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1 tnTA MBordlnff to Art or Wnmii, uw jrw I
I ... . a iiikllnii'MiVU Vf Yi l U-. 11, ... H I i
I AOOI. DT J. B, "'"I airrs. t't rai mwtvmmw
Satarda? Evening:,- Oct. 9, !
AajTHB. Fizzlav-A friend in B re men
write ut that after publishing the aonounce
nent of meeting lathe newspapers an J
distributing hand-bill all over that ccer.tion
of the' county, the Locofocoa attempted to
get up a crowd on Thursday evening in Bre.
men, in favor of "King and that other fel
low," and succeeded in BPttinj twelve pression
Thomas J. Senates, Esq., of Louisiana, ad
dressed a long- letter to Bishop Hughes in
relation to the religion test of New Hamp
shire. The letter is an especial pica for the
election of Gen. Pierce, by Catholic Votes,
and the influencoof the Catholic Clergy, of
which the Archbishop is the head in this
country. In framing his .letter, Mr. Sora
mtta intended to be very adroit. He manu
factured a rumor that" t;m Archbishop h-id
declared ugaiimt Hioree. This bethought
would brinjjiMt a nwut emphatic denial, and
A Siisvi Cam or SurriJuno "on am
AcciiEST MissAnn M. Clark, whobrof
suit to recover SaO.OOO damage from the
city of Boston, for injuries attained in fall
ing into a cellar, at the time of the great
railroad jubilee in that city, obtained a ver
dict for 8,500, on Saturday last. The Trav
eler says that the testimony of the Mi-i-
chuietls General Hospital physician, where
Miss CI art has remained for nearly the
wliulutiino since the accident," discloses the
lolli.'winr singular result:
! Mm Clark U about 19 veurs ofasff ; pre
ClubofTwcntyo't'eekJy,$l each.
Kill'ere uA Prsileir.
Incorporated aad doing business under tlie name of
riii- Cincinnati Gaiettc Cunpaxiy.
- To whom business letters win Be u.rrcrea.
8,"(M0 Kw Subcribers tu Three Year.
Tho Cincikxati Oazkttk Com-at desire te In-
! vttf at li lition to thiir several IVewspsper iuum at-o
ju.-nrioui'il.und ask for the Mm thn patronage of
j thi Fooplo of the W.tt, to tf Np ial interest of
WillCn fllU paiT Ml UBVi.lOii. I ll," iruiur inii.r
uf 1 .i i i i ... :
iiiuui n iu iii or
Qrooaries, ftraiga Demattit Wine 4 Liquor,
Lancaster; June 15. 1SC2 12m
ffl T70KK'S0N
VI V W fully inform
J ' "and the adjoining cr
$4.. hand aa usual, at I
isfy any audience that tbo Locofocoa are
making use of small mean to accomplish a
great undertaking.
Doctor Kagay spoke! He wandered off
into Teunes&cc, then to Miue, then to Ar
kansas, theu to Canada and finally, as a
matter of course, went down the Niagara
I all with that vessel
to make a tool of him, as
written. Here it is entire:
New Yore, September 17, 135:..
Dear Sib: I huve read through, and
carefully, the letter which you addressed to
me, under date 1 1th inst., iu reward t'jthe
flinir.-le.-tinn ut Pri'gitlcllt of the Unit-
-s - .. . .. . .....i. I.I..L- ih
He finaHy succeeded eu Mates, ana in, pur ;ht
in convincing the audience that the 01". " n ll ; The two candidates pre."ei.ted
told the truth wlicu it said that he was a sort are fjt.n. Scott and Gen. Pierce. The en
of compound of the knave and fool. Why I tire American people appear to be m arly
A.,. ..J...1...1.1. n .. i it I..r,i,llv divided ill iiiuion as to whic h of
www hue iGuuuvwuia asuuiur wuiiuer uii iu ... . .
V fullv infono theritipnaof Kaiiueld i
cnuntisa, that theyanoa
thuir old stand on, door I
H'mi of Slocuio't Prui Stur. ilh a tores ani I
nplmdid uimrtment ol ovcryihing in Ihoir line. j
Their Spring purcltaava havs bsea aelocted with
caic and in- lNr than uauil.
LAUIKS! Vs)haritaken special careii making oui
purt'liaaeaaq aa to ploaar ou.
We ha vp a little ul every tiling, from a Jknnt tlNl ;
Bir"KfNitown to the ainala-M children'a ahnps.
Wo hv also on hand a. id ire prepared to make to
ordr- i
OenlleMtn'i Ilutk i arut Semmleit Gaitrr,' Con- :
grsaa boots, So. We alto bars os band Ladior' tium I
D1NUS. if Wo ar a Up uirparoj to tnrnii.1 1
lakeraand KiwIiniSlnroh v ill, intlinea nlen-ry '.
description, auchasKU, IVg,, Ik s webbing, auoo-
, lrua, sc.
a. kla I .ilhnr U.irirt. hlllritn Jt f l U1V, M
is about aa cutting a rebuke of the attempt ,ir,n,h a cellar way which had beeti acci- supplird uriih toe earliest inten'ger.refrrm the tea. . .
ii i t. ...... i i .... it.. ...d, unitr ii. (rr.iiift oi toe sireci, hnrti ima iuv.imm hi Mi' a.i Tm ui in aouuion m mo wora on nanu, w arr
I,,., lad 'walk rau neen nuer. o.
OOUS of Um IMalrKt Ooart lor U KaaUra ,
Dulm of rauftjyivawa.
AiiotLer Scientiflc "Wonder J
miir it betrav the AiclilMliwi into sain-.; eS-1 ' . ., . , 3 . i 7....I .a I r u.uht. whnfi.r tirtdve v has Lefn in
. . - . , . ... . vioustomo accwentsn.! was em;...... - - r;r ' . Ji.i i .h. iiiv., i.i.
ti lavor ol fierce, or at team u.c Wl....,.r nt ,1,..,,. ; ,. ...etl gooo "-,TZZZiXZu.k:Z2
" " ' . I I'd? 1 II lllala nii'HL IIU Ulliaw auwilirna, mo, i -a-
nr.- j r i. a .i iittPrAnra uf an omniun tli:il rH'l'OU rt!uuy Si ( di.. l-t-t ivcn:ii'T ot tni r inrnuu ; . . ti iv., t,M ,nlo him iMtntltau with thair
.peaJers-Doctor Kagay, Doctor Shr.der ! opposed to the religious test. But Arch--jutil,,, .he proco.le.i with nen -.to : .o... ZjtXZ 1 8h
and Captain Seifert. One of these in ,U bishop Hughes is not so dull and inexpert- . - ; - d (,iVijUi;h as a '"" ""KJil P-
i,c... 'u t Urn-d n. Mr. SemmcS KUUDOSCil. His reply " """" . , .. .. .... . '., !...,:, f,-ll " ,u - F-K - .tring.
T4IUbtllt:iIb WUUIU UJVR UHlf ll VnUUirn in IIU - ' , I l.xr.lnll llllil inilthlllO PUlf l)r a. taaiasal I mm KIBm Pswaaa
K. 207 Mala Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
raw uinMic iini
1HI8 sabbninl mmlr aaaauadr Isewaals hsnuaaar
ua, aaaaj oarai a a audlias
It ha, sow baoaaw a, aaljt aiah,p Jwr ftmitt Mtt, sal It
aarUualarlr wwnmmawlail fuf
Dremen to attack the Gazette! lie asked
and obtained the upportunity to give us
"hU" at oue of the Hickory Club meet,
ings, and never. said Gazette once. We
now take it for granted that ho wants turtber
notice from the Gazette aud we shall ac
commodate him. Whilo Clark doe the bu
siness of the office, ' for which the Doctor
get the pay, it is no more than right that he
should pay the party by following his natur
al occupation of a blackguard, for which he
wa originally qualified.
Dr. Shrader spoke!
Captain Seifert let off!
By the way, after telling the anecdote a
bout the mail who climbed upon the upper
most height of tho lowermost limb of a cher
ry tree to get some peaches to make plum
pudding, the Captain got a strud le of the
fence, and come to the natural conclusion
that hi audience would vote as they pleased
anyhow, but as for him and bin family, they
would vote for Gen. Pierce. Very likely.
Our correspondent close with a desire
that we should publish what the speakers
wore driving at, but we beg to be excused.
We have heard all three of them and like
After she plnm hi a rnrrrspnndu gly short timn as heretofore I o manufacture ewrytt ins inourline.
ih i tirxrapmc l ommuntcauun wtin oil pares or " - ..-.......-... ..-r-
will alwav be
i ... I. . I.. ... I i.t m ,un ini, n,
I Wiis luKen oui bne "'" "' - -, j -
if she had been strueK in me sionioon. i in. i nM. Corrttpmtitrtt of the mc$t reliable rknr.
uext d.iy she proceeded to her work at Mai-1 cl-r in Kuropt, H'tuthiugfoH, Kev York, and other
by proper altenl ion to our buainoaa. t
shtru n the public palroougr, as ve
Prepared Ironi Rkxkkt, or tho fourth Stomach or
ma- Ox, attvr directions of Uakom Liiuiu, the
great VhysmlnKical chemist, by J.8. UovopiON oi
.i ..ivt.il u.-itli vnmiliiK'. uml cirrca
arlier ll.au any eastern puMicatii'n
these two w ill mi ke the better l-luel Ma(.'is-
trate. This fact seems to intnnute a gener
al opinion that the country will bo sufe under
the lour years' presidency of either. A to
the Catholics, they nave never oi eu con-
suited as to tl e limited choice between these.
two. The lr. nihility is, like their fellow-
citizen of othr-r deii;min;itioni, they will be
divided some voting for one candidate, and
some fr another. Like others they are li
able to err in their choice. But, under all
circumstances, I should prefer that, voting
honestly, each according to his own judg
ment, they should err with the minority, or
(what is equally possible) with tho majority
of their fellow-citizens, of all denominations,
rather than see them guarded against such
danger of erring in their choice of l'resideut
by ecclesiastical influence.
1 am sure with your enlightened mind and
arge Catholic education, you will appreciate
thereusuns of which this my humble opin
ion is founded, w hetberor not you will agree
with ine in regard to its justice and expedi
ency. In any event, however, I beg leave
to subscrilie myself,
Your sincere and devoted servant in Xt,
Archbishop of New Vork
Thomas J. Semmes, Esq.
It is probable, remarks the Pittsburgh
Journal, that if the Archbishop had been
violent oiiinsin the stomach ; sho returned to
Boston, was conveyed to the Massachusetts
General Hospital, where she has remained
ever since. The physicians say that in her
fall she received an injury to her spine, and
the result is, that she cannot keep upon her
stomach but a very small quantity of to id, an
uniount barely sufficient to sustain life, but
not eii'ni;li to stay the cravings ot appetite.
Her chief aliment is molussesund water.and
if any uniount above two ounces is given to
her, her stomach soon rejects it. Various
expedients have been devised by the physi
cians to administer nourishment. Among
others, blisters huvo been applied and then
("oil Liver Oil rubbed on the scarified sur
face, and thus absorbed into the system.
The unfortunate young woman is little bet
ter than a skeleton, and her sufferings are no
doubt very severe. The physicians Blate
that there is recorded in the books but one
similar case.
onhandtowaitupoiiourcuslomursanddoourliealto U- Wllal ipma, roniuytvanit
DlBaaolhi m ' This U a truly wondf-rlul remedy for IndiResllon.Dys-
V WANTKD.-Tho aubcribers will take one or two Pepsi.. Juandice, live, complaint, conallpatioB, and
e.miiMiii'pd thnt Piftrr.n hnd ever srriotislv on-
the audience in Bremen, we are compelled !ged the religioull te,ti ,1C wouM ,iavo u!.
lowed that conviction to appear in some ex-
to acknow ledge that we have not tho enpac
ity to appreciate tho manner in which ves
sels are taken from Lako Erio to the A Un
tie Ocean.
Dr. Olds. Joe Geigcr, tho inimitable
Joe, ha made a speech in our neighboring
district, confined chiefly to o dissection of
the "man who died for want of honest prin
ciples " He has proved himself a first rate
anatomist and every one who wishes to ob
tain a knowledge of the various points of
the creature should get a copy of Geignr's
description. The instruments used upon
the occasion, were made to order by tbe ed
itors of the Statosman, Eagle, Medill, Ruin
ey and aeveral other prominent Loeofocos
Just now we niightsay OldsAMedill.
0-To show what Gen. Scott's Compan
ion tnougnt oi lit talents when he was
quite a young man, we makd the following
extrac from a letter written by Willium
Thompson, of Virginia, to John Rundolph,
then a member of Congress from tho Old
Dominion. The letter can be found in the
Life of John Randolph, by Hugh A- Garland.
Mr. Thompson say:
"We havo boon visited by the young la
dies of Liberly Stock, and by it mentor,
Major Scott. I hail rather haue his wisdom
than Newton' or Lock', depend on it, he
hat dipped deep in the tcienc of mind."
Sebioh Accident. A person by the
name of John Kelso, a workman in Mr. Geo.
L. Shinnick's Cordage Factory, full, lust
evening, a distance of sixty feet or more,
from aliickory pole which was raised by
our democratic fellow-citizens, on the up
per levee, a few evenings since. Mr. Kelso
was climbing the pole for tho purpose of
adjusting tho ropes, and when ut about six
ty feet in height became exhausted and
slipped a short distance on tho rope and
thence fell to the ground. Both of his leg
were broken, aud one hi several place.
He also received a serious cut (ruin u hatch
et which he had slung to hi side. He I
yet living, but the chance arc ajainst bis
recovery. Zane. Cour.
pression, iu this brief letter. Hut there is
no hint of tho kind;- and from this" we infer
that Mr. Semmes' olaborute urgumeiits, und
the strenuous efforts of tho Democratic party
throughout the Union to clear Pierce of ail
participation in the illiberal prejudices of
his fellow-citizens of New Hampshire, huvo
failed to convince the acute und far-seeing
What Does it Mean! We havo receiv
ed, says the Ohio Stat s Journal, a letter writ
ten by Dr. Edson B. Olds, of Circlevillc,
Ohio, to Cyrus McCutchen. The letter is
dated at Circlevillc, October 31, 1834, post
marked at Circlevillc November 1, and di
rected tu said McCutchuon at McCutchons
ville, Crawford county, Ohio. The person
who sends it to us evidently thinks it impor
tant. We publish it und leave the public to
draw its own inferences. There may be
I something that we do not understand with
I which this letter is connected. Who knows!
Here it is verbatim:
CirckviUe, October 31, 1831
Dear Cyriu Yours uflho present instant
is at hand. In answer, you will hear bad
news. On the SUtli instunt I hud the mis
fortune to have my drug store, with the
greater part of its coutents, consumed by
Are. I huve not time to givo you the partic
ulars at this time. I huve bought at Mr
J amies, for you.about $160,00 worth of hats.
Du you think they will sell well and what
kind! high or low price. I wish you to ex
amine tho bill which I gave you, and see If
I charged you with the 3 uz. of quinine. If
you should be written to on the subject of
your purchase of goods and medicines when
in Circlevillc, don't answer until you heur
from mo first. Don't show this letter to
any one, but burn it immediately.
Yours, K. B. Olds.
Whii; Victoky m Nashville. It will be
seen (snys the Maysvillo liajle of Hept. 2$,)
by the following private, telegraphic des
putch, thnt the Vhi;r tmijorily In the munici
pal election of Nashville is now about ten
Pkesihehtial Klectioh. The luw pas
sed lust winter, regulating the election of
(jovernor, members ol the Lejnnluture, coun
ty officers, fee, provide that the poll books j ti wo seek lopive fict
shull be kept open till mx o clock, p. in.
This should be remembered by judges of
elections over the Stute, as it applies to the
election to be held oil the 2d Tuesday of Uc- j
toher. j
Hut there is nothing in the law of last win
ter that changes tho time of closing the polls
at the election of Presidential EMors..
TliiJ, by the luw, is fixed ut four o'clock, as
wus formerly the case in all elections in this
State. It should have been chunged so as
to make the time of closini; uniform, und we
hope tbe Legislature will uttend to it this win
ter. MeaiiwhiIe,tho judges of elections, voters,
etc., will pleuse bear in mind tbut, at the
State election, on tho 12th of October, the
polls lire to remain open till xix o'clock in the
afternoon, but that at the Presidential elec
tinii.oii the 2:1 of November, the polls close
at four o'clock. This is important, und
should be duly iinpri ssed upon the minds uf
the people, everywhere in the tstatu.
If there bus been uuy luw passed that has
chunged the time nf closing the polls, at tho
Presidential election, it lius escuped our no-
lice, nnd we will bo much obliged to any one
if he will notify us and the public. O. IS.
Juiu mil.
news earlier il.au anv eastern pub
Wc have also eneaired tho services of E. D. Max.
riKLii, Miss A Lie a Caucy. Mrs Stowc, and many
(iih.'rx, wo rontributo ftFlscclla',eoua, Statistirai.
Sricvttfc, IlurlicuUvrvt, financial and Commercial
W o mod -termtni d to be behind no other paprr.md !
will n.t apart, inniiev or UlHr to ma'ie our paper val-
iiabli) to every .ne, ina e or temale.
Tho (iae.Mo has been oatablished SIXTY YFARS,
snd has grown in cnnlidinco u a reading an.! advrr-i.-iing
pM'r. (hir establinhment has chanced from a
lug i-Hii'ii In a larjfK six ainry ouinn g t.ur privs
room ha Ann been greatly improved. The old fash
ioned baud preise have been discarded and steam
pi-nHsea introduced We now have six power presses
driven by steam, and many rani, hand and other pros
sea Instead of employing but two men aa Inrin'-rly.
thn number has gradually swelled lo two hundrn'd;
ou xpcnos have iiicreaned trom ten dollars per
week U olio thousand, and instead of conducting but
o;,o branch of tliu bustnesa. we now undm-tako to ex
ecute almost any kind of work pertaining to the art of
orin im?. U'o can fill orders for Newpapors, Book-
work, a'l kinds of .lob Printing, llinding, Lit hegn pil
ing. tond Kngraving, Ktnreotypbig, etc. Ws state
this to shovr our onward progreb.
Our Daily Pnper
Contains a much 'srger amount of reading than 'ny
othoi Cincinnati daiiv paper We Juvole especla
piin-4 tr U'Htinx accurate and re labs news Muare-
parlicu'ar'r carefu' tosvoid porsona ifio and vu'giri-
tiw we seen logive r tela wo rrnn our reaiern as
if thev were intei'igent men, and givetlipm such infor
mation hosring on tlio suojeci, u win uinu lo en igm
en the mind. . ..
The Cincinnati f a ktt k win maintain its pnM
tion as a leading Whig paper in tho Went, and its pro
orielors ami editors have, through a seria of lilfv
mam, been the hteadfaid fvi.-n.is and advocates oftbose
urincipes knonuai WhB prtneip-es. They do not
permit tl'eir paier b ind: to foi ow tho behnsts ofsny
good and industrious boys In harn the Hoot and Shoe
B . . .. . .1 . . V p. It Villi
mamvg Jiiumcu. "CM, sun
Lancaster, May 19, 1S52. , 3
1AM just now receiv ing and opening out. a large
and woll selected
Stock of Spring Hud Summer (iiIh.
which I am dutorniiued to scllaa low aa any other
liuute in Ohio.
who wish to purchase will find the lolloAiuii articles,
to-tit: i . '
Press Silks, fancy an-l plain; Kilkdo.; Vsncy t-swns,
Silk Bitreges, Kahry l)clne. Calicoes, Ginghams, .
White and lane y Rtibes, einbrd; Psrasols and Fans,
all kinds: Mliite damask crape ahaw Is i
Worked Cuir,Slurvn and collars; Bonnet Ribbons:
Fr-mch and fancy tinweiv; dreba trimmings; .
Dress buttons, of all sorts; silk and linen brsdea;
New Htyle Ilouuets, .
Edgings snd lace; black si'k lace; new stvlebloomor
pnmh,- xiinerinr lil!:a: Marseilles Vestinrs: -
Clnlhs and cJBiineres, Sattinots, Jeans and tweeds; .
Muslins from , to I yard wide, sheeting; ,
iilesched uiualiii!'. cotton varns, tirkiiiiis, bagging; .
I.eeliorn nnd Palm I.eof Hat, newMyles,
Batting and Quoenjware. a verv lariie stuck of
and prices to suit customers.
All iIioh" ho will avormewith a'cs'l b-lore they
buy elsewhere, will be saving money bv Hi ing ho.
tancAst,.r, April 17 i At Oil rWL'T. .
K-bilitv, curing alter Nature's own method, by
Nature's own Agent. theOaslrie Juice.
all Mains ef this cmaplahA ImaMrllslalr nllmd, a Blnllat
ol haw Ions Unilini, , Pmm,klU fmr TuUml. This
laem Is u Inslnlul as Cllol sat, and Uw slow and drsaiirsl
wwf"" tlx maliulr. Uoauna u na u a itatras whioh
raiiilfs iW patiani alua-lr aaabui k awvs, loraaseoa of itt awst
ilalnwslng taaluras. .
K new rWds la this rsmadr and PhrtMlans aas h pakllolr
anil iHrivataljr with uerlaul aaoosat. 1.41 anr Oe who ass avaa
liail a syaiioni ef DeHr. of aar ekatautar kaao labailiukr
lijr Ursos, aiul, if Umf would avoid tha aacaiaral
m perroniu. Ilia srstani and let Um aocamalutad water flow
awav utilr la Sll ap asain. and Auallv lo and hi a dnadral
Smiia, kit Iheni jiiM aas Uiis ramatlr in teaion, and a iwoovarB'
is sura. ( at them trr ll at anr ofuiis diaauaa, and aouna
is aanain, ll Uw wilt lia ii a Tair anah .
and all (Iimssh of lk arinsrr orsans l far Ihaso rllitranHna
uomtlttiii1s, it Mands aluns i no oilier aruok, ean prliova rooa
anal IM tunas loHWoU la wiu iMNisiaoa uw aaoat aaavuuai l
des panipblok
wank bank, wenkiwot or Iha KMnen, k., or laltasiiulloia
ol uraw, is liamoiliauilr nliovid kr a few dans' fas of Oil
naidkiua, andaur.alwararullol iuaaa. llHuadtu
Jt-llall'a teaspoonl'ul ol I'cvsih, infused in water, I tor uuk soojpluinu, aad also lor oaraaiMaraU of lin haMkl
wiliuigwii or uusjlve, rive rouaataj iiuum b'j ..
in aboil tin, hourt, out of the atomsch. IBKEOTILABrnSS. ITrPPKBJ8I0N8,
PKPS1N in the chief element, or Urest Digesting . pnlnfnl nensunaiions. No articla ho, tvtr been afertincm
d : 1 r i.i. Juira ll.A mlnrnt uf tlii I which woald lomk Uiii kind of dmnsamnuy .It ajiijr
Principle ol the f.aalnc Juice tho nalcenl ot m i uHln M t ,u ,ni aH0uva ramwlr, and did wa fnl
Food, the Punfyiig, Preserving, and t;mulatmg eiiiod i do so, onold iro
Agiuit of the stomach and Intei-tines. It is extracted I A TE0U8AN1) HAKK8 ' '
lioiu thedigeative atomsch of the Ox, thus lorming M Jlf wfm (l) thi, ,iin,in, olnw uf oomnlslnis. Sea
an Artificial DiKCstivo Kluia, precise! v like tho na- pnmphiri. Ail brokan down, dvbilltaud ooimiiiiuoni, frunv
; ,,.l Gastric Juice '"'"j.TOrf fK VS&Z7l
nishmg a complete and peilecf aubstituto lor it. By I tnm l(w ,,,, r
the sid of this pnparation, the pains and .evils of indi- . . The 41 daUnut nnvemln wklch coenxoa ibis arilola, man.
. .: .. .. j j ... : - ....J l..u, iI.a.. ...nnlil ; 1-al I ImimmI im liartmulHrlv in Uia auiiliimlioa of lha com.
1u,.Fp....,.nr- J. . , di.mi. cln- of Mm,;.7.inu whk bead
be by a heallhy stomach. Ill doing wonders for D s- , -1B r,h. f Umo, hila ba ami ia lb
peptics, curii'g canesol Di'bihtv, emanation, nervous , anrth of hsiroiia, a
decline and dvpepticconumption, suppose,! to bom CERTAIN BOTANICAL AGENT,
me verge oi im-grave. vsira m i hl. h In nil iIwiim- or dsfiuisMTMnU or lha rcaisla riuiM,
which it is based, i6 lu the hight-bt degree cui'iout and : iilmtrtinuuiis, diillculiio,, paiiil'ul oientiraaiioiuu itc, hue
r . ..i. t.i0 . , i clll-,1 n unra. Tliia root is indisenous 10 our soil, ami foiiiuk
itui.ji. Mirrf,tiV'fi in Itirsc n u ti iililim. awl aa a oifi'icinal proiiwt, stand with
tStlftiViiiiJt. AKUUt.ll A! 1 6UtanMin! illornnonoof tha oompoamls in the prvpara
BARON I IKB1G in Ids celebrated work on Animal mm, which, as a whola. is Uw bmt nmedr vtr tirn u a)
chemislrv. vi: "An Artificial ligetive Kluitl, ans- dB'ilj,'f r.,n"k' " " Mi 'l" wul re,Ww'1
logous to the UaUric Juico, it ay be readily lrupred j "".. kIM oTall Symp.tlwUu fliioaaw attendant aa par.
fivni Hie mucous incnibralie of Uielouiacn ol tho Call, ! nanny i iinllnrt thoao distratnni and puinfol trooblos whiok
in which various ailicles of fond aa moat snd rg';s, j olwnocoar both to mardod and nnnarrird ramalot, ond re.
will be evened, rltwtgcd and digtstcd ju.t in the ! '"Eft oUUaoiioaa wbuk amo lews takmi
same uiariHrs9 thev would be inlhe huinanston-ach." ! nrutfafTMeTin-i , ...1- n . '
Dr CUMhK, in his vslusble writings on the "1'hy- j m, inHammatium tkt .uki,. 6,.,k,. VviilyriT
lor au umso
Crorse lluiumrl's Prfiniuin Essfiiire of Coffic
MANUrACTUHKn bv Dakikl Doill.1 H & CO
One Puikagc at 13 cent will nave 4 tin. of Vi.ffee!
sioltigy of pigoslion," observes that ' a dimiiiiitirn of i nf". Jfiikt Swain, WtaJnms.tv,
tbeduu.quantitvetthsUastiie Juice is a croniinent aaoowr aaa waoasiuv.
and a!l-preriling cauan nt Uviti'psi;" and he "tnUa j CANCERS', FEVEB S0RE8, BCB07LXA,
tliat -a i.itin uiaiiidt.rnfessn'rrfiie'diriliein London, SWKM.lin JOINTR.IIAKDTI'MOM. and KPINAI.
who was sov -l v alliirteil wilh H is coli planil, find- : A'rr',1',1 ll'WB ''. .M'd"''e. ai u eartar (Asawal
Ai(ole (o tru this Mediant, a a cum wUi ckktainlv ra
nt evervhniy else to fail, hnd recourse lo the Cias-
ti-ic Juk-e, obn.iued lioin the Moinsrhs oi living mi
tiuls, which nmrcrf romplftrty miremsful.n
Dr. tiKAIIA.M, autlioi- olllie lamuiix woninon-ve-
More Locofoco G ALruiNisM in Ohio. It
hus been only u few duys since wo unnounc
ed that the luto Locoloeo Treasurer in Co
nhocton county, hud co.ne out minus fur 'u
urge amount in the settlement of lus uc
meds' in ho Anici it-Jr. lithtiltile. New York, also I Hitilogv.lbat the lomarhs ol uninialM, niircraleil in
wilh t" tint premium torsnciiaitic.es intboi iauk. I wstm, liiiparl In me Hunt tl
te property of diesoliiiig
lofeliurting a kind of r-
rpill-i K-smiru wati Lito'y awardi d with a silver galal li- I let, "says: -'It is a remarkable lacl in pliy-
J i
Phi 'l.ilnlit:,. vsiioiis ailicli'K of food. nudi
nor bliudiv advocate everv pleasure of Partv with- ! ri.i u hn eua ami u IT. l the i ronriotor's ao'e i til'rial tl'wKsliun. of them in no wise dill.irent lVom the
out in pilm, whether right or wrong. Vhile we pur- r)epot,IK;( a lowhil stieel.l'hilsdflj hia. AlM,lr,r.ale j natural digestive process,".
sua that which is right, wo wil folow tile dictates . i. . Asi-nts. snd st the M incii-a' Ii-ue and (jroccrv i 11 Vi. all on I he Ag.-nt, and g-t a Descriiitive rircu-
1 store IIMOIIKUOIIt iiih i iuihu niait'i,. . ,bi .115 i.r-i,iwi.. ... ..v.....
similar lo 1110 aouve, logcini'i w 11 11 ri'inni, v icmaiik-
g aiid (jroccrv
ol none. 1 .(..re- ihioiialioiit thn United Slates.
The Commercial N ewa of the Dai'v Gaxetto is 1 ti,;. K.asenre has bet-n oroven bv manv Ihottssnd-
verv lii'1, and acenrate'v msde up from the bonks of ; e .1,- ri,.,..i and most resiieclaHie fumilies. as w ell able cures, from all narl of the Vn'r ' States.
the Mori'hauU' Kxchsng", and a 1 tho bi-st sources ot ml ov t10 p0(irnr c'a ot pcoplfl. almost through the Alt a yMpi Curer,
infonnatioii, hi ono who d-vot'-s hu vvho'e titneto the ' wnul. 1'nitpd Stntes.tn be la I'srthe best preparation 1 Dr.. HOUGHTON'S PKVHlN l.ss proi'tirf d the most
stibiect; and we cive a'l Hie Kino nc ial unj Cummer- ; r ..ir.... vi.r olti.re.1 to the niiblic. t'olloe n.atlo bv ! msrvelloiin elfect-i. in curine esses of fiebilUu. A'mo-
rial News a bnsin man mav want. ,),; Kssi nceis much more who exonie.mt.rtiih licalo, ciatiun, Mervou lieiiiiit iiM lrjpeptie roiitoviptio. !
A nil Ailvertiiiiitf inetlimi', the Gazette oer ,vored, perfoclly clear, and. in every insttnee, I' U impossible to give the details uf rain in the liin- j
tauda rtiretnost, Iu early adveitlsnrs uumlier near : ,,UUB1.j,. to tho finest Java ( nll'i-o. its of this advertisnineiitdnitanthenticiled certificates j
live hundred, ami our advorli-lng charges w i I reach 1 f.. ,u.,ier to irive full atisfactioii and proof that tho In v been civen of morn than Two Hundred remark-
JIOO pur da v Our number uf transient advertisers 1 hove article is perfertly healthy , audio show some- i nhle cures, ill I'hi'adelidtia.New York and Boston alone,
aro verv numnroiia. . ; (,ji,g of the desurved repulnliouii has gained and just- These were nearly all dospersle csses.ai'd Ihe cures
Our rm-'iVKKKi.v cnnlaiusail Ihoiluws of ihoDsi r ! jy entitled lo, we sum xs fmv roitificstus and vecoin- were not only rapid snd womlerlul, bin perinont jit.
'.,..!. 1 U I munilniiiins. tiartit 11 orlv re atinc to hca th. from Dr. It is a trrear A'prootj Antidote. unA particularly
:.:r .. , ... .1 f.i 1 1:1: ji. 1:. iiainawat win not uorms
la Ihe lsr't.sl best snd rhoaonst In the West Uoolllaiul l"r- cnuinn. praeuca ciinniiins ana auhiy- ranuui inr leuuei.iy iu tii.u in uroiu.-,, ..vu. v...... B, Umw enauu. M m. aiSy.u- jflji JSj
iJ t-u.uL h- AV.. , , , .en f,,c'istol the cities oi ri,!l.,didPbi snd Now York. . plaint, fever and ague, or b.tly Wealed fever and .miasm,,,.,, ociuuwiuat ul uign uiataiaar.
' : -' ' " Collc-e Aivniie.Tei'th street, brbw fllarhel, ague, and tho ovil enacts or tJuiiune, Mercury, and
I I'll per annum Ae c;'mta't"", . Philadelphia. Septemhe, 4, tSol. other drug, upon the Digestive Organs, .tier i long
M Tl isVn'st 1 ' ' h" n'"' ' ,hB " '' ! Al.o,for exef.. inealin, snd the to. free
7 1 " ,t ", ., ' ., ' li.-ub.es. nie iUllKUIi,i oh,,r j, r0.t ,nJ Una that itb .on. u of anient spirits. It aUnot roconcile. llcuilh
We invite attention to the cairns of lhi paper to the
n't from its utr, there tring aa Med'iint ana, toart (aa
wrtnju ig. in vn.jtgnus aas am a rampMtu
To ttw flmil Wm ratwisllr. anil whatever thsM vera.
plaints luvrail. this motltuiuo k, otl'ttrsd.
no dcietprious comtHtund is a nirt ot this mlslsw. It oaroa
lliami '!lriie, will, iMriuimjr atuf cekrnly, aiul duet not leave
the vlein tr.wl.
It is ntuilti oi room alone, and is purely a Vejtotaklo Prcpara
U011, nnd linn iMMiiiiiK in iu ooiapaillon wiiiuh oan in las kraal
injure any iwmoii under anr inrounmutnuM whatever. No
meruuB uvruhviileti of the higheM nMiieulubility are uublislwd
in Uw pniuiikieu, wiiiuii are ihitnbuled sratuileualr
Onmrttmtt of h muit Maiiifiil alittnusicr, it
ami a uun Tollowa by i. Iw iluyi uw of this nriiut s It ft fa
lie I on tuiy ullir pre.in ration lor tliu .(Iimiu, or for mi utitot
uitwtN tmiciuuliiiK liotn impura blood. Sm pumplilet.
will IIimI U10 Mwri.n uropfl)Mof thwonkl -PURIFY
uml ilrlv ii.h iliMwii-tM I ruin the tftrm. 8r pnmhlet fbt
bMimoii)r t QUfut in till dlMUivt, wiiiuh lhs limiuof an adviu
is-vmviii. wm um iwiim 10 iw nnmni item. A lent! tltvm
of tlw viruitn of n nwliuiit-t, ntvirr aiipcaml. It U una of th
isFuumtr ivauii-M ui um uruma tnai it never ittin to banafil in
any v,wmt uml it bone Hud mnwle tue lalt tu build buq lat )if
viiiiat.tuicu uiiu IllfeVtlllst IIIalim '
Uml hwii tnhiiiK the ineiliiiiii tu lunn uj Uiairv It tio linuiv
iiwnt. TtMj propriaiur would
ituiiiil a mini bur uf artiulai whioli uomt ont umUi tha baail uf
M vnrm fur lroiy, Urn vol, fcc.i TUay urt 'hI fur notbin:.
uml tiom,ot;id lu null ilia unwury ;
M r IllVlir Bllltdl If Ml III Hill r. Bllllr. l'l till" Itmurt wr i tn i . i ;,l ',
support ..fllie If, at. Without in Ihe leist rearing may be used free'y and wi hpei lect .).. y. I
0111 ,..-rliMto,n.ii.ethe I'o iti.-ai departtnont of the . .. . . " 'Vt. ... ! . 1 ,
fia.ette worthy of ,11b I.- conlide. ee. rlr anll-iipg soy Pm: of nioimMry apphod to Aria. rank I" Itis Ut, u. ,t do,', rot
dim nu 1 in lb., cr.-l,i th. rln exi-. ie.l ovr the A'p. n chamber street, Sew ort, Aug W, l-ol. , matter hnn
Old Stomach Cmnnlaii h.
s no form of Old tSomacheomulaints whirl
rot H em. to reai h snd remove st once No
w bad thev m v be. it tires instant relief!
....... : 1 .!... .1 .... , ....in.. .inn.-m-ia nr 1 w.l , I have examined n attic e prepared tiy .iiessi-s. . a BitiBle dote reinnvus all the uiipieassni svuipioms;
and (iennra Sews, wo bsve determined lo msUe in ! "ummel, ltohvr and co . I hi'adi-lphis, cs led Kssence , ,n.l il only need, to be r e(.d for short limn to
ceased v. rlions to render our co utnns Helsn.rt lor ' 'lleo, which la uilonditi to Im u.,.;. with colfoo. mke tliee go. .1 ell. ( Is p rmalli'llt. Pnntu,fhliod
.MISCKM.AM.tJUs KLAU1KU, nmie accepUb o to r.r..-.-"V":i - -rs .
riberi. ( iroiu any iihiij; imjiuioiii. u. n
our subscr
Iti this department wt'l a ways be found a csioful
'y chosen nif'angool Tain, Poetry, Mora1 Ksiiiya.
, I find it free not on I
lib. but, on tho con.
aud r'gitr of Hody follow at once. It in pai-tii uhr-
iv exct'll nt tn canes ol Psu.wa, omtiing, crnnips,
count. Thin fuilin'f,it Hppears liuu bfonsomo- lluscriplice ami liitdnrirai SU Irh.-s, - dilying and
A purtiuulut itudr of tlw pauipblel w
wliut I'pidomic hi cliiiructt'r, nntl lui rxl..'inl-
ed over into the ni'irliliurino; county uf Knox
where tlio lute Auditor hue suffered a very
violent attuck of this dineuHU tu tho tlUtrPH
in ain't of 8H7.0-I5 71, TWKNTY-SEVKN
Wo liuve before lib tha report of tin' com
mittee of investigation, nppoiuli'd by tliu
Court ofComtnoti l'len of I lint county,
in puinplilt't form, goiii(J into di;tiiiU of llio
mode and inunner, in u liicli tliin outrageous
nwinille anil cheat was perpetruted on the tux
pnyerM ol Knox county. Thin- wus ell'ected
by fuUo entrien, ordcrn for private uho charg
ed us public expenses, consolidated ordem
nnd ouiiHiuoiia tu pont evidently deuigned. ' mnrciai aud Social
The Court huviu? examined the reimrt of i Union.
Mitritm Trucy, Willium Shrimplin itt.it Win.
McCli'Uund, the cuiiiinilteeof invuslijjatioii,
ami bi'inj; of opinion that the intereHUof the
county required it, directed the l'roHi'ciitinj
Attoriify to brin Hiiil on tho ulficiul bondx
of M. M. Beam, late Auditor, for breach of
tho condition of said bund. -Zdies. Cour.
numerous K.xtrst-U from Current l.ilerslur'; Asn
ritltiiral and llorlicullur.il Information, and a c ilunin
of DtntiMttig and instruclivn Selei tioua tor Ihe benefit
t.f the juvt'iti'e inttiiibersol the Home Kit ettlo. Wc
wit: leave imtlher pains nor expense untried, to ren
tier our psper enteit.ituing anil useful to the Uuki-
ueks lunn and genera rosd rand rami y lircm
trarv. Hie IngiedienN H' whieh it i .,.,nl.,-d are p -r- ' soreness of the pit of the slon,.cl-,.liblreh alleresting j rMt ,,,,, of mtin, .J, ui
lllClly WIHIiewiniir. l I . nil.' u,',.u- ... ' ii.-Mi.ni. j ,i.v, ttini flint; ni Hill truiini,; innviuw.f, ni. in .
Ker lain by (1 K Al'KK.M A. Kt co , Ag'tits. I spirit .vi pon li'ncy, emacialion, u eal.ntMS, tendency
and oilier Ih-ii-gi, Is si'd Crocers gi,iiuiullv : to In.mntlv, siiti-t ii'. &c
I.nrnst"r. Ohio, August 3, Wt . , )r. llul'dMTOVS I'Kl'SIN. U nr.Id byesrly sll :
ine iteaii-rsin lirinririi''nt fnputnr ii iiiciiii'S.turoiign.
lr, !. I', luttll filila I.MilX.'il ! j nt the United Stales. It U prrpsrtHl in IWdi r and
S.jl':i;-.liriH:l. i Huid firm and irusciiJii..u vials lor tbe use of
rpilKmuarkali'e asnativn powersof I'r. N. ' ' ' ''b!""SVs-,ri,,, frtlin use ol llivairlana, mav
J. ,,ucirt .arrr,iiiuiii.tuce.i uiiiii"! ,,:.. n, l.iti-l.l.,norl.i, Atteiits.d.tai nbiiu,
lift llirs
.1. ... in :.. i ..... ...I 1 r .. .. i i ... .
tie itn-ii an ittrfai.u. nn's ill nniuiii wiiti i .iin.m. . ,n .'ml r,r i.vl.. II ir. nn. Ins I 'a I' til e It ... . . ... :. .1
it ,U houses di.tinBi,hUd person, and pie j "jj ,,f Vr Tow-xsknii's KA.ua) lo a i tttv t.ies.l, ol mXC
liur Ktlitorl.' arranged. r.r attt-h. h.t in , 1 'rU'is sn 1 :.it,.i.,K .y e.tov,: the ZiJX uZXXZ
diparttii.t.,., our u,t.l.li.hm. nt e caii oiler a guar-1 VA1.l,.K1)l ,M OMmHAtlt ,. no tuuttan rojint.i- ',"1.Z ami n L ilaV n. lice
anlM rf aid ite. eimwlwu and , .i...ti i h ew i . ...t x u T... .,.!. ble statlillilg ami l.'. lllai .mi In e. I ltc.?l pt l IMitlie.
iv .1. i... i. .i i t. f ... Si r. X T i "it u pfi - : n .!), VK Til is! Kvir V bitllf ol Ihe CeDllllle
ofSiti-Mpai i a, than '.Hio.tous t lot x nisi i.av ueen . p.;..;l (,-ar-the vst-illensli-nstiiie r.l .1. S. llUU'till
Week ies in thu Uiiili d Ixttitea contain more mutter-
wa have nnsrty on. third mot-eihau anv tVWktr ' v' ,0 p .'nm,.hln? tll:e It. j "''vVi li , In , r: Zhi;ft7
fro... tii i..n.,t;f ami each Weekli i. e.,a. I? 20 I j VJ JMa Ar,ie?.. kept eo.ta.lV ; HM Td-Mr eecu c ! ' ' ' 1
pag.is ol an oclavo vn tiiiiu and nm e are ma l up I m. i.n b v KAt'l-'l .MAN 10. r";.' 1 1 "n ix , , in I. ;., m i: :.
wiTwgrostan expenditure of ,.bor and. nnntn.es' ! foncaMer, A4 4. . . ' , ' nij La" cast"
peculii fiirthe pitipnsanl stipp'ting niatlvrol pocu-; -, - ylci(--Jin AlllJ I.. M.i.t:iil. UAkCAiia.,
iarimporUnce lo Western HesdoM. and of proper i S0.0OO 'i It ! Milil ill II J vnr. 2H- J- I1, .""l"' "'J?,!?'- ....
"Ths Widow's Cni;8T.,,-.Mffnnimiiy
u conceacd to ho u virtue. Tim man who hIi iIU
pom Disown life to suve that of unother, ! That Si.-ite ia nn
perlorint more than required of him in the
doculo(juo. But he who has tho opportunity
to perform a deed uf kindness, without viola
ting; his olCcial duties, and neglects to im
prove it, wanting in the betor qualities
which distinguish tnun from the brute. And
yet, whom bill was beforo Conjrress, pro-poaniR-
to allow tho widow of President Hah
"'?th I'i'lful remnant of his first year's
salary, Fbauk Piebce, then a member, vo
ted and vwltA to defeat it! Surely, the Wid
ows snd orphans m,,t cherinh a lively feel
cK KjvXov'xiiuch bonefactor!-
ftSrUenvral, your CUUt is Good, hut darn
your I'ic.'.les! Wen Major Jack Downing
ctilli'd upon Generul Andrew Jackson ut the
While House for tlie first time, ho wus re
filled by the President with Chuinpiigno and
Olives. Tlio iloughly Mujor tried both
the firnt ho liked, the eecond he did not fancy,
and laying the fruit hack upon tho plute
scurcelv titrttetl mti.l. "(!enprui. vtitir rider a
tunes us irreut in it was Inst yeur. Parly K0,)(, but dam imur picHex!" just so tho't
linos were drawn, a ml parly leeluifrs were old-fusliin lied Democrut in the interior of i
ur importance lo Western Hesders, and of proper ) S0.0UO I'lillicr Milll III II Jfllf
prusoniiugan con.itnt , advocadng thegieal foin- ! miIK 0i0 KM0NI-tT. Patent Notes, d.-cid-
intcrokis ol una seciiou o tlio j wy , ,e,t snd most popular seb cllons ol
C.hiinrh aud Sscrctl Music ever put)iisneJ-iosses-xing
many ureal advantages to thu learner, ovor
Tepr & Kickahiit, Circleville;
MarrhR. O. HoiiKBT. t'nt u.-uiii's
nrlli.le tiiitl tlnnu il.
ttrnevllv no lml.1.1.
Akuiii. iiuil nil win, tt-ll tlie nrtiule are
iiNiiiiitnii-ly. I'nl uti in 30 nr.. bottle", nt Ill os. do. at
U i Is. tmrli the IsriteriittlilinsS on. ruorelltun live ruttli bol.
Ufa. I.,iuk nut uml nut trttt imposed vpon. kverr buttle has
" Vtinsiiii VesUilile liitlioulriiilie ivliilure," bluwn aeon
Ute icIiim.. tile uiritleu lisntttilre uf " li. C Vunslui " on tho
ilirfiMiun-, uml " ti. C. Vaughn, rldtTalo," etampnt um the
curs. Nmie other are aeittiine. 1'rai.itrf.d by f)r. ii. li,
VuiiKliti, ami soltl m the I'rinuiuxl tlSice, UU7 Main street.
Ilultiilo, lit wlioitMale ami retail. Mo nttenliun siven to letters
uii.eM ihmI tmiil puet phitl letters, or verbid ouinnutikaUeus
wili.'itiiitt tutvit.e, ironiitly ntlenileil lu, truus.
Wluile'itle Ate.. a, llltwll, McKhmoii (t Rubin,, No. 17,
Miililen iisiie, .New Turk City i .Mm. K. Kiiitler It Co., Boa.
luu ; O. rl. HunUhll Al Co., sjlnciniiali t J. Owen at Co., te
troit; 8wm el Buy. I'lii. nto; fink Hi Hall, Cleveland; R.
i t. Hellen., I'ltMUiirilh ; Wilier k Klnn, llamiltoti, C. W.a
I -mil Inrinle by all itie tvnuet'tuhle llrusasns Uuvttsbeai the
; Unilcd bttttui uud Camilla, aud at reuul br
; 1 ocel A Sols k'unei. -
G. Knitirinan St Co., Co , tancaat r; Leonard & Br. -I
ther, Basil; Sluw and Hutchinson,' West Rushvllle;
1). 11. I'ainhard, Uthtipoiis; O (I. Mealier, Somerset;
I. Troop i ud Kickhart, Circliviile; Henry King,Tarlton;
"Dr II. A Usher. Hiltlmore.
TKftMS !
lAt'.V, ps-abo ha,l-er'v $8.00
- TIU-H Kt.lvLV, patablo after six months ol each .
tear, ,5,00 1
Wl:l.KLY,S-.',("liu advanct.; tifiO during Ihe tear
or at tho to J of thu ear, (3,00
l"'or the cash in advancu, wo Mil' aend the fo' ow
iug number of Week ies to bu stopped iuall casus
wbeii me lime la out;
iirevv other ilno't extsnr.
. The Trade, Agents and Teachers, supplied on good i
' .. ... . 7 li". . I...... II l , T L V . .. . .
terms. rn-.ilHnitl antl l.ir situ oy j. ii. rtii.r. i oix.ii--Cnlilml.ni.
June",. ISVj
("1 DKVfll. ovCO.arn preparodto furnUh rllkluth
JT. of Steum l'.iiiriiios, upon short nulico anu
at f.'incinnnli and PittHbiireh pricea.
Also, all kinJs ol Mill Wearing. iloitig Kcrowa,
.1 u C.w 2 Ii, n..l. nlhap 3 aK III.
K X ll. do do H to tfO. ...1 ,6 i jtKulsiing ScreMS.JAck bcruivs; r uliur sNci-ows unj
do Ml, do do ailandupwaftls..l,IK);c,;l;V'sj,,''' r. .ii.,,..,t
c:. Ai.Dir.oNs -New subacriutinns to a cub Mill Spiiidlwol cast iron or wrought.
n buim.de at Ihe flrenortionuV rate and so that the u "d. "'I' .......... . I
will ij(0 lurnisn ina diihit h nun n
'r ihm Curs at .
rile result, is muinotls ol what we i Wi.vn,. ruiintv the other dnv. whet, hiw f.nefi
I! throughout Tennesse in Noveinlier. Coeu' li'etliren Lui.l l.iui the t-niiitilimeiit ..f
The Nokweuus 8ETTLEngsT.-It is .tat
ed that alroady ono tliuusand emiurrants from
;i:il tiii nr. Id nlut liy, und
Kentucky is us eerluin us sthe uvcr wus in
her life.
To the Editor of the lsiuisviHe Journal:
Nashville, Sept. 25.
h'irrt Scott (Sun from 7'e7ima, .XashviHe
Municipal EUrtion.W'o have eleetetf it
Whig Mayor by 244 Majority. Last year
tho majority wus 34. This vote is s signifi
cant indication.
Nino Whijsand three Democratic Alder
men uro elected. F. It. Zolucoiter.
Nkw York Ann the Pobic Trade The
extent to which tho pork trudo is carried on
tn Cincinnati, anil the enormous sums that
have been realized by it, have frequently
been made the subject of comment. Latter-
aj . -i ...i..j. ..ei.
leurwav nsm auiiien unnn the ,hj.,L
ed bv Oln null In VVetuen t.
if- ' r . . " "ylv' lH.unilNei Vnrker.. Ihnt the trade, nr.!
many iniportanv improvements have already
linen m.ji. an.1 tltA nam .....i . "
.? ..uw uuutrj nas been ' .i , -,
cleared and covered with comfortabls i...v,i. l."".l..'lly
" i ly an idea hits been cniuinjj (rroiind with
some .New Yorkers, that the trade, or at
least a portion of it, uiiirht bo transferred to
Already the firm of Van llrunt
Ullons. A town, named Olonu, lias been I . CIT mve erp"1 '"U" PcKin,fes
laid out in compliment to it. founder. H,.1,, 'v1"",0"1 ne"r the foot of a8th "treet on
intends to add many thousand acres to those ' !u,Nur' 1 rivcr' st " xPnf of about ia.-
1 u.! j r' .i . - UUU, 1 he ttrmniTHmi'tilii wilt mlmil nf lha
-. uu w uubUhl-ui iur kiin uiir uuhh ui ur.t-.unio 1 i
modating hi. countrymen: The object is their ' covfrZu,, Iwil-d.ily. The buildings
benefit and not speculation, aa the land, are I Tiffi I ,"',..,d w"r.k,nen,.brok, lfrou''u1
disposed of to the settler, at moderate rate.. ! "e to b. M h. mf ,' "d,,,t',:n;1
Mr. B. remains in Philadelphia perfectiug , 2 f KlSu T.7e nS'
bi. plan, and operation.. , . eip.l& covered bv llVL:
tiKlllA AAKlaie.
. . . .. a . 1 VUll ISB SB
iairV III I If 111 ttatrwoa 7 1 t ....
Tub Potato Choi- n latLAnDCantaln 1 1 "Z" ' ,u" ?Pr.tion.
Steven., of th. Briti.h bark Gangea, arriv- i Tue number of hs h.vV alrer.,"'?;-
sent forward by Western drovers to ba kill
ed and packed there.
ed at Mam Vcirlr on H-l. f I
- ..vwv V WM V..UIUVJ II . .1 V 11 U III
Uublin.bringing 344 passengers from various
parts of Ireland, reports that passengers con
lirm the statement of the failure of tho pota
to crop, and anticipate In conseauenee a
great tide of emigration to this country and
r.'n.iiKii In. kory pole in front ol bis house.
He tnude no objection to thn pole, but when
they propcmeii to elevate u Pierce and King
flag upon it, "liultl on," says he, ' I go the
hit-kury pole, bet-iuiHu that reminds me of
Jiieksuii.liiit your Pierce und k'ing Hug I cant
stand, At (YiuVri I vote for Si-oW." The pole
rniHiiij diHConliiiued precipitately. Detroit
Doily Adv.
Tke Railway KiniJ aoain. Do Graff,
known in this country as the Railway King,
is still alive and moving onward. We un
derstand Unit he has lutely added to his oth
er contracts ono fur constructing the lino
from Lexington to Danville, Ky. Cin. Uat.
Hugs. We learn from a gentloman large
ly engaged In the hog business, who has re
cently returned from Springfield, in this
State, tlmt contracts were making there for
hogs at $4,00 gross, This is about equal
to 5,37 J net.-Louisville Journal, 21th.
Robiiehy. - Mr. C. C. Cooi.f.v, a mer
chant of Mai. Chester O., immediately after
the landing of the steamer Scioto, at tho
whuifat'Cinuiunati on . Saturday last, was
robbed of 13,300.
OrThe Locofoco papers make more noise
over tho Locofoco pole-raising thun over
their mas. meeting. We are aorry for them,
but let them change the course of their
. ..I... . . . , . . . l. .-.!. -l-nev
uiuu expire, w.u. ine otuer. o. ...e cue - - . . f , , h i( . ,
AcotltH niltl l'rosoevtus. .h,.n Al., the VtUlomill t heel lit nil aa above
Postm astkhm ahii Kiibb PArKKa .We make all The patent on tho Parker Wheel has expired and cou-Poslmaslei-s
agents of tho Cincinnati Os.otte, and r- i ,0,,,ientl- they can be had much cheaper,
uuest ol Ihein t obtain and forward subscribers lor Theyalno conliuuo to owke Devol's Tlireshiur;
us, and we wi I pa the regular cunmissions on atithoj ainxUiiies, and keep a lot con.iii.nily on hand; war-oW"'"-
I ranted the best in Ohio.
Wttwi I a'so aend to ant Pott master ourWeck'i , free, An the above nrlicles will be made with espocisl
Im w 1 1 act as our agont, and win keep our Prosper- , (lro alu uv lhl, i,est workmen, antl will bo warranto J.
tin pasted up in htsollicn.andaid in having it put aud i A djndi f repsring tlone upon Ihe slmrte.t notice,
kept in other places. It Im win designate Ins wish to j Thev also koep coiutni.tlv on hand, Al.l. K I.NIlS OK
-J-.."...": VA "" ., u. 'V y- 1 " y " sertiom or lnle stslniu. nt of Itsellicacy. nor will we
Overt lll'llllllli: 'I t-MiKM.II) . coiupieiooiiieirii-om si..v.so nisi tu.ise no can, ouUny !,,, lt)iUjl- v:n huinaitiry which facta
wmnpi wnniini.
Manv proiifs n linrc t;ivcii. mid we solicit an in-
1NolTii'lnto the community this jnstlv ro1bratpcl
riMneily tordtHMaHe of thu throat and lungti. it is
not our wuh totrtllo with the Uvea or health of the
aillirted, but frankly to lay before thorn the oplninnK
I of diatiuguiKliod innimnd some of Iho ovidonceK of it a
' MiiCGHN-From which lhiv can juduo for themselves.
We 8inccnlv tiK-Hifo ourKoivpvtn make no wild as-
j-M(injr.fltri'ii'y faniti'jrtaie-ciirj
July 09, IMS
Tut Lous. St ah Oruakiatioh a.
jinuch as wo hear, says tho New York Mir
ror, ol "Lrone l.t a
Australia, when the harvest produce I. .old. Ibuster recruiting
. . ly do not Know
uood uteri. t. isome montna since. a i: . t. t r..i i i ...i. . t . r.:.l..
, i ,t t. . , , " oui iiinaniuitiu.iiic. euu staiius tail uv
lady, residing In Boton. loaned a nian i the foro ,ie community as a good and rcspecta-
uin of 833 to assist bin. to go to Califor-! ie caien.
uia. A few day. since, the ludy received i :
from the gentleman a letter informing her OCT Tho Cleveland polico officers, last
that he waa doing finely, and encioslnirl Saturdty afternoon, arrested the man who
a n . a . , . t ... . t . J . I ' . . I ... a,., a...
tjovv. a nno return tnai lor Kinunes. and suppusou iu navo couiiiiuieu mo j.r,uou
rativ t, v. . . . i i ..
r" oritan zations, and r 11. 1 I rnersnip nereioinre existing under the
in Nw York wo n,..iti. f7n-"m? of f'ttANK CO.. Clothing Merchant.,
in NOW TorK, WO positive- was dl.ao vd by mutual consent on the llrst dav oi
of a ainirle person enuaeed Tebu.ia,tmiii hereafter b conducted ,.n.
Ati-Maimb Law Outbao. The house
of tbe mayor of Lynn a friend of the Maine j money waa discovered
liquor law waa entered on Saturday morn.
Uz vert ear) . bv .cveral rowdies, who de.
ilceti tbe exterior andsiiiVdUjeoirpeti
Dwccing, a'c.
robbery, at the Weddell House in their city
Ilia name le De Castro otVuValencia his'
language, Spanish. No part of the atolen
The supposed thief
waa caught In Clncjavaatl.
C3-II U now ttwgM thai Of h. Pierae
will carry ArlPMa.
liur in. urst.n.1.. -f n uimi.m a. ...-.w
Heady Mtttie Clothiug,
fnlrts, llrawera. Uniter-shirt,C'ravata Mand'fa &e
It must also ba remarked th.t ,kl . .
r'DANK. who is so well known for hi.
rood barfatna. intendodto leave town, tsnni
ne svaiibi taanra hla rVlenda. hie euitnmm. - '.L
public generally, that he will b ready to receive all !
tnose wno may lavor mm witn a can.
Alto, at the tamo place and at til times, avlll ba
found a Una lot of Jewthni, Notion nd Vltry.
Lancaster. April 34, 18M Q. MMQN VP,
It I. tiik Ktibflrnae.
eavr' 1
5 aaSaf
OVKR llAI.K a Millleiiof Teslarr.onisli.have been
received bv Iho Proprietor of McAlister's ALL
y ,,vrr- c'rom Physicians tbe most
F ivfV skilful a nd cclel.rated.
' 'rTtK 'llrinri Cnuncillnra learned
S?Ia'fe 1 ill the law, from Judges of
ulul.ilty on the Bencn,
from Ministers of tha tint
,.ol, whoso undrriating In-
egrity have made tliem
ihiiiing lights in the path
of Truth, from enlighten-
ihI Profussora. from acuta
niorcnanta, oe irom tnose
ol everv station, name
and d gr iu..iig manxind all of which, without
one dissenting objection, pronounce this Ointment to
be (100D!
Aa dav bv dav It unobtrusive! v extends Its sphere
of action along Iho borders of our vast country, and is
circulated throughout its extent, new evidences of its
power and new prootaof ittotlit acy are continually
developed. 7'Aree millions of boxos, applied to dis
ease within the last four years have established the
astounding fart, boyoudtlie power of cavil or cont a
diction, that it ia in. alliiii.io in the cure of all Tu
mors, Ulcers, Sores, Hums, Tetter. Piles, Scrofula,
Kryaipeiss, chilblains, scald load, aoreEyea. Quinsy,
crnuu. Rheumstism, Nmken Breast. Aiue In the Face,
corns, 4c. It completely restores tho Insensible pkr-
pisation, anu Dy tins means opens tnoseavenuesoy
which nature intended to expel tho morbid matter of
the bodv thus is thesvstcin cleansed: ths blood pu
rified: and the health restored.
It hai power to cause all external sores, Scroful
ous Humors, and Poisonous wound to discharge
thoir putrid mstter: and then heal them. It ia rightly
terms-' All Healing, for there ia scarcely s disease
external or internal, I list It will not benefit. I have
used it forthe last fourteen years for all the diaeaaea
of the cheat; consumption and liver;invoMng tho ut
most danger end responsibility: and I declare before
heaven and man, that not In one single rase hat it fail
ed to benefit when the patient wtt within vetch of
mortal meant.
J. McALISTER. 141 Kulton-tt., New York. Sole Pro
prietor. A. 8 Hkntirv, Agents fnrOhlo.
Hold bv K. I.. Slot-um snd Otto W. Kranmer, Lancas
ter-, K. h'alb.R.lshville; W.VV.tWd, Carroll; M. Camp
bell. Picknriugton: Leonard and Hi other, Uaail: A. i..
Mitthon, IXKkvilie; Mamuei nartiut, mcnesrer; t
knd.dey, Lithopolis; . Geohegan, Baltimore; J. (Jay
pool, Mew Kalem; J. and 8. lienbee. Amanda; Daniel
llawkin, Sugar Grove; Ashbaugh aod Beery. Bremen.
i)t( Kegs Pure White Lead 6 bblt Venetian Red,
asUU 10 do Red Lead, 1 do Yellow Ochre,
& Ken Drv White Lead- 40 do Unseed Oil. ..
,10 do Lltharage 6 do apt Turpentine
WO lbs Chrome (Ireao. 9 do Japan Varnish
ISO do do Yellow . 4 do Copal do
90U do American Vermillioa 1 do tup coach dotW
Just received and for sale at the city Drug Store late
Lancaster, Inne M, 1 Ml
can examino uioir work.
They are also at this time nianuf'si'tiiriitg the I,.'
fell Vook Stovr, which r.'cttived tho lirt Pronii.
uin at the Ohio State Kail-at Cincinnati lt Kail, and
will keep them constantly on band.
The known quality of the work done tt thU estab
lishment lor many years past. is the best guarantee that
in future, the subscribers will iahor to iltw.it o the pa
tronage of the public. They invite examination.
Lancaster, .iia y -4, inoi u. ur.tuii c- tu.
1 DWA KT) L. Sf ,CUM, having purchased the
!i aniira Stock of lruun ii nd Jleiliviiiex ol
Georgn G. Deck, now oilers Ihe sameforsalo, together
WIMl a large anu won seiecieuaew bioi-k at me utu
Stand, known as the City Drug Store, where may
he found a large and complete assort tnent of Ihiigi.Mu
diciliesand Cbeinirala, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuns, tilass
Ware and Window Ulass, Brushes, Groceries, Ksncy
Articles, Sic, which will be Sold wholesale and retail,
iiponaa reasonable terms as can he purchased in the
Lancaster. April 24. IH61 d&wSI
t'llllll'tV ltfllfll I'ltl'IOI) Kt'lllllVCtl
GKORGK. SMITH hat removed Ills Chair snd But
atnsd Ktctory from tho comer of tt heeling snd
Columbus atreots.ro Stanbery's I Buibling on Main
luu, dius East of the I tin hint Valley Hank
anil directly opposite the Checkered Store. He bason.
mcL largeo ma uusines.Miiu iiiiGiiuB .trve.i'e "e
': hand the largest and beat assortment ot
Pit. CIIAinS and 11E1STBA1)S
VlyJ . ever beforo kept In this place ; consistin
mTFIII in Prt of Can ea. Cottage, llustls
1 I Krench, Scroll lop, Villsge, common tntl
Children's ('rrairii,8ocUbiot and Setteea.
All descriptions ol BEDSTEADS manufactured of
either t'herrv. Walnut. Maple or Sugar. i
His work will sll be made of the very beat mtterir)
by good workmen and of the litest antl moat approved
patterns. It will be inferior to none mtnu'tctured
elsewhere tnd will be told tt the very lowest prices.
A continuation of the very liberal patronage of the
public ia respectfully solicited, it is tho intention ol
the aubacriber to keep a full tnd genurtl tssortmept
tt til timet, to that no will be euabledto accmnnio
date both old tnd new customer with tnythiniia bi
line. In connection with hit establishment it Mr. G
L. Eckert't Cabinet IVare Room, so that ru-rtomera ctl
be accommodated with all err.it loa requisite to com
pletea full assortment of Household K urniture. Call
tnd tee. . . . . GEORGJfi SMITH .
Ltncttter.Noveinbev.l. 1S50.A. ,
CAB1MOT AN1 CHAiasilbr.
RKMuVAL. T. O. Dodson hat, removed hit
Cabinet ar.d Chair Shop trom Connell't Row, to
the Room on Broad Street, South of John Lyons'
ihrocery, and formerly pceupied by V. K. Flshel,
where he will continue t manufacture til articles in
hia line, aa heretofore.
Collins on hand at all timet, with a good hearse to
attend t'uneralt in any part of the county, tt reduced
rates. Thankful for past favors, he respectfully so
licits a continuance of public patronage. He will
labor to give general aaiialaction.both tt regtrdt pries
snd quality o I hit work.
Lancaster, April 8, 1853 CnjW
quiry from lite public into all wo publish, fi.eling at
aured thuy wil. find them perfectly reliable, and tho
medicino worthy their best confiileut-o and pstronage.
From rAe distil-guinhed Professor of Chemistry and
Materia Medica, Ilowdotn College.
Dear Sir-1 delayed answering tho roceiptofyour
firepaittion, until I bad an opportunity of witnessing
Is elfocts in my own family, o. lu tho families of my
frlenda. '
. This I hare now done with t high degree of tttit
taction, in cases both of adults and childron.
I have found it, as its ingredient! show, t powerful
remedy for colds and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Brunswick, Maine, Eebruary ft, 1S47. .
From uri (herxceriit the Hamilton Mills, in thisrity.
I.0WKI.I.. Aucust It), J849.
Dr. J. C. Ayor: I havo been cured of the worst
rough I ever htd in mylifn, by your"CiiKHHY P:c
TOHAi.," tnd never ftil when I have oppm lunity, of
rocnininoudingilto ul Iters. Yours, respnctlullv.
ItTRetd the following, and tee if this medicine (a
wor th t trial. This patient hud become very feeble,
and the eliact of the medicine was unmistakeably
distinct: . . ' .
Ukitki) Stat.:i Hotkl.Sakatooa SpaiNot,
- July li. 1849. 1
Dr. J. P. A ver. ir: I have been tlllictcd with t
painful airoction nf the lungas and all llit'lyniplonis ol
ai'ttlod consumption, for more than t year. I could
find no medicine that won Ul reach my case, until 1
commenced the usef your'CiiKHHY Pectoral,"
which gave me gradual relief, and 1 have boon stoadi
ly galnlni!-i'r.mgtbtlllinvhealth is well nigh restored.
While using your merlicine, 1 had tho gratification
of curing with it my reverend friend, Mr Truman, of
Sumpter District, who had been susi ended from his
parochial duties bv a severe arts, k of bt-onclii'is. '
1 have pleasure in certifying these fact.tJ you,- '
Aud am, sir. vours rospectfullv, -
J. K. CALHOUN, of South Carolina.
IJ3"The following waa one of the worst of cases,'
which the physicians aud friends thought to be incur
able consumption: -. .
Chustrh. Pennnylvsnia, August 23, 1846".
J. C Ayor.-Sir-I wst taken with a terrible rough,
brought on by a cold, in the beginbingol'iast Februa
ry, aud was ounliaed io my bed more than 8 reontba.
Coughing incessantly nigblaud day, I becamo ghastly
andpalo my eyes were sunken and glassy, tnd my
breath very short. Indeed. I wst rapidly falling, and
in auch distress for breath, that but little hope of my
recovery could be entertained. ' While in thit situa
tion, a friend of mine, (the Rev. John Keller, of the
Methodist church) brought ine a bottle of your Chkh
rt Pkctohal, which 1 tried more to gratify him.than
from any expectation of obtaining relief. Itt good
effect induced me to continue itt use, tnd I toon found
my hetlth muoh improved. Now in three rnontlit, J
am well and strong, tnd ctn attribute my cuieonly to
?our great medicine. With the deepest gratitude,
oura. aU. . . JAMES GODFREY.
sjtarxHCD T i. o. ATa, OHausirr, lowkll, mass
Bold in Lancaster by . L. Slocum tnd Dr.M.Z.Krei-
der tnd oyuniggisit generally inrongnaui me otaua
March 11 1863 3m46
jTOTIf'E is hei-oby given, to the Stockholders of
1 Hi.. Cinctmuiti, tViliningion tnd Zsnesville Rail
Kntd Company, that an Instalment of ten por cent.,
upon each share of th" 'apital Stock of said company,
is required to hs paid to tbe undorslgned, Treasurer
f hereof, at bis nlb.-M In Laura .tor, on or bofore the
IfT'lST DAY Ot" MARi 11 NEXT, tnd t like iniitl
ineutof tun por cen. every sixty days thereafter un
til the whnlo amount is naid up.
ily order of the Board of Directors.
Cincinnati, W. & Zsnesville Railroad Company
Notks. interest will be allowed on all aubscrip
tions nf stock, Irom the litno jtli in, until tho rotd
it op. .noil tnd iii operation.
And for tlio convenience nf tuliscribera, Jorr, L.
Kha.ikmn, Es.i., of Circlevilln, has been appointed
to rocuive insttlinents Irum aubacribura residing in
Picltawav countv.
Dakiki. McLbait, Esq ,of Waahlngfon, for thote
residing in Etyette county, and
Lawhkkck V i-rttuoH, Esq., of Wilmington, from
thuso lusiding in Clinton countv.
Cincinnati, W. Si ZauotviUe Railroad company.
February 1H5J : . 18
1iiio.il .llt-dicliic fiii'Wtiiiiis tut liild
.' i i'ii jnttl oitwrs.
flllllS M 'tltciue has bt.eii iiianufactureil by Smith
X and Atkiusou for sr-vi-rul years, and has been used
with great .ticcess b Physiciant tnd others, in various
parts of thu United States, many thousand, of bott'ea
have boon told, and the universal approval H has met
wi h in all quarters where it has Von introduced,
proves that it needs only t tria to aatixfy the mod in
credulous of itt git tt value.the ti.e of tlie bottle has
been enlarged, so that it is one of the cheapest aa well
as most vslusble Worm Medicines ever ottered to the
f. ul. lie; and the person buying this article gett the
u'd value ol his money in quality, which it a fact well
worth remembering.
Be careful tn ask for Smithand Atkinson's Amer
ican IVorm Killer," and tee thtt the name of Smith
and Atkinson ia on the Bottle In raised Letters.
Relief for mtn and beast. The horsemsn's hope,
nr Farmer's Friend. Arrangements are now made
for the supplying tha public with this great remedy,
which has been used with wondorful success by thote
who have had an opportunity of testing itt virtues.
No family should uegleot to have t supply; and til
persons would do well to keep tome by them to be
us.m! in case of accident to man or horse. - -
- For HOUtKs,eU-rForlhecureol'sprtini bruises,
saddle and collar galls, swelled Joints, stillness and
weakness of the legs, old soret, tcrttchet, Ate.
For Man For the cure of rheumatism, lumbago,
sprains, awollingt bruises, sciatic pains, stiffness tod
weakness of the limbs, and other accident! and aiilic
tinna to which men and anima Is are liable.
Prepared only by Smith tnd Atkinson, 988, Balti
more alreet. Baltimore. :. ' . ' '
For sole by Kautlinan ft co , Lancaster; John Leo
nard, Basil; E. Gorhegsn, Baltimore: Isaac Jones,New
Salem; E. Kslb, Rushvile; Otto 11. Mielier&co.,
Somerset. A so for me in Circleville, Ohio.
This preparation hat been before the public a suffi
cient time to nave its merits fairly tasted and the re
ports received from various parts of the country,
prove it to boons of the most valuable remedial ever
offered, both to man tnd horte. ,,.
August 26, 1863. "
'liEWaiEAP, cityTim shop,
THE subscriber having located himself in the city'
would most retpectiuUy inform the citizen ot
he tame and surrounding country, that he it now
opening a Shop on Columbus street. West not, three
Doors forth qV Afoi, for the manufacture tnd tali
of aU kinds of. . .. i . .
Tin, Copper ' anil Sheet-Iron Ware,
Where he Intend! keeping, at all timet, t fnJO and gen.
era! assortment, vihicfi will be sold on the most libecj
tl termt. Personi wtntlng trticlet in hit line would
do well tnd save money by calling on him before mak
ing their purchases, aa h. It determined to tell chetn,
All worfr uwronrcd. A. WH1TU
- ! JOBBING, bi-Usuf Bpotrtlnn ( Koott
InXetpieptsed and out up on the shortest notice, inthe
best manner, and at the very Ipwest rates. A. W.
Lancaster, Ohio, September 4, 1861. W

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