories which in-
Hon. Rcrus Choate. The Boston Atlas
denies the assertion made by Mr. Winslow,
at a meeting ofthe friends ot ol JUr. Web
ster in that city on Tuesday eveuing, to the
effect that the Hon. Rufus Choate had Baid
that "he would not go for Scott, but would
vote for Wt bstcr." It s tys Mr. Choate will
support Gen. Scott. ,
Railroads is Missouri'. The principal,
if not the only business of the extra session
ofthe Legislature of Missouri, about to as
semble, will be to take such measures as will
secure to the Pacific and the Hannibal and
St. Joseph Railroads the use ofthe.hyidB
donated by the Federal Government, at the
. v . i .i.- u..:i.i:M ..r
present session, 10 ussist tit me uuuumg u.
thoso roads.
.,' QrA man named Samuel H. CJapp, jias
boon arrested in Philadelphia, charged with
fraudulently obtaining one. thousand four
hundred andsixtydollurs in go! I coin.from the
U. S. Mint. On his return (, oin California,
seven months stncehe-doposited.g Milust of
the valuO' f five hundred in the and
when he sent for-hia certificate, tho clerk, by
mistake, gave bim tho certificated another
, . ; . 1' iU..nil fmi. tiitn.li-ft.r'snil
which Klahn retained, and rePtat to Teli.lantepee. Southern papers
, . f ; eantlnna to ba fillbd Witt
.. . From New Hampshire. . .
Concord? Aug. 31'. N. II.' Whig' Con
vention met to-day, and nominated Mr
Gaskjll for Governor. Tho Presidential
Electors are W. H. Hackctt, Austin i isko,
A. H. Gragef, A. Christy. Convention
jiarmonious liuch enthusiasm. .
From WtihJiiKton. ' ;
. WAsntsoToJt, Sept. i ai-There ' ' was a
preat whig meeting here lustriight. Messrs.
Borrien aud Hull, ofiFF1oridfl,,.'pddros8edtthe
mcotingr.j - -
'".' .- ' ': From Kloxico. :-i r ..'
"Baltimore, Sept. 3t The Southern route
4sopon again,, and wd have received this
mornhvgHine New. Orleans mail, that of . the
28th ultimo The Picayuno has soma Mex
icart news. ' Onfhe 1st of July, aftersk)rm
iBhlngj Etebollodfl retired from the Jnlapa
insurrection. Ma'alfcn and, Cuddalaja,
though 'thcy have nut gathered? force, they
have'notV.on the othCT hand, been suppres
fed... , The papers coittinue to be filled With
most distressing acedtints ofthe ravages by
tho Indians in Burait'go, Sonoraj Coali'jita
and i ew Leon. - Nothing new In the papers
fused to give up when applied to."
- 0ir22,600 guests stopped at the4Aincrjican
HoqKP, t;teveianfli in one yuar
Scott Barberi. The Detroit Adverti
ser notices.thjil the Forwarders there are
flinging''Scott,Grahniri,H!frbdTsand Rivers
flags from flagstaff's erected on their ware
houses. Messrs. Bissell & Armstrong, arid
Mr. F., M. Buckus run up the Scott flag a
few days aijo, and the Advertiser says
"Several other houses are getting ready to
do the same thing. The vessels in the har
bor have flags at their mast-heads with the
same motto on them. Everything looks right
here." . ; ' -
Argumentative , Envelops. Tho. tem
perance men of Maine have adopted a now
method of disseminating tho principles OI
their cause. They ubb letter envelops, on
which are printed extracts from speeches
and arguments by distinguished men, with
various statistics, in fuvor of temperance,
and thus distribute tho most powerful ap
peals, by hundreds and thousands, to every
quarter. ' ' ;- - ; ' - '
A Distressing Accident. Three little
boys, children of Mr. Edwards, living near
Keystone furnace, Ross county, Ohio, were
killed on Friday last, by a bank caving on
them. There were five digging iron ore at
f ha tiinn. und it is h miracle how the two
escaped. This makes four children that MriJ
E. has lost within a week.. ,.-., ;
chntinue to be filled with details of the dam
a dofm-hv.thu storm- The main facts have
already been criven. No papers 'have ySt
I i . :.t r . iir,;Q . T
campaign. Take the following form, get
your whig neighbors to sign it, and appoint
a time for a meeting to elect officers, and
you will have a beginning of an organization
which can be made of great value. Let it
be dune in every Election District, und
there will boon increased Whig Vote:
Article 1. This organization shall be call
ed the Chippewa Club of the town
Art. 2. Tho officers shall consist of a
President, Vice President and Secretary.
Art. 3. The officers shall constitute an
Executive Committee to take charge of mat
ters preparatory to election.
Art. 4. Every voter who signs the Con
stitution shall be a member of the Club.
Art. 5. We the undersigned members of
this Club, make tho following solemn pledg
es to the party!
" 1. We will uso all honorable means to e
loct the Whig ticket in November.
2. We will circulate among our neighbors
political documents.
3. We will obtain to this Constitution
the names of all our neighbors willing to u
liile with us in the election. -
4. ' We will attend the polls on election
day, and solicit all whig voters to do the
same. '
. 5. We will, weeks before the election
return to the officers of the Club, this copy
of the Constitution, with the names appen
ded who are wiliinp to sign.
Art. 6. Thut the officers of the Club,
from the papers returned and other informa
tion, shall make an alphabetical list of all
voters of tho town to be used at the election.
"Can I VoteI1 We wore told of an in
cident which occurro.' iii . the Democrat
office, .whicliiwill do peat. ?-' '"i
An honest Mibrniu n happened in there
this morning, and ifitlto comso of his inqui
ries asked, -.s 1 , ; ! .' ' 1
'"Can I vote!" -i : ' '" v; '. ''V'" ;.; '
. "Certainly, certainly ,'",repI!oJ tho major
domo in attendance. ''-- '. ' '-''
'Well be jabers thiu.its myself that's gla'd
of that, I want to put in wan vote for Ould
Schytt!" Chicago Jcnfry .-. . . ,'
Operations ofthe U. S. Mint and Bran
ches. It appears from a statement of the
New York Journal of Commerce, that there
were coined at the U. S. Mint In Philadel
phia, and its several branches, from the first
ot January to tbe 31st of July, the following
amounts: ! : '1 .: ':
Mint. Go'd. ( Si'vsr ' Copper." Total.
Phlla 227.777,824 tMTMf, 33,123 til s28.364.4Ul 61
NIO. 3A35.O00 108,000 , . 3,643.006 0t
N.Ci ' 917.SB9 ' ' W12SM
G. ': 221,628 . i ; - 22lAaO"
well to put this irreut war-tl.ief in his place,
as they cannot find a better chief for a Great
Father anywhere."
These are the sentiments of a warrior and
a patriot, a chief of distinuished rank, of
keen sagacity, if not of a prophetic vision.
And we trust that the wish he expressed
j twenty years ago will find a response in
every Amencau heart. , -A
Singular Death. We find tho follow
ing details of the death of two boys, named
West and Caowin, near Oswego, in the
Chicago Journal:
"They went out to play among some
young cattle, taking with them a rope, an
end of which each tied around his body, in a
slipping not, in order to scare the cattle
over it und trip them down. While engaged
in their sport, one of the cattle, in going
over the rope, accidently caught it over his
horns; and being frightened, ran off drag
ging the nnfortnnate boys after him, whip
ping against a fence and around its corners.
When released, they were both insonsible
On removing the rope, the waist of one was
said to be so compressed that it was only a
bout four inches in circumference, and the
other about six. Both bavingsince died.
Law. It was related of Chief Justice
Parsons, of Massachusetts, that , while ho
was at the bar, and engaged in a very ex
tensive and lucrative practice, an eminent
merchant invited him to dine with bim un
der circumstances a little unexpected. A
the dinner table the merchant took some
nains lo draw the conversation out upon
some legal questions; and, having a case of
great importance and delicacy oi ms tmu,
concerning wlticn ne was anxious iu gcu
opinion of Mr. Parsons, he supposed acase
precisely parallel wttn ins own ."..
the particulars with ininutetiess.and to close
with, said to his iruedijy-'Now, what course
would it be pruXen f-r a person i to adopt,
under such circumstances!" fonmh a
lawyer, by all means," answerod Mr. Par
Total. 31,951,;5l 8455,516 $3!),122 61 J32.446.41 8 61
; During the same period, there were depos
ited at all the mints, the sum of $33,640,511
in gold, against $30,02J,aoO-fpr th same
time last yeaf. " "' ' '
L'f-A duel, itissaldr willtak. place be.
m ! Oz.it nd Gen. Cullom. after the
1 session of Congress Is oloeed,.-. - - 4
ArFRATisMEiGsTowjisitiP-We learn that
Wm. Harman was stabbed by Wm. Whita-'
kor, in Meigs township, so astif - uuB I
death in about fiReen or twenty hV"'-f". on
Tuesdays the 31st ult. -The diflic. , we
are toldoriginated in a drunken spre,and
its fatal termination will add another to the
long and terrible list of fatal affrays originat
ing in the same cause.
HarmoB was an unmarried man 'about
twenty years of age; Whitaker a man about
fnrtv-five vears of aire having a wife and
Jtlireo children. Zones. Cour. -- i .'
, . , ... .
vested his apperanre before that tribunal
with a degree of thrilling interest never e
qualed or ai:nossed on ordinary t cessions."
A Startling PBKDiCA.MEsT.--On Satur
day ono of our citizens was on a visit to
Canada, and about the time the storm . of
that evening was coming on, started in a car
riage lo rctnrn to the American side. When
about mid-way of the "suspension bridge"
the storm struck them with appalling fury.
The wind blow a perfect tornado, while the
air was densely filled with bail and rain,
and so potent was the wind that the bridge
swayed laterally to and fro, ten or a dozen ,
feel,makingone giddy witn its-vibrations. Ho .
appalling was the commotion that the hors-f '
es stopped and fiaally fell upon their sides .
on the bridge, while the driver in the extrem-,
ity of bis terror, seemed incapable ol making
the least effort to move from tbe perilous
spot. The inmates of the carriage could
with difficulty keep their 'seats, and for a-
short time expected nothing else but to be. '
precipitated mto the surging waters uolow.,
A situation like this is too appalling for da:
scriplion and we must leave it to the imsgiu- .
ation to picture what trie sensations oi inose. ,
in tlie carriage were during mis lrignum. . 1
commotion of the warring eJementa-.Roc4.
Ado. . .-
IrelanoT A letter frouf the county of
Galway would give some hopes that the fa- '
tal potato blight ti baiting somewhat in' its
proirrets. , , .; - ,
The Kjlkcnny Journal tells a very differ-
eut tale, and gives a very gloomy account f
the spread of .the blight in that coontry,
counlerhalcnced, however; by acheeringre
port of the state ofthe cereal crops. '".? '
4 A correspondent of the Freeman's! Jour- ...
nal, writing from Bally mahonV gives a di-' ' '
hearteniiiff account, vleaned in the progress
of a journey through the counties of Long
ford and Westmoam. . ,
The Africa Slav Trahe. A letter
from A Trie, states that two steamers hsvo
lately takon vac thousand slaves from the
Gallinas, And snolher vessel four- hundred.
The English brig Crane hod been in pursuit
of an armed, slaver, having ten guns, but
was unable to overtake her. The Governor
of Sierra LeoKe has. received information ot
two thousand ftlttv9S.being ready for embark-
ment in the RiuPongo ,---T
Scott; in Michioan. A letter from an
intelligent business man in the interior of ,
Michigan, says: "We mean not only to
give our State to Scott and Graham, but al- ;
so to elect a Whig -Governor. W. think"
we can do It." y
i i
'f t -
.'.. .- V

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