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Sljc Wjejekli) Gazette,
Villi a in a. oiuiiam
' or noBTn Carolina.
5 th
Daniel A. llyPC,of Montgomery.
David II. Bcardslcy, of Cuyahoga.
" . HocGug.Viiitoo, Athcnt and Meigs,
Wednesday Eve'ng, Sept. 39182
"Tocoroco FAiENESs.-The neophyte af
the Washington Union, charged the Hon.
R. W." Thompson, of Indiana, with being
"responsible for the uAofeof the agitation (of
the slavery question) immediate, prior and
subsequent to the passage of the compromise
measures." .
Such distinction was surely never awarded
to friend 'Dick,' by any body else, or claimed
by himself. We think it might easily be
shown that Gen. Foote, of Miss., and Mr.
Clingman, of N. C, by their published cor
respondence, on the eve of the assembling
of the penultimate Congress, set that bill iu
motion. .
Be this as It may, Mr. Thompson has tri
umphantly vindicated himself lrom the
charge, by a letter to the editof of the Un
ion, published In Friday's Intelligencer; a
letter, by the way, which the Locofoco edi
tor had not the courage nor magnanimity to
present, as a rebutter to his own ground
less imputations'. .
Courage FoRWAhfl MAnCHl-The hews
from all parts of the State is most encour
aging. The outrageous cxtravaganco and
misconduct of tlio last Legislature, and the
slander and abuse of General Scot are
working their sure results .drt the public
roind. A friend writing from Trebld county
Bays! .
"We aro in exceiii-m bwi ,,r i
prospect of electing L. u. campoe. . .c
will give General Scott a larger vote than
an Whig ever got in this district, fnor
OlA Ofganijation and a Tull vote will g.Ve
Ohio to Scott without fail. We notice that
the Statesman has become almost Insane at
the sure prospect of the defeat ofHs party.
Resistance- or the FistfcMEN. The
Gloucester (MaM ) Telegraph states that
nome of the fishermen from the United States
have gohe to the fisheries with the deter
mination of never surrendering their vessels
to the British cutters as long as lire remains
In them, and if any of the cutters undertake
to capture them by force they will meet with
resistance; and where there are so many res
olute men together, should the cutters un
necessary annoy them, trouble will assured
ly result.
Maine. The only voto In Maine not
more of less effected by the liquor luw, was
the vote for members of Congress. Let us
see how that stands as compaired with for
mer years:
In 1850 the. vote for Congressmen stood;
Whig, 19,975; Locofoco, 23,310; Loco ma
jority, 3,335. In 1852 the vote stands;
Whiff.28,521; Locofoco, 25,623, showing a
majority in their favor of 102. Now if any
body believes that General Scott will not
overcome that 102 majority in November,
then he must know very little of the strong
hold on the popular Aiind. We regard
Maine as sure for General Scott
I0WA. It is interesting to watch the rate
of augmentation in the population of new
States. Iowa.it is shown, hasincreasod46r
084 in the last year. The late election in
Iowa was an exciting one, and brought out
a full voto. The whole number cast in the
Stato was 31,911. Guthrie county gave the
smallest vote, 32; and Lee the largest, 2,
950. In three of the counties, lesetbnn 100
,otes were polled.
Louisiana fob Scott. So confident are
the Whigs of Louisiana that they will carry
that State, that the Plauquamine Bentlncl
,as made the following announcement!
"The editors will charge nothing for the
Sentinel to all new subscribers, between
the present date and the 2d of November, if
Scott does not got the vote ol Louisiana."
The KetJtone State Awake. Two
immense conventions have just been held
in Pennsylvania one at Lancaster and the
other at Pittsburg. Both were numerous
ly attended and produced the most cheering
and happy results. The citizens of Pittsburg
offered a flag to the county out of their own,
that would have the la-gest delegation in
attendance. This was won by the Whigs
of Westmoreland, they having one thousand
delegates on the ground. General Leslie
Coombs, Judge Chandler, Governor John
ton, and others, addressed the vast masses
at Pittsburgh. The electorial vote of that
Bute is perfectly certain for General Scott.
Josticb to Scott. The New York
Herald, one of the bitterest of all the East
ern Barters airainst Gen. Scott, honestly and
openly acknowledges that the inquiry reso
lutions concerning the money which tfire
Government has allowed him for arduous
services, is mean and contemptible,
Elections iir October. On the recond
Monday of October, elections will fc held,
for member of Congress and Legislature, in
DiM1ni Ottii and Indiana. The lat-
I Ciitioj. ,
terState will in addition choose a Governor
and Lt. Governor.
Tk i , MASS Lr,;4JSiIrcIaE2rCE;
GOOD Mswa.
Pass if all along
the Line !
formerly member ol Congress,
lrom Indiana, will ad.lreHs llic
in Lancaster, on -TUESDAY,
13EU. lie is one f tlio most
eloquent and powerful ppoukcrs
in ihe country.
Tho Meeting, here, will lio one
of llio largest and most enthusi
astic in tlio Slate.
Tho Scott fires am kindled
the Pierce 'men
aro trembling.
and tlio friends of Scott
have all
the urdor of tho glorious cam
paign of 181(1. 4
The IVopIo will ho here, and
will .shout, as thov come, thnt
Tho following appointments for
Scott and Graham uiectiiijs, have
been inado by tho Central Com
miiteo, for
Mt. Carmel School House P. Van Trump,
Rushvillo W. Dennison, Jr.,
New Salem W. E. Finck,
Baltimore Charles Borland,
Amanda Geo. Weaver,
Lithopolis J. D. Martin,
Crook's School House Joshua Clarke,
Carroll John T. Brasee. -
It is to he hoped tiiat the friends
of tho c uiso t II see to it that
the above meetings bo well at
tended TitE First Locomotive ofon this Conti
nent. A correspondent of the Philadelphia
Ledger, writing from Tamaqua, Pa., gives
an account of a mcchunical curiosity the
first locomotive run upon this continent
which, it appears is etill In existence and
now ptirforming duty in the valley of the
Schuylkill. This machine, in a quarter,
whore the locomotive been so much im
proved and so many of modern construction
are produced, would excite considerable in
terest aiming our machinists and mechanics
Snrp CakalAckosstiie IstHmOsof Pa
IIien. Mr. Catlicrwood, the Artist, went out
in the Sierra Nevada, which sailed from Now
York for Chngres on Thursday. His visit
relates partly to a project sot on foot by
London cuputilists for the construction of a
ship canal across the Isthmus of Daricn,
communicating between San Migiiot on the"
Puciflc and the nearest point on the oppo
site shore a distance of about fifty miles.
Abbott Lawrence is also understood to have
an inteff'st in the enterprise.
Manufacturing Siioe-Stkikgs. Me
chanical ingonuity finds nothing too insig
nificant not to improve upon, if it supplies a
want of humanity in a belter or cheaper
manner. Among tho enterprises In George,
town, Mass., is that of manufacturing shoe
strings. Tho process is simple, yet requir
ing quite a number of workmen to meet the
demand for the article. The strings are
made from calf-skin and sole-leather, the for.
mer costing twenty dollars per thousand, and
the latter ten dollars per thousand the qual
ity of stock ranging the prices. Tlicy are
made for the Southern and Western market,
and used with brogan shoes, which are so ex
tensively manufactured throughout New
England, in exchange for the breadstuff's of
the South and West. Tho proprietor has
acquired quite a competency within a few
years from his enterprise.
American Reahno Machine m Enulard,
A committee of the Royal College of Ag
riculture, in England, recently made a ro
port upon a trial of the reaping machines of
Hussey and McCormick, both of which they
say worked well, and posscses many merits,
although susceptible of improvement, especi
ally in cutting heavy crops.
Feeding Hogs with Injured Corn. A
planter,on theSavannah river .hasremoved his
hogs from his pine land to his river planta
tion, intending to fatten them there on the
corn which was injured by the late freshet.
He is satisfied, by experience, that the Bprout
ed corn will fatten hogs more rapidly than
that which is sound. Pork and bacon will
no doubt be high this winter. So ray our
western exchanges. Would it not be wiser,
therefore iu our planter. who have lostthoir
corn to "Bave their bacon!" --Charleston
CniiiEsE NewspapeK on Silk. In Pekin,
China, a newspaper of extraordinary size is
published weekly on silk. It is said to have
been started more than a thousand years a
go, somewhat earlier than the one under
the patronage of the "Good Queen Bess!''
An anecdote is related to the effect, that, in
1827, a public officer caused some false in
telligence' to be inserted in this newspaper;
for which he was put to death. Several
numbers of the paper are preserved fit the
Boys Library, at Paris. They are each ten
and aqaarter yards long.
A Valuable Lover. Mr. Charles Me
Gee, tho contractor for building the new
State Capitol of Texas, died at Bastrop on
the 3d in st. He was married on hier death-bed
a few days before his decease. He was a
ma a of great wealth, and the purpose of his
marriage was to secure a dower in his prop
erty to the lady who possesses his affcctioHS.
A Moss Meeting of tho friends of
will be h'.-ld in (.aneastor,
Upon that occhs. on wil! Im present,
of ColiiuilnH,
of S iiier'l,
And other able Speaker. whose
mines will bo announced in due
Nolr. The time, it will bo no
ticed, has been changed from the
21 si ol September lo the ol
OcSotivr I'icctlou.
Mr. Editor: You are authorized to an
nounce the name of JOHN SHAFFER as
a candidate for County Auditor at the ensu
ing October election.
Mr. Editor: You are nuthorzed to an
nounce the name of JOHN N. LITTLE as a
candidate for Coroner at the ensuing Octo
ber election.
Mr. Weaver: Please announce JOHN
D. MARTIN, Esq., as a candidate for Pros
ecuting A ttoruey at the October election.
juant voters.
Mr. Editor. By announcing Mr. A. L,
SIMMONS.ns acandidute fur Sheriff of this
county, at the ensuing election, you will
confers favor on his many friends. If e-
lected, he will make an excellent and eni-
cient officer. Nortuerh Fairfield.
Mr. Weaver: Please announce Mr.
ISAAC COMER as a suitable person for a
candidate for the office of Assessor of Hock
ing and Bci ne townships. Many Voters.
Boot and Shoe Business. The Milford
(Mass.) Journal says that ten thousand cases
of boots, containing one hundred and twen
ty thousand pairs, were sent from that town
during the month of July. Milford is one o'f
the greatest places in this country for the
cutting up and converting of leather into
boots, and it is one of the most flourishing
towns in Massachusetts. 1 here were 4,.
571,400 puirs of shoes made at Lynn, last
General Scott's Receitios at Ports
mouth. We lciirn, from two gentlemen
who accompanied General Scott to Ports
mouth, that the good people of that city nnd
of Scioto county outdid themselves in I lie
ceremonies and circumutnnces of the recep
tion. A procession of carriages an J horse
men, more than a mile long, met the Old
Hero and his companions some distance out
of the city. The moso perfect order was
observed no crowding, no breaking the
ranks. Gen. Scott was understood to com
pliment the people on the military propriety
of their conduct. In Portsmouth he was re
ceived by a municipal welcome, and respond
ed very happily. The General and his fel
low travelers were to leave for Maysville.at
12 o'clock Friday, accompanied by City citi
zens of Portsmouth as an escort d'ltonneur.
Scioto Gazette.
The American Fisheries appears to be
pretty well broken up. The Ncwburyport
Herald thinks it probable that our markets
will be supplied by the British fishermen, os
the duty, under the turid'of 1346, is only a
bout 50 cents a barrel, at the rale the Brit
ish fish come invoiced.
II. 0. Farrell's Celebrated Arabian Lament.
It U on erroneous rieathhtdiscasr. ennnnt bo cured
I- except by tji.-MK Isito qufvn:ti',s of ini'dicinps into
Ihn htomach, in r ni himiv case nt'w hirli much in
pry is d Hi'1, a tlinuh the ttiiecwe in pit t be aslualhj
''ivrcl. The conls o' th:; s'oiriach hv cintinud uo of
i nsiisrntin mixturn. frnijn -ntlv h.-coiiiS!, murh dis
ov.l t u! that the rfigatrlrj.f uni-rioa ncnavsiti r j ir
e t Ihi- vi'Niilt of wl.ii h is dvspepiia, ncrvotinnoss,
i'!vilis,Blti!rnutvdi.ii'ih ca nnrl cos ivones.flattileni e,
nij'ititi.ir.', ct .,ctc Won d it not, therefor., be very
di;.inh. iipisps a renuily, which bi-iiu epi'lied
exUri.a!iiJ would eicitothii aborients to increased
action. Mi l thus rsrry olf ihroug'i this modiuni, tho
dnlulcrioua principle, whirh is the direct muse of tho
Hiseasc? Surely evry thin'-.in man will admit that
this woul.1 not on'y he'tlie most pleasant, hut by far
the safest moans to clfect tho d 'sirr-d end. Tliii al
most npci humsn cures perfui-nied by th',.iibin.uy.
sicians in the ("ays of old wore main y ell'eited hy tliis
course ot treatment, and the inreilients of which if.
O. I'arrcli's Celcbrntcd Arahitin TA:iime -t 'n com-
tvosed, are cxtrjrt'v! horn r.Mv plants p cuHar to Ara
ia. Thi grout Liniment (which is n,w to lo had of
most respectable dru'igiat an l merchant in every
town' hi lite ynlted States) is daily cll'octing cures
which eeni boyond the power ol'mcdirine 10 con
trol coniumptlon, brcmcluiU and liver enmp'sints in
thoir first staga, norvoiu alfoctions, indigestion en
largement of the sp con,1 scrofulous tumor., goitre,
etc., etc., are froijfteirt'y cured, ml always re tared
by its use. If is nusurps..-ed aa an anodyna reliev
ing aerero pains in a low minutes alter application, it
aoolhes tho irritated nerves, and produces that de
lightful tranuui'ity so grateful, to the norvom InvaJid.
Spiains,hruises,-.vounds. burns, sore tliroaf, 1i u ains,
rheuinitiinft.Biin psin, e(c( etc., aro speedily cured
by it, and lor nearly a 1 ai mcnts In horses or caitol.
requiring an oxiorual pp 1 alion, it is an effectual re
Tho public ara caull m.d (gainst another collhter
f.iit, which has 'sto'y mado its appearance, ri'h'd W.
B FarrelFs Arabian JAnimdnt the most dangerous
of all the countcrleits. because his having the name
of Kan-ell, many will buy in good faith; i flout the
knowledge that acounterfjitoxists, and they will per
hips on'y discover their error when the Spurious mix
ture has wrought its evil ellecls- ,
Tlie gonuina si-tic'e is manufactured only by II. U.
FarrelL so'e inventor and proprietor, and who'esaie
druggist. No. 17 Main stri-ot, Peoria, Illinois, (0 whom
all spp ications for Agencies must be addressed. Ho
sure you gnl it wilhthe 'etter. 11. G before Karrell's,
thus II. (i. KARHKLL'S and his signature on the
wrapper, all otliors aie counterfi-ita.
So d by G. KA'I K.MAN & CO., Lancaster,
and hy rogu ar y suthoried agent tlironghnut tho U
nited Slates. Price 26 and 50 cents, and $1 1? bottle.
AGKNTS. WANTKO in every town, vitlago and
ham'et In the United Sta'cs, in which one Is not al
ready estab lHhed. Address H. G. Karrell as above,
accompanied with good ref-ironce as to character, re
spnnsibidty.etc Sept 2 lin
F.stuto of A m 11 nil a Twyniiin.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber hr
been appiiointed and qualified as adininUtrati r on
tho Estate of Amanda Twymnn, late of Ksn fieid coun-
tv. deceased.
C. K. SH.Kl-rtK, Adm'lor
8jptoinbcr0, IS52
Attnchinent Notice.
AT my instance an attachment was lliis day issued
by Alfiod McVeigh, a JtMtieo of tho l'oaro for
Hocking township, V'airliold county, Ohio, against Ihe
property snd elfects ol J din Mineliart, a non-rosiiloi.t
of aaid county. SAM. K. MACC'RA'-KKN
September 3D. 1352
Law School of Cincinnati College.
rililK Ninoteenth course of Lectures will commence
JL or Wednesday, October 20, 1W. Gentlemen
who matriculate for this course mayjsttend any sub
sequent course free ol charge. Applv to
M K. t'URWK.N.
Cincinnati. Sept. 103iS. Kw W-ully.
AS tho track of tho Rail Road passe through my
land and many persons, ladiea, gentlemen and
children, in large uhmbers anxious to aoo the work,
without thought, pass through thegates, leaving them
open so that the horses and catt lo get away, and tho
constant passing through the fields tramps town the
grass, subjecting me to much annoyance: This M
most respectfu II y to request al I m y frie nds who may
wish to visit the work, to take tho track of the Kail
Road near Ring's mill snd return that way. This
will give them no additional trouble and save me
much. My wiliingnosjto gratify the public in any
reasonable way. 1 think will not bo doubled, and 1
trust in this respect a word to the well-disposed will
bo sufficient.
Most respectfully, D. TALI.MAPQE.
Lancaster, August 10-3in-Eagle & Tolcgn ph. copy
Horse Thiel Detectors.
NOTICE is hereby given, that tho "GnEKxriKt n
II011SB Timer Dmb-kctino Sociktv," will
meet at JhcoS lfef Hofrf in Greenfield township,
on Friday, the First day of October, 18OT.
By order of the President.
September 14, 1882.
From I'tiiladrfthln.
Philadelphia, Sept. 28. Ole Bull, the
Norwegian Violinist, declared his intention
ofbecominga citizen la Independence Hall,
tills morning, before the oltirers of lh court.
His Colon r in Northern Penrmylvaiila is
ftouriahing. Several hundred Norwegians
are clearing laud, opening roads, olc.
Philadkli'hia, September 27. The lar,
tank of water in the bleachcry at Glouces
ter, New Jersey, gave way this morning,
killing O'Ncil and injuring Dnniul fngersol.
It will require a week or ten days to repair
A great Whig meeting was held at Potts
ville lust Saturday- It is reported that 'iO,
000 persons wore present.
Henry Adair, a young man from Spring
uardun, in attempting to ?et upon the train
at Phwnixville, after it was in motion, fell, St
tho wheel passed over his left arm, and near
ly severed it at tho elbow. He was taken
back to Philadelphia.
At Pottstown, the engineer of .he loco
motivo from Milk-hill was thrown off the
track, and crushed in an awful manner. He
died at bis residence at Pottstown a few
hours afterwards.
The second excursion train also met with
an accident about a mile from the city of
roiuvnie, by the breaking of a wheel; tho
flour of tli ? succeeding car was turned up by
fragments of the wheel, throwing the cars
from tho track, and causing the greatest
consternation among the passengers. Two
gentlemen were severely crushed between
the cars, and several others injured, but not
serioiuly. One jumped through a window of
a car, and fell on his head, and was badly
Arrival of the Canada.
New York, Sept. 28. The Canada arriv
ed with. 130 passengers. The Duke of Wel
lington expired on the 14th cause an apo
plectic fit. Lord Mahon is his literary ex
ecutor. Prince Albert, the Duke of Cam
bridge, Lord Fitzroy and Somerset were al
ready named as his successor.
Cotton slightly fluctuated in the wcek.but
closed Friday essentially unchanged, except
Orleans middling, which is a shade higher.
Breadstuff's unchanged. Provisions dull
unaltered. The Canada sailed at 11 o'clock
a. in., of the 15th.
The Morning Herald was authorized to
say that Peru would resist the aggressions
of Lobos. A Spanish war steamer for the
defence ofCuba was launched on the Thames.
The Bank of England has declared a semi
annual dividend of 3J per cent. Napoleon
had commenced his journey.
Difficulty between England, Turkey ad
justed. Marquis Donro, now Duke of Wel
lington, arrived from Ostend. The late
Duke's funeral will bo a National
s iuiiciui ill uu a iittuuiiui uiiair.
The 11th November was fixed upon for the
meeting of Parliument.
The morning Herald was authorized to
nniiounce, for the information of the public, :
the annexation of the whole of the Peruvian
Islands, including Lobos, to the main land
of Peru. None but vessels under contract
with the Peruvian Government are allowed
guano, all others anchoring in the wood
Bteuds of the Island to be confiscated, and if
any guuno is found on board, the captain
and crew to be proceeded against for rob
bery. The projected telegraph to America, via
Ireland, &c, had received further impetus.
The exclusive right from Danish Govern
ment to Labrador had been obtained by Mr.
Harrison. Great scarcely of silver coin in
Enslund, owinjr to the exportation to Alls
! tralia. A new Palace is to be built for the
j Queen at Balmoral, cost 100,000. Har
I vest was generally over, and lulfillcd the ex-
j pectution of plenty. A petition was circu
l it!,.. tn l)..i.n,nnntr ittn nfMi.o. plnu.na fir i
0 .... -
I there-establishment ol the Empire. In re-
I ply to an address in favor ofthe Empire, the
1 President' made the significant reply that
j when the general interest was at stake he
would try to anticipate public opinion, but
j he would folluw-it in case of an interest
I which might appear personal. Tho Consti
i tutionct, in an urticle on the French Steam
I Navy, assumes the possibility of the success
I ful invasion of England. No truth in the
' reported Free Trade between Franco and
Si'Ain. Five Madrid papers have ceased
to appear, the publishers being imprisoned.
Liverpool Corn Market. Flour, west
ern canal 20s; Ohio 21s
7d; white 29s.
P rn wollrtvo OAb
torn, yenow os
News by the :i';scnt City.
Ciiarlestoii, Sept. 28. Havana papers
were filled with long and scurrilous diatribe
against the American Government, people
and press. So strict is the espionage ob
served that two English officers attached
to a British steamer, who, during the week
had pointed to the fortification in sight, were
arrested and imprisoned Oil a suspicion of
beinir filllbusters taking observations. The
British Counsnl procured their immediate
release. Moreland, acting American Con-
sill, cannot receive a smglo newspaper.
LugiJago of passengers strictly overhauled
for papers. Sometimes private letters are
fcad, This occurred with Captain Slieider.
Orleans letter bag examined.
An additional secret police officer is placed
on every American vessel entering; Havana
but not on vessels of other nations onsting.
French brig of Ovarte, commander Felxul,
arrived at Havana on the ItHh, in 16 days
from Porto Delia, and offered its services to
the Captain General, in case it be necessa
ry. English national vessels, with similar
officers, were looked for every day. The
i , ; . . 1 .1 . . : 1 .
Viano icarn 11 is n iri-uuy uuiui uiiiieu re-
place the I'izarro by another Of erltal Size ' thopolis, and tlmnyh Jefferson and Winchester, unit
and force, which will arrive in less than ing at Gi-oveport, connecting with tho car at Colum-
three months. Sickness prevails in Cuba
to a gfcat extent. It is reported that five
persons connected will! a revolution journal
will be carrot ted, und remainder imprisoned
eight years in Spain.
GcncVnl Scott irt Kentucky.
Paris, Ky., Sept. 28-, 10 A: M. Gen
Scott reached this place last night, and was
met by the Scott Guards of Georgetown and
a largo delegation of citizens. He mado
no speech, merely thanking the citizens for
a favorable reception at their hands and ex
pressing in warm terms his sense of the
hospitality and kindness lie had met in ricft-
tur.kv: Durinn-his nrotrrcsg from Blue Lick
the Citizens on tllO line of tho route turned under their own supervision and is consequently -
out freely, and the carriage was
l.tnes stopped to receive the greetings of (.inm CA3S.lt:iu:s. VKST1XS. i-C .
the V.llngors.on the road .Uvhichthev aroprepsred to m.r..-,ri to order.
The Fair is very largely attended, and, Thy h,vo-i their employ (In best of work-n and
show of Cattle very flfi'C. About 15,000 ! are st all time prepared to make the best fit. i.d in
strangers in town mostly influential citi-1 the latest stylos. All their vork will be wrranted.
.an. of the State. General Scotl visits the ..fcKS
KnipHMnnilant hnlf nsrtt elnven. snd will
. u. " I '
then address the citizens.
The welcome extended here partakes noth
ing of political character Democrats tfnd
YVhigs alike sharing in it. Tho Kentucky
military companies make t fair appearance
and a great number of soldiers who have
fought under General Scott are In town.
Large parties of ladies and gentleman tfro
flocking in, principally on horse back. It is
a jubilee among the slaves, hundreds of
whom, malo and female, crowd the streets,
walking and mounted. General Scott's health
is excellent, his sojourn at the Licks having
refreshed and invigorated him. He is look
ing well and in excellent spirits.
From Dunkirk.
Dunkirk, Sept. 27. The steamer Queen
City is anchored near Barcelona, with her
crank broken. The Lake is too rough to'
render assistance. It is thought the an
chors will hold if the storm don't increase.
CflirWBTaT IVTl'l Jtntrmnv f
aji ...... . r - r. - ,
New York market.
tw Yol(, SpC 28. Sales f 8000
bbla State flour at 4 lo 4,50; Southern 4,50
to 4,C2);nd
an. 4,37 lo 4-j,.,ket firm
re home demand. Wbeat un-
wiiii an active
altered. Hale.
3000 ba Rv mt
,briak and steady
HalMof 18,000 bash of !
mixta eorn at 7(1 in ml ..I...,:-
e !Meas pork at JU; pri,e 10.
lltl lUUII llarLi.!.
CiaciasATi, 8eii.2rfpi,.1.,j11ii o.u.
of 350 bbla choice brand at 3J8 to' 3,40 i II
,i,r, , i.iirnw arure at 61. Lin
aeeduil 64, and dull. River fallen a incliea
in tL last 21 h jura. Weather clear.
From ritinbarfrls.
Pittsburgh, Hept. 29. River 27 Inches
fulling. - Weather clear and warm.
New York, Sent. 28. Col. Eakin. anoth
er elector on the Georcia Webster ticket.
has declined. The Montgomery Times,
Dallas Gazette, and Haynrville Chronicle,
Alabama pipers, have come out in support
of the Southern Rights Presidential ticket,
and other papers in the State are expected to
fullow. .
t'r til It.illinurr.
Baltimore, Sept. 25. Two rope walk
in the outskirts of the City were destroyed
durine the nijht by fire, both insured. Sup.
posed to be the work of sn Incendiary. ' j
From Ncmt York.
New YdRK.Sojrt. 25 Meadea and Sten
clu's Steam Confectionary Factory, on
Duanp Street. n dalrnved he lira l..i
niKht. Loss 30,000 partially insured.
Uoath ofRt. Rev. Philander Chase.
Alba sr, Sept. 28. Bishop Chase, pre
siding Bishop of the Episcopalian Church,
died at Albany from the effect of injuries re
ceived in being thrown from a coach some
time since.
- . Asotiieb Pioieeb GosB. Died, in Madi
son township, on the 23d inst., Mr. ISAAC
Sll-t,r r Lll, in the eighty-third year Of his .
m tin omtrrmt.t rrnm 1
Pennsylvania, early in 1793, and on the 4th
... ...b.-.u ....... ...w-. wu... ,
of June of the same year, in company with
Gen. Samuel Carpenter and John Carpcn
per reached the Hockhocking Prairie, where
they found but a single inhabitant, Captain
Joseph Hunter, and erected a cabin about
half a mile south of Lancaster, where the
country mansion of John U. Giesy, Esq. now
stands, where they continued to reside until
Ihe sales of the lands in May, 1801. The
deceased then entered the lands and erected
a mill on Clearcreek, which he soon after
. . i i i i I't. 1
. ,,,,, ...?, .,,,,,;,
HI "Z ", r:n 1 ,"'".'7
his Clcarcreck Mill, he located on the Siuil
dy Priarie run, opened a delightful farm & e
r.'cted another Mill. Here he continued to re
side until his death. He was a good farmer,
and by industry and economy had amassed a
valuable property, which he has left to his
venerable and venerated partner and a large
family of children as an inheritance. He
was the second settler (Capt. Hunter the
first) in the county of Fairfield, and it can
be truly said that throughout his long resi
dence amongst us he always sustained the
high character of an useful and enterpris
ing citizen, and that of an upright man.-Cont.
Fine Chance for a Bargain. The atten
tion of the reader is directed to the adver-
tiscmciltof 3Ir. Sutzcn in our paper. The
farm and mill he offers for sale is situated
near this city on the pike and will be sold at j
such a price as will make it a valuable in-;
1 iiAalmAtil fr anv nna iu I K ! ri r tt rxn r li a aa
j '"""" 6
dusirable ))rtpefty. The railroad will run
v'thin a few rods of the mill.
IJli: I'l'I.IU.'lt 4111 LIKI
.it ..1 11 Slrert. Lsnci.lir, fltila, be wrest J
I. you' Grocery and f. Dope's
Hardware Store,
1"! A VK Ju t received their Fall and Winter stock
. oflhv (y d s Groceries, (jurensn are, Glsaa-
re. l!oo!s ami .-Shoes, retlon 1 arn, uatimg, nan pa
Hoo's aiul .Shoes, cotton 1 arn. Batiim:. "all pa
per, llordiirv. U indow Blinds. Carpets, Ulankets.Flan-
no!s, etc. etc., all of which hsvo been aelected with
care as regards iiiaiity,atyle and prfee ami will ha
1 1 u prices. neiuiiu: 'm, ww
; fri(.n(1 lnj h() COBin,unitv in general tocomo and
I examine our stock betore buying elsewneroj as no
pains will he aparnd to aive entire aaiisiactiotr to ati
who will favor ua with their custom.
I.nuciistf-r; Sf ptenibifi i. III5-J. '!
r'lOMEand examine our stock of cashmere
O anna. Merinoes, Alpacas, Lustre, Plain iliac
,jij Kfla, Ve'vet'and straw Bonnets (ilk, C'ehiuem.
i Woo' and Blanket ahawls; a rich lot of Bonnet and
Kigurrdand Ksncy Si ks, (iim;hsins calicoes, ctvntn.
IUbboa. .Ony. Trimmings, Worked coll.ra and
Ii:ien handkerchiefs, jut received and for sa e cheap
k I.ITTI.a'. at DHKiiHACUR
. -
Ml in cr in oirfiuc
4 everv lxJv shou'd sunulv themse'ves with
V worm (l')t.'iinr. Come and look at our stock of
Cloths, Over-coat lugs, cassimeres. Satinets, Jeans,
Flannels, Linses, Under-shirts, and Drswors, just re
ceived and for sale cheap by , .
Jll-I llfl'I'iVt'll
AND for sale cheap, a large lot ol Carpets, Bon
.rV. Wall paper. Bonlcrini and W indow binds,
ROM and after this day, tho Coach-
. . thro.iah rtrroli
is wiween L.oncitr. inu v, i,
Gteencastle tnd Li-
1 mi ?a"V;
Timoof leaving Lancaster. SI o'rk. A.M.. vreeisely.
Time of leaving Columbus, 8 o'ck, A. M. precisely.
Ample arrang'-ments are made to carry all who do
sire lo travel on these mutes M.gZ. KRKIDKR.
Lancaster, September 1. 153. dSw
M i:itt' II A NT TA I I. O ICS.
TT l.J.Lin
received at their Ci.othuo Esta
mknt in Giesv's buildine. between
the Hocking Vallev Bank and T. W. Tallmadge'a Ex
change Otfice, and have just opened large and cxten
aive assortment of
Which thoy will sell as low as the same quality of
, fi.hmnnt in th citv. f heir clothitte is manufactured
goods ami worn can ue ptncnasoa ai any wiior eaiau-
I .l , : : j . itL. !.
patronage they l aveonjoyed. thoy siiro their oil.
customers ami n omers mat tnev wui larono ,
gt-noral satisfaction both in the qiislitv nd price ol
thr ir good and work. SPRIKOER et TROUT.
i.ancstor, September 17, 1859 d208
Attnchmcnt Notice.
AT my instance, an attachment was thi day Iraucd,
by Samuel Bogle a Justice of the Peace oi A man
da township, Kaffield county, Ohio, against the pro
perty and effects of Johnson and Roach, absconding
debtor. Dated this 13th dy of September, A. V.
1853. 4!t) . , JOHN DAVIS, Ben.
THE subscriber being under obligations to close the
burino- M the late firm of !McBRlDK A MIU
LKR. respectfully invite all person knowing them-
aIm. Ki.l..K,.ut in i.f Arm tn r.l I mnA mu thnil UOtOS
anit arcAiinta nvmrimis tn tl.A Ifilh nf ilncembernext, if
delayed aner that time, all claim will be put into the
hands ot proper otneer tor collection.
Miircreporr, eept. itw-m u
J UST received lrom New York, by R. FIELDING,
thirty-throe down Kosuth-nd Mgy.r HATS,
for men ind boy. They will b. old at Tow price.
September 34, 1869.
It imirift inMn.. . r b l
tried? trM imi JadigMOna k h fmrmat of a brga
1 t i. ih. iZt ?2Zu,
jf wp..tedb imJit.tk.loi
0 4 Hyo,
,aui.ll by snl.-d
I ail wtw .utnlrmm
9tm wil mi to be '
i - . .
? A-. .u. . di to'ttmzsc.zzi:::
. . , . '
Pum Vitj
"' rUK roiwowixu TT,Mni wmom Dm.
?'w Cit In hu rsmarki on PKipaptU ho
wyt Ttio mmt rfTortu,l hmiKcIiw to tn.irov the
one and annrgy of tlie tnmvh, U ttrat preparpd by
ir. i.tcige o. or.tfB, ,.I v, wJor, Vvrntoat, itul call
ed e Urygmt4 Kitlrn.
I w : . ... ......
WOd.dpibluntho K!Ckipofv PfTparnit lUaral. '
. r n r i n m tr. n . . . t i. i r
h'a mKliriw, if knew what it waa, bat aa I iomu, ""HIi phyairal Kviicdo and Mral proatrataoa,-en.-ly
nrnvm. a I it UML t lo to b. i 'V".''''' " ffipii lndiUMM,
impmNrlw . , . . , 1 luiBi,l.na. of the liror, and oVerJf dlaaaaa in aaf
Jl'jl 'l ' ''"" " U'" ' "PPlw;w.yentBd withlhodiaorderoirih, piocraatiT
h T- . H coot.in no Alrotvx or I function, cured, and lull vigor reatond.
a urry lltnt .. I oUi -BUUn the I KImW.IIw , a.lf.pr..,..l..-O.WaS mtm
b.u of which i, Aleohol. or olW ArJ. . X? .. . ? . . . . . f !.
. y no morm impair rl energy to tu Moih,!ln
a whip gives atrnj(ib lo a kori. T atiwalaiiuo
which lheyeii, only loaaporary, an 1. nr. to b
f-iil i. . .. . V , ,
followed by a reactwm. which at Vnrflh will ioo.-
by wear owt the atrnark. Tl. IL-i. ftf wt.i..k
- . --r...-. f
I am peaking, tbviafea tlieae objortion. It has!
1 , . . I . ' .
" "'ca 7 ' d,,1,noi.hed r hernia, Prof.
uayea M. . SMe Aaafer o M.tMichutt, who
declare., that "ti3 mnjlcinal arU. lea aaed are thoea
pwacribed bv Ihe .. .i- r. .a-
''f from, and cure of, theeWwafor whirh thote
i Bltlera have Lean so eminonil n.nurl n.,,
.. - . " r-j -,
my perie. wl.s hi. .nedidne. h.,tt,i.oe. -1
llhalthaartitl iH Weombmd in vy di.-roit
proporllonafrotnllmwuiuallyemployejnriliai ll-y
are brought tog.-ther in rach a manner, that acme
new product re.ull from thHr combination. For !!
no other way can I account for the aDcn'uliing efflra
ey which lam certain they pomeaa. I have employ'
ej them in a multitude of cases, and have uniformly
(bunS, lhat when uaed a. n.r.Mng to the dirclkna,
they gradually but auroly. remove, one by one, the
, ... . . ., . , ' ,
,.ru. uiamaaing aj mptorai waicn ciuivw aroana
tTie ciJirtiKd Dypepic, ri-itore to the atomach i'
loat cn.Tnic: and Uiui L-aJ the mfl..nt hai-k to tha m.
--r -
joymcnt of pt-r.nanent heath anj etrengtb.
lion. MraoLawRKcK : Prni,eni Ma.Vnaur
fAMOKi. PfO;Les. V. 8 tMiu'or from Vermont.
" William Oiiax, IT. S. Si-nalor lrom Vermont.
. V. Sixmoxs, l) S Senator Iran Rhode Wind
" J. T. Moment:!,, t irm -rlv Coventor of Kun
ttfekv. now linitivl w.im e..n.,w
' Ilflfl U. U U'nni..unui. I.. ' - L
ian, now Unit d sat Senator.
II... I 11 4 .
. land, now Mee.b, r of
nn rl v f Jo-.-crnor of Shod If -
D y" .
Mem cr of Conn-Mi from Ptnn.
BULOMOX Kootk. Member of
(iEO. W Joxta. IVi . Si.rvi.rnr f:nnl. Iowa.
" M. L. Matiii, Dtlegito in CongTeaa from WU
consin T Trilor y
Gon. A. C. DonacDelegatein Cnngra from Iowa
RKED, AUSTIN, es Co., Whol We Drujjirta, No.
-26, Merchants' Bow, General Ag mta.
Prl, l pisr boilh ix Utttiea for (5.
Sold by G. KArKf MAN t! CO, Lancaator.
eonAicTTO Drircmci. Dr. J. S. HOUGHTON'S
PKP.SIM, The True THrntivt Vluul.m Uartrir JuictA
preparaa irom Kfc.jt I , or Uie ronsTH stomach
orTiir Ox, after direction ol Baron LlKblU, the
crcat Phv.iolo-ical chemist, bv J S iln,rn.n- M
inauumon to my owaexp-.-ri-nrewilli this roedi- ia,dotaorwebabeoretheiiht, fever, dull pain ta
cine, which lia. led me to think of it to highly, I would ltDa head, deficiency of penpiration.yeflowaeaaetth;
aUte, that It h aU b-V od by tin! following per- J ski?.a,1T"' ,,h"id?' .LhU1"
, .... ... . . Jeudden Uushea of heat, barning in the flenh, comtanl
sona.and received thuir uniblifmd approbation: i nugiuin5a of evil, and great depreasion of ptrha.
Prof, how ARn K. Pici:l.pa. M II D.r1tnwith Collpd.-f I i v ul rrcc"p,i i l f v rrncft liv
U.,PhiIadelphia. This is truly a wonderful remedy for ! constantly gaina strength and vigor a fact worthy of
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, liver complaint, ! great consideration. They are pleasant in taste and
constipation anj debility, curirg after Nature', own ! smell, and can be used by peraona with the most deli
method, bv Nature's own aj, ont. thn tlnlri juim cata atonfaeha with safaf v. nodor anv cireumatanee;
Pamphlets.cootainingScientif.eovidcnceol itsvslue,
I medical advertisements. 47
lCc-c-cipta tat the Gtiu Uei
itr ,.,i.;. n ..,' mended by some ol tne most promineni memoera oi
YVm. Jenkins 81,00 Jonas Ruffner 1 JJO i.k. t..,.L ,;,uf i. rua. i
. O 1 a r
. oauiuei luusser
Jacob Springer
1,60 James Lieb 75
75 E 8 Gardner 1 00
fltw Nuosfilbpra,
Jacob Springer Jonas Ruffner.
Xfnilivrt-r.. ri..j.. o-. no.i
by Rev. S. T. Griswold, Mr. JOHN C.
HITE and Miss MARY MILLER all of
Pleasant township.
a i .-ci i r . . .. . ,
A bountiful Supply Of most dellCIOUS Cake
faccompanied the above, for which the hap -
i ' ' r
py pair have our best wishes for a long and
happy union. May the additional Kr point
out the path of honor, prosperity, and hap
rra hunt.
A A dwelling Son.,, wilh four Urge nomi Ap-
n v at this nuW
th' Ulnce' .
i V.t.is;.. !..-. rns kinlo
A YHlM.irm lltllll lor alO.
I fH!' subwribcr will sell his Farm, one mile west
I -au oi unciMm. rnnraudi.g ion acres, nu acrea oi
I which arc cleared an 1 und -r god cultivation. Tlic-re
agftod Kuukixa Mill on ins same, sitoated with-
j in a lew rods ol tho Zan?ville and Maysville Turn -
1 piko, wi,h Kd r"" r atones, turned by an
. ov.rshrrf whoeL there are also on the premises Uiref
accoinmodious and
I convenient dwelling home, spring house, barn, and an
orchard of first rate Iruit. Heine deeirous to remove
"""'''"-S'l 6' "-
j to the W'est. thfribacriber win dispose of tha above
unoa upon icrai, mac cani.ui iu 10 uu any person
f wishine to purchase. I idisputanle title can beriven.
September , IW. iIK"HV SUTZIN.
rinLic sals.
frUIK undersigned will oner at poilfc
ale, at tha
I Market House in Lancaster, on .
On Kaftsrday Ih 8.1 day f Oco"bVr, 1833,
The following property, to-Vit:
13 Work Oxen. O pair witti Yekes,
ui.o line BAY MORSE, one fiae Ktrr.fly M.iRE,-
linetwo-horae sgon, one ioppen uugv.
One one-horse Wsgon. two act nf horse f rears,
Tlireo Saddles and one Sofa. AI' of the above pro-
por.y is good and will be kept nntil tlie day of sale.
w here due attendjneo will begfven by me.
Six frfenths credit will be given on all sum.
September 21, 1i0. JOHN LYONS.
f C111K Kino Pet Lancaster will continue to mako
JL regular trips between Lancaster and Columbus,
as follows: Leaving (.anraster on Tuosdaya, Thurs
days and Si-mltys at 4 o'clock. P. M., aniving in Co-
umbtts in time lor the morning trains of Cars, either
to Cleveland or Cincinnal i: Iparine Columbus on Men
ds vs. Wednesds ys and Kriday after Ihe arrival of the
Cincinnati train nf Para, at haif naat eieht oVlnrk. P.
M., and arrii ing at Lancaater at half paat eight the
next morning.
Kor information in regard to passage or freight' , ap -
. i i . i . i it I).. 1 . :.
at Columbus. Oinnibuaesare rKteUineei at Co'hn
p y on ooara Bl tvinuasu-r, uriij n. rcuuu, pnii'rirnur
to carry passengers between the parket and the car
L..I tl IJ ICL'I'DIL'C ft
ooillways. li. n. ,.f i nii,, uinain.
Septembers?, 1855.
A CAltn.
flHE friends of thn 1'iiil.AnLHPiX Commissiox
m. Stork, aro requested to wait a few daya hmg-r.
A line from tho Agent give the assurance that you
will be amply paid, by having an opportunity of see
ing and buying ntthis eatablialunont.the most beautiful
ana Dest seier, o siock ever e eciea Dy nim.
Ttf th-e ldipsif is nftlv nemsserv to aev to them.
that Mrs- XV.,-makes the'aeloction ibrtrtraae, whirh
wilfbe rtie of her bwt eflort, securing the Utest style
and fashions that Uie laatorn ctuo are aoie to pro
duce. Lancaster, September Si
THK nndersighed ha just put into operation
Steam Sate MiU, in rieassnt township, 6 mile
North of Lancaster, nn Ih Rlinernpori r.u,
he is now prepared to fill all orders lor i.umoer oi
d(rription, st the shortest nonce,
.pt. I, WW-Smie4 UAVIDCITP.
VXTK otrerst private saletwo!six-horsa Road Wag
VV ons, with broad lire. Ihey will beo'd very
lowfoTcash.orwow-ill trailothemon ftttterm for
BuffiHoeor Avo-hntiie tVsgon.
fteliaveasofh HAft,St;SS for both tem. rlitch
ii, i. u A rn masnnab-e term or trade aa above.
Those articles csn be een at the residence of Mr.
E. .Martin, thrw miles North of Ruahville, on the
tn Thnrnville.
ii. b. Mclaughlin.
AueuJtlQ 4wt3
A Dividend of Ditr Litwi fcOa'a efrects", will
be made on or about the 20th of October next
Su -h of the creditora aa havo not preaented their
claim ra requested to do o:
WILSON fc MUMAUGH, Assignees.
Lancaster, Ju'y 80, 1853 . dl57
EUUUW4 18 y ,,!. KbtMU. Kortkvwl
corw of lhiM urf I oioe wr, twtwtw
hfnc aj ru. .t r-nLtWIptua.
tic mu4 In thi rlw h...- i , r . L . .
r , j mvwctth if fx. ia vnii
?mm?7T.7r"u "iwiMMM,-iii
nl i rlvit utur. t'unvua
."iKMU y. in uireri Vlfrn MM, body. IhrtMit M l.
nut f K,
tie who pbrat fclmtclf aader thm eara of Dr. I ,
auy rullcously rooDda in his hooor a a fantlaaiMi,'
conlidjaily rly upoa bit kil aa a phytkUa
Toaag men who hare Injured thomlelt et by a ofr
tala pnetire bMtuled in- a habit frouaeatJy Imim4
I which aro oii-htly full, erm wheaaalera, aad dMUoY
WW min anu voiir: anoara apply imnaoataiaJT.
Waalinraa ami rA.i;i.ilin.lllu. ki..y
I mat ion. on llw inurwilipa and dlaoaaea of the Ganara.
i''v 1W"- addTwaea itaelf alike lo YotUh,Uam-
"m Af':tai bou1'1 y
' .rluaoU advice and impraaaire warning it gives
i will pro,eBt y of ,utforiM and aava)
anmulla (tuiuuxl. i li...
J llA, lNNI luai biiLir:
I U'-JirucLlOB of lhlr chlldrrn.
'.'A nmiitanee of 86 cenU. exloaad la a lefts
"".Ireawid to fir. Kixkkliu, Northweat corner of
Th,rd ". between Sprwae a W
I ?,n,u' 'adolphU, will eaaue a book.uidt
lone, per return M mail.
j Vertm at a dialanee may addreaa Dr. K, by letter
i (pwl paid.) and be cured at boose.
kSE:1 ttat
Idaniageor curioahy.
, Book-aellera. Now Agents, PedlcrS,craierl,aftd
I"0 oi'plied with the above work at very low
a piemoer .
Janndle., nff.la, Cttrolile aw atervaaui
I. a'll ly liaeaaa of tile Kldwaya,
NO all diaeaaas ariaing from a disordered Live
6'T.it0?tCr " ?M"P"oo, fullneja, OS
i blood to the head, acidity of tha atoinach JMraeeaJieert.
I burniiguat lorfootl.luUneaa orweightin theetomaeh.
i aoor eru'etationa, aiuking or fluttennr attbepit of the
' atoinach, awimming of the head, harried and ditneaM
hnll, n. Anllmn. ,1 IS. hrt .kl....m
breaihinv. flnuorinrf at th heart. rhMltitwA. anffnea,.
tinj eenaation when in alyinzpoaturejlinineaaofviaa
Pri prrd by Dr. C, I, Jacaiaow,
do. 130 Arch Street. Pkltavatalwhlata -
Their power over the above diaeaaea ia nol eicaliecl
if equalled, by any other preparation in th tailed
Statea, aa the enree atteat, ia many case after akil
fulphyairiana had failed.
The Uittera are wortliy the attention of invalids.
Poaaeaaing Kreat virtue! in tha rectificatioB of
diaeaaet of the river and teaaer glands, exercising the
moat aearrhlng powers inwraknoaa k atfectioni of the
digsalive organshey ire withalafe,certainApleaaaiit
from the "Boat on Bee."J
The editor aaid, Ufember 2i 'Vr. UocflatuT
Ctlelrnted Germetn Bi'.Ufl fur the care of liver com
plaint, jaundice, dyspepsia. Chronic or nervonf debill-'
ty, ia deaervedly one of the moat popular medicine
eanda, soda friend at otirolbow aay he be himaeaf
ol in Uav- l nee Dittera nave eeen naea Dy inoa-
received n enoctnai ana permanent ctrra el irres
complaint from the nae of this remedy. Wear con.
vinrad that, in th uae of these bitter, the oatiant
W ar speaking from experience aad to th afflicted
'Sco-rr'a Waat,"one ol th beat Literary paper
published, aaid, Aug. 25: Dr. ; Hood and' German
' Bitters, mannlactured by Dr. Jackson, an now recom-
I female weakness. As such ia the case, we would ad -
! viaeall mothers to obtain a bottle.and thus save theaa-
! tutions will find these biUera advanUgeons to their
hoalth, aa we kow ffoie experience tha salutary of-
1 ih.y W... mww, cvstwma.J'
The Hon. .-' D. HatsuxB, Mayor of th eltv of
.li" VbT&Xulm Bitt-W. hava
; msnjrj flattering notice of thi med icine. and that
i source from which they came induced us tsmakaia-'
I ..,.;, if mri,.. Pmm innuirv we nl
r. I v T
, rwiadwito nae it.andmuat aay we found it speei-
...-;- iimii HiummaT th livaraiMlSrlivmclv
j organs, "and Ihe powerful influence it axsrt upon
of repr,- leaning aieep reiresmng.
"If his medicine was mora generally aaed, we
are satisfied there would be let aickne, a front
the stomach, liver, and nervous system the great ma'
tnritv of real and iiuaRinary duoaao emanate nave
! .hclthT '.iS
I epidemics generally. Thi extra6rmnary usu-
cine we would sdvue our friends who are at all hv
disposed, to give a trial it will recommend itaauV-
JTV,,. .9-.,, :- .y.il- KoinAexam,
j ftcian Cta produce such evidence of merit."
i Evidence upon evidence haa Deen receirea time
i ihe foregoing from all sections ol the Union, the last
ithreo years, and the strongest testimony in it favor,
1 i,tttwi there i more of it used in the practice ot the
; ,1;,, Hhy .ic'tana of Philadelphia,than,all other
: combined, a fact that can easily be establij
moA rullv nravine that a scientific preparation will
. mee. wi,h ,j
t :,v,i. fnrm
, That this medicine will care Liver complaint and
Oyspepua, no one can dount albir using it as airece
I .. 1, .nu.:A..n. ih. .i..,,.!, ipd limrr
j, j, pr.rerable to ralbmclin all bilious diseases
I the effect ia immediate. They can be administered1
to female or mfant with safety and reliable OenellP
at any time.
Look well to the marks qf the gemimt.
They have the written signature ol C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and hi nam blowa in tha
bo1 tie, ttlVimt ictiu h they are spurious.
l or sale, wholesale and retau, at tne
No. .20 ARCH street. one door below sixth, Phila
delphia, and by respectable dea lors generally through
on the country. ,
Prists Reduced To enable all elas e of "Valid
to enjoy the advantage of their great restoratir
power. Si'-gle Buttle 'b cents. . Alsofor aaleby
KAUKKMAN 4 CO.. Uncsster, Ohio.
Wholesale Agent for Ohio, SPINK HOWARD,
Wooitor. Ohio, September 15, 1863 18
HiSCOTT, Sraotos Dehtut, srgett opposite
the TaUmadge Housetand oter8maUey s Bat
Store, LaiKOAier, Uhio. I have a very pleasant and
retired room; my present arrangement ia permanent
and I will be happy to aee my friend who may wiah
to consort m'e aboft their teeth My special busines
in future will be Kin.ro (Ploooiku) lin. a
hara for .nearly 2U year been aiming at perfection ia
this paxttr-ubr operation becsuae it is ol inuoately
1 greatef ?rfioTne than sU.others. M'e can say with
I ... A i r A. ri i ,, , ,1 i li . ..irwil a..
: eniira cowiurircc iraw. u ! mto... w w
aviiMTitfy and for ttfe by filling every cavity a moo
it can be oen; but if the cavitie a large and tha
teeth havo ached, they cannot be aaved. Hence tha
importance ol frequent examinations by the Dentist.
Thi plan wll be tho cheapest u timstely nd will
obviate the necessity of artificial teeth and aava a
vast amount of suirring. .
I have been residing in this cltv over twelrs year,
and have during thai time, filled more fMn auteea
thousand flti,IW)J teeth. I warrant all ly Mimas now
fur 20 rears and upwards, and expert to spend the re
msimfo'r of my life in Lancaster. I have the pleasure
nf referrng fc fhe elAn- phfy sfcian of Oils city.
n 7-Aiwa ys in nry ethco duri'-g busines hour. .
Respectfully, H. SCOTT.
N. D I extract Teeth and attend to 6ther disease
I of the mouth aa usual. ept 7 3m
A Fnriil for 5nlr.
rrHE undersigned will sell t private salefb farm
be'onging to the rotate of WruiAM JoT, de-
coi,ed. situated in Pleasant township, Kalrtield eoun.
ty. five mile st ol Lancaater, and containing about
One Hundred and Ttreiify-at' Acres of land. The1
old Zanearille road runs thrrnrgh the North part of th
said farm, and the Zaneaville and Maysville Turnpike
Road runs through the fouth part, leaving about for-
ty acre on the South side of tlie Pike, anil affording,'
a beautifnl site for building piiTposes on tha Turnpike,'
Tne premise contain about 45 acre ot timber farnt
There ia an spple orchard on tha premise ef (bout
sixty bearing trees, and also a number of Cherry treaa
and pear tree., The buiidirtts on) th premiaea ara
a two-atory brfck house and hewed log kitchen, and
other necesssry buildings.and a hewed log barn.
7,-ms of Sale One-third in hand, one third In
one year, and one-third in two year, with lnteraet on.
the deferred payments till paid.
- Possession given immediately For further ps it
cular inquire of MicnAaU. Jokk on the presuiiir j
or Salmoh Shaw ia Lancaster. 8ALMON SHAW,
Aug. 35. Executor of William Jones, decerned
Wank Summon
hum n mm wnn aaerai uuov-

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