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Saturdity Evening. Srpt. SO. I Has
aBm? 1
As ImpoRTAIT CJonsidebatios. i '--r
v , . o ! -1 tv.,!,.. in
l. iT.:nn i
my no vongrrawouu. - I
(1117 VHIW" w
is better calculated for a high degree ol proa- ,cuuiu o -perky
in the way of manufacturing enter- neighbor! for Catholic fcm.ncip.t on. 1 he
priae or ee.! the fostering ere of Govern- ' Providence Journal hits of these claims .n a
' . thii 'comnowd it is of, wsy that will hardly-permit an affirmative
Fairfield Perry, Hocking, Vinton." Athens
and Meigs, all ef them containing the best
facilities for manufacturing purposes. We
have abundance of Iron Ore,' can have any j
numberof Suit Wells, and have any .q.mntk;
ty of Coal. How much better would it oei
- . .... lit
for Fairfield to have a market down UiQ val
ley and at home, instead of paying heavy
freights and charges to transport it to Eng-
. o i
land or evert to the Eastern Statos! And
yet wer.o to be represented in Congress by (tnat
a member who will enpuse a 1 driU desianea ;
to build op. American MHnutactures and is I
also the opponent of Internal Improvements I
,'r .. , r,
of any character by tho General Govern
inent. The people of this District, if they
consulted their own interests, would vote
for Mr. -Welch, who would labor to have the
Government tako gome measures to foster
and advance American Enterprise and A
merUan Industry. Think of these things,
Voters pf the t ilth District. .. ,.
Ge! Joh.iL. Tavlob. The nominution
oftliis gentleman irt the ltoss District, for a
rv-eferiion 'to Congress, i compliment well
earned and well-deserved. . No man In that
bsdy hns worked more or labored harder vfor
the interests of the whole country, or has
devoted himself more willingly to the ad
vancemant of tho interests of his. couslilii-
cuta. '.' Ho ranks among the very best and
most efficient members, and what is more,
is generally right upon the record, Wo
would not impeach the integrity of the peo
ple of his district by ns niucli as doubting his
triumphant re-election. f '
Wines of FaibtieM). Tho Locofucn
loaders are busily at work, organizing the
county and attempting to poison the public
ruind by distributing uU inanhcr or slanders
against Gen. Scott.' Meet f hem ut every
point. , Reach every '.voter, Put the truth
into their hands. Especially do wo call up
on the Whigs of every' township to .work
rom now until the State election and then
to the 1'rcsiJentiul . election.. The time is
short. Let the work be more efficient. BE
TO THE POLLS. .. , ,.
iNniuRATioN.-It seems now to bo generally
conceded that (Jpni Piorce will deliver on ad
dress at , Washington ,:ty on tho 4th of
March next. A' lUuky Flag. .
That my all bn; but fortunatoly or unfiir
tunatdly for Gen. Pierce ho is never in until
the happening of the tm'portunt event ofthe
day, and we can possibly boo no objection to
his congratulating his old commander upon
his last and most signal triumph. ' .
SosaysGon. Perslfor P. Smith, who is
"fired with Indignation" because the small
fry orators and writers of tho spoils party,
vent their spleen against one of the greatest
men of the age.
Doubtful. Tho Statesman says that he
libs information that Gen. Pierce will got
the votes of his neighbors of all parties In
November. Such stuff would do to tell, did
not the fact staru'us in tho fnee that he could
not get even tho votes of his ow n party i n fa
vor ofCuiholic . Emancipation even in his
own town. .
Ex-Gov. Lucas. Tho following letter
from Ex-Gov. Lucas will be read with inter
est by mtuiy of his old Democratic friends in
Ohio, who with . Una have determined no
longer to support "spoils-seeking Locofaco
fsm." It is duted September O'lh, and ad
dressed to a committee of tho Soott Club of
Iowa City. The letter referred to, wus pub
lished in our columns a few days since:
Ventlrtnen:l have received your romniu
nicutioii of tin 4th inst, informing me that,
tipon the organization of the Iowa City Cen
tral Scott Club, on the evening of tho 2d
inst., I had boon nominated and unanimous
ly elected President of said Club, and solic
iting my acceptance thereof.
I will briolly state, in reply, that it would
have been more in accordance with my feel
ing,not toliavo engaged publicly in tho pres
ent political contest for the Presidency. Hut
having.wheii I first hoard ofthe nomination of
Frankliii Pierce for that high office, declured
my determination not to vote for him, and
that declaration havingbeen noticed in some
of tho newspapers iii such a manner as to
ccm to require of me a public declaration of
my views, I have thought proper to glvo
them, and I respectfully refer you to my let
ter of the 3d inst., addressed to the editor
of the Iowa Republican, in which I have
emlcttvored to mako myself Vy wuknUxxl.
t thre dtclan mu inttntion to vote fur den.
WimfikliiSrottoI the tmuing rresulmlial
election. This being tho case, I have no
hesitation in accenting tho honorable station
conferred on mo by tho Club, iu making mo
their President.
Very respectfully your obedient servant,
Robf.bt Lucas.
Letter from Mb. Graham. Hon. Wil
liam A. tiralmm, the Whig candidato for
Vice President. In renlv to certain int..- I
mtories ofthe secessionists f Al.,!,,. !
'a.Vs: I
I doitire to sec an end to the agitation of
slavery in connection Willi national politics;
and 1 believe that by a faithful adherence
to the adjustment made hy the compromise
of 1850, aud the execution ofthe law as it
lias been carried out by the present Kxecu-tivch-nd
of tho Government, the country is
destined to a repose and security on this
exciting topic, such as it has not enjoyed
since the amtntion cominenen.l
While this oppcars to be the general state
of public feeling in all soctions. I can nor.
ceive neither necessity nor ulilitv. on il.'
l.set r ll.n U i. e .. . ' - !
,-. . ...u uiiiun, i0r B uisctission of tho ex
treme cases of apjirehended Injury compris
cdU your Interrogatories, as among the
principal ouest on r.r the ii.. u....?.
tne unaniinout opinion of tlmsa nniri,.tie i,. !
. -.... n.vw. .?ut;ii wini
wens of the South, who were delegated to
iznn, nf U. tl l . 1 .
TT ,,U" "X "i h I was nominated,
Z crmnre'1U,reJony8" "Tnoscence in
n ih. """"it their right.
I COner,er,Ju!,Ct"rei nn ,n opinion
iCln ;. i k f "stabL. no
ltieal eit u""0Uuxy. lo fn the flame of
but fe.Tnt-n 0,'"lonor the other;,
but, if elected, will assume the power, devol'
,0 W)tn an tnnsrtikr A .
purpose to maintain the Integrity 'ol th
nion upon priaciplea just, constitutional,
ind hberul toward all its part..
rnlia lua Locofoco supporter, auu men
goesoflTnto ecstacies, dealing in generali-
ties, but failing to point to any single act
i. trivia evldenco of a treat mind.
bean influence! Ohl yes, replies t!iu
: i ...:r.,.i .,,.!... with the fact and
... . , -u . u....l : -
r nir urn in me lace inav
. -
, t,a HniH ,f l.i. I.a'nofoco
answer tof be given even by the most tin- j
scrupulous of his supporters. Bays tnui pa- , p;ercc.8 Vavery, purporting to come from
pen , - ICol. Mairutlcr, now in California. It ii
"Well whiteiW services has FrsnkPierce. wriUen to'Oen. Pierce AiW, congratulating
rendered his- tmmtry, that he oum e 'olnl upon iitt BomnttUon. Of course Gen.
HilA 1rftA H'ni l II V. H in II IVIIW wsiav - ,
. ;, OV(.r thlll he
ha , t cure, hern ia Conirem! Well sup
pose he has, and has not. iien above the
ileadkn l of the common - herd of Coiitfrcss-
.1 . f..... l.. I. ..j l...... tr. Cm
,,:, ti1M American i.eoide
glUB. VWS j ........ , ,
he igB smluoie ,nft for presideiit of
the United States! . The Vuct, tnni no
been to Conpress, the tact that he hns
full opportunity to develop- and exlnb.
ability and statesmanship, U no poost
hd i
bit his
tv anil statesmanship, u no possesbeu
. . i
either, and failed to do it, is pretty conclu
sive evidence that he possesses neither a-,
bility nor utatcsmaiiship.
"Franklin Pierce and James K. Polk
were four yeurs in the House of Kepn-senr i
talives together. Mr, folk wss generally ,
considered rather a nutu pattern tor a rresi-1
dent of the United (States., .Let us sec, men, :
how these two men were tneamrett uy im-ir
own Democratic party as Representatives
in Congress. .-The two first years, 1S33
and 4, Mr. Polk was Chairman of the im
portant cominitteo of Ways and Means, and
Franklin Pierce waa not appointed, by a
Democratic fapenker, os Clioirman oi uny
coinmittoc. but. beinti a lawyer, was stowed
awoy as fourth upon the Judiciary Commit
tee! In December, 1835, James K. Polk
wan elected, by the Democratic- majority,
Speaker of tho House; and when Mr. Polk
enmo to look over the strong men ofthe
House for chairmen orcoiiimittecs.uid lie ap
point Mr. Franklin Pierce as ono of them!
Not at all, but left him away down fourth
upon the Judiciary Committee, from which
ho never rose during the lour years that lie
was in the U. S. House of Representatives!
Tho fact that no Democratic Speaker, du-
ring the whole four years that rronk 1'ierce
was in tno House oi iieprcseiiittiivrs, rer;for Home Industry and Harbor Improve
tlmughi of selecting him lor the chairman
oft-vcii tho must unimportant of the stand-
nig coinmiitees oi ine iiousc, nowo
clearly the estimation in which ho was held
by his own party, who controlled thoorgan-
izatiou ofthe House and tbe committees.
Thnan forla. Inn. inilicHle the widely: differ
cut and higher appreciation in which' the
talents and states man ship of James K.
Polk was held by tho common party
of both of these men, since Mr. Polk
was, the first two years, chairman
ofthe most important committee of tho
House of Representatives, while Mr. V.
Pierce did not rise above the dead level of meili
orriti! "Mr.' ' Franklin Pierce was1 afterwards,
from 1337 to 1841 inclusive, a period of five
years, a member of thu U. S. Senate, Du
ring nil these live years, the committees of
theSeiihte were appointed by the Democrat
ic Vice rresident. JJuring iiirce oi tiienve
years, Franklin Pierce was uot mado chair
man of any eoniniittee of the U. S. Si'iinte,
and the two last years ho was Chairman of
the comparatively unimportant Committee
of Pensions, Now, il Franklin Pierco wits,
while in Congress nine years, considered to
be a man of decided talents and statesman
ship, how did it happen that, under tho Dem
ocratic organizations of until . houses, he
should, for seven years out of the nine, be
appointed to no cliairmun ot any commit-
tue,and the other two years was Chairman
uf the fourth or fifth rale committee on Pen
sions while James Buchanan was Chairman
ofthe important Committee of Foroign Re
lation, Silas Wright of New York, was
Chairmau of Finance, King of Alabnnia.was
Chairman of Commerce, Wall of New Jer
sey.waa Chairman of the Judiciary Commit
tee, and other able men chairman of other
important committees. Such was the meas
ure as applied by his own party, of Franklin
Pierce, white In the Congress of the United
"Now Mr. Frank Pierce was in Congress
nine years, and had n fine field for thn dis
play of his ability and statesmanship, if
he possessed cither. Did ho display either?
Where is the evidence of it! Where is tho
iiimiiiMinittti nf Ilia Mtntesiiinnsliin!
Cull liirl
,. , . , , . . .,,...: " i ,j. ...
,..,... ,w i " -
introduced for the public tienclit a muffle
public nieamiro which ho ori-'ill.ttCll! If lie
delivered even a speech which would lift him
..i t; i... ...i... .ii.ia r.i.wiu n..t
uuivu ..to. ..,. ..j , r. ..j ...o .... ....o
Iit.li it! Ilia Ctiiifrri'SHioniil career let uhout
ih blank n lit undistinguished tin hid military.
He linn never iliaplayptl either military or civ
il tttulilicationa uhii'h give him tho Ii-iihI
prommiticjt citiior a a iiu.'iiury man ur a
"Tho concltiriion of tho mutter, tlien.ia
that Franklin Pierce was a (Jenoral under
the illustrious Mcott in tho campaign of
Mexico, where there wits a great ileal of hard
fiolitintr, yet wuh not in a aiugle oattle! He
wua a member of Congress nine yeurn.niid
did nothlncr to diNlinguinh himnelt as a ut a tea
man ho introduced nut it uinglo beneficial
public act originated no meaaure for the
public good nctiirr roin'.alswa the level of mnli
zrriti never made n ningle apecck whifh
hiitlViendsidu.ro pub hull its cvidouco of his
ability! He was ucrordingto tho official
report of the commanding Ueuernl in Mex
ico, "an invalid," during ull the hard light
ing in Mexico, and tho records of Congress
ahow thut ho was etiully iifirm, rea'-hrtul-td,
and faint-hearted during tho tiinu years
that ho won in Congress. So low wus ho
rated by his own political friends, that they,
having tho organization in their own hands,
tliJ not place him at thu head of any standing
cominitteo during aeven of tho tiiuo years
of hid Congressional career! lie has con
fessedly rendered no distinguished military
nor civil sorvices lo his country, unless his
naked votes, atrainst river antl harbor Itn-
nrovements, against pensions to old soldiers
- Mr widows, against tho settlement of
tl.n ni.l.l n Inn. Id hv artiml neriliinntH. and
t ... .tl ... -t.l .1.1 -
iitttiisi uoitig ony tuiiiu; tu aij tuc piunpci-
ity of tho labor and working men of his own
country, are deemed to ko included in the
latter, lie. is surely tho most blunk and
bald Presidential candidate ever presented
to tho American peoplo for their suffrages.
A.ioTiir.n. CoitsiTF.rtriET. We were
shown yesterday, remarks the Cincinnati
Entjuirerof Wednesduy, a new counterfeit
$5 note on tho Obit- (State Stock Dank, at
Springfield, Ohio, which has just been put in
circulationat least the supposition U that
. the supposition Is that
ho ono siiowit to us was
siichis tho case Tho ono shown to us was
.rr .1 .. -
offered et the Gibson house, and sent to
Mr. Dye publisher of the Counterfeit Detector
fcr his itidffment, who at once pronounced
it bad. Tho vignette In the center is "two
- - - -s.
females," the same us inall the other notes
. . . . . . t,. .. n ..... t
01 llio unio oiaio chock liana, mu nuiua o;
all the Hanks being done on the same plate.
The general appearance of the note la ex
cellel;t,nd!. well calculated, to docieve the
great majority, ot those to whom they are
offered. The ene-raving la-good, and though
the Impression on the one we saw I. dark,,
other may be lighter, so that to. judge by
its dark and heavy appearance would hard
ly be safe.
UO" Some flakes of snow fell at Toronto,
Canada, cn Sunday last
1 first ol the eeaaon.
They were the
Ciify Trade, Our business men to-day
have had a lively time of it. ' Several of
them have already received their new stock,
and are selling off rapidly. ; The improve
ment in all, branches of business, mercan
tile and mechanical, ia beyond expectation,
we doobt whether any oilier city in Uuio
ofthe same population, can compare with I
Lancaster in this respect
are leaving. : .
The croakers
n'.' ... t. i..i..n ..r I
- ah
ricnest ana niosi nuicuious events oi mc.
preseut can vaaat, iai a letter certifying to Gen
Pierce had it published. I5y the time tho
election is over, he will be so plastered over
wtlli. certific'utes, thut his most, intimate
friends will not know him. .
fl3"A correspondent of the london Times
givns tho following account of a rocent prize
(itrlit ' ii.- England between two women!
"About a uinnth ai;o I was at breakfast
with my family at Censal Green, when I
perceived a number of persons passing thro' t
the field adjoining iny house. J endeavored
to ascertain the cause. ; With much difficul
ty I did so. , The stream of men and women
jm(i come (Ma paddington to a prize fight
i,etveeii two, nut men women! One of
my m!,iiy
ily, beinz iucredulpus, contrived to
oss tin? fields andX ir s iw the com-
-oss llie IU HIS, ana llltir Sw we com-
. stripped to the Waist, and fighting.
.a " .a a a . t
uo, ocrosg
Men took them there, men backed them,
men were the bottle-holders and time-keepers.
' They fought for about half an hour,
aiiinf inv.fnr At.: nnmo ttfttf -fur n finvprpio-n.
anj gomc My they will do it again. I saw
th8 wjnnor led back in triumph by men.".
O-The opphathy existing among the de
mocracy of New York, in reference to the
approaching election, in an unprecedented at it
iirincxcuaUe. Since the holding of the State
Convention at Syracuse, scarcely a political
meeting has been held anywhere in the
State excepting in the city of New York.
Buff. Couriir.
This is a frank admission. , The "domoc
racy" of New York hnvo "no stoma:he for
the 'fight :V. They don't like the entertuin
ment to which the Pierce leaders invite
,,, EW York i beyond nil question
J m(.lltgi jiow cnu, jt u0 expected to vote
j fr Kandidate vrhoh j'kdgcd agai?ist both!
Alabmijio State of Thinks. An Ore-
rrn.8nond(-iit of thp New York Com
1 :.. l a . I.. ..: .... !' ...,i,i ,.p r
inerciul Advertiser, in Bpeoking or the fa. of the Court of Common Pleas, of Musking
,.,mi r)re.mn I.nnd T.aw. wliieli o-ivos a n.llo um county, at which said sale shall bo re-
srjiiaro of Tund to every actual settler marri -
ed before I certain date soys that it set the
whole country astir and every body got mar-
ried that could-: Tho scarcity' of marriagea
ble females, however, was such that it) some
iiirftntieea frirl f,f 1 i. 13. 19. nnd PVOn 11
years of age, were married, in order to 8e -
cure t ie land nertiuisitcs!
ftrOov. Lucas is Chairman of the Scott
club of Iowa City, nnd MaiorDe Forest, ex -
chairman of the Polk glorification meeting
there, in IS II, is Vice President ofthe same
to Pi'diron civen heltiw
Thi I attlu will be olluied, on the Neventh tiny
Of Ottiilu r next the dnv precedji!; the ltoss
on uty Aiii iilluni. I' sir, ntllie I-s mint Dr. Vtatls,
Hh-.ro ; no y oan bo inspecUsi at any lime previous
ISo Bi.riat a at.. l.iidvt lloan. ralvetl Kt-brusry It,
18'itl. lm-dhv itr John Wood, Stnnwicli Pnrit. was
Kot by .Nobl'i (4r,jh),,l.m Miss AIIU.ii, by Timothy,
tf.. .l.i.n. hv Matchless i ll 71: er. er. ilnm l.v lloli...
dure 2d (1 lJli); gr. gr. fir. d.im,by ( riilt (I!1!); gr. gr
gr. (;r dam, by Kbur (liiKi.)
tl. I.oun ii:i.so.Y uot by a son ol Itobuko, (vol
P a'l- ".v Nowlon ('.3lii) f;r clam by t.obllinj.
tr (.insiji ir. ar uam uy uriverii:s : Br er. tr. tlnm.
haisisil iiirmk er u . air er nam, uy liic
(I!:l): gr K . ftr B'" dam, by Kichurd (137(i);
v. cr. Ki'- dam; bv Jupiter (olll.)-
I gr. gr. r. gr. gr. dam; by Jupiter (a-ltl.)-
Isaac l.ol by SlrKobeil(76l(l);tlain.lyrher.
j 7' .7 ?i , .!"v . . ' ML VllY'!::v .T
" V V
uiiin, oy l norp tioio;i gr. gr. gr gr. tlain ny fork".
hirtimant.lW: Kr. tr. nr. sr. cr. dam, bv iiolior-
brolie (Ki); gv. t;r. gr gr. gr gr. ilam by Punch (611 1 1
Ii. A ha si. Hod Roan, calved 7th Kelmiary,
bred by .Mr. John Clarke, Ald'-rough, Daiiing'tnii, got
by Jlarlo: Scarborough, smi Herd liook, vobM, page
ti3; tlain by Michigaui (71H5;) gr. tlsm, by Jlegarmaii
(.'11 W); i;r. gr. dam, by l'uganiiii (9 1(15): gr. gr. gr dam,
b" I'sul Jontw (SlB-l); gr.gr.gr. gr.dam, by Ledbury
(i (Iam.iov. Red anil wl
srltitn, calved January 19,
(!IH8t;:dsin,i;ietiis,hyStuai't,(7KM):gr dam.byOul-
uaru.hy Noif lkoili7nr. nr. dam, by Amlw (lf3b);
Kr.!,-r.','"n y 'Ml'l,",0V-'"?,; KT- Rr' Kr,,&r- '""n -
I'llol M'.lti); gr. gr. gr. gv. ur.l.y Aininemnon (!))gr.gr.
Pilot (4'.lti); gr. gr. gr. gv. gr. by Agamemnon (!))gr. g
Ui. gr. gr. gr. ilam, by Mr. Uundis Uttrdow, near Da
7 Couvt Fathom. Itoan, calved August 4, tWil,
bred by Mr. l'awltesj got by Lotd Manjuis (111 15!));
dam, l-'airy Tale, bv Sir Thomas Fairfax (61!r'); gr.
.'a n. by Sli!linKttii("3J7): gr. ft r .dam bvYollng ltnclc
ingham gr. gr gr.dam, by l)rivtji-(IUJ)gr. gr
H. YutiNo iiiTTiNu ioM. Itoan, calved Povem
lo r mill, ISM, goi ny unit lugtoti, aeo vol. IU, p.tgo
.'.J.1--tlain, uy .Mug i l.in l.avi ; gr. nam uy t lovelai
dsm by Clovelsnd
(:Mi;l). gr. gr. tlain. by a sou ol Col.
Cradford'a Migl
visit t--; i i)
. .Usr
tkb Hki.vh.i.k. Roan, calved 1W0, brod
hv 1. M iioppor, tun pvoportv oi j. m. r.miiierson. I
of J. M. r.miiierson,
giil by llolvillu (ii7ih), limn Young Moss Kesn (bred
hv Mi'. Ilii hai i llooih: um' Herd Hook, vol 8, pnito
I i.";) hv Young Matt hem (l lii)igr. daie, Moss Koso.
by I'.'iam (II ifi'.'J: gr. gr. tbtin. by Young Alexander
(J;i77;) r. gr. gr. dam by Pilut(4!Xi )
C U W 3 .
t. Moss Ttoar. Moan, calved in 1845, got by Ita
venaworlh (UA.-IS); dam, by Nelson 454!!,; gr. ibm, by
Nunttiu; ft Hit); g1-. gr. dam. hy VYonderftil 7IHI; gr.
gr. gr. diiin, bv Clvvoland I4i; gr. gr. gr. gr. dsm,
bv lluttertly (I'Mj; gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. dam, by Hollow'.
Dull '113; gr.gr. gr, gr. gr. gr, ilam from th.i stock
of Ihu late'Sir Jamos Poimyuvin, supposed to be with
call bv llolvillo.
S. RAaetiKiiHV. Itoan, calved in June,1H50.gothy
Danker, A., tlsm by Kdwerd l.!)t3; gr. dam, by No
bio (45711); gr. gr. "dam. by Cnrrollie iMHo; gr. gr.gr.
dam. by Man.lby f-JHIHI; gr. gr. gr.' gr dam, by Sir
William Kouli.'s hull tnn,h-rful 7tXJ; supposed to
be with calf by Master Holt illo.
3. MAitv.--lio.in, calved iu IHofl. got by tho Lord
of tho Manor (lOWil; dam by llolvidera3dj3129j; gr.
ilam, by Sir llobert (il7lij; gr. gr. dam, by tryholino
1013; gr. gr (r dam, Uarmpton 6IJ; supposed to bo
wllh'calf by fielvillo.
4. Susthish. Red, calved April lflth. 1K49, bred by
.. . i, . -... k.. r...ti!..i..inTtui. A..
rranei limwn, r.si , r't uj w ..u.t. ... om-
gustua (4t7o2)t gr. dam, h v s gi snilsnu ol (jraiur Cli
gl.gr liaill, uy oei.u.. uiunj,),i . . H, . u., wj nw-
de-lamp(.Sii);kUoposiHl with call by Whlttington.
fi S-iiiAWUKSST. Oot by Postmaster (U4S7) dam.
Young Strawberry, (vol.8, pags MH,) by Ouardian
f3!47J; gr. dam, old Strawberry, by a son ol Harmptoo
54-, gr. gr. ilam, by mother to Brutus ItXIJ; gr. gr.
gr. rlain.by Duke.
ft. KnctiAKTHirsa.. f!ot hv Ioopold, a ion of D'lt
raeti 7tt,i71; dam, K.niina. hy Psley 7310; gr. dsm, bv
Uulwer I7IHI; gr. gr. dam, bv a son of Fair lax 1033;
gr gr gr. dam hy shylock -iffM; gr. gr. gr.gr. dam
wbltworth ftRS4J-, gr. gr. gr. gr ar. dsm, by Candour
see Herd Hook lor l.mina, vol. H.
jii.uk utiisisKT. itoan, ratvea in siarcn, irtoo, got.
by 4tii.l)uksof Northumberland 3b4-, gr.d.m.Whito
Roa,.Uy Antrim fitOlf); gr. gr. dam, a very fine short
horned eow from Northumberland.
H. Risistt oust. A bul lean ot Minnsa; got by Oxy.
... . .. . i. ... nkiwi. j. .r
gun IU44
Clomati I
! hy Hucklngham 3W1; gr. gr. dam, by
33SJ01; gr. gr. gr. dam, by Raspberry 4U761
A I.HF.RT lMlUttL.ASS Chairmau.
Committee of Advertising.
Chllllcothe, SapUmber 6, 1H63 dawts
nntr, vr flf A mmt m . V f-u ""J9""" IISft:i,l.NKO(;.S IIKADISC., n,ro .c..plb-e to l-gr,S ,WS umtjtv t ceo. It ;? i articular- - vn
ID U Hi JCjL L Til C ii & TEj His , uY the aMUHfllltKHI, III Which rvi-llt tho ruin-:, ,h.tiiliers ' - ' ''.eellti.t lu cs-s el nllses. omiliiig, cramps, ' TOUCH THEX MOT.
.immri.il hrtli. rli.io Vnllev luuiiir. lnittCC II11IV Coliactlt to the confirmation: A1-: In this d partiiifiit i i awsvsbe fotiiirl i rart-ful ! '"rotiesH ol the pit ol the st.m,a.b,.lisir..Mslteroatit,g Jl.-ir iiivenior. neve, thought of naring sn.h .IIsm-wMIi ,i,
irilliritl ) I lie . stloio nllr llitpor- . ..... i 1 v ilw, n no, nil .o ,.l T. e Poelrv Moln' J'asiva " ' ""'I ",,,,p 1,1 1 H'i0l. Heaviness, loivnossol nrllole had .luiio II. A particw Uf Sludy of the Piimphkit at
nsil ;..ii.i.y,.-.cl.ci.U It,- lr. ,ti. so.tholiiHl ntiinoil comi.iittt-c in hi-rt-l.y UII-! t , uviiui ami pirii,.t.sp,m!oncv, emacinCon, wcaMioss, tendency "'J'r'.'r ? Tni'i' ' t i,,t ,i ,
,,r w-,., P.,...i,.., r !thorize.l,i,.beh..iroftl.eaHdOfi.io..,torc-p- ISur. innhuiehi V , ' A-tt
:. AKrlcitlt.irul l'o 1, antlUi orgs rt'BPItt Itsj llltcn'rita in rcptirtl to tho matter .ultiirnl'sii l lioflieul.urat InfoMia'lon, and a column , ' .1 I ON . 1 KfS. is so!. . l,y.n,;,',y j , i.,!. Van . i i . .. io
W. IUI Is, K..,. , L theconrirmatioiiofHalt-.titidthearrmitre. of am,stg,,,,l i,..c..v flections i,,r ,u bt.-li. ; ;:J!'
insnls will. ,.i,,.n.,la u..h mnu t.,.1 n!ili. "f ,h jwveiil liloiiilfis tit tho 1 lomo r ll esble. Hi. uif Mot lu.etl .In ts. It is pcopared ill l.PwtUtl an.l il,... ... and ppt set imp.srrf . Kvery hollle has
rpiir.SK fATTI.E have be. n taken from the best ,nfi" w'11' H"nntrt, V. Ho nitty Hot 8UD- wj, uva m.iilvt ills ,. n,r,e, , rr. b lliiid loim--aud I'rescriptiuti vials lor the ue of ,'; Vesetuhl. l.,il.,inpu? Misinre." blows .pen
1 herds of Kmilnnd. au will bo awn bv n-lvrtine Ucrihe to tin' nrtlileRtif Uflflticiatioil.tilltil the d.rour pau-r enli ikiiuiiiL' an. uu-li. to tha Uusi-' plTVla""- ..... i l.JT'aT'ZJrnym!A ? 51.
to tne us y oi sun. .-, . cominilteeB therein provided lor atipoiuti'd hy i uepaiinunis m oiii'o.titbii'iiiueiit o cm oiler a cir- :,- - r
UU.LI.8. . l"""r-"Y" .'1 J sn'co of abilitv, coiimtue nnd tlirpalch. Few Wo statidin;;.,,,! r,.Kii Isr practice., fr.co! per bottle.
. . ' ... . . , tllo Clinir. ivi.. I.. ,i,;. it..pj v,.... ...... frOuuTK tiiik Kverv lotllo ol the cenmno
1 Ai.nKAlb.an,calviHljime 1M4.J bred Rj JJunter offeretl the followillS rcsolu- we havo n arly Til ii-d rnor.'lhaag. W-lc- PKI'KI l.'v the. wrirtun asi-KiiHiliiv--of J. S. liotilili
, , frfirtir.h,s
cr. ,U.n by M;t.chem 8,1, ( M Sr ,n by UmJ j RrM, That a hol.tl be prepnre.l, nn.l and mono' "a"? W'U b" nil Drnfsta'and Dealers in Medicines,
brvlmline ,r. gr. Kr. da.n.b n.lvou.a (I .W)S tigncd by memhera ofthe atauciutioll, to at- "JJ," p"', , a" P t "B nllTi?i. V-fcUWAHlTU SIXXX'M. I.AKCA.rrr;
Rr.Kr. gr.icr.dain.by toinss(IHbl) too llord liook, , .hn'nvmpnt f ,!, ,.,. bid ,v lh T.l ?.'', ' . i r ' '.tf. . Da. J. M. Wii.bok. Nowarlt:
Zauesville and Maysville Turn
pike ltond. ,
Pursuant to public notice, a large number
of the creditors of the Zanesville & Mays
ville Road Company convened at the City
Hall, in Lancaster, on Monday, September
20, 1803,
On -motion of II. H. Hunter, Esq., Gen.
Geo. Sahdersoh was called to the chair,
nd J. C. Weaves appointed Secretary
Mr. Hunter then stated and explained the
objects for which tho meeting was called;
that it was for the purpose of consulting un-i
thn nrnnpin v r.FUl. I.I:.. .fflkn . I...
, ...i , .,. a,, r '
"y-" ; r. " 7 I
wcuiuOT, tinu ior uic appointment oi suuaoie t
committees or agents, clothed with power to
. 1 1. . 1. .. r .i ... t r :
.. ' i . i . . . .. ... . .
auon, auopieu oy llie creditors at tueir meet-
lllg bold October 17, 1851. j
Mr. Stanbcrv bc-ins called unon. stuted that '
lied Upon, stuted that
l.l.. t!...,J ). r,m.
all things now look fuvoru
summation of the sale of the road, and that
so far as creditors,' claiming priorities, were
concerned, he now had confidence and felt
satisfied that ihev will c.omn into the ar-
. .. . .
ruiigements as rquol creditors; and by reason :
of the late action of the District Court, held
in musKingum couiuv. tnose persons, who
liavo ttiought (liey had priorities, will nnd
that, their own interests require them to
mane some arrangements witn me general
creditors, mat will be acceptable
Mr. Stanbery then submitted the following
resolution, which was adopted:
Ilewlval, Thut a committee of fivo be ap
pointed by the Chair, whose duty it shall be
to report to this meeting, at 3 o'clock, r. fll.,
resolutions for the action of the meeting, for
the purposo of consummating the sale of the
I I a
.... .
H'K flt sa i am n a.i n t A .1 11 aaafm KlttlihorV
The Chair appointed Messrs. Stanbery,
Woods, Ballard, Crossen and McGinnis, to
compose the said committee.
On motion, the meeting took a recess un
til 3 o'clock, P. M.
.3 o clock, P.M. The meeting having
re-assembled, Mr. Stanbery, from the com
mittee, submitted the following resolutions:
Resolved, That Otis Ballard, Charles A.
Woodbridge and John D. Martin be consti
tuted agents for those who have signed the
articles of association, with authority to them
or either of them, for and in behalf of the
association, to attend the offering pf the
road, op the 9th day' of October, and to bid
for the said road the amount to be then and
there declared by the Receiver to bo the
sum necessary to pay the ascertained debts
and the probable expenses; provided the to
tal amount does not exceed the aggregate of
principal and interest ofthe debts now filed
with the Receiver, under tho proceedings
had for the sale of said road, and the expens
es. .
. Resolved. That Henrv Stanbery, Solomon
Slurirna mwl H 11 Ilnntnrlinn enmillitteo.
whoJa dntv it shall be to attend at the term
. . . J - ..
1 turned, and in case no further claims are filed
Ihoae already filed, under the proceed-
in (is had for the sale, then tourrca cnnfirma-
tion of said sale; and if other claims tire filed,
and tho persons owning such other claims,
shull elect to join the association, then,
!nl80 to have the sale
continued; but
ml the persons
"i' " ii
owning them do not agree to join this assopi-
nttoii, that then tho committee do urge the
! continuance of the confirmation until ihe
ensuing term, or if that cannot bo obtained,
Hint liiey direct the airent to elect to withdraw
bid, in order to another offering of said
. ...i.. .1 ! c -l
; III Uw.lll tho discretion of said com.
lull ten. the fniinil lit nf t ho ndilit uinnl ernni4.
hrnliclit ill and not, subscribed to the nssoci-
confirinntioii of a Biile of Haid rua'l xlutll he
hail by the court.
Tho reriolutionr) heiiiiicoiiHiileretl ami din
i Cltaricil were, on motion, adopted, noil the
: oo;ent, acoonlitl" to the proviuions of the act
fur tin-snle nf thn rtinil.
T,0 nieeing then Biljourned.
c, J
Geo. Sanderson, Pres.
J. C. Weaver, Sec.
Lieut. O.W. May, who fought under
Cien. Scott nnd was tw ice wounded In the
War with . Mexico, has for somo timo past
been doing good service for his old comman
der in New York, Pennsylvania and tho
New Knglnnd Slates. Wont. May is not a
man of fortune, but impelled by a sense of
duty hns thrown personal interest asido to
raise his voice for tho Conqueror of Mexico.
.Tub Slave
from Havana
Tbape in Cuiia. A letter
says: "That you may not
bo mistaken with rep-ard to our new Captnin
(ieneral, I inform you ofthe fact that about
600 ncprocs, from Africa, have been landed
at Ortigosri, ill this inland, and two ounces
1 (34 dollars) per head were paid for winking
About Right. Anold Paris paper has
the following significant remark: "Tho A
mericans and English cduchtc their children
in the fear of God and tho love of money."
Ceirge Hummer Prrmium Esscnrt of Coflte
One Package at 15 will tare 4 lb: of Coffee!
rrUIS Kssonco waa Uta'y award d with a silver
I meda' In he American Institute, New York, a'so
j with tho first premium for such articles ill thn Frank
i in Imlilut l. I'lii'adeliihia.
So d Who ssa'p itid Detail, st the proprietor's ao'e
D0),ol,V.IH;Ca lowhl I stroet.l'hiladelphia. Al.fnrnalo
, Uy our Agents, sinl at tli prlnripa1 Dnig'and tirocory
atores tlmmgnout me iiiutea aitifs,
This Kenco nas boon proven oy many innussnus
of the richest ami most ruspectablo families, as well
at by tho poorer c'ata ol petiplo, almost through the
whole United States, to be by lir the best piepars'ion
of coffee ovor ollered to the public, Coltee made by
this Kssonco is much more who osome, more delicate,
liner flavored, porfecily clear, snd. in every instance,
superior to tho finest Java Coffeo.
In order to give fol! satisfaction and proof that tho
above article is perfectly heslthy, and lo show some
thing ofthe deserved reputation it has gained and just
ly entitled lo, we annex a few certificates and recom
mendations, partiru arly ro'ating to hea'th, from Dr.
Booth and t'r. Chilton, practical chemists and Analy
silts ol the cities of 1'hil.idelphla and New York.
College Avenue, Tenth trreet,bclme Market, )
Philattelphio, Seplemher 4, IHfit. ,
I have oxamlned the essence ol Coltee niamifactnr
ed by lllimmel, Holilor & CO., and find that ill. con
stituents am not In the 'east injurious to health, il
may be used frou'y and wi h perfect saletv.
Pro. of Chemistry applied to Arts, Frank'tti Institute.
No. 73 chamberi street. New York, Ang Tl, 161.
1 have examined an article prepared by Messrs.
Hummel. Hoh er and co , l lu adelphis. called Fjsence
of cotfue, which Is intended to boused with coffee,
for the purpose of improving it, I find it free not onl y
mm anv thine iuiiiriotis to health, but, on tho con
trary, the Ingtedienta of which it ia composed are per
foctfy wholesome. J. R CHILTON, M. D. Cltemtst.
For sale by O. KAUFFMAN It co., Agents,
. . and other iwugi;isra ana urocors gunorauy
Lancaster, Ohio, August 3, ISM
Iff. 8. I'. Tornt.ciir EMintl uf
TIIK remarkable sanative powers ft T)r. 8. P.
Tmnnsend's Sarsavarilla. have Induced numer
ous attempts to cnuntnreitiiU nd auka fraudulent
use of Dr. Towtsisitn' kamb to seenre tho sale of
aruaious ahtici.ks.
Those counterfeits and ImiUtions only provk tlie
ALuii of the orioikal; and no hiohur compli
must could be paid to Dr. 8. P. Townaend's Kxtract
of Saraaparlile, Uian laborious efforts that have been
tnaoe oy re say to gr up someinimi uh .l.
A supply of the Genuine Article, kept constantly
on hand by KAUFFMAN Ik CO.
Lancaster, August 4, 1863
CI lib oTT went j to Wceli I y, $ 1 cne.li.
J. C. WltlllT. C. J WltKJHT. I.. I. nitLKN.
Killturs Hud rvctrliors.
Incovpomlcil and doing lusinc.t undor the mnio of
iThft Cincinnati Gazctln Ccrapany.
To whom buniiioot lrttor will bo directed.
5,(Ho New Subscribers In Three Years.
Tho C'mciNHATi GAStKfTK CojiPAK t daiire to in-
vim it
tuition to thii- i'veil Nwppor wi above
mniiiiniiiJ .ml sol. InV tl, umn thn nittrnilBt0 Ol
the reople ol the w.-st, to tne especial interest m
whii - li Iho piitnr is devntod. Th-? senior vtlitor is
Jiiiijc C. Wmuii-r, who for twelvo yosrs has been in
charee. Ilia Intis residonco in llo t. Iii various
... -..i i:.' i I-..:....- :.u ih mm.
ijlo ol tho Wost. hat nmuo imp fann
uln ol the tvasl. hat mado lino familinr with thc-ir
.,11U ,,, . fettt,.,. u,..idr. wo havo five o h. r
editors, tvlio havo rlm-t-e rf partn iilur ocpartmonta.
As a fur-h ;r claim lo I liit iivpor of v
lf"n - 0 to tastoinnap la. the Gazolte ia
As a nn-h.-rri.iin io iu vportoi v- m pre
t'rlliivit lu t inrinniiTi nn ricin i-r. nt-,
Svnnlird tpilh the earlitst intcll'gevrefrnm Mr'
bir,l, .V A DA Y A A7) A JIA l.r auilfrom fAT
places in a rorrrajmiidirgly short time
I In Telixruphic CommuuicaHon tcilh all parti of
!.... i.
?r "W rrfid chr.
i iW-e, H'ashhglnn, .o York, nnd other
Tliit pir miff teai-h Western pwiplo with the.
news earlii-r than any nira t putiuaiion
We have alao esncil tho services of K. D. Man
PiRLn, Mis Auck Cahi-.y, Mrs. Stowr, tm many
olhors, who contribute Mturetltmeovs, Slatutieau
Scientific, llorticvlturnl. Financial and CvmmercUU
Wo no d -torniined to bo behind r.o othi-r piper,an(l
will n..tspara mnnov or lalmr to mako otir paper val-
uahlo lo overy ono, ma'e or female.
Tha Cia;;o-to haa boen established SIXTY YEARS.
and has grown in confiJrnco as a readin' tni lver-
j tUing pap. Our cnHblishmnnt haschanRtdfroma
hj "n to ito ix fU-ry biiil.li g Our pre-.,
room has also hei n pootly improved. The old fash-
ionjd hand preea have been diaeaided and aleam
. r .... .
nreiaes introduced We now have six Doner presses
driven by atoain. and many rani, hand and other prei
soa Iustoad of employing but two men aa lonn-rly.
tho number has giaJually Bwelk'd to two hundred:
our expeiwea bav Increased (rom ton dollars pox
week to ono thousand, and instoo l of conducting but
onn branch of the business, wo now undertake to ex
ecute almost any kind of work pertaining to the art oi
prin.ing. We can till orders Tor Newspaper, Dook
work, a' I kinds of Job Printing, Hin Hug, Lithograph
ing. 'Vond Krgraving, Stereotyping, etc. We atata
this to show our onward projjivss. .r
Our Daily Titpcr .,
Containa a much 'argor amount of reading than fny
nthot Cincinnati daily paper We. dovolo esperia1
pain l golting accurate and ro iab e news wo ore
psrticu'ar'r caiefu' tosvoid pers na itio andvu'gjrl
ties we seek to give facts wo treat our reailors as
It I hot wi:re lnto'iinntinen, and glvethem such inior
mation bearing on tho subject, as win tend to en ight
t'li tho min i
The Cincinnati C!zkttk wlr maintain Its posi
tion as a 'ending Whi paper iii th West, slid its pro
erietors an.l editors have. lliroliL'li a sories of fifty
tears, Uh-ii the Meadfa'it IVieiula and advocates of those
pjincip'es known as U'lrg pruicip'es. They do not
permit thotr pai er b ind'i to fiil'ow iho bohnstt of snv
nor blind v aivocato every incisure of Party with
out inauicy, whether i-iirht or vvron. i hi'o we pur
!r,f none
suo mat wni nis n.-nr, wo vui to low tno aicuies
! TI'.P C'OmniOmiltl W of tho Dai'V Ga.OttO i
; rr;.r" ! rts'y de P from the books of
1 -no .iioivnniu.-,- r.xcn?ne. and a i tiie ucsi nources oi
information. Uv ono who d-vot -shis who'e time to the
subject; nnd wo tyvu a'l the Kinsncial and 'ommer
ciil Nt-wj a busiir'ss ninn mac wanf. ,. ( . . .
As nil Advertising iii ili im, Ih'n f!aoltc
t.-n.Is foremost. ii leac'v ailvcitKcvs nuniher near
liwo hundred, ami our advertiitif! cl.arjvs w i i- jeach
Siui pcrtiay Our number ul uaiisii'iit auvuttiscrs
are v-r' nufiierou.t.
Our Tiii-Wkkkly contains all tlionows oftheDat't
' Our Weekly
Is the luntest. lie t nil! ctieane.it in the West
III i: nil-. If cart ho tt.'.il. as iniv DO H"on. Hr
I jil.'tl per annum. Ae enmini-nd, howevur. as mo.-t
t'.y in ..pendant, iki nioscriwiou . at
j ; i" -actrarv '' ' :
We invite ntfjnlio'ti to tv calms oflbls paper b.thr
uppott ol llio li'titt Without in lbt lst iM'sxini!
j ""r exortions . to inaKel!,., i'o itica' dopailm -nt of the
Saette woltliv ol pub ic coiifiiliM.ee. eli-l'lli ill); ai'.y
,, mioll ji, tho rar. hi (h. H exen lhid nv.-f the
, .l.........., n.n .in,.....ni,i. nf t
""d Oem-ra- No, we have determined mako iu
ne.ss mull slid ironora rend rand t'ami v ( irc'o
I We . lion a-, HI isi-aliim In reiliuo WMXi :Hk
of m 'del hulista al.tl dUlingtiiil.e.d pi-nons andpl..
Our Kilitoria' airtn(jem-nts are suclt
that In a'l
preseiitiuuau I run M lit . ailvocatini; theuieal Com
mere is' and Social Inkifsls ol'tbia section o' the
OAI'.V, pitab o ha.l-ieiir'v .88.1-0
Ti.VI'',.U.Y, pavab'ti aft- r six montlis olenih
oar, 85,1)0
WKi.Kl.Y, $iJM in advance $ J,BII tluting (he t en-
or at tho tod ofthe ear, J3.00
For the rush in rtlvsnco, wo wll sriid the fo "ow
ing number of Week ies to ba stopped in a'l cases
when tho time is ou';
3 copi.is for $5, siul for each oilier, 3to8..$i,K0
H do 10, do do K to o0....$l,'i
20 dr 1(0, do do ?t) and upwards. ,( I, IK1
(lt.ru AnoiTiovs New suhscriptiot-g to s c ub
can bo nisd'j at t" propnrtioral rates nnd to that the
time expires with Iho ollmrs oftho c ub
Agents nntl l'rospcctus.
I'ostmas cKits anii Kukk 1'apkhb. We mako a'l
roslmasters ag 'lit of Ih 'incina.tli 0 r.i tto, nnd re
ipi'.st ol them 1 1 obtnl i and forward subsi-rtci-g foi'
us, and wo wi ' pa tin re -it ar commiMiitats on ai: tho
VYewl I a'soa-nd to ant' I'o'tmaster ourWcek't ,free,
no . act as ouv agent, an.l ty . keep our rro.-p.'C
tut pitted vp in h ulhce, and aid In having it put , nil
kept in othor places, II h,i win tle.-ignate his wish to
. Seplembei -ldtv(vwl7
tvno wl t act ns ouv agent, and wl' keep our I'rospc.
Ovi-l-M lir!i;lliC 'I -IIHtot j
ikVKl HALF a Millli ll nf Testsmeninls have been
i-weived by Iho Prt.pt i; toy ol McAlii-ter's ALL
jfsrsjfeijsjjj.j From Physicians the most
K 1 1 1 u I and ct lebrated.
--- 1 iroin t.ounciiiora itiarncti
$Sb lne law, fiotn Judges of
j-n- .ts ...... .... . I u
- ui.ioru y oil tlie jiuitcii,
l&j Sfiom Ministers ofthe Gos
5: i pel, whose undeviatine in-
5-' 7-'S r ,?
made them
in the path
of Truth, from rnliiiliten
ed Professors. Irt in acute
S&SfcilN1 Merchsnts, A from tjiose
. fS,i,.rtw fil'eVprv St St Inn. n.nm
an, Id gm among inariKind all of which, without
onj dissenting objection, pronounce this Ointment to
be GOOD!
Aa day by day It unobtrusively extrnds its sphere
of action along tho borders of our vast country, and is
circulated throughout ita extent, new evidences nf its
power snd new proofs of l-ielli acy re continually
developed. Three millions of boxes, applied todis.
esse within tho lest tour years have established the
astounding fact, beyondthe power of cavil or cont a
diction, that it is iNrALi.ini.t; in tho cure of all Tu
mors, Ulcors, Sores, Hums, Totter. Piles, Srrofuls,
Krysipelns, chilblains, scald Head, sore Fyea,(juinsy,
croup. Rheumatism, llroken llreast. Aguo in the Face,
corns, ike. It completely restores the Insensible :h
aniHATion, and by this means opens those avenues by
which nsture intended to expel the morbid matter of
the body thus is thesysteni cleansed: the blood pu
rified: and the health restored
II has power to cause all external sores, Scroful
ous Humors, and Poisonous troundt to discharge
their putrid matter: and then heal them. It is rightly
terino-' All Healing, for there la acarcely a disease
external or interns), that it will not benefit. I have
ued It forthe last fotirtoen years lor all the diseases
cf Iho chest; conjiimption snd liver; i-ivolving tlie ut
most danger and responsibility; and I declare before
heaven and man, that not in ono single case hash fail
ed to benefit when the patient was w ithin reach of
mortal meana.
J. MoALISTKR. 141 Ful'on-tt., New t nrk.Sole Pro
prietor. A. & S. IIk.ndiit. Agenta for Ohio.
Sold by K. L.SIoctim and Otto W. Kraemer, Lancas
ter; K. Kalb.Rushville; W.W.Reed, Carroll; M.Camp,
bell, Pickcrington: Leonard and Ill-other , Basil; A. K.
Mitthoff, Lockvillo; Samuel Bart let, Winchester-, J
Kndslev, Lithopolia; E. Goohegsn, Baltimore; J.Clay,
pool, Now Salem; J. and S. Uenbee, Amanda; Daniel
Ilawkin, Sugar Grove; Ashbaugh and Beery. Bremen.
October 33. 1861 9B
OftA Kegs Pure White Lead 6 bbla Venetian Red,
r5UU 10 do Red Lead, 1 do Yollow Ochre,
6 Kegs Dry White Lead, 40 do Linseed Oil.
10 doLitharage do spl Turpentine
100 lbs Chrome Oreon. 3 do Japan Varnish
150 do do Yellow 4 do Copal t!o
300 do Amerlrsn Vermillion 1 do sup coach doStc
Sat received and for sale st the city Drue Store late
. O. Beck. EDWARD L. bLOCUM.
Lancaster, Jua. 36, 1881
w . Kssas i J
. ntrl wronHntf to AH nf Cbmi, In Oi jm
i ISM, J. 8. lIOlinllTON, M. D, InUvelurk's
offlca of th IMiitrlrt dmrt for the AiMtra
UUt'tot of rniiK) imnta. I
Another Scientific Wonoerl
rropared koin rtKKifKT, nrtlie fourth Stomach of
TUK v;x, antar turtKliuna oi jiamois L.1K0IU, Kav
frent Hhysiolo&ical cheniisf , by J.K. ilouoiiTON Al
. Philad Iphia, Henasylvania , ;
This ia Uulv wond'.rlulrenicdv ftrIndicest!nn.Dva-
pepsia, Jiiandico, livor rmuplaint, constipation, and
llobilitv, curing altir Nature's own mot hod, by
Naturo'a own Agent, the tiastric Juice.
J iHall'a teaspoonful'of Hrl-stN, infnsei) In srater,
"will digest or dissolve, Vive l'ouitdi afiluaxt lieef
in abimt two Aours, out of tho stemrch.
PKPSlN is the chief element, or Groat TJigosting
Principle of tho Uastric Juice the soirciit of the
Food, tho Purifjirg, Preserving, and itivuuating
Agoui .1 loo aioiuacu and inicBtines. ii u v.mircivu
from the digestive stomach of the Ox, thus forming
an Artificial Digestive Huifl, pvccist l', like tho na
lural Gaslric Jnico in Its chemical powers, and fur
nishing complete and perfect substitute, for it. By
the niii oftliis Dreearation. tho oains and -evils of Indi-
gHstionsnd'dy-.pepsis art) removed. juet as they would
be by a heall by stomach, it is doing wonders tor Dys
peptics, tilling twmui I Jcuiiit j , aiii4..tMi,u, ,.
decline and dyspeptic consumption, supposed to bo oa
tne verge oi tnogravo. ineetcitjmiiiceviiienTO upon
which it is based, lain the highest degreccurioua and
HA RON LIKliKJ in his celebrated work on Animal
choimatrv.-anys: "An Artificial Digestive l'iuld,ans-
logons tit the Uastric Juico, oiay be rea lity prepared
from the mucous membranr- of Inestomach of tho Calf,
in which various cilk-los cf lord rs moat and ecus.
wilt be sojlcncd, chavgc.l and digested, just in the
sanio manner as thev would be in the human stomach."
Dr COMHK.in Iii valuablo writings on the "l!hy
jiology of Digestion," observes that "s diminution uf
the unit tpiaiuity el tlie Gastric Juice is a prominent
rnt all prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;1 aim hs states
that "a distill, uished f rofessor of meiliciim in London,
who was sov-rely aiilicted with this complaint, lied
ing everything elan to fail, had reconrie to tho Uas
tric Juice, obtained from the stomachs of Ihlng ani
mal.', which prm cd completely mireeiufvl."
Dr. UltAlJAM, aiilhor ofthe famous worl:son"Vo.
g."tabl"- Diet," says: 'It is a reinurkslilo fact in phy
siology, that the tomaths ot' animal, macerated in
w.itf!i,ii,ipai't to the l!uid 111"? pvoperty of dissolving
various articles of food, slid of elfwcting a kind afar,
tificialdigcs'iua of them in no wisodilleTonl from tho
natural nigbtive process,"
Q VMJon I ha A;ent,aud g'-t a Poscriptivo circu
lar, valis. giving a largo amount ot scientific evith-nco,
iiiuilar to the abuve, lo,;'jther witli repoi U of reniark
ablo cures, from all parts of tint t'n! ' Stites. '
- - 'At 'Kjiytptpnia I'urer,
IH-.-'tfOt'OIITONtJ PKl'MN has produced the most
mat velloul lid'ects. In curii!" cases of Debility, t'.ir.a
cialion, Kerrout Hotline anil Jhnpcitic rowmxptini.
I- is impossible to give the details of cast a in tho lim.
its of litis ai!vertis;.mi)iit;but uulhnnliented certificates
hive been given of more than Two Hundred reinark
ahlccitrcx, In Philadelphia. NowYnrkand Hosl oh alone.
These were nearlvalidosperate cases. antl die cures
were not only rapid and wonderful, but permanent.
; It is u groat Nervous Antidote, and particularly
useful for tondencv to bilious disorder, liver coin-
,il:im', fovt-r and agiip or badly livsted fovor and
i.ue, and the evil etfei'ls 'of Quinine, Mercury, and
otticl di ugs upon the Digostive (hgaus, short long
,itlm.8S. Also, for (!Xct:- in eating, and the too fre
use of avdviit spirits. It almost reoencilos Jlcatth
ivith Iiilewpcru; re.
Old Stvnwrh Complui ts.
There is ni form pf Old Somarnrowplai'ita n l'icii
t dnes i:ot s -"m to reach .Mid remove at onco. Ffr
visitor l.ntc bad th'.y may be, it gieci tntlant relief
.V single due luniovon all the iiiip!oiisaiit sympioms;
ii 1 it only not dj to be r.-peated lor a short timo to
n..ke these j;nm rif ci jiriranent. Purity ",f Mood
l',. ,r ti.nt.l.tr IV. !. ...... ,J 1'l,val.i-.a mv
beo'.'i.ii-e.lof Dr. Ilnul.ton or hig.Aprntii.d.-i'rriLiiij!
the wholrj luoc ss of propara-ion, and ltivill the sil-
-hoHiies pn which .rt lnimso. Ihl? new reme.lv
I " t..m-: ". ....j..i....
Tnoup & Kickaiidt, Circlnville;
March25. IS. Uoukpts, Coi.t-.itiivs
far lha Care of
BRONCHITIS, wnoonxG-covGO,
1 , . ,, ., . , ,, , . . ,
NolTerlng to tho community this justly celebrated
remedy lort isesses of the throat, and limes, it is
not our vKh totrillu with the Uvea or health of the
alllictod, but frankly to lay beforn them the opinions
of distinguished nu-nand some ofthe evidences of its
,,ca fmm ,hl,y csn Jm, 0 for thomsel voa.
Wo illt.cri.y ..u-Hgo oin-selve. to ni.ke no wi'd as.
,0,tiOn. or false statements of Itst flirscy.norwill we
hold out any hope tositlt' ring humanity which facta
win not warrant.
IVTenv smnr, am her,, elven. sn.l wn snlt.-ft sn In.
i quiiy from the public Into all we publish, fooling as-
: suioo tnoy in unti tiu-in pencctiy reuaoie, anu tno
! medicine worthy thi irbost conlitleiice nnd p.itrnnsge.
1-Vom the distinguished Professor of Chemistry and
AUileriii niritlro, Jiomiom l oitege.
Dear Sir: I ri- layctl nnsweiiiig the receipt of your
rirepavation. until 1 had an opportunity of witnessing
Is effects in my own family, oi In the families of my
' his I have now done with a high degree ofsatis-
I laction, in cases ootn ni atiuits antt cnuurun.
I havo found it, as ita inufeilients show, s powerful
remedv for colds and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Brunswick, Maine. February 5, 1K4".
From an Orersctriii the Hamilton Mills, '.nthlsrity.
I.owkli. August ;tl, 1H4H.
Dr. J. C. Aver I have been tured of the worst
cough I ever had In mylife, by -our"CiiKv Fko
tohai.," and never fail whon I have opporfunity, of
recommending it to others.
Yours, resocctltlllv.
n. is. naii.ii.111,
nTllead the Inllowtng, and see if thia medicine ia
wor th a trial. This patient had becomo very feeble,
and tho effect of the medicino waa unmistakeably
Ukitkd States IIotel.Sahatooa Spbimos,
July 6, 1840. J
Dr. J. C. Ayer, Sir I have been atllictcd with a
painful affection of the lungs, snd all the symptoms of
settled consumption, for more than a year. 1 could
find no medicine that would reach my ease, until I
commenced the use of your"CtiKRRV Pkctosal,"
which gavo me gradual relief, and I have boon ateadi
lycainlngstrongtli till mv health is well nigh restored.
Whilo using . our medicine. I hsd the grstiftcstion
of curing with il my riveriitl friend, Mr Trumsn.of
Sumpter District, who had been susi ended from his
parochial duties bv a severe sttsrk of bronchitis.
1 have pleasure in certifying these facts 13 you,
And am, air. ourf i-eapectfiillv,
J. F. CALHOUN, ol South Carolina.
rjf"Th following was ono of the worst of rases,
which the physic isna and friends thought to be incur
able consumpiion:
C'liKSTKn. Pennsylvania. August 02, 1846.
J. C. Aycr.-Sirt-I wss taken with a terrible rough,
brought on by a cold, in the beginning of last Februa
ry, and was confined to my bed more than 3 months.
Coughing incessantly Highland day, I became ghastly
and pale my eyes wore sunken and glassy, and my
breath very short. Indeed. 1 waa rapidly falling, and
In such distress for breath, that but little hope of my
recovery could bo entertained. While in this situa
tion, s friend of mine, (the Rev. John Keller, ofthe
Methodist church) brought me a bottle of yoiirCnKR
r Pkctoxal, which 1 tried more to gratify him.lhau
from any expectation of obtaining relief. Its good
effort induced me to continue its use, and I soon found
my health much improved. Now in three months, I
am well and strong, and ran attribute my cuieoniy to
your great mediciue. With the deepest gratitude,
yours, &c. JAMES GODFREY.
mirArtrn st J. o. Arts, onuaitBT, t-owkmmass
Sold in Lancaster by E. L. Slocum and Dr.M.Z Krei.
der sndbyDruggists generally throughout the State
March 11 1863 3m46
Ko. 207 NsIh Street, Buffalo, N, f ,
TuL o.o. vAuamrs
I'EEtiiEii uiiiiiunE mm
TIM vimbm4 mMlr b eoMUatlr m to turn W
4 liM many nmtm U ta MMUiaa i
It hu now
tMs mtw mmkttm ar jmmtLg im. mA t
oil Btjrt T thh nmnplMlnt imaMfllitUlf ilt(l, M Mtttta
of how lotm lUmltn. am t mm whit fm Taitiimy- Ten
iIimhim k u trichilal ait'noLiit, anJ UmbUw tvul drwulfMl
pnwreM cm in mb tan r. frwaiint um mttnmm t rtre which
It now yletdt to Uim rwittty tfnfi phVrfchuw h bubUHf
ami Mnvntoiy wiin irr?ji sbiimn, Jt mnf on who hu vw
had Bymptoin of Dropy, of any okarectW Rp AtoanluM'
lir tlmt
, ami. utey wohui ovoki iw wnnantmi . ,
a parforala tli Btilna and 1st tha accsaanlufed rtiftar ftotsl
awav, umy la fill ap uaia, and Anallr ia and In a draadfiif
ittk. lot tltsra jatl mm this rsOMtlr In ssasoi,, and a Noowstf.
is saw. 1 et UMia trr u at anf Mass al luw dtaHN, bjmI a OUPF
is iwttain, il iar will ir it a lim trial.
, , ; - aSAVE,.'.' .' .
sail all disceaas of Ot arinarr crtans t ftar thaaV ArWausa'
uoatl.luinla, it staiitls ttloaa ; mi ollisr artioW can rrlwva nivi
and lha ouraa taslUiad M will soasuw Uwsaiost aasitUnl
Sr pamiihlat . . ,
wmk baok. wftnkmisB of lha Kklnsrs, fee., or tnffaainiaiknv
ot saintf, u tmaistliauflr mImviS if a re days m or this
asatliciiM, and a cans is always a rstalt er Ita asa. It
fur inch axmaluiata, and asa far derail ssHnanti of lha fesinler
InsM. , .
IMlnflil meiuu-naliona. Ma article nas eturasan eyeraWelceiit
litis, which woald lonefl this klntlel deransenaenla. it atuy
he relied upon ns a sans and ensoliva raaasilr, and did are fees .
petwi tied utile e, euuld ai'a u
as iirmir nT bhrm In this dlstrastins elaei or oeeaplahrts. Sea
pnmiihlHt. All broken down, debilitated ooltaUtalitHui, fronv
theelVeotof sserattry. will 6ntl tlte bracing power ol tills aril,
ole lo act immetlialelr, ami the poisonous anitweroi srattieausl .
I rom the system.
The 1 Jislinol properties whkih compose this artlule, asani
fnl themselves partioulnrly in the aiiboaliotl of the com.
pound, Ihr the dislreseuia class of oomiilHints which head
tills pitrasraph. For osatarlea than has bet uad la Was
mirth oi Gtirupe, a
e-hlch In nil diseases er daranaernents or the female frnase.
olMtruutions, ditliunltiee, painful isienstniations. fto.. hue
olteuletl a ours. This root is intllsenotM to our soil, and lunnH
in liurao qusnutlea, and as a medicinal property, stands srltl
out an en,ual ; it forms one of tlie eompoonde In the preparaw
Hon, which, ns a whole, hi the best reeaedy aver giea to a
debilitated female t it Is earn, and the system will ba restored
lo hertllh by its use.
For the relict ol all Sympathetic Diseases attendant on pres. '
nancy 1 it allays tlraso tlistressinl and painlal troubles which
alien onnur liAth to nsrriud and unenarrhsd femajes. and p
aiAves tboas periodioul obautksss watiub arias) froai takina
cohl, aro. . :-. s
CONSUMPTION sup Lirii Costpaanrr. Biitew Di.
ua, as melius af tAe Lung. Omtkt, CWds. Hoar,
t!",' r ",u IVeokmu, civ. , lot all tbaas diseases ae
Medicine has ever been Iu equal. .
?J.ir.PIrIlEn.OINTa-"AtP TUMORS, and 8PINAI.
A Ft- BUT ION 8 fat's Meiieint km nd is eartex las ararrt
cases; let nt me a flirted with Moss ansurfeinU, or any stasr,
hrntate u r Ota JWiWiciu, u e cure saV csaTilsLt re
" from its m there being ae Medicine e befen Us
wsrM its osW., Coil en JlgenU nd tet a fmpUet.
To the Orent Wtst especially, and wherever these com. '
plaints prevail, this medicine is ollered.
no deleterious compound Is u pan of Uus mikture, ll'Ttorea
iIismo -Jiseases wiili owuinty awl celerity, and doss not leave
the system torpid.
. tl is mude of roots alone, and is purely a Vesetahto Prepara
tion, and lius nothing in iu eomosition whieh oan in the least
injure kny liersou uniltr uny uiruuinslnnces whatever. Nu
rnerous oerliticales of the Inahesl raepectutiility are pabliahed
in tlie iuniplilels, which are distributed (raluiloaily
a oomplntnt of a most painful character, b
anil a cure follows by k Tew dnys nse of this article t II b far 1
larfore nuy mln iwliamlioa l this dlseiise, er lor any utltor
diaeiueonsinalina Iroin impure blooil. See pnmphleu
will find the nltenuive properties of wis article
iiipl drive such diseases from the system. See pamphlet fot
tesomunr nl eareein till iliseiuwe. which the limiuol anudver.
lieement will not iiermit lo be named here. Aaonla give them
away t they centum 31 imgie ol tirrUlionUis Id high clisnicWr.
and a stronger
inf the virtneinrn meillcine, never appenrrd. Il Is one or tha
peculiar Iraturesol thisarUiile that it never fiiile Is bernst ns
any onse, mui ll lioiie aud muscle ore left to build upun itl tho
ni'ti luted and lingering htvulHl
and keep taking the nieilicbai As long as them U na iss pisrroi
stent. The proprietor would
nsuinsi n lotmiiw, o, snwm wmua Home Olll antler ine asoll OI
cures ft Uroiny, tin vol, ko.i -ri are sooil for aolbing.
. . - " . S, .i.iii.h., . euiMnes OS
j Vuunlin, uml sold at tin l-rincipM oitiue, rj Main street',
etnlltslo. at wludesiilo and relail. No iituntion given to lettera
Wl.(,ki.le Agents, tlici
Initlrn I.IOW?. New Vnrlt
Slsi.ln Law, New Vnik t'ltr l Mrs. E. Ki.l.la. a.'l!a..' u..'
Mllle A ..nil 111..,,.. L.lfuH.... Si D..I.Iu W. in
u.n t tJ. H. UnnUki a, i:.,.. ii..,i.i..n,..i
'J'j S"" "."r- W'icaaoj r isk fc' Hull, Cleveland', R.
J. Owen U Co.. lie.
, cum. imsDorgnt t iner a Sims, llainillon, J. VV..
inil tor sale Uy all the mpectnble llragsbu ihrouchotit lite
i Uniloil Mtutes ami Canada, and at retail by "
I O.'.tt Asrnls TfHnire.
. Kaufman it Co., Co .Lancnat r, Leonard & Bro-
"VTOTK'K la hereby given, to tho Stockholders of
is the Cincinnati. Wilmington and Zanosville Rail
ttoad Company, that an Instalment of tea per cotit.,
upon each .--hare of tho Capital Stock of said company,
it reqiiirisl to bs paid to tho tindorsignen Treasurer
thereof, at his ollicu in Lancaster, on tW before tho
KI'IST DA Y OF iIAK( H KKXT, and s like instal
ment of ten per ceir. evjry sixty days thereafter un
til the wholo amount Is oaul lip.
Bv order of the Hoard of Directors.
Cincinnati, tY. it Znnesviilo Kailroad Company
Notks. Interest will bo allowed on all subscrip
tions of htorli, Irom thf timo paid in, until tho road
is opened and in operation.
una ior the convenience m suMscnliers, Joet. L.
.r.!l..!ll. u.. t
I r ni.M,i., , ju., oi bin-ieriiiH, me uern appnimetl
: to rocoive inttslmonts from subscribers residing in
I Pii.,w, ...,,-.
I ii.w.JV. Mni..,' vr. .r u-..m..i.. r .i
residing in Fayette county, and '
LawTikvci: ViTZiiuan
j those roshlina in CI imon
rosining u w
Cincinnati W & Za
,csq.,ot Wilmington, Ironf
.VPBBAtJOH, Tresttfror-
Zanosville Railroad company-
February 9. 1803
W0T7K.S0N & WORK would respect
lull y inform the citizens of Fsirlield
'and the adjoining counties, that they are on
hand aa usual, at their old stand one door
West of oloeiim's Drug Store with s inrrre and
splendid assortment of everything in their lino.
Their Spring purchases have been selected w ith
care and aro larger than usual.
LADIES! We havetaken special care it. making our
purchases so as to please you.
We havo a little ot everything, from aJsnitT LlKI)
BnsKiN down to the smallest children's shoes.
We have also on hand and are prepared to make to
Oentlcmen'l Bnskin and Seamiest Qaiters, Con
gress Boots, Sc. We also have on hand Ladies' Gum.
FINDINGS, fcc TV. are also prepared to furnish
Shoe makers and Finding Stores with Findings of every
description, such ss Kits, Pegs, Boot-webbing, Shoe
strings, Lares, Sc.
Sole Leather, Morocco bindings, &., always on
In addition to the work on hand, wn are prepared
aa heretofore lo manufacture everything In our line.
Our own work needs no recommendation. We hope
by proper attention to out buainess, to secure a fair
share of the public patronage, as we will always be
on hand to wait upon our customers and do our best to,
please them.
WANTED The subscribers will tske one or two.
good and Industrious boys to lesm the Hoot and Shoe
making Businett. WORK, SON & WORK.
Lancaster, May 19, 1863. 8
1AM just now receiving and opening out' a Ureas
snd well selocted b
Stork of Spring nnd Summer Goods,,
which I mm determined to Bellas low sa any other
House in Ohio.
who wish to purchase will find the following articles.
to-wlt: 1
Dress Silks, fsncy sn.l plain; Silks do.; Fancy tWn.,
Silk Bereees, Fancy Delanes, Calicoes, Ginghams, '
White and fancy Robes, embr-d; Parasols and Fans, '
all kinds; White damask crape shawls
Worked Cuffs, Sleeves and collars;. Ronnei Rlbbonst.
French snd fancy (lowers; dress trimmings;
Dress buttons, of all sorts; silk snd linen brades;
New Style Bonnets,
s and lace; black ailk lace; new style bloomerr
s: superior Polka: Maraeillea Vestinrn:
Clotha snd cassimeres, Sattineta, Jesns and tweeds;
Mualins Irom 1 to li 1-yard wide, sheeting;
bleached, muslins, cotton yams, tickings, bagging;
Leghorn and Palm Leaf Hats new styles
Batting snd Queensware, a very large stock of
and prices to suit customers.
All those wha will favor ma with a'csjl before they
buy elsewhere, will bs saving money by doing so.
Lancaster, April 17 JACOB PLUUH.'.
Illank Subpoena
I tlier. itasilj bhaw ami liiitctiinson, West Kinhvlllo;
1 1). 11. Heiiihirtl. I.ithepoli; (J. H. Motller, Somerset;
I Troop nnd Kirkhart, Circloville; Henry King.Tsrlton;
I Dr. 1. A Ki.ihor, Baltimore. July aO, 1H.',3 12
i :
i l $
i "tjitTrc"Trt Brtiri--

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